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Work on the Arena Is Being Rushed and
Structure Will Be Ready Soon"
The N"e!s6ii-\Yolgast boom lias struck Richmond with a thud, and every
tight fan on both sides of the bay has taken up the" cry till it seems to
resound from all the hilltops. If the citizens of the progressive Contra
Costa county town can do any good for the match it bids fair to result
in one of the greatest ring attractions that California has ever known. All
they nrc praying for now is fine weather for Washington's birthday. If they
are :h;;s favored everything will work but to suit everybody.
True to his promise, Pat Dean >tartcd in on the mammoth arena
yesterday morning. Before nightfall 40,000 feet of lumber had been dumped
ai the ball park and a large squad of carpenters got busy with saws and
hammers.; Dean hopes that the arena v.ill be ready within 10 days. It will
be one <•!* the finest that the stale has ever known and will seat something
like -20.000 persons. Surely no more can". be expected to witness the battle.
The chamber of commerce, city officials, leading businessmen, and in fact
everybody iii Iht transbay city are boosting the right right up to the skies. A
comrfaiUce has been appointed to confer with the railroad companies regarding
special rates and f fta >t service on the day of the contest. This committee will
confer with the officials of the railroad today and it is expected that the details
v>fll be adjusted to lhe satisfaction of all concerned.
The selection of Eddie Smith as referee for the great championship
contest al>o seems to <have met with the approval of both lighters, their
managers and the patron- of the game. Tom Jones, speaking in behalf of
"Wolgasi. plainly stated hi^ position yesterday afternoon, which removed all
*]oi:bi that he feared he would iu>t get an even break.
"1 held out l\»r Jack Welsh because he is a personal friend of mine and
because he referced for VVolgast before and gave satisfaction." said Jones.
"Rather than put the match in jeopardy 1 finally agreed upon Eddie Smith.
Ijn not sorry, cither, for ! feel certain that Wolgast will get what is due
him. Anyhow, all we want is an even break. I trust Smith to give us this."
Jones and Wolgast are as confident that the little fellow will beat Nelson
as Nelson is that he will be returned the winner. They realize that there
v iil be no chance lor a decision to be rendered, for the reason that one of the
lighters vi!l surely take the count before the forty-fifth round has been
reached. This is a foregone conclusion.
As far a> Nelson i> concerned he is easily pleased. All a referee has to
• !'» when he fights is to stand back and watch for a foul. The Battler has
never been known to hold an opponent and so long as the other fellow does
not clinch him and hang on. the light is bound to be a clean, open one, which
i lie fans like so well to witness.
Doth Nelson and Wolgast arc eager to go over to Richmond for the
purpose of looking at the town and sizing up the arena. The Battler probablj'
will make the trip sonic day during the coming week. Woljast also plans to
pay the city a vi?-i: very sliortly. Needless to say. both will be welcomed
v kit open arm- l<y the citizens across the bay.
John K. Robinson. Nelson's manager, accompanied by Billy McCarncy.
the Philadelphia promoter, will cross the bay this morning for the purpose of
coVifcrring with Dean relative to various incidentals regarding the bout.
-They will be met by a committee headed by Dean and Mayor Willis, who will
i urn over 10 thorn the keys to the city.
The Battler lias lost another pound and a half. Yesterday when lie
jumped on die scales he discovered that he was down to 134JS. lie shook
hi> head and decided then and there to cut out his hard work for a few days.
Hal would be better satisfied if lie weighed about about 138 pounds, for then
he c««nlii bank on something to work off.
Nelson stepped six lively rounds yesterday afternoon with his brother
Arthur, Abe Silvermari and Joe Myers. A big crowd reported on the job to
watch him go through his stunts and he «howed them aj.l that he's the same
old lighting Dane that they know so well. He looks to be in grand shape
aiid boxes taster and better than ever.
Wolgast, on the other hand, proposes to increase his work daily. He
<ays that he i^ heavy enough and that he can afford to box from 10 to 20
rounds a day right up to within a couple of days of the fight. Me is doing
more and harder training for this fight than for any other which he ever
had in his lite.
Wolgast boxed 10 rounds yesterday afternoon with Hobo Dougherty and
;\vo more youths who were hanging around looking lor excrci>e. Manager
Jones wants to keep his little fighter busy all the time. If he is beaten by
NeUon, Wolgast can not say that lack of condition lost the battle for him.
J lc has everything in his favor so far as good form is to be considered.
White Sox Are to Meet
Japanese Nine
\u25a0Special Dispatch to The Call]
CHICAGO, Feb. ?.— For the first time
baseball a team from .lapan is lo in
rade the United States and will meet
Charles A. .Comlskey's White Sox.
A challenge has just been received
r the maste^ of the local American
eague club asking; him to set aside
dates for a scries while the Sox are
in California next month, and the Old
Uoman ha.* taken up the deti.
I»r-tiiils of the struggles have not
been arranged, but th<* Japanese will
:••> in California in March' and the
games will be played at San Francisco
or at Lros Ang«les, v r niay be divided
Stanford-Phoenix Game
Is Postponed

The baseball grame between the varsity
and Hi': Phoenix nine that was to have
i. -on played lure today had be called
\u0084ffon aeeoynt. of the fact that t!ie
field -was a. sea of mud. The game will
be played tomorrow, however, if the
rendition of the weather permit.". The
lirst game of the Snterclass series be
tween the freshmen and the sopho
mores, which was to have been played
tomorrow, is to be postponed until
later in the week, probably Frida*\
Juarez Results
.;.__ .\u2666;
' JI.*ARi:Z. Feb. it.—lxtns priced horses had jiu
sniiiiig Bt l>rrazas nark t«>d*y. S'-vonfull. fa
v-.ritf. won tbe handicap with Kddie Uugan up.
«ikl it <tm through his f"d hnwniant-hip tUat
\U» mare cot b<unc in from. The vtewarda t<»
• iji.r aun<juij'*fd thai e!itri»Mt of J. F. Dunirln have
lwi-ji rrfnse<j owing to the in aud out running
r.r :'„- bone Pedro. Summary:
fcl37. FIRST IIACK— Six furlong*; selling:
<»<l<ls. Horse. Wight am) J«*-kr.v. Fin.
vl- riunif. lOT. (1. W'U*on) J
\u25a0 ;-»— Myrtle Dixon. I<l3 iGnru<-ri :t
Time, 1:14. Tl»j-«l JVmi, Approbate. .Minnie
Itrlcbi. Vir^iiiia I.iruJser. Convenient, Klder,
lMna i;<Jw«rii>. M»rjuri«\ a!.-o rau.
CISB. SECOND RACE— Three and a half fur
longs; 2 year olds:
ortiii-. llorw, Weight and Jockey. Fin.
12-:— Ksllela. 110 <C«rner) VI
12-1 — Sultd, 110 ilAtaiici) ....'...... '1
Witli'-rs. 14.0 Ololosworilii *. V,
Tim«. :4l 1-.". Folk. Solito. Outfielder. Mack
H. O*v.-n TiiEi-. Vliulit Ben. i;ehlui<:ht. also ran.
6159. TIUCU RACE — Od<- mile; srlllng:
'Wd.*. Horse. Weight and Jwkcy. Fin.
id- Albion H. 107 (MH'arth.vj 1
»-2— Almona, »7 «J. Wilson • -
.VJ— Mis* VipiUnt. 102 <Oanierl :J
Time, 1:40 :{-5. JJnufton. OLJI" Burnett. Silmrl.
.Moliere. Alice CoHiiw, Esourt, Lady Garrt-u,
UjOtUe BoUn, Tiflii«, also run.
6140. FOURTH RACK— Sis furlong* :
<'fi<li-. Horse. Weight aad iockejrj Fin.
•\u2666.S—SeTenfall. 112 il»u?«nt 1
12- I— Glen Helen. I*2 *i. WTU.iui 2'
;;.j_.M<.,jd]iDc Uannxb. JVj (Uen<-!<-oteni . ::
Time. 1:12 V.-"j. Ktnj; Obalt, EMXij Tide, Kn
i;«-!d. Colonel Boli. tli»u rnn.
6141. FIFTH RACE— Six furlongs; sellinp:
nrids. Horse, Weight and Joeker. . Fin.
J.'.-l— Hubiola, 112 <t'n*r.vt 1
.V2 — Lj-kers, 11« <M«»1«**mor»ln 2
;;.j — Mauretsnia. 10.1 <<Jaraer» Z
Time, 1:14. Cardinal J-'artn, Yon Hamilton.
W. I'ritn* nf Ca^Ulf. I>i«-k Venial. Knntn> Ueg. H.
J. !-wimul*r, I-ady Adelaide, Ora Snddutli, aUo
6i?2. SIXTH RACE — ODe mile; sellius:
odd*. Horse, WeithJ and Jockey. Fin.
2-I— l"jiiitaMi<\ I"-*. M?i«nier> ....:... 1
.-.-1 — Sam T*yJnr. 1 1.1 lifnWn-nrtui ..:...'..... 2
4-I— Ap->losir.e. JO^i iMei'Mliej-t :;... :',
Time. |U» 2-5.';- l!itnl«ur;-, Keutible, UiUia^ya-,
Trout Farm to Operate
Fish Hatchery
SAN RAFAEL; Feb. 9. — The board of
supervisors has entered into an agree
ment by which the California trout
farm is <ynployed to operate the fish
hatchery at Inverness, a 20 year lease
to the properly having been trans
ferred to Marin county yesterday, by
George A. YV'entworth, secretary of the
trout farm company. •
J ii the hatchery at present are 500,000
salmon fry and 60,000 eastern brook
trout epgs in process of hatching.
The company, at its own expense,
will stock the. hatchery with spawn
and ova and raise young fish to sell
and to stock such streams ...f the
county as the supervisors shall dcs-
Harry Wolverton Comes
To Handle Oaks
Harry Wolvcrton, who will act as
playing manager of the Oakland base
ball team of the Pacific Coast league,
arrived from the oast last night.
Wolverton comes wHIr-a good reputa
tion and the Oakland fans look to him
to ke*>p tile Commuters in front in the
baseball race durinj? the coming: season.
Wolvprt<jn is a third baseman and. a
former bis leaguer. He played with
the Philadelphia and New York teams
of the Xational league. I.as't season
he played with an eastern minor league
and handled one of the clubs. \u25a0
Juarez Entries
FIRST RACE— Pis furlongs-
Siwus 112j*Bob Lynch 104
The Wolf KlslSociable 104
I>lf -.107i»Od,i Hoso "" w >
Kylo 107 »Nj| a JO2
I Camr-ra 107 Alarmed .... .).)
Mulitlno 107|»Charle« Foi .'..'.'.1 w
SECONIt ItACK— Seven furlongs:
nui Rramble 10'JiTod ion
<;«-orge Young 10N;I»ell »r Hrxs< |(J3
Mrs. \u25a0Nugent ..... ..107! Minnie Uansr.-rt "in:::
Don Hamilton llosJ*Altenb£rg ." . io - t ;
Billy Taylor 105 *Sabado ...Kio
Johu Sparks 103'
THini> IJACF^-Five furlongs:
Light Knight lo7!SHver Sto<-kiug . 100 !
Joe Stoke« ITOlJolly , us i
Gypfy King .101'jOcejiu yue-n .... !! m;
Force lOllHannnh I»nise ....y<3
FOntTH UACK— Seven furlongs: |
Stemlal ..112|Hard)yson ' 10!)
Engraver 101>,Ch««iwardine f.104
Tom Franks l(K>i*Kot»»-k ' ioi
MMick -.lUSl'McNally ...'.'.'.'.'.'.' '.104
. FIFTH UACE— Six furlongs:-
Deuce 114 lA-i>u «'. Wolf . 10S
Gibson 11l •Berfinout -.-\u25a0„ 'iik;
Joe Khri.l 11l "Airs "104
liegards ..1<)!» 'Pops ...,'.... .iior,
<»«-orge Goytxra . lOSj'I-oulsa V . . ." j<ri
SIXTH itACE— One and a sixteenth miles:
Alma Boy .107| # I»ene. \u25a0'lfirt
Miss Mda .......... KJ.-.i»Usta .V.lO-V
Gerrymander ..102i*Anne McGee .'..{.'; 03
\u25a0 - - • -
•Apprentice allowance., -. .
WINNIPEG, Man., Feb. S.—The
twenty-second annual bonnspicl opened
here last night with 11*0 rinks entered,
inoludin^.two each from St.-Paul,''Min
neapolis and Duluth and liutte, Mont.
• XEKDLES,- Cal., Feb. !>.— Edward
Pays on , Weslon,. the \u25a0•[ pedestrian, .ar
rived here at 3:20 this- ufternon, • and,
after, taking a six hour rest, 1 proceeded
eastward.; lie is in sood health and
spirits- : " V.
•-\u25a0\u25a0>\u25a0-? \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0. \u25a0' . \u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0• \u25a0 .-.-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 - \u25a0 "\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 :\u25a0:\u25a0-..:• .?-.-;,.—
THE SAN FKAff CISCO •\u25a0\u25a0: CALL. -THURSDAY; EEBRU ARY y. TIP,- 1910.
Black Demon Sore and Believes
He Was Robbed; Flynn
Alter. n. etc tic I
[Special Dispalch to The Call]
LOS ANGELES, Feb. 9. — Following
the remarkable showing made by Jim
Flynri against Sam Langford at Mc-
Carey's pavilion last night the air to
day is full of challenges. Langford is
sore, believes he won and wants-an
other chance at Flynn over any route.
Flynn is out after Ketohel and chal
lenges the erstwhile Montana cyclone
to a bout, either 10 rounds or 45, win
ner take all, and a side bet to boot.
Jim Barry is after either Flynn or
Langford and probably will be put on
with the former at 45 rounds March
17 at Jeffries Vernon arena. Fight fol
lowers and puglHstic experts are di
vided in the decision. The third morn
ing paper gave it to Langford and an
evening sporting extra. calls it a draw.
Joe Woodman, Langford's manager, de
clares his man was robbed of the de
cision and threatens to . never allow
him to light' again in Los Angeles.
Undoubtedly Flynn made a better
showing than was expected even by
his friends. He made his good show
ing by keping right on top of Lang
ford all the time, and the. black ter
ror could not open up the fireman's
defense to land a knockout. Both men
fouled so repeatedly by butting each
other in the face that many fight fol
lowers declared both should' have been
disqualified and the match stopped.
Portland Fans Rejoice
Over Seattle Decision
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
PORTLAND, Feb. it. — Portland base
ball fans are rejoicing over the assur
ance brought from Seattle tonight by
W. H. Lxicas, president of the North
western league, that there will be no
Portland team in the class B league
this year. This also shuts out" Aber
deen's aspiration;?.
President Lucas says the court de- j
eision in Seattle Monday denying j
Aberdeen's injunction against comple
tion of a four team schedule has for
ever settled the controversy \u25a0 which i
broke with such force when J. Cal !
Ewing introduced and had passed his
resolution for Manager Rowland in the
recent meeting' of the Coast league
"Walter McCredie is relieved of fur
ther.worry, and Congressman McCredie
is not in a position to come to the res
cue, much as he might desire.
Will Urge Permanent Industrial
Many phases of its work were con
sidered at the regular executive meet
ingr of the San Francisco branch of the
National Industrial Peace association,
held at the St. Francis hotel Tuesday.
George W. Caswcll, chairman, presided
over the meeting 1 . The following com
mittee was appointed to meet with
the Planing Mill Men's association at
the Builders' Exchange, 180 Jessie
street, last evening': President J.
Xieto, Llppmann Sachs. George AY. Cas
well, A. AY. Scott Jr., David Livingston.
Rev. Jacob Nieto, president of the
branch, was . appointed a committee of
one to secure speakers for an open
meeting to be held in belialf of per
manent industrial peace.'
In compliance with an invitation
from the Italian chamber of commerce,
George AA\ Caswell wnd George Ren
ner were appointed a committee to ad
dress the directors of the chamber at
3 o"clock today.' j
Lippmann Sachs, George \V. Caswell,
George Renner, David Livingston, C. W.
Riffee and Dr. C. A. AVoolsey were ap
pointed a special committee of ways
and mean 3to carry on the future work
of the association.. .
The reports of the secretary and
treasurer showed flattering results of
the interest aroused by the association
among the people.
Items of Interest to Mariners
of the Pacific
ASTORIA, F«ifT o.— Steamer Smita Clara ar
rived ti»day from San Francisco with freight and
passengers and left up the river for Portland.
Frem-ii bark Belen, in ballast for New Caledo
nia, wag towed to sea tliis inornlnjr.
Sebooner Mabel Gale cleared at the custom
bouse today fur San Francisco with -V cargo of
SSO.OdO feet of. lumber loaded at Kalama.
- Steam schooner Coaster, with a cargo of Inm
bf-r from tUe Hammond mill for tian Francisco,
u-ent to s<-a tliis 'morning.
St<-nimr Alliance" nrrived this morning from
Cpoa b»y with freight and palwengers.
Steamer Sue H. Klmore sailed this morning
for Tiliamook witii rrefk-ht. and passciißers.
' I.ishtliouse tender Mnnzanlta went outside
Tnesilay and placed an obstruction buoy »t the.
end of the jetty lo mark the rook where the
superstructure has been destroyed by the storms
and which, until it is built up to Uigb water
mark, is a menace to navigation. ,
Steamer Ito.inoKe saile<l tiiis morning for San
Francisco wltli freight and Tiasseiigers. '
Steamer Breakwater sailed this morning for
Coos bay with freight and passengers, and from
there it will proceed to San Francisco, where it
will, remain for two months, beinj: overhauled. .
POHTLAND. Feb. o.— The lighthouse tender
Manzanlta placed a buoy yesterday to mark the.
Columbia river jetty. The bnoy was placed 1,000
feet off the end of and in line with the jetty.
Steamer Nome City will load 875,000 feet of
lumber nt the Imnan-Poulsen mills and at St.
Julius, for San Pedro. """
Carrying passengers and freight the steamer
Santa Clara, Captain N'oreu, arrived this after
noon from San Francisco.';-
British steamer M. S. Dollar. Captnin Morton,
finished loading ber cargo of about u,].">0.000 feet
of lumber this afternoon. Her cargo goes to Mel
When she leaves port this time the oriental
liner Ilenrik Ibsen. Captain Smith, will, "have
aboard lumber for Manila. She will go by 1 way
of Japanese ports and Hongkong, but will prob
ably not touch: at the latter place on her 11
turn trip. It In not known yet whether she will
Uave cargo from Manila or. not.
SEATTLE, Feb. 0. — Arrived— Steamer I'nm
ttlla. from San Francisco: steamer Delhi, from
San Francis<'o; steamer Santa Ana. from' Ta
coma;. I'nlted • States steamship . Itush, from Ju
ncan. . \u0084 ... . •,
. Sailed— steamer Charlesi- Nelson. for.Dnpont;
ISr steamer Ayraeric. . for the orient: steamer
Isthmian, for liellingham; United States steam-
Hhlp Tahoma/. for Sownrd; steamer. Buckman, for
Tacoma; steamer- I>elhl, for "Tacoma; steamer
Umatilla. for Tacom.a.
OLYMPIA, Feb.' o.— Sailed— Schooner Oakland,
for San Francisco.
TACOMA, Feb. • o.— Arrived: I Steamer Hllo
nlau, steamer Delhi and steamer Buekman.-from
.San Francisco.
Departed: Steamer Santa Ana,^ for. Seattle.
LOS ANGELES,' Feb.' ft.— Arrived— Steamer
Vellowstone, from Grays Harbor: steamer Sajri
naw,' from- Tacoma; steamer • Daisy Mitchell
from Willapa harlnir. - • • \u0084. ,c _\u25a0->. '
-Sailed— Steareer Klamaih. for San Diego*
steamer Despatch, for. Kurefca; steamer Helen
P. Drew, for Creenwood; steamer James S.lllg
glns, for Fort liragg.
Army Transports
The Croftk Is in port. - - :•\u25a0 •-/ -,-.
The Tlmmas sailed Jannary 13 from Honolulu
for Manila.' . •-\u25a0•-' - - -\u25a0 \u25a0 . .
Th« Warren Is nt Munll.i. \u25a0-;;:'
Tl»«"I)Ix sailed December 15. from Seattle for
Mnniia. , : . ;
.Tiio.l.^gmi Is fine lipreJVliniiiiT 11-.I 1 -.
Tl;o liiifnnl. is. in poet. * * . .
; The saile.Hfor. Manila FibruaiiM o. -
The Sueriunu is. hi |»nu ' -...-•\u25a0
Large Crowd Views First Game
Between Demarest and Cut*
ler at the Graney
! ' ; \u25a0
Local billiard enthusiasts enjdyed-;a
rare' treat in the Graney billiard room
last night, when Calvin Demarest 'of
Chicago and Bert Cutler of Boston per
formed in the first of a series of exhi
bitions that will! continue \u25a0' for , the next
; two "weeks. A crowd of 500 was" on
hand to see the sport.
The experts first engaged ..in a game
of "red ball," which^Cutler won, 10 to
7. This style of billiards proved an in
teresting novelty and at- the conclu
sion of the match the winner- was
\u25a0warmly applauded.. . ' •"• ~~
A 200 point 18.1 balk line game fol
lowed, which -Demarest won after a
keen contest. The Chicago '• l^d' broke
into his best stride right off the reel
and, despite lack_ of practice,', com
pleted his string of 280. in eight shots..
He finished with, an uncompleted 'run
of 01.
Demarest's style , of play was a. sort
of a revelation to the spectators. The
Chicagoan steps around the play at a
10 second clip and shoots : so. rapidly
that he seems -to; take 'no aim what
ever. --Being especially sure of his
masse shots, he frequently indulged in
them, which adds much of the spectac- %
.ular to his game. He gave a startling*
exhibition of fancy shots just before
the red bail game.
Tho scoi-p. of last nlffht's lialk line jramT -
/ Doniaifst— o-37-0-14-2-5 3-0-91— 200; average. 23.
Cntlpi-— S-O-32-13 -6-11-22— S'J; ayoraße, VZ 5-7. |
Tonight Harry:: \u25a0.Clint;, the present
world's champion, is ; play Cutler.
Red ball, three cushion and balk line
will comprise ' the exhibition. .Cutler
was far from being in form last night,
but he showed himself to be a high
class player. With a bit jof practice,
however, he Can make it quite interest
ing for either Cline or Demarest.
Hoppe Defeats Alorningstar
ROCHESTER, N. V., Feb. 9. — Willie
Hoppe defeated Ora Morningstar twice
here today at 18.2 balk line billiards.
In the afternoon the score was 300 to
242. Hoppe's high run was 69 and
Morningstar's 41. - .
Tonight Hoppe won a 400 point game.
He was in a run of 138 when the. four
hundredth button was counted, so he
continued imtil the miss, making 414
to Morningstar's 106.
Hoppe had. a second high run. of 63^
and Morningstar's high run was 41.
Wife of British Premier Christ
ens and Blesses Vessel
LONDON. Feb. 9. — The first unit
of the Australian navy was launched
at Govan, Scotland, this afternoon, Mrs.
Asquith doing: the honors. In chris
tening the ship the premier's wife said:
"First born of the commonwealth of
Australia's navy, I . name, you Parra
matta. God bless you. May you up
hold the glorious - traditions of the
British navy in the dominion over
seas." . \u25a0
The Parramatta is a torpedo boat de
stroyer of the improved river class and
registers 700 tons.
[Special Dispalch lo The" Call] "
SANTA. ROSA, Feb. 9.— The women
of Rlncori A'alley improvement club are
preparing to erect a clubhouse near
Melitta. They practically have raised
the necessary funds, and , had some
land, but on finding that they, required
more, asked Paul Bertoli of this city
to sell them a strip adjoining what they
owned, AVhen Bertoli learned the ob
ject.for which the land was desired, lie
gave the women what they required.
The work on the new club house will
begin in a short time.
I •\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0. lIJ3IRTHS. T^VKRRIAGES AND- DEATHS ll I
|" Notable Deaths "j
4,'liioaco. Feb. ». — Frederick Wentworth Mercer,
who reached the rank of surgeon major dur-
ing the civil war. died today. He was born
In St. John; N. B-, in IS3S. ;
Honolulu, Feb. 2.— A. W. Gilbert, a retired
druggist, formerly of San Diego and Seattle,
died here of heart disease. He was Uere with
his wife spending the winter. He" was .17
year.s old and a man of considerable . wealth.
Tboremains will-be shipped to Dayton. O. \u25a0
Marriage Licenses
' The following marriage license* were Issued
in San Francisco, Wednesday, February 0,1910:
CRAKDALL — MABI'RY— Ernest'A. Crundall, 24,
Atlanta. 111., «ud Nora E. Mabury, 21, Pa-
ciHc Grove. - ' ..
FIJKXCH— BEIIFELDT— Jay K. French, 2:!. B3
Albion aye., and Olga It. Berfeldt, 23, Oak-
GALLAND—HVDE— Bernard B. Oalland. 43,
I.'OO I'ost st., and Flora Hyde, SC, Merced."
MULLER— LYMAN— Adam Muller, G^l, and
Mnria Lyman, 50, both -of .3300 Laguna st. *
SANDBERG— NELSON — Undolf I. Sundberg, 4?,,
San francisco, and EHn Nelson, 32, 1231 San
Kruno nve. \u25a0 . : -rk:':^-.-. \u25a0 .;.
Birth, marriajc and death notices sent by mail
will not- be. insert od. : They muut bo handed in at
either of the publication -of flees and be Indorsed
with the .name and residence of persons author-
ised to have the -Ramc publlghed. Notices re-
stricted slmply,to the announcement of the event
arc published once in this column free of charge.
AmlcrsiMi, Axel ... j Malvihill, Timothy .. 4S
Andors«n,' Ceries ... 15 ploakin; William . ... 3H
Anderson, C. .... . . 44 | Monroo, Mary V. . . ... — •
ItuniK. Kathcriiif; ..— I'udolplius. -Albert ... ">S
CnufieM. Catherine.. "> Quude. Mary ....... 7.">
Coscrove, Jane..,.. — Quill: Rev. W.P... (Mass)
Davitt, Joseph;"... C 9 Kisinff. Willard 8.,.,70
1)<! Ke.ves (Infant).. — Kohrer, Wm. 11......' 00
iWyta's, Kriedaricka »> Kyan, William A. ... 24.
Ueancy,' David ... .. -2 Skehan, Henry J....'—
Grant." Alvora 11.. IS Tiernan, Capt. 1\:I1. Si
Hamel, Felicity ... »IS Vandor, Agnes ....'—
I-awson. Miss III:.. '-'0 Wiggins, Wm. 11.. v: 7U
Mahony, W. H.TJr^iM ..'..""
ANDERSEN— In this city, "February. 8, 11)10.
Axel,, dearly* belovetl >.bu.«band'- of . Anna and
'loving father nf Carl, and the late Ceries An-
.* ilerseu, •?n? n native, of ,S«rwlt>n, ageiK 45 years
and .7'day*.-' (l.initsberg,- Cal., and Kansas. pa-
l>ers please ;<-opy.) "\u25a0\u25a0 - „• . ' - \u25a0-;
: • Friends S and j aetiualntariees are . respectfnlly
invited to'.nltcnd the funeral- tomorrow (Frl-'
day)' at 2:30 p. ro.. from the -parlors of T). I."
Ke"nny \u25a0& Co., 3710 Eddy street.; Interment Cy-
press .. Lawu cemetery, by carriage.
ANDERSEN— In this - city. February S. 1910,
Ceries, dearly beloved daughter of Anua and
the late, Axel Andersen, ; and loving: sister, of
I Carl Andersen, 'a- native ; of > Kansas. ; aged M 3
Years 10 months and 14 days. (Llndsberg, Cal.,
and Kansas ; papers please copy.): •:
i Friends and - arfiualntaucfs are • respeclfully
-tnvitedto attend the funeral tomorrcw (Fri-
\u25a0 day ••;' February 1 ' • ; 1310, -nt -:.'io p"."". in.,- from
the :\u25a0-• uarlors :' of ~ D. I. -\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 Kenny. & c«.. '. 171!)
IMdy htreot near Scott. lutcriiicut Cypress
ii v ,Lawn*. cemetery, jbjv carriage. .. v . ,
ANDERSON— In this city.. Fel.mary !», 1010,
;" Chrislliin S Anderson, v native . of -> Uenmark,
'" :iKed.-M years.' "..:'.•' :' '\u25a0:\u25a0'. ~'i": ~~
BURNS— Iu iJl's ': llanos.* Chl.', '"i February \u25a0 «.'\u25a0'\u25a0 1M10,".
KatlK-rlne. ;bfiK.ved. wife ».C, Guy Tr; Burns -lov-"
ins daiißhtcrjof..Mrs.-1-Jlen'.MiiionttM." and;be-
; luvcU • sl*tcr-; of . Mrs: \Y.V Uall, Mrs. , 11. , liluuln,
'\u25a0.•*\u25a0:':/\u25a0:*...;.'.-."\u25a0\u25a0" * . \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 > ; , -.'.'j ,' "\. -.'' -..\u25a0•*\u25a0• .. '- \u25a0 "\u25a0\u25a0
Trotting Association Decides to
Gradually Eliminate De
vice on Pacers
\u25a0 «\u25a0
i NEW YORK, Feb. 9. — Beginning
with 'the -season ..of ; 1015 no hopples
shall'be used on pacing horses, and up
to"" that". time :the •device -is to \be grad
ually-eliminated. This decision /was
adopted -by rthe congress
of- the-. National ' trotting 'association
today. .-"\u25a0> '\u25a0.
"Hopples,"/ says a new rule, "shall
not be- used in races or in- perform
ances- 1 against time- on*- 2 yenr olds or
under 'in .1913;'- on, t> year olds or un
derpin 1914; -after which- ( time hopples
shall tfe barred." ~
No action was taken- by the asso
ciation on the- request? from ; the stew
ards of the grand "circuit that horses
shall be eligible to start on half mile
tracks in , classes four seconds slower
than on mile track records. V Ifovas
decided that trotting 'associations/ in
Ohio might join* either . the National
association; or the, American associa
tion, as they desired.
Section. l of rule 4 'was amended as
"In all purses five entries are re
quired and two to start, unless other
wise .specified." . \u25a0.-\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
; It was also decided that "if only one
of the horses entered for a purse shall
appear on the course he shall be en
titled-to "his. own entrance money and
to half of the entrance money received
from the;other:entries for said purse."
Representatives /of 381- tracks , inter
ested in trotting horses on the grand
circuit attended today's meeting. Presi
dent P. P. Johnston of Lexington, ,Ky.,
presided. Johnston was re-elected presi
dent andHhe association adjourned un
til its next biennial session in 1912.
Appears in Dual Role in Action
for Misdemeanor
A jury in Police Judge Deasy's court
has been occupied for two afternoons
hearing the case, of ' John "Welsh and
his wife, Hannah, charged with a mis
demeanor in -unlawfully returning to
settle and reside upon and take pos
session of 120 Ripley street after being
removed therefrom by direction of thw
superior court.
-The complaining witness is E. W.
Liick, 45 Kearny street, who is repre
sented by Attorney Gaylor. Mrs. "Welsh
is conducting her own case . and. is
showing a knowledge of legal pro
cedure that would surprise some mem
bers of the bar.
The case was continued yesterday
afternoon until the afternoon of Thurs
day, February. 17. . •
Alining Expert Associated in
Enterprise With D. J. Sully
WASHINGTON, Feb. 9.— John Hays
Hammond and Daniel J. Sully, asso
ciated with several men prominent in
the cotton business in the south, are
planning the organization of a cotton
securities corporation which probably
will have a capitalization of $10,000,000.
Existing cotton companies would not
be affected adversely by the new cor
poration, it is said.
Gas Company in Philadelphia to
Pay Big Dividend
PHir,AI)ELPIiIA. Feb. 9. — The
share holders of the United gas im
provement company at a special meet
ing here today voted to cut a $9,000,
000-melon. They agreed to. a 10 per
cent dividend, payable in stock. .
Mrs. E. ITay and Mrs. F. C'osgrove. -
Friend* and'ai-iiualntanees are respectfully
invited to attend th« funeral today (Thurs-
day), at S:3O o'clock, from the parlors ot
the Western . undertaking company, 1-ZC> Va-
lencia street, thence to- St. James church,
where a requiem high mass will bo celebrated
for the repose of ber soul, commencing at 9
a. m. Interment private. \u25a0 "
CAUFIELD— In this city, February 7. 1910.
Catherine, dearly beloved wife of Patrick
Caufield. loving, mother ot Thomas. Edward
and Margaret Cauticld, and aunt of Mrs. FtaDfc
Hanloti . and James St. John of Seattle and
William St. John of St. Louis, a natiTC of
County Tipperary, Ireland, aged To years.
Friends and acquaintances arc respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral today rfThnr*-
•lay), at 8:13 a.': in., from the pnrlors of
Mcßrcarty & McConnlck, 915 Valencia street
near Twentieth, thence to St. Peter's church.-
where a requiem blgli mass will be celebrated
for the repose of her soul, commencing at 0
a. m. •- Interment Holy Cross cemetery. Please
omit flowers.
COSGROVE— In this city. February 8. 1010.
.lane Cossroye, beloved wife of the. late Johu
-11. Cosgrove. a native of. lreland.
Friends : and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to at loud the funeral tomorrow (Fri-
day). \u25a0at 8:15 . o'clock :- a. m., from the par-
lors of Gantnrr Brothers, 3400 Sixteenth street
' between. Church V and : Sanchez, ' thence to St.
.Tames church, corner of. 5 Twenty-third and
Guerrero streets,"^ where a requiem bish mass
will bo celebrated for the repose of hrr soul,
commencing, at ,0 o'clock a. ~ m.-- Interment
' Holy Cross cemetery, by electric -funeral car
from Twenty-eighth and Valencia streets. \
DAVrTT— In Fruitvalc, Cal.. February J). 1010.
Joseph Davitt, : a native of Ireland, aged 03
Friends and acquaintances arc respeetfnlly
' invited -to attend the- funeral , tomorrow (Fri-
day), at. 0 o'clock, .from the parlors of the
Henry -J. Gallagher" company. l.'H4 Webster
street b"tweeu Kills and . O'Farrell. thence to
• Holy Cross chorch, where a requiem high mass
will be : celebrated for the . repose of his soul,
commencing at 9:30. o'clock. Interment - Holy
Cross cemetery, by - carriage.
DE REYES-^ln this city. February S. miO. in-
fant son of : Jesus and Koso de Keyes ' (nee
\u25a0 Fisher),; a- native of San Francisco.
FREYTAO— In this city, February ft. ! 1910,
\u25a0 Friedaricka, beloved wife -of Henry \u25a0' Freytac.
ami" sister- of i the* late;: Mrs. J lV _Tcyock and
\u25a0; : Fred . Moritz. a native > of tJcrmanj-, aged SO
years and *10 months. -.
GEANEY— In this city. February 7, l!>10. David
Geaney, beloved sod of Jeremiah , and ' the late
'iMary Geaneyrand beloved brother of Mary and
the late Francis -and Jeremiah Geaney Jr., a
native of San Francisco,^ aged 112 years. -
/-• Friends, and acquaintances are respectfully
invited "to attend the. funeral \u25a0 services'. .\u25a0 to-
- day rrhursday), Febrnary 10, 1010. at 10UJO
o'clock :a.;m..- at the parlors of 3.5. Uodean*
»*'.' 2l23 : Bush street.; Interment Holy Cross ceme-
"\u25a0\u25a0 tery.^ -.?y :; - \u25a0'\u25a0 ':[\u25a0'; "' \u25a0' - .' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0- .. -\u25a0
GRANT — In this city.'-. February. B,' 1910. Alvera
: Hattie, eldest daughter of W.-B. md Marx
. X.;< Grant,": a native . of aged iIS
years , : '3 months ; apd 13; days .. ." .
Friends sand acquaintances are respectfully
invited; to .attend the :. funeral today (Thurs-
day), s , at 11 o'clock a. m;, ; from, the Seventh
- Avenue Presbyterian 'chnrch, Sunset." Interment
% Cypress >Lawn •cemetery. ; .
HAMEL— In Oakland. Cn\., February, 4. 1910, Fc-
»:* licity -Hamol.'i dearly beloved wife. of ,-tliclate
l'eter ' Hamcl. ; and loving' mother of ,l.eoiitine
. andvTanered Hamel, a native of:Qnebec, Can.,'
axed 6S years 10. months and "> days."j-,.:
Frlfnd« - and "acquaintances are respectfully
"• \u25a0 Invited -to attend -tin; funeral, services Salnr-
'"\u25a0 day, -February i:.\ li»10. at 2 oVlwk p. in.,
"nt- the . funeral ; parlors -of,* Krnest A. Wollltr..
."\u25a0\u25a0.-'. 111;: •- Webster -street -between Nineteenth .. and
i.'. Twentieth, Oakland, lutenucnt Oaklaml . creni-
O' * tory. r^'j'*^^S^jap^t^^jyw^f3nnMWD
LAWSON— In this city. February S; 1010.' ML«s
ill.' I.aw«on,?nged-- > <j, years.' . ; . : " '
MAHONY--111 .;Yrck«. • Cal... February .S, lliid.
H.-*' .Mahony." Jr. :«l: Larkspur, -Muriu cvuuty,"
••?Ca|.T.ageii. -0 icai*. "'. -. - ''\u25a0
Ordered lo Settle Bills That
"Stupefied, Paralyzed, Terri=
fied and Horrified" Him.
v The bills that "stupefied and para
lyzed and terrified and horrified" Jere
miah Lynch must be paid. A jury In
Judge Sturtevanfs court returned a
verdict yesterday afternoon after brief
deliberation directing the politician
and" Egyptologist to reimburse Henry
H. Hedger, the architect. In the sum
of ?4, 375- for the preparation 'of plans
and specifications for the Ibis build
ing in Bush street near Kearny. This
is in addition to $500 already paid
Lynch's cross complaint for $75,165
damages for alleged neglect on the
part of the architect was Ignored by
the jury. The amount asked for by
Hedger was $3,450, but the jury fig
ured his percentages upon a some
what lower total. Yesterday's court
proceedings consisted of lengthy argu
ments by the attorneys, Arthur H. Ba
rendt and Frank McGowan striving to
convince the jurors that they should
award Lynch vast damages, while
Louis Beedy urged a verdict in favor
of Hedger. The personal Integrity of
Lynch was attacked by Beedy in his
"The testimony of Lynch is not
worthy of credence," said Beedy to the
jury. "The defendant is not to be be
lieved. He said that he and Hedger
agreed that the building was not to
eosfmore than $85,000. but this could
not have been so, because in his ap
plication to the board of works for a
permit he estimated the cost of the
structure at $125,000. He is. in fact,
contradicted by his own handwriting,
by his statements made on the witness
stand, by his statement made in a
deposition in October, 190 S. as well as
by the application for a building per
McGowan and Barendt contended
that Hedger was not entitled to more
than the $500 he had been paid for
his plans, because, as they said, he had
told Lynch the building would cost
but $85,000. Avhereas .in fact it had
cost $170,000.
"As an instance of the unreliability
of Hedger," said Barendt. "he tolii
Lynch the ibis panels would cost $50.
But when the bills came to be paid
each of these sacred scavenger birds
of the Nile cost Lynch $100."
Every Condition Favorable for
the Most Bountiful Crops
[Special Dispalch to The Call]
SANTA ROSA, Feb. D.— A4l indica
tions point to 6ne of the best crop sea
sons in tlie history of Sonoma county.
Not in many years has there been such
an evenly distributed rainfall as dur
ing this winter to date. The first
rains came early and gave progressive
farmers and ranchers opportunity for
early plowing and seeding. Through
out the winter there have been fre
quent rainfalls of sufficient quantity to
keep the ground soaked.
For. the : first time in many years the
rain has been so distributed that there
has not, been any high water in streams
and overflowed lands anywhere in the
county. The weather has also been
Just cool enough to hold the" growth of
vines and trees back so that they are
all in excellent condition for the spring
The hop growers declare that roots
never before came through the season
in such fine condition and "a bumper
crop is looked for this year.
Vineyardists ar* now in the midst
of trimming and all unite in the state
ment that the vines have wintered in
magnificent condition.
The fruit industry appears to be at
its best this year. Large quantities of
new apples are being set out in the
Gold ridge section about Sebastopol.
while all over the county new trees of
various kinds are being put out.
Feb. !•. — Temporary injnin-ti»ns were bratd r«n
day Intbe United States elrcnit c«.nrt asatast
the state of Onklahotna and th- Oaklkhoma ci>r
poration ecmmissiim restrali.inj: tliem froia
further enforcement of the 2 cent i>.isxen<"-r
fare and certain railroad freight rates.
MALVIHILL— In Oailand, Cal.. Febrnary 9.
1010. Timothy Malvlhill. a imrlve of Bally-
lonnford. County Kerry, Irelaml. ased 4!s
yea rs.
Friends and a'fjnaintan< > f-» are respect fully
. invited to atteml the funorjil tomorrow i Fri-
day). KVl.nmry 11. 1010. *t S:'M a. m.. from
the residence parlor < _of Mi-Mastpr & Brlsc.^.
r^<> Twenty-fourth street near <irovc, then<-<>
j to St. Francis de ?>ales ehurrh. where a solemn
requiem mass will be telebratetl for the re-
. pose of bis soul, commenc-lus at l» a. m. Inter-
ment St Mary's cemetery.
MEAKIN— In this <ity. Febrnarj t>. 1910
liam. beloved son of William an<l the late
Louisa Meakin, and devoted brother of Henry
and K. T. Meakin and 31rr«. W. K. Bean, a
'native of Derby. Knjr.. tgwl- So years !>.»
months and 10 Uays.
MONROE— In I'.erkele.r. Cal.. Frbntary «». lf>l(>.
M«rr, bolovod wife of I'hilip M.j:ir<«-. ami
lovln? mother of Mrs. J. Hamilton. Mr*. J.
• Jrlftiu. (.;. \V. Monroe and tin- late. R.
l'lt-rce. a native of MlaM.
Friend-* «n«l »i<|imiut:in.i-s are ri~|tff-tfully
invited- to attend the funeral tomorrow (Fri-
day). February 11. at 2 «Ylork p.' in.. Troni
li«T late residence. 2.",2G Webster street. n<-rk«>-
ley. A rrqnlMin-tnas? will be said tomorrow
(Friday), at 7:3U a. m.. at St. Anjriistinf's
church. Alcatraz avenue. Interment St. Mary's
PUDOLPHTJS— In this city. February S. 1910.
at the Kellef Home for Aged and Inrtrtu.
-' Albert. Padolphus.' » native ol Louisiana, aged
' 5."S years.
QUABE— In this city. February 8. 1010. Mary
tjuade. fcrroerly of ijan Kafael. Marin «v>unty^
Cal., beloved omisin of Mrs. Thomas Costello.
a native of the parish of Kllellia. County
Clare. Ireland. a;ed 75 j-earj. (San lUfavl
papers please copy.)
Friends and xc<iuaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral today (Thurs-
day), at V:l3 a. m., from the parlors of the
Kniteil Undertakers, 2606 Howard street near
. Twenty-second. 'thence to St. James church,
where . a solemn requiem lil;h mass will be
celebrated for the re;>ose of her smmi!. coui-
menchijr at D:45 a. m. Interment Holy Cross
cemetery. ,
GUILL (Mass) — Friends ami acquaintances are
respectfully invitert to Attend an anniversary
requiem high mass for the late Rev. William
. I*. Quill at- Nt. Asnes church today (Thursday »
at 10 o'clock a. m.
RISING— Iu Berkeley. Cal., February 0, 1010,
Wlllanl Bradley Kisin?. professor of chem-
istry emeritus in the University of Califor-
nia. hii.*banri of Frances Lawrence Itbine. ami
father of 11k. Rnth Menicanti. Alice Hising
and I^iwrenep Risln?. a native of Mecklenhurz.
..V. V.. aged TO years 4 months and 14 days."
Notice ot funeral • hereafter.
ROHREH— In this. city. February 7. IPIO, Wil-
: liaut It.. ; dearly beloveil husband of Nellie
Kohrer, loving father of U» njamin Uohrer, Mrs.
Harriett Galvinh. Mrs. K. J. Mcl.augh!hi. and
brother of Mrs. Betty Alexander,- Mrs.-. Atha de
Johnett and the . late Mrs. Jennie Roberts,
«. native of Kentucky, aged «6 years. A nem-
" bcr of the Draymen and Teamster^ union. -
- Friends : and- acquaintances are respectfully
-- invited to . attend the funeral today (Thurs-
day), at S:3O a. Mr, from the residence of
\u25a0 his daughter,' Mrs. .K. J. McLauzhlin. 270
Thirtieth • street near Church, thence to- St.
V T'a ill's- chnrch, where a requiem blsn tpass
will be celebrated for tli«* repose of his tftml.
-commeaclng at 0 a. m. Interment Holy Cross
cemetery ?*z*jB&!ti&SP*&itUt/Efßl
RYAN— Id this city. February S. 1010," WHUatn
A i\on«Sectarian
Arrangpnient* can bo made In citT offlcc,
\u25a0:.- -• S AOIHSON HIBAI»?BM>i;..>i = ;
-'••'.• !'"st; Street. anj «irant "Avenue-. :_: _
Judge Cabaniss Releases Man
Wanted for Grand Larceny
and Aids Rearresl
Harry Gold, who is wanted In Mis
soula. Mont., for jcrand larceny, made
a br»-ak for liberty from Judge Ca
baniss* court yesterday afternoon, as
sisted by some men from the Xortli _
beach district, but was speedily recap- '
tured 'and taken to" the train for Mis
sou la.
tJold was arrested here some days
aso !>y iHteotrvo JlcOrayan and applied
for a writ of habeas corpus. Meantime
Sheriff Graham arrived here from MJs
soula. with the papers for his extra
dition and was in Judge Cabaniss' v.oxfvt.
yesterday afternoon with AloCJrayan
and Captain Norman. The writ was
sustained and the prisoner released on
motion of tli» district attorney." ."--i
Gold sat In the courtroom and over
heard Norman «iy that he would be
rearresfvl. The word passed amons
his friends and when Gold left the
courtroom several men crowded around
him and prevented the police from get
ting near.
Gold ran downstairs, pursued by the
sheriff, Norman and ilcGrayan. and
was cornered in the tax collector's of
fice. He showed flpht and his friends
rallied round him. Judge Cabaniss had
followed the crowd and told Norman:
"That man is your prisoner, and If j
any persons attempt to take him from
you. kill them."
Gold was a saloon keeper in Mis
soula. and It i.s alleged that he swindled
the man who purchased it from him.
He is al.'o accused of stealing jewelry .
from three different residents of Mls
sotila. lie tied and was arrested 4n
Texaa last November, but was released
on a worthless bail bond f<jr ?350. He
fled to Mexico, wherp lie was again ar
rested, but succeeded in regaining; 'hfs -
liberty and came to this city.
Negro Bishop Convicted of As
saulting White Woman
BALTIMORE. Feb. S>. — Denounced as
menace to society and an Impostor,
Jones b'amuel Sturdevant. negro bishop
of the "Holy Church of the Living
God, the Pillar and Ground of Truth,"
and leader of the "Holy Ghosters," was
today sentenced to jail for three
SturdevaiH was convicted of having
assaulted and beaten Mrs. Rose Dem
mer»l. a "white disciple.
Mrs. Demmeard said she was influ
enced by Sturdevant to leave her hus
band and children in Brooklyn to fol
low the negro, under whose spell, she
testified, she had lived for eight
Mrs. Godber of Pasadena Vic
tim of Hiccoughing
PA.^AI>ENA, Feb. 9. — Physicians are
baffled by the malady of Mrs. H. 11.
Godber. Avife of a former state presi
dent of the Christian .Endeavor society,
who has been hiccoughing continuously
for several weeks. Mrs. Godber fell
away rapidly in weight and it iva*
feared that she would collapse com
pletely under the strain, but it was
found several days ajco that the hlo
eoughinK ceased when sleep was in
duced and since that time slie has oS»
tained nee<sed rest.
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SANTA ROSA. Feb. 9. — John Ndwllri,
who recently celebrated his fifty
fourth wedding anniversity, passed
away here late last night at th*» ad
vanced age of 76. lie is survived by
a widow and eight children." one. Ande
B. NowJin, b^lng editor of t!te S*>to
yome Scimitar at H^aldsburg. Mrs.
Hattie Isaacs of "Windsor, is the only
other clilld residing in this state, the
others being in Kansas, Florida and
A.. ii.-»rly beIOT<HI husband of Frances Ryan
jn-e Keidy). loving father of Marrella Tiyan.
lovlns »<w of John C. and Mary Ryan, and lov-
'"S 1 brother of Jotin and Michael Kjaa. Mr*.
J. C. Xbf!ji[isnn and the late Taomas Kjsn. n
native uf, rallfornla, »-4<fl 21 years 1 cioath
and 25 tlar*.
_ Friend? and ar-qnaintanr-es arc r^p^-tfully
iivitfd to attend the I".;i..th] todar tThnr*-
}•*/>\u25a0 at : 3« \u25a0- m.. fr.itn I;U lat« residew*.
•^>t> renn"ssef- str»s>t between Eishtoenth aod
Nineteenth, them-** to St. Thfrwas choreb.
where a rojui»m hich ma«s will b»; «.-otebrat»d
for the rrpow of hi* wml. ciramencins a: 'j
»- m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
SKEHAN— In this city. February ». ir»Ti>. Henry
J.. beloved *u«band of Marr Skehan. anil
brother of ttie late Patrick n natir« of
Connt.r Tlppcrary, Ireland. A member »t th#-
•Jer.tl'-nien's Smlalily of St. Isnafius cburcb
and thr Yoini- .".feu's \u25a0 fathollf »<dr>n. ,
\u25a0 Frit-TMls and :i--i|ti;iintaiiies arf rMpiftfun.r
invited 'lo aM.-mt the fum-ra l' tomorrow (Fri-
day*. Febnwry 11. KM'>. at f» oVlock n. m..
from tlw- pnrlors of C«t»w . ft Encllsb IBt.H
<;»ary strper. th^n.-f to Sabred IJ^art church.
, wlipt»- a r*>iui*iu higli nwss wiil bp cplphratml
for the repose of bis xnal. . ..mjofn.-in; «t
:>:HO o'clock. Interment -Il.ily f.-«e« cemetery,
by electric fniwfal car from Tweatv-eiithth
ami -Valencia street*.
TIEHNAN— In this cltv. February T. IIHO. at
hN late residence. lO> Unerrero street. Cap-
tain Patrick H.. bo^band of Ads Tleman. and
father 0f.J..W.. IT. C. F. -t'.". Ada. Kate
and the late Robert E. Tiernan. a native of
• Ireland, aged x:i years.
Funeral .and Interment private. Please omit
flowers. •
VANDOR — In this city, February !». tftti», -Agnes
beloved wife of the late Joseph . Vnntlor -> anti
mother of Phillip aud Paul Vandor. a native uf
Vallejo. Csl.
Notice of funeral hereafter. Remain* »t
the parlors of McGinn Rrother?, lslti Eddr
WIGGINS— In thi.« city. Febrnary S. lf»io. Wil-
lis m Heary. beloved husband of Sarah P
Wigj»jns r -and lorlug father ©f Frank, tenant
Walter ami Silas Wisgin.s. Mrs. Irene Kirk-
ard and the late WHHain H. and Ceorse Wi--
Sin«. a native- of -New York, ageit 7« jears.
A member of Marine Knsjlm-iTs'- Beneficial asso-
ciation No.. S.V
FYiends and acQiiaintaaeea are r'pspectfnilv
invited to attend the fun.-rx! npitli-.-s today
• Tbnrstlaj i. Ff»M-uary l». it»lt>. at 2:ra> p m'
at the parlor* of Julin* S. G«xlean. 2ir,Bu'li
street.* Inierment I. O. i). h'. cemetery.
CIATION No. 35— OftWra »nd memhew ar»
hereby requested tf> attend the fnnerril of unr
• deceased brother. William If. Wlgzins. from
the undertaking parlors »>f Julius S.. «ode*;i.
> 2123 Bu»u street, tomorrow (Thursdayi. at
'2:Sl> o'clock p. m.. By order
' E. J. POWERS. PresidenL
JOHN M. POWKLL. Secretary.
Seventy-Five Dollars
Julius l. godeau
Main Of flees: \u25a0 2123 ' Bush it., • West 2695. inrt
1303 - Tranklia , st. or. 17th. Oaklaad. Phoa*
Oakland 4045. 1 ."
Branches : 305 Montsomeiy *r. ; Ph. T»mp. XSS2.
. i And j 227 , South : F»?rn«roa »t.. . L*. • An?«l«s..
Auto AabU*ae« and Carriages for Hire.

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