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Fighting in Philadelphia Streets
Throws the City in an
Prisoners and Injured Are Rap
idly Filling the Jails and .
which it had been n'lled. Before the
tar vi Fifth and Somerset streets was
set on fire It was raised from the
tracks? by stone Mocks.
Much Bitterness Displayed
Strikers and tlivir sympathizers are
\u25a0li.vplaying more bitterness against the
rompany than at any time in the strike
last summer. At no time in the former
strike was the rioting so widespread.
\u25a0/-\u25a0.\u25a0-- . ,-\u25a0..-'
nor were so many persons engaged in
attacking the cars.
ITnlikt- the previous strike, men with
union buttons were found in the mobs :
("ilay everywhere, and they are charged 1
with being ring leaders in many dis- j
li.rhanres. More rioting Is expected to
morrow. Orders of Mayor Reybtirn to
swear in 3,000 additional police have
• •mbitn-red the men.
Murh difficulty Is being experienced
by frieTids of those arrested in today's
riots in finding the prisoners and in ;
prettinj? copies of the charges. It is j
rlaimed that the prisoners are being {
sent to station houses far distant from j
the places whore the arrests take place. {
Entries for the Olympic
Club Field Day
Following are the entries for the
Olympic dub field day. which win take
p!ao«- at the Golden Gate park Ftadium
tomorrow aft«»rnot>ri:
Two rt\\\e tp«m r»oo. far Olvmpie rluh imjiliy:
In.-li-Atjicii.aii Athletic Hub— Han Klordan. I\
Kcet£«. ItflSM Mufw, V. iv'uulan. J. TBacey, J.
Sullivan. 1.. Nasail.
Visit*. ji>n Vai!.-y Atijlotic association— William
IMilwrj:. J. S.-ilmi. 1.. Sullivan. E. Krieks.m, A.
«;•*><•. <;. I'nnlnpn. 1". Sullivan.
I.f.k s.-li<v,l— B«iitn!xrgcr. Hif-hMrOson. M<-.'kpr.
<;illiian<!. Hums. Braola and Wallace or Sommpr.
Y<«:iiik Hen's rUri*;ian association — H. Danioti.
Thomas Nlcklps. Louis I>ar. Wayix- i'arrar. H.
Schultz. Max WVp-upr.' 11. H. llau^sen or 11.
l'«r>.-ins hikl Frod- IHnoin.
InlTcrcit.v of \u2666t'allfornia— First learn: It. <;old
lierf. S. 1., llrmvn. H. Moyor. H. Macpbt-rson.
1.. 1.. Wilson. T. DaTid«iu, It, Sproul. Sfcoiid
tram— C. Iturt<li«>. K. ElitKlp*. <;. Bripps. J.
tt'aUfß. I>. Xtotrfarldfe. A. Ilasiif. S. E. tvans.
TliinJ «paui — S. Colt, J. Jacobs. J. Hni.sii. i<i«r.
1». nimorr. K. Unrae. 1.. M. Funlke. H. (i.
<;umt. E. 1.. CoMi. C. i\ IVaB««. T. H. Le.l.ri.'k.
Olympic »-lnh— William <;»rTiii. JMllott riaip.
rimri^ I'.uir.. <ltt.> li .*v»lik«-r. William Hoburj:.
U. Kr^kin". 11. M. Williams and Wood.
Snnt« <Mara (v.llps*' — Williiini E. MoOufSp.
Ttodwy A. Y.ile. Jofaa I*. Barnard. O(m>ctantiDP
<"ai«lrurr-i«. Tliomas *;. Hull.
190 yard <!.-ish— Wi'.liam Smelter, V. A. C;
M'-rvjn Joy. o. «". : RtK]n<-.r liollis. <). C. : I««>
Mr>y»>r. O. <•. : Gearec Borliu^r. I". C\: tlau.le
I.ittl^patp. it. <\: C C«ldwcll. O. C; Jamo«
Bl«vk. f. A. C: Xorman Adair. I*. H. S.:
Jt. V. Taylor, r. C-; K. V. t'oik. V. V. : Law
r»>n-«' Balth. I". C: Cbarlfs damihiK. I". <'.:
Herman Hil!<r. V. C: C. 11. Whitney, V. C;
J«>Un «'alUu* Jr., f. C: R. f. iinTtiis. I. ('.;
IteX Kb*. !'. r.: \V. 1). Kant. V. C; J. W.
H*"S!r.»n. I". «*.; E. H. Clausen. V. <*.: M. J.
uiiitufta Jr.. r. C. : Wilson Ail>pc. I". C. : Ar
thqr Albyn. V. €.; Tract?r Jackson. IT. •'.;
Fn«d AUea. I". <\; F. E. McNamara. O. «'.:
<>!!«• Snt-<liprr. <). «'.; DwiKht WcodK. B.
A. C; It. C". Wheeler, C. C: Al RatlilM>n«.
«. C.: < . Vllai^. C. C; J. 11. Woolsey. V. C:
J'if.m Harris. I". <:.; U. J. Jtinjrermai:, V . C. ;
H. Saßrngte, l". c.
KKt yard <laisli. for novices— H. C W"lio*|pr.
V.C.: J. H. Woolspt. D. C; Tison .Uarrln.
I". C: U. J. J»inp«>rman. V. C; IV. K. I>H>n
•ird. V. C: 7.. M< Kadden. V. C; B. N. Chap
nian. I. C: Jol»u STpjiliftison. V. C: R. K.
lrvin.-. IT; <;.; a. Eaton. l\ C; 11. Salinf<r,
I. C; K. f. A:tL<!i, I', r.; A. P. iilseii. uu
aiin<li"d: pnral Kuumliaujrli. <>. C: Jidipi
M'lir. <». P. 11. S.: Wjiltpr l»»an. O. r. U. S.:
laui<->. Fiulaj si.n. unattarhwl: Hfiil-T HecJtPTt,
V. v. a. A.: liun Owen. V. V. A. A.; I'aul
I-;iu, V. H. S.: IMward McCarthy. M. A.
;•.; J. Kn:iuifjvr. 1.. 11. S.; R. P. Cobn. O. C:
T. C. Najior Jr.. (t. <\: K. V. Taylor, f. C: S.
1.. Cai|.fiit«T. I". *\: E. P. Cook. V. C: I^o
Zolirr. V. C; Harry S. Clack, C. C; V. A.
Bafcrr. I". C; I-awreucf Smith. I.'. C. ; Cbarl(>B
rUndlns, V. C; Ining Cohn, V. C. : 11. E.
N>ison. r. C: J. s. Carrer, «\ C: B«>rt
Hotipbrr, I. C; Herman Hillfr. U. C. \u25a0 R K.
llavcnc U, C: W. S. Whitney, V. C; Rex
Hi'-o. V. C; William Hitch*!!. ,I*. C; Robert
1.. Wlnp. r. C; J. W. Hariman. I. C; Mel
<!n <am|.lK-11. t . C: M. J. Dillman Jr.. U. C;
Wilsou vlb<-. C. <;.: Arthur Alhyn. f. C;
Tr».f.v Ja-Uon. f. «'.: It. U Ouy, IT. C.
44<j yard dash— <;. s. Driamorp. D. C; C. 11.
\Vhijn*y. r. C; Kurfnc 1". Smith. 11. A. C;
1". K. McNamara. Q. <:. : I'orcy E. <"ohn. I". C. :
1,. W. Stan!. V. C: E. ML Wrljht. r. c. : K. A.
Vitwa-k. V. C.; Thomas Conn.-Ily. V. <•.: Lpo
Dog-tei I. C: Orniou.l Smith. V. C; Orrllle Gor*
C. C: W. B. Millor. I". C; Arthur <orte!r« n .
r. C: William Mitchell, r. C: W. I) Kant
I". <\u25a0.: I'aul \jcfy. V. CL: W. S. Whituey. r. C;
Total <»lkln«i. V. <". : Slif>rma:i Ilrownl I* C :
orral A. Kcdinan. V. C; C E. Waldner, I. C;
4 - . W. Muni|>lireys. l\ C: Charl<»n W. Snook!
11. C. : Frank Ir n Oatman. r. <.'. : I/mrood I>orior
V. I.: B. Ford. V. C: W. p. Mee. O. C;
S. 1.. Carpenter. IT. <".: John Murphy. I. A. C •
• •«rl WimkrJman. I. A. C. ; Frank MrQuald. I.
A. <".; Paul O'lVnrd. I. A: C; Cecil CaMwell.
«». <.: Kdnard McCarthy. M. A. C: it. E.
SnatkK. S. A. C: (Jeorce Berliner. U. C; A. F.
• Jates. unattached; I>>o Merer. <>. C. ; Claude
M<*«. O. C. : Rodney Hollin. O. C; Merryn Joy.
Ou C.; <;. Martiu. unattached; James FlnUysob,
ttnatiaclied: 11. Xowhoiu. V. i.:.: J. B. Olire
f. C: 3. Boyd. U. c.; W. n. Homer. U. «C.;
U. It. Shield. I". C; A. Eaton. V. C. ; John
st.-nhensnu. P. c.; W. n. ixonard. V. C. ; J. B.
Wright, T. C; C. L. BolUr. V. C.
Hiph Jump— Arthur Taylor. U. C: K. Reach.
I. <\: K. W. chapman, V. C: «)rral Baumliaucb.
O. c. ; <;eor>;e Horlne. .Stanford: Frank Bre*sl
O. C. : <)*car Steel. B. 11. S.; William Smoltzner.
I*. A. <". : Raymond Kearney, Santa Clara oollece;
• 'laude I.ittlepape. O. C: Thoman Tarernetti,
11. C: « # harles i'laudiui:. V. CL; Robert Wlnr
V. C: R. V. Critec. U. C; Dare Martin, O C •
Rodney Kendrick. O. C.; Bnel Moody. O. C.-
It. A. Vitousefc. O. C.
Vjn yard hurdle* — Sam WallflFch. O. C. : Bert
Ji.Mip'.-.cr. I". «;. ; Frank Bresul. O. C; William
l««rml<I. I". C: «>rral Raumbaneti. <>. (\u25a0- h. c.
l!v,le. I. <:.; J. E. WalUce. U. C.
I/>uis I!l«»t. wbo lias the M»rch permit for a
pmf<*Ksional prizeflpht in tliix city, is thinking of
matcliiDir Tmuny McCarthy sjra'nst tlin winner
•'f the Mormi-Murpliy light. The fifhtinc brirk
layer is a good card and should give tbo winner
of tliit- month's Imttle » good arirutnpnt.
• • •
An orror was made in the account of G. 1,.
llorine** ix-rformanrv in the high Jump at Stan
ford laKt Friday. II«> cleared the bar at « feet
I<S. fm-lirs. Thin ««cUjts(Hl the record Of A. M.
Arpahrite. who recently cleared the bar at C
feet 1 1-5 inches.
• • •
Keen Fitxpatrick. the I"uirer«itj- of Michigan
trainer. ssyg that tiie college athletes »>f today
.•re r-«i;>;l<]erah!y smaller than those who at
tended <-oHece 10 yeare ajw>. He says the change
from year to year if hardly notlcable, bnt when
you compare the college men -of today with tt>«*e
of Hi years ato yenx can soe;th.e difference. One
i<-rm.ii for ttiis be attribute* to the fact that
the Uxj'K oilier colleges How-it ao earlier ape
tiiau they did several years back.
• • •;.-\u25a0-.
The Cube will be the only team .In the Na
tinual league which will xtart the season with
1 he -old lineop. There will be new facea with
th" «'nbs. but indications are.lhat Uie old piard
will »* Intact when the ceasoa FUrts.
•• • ~
\ET-SOX AND OANS— A Suhwribcr. San Ma
i«"). How many time* did Battlinc Kelson and
Joe Gan* meet in tne rlnp? What wa« the
result rach time and bow old was Nelson when
Uf Oiurht Oans at Goldfleld. \ev.?
At Oldneld, September «. VM6. 42 rounds.
Oan« winnlttc on a fool; July \u25a0*, IOCS. Baa
JYatKjisco. 17 round?. G«iu« knocked out: Sentem-
It n. 190S, Colma. 21 rounds. Gans knocked out.
Nelson was 34 year* old at tne time of tbe Gold
field fight. \u25a0\u25a0r,*y .
i| Strikers Wreck and Burn
j 297 Cars During Day
After a day of rlollnc in every
nrvtton of Philadelphia nil otroci
and electrical earn were wllh
drsnvn from Mcrvice ithortly after
5 o'clock yenterday afternoon.
Moli* of union sympathizers
derailed and burned li'.K can
broke 2.<> oK car %vliirin*YN and at
tacked (lie fceneral office* of the
Philadelphia rapid transit com
finny al Kiulitli and Dauphlu
£quadJ> of mounted police and
half a dozen automobile* londed
tvllli reserve* were uxed to stop
the rioting, mid In Wciit Phila
delphia.a tire hofte »vn* played on
the mob to make It disperse.
T«o women and one man fell be
fore xlrnj bulletx. '
More than a hundred prlnonerN
were locked up ou a charge of
rioting. Miiuj- men nrrettted
hhowrd mark* of tbe riot MtickN
wielded by the police. Amonjr
tbe prlKonem were many boys.
Several women were arrented
for riot I nit. •
Scores, bit by flying; mlKwlles
were, taken to hottpitnls.
N —
Deieat Barbarians By Score of
4 to 1 in Closing Contest
of League Series
The Vampires and Barbarians com
pleted their schedules in the soccer
football league yesterday by playing
a fast game on the Alameda grounds.
The Vampires won by a score of 4 to 1.
Neither side was at full strength, El
liot being absent from the Barbarian
lineup and A. McKenzie failing to play
for the Vamps. The Barbs had all the
better of the game in the first half,
and were one goal to the good at the
Interval. Bernard sent across a clever
center to Lee, and the latter player
banged the ball against the goal
keeper. Saul scored on the rebounJ.
The Vamps took the game in hand
in the final period, and played rings
around Pomeroy's team. Shortly after
the resumption of hostilities Walls
scored from a pass by Lindsay, and a
few minutes later he repeated the
trick, after Brown had saved from
Cooper. Davidson made it three for
the- Vamps, and before the finish Lee
•scored from a cross from the left
wing. The Barbs claimed that Lee was
offside, but the referee ruled other
wise. The teams:
Vampires — McFarlane, Hunter. Mid
dleton, Sommerville, Cooper, Jackson,
.Swain, Lindsay, Davidson. Lee and
Barbarians — Brown. John, De Dar
mandis. Bartlett, Ayres. Buckingham,
Phillips, Saul. Ollerdessen. Bernard
and Lees.
The Independents and, Albion Rovers
played a practice game at Freeman's
park before a small crowd. The game
resulted 5n a two goal tie.
The Thistles defeated the United
Caledonians 8 to 1 at the Presidio ath
letic grounds.
The Barbarians will go to Sacra
mento Tuesday to play a picked team
at the capital.
Attell and Conley Are Fit
For Tuesday's Battle
{Special DUpalch to The Call]
LOS AXGELES, Feb. 20. — Training
by Monte Attell and Frankie Conley
for their 45 round fight Tuesday after
noon at Vernon ended today. Both
boys appear to be perfectly trained and
ready to fight the full limit of the bout.
Attell was publicly weighed .after go
ing through the most strenuous 'day of
his training period and scaled at 116
pounds. Conley weighed 117'^ pounds
after his workout.
Attell has been doing considerable
road work since he came south a week
ago and is as hard as steel and as con
fident of stopping Conley before the
twenty-fifth round as he is that he will
go into the ring.
Conley recently succeeded in getting
the hour for weighing in changed from
noon to, 10 o'clock on the morning-of
the figlit, and this change benefited
only himself. After this change was
announced his backers began to flood
the market with money to be bet at the
then prevailing odds of 10 to 7. but in
a short time the odds went back to
oven money. He probably will go into
the ring an odds-on favorite over At
tell. V/.
In an effort to collect the principal
and interest due on a note for $1,000
given by Baron Long as manager for
the Jeffries athletic club, which went
out of business a few months ago, W.
H. Clune, holder of the note, foreclosed
a chattel mortgage early this morning
by taking possession of and moving all
th^ chairs and other furnishings of the
Vernon arena, wherein the Monte Attell-
Frankie Conley 'bantam championship
fight is scheduled to behead Tuesday
By this action Clune embarrassed
Manager McCarey and will put him to
considerable expense in order to pull off
the fight. *
Arrangements have been made, howl
ever, to put* carpenters to work early
tomorrow ' morning, and chairs suffi
cient to replace the entire seating ar
rangement of tho arena will be 'put in
place tomorrow. '
Clune claims $1,100 interest on; the
note, making a total of f 2,100. After
the cluh went out of business, with
Clune one of its stock holders, he pur
chased Long's 47 per cent of the stock.
Dad Takes 1 His Ease, and Her
Mother Makes Pudding
"Ghrlstmas" was the subject given by
the mistress of a South Wales •'board
ing school", to ' her pupils for an' essay
recently taken from the Western Mail.''
Here is the effort of one, little miss:
"Christmas is -the - time when mother
lights the fire in the front parlor, and
when dad sits in* the armchair in his
white shirtsleeves. Also it is the>time
when mother goes to fetch' the - al
manac from : Mr. Brown, the 'grocer.
Also it is the'tims when mother washes
the curtains and makes < the pudding.
Also it is the .time when sister plays
'Hark the Herald Angels', on the har
monium. Also it is the time when we
go to bed late."
Pile* Cured tn 6 to 14 Day*
Pazo Ointment guaranteed* to cure any
case of itching. Blind. Bleeding or Pro
truding Piles or. money refunded. ;" 60c. <*
Cuts Down Number of Adminis
tration Measures to Be
President's Action Simplifies
Matters and Senators
Become Active
WASHINGTON, Feb. 20.— The an
nouncement from the White House that
President Taft had, by hip own motion,
cut down to four the number of ad
ministration measures he would de
mand at the present session of con
gress is received by republican leaders
with unmixed feelings of relief. The
administration program was so formi
dable that members warmly supporting
the Taft policies hardly knew where
to begin.
A schedule including only the bills
to amend th« interstate commerce
laws, to regulate, the. issuance of in
junctions, to start Arizona and New
Mexico on the road to statehood and
to validate the withdrawals of public
lands- for conservation purposes is re
garded quite possible of attainment.
Most of these measures, it Is believed,
can be put through' the senate while
the house is wrestling with appropria
tion bills.
When it was reported at the capitol
yesterday that the president would be
satisfied with the enactment of the four
measures named steps were taken to
bring all these matters out, of com
mittee at the earliest possible moment.
The postal savings bank bill already is
before the senate and an agreement
between supporters of conflicting
amendments is assured. It is regarded
as practically certain that the bill can
be passed this week..
Hearings have been closed by the
senate committee on interstate com
merce on the bill to create a commerce
court and to strengthen existing laws
for the regulation of common carriers.
The committee will meet tomorrow,
when an effort will be made to report
the bill. There is some prospect that
this may be done.
As soon as the postal savings bank
bill is out of the way the railroad bill
will be made the order of business.'and
probably will be before the senate con
stantly until passed, except for the
limited time that must be given to ap
propriation bills.
The one conservation bill that Presi
dent Taft is determined shall be passed
is that which gives to the president un
restricted power to withdraw public
lands from settlement and place them
in reserves. In the meantime an effort
will be made by a special committee of
western senators to perfect other con
servation measures so that they, will be
ready for consideration at the next
1 The fourth-measure to be pressed for
passage is that relating to the issu
ance of .injunctions. Several bills on
this subject have been prepared, but
they have not been considered in com
mittee. That introduced in the house
by Representative Moon of Pennsyl
vania has been indorsed by the presi
dent, and there \are others that are
thought would prove satisfactory to
him. The senate committee on judi
ciary will consider the question to
Ship subsidy legislation is unpopular
in so many sections of the country
that some members are distinctly re
lieved at the prospect that the Humph
rey bill, reported from the house com
mittee on merchant marine and fisher
ies may not be taken up at this ses
There is a feeling In the senate com
mittee on commerce that the rivers and
harbors bill as passed by the house
carried about -as heavy appropriations
now as can be hoped for at this ses
sion. It is freely charged that the
house "gobbles up about all" available
for the present for' distribution, and as
a consequence much- dissatisfaction is
expressed. - Some members of the com
merce committee went so far to argue
that the whole bill should be killed in
committee, but they were overruled:"
The policy of the senate committee
will be to scale down the house ap
propriations wherever possible and
make room for. pet projects favored by
senators without greatly swelling the
aggregate sum to be carried by the
bill. Inevitably this* will. lead to bitter
controversy in conference and the
rivers and harbors bill probably will be
one of the last measures to be adjusted.
Democrats and insurgent republicans
appear not at^all to be satisfied with
the complexion of the special commit
tee of the senate , to inquire into the
cost ;.of the necessities of life.
All the reitublican members -are '.re
garded as standpatters,', except Senator
Crawford. Senators Simmons and Clark
of . Arkansas are v the democratic mem
bers; who have accepted appointment,
and "there Is om> vacancy because" of
Senator Chamberlain's'refusal to serve.
Persons who have been following
carefully the investigation of the Bal
linger-Pinchot controversy think the'
end is in sight. \u25a0 Proceedings do not
seem to indicate that former Forester
Pinchot will play an important part In
the investigation. -He has outlined the
story he wants to tell, and the impres
sion Is that it will not bear heavily on
the question, of whether Secretary Bal
linger has been guilty of irregularities
or improprieties.
Appropriation, bills in the house have
progressed satisfactorily, according to
the opinion 'of the leaders. Of 15 bills
10 have been reported from committee,
7 have 'been passed by: the house and
5 by both the -house' and .the senate,
and these have been sent to conference.
The Indian bill and the postofflce bill
probably will be passed by- the house
this week. : " , _
•- There Is to be much general debate
on tho postgfllce bill, wlthmany politi
cal! speeches by members' of both par
ties. Partisan fireworks," '.held; ln>re
serve' for several weeks, are ready to^
be set off.
Versatile Jurist Followed Three
Callings at Same Time
= Judge'Rentoul, who has been. making
some strong observations. 'with regard
to imprisonment for, debt, was, says
"M-'A. P.", both* a Presbyterian minis
ter and & member of parliament before
he took to the law: as ; a prof ession. As
a fact, his honor; } ;ta 'all intents and
purposes. Is still, a 4'reverend," " though:
not- on i the \ active , list;*, for. | once .admit
ted" to', the : Presbyterian; church, s "a fniin-;"
ister-ls'always a. minister; and can; only:
be* reduced /to • a layman "through some'
act' -of j- misconduct. ;It l . is not -so; .very,
long ago since. Judge Rentoulwas.pas-?
tor of .St." Andrew' s Presbyterian church;
Woolwicl*.' Then, -becoming JM. P.^i for j
East:. Down, he '"'started;? to "practic«,*at
the bar/. carrying .- on his'; three callings
at the same time.
Men's "engagementi bracelets*,' have
arrived in^London^i The^bracelet^ls^, a
plain. : flat; band f of^ pure s gold,. 'which is
fastened *to /-.the wearer's arm
abovejthe- elbow. .--\u25a0:'../. .'.;..',
Discussions of Artist's Life and
Paintings Held by, Philo»
mat hean Club V
r Spccial Dispatch to The Call]
\u25a0 STOCKTON, Feb. 20.— -The Philoma
thean club observed art day last Fri
day. Miss Lottie Ruggles had "charge
of the program and also served as pre
siding officer on account of the ab
sence of the president, Mrs. W. 11. E.
Leffler. .
••Raphael's Life arid Pafntings" was
the subject of a paper prepared by Mrs.
'H. A. Cook and read by Mrs. Webb.
Mrs. C. R. Harry read^a paper on the
'Slstine Madonnas."
Interesting descriptions of the "Ma
donna and the Chair" and the "Madon
na del Granduca" were given by Mrs.
Fred Kckstrom. Mrs. Wood read a com
prehensive paper on "The Frescoes of
•Raphael." Mrs. George Wilhoit de
scribed the pictures referred to in the
various papers.
Musical numbers were rendered tfy
Miss Myrtle Stephens and Miss Clelia
Gianinni. Mrs. Ozro Atwood accom
panied bbth singers.
Miss Emily Dodge addressed the club
on the progress that was being made
toward securing a children's play
The musical section will meet next
Thursday at 3 o'clock. The program
as arranged by Mrs. John Raggio In
cludes selections by a quartet composed
of Mrs. Robert Oullahan, Mrs. George
Housken, Mrs. Robert Fyfe and Mrs.
John Raggio, and piano selections by
Mrs. Hazel Moore Henery.
•- • •
Mrs. Nettie Keitle entertained the
women of the Aldine club Monday,
when the. following program was ren
"Valentine Customs".... Mrs. Grace Steiny
"American. I'lay wrlghts". Mrs. Francis Mattlson
"Hawaiian Islands" Mrs. Sarah Utt
"James Buchanan" ..Mrs. Ella Homage
"Abraham Lincoln"..... ..'.Mrs. Mary Blacktnan
"Franklin Pierce" Mrs. Miriam Eastern..
Mrs. T. H. Holmes will entertain the
club next Monday. '
"Wednesday morning at the home of
L.. J. Abel, Rev. J. W. Lundy united in
marriage Abel's eldest daughter. Miss
Winifred L. Abel, and Ira C. Brown,
who is engaged in farming near Col
A valentine party was held Saturday
afternoon by the Omega Nu sorority at
the residence of Miss Hazel Slbley.
« • •
Miss Ethel Storm was .hostess at a
valentine party Monday.
•• • \u25a0
The members of- the local chapter of
the Gek fraternity are preparing for
the district convention to be held in
this city March 11 and 12. Seven coun
ties, comprise, the district: San Joa
quin, Sacramento, Fresno, San Fran
cisco, Santa Clara. Santa Cruz and Ala
meda. About 60 delegates will attend.
A dance , will be given in Masonic hall
.Friday evening, March 11. Saturday
will be devoted to the business session
with a banquet at. the Imperial hotel in
the evening.
\u25a0_ m • \u25a0 •
Miss Viola Earl entertained a num
ber of friends at an evening party re
• •\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0• \u25a0'.**\u25a0•
Miss Irene Jayete was given a sur
prise party recently by a number of
young friends.
• • •
A surprise party was given Thursday
evening to Mr. and Mrs. William P.
Moore at their home in West Park
street. It was in honor of their elev
enth wedding anniversary. Those pres
ent were:
Mr. anil Mr*. Jerry Mrs. Bone
Holland • - Mrs. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mrs. McDonald
\u25a0\u25a0 Duke Mrs. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. M. Con- Mrs. McCarthy
nelly ' Mrs. Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. 11. Mes- Miss Bessie Brown
salyn Mins I-uln Bigler
Mr. and Mrs. 11. Huber Miss Dorothy Lamdrum
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miss Gatsey T,andnim
' Galbralth ' \u25a0 Miss Ktnmn Whitney
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miss Anna Larkln
Huhbard M. U Lamlrum •
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Willie Landrum
Whitney Frank Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas • H. Wlldermuth-
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Neil Moore )
Moore < Arnnelle "Moore
Mrs. \Biglcr . 'Wlnnlfred Messalyn
••\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 * -
Mrs. A. Donaldson announces the en
gagement of her daughter, Anna Mabel,
to John P. McLaughlin. The wedding
will take place the middle of March.
Stephen Blewett entertained a few
friends Thursday evening. His. guests
included Mr. and Mrs. Richard Noall,
Misses Bess Slmard, Irene Morris and
Mattie Willis and C. A. Grant and Gar
roll Kirkman.
\u25a0 •,\u25a0 . • . \u25a0 • .
•The Thursday bridge club was enter
tained at the \u2666 home of .Mrs. ..Tudson
Cralp. '\u25a0„_\u25a0 Mrs. John Moore and Mrs.
Charles Moreing .won the prizes. \u25a0 .^i";
•--\u25a0 - \u25a0 \u2666 ,-. * \u25a0
Mrs. Ward Smith entertained the
Bridge club Thursday afternoon. \ Mrs.
James P. Hull was the fortunate player.
\u25a0.:."-.-. \u25a0 .' • * . *
Mrs. W. J. Young entertained* the
Monday bridge club last week, the prize
falling to Mrs. F. D.-Cobb... . .
1 -\u25a0'••. \u25a0'-\u25a0\u2666.*.. • - v '\u25a0 : '-\u25a0
'.The Wednesday evening sewing club
met * last week at*, the home of Miss
Ruby Wirth. > : .'
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
\u25a0SACRAMENTO, Feb. 20.— Rev. E. A.
Osborn. until r ecently-. rector of n' fash
ionable-parish of Brooklyn, in
Sacramento today .with his wife to take
up his charge as "pastor of the Trinity
church in this city. ' The clergyman
will fill the place .vacated, by Swan,
who goes to Santa' Rosa. . . > :
' Every home^ needs Framed -Pictures; without them there is a void.
.They make ai home what Hireally ought-to be. 'In selecting the pictures
they should lie appropriately chosen.. Our large collection gives you. an
valmost unlimited scope. And, besides, our prices are so r low that the
saving is important. . \ •~ , . ' •
—And we -do it as well as ; the ; art requires, charging only " '-\u25a0 < ;\u25a0
very moderate prices..- • •\u25a0 -
- /^: 7 WE ARE SO M3 AGENTS FOR V- ,
-The very best Foun- The Bookkeeper's ideal; -The' business and. pro-.
' :~: ~ tain Pen* in the,' world- and simplied -Loose-" . fessional -man's incom-
'•" for a dollar > leaf Ledger, systems; parable -Filing devices 1
EngravinK of Weddlnic Aaaonncementi, VUltlng Card*, etc.,
. : ..-..-;•\u25a0\u25a0 . ,- absolutely 'correct In] form . - .-
ArtUtH' Outdoor Sketching Sapplles- :^^^
" Cranc'ii'', Fine ' Lliicn Stationery " " Monogram Initial Stationery
1910 Blank IlobkM, Journal*, etc.— — — ———— Office Stationery and Supplies
Where 93.000 a^ Month Saving In 'Kent |l»* an Advabtaisetoj Our Patron*
Artistic Decorations Are Fea
ture of Informal Affair
Given by Mrs. Gillett
[Special Dispatch to The Call)
-SACRAMENTO, Feb~ 20.-^-Mrs. J. N.
Glllett received informally at the ex
ecutive mansion Thursday afternoon.
Enchantress carnations blended with
the pink tapestried walls of tho recep
tion room. In the dining room, where
Mrs. John A. Moynlhan presided at the
tea and Mrs.' George B. Lull at the cof
fee,' the; decorations were of yellow
Jonquils, and golden shaded. candelabra
gracing the tables. Receiving with Mrs.
Glllett were Mrs. G. L. Simmons, Mrs.
William H. Moreland, Mrs. Pauline
Dohrmann, Mrs. M. S. Day, Mrs. Charles
B. Bills and Miss NeHie Shaw. •
' ."\u25a0 ' • '..•\u25a0 ' •
Members of the Country club and
their friends enjoyed a valentine party
at the clubhouse \u25a0 Monday evening.
The decorations were red hearts. There
was a -.vaudeville skit or two, a post
office service managed by Dr. George
L. Stevenson and' Victor L. Hatfield that
furnished amusement, cards for . those
who wished* and : later dancing. Mrs.
George » W. Lane Vas -responsible for
the novel features of the entertainment.
Those taking part in the vaudeville
were: Miss Gerlrude .Wiseman, Miss
Florence Grau, Miss j Sue Smith, Mrs.
William Keep, Mr. and Mrs. George
Cummlngs, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Long
botham, Mr. Sailor, Victor Chambers,
Joseph Aijderson, Frank Reynolds, A. R.
MacSwaln and Roy Fryer. "\u25a0 :
. v \u25a0\u25a0 l~l ~ ••* \u25a0•• '•' *
Mrs. Frank B. McKevitt entertained a
small company of the younger set last
evening complimentary to her daugh
ter,, Miss Hazel McKevitt, who is up
from college for a few days. Those pres
ent were Corinne Dillman, Nina Hell
bro.n, Mary Lindley. Helen Pierce, Har
riet Gerber, Sally Esthers, Irma Phle
ger, Claire Lavenson, Marjory May, Gus
sie Quass, Geofrey Hall. Ritchie Sayle.
Joseph Pierson, Norman Doan, Frank
Reynolds. Victor Chambers, Bert Bary,
John Daggett. Arthur Shannon, George
Beard, Van Phinney, Frank McKevitt
Jr. and Dr. Charles McKee.
• • •
Miss Adele Salomon, who is to be the
i bride of R.abbi Michael A. Fried in the
early summer, was the guest of honor
a± a shower given at Temple B'nal Is
rael Thursday by the,women's auxiliary
of the temple.
• * . . *
Mr. and *Mrs. William Fulton of San
Francisco were guests at a dance given
at Elks' hall Friday evening by Mr. and
Mrs. Edward. H. Gerber.
\u25a0 • •"* .. •
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Butters of Oak
land are spending a few days with Mrs.
vßutterV parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Pi,
• • •
Mrs. Percival Walker of Oakland and
Mrs. Felton Taylor of San Francisco
have been guests this week of Mrs. J.
A. Moynihan.
\u25a0 . -\u25a0\u25a0«\u25a0'• •
Mrs. Charles C. Merlng has gone to
Berkeley fora few days.
Mrs. Homer McKee has returned from
a feAv days with Miss Ethel Pippy at
San Mateo.
• * *
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Patterson sailed
Tuesday for Hawaii and the orient. Miss
Ida Herndon accompanied them.
• • •
Miss Agnes Kirb is visiting Mrs.
Henry Scott of Burlingame.
•* * v
Mrs. Walter Foerester.and Miss Ethel
Pascoe have gone to San Francisco for
a few days.
• " * » . »
Mrs. Jasper Williams of San Fran
cisco is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Al
bert Eberle.
"-•. • ' •
Mr. arid Mrs. Horace Brown have
gone to San " Francisco for permanent
•i * *
' Mrs. J. C. Carly is spending the week
at Auburn.
*.* .'" • \u2666 . .
* Mr. and Mrs. V. S. McClatchy are home
from a week at Del Monte.
\u25a0 • \u25a0' • • •
Miss Florence Grau Is visiting in San
[Special Dispatch . to The Call]
YREKA. Feb. 20. — Henry Dice, a
fai-mer of Etna Mills, and William
White, a rancher of Little Shasta val
ley.-met' yesterday for' the first time
in 50 years. .They were playmates in
the east in ; their boyhood and came to
California together during the gold
rush. They prospected together for a
few years and "then drifted apart,
meeting'; again', for. the 'first time yes
terday, although they have lived with
in a few- miles of each other for years.
[Special Dispatch to The Call)
STOCKTON. Feb. 20.— Plans are be
ing completed for the aviation meet
here. : March -5 and 6. when Colonel
Frank Johnson will give ,a~ series of
exhibitions In a Curtiss biplane. Presi
dent George' F.' Hudson, of the chamber
of commerce-has appointed the follow
ing committee to take charge of the
affair: R. B. Oullahan, John H. Smith,
\u25a0I* S: We tmore, George R. Baker, F. M.
Yost and J. M. Eddy. .
City Market; Bank and .Other
Structures Planned, Besides
New Courthouse
"\u25a0*".' \u25a0 * ' -\ ' " ' ' - - - \u25a0
[Special Dispatch to The, Call]
\u25a0^ SACRAMENTO. Feb. 20. — The coming:
spring and summer will see the be
ginning of construction of several of
the finest buildings boasted of by Sac
ramento. Bids are now being receive^!
for the erection of an eight story and
basement structure in J street between
Seventh and Eighth, to be* used as a
city market on the first floor and a
hotel in the .remaining floors.
On Eighth and X streets the Guar
antee title, trust and savings bank, a
new organization, will erect an ?80,
000 building for its own use.
On the southeast corner of Eighth
and X 'streets a modern fireproof three
story building will be built by F. Ruh
staller and Ed Nicolaus, and just across
the street on the northwest corner
Nicolaus, plans to build an eight story
office building^ .
A five story office building Is now in
the course of construction In X street
between Ninth and Tenth. These con
templated improvements, with the new
courthouse to be begun within a month,
will make building lively.
Commissioner Rutherford De,
, ;„-;• parts for Seattle
iSpecial Dispatch to The Call]
STOCKTON, Feb. 20.— Police and Fire
Commissioner Newton Rutherford left
yesterday for Seattle, where he will
remain a month In the interest of the
Stockton- Jenny Llnd railroad. The
company, which is building the Inter
urban road between this city and
Jenny Lind, Calaveras county, will
have an office in Seattle in addition to
the Stockton and San Francisco offices.
Rutherford will attend to the promotion,
features of the' road in the northwest.
Stockman Believes Experiment
Will Succeed
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
GRASS VALLEY, Feb. 20.— ( W. J.
Mitchell, rancher and stock raiser, be
lieves spineless cactus will eventually
take the place of grain as a fodder for
cattle on the ranches on the eastern
slopes where there is little rain. Ac
cordingly he has been experimenting
with five varieties of the spineless
cactus and expects to plant several
hundred acres In the spring.
[Special Dispatch lo The Call]
SACRAMENTO, Feb. 20. — The an
nual meeting of the Sacramento Val
ley osteophatic society was held last
night in this city and the following
election of officers heM: President, Dr.
W. D. Slater, Marypville; vice presi
dent, Dr. V. P. Aarinson, Fresno; sec
retary, Dr. H. F. Miles. Sacramento;
treasurer. Dr. C. A. Haines, Sacra
mento; board of trustees^ — Dr. L. R. :
Daniels. Sacramento: W. C. Owenby,
Woodland; and Dr. J. C Rule, Stock
ton. A banquet followed the business
meeting. Dr. George Greenwell of Lodl
acting as toastmaster.
[Special Dispatch to The Call] '-,
STOCKTON. Feb. 20.— John Nelson
Stephenson, a well known meat dealer,
died last night at his home, 237 West
Vine street. He was taken down two
weeks ago with pneumonia. Surviv
ing, him are his mother, Mrs. Harriet
Stephenson; two sisters. Mrs. Eugene
Bartholomew and Mrs. Robert Walker,
and a brother, Frank Stephenson of
Better for you than tea or coffee..:
Beer is ariho/iest drirrk that truly rests and re-
Tea and coffee play you false. They make your
nerves lie to your brain— -make you feel rested when \
you are really only stimulated.
s .' • - • 5
' has a very definite nutritive value, because it com-
bines .the food-strength of the best barley with the
nerve-tonic of the finest hops^ ''\u25a0
Bottled at the. Brewery. j
Telephones: Market 278; Home M 1406
Your grocer has it- Order a case today \
Mayor McCarthy to Lead the
Grand March at Police*
men's Ball Tonight
Mayor P. H. McCarthy will lead a
grand march of stalwart escorts and
fair dancers when rtie band -begins
to play at the Auditorium tonight for
the grand ball for the benefit of the
Policemen's Widows and Orphans' Aid
The United States army will be rep
resented at the affair by all the dig
nity and gold braid of the department
of California, for General Thomas H.
Barry and his aids. Captain Frank R.
Fergusson and Captain Robert C.
Davis, and other officers from the
Presidio will attend out of compliment
to the peace preservers of the city.
The navy will also be represented.
But it is as a municipal ball that the
policemen's event will overshadow any
other entertainment of the year. Mayor
and Mrs: P. H. McCarthy will head the
grand march. Chief of Police Martin
will follow and the captains of the de
partment and their ladles will be prom
inent in the promenade. All city officials
will attend and prominent businessmen
will show their interest in the efflelency
of the police department by joining In
the merry making.
Miss Deglow Clark, a talented vocal
ist, will sing "The Star Spangled Ban
ner" and a huge American Hag: will be
undraped from the rafters of the danc
ing pavilion to the patriotic strains of
Charles Casassa's Golden Gate park
The policemen will doff their blue in
honor of the dance and will appear in
evening clothes.
Captain Henry Gleeson, chairman of
the committee of arrangements, has
prepared several "novel features for the
ball. Captain Gleeson has managed the
balls for several years with signal suc
cess and has" promised to outdo himself
this year. The committee on arrange
ments is composed of the following:
Captain Hrnry Glepson. chairman; George
Gelman. secretary; Captain Tboma.* Atcbismi.
treasurer; Captains Saea. Tobfn. Wall. And«T
son. Colby; Lieutenants Wright. Mullender.
Level*, Ladnnann: Detectire Sergeants Ediritni
Wren. Edward Gibson; Sergeants Farrell, Fltz
taenxy. Green. J. T. Hook, Blrdsall, Ro»«.
O'Connor. John Morrlsspy; Corporal Ton Kanren:
Patrolmen Barns. William I; CuUinan. Webb -
Casey, McSheehy. Taylor. Fella. Galliran.
Melln. Healy. Purseli. Percy Smith. 11. «\
Clancy: Ilpttred Patrolman Jamea Aitkea: Rr
tlred Detectire Sergeant Reynolds.
Tonight and Every
168 OTarrell St.,
Opposite Orpheum.
A Dinner for 2 Per-
sons, with a Pint of
Sparkling Sauterne or a
Pint of Sparkling Bur-
gundy, for
$1.50 Per Person
Between the hours of
5:30 P. M. and 8:30 P. M.
This will be the best
, t . -v;'.^- \u25a0;•:; ob-
served dinner in ban
By the Imperial Hun-
garian Orchestra

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