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Additional News of Spprts Ex^rits
Miss Chesebrough and Miss Ha*
ger Meet Today for Final
Round of Championship
. Kither Miss IMitii Cbesebrough of
ibe San Francisco ?o!f and country
t iub or Mi»>p Alice' Hagrer of the Bur
":.iniii;me country club will be the cham- j
V'kju woman gol'rr of California for the
• owing; year. These two players were
sacressful in th*» Ff-mi -final round
snatches \est?rday morning and will
;^ffi tliif; morning for tl»e title. Miss
• "faesebrouch and Miss Hagor have
proved their superiority over the other
!; rt y<-rs in tbe tournament. Not only
«'ere th<y successful in the champion
ship pvent yesterday, but they also di
- !\u25a0!\u25a0--.) the honors in the driving, ap
proaching and putting contests.
Never before in t!ie history of a
(^lamplonship tournament on the local
li^hs hav»* all the matches been so one
sldPd as in the present event. Miss
<"ri«--!=ebrough and Miss Hager so far
* >utdass«d their opponents yesterday
tr.at there vrka r.o chance to enthuse
over the matches. The day was per
liaps puitab!* for golf playing, but
from the ppe«-tators' standpoint the
weather was altogether too sharp for
: comfort.
From the start of the two matches
.} "stfvtlay till tbe finish the outcome
never in. doubt and Interest seemed
1 • center in the comparative showings
*< r Mis? Chesebrough and Miss Hager.
Miss <'hesebrough won from Mrs^Fleld
.toy a score of € up and 5 to play, and
Miss Hager won from Mrs. Sherwood, €j
up and i to play. Both the winners)
; i.yed exceptionally good golf. Their j
Olives, while not particularly long, I
••'if accurate, and their approaching!
i-r.d putting- were good. Neither got!
:r:tu any difficulties during the day and:
I -iert were but few strokes difference lv I
: -icir medal scores.
At the sa.me time &£ tne raaxches were j
betas played in the championship tour- j
:.ament a. -consolalion event was In]
::ro(rress. Nine players were in tlie
1 omp«>tlt!on, but few of them thought
••Eouph of their cards to turn them in.
Mrp. A. M. Shields of tlie Presidio golf
;'.ub jtiovftd an easy -winner of the event.
was allowed the generous handicap
of 3 2 Ftrok^s and her net score -was
\u25a0r. Miss -Florence Ives, who played
fvc-tn the scratch mark, took second
j.rjx*- with a score of 106.
In The drivins: contest points were al- j
lowed the competitors for distance and j
accuracy. Miss Alice Hager was the!
-Ai:;ner with 26 points to her credit and j
Miss Edith Chefw-brough took second'
;.rif:<? with 13 points.
Each player holed out three balls
from behind the bunker in the putting j
mtcsU Miss Chesebrough was the
viii::er la 12 rtrokes and Mrs. Sherwood
ivaF, second with 14 strokes.
The chsimiiionslilp match between
. lisp Ofc^sebrough and Miss Hager will j
omxne&ee tiiis moniin? at S:3O and a<
: »ir«. number of the enthusiasts will be'
on Land to follow the competitors over;
(-'. it-, course. On the form of the- two I
layers In ti&e present tournament it j
-.>rr.f= a tcssup as to which vrill be re- j
:arn»'d the winner. There was but 1
on«» stroke difference in their scores in j
the qualifying round aad both have ;
showed to equally good advantage in
the match piay rounds. Opinions are;
about equally divided as to which will !
be tbe winner. If both play In their
v»»»st form the match should be one of
,i ;( . , '.os»-£t s»ecn In fome time at the
San Francisco «-lub links?. This after
rtoon «he wom«-n will meet at the four-
De Oro Again Shows Class
During tne *arly stages of the sec
ond »rame of tlie De Oro series played
iii the Grar.cy billiard room last night.
<J. L-yonr. the local crack, looked as
though he might take tiie champion
into camp. When the game was half
uver tlie score stood 23 to 17 in . his
favor. The Cuba:., however, lived up
to '..is reputation as a sreat finisher.
:iii<:. ..-oniing- with a rush at the end,
won the match; \u25a0>« to s?.
I>e Oro. besides executing several
f!.vts hi liis usual sensational style,
iiaxe a wonderful exhibition of safety
play. When it became necessary for
him to .adopt safety tactics, he dimply
bewildered his opponent and then won
as he pleased.
Tviiig'it Billy Barry, considered the
tett of the local amateurs, will tackle
\ tt . «i>ro. Barry '* expected to giv*
tlie champion a close battle for. the
winnlns bracketa.*
•TfnOAOO. Jan. 20. — Ball players ar«
r.«t unanimous on the proposition that
the n*w ball contracts forbidding barn-
rtonning work a hardship upon play
ers. Kdward M". Heulbach. Chiragro
Natlonsl league pitcher, is one of those
who think the agreement will be of
'oenefit to the men who play tbe game.
CHICAGO. Jan. 20. — M&hmcut • and
Zbyszko agreed yesterday to meet
n«»xt Sunday, but the place for the bout
tvw* not made public. Only those di
rectly interested in the' affair will be
«dmi"tt«»d. Th<> conditions call for Mah
mout to throw the Pole twice in an
hour or forfeit the match.
Jacksonville Results
Fintt r»ce. quarter mile, purae — Etimoad Ad
err*. T, to I; woo: Eye Straw. 12 to 1.-swond;
Jfk Penmen, fi to t. third. Time, :23 1-3..
s*<nn<j r»ce. stx fnrloncs. BPlllnp — Anarri. 9
10 'J, ««>n: firaadlmlao. 11 to 10. second: Abra
\u25ba;<»a. 7to 2. Uiird. Time. 1:13 3-6.. .
Third race, five «stf a half furloDj^i. sellla? —
K>it)i» Grantfa. 20 to 1. won: La Gloria, 7 to 10.
*»coud: Xisbt Ml«t. W to 1. third. Time.
1 :07 3-f..
fVrtirth rao*. handicap, seven furloc^t — Jack
P*rkf-r. 9 to C>. won; Dr. Dolsberg, 20 t» 1/ sec
ond: P.ialto. even. Itini. Tiuit*. 1:26.
- I*ifth race. -one mile, pellinif— J<^«i Carroll.'
im; Voit; Uonray. ft to 1. vtrcuoO; First Pre-
Diiom. 7 to 2, third. Ttm*". 1:40 2-r>.
Sivth r»t* niiie. aad au eighth, wlliup — War
field, b to 1. won: $hapdale. ;-: ro r.. n*«md:
KUliecrackie, 5 to 1. third. Time. 1:54.
Tampa Results"
Hrrt ra<^. tbm.-t three fnrloacK — Tod Cotlase.
11 to lv. Ss.cctloti. " to ">. »*c-k»<1: Kathrrn
Gsraaw.'SS v- 1. ttird. TiuM-. :.T5 25.
»^*<.-<.'ti«l r««^. Cv<- and a h»lf furloag?, «*HiBf —
S'»rw-1 Top. 1 to 1". won; Alan<!a. 12 to 1. **c
ojxl: Or^!". 10 to I. third. Time, 1:11 4-5.
Thiril ntf.'fiw and a half fnrlonciOeenir,* —
• \u25a0KrwiAslM. 3 to 1. .woo: T. M. Irria.-- even.
Teiap*T. " to 2. third. Time, 1:115-5.' •
r<«or«h r»<~e. six fwrionjrs.. splits j — Dry. I^ollar.
3 1 io .'..- woo: Judje J^anfley. 4 t« i. «.ecnnd;
r NVfcuiosu*:. fwn. third. . Time. 1:1».
Fiftli rar#. fptoh farkmc*. wUinj — Bsnnock
Rob 4 i" 5. ir*n: Mr«. Sewell. t»v»n. ««^-o»id:
F.mcir. 7 t»-1, tiiirrt. Time. 1:32 4-3. - .' "
Sixth race.- ruile. tnd * *i\teentb, KeJUrf--
*irrat JnWtr*.' 2 to 3. ««n: Van»n. " to 51 •*\u25a0«•
©ii<!: JoJire Kundi*. &to I. thlrO/Tiine., 1 :54 S5.
EhasU Water for heaJth-
/. H. Kohl Wants to Race W. G.
Collins for 150 Miles on No
Relay Machine
Motor cycle \u2666\u25a0nthusiasts are likely to
see some keen racing in the near
future. I. 11. Kohl, who did some
record smashing on the 'track in Los
Angeles and who is now in this city,
has issued a challenge to W*. G. Col
lins, one of the star, racing men of
this city. Kohl wants to race
for a distance of IGO miles or over, on
the Tnnforan track or on any other
track that the race committee of the
t?an Francisco motor, cycle club may
If the challenge is accepted; which is
likely, the men will have to ride the
entire distanc* on one machine, with a
two cylinder seven horsepower motor.
If repairs are necessary the contestants
alone will mak<> them.
Tl^e *-vent will probably be held under
tlie auspices of the .^an Francisco major
cycle club. The' club will furnish the
Judges, timers and starters, who will
have complete control of the contest.
The proceeds of the event will go to
tin*, motor cycle club. -
The blind run which was scheduled
for last Sunday was declared off on ac
count of the rain and indefinitely post
Golch Says Big Boiler Maker
Will Be Right
NEW YORK, Jon. 20. — Frank Gotch,
the world's wrestling champion, de
clares that Jeffries will outlast John
son in their battle next July, and will
win easily in a long go.
"Johnson's defensive style of light
ins will prove his undoing." says Gotch
in a statement given out here, today.
"Jerrri» v s" endurance is as good as it
ever was. The other day we wrestled
for half an hour and he finished fully
as strong as I <lid^ I was able to pin
him down but once. This should show
how great Is his strength, because he
knows little of the wrestling game.
'Two months ago 1 was one of the
doubters. But I have grown to know
that Jeff is honest and determined, and
is working as hard as any man can to
get into shape. And he Is getting into
shape so rapidly that it surprises even
his best friends. Jeffries not only will
be right when the fight begins, but the
longer the fight goes on trie better
chance be will have."
Red and Blue Players Are
Again Victorious
Tlie speedy red and blue toners from
St. Ignatius college added anothervic
tory to their list yesterday afternoon
by "taking the All Stars into camp by
a score of 6 to 3 on St. Ignatius field.
The All Stars are made tip of well
known Coast and State league players,
and they were surprised at the great
game which the youngsters put up.
The red and blue players were fast
in the field and effective with the stick.
They managed to get out of several
tight places, both' Levy and Mouille
pitching good ball in the pinches.
Jimmy Byrnes, who Is coaching tlie
collegians, has arranged for severnl
games with the Stanford/ California,
Santa .Clara ajid St. Mary's nines.
Byrnes believes' that his boys will be
able to hold their own with any of the
large college teams.
Four Well Kflowo Twirlers
Involved in Trade
CINCINNATI, Jan. 20. — One" of the
biggest baseball trades of the winter
was closed today by the Cincinnati and
Philadelphia National league clubs. The
deal Involves the trading of four pitch
ers, Philadelphia getting- Robert Kwing
and James Brennan in return for Frank.
Corridon and Harry Covaleski. Ewing
has been with Cincinnati since 1902.
Urennan was bought- from Hutcninson,
Kan., last falL . '- '-\u25a0 '\u25a0 \u25a0
Cyclone Johnny, Thompson, wiio^-is
li«»re to buttle with Tommy McCarthy
on n>xt Friday nigrht at Dreamland
rink, .lost no. time, in )?ettinsr ; Into his
training quarters, as he packed his
baKgage early, yestertlay, and hied him
self off to' Millett's resort. The Cyclone
is in good shapp and it will not v take
much 1 work to get him fit. -
The 'flshtingr brick layer is out in
the Mission training at the Leland club,
but" it is likely,; that void : v mani McCarthy
will have his son chanpe.trafninp quar
ters and send Jiim to the^Scal^Rook
house. The fan?, ahe «mokingr upl'td
the coming, battle and: they want to
sis McCarthy at work,
THE SAN .tiiuiJOiaboNOAL^
Former Princeton Man to Put
Team at Sacred Heart Into
Championship Form
The basket ball enthusiasts of Sacred i
Heart colleg-e are rejoicing over the se
lection of Joseph XIII as coach for the
present season. "Kill has been ideuti
lied with athletic work at Princeton
and the University of Pennsylvania and
-or one semester - was instructor \u25a0in
physical culture at St. Mary's college. <
The first basket ball team; of . Sacred
Heart colleg-e will- bo picked from the
following- student??, all of whom have
shown , themselves proficient in . inter- \u25a0
class practice g-amos; "-Byrnes, I-lfirdi-;
mann, Riordan. Moaifher, O'Hair, Oaff
ney, Heilmann. Murphy, ; French, : Cum
mins, Dennis and Balzer.
Sacred Heart's 110 pound basket ball
team has bright prospects for the ap
proachinpr P. A. A. tournament. Among
the lightweight goal shooters likely to
secure a permanent footing on the of
ficial '110 pound team are the ; follow
ing: Bailey Gillen, Bray, Hunt, Flood
and Fraser.
The following Sacred Heart -athletes
recently received bloc:*: letters for; dis
tjnguished records in : track events: F.
Gaffney,- E. French,- F.- Meagher,_ -Ij.
O'Hair, W..Dunn. J., Dennis, E.'.Brbder.
D. Hunt, E. McEvoy, J. Doughertj-. D.
Doran, L. Robinson, T. Cummins,^ G.
White, D. Byrne, M. Roeehel and "\\~.
St. Mary's Managers Fail to
> Adopt Rowing,
Despite the interest .manifested in
the subject by a large number of the
Oakland college athletes the athletic
authorities at Su^Mary's college have
decided not to.adopt rowing during the
present seme*.ter^ So. many obstacles
are in the way that the project has
been postponed.
For one thing the improvements on
Lake Merritt in Oakland j are not yet
completed, and the students constitut
ing the boat crews would be subjected
to many inconveniences during their
practice periods. Next year conditions
will be far more .favorable.
Again, luck of present competition
Is another cause for the postponement
of rowing at St. Mary's. Both ' Califo
rnia andSta'nforcl Jiave practically, with
drawn their crews this year, as indi
cated by^thelr declining to -meet the
crew from Victoria. Santa Clara is en
tirely .'unprepared' to- enter a crew,- at
least at present, so that all Oaklanders
could- hope for would be intercletss con
tests. • . . ';. \u25a0-
Anticipating official sanction for row
ing next semester a number of the non
resident students of St. Mary's have
organized a club for , the. benefit of
prospective varsity- oarsmen. Amonpr
those interested are: Norton Barnett,
John White, Joseph Muldoon. Cecil
Turner, .Nicholas Clecak, Louis Le
fevre, Harold Phillips, Ernest ' Gal
lagher, Paul Stanton and Vincent Don
ovan. ' .'.' -I . " '.•\u25a0\u25a0 . i
Officials Named to Handle
Academic Basket Bali
The local Academic subleague basket
ball managers met yesterday and named
Louis Mohr and Orno Tyler of the
Ponits basket bell team and A.TJatkin,
n V. M. C. A. plnyer, as officials for
thoir league games.
The first league game will be played
Tuofday night at the Siaplamat- gym
nasium. Twenty-second and Folsom
streets, with Cogswell Polytechnic
school meeting the Mission high school.
Mission will line up with Captain I. R.
Lunt and S. C. Barker as forwards, K.
Barbera. renter, and J. Dorman and AY.
Man, guards: Cogswell lineup has not
been announced as yet.
On Wednesday night Lick meets
Polytechnic and Wilmerdlng: Sacred
Heart, both games taking place at the
Young- Men's Hebrew association' gym
nasium. On the same/night on the Pus
time athletic' club court Lowell meets
Commercial nigh. On Friday Poly
technic plays Wilmerding and Lick Sa
cred Heart at Y. M. H. A. gymnasium.
Railroad Club Stages Its
Fights Tonight
The Railroad club will _ offer its
monthly amateur, bouts tonight In
Dreamland pavilion. For the - henvy
welght attraction, Lou Rushing and
"Walter Monohan .will meet again. Mar
tin Dori<;. the soldier pugilist, and, A
rthur Kelson; another pair of. biff fel-.
low?, are on tlie card, a mf George Kirk
wood, the 'Kastftrn bantam weight
champion, will be seen in action
against* Johnny Arron.
Considerable interest centers in the
Petroskej'- Allen match, as it will bring
a champion of the navy and a title
holder in the army together. Allen re
cently won the middle weight cham
pionship of the Presidio and is consid
ered a good man. Kanuski, another
sailor, will meet Pat Bradley.
Roger* and Scot^. the fast 125 pound
ers, are on for a .special event, which,
will carry the coast title." Con Crowley
and George Wallen and -McGovern and
Blnkely complete the card.
Big Eastern College^ Plan
Aviation Contests
NEW YORK. Jan. 20.— 1n response to
a challenge from the Aero club of Co
lumbia university an intercollegSate
aviation meet, is Jjeing arransed for
The collfe&eB thus. far represented are
Columbia, Harvard, .Yale, Amnerst and
the University of; Pennsylvania.
It has .'..been suggested by the .Uni
versity of Pennsylvania that an Inter
collegriate ;= aeronautical/ aMociationjibe'
formed, j; The Pennsylvania represen
tatives think that aeroplanfng. wtH.'soon
be put on the same , basis as "football
and other college sports. ;
Warring Golf Associations
May Hake Peace \
NEW.'. YORK. Jan; 20. — At no : time
within tlje. last three months." sinee 'the
line.^of. cleavage ;"'again.* appeared, he
tweenjthe United, States .'golf'associa
tion and .' the 'Western golf '\u25a0, asaocia tion ;
has the ; prospectt'of: an agreement; been
so" encouraging: 'as" just Loaf the^eve -of
the annual i?ie<»tir.p: of thf national as
sociation in Xcw s York stomorrou'^night,"
. Several deleßates from the west Thare
arrived' and ; murh can be "inferred- from
theii-expresplons;... .:\u25a0.;. ;\u25a0\u25a0'-. :J_. ;
Half j a -'dozen \u25a0 .hold the /voting; proxies
for three times 'as many clubs. ; ; ;
Dorando*Hayes Race Postponed
One Week on Account of X ]
Counter Attraction
•Johnny . Hayes and Dorando Pietri
will not settle their old score over the
Marathon distance at Recreation base
ball park on Sunday a.'ternoon. Pro
moter Tim McGrath last night came to
the conclusion that he would be com-
mining- financial suicide by sending the
runners in against an attraction of; the
magnitude of the aviation contests, and
both Hayes and Dorando agreed with
him. so the race went over. one. week." -
,"If 1 could get liold of a pair of flying
machines in time 1 would start Hayes
and Dorando, in a sky Marathon," said
McGrath last night, "but there is .no
chance on account of the limited time;
It's hard luck that my show has been
killed for .Sunday because everything is
ready. However, I will have to, let it
go at that. A week from Sunday/will
do just as well." _' *
Both runners were satisfied, to "abide
by McGrath!s decision; though "-they
were", keenly disappointed at. the turn
of affairs. They have > bet-n training
hard ;for nearly two week*. and. were
just on edge when the .- sad • news- was
broken. This: means 'that each will
have to lay off till next; week, when
training stunts will be;taken^up again.
|: Marriage LicehsesT "" j
;'.;-'; '.;-'- ' . — ; — ' . • :: — -\u2666;.
' Tbo following marriage licenses were, issuod in
San Franfisco Tliursday, Jannary 2t>, 1910: .
BEAM— -CASE— W'lllard M. Beam, iil.' aiid Slary
A. Case, I*, botb of 1707 Hyde street. .; -
COLA-r-CUNEO^-.lolin Cola. 25, 28 Vandewatcr
.'. street, ..and Clailan_Cuneo^22, 700. Moatjjym-
:^ery avenue." L '
DABOVICH— SCHIVO— Theodore A. Watwvlch,
.".1; -IS2O Green ' street, \ and j Elvira -C- Scbivo,
20, 2056 Union street. . ' a
.ERANCF.S— GLTIEUKEZ— Jose Frances, 30, Con.
tinemsl hotel, and IK>lf>res Gutierrez, 25, Tal-
1 lac; hotel.- '. ..-. , \u25a0 ' ''\u25a0 ' . '. .' \u25a0 :
GAGANJICH— T*."RATO— Joseph Gaganjloh. 23.
Crockett, • and Luce Tucato, 19, 72.} Greon
.street. \u25a0 -,'.'"-.,;. .', "- ' v ;', ' ' .
GREEN— McCANX — John Green." 32," and Mnr-^
garet McCann..2S, both of 32 CH'ipcr • street.
KIRK PATRICK— t>'t:oNNOR--Geor?c H. Kirk-
patrlck.26. and Evelyn L. .O'Connor, 24, both
of Santa Rosa.
LAROIJLAN'DIE— MEGRIX— - Emile A. ' Laroul-
. auOie, 2S. 1402 .Hyde street, and Louise, M.
• Mcgrin. 27, 16G3 Post street. :" .. .. " . . c
LIEDERMAN — COHN — Benjamin Llederman,' 21,
21"5»3 Saci-aracnto- street, and .Daisy Conn,-. IS,
ri22 Presidio avenue. , , \u25a0 •
\u25a0 Garlt. 37. and OHviuc Marcellia, 24. both of
I -1737 'L'uion Street.' * - V':t:Z . '. •\u25a0' :
MORHISSEY— BI.'TLEU— Arthur A. Morrlssey
• -27. and -Kmma Butler, IS. both of ' 2UIS • Bu-
chanan street. \u25a0 ' ...\u25a0;- .."'"'.. .... '
PERCI \'AU— CKANKKT— WiiIiam W. -'ercifal.
21, San Francisco, and Marjrareta J. Crauei-t,
lfs IMI Forty-fifth avenue.'-' - \u25a0': \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
SPITZER — BRAUX— Morris Spit>:cr. C 9, and
Malvlna* Brann. 21, both of 1134 Golden Gate
WKRTZ— LANSZWEKRT— Frank A. Wertv 30,
and Lydle - 7... l^an.siweert, 21, both of 07S
. Natoma meet.
i ZEISS— BRLKR— Martin Zeiss. 35. SacraaitMHo,
I and Ida Erler^.2l, Eureka.
LAXOE— Ia this city. January IS. 1910, t» the.
wife of Itudolph K. Lange, a son. .
______ -^
MAYER— TBKIty— In this city, January 15,
lftlO. by \u25a0 Upt. A. Jatho. Adolpli Mayvr . and
Hasel Ada Terrs', Iwth of Sau Kranclsco.
i -DEATHS \u25a0:~~^~~'
HBum^triger. Albeit. CpJKoblcke. Sophie 0... 77
I Berlin, I. rern«n<l.. — il^irlipr, Jennie. ...... —
RlrmtnarbHni, Melaiiie 25j f^ary. . Hrlrtget 09
B<mh»*n, IT.iMnHs — |Lenn«rd. Ksther 85
Brown; Mary C (K'jiJeDijnoiijjh. IsriUset.. wi
j Calluxui. Urichid.... — i Muhl, -Adolf J. (;.. ..".I:
I C'lfarj-,' ,I'atriok..... ""JMunce. J01iu. ........ 6!( !
Crowley. Oanivl F.. — Murphy. Richard. .... 61
Farley, Sarah M SO|XI«MrL. L'pillo. 1:7
Felt, Mary C — j Nunan, Cnnrlp* E... ~£i
Gilbert, Joseph L... :t|O'Conn->r, 1-Mwaril L. 44
Glan.-y. .1 ohu f. 05 i Olson. Man" 47
Oreujmler, t=aral» A.. — iO'Xeill, Harry C.... —
Oucrov!ch, Ni0U..... — (Pablo,. Kam0n. ...... SO"
HndeufuMt. <'arl M.'J7 Kasmnsst-n, Margaret !•
Ilartwlck (Infant) Kcag-an, La.wteo^/%A£2-t
Hawkins. John F... — Smitb. F. A — !
Hays. Jeremiah V.. SSj Stevenson. .Matilda.. SO 1
Ucibiut;. l^julca. . .*. »-lj Sutherland, Jlarga.'-^t. 74 !
Koefe, John U 16 Turpin. Fiord 1......27
Koiidall. Jen mi c.. .. s.V| Wade, Uolnrt 1... -r. o2
King, Mary .......: 73 Weil., .Ma1»e1 ...... . . .— ;
Klrby, Patrick... .:. 54 j Wheeler, Kdward J.. C 3
BAUMSTEIGER— In this city, January 1», 1910, '
Albert, dearly beloTed husband of Anna C
Bauin»te!ger, und loving father of . Sebastian
V., John 11., Albert S-. Onthertne H., Caro-
line, \u25a0 Anna and Maria ' Baumstelger and Mrs.
Theresa Mitchell,' a' native of Aachen, Ger-
many, aged .CO years*. . Kindly omit. Dowers.
(Petaluma papers plea.se copy.) . . .
Friend* iiud acquaintances are respectfully !
invited to atTfcnd the funeral tomorrow (Satur-
day), January 22; at U:10 h. in., from his lute
residence, SSOS Twenty-third street, tlicnce to
St. Anthony's church. Army street, where a
retjuleni high mass will be celebrated for the
rep*se of bis sonl. commencing at 10 a. m.
Intermpnt St. Mary's cemetery, Oakland.
BERTIN— In Kurfka. CaL, January 17. 1910. V.
Fernand Bertln.' beloved con of Mr. and Jilts.
A. IJertln. and loving nnsband of- tlie Mate ;
Alice i Bertln. father of Marie r.out^e * IV rlia.
brother of Gabriel F.Bortin, Mrs. K. Chartier
and Mr*. 11. Sandoz and tJio late Krnrst Her- !
lln. aud brother In law. of Mrs. A. A. HaU*,
Marie i.'lKiismnim anil Mr?. M.-.Bertln.
: Fnneral from. -hi"' parent*' renltSnifv. UisS
I'ulTersity aTemie. Kb ft Berkeley, •= tomorrow
'Satnrdav), January 22, at U •«.\u25a0- m., thence
tn St. Joseph's church. Interment -St. Mary's
cemetery.. Oakland. . _ : ' ;
BIRMINGHAM— In thin city, January 'Ju. IPIO.
Melanie- C. l.elov«l wife of Thomas J. Bir- i
" mingbam: ilaushter -of Uasp'ar and Caroline ;
Zerr. and sister of Mrs. Georgf Writ. Mrs. |
' C Rees, Emtna and Ida Zerr. a nattre cf San I
. Francisco, Cal., "aced 25 years. . . \u25a0 i
BOWBEH— rn 1 this city, January 20. 1910,!
Thomax Bowben, brother of -Isaac Bowben' of
Enßland. a native of England. ;•
. Kemalns at - the parloTK-of the California
Undertaking company. 2210 Steiner . street . be-
tween Clay, and Sacramento. : • "
BROWN— Mary'"C; r Brown, widow of the ; late
1 Horace F. Brown, and mother of Captain 1
\u25a0 II." L. Brown of Key West. F!a.,iMrs. X. . U. !
Pinkntou and Mis* Clara Browu of -Oakland
I and Mr*. ' W. r . S. 1 Carson of Evanston, . 111., a
native of Kentucky, aged »j0 years.
CALHOUN— Brlghld .Calhoon. wife of the late
v wniiam Calhoun, and beloved '"mother of Wil- ]
lt»ra and Charle» Calhoun. Mrs. 11. r.ambro nrd
Mrs. C. .Toorl-sen. and moUu>r of. the latfi John
: and Jnuies and \u25a0 Frank . Calhoun.' a uative of i
l)onpjn»l.' lr<*iaud. ; / \u25a0
- . lutermeuf. Benlcia, Cal. \u25a0
CLEARY— In this city. January IS. 1310. at
1 l his \u25a0 late residence, ' 291 I» • Howard street. Pat-
• rtt-k, husband "of Jnlia . Tarpey Cleary, and
father of ' Frank C, Martin -T., Oeorir* J.,
" Alfred J.; Alice M., Resina F. . and Agnes C.
Cletry. a native of Ireland, aped 77 yearn. A
member of . the Gentlemen's .Sodality of St.
" Ignatius r church. '"\u25a0 '-.': •'"'."-'; • \u25a0 .
..Friends -^are lnrltcd to attend a requiem i
\u25a0 inasrt to 'be ; said for : the repose of 'his sonl
1 : at :£t.'- : " Peter's -• church.-' Alabama street-'.' near !
Twenty fourth, -today (Friday),- January 21, at
\u0084:10 f o'clock a. vi. Interment private. .,
CROWLEY— In '- thl«; city/, January ; IS, -1910, i
Daniel r.j'brloved htwbaud of Masgle Crowle^,,:
loving; son^ of Catherine \ Kauantt.'.: and: loving I
; father: of Catherine and Mary Crowley,": a na- I
tire of WeavervlUe. . Trinity ; county, Cal.— A
- Jiiembtr ; of- San v FrancUco : aerie ..- >"o,v 5, Fra-
t ernal: Order of Eagles. :,.. \u25a0\u25a0 \u0084 -
r - '--\u25a0 Friends and '•--, acquaintances \u25a0 are respectfully
'•' invited 'to attend the ; funeral twlay ..- (r'ri-
• day).; at, l ,'p.;t wT.Vfroni iiagK's' Uall, 1055
• Market street. ** where ' services • will^be ibcld
? ' under ' the \u25a0 auspices of : Sau - Francisco aerie ' No.'
' '5. F. 'O. .E. • Uomr.ln? : at':bls "late residence.
:i: i 400 Sanchei utrcflt,- until '\u25a0\u25a0 & a. ' n." Friday,'? then
at Ea»ie»V hall. 16!»5 Market street." rlntcr-
ment ; Holy , Cross ' cemetery.- { t
l tf Of Beers and: members: s. You, are, hereby. ootlQed
I \u25a0'• r to * a ttciid . ' tbe • funeral fof * onr *\u25a0 late \u25a0'. brother,
I'\u25a0 \u25a0 Daniel ' F. Crowley. \u25ba «xlay * (Friday) , at 1 p.-. m . .
•-* from \u25a0;' i EaglesV'" - hall, r:• 1 695 ?v< Market \ : strf-et."
\u25a0' Drum '«nd :\u25a0 Ofe I corps '- and : Degree <• Team I wIU
report Infull uniform." By order; of - •
v- v -J. M.NEWBERT. President. '\u25a0•'•-
Secretary. . "
FARLEY—In ">; this V4eity-V January 19. lnio.
7Sarab'; Mr Farley, > beloved .wife of ; Elliott \u25a0 Far-
\u25a0• Hey;") a"! native jof "Ireland^aged ! W) years: ' (XewJ
York papers^lcasd*! copy:); \u25a0\u25a0•." ; v :^ \ .
\/Ti Friends '\u25a0 and 'acquaintances .. are : respectfully.
- lavitea ' -\u25a0 to atteaa - Ui« ' funeral ' serrices >. to-
I Tickets on sale daily, January 23 to 25 inclusive. 0
||||||| -Trains will leave 3rd and Townsend street depot at frequent p
intervals up to lla. fn.; after which hour a ten minute service ||
, will'bc maintained until 2 :00 p. m., or later as.condjtions may 1|
\u25a0 Southern pacific I
Ola rktt Street Ferry Depot. Third and Tonnseud Streets Depot.
l day., \u25a0( Fridayf," January 21, l;«li». at 10:30!
V o'clock a. m.. from I her- late leMdi-nov. KM, !
"It street- between Ninth ami Tenth Javennes,
Sucset. -Interment Q'press I.awn cemetery, by
.: electric .car from ' Tliirteenth and ; Mission j ;
streets. Please omit Cowers.
FELT— In" "Oakland. Cal. ",' January 10," U»10, Mary
Cornelia Felt, a native of CaMfarma.l
-.\u25a0. \u25a0 - ' Frioodii are; respectfully invited to Rtter.d
"-. the funeral services today (Friday), .Tannery
-21: at 2}."?0 p.- m.. at the chapel of the <>«k-
Innd • crematory, rornrr.of ITo'.ve'. and Mother
streets (take Piedmont- aveiiiie 'car).
GILBERT— In this city, January 111. ' ll»10. Jo-
. *»ph 1... -dearly JL>elo ved _«ou of Louis .A. »ud -
. iriisic. A. Gilbert, and brother «'f Norman
! '.Gilbert, a native of San. Fraacisvo, a?ed 3
-yearii 11 montlis and-4 days. .
• -- Friends, and adiuAintanet* are \u25a0 respectf illy
: invited to'uttend the funeral . tomorrow "Sat-
urday), •\u25a0•' Janu«ry 22. 181O.Vat 10:30 o'clock
\u25a0>n. to., from the residence of the- parents." 407
Tenth avenue (Uichmond district ». Interment
." Holy Cross cemetery; by* carriage.' " "."
GLANCY— In Crockett.: Cal.. January 1». 1010,
John C. Ulancy. bt-loved liustvaml of t.'atheiinu
- aiuncy.-and \u25a0 father of UVllliam, .M«rak>. L'u-
• pene, .Le*»- nnd. \u25a0\u25a0 Albert Ola-icy, .^lrs. I). J.
\u25a0 l>emps«, ;Mrs. IL.E. ITunt. Mrs. 11. C. 'Aoel
and. the late Charles Glaaey of Croc'ictt. and •
" brother' of Mrs.' K. Reedy of S.-urunimiCo ami
Mrs. -M. Nelly and Miss Annie \u25a0 Clancy of I!ar-
| TlfcTjbrg, Pa., n uative of HMrrlsbnr?. M'n.,
ag«M.l -e5 years -1 months and days. -
. : .. Friends .and. aetjn«intau<-es are rosp»cif"Hy
invited to jjttcnd iho fnneral tomorrow (Sat-
urday », January 'Jr2. l»lf*. from St." Hose
church. Crockett, when- mass will be" livid at
9::>0 a. in., thence by the 11 s. .mi. train fur
. Martinez, where lntcru:<?nt will, take place in
the St. Catherine cemetery.
GREMMLER— In thKs ei«y. - .T.umary 20, 1!)1O,
': Sarah "A..' beloved' wifo of CMir-id H. Grftnnj-
\u25a0 ler. a native of Ireland. (Michigan papers
'\u25a0 please cypy.)
Friends' and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend Hie fnneral -tomorr uv <S<!t-
urilay, Jainwry 22. KHt*. at 5:.".0 a.m.. from
her late residence, 52-t Vermont street, thence
to St.' t*siarles. Borromeo chnrcii. wlirre a' sol-
emn requiem high mass will l>e celubi-atud for
thp repose of iicr sonl, i-oinmi-ncint: at 9
-o'clock -a. _.'\u25a0 Interment Holy Cr&s>! r^i.ietcry.
-by . electric " funeral car from Thirty-nth and
.West; Mission' streets. '
GTTSROVICH— In Ixs Angles. Jjin.iary 20. 101 ft.
Nick Onerovlch, beloved brother of Mrs. J. i
• Sresovich . 5-r. and Mr>. 15. Jialch if I.cs
Anfecles. r native of Austria. !
'- Friends ami acquaintances are respect fully
invited to attend -the funeral services at Los
Angeles tomorrow -'(Saturday) , January .22,
l!>10. • . \u25a0
HADENTELDT— In Sacramento. Cal., January
10, . 1010, Carl Marcus Hadenfeldt, beloved
son of- the late Charles Iladeufeldt and Meta
Hadenfeldt, and brother of Mrs. Elmer Wixml-
- bury,"* Herman D. . Hadenfeldt. Mrs. It. M. |
Hcmniiup and Mm. Heury C. Melt>:ic. a ua- J
tive of Sau Francisco, Cal.. aged 27 years « }
\u25a0 months and 21 (loyaj - •
Friend* are respectfully inTiteU . to atUiid
. - tlie fnneral' this (Friday) morning, at. 11
o'clock, from the chapel of N. Uriiy & Co.,
219« <!eary street corner ot Ucvisa 10/o. In-
terment private.
HARTWICK— In this city! January 20. 1010.
Frederick M.. dearly beloved iufant «on of
Frederick ami P.ertha Hartwicit; -grandson <-f
Mr. and Mrs. John Seibert and Jlrs. C. Woll.
and great-srandsou i>f Mrs. K. AVaterin-ui, a i
native of San Francisco, ased 7 Jays.- \u25a0
HAWKIXS— In Seattle, January IJ. 1910. ,T.>hn j
F. Hawkins, beloved Ken of . the late Patrick. !
9 C. and Margaret Hawkins, and lovin~ broth-r J
of Mrs. Cecilia Tcwusend and Bonus J:
Hawkins, a native of I'lacer county, Cal.
HAYES^-Iu this city. Jaiuiary IS. 1910. Jere-
miah F.. beloved husband of Mary Hayes,
• and loving father of Mary. Nellie. Daniel.
"Agnes, John and Evelyn Hayes, a native of
Boston, Mass.; ased 55 years.
••> Friend* and acquaintances arc respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral today (Friday).
January 21. l'Jio.; at S:3O o'clock a.m.. from
the funeral parlors of Green, Ryan & Donohoe.
northeast comer of Sixteenth and Guerrero
strecta, tbencc to St. James church, where a
requiem mas* will be celebrated for the re-
pose of his soul, commencing at 0 o'clock a. m..
,: Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
HELBING— In this city. January 19. 1010,
Louisa, dearly beloved wife" of Louis Uelbing,
devoted mother of .Anna. Ernest. Louis Jr.,
-.-Louise "and Clarence Uelbing, Mrs. .11. Heide,
Mr*; M. J.- "Ueynolds. and the late otto Hel-
biug. and loving .sister of Mrs.- Anna . Storm.
tf Mrs." Betty Knudsen, Mrs. Augusta Uoulg and
! Jacob and - Dledrick 0!a«!e, n native of Ger-
many.. ace.l CH years 2 mnnths and 20 <'uv«. A
niember of Metaraora Mamn. Kmishtors of
*l*ocalionta«. . :
" '• Friend" aiid acqnalntatn-f>s an> resj»-"lfuH.v
' iuvited to atteud the fuucral. Sunday, at \-.:w \
p. u».. frcm her late nsidnK-e. 1241 Kijrht-
venth areime. Snasot district. Interment Cy- j
l>n.'F* U»i> cemetery, by '.carriage.-. \u25a0
KEEFE— In this city. January. 2.), l!»10. Jolin R.
- Kcefe. -hrother of D." J. and «;eor^e I". Kccfe.'
. a natlvi'.: of Massachusetts, a^ed 46 years 10
months and 23 days,
-Friends, are respectfully -Inrited to attend
• the. funeral tomorrow (Saturday >, January 22,
, at 2 p. m.. from the chapel of N. Gray & Co.,
2100- Geary; street corner of I»ovis-n'.?ro. In-
terment private. : .
KBNDALL—In this city, January. 16, . 1010,'
Jerome Kendall, dearly \u25a0 beloved hns')aad of
-the late .Mary Ann 'Kendall, and loving father
of i Edward O. and George H: Kendall, a na-
\u25a0 tive of. Massachusetts, aged S5 years 0 months
"and 18 days. ' .-.."- • \u25a0\u25a0"
\u25a0- --Friends' and -acquaintances are respect! ally
Invited ' to attend the funeral services today
i (Friday).. Jannary 21,-at 2 o'clock p.ra., at
the " residence of his son. ; Gi-orse 11. Kfnda'.l.
" -636 Second avenue between \u25a0 A and B streets.
Richmond district. - Interment J. O. O. ; F.
. * «>emet<Ty. ; \u25a0'.." • "\ v \u25a0 \u25a0 ' '-
j KING— In this city. 'January. 20.; J OlO. >lary
- King, wife of the !at» Jlii-hael King.' and dp-
\u25a0 voted - mother of James and I'atri4:k..Kine,. s
|"-- native of County- Kilkenny.' -Ireland. _a?ed 73
i\u25a0 \u25a0 vesrs. '•"'.. ' . •\u25a0 '-'-"\u25a0 \u25a0.-'\u25a0'.'
* Friends , and ncnualutances Tare respectfully
"invited, to attend the fnneral tomorrow^. (Satur-
day), January .22,71910." at;S:3O o'clock a. m.'i
" from " the funeral parlors .of Green,.' Hyan A.
-\u25a0 Donohoe, ;< northeast ; corner of- Sliteenth and
-'*' Guerrero streets,' thence to" Sti ' Paul's church.
' where a "requiem high mass .will be celebrated
' for the "repose of her' so«il. commeneins ; at .ft
V o'clock ;».' m '-. Interuifnt^lioly Cross cnuetery.
KIRBY— In -this \u25a0 "city, January:- IS, lalO, ' Pat-
• " rl?k""' Klrbv. beloved ; itrothfT of : Michael' acd
I : - James Klrbv,': M rs. - Charles Mannlon and ; the
! \u25a0':': late .'Margaret O'Brien and ; Ellen Dally,', a na-
' tivn of Cahirconllsh; County IJmerick. Irf-land.
'"aged ' M years." v A"- member of , Horse . Sheers'
: ' union -No.? 25; = Janitors* "union," and Gentlemen
\u25a0 Sodality; of St^r Ignatius i church. ,
2--,2 '--, F+lends ; and £ acquaintances :. are ' respectfully
" iurited to attend the : fuueral . toaicvow (ifatur-
"', -day), 1 January i 22, at -9:30 ; tv'clo«!k,Tfron» the
• \u25a0 parlors iof -the :•\u25a0 Henry >" J.k Gallagher •; company,
-'1314 Webster 'street between; Ellis andiO'Far-
."' fell, -thence to Sacred. Heart- church,', where a
• ; -- solemn ' requiem' high mass . will ;be ' celebrated
\u25a0 for" the\ 'repose' of his honl. commencing at -10
"' o'clock. . • Interment ' ; Holy Cross .. emetery, by
"carriage^ V*. a \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 ' \u25a0"' v •"-":
KOBICKE— In this <itr.. January 2t». 1910,% at*
«\u25a0•\u25a0> her late : residence. 370 Guerrero- street. Sophie
-• G iKoblcke. beloved wife of Christian Kobieke.
M mother > of ; >lrs.;ir-der\'euve. : Mrs. ;M.'^ Luk-
" ; " ' rafka " Dr.. Sophie ,' B.^ Kobicka -; Hewitt. "- C..-.H. ,
KoMcJte and tlie'late'Robfrt C.'K'jhlcke. v u na-
v^ltive of . Germany, aged 77 years 7; uiontaa and
jT'v"VriendVj<re respectfully invited to attend the
' funeral Sunday,-; Janus ry \u25a0 23. '• 1910. % at 2 o'cl^k
U d " m.: . from ' St. '. Paul's. German ->f .", E. , church.
- ; ? Page : street' bet ween j Octavia and -. Laguaa. ; Id-
''i terment t Cypre«s "jljiwn L cemetery.- by. electric,
car: from" Thirteenth- and • Mission
\u25a0 v;street«.''' •"'-'• :. : --;:..-'.-. -.- ; ; '-,\u25a0/:'.'\u25a0-.- -i '\u25a0'\u25a0'../-. \ ' ; ''\u25a0\u25a0'_\u25a0 .
i LACHER— In till" city. January ,l^. 1010, Jennta
i .j<Lacb.cr,l wlf» of the late ; Isaac Laclier, K-loTed
mother- of L<stcr Lacher nnd Mrs. W. T. j
;| Hitch, and belnv.>d sister of Afrs. U. M.-ycr '
trml M. Weldearelch of New York, a native j
of New York. !
LEART — In this city^January 10. 1910. Brifl?e^. !
dearly beloved wife of the late John J. Leary. ]
and devoted mother of Patrick J.. John D. and j
the late FrH»cls Leary, a native of I>ungar- j
van,- Ireland, aged <£> years. <Lo*i Anseles, j
Cal.. and liutte, Mont., papers please copy.) (
Friends and acquaintances are r>*spectfnlly j
invited to attend the funeral today (Fri- j
i!ay>, at S:GO a..n].. from her lat*- r»-sfcleu<.-«\ |
311 ft Twenty-fourth street near Kelsons, thence j
to .St. Peter's church, wh»re a refjui»ra high |
mass will be «*«lebrated f'>r tb»" rejiose of ter ;
soul, c-oruraeacing at '.> u'cl'jck a. m. lntermeot j
\u25a0Holy Cross cemetery. •
' LENNARD— In this city. Jannary 20. 1010. Mrs. {
Esttier Lennar.l. beloved wife <f tbe !ate U»l»- I
crt K. Lennard. and mother of Mrs. Klizatvfta !.
Ipswitch. a native of London, F.J13., a.ged Xi I
\ years 2 months and 11 days.
j McDONOUGH— In this city. January 17. 1910.;
! Bridget MeDonoujjh, cousin of Mrs. T. Shea-
ban. Margaret aud John MeDouougb and Pat- j
rick Welsh, a native of County tlalway. Ire- [
land, aged 60 years.
The funeral will take nlace today tFri-
• day. 1. January 21. 1910. at *:SU o'clock .3. ni.. j
from ttie funeral parlors . of Green. Ryan &
l'onohoe. northeast turner of Sixteenth nud
Gnerrcro streets, thence to Mission Dobm
church, where s requiem htgh mass will be j
celebrated for the repots of her son!, eoni- j
mencing at 0 a. m: Interment Holy Cross 1
cemetery, .
j KUHL— In this city. January 19. 1010. Adolf
J. C. dearly beloved husband of Mamie Muhl.
devoted son of August and Dorathea Muhl. and
brother of Mrs. .Mathilda Sohst. William i. G.
Muhl. Henry Muhl and Mrs. Ella Keosh. a na-
tive of Germany, aged 51 years and 23 day?.
A member of G«-rinsnla club and Gulden Gate ;
camp Nw G4, W. O. W. .
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully I
iuvited to attend the funeral today (Fri-'j
&Mj}i at 2:30 p. m.. from his late residence. [
702 Sixth avenue. Kichmond district. Incinera- I
tion I. O. O. F. crematory. i
UUNCE— Ia Oakland. , Janaa^y 2(>. -191«>. Job*. I
. dearly beloTed husband of Jessie Munee. »n«1 j
father of Robtrt. Charley and Ellliain Atnnee. j
Mrs. Agnes Eckles and Mrs. Maggie I3tt«?lla
Hansen, a Dative of Glasgow. Scotland, aged j
I 69 years 3 months and 10 days. ;
j MURPHT — In thix city, January 20, 1010. Rich- ;
I srd Murphy, beloved hnsband of Norah Mur- j
chy. and loving father of William 11., Richard I
J.. Kathryn. Mrs. K. McDevitt. Mrs. W. Mi- »
t'oncack and the late John F. Marphy, a na-
trve of County Cork-, Ireland, aged G4 year*.
The fnneral will take place tomorrow (Satur-
day), at 5:43 o'clock, from Jils late residence, •
2XI Webster street, thencn to Sacred Heart I
church, where a solemn requiem high ma«s :
i will be celebrated f'X th^ repose of hi* soul, I
j commencing at 0 o"cK>ck. Interment private. |
; NIERI— In San Brrno Park. January 20. 191". i
; Kgilio. oelo*-*! y<»n of Giwh^pe 1 and Ade.te \
Nicri. and l«?lijvi-l brother of Silvl<\ l4i:N. j
Lawn-ULM- and Lena Nieri, a native o£ Italy.]
used 27 years. .
NUNAN— In this city. January 1«. 10hi. at the t
city and county hospital. Charles E. Nunan. a j
natlvo of California, aged Jk» years.
O'CONNOR— In this city. January 10. 1910, Ed- j
ward L.. belovejl son of the late Martin r.nd t
! Klizab'.-th O'Connor, ani brother of Mathew and |
Patrick -and the late Elizabeth O'Connor, a na- !
; tive of New* York. cge,l 44 years. A member j
of Manltmi tribe No. 12S. Imp. U. K. XL, and
! «f the gentlemen's, sociality of St. Ignatius j
"" church. • v
. lYiends and acquaintances are respoe:f illy
. invitiHl* to attend the funeral tomorrow (Sat-
nrdayi. at 8:30 a. m., from the funeral par-
lors of Samuel McFadden & Co.. 1070 Hafght
street, thence to St. Ignatius church, where a
renniem htgh mass will b* celebrated for the
repose of hli« soul at a o'clock a. m. Inter-
ment Holy Cress cemetery.
OLSON— In Oakland. January -20, 1010. Mary,
beloved wife of Nels P. Olson, and sister of
C. J. Anderson. Mrs. G. A. Limlquist and Mrs. |
' Louisa Witegren, a- native of Sweden, aged
.47 years.
O'NEILL— In this city. Jannary 23. 1010, at Ms
late residence. XXXi I^arkin street,- Harry C.^
dearly- belored son of - Margaret and Tliomas
O'Neill, and brother of Harriott M., William
R. and George T. O'Neill and Mrs. John A.
Cooney. a native of San Francisco.
Notic» of funeral
PABLO— In this city. Jannary 10. 1010. at the
city and county hospital. Ramon Pablo, a na-
tive of Spain, aged :;<;_ years.
RASMUSSEN— In Oakland. January I*. 1010.
Margaret, Moved daughter of L% Slnth and
l'hri«tlna Itasniussfn. an'l loving sister of Kd- j
win. Kllen and Lavrrem-e K-ismussen. a iiativo •
j nf -California, aged ft yenrs 2 usont^h* ami 2!> j
i ih\f*. • *
! REAGAN— In sr. Mary's hospital, 'luosou. ArU.. \
January 2<>. l!»10. Lawrence A., son n' TJtemmj \
au«l I!. A. .Reagan, and brother of Th«n>a* P. J
Reagan, a native of Buffalo, N. V., used i 4 j
years. . . . :
•Notlcfl'of fnneral hereafter.
SMITH— In th'.s city, January 16. 1910. F. A.
Smith. . ' \u25a0\u25a0 i .
.UI members of the Improved Order of Red
Men arc earnestly requested to attend the
; " funeral of our late brother, F. A. Smitb. a
member of Weott tribe No. 147. Scotia, Cal..
it 1 p. m.' today (Friday). January 21. from
Red Jlen'^ hall, 210 Golden Gate avenue,
nnder the auspic«s of the board of relief.
G. MARCUSB.- President.
.Attest: WM. M. JOSEPH. Secretary. -
Remains at tee parlors of Julius S. Godeau.
303 Montgomery avenue.
STEVENSON— In this city, Jannary 19. 1910. at
\u25a0 the home of -her daughter, Matilda C. Steven-
son; belovedtWife of the late William W. St*v.
eu«)n. and mother of Fletcher V. Taylor i of.
\u25a0 Pasadena. Burt M. Stevenson of Red lands and
Mrs II." I* Batchelder of^Siin Francisco, a na-
tive of PennHylvania. ag?3 SO years awl 22
\u25a0 d«v*, \u25a0 \u25a0
Friends are respectfully Invitedto attend the
- funeral' tomorrow ' *Saturday), Jannary. 22.
1010 it'l:3o o'clock p.' m.'. from tbe boaie of
- her -daughter. " llll" B street between Twelfth
\u25a0 and Thirteenth avenues. Richmond. Inter-
ment Cypress I_wn j cemetery by electric fu-
neral car from Thirteenth and Mission streets.
StJTHERLANI^r-In thi* city. -Jannary 15. 1910.
Margaret E.,' beloved wife of the late J. B.
- Sutherland. ' and '. loving ' mother of Mrs. M."
Myerl Mrs. Annie O'ifeara. Ed Sutherland.
* Mrs. John Wbalen, Mrs. Helen , Scanlln ami
"Mrs. E. -W.v Toonwy,. a native of _ Ireland,
ased 74 years "3 months and 2 days. A mm-
bi-r -of Seven Pln*s , circle No. 3. - Ladles of
- the .»».. A. R-.' and of Pioneer lodge No." I.'
Friends of the PaclSe.
\u25a0•••• Friends • and acquaintance* are respectfully
invlteil to atteud the . " fnneral .' today (I'ri-
» day) Jannary 21, at 9 o'clock a. ro.. from the
parlora, of MeAvoy Jt O'Hara, J224 Market
. street " near, Fifteenth, ... thence - to ' Star of the
' Sea church, •' where - a requiem high mass \u25a0 will
'\u25a0 be ; celebrated for the repose of her *001, com-
mencing at 10. a. m. Interment Holy Cro-<3
- cemetery. \u25a0 . .
' '.: SEVEN PINES CI RCLE No. ' 3. Ladies of
the Or ;"A ." R- — Officers and members: ' Yon
are '• hereby notified ,to attend the funeral of
.our -late, sister." Margaret -E. Sntherland. • to-
day (Friday).- January? 2l; 'at S o'clock- a. ra..'
from , the parlors of- MeAvoy. i O'Hara. 2224
Office; Grant Btdj., ;' Market k 7th St 3.
Market street v.fjr Fifteenth! By onler
VIRUIMA FAUiiAI'AV. President.
TVS.PXS—Iu tb!.t eit.v. January 10. 1010. rWyd
L. Tnrpin. b*-luT«-<l :«>a of V. L. a"n<l 1.-af- . .
Turpin. brother »r Andrew W. and Clara NFlh>
Turpia. a native of San Krancisco. ajrul 27
years an<l 8 ii'i.urhs. (Sp^S.-iin- >'a!!s. W.^'.i..
papers pl-.'ase cojiy). A tieaiber of I'aeiflc KKl^e
No. 15T.. 1. O. «». F.-
Ktl'-i.ti* ar«> rr^wetfuly Inviti«»l to afteml
the funeral tcxluy (Frfc&yl, Jaimar.T si. l."i.
ct 1:U!» ft'eloek lv vi.. from ixU late . rr>i-
dentt.-. 7« E«r(lctt street, totwepn TweatJT-tti^t
anJ TV.-?ntj--s«K-'>ii(!. luteriucat O.wniiin «-e.n-
ptery. !».t ftetUle fan^-rat eat fi-«;n Twi-nty-
riehtli and Val^m-ia ntreet<.
rAtnric lodoc n«. to-j. i. <». a. r. —
Officers ami laetubers will plpn** atti-:wl the
funeral ft imr lute brother. Floyd L. Turpla.
turlay (t"rkJiy>. at 1 o'clock, frvm hi* Jjte
residence. 72 Bartl«tt uriwf. ">
r. C.' HDMfNDS. KeewdißS f.errvtary.
WADE — In tb's <ltr. January 1 ). I9lt». Kxbtrt
1... dearly lwlon>.i busboo't <•* Jlar^iret K.
Wa«Je i nee «VNeiii. lovhts x.a <>t Bpiijaaiii
and ReWfzc* W"«nle. and hr..fher of S«-t!t. iicu,
Gnj-, Lulu »Dd i'ayr Wa.tc. .Mrs. Kditb t'owl-
ney. Mrs. Mary " «;km<lou «nd it>«- late Jt-.<-u-
AVade. a imt i-.e of Yaoslitll. l*r«r.. o>r*d :T2
years S month* an.l 12 ifajn. A mrmhrr •\u25a0*
I'cmpaDr A. t*an Kran<-i«<-.> ;kjHp<» hrjvi ini--nt.
lOrcjroa ps^H'plta.-f eoi'>.»
I"rien«N ami acu'iatatanee-i „,-,. r.-~:r .-~: :•v : >•
inTite«l ta attend tbe fiui^val Um\orrf>Ttr «Sat-
artlayt, at S>:W a. it., from the pstlon r.i tln»
I'nitwl l'n'lertakcr!«. S«;Ot» Uowar'l strv^t n»-ar
Twenty-.«et_fU<l. tUeint to St. t'Uar!f« B»innn>«*<»
ehurcli. Tfiiere a re<iuiem "uisli iua..t \x\U Ik*
cplebmtcd for the rvpos» of Ma mtoM, ecxft-
menci.i^ at 10 a. pi. Interment Ituiy rr.'«
V/TlZ— In Modf^tn. Cal.. January Z<>. lf>l".
Weil, rtanshtcr of t'annie an'l Ulc !ati»
Bernhnrtl Well.
Notice of funeral h»reafter.
WHEELEK— In C.len KHen. CaL. JjMWtty'-'i'k.
1»1»». lilward J. Wheeler, a native *>f"Nr«r
York. a?ed «.'i years.
Frlendo and actjna'RtJn^es are resrxvtftin.T
_ lnriteti to attend - tbe fnner.il ttxljy jFri-
dari. at l:Hi) o'clock p. ct.. from th» farfors.
of Median Brothers. ISLV, Eddy strc-:. lntir-
skeut I. O. O. F. cemetery.
Seventy-Five Dollars
I WIL.U F?t;w?s'isn
Mnin OfUrvs: 2123 Hush St^ t\>at 2C»
aad 13&5 Franklin St. ur. 17th. OalcJnad
Pkone Oakland -1015
Branch: JSti.l "iuEi^.miffj ay. Temp. S2HS
Am&nUnfp and Carrlacea to Hire
A PARTM22ITS .... . Col. 8, P. Z2
ATTORNEYS ". .Coi. *. r. •!
ATTTOMOBirEB Col. 1. P. 13
" " CoL 2. 7. 11
" " CoL 4, P. 1J
COTTAGES TO LET— Alimsda CcL 7, P. I*
COLLECTION AUi>SCi*S Col. 4. P. 12
DENTISTS '.. *X \u25a0». r>. n
DYXIK6 Ailß CLEASIKG.'.*.".'.".".".V.*CoL I. P. 13
OSESS MAKirc CaL 1. P. Vi
SMPLOyME^fT \u25a0WAi'TEU— MALE. Col. 1. P. 12
" .CoL t. P. 12
EMPLO YitEi'T \7ASTE3— Fecsal*. .CoL t. P. 12
" " " JCoL4.P. 12
TIKASCIAL Coi. 4. ?. 13
FURS CoL l.». 13
ruRiriTURE roR s-ale... r «». \u25a0»•.»«
TTOTELS... Co!. 9. P. 13
HOUSES TO LET— Usfaraisied CoL 8. P. It
nrVESTKEJSrTS: „£<& 4.P. 13
LODGESG HOUSE 3 TOR 5ALE......"-» *. ? n
", <" , " Col. 3. ?. 13
SIATaiKO^XAL......... CoL J. P. 13
VESXCAL....'. ...CoL 5.P.13
MAIXEinTY HOJCES ....CoL ». P. 13
MOHEY TO LOA2T t .....CoL 4. P. U
NOTARY PUBLIC .CoL *, if. jj
OAKLAXD HSKP6. R00M5. ..... . CaL i. P. 13
PALMISTRY....... CoL 4, P. 13
PERSONALS.... ...00U4.P. U
SEAL ESTATE— CITY...... Col. 5. P. 13
"* CoL «. P. 13
REAL ESTATE— COUNTRY......... CoI. c. P. 13
REAL ESTATE-7OAKLAND* ....... .Col. 8. P. 1 13
" " ' " .....CoL 7. P. 13
REAL ESTATE—A T.AVEDA. . .... ...CoL 7. P. 13
>." ; C«Lt,P.IJ
ROOMS AND BOARD— Bsrksler •...."?>\u25a0 •. P. II
aJeiflasß^jwaßa— fuiuiH'.' .. i •. p. 13
5AN1TAR1UM5. ........ . . ......... ,C«L ». P. 13
STORAGE AND MOVING VAN5..... C01. 7. P. 12
SPIRITUALISM... .' . . . .... JCoL 4. 9. 13
TRUSSES. ..... .. v, ../>!. 3. .- n
UPH0L5TKR1XG. .. : . . . . .... . . ... \u2666 toi 7.P. n

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