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North Beach Districts Possess Unusual Natural Advantages
Big Population Thrives Where
Wheels of Industry Never
Cease Grinding
Th«?r«» are large things in store for
North beach. There arc- immense in
terests centered in the region. In the
opinion of some. North hpach section
is the most densely populated part of
the city at this time. Several busi
r^PE streets, Jin«>d with stores, are sup
plying the population in the immedi
ate neighborhood and those who come
from a distance of many blocks away.
An extensive array of manufactur
ing plants turns out wealth and gives
steady f-mployment to many artisans,
which circumstance, helps to make the
district popular.
While there is no definite limit to
t>» placed on the territory that prop
erly may be called North beax;h. the
section is supposed to begin pome
where north of California street, to
run over to the bar; to include the
rr«*st of Russian hill and the eastern
flop*-, at least, of that height: also to
embrace Telegraph hill and to extend
to the bay on the oast.
At the outF»»t it Is evident that two
frontages on the bay. with seawall
ronFtructed and with jutting pier and
wharf, result in large advantage. This
•water frontage will be improved great- |
ly both by the public and by private
individuals. The Southern Pacific has
large land holding? near Van Ness
avenue. The United States government
has a large frontage, where a trans
port station, ultimately involving an
expenditure of millions of dollars, in
cluding docks and other shipping and
warehousing facilities, is now in con
Directly across the bay on the north
shore is the terminus of the North
wf«t»rn Pacific railway at Sausalito.
Within striking distance by ferry of
North b«»acb is the Hotaling line. The
Belt railway line, beginning some dis
tance north of th* Ferry building, in
East street, encircles the entire North
beach district and reaches around to
Black point. Plans have been formed
for tunneling under tne fort at Black
point, so that the belt line may be ex
tended to the transport dock.
A greater tunneling scheme is that
which involves the construction of a
roadway under the heights of Stockton
street for a number of blocks. Whether
this project will be accomplished is a
matter for conjecture at present, but
there are. strong arguments in favor of
It. A level Stockton street, so it is ar
gued, would do much to promote the
interests of the North Beach section.
The ground available for manufac
turing sites at North Beach is not en
tirely occupied by any means. Many in
dustrial enterprises have selected
ground and erected large buildings,
which are in use daily to turn out man
ufactured products of various kinds.
Their number may be increased almost
indefinitely. Practically all the manu
facturing area in that part of the city
has come into existence since April,
1906. At least one establishment at
North beach requires and uses the en
tire frontage of a block for its plant.
North beach is a great depot for bui'd
ing materials. It has an iron plant,
which has discontinued operations, but
which could be available at any time if
it were needed.
The congestion in the ferry line,
which is sure to take place as ferry
boats are multiplied -on the run be
tween Berkeley, Oakland, Alaxneda and
San Francisco, will make it necessary
finaliy to have' another ferry entrance
to the city. This view of the case un
doubtedly actuated the Southern Pa
cific when it secured a passenger ter
minal at North beach, the utility of
which may be determined either by its
own use of the land or by handling it
a? an obstacle to prevent any competing
road from "reaching San Francisco to
the north.
As enthusiastic dv/ellers of the North
b*ach section say. it is undoubtedly
true that North beach was the soonest
rebuilt after the fire. This is due
largely to the character of the popula
tion, which is proverbial for its thrift.
This characteristic enabled the owners
of lots to borrow ample money for im
provements from the banks almost be
fore the ashes of th-» city had coolpd.
Th« credit of the North beach .people
was good and the re*»|lt is sltown by
buildings of much better construction
than those that formerly occupied the
fame ground. Residence streets and
the street* that are lined by stores
Alike hare been almost completely im
proved as'far its the line of Broadway.
South of Broadway and over in th*
hiij si»*-tion. while there, is at present
activity In the erection of frame build- 1
ings. th*r« still remain many gaps and
vacant lots. It is told as an interest-
Ing circumstance by the -North beach
merchants that, notwithstanding the.
loss of trade that formerly came from
the part of the district that Is still only'
partly rebuilt, th« business of the en
tire North beach region, as gauged by
cash receipts, is nearly as good as be
fore the fire; indeed, some store keep
er? declare that it is fully as srood.
North beach contains two hills of
height and the northern and eastern
elopes of another hill, together with a
collection of elevated streets, all of
which command marine views.
Every part of it is reached by street
cars. Th<» slopes insure perfect drain
age. Both the streets and the water;
front ar» In a part of the city which;
wan early . selected for habitation and
for business use by the Americans when
they came h*>re as gold seekers. The
advantages that were found then in the
North b«ieh section remain, with many |
others added. Among these is thft
state's belt railway, which,- with spur
tracks and a ferry system, controlled i
by the state, satisfactorily fe«ds many 1
establishments and . provides shipping
facility for their outputs. Here Is a
tofttural warehousing section, and the
geographical center of the city's water
front. At the wharves lie great steam
ships, the ocean greyhounds; at a wharf
of their own a fleet of fishing vessels
rocks at moorage.
North beach made history when there
was no other part of the city in exist
ence. North beach is a very desirable
place for . homes, for business enter-"
prises, and Is In close touch," by means
of its water front, with the present
grent and " future greater commercial
Rent those vacant rooms hy adver
tising thera.in The Call. Phone Kearny
S« or drop a . line -to' Want Ad' Depar
tment. The Ca-U. and a.a adinsn will' be
out to see jou.
j. W. Glaser Headof
Nonspeculative Feature of the
Market Is.. Gratifying to
Owners and Dealers
F. M. Pickering of Baldwin &. How
ell says:
"From present indications I think
that 1910 will be a year of considerable
activity in- the realty business. January
is usually a slow month, but we have
been very busy so far. One feature, of
the present demand that pleases me is
the fact that the property we are sell
ing is mostly all being bought for in
stant improvement. It is an invest
ment activity with many healthy fea
ture* and not a feverish speculative
demand that always precedes a col
lapse. - • :
"I have never seen the market in a
better condition and, provided our in
vestors do not lose their heads and
start a boom between • now and the
opening of the canal, there will be a
steady increase of values for the next
10 years at least. We are advising all
of our clients to take advantage of the
present market, and the man who does
not make money out of real estate In
the next few years has no one to blame
but himself. . ;':_>
"We are making a big success in
Dingee park and will probably advance
prices quite radically in the very near
future. We are going to spend more
than $100,000 for street work alone, the
first Installment of which has been col
lected by the city officials of Redwood
City, so that work upon the boulevards,
curbs and the remaining sewers will
commence immediately. The city has
put arc lights down the main driveway
and is showing a disposition to assist |
us in developing the tract to its high
est possibilities.
"The street -work la Dlngee park will
be as fine as any in the state; nothing
but the best cement curbing will be
used and the sidewalks will be wide
and well built. The authorities of
Redwood are responsible for the future
upkeep of the streets in Dingee park!
and will naturally insist upon their be- i
Ing built in a first class manner to
avoid future" expense. It isn't often
that the streets of a new subdivision
are taken cars of by a city government,
but this is the Vase at Dingee park, and
the fact that lot owners need not worry
about the upkeep of their streets is a
big point in favor of the tract.
/ 'Marshal Christ of Redwood City re
ports that every lot owner in Dingee
Park has paid his proportion of the
street assessment. The total collec
tions footed up $12,542.33, representing
the owners of 462 lots. It has been ar
ranged so that the lot owners who wish
to do bo can- pay In a similar sum each
year for 10 years, instead of requiring
them to pay their entire $100,000 as
sessment at once. This makes the pay
ments small, and as Baldwin & Howell
have* arranged to finance the proposi
tion, every one' who owns a lot will
have the use of his street, sidewalk,
curbs and sewers for years before he
completely pays for it."
Rcalt3 f Dealers Report Some Re
cent Transactions-
G. H. Umbsen & Co. wish to report
the following recent sales:
For E. Buckley, lot" in the south line ol F.llis
ptiwt. Ifi2:6 feet M»fof I'olk. 2~:<3x120; terms
For Abble M. <iPnchty. lot und improTcments
in south line of McAllister street. I<s3:« foct
west of Flllmore. It>:2xl27:is; price $7,000.
FOr Charles J. McCarthy, lot 23x120,' in west
line of Fifth avenue, 150 feet south of J etreet;
For Yetta lielman. lot 22x100, in the south
lin* of Vullejo meet. t»3:G feet east of Hyde;
For Kate Lander*, lot In west line of Nine
teenth avenue. 210:4 feet south of Lake meet,
28:4x120; M.'JM).
I For Kate Landers, lot nn<l Improvements in
the north line of Sntter street. 104 feet west of
Webster. 24x75; terras priTate. '-
For Elizabeth Staude estate, lot in north Hue
of Clipper Mrett. 101 :S feet west of Church ;
For C. C. MrKenzie. lot in east line of Central
avenue. 100 feet north of Page street, «oxir»o,
irregular: $«.750.
For August* Boyd. lot in south line of Perry
street. ZT, east of Fifth. 20sS0; f 1,500.
For Catherine Nelsen. lot in the couth linn of
Perry street, 245 feet east of Fifth, ' 3QxSO;
For I. X. Rosekrans, lot and improvement* at
3357-59 Twenty-sixth i=tre?t. and 6 Serpentine
avenue; $3,550. v\u25a0 : -, -
For Virgie G. I/«r», lot 25x100. east line of
Saucbex street. 3> feet fouth of Dorland; $2,350.
For Charles Kurro estate, lot and lmproTe
roents. S2:6xB2:«J feet, at northwest corner of
Bea«'h and Broderirk streets: $3,275.
For Siminoll estate, lot 68:9x137:0, south line
of O"Farrell street, 137 :6 feet west of Keaven
tvorth; $31,500.
" For 11. Fisher, improvements and lot 25x100,
east line of Xoe street, 105 feet Dorth of Fif
teenth; terms private.
For O. R. Williams company, lot in south line
of Seventeenth street. 100 feet west of Church,
IOOxKiO; mlwi lot in west nlde of Church street,
100 feet south of Seventeenth, 75x105, and lot
in north side of Dorland street, 105 feet we«t of
Church. 35x00- $20,000.
For. Charles J. IT. Koeniic, Jot and Improve
ments at southeast corner of Sixteenth and De
boo streets. 35x«>; $20,000.
For John F. Parrotte, lot in north line of
Broadway. "0 feet west of Hyde street, 22x
137:0; 52.C00. • . .
For Nevada. W. Meyer., lot. and Improvement.
In south line of Lake street. 32:6; feet west of
Sixteenth avenue. 25x120; $5,275./-
For City realty company, lot in west line of
Sixth avenue, 200 feet north of Judah street, 25x
120; $1,350.
For Mrs. J. . I. Pieper to James Crichton. Buena
Vista apartment house, a substantial four. story
and basement frame building at northeast corner
of Halcbt street and Central •\u25a0 avenue; terms
private. : - '--' . ;.. \u25a0 . -". V-. ;
- For B. Olender, southwest corner of B«ker and
McAllister streets, five flats,, with -lot • r.7:6xr
MilO'i: terms private, -y \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 -•.',
For' J. X. : GoMbach. lot in vreot line of fjnet
ttnren street, 100 feetvsouthof VToolsev. 50x120:
$.V»0. ~ .'.\u25a0\u25a0 .:..-• . .
. For Charles J. V. Koenfg. •'• lot and Improve
ments In smith line of Vallejo street. 137:0 feet
east of L»rkin." 22:llxl37:*;; J5.500. -.. --,- i. ;.
' , For Hcurr Vftse)tmn.\.l«t»itg<i lraprovenipnls- In
east ,'llne ,' of <»>f fssfrtn \u25a0? street; - ."5 *leeti north lof
Twentieth. : 4f<xft.Vfeet.'~>wftli \u25a0 two? jtiVe»"iiml two
flats of sii rooms aud bath each; terms private/
North Beach Section Shows
Solid Improvement 'and
Wins Back Business
President North- Stockton Street Merchant!*
Almost, immediately after N the great
fire of 1906, men who had been engaged
in doing business on the north part
of Stockton, street hastened to resume.
As soon ys possible they had either
temporary or- permanent, quarters pro
vided and, soon after, they, had numer
ous, customers to 'serve,; for the popu
lation at large had in mind the same
idea that actuated 'ihe,. businessmen,
that is, that this is a fine part of the
icily in which, to locate. Experience
during a period \u25a0' of something more
than three years has proved to the sat
isfaction of. all concerned that they
were not mistaken in this opinion.
The people rebuilt their homes with
great promptness and built houses bet
ter than those they ' had . occupied be
fore. The buildings erected for busi
ness purposes are also of a better
class, as befits the new order of things
in San Francisco., Not only Stockton
street, but also all the other streets in
this section where there has been store
business before the great fire, were
prompt in getting ready to holU their
trade and to get; new trade.
From the top of Nob hill, where the
Fairmont hotel .is situated, to the top
of Telegraph hill, and from one end
to the other of what is known as. the
North beach district, with the excep
tion of certain elevated hill streets,
there was a general move to meet, the
new conditions. Each builder has en
couraged his neighbor and this dis
trict now has thousands of buildings
that, have been created in. a period of
less/ than four years. The district
north of Broadway, all the way over
to North beach;, has been practically
rebuilt. There are openings here and
there that have not been improved,
but these are comparatively few. The
vacancies will all be tilled up in \u25a0 the
next few months, at least north of
South of there, on the business
strdets. the progress has been good and
rehabilitation has been: acconTplished
completely in some blocks. " On \u25a0': the
hills south of -Broadway the conditions
are somewhat more difficult to meet at
once. ;The improvement , there, .when
once the movement fairly begins on" a
large scale, will without question be
continuous. The part of North beach
that has been rehabilitated -,is more
populous than ever before, in my opin
ion. The houses are larger than the
old ones and can accommodate more
families. Where we have not spread
out we have built higher. In the long
run there will be many more people
living in the North beach neighbor
hood than there ever were before the
fire of 1906.
All causes are favorable to the con
tinued and increasing prosperity of this
portion of ; San Francisco. One who
goes through the North beach region
will see that west of .Telegraph hill
there aremany manufactories, some of
them of larger size and; importance, of
which all, or practically; all. are new
comers — aIK since the fire. The section
along, the water front and at the foot
of Telegraph hill was given over to
manufacturing to some extent before
1906. The manufacturing advantages
remained after the fire, and, as a matter
of fact, the^ conditions, will continue to
be better for manufacturing on the San
Francisco 'water front and near to It.
There is room for more spur tracks and
for more factories.
Some time ago the North Stockton
street merchants' association was or
ganized to benefit the North beach sec
tion. ' The paving of streets, providing
electroliers for the better illumination
of the business streets and other work
of that sort were selected by our asso
ciation as its first field of operations.
It is well known that much has been
done. More remains to be done. We de
sire to have, all people know that the
North Stockton street merchants' asso
ciation is not a political organization in
any sense of the word, but is a combi
nation of businessmen and property
owners who are co-operating for ma
terial improvements such as we can se
The people here have not relied upon
the supervisors -to do all things for
them. The electroliers, for instance,
have been paid for by the members of
our association. I am one of those who
believe that all the North beach region
will steadily improve and that it will
be prosperous; that real estate values
will advance and that the population,
which is of an findttptrlpus and busi
ness like sort, will make this a noted
portion of San Francisco, such as it was
before April, 1006. and that It will beat
all previous records of growth.
The Mutual Mvlne« hank lias lfut to Krama
Kbaftrr Howard ' $20,000 on property on : tlxi
southwppt linn of Main street, 137:6 f>pt south
east of Mission. . \u25a0
Tbe niticrnia earing* lmnk has lent to John
Tl»*d>mann $12,500 on \u25a0• property «t the south
east corner of , H night ami Klllmore streets.
The German savlnjrs hank has lent to <;oMtx»rsr.
Bovren & Co. flfiT.ooo on property at the south
tveFt corner Of Halght street and : Masonic -ave
nue, and in. Sacramento, Sutter. and Berry
streets. , ,-\u25a0 -.
The. French- American bank h.is lent to Aucust
and Emma Grablu $8,000 "n property at' Thi
rtieth street, and San Jose. aTenue. .
Jenny I. Tiedcr has : lent $2."i,000 to James
and Mary Crichton on property at the northeast
corner of Halght street aud Central avenue.
The. French-American bank has \u25a0 l<>nt to Jose
phine Uolibao $s,OOO on property in the. 'north
line, of Sacramento street and. at the. northwest
corner of Fulton ; street and .Eighth arenue.
The. Bank of Italy ha* lent to the. Automatic
Tauderille company. $s..V>O on property In the
north line of Broadway, l.S7:(i . feet west- of
Grant, htcdiip. \u25a0 ..' ./'-\u25a0".'
The Humboldt savlncs bank haft lent $13,000 to
Fanny and Isaac Gellert on property in • th<«
south line. of McAllister street, 102:6 feet went
of Broderlek. - \u25a0 -..,
The Bank of Italy nas^ lent $7,200 foLufjrl
Muzlo and others . on property lv the fuuth..liuo
of - El Dorado street east of : Guerrero. . ' •'
D. Coffin & Co.. ; 228 .-M ission street,
report unusual activltylin Mission prop
erty. -They report,, the ; following sales
closed during tho. last, -week:
They also report the * Palo '\u25a0: of a. large
tract of :larid near" llollister. : \
Lot in }loffman avenue. \u25a0 230 feet south of
Twenty-fourth street. 25x125. E.W. Wilklns to
a client, private; terms. \u25a0'.. \u25a0;\u25a0
Lot and improvements iirFairiuoiiiit street east
of Palmer for a . George V.T. pplnlnjs..
Southeast corner > of ' Jeff ersoji \u25a0 and .Ellsworth
Mrc-eis 1" Miss Aliearn. PBtE&B&jQ-- "*\u25a0 ''f-Siii
Three flats- In.-Capp-, street -t-outh "f ' Seven
teenth for. Rlfker & Roberts, price $10,000.
" I/>t In. Xorth avenue '.north 'Of ; Eugeuia, to
Paul Trefz. \u25a0.--.. .•; ... ; . \u25a0 ." ;
Ix>t in Howard street i\orth'of .Sixteenth, price
$*.O0O. ; for • E.\ 8. ," Powers.-; to ' Herman • Pngnnskl.'
Lot and Improvements \u25a0 known aVinofi- Sanchez
street, to K.' Kelly, for P. A.' McDonald. - ..
- f/»t and improvement* " at \u25a0 236 Nevada avenue,
for-W.-B. rioyil.:to .lacoli Baprlnskl.
; . I/«ti;»tjil Iniprovempnfs: known a* "-] 12->-Shotvvell
street v i oj-j < ":<nie^ F.*. Taylor •t<> > K. "- Merzeii Ich. !':\u25a0"•- '
•.They alsuM-cprirt ilia kale of . a'larzeMract of
land ueiir Hollistcr.-';. ; :^r ,> ;v r- \u25a0/ >=\u25a0 . :\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0.;• \u25a0\u25a0.-••
L.J. Hoffman, Booster
Of the North Beacfr
William J. . Huddlck . and wife to - Henrietta
<?.. -Judftp. - lot in N line of Fell street, 10H:3
W-of Central avenue. W2," by N 137:6; $10. V
Timothy O'Snlllvau - to -' Winntfred I* Elson,
lot in N line of Market Street, 175 E of Thirty
ninth arcnue/'E 25, N 217:10. W~25, S 247:10;
Wlnnlfred L. Elscn to Sol Getz &. Sons, same;
$10. : . . .
Murray 1-VVandall and wife to Nellie F. Mee
han. lot in N: line of Xombard street, 70 W.of,
Scott. W 25 by X 100; $10. .
Nellie F. Meehan to. Murray F. Vandall, lot
at. 'XW corner of \u25a0 Chestnut und Powell streets,
X.51 by .W* 70;- $10. . - . >
John Plaskett and wife to T. Swan, lot in
N llne'of M street, 32 :« Wof Forty-fourth ave
nue, \V 50 by X: 100; $10. \u25a0
Gottlieb Carle ami wife to Frederick Carle,
lot in S line of Henry* street, 145 W of Castro,
W 23 by S 115; 510.
- Arthur F. Rousseau et al. to Selina Legallet.
lot In S line of California street, 159:1 E of
Tolk, E 23:7 by 137:«; $10.
, -Acnes E. Canpelmann.to Oscar Cappelmann. lot
in S line of Post street, 137:0 W of Polk, W
27:8 by S 120: $10. .:
Peter and Mary \u25a0 K. McHuch to George S.
Crlm ct al., lot in W line of Twelfth avenue,
178:5 S of. Judah --(J), S 172:0, S SO, W 10S:5,
XW 171:10^. NE 136:1; $10.
Geortre S. Oim et al. to Mary E. McHujch.
lot In W. llne/of Twelfth avenue. 175 S of Judah
(J) street, S 175 by W120: $10.
Peter and Mary McHugh to Lincoln W*. Grant,
same; $10. — • - . \u25a0- - \u25a0" -
Mary Healy. to -Catherine and Edward Logrue,
lot 1345. gift mnp 3; $10.
Elizabeth Zerman to O. A. Zcrraan, lot in
S line of Turk "street, 2762 E of First arenue,
E2sby S 137:0; $10.- . "\u25a0 - .
Hurli.F. Hynn to W. Fl.vnn. lot in SE line
of Minna street, 3SB:O.SW of Fourth, SW 23;!>
by SE 80: $10. .
L. Blnsham to Edw. H. Madden, lot In X
line of Alma avenue. 177:0 E of Stanyan street,
E 30, \V to point 117:t> E of Stanyan street; $10.
Edward -- H:-: .Madden to Margaret Madden,
same; jjlft."
Ki vers Brothers to E. E. Sherman, lot 32,
block 11, Lakeview tract; $10.
-Lizzie A. Spruance ito Alexander- H. Bally,
lot In XW line of Paris street, 275 SW of
France avenue, SW 25 by XW 100; $10.
Homestead realty company, to John Schudel
and wife, lots 5 and 6, block P, Silver terrace;
*10. , - . .
\u25a0 Margaret Moran to Edward Moran. lot In W
line of Bryant street, 52 S of Twenty- third, S
2« by W 100: $10. -
Sophie E. Lalne to Emile V. Rocca. lot in" N
line of Pine street, 56:6 E of Taylor, E 28 by X
84: $10. : .\u25a0\u25a0;-.- . -
\u25a0 Carnioian club to Lulrl Colombo, lot 1, block
B, Haley's purchase; $10.- \u25a0 .' - ; \u25a0
Aupustlne H. Kilborn and wife to Fred L. Dro
her, lot in W line of . Baker street. 67:6 N of
McAllister. N25 by W-l2l:10^: $10. "
.John Crlnham et al.^ta M, cnrlstlan, lot "in X
line of Broadway, 87:0 E of I^arkln street, " E
26 by N" 87:6; $10. - .
\u25a0 'M. Christman to D; J. Buckley, lot in X line
of Broadway,' S7. -6 E of Larkin street, E 2G by
N S7:0; $10.
Mary A..de Haven .to John E. "> Lansren and
wife, lot In E line: of Castro street, 103:0 S of
Seventeenth. S 27:3 by E 60; $10.
William J.- McKlllop and wife to Edward S.
Lowry and J. Daljr, lot at NE corner of Grove
and Cole streets. N 50 by E 81:3: $10.
James F. Smith and wife to Daniel J. O'Neill,
lot »t,XE "corner of Twenty-sixth, and Church
streets. ;E 51:6 by E 100: $10. ' -
Samuel ' Martin and wife to Marllla Shattuck,
lot in E line of Broderick street, 30 S of Filbert,
S 27:6. by E 100: $10.
Ellsworth C. Power to Johnson Poznanskt. lot
in W line of Howard street, 350 X of Sixteenth,
X 32 by W 125: $10.
Marthn Mabel Effersdorff to Amanda Goebel,
fourth interest In lot In S line of Page street,
-106:3 W;of Cole. W 20-b'y S 155r510. -
Mary \u25a0 Catherine- Dunphy to Aniauda Goebel,
fourth of same; $10.
John Arata et al. to Rose Lalame. lot in SW
line of Harriet street, 174:G XW of Folsom. XW
25:6 by SW 75: $10. .
William E. Hess and wife to Rachael Kirsch
ner, lot in W line of Second avenue, 225 X of B
street, X 25 by W 120; $10. ."
Charles J. If. Koenlß to Mnsriie Doyle, lot In
S line of Vallejo street. 137:6 E of Larklu, E
22:11 by S 137:6; $10.-
Thomas Ledper and "wife to Carl Mettler. lot
in S line of Lobos street, 115 E of Orizaba. E 25
by S 125; $10. '
Same to i;iis«e'M»nclnl. lot'ln S line of Lobos
street. S7 E of Orizaba. E"2B by S 100: $10.
\u25a0Martin S. Shaw and wife to Frank Hollseher
and wife, lot in S line of B street, 95 W of
Twelfth avenue. W 25 by S 100', $10.
Roundey Realty company to John Pfennlnger.
lot In XE' line of Somerset street, 175 XW of
Woolsey, NW 25 by NE 120; $10.
.James T. Kelly to obear Investment company,
lot in S line of Commercial street, 60 E of
MontßOmery,*E 49:0 by S 50:8; $10.
Henry . M. Bloch nnd wife to William Fersni
son, lot in NW linn of Vienna street, 125 NE
of Brazil avenue, E 40:9 by S 50:6: $10.
• Henry M. Bloch and wife to William Ferjruson,
lot in NW line of Vienna street, 125 NE of Bra
zil avenue. NE 25 by NW 100: $10.
Martha Humphrey et al. to. Edward J. Stew
art, lot In NE lino of Mofton or Norton street,
200 SW of Mission. NW 25 by NE 100: $10.
John Barry to W. U. Lyons. lot in S line of
Church lane. 1.".2:2 E of Church street. NE 26
bo n point. loo N of . Seventeenth. W 20:4, X to
becinnlnE; $1. : • ;
William Sutter and: wife to A. W. Ton Rhein.
tructee F. 11. Gllbertr lot- in S line of Church
lane. 152:2 E of Church street. NE 2H. R to a
point *KAi N of Seventeenth,' N 2<»:4, N.to be-
Rinniiii;; $10.
Warren Bailey an>l wife'et al. to Marr Mah
ler, lot In X line of Stanyan street. 120 S of
Parnassus avenue. S 25, by B -108:4;- $10.
Georjfe F. " Chevalier .to the F. Chevalier com
pany, i lot In W line of H.vde street. 112:0 S o£
Gearjv.S 2.". hr Wv.l37:o:slo,fK»O.W v .137:0:510,fK»0.
. Adalfflza Boltano to Brizzolam estate com
pany... half of lot'at SE corner fit Washington
street and Wetmnre place. E 2S by S 62:6: $5.
•sFrecl.M. Voiclit. to Cecelia Volght. lot In W
line of Fifth avenue. 100 N of B street, N 25
by W-HiO: $10..., \u0084,: ,: ...... *
Sharon estate company to Isaac H. GoMmeyer.
lot In S. line of California street. 1 17:6 Wof
I^eavenworth, W 20, S oT:ii. B 60, N 40, W 40,
N 57:6; $10.
Carlo Chossi and wife to Winthrop J. Fifield.
lot at N corner of iFrnnre'. avenue and Mission
street-( widened) . NE 150 hr SE 83:6: $10.
.Home Realty company to Paul Nold and wife,
lots 2 ami 3. "block 1. College Hill tract; $I<>.
R.-'l;. Atkins to J.H. Atkins, lot In F. line
of Forty-eifthth avenue. 150 N of Fulton, street,
E 120. iS 120.' El 20, S 60, W 240: $10.
A. W. Wilson to Ellen A. Mooney. E v 2Sth
aye.. 300 «. Clement, - S 25 l>.v E 120: $10.
John Mooney and wife, to Lillian W. Hunt,
same;; slo. . \u25a0 '
Frances J. Patterson to Catherine F. Smith.
NW WwlKey and Princeton, W. 120 by X 200,
and one other piece; gift.
• Simo»i Fraser and. wife to Thomas Fraser. ; S
Pace;- 137:0 E Stanyan. E 25 by S ; 137:0: $10.
Gottlieb Carle, and wife to George Carle. SE
Moscow. 150 SW. Brazil .avo.. SW 100. by. SE
100. , and- two other pieces: $10. •
• Sarah H. Crane : to Dais.v I*. D<mnels et. al.. ;
W Clayton. 158:9 S Waller. .S -25 br. W 125
aud all. property owned by first party; gift.
Hulldlupr Contract*
Odd" Fellows' hall association' with ClsVke &
Dlckson — Palntinjr.v flnlshlnjr and lin«wall for
bnlldinß miS -Market and Seventh. SW 75 by
SE 140: for $2.000.. :. Jv
Oorge A. Hochbann & Co." with OoMen . Oate
structural, and ornamental Iron; '.-works—lron,
structural ' steel.' cast iron." hnnrt :iron. -i'tc; 'for
4- story \u25a0' and ' hnsemont. :; class UT-. tmildtnjr ,; for
Knlffhts Pythian', castle inssoclatlon 'on .PK A*a
lencla'-'and Hermann. S\u25a0 85 by E 107:1 : -- r for
$9.«Wl.v.' \u25a0•/,; \u25a0 -\u25a0.-\u25a0- >• \u25a0\u25a0• -\u25a0 \u25a0 . \u25a0'. - : ' *'V:
'---• Hottllpl> Carle and wife 'to Oorse Carle, . SB
Moscow. 150; SW Brazil are.. SW 100 by SE
100 and two other pieces: ?10. • , \u25a0>
\u25a0Hugh 'McGlynn company- with. 'Johnson '-&.
Swunson — All- work except ; pas" and: electric fix
tures. :\vliid<>Tv-: shades 'and mantels- for ' flnlshinj;
upper -flat nt Sl4 ' Clement ; for $1.'400. r - •-. \u25a0.'."\u25a0; .-•«.
:•- White investment company with D.\ Zclinsky:—
Pnintin(r';,for : , lft"; story -- and basement' class >' A
brick.'-stone* and ; steel I buildlnc \u25a0 on I NB <-allfor
nln andi. Battery. E's3:« by N.fi2:sf«r 52.155.: "
\u25a0 G. Mnscriiio with Antonio Ferrecclo^All- work
except." mantels," - shades, 'electric fixtures ~, for
hulldinir Jon ; $ (Jeary. S'liS'^W - Twenty-second
ave.t--2rt:S by- TOO;" for ' $.1.1*50. :: > \u25a0 . . "
:«t <i It.we i Mnlla th ci with- Joseph « '.
.<troni!-w<>)d — To cn-ct :i . nne ; story * and basement
frnuie;'oj» -S -.Twenty-ttftn, r $• Fountain,'- E'- 25' by,
00; ' for"' $150' J. ' \u25a0. - . '. " . :
Section Has Been Rebuilt Along
Most Modern',and'Pro
gressive, Lines'-
Secretary North Stockton Street Merchants'
Association.' ! ,
There are so many things that can
be paid in favor of North bca<-h that it
is almost difficult to find the best place
to begin. Since the North Stockton
street merchants' association ''was or
ganized a few months ago we have suc
ceeded in attracting to this part of the
city a great deal of attention. Wehave
been able also to bring about certain
improvements in streets, especially the
paving of the'northerly part of Stock
ton street and the location of electro
liers, which were bought with' the
money of our members and have been
maintained by them.
' The work of improving Stockto^
street is not the only project we have
had in. hand. Attention has been paid
to other parts of the district with pleas
ing results. The late board of super
visors, helped us^materially to put the
district on a footing such as it had
prior' to 1906, so far as street work in
certain localities was concerned, but
there remain projects for the good of
the people of this part of San Fran
cisco that will be promoted by our
The people of North beach are all in
earnest in their desire to make their
section one of the best in San Fran
cisco in the matter of Improvements, as
it-is really one of the best because of
natural advantages. The merchants'
association of north Stockton street has
increased in membership and in use
fulness. ' That fact shows the spirit of
the businessmen and of' holders of
; There are many reasons, to explain
pur.-' confidence in North beach. The
first is that It is doing a good business
and ; that its population is thrifty and
industrious, composed as it is of land
owners who will remain here perma
nently: That sort of people found it
an easy matter to borrow the money
they needed for the rebuilding of their
homes from the savings banks after
the fire Yin 1906. They put up three
and four story houses in place of two
story buildings that had been wiped
The manufactured include .several
concerns of the first class. Others will
be added. There are wharves, factories,
the belt line. railway of the state, fed
eral buildings, including the new-cus
tom house and the old appraisers*
building, the new transport dock .which
is, under construction, a Jong; water
front both on the east and on the north
that will be improved and the prospect
of." a North beach ferry to Marin
county. :-.•. //;.;- -. : y •• ['\u25a0
-This is a district, ln- which' the clerks
in stores must be able to speak "some
of three languages, at ; least. A knowl
edge of Italian;, Spanish and French are
essential. /That, indicates the cosmo
politan character of the population.;.
We consider.'that^our district runs out
as far'west as Hyde street, and from
north of California street down. to the
bay, bosh on the north- and east. The
Fairmont hotel. is in the district. Tele
graph hill is also in the North beach
territory. . ...
It is too early to say what will be
done about the proposed / tunnel under
the hill, to give Stockton street an
easy road to the bay on the north. The
plan is advocated strongly by some.
We invite all San Francisco to come
over, to our 'section and see what has
been done since the fire. We are con-,
fldent that we have reason to congratu
late ourselves on the extent and upon
the style in which we have rebuilt the
North beach region in so short a time.
Fillmore and Haight Streets
Corner Brings 1 Big Sum
Some important .leases have been ne
gotiated during the last week. One of
these carries a total rental 1 for 15 years
of $209,520. The property is situated at
the southeast corner of Flllmore and
Haight streets, and consists of an
apartment house andstores. which are
not yet completed. In the holdings there
are seven stores and 20 suites of apart-,
ments. The ground space is 90:6 feet
in Haight' and 85:6 ' feet in Fillmore
street. John Tiedemann leased* the
property to' Axel M. Tihlstrom and C. I*.
Harrigan. "Weidpnmuller & Rosenstirn
have, leased for Selah Chamberlain one
of the stores in tho building* to be
erected in Market street' , we^t of
Kearny for 10 years at a total rental of
$120,000. . :
James Kitterman has leased to J. B.
Pouluse 23x109 feet in the north line of
Broadway east of Stockton street 'for a
period of 11 years and 7 months for
$10,250. > ':
Katherine A. Kivers and Marie A.
Musto '.have leased to Shlgeno \ Yo
shoelke Nos. 613 to 625 in the west line
of Dupont street for 18 years at a total
rental of. $140,000.
: Speck. Paschel &- Co. report the leas
ing of 20,000 square feet of space in th.c
Fleischacker building in Mission street
to the United States envelope company
for a term of year.". The total rental of
the lease for the term is $25,000. ;
$125 Per Foot
- Marine View Lots,
.Pacific aye.. T :b« I t.;ljOciist and Spruce,
-overlooking Presidio Reservation.
'.-.\u25a0'. .Grand Marine ; View* Lot,'
Northwest; Corner -Jackson Street,
Presidio v Heights. '
Fifty Foot Frontage.
California. Street, Near" Buchanan. ,
Excellent* Building I^ot, 50 by 137:6.
345 Moofgomef^Street; .'
;A. Esmiol, North
Beach Businessman
Future of California's Great
Agricultural Acres Can Not
Be Overestimated
"There is no question but that the
proposition of scientific agriculture will
ultimately have a tremendous effect
upon the realty market of the st^te of
California," said J. R. Howell of Bald
win & Howell. 'This state above all
others tempts the modern agriculturist,
for large acreage is no longer neces
sary to produce a large income and
climate and real comforts of life, which
only California' can give, now enter into
the calculations of the home peeking
graduate of the agricultural college.
They all want to come to California and
thousands of them will" do so in the
next few years.
; "Suburban car lines, automobiles and
rapid transit are entering into the
everyday life, of the California farmer.
He is enjoying electric lights, tele
phones and modern conveniences of
every description. He is sending his
sons to college to study soils and crops
and phosphates so that they upon their
return can take 20 acres of the, old
farm and reap greater revenue than the
old gentlemen derived from the quarter
section. . ; -;-/-;
"Time was, and not so long.ago, when
these sons Were expected to follow the
lead of their father, when all that, was
considered necessary to know about
soils -was^.that they must be- plowed,
planted arid harrowed; when fruit rais
ing was limited to the family orchard
and when the products of the kitchen
garden represented the last word in
the growing of vegetables.
\u25a0-"Lately .great urban communities
have grown up and an insistent demand
for -food has been clamoring to be
supplied. The old methods proved in
capable; ot , meeting requirements and
something had.to.-be done. \u25a0 /The people
had /to be fed, and well fed> The na
tional government -took the hint and
when they added the department of
agriculture they unknowingly and un
consciously did more for. California
than for any other state in the union. "
"The results will be shown during the
next five years in the occupation of
thousands of little home sites, sur
rounded by a few acres . of intensively
productive land, and the developments
made in' other states will be. insig
nificant compared with those of Cal
ifornia. . \u25a0
Baldwin & Howell are making an
important feature of their farm land
department and report many inquiries
from eastern capitalists regarding
large areas suitable for 10 and 20 aore
subdivisions. The colonization plans of
some of these operating companies en
tail the expenditure of millions of dol
lars, and, according to Howell. will be
a tremendous factor in raising realty
values of every description throughout
the state.
Structure Will Be Erected at
Cost of $7S,SSB
The plans for the Knights of Pythias
building to.be erected a,t Valencia and
Hermann streets, as prepared by Paff &
Baur. architects, provide, for a four
story brick- structure of class C con
struction, which will occupy si lot 85
by 107 feet in dimensions. Features of
the structure will be an auditorium on
the first floor, and a large drlllroom.
On the Valencia street side there will
be four stores on the 1 ground floor. The
front will be of pressed brick, trimmed
with terra cotta. A vestibule of marble
will give" fitting approach. The design
is classic. The cost of construction will
be' '.$78,888.
Keystone Apartments
- Positively the best appointed and most modern
Apartment House on the Pacific Coast. Apartments
range from 4 rooms and bath to 7 rooms with 2 baths.
OPE> DAILY, 1 P. M. TO 5 P. 31.
.Make Your Rescrratlon Early. . -
Or 0. L. JIcMAHON *"Coi Accnts
128 Sutter Street
North Beach Residents Enjoy
Many Advantages and Dis
play Business Activity
Treasurer North Stockton Street Ksrdutsts*
The men who are doing business in
the Xorth beach part of San Francisro
can trace its prosperity by the business
that it supplies and by the way that it
grows. Taken on this basis North
beach is one <*f the. most prosperous
parts of San Francisco and the future
is Ailed up with promises of good
things. It has been felt by some that
North beach has been nesrlected to an
extent by the dally newspaper*. . We
are glad to see that The Call Is doins
what it can for this populous neigh
The speed with which the people in
this part of the city rebuilt their
homes and the speed that characterized
the building of new stores, of new fac
tories and the improvement of streets
shows the enterprise that character
izes the district.
Something has been said about th*>
steady growth of the population- on
North beach until there are probably
as many people living there now as
there were before April, 1906. in th<3
part where it has been rebuilt. The
rehabilitated territory is large. Tele
graph hill is better than it ev*r was
before. The streets between Telegraph
hill and Mason street, so far as they
have been rebuilt, contain much better
buildings than those that the tiro
swept away. j
It is worth while, as a sign of tho
prosperity of North beach, to point out
the theaters and other places of amuse
ment that ha\'e been provided and that
are well patronized every 1 - day.
Before the fire rre had only one
theater. Now we have eight and th*>y
are all doing a soo:l business. North
beach has added millions of dollars
worth of manufacturing pUnts tr/ its.
industrial resources in less than four
years. Among the plants may be men
tioned big wineries, of which there aro
three; new warehouse?, each represent
ing a large cost in construction and a
profit in operation; the plants of th*
Merle company, the Otis elevator conp
pany, the gas and electric station near
the bay shore, the Musto marble works,
and there are many others.
The city. has constructed the corpora
tion yard building 3 in this part of the
town and new schoolhouses 33d
churches have been erected. All pos
sible signs. of having a sood locality
calculated for thousands of homes an<i
a large number of stores, in addition
to the manufactories of various kinds
are to be seen.
Capital for manufactures has come
to North beach because the capitalists
have seen that the section offers ail
vantages of the first class. The
churches, stores, . schools and other
buildings have been erected because
the population is large and Is growing
The North Stockton street merchants'
association is not confined in its ac
tivity to the improvement of Stocktun
street, as the name might make one
believe. Other streets are cared for
and indeed the. entire North beae'n la!
a matter of concern to the association.
Good sense prompted that work should
begin on a scale that could be handlcl
well. Gradually the scope has be^n
widened with larger membership ay.A
the prompt payment by the mem be;.-,
of their dues and their assessments for
electroliers, etc.
Stockton street, the north end vi
Grant avenue, Broadway and Montgom
ery avenue are the principal busings*
streets of the district, but there nvi
stores on some other streets at North
In addition to water front, business
streets, grades that give sites for hand
some houses, building lots enough for a
great population and various fine build
ings we have a park that adds to tho
comfort and beauty of the North beach
We are so near to the belt railway
that a network of spur tracks has been
laid to help the manufacturers. • an»l
that is one element of growth. There Is
no part of the city that Is better sup
plied with trackage to warehouses and
factories. There is no part of th" city
to which the population is attaeh<"<t
more than to North beach. ' •"
kThe proof of the pudding, so th»\
pay, I 3 in the eating. The proof of tho
progress of the North beach neighbor
hood is fotmd in th« fact that it was
the first to rally as a whole right affr
the fire of 1908 and also that the popu
lation is. back to where It was before
the fire, considering most part* of the.
district. This is a better North beach
in improvement* and it will grow bet
ter and better all the time.
ATHLETIC CLUB DANCE— All »rraasem>nt»
are no* compUtwl for tb* flr*t ;rau<l ball of
the Irish-American athlrtlc club, which wtit
b* beld nt the new Kutshts of th* Re<i Bran«-i»
hair. U~!\ Mission »tre*t. thin *»enin*.. Fol
lowinc U th» e«mmlttp* of arrangements in
charge of th» affair: P. J. Kellr-bcr (rh.ilr
man>. M. • O'Ronrke (s»cr«>tary>. Cuptaia
Th«nis«i MoX»boe. J. Qntnlan. T. P. O"D.wd,
J. J. Barry. D. McMaboo, William Mineban.
N. Barron. W. G. Judge.

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