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Additional News of Sports Events
Even Money Is. Offered That ihompson Knocks
McCarthy Out Tomorrow Evening
"I intend to have a talk with Jeffries before he arrives in this city.-; Ihc
chances are that I will leave for Portland today 'or tomorrow so that I
may inert him in -Portland. I am anxious to have this thing settled one j
way or the other without further loss of time. I still maintain^ that the big
tight will come to San Francisco and that Twill be the chief promoter;'
• Thus spoke Jack Gleason last Ivening after a silence of more than a
week. Apparently he is unmoTed by the many recent startling speeches
made by Rickard and apparently he means business when he says he will
have a quiet heart to heart talk with the big boiler maker.
It goes without saying that Jeffries will do all in his power to pull the
ligl.it to San Francisco, iiis influence is looked upon as. an important factor
in swinging the battle ground,- What promises he may have made to the
Nevada promoter are not known to. the* '\u25a0 — \u25a0**
f*ns of this city, but it is understood
that he has always come out in favor
of fighting near San Francisco.
"If Rickard ' does not want to have
any hand in pulling the fight off here,
then let him step clown and out and 1
will handle it alone," siid Gleason. "1
will live up to every letter of the orig
inal contract. I will give the fighters
a pur«<- of $10 3.000 and two-thirds of
the moving pictures. It's up to them
to decide what they are .anxious to dou
"J Jiave just as iiiuch right to say
'. hat the battle will be fought in San
Francisco as Rirkard has to say that
it will so to Saltfl-ake. The governor
of Vtah has declared against Rickard.
I have been assured of a permit by the
supervisors, so it appears that I have a
Setter license to talk battle ground
man he has. It's a hard job to buck
the \b,v. " . <
•| want "to say to the public that I
Pin sorry this controversy has arisen
and i will do all in my power to. bring
nbcut a «ettlement without further loss
•\u25a0f time. If Jeffries expresses a pref
erence 10 fight in California. Johnson
< an easily- be persuaded to com« here.
Then Rickard will be out of the going
*q far as rfaming the place" is eon>
turned." -\u0084"--'-" v . ;
«.„,. or .hi ,oc'.l 5 ;.r... i,.-^r.
spom to believe that Rickard has an
pi* in the hole and that he will eventu
ally pull the fight off in Salt Lake, de
spite the obstacles, in his path. It is
rumored that Rickard has Some of the
!,,o*t Influential men in "Utah behind
Mm Jtnd that they have, given. him. the
• •ffire to go ahead, regardless of ex
It makes no difference .whether or
riot Rickard has the money to pay the
purse. This is considered only a de
tail. If there is any money to be had
from backers, Tex is just the sort of a
man who can dig it up. If he has the
nesurar.ee of . the right -sort of men
there is no doubt but t that- be. will
make a bitter fight to stage the mill in
the Mormon capital.
As the hour of tomorrow night's con
iept between Johnny Thompson ana
Tommy McCarthy draws near, interest
ju the affair increases. While it is far
from being a championship match, still
loth of the boys are knx>wn a& willing
lighters and the fans are looking for
ward to one of the toughest battles
the local ring has known in many
Thompson is stilTa.lo to 6 choice
over the pride of the brick layers'
union and he is' being played by all
the students of form, who rightfully
\u25a0Tijsrure him to win. On dope, he has it
nl! over th<> ambitious local youngster
and it seems to be merely a question of
how much McCarthy can show when
the tough Sycamore farmer comes
1 paring across the ring 1 at him.
Thompson's followers are betting
even money that he can and will knock
Gossip of Rail way men
• N the Morse telegraph code -the let- j
I ters "T" and "L" are very similar, j
" thp "I/" being a slightly longer dash
tlan -the "T." Unless operators are ex
pert in receiving messages they are very
apt to make a mintage in these two let
ti>rf. An Inptance of this was brought
out the other day by H. L,. Metcalf . who
It. 3d the following story;
An agent in a small^town on the
Jinee of th*r Southern Pacific found a
j>ortfon of the foundation' of the freight
house had lived in and ce^nt the fol
lowing wire:
-"Foundation under freight house
reede attention. Please instruct."
The message was received by # the
(reight department :
"Found a lion under freight house.
\u25baCreds attention- Please instruct-" |
• His instructions were, "Feed the lion |
and notify the live stock agent." !
•. • •
An order recently issued by the
t~anta Fe will result in every car and
roach on the system being sent to the
shop* and the costly brass trimmings
will give way to those of a statuary
bronze. The bat racks, *Ide rods, light
fixtures . and every piece of brass will
be takeri"*out or. covered' with a coating
of bronze. This will do away with the
t onstant expense of polishing and keep
ing in shape. "Bronxe will hold its color
unaffected 'by. the elements, and will
never grow dull and. distasteful to the
*>ye. A little cleaning now and then
for sanitary purposes is all that is
neoesfrary. ' %
l^anta Fe officials believe that the
bronze finishings will present a. better
appearance. They wiH blend .-more
readily with the woodwork; and other
decorations. •
The coaches will be rushed into the
Pl.ops as fast as they, can be spared.
The observation "cars on the Cailforniar
Limited will go through the game treat"
ment as the dirty looking day coaches
r.n a branch line. Within § couple of
years the work will be cotnplete and
the interior of the Santa Fe passenger
equipment will present a unique ap
pearance. ,
Oharlef 11. Sehlacks, vice' president'
nf ."the Western Pacific returned yes
terday morning from an inspection trip
over the line as far as Sacramento. \u0084.;
-\u25a0\u2666'-•-'\u25a0.•_-"•; "\u25a0 -'
The rillnois Central has. made an
nouncement that it will put into effect
the proposed all-year tourist fares to
Central America and Colon and Bocas
d«>l Toro. Panama.
-.'.;• • ' *.
W I^. Wgrhthart lias been appointed
traveling freight agent of the Chicago.
Great Western at St." Paul, -vice T % H.
Mushe*. resigned, and H. S. Jones'gen
*ral agent at-;Fargo,:N'. p.. ;in place of
R. R. Jones, resigned. -
• •'-\u25a0\u25a0*.- . \u25a0'* '.. " - it ' ''.
V R Murphy, general auditor of 'the
)!»nv«>r «nd Rio Grande, with; office at
1 )onverl is in . the.. city, "on a pleasure
**}?:\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 •"'.-.\u25a0. ;\u25a0> ; ,., f^,. .:- ' .
jt is saW that the position, of cpui
McCarthy out Inside of 15 rounds. This
"looks 'to be a better bet for the Mc-
Carthy admirers than the 2 to 1
straight proposition. Several hundred
dollars of It . was snapped up by
Tommy's friends yesterday, though
there is still plenty of Thompson
money to be wagered on the same
- Thompson apparently is down to
weight and in shape to go 20 grueling
roundsif necessary. He put in an
other hard day at the Colma gymna
sium yesterday, doing- plenty of boxing
and wrestling with his sparring part
ners, Terry Keller, and Gene* Sullivan,
lie intends to keep it right up till
within a few hours of weighing in
time, 6 o'clock tomorrow night.
McCarthy has done about enough of
the rough work, and from now on lie
will content himself with light exercise,
enough to keep him limbered up. Spi
der Kelly/ wants to build the boy up
instead of training him down. As
McCarthy is well under the required
weight he can afford to cut out all his
boxing and road work and eat and
drink whatever he chooses.
The 1Z round special event between
.Montana Dan- Sullivan and 'Johnny
O'Keefe is being' looked forward' to
wlih a great deal of Interest. -The
betting is at evens, the Oakland sports
declaring themselves for O'Keefe and
the local followers of the game lining
lup with Sullivan. Several Butte men
j have sent money to this city to be
wagered on the Montana man.
The Santa "Cruz handball club re
ceived a communication "yesterday from'
Jeffries in which the big boilermaker
thanked the organization for its Invita
tion" to use the gymnasium as, a train
ing quarters. Jeff added that he would
(inspect the place upon his arrival and
if he finds it to his liking, he might
decide to do part of his light work
there. -
The members of the club intend to
do all in their power to bring Jeff to
j the "city by . the sea. A committee .of
{ them probably will wait on the big
fellow when he comes to San Francisco
and escort him to Santa Crub to look
the place over. The new gym is said to
be one of the finest in the state.
Governor Still Says "No"
SALTLAKE CITY, Utah, Ja.n. 26^
Governor Spry returned today from
Washington, where he attended the
convention of governors. .
He was again assailed with ques
tions as to the Jeffries -JoU v nson fight,
and said:
"I see no reason for changing my
position in the matter.- As I have re
peatedly stated, there .will positively
j be no fight in Utah while I am gov
< H viand and Hayes Matched
MEMPHIS, Term.. Jan. 26.—:"Figllt
ing Dick" Hyland has signed to fight
Grover Hayes of Philadelphia in New,
Orleans February 5 before the Royal
I athletic club. . •
rnercial agent" at Dallas will be abol
ished by the Karty, and that of as
sistant general freight agent creafed,
in which case the road will have two
such officials in Texas, one, E. S. Briggs,
being located at Houston.
• * - • ;;;\u25a0;*'-'
Official circulars announce that Rich
ard M. Huddleston has been appointed
general auditor of the New York Cen
tral lines weet. with the exception of
the Michigan Central. "
v" • • • • ' \u25a0"'
H. W. Adams, traffic manager of the
Pioneer fruit express, with office at
Sacramento, is'fn tlie city./"'
• '\u25a0\u25a0*'\u25a0' .>..'
The Transportation, club will give a
dance in the Palace, hotel ballroom on
the evening of February 7. The enter
tainment committee is preparing for
the most enjoyable affair, of the new
year and will-have a Virginia reel" in
serted In the program of, dances. Danc
ing .will begin at 9-o'clock and a supper
will be served at 10. t
\ \u25a0' •'..-*\u25a0 *
A. E. Stilwell, president of the Kan
sas City, Mexico and Orient, railway
company, announces "that the pegotia
tions for a long term .traffic agreement
between the Chicago and Alton and its
connecting lines and the Orient road f
have been closed. This agreement will
give the Orient a valuable outlet. from
Kansas City to Chicago \u25a0 and other
large cities in, the central 'west served
by the Clover. Leaf and other connect
ing lines in the Hawley system. Sev
eral months ago Vice President Ross of
the Hawley, lines was elected a director
of the Orient road. : '
\u25a0\u25a0 • ... \u25a0\u25a0 • '\u25a0'. •
George L. McDonougu and Isaiah
Wheeler, colonisation; agents of ; the
Union Pacific,' reported* yesterday of
having closed a deal for 20,000;acres,of
land in the Butte.valley.% It is theirjn
tentlon to bring between ,200 'and : 300
families of , Alennonttes to. his" valley
within the next six'; months.^' The < land
was purchased from Hen ry /J. Martin,
who is also the owner of considerable
land in ; Kern county, '. and who :ha3
brought several hundred families - ,to
that county.';. : \u0084
In addition to the' other deal, Mc-
Dono'ugh and Wheeler -have' concluded
arrangements for : the, colonization-' of
Vthe "Petterson- ranch, "which, consists of
about '19,000, acres of, fruit land in. the \u25a0
J?an' Joaquin. valley,\near Emerald sta-"
tlon, on the Southern ; /-Paciflc»';\: About';
$2T>U.OOO^ is; being spent" to ; build .a canal I
"throusli .the property and. the-land' will !
be sold with water frights. ;It ; is; ex
pected that » the [en tire acreage? will* be
fully colonized within I ; three- years. 'An
attempt is being; made: to , induce i .l,ooo \u25a0
1 families from the^ southern part of Oer
1 many to come^to this state andsettle
on the -'land.
E. : H. 'Chapman, : manager,, has-been
promoted" to*' the; : position of ;. general
manager 101 l the*' Southern, wlth^tiead^
Quarters at Washington; D. C.
'• \u25a0• \u25a0' • . - :* : . \u25a0-- '\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0.'*';-
• S. E. Burkhead,; assistant superinten
dent of the ; Denver; a nd iTUo^Grande in
Pueblo, has- been appointed superin-,
undent of the Rio' Grande fJWegtfcrn
with hcadauarters in Salt \u25a0 Lake • City.v;
- .- \u25a0 . - \u25a0 • ; \u25a0•,•\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 • • * ..
Negotiations On for Match With
Klaus; Attell and Webster
to Go 45 'Rounds
DEXTER. Colo., Jan. 26.— Negotia- J
tions are now on for a limited round |
bout, between Stanley Ketehel and ;
Frank Klaus at the Auditorium. It is
possible, however, tfi.at the .Ketchel-
Klaus match may >be used to ; tfy out
the Utah fight, law, provided' the /Jef
fries-Johnson battle Is definitely sched
uled for Salt Lake.
Bantams to ' Marathon
\ Special Dispatch to The Call)
I>OS V ANGELES, Jan. -26.— Manager
Tom McCarey tonight closed arrange
ments for' the .Monte >.Attell-Danny
Webster 45 round bout to be staged at
Jeffries' Vemon arena .February 22.
.The match will-be fought: for the ban
tam weight - championship. ;
Schoels and O'Leary Matched
DENVER, Colo., An. 26.— Articles
were signed today i by Muggsy : Schoels
of Che>«nne and 'Young O'Leary of
Milwaukee to box 20 t .roundtf at Sheri
dan, -Wyo., on February 10. The men
will weigh in at 133 pounds. ringside.
Oakland High Five Wins
From Polytechnic ;
OAKLAND, Jan. 26. — The basket ball
team of Oakland high school opened
its season this afternoon by a victory
over Oakland Polytechnic high school
in the St. Mary's college gymnasium.
The final score was 37 to 16. The great
work of Fink and Smith at guards for
Oakland high is not shown by the
score; Only two field goals were made
against this effective pair. • .
Riissell played a clever; game at cen
ter, throwing, more "l< goals $ than any
ot her % member, : o£. the. team. ;; . ' '\u25a0 . .
: The' tl»ams lined up as follows:. Oak
land high — Maclise and Captain Holdcn,
forwards;. Kussell,. center; Fink and
Smith, guards.
Polytechnic high— Nielsen and Co
han, forwards; Captain street, Tceriter;
Albright, Tyler and Mayo, * guards. /_
Referee — Dietz." , -Umpire^rFaulkner.
Gill Qoes South to* Lead^
British Poloists
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
': ; XEW Y.OHK, J«n'r^6jV-,svrank B A.^Gin,
the I famous polo player arid fmanageref
the Point Judith polo club, will shortly
leave for Corona, Cal., where he will
take charge of the crack English team
.which will play the American aggre
gation in southern- California during
the. coming spring. , Gill will, captain
the Englishmen in their series of games
with the 4 American's:.' Ho'lias an > inter-:
national reputation as a polo player
and all around sportsman. -\u0084. ; : \
Alfred de Oro in a hurry to
keep an exhibition, appointment at the
Union; League. club'.|JlajßtC nlght;^ so> 'his
Ka me with'fsaafc . Oarcas^,;. the|local>e>:
pert. did not "Tast* lon»?»T TheT Cuban
completed his string of 50 points in 50
Innings' giving him tho remarkable
average of one, and.Carcass, who
scored 33 points, made a better aver
age than any of the others who have
played De Oro.
, : Juarez .Results
\u25a0 JUAREZ." Jan. 2§. — Blasrg was-theonly 'suc
fessful' flrftt choice to 'win at ' Tcrrazas park
trtlay. *lle was nlso the medium of a big kill
ing. .He opened at 4 to 1 and was backed down
to S to S. Summary : "
6C05, FIRST RACE— Fi\e and a half J fur
long's; selling: . " ' \u25a0
Odds. HorM?, Weight and Jockey. ...Fin.
5-I— Bab Lynch. 107 (Garner) 1
2-1 — Interpose,' HO (Benescoten)" ....'. ..;.."^., 2
20-I— Fuslleer, 112 (Klce) »..:..'....... '3
Time. ' 1:071-3. t>sarlla«s, 'Grenfllau, | Bock.'
Sam-. Wobb, Father Eugene.. Fairmont, --Jack-
stock. King - Rover, also ran. . • \u25a0 '- \u25a0_
6C06. SECOND RACE — Scvpu furlongs; sell
ing; •- \u25a0: : - \u25a0 \u25a0 . \u25a0 .:\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0:.
Odds. Horse, iW'elght'- and Jockey. Fin.
12-2 — Gibson, 102 ( Bnnp?coten) .....*. 1
2-I— Joe Ehriela. 107 (Shillinjr) 2
12-I— Miss Alnrt. IV."> (Rice) ........3^
Time. 1:23 4-r>. Bonnlo . Prince Charlie, Ko-
Pfck, Doctor Mack, Minnoletto. Bonnie Reg.
Tremargro,; Don \u25a0 Hamilton,- Cardinal -Sarto.'- Lady
Adelsido. also ran. > \u25a0
6C07. THIRD RACE— Three and -'a half .fur.
Iraiac;. 2 year olds: y;-. *:.'.*• . \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•'--- '\u25a0'-" '
Odds. Horse, Weight and Jockey. Fin.
10-1— Miss Brunette. 108 (Rice/ ............. 1
7-1 — Fania. 108 (Small); .............. 2
5-I— Cat, 108 (Mr-Cahry) ...... .. .3
Tiuip, :41 7-.*>. Owpuita. Co*>d, iDa Mary HiidU,
San Fram-Isco Maid, also ran.: .
«008. FOURTH .RACE— Sfv furlongs: :
Mds. Horse. Wright and ' Joikeyl- Fin.
S-5 — Blagg, 100 mondan) .....\u25a0..\u25a0........:.. 1
4-1 — rajarolta. 1.16 (Shilling) .*\u25a0:. \u25a0.;;..•..-;\u25a0 2
10-1 — Ellzabfth -Harwood/ 100-iO.ira.vi; .'.T.-.-V :»
Tiui«. 1:12. King Cobalt. Sugarmaid. Tin?
Fad. also ran. . ' - ' • \u25a0
\u25a0«CO9. FTFTH RACE— Six furlongs; sclllns:-
Odds. Horse, Weight and Jockvy. -Fin.
4-1 — Gladys I/oulse.' 314 (Ijouder) ...... .;.v;l
15-I_^B.' j. Swanner. 110 (Molesworth) . . i . ... 2
12-1— Chcewardinp, 114 (Ramsey) ..:..- .. 3
Time. , 1 -.14 1-5. Bell of Brass, Hannibal \u25a0 Bey.
Arcourt, Dandy; Dancer, Hollow, Deuce, Sabado,
Mollere, also ran. " - -.* " -
'6010. SIXTH RACE— One mile; selling:
Odds." ' Horse, Weight and Jockey. V. ; Fin.
C-l— Buna, 107 (Rice) ..... :. . : . . .... . ... .... 1
4-I— John E. McMillan, 104 (Kennedy)...... 2
6-1 — Gerrymander, 107 (Molesworth) .....:.... 3
*: Time, 1:40 1-5. \u25a0 Gotdwayr- French ? Cook, Ora
Sudduth, Niblick, Melange, al«o ran.
Jacksonville Results
JACKSONVILLE, Fla.; Jan. 22.— Pocomoke.
freely offered at 8r to 1, - raced away 5 from his
field in the Tallahassee 6take, "today's, feature
at Moncrelf.-' Coupled \u25a0; with . Pocomokc'a victory
five choicer won. The meeting of Jack.Atkin and
John Griffon II at ;; five furlongs ; has been, an
nounced;for fomorrow: 'Summary:-; !.; "; \u0084 .-
First; race, thre« furlongs, ,- selling— Darling, • 3
to 5,.-won; : Rye Straw,- 12 to 1, second;tLady
Ormic*nt,C to-1, third. Time, :30. ~
V Second", race, ..; five L furlongs, i. ' selling— Flying
Footstep*. 11 to 10, won; 'Dave .Wallace, 8 ;tol,
second : Henderson. > 5 \u25a0 to ; 2, , third. Time, '': 1:01.
Third race, six furlongs. eelliug—Topnote, 1 to
2, ' won; 7 Grande Dame, S»ito 1;', second; Mary^K,. 9
to I. third. Time, 1:13 1-5, . ; ..
- Fourth . race,* Tallahassee selliug stake, mile—
Pocomolte. 8 to-1, won ; 'Elf alia. ? s0 \u25a0 to \u25a0 1> second ;
Plure. 9 to 1, tblrd.Time,Vl:S9 1-r>.
Fifth 5-.rae«,x seven v furlongs*.*" selling—Shap
dale." 9 to .">, won; Knclymion.^9* to -1, -second;
Gold' Dust, 2 to 1.-third.;Time,;l:2B.
Sixth race, .one and an- eighth 1 miles," selllug-^- '\u25a0
Warfleld, 9 to 5. won; Billy; Pullman. .13 to ; s,
second: Lois" Cavanaugh,' ,7 to .I," ..third. Time,
1:544-5.' 'I; \u25a0-'-- . ."; <j :-/ : ' .- ' > '\u25a0;\u25a0. ' \u25a0 .
Speakers Address Meeting in
Wilson School," Alameda
..'.', AIjAMEDA*. .'Jan.? 26."r-Avrheeting :of
the >parents ;' of ')'. ' pupil s ;•; attendin g rrj' the
Wilson school and other, interested ires I
dents 'favoring the JasuanceTof f 180,000
in: bonds for school- and ; sewer ; irnryrove-.
ments ; was v ; held" in '; the - \Vilsont school
tonight. ';'\u25a0; A rhonK- thole :; who 'advocated
the v passa ge '\u0084 of ' the', bonds "were , D.^ IX'
Randolph. ;• Superintendent ;Vof c.Sqhobls
WJlt O. Wood,,CouricilrrianlF.7li Ivru'rnb,
Gavin Aitchison, W.'AV.; Coolcy and \u25a0 B.
C. ; Brown*\ ; *"""'*;;'. £\u25a0'\u25a0"-
Fruitvale Presbyterians, First
\u0084 Congregational Cadets and
• Baracas Lead League " '' ..
.'"'. 'The^eighteon basket-ball
testing for. tlie Oaklarid^chufch athletic
league championship are still hard at
it, with tlie F'ruitvale Presbyterian five,
the First Congregational { Cadets and
Baracas .tied for flrst.'honors '.in-; the un
limited" class,'; and ./the \u25a0;' Cadet light
weights ahead in their 'division.
While California x-ollege has a per
fect \ score the' team has played one
game less than- the threei-leaders; their,
latest victim being .the. Filii Regis No..
1, whom they defeated the-~night"biefore
last .'"by a score' of '15 "to -5." Fox and
Guilford . were the jshiniHg lights' fforr r
the"\college team, while; Waddell and |
Taylor made the points for the : losers.
-The teams lined up as follows: \ ,~ -,
California College. .».' Filii Regis Xo. I.
Fox Korvrard ; WatMell
Oullford Forward .• ..... Dfan
Ogden. .Center Leavitt
Siiupson. Guard .... . . . : . . . Hwlskius
Tburmau. . .... (iuard... . . .Hjottp and Tajior
\u25a0The next games will b*e the : - First
Methodist No. '2 vs." Plymouth Congrre
gational'and the. .Spartans vs. Cadets
'in * the unlimited '".class,; while :in the
lightweight division th«> Spartan
Juniors meet the Filii: ..Regis.; The
games take place Saturday night* at
the Cadet arniory. ',
The team percentage is as follows:
;Clnbs— - Won. Lost; Pet.
Fniltvale Presbyterian ....." 5 <> '. l.(K)0
<;ad»>tsi '....... 5 0' ..'"-1,000
Burncas ."> . »' -I*ooo
California College ..:.... 4 <i: J,O«X)
PlymontU :". :4- I SiX)
Kllii Regis Xo. 1 :; ,Z .. o<>o
iiOyal Sons '1 ,:; •;' '• 40fl
Flret M. E. No. 2 I ;?, LT,O
.Spartanß 0 4 . VOO '
Fllll Regis No. '2 0 r, (too
First M. E. No. 1 0 7> <m>o ;
First ; Presbytprian ...... ... ... 0 \u25a0 s :' 000
; : bightweights — . , .' : - .
CndPts : : .5 0 1,000
Spartan : Juniors \ 4- 1 • j.OO
I Jarac as 2 'J POO
Filii Rrgis . 1 :i 230
California .coUefro College ...... 1 4 - 200
Spartans ....'.'..., 1 4 ;.^2OO
"Frat Rushing" During High
School Meet Forbidden :
STANFORD •\u25a0 UNIVERSITY,' Jan. 2 6.—
Th 4 interscholastiei; board^o,f. go.vornors
has • announced that" .the -pledging of
high school men to fraternities while
they are here for the interscholastie
track meet^ will be prohibited,, in .the
future. On account ofy the L fact that; so
many high, school athletes. ' are ..here \
during the meet this has been an.espe
cially opportune: time for the' various
fraternities to reap a good crop of
freshmen' for; .-the coming /i. r ear,. and
many of them have gone back to school
pledged to one fraternity or another.
\u25a0 Action^ has /been taken because/of
numerous-complaints from the differ
ent high schools that the future .fra
ternity men return to school and. pay.
more attention to realizing* the comic
supplement idea .of ' college men than
to their", work, and several of the
-schools have threatened Oto withdraw"
from the meet \ unless^; this evil were
The opening game of tho Stanford base
ball season- -which was to; have; been^
played with Ireland's Independents! to
day: was called off; because', the. recent!
rains had rendered . the. diamond too
muddy tcrplay upon. The next game is
scheduled with St. Mary's for January,
29 at Stanford.-. .
[ Notable Deaths; J
:—: — , — \u25a0— — -i- *^ ; -v
Jan. 26-^l'rof. . Edward v V. Uf-ynolds of tn«
Yale UDiverslty died f rom. pneumonia today.
Jan. 20. — William 1. Ilargeut, who, "until 111
health forced hi*- resignation three years agi>,
had been foreman -at - tlie Mare Island uavy
- yard for 35 :: years,.- died bere today." Hargent
; Was .one! of; the! best known, men in the gov-;
r frnment; employ In; the. west. ' , '
| Marriage Licenses |
The following marriage licenses wore issued lv .
San : Francisco Wednesday, January 28, 1910: \u25a0 \
ARATA— GIOnGIE— David Arata, 27, and Ade-.
- line. Glorgie, .18, both of-Colma.
BF/CKER— CASTELX.INO— Otto J. Becker, 22,
\u25a0 1108^4 Treat aye., and Mary H. Castellino, 20,
1007 Stockton Bt.fV: r ; o ...i, „ \u25a0% !
BULLARD— McfntEAGJI— Arthur R. Bullard, 2li
and STay . McC'reagh, 18, "both. of 071 Valencia
street. -. \u25a0 ' " \u25a0'\u25a0 ;
CASS4XT— -MOUETT— -Joseph A. Cassani. ' 22, '
and IrmaK. Upffott, 20.; both of Snnta Rosa.
GI'EIIUIXO— |ViIIKI.AX — Hermann, J. Guehrins,
21, 03-'{ 'Shotwell »t-. "ami KdlthM. Wlielan,-
•lB, 1116 York > st. '.
GUIOT— DEMAKTIXI— Edward J. I!.- (in lot.' 24.
'', 053 Bay St., find Fannie Deuiartini, 22, 1835
Stockton st. , ._/, . ;.-'"
GIJRO— YOSHIKAWA— KnicUi Curo, f,i,' Lodi,
and Rlyu Yosbikawa, 51.i '628 Tine st.
KLINE— WEIXBERGER— Morris: Kline, 2.V 44«
; Oak i-st., --.and Sadie Weinberger.- 23, Chicago.:
MacMILLAN-iUAIXESf-NeiU J. ; MaeMlllan, ,21/
andlElois Haines.;l9. both of Oakland. - ~
SULLIVAN— CASEY-^John/J. Sullivan.- 21, 14S
!\u25a0_< Sixth st.,* and Hanna Casey, 10. S4ll Clay st.
THOMAS— QUINN— John! Jt. i Thomas, ; 21, 041
.Fourteenth* st,,*: and Harriet T.'Qulnn,; lS, 84r
\u25a0'"Lake st.-.,.; :\u25a0:) ;:\u25a0\u25a0 '..V. ':,-.\u25a0/. ..-,;.-.:.:.";,:-.:
WIGOER— CLARK— AIfred G. Wlggpr, ". 24," 440
Fourteenth • St., ".and \u25a0 Georgiana \u25a0 Clark, : 2.3," 4250
; Twenty-third , fit. _. . . ''. '- :'J^i
'-Birth; marriage and -dleath | notices sent jby mail
will not ': be 'lnserted.'; They must be handed -in 1 at
cithei -of 'the " publication offices and be -indorsed
with^the name and residence of; persons antlior-^
Ued to ; have the ; same \ published." Notices i re-
stricted^ simply toithe annouueemont of the event
are pnblishefl once" in : this'; column free of charge.'^
yji-XS'^: births /
DOXOVAX — In- this.; city, » January ,-;-18, -1910, to
•the, wife of -Daniel -P.. Donovan,- n-son. - \u25a0
SOHARLIN— In \u25a0 this ; city. . January . 24," ; 1910. .'to
tho wife of , A.V Scharlin (nee Lesrynsky), ,a
'daughter.*, -\u0084.-'#',' •'.-, ! ..,-'- ,-V'-' \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0-.': '". .".....;; \u25a0
DE COSTA— REY*XOU)S— In .UhlsTclty, v - January.
\u25a0 2T», -1!>3O, T : by/ the Rcv.">. William. Sehuiidt, Arthur
.'- Curdozo de.Cc«ta'and Addle A.. Reynolds,.; both
of Sacramento,, Cal: *"'.; -/\u25a0.. ..-i [?---*\u25a0 ",' , \u25a0 j
""\u25a0; < DEATHS? " ';' ; %
Ballny, ;l Anna ;HD -V C2 McCaughey, ; Edward.. 44 ;
liaito'n.- May L. .••'..— Morgan,- Dorothjv ; ... 24
Burke, .Timothy :.. 35 Morrell.i CharlesiH. .. 4t>
Burke, 'Ellen' .'.r.. "60 Xorstrom.XLewisi... .*.".70 '
De jiontcharmont,:;". . Platx,:,Wllliam . f. . . . l.'>
••Josephine ,.'.:....— Rtcd.^ William r...: —
Dohenny, .William.." 77 Scattergood. - 0r.'.".".:-^'.
J>usterberry." \u25a0 Mary."4s Shanahan.* James .... 4r!
Hallalaan.'.'M.v.: r. :. 67 Sonsa.vvCj-nz* Jl,. -....-—
Helgoth,-' Theresie B*. 73 Stephens.iMagdalena:'--^
Kane s .Tatnes M .". . '.— Strehl.- /Aucust \u25a0:.".. . ~. . : «9
Kane. vratrfck-J..'.;'-^- Tlnkhain.^Mary T..';.—
Knowlton, ; JohnJ.S;*:" Ss' Wall,*: 1 ; I»atri<-k .... .'\u25a0 MX
Leffmann,s Louise/ J: 20 William.-,; Jos.: 5. . ... :H>
Manders, -Catherine:*. 1 ..-\u25a0"; :;' ' ; ;' „ "..
BAlLEY— ln' l.amauda" .'Park. Cal.Vr'Janu'aryj2l,
•.;-'J9IO, ; * Anna ill.Vt wife i' of >thoUatos'.WHHam'lll::
K Bailey.' and, beloved £ mother,' of jMwiYg Minnie iIK;
1; Bazata .'and 'AVIllIaniVH: \u25a0Bai!o.v*-:.1r,." a' nalire
" of.>lo«sacbuspttM,'.'iisPd:(i2L'yeurs. .' ;,:
Z^iTi Friends ! and J acqiiaintanves ,; nrr* ,, respectfully
s invited « to -at tend i' tho '; fnnoral 'heivif-cs this
' (Thursday) r afternoon," January : 27, - 1 J>lO. \u25a0 at 2
\u25a0 -o'clock,- at" ISUOi Jackson* street,' 'Oakland. vln-
Trio of Baske t Dall Teams Will
Represc , -Ca^'-r'''. Co'cge
in . Tournaments
George C. Faulkner, basket ball'rnan
aKef Kt..St. >; JMafy's roile^er has definitely
announced -that three, teams will rep
resent the Oakland college- in the anja-"
tear tournaments.soon to start on-both
sides "of , .the' bay. -Though originally
intended; to ;liave' not more .than --' two
quintets in the field, the material de
veloped in- practice games has proyen
ho satisfactory "...thati- the athletic' au
thorities have decided [\ on ; entering
team's for the 11 0 i., 130 and unlimited
classes.' '" ~"" \u25a0 ' .\u25a0> \u25a0
- Tlie' surprise of. the college"this year
is* the 130 pound jteam, which has shown
up"well in'several"^practice games and
which, is composed; of students recog-:
nizedJs.aSj-.the, snappiest , arid headiest
players ill the;college. Twice have the i
130u pounders -waged battle with* the j
huskies in the unlimited ..class T and.
twice ; hftve 'speed -and skill overcome
the -'advantages of; superior weight.
.The 110 pound team, known officially
as -the .'Victors and /'colloquially:.' .-as
Thorpe's - colts, will start the .season
with -confidence born; of a lons series
of former triumphs. 'The lineup: of the
team this year differs but slightly from
that of lastVseasoh 5 ," and Manager Will
Thorpe .asserts that the -change is in
thei'nature; of .: an \u25a0 improvement: . V
".Eugene J." Riordan '10,' wli» edits the
student -the- Collegian, has
decided -To-' form 'a .basket bail quintet
from',the;members of his editorial staff.
Among the- students likely; to find
places on the' magazine; team are SyN
voster'.. Andfiano, ' Raymond Miller,
Ijouis .»Le Fevre, /Harry Grayson and
Charles :-.T. ':'-\u25a0. Moul. The last named,
though not prominently Identified with
athletic affairs at j St. Mary's, is known
to be. a clever goal shooter.
Prominent -among the games to be
played; early in the season by the col
lege,basket bailers is a series \u25a0with the
players from, Sacred Heart' college; It
is" not likely that the Fell street school
will, put an unlimited team'in the field
this year._but.it iscertain to have a
crack 130'pound-teamvthat may be
relied upon to put up- several fine
ganies "with the Oaklanders. "
- .The" feather weight 'basket ball en
thusiasts are;.alao • looking forward to
a series , of tussles, with-i the academic
five from Sacred Heart. They will also
play -several games^with the St. Jo
seph's academy five, and poßsibly with
the \u25a0 all-school team to" be organized
by the Catholic schools athletic league.
Taft's Brother Wants No Ball
\u25a0} Players Around Office - -
[Special Cable in The Call]
CINCINXATI. 0., Jan. 26.— Because
Charles P. Taft, brother of the' presi
dent, newspaper, owner and baseball
magnate, . does pot -.want. any_baseball
players- wanderi rig.- around" hi s" officeNie
discharged "Charles 11: Zeuber, the
sporting editor^ of> the Times-Star, who
had served -111 at;. paper -'for the last 20
years. Charles Doom,"m anager of the
Philadelphia team and. vaudeville head
linerV'isjthe baseballmahrwhoin Zeuber
sought to have taken to see : Taft. Zeut
zer a - squlblto ! the effect that
when?.'lso6in''. comes-* 'tb-i Cincinnati he
.would'; be asked . to see : tlfe new "boss.".
Taft read the 1 item and became angrry.
Zeuber was called ; before i Charles P.
and told to "get out and stay outi" ,
-tcrmentVMoiintain View ceraptery. '- ' >
BARTON-^-January 24, 1 ; 1910. i.Mar. L. Barton of
Kast Oakland, CaL. '- beloved « wife of A.J.
« Dartcn, a native Of California. .»
BXTRKE-r-In^this pity, Janaary 23. 1010. Timo-
thy Hurtf",- a' ua tire of Ireland, -aped 55 years.'.
tFrlPD^« ; .are respectfully I Invited to > attend
the funeral today (Thursday),: January 27. at
!• . a, .m., i at- the chapel of. N. Gray & Co.; 2196
Geary- street - corner or Derisadero. . Inter-
i ment Mount Olivet cemetery.'..
1 BT/EKE— In this' city. . January ! 25, : 1910," EUea,"
. beloved ' mother '\u25a0 of ; the ' late - Thomas " Burke,
' ' and cousin of Mrs. Charles Whelan." a natirs
of Ireland, - aged 60. years." \u25a0." " ;" :: -
Remains at ; parlor* 'of " H. F. Snhr &
Co.. 2«1!) Mission street between Twenty-fifth
and Twenty-sisth.: v;
DE HONTCHARMONT -In / this citjv- January
-", 1910, Josephine. ,be loved wife of the late
/ ; I'rosper fl« \u25a0 Jioiitcharraonti : and dei^ly . beloved
mother of . Mrs. E. M. : Stealey.- Mrs. S. Davis
und Mina and the- late Kmilie de -Montchar-
raont, a inatiTC of Germany. .vy \u25a0'.-..- : .-: • x
;-:.- Funeral and interment private. \u25a0
DOHENEY— In-thia city/January 2«, 1010, vni-
.*•• Ham;'} beloved, husband .-of • the; lato' Mary.
[\u25a0 Dohenejr. and fathor •of ?M»ry Poheney,' Mrs.
Julia Trlcuoiro and'tbe lat<>< William and Catb-
- crine-Dolieupy, ; n- native of Klltenny,- Ireland,
•jigetl 771 years. * \u25a0 \u25a0 •."•'•'\u25a0 "
' ' v Notice, of . funeral; hereafter.
DUSXEHBERRY— -In Oakland, January 24. ! 1910,
iv* Provldeiu-e hoMpltal, Mary Genevieva,- dearly
* ..Iwloveil tlaughter of Henry Dnstcrberry and the
\u25a0- late Ellen Dustcrberry." and'elKter of Henry E.,'
\u25a0:: Frank". F..Tr<^rF. and Elizabeth ;Dusterberry,
\u25a0' a" native of, Centerville.; Alameda county, -Cat.,
aged.4."> years 4 montlis and 12 days.'' ' .: *
- ; * Friends - and \u25a0 acquaintances' are respectfully
inrited to " attend the " funeral.; today (Thura-
" <JKy), r Jauuary 27, - 1910, ; af,ll - o'clocls-a. m.V
' -from -. lier - late ' residence vlu Ala-
meda " county," > Cal.V thence* to Holy .-.- Obost
8 church, ; where mass will be sal a for the repose
: : of her; soul. 'f Interment, Holy Ohost. cemetery.'
HALIAHAN— I n . this : city," - January. 23, ? 1910,'
-Michael Ilall«ban, beloved uncle of James Hal-
*• llhan, '. a •" native -oC the parish -of- Murxah,
.. County : Cork. v lreland,, aged ;6T y«»r«.: ;„;
/. '-,', Friends \u25a0\u25a0 : and • ; acquaintances i • are v . respect-,
fully v invited " .7 to : a ttend .-; the s'. funeral - today
: > (Tliur3day),-; v at ;8:15 a." m.;~ from the "parlors
of • Mcßreartv '.' &•• McCormick, 015 : Valencia
S-i street i near 't wcntlctli, thence to &V-. Joseph's
\u25a0 church, where -a • requiem ; high * mast . will : ber
celebrated for z the ' repose ' of his *\u25a0 sool," • com-
mencing at 9 a. in. luterment ' Holy • Cross
;. cemettry. . ,- - -" \u25a0\u25a0 - : ; \u25a0\u25a0..•"" :»»•\u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0'.--\u25a0\u25a0-''
HELGOTH— In this city. January 24,':1M0.
'\u25a0 Tberesie : Stephanie - Helgoth, • beloved - wife oC
Vthe-'late". Henry Helgoth, -.- mother of Mr*. 1 A.-
\u25a0 Lndwls," 1 . and < grandmother of " Harry. Lulu : and
' Frank Helpotli.': a nstive of 4 Wurttemberg,iGer-
; * many,"" apod ,T$ \u25a0 years ? 3 ': tnouths ' and - 13 days.:
(St. Louis papers please copy.) •_: '
\u25a0 Friends and . acquaintances s are respectfully
\u25a0 < Invited to attend : the « funeral / today (Thnrs-'
day), January. 27, ;- 1910. at 2 o"clock:p. m.,
from ' the mortuary: cbapal of \u25a0 the • Goldeu: Gate
"*\u25a0* undertaking company,* £475 \u25a0 Mfsslon street near
- ..Twenty-first. Incineratioa I." O. O. F. ccme ;
\u25a0\u0084;'t«ry. ':,--:";\u25a0"."\u25a0':... " ;.•*''--"."\u25a0 /*.\u25a0.".\u25a0.-,.. \u25a0'.-.'""'''.•""''' .. -. -:"
KAHE— Iu ihiHiolty, January 24, 1910, -James
•: • M..'-'dearly#boloveU:husbiuid;ot,Mary-,E.*K*n«,"
' and devoted i father; of ?Leo.? James M.' ; Jr.-,: Dor-
v othy. ' Elton. <\u25a0 Ilaymond. ... Helen," " Virginia f : »nd
-V Joseph"' P.*' Kane ; and Mrs.' P.;H. Wall, a native-
lx: of. liostou,T-Ma55. ,..:. ..;.. ,. : ,,,, :. ; ;•; • -.. . ..1 . -\u0084: .-..]
" : - Friends > and=f acquaintances " are.'rciipeotfnn.r,
- ' invited ito ; attend the .' funeral : today;- (Thurs-
i- ; day) ;'",' January/ 27,-1" 1910, * at ' 8:30 \u25a0 a. .; m.; i from
:: his late » residence, * 864 Halght streets thence
; : to "', Sacred Hearts church, f, where,*' a solemn;re-j
'- .--; quieni a big h '•' masts "iwllK be ? celebrated" f or/- the
'•repose "of his soul,";commenclnif v at 9 a.*;m. '.-' In-.'
Si terment '-, Holy : Cross j cemetery. ; - \u25a0; '-_ - * ~" jgSPPM
KANE— ln 'this city; ' Januar y/25.'", 1910. Patrick
. .1 .7 i • beloved *• hiwbaud '• of S the » late V Grace " .T . ;
Katie,-' and • loving father of T. -J. and • J.~ P.
'. Kane." Mr*. W.: Clark.*' Mrs. ; J. » R. t McGoldrick
f Hnil-th»>-late James -M.'i Kane,'- a nati-re of^Ir?:
;tajjiand.-*&^g*™???f a < as 3*^ ".^ ' >iligwg ftwiTfi^.*,
; Notice. -of funeral .hereafter.- Remains. »t his,
lato resiilence." : llt' i Pierce street. '
KNOWLTON^Iri-. thi» » city! i-Tanuary 2«. 1910.
: John S.'iKnowlton.'D. I>. S.. a natlTe.of New:
.:.York;faKedrSs years. ' \u25a0/. - l a ,' '' : .;.-. '.. _-
„ \u0084 Friends £ aDd « acquaintances * are < respectfully
\u25a0 Invited S to" i attend « the \ funeral ? J»atnrday, Jan-.
\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 HarTf2f*r,-ati2 VelockJp. Jm.T 3 from 'King; Solo-
'-'.' mon's " hull.* 1735 .Flllmon" ,. street.*;, wider s, .the,.
' •"'•' Huspli-ps of ' E\rfl«ior.,tloditey.No.^;3tj«. *F.*-*&
';'.'. A;Vil: Isiforiuenl^ Cypress - Lawn ; cemetery.?; by .
• .\u25a0"..l'fei'trlcrar.'froni.TTrpntyreichth land ..Valencia
.J htroets. \u25a0;?\u25a0}» i-' :.=\u25a0--.: l\u25a0 -[\u25a0-."-." \u25a0". \u25a0 '}\ •',\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0'? ; •\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0"•\u25a0;•\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0->!„
• LEFFMANN— in -.this t 'city,- -January" 20. Uolo*
v Ixjuise J.rbeloved wife of Julius W.';Leffmann,
-, ;. beloved " daujjh tor iol * Mrs. ; A. J. ; Hern," beloved
Amount of Banking Business Is
-FaY Greater Than Indicated,
Declares Statistician
.'OAKLAND, Jan. 26. — That. the amount
of banking, business done in Oakland
Is six or. seven times as great as would
-..-..- -\u25a0.--.-. -i --•
appear- from the clearing house reports
was the statement of Frank C. Smith,
Pacific \coast .representative of, the
'Americans bankers. wlu> was a speaker
at th« weekly luncheon of fhe progress
and prosperity, committee today.
-"Oakland's bank clearings are not a
correct measure of the .city's bank-
Ingf^tKinsactions," said Smith, '•because
so many. Oaklanders use checks on San
l^*ancisco banks, which, of course, are
cleared in that city. If the actual busi
ness transactions of the city were
shown in her clearing house reports the
weekly, total would approximate "from
$10,000,000 to $14,000,000 Instead of
about u 52,000,000 as at present." ; \u25a0 .
.With extracts from a detailed sta
tistical report compiled by himself'
Smith 1 : showed that Oakland 'has -a*
smaller percentage of crime and fewer
\u25a0chattel: mortgage's and pawn shops' than'
any "other city, of its size in the.coun
try, and that the city is practically
free from' pauperism.
• He said that: he had come to, the
city to make a study of. its industrial,
civic and financial conditions for the
financial journal which he represents,
which is the 'medium through which
nearly every _ banker' In the land keeps
in touch with general conditions;,;;. »\u25a0» \u25a0
Judge. T\ r . H. Waste prophesled^that
the 'eonsolidation^of Berkeley and Oak
land would be an event of the near fu-'
ture 'anr -that there would ultimately
be a 'union' of -all the bay cities into- a
greater San Francisco.
Sanborn Heirs Cut Off Property
Sold by Brother
OAKLAND, Jan. j 26.r— Because they .
objected to part of the old Sanborn
estate being In the possession of out
siders, It is claimed; the heirs of E. B.
Sanborn have erected a high board spite
fence along the western and southern
sides of the prbperty of Andrew and
James H Hoover in Bray^ avenue, Fruit
vale. -
By means; of this fence the -Hoovers
1 are cut off from the benefits, of pro
posed highways and will be unable to
sell any of their lots. * l^>v
The trouble between. the Hoovers and
the . Sanborn heirs dates back tp the
death of Sanborn senior. The estate
was lef t . as; a whole to the sons and
daughters, but -Frank Sanborn r .de
manded his share at once. He received
It and sold a portion, of ft to Andrew
Hoover against the wishes of his
v AT COST OF $42,000
A. N.* .Wach's* Plans Structure in
Thirteenth Street
OAKLAND, Jan. 26.— ~A. X. Wachs
has given a contract for the erection
of a new building, to cost $42,000, to
George .W. Xickerson. - The building Is
to -be erected . In. the. north side of
•Thirteenth; street^; 75 ! feet " west ,of
Washington, arid is' to run back the' full
depth of the lot,- which is 100 feet. '
CHARGES ASSATJLT— Hayward; Jan. 26.—An
thero Hodrigues swore out a warrant to«lay In
San Leandro charging Peter Bor«>e with as
' saolt - with a deadly weapon. \u25a0 Bore* was ar
rested last week on a charge of disturbing the
peace, in break in k up the fnoeral of Manuel
[',- SCUia. - - \u25a0•\u25a0 . ; .: \u0084-\u25a0 ,:'\u25a0\u25a0' '.-\u25a0\u25a0-,.%.-:.: _-.-. ;,
1 No. C 670. Ancient T>rder of Foresters. -' wil#have
a vaudeville entertainment In Red Men's buikf-
Ang tonight, with talent from a number of the
theaters. Mayor McCarthy will address the
, ' assemblaee.
sister of Mrs. M.* L. Harper, and beloved annt ;\u25a0 and Jeremiah Shana>an, a imtlv of County
of Elsie lUrper, a native of . Massachusetts. ._ Tipperary. Ireland, apd 4S years. *
aged 20 years and 6 months. , friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully -invited to, attend, the- funeral today <Thnrs- ,.
hjvltedvto attend the fnncral today (Thnrs- - diy>. at .5:45 a. m.. from the parlors »rMc-
day), January 27. 1910. at 8 :SO o'clock a. m.. ; B r«r*y * McCormick. .- 01.» Valencia, street
• from her late residence. 1441 aieventtr avenue. •. near .Twentieth, thence to i>t- Paul* church
Sunset, thence. to St. Anne's church, where^ a y here a miuiem Wrt mass, will be celebrate<t
requiem hi?h mass will be celebrated for the for the repose of bU soul, commencing, at \
repose of her soul, commencing at 9 o'clock a. " »«• m. luterment Holy Cross cemetery.
; m. \u25a0 Intermenr Holy Cross cemetery. i SOUSA — In Alameda. CaL. January 23,- 1910.
MANDERS-In thil^lty; January 25. 1910, Catb- Cnjß M.. relict of tne late -A. Sousa beloveil
erlne Clara., dearly beloved daughter of.Wl-. : i-s^S r r'^Wtlr SS •'^i'SLS^S! *-
"Ham and Josephine Manders. and loving sister * r »^ f \% •"»<**• ' a " cr r ° *****£? V^' •
;of Marie, | Francis,- Bernice and William Man-.|- *£*'h ,?°fL*,!f * cl \? f XT'* L " T « rro > * na ' -.
f yea J r r; i0 a m^ths O . f n d S 'i n 4^, n s CiSCO s ** ~ are r«pectf«lly : fi
FrtVnd^a^ 1 acqua?nt.nct/. re respectfully j^f^?, •««- «*f ' '^™» **"£* tom^-
•invited to attend the funeral services today ' ow^( F J f tdaJ ,lv «• L^t' ?*2r «^ fi".^
\u25a0 (Thursday). January 27. 1910. at 1:30 o- clo,-kc lo,-k *™?>, hh f h ,^^ n^ f^UwJ, h' .hit!
D-m «t the n»rl(iN'of Valente Marlnt \l«- \ street, - thence to St. ; Joseph's church, where
''.f'i'i. a?*! Mi«ion .rrV»t »2 ra a » > '*<nii«'n mas* will be celebrated for the r<-~
.; Catherine McCivf hey . loving- father of Edward V^*,^ ' thartw A. aol.,
Division No. 15, a"o.H. in America.-^- a ,tUVr. Vi rntnS^it^Zt 9^^
, - Friends .and . acquaintances are re^tfnlly Sf a d!m fWd FeHow^ eemi^-7 *
| -invited to Stend the funeral today <Thur*day>. maU-m. Odd Fellows eenM.t«.y.
• January. 2f.' mio.at S:3o ' o'clock a. m.. from STREHL— In thl» city, .Tsnnary 24. 1910. An-
-the funeral parlors of Oreen. Ryan & l>onoho».. ' sust.- dearly beloved hush»n-l of the late Ro-
' northeast corner -of .Sixteenth and . Cuerron* - *ma Strehl. lovlns father »f Robert. John.
, streft*. tnence to "St. Cbarlef Boromeo<church. Charles and Lena Strehl and th« . lat» ' Aanl« A
• -where a requiem mass wH+ twcelebrat".! for Strehl. and grandfather »t Robert. M»rgar*Cj«
the repose of his soul, coiuinencius at »«. m. -and John Sttehl, » native of Germany, ag«J_
.. Interment- Holy Cr<>ss cemetery. --. •; • /. .'69 years. . »- • * ... . : . \u25a0 •\u25a0..,
'- vn»n«w in..M.'.i.. : -i..,,.U 1 »- mm n~- '" Friends and actroaintMice* are re*p«>«tfnlly,-
'*?X •? -* s - city. January w. 1910. Dor- i nTit< Hl to atten.l the funeral tomorrow <FrU.
.othy Morgan, a native of Kentucky, aged 24 day> January iS, . at Ip. m., from hi* lat»
:*?.l* * ' ' i** _-** .* ' ' .*»<!- residence, corner of Connecticut and Martposa.
inf.t.H?t« r».^ aU HJ^T«« ar L • p mSli- - Btreew - Interment Cypress Lawn cemetery^by.
' '"•£?? j-nn.,J^ « ?? fSf^tLiJS^iß'S: electric funeral car from Thirteenth and West,
; ,-^day>,* January^27, at 1:30 o'clo<:k from the Mlwlon streets at 2 n. ra \u25a0 •
; chapel, of H. P. P«ter«en. - 1342 Devlsadero _" "^?« "^ f -. «.«.,«.,
sueet. .Interment Woodlawn cemetery, by car- X^KHAM— In city. Jannary 24. 1310. Maty
< riage "• - - -. • T., btflored wife of the late Heniy'J.' Tints-'.
: MOBRELI^Io. thU city. January 1010. o JK&^^£*£%t &s£&*
> l^iHaScEoffe^ ll^^ \^j^.AJSVJ%srss&
, I -r! fttaJ. and^cqualntacVs'ar; respectfully " of McErearty_. i McCormlck. 915 Valencia
i invited to: attend the funeral tomorrow <Frl- at»et,near Twentieth, thence- to- St. James
i day),.January2S., at 10:30 o'clock, from the chnreh. wtjre a_ requiem high -mass will bo
r parlors: of Theodor Dierks & Co.. 900 Devisa- celebrated for the re*i>ose of her soal, com-
\u25a0 r : ' dero street ' corner ; of ' McAUister. Cremation. mencing at 9:45 a. m. Interment Holy Cross
• -• Odd Fellows' cemetery. „ ,; . - cemetery. - , •«.,
'; HORSTROM— In this city. January 23. 1910. WAI.L- Ta this city, January 24. t»l0. Patrtc*^
. * Lewis, dearly beloved husband of Mlna Nor- * beloved son of th«tate Ellen Wall, and bother __
I atrom, devoted, father of Lewis O.Xorstrom. of Mrs. William Crosby. Mr*-^Bv BeekcaanamV
. and 'grandfather of iEUIe 1.. Alvan E. and M«. J.- SUnton. \u25a0 a_n.tive_ of t-an^Frawtscj,
I 'Ormond E. Norstrom.- a" native of Sweden. Cal.. as«l US years . month« and 23 days. -
•: " aged 79 year* 4 months and 2V.days.; \u25a0 Friends and acquaintances • are " respectfully
.: ; ." ' •? Friends and . acquaintance^ are . respeetf oil/ ' invited Ito attend - the funeral today • \u2666Thnr»-"
„ Invited = to, attend the funeral, tomorrow,. (Pel- day). at-8:3O o^ciock a. m..- fronr*thi»-&iner»»' J
r , day), January 28, at; 2 p. -m.. from bis late-j paViorj, 0 { Bnnker &. Liint, 2t4*W Mission str»«e"
-' 'residence. 3710 Baker street (Harbor Vfew». between Twenty-second: and Twenty-third.
, .— Incineration- Odd Fellows' crematory. \u25ba Plea*c i thence to .^t.-^nthony's church, where a mas*-*
» v omit (lowers. t - ; , . . •-. will tw celebrated for the repose' of .hi* soul.
p PLATZ— In this city, January 24, 1910, Wll- commencing at » o'clock a. m, luterment Holy
s \u25a0. Ham. dearly beloved »on of Edward and Aognsta »; Cross cemetery., by. carriage. »
rPlati, and - devoted? brother of Mrs.' William WILLIAMS— In ' Alaineda. CaU. January 2fl.
• -Koch, Mrs. J Guy DarU, Mrs.> Charles C.-Erb ,1910. Joseph Willrams.* beloved husband of
.* and Edward. Plat*. Jr., a nativtf of San Fran- ' Emma F. Williams,' and' loving father of Mar-
- ci*co,:Cal.v aged 15 years 7 month* and 7 days. >ar«t Williams. . a native ' of San Francisco,
1 ; (Philadelphia,' New ;York; and Tucsoo, Ariz... - Cal.. aged C9'year>- ...,.' \u25a0?
i- -* papers : please copy.) \u25a0" * , " .' ,| Friends and- acquaintances are respectfully^
.'. *'. Friends : and acquaintances i are respectfully \ imiteU to attend the fnneral services Satur--
r, Invited -to -attend ; the i funeral ; today (Thnrs- aay January 20v at Tp. m..at Woodmen hall^
- -'day), at 1:30 p. m.. from the residence of hb p.rk' street.' under the.anspices of Alam*«l*
» .-\u25a0:, parents.': ss4 SUth avenue, (Richmond district). ' lodge of Hk»No. i lol3. * - 'i
t -Interment Mount Olivet cemetery,; by carriage. _— . ' \u25a0— — — .— )
"i REED-^-In this city. January 26. >1910,'- William* " - - .-.---. ,'-^.- \u25a0 -*\u25a0> "-- .- -- \u25a0\u25a0 '.--^ • \u25a0..-•\u25a0\u25a0_i^~'
B P.. beloved, son 'of the late Paul ami Catherine IIITICDCIUnCMT TIT TU? TDMQT"
" Keed. and brother of Joseph J..-J.UU A. and IflUllr LnULil lUfI NL inUut*
'f- .-^Anselna^V.^ Reed. ;a>natlve of. San Francisco. " . - - ~
c - BCATTEBOOOD— -In TtWi'Vty. Januarys 23. MIO. . ?•
Offlow.Scattergood., a native ol: Englaml. - ' —FOR —
,: -; Remain* ~: at -the -mortuary chapel of the - . \u25a0» : -4-
k Golden Gate' ondertaklng- company, 2453 Mis- f% \u25a0" _- j l"*--^ fl2 k ll^-."W^ r
«!on street near Twenty- first. ©FSlll-i" IU P lif)!ls)r£
," BHANAHAK— In f' Redding. 1 Cal., January 21. OG fCfII i ¥ i \u25a0" C UuilUld
"i *.;l9lor James* dearly beloved brotbes.«f E'lward' TT •-.-\u25a0• J '\u25a0'<•\u25a0 - •\u25a0--\u25a0\u25a0 *
-' m . ' ' " ' ' . '. * I WILL FURNISH \u25a0
'i\ :',"'\u25a0'\u25a0""' 'i "i ' "- jirrx'TW'riiirr r rr"!r \u25a0
': \u25a0• r FT M P T P O V H MalnOflitev £i:3 Bu»b "*t-,.V\e«t 3*91»
\u25a0 ;fc "\ ; fc * fc "X X B, and vAxi Franklin St. ar. 17th. Oakl^mt
i- \u25a0 OHJce, Grant BWJm Market* 7th iSts.' a /I'houe Oakland 4043 *t
,'• -.'~i':::, \u25a0-> <-.- .vV.--»i \u25a0;.-"•.' -\:;. \u25a0 -B Braiieh : 3OS Moatgomery ay. Ten*. 33<a,
1 Ambalanee and Carriage* to Hlr«.
T»x> Thugs Make Pretense bj
Engaging a Room in the
: ; St. Charles jfi[
• Two men -went into the Hotel St.^
Charles.' so": Bush street^ late Tuesday
night and pretended they wanted to
rent a room. They were shown a rootu^.
on the second floor by the night clerK^Jj
William McFarlane, an old man, but
it did not suit them and he took them
to a room on the third floor, where they
beat him badly and took 55 out of thd
pockets *f his trousers.
G: T. Marsh's store at Post and Poyr
eir \u25a0 streets' - Vas entered by burglars '^
early yesterday "morning. They tooicr
more than 11.000 worth of jada anU^
other -jewelry. \u25a0 N
- The room of Chanir Sam. the. Chinese*
£C;ok at the residence 'of Mrs. W. Met- *
son, 1101 Laguna street, was entered--,
Tuesday" night and jewelry, clothinsr.,
and coin "valued at $10<> stolen!
' • .. The rooms vof -John , Hoeppen antt-T;
Alonzo -Baa at 533 Oetavia street wers,.
entered and clothing and jewelry val- k
ued at<>l 10 stolen. . ..
Miss Valentine • Huth's- room at 35<) ,
Third street was entered "and jewelry"
and coin' valued at |43 stolen.
Mrs. Ivat'e Coyne's room at 12 Lelandf'
avenue was entered and a sold, watcl*^;
valued at $35 stolen. .„.
The drus store of Vernon Whettatoh, !
1913 Union street, was entered" and $li>"'"
taken from the cash register. Ji
i ; The storeroota. at .1335 Clay street
.was entered and a. number of. trunks^
ransacked and articles stolen.' v .\~
Paul L. Chandler, a sailor on th*> "
steamer Kansas City, waa held up- 6s*','
two armed men at Third and Townsemlfl^
streets Tuesday night'and 132 taken •
from 'him." . . :3 '*',
'j \ C C. LapPj 199 Oak street, was helif
'•up by four men In Stevenson, street
near Third and robbed of ":
Curotto Amadia, 239 Claremont ' ave
nue. Oakland, was taken from a saloorx^
at 111 Pacific street to Ohio street near'
Broadway and robbed of -J4O.
Doctor Straus. 1733 Broadway* was
robbed of a sliver watch on a Sutler
street car.
i ; A horse and wagori Joaded with junk:,v
t belonging to Philip ; VfazzajJ 62 Man-""";
I Chester street, .were 3to!en from Wash
ington and Davis streets early yester- _
day. morning. - .
Charter Roll ' Bears Signatures
t: of Twenty-two .Members \ '[
: oAKLuVND. Jan. 2S. — A new union":
has. been organized in Alam«da county.
It is known as local I-, united broth-'-,
erhood of leather workers ' on horse,
goods, or more commonly as the har-.
"fTess workers' union. Its charter mem«.
bexahlp numbers- 2^.- The'offlcejrs are?;
(I. Arth. president; G. Sleele^i Vic^preai-*
fdent; X. McXamee, recording secretary:
F." G. Gerichteri," secretary treasurer; V J, *
Sweeney, chaplain, and C. Schwab, -
marshal. \u25a0_-.'.
Tlie electrical workers, locals Oak- ,
land 284 and "railroad 6». are prepar--^
ing to hold a big joint benefit ball in*.
Rice Institute hall the evening of Feb- ?,
ruary 21^ The.-proceeds be devoted,^
to a fund for. 'one , of, tka> Oldest* and'
most respected 1 member*' ot the union.
on this side of -,thV bay, who'ls now,,
incapacitated for work.
Local 119 of the bakers' and .confec
tioners' union is also preparing. to hold*
'a ball In Germania hall. February ,* 6.'
for. the benefit of Its sick and death
fund,' and local 134 of .the barbers*
union will hold a ball in Central hall,
February S,' for the'same purpose.
NONOGE^'ABIAJf WOMAIT DlSS— Oakland. Jan. \u25a0
2fi. — Mrs. iiargaret Gentry, a. widow. 91 year«3j
pf aye. wan foend Cea*d tn>r hed thKinoru-**
Ing at her home. 131^ Fifty-talrd aTcnue. Mrs. '
• , Gentry -wns a natlTe of Pena^ylTania. '.

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