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Orr * oa «*rty rose. ?2; white rose.
J-a»«Tn Uvnlock Market
. socrn omaha
SOCTH OMAHA. Feb. o. -Cattle— Receipts.
4. ..fit. Market strong. Native cows him] heif
oi>. Si.2ofe.Y2s; western Ktecrs. $3.4O*iti ld
«'«\u25a0* »n«l heifers. $2.5>(a4.G5; eannere, $2 20S
tifi .£ tockcrs and 'wdCTs. ?354.23; calves]
Hoss-Receipts. 11.500. Market *t«>adv.
I«»-avT. $K.SO<SiS.CS: mixed. $5.40<§.8.30; lipbt,
*v:;o<a*.sn : pic*. ?T.so^n. -. . .
Sbcei— U.-«inis, 7.s<>U. Market strong. - Weth- '
r"«^c;' S<i " 5; owes - *5-25©WS; lamr-s, ;
f..85©8.85. ;
* XSAS Cl-n • »>l>. ».— Cattle— Receipt*, j
6.000. Cows an.l heifers. $2.7Ofii»j; stockcrs and !
feelers. J.>.4O<y.VCo; western steers, 54.75fe0.20; !
western («»?. $3»gr>.2.tT
Hors— Receipts, lo.wo. Market steady. Heavy.
SK.s<f<iK..O; packers and butchers, $<4r><JiS.«i:
pijrs. $7.45(3 8.
Sheep— Uwvfpts. 7.000. Market 10c lower.
Mutton*. ».»6ij.«<); fprt we»tern wethen. an.l
yciiriinjrs, »T>.50@,0.r.0: f>d western ewes, ?sftjt>.
Cotton Market
NEW YORK. Feb. J».— Hutton's wir«? says:
• Jli<> cotton market was active early, and quite
Mr<>ng. advancing about 2<J jxiints on a more re
t-suring line of cable news, both public and pri
vate, from Livcrjx»nl and Maucheister, and quite
encouraging southern reix-rt*.
"At the advance the market was dull and
tbore was littlo outride interest. As the trade
continues to study th* weather bulletin there is
ni'pan-iuiy a growing cpjirehension ia regard to
the situation and a fear that the deficiency in
rainfal!, f>arti<-ular!y in the western districts,
••ill I**- a very important factor ia this year's
••Th^ N>w York cotton exchance will be closed
.Saturday. February 12. and February 21 and 22.
"'Galvenion bout** are now teuJiiig in reports
of dry weather In tbe southwest, and trade at
tention turned Increasingly to tin- condition of
the subsoil in Texas, where the largest additions
to the yield are t«> be looked for."
Spot ct.tton closed quiet, 2i> points higher.
Middliug -uplands, 15.20 c: middling gulf, 15.45 c.
No sales.
Option — Open. High. , Low. Close
F<-J,ru»ry 14.sr.c I4.l«0c- 14.»»e 14.97 c
March 14.80 c 14.95 c 14.76 c 14.!*4c
April 14.1t.Jc
May 14.SH: ir..O»Jc 14.55 C 15.04 c
June 14.01 c
July 14.7.V 14.&2<> 14,T2c 14.«f*c
August 14.2.> 34.40 c 14.2-ic 14.40 c
September IS.SSc 1.1.4 V 13.87 c 1».430
October 12. We 12.:T«c 12.15.V 12.07 c
Norember 12.K3e 12.X.V 12.52p 12. 8T*
W lx>cember 12.7f»c 12.81 c 12.08 c 12.80 c
St. Louis Wool Market
ST. LOCIS. Feb. 9.— Market unchanged. Me
f.inra gnules combing and clothing. 24«i2ile: light
Cn». 2H'-_i27r; heavy fine, 12®21c; tub washed.
>>vr York Mrtal
XEW YORK. Feb. 9.— The market fur stand
aj-d coppor oa tte New York metal exchange
to<ia.v W8« firm. «rltn spot and futures up Jo the
rod of April rinsing at 13(ii 13.20 c. The London
mark 0 : was firm. Futures closed at fCO «ie 3d.
T'i«- loral iWiers <juote lake copper st 13.C2>4
til3.T3e: eleetrolytie, i:i.'S7^^ii: t ..T<or; casting.
15.12*451X3714c. Arrivals ai New York re
nacted t'K.av wre <V»2 tons, including ore aad
?«rs. Exj>orTs. s<-cording to custom bouse rerurns.
were 3.Vi ton*, i;:»kint 12.202 so far this month.
Tin w*s quiet, with *pot quoicd at 32.r.5ig
.-.;'".•: Fibrunry. March. April and May. 32.4041.
32JS0& The Enrlish market closed steady, with
#^."i qaowd at £147 37s Cd aud futures nt £149
Lead us «s<ii:. with snot <juoted at 4.67Va<?|
».T2\a« New York and at 4.45©4.55 c Hast St.
Louis. Tlio London rnorknt was unchanged, with
Hpot tfaotei at £13 7s fid.
S|>eltpr w«5 weak, with spot quoted at 5.70Q
c.liw Now York and at r..47',i«j5.57iie East St.
|y>ois. The Ixmicn tr-ark'-t was unchansed at
£-R '\u25a0*. .
!><> EnsJfsb iron market was blgher. with
OTHlaO'l wsrracts qaotPd at 51s 4'-jd. No
r!.icjc was leiMJiWaJ loyally.
Naval Storm — Turpentine and Rosin
SAVANNAH. Feb. a. — Tur^mine firm. OOc;
k*'*>s. r<vcspte, <.h: Fhij.ments. l^S: stock.
R.i»in — Firm: sa'es. 1.152: rrcei(>tj*. D 93; s.hir»-
Efßtf, 20: etrvk. L33.SCS. Quotations— B. |4.2.*.;
r». $4.3": E, $4 42^,; r. H.4SQ4.4TH'; G; $4..V«
%*.:•!,: H. $4.:>7';-."l. J-t.TO: K. ?5.75; M, J6.30:
X, J6.50; WG. $C»75: WW, S7.
IVpfh et mfin low water, entrance to harbor.
»^A.CE i Vt. i Date ' Remarks
Grays Hurl IS ;Jan. 131 laser bar buoy sub-
I j I merged.
Williipa B' 27 Jan. 6 WLintlicg buoy 1 mile
f ( \u25a0 north rif bar.
Coluro. R.i 24 |Not. 8 Shoaling out*i4e nun
| | i bnoy No. 2.
Nehalm B- 1 7 I Not. 6 Bar bnoy 200 yards £.
L__ ! ! of channtf.
Tillißk 8.l S jDec. ITiCbannH »."hift<^l I mil*
j__ __J h *^>ctb in gale Not. 2S.
'Nua buoy No. 0 an<l
I Yaosina B' lOHlDec. I? 1 <-an bufy No. S gooe
4 _J I adrift.
•\u25a0"*'» w R. & i Ja °- 6',
i/ispqua lii 12 > Dec. 6 Ctann*! well oortb of
1 I - ! range.
1 :12 feot at low tide to
Coos Bay. IS ,Jan. 4j v*orth Bend; 12 feet
\ at low tide to March-
j ! field.
< oqaille Bi 9 ;Jan. 7 Chacn'l straight; good
j | | condition.
Tt»g;ie RIt 1 ! |..."
Klf-mth R; 7 ]Jan. 7 Cnacnel straight ' eat-t
I 1 I and west.
Hmbldt li 20 Uaa. 16; North cbaanel unsafe
| \ to carigation.
S Pe<tro B, 20 :Jan. SNo cSacge In channel."
S I>iepo B| 25 !Der. 9No cbange In chscLel.
••< Pablo B! 24 [Dec. liDepth In dredred cban-
I I I n»-L U
Ckance of Master*
Harold n^llr.r, ol<l master C. J. Ol
f-r-n. new master J. G. Hsp'n.
ErrollPd— STP*tn«*r P«vid SV-anneU. mnfter A
G. Thomsou. Steamer M. C. John!">a. master M.
('. Johnson.
PREMIKR oan pay this from
the production' of only ten
What will it he able to pay*
from FORTY wells?
It is the one BEST Invest-
ment opportunity, and the time
to buy is NOW. before further
Lincoln Mortgage & Loan Company
sax rnAXCisco
Hew Terlc Seattle Los Angeles
California Oil Companies are paying lo
stockholders over $1,000,000 In dividends
each month.
Stocks are rapidly appreciating in value —
w>iae fcave Jumped from lt>c to $12 per
sharp. ,
Call or trrlte to os and \u25a0we vlll nend ymi
the tplrndWly illustrated magazine "Securi-
ties." wfcirh Is devoted to the interests of
California Oil. and also tell you how to make
» mode»t lnvpnttnpnt secure for yoa yocr
Fhare of these Ftcp*;j»dou!j profits.
501 Klrmt National Bank Illrttr.
490 California St. Tel. Donjclaa 2457
St. Francis Hotel TeL Douslan 3dS2
Members of New York Stock Exchange
Pleaeer House
Prlrate Wire to Cblcngro and
JKew York
H. E. MULCAHEV. Manager f
Ilaia Office Branch Offteea
Corretpondeßts (Main Corridor)
25 Pine St.. New Yorfc Lo« Anreles
5 Oookery. Ctaicaco HOTEL DEL COEO-
1711 Btont Street. PIKHADO. aJ^fJOl
Itrrirr-r. Colo. Coronado Beach.
Liner Alameda Arrives From
Honolulu With Many
Passengers ;
Although Favored With Fine
Weather Steamer Unable to
Make Up Lost Time —
HE Oceanic steam
ship company's lin
er Aiameda, Cap
tain Thomas Dow
dell, arrived from
Honolulu just five
minutes after mid
night and docked
early yesterday
morning at Filbert
street wharf. The
liner brought a
large number of
cabin passengers
and a cargo of isl
and products which
included 12,013
sacks of sugar.
5,932 bunches of ba
nanas and ship
ments of fresh and
canned pineapples, rice, coffee, cocoa
nuts, copra and taro.
The Alameda wag due Tuesday, but
was delayed at Honolulu waiting for
passengers from Australia on the
steamer Makura. Among the passen
gers on the Makura were the boys of
the Columbia Park club, who have been
touring . Australia, and it was largely
on their account that the Alameda was
held at the island port. When the Ma
kura did arrive there was sickness on
board. As it was uncertain how long
would be the detention in quarantine
the Alameda sailed, but too far be
hind schedule to make up the lost
The Alameda was favored with fine
weather all the way from Honolulu.
The passengers included:
Mrs. S. K. Barker Mrs. F.. Mai'Orpgor
kiln Biddekorph : Miss V. MacGrtgor
G. W. Brown J. X. Miller
Mrs. Brown J. G. Miller
Mis* A. O«rk Mrs. Miller
Miss E. Clark ' H. T. Mocre
J. l>en»-ham I.Mr*. Moore
Mrs. Deusham \V. G. Mcßrvde
H. A. l>evine Miss A. F. MeCroKson
Mrs. A. 1». Dixon Mrs. J. T. McCrosson
Miss I\ Kdwards I>. Paul
1. K. Fulton A. Ray i
C. T. German E. U. Raynierl
Mrs. German Miss Roberts]]
J. Golden A. Sclioerr '
Mrs. Golden Miss C. Stewart
J. W. Harrison R*t. W. D. W>stervelt '
Mrs. Harrison W. B. Wheelan
Miss S. B. Hough Miss H. Williams
U*. I. Jarves Mrs. Almy
Mr*. Jarves Mr. Weiss
J. D. JoQes Mr. SilTi/rman
U. I- Kiter
Will Be in I'ort nt JVoon Saturday
--* A wireless message was received yes T
terday from Captain Hanson, quarter
master captain of the army transport
Logan, to the effect that the troopship,
which is homeward bound from Manila,
would be in port about noon Saturday.
The Sheridan was 890 miles out
Tuesday and all well.
The commissioning of the Crook has
I been followed by a number of changes
among transport officers. Lieutenant
j Dodge will be in command of the trans-
I port, with Captain "Williams as master.
J. J. Murphy, who was first officer of
the Buford, has been transferred to the
\u25a0 Crook as mate. • J. M. Dow, who was
mate of the Crook, groes to the Buford
as mate. Charles Baker, who has been
away on leave, has been appointed
second officer of the Crook. L. Drew
son will be third officer and J. S.
Sparks chief engineer. Sparks was
first assistant engineer of. the Buford.
C. A. Ronan has been transferred
from the Buford as quartermaster's
clerk on the Crook and Henry G. Att
wood been appointed freight clerk.
The Crook will remain in the Philip
pines as interisiand transport, and Ro
nan and Attwood will jreturn from Ma
nila on the first transport that leaves
after their arrival. _; The Crook will
relieve the Warren, which will come
home for a general overhauling.
Dayllßht Service to .Sacramento
March 1 the Southern Pacific com
pany's steamer Xavajo will be placed
on a daylight run between here and
Sacramento, leaving San Francisco at 8
o'clock every Monday, "Wednesday and
Friday morning, and leaving Sacramen
to at the same hour every Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday. When the new
steamer Seminole is finished, which
will be some time in July, the Seminole
will be placed on the same run, so as
to give a dally steamer each way every
day. The Xavajo and Seminole will
stop only at the principal landings
and will make the run in from 9 to 11
hours, according to the current. The
Modcc and Apache will continue on>
their present schedule, making all land
\fsirly Ten .Miles of Calkin*;
Bowes & Andrews are stripping and
calking and coppering the ship St.
Francis. In these days of steel ships
this is an unusual job and one of the
biggest of its kind that Has been let
for many days. Not counting the deck
there are more than five miles of seams
to be calked. On the Shenandoah,
where a similar job was done, the total
length of the seams was nearly four
Mi«»n:ui«foali to Nail »xt Week
The clipper ship Shenandoah, Captain
Jim Murphy, has docked at Howard
street wharf to finish loading for New
York, for whie'h port the famous old
windjammer will sail next week. Th« ;
Shenandoah will carry a large general !
cargo made up principally of Califor- i
nia products. Before going into com
mission the Shenandoah was calked
outside and on deck and practically re
rigged. Herman Xiemier has succeeded
L. Quayle as mate of the bigr ship.
Quaylc is temporarily mate of the
steamer Hanalei. •
Renortn Dnoy Gone Adrift..
The steamer Aurelia, which arrived
yesterday .from Eureka, reports the
new red buoy that marks the entrance
of the south channel over the Humboldt
bar adrift. The lighthouse authorities
have been notified and the derelict
guide will be replaced as soon as pos
sible. , *;>
Hark Delayed by Storm* and CalniM
The bark R. P. Rithet, Captain"Drew.
which arrived yesterday from Honolulu,
was 30 days making the run from the
island port. Captain, Drew said that he
bad been within sight of Point Reyes
for four days, but was unable to make
progress on account of light northeast
winds and calms. January 17 in 35
north the Rithet encountered a south
easter which carried away all the head
sails. The bark brought 13,010 bags of
sugar to the Matson navigation com
Water Kront Xotrn
Receipts of lumber yesterday by sea
amounted to 500.000 feet.
The Pacific Mall liner Peru left Ma
zatlan February S and is due here
February 14.
The Pacific Coast steamship com
pany's Governor, which has been laid
up for a month undergoing a general
overhauling, cleared yesterday and will
pail today for Seattle.
R. E. Carey -has been appointed chief
officer of the liner Governor. •
The schooner Inca, which arrived yes
terday, 92 days from Xewcastle, Aus
tralia, brought 1,610 tons of coal.
The freighter Virginian left Salina
Cruz February 8 for this port. .
The harbor commission will hold its
regular weekly meeting this momin;*
The ship W. H. Macy has been pur
chased by eastern people. The terms
of the sale; were not made public.
Seek» Ml**inpr Lifeboat' ~
SEATTLE. Feb. 9.— The revenue cut
ter Tahoma sailed for the north -today
to search for the missing lifeboat of
the steamer Farallon.-The Tahoma will
take a pilot at 'Seward and then pro
ceed to Iliamna bay. . The; steamship
Victoria, with most of the Farallon
castaways, will reach Seattle . Saturday,
night ;..-.?
\ M^rchandlue for the Orient \u0084 -,
Tbe" fcteanjer -: Manchuria Vailed \u25a0 for * Hongknifg
and way ports via Honolulu 'on.Tuesday-with
cargo valued at $08-1.390. exclusive of treasure,
and to be distributed «h follows: For Honolulu,
$45,702; Japnn. $Cl4,s>>G; China. $3(J.C01; East
Indies. $5,333: Vladivostok, ?1,770; Korea, $72;
Manila. $32. The principal shipments and their
destinations were as follows:,' ' \u0084
To Honolula-r32,31S lbs- hams and bacon, 2,000
lbs codfish. 70 pkzs fr«>su fruits, 125 pkgs pota
toes, 2<JO lbs dried fruit, 10 cs champagne,,* cs
arms and lunmunition, 33. pkgs dry goods. SCO
lbs tobacco, 50 *cs cigarettes, 128 pkgs .paints.- 3
flasks quicksilver, 100 cs soap, 20 pkgs windows,
10 automobiles and 10 cs pnrtrf.
To Japan — 7.454 bales. cotton. 2:J,r..j7 lbs sugar,
1.500 gals wine. 220 lbs -bread,'- 341 lbs. cheese,
302 lbs coffee, 13 'pkss fresh fruits. 4<50 lbs
meals, I, ICC lbs lard, 0(50 rb« dried fruit. 29 cs
canned gwds, 110 lbs raisins, 7 cs boots and
shoes, 2u pkgs drugs, 51 rolls and 0 cs leather.
3 pkgß machinery, 047,700 lbs nitrate, 12 es aud
2 bbls oils, 404 lbs seeds, 162 cs soap, 313 pkgs
roofin? material,- 17 pkgs 'paints. J
To China— lo,o2s lbs pearl barley, 39,4,j1 lbs
coffe*', 2,341 lbs and 10 bxs. dried fruit, t>o es
liquors, 4.016 lbs sugar, 209 gals wine, 6C2 lbs
bread. 2.550 ibs beans, 812 lbs peas. 2.900 lbs
hams and bacon, 7 ctls rye. 500 cs canned goods,
50 cs ss.lmon, 2.575 lbs cheese, 1,300 lbs codßsu,
2,072 lbs meals, 3 cs oils. 44 pkgs paints. 723 pkp
roofi&g material, 11 cs soap, 0 cs drugs, .240 lbs
seeds. !
To East Indies — 717 cs canned goons, -0 cs
honey, 30 or salmon, 57 pkgs machinery, _!>
rolls roofing material.
To Vladivostok— 2s,47o lbs dried fruit.
To Korea— l 4 pkgs assay goods.
From | Steamer | Date
Humboldt X; A. Kilburn. . Feb. 10
Seattle & Taeoma Watson Feb. 10
San Pedre G. W r . Elder. .. Feb. 10
Point Arena & Albion. Porno Feb. 10
San Pedro Yoxemite 1 eb. 10
firays Harbor Newburg ...... Feb. 11
Sal. Crui via S. Diego. Riverside . Feb. 11
China & Japan Asia - l'eb. 11
Puget Sound Ports State of Cal... Feb. II
Portland & Astoria Roanoke ...... Keb. 11
San P«?dro Tamalpais Feb. 12
Coos Bay M. ;F. Plant. .. Feb. 13
San Pedro Norwood Feb. 13
San Pedro .- Santa Monica .. Feb. 13
San Pedro Chehalis ....... Feb. 13
Mendocino £ Pt. Arena. Sea Foam Feb. 13
San Diego & Way Ports Santa K0ea . . . . . Feb. 13
Humboldt North Fork ... Feb. 14
Humboldt City of Topeka. FVb. 14
Portland & Astoria Rose City Feb. 14
Grays Harbor Centralla ..Feb. 14
San Pedro Hanalei Feb. 15
Portland & Astoria Northland Keb. 15
Seattle & Tacoma Buckman Feb. 15
New York via Ancon. .{Peru Feb. 15
San Diego & Way PortslQuecn Feb. 1G
Puget Sound Ports I matill.-i Feb. 10
San Pedro & Way Ports Coos Bay Feb. 10
Seattle Tallac Feb. ltt
Destination | Steamer | Sails [Pier
February 10^ — I
Astoria & Portland.... Yosemite .. 5 pm 27
Honolulu Nevadaa ...10 am 27
Honolulu via P. Sound. Arlzooan ... 2 pm 27
Los AotrelM Ports Hanalei .... 3 pm 10
Honolulu & Hilo ..jWllhelmlna 3pm 38
Seattle & Tacoma |Ad. Sampson .1 pm 10
Puget Sound Ports Oovernor ... 4 pm 11
Portland & Way Ports. JG. W. Elder 1 pm 13
February 11 — |
Seattle direct .Eureka spm 9
Humboldt IRavalll 27
Humboldt jCity Topeka. 10 am 11
Humboldt IF. Kilburn.. 10 ami 13
February 12 — j v !
Grays Harbor Tamalpais .. 2 pm| 27
Honolulu iAlameda ...11am 21
New York via Aneon..|City Panama 12 m 40
Astoria & Portland Kansas City 11 am 40
Hilo Enterprise .. 12 m 38
Los Angeles Ports Koanoke ... 5 pm 13
San Diego & Way Ports Queen 2 pm 20
Point Arena & Albion . Porno 6pm 4
February 13 —
Grays Harbor Norwood
Grays Harbor S. Meuica... 4pm....
Grays Harbor Chehalis
Puget Sound Ports./... City Poebla.lll am! 11
February 14 — ' 1 . I :
Honolulu via P. Sound. Hyades ....) 3 pm| 3S
Grays Harbor. 'Newburg ... 3 pro! 21
Los Angeles Ports Centralia .. Ipm 21
February 15 —
Coos Bay SI. F. 'Plant 3pm S
Japan & China Chiyo Maru. 1 pm 42
Seattle & Tacoma iWatson .... I pm 10
Astoria & Portland. ISaginaw ... 5 pm
February 1C — . -
Meudo<-!no & Pt. Arena.iiea Foam..'. 4pm 4
San Diego & Way PortsiS»nta Rosa. 11 am 20
Destination | Steamer | Date
Skagway & Way Ports. l Cottage City... Feb. 14
Valdez &. Seward Victoria Feb. 16
Southwestern Alaska. ..{Bertha [Feb. 20
Sun, Moon and Tide
united States coast and geodetic survey — Time
and heights of tides at Fort Point.' For city
front (Mission street wharf) add 25 minutes.
Sun rises 7:06
Sun sets * 0:43
Moon sets .....0:31 p. m.
Klrsc quarter moon Feb. 16. at 10:23 a. m.
Full moon . '.. Feb. 23, at 7:27 p. m.
ITlmel [Time Time Tlsce
feb/ ( Ft ( Ft Ft Ft
[H W] \u25a0 lL W |H W L W
10.. 0:31 4.9 5:24 2.0 11:19 6.8 8:06—0.7
11.. 1:03 5.0 6:14 2.4 12:09 6.7 6:48—0.3
12.. 1:38 5.2 7:05 2.0 1:01 5.4 7:29 0 2
13.. 2:11 5.3 8:00 1.7 2:00 4.9 8:17 o*9
Li. S. Branch Hydrosrraphic Office
A branch «t the United States hydrographic
office, located in the Merchants' Exchange, is
maintained In San L Francisco for the benefit of
mariners.. without regard to nationality and free
of expense. Navigators are cordially invited to
visit the office, where complete sets of charts
and sailing directions of tbe world are kept at
band for comparison and reference, and the
latest information' can always be '\u25a0 obtained re
garding lights, dangers to navigation and mat
ters of interest to ocean commerce. .
Llentenant. U. S. N., In charge.
Time Ilnll
United States branch hydrographic office, Mer
chants' ExcbaDge, San Francisco, February
S. lf»10.
The time ball on the roof of the Fairmont
hotel was dropped today exactly at noon. Pa
cific standurd time (120 th meridian), or at Sh
OOra. o<js. Greenwich mean time. -
Lieutenant. U. S. N., in charge.
•> \u25a0 — : j>.
Weather Report |
United States department of agrieultnre
Weather bureau, San Francisco. February ft
RAINFALL DATA .. .f • \u25a0 '
' Last- Seasonal .Normal
stations — 24 hours to date, to date
Eureka 0.27 30. IS 20 05
Bed Bluff 0.22 '11.J>.9 15. 0 i»
S» cram »nto 0.11 b $~> 11 so
Mt. Tamalpais 1.00 .19.12 13^90
San Francisco ...... 0.51 14.53 13 7y
San Jrwe 0.08 .' 10.88 ' S.fltJ
Fresno ;. 0.00*.-:" \u25a0\u25a0.-' 10.23 *\u25a0 -5 07
Independence 0.00 - ' "».42 - - 5.r»5
San Luis Obl*po .... 0.00 \u25a0•\u25a0 10.43 11 .'.SO
Los Angeles 0.00 .- 10.42 »09 '
San Diego 0.00 '8.21 . | 5.00 j
Coast record for 12 hour*, ending 5 p. m.
STATIONS I :\u25a0' - §? Z7L
I- t J; ! ;f- ;'.
Blainc ...30.12 44 7. SK Clear 7u
Boise 30.:?0 2S 10 AY fc"now .00
Eareka . . . . . . .30. .1S no 44 X Clocdy • .01
Flagstaff 30.00 38 8 W- Clear .00
Fresno 30.20 04 44 XW Cloudy .00
Ht-lena ... no. 10 3S 12 : W . I't.CUly .00
InJpn*ntlenc« .SO. IO T>4 30 \u25a0' SE :' Pt.Cldy 00
Kalispell ':..'.. 30.14 32. 22 S :\u25a0 \u25a0 Snow Tr.
Ix)S Anjrples ..30.14.-6t 4S S Clear .00
Marshfield ....30.40 00 . . SW . Cloudy 20
Modcua ...... 30. 10. 40 IS NW ' Pt.Cldy 00
Mt. Tamalpals.3o.2S 45 41 XE Foggr 27
NorUi Head . .50. 30.. 46 XW Pt.Cldv 12
Phocnir . ... .".50.02 C 4 SS \V Clear " 00
P«catello .....30.20 28-12.. W Cloudy Tr;
Pt. Reyes Lt. .30.23 51 40 XW Cloudy .04
Portland .'.....30.30 41 ;..",S X , Pt.Cldy 22
Ited Blnff ....30.32 4S 44 X- Clouilv 04
Ueno-.. 30.22-- 4« 28. XW Cloudy AH)
1J05cburg' .....30.40 50 42 W - Cloudy .01
Sacramento ...30.20 54 '43 XW Cloudr 01
Salt !>ake .... 30.14 -3Sr 20 \V. Cloudy 'oo
San I»ieg<\ 30.10 58 46 NW Cloudy CHI
San Francisco. 3o. 26. 54 4fi NR Cloudy 'l 4
San Jns»> ..;.. 30.24 '58 40 NW v Cloudy 'oo
S. Lvi? 0b15p0.30.22 GO 40 W Cloudy* "oo
S. E. Farallon;3o.24 ; 52 4S N Pt.Cldy :00
Spokane- 30.20 3S 28 SW Snow r ! •
•.Summit -.;...-.... 35 20 ..\u25a0' Cloudy "'
Taroina ."..-.. .30.22 44 .m SW Pt.Cldv' IS
TonopaU .......30.10 3«, 2S XW Cloudy" Tr*
Walla ... .30.28 32 ,25.. S - fuow (Xt
Winnemaeca . .30.28 "(J . 0 W- Cloudy lo
Yuma "... 30.04 "74 38 SW Clear 00
. *Snow oa. ground. >i3 ; lnches. . • ' ... . .-\u25a0..
"The following maximum and /minimum temper
ature* are reported from i-astorn stations for pre-
Tliws'day: . CUicaso, \u25a03S-2ij,-: New York "40-3 0 *
Omaha.- a4-IG.
\ Showers have occurred ," in the , central and
northern ;eountles of California.- but have not ex
tended i south tof - San ; Francisco, r . The : pressure
Is rising steadily alone the. coaKt^ and -Thursday
will pr»bably.b«v.f sir over most of the stater- The
winds will change to; north. "-The temperature Is
about normal, except in ; the ; San ; Joaquin ? vallex.'
where it is warmer than . nsual. The relative
humidity -at Red Bluff. was 90 and at Fresno 74
per cent. < ' '
Forecast for thcSO hours ending at 5 p.. m.,
Thursday, February 10:
San Francisco and vicinity — Fair Thursday,
with fog in the morning: brisk north wind.
Northern California — Fair. Thursday; somewhat
warmer; fresh "north: wind.; >\u25a0
Southern California— Fair Thursday; moderate
north wind.
\u25a0\ A. "G. McADIE, District Forecaster.
Daily Ulver Bulletin
SACRAMENTO, Feb. 9.— Observations taken at i
7 a. m. s> : •' - ' -
si :^I s! ;
stations r B %%
I . . ; \u25a0 \u25a0'?.\u25a0 -i.!' '.in
* . N ;t* •
Kennett. Sacramento river. 25.0 3.0 0.0
Red Bluff, Sacramento river 23.0 4.4 — — .02
Monroeville, Sacramento R. 22.0 3.3 — — 0.7
Colusa., Sacramento river.. 29.0-111. 4-f 4-0.3
Knights Lauding, Sac. river 18.0 |12.0+ -f-0.5
Oroviile, Feather river..... 25.0 4.8 0.0
Marysville, Yuba river 30.0 9.2— — 0.2
Folsom, American river.... ,5.8 — — 0.2
Sacramento. Sao. river 2!). 0,- 17.8.. — 0.2
Klo Vista, Sacramento R. 13.0 5.2+ +0.2
; Pollasky, San Joaquin river 0.8 — 0.0
Firebaugh, San Joaquln river 12.0 4.1 — *• ...
Merced Falls, Merced river.- 0.9+ 0.0
Jacksonville, Tnolumne R. . 20.0 3.0 — 0.0
: Melones, Stanislaus river.. .... 2.3 — — 0.1
i Jenny Llnd. Calaveras river 10. 0« 1.1 — +0.1
i Electra. Mokelunine river.. 12.0 l,tj — 0.0
: Latl'rop. San Joaquln river. I.T.G 10.0 — — 0.2
+ Indicates rising river. — Indicates .falling
Depth of snow on ground at Summit at 7 a. m.
today, 82 inches.
There will be a general rise in the rivers of
the Sacramento and San Joaquin watersheds dur
ing tbe next 30 hours.
N. R. TAYLOR, Local Forecaster. .
Tuesday, February S.
Stmr Mnndalay. Lofstrom. 34 hours from Cres
cent City; bound south, put In for fuel. ..
Wednesday, February 9.
- 11. S. stmr Sequoia. Bowman, from cruise.
Stmr Leelonaw. Meyer. 5 d«y» from Lady
smith. B. C. ; 2.550 tons coal to Western fuel
company, j
Stmr Anrelia, Weber, 33 hours from Eureka;
500,000 feet lumber to.Trowcr Brothers..
Stmr Admiral Sampson, Bartl*tt. 27 hours
from f^an Pedrij; passengers and merchandise to
Alaska Pacific 'steamship company.
Stmr Whitesboro, Frederickson,' 21 j hours from
Greenwood; feet lumber to L. E. White
lumber company. "
Stmr City of Topeka. Glelow, 21 hours from
Eureka: passengers and merchandise to Pacific
Coast steamship company.
Stmr Hanalei, McFarland, 3S hours from San
Pedro; passengers and merchandise t& Independ
ent steamship company.
Stmr Tivcrton. Johnson. \u25a0 S" hours from Ludlow;
500.000 feet lumber to Tope i Talbot.
Hark It. P. Rttbet. Drexv. 30 days from Hono
lulu; 13,010 bags sugar to Matson navigation
Scnr Inca, Rasmussen, S2 days from Newcastle,
N*. S. W.; 1,610 tons coal to James & Alex'
Brown. -
Cow Fehr Newark. Wayland. 14 hours from
Byxbee landing; 1,000 barrels lime to Monterey
lime company.
Wednesday. February 9. .
Stmr Coos Bay. Bowen, San Ttdro; Pacific
Coast steamship company. -'
Stmr Falcon, Schage, Portland; Williams, Di
uioml & Co.
Stmr Governor. Jppsen, Seattle; Pacific Coast
steamship company.
Wednesday. February 9.
IT. s. stmr Seouoia. Bowman, cruisa.
Stmr Brunswick, Ilamrnur. Fort Brasg.
Stmr Coos Bay, Bowen, San Pedro.
Stmx Sea Foara. Ilenrikson, Point Arena.
Stmr Falcon. Schage, Portland.
Rtmr Santa Barbara, Zaddart. Grays Harbor.
Stmr National City, Hipping, Fort Bragg.
Stmr Santa Kosa. Alexander. San Diego.
. Stmr Prentiss, Iverson, Enreka.
Nor fitmr Tbor, Ecenes, Nanaimo.
Gcr f-tmr Herraontbis, BieU-nberp. Seattle.
Stmr Mandalay, bof*trom. San Pedro. .
,<tmr Vanguard. Odland, Eureka.
Stmr W. S. Porter. Mecdonald, Portland.
. Stmr Navnrro. Hoffman. Crescent City.
Stmr Francis H. Lep?ett. Warner, Eureka. .
Stmr Phoenix, Kalnin. Mendocino.
Schr A. M. Baxter. Isaacson. Coos bay."
By stmr Ala-neda— Feb S, Ip. ra.. five masted
Plymoutb- — Cberbourp — Southampton
Philadelphia — O,u*enstonn — Liverpool
Xevr York— London Direct - ' j
New York — Rotterdam,- Tin Boulogne
Xew f York— Ant werj>— Pari* U_
. Xew York— Q,neen»town— -Liverpool
Via Anorea. Madeira. Aider*. Gibraltar
Flrwt AVlnter Sailing to Alexandria
CZDHIC (21,035 t0n5). ........ Feb. 16. \u25a0\u25a0':' "
Romanic,.... Feb. 20, April 2
Cretlc. Mar. 12, Apr. 16
CELTIC (20,804 tons) ....Mar. 16. !
CAN0P1C....... ...Mar. 24, May 4
G. N. KOEPPEL, Passenger Agent Pacific Coast,
319 Geary Street, opposite St. Francis
Hotel, San Francisco. .
16 and 28 Day
Cruises to the ;
By S. S. MOLTKE, largest
Steamship: ever sent to the Ca-
ribbean—leaving New York
Feb. 22 and March 24
$85 and $150 up
Also Summer j Crplses to Nomay,'
Spitxberjjen, Iceland, Etc. .
Send for "Travel Books." Fully Illustrated.
1(80 Powell St. ;• Phone Kearny 2040
prth fierman jjoyd
Large, Fast and Luxurious Twin-ScrewTl .-..:.
Express and Passengrer Steamships.
Equipped With Wireless and; Submarine Signals.
Express Sailings Tuesdays. at 10 a. m.
Kafspr Wm.d.Gr..Mar. Bj Kaiser Wilh. 11...Apr. 5
Cecille ........ .Mar. 22|Kaiser .Wm.d.Gr. . Apr. 10
Twin-Screw Sailirg" Thursdays at 10 a. m. .
•G.Washington.. FeU. 24 Zietcn. .....srar. , 10
Rheln.... .;.Mar. 3 •l'.Fr.Wll. (new) Mar. 17
•Calls at Plymouth -and Cherbourg.? \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-. - .
-\u25a0 Cibraltnr — .Naples— Genoa — Algiers!
'Mediterranean Sailings Saturdays at 11 a. m. C
Barbarossa. : ...'.Feb. 26 'Berlin (new) . ..Mar. 12
P. Irene.'...'... .'.Mar. 5 Frie4richd.Gr.; Mar. 19
. \u25a0 \u2666Omits Algiers. > '";:'
Independent Around the World Toars
" .% Travelers' Cbeclts Good All Over the World.
Apply; OEWWCHS & CO.; Gen'l Agents
.\u25a0 -i. \u25a0'5 Broadway,' New \ork, or * ..
Robert Capelh-, G. , A. P. C. 250 Powell street,
"opposite St. -Francis Hotel,. ;^an Francisco." -
,;:'_. Telephone— Kearny 4794. : t . -- .->
Compaenle Generale •Transatlantiqne
-' Sailings : every / ThTirsday. . Instead : of : Saturday;
at 10 a. : m. , from - i>lcr 42, .N orth river, < foot ' of
Morton: street, v- \u25a0••'•\u25a0 *\u25a0; :^:^ ' ' - • 1 "'. ; ' ; \u25a0
i j. First ,cla.«Si to 'llavre.;si «.<jo, and upward;'. sec-
ond class to. Havre. $50 and upward.^GENERAL
19 ; State I" street, r New M'ork.'J.VF.FUGAZI,
Manager^ Pacific Coast, » 630 ' Montgomery < street.
Ran « Francisco. : Tickets sold_ by all - railroad
ticket ; «cents- -r ' • ' /-j - ; •>-_.\u25a0 \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0; •\u25a0 -.- \u25a0\u25a0 _
schooner heading, WSW, -latitude SO 59 north,
longitude 125 US west, probably luca, from New
castle. N. 8. W., for San Fratfcisco: T:3O p. m.,
passed stmr Manchuria,*4o miles ,WSW of light
ship, hence Keb S for Honolulu. " Yokohama and
Hongkong. - *\u25a0* . - ?.-.:\u25a0•
TATOOSH, Feb 0, 0 p.;m.— Cloudy; .wind W,
velocity 19 miles an hour. -\u25a0 \u25a0' \u25a0
POINT LOUO.S. Feb 9, 9 a.; m.— Thick; wind
S; velocity 8 miles an hour. , - '
POINT -KEVES, Feb 9. 9 a. m.— Light rain;
wind SW: velocity 12 miles an hour. \u25a0\u25a0-•-
FARALr.ONES. Feb 9, 9 a. in. — Cloudy; wind
W; velocity. 22 miles an hour.
TATOOSH. Feb !),-» a. m.— Light i rain; wind
SE ; velocity 22 miles an hour.
POINr LOBOS, Feb 9, 12 m.— Thick f wind S;
velocity 8 miles an hour. : *
POINT LOBOS, Feb 9, 3 p. m.— Foggy; wind
SW; velocity 10 miles an hour.
POINT LOBOS, Feb 9, 10 p. m.— Weather
clear; wind NW; velocity S miles an hour. - '
.*'\u25a0\u25a0-, DOMESTIC PORTS
SANTA .MONlCA— Arrived Feb B— Stmr Carlos,
hence Feb 7. 10 p. mv, stmr TamalpaU-. from San
Pedro. » ' • ".. \u25a0
ASTORIA— SaiIed Feb 9, 2 p. m.— Fr bark
Belen,- for New Caledonia; 11 a. m., stmr Coaster,
for San Francisco; 9 a. m., schr Expansion, stmr
Koanoke. for San Francisco; 3 a. m.. stmr Break
water, for Coos bay and San Francisco. , -
Arrived Feb 9, 9 a. m.~ Stmr Bosecrans, : hence
Feb 6; 8 a. ra., stmr Alliance, from Coos bay.
Arrived Feb 9, 8 a. m. — Stmr Santa Clara,
hence Feb 5.
- EVERETT— SaiIed Feb 9, 10 a. m.—Sehr Ariel,
for Pearl Harhor. \u25a0 , :
OLYMPIA— SaiIed Feb 9— Schr Oakland.- for
San Francisco. . . \u25a0
Sailed Feb 9— Schr Oakland, f or .: San "Fran
cisco. - ' -- \u25a0 . . , .
SlTKA— Arrived Feb S— Stmr Northland, from
Seattle and sailed Feb 9 for Seattle. '-\u25a0".:\u25a0-..
KETCHIKAN — Arrived Feb S — Stmr j Cottage
City, from Seattle; stmr Portland, from Seattle;
stmr Bertha, from Cordova. , \u25a0 - •
Sailed Feb 8, 11 p. m. — Stmr Cottage City, for
Seattle. .. - , . . .
. WILMINGTON— Arrived Feb 9, 9 a. m.— Stmr
Alcatraz, from Greenwood via San Pedro; 9:30 a.
m.. stmr Lakme.' from Eureka' via San Pedro.
Sailed Feb 9. 2:45 p. m.— Stmr Helen. P. Drew,
for San Francisco.
" SOUTH BEND — Sailed Feb 9, 1 p. m. — Stmr
Uoquiam. for San Francisco. _' - \u25a0 .
Arrived Feb 9, 5 p. m. — Schr Espada, ' from San
Diejro. . •
CORDOVA— Arrived Feb S— Stmr Victoria,
from Valdez. \u25a0 . . .
TACOMA— Arrived Feb 9— Stmr Charles Nel
son, hence Feb 5 via Seattle.
Arrived Feb 9— Stmr Delhi, from Seattle.
Sailed Feb 9 — Stmr Santa Ana, for Seattle;
stmr Charles Nelson, for Dupont.
TATOOSH— Passed in Feb 9. 12 m.— Schr Al
pena, hence Feb 3 for Townsend; 10 a. m., U. S.
stmr Columbine, from cruise; stmr Shna Yak,
from Eureka; 7:40 a. m., stmr Lucy Neff, hence
Feb C for Seattle.
Outside bound in Feb 9— A schooner.
Outside bound in Feb 9, 6 p. m. — A four mast
ed steamer from the southwest. -
CLALLAM — Passed in Feb 9, 1 p. . m. — Schr
Mahukona, from San Diego for Townsend; 8:40
a. m.. U. S. stmr Armerla; 10:40 a. m., schr
Fred J. Wood, hence Jan 29 for Bellingham; 8
a. m.. a schooner. .
EUREKA— Sailed'Feb 9 — Stmr Katherine. stmr
F. A. Kilburn, for San .Francisco; Br bark An
tippe, for Sydney; stmr San Pedro, for San Pe
dro. .'
SAN DlEGO— Arrived Feb S— Stmr Riverside,
from Salina Cruz. - -
Arrived Feb 9 — U. S. stmr Iris, hence Fcb 6.
NEAH BAY — Passed in Feb 9, 7:20 a. m. —
Schooner towing.
SEATTLE — Sailed Feb 9 — U. S. stmr Tacoma,
for Tacoma: 1 a. m., stmr Isthmian, for Belling
ham. Feb S, 8:30 p. m. — Stmr Charles Nelson,
for Dupont: 9:30 p. m., Br stmr Aymerlc, for — .
Arrived Feb 9, 5 a. m. — Stmr Umatllla, hence
Feb C; S a. m., stmr Delhi, hence Feb 5.
Arrived Feb 9, noon — Stmr Santa Ana, from
Tacoma; 3:30 p. m., U. S. stmr Rush. * from
Sailed Feb'9, 1:40 p. m.— Stmr Delhi, for Ta
FARALLONES— Passed Feb 9, 10 a. m. — Three
masted bark bound in. ->
SAN PEDRO — Arrived. Feb 9— Stmr Saglnaw,
from Tacnma; stmr Yellowstone, hence Feb 7.
Sailed Feb S — Stmr Tamalpais, for San Fran
Arrived Feb 9 — Stmr Daisy Mitchell, from
Santa Monica. \u25a0
Sailed Feb 9— Stmr James S. Hlggins. Ptmr
Helen P. Drew, fpr San Francisco; stmr Klam
ath. for San Diego.
VENTURA— Arrived Feb 9, 1 a. m.— Tuz Her
cules, with barge 91 in tow,- from Gavlota.
Sailed Feb* 9. .1:30 p. m. — Tug Hercules, with
barce 91 in tow. for San Francisco.
PORT SAN LUlS— Sailed Fob 9. 9:30 a. m.—
Stmr Santa Rita, for Guatemala.
WESTPORT — rassed in Feb O. 10 a. m. — Sthr
O. M. KellocK, hence Jan 29; stmr Rainier and
schr Churchill, still barbound.
PHILADELPHIA — Arrived Feb S—Stm^Massa
ehusetts, .from Puerto Mexico.
r"s^vr "5^v Steamers leave for Sooth-
>>vU*^ffi!V * ra California and Meilco
y^y^ fr 0111 Steuart Street Wharf.
l^l V^^^ ki For P^?'- 1 Sonnd Ports an 4
I I \w^k) 1 Eureka, from B'wny wharf.
G0vern0r....... Feb. 20, Mar. 7, 22, 2 p. n>.
Pregident........^. ."...".. .....Mar. 29, 2 p. m.
Queen.............*' Feb. 12, 27, Mar. 14, 2 p. m.
•Boea.Feb. 9, 16, 24, Mar. 3. 11, 18, 26, 11 a. m.
'Only steamer calling at Santa Barbara.
Connecting at Seattle for STE.' Alaska, Skagway;
i ... .;. \u25a0 Dawson. Fairbanks. . !/;.-
Governor .Feb. 10, 25, Mar. 12, 27, - 4'p. m.
[ Pre5ident. . ... . ...... . . . ..:'. '. . .Mar. 10, " % 4] p. m. :
, Q0een. ....... .........Feb. 17. Mar. 4, 4 p. m.
City of Puebla.Feb. 13, 2S. Mar. 15, 30, H a. m.
. Umatllla.. ..Feb. 21, Mar. 8, 23, 11 a. m.
• Topeka. Feb. 11./16, 21, 2C; Mar. 3, S. 13. 10 am.
Senator, Mar. 7. -Round trip excursion. 21 days,
including Berth and Meals, $75. .
ALASKA CRUISES, 1910 — Leave Seattle
Spokane.. June 14, 28; July 12. 2G; An?. 9, 10 p.m.
Queen... .July 12, 26, S p. m.
Right reserved j to change this schedule.
TfCKET OFFICES— (P3Iace Hotel) - 653 Market
Et, 3 Market st. and Docks.
. Telephone Kearny 492.
OAKLAND— II2O Broadway. Tel. Oakland 5680. :
0. D. DDNANN, General Passenger Agent.
Tebauntepec Route
AND HAWAIIAN ISLANDS, sailings from New
York every . six j days, making direct connection
with Pacific. steamers sailing from Salina Cruz,
Mexico, every six days for San Francisco. *..
Also to Mexican and all principal European ports
under through rate and through bills of lading.
Sailing* from San. Francisco every 12 days. £
- 2S days, and , via- Puget Sound every 12 days. •
'For rates ', and further particulars apply -to
DEARBORN* & LAPHAM. General Agents, S
Bridge St., New York ; WILLIAMS.' DIMOXD &
CO., General Acents, Pacific Coast, : i> ; - '
310 Sansome St., San Francisco.
S. S^Chlyo Mam......T uesday. February 13, ; 1910
' S.S. Tenyo- Maru..... ;v. Tuesday.- March 15, 1910
; S. S. Nippon jJ1arn.^. ...... Tuesday, April 5. 1910
Steamers f sail from company's; piers, Nos. v 42,
44 near foot of Second st.,.atl p. m., for Yoko-
hama^ and Hongkong, calling at Honolulu. Kobe
\u25a0(Illogo), and; Nagasaki and Shanghai.; and- con-
necting- at Hongkong with' steamers, for Manila,*
India, etc. -* No cargo received on board on 'day
of sailing. ; : Uound , trip ; tickets at reduced rates.
" For freight : and passage apply at: office,", 240
James Flood building. - ;, ,W. H. AYERY,-= *\u25a0
. _ : . -i % •\u25a0;•. v Assistant \u25a0 General Manager.*
I lIAMAI ill llS.ib'.Alamedir: sails 11, a:
nUiilll ill II '"• Fcb - r ~- lnl °- SpecUl
JIl/IIULULU round trlp; . ?110 , m ,^, asg;
tMafiposa'- sails 117 a>' m.. Mar. 10. *; Special
round trip,"" Tahiti, ?125 -first : class. "-- ; : - . .:
: OCEANIC S. S. , C 0. .; 073 Mkt. £.T. . Krny, 1231t
>%'"• . - : •'\u25a0: -"- : ' . • v '"'"' ' . "... ' • "-.t.
* Want^L6affiMdney^£ \u25a0
CAPE HENRY— Passed Feb S— Stm.- Beaver,
from Newport News for San Francisco.
HONOLULU — Arrived Feb a — Stmr Lnillne.
hence Feb 2.
' TOCOPILLA— Arrived Feb 9,-7 a. m.— Br stmr
Oberon. from Port San Luis. 5
'- VICTORIA— Arrived Feb 9— Br stmr KUbtirn.
from Grays Harbor; stmr Shna Yak, from Eu
£ HONGKONG— SaiIed Feb S— Br stmr Knight of
St. Oeorge, for San Francisco via Moji.
Arrived" prior Feb-!*— Br stmr Knight of St.
George, from Oregon via Kobe.
: BEACHY HEAD— Passed Feb 9^ — Br stmr Riv
erton, from Tacoma- Feb $ — Br ship Pegasus,
hence Sept 24 for London.
SALINA CRUZ— Sailed Feb ?„ 3 p. m. — Stmr
Virginian.' for San Francisco.
PUERTO MEXlCO— Sailed Feb S, 12 m.— Stmr
Hawaiian,' for New York.
\u25a0 Arrived Feb 8, 7a. m.— Stmr Oregonian, from
New Yorfc. - •..
\u25a0MAZATIAX— SaiIed Feb &-Stmr Peru, for
San Francisco.
- ACA-PCLCO— Sailed Feb S— Stmr Saa Juan, for
VANCOUVER— SaiIed Feb 8. midnight— Ger
stmr Ella.' for Boat harbor.
. QUEENSTOWN— Arrived Fcb S— Fr ship Am-
Iral Cecillie, N from Tacoma; Fr. bark Montcalm.
from Oregon. , : - /
XAPLES-^- Arrived Feb o— Stmr Berlin, from
New York.. .
LIVERPOOL-^Arrived Feb 9— Stmr Cymric,
from New York.
NEW YOUK — Arrived Feb 9 — Stmr Hamburg,
from Genoa; fttmr Oceania, from Naples.
Sailed Feb 9— Stmr Lituania. for Llhan; stmr
Maurctania, for Liverpool; stmr Vaderlaad. for
-- ALEXANDRIA— Arrived Feb S— Stmr Car
maniß. from New York.
YOKOHAMA — Arrived prior Feb 9— Stmr Snin
ano Maru, from Seattle.
SOUTHAMPTON— Passed Feb 9— Stmr River
ton, from Tacoma for Antwerp.
HONGKONG — Arrived prior Feb 9— Stmr Ko
rea, from San Francisco via Honoluln and Yoko
hama. -»,-> . > «^:.
•GIBRALTAR^ — Arrived Feb o—Stmr0 — Stmr Cretie.
from Boston. ]
BOSTON — Arrived Feb o— Star Monoralnee.
Leave (Foot of Market Street) Arrive
2.15 a Niies, Livermore, Tracy. Lathrop,
Stockton, Loiii, Sacramento 10.33 i»
6.40 a Hayward. XQes, San Jo;*. 7.08 a
- 7.00 a Richmond, Port Costa. Benicia, Suisua,
Dixon, Sacramento, Roseville, Mirys-
ville, Redding. Duasmuir 7.28 ?
7.00 a Elmira, Vacaville, Ruasey.. .' 7.28p
7.00 a Davis, Woodland (Marvsville. Oro-
ville). WDlbms. MarrdL WMows,
Hanilton. Corning. Red Huff 7.28p
7.00 a Newark, San Joss. Los Gatos, Wright, -
FelUm (Boulder Creek). Santa Crui. . 9.58?
7.40 a Vallejo, Napa, Calistoga, Santa Rosa,
" Martinei, Sin Ramon 6.03?
' ..40a N3es, Fteasanton. Livermore, Alta-
mont, Lathrop, Stockton 7.£8;»
7.40 a Tracy, Los Banos. Kerman. Fremo,
Hanford. Visalia 4.28p
50a Port Costa, Martinei, Byron, Tracy,
Stocktoa, Merced, Fresno, Goshea
Junction (Hanford, Armona), Visslia,
Portervile, Bakersfield 4.48p
8.20 a Yosemite Valley via Mereed. 7.48p
3.00 a Xfles. Livermore, Stockton (*Jlflton).
Valley Sprinit. lone, Sacramento.. . . . 4.28p
9.00 a Sonora, Tuo! ante and Angels 4.28 ?
9.00 a Atlantic Express — Sacraneato, True-
kee. Oeden, Salt Lake City. Denver.
Kansas City, Oraaha. Chicago 8.28p
9.40 a Richmond, Port Costa, Marticei.
Bay Point 6.48»
1 0.20 a Vallejo Mare Island. Napa: II .28»
10.20 a Los Angeles Pa?senzer— Port Costa.
Martinez, Byron, Tracy, Stockton,
Mereed, Fresno, Hanford, Visalia,
Bakersfield. Los AngHes 7.48p
1 0.40 a San Frascixo Overland Limited;-
Denver, Kaass3 City, St. Louis.
Omaha, Chicago 7.25p
1 1.20 a Shasta Limited— Portland, Tacoma,
Seattle 9 18?
!2.00n Goldfieid Pass.— Port Costa, Benicis,
Sacramento. Truckee, Haien, .Mm,
'fonopah, Goldfield, La^s. Keeler 7.48 a
1 2.00 a Slarysville, Chico, Red Bluff 4J2Bp
1 .20p Kiles, Irvington, San Jose 2.45 p
1.40p San Leamiro, Xiles, CentervOle, f 9CBa
Newark, San Jose \ 7^Bp
l4op Kewark, San Jose. Los Gattw, Wright,
Felton (Boulder Creek), Santa Crui. . 9.53?
2.40p Fan Leandro, Xiles. San Jose. 9.28 a
3.00? Ueniria, Winter?, Sacramento — Wood-
land, Marysville, Orovßle — Yolo,
Arbuckle. Williams. Willows 10.48 a
3.00b Via Sausaiito, West Xapa, St. Helena,
Calistoga i 0.37 a
. 3.209 Port Costa (Stockton), Martir.er.f 1 2.08 p
B>Ton, Modeitn, MercrtL Fresco. . ( 10.38?
4.00p VaHejo, N'apn, Calistoga, Santa Rosa.
Martinei, San Ramon, Dougherty,
Livermore 9.23 a
4.00p N2c? (CenterviUe), Tracy, Stockton | 10.28 a
Lodi... .....\ 10.28b
: 4.40p Saa Leandro, Hlyward. Kiles. Pl«s-
cnton. Livermore, Tscy, Newman,
Kcrman,' Fresno 8.28 a
B.oOp Richmond, Pinole, VaHejo, Port ) • .
Costa. Benici3, S-^isun. Paeraicento t ,'s£z
—Roseville, MarysviUe, Oroviile.. . j '-™*
5J»p Russell, San Jose, Los Gatos 'I | :|*
5.20p San L-andro, Niles, San Jose.. lAS*
6.00p Owl Limited — Los Angeles S.CSa
6.40p Eastern Express— Ogden. Pueblo. Den-
ver, Kansas Otv, St. Louis. Cliiraso. .
Port Costa, Benicia, Sacramento.
Reno. Sparks 8.23p
6.40p Hayward, Nfles and Saa Jose 6.48p
}7.00? Vallejo, Port Ox«ta, Martinez, Bay
Point and Way Stations..... J11.189
7.40p Richmond, Port Costa, Bj-ron, Tracy.
Lathrop, Stockton 12.48s
8.20p Orepm Express — Davi?. (Saeracjento),
Willows, Reddicz (Kkcnath Fall;),
Ashland, Portland, Tacoma. Seattle,
Spokane.. J 9.43 a
B.oop Ccraa and Japan Fast Mail— Ogden,
Cheyenne. Denver, Kansas City,
. Omaha, Chicago 2.43b
9.40p Saturda>-s— Hunters train. San Jose
via Newark J7.43?
I I.OOp Nfle?. Pleasanton. LJverr»'siT. Lathrop,
Modesto, Merced, Fresno, Hanford . . 10.38p
11.40p Portland Express— Sacramento, Marys-
fv; ville, Red Biuff, Weed, Ashland, Port- .
land. Taeoma. Seattle 12.28p
NETHERLANDS ROUTE-From Pidtic Street Wharf.
tl.Oop Sacramento River Steamers. tH.3C?
Stmr. Apache. Mon., Wed. FrL
Stmr. Navajo. Tues., Thurs.. Sat.
Market SSreet Wharf— Week Day*— Hourly from 6.00
a.m. to 9.00 p.m. Sundays— C.4s, 8.15, 9.4-j, 11.15
a.m.. 12.45. 2.15. a 45. 5.15. 6.45. Kl5 and 3.45 p.m.
To Oakland and Alameda— t<Llo.. 76. 4s c.m., and thn»
10 and 45 minutes part the hour until 7.45 p.m.; then
- 8.30, 9.15, 10.00, 10.45, 11.30 p.m. and 12.15 a.m.
To Alameda and Frulival* via Horxesho* tarn* at »bay«.
a for Morning. \ p for Af Jfrroon.
\ Sunday exceptei J Sunday only.
j^b^%^ Trains Leave
San Prancisco
.; Market Street
;^^^P^^ Ferry Depot -
Leave For— iA.ALj P-M.
Bakersfield 7:15 8:00-10:00
Chicago .. ...... 7:158:00-10:00
Fresno . . . . . . . . . . 7:15 4:00- 8:00-10:00
Grand Canyon... 7:158:10-10:00
Hanford ....... .7:15.... -10:00
Kansas City ..... 7:15 8:00-10:00
Merced ......... 7:15 4:00-8:00-10-00
\u2666Stockton V. . . . .I 7:15 4:00- 8:00-10:00
Stockton, Oakdale
,& Sierra; Rail-
way Points.... 9:45
Tulare .......... 7:15 8:00-10:00
Visalia .......... 7:15 8:00-10:00 .
Yosemite .. . .. .:|7:15
» - »Stockton I^ocal leaves 1:25 p. m. '
' California Limited thronir!.* to Cbieaso leaves
at 10-GO p. m. Offices — C 73 Market street and
Market street Ferry Depot. San Francisco; IU2
Broadway,- Oakland. ,
\u25a0 F. S.- Stratton.- EA>eiver.
Lv. S.F. dally— T9:Uoa, *4:30 p. Ar. S. F.
dally— l3: lsp. »S:2sa.- . - -
•Arlrta.' tTunitas Glen ; stage for San Gre-
jrorio and ; Eescadero. .
i 'bay and ixterurdax houtes
• .yallejo.Napa, St. Helena *'_
;'-', MontleelloS.'; S3 Co.; and . N«pa Valley Electric
X. \u25a0 8.- Co.;. Close -coaflections. .. _ '
v -'^G-^RpUND -TKirS DAILY — 6
.'Boat* -leave' San Francisco 7:CO. *9:43! a. m.,
12:30:Hoon ! /,3:13,;e:0O..*S:30p. m.- ;
.\u25a0\u25a0San " FraocUco landing = and ; office.' Clay, street
wharf ,'• north : end -ferry; bulldln;. -- Market street
: ferry. ~ Meals 'a' ls 'carte." , l*aone Kearny 4C6.
navy {yard, direct.: • - 'X v - -
THURSDAY. February 10. at 11 a. m.. 203-200
Valencia St.. 80 head. of city and raac-h horse*. • •
wagooa, » boggle*, cart* and names'*. Every tains • J
must be sold. Outside stock sold ou commission. *
Phone Park 2723. WM. CLOL'UU. .^ictioneer. \u25a0 V
from Antwerp.
Per hark R. P.- Ritht-t, from Honolulu at Saa 1
Franoisro Feb 'J — Sailed from Honolulu Jaa 10:
bad strong NE wiaris to latitude 3.1 north; Jaa
17. latltutie oOnvrth: had a stroog northerly
gale, with a rtry high cross set. blowing away Z.
all the heail sails: hat! NE winds to the coast. -
then had NE and NNE winds with hlsh sea, then
SB and light variable wta?!*: have beon In sight
of Point Reyc* for four days, with light NB
winds aad calm*.
Per stmr Aurelia. at San Francisoo Feb 0 frota
Eureka— The new rcU buoy that marked the en
trance to south channel on south Jetty side oa
Humboldt bar has gone adrift.
Per schr Inca — Sailed from Newcastle. N. S*. 0
W.. Nov 9; i>a«sr>l Three King*, north end of U
New Zealand. Nov 17; pa^ed *mth uf the Kcr
m.ith- croup, crossing the meridian of I*o lati
tude S3 30 sooth. Nov 22; passed south of low>r
archipelago far as 42 13t> west on 1W 13: Not
27. la latitude 34 SO. lucsitude 170 2i» wMt. ex
perienced very heavy weather from NE. blowing
12 days, with big cross sea running; after mod
erating the wind remained fixed, until n»">rt!».
carrytng us as far east as the above mentioned
poHltlon, 130 west, where considerable lisht ami
bafo;n£ winds were experienced as far north a*
to 17 sonth. when finally the southeast trade*
were picked uj>. crossing equator Jan 14. lonrt- '
rmie 123 05 west, lo north: ia 122 40 west. 2>> .
north, in latitude 127 30 west, from tliere to port m
mi'.rrj variable wlm!> and calms.
TACOMA. Feb S) — Stmr Tacoma ran intu lanaeb
in fog at 7 a. m. to<la.v and sank latter.
LONDON. Fcb 9^-Fire in bunker coal of Br
stmr Satsunia. from Newport News for Manila,
previously rep'irted. at Perim, ha* been eTtitt- *
jrulshed: no damage anticipated; has fceea sur
veveil and fonnct seaworthy.
Leav» (Third and Townsend Streets) Arriv*
15.25 a Loop— 21i Vbitacion. South
San Francisco, Valencia Stw t t6^Sa
t5.35a L<sop— Valencia Street. Ocean View.
Cemeteries, South San Francisco,
31 Str-et, 3rd and Townsend t6.43*
6.20* South tan Fnncuco, San Jo*. Gilror,
(Hollister), Ssrjent, Pajaro, Watson-
ville. Santa Crui 7.50p
7.00 a South Saa Francisco, Palo Alto, Saa
Jos*. Way Stations 7.35 a
7.00 a Mijiicld, Los Altos, Los Gates 17.20?
B.ooa Share Line Limirwi— Paso Robles Hot
Springs, Santa Barbara, Los Angles. 9.30?
8.05* The Coaster — San Jose, Papro (Wat>
scnville, Sinta Crsi). Ca.»trovule, ,
(Del Monte, Monterey. Pariiie Grove).
talliis. Soledad. V^so Robles Hot
Serin gs, San Luis Obkpo, Surf,
(Loffipoc" 1 , Santa Barbara, Veaturs,
Oxnard,Los Aniel« 11.43 a
8.201 MayEeld. Los Aitos, Los Gat^s, Wright.
Glcnwoo<i( Boulder Creek), Santa tn z.
WateonvOle. O>stroville, Eel Monte,
Monterey. Pacific Grove 9.00p
'9.00 a San joj». Gilroy. Salbas, Paso RoMe»
Hot Spring". San Luis Obispo— Trw
Pino; — Watsonviile. Sacta Cniz. Del
Monte. Monterey. Pacific Grove 4.00p
10.40 a South San Francisco. Buriingam?, San
Mateo, Palo Alto, S3a Joje S.3oa
1 0.40 a Los Altos. Monta Vista, Los Gatos. . {
1 1.30 a Valencia Street. Ocean View, Cclms,
Cemeteries. Baden, San .Bruno 1 .35 p
1 1 .40 a South San Francisco, San Jose tS.2O»
2.00p Del Monte Kipress— San Jc«e, Gilrov.
Sargent (Wstsonville, Santa Cnu).
Del Monte, Monterey. Pacific Grove. 12.30?
2.05p South Sin Francisco, Palo Alto, San
Jose 8.40 a
t2.o3j> I*>s \ltO3. Monta Vista, Lo? &itos. . . t3.20»
3CQp South San Francisco, San Matto. Saa
Jose. GL'roy, Tres Pinos. Salinas :o.lo*
3.00? Watsonvil>, Paata Cruz. CastrovilTe,
Del Monte, Monterr". Pacific Grove. 10,05 a
3.40p Sanfci CLira, Stn Joie. Los Gatos,
Wrijtht (Hoi^fT Creek), Santa Crai.
Watsonviile, Pajaro !0.C5«
4.00p Sunset Expresi — Tucson. Peraing.
H Paso. Houston, New Orleinsi
Paso Robles Hot Spriuss, San Luia
Obifoo, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles. 11.40 a
4.00p Kansas Citr, St. Loui?. Chicago » '.40»
4.20p Socth San Frarcisno. San Jose |9^o*
t5.00p Buriinsame; San Ma!?o, Palo Ai to.
San Jo.** and Way Stations 9.40»
t5.05p Loop— ;3d Street. Vyarkra. South
San Francisco, Valencia Street t6.15p
•f 5.20p Redwood. Pa!o Alto. San Jose I- 1 Op
t5.20? Lcs Artoa. Monta Vista. Los Gatos. .. -?3.20»
tj.23 ? Buriingante, San Mateo. Saa J05e. .... T3.20 j»
|5.30p LfKjp— Vslenrh Street. Ocean VieT.
Cemeteries, South Saa Francisco,
23d Street. 3d and Townsead |8.40p
5.40p Snn Bruno, ft»n Mateo. Redwood, Pslo
Alto. Santa Chra. San Jose 7.40 a
J5.4Cp Lo* Aho.». Monta Viif3. Los Gate*. .. J9.40*
tSXOp MiUbrae. San Mateo, Palo Alto. May-
£eiJ, Los .iltos. Lcs Gatos tB.ooa
16.C5p 234 Street. Visitacion, South Saa
Francisco, Valencia Street t7. 13»
16.25? L<x>p — Valencia Street. Ocean View,
Cemeteries. South San • Francisco.
23J Street. 3d and Townsrnd t7.40p
6.3Cp South San Francisco. San Jose 5.40p
8.00? Lcs Angles Passenger—^lilroy^alinas,
Pa?o lloWes Hot Sprine*. San Lvii
Obicpo, Fiznoj Sasta Barbara, Los
Angeles 8 30a
1 1. 45p South San Francisco, Palo Alto.f 7.209
Sin Jase. \ 7.30»
To Oakland. Berkeley. B«rryman. East Oakland and
Fruitvait — I)a2v— rrasa ».W) sji>^ and every twenty
minutes cntil 7.00 p.m. fcrfoave: then 7.-W. 8.20.
9.00. 9.40. 10.:0, 11.00 aod IL4O pjcu li2o aad
1.20 a.m.
To Sither and Melrosa via Seventh St — Daily — Frora
6.00 ajn.. and every twenty misutea until 7.00 p.m.^.
inHusive. then 11.40 p.m.
To Stoaihurjt— DaiSy- s -6.00. 7XO, S.OO. 9.C0 ajn.. 2.20, '
3.00, 100, 5.00. a.40 p.ra.
To Oakland Fmt St. \u25a0 Fruiwale. AUmtia, via Hortnho*
—Daily— Froa +B.CO, C^S) aja. aad every twenty
minutes until 8.20 sjn. inclusive: then 9.00, 9.20. i
10.00. 10.20. ILW. 11A)E.a.,12n.. 12.20, L00. 1.20. 1
2.C0. 12). 3.00, 3.20. J3.40 p.a. and every twenty J
fflinatcsuntl 7 p.m. inrtu?ive; 7.40. 8.20, 9.00. 9.40.
10.20. 11.00 aod 11.40 p.m.. I*2o and L2O ajn.
AA)itio=il train to Oakland First St. 2.15 a.m.
To Wett B«rkeiay— D;i2y— Froa 6.C0 aja. and every
twenty n>ii!Utea until 5.20 a.ta. iadaiive; then ft.oo ajn.
aad every hour ur.tH 4.00 p.m. delusive; thtn 420 p.m.
anj every t^rrotv minctcs uitil 7.00 p.m. inclusive;
then 7.40. 8.20, 9.00. 9 40. 10.20, 11.00. 1L40 pja. an>*.
1120 a.m. ;
To Ccrbin— Daa3>-Frora 6.C0 aja. and every 20 minntesf
mtil 8.20 a.iru. tbea 9.C0, 10.00 a.m., 12.C0 d m 1.00.
2.00. 3.C0. 4.00. 4.20. 4.40. 5.09. 5.:0. 5. 40 and COO p.m.
Ur.iss Trin:!er Co. aulhorued to check
£rect frsm readsace.
/^^^. Schedule Erlective
-V^S? November 15, 1909
San Francisco -
T^Oa't'etsliirna. Saata Roea. H«ald»-1
1 bur?. Clov«rd*le. Ukiah. Wllllts.'
I SherirowJ. Sebaatopol. *Gnerne-
| TJle. »Jlt. Kto, 'Uuncaa illUa.. 6:lTn
8:20 a »Pt. Reyea, *Mt. Rto. •Cazadero.. t«:37;>
8:20 a "Sonoasa, ••Glea Ellen t3:37p
tO:O0a Petalama. Sant* Rosa. Cloverdale ;7:37*
ll:(K>a Petalmaa. Sant* Eosa 4:17 a
3:ot>p Petaluuia. Saata Rosa. Hesldsburs,
I Cloverdale. Uklah, Guera««vtlle.
I Mt. Rio, Duncan Mills. Seba*-
.. f topol 10:37 a
*t:OOpjPt. Reyes. Occidental
4:4op'Soaoni3, Gleo Kllen 9:17 a
s:2t'p;l*etalcma. SantH Rosa ....; .. 5:37«
Sausaiito, Mill Valley. Saa Rafael — Dally
every 40 minutes from 7:00 a. m. until 8:00 a.
ra.-. tben hourly until 4:CO p. tn.; then every 40
minutes nntU 6:40 p.m.; then S:00 and 10:00
p. m. and 12:01 a. m.
Fairfax— LeUve Saa Francisco t7:O0, 7:40. 820
»:00. 10:00. 11:00 a. m.. J12:0O noon. tl:00.
( J:00. 4:00. 4:40. 5:20 and 8:00 p. m.
Saa Quentia via. Saa Rafael — Leav«9fooa. m.
and 2:0O p. m.
Tibnroa and Beftreder» — |7:CO. 17:40. 10-15
a. m. (|12:0O oooa. except Saturday). 112:30.
$4:0". §5:20. 7:15 p. m. Sundays. Jt:t»O, {7-40
10:13 a. in.. 12:30. 14:00, |3:20. 7:15 p. m..
112:01 a. m. . .
•Monday \u25a0 errlve 7:37 p. m. '••Sunday arrive
C:57 p. ra. tEicept Snaday. tSoaday only.
'Saturday* only. |\la Saosalito.
Paclflc Transfer Coaipany's airents are author- •
izeU to cheek baggage dlrvet from residence.
tf.Sn frawbea tT.MdrWwte I UTwilwis
Wwka.y; sa«Uy ggfaUyi Sn«Uy lWwkd«y| Smaiar
10:90*1 9:00 a t7:35i 12:03? J:35»,11«:48«.
2:00p 10:08 a t:sop 2:00? 1:«5p 11:52*
*4:40p 11:00 i -32:55?: 3:03|» 4:25p 1:45j»
" 1:009 4:3flp 4:26? *9:15p 2:52?
;. 2:00? ...... 5:10 p...... 4-U*
-.....: 3:00p •»• S:33p
•Sat. only. fMon. orfy. ©TamalpaM only.
Ticket Offices— ?au3»bto Ftrryand B<4 Market
General Ofiee— Mia Vaßey. California
in alwayt oatn tor guwtt

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