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The San Francisco call. [volume] (San Francisco [Calif.]) 1895-1913, February 16, 1910, Image 15

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JJl?"]** P«rdered. ~>.Z->; XXXX pewdore.!.
ti. > \u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0. ou; v cranulatM. .Vssc; coufccUoum' v
.. •• ••: (^fectiwW crystal. 5.r.>; extra" fine
-. S.--, £.if*u < . *-Ssc: r». 4.t.%c. Barrels and 50
- «, Tr* 1 \u25a0 J' elr , bt)is - v - ****• : ** »«w p^
»'- \u25a0 m toM*p of 100 lbs i*>t. liar fa :::,
B-.1.1 M> n, tsr,» $i.Tf> more, in 8 and 10 M, tins
t i^wJTvbJS Kiy U<s th * D l>rice ' or lMs
!'lj»- faliforuia and Hawaiian sugar refinirc
',-u.X-iV oisot^ «* follow*: Grannlated fciVif
.. " , frfS^C U " r * *- Htc '- Powdered. 5..'m;: A
rrw&ed, ...,.s- : bcrty. 5.45 c; tt &- U. e«ra flee
rtrr ?™ri*t*l. -V4.V: coarse <!r, -^nulat^
. v-tB,. .. — c. <ulk-s. Z..Oc: l»rickP. 3.70 c; extra
r ::.-.: dry gra^ulate-l (100 lb bags only > 5 IS *
\u25a0 v • !,..,r A. s.t>sc: «. x tra C. 4.95 c: golden"^'
*'. ~ IJ- 5" .T r i\* U1 <l0!D ' 0^- slb cartons In
" r*" r4"":r 4 "" : Ort . Jlb cartons ju cases. H.S.%c. A^
. ..wms! t *r j<«u lb»: In laurels and r.(> lb h««
to ill prades. r.ar iv 35 and 40 u> tins $1.70
ISJ iiJ . »' ties, $2.05 more. Mininium order.
A>w York Prodaee
XEW YOltK. Feb. 15.— Hops— Easy. State
' :> '' :i "^t4">v hOiCe ' 1:i031 SG^- Zlc '' P«ciSc coast.
Hides— Doll.
IVtroleum — Steaijr
\\o,J_,stea.ly. 9
Si:c«r— Raw. firm; niuscr>vado. fc? te*t Sr.4c
• liiri.ucol. *«i test. 4.14,-; molasses Kupar. S9
'•'\u25a0\u25a0 St, 1 . Retiae«i. «juiot.
«--.fr<v--rutun-* close.l firm on the near months
» •• a.iv on Uttf j«)sitions, with prices n»t un
:. mpmi j.. 1.1 jH)iat s iiiplier. Seles 9,«XXt bags.
tOtat; !.hrr:ary and March. O.lhu-; Mir f - p
!• ..mt-r, r^SGT.IOc. SjKr t . steady; N«. 7
Kin 1 or — Flra.
• '.if*'**— Firm.
-vs-Sirady as the decline. Western nr*is,
~> _\u25a0••; *— icon-is, 2.V.
, •vMw.rate.l Apples— Steady. Knot fsnov. lOij
~.:tx>s— 4jr.iet. «;alifornia. up to CO 40s, 2 s ;
"-':•"•»\u25a0\u25a0; Organs, G^-:
M.rkv.js— st.«oy. Choice. ll%ifelis«c; extra
tbrim. UJiftUV: fancy. 12','a 13^.-.
1 4>ai-]i<v — Inactive. Choke. «i\6i,7c; extra
Choir*.. 7ftt7',r; fjLsi.y. 73,«£c.
_ Itateias— Altout Meady. !>>.«*• muscatel. 4c-7
• i : <\H,i<v to r«no>- s«df<i. 5«iCS.e; fwdV»s,
»lifil*ic; I»ndyu Uyers. *1.15fe1.25.
«"hf«**K«» Dairy Prodnrr llarkpt
CinCAfiO, Peto. 15.— Butter— Ejisv; rrram-
Tl.-s. ST.K^Sr; Jair:>. 21fciV. V-H^f— Ijisr;
r-"i>ii.ts. *.132; »t mark. «-ases iootuded. 17*7
,'-'•: t;ri-:>. 2S%^C^ fritne firsts. "iu,r. d)»v¥f— i
V/ : " ! J": daisies. 10%',j17c: twin*. "lRSif lfi 3 -.'';
/T~ - AcifTic**, l€*s<@l««4c: l<xigborn«. 10» 2 j
l-o» Ancelcs Market*
Special Dispatch lo The Call]
IMB ANGELES, Frb. l.V— Butter do, lined 2' 2 c
T.-V.; for a 2 lb roil on the produce ex«-h«np<?
-'.*>•. DeccipU were S3.»s>4 puuridf. P.-tat-x-s .
\u25a0 w^aW with r*v»-ipts heavy.
Recripta of pmdnce In !>\u25a0« Anpr-lo tfxiay
'""*: I-c?s, ".Tut rasos; butter. S-'!.ST,4 pound*:
\u25a0 »», V 4.< jwjunds; poTutoeis. .\u25a0I.2V» iy«cks;
: ion*. Done; tx-ans, 4i«( sacks: swevt potatoes,
- \u25a0< les: «p|.i.^i. none.
'\u25a0fc»'e>^— Northern fresb. 21c; *>a*t<-ru Kin}:!' I.1 '.
: >fij2Uc; ••af-t'Tu twins. 2O<-: eastern oheJdars.
- -I--: eastern Umgbans. 2lc: f*Kteni daisy, j
-\u25a0•-: Swi^s iraportort. .•!>.\u25a0; Swiss domestic. 23c: I
":>n.-k \u25a0cnißi. 2<k.-: limburper. [email protected]; imported \u25a0
- .- f^'&t). <-»*» «^f 12; <>regf«i "dyisj-. 20c.
Bottex — lYeainery <»xtra. 72 L »<-; creaniery nrst?.
T\.<-; eaetera creamery extrs?, C7Vic; c<"«>klcjr
" r. 26c.
"\u25ba\u25ba>-Kvtra s*-le^t. 2*>c; 10-al raucli oitndled
Erxts. 24<»: case count*. 22c: Ptorape packed
\'iss, 22r; wHange packe<J ftimja. 2<tc.
'\u25a0"•"Stis— No. 1 jilok. $*.2Tifer..sO: N.i. 1 linms.
&4 4>'fa4.r»>: L»Cj "Wasbicston. $4.50: «raall
\u25a0 -. |3.40f(5J50; bladMrec, $4.75: Garvaara>,
r-4 ".0: lentils. $7.
Jvtato**.— Salinas. Si.ir.ft 1.75; ti":fblan<i«,
Sl-lTite I.Tji; l»tr.p--w. ?1.fc.3ffj1.75; WatsonviKe.
>" "•\u25a0\u25a0!\u25a0•: I. '-..": Orejtm. $1.50(5.1.0: tweet pota
'•>—. 52.2'.«7 2."^i; f'resoa rariv rysc. $2; white.
se, 11.75^1.90.
!".»«.ifrn 1.1%-^Ktock Market
KANSAS CITY. Mo.. Feb. 15.— * attl^-Ue
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 cts. IOjOOO; innrket steady t» trenk. Native
re. 55.15«?7.4m: <-ovrs and brifep«. $2.^>«T
-• •\u25a0• k<T> and fe«i»>rs. $3.75«g5.1*0; balls. t",.~Ty
" •",; > \Ui~f, ti.y.tf,^; western steers. ?4.755s
••"\u25a0'•: wagtetn COTfBa fjgl?S
lit* — K^fljiis, 14,>jiX); market steady t« 1
\u25a0:. IJulk t»f sal-s. ?S.r..".'.j S.l«>: heavy, $s.s<i J
s-c; packer* ami i.iitrli^rs. ?>.7o(g.v.»J: light, J
Sv.Vtf..-5.7r.; pigs.
deep — Utrci: :;>ts, I**.!* 1": market steady to l<v I
l<nrer. M-jttnn?, Jl.7sft;C.<jy; lambs. $7.2.%*?: j
s ••">: fwi wosti m withers and yearUnjrs, $s.2s''>i< ;
S; fe-i «re. ?4.7r.f<i'J.lo.
SOUTH 'iMAHA. Neh.. Feb. 15.— Catt>— Re- '
«\u25a0• :!>:>. s.<>(i<i: nisrket steady to lower. Native •
(t**rs, H..Vift7..">ii; cobs asu heifers. $:\u25a0!.. V'ft ',
;. ."".(••. «"s:«tii steers, SS-^fzH: «nrs and heifer*. |
1:^ •;4.<iO: cacntrs. 52.50^4.25; srockers and]
iot^nrf.. £:>' r rj :;.<;<•; uatiros. $3.75i^5.2;: bulls, i
rtapg. «'tc.. f:-,<aj*.
HiTv — lir-v-ipts. 15..V»>: msrket steady to !
• \u25a0«- -r. H»avy. (&TSQR9O: tnix<»<l. ?<...V>«xS.svo: j
llpbU S^-.Vi.'tr >.)«•; pi«s, $0.73f0[7..V'; balk of ;
••\u25a0cU-. Ss.7<.',, v.vn.
- e«i» — Secdpts. f.OOO; market stn.np. Y<««r- '
15r/.. jt«;.7sfcv ; vetben, |6^6.T5; «we», 55.75 I
-^ --•: laiuis. 5.7.7.-.6lS*.
.NSAS CITY, Feb. I-*"..— Heavy hoys brrnpht |
Exempt from Taxes
Paying from
4 ! A% to 5V2% income
Complete descriptive circular
No. 909 upon request
!» <vfry asc tlvrp m^iiis to \>e on* irrest nr»l»li pro<3m-er. and certainly California
oil n:i:s» 1w t-itnsirtcred Sbe prf-at niofiry maker of our time.
i-viflf-iit-e of tbis i* tu<- trern«m«lnus dividends — runnlns oref one million
d"Jlrrs ti»mtUv--iiow iK-ing riaid \-r California Oil iVirnpsujiPs.
Anothfr «*!do:jrv is t'ue jrrcat fn-TPHsn in raliii: of oil stock holdings 1n the last Vm\
rear* — in mm 'tttt inrrfasing over ten f«ld.
Tfc.a'i j"U want t" jK-quin- some of this now \u25a0wealth? You fun if jt-u will sim|>!y
have coorase cnoupU to pniwrly iuvesi some of your esrnings or sariut;s in a splendid
-t.>k. tl)*- particulars of wUi<-h yon can have for the a*kin?. T\> refer to Ktock in the
«".ia!:n?a Crude Oil l'«.— uwnius one of the choicest pieces of absolutely |>rov«-n prt>i>erty
in lUp «'o»l;iisi» ti<*!'!.
Th'- <-spilall3:ation if *irs!l— no promotion stix-k— do royalties to pay — stock absolutely
; D'maf-.v'ssJibJ*' unU <-an now t* bouffht at tirst and laweyt prirp.
; C«l5 upon us for further particular* or send tbis coupon and the monthly oil tuaza-
! zin*". \u25a0\u25a0^tmiitir-s." which contains all information in readable form, with profuse illus-
tration?. -vriJl tf mailed you free.
Mil Pint National Bank Hide:..
Sain Kranelncn. CaL
Ocutlemen: I'l^ase s*nd tne. free of cost. Information regarding stock referred to above;
el«« fr»* copies of oil maparine "Securities"' for fix months — all this without any obligation
whatever oa lay part.
Name • Cla-10
Street and Number City
A Sure
Will ro^uit from investment In
the shares of the I'remler Oil
Coffipanv. This Income can be
yoori a"s surely as the income
now being received by share
holders in other oil companies is
theirs. Xo other Investment is
«o inrr to realize a constantly !\u25a0-
i-reaslnK vifid and a eonntaolly
Krowins principal. Invest Sow.
Lincoln Mortgage and Uan Company
New York " Seattle Los Angeles
Liberty Oil Company
Stock will advance February 28th. We ad-
yilc \\* irjrciuw at the present low price of
A»c per rimre. Have you seen the February
mm «.f wur nnrtithly paper. conUlnlng map
ki < : allf<»mia. sbowins oil fields aad giving
relative *lze of this fctate as compared with
tea other *tate*?
Sagar-Loomis Company
7!l-7i:i rurlan bid?.,- San rranclsco. ">
\ '
*$.!>5 a hundred pounds at the stockyards I
here today. This price was never before j
reached at this market. .
Cotton Market
NEW YORK. Feb. 15.— Ilutlon's wire say*:
•"The cotton market opened steady and un
changed to 2 points «!eol!r.«» from the previous j
closo «ad during the early opi-iation-i ruled j
dull. Cables were about steady, but nppeartsl
to lack the confident tone which ha* been a no- |
ticable feature for pouie time past, and the j
fact that I>!verpool -h-sb less disposed to lc«<l j
a bull campaign in oottou liad a tendency to
ebftek bullish enthusia«m oc this side. The j
weather map this morning .showol an area of
low barometer over Kansas anJ Missiiuri, with 1
indicfitions of unsettled weather ia ihe west i
geuerally, aud a pood *oak!ng rain over Texas j
at this time would be considered very de- j
eirable." i
Spot closed quiet. 15c lower; middling uplands,
15c; do gulf, 15.25 c; no sales. \
Option^- Op«'n. High. Low. nose.
February 14.71 c
March 14. 7.V- 14.S'5c 14.7! c 14.72 c (
April 14. 8O«* 14.S»C 14.f«>' 14.7C«-j
May 14.StV- 14.9i.k? 14. 7!).: 14. H-;
June 14.72 c 14.72 c 14.711 c 14Uic j
July 14.fi5c 14.«7c 14..*.5 C 14.«2c j
August 14.USc HVic 14.05 C 14.CK'.Ci
Septemljer 13.27e l".2<c 13.2Ue 13.26 c 1
October J2.S()c 12.V4e I2.7iic 12.52 c i
November 12.0 c 12.<^Sc 12.t.S<; 12.<J70 j
December 12.03 c 12.<J'">c lS.€2e 12 05c j
Boston Wool Market
' BOSTON*. Feb. 15. — Although desirable wools
I are no cheaper in the local market, some "f the
t minor slocks arc beinK sha«ie-l for customers.
I There is but little inquir.r. however, an-i trm!
! ing is f.ltuuft wholly in o«Ul !<>ts of a few thou
[ sand pc>nnd« each. Eastern bidders regard
\u25a0existrnj: prices in the west fcr the 101<> ciip as
I h! most prohibitive.
Ther* !-.a« bt-en some movement to the mills.
I but the general market !p near it« lowest ebb
I and very little ?s expected until the new clip
Scoured basis quotations:
Texas — Fine 32 months. 70^. 75c; five six to
eipht lnmuhs. »?S«ii7Oc.
California — Nortbero, iK<n <">&<\u25a0: middle coun
try. «V>f<iG.V*: fall free. 50<<j.j2c.
Orejrun — Eastern N'>. 1 staple. eastern
clothing. 70ftj72c; valley No. 1. 57(<i.ri k >c.
Territorv — Fine «taple. 75€i7'>e: nt:»' olothinsr.
uS<<i7tW-; balf Mood. 654£QGe; three-oigbths bl'.ioJ,
Co*<;«>2c; <jnsrter blooii. [email protected]
Palled — Extra, 72<ri75c; fine A,"0"7'(!,70e; A
supers, t>[email protected]<>sc
St. Isnuis \\"«ol Markr*
ST. LOUIS, Feh. ii.— Market stwady". Me
ilinm sra'ies (wmMns and clothiiic, 24<<i2!'c; li^it
tine. 22(&"27e; heavy Cae, 12fe.21c; tub wraihed,
25©37 c. v
\e»v York Market
NEW YORK. F«'h. I-"..— The market -for
standard copper on the New York nit-ml ex
ch.tnse was weak today with s;«>t nml Febru
ary «-losluk at [email protected]; March, 13<&13.12}£cj
April. [email protected] l ii!. Tne Lond-ni market was
r.rui and a little higher with *>r"'t CI9MBS ar
£W "s »<! and fiituref- et {«"••>.\u25a0 Exports of cop
per, ai'^^rdinj: to today's <"us»nni h>.«isp rctnni*
•Here 2,071 tons. maklDS is.«!.v> wi fur f»r tbe
month. Ixtral dealers qnute lake copp<T at
i:«.»i2>j'«j i:s.B7 l a r: electroivtio at i;s.:;7»i^|:
lo.'Ui-a^. and rartipe at 12.121£<i13.37*£c.
Tin was quiet with spot olo^inj at :i.>f.i;53.4"« - :
1-Vbniary, X\«iW:'Z T>r; Mar>«b, :52.70(<i33.10;
April. May. XLT^LXLIO. Trie lx>n<!oii marki-t
wan liigh»r and o!i*e.t firm, with spot quoted
at f1.'.l 12s <Vi. ami futures at £153 .".s.
I^'«d was wf-ak with *pot quoted at 4.<J'>'ii;
4.7<i<- New York, and 4.:V.«i4.4">c East St.
Lori*. London unchanged at £VS 7s Od
for f^pot .
Spelter was weak. s|>"t tloslnp: at 5.50((
5.65 c New York, aivl S^[email protected] Last St.
Louis. Tlic Loo4on market was unchanged at
£:r> "is.
TiK» Enclish iron market was loner at ".Is :'..'.
for Cleveland warrants. Locally no cliai>«r<- whs
r»-f^>rt»>d. N». 1 fonndrv northern. ([email protected]
B»; No. 2. $18.25018.75; No. 1 s?(»uthern and
No. 1 do soft, $L&[email protected]
\avnl Stores— Turpentine ami ICcisin
SAVAXXAII. Oa.. Feb. 15. — Tur[K?nTim-. firm,
TiP'iC: sales-. ; rece'fits, 50; shipments,
a©; Ftock. 2XS3Z.
ni^eln — Firm: khlps. Ost.: r»H-e:pt<:. . ss2; ship
ments. stixk. inj.o."'.:{. Quotatious:
B. $4.20; I>. 54.40; E. ?4.4i; F, ?4.-">7i-'.;
G. $4.r.Ti-.: H. ?i.*Vi: 1. $4.T0 : K. |5.75;; M,
SO.S<>: N. SC.r^t; W<;. $'1.75; W\V. $C,.ik>. -
The i "rook i« in port.
TIip Thomas paiU-<l January 13 from Honolulu
for Msuila\
The Warr?n is at Manila.
The Dix sailed I>f-eenit>er 15 from Seattle for |
The lyc.ia is in p«rt.
The Buford is in port.
Ttip Sheridan arrived at Honolulu February 13.
Tfce Sherman is yi port.
'l'<uin:«ui- linsiiCfmcnlN
The ship John Ena. whloh arrived her? from |
PbiladelpUia yestenlar. was chartered prior to j
arrival f«r sugar from H-.nohilu to Delaware j
Thr br!? Gtueva tt mider '"liartfr for lumber !
frwu Willapa UarlKir to Tahiti. ;
Change of Masters
St<:amer Watson — OH mastor. Ji^hn Griffith:
new l^sster. E. B. Wod.
St*>aai«T How N\>. I— ol<i master, Chester B.
I>on : nev: ruastpr. A. A. Tornhall.
Strainer Constant**- — old luaxtT, K. L. Kato:
new ma*tPr. B. F. Btrtagtr.
JZnrulied — Scboonfr Lucy. J. Fisher master.
Financier May Sail on the Liner
Cedric Today
NEW YORK. Feb. 15. — It is the gen
eral understanding in financial circles
that J. P. Morgan will leave tomorrow
for Europe.
It is understood that he has en-
Sa^ed staterooms on the liner Cedric.
His departure at this time is taken to
Indicate that there is no cause for
apprehension in the financial situation.
As Morgan has canceled several
steamship reservations, it could not be
learned positively tonight whether he
finally has derided to go tomorrow. No
statement was forthcoming at his office.
L F. BOTTOM & 00.
490 California St. TeL nntiplnx 3457
St. Francis Hotel TeL Doaglaß 3902
Members of New York Stock Exchange
Pioneer Honae
Private Wire to Chlcaeo and
Xcxr York
It. E. MULCAIIEY. Manager
Kiin Of tee Branch Offices
Correspondent* 'Main Corridor)
HAT*F TS . WINTHROP San Francisco. '
25 Pine St., New York Los Angeles •
3 Rookery, Chicago HOTEL DEL CORO-
1711 Stout Street. NADO. >
> Denver. Colo. Corontdo Beach. >
From I Steamer ' j Date
?an Pedro JCarlon ..... Feb. lßi
Portland i: Astoria |NortUland . Feb. I*s j
Sun Diego & Way Ports Queen Feb. lo •
l*uget Sound Ports Umatilla Feb. If
San IVdro & Way Ports Coos Bay Feb. 16
.S.an Diego T. L. Wand . . . Feb. 1 7
Portland & Astoria.... Norao City .... Feb. 17
Point Arena & Albiou. Porno Feb. 17
Portland & Way Ports Santa Clara ...tFeb. li
Saa Pedro JRoanoke ...Feb. 17
Huruboldt F. A. Kilburn . . Feb. IS
Moji Semlnole Feb. IS
Sal. Cruz via S. Diego. Virginian ...... Feb. IS
Humboidt iCity of Topeka.Feb. 19
Puget Sound Ports jGovernor Feb. 19
Portland & Way Ports. G. W. Elder... Feb. 19
hruvs Harbor Santa Barbara. ..Feb. l'J
Si-attle & Tacoma Ad. Sampsou .".(Feb. 20 1
San Diego & Way Ports; Santa Rosa ... Feb. 20!
Mendo-in.t &. Pt. Arena; Sea Foam |Feb. 20 |
San IVdro Central!* ;'. jFeb. 21 |
San Pedro jHanaiel |Feb. 21 i
Portland &; Astoria i Kashas City ..iFeb. -'ll
New York via Ancon. .jNewjtort jFeb. 22!
Hamimrg & Wav Portsjltatsri |Feb. 23J
I'ug.-t Sound Ports iCity of Puebla.jFeb. 2;i
Destinatioa | Steamer \ Sails jPier
Febrnary 10 — I I I
Ilumboldt Vanguard .. 1 pm 19
Coqutl!.; River (FiSWd 5 pm 27
(.Vnjuii;.* Kiver JKlizabcth ... 11 am 16,
Grays Harbor.. iNewborg ... 3 pm| 21
(iravs n*rbor Norwood — 2 pm .... :
Coos Bay M. F. Plant 3pm S
Seattle & Tacviaa Riverside ..12 m 3S
Huui'uoldt ..North Fork . . -5 pm 3S
HuniDoldt City Topeka. 10 am 11
I»s Angeles Ports iliasaiei X pm 10
ileudociuo & Pt. Areuaj^ea Foam 4 \>va 4
SJii Diego & Way Ports Santa Uosa. 11" am 20
February 17 —
I.<js ADgeles I'orts....'. Nome City.. spm 7
Grays Harbor G. Lindauer.
Grays Harl>or :iciareniont .. 4 pm .
N. York via Sai. Cruzjlsiumiau ... 2 pm 27 !
Puget Sound Ports JQneen .....*. 4 pm 11 '
Astoria & Portland.... {Roanoke ... 1 pin 13
WiUapa Harbor Daisy \u0084...
February IS— \ j
Sau Pedro & Way Portsi<*.>as Bay .. 4 pmi 11
Astoria ie Portland [Jim Butler.. 0 pai 27
February 10 — i ;
liu-nlioi.lt JK. Kilbiirn.. 10 am 13
Grays Harbor ..IS. Barbara., lpm !
Sew York via Ancnu.. City of Parajl2 m 40
Astoria & Portland How City ..jll am 40 j
Au.-klaml & Sydney.:. Earl Elgin.. I pm ....
Portland & Way Ports. Santa Clara. 1 pm 13
Astoria & Portland [Northland .. 5 pin 19
1-os Angeb-s Ports G. W. Elder 5 pm 13
Poiut Arena &. Albion. Pouiu 6pm 4
February 20 —
Seattle & Tacoma Buc-kcian .. 1 pm l<>
Sail Diego & Way Ports j Governor ... 2 pm 11
February 21 —
Astoria & Portland. .. . jTaluw ....* j
Grays Harbor jceutralia ...|s|ini 21
Puget Sound Ports jl'mattlla ...j 4 pm 11
L'>s AngploH Port^ jAd. SanipsouilO utaj 10
Destination | Steamer | Date
ViWuj & Seward Victoria jFeb. 16
iM^uthwestern Alaska... Bertha Feb. 20
fHtaffHray & Way Ports. Jefferson 'Feb. 20
%'aliiez & Scward Yucatan JFeb. 24
Sun, Moon and Tide
L-KJteii M»te* coast and geodetic survey — Time
and heights of tides at Fort Point. For city
front [Mission street wharf) add 25 minutes.
San rises «;39
Sun .set.- 5:50
M.k.ii sets 12:32 a. m.
First quarter moou Feb. lG.at 10:23 a. ra.
Full nunm Feb. 23. at 7:27 p.m.
iTin?"J jTiuiel ;Timej |Tiin*el
Fcb; P» I [Ft I Ft !\u25a0 ]Ft
il Wi jL Wt 111 W| Sl W!
lU..J 4:10j 5.5111:04) U. 71 (i:ll| 3.8110:451 2.9
17. .j 5:0 l' 5.5;i2:15f 0.4 i 7:44| 3.5:i1:49| 3.2
15..! 5:r»»! 5.6J 1:261 o.o] S:so| 4.01 ....!
L W( IH WI |L Wl H Wi
i3..| 0:.-,')' 3.2] 7:011 5-T) 2:27-,— 0.4] o:q4| 4.5
L. -S. Branoh II j iiri>irr:j!-lii<- Offit-c
A branch of the United States hydrographic
i-fure. loc.-.ted In the .Merchants' Exchanjre, is
msintsined in- Saa Francisco for tlie beneat of
mariners, withoat regard to nationality aad free
of eip?cse. Navigators are cordially invited to
visit the office, where complete sets of charts
sivl sailing <]irection» of the world are kept at
lianl for comparison and reference. aDd the
lait-st infonaatioo can always be obtained re
j:;irdin? lights, dangers to navigation acd mat
ters of interest to ctean commerce.
Lieutenant. U. S. N., in charpe.
i'liue i;ali
Lnu»''l States 'ranch nydrographie office. Mer
chants' Exchange, San Francisco, February I
15. 1810.
The tiMie li^ll «,u the rpof of the Fairmont
hotel was dropped inlay exactly at noon, P«
c':sc standard titi/e (iilOth meridian), or at Bh.
00m. 00s. Uifcnwich mean time.
Lieutenant. U. S. N., in charge.
Depth st mean low water, entrance to harbor, j
PLACE I Ft. 1 Date 1 Remarks j
Gmys liar! IS (Jan. 13jinner bar buoy sub-
[J I I merged. - ; t
Willapa Bl "7 jJan. GjWhistlin? buoy 1 mile
( I ! north of liar.
Colam. R.j 24 (Nov. SJShoaliuK outside nun
' -'" j buoy No. 2. y
Nebalm R| 7 INor.. <J|Bar buoy 2W yards X.
_J __J j of channel.
Tillmk B.i U Dec. 17 (Channel shifted 1 mile
I I south in galo Nov. CS. j
\u25a0 -Nun buoy No. 0 and i
Yaquiua Bj lO^'Doc. ISt- can buoy No. 3 gone
j I j adrift.
Eirsiaw R j 5 jJan. 6.
L'mpqua Rj 12 iL'vc. UlChannel well north o' I
I I i range. \u25a0 J
! ! . !12 ft-et at low tide to i
Oji« Bay.) IS jJan. 4' North ' Bend; 12 feet
S I i at low tide to Marsh-
__J j, _!_2f±L__
Co>iuille Rj ii jJan. 7;Cbannel straiirht; good
[ ( ! <-ondltion. '
Ro?;ie Riv) | !
Kjtuuth R; 7 j.lan. 7|Channel straight *-aft
! j I and west.
limLiidt 15! 20 j'Jau. 15 j North channel unsafe
j I \u25a0 1 to navigation.
S I'edro B| 20 |Jan. 51No change in channel.
S Diego BJ 25 1 Dec. 6;No change In channel.
B Pablo Bl 24 [Dec. 1 (Depth in dredged chan-
I I I uel.
Weather Report
i .\u2666. 2ju
United States Department of Agricnltnre-^-
Weatuer Bureau. San Francisco. Feb. 15, ll»10.
Last • .Seasonal Normal
Stations — 21 hours ' to date. to date.
Eureka 0.10 RO.m 28.3.1
Ked Muff .0.00 ll.S!> 15. 53
Sacramento 0.00 8.85 12^51
Mount Tamalpain 0.00 , 17.29 14.82
San Francisco o.oo' / 14.<>1 14.71
San J05e..'..... 0.00 11.02 0.14
Fresno 0.00 10.2-! n.ftt
ludependeuce 0.00 : 5.42 1- 5.82
San Luis Obi£|K> 0.00- 10.4.! 12.45
I/w Ang-eles '.... 0.00 \u25a0 10.42 0.78
San DU-ko ........ 0.00 5.21 «.34
Coa»t record for 1- hour*, ending- 5 p. m.
1 $ ¥ I i l\
STATIONS %"-\u25a0-\u25a0 : ' \u25a0J \u25a0• fr
2 5 S -•\u25a0"'• •' . ; ;
• • "° -'i • \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0' I . - '\u25a0 "' • -
niaine .'{'•. 44 »j .. NE Clear" .00
I'.ofse ;-;50.2« :t2 20- N Cloudy Tr.
Eureka »>.44 M :S4 N Clear .00
Flagstaff . ...... :»i. it? SS .14 X\V "Clear- .HO
Fresno 30.20 7J\ ?.i X Clear .ftfi
Holena ........ 50. ."4 2—B W Clear .01
Independence ... "50. 04 40 2M N Pt.Cldy .00
Kalispell ..;....{0.44 14—2 N Tt-Cldy .00
Xjos Auseles »».1K) «2 48 N\V I»t.Cldv .<io
Modena 30.02 C! 020 N It.Cldy -.00
Mt. Tamalpais.3<i.27 42 T*) N Cloudy .00
North Uead....."50.44 42 ...".6 NW Cloudy .00
I'boenU 29.80 64 MjW ' PLCldy, .00 \u25a0
Tocatello .30 . 14 44 ,32, 32 ~- NW ' Pt»Cldy Tr.
Pt. Heyes Lt. ..T0. 20 48 42 NW i PtOldy 1.001 .00
I'ortland ..... .30.44 40 S2 SW ; Clondy .W
Red 81uff... ...3K.54 SO .",<> N (Jlear . .00
Ueuo ......... IIO.W ,"{2 20' NW Clear .00
Uosebnrg ."J0. 40 .42 30 NW - Cloudy .01
Saererueuto ...30.24 . r K) . 40 ;NW Clear .00
Salt Lake....;. '10. 0S 23 24 .^NW Snow- .04
San Diefro .30.02 ;:3S 52;. XW Clear .00
San Francisco. .30. 2<> ~A 42 W Clear .00
San J05e...".:.. 30.24 M- SO XW Clear .oo
San L. Obispo.oO.lG W 42 XW Pt.Cldy ~ 00
SET Paralfttn. . .30.2rt 50 4(1 X l»t.Cldy .00
Spokane ... ...SO.Si ;W 22. SW .Clear -.* ".00
Summit;. -.... 40 19 ;' Calm Clear •. 00
Taconia . . ... . . .30.44 40 32 ; X Cloudy .00
Tatoosh ...30.42- 38 Sfi' XW Cloudy.-- .00
Tonopab ......30.24 24 , IS NW Clear .00
Walla Wa11a... 30. 5S ..",<; .'lO SE Clear .-.no
Winnemucoa . ..".o.3ft 32 1« W IJlear .00
Ynma ........ 20.04 Oti .%C X-. Clear; \u0084 00
•Snow oa proimd, 7~> inches. . .. ..-.'-. '!;;\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0>
. The following nioilniuiii and minimum temper
aturesare reitorted from eastern Btations for the
previous day: •- Chicago. 31 -2G; Xew. Vork,So-22;
Omaha. 42-34. - .... v ..- .
'.-=-. \u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0'\u25a0-", synopsis .;.: - : ".;• . ; , : ."..
A fmall disturhan<*e : overlies -Arizona' ami ' Is
causing uigh north winds la eoutbern California."
At Los Angeles a maximum wind velocity- pf 26
miles per hour from the northwest is reported.
The .pressure is hiuh owr thn coast north of
the Tehachipi and the weather in frc-cerally clear,
with moderate north winds. Strong north -winds
are reported from Point Reyes to Mendoolno. .
Temperatures are below normal in the jrreat
valley and frosts will occur Wednesday inornlnir.
The relative humidity at Red Bluff was 50 and
at Fresno TO j>er cent.
Following is the forecast for thp 30 hours end
ing at midnight Wednesday. February 18. 1910:
Sau Francisco and vicinity — Fair - Wednesday ;
light frost in the morning: moderate north
Northern California— Fair Wednesday, --with
frosts in the morning; moderate north wluds.
Southern California— Fair Wednesday: heavy
frosts In the inornlug if wind lulls; brisk north
winds, diminishing.
•\u25a0-- A. G. MeADIE, District Forecaster.
Daily River Bulletin
SACRAMENTO, " Feb. 15. — Observations taken
at 7 a. m.: \u25a0£ "
I W if if
stations ! : : ~- 4 5
I :•* I r^
Sacramento Watershed— 1 I . " " J
Kenuett, Sacramento river.! 25.0 j 2.4 — } — 0.1
Red Bluff. Sacramento R..J 2:5.0 | 4.«-f j -f ».«
Mnnroeville, Sacrament* R.| 22.0 j S.fv— ] -fO.D
Colusa. Sacramento river... | 29.0 I ft. 9 — I — -o.l'
Kuights Landiug, Sacto. R.| IS.O j 1 1 . : j — | — 0.4
Orovillc, Feather river j j 4.0-f +o.:{
Marysville, Yuba river t 30.0 I 9.1+ <T : 0
Folsom. American river.. ..i .... ] 5.5 — — t».l
Sacramento. Sacto. river... | 21t.0 117. 0-j- -j-0.2
Rio Vista, Sacramento K.-.j l-'J.O i 6.5 — — O.S
San Joaquiu Watershed— ! ! *
Pnllas,ky, San .Toajuin rivert O.S— 0
Firebaugh, San JoaouJn R.i 12.0 3.2 — — 0.1
Merced falls, Merced river.! .... v.7— l 0
Jackson ville. Tnolutnne R.-j 20.0 2.>S — j 0
Melones, Stanislaus river..; 2.5-j-| 4-0.1
Jenny Llml. Calaveras rivtT| 10. S I 0.8 — i <>
Electra. Mokolnmne river..! 12.0 1 1.4 — j »»
i^athrup, San Joaquin riverj Vi.il \ S.f — i — O.'J
\u25a0 -J- Indicates rising river. — Indicates faliiug
Snow on ground at Summit at 7 a. m. today,
8S Inches. ;
The rivers will continue to fall slowly during
the vest wo days.
N. R. TAYLOR, Local Forecaster. !
Slomlay, ,Foltruary 14.
U S stmr (ilacier, lAiptx.% S days fnjm Hono
Tm-siluj". February 15.
V S stmr Se<|uoia, ltoivtnan. from cruise.
Stinr Mayfair, OJst'n. 74 fmnrs from Wlllapa;
GOO JI ft lumber to Parlno box factory.
Stmr Haymouil. Kondden, STB hours from Grays
Harbor; 700 M ft lmubfr.to Sadden & Christen
Stmr NorthlauJ. Erkkson, 36 hours from
Columbia fivc-r: S"0 >i ft lninbor to Portland
lumber company.
Stmr Hanalei, SlcFarland, -i~> hours from San
Pedro; passeHjrers anil luerchuudifc to Icdepeu
ilt-ct- steamship rompany.
Stmr Olson & Jlalioiiy. Payee. I*4 hours from
Kv»-rett: l.SltO M ft lumber autl jioW-s to Olson
& Mahony. •
Stmr W; S. Porter. Holmes. " days from As
toria; ballast to Associated oil company. ,
Stmr JI, F. Plant, Burtls. H*< hours from Coos
bay; passengers ami merchandise t<.» Oregon coal
and nari^atlcu company. <"}
Stmr James S. Hlgßins, Hipcins, J. 3 hours
from Fort Mrajrj:. bound south; put in for fuel
and passengers.
Stmr Whittier, Seaman. S2 liourf! from Port
San Luis; 10,300 libls oil to Union o'.l com
Stmr Tahoe. Paulson. S4 hours from Grays
Harbor: 713 M ft luml.tr to Pollard St Co.
Stmr Peru, MacVinuon. 20 days S hours and
4" minutes from Ancon, via Acapulco 10 days
hours 8!nl Xi minutes, via Mazatlan U days 10
hours unri 22 minutes; passengers and merchan
dife to Pacific Mail steamship company.
Stmr Kuckman. Wilson, GT^-j hours from Seat
tle; passengers and merchandise to Alaska-Pa
clfle steamship compauy.
Stmr F. S. I>«>p. l^eviuson, 75 hours from
Columbia river; StX) M ft lumber to laiop lumber
Ship Joan ICna. Mail.«<?n. 12S "days from Phila
delphia, vis Delaware breakwater I is) days;
merchandise to lintes & Cbesebrougb.
Sohr Santiago. McDonald, 12 hotus from Mon
terey, in tow tnp Navigator; 11.<Xmi Wils oil to
Associated oil company.
Schr Cecilia Su-Wen, Gn>t3f<ou. 7 days from
Grays Harbor: (wU H ft lnmljer to E. K. Wood
lumber company.
Tuesday. February 13. .
.lap stmr ("hiyo Maru. Greene, Hougkong, etc.;
W. H. A very.
Stmr Watson. Wood. Seattle: Alaska-Pacific
steamship company. .
Stmr Santa Komi. Alexander, San L'iejro; Pa
cific Coast steamship company.
"* Tuesday, February 15.
Stmr WhiteslKiro, FredericUsou, Greenwood.
Stmr Acm*, Olsun, . Eureka.
Stmr Aurelia, Weber. Eureka.
Stnir Norwood, Martin, Grays llartxir. /
Stmr National «'ity. Under. Fort lira^R.
Stmr Watson. Wood. Seattle.
Jap stmr Clilyo Mara. Greene, Hongkoujr, etc.,
via Honolulu.
Stmr J. .7. Lfifrgio. Johnson. Kurekn.
Stmr James SS. Hikitlds. HisgltM, San Pedro.
Stmr F. A. Kilburn. . MoLellan. Kureka.
Stmr Katherine, Jorgens<>n, fiureka.
S<-br Oregon, Melll>erg, Coquillc river.
Schr Monterey, Kelly, Monterey, In tow tug
Navigator. " - \u25a0-
Fcb 13— Lat 40 deg S mln N, lons ~0 deg 20
niln W, bark Sea King, from Taooma, for
Bath, Me.
POINT REYES. Fell 15, !• a. m.~ Clear; wind,
northwest: velocity, !0 miles) per hour.
FARALI.ONE.S. Feb- 15, 0 a. m.— Partly
olon'ly; wind. nortJi: veloelry. ."S miles per hour.
POINT I/JBOS. Ftb !•">. ft a. m. — <le:ir; nlml.
northeast; velocity, fi miles per h<Hir. Noon —
Clear; wind, northeast; velocity, s miles per
hour. S p. id. — (,'lear; wind, north; velocity, C>
miles per hour.
TATOOSH, Feb 15, » a. -m. — Partly cloudy;
wind, northwest; velocity. <! miles per hour.
POINT I^OBOS. Kcb 15. I<i p. m.— Weatbor,
ol^ar; wind, northwest; velocity, l^ miles per
domestic ronii
COOS BAY — Sailed Teb 15— Stmr Alliance, for
TATOOSH — Passed in Feb 15— Rr stmr Ixns
dale, from Gunymas. for Van<-ouvci-: i; S stmr
W:isliius;t<»n, from Honolulu, for Bremerton; U S
titmr Teumssee. from Honolulu. Frb 14— Stmr,
probably Wasutenaw, hence. Feb 11. for Pu.^ct
Oiitsidp tiound in Feb 15 — Stmr Kureka, hence
Fob 12. for Seattle. \u0084
\u25a0ASTHMA— SaiIed Feb 14— Stmr Asuncion, for
S,au Francisco; schr Virginia, for San Francisco.
Arrival Feb 115 — Nor gtmr Hercules, lience
Feb 12. .
Arrived Feb 15 — Stmr J. B. Stetson, licncc
Feb 12: stmr Santa Maria, from Port San Luis.
EUREKA— SaiIed Feb 15— Stmr Prentlss, for
San Francisco; stmr Francis 11. Liggett, for San
Pedro. . . .
WESTPORT (Wash.) — Arrived Feb 15 — Stmr
Helene, hence Feb 11; stmr Willapa. hence
Feb 11: fctmr San Jacinto, henco Feb 11.'
SEATTLE — Soiled Feb 14— Stmr A. (5. Lind
say; stmr Cottage City, for Skiifcway. Feb 15—
Jap stmr Ana Maru. for .Yokohama.
Arrived Feb 15 — Stmr Stanley Dollar, henct
Feb 11; stmr Harold Dollar, hence Feb 10.
Arrived Feb IS-^Br ship Senator, from .'
• Sailed Feb : 15 — Stmr Harold Dollar, for ' Bel
llngham; stmr Stanley Dollar, for Tacoma. .-
SAN DlEGO— Sailed Feb 14 — Stmr Virginlau,
from Sallna Cruz, for San Francisco.
Arrived Feb 15 — Stnir Wasp, from San Pedro.
KKDONDO BEACH— Sailed Feb 13 — Stmr Car
los, for San Francisco.
SEWARD— SaiIed Feb 14— Stmr Portland, for
Seattle. . • \u25a0
SAN PEDRO— Arrived Feb 15 — Bktn John
Smith, from Tacoma; stmr • Queen, from San
Diejo; schr Kuby, from Coquille river; stmr
Sbasta. - from Belllnrham.
Sailed Feb 15-^Stmrs Queen and Claremont,
for San Francisco.
\u25a0 UMPQUA— SaiIed Feb 12^S>tmr San Gabriel;
schr Caroline, for San Pedro.
POINT REYES — Steam schooner, lumber laden.
on the steamers "of the
\u25a0 NEXT SAILING .\u25a0 "V ;-;/,
.--".February; 16.
Plymouth."' Cherbourg r & Hamburg.
SS. S. Graf Waldersef Feb. 26, 11 a. m.
\u25a0fS. S.Kais'n." Aug. , Vie. .March 5, 12. Noon
\u25a0: f Hamburg direct. •' "!
tllitz-Oarlton ;a* la . Carte Restaurant.
For- Oberammergau - Passion-plaj— Berlin
Exhibition 1910: Brussels, Exhibition ; 1910,
and all other interesting European events,
. inquire . of our* Tourist Department. "
:V J 160 Poweli: St. l^ Phone- Kearny' 2946.
Cqmpaenlp Genfrale TransatlantlquV
- Sallin ir 3 i every Thursday, instead of Saturday,
at 10 a. m., from pier 42, North river, foot of
Morton i street. -;':" ,__V«" . ;
.First class: to Havre. Ji «.5O and upward; sec-
ond class to Havre. (50 and upward. GENERAL
19 ' State -street,; New : York. >=, J. l\\ FUGAZI.
Manatrer ; Pacific ' Coast, 630 * Montgomery, street,
San \u25a0;- Francisco. - Tickets sold by all- railroad
ticket ; ««enu.. ; ' ::':: :' : '\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0•.. '\u25a0 - -':
with letter I, on stack : four . masted schooner
with - black hull, white border fore and aft. lum
ber ladeu.
Passed south Feb 1." — Steam schooner, flying
oa£.« S and C. : ' , "\u25a0\u25a0•-. "' \u25a0 "
• POnT SAX LUlS— Sailed Feb 13— Stmr Coos
Bay, for San P'rancisco. ;. •
TACOMA— Arrived Feb 15— Stmr Admiral
Sanipsoa.: from Seattle; ttmr Shna Yak, from
'Victoria. 1 • - -. -
Sailed Feb 15 — Stmr Admiral SampsOD, for San
Francisco: stmr Meteor, for Ketchlkan.
' OLYM PI A— Arrived Feb 15— Schr Salem, from
San Pedro. -
POUT TOWXSEXD— SaiIed Feb 14— S^hr Mary
K. Foster, for Honolulu.
Arrived Fob 14 — Schr Salem, from San Pedro.
POINT I.onos — I'nKsed Feb 13 — Stmr O. • W.
Fenwick. from Columbia river, for San Pedro;
stmr Rainier, from Grays Harbor,, for San
I'edro. \u25a0 . :
BALTIMOKE— In port Feb 14— Br stnir Cotils
don. for . Victoria, via Xew York and Guaymas.
- XEW - YORK— Arrived Feb 14— Stmr Beaver,
from Newport News. Feb 15 — Stmr Panama,
from Colon. \u25a0 ' •
XORFOUv— Cleared Feb 14— Br stmr Charcas,
for Valparaiso.
NEWPORT NEWS— Sailed Feb 13— Stmr Bea
ter, for Xew York.
YOKOHAMA— Arrived Feb 15— Br stmr Ning
chow, from Ta< % onja. for Liverpool.
VICTORIA— Arrived Fib 15— Br stmr Lons
ilale, from (luaymas.
Sailed Feb lo — Jap stmr Awa MarQr tor
Yokohama. •
" TALTAL — Arrived Feb' 12— Br stmr Obercn,
from Tocopilla.
ANCON — Sailed Feb 14— Stmr Pennsylvania,
for San Francisco, via way ports. ._
SAN BLAS— Sailed Feb 14— Stmr Homer, for
San iJieg-o.
GUATEMALA— SaiIed Feb B— Uer stmr Erna,
for San "Francisco.
Gl'AYMAS— Sailed Jan 31— Bktn Aurora, for
Eureka. • . \u25a0•" •
CHAMPERICO— Arrived Jan 4— Nor stuir
Transit, from Gunvnias.
ANTWERP— In port FetTls— Fr bark-Bidart.
for Oregon. '\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0.'\u25a0
GIBRALTAR— Passed Feb 15— Br stmr Oanfa,
from Puget "sound, for Liverpool.
SHANGHAI— Arrived prior Feb 15— Br stmr
Bannoekburu. froai Ore.eon. via Victoria.
LIVERPOOL— SaiIed IVb 6— Br stmr Protesi
laus for Vancouver. B. C.
ACAPULCO— SaiIed Fcb U— Stmr City of Syd
ney, for Ancon.
PEXARTII— SaiIed Jau 2i>^-Ital ship Sper-
AVOXMQnTH— jrrivert Feb 14— Br ship
Crown of Germany, henre Anjr 31.
R IRK EN II RAJ) — Arrived Feb 13 — Ger bark
Ilel>e. from Oreson. . .
PUERTO MEXICO-^Arrived Feb 10— Stmr
Lewis- Uickenhach. from • New York.
Sailed Feb 13 — Stnir Callfornian, for Delaware
HONGKONG— SaiIed Feb 15— Stmr Monteasle,
for Vacfouvf-r.
NEW YORK — Arrived Feb 15— Stmr Minne
haba. from London; stmr I^ipland, from Ant
LONDON — Arrived Feb 15— -Stmr Monteruma,
froui Sf. John. N. X.. and Halifax.
YOKOHAMA— Arrived Feb 15— Stmr Nius
Chow, from Taeouin and^Victoria, for Liverpool.
KOBE— Arrived Feb It— Stmr Kumeric. from
Seattle. •
Sailed Feb 1<: — Stmr Minnesota, for Yokohama.
GIBRALTAR— Passed Feb 15— Stmr Oanfa,
fr»m Tacainn. via Yokohama, for Liverpool.
CHERBOKRG— Arrived Feb 14— Slmr Kaiser
Wilhelm der Gros.se. from New York, via Ply
mouth, for Bremen.
HAVR*; — Sailed Feb 15 — Stmr La Breta:rnc,
for New York. *
PALERMO— SaiIed Feb 14— Stmr Sannio. for
New York.
ST. JOHN. N. B.— Arrived Feb 15— Stmr Tuni
sian, from Liverpool.
CHARLESTON, S..C. — Arrived Feb 15 — Stmr
San Mateo, from Seattle.
\u25a0 Per shii> John Ena — Sailed from Philadelphia
<t'-t 10 and j>a«setl mit Dfluwarp breakwater Oct
Ift. Oot 2<i had moderate s«outh Rale, which
lasted "4 hours. HhJ mostlr south wind acres*
the Atlantic. Sighted Florp* Island of the
Azores Nov 2. Had nioflerate northeast trade.
Crossed equator Nov SO. * 32 "days out. Moderate
1!^ ' Steamers leave for South-
yrWiSs-^aJv ' crn Csllfornia and Mexico
/if#\ tTOta Steuart Street Wharf.
n^^^ M For Puget Sound Ports aDd
I I V^^^) I Eurckarfrotn B'way wharf.
V/k yl^JrSr L>os axgei.es-
Gorercor Feb. 20. Mar. 7, 22. 2 p. m.
President ........Mar. 29, 2 p. m.
Queen...... Feb. 27, Mar. 14, 2 p. m.
•Rosa.... .Feb. IC, 24; Mar. S, 11, IS, 20, 11 a. m.
*Only steamer calling at S&nta Barbara.
Connecting at St-attle for Southeastern Alaska,
Skagway, Dawson, Fairbanks. :
Governor ....Feb. 25, Mar. 12, 27, 4 p. m.
President.. Mar. 19, 4 p. m.
Queen Feb. 17. Mar. 4. 4 p. m.
City of Puebla Feb-."25. Mar. 15, 30, 11 a. m.
UniatiUa.:...; Feb. 21, Mar. S. 23, 11 a. in.
Topeka.Feb. 16, 21, 2C; Mnr. 3, 8, 13, 18,' 10 a. m.
Senator. Mar. 7. Noon. Hound trip excursion,
21 days, includic; Berth and Meals, $75.
ALASKA CRUISES, 1910— Leare Seattle
Spokane.. June 14, 2S; July 12. 26; Aug. 9. 10 p.m.
Queen. Jnly 12, 26, 3 p. m.
Eisht reserved to change tbis schedule.
TICKET OFFICES— (PsUce Hotel) 653 Market
' 'C s St., 3 Market st. and Decks.
Telephone Kearny 492.
OAKLAND — 1120 Broadway. Tel. Oakland SSSO.
C. D. DUNANN, , General Passenger Agent.
Tchauntepec Route
AND HAWAIIAN" ISLANDS, saillnira . t rom New
York erery six days, : making direct connection
with Pacific steamers sailing from Ssllna Cruz,
Mexico. cTery six days for San Frsncisco.
Also to Mexican and all principal European ports
UDrter through rate and through bills of lading.
Sailings from San Francisco erery 12 days. •
2S days, and Tia Puget Sound fvery 12 days.
For rates and further particulars apply to
DEARBORN & LAPHAM, General Agents, 8
Bridge St., New York; WILLIAMS, DIJiOND &
CO., General Apents, Pacific Coast, -
;. :r: r 310 Sansome St., San Francisco.
Bellinehanj. Anaeortes.-ETerctt, Port Towh-
ncnd. Victoria, Vancourtr and all Alaska
Ports. -
S. S. WATSON Feb. 15
S. S. BUCKMAN .Feb. 20
S. S. ADMIRAL. SAMPSON ....Feb. 25
.'Sailings from Howard Street Wharf No. 3.
Alaska Pacific Steamship Co.
'_ ' Sellings from Howard • Street . Wharf Ko. 3.'
S.S. Chlyo ? Maru. \Tucs.. Feb. 15," 1910, "4 p.' ra"
S.S."Teijyo, Maru.... ..Tuesday.. March 15, 1910
S. S. Nippon Maru....... .Tuesday, April 5. 1910
' • Steamers . sail . from company's piers," • Nos. 42,
\u25a044, near foot of SeconiJ St., at 1 p. m.Vfor Yoko-
hama \u25a0 and . Hongkong. • calling \u25a0at Honolulu. Kobe
(Hlogo), • and Nagasaki and Shanghai, and \u25a0 con-
necting <at I Hongkong with steamera for - Maalla,
India; etc. „ No cargo received on board on day
of sailing. Round j trip < tickets at . reduced rate*.
\u25a0 For I freight ; and : passage '\u25a0 apply -at office, 240
James Klood . building. >it %W. ; H.t A VERY,
. : : \u25a0 • Assistant: General -Manager.
HJlUni 111 II * «• Alameda nails at 11 a.
nUiiULIJLU m " March 5. IHIO. Special
" V."- U >V round; trir,, 5110; Ist ;class.
Mar'iposa \ sails ill a.' m.V- Mar." 10. : Special
round:trip,- Tahiti.. $125 Erst class.:- ... '
OCEANIC S.-S-'CO.', C 73 Mkt. ;T. Krny 1231
and fine weather below the river Platte. Had
two southwest gales from there to Staten Island,
which we passed Dec 22. Passed Cape Henry
tKree;days later, when t>7 days out. Had 10
days of moderate to strong west-northwe?t to
northwest breezes, but fine weather aud werv
then in long SO deg W. Wind then changed to
the west, with strong breeze. Jan 7 passed
close to Br ship Scottish Lochs, in Ist 52 deg
7 mm S, long SO deg 3<? miv W. bound from
Caleta Colosa for Dunkirk. Had a flue run to
equator, which we crossed Jan 21», 102 days out.
in long 110 deg 40 mm W. Had fine weather
through the northeast trades. The northeast
wind took" us to lat 35 deg N. long 130 $<:\u25a0• W.
Wind then set in licht west. t*st Sunday
sighted *Ix large cruisers. Sunday uight. at
8:30 p. m., wind set In strong north-northwest,
which took us in to the Ught»hlp last night at
12, after a passage of IIS days from the time
of passing Delaware- breakwater.
Ger stmr Utgard, from Portland. Ore., for
United Kingdom, before reported wrecked near
Straits of Magellan, has been sold with re
maining cargo for £130.
SEATTLE. Feb 15— Stmr Victorian was sold
today by the United States marshal for $15,050.
Two Cargoes for Han ail
The steamer Alameda sailed for Honolulu on
Saturday with cargo valued at $113,907. The
following were the principal shipments:
10,006 lbs butter, 3.370 lb* and 5 es cheese.
11l es eggs. 13,274 lbs Unl. 17.14S lbs hams and
bacon. 2.240 lbs fresh meats. 5.608 lbs and 14
cs dressed poultry. 020 pkgs fresh fruits, 1!X»
pkss vegetables. I.COG llw garlic, K?5 pkss
potatoes. 78 pkgs onions. 43,17w lbs malt. 14.312
lbs beans. 1.125 lbs peas, 352 etls barley. 938 cs
canned goods. 2.610 lbs tea. 15.207 lbs codfisb.
1.161 lbs and 11 cs chocolate. 4.434 lbs and 51
bxs bread. 3.227 lbs and 5 cs dried fruit. 2.275
lbs raisins. 25,«476 lbs and 31 cs meala. «,955
lbs and 41 pkjrs candy, 7.6tt) lbs dried fish. Vi
pkgs salmon. 248 pkp« drugs, 1.056 ibs seeds,
1,301 eala spirits, 7.552 gaN and 49 -es wine,
123 jrals and 03 cs whlskr. 37 cs mineral water.
1 bbl and 10 cs brandy. 51 gals and \u25a0". a gin. 4t»
es liquors, 93 pkgs wagon material. JH> pkfrs
paints, 03 es and 3 bbls oils, 17 rolls leather,
5l pkgs bicycles, 23 cs ammunition. 27 es boots
and shoes. 125 doors, 5+S pkga windows. 28 oyls
•ra*. 11l bdls shooks, 11 pkgs machinery. >. in:;
lb stobacco. -127 cs cigars and cigarettes. 9 cs
BkJ^^B I Msg__ a SJ [^a X l«n **^ & I »95a Bw9 I Kit
L«v» (Foot of Market Street) Arrive
2.15 a. Niles, Livennore, Tracy. Lathrop,
Stockton, Lodi. Sacramento 10.38p
6.40 a Hayward. Nfles. San Jose 7.03»
7.00 a Richmond. Port Costa. Benkta, Suisun. .
' • Dizon, Sacramento. Rosevflle, Marys-
- vflle. Reddjng. Dunsaiuir 7.23p
7.00* Ehnira, Vacaviile. Eumsey. 7.23»
7.00* Davis, Woodland (Marysville. Oro-
ville), WSHainJ. Mas»dl. WSlows,
Hamflton. Cornia*. Red Bluff - 7.28?
7JW* Newark, San Jose. Los Gates, Wright,
FelU.n (Boulder Creek). SaataCrui.. 9.58p
>7.40» Vallejo, Nap. Calistoga, Santa Rosa,
Martinez, fian Ramon 6.CS?
?40» Niles, Pleasaaton, livennore, Alta-
rnont, Lathrop. Stockton 7.28?
7.43 a Tracy. Los Banor. Kennan, Fresno,
v Hanford, Visalia 4.28p
20* Port Costa, Martinez, Byron. Tracy.
Stockton. Mer^, Frewio. fioshfa
Junction (Hantord. Annona), Visalia,
<T PorterriUe, BalLersSeld 4.48?
8.20* Yosemite Valley via Merced. 7.48p
9J)O* NOes. Livermore, Stocktoa (*Miltca),
. \u25a0• Valley Spring, lone, Sacramento 4.28?
9.00* Sonora, Tuoluinne and Anjels 4.23?
9.005. Atlantic Express— .Sacramento, Truc-
"• kee. Ogden, Salt Lake City, Denver. •
Kansas City, Omaha, Chicago 8.28p
940* Richmond. Port Costa, Jlartines,
Bay Point 6.48?
10.20 a. V'allejo Mare Hand, Xapa 11-28*
1020* Los Angeles Passenger— Port Costs,
Martinez, Byron, Tracy, Stockton,
Merced, Fresno, Hanford, Ybalia,
Bakersfield. Los Angeles 7.48?
10.40* Ban Francisco Overland Limited —
Denrer. Kansas City. St. Lcui?.
Omaha, Chicago 7.28?
1120* Shasta Limited— Portland, Tawina,
Seattle...... 9-18?
12-OOn CkildaHd Pass.— Port Co;ta, Ber.ifia,
Sacramento, Truckee, Hazea, Mina,
Tonopah, GoldSeld, Laws, Keeler. . . . 7.48*
1 2.00n Marysvile, Chico. lied Bluff 4.28?
1 20? Nile*, Irvington, San Jose 2.48?
1.40? San Lean.iro, Niles, CentervSie, f . 9XB*
NeTrark, San Jose. I 728?
I^Op Newark, San Jose. Los Gs ios. Wright,
Fdton (Boulder Creek), Santa Crui. . 9 58?
2-40p San Letndro. N2«. San Jose. 928*
3.00 p Beniriv Winters. Sacramento — Wood-
land, Marrrrille. OorSIe — Yolo,
.^buckle. \V2liam?, Willows 10.48*
3.00? Via Sausalito, West Napa, St. Helena,
Calistoga 10.37*
320p Port Costa (Stockton). Martiner. f 12.08?
Byron, Modesto. Merced, Fresco.. \ 10.33?
4.00? VaUejo, Napa. Calbtoga, Santa Rasa,
ifartinez, San Ramon, Dougherty,
Livermcre - 9.28*
4.00p Niles (Centervilie), Tracj-, Stockton f 10.28*
Lodi I 10.38p
, 4.40? San Leandro, Hajrrard, Niles, Reas-
apton, Livennore, Tracy, Nrvnnan,
Kernsan, Fresno 8.28 a
5.00? Richmond, Pinole, VaUejo, Port \ \u0084 ~~
Costa, Benicia. Suifua, Sacramento f I no.
— Roseville,MarysviU^O^o^^lle...J l - 08 P
5-OOp Russell. San Jose, Los Gatos j |-||?
5.20? San Leandro, KSes, San Jose. 7.48*
6.00? Owl Limited— Los Angeles B.oB*
6.40? Eastern Express— Osden, PueHo. Den-
ver, Kansas City, St. Louis. Chicago. .
Port Costa, Benicia, Sacramento,
Reno, Spark* 8.28?
6.40? Haj-nrard. Niles and San Jose 6.43?
J7.00p Vallejo, Port Costa. Jlartines, Bay
Point and Way Stations J 1 1.18?
7.40p Richmond. Port Costa, Byron, Tracy,
Lfithrop, Stockton 12.48?
8.20? Oregon Express-- Davis. (Sacramento),
Willow, Ksddic? (Klamath Falls), »
Ashhod, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle,
Spokane 9.43*
9.00p China and Japan Fast XLiil— Osden,
Cheyenne. Denver, Kansas City,
Omaha, Chicago 2.48?
9.40? Saturdays— Hunters trsia, San Jose
via Newark J7.48?
1 1 .00? Niics. Pleasanton. Livtmorf. Lsthrop,
Modesto. Msrced. Fresco, Haaford .. 10.33?
11.40? P.irtlMici Express — Sacramento. Mary-
rille. Red Bluff. Weed. A iLUad, Port
hnd, Tacoma. Seattle. 12.23?
NETHERLANO S ROUTE— From Pacific Street Wharf.
fl.OOp Sacraajeato River Steamer!!. tH-30?
Stmr. .Apache, Mod., Wed.. Fti
ftmr. Navajo, Tues.. Thnrs.. Sat.
Market Street Wharf— Wrek Dsy»— Hourly from 6XO
».ra. to 9.00 p.m. Sundays— €.4s. i>.\o. 9.45, 11.15
a.m.. 1 2J5.Z 15. 3.45. 5.15. &45. 8.13 and 9.45 p.m.
LOCAL rERRY TRAIN S-Via Alameda Pier.
To Oakland and Alameda— +6.lo. t&'s ajn.. and th?n
10 and 45 minutes past the hotir until 7.45 p.m.: thsn
8.30. 9.15, 10.00. 10.45. 11.30 p.m. and 12.15 ajn.
To AUffuda »nd Fruirvtle vi* Horteshoc tame it tbart.
* for Morning. c tor Afternooc. I
\u25a0t Sunday exeepted. J Sunday osily. |
/jJBJL A Trains Leave,
y^U^fM San Francisco
Market Street
I'crry Depot
Leave Fer— lA-M-I P.M.
Bakersfield 7:1518:00-10:00
Chicago ........ 7:15«:OO-1O:OO
Fresno... 7:15 4:00- 8:00- 10 XX)
Grand Canyon... 7:15 8:10-10:00
Hanford ........ 7:15| .. ..-10:00
Kansas City ..... 7:15 8:00-10:00
Merced ..:....:. 7:1S 4:00- 8KJ0-KWJ0
\u2666Stockton ....... 7:154:00- 8:00-10:00
Stockton, Oakdale I
& Sierra Rail- *
way Points 9:45
Tulare :......... 7:158:00-10:00
Visalia .......... (7:15 8:00-10:00
Yosemite ... . . . • 7:15 . . ..... . .-. t -t:V:
i '•Stockton Local learea 1:25 p. us. - .'-:•', •
California Limited through to Chicago leares
at 10:00 p. m. Offices — 673 Market street and
Market street Ferry Depot. Saa Fraaciseo; 1112
Broadway. Oakland. . .....-\u25a0
F. S. Stratton, ' EeceiTer."
Lr. S." F." daUy— tfl:oo«. M^Op. Ar. S. F.
dally— t3:lsp. »8:25 a. ' .
•Arlets. tTunitas Glea: stage for &sn Ore-
uorio snd Pescailero.
Vallejo, Napa, St.' Helena
."Montlcello S.* S>fCo. and Napa Valley^ Electric
B. •B. Co. \u25a0 Close eonnecttons. ,
I:* Boats * lexre * San^ Franclaco 7:00. *9 :45 a. m..
• 12:30 ; noon. 8:15.' 6:00, »8:30 p. m. - -.
!| - San Francisco landing I and office. Claj I street
vrbarf. north end . ferry . building. - Market street
ferry. : : Meals ala carte. , Phone Kearny. *O<J.
. .."""Lands . nary . yard i direct. •\u25a0 - • "^ •
Slstj-seTen bead. -Wednesday. Feb. 16, 11
a. m. Tbese bones. cin]e« and mares must aai<
will be add. >© reserve. s« if yon waat to
bay don't miss this sale.
563 4th st.. Oaklaad.
j fe;AUCTION&si
Parties needing city or ranch horses aad mares
' will do well to attend our weekly auction.
'\u25a0 THURSDAY. Ft brnary 17. 11 a. m.. at COS-30J*
! Valencia s>t.. as we nave ?O head to offer; also
wa;on«. bagsr>4 aiul barnesx of all kinds. Oat-
side stock :>old on commission. Phone Park 2723.
TVM. CLOL'GH. Aactloawr.
automobile parts. 1 horse.
The steamer Enterprise sailed for Tlilo on Sat
urday with ear;<» valued at 1116,097 and ia
ch:din£ the follow Ins:
135 bbla flonr. 3,457 b*le« hay. S.54<J lbs mM
dlines. 2S.TCJ lbs millf»-e«l. 14.040 lbs bean*.
43.510 lbs bran, C.ISS ctls barley. 11l ctln com.
C 4 ctls wheat. «>S> cs caane«l S.TOO !b<
salt. ZJSSO Ibs sugar. 2.Z40 Iba aad 4 c* dricl
fruit. 7i)4 Ibs chocolate. 2.1W5 lbs and It i>ksr»
candy. 2.9.V* lbs and 2 es ebeese. :'.,155 lbs but
ter. ;:.•\u25a0-"-; lbs aaJ 73 ci* bread. 53» pkgs fresh
fruits. .*4 pfc«r» onions. 1525 pk;s potatoes. 2.141
lbs hams and bacon. $.913 lbn cpild«<]. 3.614 lb*
and 46 es mfals. l.ftso lbs coffee; 6.2*0 Ib» larrt.
2.i1"4 lbs andvC o^ dressed poultry. 2tl cs and 7^
l>kss salmon. 4:» jcal.4 acd •"• cs whUky. 10.494
pals wine. 'M cs liquors. 25 caaks beer. 137 pkss
wag;oa material. f*» pkes palnt<i. 51 bbl». asd 19
cs oils. 7jO eh kerosene. ".234 lbs aad 2 *•
tobacco. 142 pb3T« "try jroodsi. 111 cs boots and
sboes, « cs aairaunition. 21 i>ksr» drmrs. 13 cyl»
p»», 31 rulla leather. SS pks* saddlery. 6,3£3
!.k» and *xi bbls time. 25 cs -"win; ntachtaes.
H.S"" l^ In* soda. 2.11S pcs and 4 pkffs railroad
material. S pksns macnin«>ry. 57.5158 ft lnmber,
1.H33.C00 lbs fertiliser. 27 eo-11* rope, 1 autoaio*
bile aud 5 pkgs parts, t bcrse.
Additional! *bi<»pinc »w« on Page T
Ltare (Third and Towr.*ejid Street*) Arm*
t5.25* Locp— 23d Street. Visitacicn. South
San Frsocisco, Valencia Street t&33«
f5.3S* Loop— Valencia Street, Ocean View,
Cemeteries, South San Frsnci«i\
23d Street, 3rd md Towasend t&*s«
6.20* South ban Frsarisco. San Jose. Gilroy.
(HoUister). Sarser.t, Paiaro. Watson-
viile, Crus. « 7JStf
7.CC* South San Franrssco, Palo Alto, Fan
Jos*. Wav Stations 7-38*1
7 JO* Mivfidd. Los Altos. Los G»tos t72oy> < ' :
aOOa Shore Liae Umitwi— Paso Robles Hot
Springs. Santa Barbara, Los Angeles. 9JOj»
BX5* The Coaster— San Jose. Pajaro (Wat-
sonviile, Santa Crux). Castrorine.
(JM Mente, Monterey, Parifie GroTe).
Sslinis, Soledad. Paao Robles Hoi
Springs, San Luis Obwpo. Surf,
(LoEpoc\ Santa Earbsxa, Ventura,
" Oxnard. Los Angeles 1 1.43>
8.201 Marfeld, Los Altos, Ixs Gatos, Wright.
( nenwood(Boulder Cr«k), Santa Cruz,
VatsnnTiile. QistrcviEe, Del Monte,
Monterey. Paeiiis Grove 9.00?
9.00* San Jose, Gilroy, Salinas, Paso KobJrt
Hot Springs. ?an Ltiis Obispo— Tres
Pices— WitsonvSk. Santa Crui. DeJ
» Monte. Monterey, PaciS* Grove 4.wQp
10.40* South San Francisco. Buriir.game. Saa
Mateo. Palo Alto, San Jose 6JJCa
1 0.40* Lo* .Altos, Monta Vista, Los Gate*. . { *?;fc?
1 1 JO* Valencia Street, Ocean Viex. Cobsa,
Cemeteries. Baden. Saa Breno I -35?
1 1 .40 a South Saa Francisco. San Jose t8.20*
2.00? Del Monte Express— San Jose, G3ror,
Sargent (WataonTJUe. Santa Crui),
Dd Monte. Monterey. Pacific Grove. 1 2.30 »
2J)5? South San Francisco, Pab Alto. Saa
Jose...: 8.40 a
t2.05? Los Altos, Monta Vista, Los Gatos. . . T32o*
3.00? South .>an Frsneisco, Saa Mateo, Saa
Jose, Gilroy. Trss Pinos, Salinas. . . . !o.loa
3.00? Watsonrille, Santa Crui, CastroTiHe.
Dd Monte, Monterrr. Pacific Grove. 10.C5*
3.40? Sar.ta Clara, San Jose. Los Gatas,
Wri?ht (Boulder Creek), Santa Crax.
Watsoavflle, Pajaro 10.05*
4.00? Sunset Express — Tucson, Demins.
D Paso, Houston, New Orleans,
Paso Robles Hot Spri&fs. San Luia
Obbpo. Santa Barbara, Los Angeles. 1t.40a
4.00p .Kansas City. St. Louis. Chicago i • .40«
4.20? South San Francisco, San Jose t9X<J*
tS.OO? Buriinsssie. Sin Mateo, Paio Alto,
Ssa Jose and Way Stations r 9.40*
f3.00p Loop— 23d Street, \Tsitirioa. South
San Francisco. Valencia Street *S.ls*
t5.20? Redvrood. Palo Alto, San Jose. UOj
15.20s Los Altos, Mnnta Vista. Los Gatos... +3.20?
t5.25? Bariing^me. San Mateo. San J05e. .... t320?
t5.30? Loop— Valencia Street. Ocean Vier.
Cemeteries, South Saa Fraaciseo,
23d street, 3d acd Towissead t6.40?
5.40? San Breno, can Miteo, Rrdvood. Palo
Alto. Santa Clara. San Jose 7.40*
J5.4C? Los AliMkMccta \kiz. Los Gatos... *9.40 a
t6.00p Millbrse, San Mateo. Palo A;to, M»J>-
field, Los .\itos. Los Gates t3DO*
16.05? 23d Street, Visitackm. Soath Saa
Franci«co. Valencia Street t7. 15»
t625p Loop— Valencia Street. Ocean Vkr».
Cemeterks, South San Francisco.
23.1 Street 3d and Towasmd f7.40»
6.30? South San Francisco. San Joae s^o?
B.COp her* Aasdes Pa.««enger — Gilroy .Salinas.
- Paso Robles Hot Springy. Saa Lois
Qbifpo. Pizno. Santa Barbara. Lets
Xfiirfe* B^JC«
ll.43?Sonth San Fraaiisco. Tilo Alto.f 720f .
San Jose. I 7.30»
LOCAL FERRY TRAIN S-Via o*Uaad Pis.-. |
To Oakland. Ssrkeley. Berryr*.-.. £ut OakUad tr.*
Froitval*^ — Daily — From 6.00 s.ia^ aad erery twenty
minutes catil 7.00 p.m. bdusnre; th»a 7.40, B^s.
9.00. 9.40, 10..1>, 11.00 and 11.40 p.a., IZ2O aad
1.3) s.m. i
To Sither vti MetroM via Sevsr.tn St— Ds3r— Froa
6.C0 a.EU, and every t*esty nisntes satil 7.00 pja.
inrlasivp, trsn 11.40 pja. I
To Stonehurrt-rbily— dOO, 7.00, 8.00, 9.00 aja.. Z7o.\
3.00, 4JXX 5.00. d.40 p.ia.
To Oakland Firtt St.. Fruif.ile, AU.-neii, via Horstthtt
— Da3y— From t6.00. fi.2o a.m. and erery twenty
minutes until 8.20 a.ro. isdinrre; then 9.P0. 9.20.1
10.0 a 10.20. U.CO. 11.20 a.EL. 12m.. 12.20,1.00. 1.20,
2.00. 2.20, 3.00. 3.20. :3.40 pjn. and every txn^rl
raisTitesnntl 7 p.m. iadusiTe; 7.49. 8.20. 9.00. >.«>/
10.20. 11.00 and 11.40 p.nu I^2o and L2O mjn.
Additional train to Oakland First St. 2.15 a.m.
To W»rt Berkeley— Pa3y— From (LOO aja. and every
twenty csbutes until ?.2O ajn. iactefre; thea 9JX) s.».
and every honr untd 4.C0 pan. inclusive; thea 4.20 pjo.
and evrry twenty minutes until 7.00 p.nj. iadasrtr;
then 7.40. R2O. KOO. 9 40, 10.20. IUV. IL4O pja. an^v
12.20ajn. *
To Csrbin — Da2r— Frca 6.00 a.m. and every 20 minutes/
mta a2O a.m.. then 9.00. 10.00 s.m., IZOO nu 1.00/
2.00, 3.00. 4.C0. 4.20. 4.40. 5.00. 5.20. 5. 40 aad 6100 p.ia.
Union Trtntfsr Co. authorized to check Bagsaga
I direct from reskieaee.
$S§k Schedule Effective j
r&Xj November 15, 1909
San Franclaeo .
?:4ta Vetaluma. SanU Koaa. Healda-
burg. Clorerdale. CXlab. WUllta.
Sherwood. Sebastopol. 'Guerne-
r-lie. 'lit. Kto. -Duncan Mil!*.. «:17»
8.-20 a »Pt. Keyes. »ilt- Klo. •Casadero.. W:37p
8:20« ••Sonoma. "Glea Ellen f S: ?lP
td:ooa Pc ta la ma. Santa Cosa. Clor«rdala %7iSfk
ll:lOa Petalama. Santa Ro*a 4:17?
3:COp Petaiun.a. Santa Roea, Healdsbnry.
CloTerdale, Uklaa. GcernerUle,
Mt. Rio. Duncsa Mills. Sebas-
topcl 10:3T«
?4:00p Pt. Beyes. Oecldeatat ...;
4 :*Jp Sonoma. Glen Ellen »:17a
s:2op;Petaluma. Santa Roaa 8:37»
Saasalito, ilill Vailey. Saa Baf««l— Daily
erery 4O minatt3 from 7:00 a. m. uatil 9:00 s.
m.; then hourly until 4:00 p. m.; tbea «»«rj »d
minutes until 6:40 p. m.; taen 8:00 and 10:00
p. d. and 12:01 a. m.
Fairfax— Leave Saa Francisco f7:00. T:4O. 8:23.
9:CO. 10:00. 11:60 a. m.. $13:00 noon. {1:00.
2rtO. 4K«. 4:40. s^a> and 6:00 p. m.
Saa Qusntia tU Saa K*/aei— Lean 9:00 a. «v
aad -:0O p. ra.
Tiburon and B«lTed«r»— |7:OO. 17:40. 10:13
a. m. t|12:00 noon, except Saturday). tI2:SO.
J4:00, |5:20. 7:13 P- m. Sandaya. J7.00, I7MO.
10:15 a. m.. 12^0. H:0O. J3:=3, 7:13 p. m..
|12:01 a. a.
•Sunday arrive 7:37 p. m. ••Sunday arrlT*
6.57 p.-m- tExcept Sundaj. JSaaday «aly«
•jSatnrday only. I Via Saosalltn.
PacißC Transfer Company's agents are atxt&or*
tsed to cbectc XMgg*ge direct from restdeac*.
"if.lafnaasa Uihtotitfc : UTiiwb
Wekaiyt SaaJay WeAaay^ Saafcy Wedrfay} SmmJar -
~M:QO»n~S:Oa» t7:35a! 12:03p ?:35»^TMS
2:30? 10:00. 1:50? 2:00p 1:45»f 1J:52»
•4:40? 1t:00a 02:55?; 3:03? 4:25? »\u25a0«»
.....: 1:00? 4:39?; 4:26? *3:15? 2:« i»
...... 3:00? ......' : ' 5:33 i»
•aat. oclr. tMon. only. oTtm»lpai» onhr. IMuir aatj
Tictrt Offices— sausalito Ferry and ST4 M^rkK
General Office-Mill Valley. CsHfor»»
' - an always •*•• tar iMtts

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