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Three Promotion Bodies Consolidate to Advance State's Interests
Consolidated Bodies to Continue
Spreading Knowledge of
State's Resources
Three promotion bodies of Han Fran
cisco were consolidated Monday. Into
the quarters selected for the joint oc
cupation the three, under the collective
name and corporate existence of the
<"alifornia development board, the Cali
fornia Promotion committee and the
Manufacturers' and Producers' Asso
ciation of California mow,] their books,
furniture anil oth*r assets, and there,
with the old organization of the Cali
fornia state board of trade, made
physical preparations for promoting
knowledge of and interest in California
in all parts of the world. The signlti
cance of that move might be over
looked by those whose interests are
more local than otherwise, but the eyes
of the entire interior, in fact of all of
California's 58 counties, are turned on
the new organization.
What the incoming bodies found in
th« old headquarters of the state board
of trade in the ferry building consisted
most conspicuously of one of the great
est permanent exhibits of the fields,
orchards and vineyards of California
that has ever been collected and main
tained for a series of years In any
California city. This occupies nearly
half of the top floor of the ferry build
ing: and it is appropriately adjoined,
on the other en<j of the building:, by
what is credibly said to be the great
est collection of mineral specimens ever
held in the possession of any state in
the union for exhibition purposes.
For some years the state; board of
trade and the promotion committee
have be^n pursuing: practically the
fame lines «»f exploitation, although
their methods have differed in some
respects. The state board of trade has
bpen supported very largely by city
subscriptions and also by funds appro
priate^ by California counties in the
interior and by sufficient contributions
of fruits, vineyard products, cereals,
vegetables, wool, honey, and so forth,
to present to spectators a fair general
id^a of the possibilities of California.
Tliis^ exhibit remains intact.
ThY California Promotion committee
\u25a0was also supported largely by th«> mer
chants and other moneyed men of San
Francisco, who paid stated monthly !
Etims to keep the work going. The
Manufacturers' and Producers' associa
tion dealt more exclusively with pro
ductive industries whose activity was
chiefly manifested in factories, can
neries, and the like. The combination
of the three sorts of supporters in an
institution whose sole purpose is to
make known the desirability and protit
of life in California is considered
everywhere to he extremely fortunate.
In a general way the lines of pro
cedure set down by the state board of
trade "will J»e followed by the new
organization, as by vot*» the constitu
tion and bylaws of the trade board j
have been formally adopted.
The extent to which the interior
counties are represented in the new
body is shown by the following list of
the county members, with the counties
from which they are delegated:
AliniMla county- — Tli«*n <;Jt. O. K. Hotlf,
P.. T. Miller, i'raigie .sharp. Willjur Walker, r.
Bhup count t — N. B. Craw.
<V'!u>« <-ounty— «;. \V. Tuttl«\
<'<-.-iurs Ctu-t» oount.r — Kufpiic ft. AnJ«rv>n.
rift-n-t county— Arthur 11. hris^. William
<;Uun county— A. 11. Quattuan.
Hum!.oiat <"«junty— F. K. Morritt. T. V. IVtcb.
K>ru count.r — Ben L. Bruadaj:^. K. W Itac-
Kin^s county — XI. C Blan>.-b«rd.
I.'n- Aujreles county — Jam--* Slau«in. J. B.
M«>r«<l county— A. H. Wllir.ir.
Napa crnioty— S. H. Wyckoff. J. nrlmond
Sacraoif-oto county — William L»an<]. O. H. Mil
San Francis<-n county — !>»» i* K. Anbury, S. F
lin-.th. T. C. Friedlatxler. John p. iri*li. I?. 1».
Loiciand. E. XV. Mac'in. «;porcr C Perkins*.
tl»nrgr X. Wffilinc. <'. M. Wori-oter.
San JrwjTjin county — K. K. Trnthcw iv. A. <.'.
, Kanta dam rountr — Pau! Fnret. Francis Hopp.
Sinkiyou «-<nmtr — W. J. Nrilon.
f^lano «-ountr — r«!«anl PinkoKpi^L.
Sonoma county— Kdwanl H. Brown, A. S. Lose, ;
Mark 1.. MoPonaM. fiobm N«rv-t>»n Llmh.
Htaaltlau rovmty — J. W. Oavldsou.
Suttrr county— D. F. Waltoo.
Tohatna pootrty— M. P. fhijvnan, H. I". Stis«».
Ttilarr county— Art linr E. Miot.
The honorary members of the board
Include tho following: Governor J. X.
GfUett, Luther Burrtunk. Benjamin Ide
Wheeler. E'avid Starr Jordan, J. W.
Jeffrey and J. A. Filcher.
The present officers of the California
development board are -the following:
Arthur It. Brijrc. president r.n<l oianngpr;
riohert Npwtoti r.yn<~h. xic<> pr;sld»nt: H. D.
I^vrclaD'i. first \lr* jir^sifl^nl : A. 1.. MrT>«njtld.
t-pfretary: Tl>Jls-rarpn Nevada n;ui->nal bank,
Fx«»ctitir<> «>mmil!M>— Atliui- R. Brt^^s fclialr- !
mini, N. P. Chipman. R. n. Ha!«>,' John P.
Irish. A. I. Esb»r2. Aodrra Sbsrhopn. Frank L.
Brnirn.' (',. "K. WVniJlinjr. J. P. Currier. lU.bert
N. I^ynrh. Utifus P. Jrnninc*. F. Tillaiaon Jr .
If. J. Fonlana. C. 11. Crocker. A. B. C. ]>olir
rsi'ii. i :\u25a0_*, :\u25a0
The several promotion bodies have
received more or If^ss support from the
transportation lines, which profit by
the incoming: of setXl^rs who pay fares
«n«i raise freight for San Francisco.
The California development board, em
bracing so many agencies, will He pow
rrful In inducing people to come to
California. General co-operation on
tlie part of the. counties is naturally)
Dr. T- E. Bailly Will Erect Resi-
dence in Jackson Street
Harrigan, Weidenmuller &\u25a0 Rosenstirn
announce the sale of a choice piece of
Western addition property situated at
the northwest corner of Jackson and
Laurel streets belonging to M. J. New
mark, late of Los Angeles,- but now a
resident of San Francisco.
The purchaser is Dr. T. E. Bailly,
chief norgeon of St. Mary's hospital.
The lot has a frontage of 35 feet in
Jackson street by a depth of 127:SVi in
Laurel street and commands a fine view
of the bay. The price was $14,000.
Doctor Bailly Immediately started to
build a beautiful residence on the lot.
Th*» *ame agents also announce the
rale to A. W. Burgren of the architec
tural firm of Ropf & Burgren of the lot
in the south line of Jackson street, b^
tw^n Spruce and Maple, belonging to
.Terse LWenthal. the attorney. The lot
has a frontage of 25 feet by a depth of
127:M«.' The purchaser will er^ct a
building nn the lot. The price paid
was in the neighborhood of $4,000.
Downtown Transactions Are
Week's Feature and Condi=
tions Presage Activity
The feature of the week was the
activity in the transactions relating 'to
high priced !ot^. Important sales have
been made in both the wholesale and
retail sections. I^arge deals are pend
ing that the brokers are not at liberfy
to disclose at present.
Architects announce plans for the
erection of large apartment houses and
also of business blocks. Several tem
porary buildings at important corners
near the foot of Market street are in
the hands of the \u25a0wreckers and will be
replaced with fine structures.
Another sign of the market con
ditions, which are continually better
ing, is the return to the brokerage line
of men who have been following other
pursuits for a period, who now have
decided that the real estate business is
bound to forge ahead. This is the view
that has been taken for some time by
the* most conservative men in the brok
erage business. Various dates have
been fixed, in opinion of leading men,
to denote the time when the full swing
of activity shall be reached once more.
Announcement is made elsewhere of
the near approach of the opening of the
Keystone apartments, which may be
taken as a type of modern construction
in San Francisco for residential use.
The apartments stand at the southwest
corner of Washington and Hyde streets.
The building cost 5400.000 and the land
another $100,000, so that the total in
vestment is about half a million dol
lars. Lots have been secured for other
large apartments. These are announced
frem time to time and a njimber of
apartments of the better class are un-
der consideration in the offices of local
architects and builders. ;.~-~1
The beginning of the year has nat
urally brought about an organization
of various activities which will play
their part in the succeeding 12 months
in the prosperity of- San Francisco.
The district improvement clubs in all
parts of San Francisco are electing
officers and laying their plans to secure
such improvements as are needed in
the neighborhood.
A combination among the three pro
motion bodies in San Francisco is one
of the signs of the times in connection
with the promotion of the real estate
interests of the interior of the state
and the bringing into the state of new
financial resources.
There is a probability that the As
sociated Chambers of Commerce of the
Pacific coast, which represent all the
Puget, sound cities, Portland. JjOS An
geles. Oakland and San Francisco, will
combine to promote the international
exposition to be held in this city to
commemorate the opening of the Pana
ma canal. If the insurance rates in
San Francisco continue to be regarded
as excessive it is extremely probable
that a concerted move will be made to
secure reductions.'
Attention has been attracted to the
briskness of real estfite on both sides
of the park in the Sunset and Rich
mond districts. The opening of a new
line in D or Fulton street from the old
terminus near the yacht lake to the
ocean has had the expected effect of
stimulating inquiries in many blocks
of land which command 'ocean views,
and which look directly down on- a
large part of "Golden Gate park from
above. The large natural advantages
belonging to the Sunset district, rein
forced by- the attractions of the city's
playground, which is nordered hy Sun
set for nearly its entire length, are be
coming better appreciated, and brokers
and contractors, alike report that busi
ness promises to be very much brisker
in that part of the city than it has
been at any preceding time.
Several transactions in the last week
are of sufficient 'importance' to call at
tention to them in this weekly review;
Through the agency of Shainwald,
Buckbee & Co., I. Mensor has bought
the northwest corner of Pine and Leav
enworth streets from the Cowell es
tate. The size .of the ground is 95 by
113 feet. The price is reported to have
been about $35,000. The property." ls
well situated, as the northeast corner
Finest Apartment Hotel West Of
Chicago Completed in Hyde Street
and the southwest corner of the same
street are 'handsomely improved.
packers; purchase sitb
The sale, through the agency of
Thomas M?gee & Sons, of the north
west corner of Pacific anil Davis streets
for the Real Property investment cor
poration to Swift & Co., the Chicago
meat packers, is one of the leading
transactions .of the month up to date.
The price paid for the. property has
been announced at $100,000. The.pack
ing firm of Li bby, McNeil & Übby, also
of Chicago,, will make, its Pacific i coast
headquarters with Swift &Co- on the
premises. A large reinforced concrete
building will be erected on the newly
acquired property. ;
A deed that has been recorded makes
the transfer of the real property, be
longing formerly to the Cooper medical
college to the trustees of .the Stanford
university an accomplished fact. What
the Stanford university , gets ,;in ". the
way of realty is a third interest in
the .-northwest 'corner: of Buchanan and
Clay, streets, 137:6x127:8 feet, of which
the other two-thirds of the property
are held by Doctor Ellingwood. The
university also gots a third interest in
property in the northwest line of Fol
som street, east of Main, and at the
northwest corner .of Broadway and
Scott street,' also the northeast ; * corner
of Sacramento and streets arid
the southeast corner of Sacramento and
Webster .streets. N ' In addition to the
realty the university comes into pos
session, by deed,- of all the other prop
erty of -the^ Cooper medical college.
The probate court has approved the
sale by the estate *of ; Eugene Parfait
Volt to C. 11. Wilson of a half interest
in the northeast : corner of .-'Mason and
Post streets. 22 by^S2. feet, for the sum
The probate court also has confirmed
the sale by the estate; pf Morris Simin
off to the Cornelia, hotel apartments,, a
corporation, of 68:9x137:6 feet in, the
south line of O'Farrell; street,. 137:6 feet
west of Leavenworth street;- and- also
the sale by the Volt estate to .lamest.
Sharp of ; a half interest ln,property in
the ; north J line ;of. Oak street, west-* of
Van Ness' avenue, -47:9x120 feot.; r This
property will "be added to the site; of
the Masonic ; tempi* to" be constructed
in the next year. ,*. ;. ' •
Two -sales are announced '. by Harri
gan, Weidenmuller &. rtosenstirn. The
first of .these ; is the northwest 'corner
of Jackson 1 and ;if Laurel ; streets, 'which 1
was sold rfor/M. J. Newmark to:Dr. T.
E. Bailly. This is a vacant lot, 35.\127:S
feet. The second is a lot in the south
line o£ Jackson street on Presidio
heights; situated between Spruce and
Maple streets, for Jesse Lilienthal to
A, "W. Bun?ren of the architectural firm
of ; Ross & Burpren. This lot has a
frontagje of - t-'5 feet and h depth of
127:8 feet. . i . ; , "
Two parcels of land have been
bought by Archbishop Riordan. \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0 One
of - these ; is the northeast cornerof Pa
oafic and Ma.«on streets, 137:6x137:6 feet.
The second-is a. lot at Tenth and How
ard streets, which was owned by, John
G. ,\u25a0 Mahpney, and which adjoins. "the
property of St. Joseph's church. This is
anirregular lot of good size. '
In the construction line interest will
attach to the operations of the Paulist
Fathers , at, California street and Grant
avenue.*: At that site a permanentresl
dence for. the' clergy of : old: St. t Mary's
church will be : erected. .The .structure
willhave^a height of three '\u25a0. stories
a high; basement. 'While the temporary
structures are being removed the clergy
will reside »in; apartments near; by. 'but
offices will be maintained in the church.
Contracts have been awarded for the
construction of the 'hospital, for chil
dren a nd; training school .for nurses by
the hospital" corporation. The new
buildings; will; be class A. with steel
frames, covered with reinforced con
crete. The centraT or main part-of the
building will be; first, erected, t with a
wing on the east extendingUo California
street. ;; The /west wing will ;be added
later/ -The brlek?biiildings : inVSacra
mehto; street., will, be remodeled and
generally improved. ...
Contracts Prepared, for Auxil
iary Water System and Po=
lice and Fire Alarms -,
The city has under consideration, in
the bureau of engineering, a large
number- of contracts, which ' are in
preparation, their purpose, being to
provide additional facilities for the
auxiliary water supply system and for
the auxiliary fire alarm and police sys
tem. A large amount of work is also
involved in the preparation of con
tracts for sewers.
These contracts, as reported, may be
summed up briefly as follows:
For construction of section C of the Channel
street sewer. Plans and specifications completed
and estimate of cost 73 per cent completed.
Sewerage sewers for the Mission flats diitrlctr
Plans 05 per cent completed. J;'i--1
North Point main, section X — For construction
of a sewer alonj; Islals creek, from Ocean avenue
to Mount Vcrnon avenue. Plans completed.
Xorth Point main, section M— For construction
of a sewer from the southerly termination of
Sprincdale street to Ocean avenue. Plans 40
per cent completed.
Outlet to Brannan street sewer. Plans com
Seventh street, from Howard to Channel. Plans
05 per cent completed.
• Seventh street, from Channel to Hooper. Plans
03 per cent completed.
X.or construction of the main outlet sewer for
the Inplesidc district,' across the Sprlug Valley
lands, to connect with tbe sewer being con
structed in V street. The surveys and working
drawings have been submitted to the SSprlns
Valley water company for approval of the route
of the. sewer tbroujiu Its lands.
For construction of a - sewer from Forty-fifth
avenue and V street to Forty-eiphth avenue and
K! 'street. Plans and. specifications completed.
' For construction of a sewer from Forty -eighth
avenue and X street to Forty-eighth areime and
Fulton street (across the park). Working plans
completed, and 2-"> per cent traced.
For construction of the Mile rock tunnel.
Working plans completed.
Plans for the construction of section C of the
North Point main. AVorking plans completed.
Plans for construction of; section I» of the
Nortlf Point main. "Working _ plans 53 per cent
• Plans for construction of the main sewer for
the Clcn Park district. 5 Working plans CO per
cent completed. .. •/-- V -
For'constmetlon of a sewer in Fell and Tenth
streets, from Van .Ness avenue; to DivUion
street. ' Plans' .10 per cent completed, i
Far construction of section E of the North
Point main fewer. ' W'orklnjr plans 2O'i>cr'cent
completed. .• - -
Auxiliary Water Supply— For construction of
two batterr wajrons for high pressure work.
Worklne plans completed and Jraclngs, 07- per
' completed. • • .; \u25a0• . - . - •• :
• For "construction of the Ashbury.. street rtls
tributinp reservoir. • Plans, estimated cost *nd
specifications completed. \u25a0 •.
For construction of Jones and Clay streefs ilis-"
tribiitlnß 'reservoir.; Plans are completed and 73
per cent traced. \u0084
For construction of the Van Ness' avenue
pumplnc station. Preliminary desljm for the me
cbanlcal J equipment completed."; Final ' rtlans of
the station buildlnc are, 40 per. cent completed..
- Telephone System— Tbc work , of • making final
plans for the- telephone ?yntem, auxtlUiry lire
alarm and police system is> 94 ;per cent com
pleted; Specifications' 30 per cent -completed.
Fresh water Pumping. Stations — The locatitn
of ' these station*, together with their ' system •of
bored wells.- have, been determined and plans and
specifications _ for^ the. stations are per cent
completed. :\u2666 .'\u25a0\u25a0;. --' ' \u25a0•;\u25a0 .-•'..• \u25a0\u25a0..\u25a0
'•..Cajt Iron: Special*— Working, drawings 'for. the I
"cast iron specials*, are traced • and ' specifications
are GO per cent completed.'- :: : -.\u25a0"\u25a0. ,-->
.- ; For ' hauling i and •• laying - the . pipe ; and : special*
, and, setting .the hydrants In the ; distributing
systeui. ;»\Vorking- plans .73 per cent completed.:
Drifting Sand Dunes Rapidly
v Turned Into Beautiful .
Home Sites
Great activity prevails in the Sunset
district, especially that portion between
Twentieth and Twenty-fifth avenues
and II and X streets, about 100 teams
with scrapers and dump - cars being
employed leveling this large area of
sand dunes, opening, macadamizing,
bituminizing and sewering the streets.
This rapid change from drifting sand
hills to beautiful home sites will not
alone be of inestimable value to the
property owners in that section; but to
the city as well, as through the enter
prise of the owners causing these im
provements the city will gain a great
deal in taxes. The new officials are ex
pected to reciprocate by. granting
necessary concessions and immediately
installing electric lights,' etc.
Sol Getz &, Sons, who have bought a
large tract of land in the Sunset and
Oceanside districts, are expending con
siderable" sums In grading their lands
and surrounding streets', which they
will subdivide into building lots, mak
ing it possible to secure homes on easy
The firm reports the following sales:
Lot -5x100; In the soutb line of J street. 107:6
fwt west of Forty-sixth aTenne. with Improve
ments,. Oe^ansldc district, to O. Leah Bernstein.
Lot 2TixlOO, In the south line of J street. 37:6
fpet.west of Twenty -second arenue, Snnset dis
trict, to Louise SI. Jetton.
Lot 2j.\l:JO. In the west line of Thirty-flrst
axenue. 223 feet north of K . street, to Wilfrid
H. Walkinshaw, Sunset district.
Lot 25x100, in the south line »f J street. 107:6
feet west of Twenty-second aTenue, Sunset dis
trict, £o Kdwln L. Eseberg.
Lot 2.->xl2o, In the we*t line of Thirty-third
avenue, 273 feet north of A street, with im
provements, Richmond district, to Robert •O.
Lot 2.1x100, in the south line of I street. 52:6
feet east of Twenty-fourth avenue. Sunset dis
trict, to Addic Luhn.
Lot 50x120. in the west line of Twenty-second
avenue.- 100 ' feet north of X street, Snnsct dis
trict, to James Fairall.
Lot- 2.-.x121>. In the west line of Forty-fourth
avenue. 225 feet north of L street, to Rosa L.
Beverldge, Oceanside district.
San Francisco in Lead With To
tal of $45,862,892
With the exception of San Diego,
which, shows a decrease, all of the
clearing house citfes of California show
good, increases for the week ending
Thursday noon, January 20. according
to the. figures secured by the California
development board.
San Francisco continues forging
ahead with bank clearings amounting
to $43.562.892.33, an increase of 25.7 per
cent over, the same weekof last year.
Los Angeles clearings were lS.^.p<*r
cent increase, with a total "of $14,
675.005. . . . \u25a0 .
Oakland cleared 52.226.510.60, an in
crease of 23. 4' per cent^ -
Sacramento* is next highest on the
list with clearings amounting to $1,
166.341.75, an increase of 4.7.2. per cent,
making the heaviest increase, j \u25a0'. '
San lilego, with clearings of, $1,020.
940.25. shows . a decrease of 11.4 per
cent.- • . . . . .
Fresno's clearings were $663,404.01,
an increase of S2 per cent.
/Stockton has ah increase of •34.l^'per
cent,' -with. total clearings of $577,1 05. 24.
San« Jose, cleared a total'- of $346,
596.43 t an increaseof 18.2* per cent. -- ~:
Pasadena cle'afed a total for the wedk
hjf;sSo3,"43?.7S. ' ' ... ,-
Roof Garden, Billiard Hall and
Bowling Alley Features of
$500,000 "Keystone"
i The finest and handsomest apartment
[house west of Chicago has been con
structed by the Keystone real estate
'company, at a cost of $400,000 for the
ibuilding alone, at the southwest corner
iof Washington and Hyde streets. This
jis one of the choice- and : most easily
{accessible sites in San Francisco, being
| passed by car lines on both sides. The
jground spate occupied is 137:S by 137:8.
j The Keysttme apartments are a land
jmark of imposing size and beauty. The
j intention of the builders was to pro
\u25a0vide a structure that would lead all
others, and they have apparently fully
succeeded. Their building is much,
superior to anything heretofore at
tempted in the same line in this city.
The Keystone includes 75 elegant
apartments. It has an exterior of
pressed brick and terra cotta. with
architectural adornments. balconifS.
etc.. which give an effect of strength
and lightness combined.
' The interior finish. is especially fine
and elaborate.- There are two elevators.
Included among the special feature 3
that have. been pro\'ided for the. pleas
ure and accommodation of the dwellers
in the Keystone are several that have
Involved large cost in. the construction.
Everything useful and convenient and,
ornamental has been provided for on
a most liberal scale and expense has
not been spared In any direction to
give the Keystone more than local rep
The opening will take place soon,
and it will be an. event of , general in
terest and especially to tin. neighbor
hood, which the structure conspicuous
ly* 1 adorns.
Among the attractions are a roof
garden from which a splendid view is
commanded, a billiard room handsomely
finished, a bowling alley and a lar^e
library, which will be stocked with a.
popular collection of volumes.-
The total investment, including: the
cost of the land, aggregates $5<»0.000.
The architects were Oliver, Foulkes
& Kaiser.
| Under Instructions, given to them by
the enterprising capitalists connected
with the Keystone real estate company
, every approved idea that is embraced
In apartment construction in great
cities of the world has been incor
porated in the Keystone apartments.
The best from abroad, combined with
local suggestions to meet local condi
tions thoroughly, has resulted in the
creation of something that is well
worthy of inspection and that Is highly
creditable to the new San Francisco.
Plans have been prepared by William
ilooser, architect, for a three story and
basement building for the D. Ghirar
delli company. The structure will stand
at the northwest corner ©f Haileck
and Front streets and will entirely
cover a lot which is S&2O feet in front
and has a depth of 137:6 feet. A plan
of heavy mill construction has been
adopted, which is out of the ordinary.
The front will be- of enamel glazed
terra cotta.
There will be one store, on the ground!
floor. The upper part of the .building:
will contain lofts. The whole has been
leased to one tenant. The front of the
store will be of metal and plate glass.
with metal window frames, etc All
modern appliances to make the struc
ture desirable will beprovided. The es
timated cost is $40,000.
A six stories and basement building:
will be erected for the Pelicano-Rosat
company, florists, in Powell street,
north of Ellis, and immediately adjoin
ing the Golden West hotel. The plans
as prepared by Righetti & Headman,
architects, show a structure which is
unusual in many features. On the
front facade there will be a flower bal
cony in which choice flowers will be
grown, lending an attractive distinction
to the building. This balcony adjoins
a gallery in the store to be occupied by
the florists. The- gallery will be on tha
mezzanine floor. ,
The Pelicano-Rossl building will cost
$60,000. as estimated. It will be oC
class C construction, with reinforced
concrete as the material. The front
will be of cement plaster. The ground
space to be covered la 22:9x137:S feet.
On the first floor will be one large
store. On the upper floors there will ba
30 suites. The upper part of the build-
Ing xvlll be used as an annex to tha
Golden "West hotel.
The store will have a marble front,
with large plate glass windows and
with copper, trimmings. The interior.
of the store, will be made very orna
mental, with large plate mirrors, with,
ornamental. stucco. trimmings and with>
other attractive features.
Work on Railroad Shops' Adds
Value to Property
W. E. Stanford &. Co. report the salo
of 27 lots during the last week in the
Schwerin addition. The resumption of
building operations, on the Southern
Pacific shops and the- completion of the
carline from Geneva avenue to San
Bruno avenue at Mission street are
causing the present activity. Most of
the lots have been sold toAome buyers,
although many of the Walbridge street
lots were sold to businessmen. It is
not generally known that Walbridga
street is the widest street in San Fran
cisco, and as it is the only outlet from
the bay shore, district to Mission street
this street is destined to become an im
portant business thoroughfare.
The site of the Southern Pacific shop 3
now presents"* busy appearance, build
ing being pushed as rapidly as possible,
and making it almost a certainty that
before long thousands- of workmen will
be compelled to make their homes in
this district. •*
Another realty concern -reports the
sale of the northwest corner of v Wal
bridge street "and" San" Bruno avenue.
»oxloo. for $1.1.000. In this district
this seems a heavy price. In view of
recent developments though, local con
ditions warrant the figures. It i 3 also
reported that a two story brick build
ing. 50x100, is to be erected at the cor
ner of "Rio Verde and Walbridjre streets
in" the Schwerin addition. , Construc
tion is to Ijesin about February 1.

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