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uis«'s included. lZf£23c; first*. 25c; prime firsts,
I'kf*- Steady. l**i«ies. 17fcI7t4c; twins,
li;%fijtir<-: '^•\u25a0uiik Aiuericas, l<J l i©H»«ic; long-
I-«is« AncrlfK Markets
,!.«•§ ANGELES, Feb. X. — t'a>e count egg* <lo
< iiiwyj l c<»nt » «ioaen to i*s cents vn the produce
« xcUaiije today.
<'hff-s.^ rc<.« ij>i> wore 2.W4 poands. . Eastern
daisies mre in pK«j «lomand snd si.ld well.
Ijiity U'tt&BietoD bcang advanced to $4.50
Iwt ee&tal.
B«crii«tl of firodui-c wcr*: Essrs. 270 cas^s;
I'iitter. 22.711 pounds; cheese, 2.<i<»4 pounds;
j-!*ti«»v. :;,r.71 taiks; oiiious. S«2 sarkK; lifsn*.
4«i] sack*: snrct potatoes, 1K» ta'ks- annlc*
1 box. '
liutirt- — freaincry extra. 77»:>: creamery
lirsi. <;7'-jc; eastern cream.-ry extra?, 07*^c
tiK-kiiis tattex, 2iv_- per rx">n<!. '
Ftps— Kxtr« tflwt. .-!l< : local ra nrh candled
nrsti., 2;*,-; case c.«int, 27c; storape packed ex-
Jras. 2iic; stnrate packed seconds. 2*<\
Cbeese— Northern fresh. 2oc; e«steru sinzlr»,
VMSSOc; eastern twins, 2i">'.i 2lc; eastern ehed
ilars. 20Q21e; eastern loriKhorn. 21c; eastern
«i«)F.v, 20.'y21c: Swi>s importer ;joc; Oregon
daUy. 21c.^»
r.f«ns (per <tli— No I pink. 15.2565.30: No.
1 limas. *J.4<K i 4.s(>; Ladr Wasliiupton. $4.5<>; !
s:r.a!i whites. $:..iotir..su : blackeyc*. $4.75: R»r
rnnu>«, H»: lmitlls. $7.
I'otatom (per ctl(— Saline, fl.Ki«i 1.75; high
lands. Jl.ir.wi..V< : Lompoe. |L$5^L.7S; Wat
sonville. $1.5t". I. t;r. : urepoii. $1.5:1^.1.00: sweet
'•"'*'"•'>-. $2.2-V'j2.r!.": Oregon early rose, $2;
«!iitc r..>e. ?1.75(ii !.'.¥).
Eastern Llve«t»ek >Inrket
POirni OMAHA. Feb. >.— Oiu'.e— Uecript*..
r,.:t<«(i. Market sieady x<\ easy. Native steprs.
?-*4j7.2.".: C'iwk end heifers. $3.25^5.25; western
ste^r». ?:>.2."ff7<i: cor>- nnd h*-itVrv. ?2.vT> «ej4.4.*:
. p.niifrs. $2..vi't;.J.2*: Ptockera and fp<Hi<»r?, w<'
\u25a0 \u25a0'••": <-alv.y. $'i.5i)(.3 8.-J5; bulls, stags, etc..
H'gs— Receipts. 11.500. Market active. V
low. Ueatx, ([email protected]«: mixed. $5.4.-.4js.r^!:
liffht, $s.3"r,TS.dr»;.i.igs, ?76.47.7.j: bulk «jf salrs.
Sii~;j.— Ko.-^ipt^. 8.500. Market stronger.
\oar.s:>gs. fc..-j:r,f.i 7.2.".: wethers. 55.755t5.75;
i-ivw. F3^s^B.2i; laml.s, $7.75c, ( 5.5r..
KANSAS CITY. IVI.. n.— Cattle— Rece'nts I
:t.<ifKl. Market Steady. Native steers. J.ifa 7.2.1;
.-•<»*. «nd Uelf.-rs. |3^S^o; st^-kers and feeders; !
5.;.4jk,.-,..Vi : t.uiis. *:?.«-.i»fr ( r».Hi; calves. $i'<i<>:
veemera stt*:>. $4..*>r.'ii«.r.i;; western cows, fliriir,.
Koc«. — Iteceiiit*. ll.AiiA. Market stronger to
--M' liglnT. linlk ..f sales. $S^Seß.Os; heavy.
nxempt from Taxes
Paying from
4V4% to 5V2% income
Complete descriptive circular
No. 909 upon request
Oil Means Money
In California
Practically every one Interested in
California Oil enterprises operating
In the proven fields is making money.
This is particularly true of those
-.vho hold stock in Coalingra Oil Com-
panies — that wonderfully prolific
•I»]<J — the greatest in the State if
?;<>t in the world. The only way you
>-nn make pome of this money Is to
Invest a portion of your income or
savings in some good oil stock.
Tills <£flf>r is the initial ground
floor ofTeriiifr in a company operat-
ing: in absolutely proven territory in
Cdaiinga. The property is owned
outright. Small capitalization, no
promotion stock; shallow, easy
drilling, but weJis run from 150 to
400 barrels, owing to extremely pro-
lific nature of underlying sands.
Choicest piece of undeveloped
shaiiow property in entire State of
Cal! or write to us at once for
further particulars before this op-
portunity passes, and if you desire
we trill arrant?** so you Citn make a
fr^e trip to Owiinja to see the prop-
erty and go over tiie field in general,
and make up you mind about this
proposition after a careful personal
NOTE. — To every one sending In
this coupon we will ser.d free of
charge for the next six months a
copy of the monthly publication,
"Securities,*' which is filled with
photos of the oil fleh's and valuable
infortnation about California Oil.
\u2666 OIPO.Y
501 First National Bank Building.
Pleasr «*nd me fr«*e of cost, information
r'-znTi'A-AZ sto<ks i-pftrred Vt a!>orr. and
alt.it fre<» copies of "Securiiipß" for six
meßtfe*. all this «-ilLoul any obligation on
].« the way the PREMIER prop-
erty was dfscribed by one of th*
party «f Investor* who went out
from our office on Saturday to
inspect it.
The melon will be «-nt verj-
soon and distributions of divi-
dends will bepin.
G^t your sliare by becoming: a
stockholder now before further
Lincoln Mortgage & Loan Company
Sew York Seattle LotAngelet
<!>O California St. Tel. nousrla" 24ST
St. rram-U Hotel Tel. Douslax 3082
Members of New York Stock Exchange
Pioneer Hot»e
Private Wire to ChJcago and
XevT York
R. i:. MULCAIIKV. Manager
Kain Ofiee Branch Office*
Correspondents (Main Corridor^
25 Pine St.. New York Lo« Anpeles
3 Bookery. Chicago HOTEL DEL COEO-
1711 Stout Street, NADO,
Denver. ('•\u25a0:". Ccrcr.ado Beach.
Oil News
Aliout all the oil co«ipanies and all the oil
fl>Ms of tlie Ktatf may be found in the "Cali-
fornia Oil Bulletin," which is issued eenilir.onth-
ly and which will be «ent to yon regularly,
absolutely free, upon re«jue*>t. .
Wrtt«" for Jt today. Address
Saa Fraccisco, Cal.
*s.fliiftjS.7O; packers and biiUlars. $S.4G<£S.OS;
light. $&25f$iUS5j pips, $7<&B.
Sinn-)! — J'.tMfipts, N.t»JO. Market steady. Mut
tons. Si.'ifa •>..">«»; imulis. $7.r>of<i.V7s: fed western
nether* and yearliuss, $5.?3>«£5.20; fed western
owes, S.j^jtf.lo.
1 Cotton >larket
JCETV YORK. Feb. .s. — Hutton's wire says:
'•The cotton market moved Oowu during tbe early
tradii's »ie from the linal of the previous day,
steadying somewhat sifter midday. The early
deellae was very larpcly influenced by the weak
ness «if the cables and the disappointment at the
Urerpool spot sales. The report in circulation
lafo Monday of liip transactions at Liverpool
were not confirmed. There were sold only i 0."00
bales and prices were off 7 Kn^lish point*. Tbe
interior Btomoeal Bfcovccd a slight increase, com
pared with last week in the semiweekly total,
l>ut was only about half v( last year. The port
receipts were faiall. Southern spot nierkfts show
coutinutHl interest and a relatively firm tone."
Spot (littun clo»>d quiet. 20 points loner. Mld
•dliiiß ujilcnds, 15c; middliiij; gulf. 15.25 c. Sales,
.'SOO bales. <
Option — Open. Lfish. Low. Close.
February 14. <;.*><•
March 14.80 c 14.82 c 14.1i7e 14.»15c
April 14.5.V 14.8.TC 14.5."»<; 14.<i4e
May 14.'.»<» c 14.02 c' 14.710 14.75 c
June 14.N.HC 14.SV- 14.7:tc 14.03 c
Jnly 14.77 c 14.70 c 14.38 c 14.C.4C
Aupist 14.21k- 14.20 c 14.08 c 14.115 c
Septfiiiber i:;.:~">c i:t.:{sc 13. "27c 13.2 C.C
October 12.N2*- 12->7c 12.7!) c 12.75<c
Novemlier 12.C.X- 12.<:» c l2.<U)c 12.<"^c
I>ecenil^r 12.03 c 12.<;$ c 12.CJC 12.C2c
St. Loots Wool Market
ST. IXJCIS. Feb. 8. — Wool, imchanped. Me
dium trades, comblu;; and clotllins. 24'S2Oc:
light fin*-. heavy fine, 12ftj21c; tub
washed. 25Q37c **
HoMton Wool Market
BOSTON, l>b. S.— A slight increa«<- in aftivity
i* noted in the coarser lin*-* of wool in tlie l>K-al
market, with values well maintained. Merinos
m:d n-.ic w>h)ls are negl<-ct«Hl, although tliorc is
some demand fur <t!iio fleece*, while Texas offer
ings have proved attractive. Low grsi2e territory
wool sells v.ell aiufiiig the small uiauufacturers.
No eking* in the hltuatlon is anticipated before
the arrival t«f the new clip. Bidding la tbe west
sh.nvs a falling off. Quotations, scoured basis:
Texan — Fine fall, o<;<<io2c.
California — Northern, 00<cr»;Se; middle county,
53665 c.
Oregon — Eastern No. 1 staple. [email protected]: eastern
No. 1 clothing. 70£r72e: valley No. 1. 57<f75Sc.
Territory — Fine staple. *[email protected]: fine medium
staple. 71 (n 72c; fine clothing. S766SC; five me
<!inni clothing. iUfqC.Sc: half blood, (Jjfti 00<-:
tlinv-eightlis blood, ~ COCg o2c; qnarter blood. 54
fa :>!•:
Pulled wool— Extra, 74!<i"">c: line A, 07Q.70C;
A rapeni «.H."ji''sc.
AVornted Market
NEW YORK, Fob. s.— Tiie fluest qualities of
nifn's wear wurstods have b<-en opened for fall
at advances ranging fioin 5 to Id p<>r cent, which
will mean <m a suit of clotlu-s alnjut Jl more
for material than last fall. Fall nanm-U'ttrs are
ii<lliiig well. Export tra.le Is quiet and cotton
yarnn are easier. Jobbers art doing a moderate
seasonable trade.
Ken York Metal Market
NEW YORK. Feb. S. — The market for stand*
ar.l copper on the New York metal exchange was
dull an.l unchanged, with spot and all deliveries
Uj> to the end of April olOKing tit [email protected]; The
London market was lower, with spot closing at
£58 ISs Pd and future-* nt £~>s 16s 3d. Arrivals
re[««rte,l at New York today "«re 30 tons, iu
cluding ores and matte, and exports, according
f<» custom house returns, erere 1,382 tons, mnk
iug n :<nal fo far this month of 11,832 tom».
Local dMlen €|u.»te lake copper at 13.G2&Q
13.73 c; electrolytic. 13.37Vfel3.rjCc; casting,
Tin closed easy, with spot quoted at :>2.45«5
32.60 c; February. n2.35f&32.r.r«-. March. ::2.o(>'«
32.40 c; and ilay. 52.23jg32.45c. The Lon
don market ni lower ami closed easy, with
sjK»t quoted at £147 •">\u25a0; and futures at £14 < < 15s.
Lead m easy, with spot quoted at 4.o7'tiT?
LT2^C New York and at 4.45fa4.55c East St.
Ixraif". The Londoa liinrket was a shade lower at
£Vl 7s Cd.
Sl»e!t.-r was v.cnk. with spot fjuoted at 0.75Q
B.loe Ne« York and at ."..%O(ar>.C7>ic East St.
I>hiN. The London market was unchanged at
fSi SB.
The English iron market was unchanged at 31s
3d. Iron was unchanged locally.
! Xavnl Stores — Turpentine and Itonln
' SAVANNAH. C.a.. Feb. 8. — Turpentine —
I Firm. •*•<\u25a0: n^lc-s 31, receipts lt*T, shipments ISO,
i stock U2.7.-.7.
Boslo — Firm. Sales, 588, receipts 1,411, ship-
I mciits 410, «toek Y."2.T,'M). Quotations: B, $4.23:
iD. ?4.:i'(; K. $4.42>..; F. $4.45: G. ?4.50: H,
iM..".: I. $4.70; K. V>-Tj; M, $G. 30; N, $U.CO;
j WG, J7.05; \VW. «7.3".
From | Steamer. | I>ate
r)rsti-r Harlior ;I>elaoaw ......!Fe!i. 9
Honolulu JAlauicda ......iFeb. 9
BonnoMt City of Topeka. ;Fel>. 9
San Pedro Hanalei Feb. 9
San l'cdro '. Ad. Sampson IFeb. 9
<an IMoco&Way Portsj guoon Feb. »
Humboldt \r. A. Kilburn.. Feb. Hi
Sal. Cruz via S. Pi»;;o.;Hlvi>rsiile !FVb. 10
Soattlo & Tacoraa : Watson ;Feb. 10
San Pedro |(J. W. Elder... Feb. 10
Poioi Arena & Albion. lI 'oujh [Feb. 10
OrayH liarbor JNcwbnrg |Feb. 10
Sau Pedro jYosemite iFeb. 10
China & Japan (Asia |Feu. 11
I'Dcet Soun-1 Port* |Stat<; of Cal. . ..Feb.. 11
Portland & Astoria ißoanoko !Feb. 11
Co<« Hay .• M. F. Plant. . .Feb. 13
Sja I'tdro ! Norwood [Feb. 13
San Pedro Ssiilh Moulea ..\u25a0Feb. 13
San Pwlro jClifhalis iFeb. 13
Uendodao .'c l't. Arena! Ser. Foam . Feb. 13
!>an DiesofcAVaj Portsisaata Kosa Feb. 13
Portland ft Ast. rla :K«=e City Feb. 14
Brays Harbor iCentralia JFeb. 14
Portland & A«ti«-ia j Northland !Feb. 15
Seattle & Taconia ißurkman |Feh. 15
Sear York via Ancoti . . j Peru iFfb. 15
| Destination | Steamer | Sails |Pier
February 0— ! i j (
; (Irays Harbor IS. Barbara:.] 4 pm]....
j Iluuiboldt -..: JVanjruard -. 9 am' 19
Seattle direct jEurfka spm 9
I Orays Harbor ]Coronsdo ... 3 pm: 21
| Mendocino & Pt. Arena Hen Foam... 4pm 4
! San lii"co &. Way Ports! Sauta Kosa. II am! 20
i Sao IWroilVi/ PortsiUoos Bay... 4 pmi 11
February 10 — j? j
I Astoria & Portland jYownite .. spm 27
1 Honolnln jNevadan ...ilOamjl'7
I Honolulu via P. Sound. lArizoiiau j 2 i>nj| 27
: Los Acceles Ports iHanalei 8 pmi 10
! Honolulu & Hilo IWllbelmlna 3 pm] 33
I Seattle & Taooma tAd. Sampson 1 pm 10
j Pu^ct Sound Ports j'tovernor ... 4 pm 11
! Portland 4 Way Ports. IG. W. Elder 1 pm 13
February 11—1 I
.; HumWdt IRavalli |.... 27
I Ocmboldt {City Topefea.jloam.il
| Ilumboldt |F. Kilburn.. 10 am 13
1 February 12 — i
Houolula lAlamrda ... 11 am 21
New York via Ancon..|City Panama 12 m 40
Astoria ie Portland Kansas City 11 am 40
i Hllo Enterprise ..12 m 38
j !Jrays Harbor Newburg ... 3 pro 21
j Los Anjr^les Ports jßosuoke 5 pm 13
I Sun Diego & Way t'orUjQueen 2 pm 20
; Point Arena & Albion. i Porno ....*. Cpm 4
Ftlirniiry 13 —
I <;r»ys Harbor 'Norwood ....
I Grayx Harbor IS. Mouica... 4 pm
! <;rnj-s Harbor |Ch<*balU |
Pucet Sound Ports IClty Pnebla.Jll am 11
F«-hruary H— ! ! I
{ Los Anzdos Ports; 'Centralia ..| 1 pm] 21
February 15 — j !
! C>..s Bay M. F. Plant! 3pm S'
| Japan & China iChiyo Maru. 1 pm 42
Seattle 4 Tacoraa |Watson 1 pm 10
Destination | Steamer [ .Date
Valdex &• Seward.. lOlymnia >.|Feb. 8
Skagway & Way Ports.! Cottage City.. .!Feh. 14
Valdt-x & Seward Victoria IFeb. 1G
Southwestern Alaska ... [Bertha [Feb. 20
Sun, Moon and Tide
united States coast and geodetic survey — Time
end heitrhts of tides at Fort Point. For city
frout (Mission street wharf)' add 25 minutes.
Sun rises 7 : 07
£un «,ets 5Ji
Moon sot* ! p. in.
New ruoon Keh. 9, at 5:04 p. m.
First quarter moon Feb. 16, at 10:23 a. in.
jTimej ITime Tlme| - Ttniej
Ft ( Ft Ft V Ft
IH W| IL W nW[ LW( _
9.. | 0:00 4.6J 4:36| 3.1 I 0:2& 0.01 0:221— «.tt
10.. 0:31 4.fr| 5:24 2.6 11:191 B.s ti: os —0.7
11.. 1:03 S.O 0:14 2.4 12:09 5.7 C:4C — 0 3
12.. 1:86 5.2 7:05 2.0 1:01 5.4 7:2& 0.2
13.. 2:11 6.3 8:00 1.7 2:00 4.9 8:17 0.9
14.. 2:46 6.3 8:59 1.4 3:03 4.5 9:01 l.«
13.. 3:24 3.419:54,-1.2 4:2 C. 4.1 »:4fl 2 2
10. .j 4:lo t 5.5 11:04 0.7 6:11 3.8 10:43 2.J)
17..J 5:0l| 5.5|12:1S 0.4 7:44 3.S 11:49 3.2
I". S. Branch Hydrographies OHU-e
A branch of the United States hydroirraphic
office, located in the Merchants' Exchange, is
maintained In Saa Francisco for the benefit of
mariners, without regard to nationality and free
of eipense. Navigators are cordially Invited to
visit the offlce, where complete sets of chart*
and sailing directions Of the world are kept at
hand for comparison and reference,, and the
latest information can always be obtained re
garding lights, dangers to navigation and mat
ters of interest to ocean commerce. •
. Lieutenant, U. S. N., in charge. ..
Time Ball
United States branch hytfroyraphlc offlce. Mer
chants' Exchange, San Francisco, February
fc, 1010. . "
Ttic time ball on . the roof of the Fairmont
hotel was dropped today exactly at noon, Pa
cific standard time -(120 th meridian), or at Bh.
00m. 00s. Greenwich mean time.
- " Lieutenant, U. S. N.,'in charge.' 7
Change of Mnnterw
. Steamer Gold—k>ld master, E. J. Benson; new
master. J. A. Petprsen;'.. .. \u25a0 : ,
Enrollc-d' — Steamer . Dennis -. T. \u25a0 \u25a0 Sulli van ;,. mas
ter.'- Walt«T .H.- Cook; steamer David - Scsnnellr
master, Silvio ' Bocca : ,' bark . Star 'at '• Finland;
master, Edwin R.l>imomi 1 \u0084 , r- * /
Items of Interest to Mariners
of the Pacific
[Specidl Dispatch to The Call]
PORTLAND, Feb. 8. — In command of Captain
11. C Nelson, the steamer Raniona, which has
been chartered by the Portland and Coos Bay
ctpamship company to take the place of the
sti-amer Breakwater on the Coos bay Inn. ar
rived this morning at -daylight after a fine ruu
from Seattle.}
The Nome City arrived at Couch street dock
:it 1:30 o'clock this morning, carrying a number
of passengers and atxwt 700 tons -of general
freight, the principal part of which was hay.
It also bud 3.fHiO sacks of plaster and some gen
eral merchandise.
Iv the cabin of Captain Smith of the Oriental
liner Henrik Ibsen goods to the value of about
$."rt) were found yesterday by the customs author
ities. The duty would amount to $:10. The
steward of the steamer admits being the owner
and said that he secreted them in the captain's
cabin without his knowledge.
For a cargo of more than 2,000.000 feet of
lumber for Manila the steamer River Clyde ar
rived at the Portland lumber company's mill to
uight. It will take out a enrpf for the govern
ment, which awarded the last contract to J.
Ernest L:sidlaw.
Steamer Ocklabaiua took tbe schooner Mabel
Gale down from Kaluina today and will return
for the British ship Glenalvin tomorrow morning.
The setamcr Sue H. Elmore, from Tiljumook,
and the British steamer Falls of Clyde, from
San Francisco, arrived today.
'The steamer Breakwater sailed today for Coos
bay and the steamer Roanoke for San Pedro.
ASTORIA. Feb. 8. — Steamer George W. Fen
wick arrived today from San Francisco to load
lumber at tbe Hammond mills for return.
Oil tmikt-r Rusecrnns arrived today with a
cargo of fuel oil from San Francisco and left up
the river to discharge. •
French bark lieleu, with a cargo of lumber for
China, has arrived down the river and will go to
sea at the first opportunity.
Lighthouse tender Columbine left this morn
ing for I'uget Found with supplies for the dif
ferent stations iv that section of the district.
Rritinh steamer River Clyde arrived from San
Francisco this morning and Is under charter to
F. Waterhouse & Co. to load lumbtr for Manila
for the government. It was brought up by Cap
tain George Wood, the independent bar pilot.
SEATTLE, Feb. S.— Arrived: British steamer
Antilochn*, from Vancouver, B. U. ; steamer
Buckman, from San Francisco; steamer Charles
Nelson, from San Francisco.
Sailed — Steamer Tallac, for Bremerton;
steamer Olympia. for Valdez: steamer Mack
inaw, for Eagle harbor: steutner Maverick, for
San Francisco; steamer State of California, for
Sau Francisco.
Tuesday, February S.
Sunr Johan Poulspn, Lancaster, X! hours from
Astoria; 700 M ft lumber to Loop lumber com
Stmr Catania, Canty, 2 days from Astoria;
ballast to Associated oil company.
Stmr City of I'uebla, Zeb. 54 hours from Vic
toria, etc.; passengers and merchandise to I'a
elfic Coast steamship company.
Stinr Kavaili, Nelson. .'JO hours from Eureka;
SOO M ft lumber to Hammond lumber company.
Stmr National City, lliggius, 10 hours from
Fort Itrsgfr; 10)2 M ft lumber to Union lumber
•company. •
.Stmr Tampico, Johnstone. 110 honrs from Seat
tle; 2,300 toils coal to I'acifle Coast company.
liktn Gardiner City, Lund, 22 days from Olyin
pla: rjCHi M ft lumber to J. It. Hanify & Co.
Si'br Santiago, McDonald, 12 hours from Mon
terey, in tow tut: Navigator; 11,000 bbls oil to
Associated oil company.
Tuesday, February S.
Stmr Humlioldt. Baughman, Seattle; Hum
boMt steamship company.
.Stmr .Sniita Itosa, Alexander, San Diego; Pa
cific Coast steamship company.
(Jer stmr 1 Icrmoat his, Bielenberg, Seattle;
Kcwmos line.
Nor stmr Tlior, Irenes, Nanaimo, B. C;
Western fuel company.
Tuesday, February $.
Stmr North Fork. Nelson, Eureka.
Stmr Brooklyn, ilatson, Meudociuo.
Stmr Manchuria, I>ixon, Hongkong and Yoko
hama, via Honolulu.
Stmv llumboliK, Bauphman, Seattle.
Fr bavk Edoaard Detaille, Lechvien, Queens
I'r bark General <le Negrler. Le Milleln, New
castle. Aus.
Schr Aiouterey, Kelly, Monterey, in tow tug
Schr Willie R. Hume, McKenzie, Grays Har
No date— Lat "0 ilee .1 mm N, Jongr 72 deg W,
bark Sea Kin?, from Tacoma for Hath, Me. (re
pertod by wireless from stmr Coanio).
POINT LOP.OS. Feb 8," 1) a. m.— Foggy; wind,
northeast; velocity, 8 mile* per honr. Noon—
Foggy; wind. e:xst; velocity, 10 miles per hour.
POINT REYES, Feb -8, 0 a. m.— Cloudy;
wind, southeast: velocity. iO miles per hour.
FAIiALLOXES. Fob 8. 0 a. m. — Cloudy; wind,
east; velocity, S miles per hour.
XATOQSII, Feb 8. U v. m. — Cloudy; wind,
east; velocity, 24 miles per hour.
LONDON. Feb S— Br stmr Cyclops, from Liv
erpool for Puget sound, Is ashore near Jldilab;
no t'urtlier particulars.
POINT LOBOS, Feb S, 10 p. m.— Weather,
cloudy; wind f> southwest; velocity, 0 miles per
SANTA MONlCA— Arrived Feb S— Stmr St.
Helens, from San Pedro. t
Sailed Feb *>— Stmr Daisy Mitchell, for San
TAToOSH-"-Passcrt out Feb 7 — Stmr Colonel
E. L. Drake, with barge 3 in tow, from Seattle,
for San Francisco.
Passed in Feb S— Schr W. H. Talbot, from San
Pe<lro, for Totvnsend. |
Passed in Feb B—Stmr8 — Stmr Umatilla, hence Feb
fi, for Victoria, B. C; stmr Delhi, hence Feb
5, for Tacoma; stmr Buckman, hence Feb 5, for
Passed out Feb S — Schr W. H. Smith, from
Tacoma, for San Pedro.
Outside bound ia Feb S — Three schooners and
a steamer.
POINT LOBOS— Passed Feb S— Stmr William
11. Murphy, from Eureka, for. San Pedro; stuir
J. J. Lojreie. from Eureka, for. San Pedro.
SAN PEDRO — Arrived Feb B—Stmr8 — Stmr Norwood,
benre Keb «; stmr Klamath, hence Feb (!; stmr
Santa Monica, hence Feb 0; stmr .1. It. Stetson,
hence Fob'O; stmr Queen,' from San Diego; strnr
ClieliHlN, heuce Feb 0.
Sailed Feb S — Stmr Queen, for San Francisco.
Arrived Feb S — Stmr Carmel. from South
Bend: Ktmr I-akme. from Eureka; stmr Jmnes
S. HljTßins, hence. Feb (j; stmr Alcatraz, from
Greenwood. '
Sailed Feb B—Stmr8 — Stmr Daisy Freeman, for San
Francisco; stmr Admiral Sampson, for San Frau
cisco; sttnr Svea. for San Francisco; stmr Pasa
dena, for San Francisco; stmr Yosemlte, for San
SOUTH BEND— Arrived Feb S^-Stmr Mayfair,
hence Feb 3.
UAVIOTA — Arrived Feb 7 — Barge 91, in tow
tUR Hercules, hence Feb 5.
VENTURA— Arrived Feb 7— Barge 01 ; In tow
tvs Horcnlps, hence Feb 5.
Sailed Feb 7 — Barge 91," iv tow tug Hercules,
for Gaviota. , ..
Arrived Feb . B— Stmr San Jacinto, from
\u25a0 KKTCHIKAN— Arrived Feb 7— Stmr Meteor,
from Wrancell. for Seattle. . \u25a0 -
WRANGELli— Arrived Feb S— Stmr Cottage
City, from Skajrway, for Seattle.
EUREKA — Arrived Feb S— Stmr F. A. Kilburn,
hence Feb 7. . .
Sailed Feb 8-^Stmr Aurrlla, for San Francisco;
stmr City of Topeka, for San Francisco.
SEATTLE — Arrived Feb tf — Stmr": Buckman,
hence Feb .".; Br stmr Anttlochus, from Tacoma.
Suiletl Feb B—Stmr8 — Stmr Tallac, . for Bremerton;
stror Jefferson, for Skagway ; - stmr Olympia, for
Arrived . Fob S — Stmr Charles Nelson, hence
Feb o.
Sailed Feb S — Strar State of California, for
San Francisco: • stmr Mackinaw, for Eagle har
bor: stmr Maverick, for San Francisco. .
ASTORlA— Arrived Feb B— Br stmr River
Clyde, hence Feb 0.
Arrived Feb S — Stmr G. W. Fenwlck, hence
Feb 0. :
BANDON— Arrived Feb B— Stmr Elizabeth,
heuce Feb 5. , » \u0084
Saile<l Feb &— Stmr Bandon, Mr San Frapcisco.
JUNKAU — Arrived Feb J— Stmr Bertha,, from
GREENWOOD— SaiIed Feb S— Stmr Whites
boro. for Sun Francisco. \u25a0
CRESCENT ClTY— Sailed Feb B— Stmr West
port, for San Francisco. •
POINT REYES— Pnss<>d south Feb S— Stmr
J. J. LopKie. fnmi Eureka. - for San P»Jro.
- FARALLONES— Passed Feb S— Lumb<T laden
steam schooner, with letter : X or cross on
stack;' thrpe masted barkentlnc with red hull,
bound south. :-..f \u25a0 . ;. - . .\u25a0 .
COOS BAY— Arrived Feh S— Schr John A',
from San Dleiro; stmr Bandon, from -Bandon •
stmr Nann Smith, \u25a0 hence Feb; 6. - -. .
. Saile<l Feb B—Schr8 — Schr Omesa, for San Pedro;
stmr Alliance, for Portland.: -,-,\u25a0 .
WESTPORT (Wash.)— Arrived Fci> .B— Stmr
Raymond, hence Feb 5; stmr Fair Oaks.; hence
Feb 3; sehr : Roy Somers,. hence Feb 1* schr
Allen A. hence Jan 20.
Sailed Feb B— Schr F. M. Sladc, for San'
Diego: schr . Cecilia Sudden, for San Francisco;
schr Minnie A. Calne. for SanPedro; Brstmr
K ilburn, • for .Melbourne, Aus. ; > stmr Newburg^
for San Francisco. /"--\u25a0-..!'..'\u25a0;•:\u25a0 : -
MOSSI-ANDING — Arrived Feb 7— Stmr Excel
sior, hence Feb'C. •';?'"- '.'\u25a0-\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0- :\u25a0\u25a0*;'->
WlLMlN<;Tt)N— Arrived Feb- B— Stmr Helen
P; Ifirw, from Greenwood;* stmr ' Temple^E.'
Dorr, ": from t Eureka/ via * San.' Pedro; = stmr r De«-'
patch, ' from Eureka .; via * Ssd i Pedro.'
. TACOMA— Arriv«d \u25a0 Fob H— Stmr Santa : Ana,
from Ketchlkan.."-: - •• .•'"«" . \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 - : \u25a0\u25a0.
JvEWFQRT : NEWS— ArriTcU < Jaa j 21— Br ] gtmi
Olenshiel, from New York, to load- for Ilono
In port Feb 7 — Br strar Knight of the Garter,
for San Francisco.
HONOLULU— Arrived : Keb S— Stmr China,
hence Feb 1. .
MANlLA— Arrived Jan 21 — Br stmr St. Pat
rick, from New York. .
COi:i XTO— Sailed Keb '•'-— Ger stmr Erna, for
San Francisco, via Sau Diego.
RUNCORN— Arrived Feb s—Fr5 — Fr bark Bayard,
hence Sept 21.
('ALLAO— Sailed Jan 21 — Nor stmr Melderskln,
for New York. /
POUT OF SPAlN— Sailed Jan 24 — Br.stmr Cm
sader. for Manila.
LElTll— Arrived Feb 7— Br stmr Baron Na
pier, from Seattle, via Hull.
FORT SAID — Arrived Feb 7 — Br stmr Oanfa.
from Tacoma, for Liverpool, via China and
Japan. -
PORT NATAL — Arrived prior Feb B—Br8 — Br tetmr
Indraptira. from Newport News, for Manila.
ANTWERP— SaiIed Feb 6— Aus stmr Herm,
for Sau Francisco. . •
Arrived Feb — Fr bark Bidart, from As
Sailed Feb 6 — Nr stmr Herm, for San Fran
cisco. : .
HONGKONG— Arrived Feb S^Stmr Korea,
hence Jan 7. via Honolulu and Yokohama.
NEWCASTLE (Australia)— Arrived prior Feb
B—Ger8 — Ger ship Edmund, hence IVc 22. \u25a0 \ \u25a0
SYDNEY — Arrived prior . Feb S — Bktn James
Johnson, from Eureka.
MONTEVIDEO— SaiIed Jan 3 — Br stmr Tro
pea. for Vancouver.
DUNGENESS— Passed Feb S— Br ship Scottish
Glens, hence Sept .3, for Hull.
KINSALE — Passed Feb 8;— Fr bark Amiral
Cecille. from Tacoma, for United Kingdom.
SALINA CRUZ— Arrived Feb B—G«>r8 — G«>r stmr
Itauri. from Haniburjr. for San Francisco.
VALPARAISO— Arrived prior Jan 3 — Chilean
bark Royal Sovereign, from Port Townsend.
ANCON — Sailed Feb s—Stmr5 — Stmr San Jose, for San
Francisco. —
PERIM — Sailed Feb S— Br % stmr Satsuma, for
YOKOHAMA— SaiIed Feb S— Stmr Mongolia,
for San Francisco, via Honolulu.
. Sailed Feb o—Br0 — Br stmr Teucer, for Seattle and
LONDON— Arrived Feb S— Stmr Minneapolis,
from New York. .
ANTWERP— Arrived • Feb B—Stmr8 — Stmr Marquette,
from Philadelphia.
Sailed Feb t! — Stmr l.ipland. for New York;
stmr Hermes, for San Francisco.
NEW YORK— Arrived feb S— Stmr Zeeland,
from Antwerp. '
Sailed "Feb S — Stmr Kaiser Wllhelm der
Grosse, for llremeu. -
BOSTON — Sailed Feb S — Stmr Ivernia, for
Liverpool. \u25a0
YOKOHAMA— SaiIed Feb 6 — Stmr Teucer, for
BREMEN— SaiIed Feb S— Stmr George Wash
ington, for New York. • /
ST. MlCHAEL— Arrived Feb S— Stmr Celtic,
from New York, for Naples.
LElTH— Arrived Feb S— Stmr Baron Napier,
from Seattle.
POUT SAlD— Arrived Feb 7— Strar Oanfa,
from Tacoma, via Yokohama, for Liverpool.
Tuesday, February S.
Per .stmr . Kavalll — Laid hove to off Point
Reyes to repair machinery; broke bolt to crank
shaft. .
Stmr Joliaii Poulsen. from Astoria Feb S, re
ports three square rippers outside and a three
wasted schooner off Uuxbury. . •
Stmr Solano, running between Port Costa and
Benicia, broke port engine last night. Vessel
will (>e run by starboard engine until repairs are
15ay stmr Garden City broke paddle wbeel
shaft last night while in the slip.
Nor stmr L'tpard, bound from Astoria ! 'for
United Kingdom, previously reported ashore
wrecked and condemned in stralt3 of Magellan,
advices received state that TOO tons of carjro
was shipped to Europe by stmr Vestfold, and
later 2,Gr>o bags by stmr Orconia — all told about
1,4(X) tons of cargo saved' and reshipped.
POINT aUYES, Feb S— Stmr Ravalli is hove
to 5 miles south of Point Reyes.
SEATTLEi Feb B—Alaska8 — Alaska steamship company
today notified the underwriters of the abandon
ment of strar Farallon, previously reported
ashore in Cook's inlet. Amount of salvage un
certain, all depending oa the weather.
Shipments of Oil
The tank steamer Santa Itita was cleared at
Port Harford for San Jose de Guatemala; with
43.U00 barrels of crude oil Iv bulk, valued at
The Britlxh tank steamer Trinculo cleared at
Port Harford for Aneon with 40.000 barrels of
crude oil in bulk, valued at $27,600.
Tonnage Encag>ententJi
The schooner Carrier Dove, at Grays Harbor,
is under charter for lumber to Guaymas, having
been chartered prior to arrival.
The steamer Ilyades has been purchased by
the Matson navigation company.
Small Carßo for t lie Xorth
The steamer Uniatlila sailed for Victoria «n
Sunday with cargo consigned to the port of des
tination and to other Britl&h-Ainerlcan cities,
valued at $9,700," nnd including the following:
10.775 lbs dried frnlt, 7,750 lbs raisins,
45,350 lbs beans, 77 pkgs vegetables. 017 lbs
cheese, I.'JOO lbs meals'. 857 gals and 15 cs wine,
9 cs canned goods, "0 bbls pickles, 4,500 lbs
chocolate, S rolls leather, 419 pkgt* roofing ma
terial, "0 bbls asphalt, 9 cyls gas. 4 cs bats,
20 bales hose, 400 lbs seeds, 3 bbls oils, 12 pkgs
Xotice <o Mariners
Offnce of U. S. Lighthouse Inspector.
*- Twelfth DiHtrict.
San Francisco, Feh. 8. 1910.
Hiimboldt bar, Cal. — Notice is hereby given
that south jetty oat end buoy No. 2, a first
class nun, was reported adrift February 7. It
tt!ll 'be. replaced as soon as practicable. L. 11.
11. List of Buoys, etc.. Pacific Coast, 1908, pagej
37. By order of the lighthouse board.
W. «. MILLER, Commander, U. S. N,,
Inspector Twelfth Lighthouse District.
Army Transtportu
The Crook is in port.
The Thomas, eailed January 13 from Honolulu
for Manila.
The Warren is at Manila.
The Dlx sailed December 15 from Seattle for
The. Lojran is due hare February 12.
The Huford is iv port.
Thn Sheridan sailed for Manila February 5.
The Sherman is iv port.
' Depth at mean low water, entrance to harbor.
PLACE I Ft. 1. I>ate | Remarks
Grays Harl 18 Jan. 13! Inner bar buoy snb
\u25a0i- . I , ( I merged.
VVillapa Bl 27 Jan. 6] Whistling buoy 1 mile
| I 'I north of bar.
Colura. It. l 24 IXov. BiShoaling outside nun
I [I buoy No. 2. •
Nehalra B 7 Not. 6 Bar buoy 200 yards N.
I I °' ' channel. :
Tillmk 8.l o~~|Dec. lTlChannel shifted 1 mile
||| south In gale Not. 28.
" i '• \u25a0•\u25a0 \u25a0. Nun buoy No. 0 and
Yaqaina B 10^4 Dec. 18 can buoy No. 3 gone
\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0; , . adrift. - - \u0084 \u25a0..
Slnslaw 111 5 [Jan. C|. ..'......-
Umpqua Xl 12 IDec. GjChannel well north of
| | -i| range.
" . . ... r v^ ~~ 12 feet at low \u25a0 tide to
Coos Bay. "13 Jan. 4 : North Bend; 12 feet
at low tide to Marsh- <
: • . .-\u25a0•. -•-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0--• field. ....-\u25a0.
Coqnille Xl 9 IJan. "IChannel straight; good
( ( | condition. -
Uogue Kiv| I ,|. ...... .... ....... •.-.;
Klainth X 7 JJan. 7lChannel straight ;\u25a0 east
-( [-and west.-*^ .
Hmbldt B 20 .JJan. lolNorth channel' unsafe
j - [ f to navigation.
S Pedro B| 20 ]Jan. s|No change in channel."
S Diego B| 25 iDecl 9|No change in channel.
S I'ablo Bl 24 IDec. lJDepth in dredged chan-
I , I nel.'^- \u25a0 • ,'..'
Laveaga, counin of Miguel de Layeaga, testified
yesterday in the trial of the contest of the
will of iilaria"; de Laveaxa. "He said « he knew
and played with Maria : in San' Francisco when
the latte.r;was a youns;glrlr andreached the
• conclusion that she was of weak mind, v v
Conipajrnie Gcnerale Transatlantiqne
Sailings ; every Thursday, instead of Saturday/
at 10 a. ' m., from . pier 42, North river, - foot of
Morton 'Street. " : 'i-, '»«'•-. : --•
H First class to Havre, * i 7.^0 ana upward ; I sec-
ond class to Havre, $50 and upward; GENERAL
19 •: State \u25a0 street, • New.^York.^; J. Vr FUGAZI.
Manaper Pacific Coast, b3O Montgomery street.
San * Francisco.' •-Tickets : sold by all
ticket agents. -. -'.'\u25a0 - '\u25a0 '-'\u25a0- - : - •'\u25a0' -"\u25a0- - y ~' '\u25a0''•\u25a0
CANADIAN: I'ACIFIC— :.•: \u25a0 . \u0084
Vs*3 N^£S> I^^P^L^- ; JOIJN/
:"•'\u25a0 Nothing ; better on V the * Atlantic : than : oar . Em-
nreKses. '. Wireless on" all steamers.' : '
-\u25a0 ,\u25a0:,:-•,;.\u25a0. ;..*-. vK.E. TENN; U. A., \u25a0 : \u25a0 \u25a0'^g$
, ;ois Market su L- - . L'alasv UQtel- •:
Weather Report
United States Department of Agriculture-
Weather Bureau. San Francisco. Feb. 8, 1910.
•Last ..Seasonal -Normal
Stations — :. . 24 hours, to date, to date.
Eureka .............. 0.00 29.91 20.7:5
Ked Blnff 0.00- 11.67 —•". 14.97
Sacramento ; 0.01 - 5.74 11.70*
Mount Tamalpals . 0.01 ' 15. 12 I.'J.7(J
San Franci500.......: 0.00 14.02 13. 60
San Jose V.......0.00 10.90 8.57
Fresno .............. 0.00 '.--10.73 5.61
Independcncp ........ 0.00 . * 0.42. 5.49
San Luis Obispo. ,-. o.iX> 10.43 11.7.S
Los. Angeles. .....O.<K) 10.42 8.9!»*
Sun Die 50.... ........ 0.00 5.21 5183
Coast record for 12 hours, ending 5 p. m.
-I' '? '? /§[ \5. Si
STATIONS -"Is• J? : % : • ? fr
?.\u25a0 -3 s : r* • .
?'-;-\u25a0" ?:.::•\u25a0
Elaine .30.16 48 .., W Pt.Cldy .00
Boise ..... 30 .42 :<« 14 W \u25a0 Cloudy .00
Eureka .......30.1t SO 40 ti Cloudy .00
Flagstaff ......30.10 40 14 ,S Ctear ' .00
Fresno ....... .30.30 M St >T Cloudy .<>o
Helena ..... ...:50. 22 30 12 ,NW Pt.Cldy .00
Independence ..30.22 «"O 20 SE Pt.Cldy .00
Kalispell ..... .30.30 30 14 W Cloudy .00
Lo« Ange1e5.... 30. 16 00 44 SW Clear .00
Mitrshneld 30. OS 00 .. SW Cloudy .00
Mod»oia ........ "SO. 2<» 36-20 E '-Clear « .00
Mt. Tairinlpais.3o.27 4ti 3G SW Foggy .00
North Head 30.12 54 38 SE Cloudy .00
Phoenix .......30.10 00 34 SW Clear .00
Pocatello .....30.40 28 14 SB' Snow .01
Pt. Reyes Lt..30.22 52 45 S Cloudy .00
Portland ..30.14. 50 30 X Clear. .00
Red Bluff 30.20 54 42 SE Cloudy .00
Reso . -JO.T2 SH 14 S Cloudy .00
Roseburg ...... 30. 0S 50 32 NW Pt.Cldy .00
Sacramento ....30.20 50 40 . NE Cloudy .00
Salt Lake. 30.34 32 22 SW Clear .00
San Diego .30.14 C 2 44 N Clear .00
San Francisco.. 3o. 27 54 40 NW Cloudy .00
San J05e....... 30. 22 60 38 N*W Cloudy . .00
San L. 0b15p0.30.22 04 40 NW Cloudy .00
SE. Farallou...3o.2rt 52 43 S Cloudy .00
Spokane ......30.32 36 2S N Clear .00
Summit .-V-... '..--.. 38 -IS .. Clear «...
Tacoma./. 30.14 52 .SO ' W Clear .00
Tatoosh .......30^12 40 42 NE Pt.Cldy .00
Tonopah 30.28 30 22. SE Pt.Cldy .00
Walla Wa11a... 30. 32 30 28 SW Cloudy .00
Winnemucca ..30.40 32 C NE Clear .00
Yuma ...30.13 72 34 N Clear .00
•Snow on ground, 77 Inches.
The following maximum -and minimum temper
atures are reported from eastern stations for the
previous day: Chicago, 20-1 C; New York, IC-2;
Omaha, S2-24.
The pressure continues high over the country
west of the Rocky m«niutalns, except for a: Blight
fall alone the Oregon «>ast. A depression may
come in from tbe sea Wednesday, causing rain
along the coast from San Francisco north. bus
probably no rain elsewhere for the next 24 hoars.
Tlie temperature Is slightly below the norraal
In California and will probably not rise much
There has been no rain on the Pacific slope in
tbe 12, hours. '
The relative humidity at Red Bluff was S3 and
at Fresno 70 per cent.
Following Is the forecast for the 30 hours end-
Injr at midnignt February 9. 1910:
San Fram-Iseo and vicinity— Cloudy , Wednes
day, with rain: brisk south winds.
Northern California — Cloudy Wednesday, with
rain in the Sacramento valley, threatening else
where: moderate south winds.
Southern California — Fair Wednesday; light
frost in the morning; light north winds.
A. G. McADIE, District Forecaster.
Gilllgan, a former convict, was arrested yes
terday on two cbarjres of passing fictitious
checks on A. W. Fink, California market, and
W. Miller, . Spreckels market, for small
i^ . Steamers leave for Sonth-
'^^VP^^ffiSV crn California and Mexico
/*#!• from Steuart Street Wharf.
l^X&Sfa V^l For Pnget Sonnrt Ports and
I I Y^Srak 1 1 Eureka, from B'way wharf.
\^i^>»^y SAX DIEGO
G0vern0r...... ;..... Feb. 20, Mar. 7, 22, 2 p. tn.
President V. Mar. 29. 2 p. m.
Queen \u0084 Feb."" 12, 27, Mar. 14, 2 p. m.
\u2666RoBa.Feb. 9, 10, 24, Mar. 3. 11, 18, 26, 11 a. m.
•Only steamer calling at^ Santa Barbara.
Connecting at Seattle for S'E. Alaska, Skagway,
Dawson, Fairbanks.
Governor ..Feb. 10, 25. Mar. 12, 27, 4 p. m.
President... Mar. 19, 4 p. m.
Queen. Feb. 17. Mar. 4, 4 p. m.
City of Puebfa.Feb. 13. 2S. Mar. 15, 30, 11 a. m.
Umatilla Feb. 21, Mar. 8, 23, 11 a. m.
Topeka. Feb. 11, 16, 21, 26; Mar. 3, 8, 13. 10 am.
Senator, Mar. .7. Round trip exclusion, 21 days,
n Including Berth and Meals, ?75.
ALASKA CRUISES, 1910— Leave Seattle
Spokane.. June 14, 23; July 12, 26; Aug. 9, 10 p.m.
Queen..... .July 12, 20, 8 p. in.
\u25a0 Right reserved to- change this schedule.
TICKET OFFICES— (Palaca Hotel) 633 Market
st, 3 Market st. and Docka. \u25a0 ;-;i
Telephone Kearny 492.
OAKLAND— II2O Broadway. Tel. Oakland 5680.
O. D. DUN ANN. General Passenger Agent.
Tebauolepec Route
• York every six days, making direct connection
with Pacific steamers sailing \u25a0 from Sallna Cnu,
Mexico. - every nix days for San Francisco. \u25a0
Also to Mexican and all principal European ports
nnder through rate and through. bills of lading.
Sal lines from Sun Francisco every 12 days.
2S days, and. via Puget Sound every:l2 days. -~.
For rates and farther particulars apply to
DEARBORN & LAPHAM. General Agents. 8
Bridge st.. New York; WILLIAMS, DIMOND &
CO., General Agents, » Pacific Coast, . , \u25a0
• \u25a0 310 Sansome st.. Pan Francisco.
Bellingham, Anacortea. Everett, Port Town-
Rend, .Victoria, Vancouver and all Alaska
Ports./. ..; : \u25a0 '" ; : ;\u25a0" ,' . _" : : -....
S. S. BUCKMAN.. ....Peh. 5
S. S. ADMIRAL. SAMPSON.. .......Feb. 10
S. S. i WAT50N. . ....:... Feb. 15
Los Angeles Direct
S. S. ADMIRAL 5AMP50N.. ... ..... Feb. 6
Sailings fj;om Howard Street Wharf No. 3.
Alaska Pacific Steamship Co;
i ; SallinjT' from Howard. Street .Wharf , No. 3.
i S. S. Ohlyo Maru...V..Tuesday,'February 15,1910
' S S..Tenyo Marn.'.V: .. .'. Tuesday.- March IS, 1910
!s. S. Nippon - Maru. V. ...... Tuesday, April 5. 1910
8 Steamers sail from ' company's piers, Nos. - 42,
44 near foot of Second st., at.l p. m.". for Yoko-
hama . and . Hongkong, \u25a0 calling Honolulu, \u25a0 Kobe
(Hioßo) , ; and 1 Nagasaki and - Sbanplial. aad . con-
necting at I Hongkong with steamers : for Manila.
iDilin. etc." : NOicargo received; on board on : day
\u25a0 Of sailing. : Bound trip "tickets at reduced rates.
': For, freight s and :passage apply at office. 2W
James Flood building. ~* W. H. AVEBY, ; .- ;
'. -.-; \u25a0'\u25a0 . \u25a0; : : ...•". Assistant j General i Manager,'-:
UAIIAI 111 II S.S. Alameda.' sails 11 a.
rli llMlll 111 IJ m- e b. 12, 1910. Special
M."'"V L V."-~: round, trip, |110 Ist; class.
Mariposa" Balls i ll?a;rn:.'s MarV\ 10. " Special
round Urip,' Tahiti.? $125! first iclasa." \u25a0 .:• '
OCEANIC : S.I S. ! CO.T 673 Mkt.'g, T.t Krny .: 1231
WORTH $500,000
LovelJ Whitens Will Divides
Possessions Between His
Widow and Son
The will Lovell "White, who was
president of the Saji Francisco savings
union, filed for pro r bate yesterday, dis
poses of an estate worth approximately
$500,000. iHalf of this, being com
munity .property, goes to the widow,
Laura Lyon White, who lives at the
family resfdence, 1616 Clay street, and
the bulk of the remainder is willed to
Ralston Lovell White, son of the
Apart from the division of the estate
between his widow and son. White
makes a number of small bequests, the
largest of which is a trust in which
|3,000 is placed for the education and
maintenance of the three children of a
dead nephew, Nathan White. Of these
three children, but two, Natalie and
Lawrence White, are now alive. They
live in the Philippine islands.
Lovell names as. executors of his will
his' :widow, his son and Robert X.
Welch, cashier of the San Francisco
savings union.
\u25a0Accusing Alice Smith of neglect of
l^w^TraTL^ EaTisjl g^^ >|^Si &?*" W<cv« jj esg fi^J
Leave ; (Foot of Market Street) Arrive
2.15 a Nilss, Livermore, Tracy, Lathrop,
Stockton, Lodi, Sacramento 10.33?
6.40* Hflyward. Mi*. Fan Jose. 7,CBa
7.00 a Richmond, Port Co.-ta. Becicia, Suisun,
Dixon, Sacrsmento, Roseville, Marys-
ville. Redding. Dunsanuir 7.28?
7.00 a Qmira, Vacaviile, Runixey. 7.28p
7.00 a Daris, Woodland (Jlaryrrille. Oro-
vOle). Williams, Jlamrdl, Willows,
Hamilton. Corning. Red B!u£f '.. 723p
7.00 a Newark, San Jose. Los Gatos. Wright,
Feltyn (Boulder Creek). Santa Cruz . . 9.58»
740 a Vallejo, Napa, Calistoga, Santa Rosa,
i Martinez, ban Ramon 6.08?
. 40a Niles, Pleasanton. Livermore. Alta-
moat, Lathrop, Stockton 7.23p
7.40 a Tracy, Los Banos. Kerrcan, Fresno,
>, Hanford, Vbalia. 4.23?
20a Port Costa, Martinez, Byron, Trsry.
Stocktoa, Merced, Fresno. Goshen
Junction (Hanford, Armona), Visalia,
Portervine, Bakf rsficld 4.48p
8.20 a Yosemite Valley via Merced. 7.48p
9.00 a Xflw, Livermore, Stockton (*MQton).
Valley Sping, lone, Sacramento. 4.28>
9.00 a Sonora, Tuolurane and Angels 4.28?
9.00 a Atlantic Express — Sacramento. True-
k«e, Ozdea, Salt Lake City. Denver.
Kansas City, Omaha, Chicago 8.28?
9.40 a Richmond, Port Costa, Martiaea,
Bay Point „. 6.48p
1 0.20 a Vallcjo M.ire Uknd, N'apa II .28a
10.20 a Los Angeles Passensrcr— Port Costa,
Martinez, Byron, Tracy, Stockton.
'. Merced. Fresno, Hanford, Visalia,
Bakersfield. Los Angeles 7.48p
10.40* San Francisco Overland Limited-
Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis,
Omaha, Chicago 7.28?
11. 20 a Sh-.sta limited— Portland, Tacoma,
Settle 9.18p
12.00n GoldSeld Pass.— Port Costa. Benicia,
Sacramento. -Truckee, Hazen. Mica.
Tonopah. GotdSeJJ. Law?, Keder.... 7.48 a
1 2.00n Mirysville, Chico, Red Bluff ; 4.28p
1. 20p Kiles, Irviatcton, San Jose 2.48p ,
1.40p San Leamiro, Nfles, Ccntervile, f S.Cfia
Newark, San Jose. 1 7.25?
1.40p Newark, San Jose. Lor Gatos, Wright,
Fdt4>n (Boulder Creek), Santa Cnu. . 9.58p
2.40p San Leandro, Niles, San Jose. 9.28 a
. 3.00p Benicia, Winters. Sacramento^ — Wood-
land, Marysville, Oroville — Yoio,
Arbuckle, WaiLims, Willows 1 0.48 a
3.00p Via Sausalito, West Napa, St. Helena,
Calistocs 10.37 a
a2op Port Costa (Stockton), Martinez,/ 12.C8p
Byron, Modesto, Merced, Fresno. . \ 10.38p
4.00? Vallejo, Napa. Calistoga, Santa Rora,
Martinez, San Hamon, Dougherty,
Livermore.^ 9.28 a
4.00p NOes (Cectervflle), Tracy, Stockton f 10.23*
Lodi \ 10.38p
I 4.40 p San Leandro, Hayward. Niles, Plcss-
i snton, Livermore, Tracy. Newman,
Kerman, Fre5n0.......: 8.23 a
SJX)p Richmond, Pinole, Vallejo, Port ) \u0084
Costa, Benicia. Suisnn. Sacramento } r £;*
— RoseviUe, Marysville, Oroville. . . J ' uu ?
5.00p Russell, San Jose, Los Gatos {
6.20p San Leandro, Niles. San Jose. 7.48*
6.00p Owl Limited— Lou Angele* B.oBa
6.40p Eastern Express — Osdcn, Pueblo, Dea-
rer. Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago. . '
Port Costa, Benicia, Sacramento,
Reao, Sparks. .-. . . 8.28p
6.40j> Hayward, Niles and San Jose 6.48p
J7.00p Valtejo, Port Costa, Martines, Bay
Point and Way Station* JII.I8?
7.40p Richmond, Port Costa, Byron, Tracy.
Lathrop, Stockton 12.43?
8.20p Oregon, Express— Davis. (Sacramento),
Willows, Redding (Kbmath Falls).
Ashland, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle,
Spokane 9.48 a
9.00? China and Japan Fast Mail — Ogden,
Cheyenne. lVnver, Kansas City,
Omaha, Chicago 2.43?
9.40p Saturdays — Hunters train, San Jose
via Newark *7.48p
1 1.00? Niles, Pleasanton. Livcraore. Lathrop,
Modesto, Merced, Fresno, Hanford . . 10.38?
11.40p Portland Express — Sacramento, Marys-
ville, Red Blu£f, Weed, Ashland, Port-
*- \u25a0 land, Tacoma. Seattle 12.28?
NETHERLANDS ROUTE— From Pacific Streat Wharf.
tl.OOp Sacramento River Steamers. t".3Cp
. Stmr. Apache, Mon., Wed., Fri
- Stmr. Navajo, Tues.. Thurs.. Sat.
Mirket Street Wharf— Week Days— Hourly from 6.00
ajn. to 9.00 p.m. Sundays— 6.4s, 8.15. 9.45, 11.15
a.m.. 12.45. 8.15. 3.45. 3.13. 6.45. 5.15 and 9.45 p.m. .
To Oakland and Alameda— l6.lo. t&45 a.ra., and then
10 and 45 minutes pest the hour until 7.43 pjn.: then
8.30, 9.15. 10.00, 10.45. 11.30 p.m. and 12.15 ajn.
To AUmeda and FruiNalt via Horwhoe tame n tbov.
a for Morning. p for Afternoon. I
\u25a0t Sunday exeepted. * Sunday only. J
Trains Leave
V^p7 San Francisco
V»^y Market Street
Ferry Depot
Leave For- |A.M.| P.M.
Bakersfield ...... 7:15 8:00-10:00
Chicago ........ 7:158:00-10:00
Fresno .......... 7:15 4.-00-8 :00-10:00
Grand Canyon... 7:15 8:10-10:00 ]
Hanford ........ 7:15 .. ..-10:00
Kansas City...'.. 7:15 8:00-10:00
Merced . : . . . . . • 7:15 4:00- 8:00-10-00
\u2666Stockton ....... 7:15 4:00- 8:00-10:00
Stockton, Oakdale
& Sierra Rail-
. way Points. . . . 9:45
Tulare ;.....:. 7:15 8:00-10:00
Visalia ;......... 7:15 8:00-10:00 i
.Yosemite . . . .'. . .|7:ls[.
\u2666Stoclcton Local lea-res 1:25 p. m. -—\
California Limited through to Chicago leaves
atUO:00 p. m. Offices — 673 Market street and
Market street Ferry Depot, San Francisco; 1112
Broadway, Oakland. ,: • "
• F. S. Stratton. Receiver. N
Lt. S. ": F. daily— l» :00a, : *4 :30 p. •' Ar. S- F.
daily— t3:lsp.*B:23a. N
•Arleta. . : fTun'tas Glen; stage for San Gre-
porio and Pescadero.'- r
: Vallejo, Napa, St. Helena
Montlcello S.sff.tCo. and Napa V«ll*y Electric'
B. B. '. C 0... Close connections. . -
; • Boats ' leave ' San * Francisco 7:00 V. *9:45 • £. . m.,
12:30 noon, »3:15;- 6:00, ;.»S:30 p.m." :
;>* San '.Francisco -landing i and ' offlce."- Clay.- street
wharf, \u25a0 north ': end . ferry \u25a0 building. \u25a0- Market street
ferry. xMeaJs a>la cartel :;. Phone Kearny 4C6. "
' 'Lands i navy; yard direct.: . . ..' . \u25a0\u25a0 - . .
Cl head of. large horses, mares, mules and
ponies. This :*tock must and will be x>M to high-
est bidder.. No reserve. Also wa^ona and har-
ness. «VO 4th af.. N Oakland.
THURSDAY. February 10. at 11 a. m.. 2C5-209
Valencia st.. $0 head of city and ranca hordes,
wajcons. busbies, carts and harnesx. Everything
must be sold. Outside Block .»> ui! Un commission.
Phone Park 2723. TVM. CLOrGH. Anotione*r.
her duties as* administrntrix of the
estate of Martin IXcDermott, her father.
Annie Mass and Gertrude McDermott
Fisher filed a petition with the su
perior court to have her removed. The
petitioners are the children of John
McDermott, son of Martin McDermott,
who has died since the death of his
father. It is charged that although
Martin McDermott died April 10, 1906.
Mrs. Smfth has filed no inventory anil
appraisement of the estate, has neg
lected to give notice to creditors to
present their claims and has rendered
no account to the court of money re
ceived by her and money expended.
The estate is worth less than $10,000.
Judge Coffey will hear the petition
February 16.
COHEX A3RAIGi;ED— Casper Cohen, former
register clerk in the tix-al postofflce. was ar
raigned yesterday in the Cnlted States district
conrt on the charge of looting the malls. Sat
urday he will enter his plea, which, from an
intimation by his attoraey, will be that of
leare (Third snd Townsend Streets) Arrive
15.25 a Loop— 23i Street, \L-kacion. South
Saa Francisco, Valeacia Street t6-35*
t5.35i Loop — Valencia Street, Ocean View,
Cemrttries, "South San Fnncisco,
23.1 Street. 3rd and Tovrnsend t€-*S«
6^ot South fcan Francisco, San Jcse. Gilroy.
\u25a0 (HoUister), Sargent, I"ajaro, Wataon-
Tille, Ssnta frua. 7.5Cp
7.00 a South San Francisco. Palo Alto. S»a
Jose, Way Stations 7 35a
7.00 a Ma\iield. Lo* Altos. lx>s Gstos t7.20?
8 COa Shore Line Lhaiteii— Paso Robles Hot
Spring?. Santa Barbara, Lo« Angeles. 9^o^
aosa The Coaster— Saa Jose. Pajaro (Wat-
s^nraie, Santa Cru2>. Castrovillai
(Del Ilonte, Monterey. PariSc GroT? ).
Sslrßa?, Soleda.}, Taso Robles Hot
Sprinzs, Saa LuU Obijpo, Surf,
(Lompoe' l , Santa Barbara, Ventura,
Oxnard, Los Angles UA5f
a2O» MaySeid. L«9 titos, Los Caws, Wright. :%', \u25a0,-
Glccwoort( Boulder Oek), S;mta Cruz,
Watsonrille, Castroville. Del Monte,
Monterey, Pacific Grove 9.00?
9.00 a San Jose, Gilroy, Salinas, Paso Robles
Hot Springs, San Luis Obirpo — Tres
Pinos— Watsonvi>. Santa C'rm, 1 Del
Monte. Monterey. Pariac GniTe * 4.00p
10.40 a South San Francisco. BuriiKgame, San
Mateo, Palo Alto, Saa Jose 6.30 a
10.40 a Los Altos. Monta Vista, Los Gates. . { *
11.30* Valencia Street, Ocwn View. Coltaa,
Cemeteries. Baden. San Bruno I -35p
1 1.40 a South San Francisco. Sa.a Jose tB.2Ca
• 2.OCp ~M Monte Express— San Jose. Gilrov.
Sargent (WatsonTille, Santa Cn»),
Del ilonte, llonterey. Pacific Grove. 12.30?
2.05p South San Francisco. Palo Alto, San
Jo« 8.40 a
f2.05p Los Altos, Jlonta Vist 3» Los Gatos^. . t3.2Cp
3Xojj Sooth ?:ib Francisco, San Mateo, Saa
Jose. Gilroy, Tre» Pinos. Salbas (o. loa
3.00? WatsonTille, Santa Croa. Casiroville,
1 Del Monte. Monterey. Pacific Grove. IO.OSa
3.43? Santa ( Lri, San Jose. Los Gatos,
Wright (Boulder Creek). Santa Cruz.
Watsonville. Pajaro 10.05 a
4,00p Sunset Express — Tucjon. IVmics.
El Paso, Houston. New Orleans.
Paso Robies Hot Sprinjrs. San L'jii
Obi.=po, Saata Barbara. Los Angetrs. 11.45S
4XXfy Kansas City, St. Louis. Chicago t • .40a
4.20p Sooth Francisco. San Josp t9-^oa
t5.00p Buriin?asie. San Mateo. Palo Alto.
San Jo» snd Way Stations 9.40 a
f5.05p Loop— 23d Street, Viritacicn. South
San Francisco, Vslencia Sireft t6- '5?
t5.20p Redwood. P»b Alto, San Jose l.lOp
tS.2Op Los Altos, Monta VL<a, Los Gaioa... +3.20p
t5.25p Burlingame. San Mateo, San Jose. 13.20p
t5.30? Loop— Valencia Street. Ocean View.
Gerarteries. South San Francisco.
23d Street. 3d and Townsend f6.40p
5.40? San Brano. San Mateo, Redwood, Palo
Alto, Santa Clara. San Jcse 7.40 a
J5.4Cp Los Altos. Monta Vista. Lea Gatos. . . J9. 40a
t6.00p Mnibrae. San Mateo, Palo Alto, May-
field, Los Altos. Los Gato? tS CCa
t6.05? 23 1 Street, Visitaeion. South Saa
Francisco, Valencia Street t7.15p
f 5.25? Loop — Valencia Street. Ocean View,
Cemeteries, South San Francisco,
23d Street. 3d and To-rascnd * f7.4oi>
6.30 p South San Francisco. San Jose SAC?
8-00? LosAnaelesPasenspr— Gilroy.Salinas.
Pa3> Robies Hot Sprinz?, San Luis
Obispo. Piano. Santa Barbara, Loa
Annies &3C
11. 45p South San Francisco, Palo Alto.f 7.20?
San Jog-. 1 7 30i»
To Oakland. Berkeley, . Barryman. Cast Oakland and
Fruitval* — Daily— From &00 a.m., arl every twenfy
minutes nntil 7.00 pjn. indusrv-e: R:ea 7.40. 8.20,
P.OO. 9.40, 10.20, 11.00 and IL4O p.m.. UCO and
1.20 ajn.
To Sather and Mslros* via Seventh St. — Daily— From
6.00 aja, and every twenty minntes until 7.00 pjn.
iarlusive. then 11.40 p.m.
To Stonehurtt— Da2n— «tOa 7.00, 8.00, 9.00 *jn.. 2.20.
aOO. 4.00, 3.Ca 5.40 pjn.
To Oakland Firtt St.. - Fnritvab. Alameda. via Hot teihe*
— Daßy— From tAOO. 6.20 anc j every taenty -
minutes until 8.20 a.m. inch:?ive: then 9.00, !>.20. '
10.00, 10.20. 11.00. 11.20 »jju, lim.. 12.20. 1.00. 1.20. i
2.00. 2^o, 3.00, 3.20. ?a4O pjn. and erenr twenty |
minutes until 7 p.m. inclusive; 7.40. 8.20. 9.00. fl.tf),
10.20, 11.00 snd 11.40 p.m.. I*2o and 1.20 ajn.
Additional train to Oakland First St. 2J5 ajn.
To Wttt Berkeley— Daily— From 6.00 ajn. and every
twenty minutes until 8.20 ajn. inclusive; thra 9.C0 ajn.
and every hour until 4.00 pjn. inclusive; then 4.20 p.m.
and every twenty minutes nnta 7.00 pjn. inclusive; -
then 7.40. &20. 9.00. 9 4U, 10.20. 1 1.00. 1 L40 pjn. an«
To Corbin — Daily — From 6. C0 s.m. and every 20 minutes
until 8.20 a.ro.. then 9.00, 10.00 ».m.. 12.C0 m.. LCO.
2.0q 3.00. 4.00. 4.20. 4.40. 5.C0. 5.20. a 40 nnd &00 p m.
I Union Tramfer Co. authored to check Bagjago
1 direct from rendence.
/oSs&\ Schedule Effective
vSx) iNovem ber 15, 1909
San Francisco
Leave VIA' SACSAHTO Arrlv»
7:40 a Petaluma. .Santa Kosa. Healds-I
burg. Cloverdale. UkUh, WUUts.
««. Sherwood. Sebastopol. •Guerne-
"fUie. \u25a0•ML Bio. *Doncan Mill*.. «:17;>
8:C0a *Pt. Reyes. »Mt. Bio_, 'Cajadero.. t(J:STp
9:20 a "Sonoma, ••Glen E»n tS:STp
t9:ooall'etalnma. Santa Rosa, Cloverdale t?:37*
ll:(A)a[Petaluma. Santa Bo«a :.... 4:I7»
o:oop!l'etaluma. Santa Rosa. B-nMsbnrjr.
Cloverdale, ITklah. Guernrvilie,
Mt. Kio. Duncan MI!U. Sehas-
topol 10:37 a
T4:oOpPt. Beyes. Occidental
4 :40p Sonoma, Glen Ellen .' 9:17*
s:2op'Petalnma. Santa Roa» > B^7a
Saosalito, Mill Valley, Saa Rafael — Dally
every 4a minutes from 7:00 a. m. until 9:00 a.
m. : then hourly nntll 4:00 p. m.: then every 4U
minutes nntll 6:40 p. tn. ; then 9:00 and 10:00
p. m. and 12:01 a. m.
Fairfax— Leave San Franct'tco t":00, TMO, H:2O.
0:C0. 10:00, 11:00 a. m.. |12:0O noon. 11:00,
2:W, 4:00. 4:40, 3:20 and 6:00 p. m.
San Questia via. Saa Rafael — Leave 9'oo a. m.
and 2:00 .p. m.
Tiaurcn and Belretlere — {7:00. |7:40, 10:13
a. m. (§12:00 noon, except Saturday), 112:3i>.
14:00. |s^o. 7:13 p. m. Sundays, |7:00, 17:40.
10:15 a. m.. 12:30, |4:t>, |5:20, 7:15 p. mTt
|12:01 a. m. - .
•Sunday arrive 7:37 p. m. ••Sunday -arri»^
6:37 p. t m. tExcept Sunday. JSonday only.
only. |Vla Sansallto. ...
Pacific Transfer Company 'a azents are author. \u25a0
ized to check bassase direct from residence.
V*Ai* 7l7 l Saday W«efci»y' Swaty W«AJarf Sroby
ToTooir9:o9a t7:3sa| IWjJp ?:35ah10:48«
*4:40p 11:00 a 32:55?; 3:o|p 4:2§Pf 1:45?
1:00p 4:30p 4:26? *9:tSp 2:52?
2:00 p...... 5:10? ...... v
•Sat. only. tMon. only. eTamalpai« only.- fMnir ontr
: - Tttkrt Offices-t^uaalito Ferry and Si 4 Market \u25a0 .
General Office— lW Valley. Caßfarma
-TAVERH OFTAMALPAlS^atairiiUmna; /.

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