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Defeat Inevitable After Failure
to Take Advantage of the *
Twenty •second Round '
Battler a Beaten Man From the
fwcntymfifih and Referee's
Action Was Humane^)
Wolgast, cham
pion! That's how it
will read until some
new Richmond en
tors the lists like
the little Richmond
who battered the
hitherto invincible
Nelson in Richmond
Ror 40 rounds
Nelson unflinching
ly stood a grueling.
For 13 or more
rounds he looked all
over a winner. Then
Wolgast shone un-
# lil he was dropped
to the floor by the
'Battler in the mid
dip of the txreiuy- second round.
Was Nelson the lighter of old? I say
no. The Nelson we have known ap
peared with particular brilliancy when
h« had tlie other fellow going. He
tore nft*» r him as though he was just
entering thp ring:, but yesterday he
tired so badly that lie could hot stop
tiic young lion from Milwaukee when
ihe latter appeared on his last legs.
m:l>ovs r'xi.KKV m.mber
At that Nelson was not knocked out,
nqr even once knocked down. Wol
sast will enjoy the unique distinction
of having: won a championship contest
without scoring a knockout or a
knockdown, or having: a decision ren
<i'ro<j in his favor in the ordinary
sense. When the fortieth round had
just *3 seconds — Nelson's lucky
number — Referee Snilth stopped the
light and declared a new champion.
Did he do right? I say he did. The
Hauler was gone. One eye was closed
tightly and the other so nearly shut
it was almost impossible for him to
see in the gathering twilight. The left
.«ide of his face swollen twice its nat
ural size, his ears torn and bloody. It
was a humane act on the part of the
referee. Many persons will cavil at
Smith's actions, thinking that Nelson
¥ -hould have been permitted to stay
the limit, but what good would that
have done the sturdy Dane? The de
cision must have gone against him and
5t was a merciful act to save him from
further punishment. ,
The boys started on their journey at
o:20. Nelson looked considerably taller
and a bit heavier than bis opponent.
One could not help thinking that the
usual beating was in store for Wolgast,
as in the case of so many former chal
lengers of the champion. . Wolgast
f«jught warily. It led. us to believe
that the Dane would hav<^an easy vic
tory. Nelson forced Ad around the ring
and the latter would but seldom make
a stand. It looked like "pay off" on
the old Battler in each succeeding
By the time the sixth rolled around
it seamed Wolgast was listening to too
much advice from his corner. He was
too inclined to glance that way. But
at tiie same, time it could be told he
was following instructions to the let
ter, and that won for him in the end.
The seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth
found Nelson forcing and Wolgast cov
ering and occasionally unwrapping and
flaying the Battler. Nelson seemed dis
turbed as? early In the fight as the
thirteenth from punching that in other
fights would not have feazed him.
Two tired men toed the scratch in
\u2666 the fifteenth and neither gathered
much rest in the next five rounds. At
the close of the twenty-first Wolgast
was obviouslj- the more tired of th«
Nelson opened the twenty-secontJ
with a hard crack on Ad's jaw. The
latter nearly dropped, but came on.
Nelson met him with a right hander on
the point of the jaw and the "Dutch
Demon" dropped to the floor. He
arose inFtaqtly. but quite wobbly. The
Battler rained blow after blow on his
cowering adversary, but could not put
him away and Wolgast went to his
corner nearly as fresh as the. Dane.
Like the Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight
at Carson, when Corbett dropped Fitz
to the floor in the sixth and failed to
finish him in the seventh and in conse
quence Jost Ua championship, so it
happened with Nelson yesterday. The
Continued on I»ajcr 12, Column C
ROUND I—Nelson1 — Nelson swings a left over
Wolgasfs head, jabs left to mouth.
Wolgast put light left to head and left
on wind. Kelson works Wolgast to
ropes, jabs two lefts to face and gets
a hard left on stomach. WolgaHt stands
up. close and blocks cleverly. Both are
short with lefts. Nelson works Wol
gast around tho ring, lands both hands
repeatedly on face. Wolgast rushes in
and lands a couple of hard ones on
Nelson's face and a hard right on kid
neys. Wolgast covers up and backs
away, protecting his face well, then
rushes in and lands a couple of hard
lefts on jaw. He 'makes the Battler's
head rock with a sharp right uppereut
as the bell rings. Smith does not hear
the bell and they are in a clinch until
Smith pulls them apart.
ROUND 'Z — Nelson is short with left
for wind, but puts a straight left on
nose. Nelson puts another left on hose.
Wolgast swings a good right to Nel
son's ear and blocks and crouches. Nel
son works Wolgast into a corner, but
does no damage. Wolgast Is faster than
Nelson and sends a couple of good
rights to the chin. Nelson has Wolgast
bleeding from the mouth. Nelson sends
a right to face and they clinch on the
ropes. Nelson forces the fighting. They
exchange lefts to face. Wolgast brings
blood with a right to tlie mouth and
works two lefts to the wind. Nelson is
Jabbing Wolgast's face with short lefts
at the bell. Both boys .bleeding from
the mouth. '
ROUND 3 — Wolgast backs away from
a left and sends left and right to the
Dane's face. He knocks Nelson's head
back with a straight left. Wtlgast
works a right to the ear. Nelson puts
a solid left on jaw. Wolgast puts a
hard left on wind. Wolgast's nose is
bleeding. Wolgast misses a hard right
uppereut. Wolgast workes left to wind,
and left to mouth. Nolson blocks right
and left for wind and jabs left to
mouth. Nelson puts both bands on face.
Wolgast blocks and dances away. Hq
tries a right uppereut repeateiHy but
ROTUND 4 — Nelson, 'jabs light lett to
nose, blocks a left lead. Wolgast walks
into a choppy right on face. They mix
it fiercely, both landing left swings,
then clinch and both land on wind.
Nelson forces the fighting. Wolgast
hooks left to cheek and works a solid
right to wind- Nelson Is. short with
left: Wolgast lands right uppereut to
mouth. Nelson puts 'Wolgast : across
the ropes, but does no damage., Again
Nelson\puts Wolgast on the ropes and
puts a right on jaw. Wolgast hooks a
solid left to wind, and swings a hard
left over Nelson's head. Wolgast hooks
a good left to mouth "at the bell. - No
choice In this round, both fighting. hard
and there is not a second's letup. ;
ROUND s—Nelson5 — Nelson goes on the ag
gressive, lands a left on face. Wolgast
rocks Nelson's head with a right and
they spar. Nelson taps Wolgast's cheek
with a left. Nelson puts- Wolgast on
the ropes and: sends a right . to ribs.
Wolgast feints Nelson out of; position
and lands' lefty and right on mouth.
Wolgast swings hard left on wind and
they both start to butt They clinch
and Nelson appeals to Smith. Wolgast
hooks a hard right. to cheek and cov
ers up as Nelson works- him to the
ropes. Nelson keeps on top 'of .Wolgast,
but" does no damage. NeLson sends -a*
good right to check and misses a left
swing for. Jaw at the bell. Wolgast has
a shade in this round, though Nelson is
alway* the aggressor/
ROUND fl — Nelson jabs two lefts to
eheek.\ Wolgast puts .a left on mouth,
gets inside Nelson's guard and swings
left on. wind. Nelson Is walking Wol
gast around -the ring. Wolgast puts
both hands on - face. Nelson swings
right on ribs. They spar. Wolgast
hooks left to mouth three times. . Nel
son lands two lefts on mouth and a left
on wind. .Wolgast jabs left to nose.
Wolgast swings right to wind. Nelson
works both hands to Wolgast's jaw.
Wolgast lands a hard Bwing on the
stomach, the hardest v blow:;yet struck.
They exchange lefts on' face at bell.
This is .Wolgast's round. He's putting^
up a good, brainy. fight. . .-, - <,
? ROUND- 7— Nelson starts the fight
with light right onribs.' Wolgast sends
two lefts td face. . Both land lefts bn
face. Nelson hooks right to ear and in
a clinch" Wolgast swings a solid left to
face. Nelson has Wolgast on the ropes,
but does : no damage, and gets a solid
left on wind. Nelson jabs two lefts to
the mouth. -Wolgast jumps in with a
low left -swing to wind. Nelson rocks
Wolgast with * left hook to mouth.
Hmith cautions Wolgast about- hitting
low. Wolgast hooks left to wind. Nel
son puts both hands on Wolgast's
mouth. Both bleeding freely from
mouth. Wolgast puts a straight right
to the eye as [the bell rings. /Wolgast's
round by a good margin. \u25a0 . ' t . •; .
ROUND B— Wolgast 1s \hort with left.-
Nelson puts both hands on jaw. Wol
gast fights fast and lands solid right
on mouth. Wolgast hooks a hard right
to mouth: : Nelson, lands both, hands on
face. Nelson blocks wicked swings' at
the jaw and hooks a good left to jaw.
Wolgast. puts two lefts on mouth. W,ol
gast backs away and covers , up, then
tights back strongly, putting a left on
wind. Nelson forces', the fighting and
has Wolgast on the defensive. Ho
works Wolgast to the ropes' and lands
three or four blows on face without
return. Wolgast uppercuts with right
to face and is covered up, 'while Nelson
peppei-B his head with both hands as
the bell rings. Nelson had a .shade in
this.- v v '\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \\u25a0\u0084
ROUND o—Nelson0 — Nelson jabs left to mouth
and chases . Wolgast around the ring.
Nelson keeps -crowding Wolgast and
runs into a left on wind. They slug
in Wolgast's corner, clinch and fight
themselves apart. Bat lands both hands
on face and lights every moment. Wol
gast puts a left on face and swings a
solid right to ear. In a Wol
gast hooks a left to chin. Wolgast
sends a good right to cheek. ~ -Bat-hooks
a good one to' chin. Wolgast^ is loafing
and letting Nelson do the forcing. Wol
gast put a hard left' on wind. They
fight at close quarters, both landing on
face. Wolgast swings a hard left over
the head at the bell. Wolgast did the
better work, though on the
ROUND 10 — Nelson lets a 'light left
go to the mouth arid starts crowding
Wolgast. *' Wolgast blocks Nelson's
leads cleverly and swings right on wind
and two left hooks to jaw. Wolgast
put another left on wind. Nelson puts
Wolgast on the ropes and works both
hands on the head, but does little dam
age. Wolgast rocks Nelson's head with
a solid- left,- , Both land lefts on face.
Nelson blocks -a straight left. ! Both
swing lefts on face and Wolgast puts
a hard left on wind, j Wolgast fights
hard for a moment and puts both hands
on" head. 'Nelson -comes back In his
tireless ' fashion "and makes' Wolgast
break-ground, though he runs into a
left on wind. Even.round.
* ROUND. 11 — They meet* in .midring:
Wolgast is short with left for wind.
Wolgast puts a right on the jaw. and
swings two lefts on Nelson's ear. Nel
eon -misses a- left for jaw. * Wolgast
connects- with a hard left to Nelson's,
jaw., Wolgast -hooks another :left to
jaw. . 'Nelson nuts-both hands, to-Wol
•gast'g fac«." Nelson lands'.three times
on Wolgast's head. - Wolgast swings- a
hard left' to the mouth. They are in
a- fierce mixup at tho bell and Wolgast
had away ..tha, best of it. Nelson looked
serioys as the bell rang. J " r \ ;
ROUND 12— Wolgast. misses at hard
\u25a0right uopprcut/ ; They i clinch v aiid ,: ex
change body blows. Wolgast puts two
clean lefts on the mouth and 16wers-.it
to -wind. -' .Nelson* swings good left to
the cheek. Nelson- is. bleeding freely,
from the mouth. Nelson' uDpercuts a
left'to mouth.: \u25a0Wol«?ast : i lands- a 1 couple
of solid . lefts -\u25a0 on Jaw and ; j seems .to
wftaken Xelsna. fora -moment. ; .They
clinch. . Both send ; lefts, to face. . Wol-
Kast's Wowß-arc the harder,' but Nelson
keeps in.; Nelson putp light
right, on; cheek and 'both -land 'lefts
on the body. ,. Wolerast swings a lurrd
left for,* wind. -Ifelson,^ blocks'^ \t. "but
Wolcrast puts two hard Jefts to therface
nt -.the bell and the crowd cheers for
Wolgast. ; This was ail Wolgast's round
and .it looks bad : for Nelson. - # _ : - --.;
• ROUNDS 13-^-Nelsoh I'gets'a. vleftSoh
mouth 'as 'he. rushes - Wolgast. --Wolgast
puts, left •on face..-:. Both land flight
lefts on^face.: -AVolgast.: works "ieft to
body.l Nelson ;missesa 'hard?rignt-up
percut.' thoy .. stand- head :- to .*, head r and
light \u25a0 for the .body. . -Nelson's left eye.
almost closed. Wolgast hooked a hard,
left to face. Nelson puts hard left on
jaw, crosses right -„ to ear. and works
Wolgast to the ropes to get a hard left
on his ear.. Wolgast works left to body
and covers up. Nelson puts left on
wind and' blocks a tierce left swing.
Wolgast swings right over Nelson's
head. Wolgast grins at Nelson as the
Dane backs away and they work into
a clinch at the- bell. This round ..was
about even. • •
Nelson turned around -and winked at
some of the presamen as he sat ia his
corner. • v 4
\ ROUND 14— They spar in midring.
Nelson puts left on wind and carries
the fight to Wolgast.- Both land light
lefts- on wind and Nelson swings left
around Wolgast's head. Wolgast puts
a. right on ear and alight one on the
'body.- Wolgast rushes Nelson half way
across the ring, but Nelson immedi
ately puts him on th.c run and forces
him half way through the ropes. "* He
helps him back into the ring and they
shake hands. Both land: light lefts on
face. Wolgnst hooks a wicked right to
Bat's jaw. Nelson sends a straight left
to mouth. Wolgast hooks two lefts
to Bat's sore mouth. .Wolgast goes to
his corner apparently very fresh, while
Nelson seems tired.' Nelson's mouth is
badly cut. *
ROUXIi 15 — Nelson sends a hard
right as they come together. They
spar into a clinch. Nelson blocks a left
for the wind. Both land lefts on face.
Wolgast swings a solid left to jaw and
misses a right swing to cheek. Wol
tfast forcing the fighting; both butt
fiercely. Nelson lands two lefts on jaw.
Wolgast ducks, a left swing and comes
up behind Nelson. Nelson puts both
hands on wind. They clinch and Wol
gast puts '\u25a0 a y left on mouth. Nelson
seems tired, but keeps after Wolgast.
Nelson hooks a solid left to Jaw. They
fight into a clinch, Wolgast bringing a
eight up to the mouth. Both land left
'swings on mouth at bell. Nelson's Up
is cut and he has a gash over the left
eye., \u0084 ; \u25a0- \ /\u0084, . • \u25a0'._ - \u0084.-. 7j- . \u25a0
ROUJVD I«— They rush Into a clinch.
Wolgast working both Miands into Nel
son's stomach. Wolgast swings-l eft
to face. Wolgast blocks Nelson's leads
and send left to mouth. Wolgast shows
more speed now than before. Nelson
sends a good left hook to«the mouth.
Wolgast looks serious and hurt for a
moment, then swjngs hard left to jaw
Nelson works a right hoolt to the chin
then Wolgast hooks two hard lefts to
mouth. Both land left swings on face
Wolgast hitting the cleaner.blows. Nel
son s«nds a solid right to jaw. Wol
gast hooks left on wind and jumps
away. Nelson, rushes- Wolgast -to the
ropes and puts two lefts on Wolgast's
mouth: Wolgast lias, a shade: the best
of the round. .
-ROUND 17— Bat takes the fight to
Wolgast and sends light' left to nose
Wolgast puts solid right on stomach
and repeats'it. Wolgast sends a solid
'left to wind and hooks right to head
Wolgast lights -Nelson into a corner
and starts * his mouth bleeding afresh
Nelson puts light fight on check. Wol
gast swingShaiM 'right, on jaw.r Wol
gast "puts a half dozen rights on- Nel-"
son's 'face without return. Wolgast
pokes two straight lefts to face. : Nel
son -works '; Wolgast .to the ropes, but
does no damage,* and gets two "straight
lefts on . face. ,-> Nelson puts /a left lon
jaw, "but gets two: on :body in return.
Wolgast c : - Nelson' half way.
through the ropes as the bell .rings and
has : much. the best of- this round. \u25a0
- ROUND 18— They spar a moment and
Bat "sends": left to > mouth. \u25a0 Wolgast
hooks a left \u25a0• to '• face -and puts* both
lands ' on:' Bat's j£ sore I 'mouth. Jj Nelson
liooks '.a; right i'to : ; the :» mouth • -and
clinches. Wolgast hooks a right to ear
us j they j work ; out~ of ? a .clinch. **Nelson
lands bothhands on' chin and has'Wol
gast on the run. --Wolgast, slipped': to
his.knees.-t They- shake* hands; when he
rises.;.* Wolgast lands' two] hardl swings
on Bat's jaw.and makes ithe.Dane cover
up.? Then they mix it, fiercely, and
gast makes Nelson'break ground.yWol
gast hooks i two rights | to the face. 'They
clinch~~and>.Smith -is" breaking ; them
away vWhen.Hhe -bellv rinsrs. ; 'Wolgast's
round.'Jthough : he, "appeared 'to-'tire*' a
little 'atlthe bell." V: \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0--;. ..- ';_,_\u25a0: ;;.-\u25a0-•_••
t .-ROUND ; 10— -Nelson trotted nimbly to
.midring and p"ut' a left on v jaw. rwol
gast dances around and gists a straight
left on the mouth, but lands a left on
wind. Nelson hooks right to cheek.
Both land lefts on wind.- Wolgast
hooks v light left' to chin. Nelson puts
both hands an Wolgast's .face.' They
exchange lefts on face. Nelson- works
Wolgast- totha ropes ami' hooks left to
face. .Wolgast swing's left. to Bafstear
and covers up. Nelson; straightens him
Up -with right uppercut. ..Wolgast
swings a' hard left to Bat's 1 jaw and
the Dane appears tp stagger, but comes
right back and is crowding: on the ropes
when the bell rings.- ; -.-.;\u25a0., ...
lIOU SiD 20 — Nelson pokes a left to
.wind and jabs three lefts to- Wolgast's
mouth. "Both- land lefts on -face and
Wolgast sends a solid- left to Bat's jaw.
Bats face is badly -swollen. - Nelson
carries : »«ie fight to the- Dutchman.
They. clinch: Nelson. puts right on ribs.
Wolgast dances around, landing light
:left on face. Both connect": with lefts
on. face. Wolgast sends, a straight left
to the facet Wolgast rocks Nelson's
head with right. .Nelson drives Wol
gast'back vfith left on wind. Nelson
backs Wolgaet to the ropes and crosses
the cheek with right. Wolgast hooked
a hard right to cheek. Nelson lands
both' hands on Wolgast'* face, but
seems to make ng impression. Even
ROUXU 21— Wolgast blocks Nelson's
left. Bat lands a right Jon face and
forces Wolgast into a clinch; and Wol
gast-works both hands, into the wind.
Wolgast hooks two lefts to face. Nel
son puts a right on the ribs in a clinch.
Nelson puts a left onthe face and gets
a solid left swingr on the ear. Wolgast
lands two blows to Nelson's one now,
but the Dane carries the fight to him
all the; time. -Both send lefts to face.'!
Nelson gets a straight left on nose and
Wolgast swings a" solid right to the
cheek. " Nelson rushes: Wolgast to the
copes and lands two selid blows on. the
face. They are In*, a clinch when the
bell, rings and the round is slightly in
Nelson's favor. : : .
ROUxb 22— Wolgast is first out of
his corner; They exchange light lefts
on the face. Nelson pokes a left; to the
face. The betting is now even money.
Nelson -sends. -two light lefts to face.
Nelson staggers Wolgast with a right
hook, to -the 'jaw.- Nelson puts both
hand on Walgast's face, works Ad into
i a corner and lands both hands' on face.
Nelson drops Wolgast with «. left to
Jaw and , has .Wolgast on queer street.
-Wolgast covers. Up and attempts to re
turn, and Nelson lands both' hands on
the fate. ; Wolgast swingsa good right
to, the face. Wolgast is fresh again and
runs away. He- meets. Nelson with a
solid left to mouth: as the bell rings.
This -was -all Nelaon's_ round.
- ROUIVD 23— Nelson tbores in and they
clinch.^, Nelson rocks : Wolgast's head
with two lefts. fWolgast swings a right
to head, but leaves him. Nelson lands
bothhands on mouth. -Wolgast swings
a -hard" right : to. jaw. - Nelson crowds
Wolgast into a -corner, but does no
damage. Wolgast swings a: light left to
cheek, but misses a left hook for the
jaw.; Nelson '-crowds -Wolgast and gets
a straight left on the mouth. 'Nelson is
not leading, he simply : crowds Wolgast
around the ring. : Nelson puts a- left on
the ; face.- Wolgast hooks, a" left to the
mouth.' "Bat;:, slaps \u25a0 him with. the, open
glove on the , jaw. Nelson dances to his
corner. He had a shade the best of it,
though Wolgast landed the most blows.
Wolgast is pretty, tired. . \:jL*~ "
' ; ROUXD 24— Nelson i 3 short^withitwo
lefts.: Wolgast 'jabs a left \u25a0\u25a0 to the nose.
Nelson misses a left swing.: Bat'sends
a straight* left to ,the ; face. , Wolgast
lands -a hard right Yon: the jaw- and ; a
left: hook to the cheek. -Nelson, sends a
hard: straight .right- to> the r face. Wol
gast misses aright swing.-! and Bat puts
two good 'lefts on face. BothUand lefts
on fatJe as they{Clinch.vWolgast swings
a- goftdsright to cheek." vi Nelson, works
Wolgast into :ia'Tcorner,- but- Wolgast
ducks ; out. v'of'i danger: -Nelson' puts;' a
rightf on cheek.yi Nelson ( is.-on '; tap of
,Wolgnst- : every ; moment f and ; stops a
straiphtl'left to face. sNelsorr' lands :With
both .hands on face as^ the : gong-, sounds."
' v- nOUXDTss^Nelsoh^digS i: in" \ atrttin.
Wolgast hooks a'leftto^ace and swings
rights to icheek;;3tNelson sends; a. left :to
the^nose. is doing welL now,
and-puts two sulidrightson Bat's. face. .
Bat sends Wolgast's head back with a
left and hooks right to jaw. Wolgast
swings his right on Bat's head three
times and sends a.good left to the wind.
Wolpjast sends another hook to the
cheeß. Nelson sends a glancing left to
head and Nelson seems tired. Nelson
keeps on top of Wolgast. They clinch
and break without an exchange. Wol
gast swings another right to head.
They exchange lefts at the bell and
Wolgast has a good lead in this round,
besides saving his backers' money.
ROUND 26 — Nelson sends a right to
cheek in a clinch. Wolgast roasts Nel
son's ribs with the right. Wolgast ham
mers Nelson on the stomach in clinches.
Nelson works a right to cheek. Both
land light lefts on face. Nelson jabs a
right to cheek. Nelson puts another
right on cheek. Both land lefts on
mouth. Wolgast misses a vicious left
swing for the head. Both boys are tired
and not fighting hard. Wolgast swings
right on* kidneys and glancing left on
Nelson's eye. Wolgast puts a solid right
uppereut on Bat's mouth. Nelson sends
a solid left to face, and they clinch at
the bell. This ,was Wolgast's round,
though Nelson . trotted to his corner.
ROUND 27 — Nelson pokes a left to
wind. Wolgast hooks a left to wind.
Wolgast is fighting fast and playing
for Nelson's body. Nelson pokes a left
to. the mouth. Nelson misses a left for
jaw. Wolgast puts another left on the
wind. Wolgast" sends a right to wind
and a left to cheek. Both land lefts on
face I and. Nelson swings a rig Tit to
cheek. Both.butt. each other and Wol
gast uppercuts flush on mouth. Nelson
puts a hard left on Wolgasfs JaV. Wol
gast uppercuts with left to mouth. Wol
gast lands twice on the wind: They
clinch, and- Nelson holds on.- Wolgast
uppercuts with left to mouth. Nelson
swings a solid right on cheek at the
bell. Wolgast Is much fresher now. ap
parently, and this was his round.
ROUND 28— They spar into a clinch
and break clean. Nelson sends a left
to cheek/ They ' clinch and Wolgast
plays right on kidneys. Nelson pokes
a right into Wolgast's face. Wolgast
is .fighting hard. Nelson sends a right
to. ear and keeps digging in. Wolgast's
shoulders are covered with Nelson's
blood. Wolgast swings a right to ear.
Nelson sends a right to cheek. Wol
gast sends a straight left to face and
misses a- vicious swing for the. jaw.
Nelson sends a good right to the face.
Wolgast rushes at Nelson, tries a right
swing for jaw, but misses and both
swing lefts on face. Nelson has Wol
gast in a corner at. the bell and put a
right: on face. Wolgast much the
frefeher. - • • --
ROUND 2J^-They rush into a : clinch,
Wolgast working on Bat's body. Wol
gast is short . with a left and I they
clinch, both sending rights to the body.
Nelson misses a- hard- right. Both land
lefts on face.- • Nelson hooka a right to
cheek; but gets a nasty left on mouth
in return. - They clinch and hang on.
Nelson Is losing- a lot: of blood" Wol
gast hooks a left to ear before ar'clinch.
Bat lands- both -hands* on Wotgast's
face. Wolgast. hooka left to win'dVßoth
swing lefts on face. Nelsflh sends a
left to mouth. \u25a0 Wolgast/ hooks a good
right to cheek. . They are in a clinch at
the bell and it's Wolg«st's round. Nel
son seemedfwobbljr going to his, corner.
ROUND 30— Wolgast Vco'mes up freshj
They immediately go to a clinch. Wol
gast landings on body. Nelson sends: a
right to cheeky Wolgast clinches and
works hare l ' blows bn.* Nelson's wind.
The Dane Is hanging on. -They go Into
another clinch. Bat misses a right-<or
face.. Wolgast : sends a right- to face.
Bat.'. lands, a' hard- right- on jaw. - Bat
misseß a. .wild left . swing. y, They spar
carefully. . Bat puts right to ear. wol
gast rocks . ; Bat'a head .with a* 'solid
right. \u25a0 Nelson gets a hard left on" the
mouth." Both land lefts' on- face. S Bat
puts' a'solid right-on cheek at the bell
and has 'the best of this roand. but goes
to his- corner very -tired, while Wolgast
.seems -fresh. Wolgast's seconds ; work
on- his. legs. V- Nelson sits coolly;- in' his
corner and gets his mouth, doctored; : :
\u25a0 '.:> ROUND * 31— -They go to a clinch at
once,*. Wolgast '.'\u25a0 working * the ~ right: "to
wind." ' Wolgasit, puts -a light -left 'on
Continued on Page 13, Column 2
Richmond Councilman Demands
$10,000 Damages for Alleged
Injury to Good Name
/ .
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
RICHMOND. Feb. 22.— Suit for $10.
000 damages has been brought at Mar
tinez by. Councilman J. C. Owens
against Pat H. Dean for the latter**
alleged statement that* Owens had tried
to "graft" money from Eddie Graney in
connection with the permit, recently
given for the Wolgast-Nelson fight. > ft
The accused councilman carae out
with a statement today to the effect \u25a0
that Dean's accusation was- 'false and
unfounded, and a defiance to prove
the charge was cast down. .
The principals in the quarrel ;of t
words that follows that of fists are on
the one side Owens,, who conducts a
.hotel In Richmond, and pAe'the oth,«r^
side Dean, proprietor of; the BicnMoml:
opera house, sporting promoter and
holder of the permit under ..whic+f tb,e
fight of today was carded;. •-*'
Dean, it was charged, made the fol
lowing accusation openly and without
reservation recently:
"You went to San Francisco to get a
piece of money out of this fight game.
That is a fine proposition, a council
[ man from Richmond going to San
Francisco to get graft 'out of the fight.
You were . over there for graft and I
can prove it. You were in Graney's
trying to butt into this fight game.
You went over there to get a piece of
money out of It. You are as bad as
.Ruef: out for graft. You went to
Graney's for graft, and I can prove It.
1 can prove all I have said."
According to Owens,: this statement
was false and malicious, scandalous
and defamatory, and has Injured his
name to "the extent of llO.foo.
The town of Riehrnond is divided
over the feud between the city official
-and the right promoter. At the time
the plan to pull off the fight at Rich
mond was first bruited it was strongly
opposed by a contingent of whom
Owens was the • spokesman^, in the
Cove Wins on Points
From Danny Goodman
{Special Dispatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTO, Feb. 22.— Percy Cove
the human toothpick from Seattle, got
the decision over Danny Goodman of
Chicago in one of tlie fastest fights seen
in this city.
The boys mixed it from start to fin
ish, and when the final gong sounded
both were wobbly on^ their feet from
the effects of the punishment in the
last round. Goodman was unable to
solve Cove's style of milling and was
too willing to let the slender boy force
matters. «,
In the fourteenth Cove floored Good
man and almost had him out when the
gong sounded. The decision of. Referee
Alex Greggains was popular.
Tommy Feltz won over Young Dunn
in their six round preliminary and the
Mickey O'Brien-Jimmie Fitzpatrlck af
fair went to a draw.
Cubs* Manager Confident
Of Winning Pennant
CHICAGO, Feb. 22.— "Put a bet on
these Cubs in the coming: championship
race, for we will be safely rooted to
tire upper sung of the ladder when the
end of the season arrives," was the
greeting Manager Frank Chance ex
.tended to those who welcomed him
when he arrived from California jces
terday. "We will get away with a fly
ing start this year," said Chance, "and •».
when the young blood that has been
instilled into the team gets to u-ork
ing I predict the fifth pennant for the
Cubs. . ""
"The entire squad with the exception
of a few who are to join the team at
New Orleans will be taken to West
Baden, and when we pull out of there
March 3 to take up our regular train
ing at New Orleans, we will be primed
for an encounter that can't prove any
too hot." V:
Pirates to Get Bonus for
PITTSBURG. Pa.. Feb. 22.— Every
player in the Pittsburg club will re
ceive "overtime" for every hour worked
after October 13 next.' said President
Barney Dreyfuss of the National
league club yesterday. He insists that
the six months' contracts signed by
his men terminate on that date and
that if the new schedule arrangement
approved at the recent meeting in New-
York ia faithfully observed there will
be a neat bonus coming to each man.
President Dreyfuss expressed the opin
ion that If the Pittsburg club repeats
this season the' world's series will be
gin before the date set for the regu
lar season to close. He did not explain
how this was to be brought about.
BERKELEY, Feb. 22. — On account of
the rain today the singles tournament
for the club championship of the Berke
ley tennis club was postponed and will
be held next month. ' The- cross coun
try run of five miles to Northbrae and
return of the Berkeley Y. J-L C. A. was
postponed until March 5 on account of
the inclement weather.

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