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Many Witness Ceremony That
Unites Gertrude Meek and
Edgar B. Hurt
OAKLAND, Feb. 22.— At a beautifully'
appointed wedding this evening at the
residence of Dr. EL W. Meek and Mrs.
Meek. Edgar B. Hurt claimed the pretty
daughter of the home, Miss Gertrude
Meek, as bis bride. More than 75 close
friends witnessed the marriage service,
which was read by Rev. Charles R.
Brown, pastor of the First Congrega
tional church. The bride wore an ex
quisite robe of white silk with the con
ventional veil and orange blossoms and
carried a shower boquet of lilies of the
valley. Miss Margaret Meek attended
her sister as maid of honor. She was
gowned In a robe of pink messaline
satin and carried a staff of bidesmaids
roses. Frank Mountain assisted the
bridegroom as best man. Immediately
*fter the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Hurt
departed on their wedding journey.
They are planning to establish their
new home in Oakland.
Hurt Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Na
than Hurt. He is connected with a San
Francisco firm of architects. His bride
is an attractive girl who after a course
in Miss Head's seminary traveled ex
tensively through the eastern states.
•• • -
In honor of Mis? Elizabeth Greene-, a
charming New York girl who has come
to California to spend several weeks
»f the house guest of Mrs. Fritz Van
Siokien. Mrs. McKee Sherrard will en
tertain informally Thursday afternoon.
a coterie of the younger set being
asked for. an hour with their needle
work. Mrs. Sherrard is a bride of the
past season, her attractive new home
b<?!ng the scene of many delightful
fratherings. Miss Greene was formally ;
I>re^tnted to society of the bay cities a
week ago at the elaborate tea which
Mrs. Van Sicklen gave In hcr-lionor.

Mrs. James G. Allen, who will leave
shortly for a tour of the oontiiKnt, will
b« the motif f<r the prettily appointed
luncheon at. 'which Mrs. George lyman
King will entertain Thursday after-
One of the dances of the early month
will be that given by the informal
dancing club of Berkeley of which the
patronesses are:
?!r>. lobii «;l!>*<v*-k iMrs. (ieorze Oreeuleaf
Mn>. Ucntr Ti.kner |M«. I.HJian Treuzcl
3Jr». IVipinftou Det-Mrs. riarlep Mark*
rick Jr. iMrs. Wilson Thompson
Tiie assembly 1s planned for the
eyenias of Friday. March l. in the Town
and Gown clubhouse,
• • \u25a0\u25a0-•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0,\u25a0
Mi^-s Dorothy Boericke wifl give a
Tuncheon next Monday in honor of Miss
Helen button, wiiose betrothal to Henry
IMv^m Sherman was annoum-ed last
week. A number of guogts from this j
sid* 1 of the bay have ht en asked to j
meet the attractive Berkeley girl, who
will be one of the brides of the later
Mrs. H. H. Hart is planning to return
to t\jTlfor»iia late in flic summer when j
t!se family will take possession of their J
new residence in the Claremont hills.
Hart, who has been abroad with his
family during the winter, returned a
f*w days ago to superintend the final
work on the new home. The children
of the family have been in one of the
exclusive schools of Paris for the last
year, where Mrs. Hart has spent much
of her time.
• . •
A delightful affair of the afternoon,
which carried out the spirit of the holi
day, was that over which Mrs. Frank A.
Merguire presided as hostess, a score or
more close friends accepting of her hos
pitality at a HCjssion of cards and sup-
Miss Morsa Crellin will entertain to
morrow afternoon at a bride luncheon
at the family residence in Alice street,
asking her guests to meet Mrs. CofC
Steps Taken to Add to Beauty
of the Town
fc"AN" LEANDRO. Feb. 22. — In order
that -the beautification of this town
might be carried on •in a systematic
manner, the board of trustees at their
raeeting last night, passed an ordinance
creating a park, tree and flower eonH
mission, to have complete charge of
the public squares and highways of
the city. It i* planned to line every
street in the city with shade trees in
the next two or three y«-are, as well
as to park all public grounds.
The commission was also given power
to offer prizes for the best cared for
gardens and private grounds to both
adults and children. In order to pro
vide funds for the commission, the
trustees ordered that a special tax levy
of 2 cents be levied. The commission
will have full eharg* of tree planting
and no one else will be allowed to de
stroy or remove any of the public
tree«. It is to be composed of the pres
ident of the trustees, who will act as
chairman cfc-officio. and four other
members, two of whom, according to
t!>«> ordinance, must be women, as the
members of \ the board declared that
they were more instrumental than men
in improving the appearance of a city.
Resolutions of intention to bitumin
ize Uayward and San Lorenzo avenues
through the business portion, from the
l.ridffe to Hepburn street, and to sewer
the annexed district, were also passed.
The board granted the application of
the People*' electric light and power
company to be allowed to bid on a
SAN" LEANDRO. Feb. 22. — Charles
Fritz, who was head of the painting
crews of the Santa Fe railroad for
many years and was at one time chief
of the Oakland fire department, during
j.-j re chief Hill's absence in 1886, died
today a.t the county hospital at the age
of 59 years.
In last April Fritz. was picked up in
Broadway. Qakland. in a demented con
dition, from' v/JjJeh he never recovered.
Fritz, who came to Oakland when a
boy. was one of the most prominent
figures in the -dty'6 early history. «He
was one of the charter members of the
volunteer fire department, and when
Chief Hill was Imported^ from Cleve
land. 0.. Fritz's home city, he was made
assistant," and was Instrumental in
bringing the department to its present
high standard.
GTKVASnXX TAKES TlitE— Oakland. Feb. 22.
Kire cau^rd by a defective flue caused dttn
•« of about fl.ooo at midnight Ja«t night
. to the. upper «=tory of a frame building in
' Fiftrfntb strert near Broadway, occupied by
Profesior f>ewl« as a gymnasium. -~Tbe club
room lockers and office wore, rutted, but the
lower floor w »* BOt damaged.^-
160 Buffet, .weathered, oak, }20 at
H. Schellhaas'. 40S llth st, Oakland,*
Young Architect Claims
\u25a0 Popular Girlras Bride
Mrs. Edgar B. Hurt, an Oakland bride.
Big Crowd Attends Function in
Maple Hall Under Auspices
of Order
OAKLAND. Feb. 22. — The fourteenth
annual ball of Golden Gate division No.
364, order of railway conductors, was
held tonight in Maple hall. Fourteenth
and Webster streets. The attendance
was the largest in the history of the
lodge, in the neighborhood of 300
couples being present. Among the
guests of honor were Mayor Frank -K.
Mott and Justice Henry A. Melvin of
the supreme court.
O. D. Whitney acted as floor director,
and his assistant was W. 11. Edwards.
A committee consisting of members of
the ladies' auxiliary of the order as
sisted In the reception of guests.
The officers of the ladies' auxiliary
are: Mrs. J. W. Brown, president; Mrs.
E. F. Diamond, vice president; Mrp. W.
B. Byers. secretary and treasurer; Mrs.
Annie Goodman, senior sister; Mrs. B.
Spicer. junior sister; Mrs. H. M. Phil
briok. guard; Mrs. Adah Kellenberger,
chairman executive committee; Mrs. W.
H. Sheasby, correspondent: Mrs. E. U.
Stockton, musician, and Mrs. William
Johnson, insurance secretary.
The officers of division 364 are: M. A.
Ruble, chief conductor: M. E. Twist, as
sistant chief conductor; W. F. Byjers,
senior conductor; W. H. Edwards, junior
conductor; T. A. Hughes, secretary;
trustees and managers — D. F. Murphy,
O. D. Whitney, B. Splcer, H. M. Phil
brook and W. H. Sheasby.
Metropolitan Handicap
Entries Numerous
NEW YORK. Feb. 22. — Though en
tries for the Metropolitan handicap and
14 other stakes to be run at the Bel
mont park spring meeting closed six
weeks later than the Suburban and
other stakes of like character, there
have been received for the Metropolitan
51 entries, the names of which w<»re
made public yesterday .by the West
ohester racing association. The' number
exceeds the Suburban, but in many re
spects are of the same clapp. The list
follows i
Charlie Harprave i Princr* Imperial
Prin*-<» Ahmed I R>vk O'Brien
rrisHlion ' Arondaok
Tactrful m Fauntloroy
Field Mouse Bob It -'.-'.':
Ma?aslne Fltz Herbert '
Arcite Hampton Court .
Choir Master of Che*-) Bouooupe
tPrbrooV . ' Faleada
Glorio • Glucose
Aparhf Sir John Johnson
Bprrymaid Trance
Twillcht ' Quo? n Fesiiion Dalp
Alfr#d Noble Duke of Ormonde
Polka Everett
Kins Jarnrs Sandrian
IU-stitroache Centre Shot
Faytte Jack Atkiu
Dalmatian ' N>«lon
Joe Madden \ F«r \\>!-i
Flrestonp i Hiffli Trlrate
Uilarlnua \u25a0\u25a0 Stanley Fay
Helmet ']««. M. Miller
Maskette i Wolf
Sweep i Seaoliff
Ucaro . 'Sixty
H. I. Pelz. secretary of the Westches
ter racing association, says that to the
15 stakes which closed on Tuesday last
there have been received a total of 632
entries, an average of more than 42 for
each. The National Stallion stake has
64 entries.
St Anthony Five Win
Two Games
- The Alameda county branch of. the
Catholic Schools athletic league basket
ball tournament camo to a close yes
terday when the team from St. An
thony's school. East Oakland, pulled oft*
a double decker stunt that Rave the
transbay championship to the plucky
little Antonines.\
Their first opponents were the players
from Sacred Heart school, -North Oak
land. The Temescalians were thorQugh
ly" outclassed by the East Oaklanders,
who won by the remarkable of
79 to 1. . >• •\u25a0"'-.\u25a0
.The. second game yesterday was
against St. Elizabeth's school, P"ruit-_
vale, and the score was 47 to 6.
Yesterday's double victory puts the
St, Anthony's quintet in the. first rank
of the Oakland fives and gives them the
'right to contest with, the St. Peter's
school team of San Francisco for the
Catholic league championship. ' :
LOS AXGELpS, Feb. 22.— George B/i
Hagpart, a washer in a local laundry,'
won the annual Venice to Los 'Angeles \
Marathon race today. , His time wag.'l;
hour. 4l' minutes 6 seconds. , Lester Mc-
Murray was second, 12 minutes : behind
Haggart,- arid William , Schofield third. ;
The:aistanceisls.7 miles,""- -' r V :
• — —
Directors of Both Institutions
to Discuss Proposal at
Joint Meeting \
OAKLAND. Feb. 22.— The Oakland
bank of savings and the Bankers' trust
company will be consolidated, if the
plans now held by the capitalists in
control of both > institutions are put
through. oßth institutions are in the
same control and have their places of
business in the Oakland Bank of Sav
ings building.
The general outline of the proposed
consolidation is for the Oaktand bank
of savings to increase its capital stock
and' take in the other banking concern,
with its assets and trust business.
For the purposes of discussing the
plan of consolidation and perhaps put
ting it into effect a meeting of the di
rectors of the two corporations will be
held Monday, afternoon. '
- The Oakland bank of savings is one
of the oldest banking institutions in
Oakland. The aßnkers' trust company
was organized a few years ago by the
principal financial interests of the other
Spartans Beat Crescents
At Basket Ball
[Special Dhpalch to The Call]
OAKLAND, Feb. 22.— 1n a runaway
game last night the Spartan club 110
pound basket ball team defeated the
Crescent club of the Polytechnic high
sohool by a score of- 47 to 5. Both of
the teams "are entered in the P. A. A.
tournament and the Spartan club has
high hopes of making a good showing.
Following was the lineup arrd score:
Spartans. P*«. . ' Vtf. Crescents.
A. Wld'Wl 12.... Center.. 5.....U Abbott
T. Cuttin? 13... .Forward 0 C. Pane..
G. Ball 12 Forward (.»..T. Hardwick
C. Klnard S Gnard.. 0 U. Shinn
B. Munro 2.... Guard.. 0.... T. Shilling
Total score. 47 5. ..T0tal score
ST. PAUL., Irffnn.. Feb. 21. — The five
men event in the international bowling
tournament closed tonight- with the
Chalmers-Detroit team of Chicago the
winner with 2760. Horndorf and Faeti
of Chicago lead in doubles with 1134,
made today.
Is This Fair?
Certain Proof .Will Be Made That
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets Cure
A Trial Package Sent Free
Stuart's Dyspepsia/ Tablets are made
to give to the system, through the di-
gestive tract and the stomach, the
necessary chemicals not only to di-
gest food, but to enrich the "fluids of
the body so that It may no longer suffer
from dyspepsia or other stomach
trouble. .
We will send you a quantity of the"se
tabjets free, so that their power to cure
myr be proven to you.. -
Thousands upon thousands of people
are using these tablets for the aid and
cure of every known stomach disease.
Know what you put into your stomach,
and use discretion lri doing so.
Stuart's Dyspepsia. Tablets contain
fruit and, vegetable essences, the pure
concentrated tincture of* Hydrastis,
Golden - Seal, which tone up and
strengthen the mucous lining of the
stomach, and. increase. the flow of gas-
tric and other digestive juices; Lactose
(extracted from milk); Nux, to
strenghten the nerves controlling -the
action. of the Btomach .to cure nervous
dyspepsia; pure aseptic Pepsin of the
highest digestive power and approved
by the UnitecPStates: Pharmacopoeia. •
One of the ablest professors of the
University, of Michigan recently; stated
that this Pepsin was the only uneptlc
Fiepsin. he had found" that was abso-
utely pure— free from all animal im-
purities; Bismuth, to absorb gases and
prevent, fermentation. • -They . are de-
llclously flavored v with ' concentrated
Jamaica Ginger — in itself- a well-known
stomach tonic. V
Liquid medicines lose their strength
the longer they are kept, through evap-
oration,, fermentation; and. chemical
changes, hence Stuart's Dyspepsia Tab-
Jets are recognized as the only true and
logical > manner- ;of ; preserving L. the' In-
gredients given above, in their fullest
strength:: ' . ; \u25a0•;^^ ' . :
If you really doubt the power of these
tablets, take this t advertisement to a
druggist Hand askv. his ? opinion' of ,the
formula., ,' .*, v-i-**^^. „\u25a0 -, \u25a0
f It is due^your stomach to give it the
Ingredients , necessary to - stop its
trouble. Itcosts^hothlng to try. . "You
know ; what" you "are 'taking, • and the
fame of these tablets prove their, value'.
All druggists sell them.'J Price 60 cents:
Send us ' your name and address an* we
will send " you ' av trial ; package < by, mail
free.- /Address F. ?A.. Stuart \u25a0 Col," 150
Stuart Building/ • Marshall;-' Mich.' -"
Women Will Ply Needles on
Four Big University Banners
for Gala Athletic Events
BERKELEY, Feb. 22. — The women
of 'the university have organized a
needle, thread and thimble Society to
make a flag to replace the present
weatherworn banner that on gala days
floats from the flagstaff in front of t,he
library building. The organization of
the society is the result of a vote
taken at a recent meeting of the stu
dent body, at which it was agreed to
make four -flags — two for the football
"field, one for the library flagstaff and
one for the track.
On the shoulders of the senior
women will rest the task- of buying
the materials and sewing together the
big blue pennant with goljci C that will
grace the biggest, flagpole, cm the
campus. \v •
The women have gone about the
arrangements ft>r the making of the
huge pennant in a scientific manner^
Miss Leila McKibben Is general super
intendent, and under her will be heads
of departments, as, follows: Custodian
of patterns, Bernice Kelley; construe-,
tion engineer, Clara Haryett;. ' chief
medal urger, Mary Ada Pence; 'elusive
messenger, Elsie Williams; bunting
carver, Bessie Beaver.
The various departments will, be
composed of:
Scissors wlelders — May Van 'Gulprn. Claudia
Seldl. Marguerite Ogden, Lcona Merrick, '-Louise
Tlbbetf. \u25a0 ._
Needle, threnders — Maja MeCabe, Mabel Pler
pont, Bessie Wlle.r. Charlotte Bledenbach, Bar
bara Reid. : . \u0084
\ Thimble- chorus— Thalia Graham. Mildred
Ahlf, Rosa Weisc. Bessie Kentner, Lillian Rice.
Big "C" committee — Sara Anhbx, Bessie Vi'ot
l«y. Helen DimmicV. Pattie Chlckerlng, Elsa
Ludeka. Myrtle He»ly.
Booster* — Margaret 'Hizar, Belle Gluekman,
Alice Coffin, Belle Clark, Grace Hunter, Leblnla
Sidewalk committee — Dorothy / Hart, Mabel
Potts. Shirley Perry, Hazel Roberts, Madge
Woodman, Fearl de Lame. *\u25a0
Walking delegate — Grace MacFarland. ,
Nearly $600 has been collected by
the women in charge of the senior
women's hall fund, according to an
announcement made by Miss -Grace
MacFarland.- chairman of the ' sub
scription committee^ More rmJney has
been promised, and upon the' return of
Dr. Wheeler plans will be made for
the building of a hall, a design for
which has already been accepted from
Lillian Rice. __
Skatverein Will Hold
[Special Dispalch to The, Call}
OAKLAND, Feb. 22.— The Oakland
skatverein, encouraged by the success
which attended the first two skat tour
naments held under its auspices, has re
solved to hold tournaments every two
months. The next one will be held Sun
day, March 6, at the headquarters of the
club. 411 Twelfth street. '
Two new- skat : clubs have been
formed in California recently, one in
San Diego and the other in Los An
geles, while plans are now on foot to
organize., clubs in San Francisco,* San
Jose. Sacramento, Alameda, Berkeley
and Fresno.
As soon as 10 clubs^have been formed
they will be banded together in the Pa
cific skat league, which in turn will
affiliate with the North American skat
league, with headquarters in New York.
BOSTON, Feb. 22.— Quincy A. Shaw
of Boston today, won the national ama
teur racquet championship for the
fourth time, defeating Reginald Finckc
of New York In the final match.
| Notable Deaths ' .. |
___ ; :: — 4-
Angles, Feb. 22.— J. J. Brinlnstool, said to
have been the pioneer In the successful mar-
keting of lubricating product from California
oil. died today, aged CO. He came to Qalifor-
' nla from Warsaw, N. ,Y. .
4— V ! *
I Marriage Licenses |
* — ; -\u2666
The followlnc marriage license was issued In
San Francisco Tuesday. February 22, 1910:.
STRAITSS— ROSENTHAL— Harry Strauss. 23.
and Ray \u25a0 Rosenthal, both of SO9 Lcavenworth
street. *Sfln Francisco.
Blrtb. marriage and death notices cent by mail
will not be Inserted, They must be handed in at
either of the. publication offices and be indorsed*
with -the name and residence of persons author-
ized to have the same published. Notices ; re-
stricted simply to the announcement of the event
are published once in this column free of charge.
:..„-,\u25a0 t :-\u25a0\u25a0 - \u25a0- \u25a0 \u25a0 V- \u25a0 '
' lIOITtUS- HAIRE— In this city.. February 22.
1910, by Rev. B. E. Paddock, Robert Douglas
and Sarah Ha Ire, both of San Francisco.
SHEROVICH— MANDICH— In thls'clty. : Febru-
ary 21, 1910, by Rev. Father T. N. Pashkov-
sky. John Raerovlch' and Mile Mandlcb, both
of SaTT Francisco.
\ndersop. Daisy D.. 26 Kinne, Jnlie E......M
Bowen, Margaret.;. 74 Larsen. Sidney...... 9
Bray. Arthur. ...... 30 1^v15........... (Mass)
rsmifipld Mary \u25a0 — Logan. Stephen
Si jX T....44 Macdonald. Gertrude. 19
Davidson. Alonzo. . CO Oliphant, Mrs: H. D. 76
Dourlas John '.' 63 Peterson, Agnes H.\ 2
Evens. Frank ** Prentice, _ Charles W. 52
Flelschmann. Anna. i 5 Reardon, Agnes K>
Folev" Michael....". 71 Schnell, Edward.... 59
Glass! William C. 75 Van -Maarseveen, Ger-
' Hamilton, J. W. .. . Jj _ard 1 ............. SO
Hubbard Katherine. *£ Weil. 5arah... ...... »1
Johnson, Andres.-... WJ^WbiUnore,': Thomas.. 35
ANDEBSON— In" Gils ' city, February - 22. > 1910,
Daixv Doronda," dearly beloved wife of "William.
T Anderson, - and loving daughter of " Mary
Jane and the late Alexander Perry, and dearly
beloved sister of John and Lionel Perry and
"'Mrs Whitney Cornwall; Mrs. Arthur. Goodlad,
Mrs Everett \u25a0 Long and . Mrs. Emil Mayo, a
native of Red Bluff, Cal.. aged 2C years 8
; months and 4 days. _ .' , - •> _
\u25a0 Notice of funeral hereafter. _
BOWEN-^ln San. Jose. 'Cal.',' February .2l. 1910/
Margaret Bowen. ». relict uof the . late . James
' P Bowen, \u25a0 ani loving mother of Mrs. Joseph '
! Bello and the late Charles J. Bowen, a native
of County Cavan, Ireland, aged ' 74 , years. - i
Friends and acquaintances are resp^tfully
'''\u25a0Invited ; to attend the ' funeral today ( Wednes-
day) • February ;23. at 9 a. ,;m.j ;•• from the
family residence," 298 ' Montgomery street, • San
1 -Jose - thence f. to ;St.- Joseph's church, : where'
a soiemn requiem mass, will be 'celebrated for
the repose of her soul, commencing r at ' 9rgO
a., m. Interment Santa Clara cemetery.
BEAT— In thla city, * February «. 1910, at
his late residence, 533 Clayton itreet between
Pace and - Haight. Arthur Bray^ beloved . hus-
band of the I late Bf : fie . S. Bray, and father
of Frances U and > MUdred E., Joseph G. I and
Arthur Bray > Jr.. a \ native of Santa"* Clara,
'; Cal.* aged 60 years 11 \u25a0 months and" 22' days.
\u25a0 A member of ! Starr » King i lodge Ne»- 344. \u25a0F.
'& A. M.",*and Golden Gate commandery No.: 16,-
(Los Angeles; papers please copy.) .• ,v
* Friends are respectfully invited to
;the funeral. services today. (Wednesday), Feb-
ruary 23. at 1:30 p. . m., from^Klng < Sol»-'
: mon's : hall; ' 1739 " Fillmore i street \u25a0/ near Sut-
' U ter 5 under the •' auspices ( of s Starr \ King - lodge
- - No. r344/;r 344/; F.I tt "AT. M. 1 Interment | Cypresa ! Lawn
- .' cemetery, •* by ' electric * funeral ' car ' from - 1 Thlr-"
teentb x and Mission i etreets." Eemalna \u25a0at the
Improvers of Northbrae" Will
Hear Interesting Lecture
at Meeting March 7j
.\u25a0'.-' - — — • : .
\ BERKELEY, Feb. 22. — H. Stirring. - a
member of the Northbrae improvement
club, is preparing a. paper on the sub
ject of "Tree Planting on the Berkeley
Hills" which he will *read before the
members of the clpb at a meeting in
the home of H. B. Campbell in Shaitucjc
avenue March 7." Stirring has male a
deep,Btudy of the subject on which he
will deliver his address, and members
of otheri improvement- clubs_ who are
intefested*in the matter have" been In
vited to the, lecture.
The Northbrae club -was orgahiztd a
short "time ago'-by residents . «he
'Northbrae territory, north of here, a"hd
it has done much t,o build up and im
prove the section.; G."E. Wiltse is presi
dent of the organization. 'Other officers
are: Vice president, W.E. Richardson;,
secretary-treasurer, .Mattie- E. Covell. ,
The ways and means committee is com
posed of R.M. Raymond, S. H. Brown
and Ralston Whltcomb, while on the
executive committee are.W. E. Richard
son, P.M . Raymond and H. B. Camp
bell.-, ;Nw vy-v. ' •
The club stands^for civic beauty and
betterment, and the well laid out gar
dens, parks- and flower beds of- the
members of the organization testify to
the consummation of their ideals, jj
.Besides the work oftheclub and its
members for better lights better
linesof communication in the district,
the club is interested in the general
welfare of all Berkeley, and two dele
gates of the club have been appointed
to the general conference committee of
all the Berkeley improvement clubs. '
Other lectures in addition to the one
which Stlrring'will deliver are planned
for the meetings of the club in the near
future. . -vrf. -i"rv- : 3
• — , _
Russell Wins Stockton
x Five Mile R^ceT
[Sbecial Dispatch to The Call]
STOCKTON, Feb. 22.— W. W. Russell
of the Stockton athletic club won the
five mile race this afternoon. The po
sitions and time were: - -,^-
First, W. W.* Russell, Stockton ath
letic club, 28:30; second, C. Stevgfc-t,
Sacramento athletic club, 28:50; tmrd,
W. Howden, St. Mary's college, 29:10;
fourth. J. Childs, Sacramento athletic
club, 29:30.
The race was held under the aus
pices of the Stockton athletic associa
tion and the P. A. A', of the A. A. U.
There were seven entries. L." F,urrman
and Maurice Schmidt of Stockton and
C. \Kalters of St. Mary's failed to finish.
Two Claremont Golf
Matches Played
OAKLAND, Feb. 22. — Two golf games
entertained devotees .of. the .sport to
day at the Claremont country club. In
the, morning 11. J. Knowles won the
silver shield, perpetual .trophy of the
club, with J. J. Valentine -second and
Tyler Henshaw third. There were
about 30 entries. * Mrs. F. W. Skaife
won the club cup at a putting compe
tition in the afternoon. Mrs.- H. H.
Sherwood was second and Miss Alice
Knowles third. There were 12 entries.
WAR RELIC FOUND— Boston. Feb. 22.— A sou-
T*nir"of the capture of a southern blockade
runner durine the. ciril war, an old box con
taining about $35,000 In confederate bonds,
has been found' in the custom house.
new funeral chapel of Charles U. J. Traman.
1019 Minion street between Fifteenth and
Sixteenth. / .-i'-v;«
CATTLFIELD— In this city. Februarr 22. IPIO.
Mary, dearly beloved wife of the late Thomas
. CaulfleM,- and lorlng sister of Bridget Lenndn,
a natiTP of County Roscommon. Ireland.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
inTlted to attend the funeral tomorrow (Thnrs-
day), at R:3O a. m., from her late residence,
r>23 Hfckor.r aTenue. thence to Sacred Heart
\u25a0church." Fell and FHlmore streets, where a
requiem mass will be celebrated for the repose
of her soul. uMimmeneinfr at 9 a. in. Inter-
ment Holy Cross cemetery. j -
COLLINS— In thfs city. February 21,. 1910,
T.. dearly beloved hnsband of Emfna C- Col-
lins, father of John T. Collins, 1 and brother
. of Mortimer Collins, a native of County Cork,
Ireland, aged 44 years.
The. fnneral will take place today (Wednes-
day), at 8:45 a. m.. from the \u25a0\u25a0' parlors of
J. C. - O'Connor & Co.. 7TO .Turk street,
thence to St. Apnes church, where a 'requiem
I mass will be celebrated for the repose of
his- soul, commencing; at 9:30 a. m. Inter-
• ment Holy Cross cemetery, by funeral car from
Thirteenth and West Mission streets. Please
omit flowers.
DAVIDBON—^n this city, February 22, 1910,
" at his late residence, 225--Eurefca street.
.Vlonz'i. beloved husband of Elizabeth Davld-
': son, and lovins father . of Frank X., Alonio
F. > Davidson. Mrs. A. J. Snyder and Mrs.
H. O. SnelsrroTe, ' a native of Gasperaus.
N. S.. a?ed 09 years 10 months and. s days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Thurs-
day*, at 12 o'clock, from Welcome ball,. 1254
Market street. • under the auspices of Yerba
Bifena, lodge No. 15. I. O. O. F.l Interment
(Jreenlawn cemetery, by carriage. Please
.omit flowers. - # "
DOUGLAS— In "this city, February 22, v 1910.
Captain John Douglas, beloved husband , of
Marion Douglas; and father* of John, William,
\u25a0 Kate, Uose.: Jeanie, -Sarah . and Roderick
Douglas, a native of England, : aged $3 years.
\u25a0* (Britisif papers please- copy.) • ' ' •,
\ The- funeral will . take . place tomorrow
(Thursday). February 24,- 1910. at 1 o'clock
--\u25a0p.''-m., : from > His late ; residence.v £33 \u25a0 First
• " nvenue. Cremation.^l. "O. *).' F. cemetery.
EVENS-^ln Oakland; February 22. 1910, Frank
Evens, Nearly- beloved . son of Matilda .Evens.
and loving-b rother; \u25a0 of. Mrs. A. William* and
1 Mrs. .WrfEJj •"-. McGowan, r • native of, Oakland,
J Cal,. ageu 44 years 9 months and 5 days.
FLEISCHMANN— In this city. February 21,
1910, Anna , M.. beloved wife of the late
.John Fleischmann, • sister cf Mrs. Thomas M.
'Holt, and aunt of Mrs. Florence C. B. Thorp,
a native of Bavaria; Germany, aired 75 year*
.. and- 11 months. A member iof Walhalla Re-
bekah lodge No. 130,; I. \u25a0«*. O. F., andGer-
•- mania circle No. 35, TK'A. O.;D.
Friends 'and acquaintances ere respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral today.; (Wednes-
day). February 23, 'at- 2- p. in., from the
parlors of F.^Sahr & Co..' «K>l9. Mis-
sion *treet betweeu ; Twenty-flfth and Twenty-
sixth. Incineration I." O. ©. J F". < cemetery. \u25a0-<
\u25a0'\u25a0I. "-O.'-O.. F. — To the ' of fleers and members:
You are^hereby requesteU*«or- assemble at. the
parlors. of H. F.: Suhr &1C0... 2019 Mission
street : between Twenty-fifth-, and Twenty-sixth,
today i (Wednesday), February s- 23. -\ at ,1 :3O
\u25a0 p." m., to attend the' funeral .of our departed
: Bister. Anna M. Fleischmann. By order . ,
, To the officers and memberar You are hereby
to assemble at WW. parlors of H. F.
Suhr & - Co.', 2919 Mission y street . between
- Twenty-flfth and Twentyslxth, today (Wedaes-
' day), Februart,23. at p. m., to attend
\ \u25a0'- the^/uneral of our late sister, Anna M. Flelsch-
"\u25a0msiSn.'" By order* P^«?'^ i °rffagH t S'' : =t'fe-'rfg*f ?&
• \u25a0 MRS. D. . BECKMANX.'- Secretary.
FOLEY — In .this city. February '21. 1910,
Michael, -beloved '/husband « of i.Marg-aret •E.
Foley, and I lovlna; father 'of f Edward A.; Wil-"
'" liam" M.. '• Joseph E.. ' John, -Arthur. - Cecilia,
\u25a0' -Anna's and Florence FoleTt a native of Ireland,
'•agedA'l years. > y.'-.'i ' » "::'"r .r, -.\u25a0 ,-.,/.-;
\u25a0 -The • funeral -- will '* take ? place . tomorrow
at \u25a0_ B:SV ' o'clock ;\u25a0 a. j m., from his
\u25a0' * late • residence. • 100 Cole * street. * thence to' t>t-
\u25a0 'Ignatius churcb, - where a \u25a0 requiem : mass ; will
Coroner's Jury Picked for In
quest Over Nine Victims
of Disaster
\u25a0 \u25a0
HATWARD, Feb. 22. — Coroner C. Ix
Tisdale v will conduct an inquest to
morrow afternoon, over the remains of
the* nine victims of the explosion that
destroyed the plant of the Trojan pow
der works last Thursday.
The men who were/ killed were
Chemist Tharp. Alphons Zoos,
James McCarthy. J. Duarte Lewis, El
mer C. Gouldingr. Henry Onreat and
three Chinese.
5 A. AY. Beam, M. C. Peterson, L. B.
Chandler, Thomas Dias, John Smith,
Edward Haas and Samuel Hutchins
have been selected by the coroner to
act as a jury in the case. Superintend
ent M. Martina, who was cut about the
face and, arms, has returned from his
parents' home in Goldfleld. New, in or
der to testify regarding the methods of
making the explosive."
Classmen Will Meet Graduates
Next Saturday in Contests
on^Ptesidio Field
y Mission high school will open its
track season next Saturday at the Pre- i
sidio athletic grounds in a dual meet
with the alumni. Most of the graduates
are now attending the two universities
and some of fhe best trackmen of these
: colleges are former students.
Macpherson, who won the last fresh
men mile run, will captain the grad
uates,- while Lunt will lead the under
graduates. Levy, the Stanford middle
distance man,' with Sproul and Mac
pherson of the University of California
will look after the alumni's interests
in the distances. ' Clausen will run the
quarter and sprints. Harry Coles and
Cullinane will enter the hurdles and
field events. Both of these men should
prove valuable point winners.
William Smeltzer will run the sprints
: for the Mission lads. Smeltzer is ca
pable of doing the 100 In 10 2-5 seconds
and will prove a hard man to beat. The
high jump should also go to the Mis
sion boy. Armstrong, Butts, Liebert,
Alvaredo and Agezelow are an aggrega
tion of fast sprinters, representing the
sqhool squad.
Carlisle Nunan and Dean are entered
Wti the 440 yards and Ferrar, winner of
the SunQay meet two mile, \u25a0will
run that eve^nt with McMullin. In the
mile Mission will be represented by
Lunt and Middleton. The relay, team
will consist of six runners, each man
to run 352 yards.
A basket ball game will be played
in the evening at the Siaplamat court
and an informal dance will follow. The
line.up of the teams is as follows..
Mission . Alumni
Barker. Forward.' Tretten
I.unt Forward Arnott
Barbara Center .tSptdnl
Dora an ..'... . Utiard Macpheji«nn
\ Comstocfc Guard Cullianae
CINCINNATI. Feb. 22.— An indict
ment against the Latonfa agricultural
association, charging it with permit
ting gambling ,<at its racetrack, was
dismissed In the. county court at Cov
ington, Ky.. today.
be celebrated for the repooe of his soul, com-
mencing at 9 o'clock a. m. Interment ,lloly
Cross cemetery, via electric funeral car from
Thirteenth and West Mission streets.
GLASS— In this city, February, 21. 1910. Cap-
tain William C. Glass, loving father of Hugh
M., William C. Jr. and John R. Glass, a na-
. tive* of Bangor. Me., aged 75 years and 1
month. A member of George 11. Thomas post
No. 2, G. A. R.
. Friends are respectfully invited to attend
the funeral services today (Wednesday). Feb-
ruary 23. at 1 p. na.. at Hamilton ball. Geary
and Stelner streets, under the auspices of
George H. Thomas post No. 2, G. A. R. In-
terment National cemetery. Presidio. - Re-
mains at the parlors ofN. Gray & Co., 2190
Geary street corner of Devlsadero.
HAMILTON— In this city, February 22. 1910.
J. W., beloved husband of Johanna Hamilton,
and father of George E. Hamtlton and Mrs.
11. A. Russell, a native of Nova Scotia, aged
71 years 7 months and 15 days. \u25a0\u25a0•-\u25a0>.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
HTJBBARD—In Santa ClaYa. CaL, February 22,
1910. Katherine C. Hubbard, beloved wife of
George C. Ilnbbard. and mother of John D.
and Bernard Hubbard. S. J.. and Mrs. H..8.
Keading, a native of New York, aged 61
Funeral •will, take place tomorrow (Thurs-
day). February 24. at 11 o'clock a. m.. from
St. Claire's church, Santa Clara. Interment-
Santa Clara. >" .
JOHNSON— In thi3 city. February -21. l!U0.
Anflres, dearly beloreJ husband of the ,late
Lizzie Johnson, and loving father of Mrs. W.
.H. Wlnn and Dr. Carrie Mooelin. and grancl-
fatier of Alfred and Gertrude Wlnn. aged 63
years 2 months and 10 days. A member of
Unity lodge No. 131. I. O. O. F.; Ivy lodge
No. 1718, Knights of Honor," and the Sfaster
Plumbers* association.
Friends and acquaintances axe respectfully
: invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Thurs-
day), February 24. at 12:30 o'clock' p. m..
from the parlors of Theodor Dierks &. Co.. 900
\u25a0 Devisadero street corner of ' McAllister, where
services will be held under the auspices of
Unity lodge No. 131. I. O. O. F. Interment
Mountain View cemetery, Oakland.
KINNE— In Fruitvale. Cal.. February 22. 1910.
Julia E. Kinne. beloved mother- of V. F.. M.
G. and G.--H. Kinne. a native of New Himp-
. shire, agfd 64 years 6 months and 20 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
. invited to attend the f nneral services tomorrow
-( Thursday ), February. 24, 1910, at 11 o'clock
" a. m., at- the family residence, 3601 Boule-
*. vard' avenue, ' Frultvale. Incineration Oakland
crematory. . .. " .
LABSEN— In this city. February 22. 1910. Sid-
ney, Larsen, l dearly beloved son Mrs. Ada
• Eiickaon, and beloved brother of Mildred and
Ethel Larsen and Victor Ericksou. a native ef
, San Francisco, aged 9 years and 4 months.
LEVIS— The fourth anniversary mass will be said
for the repose of the soul of the late Johanna
LevU. • today. (Wednesday). February 23. at
St. Dominic" s cbureu, corner of Pierce aad
I Bush streets. ' \u0084 . : / ,
LOGAN — In this city, February 21, 1910, Ste-
phen, beloved husband of Hanorab Logan, and
-father of Mary E., Joseph A.. Thomas E..
Agnes -M.. William E.. Anna H. and the late
John A.. Catherine and Stephen Logan, a na-
tive of County Galway. -Ireland, aged o? years.
, (San Jose papers please copy.)
\u25a0. Friends' and are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral today (Wednes-
day), February 23, at S:3O o'clock a. m.,
' from bis late residence. 46 Liberty street,
thence -to' St. James churcb. where a requiem
' mass will <be ' celebrated for the repose of
his soul, commencing at 0 o'clock. Intermeat
.Holy Cross cemetery- ..
JLACDONAI<D--lajhis city,' February 53 1910.
Gertrude. . dearly beloved daughter of Anthony
ami the late Lizzie Macdonald. sister of Marie
and Raymond Macdonald.." and niece of Ellen
\u25a0 and Andrew Macdoaald. a native of San Fran-
cisco, aged 19 years. -A member of St. Peter's
Academy ; Alumni association. . ' , -
• The funeral will' take place today (Wednes-
day). ; February 23. 1910. at .B^o o'clock
- .a. m.. from, ber late residence., 1104 Treat
\u25a0 avenue, thence ' to St. 'IJeter's church, where
'' a .'requiem ;, high : mass will be celebrated
'\u25a0' 1 for '\u25a0' the . repose pf - her '\u25a0 soul, eommeacing at . 9
i, o'clock arm. Interment Ilolj: Cross cemeterj.
OLIPHANT— -IoJ) Berkeley, Februaryl 2i;';1010.i«»f,
Fives Will Clash in Preliminary
Contests at Pastime A. C.
/ Next Week
The first preliminary basket ball
games for the Pacific athletic associa
tion championship will begin on next
Tuesday evening at the Pastime'ath
letic club. The Alameda county games
will be played a week from tomorrow
night either at the University of Cali
fornia gymnasium or St. Mary's col
j lege. The schedule for the countrjT
teams will be announced later. The
first part of the tournament will bring
together the following teams:
Tuesday. March I— Sacred Heart Mtdstrts (110
pounds t ts. Mercury* (110 pnnnds); SlapUmat*
t!3O poondx) ts. Y. M. C. A. Cntm U-"M> pounds!:
Columbia Park boys* clnb (145 pounds) *». I.
— . H. A. Sphinx Uls pounds V.
Friday Marcn 4. at University of California
gymnasium — St. Mary's college. (130 pounds? tw.
Oakland Polytechnic high school (130 pounds);
; University of California (130 pounds) th. Berke
ley bigrh school (130 pounds).
Saturday. March 3 — Columbia Park boys* club
(110 pounds) m Junior Sparks (110 pounds*:
Cogswell polytechnic school (120 pocads) ra.
Garttelds (120 pounds): Army Y. M. C. A. (un
11ml ted> ts. ..Vallejo x» T al Y. M. C. A. (unlim
ited). V
Tnesday. March B— Y. M. C. A. Comets (lift
pounds)- ts. v San Kraccls<t> boy«* club (110
pounds): Swa-itUaa (130 pounds) ts. Wlcniawnkl
irymnastum (130 pounds): Pastime athletic elul>
(unlimited) ts. -Olympic club (unlimited), -t v -.-
Tnursday. March 10 — Winner of Sacred Heart -
Mercury game ts. winner of Y. M. C. A. Comet-
San Francisco boys* '-club game.; Columbia Park
boys' club (120 pounds) ts. Oriole* (120 pounds):
winner of Siaplamat- Y. M. C. A. Cubs ts. win
ner of Swastuca-Wienlawtfct frame.
Friday. March 11. at St. Mary's irymnaslum —
Oakland high school tllO pounds) ts. Spartans
(110 pounds): St. Mary's college Victors (IH>
pounds) ts. Crescents (110 pounds'); winner of
; St. Mary's college-Oakland polytechnic game t».
winner of UnWersity of California-Berfceley hlsti
Saturday. March 13 — Winner of Columbia
park-Sprinx game ts. Ponies (145 pntxnds); win- f
ncr of Army-N'aTy game ts. winner Fastlm?-
Olymplc game. Semifinal — Cogswell .or Car
neld ts. Lightweight Cadets of Oakland tn 13>
, pound class.
Santa Clara Defeats a
Picked Nine
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SANTA CLARA. Feb. 22. — ©wing to
the- calling off' this morning of the
double header schedule to be played
by Santa Clara against Shreve & Co.
nine and Ireland's Independents of San
Francisco, the collegians this afternoon
played and shut out Harry Wolters"
picked San Jose team In a 5 to 0 gam-?.
The leaguers used .three twirlers.
Jones, Wolters and Friens, who we.-c
touched for two, three and one hits, re
spectively. Alligaert pitched gilt edgo
ball for Santa Clara and gave up but
two 4 hits.
Weston a Day Ahead of
His Schedule
ALBUQUERQUE. N. M.. Feb. 22.—
Still a day ahead of his schedule, Ed
ward Payson Weston, walkinar from
Los Angeles to the Atlantic coast, took
a diversion today and visited the petri
fied forest near Holbrook, spending
some -time In examining the great
agatized trunks that formed a forest
when the world was young. Weston
spent the night at Holbrook. covering:
53 miles yesterday, and left there at
S this morning.
Yesterday's rain caused the Olympic
club to postpone .their two mile team
race and 1 other athletic events, which
were to be held at the stadium yes
terday afternoon, until Saturday- after
noon at 3 o'clock.
pneumonia. Mrs. H. 1). Oliphant. mother of
Robert C. Oliphant. a native of Bansror. M<»..
ageil "G years (rhlcago. New York and Orange
papers please copy.)
J"uneral servie** at th* rbapei of the Oak-
land Cremation association at 3 o'clock p. m .
today (Wednesday), February 23.
PETERSON— In this titj. February 22. 1310.
A^rnes H.. dearly beloved daughter of Fred
and Ellen Peterson, and beloved ulster or
Elsie Adline Peterson, a native. «f San fran-
clsco. aged 2 years 7 months and 20 days.
PREJITICE— la Sacramento, CaL. February 20.
1910, Charles TV. prentJ«^. bel«ve-l *>n nf
Mrs. Clara W". Prentice, and brother of E. H.
Prentice and Mp. M. A. Huntlnztoo of San
Francisco and Princess Clara ffatzr>ldt of
London. Enz.. a native of Sacramento, CaL.
ag«l 33 years.
Funeral trill take place from th» home of
Clark &. Booth company. 917 H street. Sacra-
mento. CaL. today (Wednesday*. February
23, at 2 p. m.
BEAHDOX— In thi» city. February 21. 1910.
Agnes Keardon, beloveti aunt of to* late Mrs.
Daniel Sbeerln. a native of County Cor*. Ire-
land, aged SO years.
Remains at the parlors of J. C. O'Connor A
Co.. 770 Turk street near Franklin. Nutice of
funeral hereafter.
SCH3TEIX— In this city. February 21. 131 ft. Ed-
ward ScbaelL beloved husband of Sophie
Schnell. and fatntr of Fr«d. John. Walter.
Mrs. Saratlao, Freda. Sophie. Annie and Edna
Schnell. .a native of Badeo. Germany, ax*}
r.f» years 2 months and 2t day*. A member
of, North Beaob lodjre No. 9, Hermann Son*.
Friends aad acquaintance are re*p«»ctfully
invited to attend tbe funeral services tomor-
row iThursday>, February 2J. 1910. at 1»
o'clock a. m.. at his late residence. 810
Greenwich street, thence to Alouar Olivet
cemetery, by carrfasr». t
VA3T MAAESEVEES— Ia this city. February 21.
1910. Gerard J. Van Maarseveen, loving
brother of C. J. Van MaarsereeiK a natlT*
of HollmJ, aged C> years 4 months aad 27
days. »
Uemalns at the funeral parlors of S. A.
White. 1214 Eddy street. _
WEIL— In Portland. Ore.. February 20. 1910.
Sarah, beloved wife ef th* late Lehman Weil.
and loving mother of Mrs. Junn C. Ardery.
Mrs. Chapman S. Solomon. Mrs. Louis Ilexter.
Mrs. Harmon Eberhard. Mrs. Amos F. Sewvll
and Mark Weil, a native of Germany, aged
- 71 years 10 months and IS days.
Friends and ac<raaintane*s «ro re«pectfuUy
Icvited to attend the funeral tomorrow <Thur«-
day>. February 21. at 9:SO a. m.. from th*
residence of Mrs. C. S. Solomon. -4050 Twent.v-
fonitb street between Xoe and Castro, la-
. terment Home of Peace eemetecy. by electric
funeral car from Twenty-eighth and Valencia
streets., . V
WHITMOHE— At rest. in Cazadero. Cat..
Thomas, dearly beloved busbantl of Gertrude
Whltemore (nee S*verence>, beloved son of
WUltam and Margaret Whltmore. and brother
of , Nicholas Whltmore. Mrs. J. It. Keaton
and Mrs. Harold Clark, a native of San K.»-
fael. aged 35 yean 5 months and 11 days.
TOR >\u25a0
Seventy-Five Dollars
'Kala^bfficw: "«123 Busi l at.*. Wot *88»* •** .
1305 FcasUla it. or. ltti. OuUM. ?S»oa«
Oaklaad 40«.
Briaciai: 305 Sfoutgomary »v. Pi. lam?. 3381,
. Afld 127 Souti;ry-a«ro* »t, Lea Aa^riea.
- Ast* Ab^Uuo* «a 4 CusU«m fat Ox*. .- i.: ;

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