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E^^~ I ii b i ns "I 11 * 1 <*«»»H«. 24<a29c; lipht fin*.
__a.7*. heavy fine. IS&uic; tub washed. 25
i:»M<rn IjuMork
\u25a0t«*ni t-*?^- Zi roU!: xo 1( * higher. Native
«Ci- . i ''"*'•'•'/ *""> w » and belfer*. $3,505$
Balk «f «»j w »11OC»^5: heavy. $».:»»*?• 4S
t a £"fcte!» l !*> I!- 44 * 00 - M «k-t strong. Mut-
ITp.h^* '^'\u25a0r' : lal ? hs - |825e».3: fed western
sot:tii omaua
uxc ftwrs. m. ..)(</ 7.2.-.; cows and heifers. $.?r<j
«\u25a0'. st<^ ni - «»-»©«.t*; «t» ami heifers.
71*^ ;•> '." al ! ner *- «2.7.-.«3.2.-.: stokers and
£?*l£?J&S:: ' alves ' »«?»' b ° iis - sta^-
Xi I iC <rs ~i I ? <Hxir *'' i - fism - Market [email protected]
u&F'^WfSSL' f»-»«»-S3: mixed. $3.20iia.2r.:
«*& SSg££ S P^ '"H-V* bulk of
Slieei>— Receipts. 5.0H0. Market steady. Year-
IfretLSO; lambs, $«[email protected]
N>w York Mo«nl Marked
NEW YORK. Feh. 23.— Tbe market for stand
ard copper on toe New York metaL, exchange
*" f '•"!! today, with spot and forward deliv
eries up to the end of May <juoted at 12^71^
Wl^c. The L'-md'Hl market closod firm. Spot.
£...» 1I« 3<l; futnr»sr £00 7s «d. I>ocallv. lake
copper. 1*.C2«4©13.57W« electrolytic. "13.2.Vq
3 -'-^c: c*stinjr. lllui 13.2.V. Arrivals r«.poried
et New York today. 200 tons: eiportp. customs
house rrrurn«. 1.251 toas. making 21,<«» so far
tli!s month.
V.a was dull: spot. S3fti33.3oc: February.
02.«r,q33.25 C: Man-h." S2.JC(gr^..-Wc; Arnil. SaX»
63X3dci May. 53.10Q33^3e. The London niar-
f P !^^ as 6 " > »'lJ"- Spot. £151 12s 6d; futures.
L'-ad flrircr; spot. 4.55(§4.<>.'>c New York;
*4.37U<a4.4<k- Enst St. Ixmls. The London
nirrket closeil at £13 se. ;---
Spelter firm. Siw»t. 5.45«r,.6.V New York:
M7UOS.4OC East St. I^otii* delivery. Sales of
W.OOO pouiwls for April delivery were reported
on the metal exchange at 5.57 V-c. The Loadoo
market '•lo**d at £23 2s «4.
Iron closed at Ms l«Ad for \u2666'leveland warrants
in Londi»n. Ix>csilr no chango was reported.
><>. 1 foundry, northern. $l*.r.o<g'i.S.73; No. 2,
fls.2.'>(<ilS>-' > 0; No. 1 southern and do soft.
\n\nl Stores — Turp>Miilr<- and Ilnsin
SAVANNAH. Ga.. Feb. 2.".— Spirits of Tnrpen
tlne—Firm at r.!>a 4 c. Sales. S2; receipts, ISfi;
ebipmeats. 324; stock. 10.€53.
Itosin — Firm. Sales. <>6: receipts 1 "."2: ship
ments. 1.225: sto<-k. 124.224. Quote: B. $4.2.H;
D. $4.4<i: E, $4.4.%: F. «.?7i4(fl;4.<W; G. *4.<W;
H. $4.«715: I. $.4.8": K. $5.%0; M, ?«.ST>; N.
*0.5 C; W«i, $6.»v> : WW. 57.
Items of Interest to Mariners
of the Pacific
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
PORTLAJTD, Feb. 23.— Advices wpre receirPd
this morning by the Orpjron drydock company
that th^ contract to dock tb* UnitPd States
Upbtbout-e tender Mnnzanita had b*-en Bwar<le<l
to them. *nd it 1* exjwotod that it will be taken
©et tomorrow. Whi!-> on the <50.?k it will be
• •leaned and painted and two or three side ports
will be replacM.
Tbe hid of the Willamette iron and steel
works for repair on tbe steam KcboonT Tallac
bas been ac^pted.
\\ sth a rars-i of genera! merchandise, the
st»atner St. Helens. <"»ptain .Tamieson. arrived
last nipbt from San Francisco. It will take
ii.fioo tons of wlicft from here to Tacoma »n<l
return with a rarpr. of t'oal.
• arryinjr passengers and freipht. th<» steamer
S(!!;ta <M»ra. Captain Noron. arrived tonight from
Fan FrsnrtKco and way poris.
The t!Mmcr Alliance. Captain Aetrup. arrived
ih's iftemoon. with passen?«Ts and freleht,
from C^>o« bay. - +
Laden with a full cargo of ppnrml freielit,
the gas tchooner Osfckosh. Captain Lathsn. ii»ile<l
tonlfht for Tillamook.
Wbcn it sailed tanipht f"r Cor>s bey the
Btean>er Ramosa. Captain Nelson, bad a full
cargo of general frcipht and a good li*t of pas-,
i nrrrinir grivral freight from Tillamook, the;
steamer Goltlrn <Jatp. Captain Hacsen. arrived
• t flak str<y-l <io<-k this morning «n 1 sailed again
tonipht with a full earjro of freight.
With p<»noral fr*»i?ht and a few pas*<»ncer*,
the steamer Northland. Captain Erickson. ar
rlvpd at 3 o*c!uct--this morulng from San Fran
oi«^o. The captain reports a strong northeast
wind outside the bar when h** came in yester
day. The steamer will load SSQ.<«X) feet of
lumber for San Francisco.
Wb<>n It sails from here for the orient. tb«
first wwk in March, tbe Portland and Asiatic
l!n<>r IlercuW will havf> among oflior freight 20<t
Jons of scrap tin. which will k<> to Rotterdam
by way «f Houpkong and tbe Su^z canal.
On its first tri|> to this port tbe et^am
schooner <>f tee E. K. W<«vi lumter com
rany-p C*>rt arrirM in Astoria this morning, and
left at S:4" ft'dock oa its way to the lnman-
Pouls^n mills for lumber for San Peflro.
It is expected that the British steamer HiTpr
Clyde will finish loafllnp lumber for Manila »o
monw. It will clpar with about 2.140.000 feet
from this port and will then cotnplcto cargrv.
with about LOOO.OOO ff*t. at one of the Puget
-nun.i ports. The cargo which it wilt transport
V> Manila is for £t>verntneut work therf.
The steamer F. S. Loop, tank strainer Cata
nia an.l st«-*m«r Uivorside arrived from San
ASTORIA. Feb. 23. — Stp«mcr Golden Gate ar
rived tiKley from Tillamook with freight and
passeujrers f.c I'ortland aud proceeded up the
Kt«amcr Iloancke ssil^i today with freight
»>i;l pafisenpi-r 1 ' for Euroka and San Francisco.
Stpamcr P. S. I»op lr-ft up the riror today to
n>i.~U luadinc Imaber for !ian FranciMi). .- .J\
StP«mer J. MsrhofiVr. which Ka!le<l Tuesday
for Sun Francisco, carried a cargo of 330,000
f<i t of lormber and 2.IVK) reilwny ties loaded at
Rainier aud »;.000 tics loaded «t St. Helens.
StOHm>-r Alliaii'-e arrived this morning from
Coos hay with freight and passenp»rs.
Steam* schooner Riverside arrived this morn
irp from San Francisco with a cargo of ex
pl«*iv«>s for Martins Bluff.
oil tauk steamer Catania arrived this morn
ing fron: San Francisco with a carjr" of fuel oil
for Portland.
Steamer SRiita Clara arrived this morning
from San Francisco with freight, and after a
tbort flop her* went up the river.
Steam schooner Shasta and T.ihoe arrived this
Borntag from Ssn Fraticisoo to load lumber, both
nsving <"onslclcrable freight.
Steam wbooners Klamath and Saginaw, with
cargoes of lumber for San Francisco, went to
sea vhU morning.
Oil tank steamer Rosecrans of the Associated
oil company left tbts morning for San Fran-'
cisco after having diecharged Its cargo of fuel
VICTORIA, Feb. 23.— Arrived— British steam
er Aatilochus from Tacoma and called for the
SAJTAIKO, B. C, Feb. 23.—Sailed—Nor
wegian Thor, San Francisco.
SEATTLE, Feb. 23.— Arrived— Steamer Kertta.
T.-iC(.»!na; steamer IM!th. Btlllnghaai; steamer
Bcckainn, Kan Francisco. Sailed — Steamer
<ju<»eii, San Fraseiieo; Btcsiuer Bnckmtin. sound
TACOMA, Feb. £3. — Arrived — Schooner Rob
ert Scaries. Winslow: st?amer Zapora, fishing
bant*. Departed — Steamer Bertha, Seattle;
Brit!nh 6te«raer Anlllocfcue. orleat and Llver
y»ol. \
Is added to the PREMIED property and
c«w well brought In. Ttie clevenrh well
:• sow on tbe pump, f.nJ tbe twelftb will
cooa be fintabed. D"riick« are already
up for two more. The end of this yetr
f boiiid show earnings of at least FIVE
PER CENT PER MONTH on the entire
capitalization. We. BEPEAT: Premier
etwW Is intrinsically worth f2.ot» per
Fhere and is a buy at anything under
that pr'w-
Lincoln Mortgage and Loan Company
14TH FL.OOII . . . 166 GEARY ST.
Xpw York Seattle Los Angeles
400 California St. Tel. Dooajlaa 3457
St. rrnnfls Hotel Tel. Dounlns 3352
Members of New York Stock Exchange
Pioneer Hook
Private Wire to Cblcaco aad
Kevr Tork
n. K. wniVCAHEY. Manaeer
Vain Office * Branch Of fleet.
Correspondent* (Main Corridor) - ,
tta&RIS WINXHEOP San Francisco.
*~. Pine Et . New York Los Aseelee
ZvStom. Cblc««o . HOTEL COEO-
ITII Stcnt Street. \u25a0 NADO. , ,
Denver^ Colo. Ccronado Beach. •
Big Fleet Will Begin Outfitting
in a Few Days for Alaska
Preparation of Vessels for Sea
Will Make Busy Times
Along Water Front
URE sign that
spring is coming
is the announce
ment of the Alaska
salmon companies
of the ships that
will shortly be
sent north to the
canneries. Before
many days the
water front will
be humming with
the work of get
th'is fleet ready for
sea* Incidentally,
much of the sur
plus labor of the
port will be ab
sorbed and car
ried to the Alaska
bays and bisrhts.
whore the salmon are caught, cooked
and canned and made ready for the
markets of the world. The labor em
ployed Is white, brown, black and yel
low, and in the aggregate the wages
paid and later spent in this city repre
sent an enormous sum.
The Alaska packers' association has
a large sized navy ready v for the inva
sion of Alaska. This concern will send
north seven steamers and 23 sailing
vessels. Twenty-one of the 23 are big
square riggers, and they are all in
first class condition.
The North Alaska salmon company
will dispatch five sailing vessels, one
steamer and a power schooner. The
Naknek packing company, the Red
salmon company and the Bristol Bay
packing company will each send two
big sailing vessels.
The Alaska packers' association will
(prepare its fleet for sea at the minia
ture navy yard the company has estab-
I lished in Oakland creek, but the other
ships will outlit along the water front,
and in a few days all the world and the
chief wharfinger will know that the
Alaska salmon season is about to open.
Asia Sail* for the Far Enst
The Pacific Mail liner Asia, Captain
Harry Gaukroger, sailed at 1 o"clock
yesterday afternoon for the far east
with more than 50 cabin passengers
and about 2.000 tons of cargo. The
line will pick up eight passengers at
Honolulu. The Asia's cargo included a
large shipment of raw cotton for
The passengers included:
Mlk« Bessie Cam 18. W. Marlln
F. W. Hort Bruno Mtiller
Mr*. F. \V. Hoyt K. Takemura
A. H. Allen Mr«. M. A. Kelley
Miss L. Bltler Miss S. F. Koons ' \u25a0 v-i i
Mrs. R. O. Bitier B. Lesrange
Master W. Bitier A. B. Sorensen
A. 11. - Anderson I Benjamin Mejrie
Lee Blur (Albert D. More
Mrs. D. W. Borg jG.C. Royenstock
Miss Louisla Borg Mrs. C. W. RojenFtock.
Mr*. C. I. Cachot Infant and servant
F. E. Clark Mies Wanda Rosenetock
Z. G. Dunn Miss Dorotby Rosen-
Mrs. Z. O. I>unn stock
A. B. Drain E. Riondel
fharles Uniry H. Riondel
Mr*. < - h«rlfs Drury William A. Ronald
Mr*. C. A. Harpis Mrs. William A. Ilonald
Mi s« Ora W. Hargis W. J. Saw.rer —
D. S. H.mg Captain Wernon Torn-
R. B. Kav.ir.ncli roth
Mn=. R. H. Kavanatrh H. H. Watkins
J. M. I.lddell Mrs. H. H. Young
Mis-s M. McLaujrhlin
H. C. Dries (Mrs. Dnvid M. Gardnei
Mrs. H. C. Dries Kirkwood
H. E. Ehrenfels jUrs. Montague Kirk-
Mr-.. H. E. Ehrpnfels wood
Dr. David M. Gardner I
Steamer Cjrclopn In Floated
Word was received yesterday that
the British Blue Funnel liner Cyclops,
which went ashore at Jiddah, has been
floated. The Cyclops resisted the first
attempts to move it, and the cargo had
to be discharged. The steamer An
tilochuß of the same line sailed yester
day from Victori' tor Liverpool via
China and Jap» . Captain George D.
Keay. master the Antllochus, died
during the "-asel's stay at the northern
port, a victim of heart disease. Cap
tain Stewart, who had formerly served
; with Captain Keay as chief officer, was
sent out from Liverpool to take com
mand of the ship, which sailed as soon
as he arriv-ed.
Houcoraont Arrive* at Eureka
The British bark Hougomont. which
left here Monday In tow of the Defiance,
arrived yesterday at Eureka, where the
big windjammer will load lumber for
Australia. Captain John McNeil of the
Hougomont has been coming regularly
to San Francisco for so many years
that he calls San Francisco "his other
home." It Is more than 20 years eince
Captain McXeil first visited this port as
master of a ship. Since his marriage,
20 years ago. Mrs. McNeil has accom
panied her husband on all his voyages,
and it was a disappointment to their
friends that the Hougomont could not
have loaded at this port.
Mongolia Due Today
The Pacific Mail liner Mongolia, Cap
tain Henry E. Morton, is due today
about noon from the far east with a
big cargo -and a large number of pas
sengers. The majority of the Aion
golia's passengers are from China and
Japan, the liner having the heaviest
through list that a trans-Pacific liner
has brought this way for months. The
cargo Includes a valuable shipment of
raw silk. v- :
»nr Launch . I« Speedy
The twin screw, 52 foot- gasoline
launch Pride of Alaska, built by Wil
liam Cryer at his East Oakland yard
for the North Alaska salmon company,
was given its trial .* Washington's
birthday, and made 11 Vi miles an hour
without difficulty. The Triumph, a
duplicate of the Pride, and built by
Cryer for the same company, will have
its trial trip today. Cryer will launch
Crowley No. 16 tomorow. This latest
addition to the Crowley fleet is 36 feet
Wafer Front Xolon
'The army transport Thomas, home
ward bound from Manila, sailed Febru
ary 22 from Nagasaki.
The Oceanic steamship company's
liner Alameda, Captain Dowdell. sailed
at 10 o'clock yesterday morning from
Honolulu for this port, and is due here
next Tuesday. The Columbia Park
boys, who have been in Honolulu since
their return from Australia, are pas
sengers on the Alameda.
The steamer Hazel Dollar, bound
from Mororan for this port, passed
Honolulu yesterday and reported all
well. <
Receipts of lumber yesterday by sea
amounted to 1,726,000 feet.
$I>lp William P. Fry I« Libeled
Whittier. Fuller & Co. filed a suit in
libel in the United States district court
yesterday against the ship William P.
Fry to recover 51.194, representing the
amount of damages alleged ;to have
be,en sustained by the company in a
shipment of turpentine and oil received
In bad condition.:
Stranded Steamer** Crew- Saved . -
BEAUFORT. K. C. Feb. 23.— The en
tire crew of 30 men of the British
steamer Arroyo, which went ashore
yesterday off the North -Carolina coast
near Diamond shoals, was .taken off
safely by the life - savers -from Ports
mouth Island station. " The steamer
struck about . five miles south •of • the
station. .
Stowaway Shot Trylnc to Enrnpe
TACOMA* Feb. 23. — At midnight last
night a. 'Japanese -.stowaway on- the
Seattle Maru, at the Oriental- dock of
the 'Milwaukee road,, 'jumped overboard
to escape. « He was heard .floundering
in the water, , and : was \u25a0 rescued > from
dxownijig. -Another.- stowaway made? a
run - for liberty. . and was -shot •\u25a0 and
sllcrhtlY-'woundai >by an officer. Both.
men are in the ship's hospital.' Search
brought to light four more stowaways.
City of I'uebla Arrives)
The Pacific Coa^t steamship City of
Puebla arrived at 10 o'clock last night,
59 hours from Victoria, with a large
number of passengers.
By United AVlrelenw
February 23, 1910.
STEAMER WATSON, from Seattle for San
Francisco— Feb 23." S a. m.. off Willapa bay;
strong southwest breeze and head sea; squally
STEAMER RIVERSIDE, from San Francisco Feb
20 for Seattle— Feb 22. 8 p.' in.,' off Yaquma
head; strong south-southeast gale and rain;
heavy sea.
3 In tow. from Seattle for San Francisco —
Feb 22. 8 p. m., off Cascade head; fresh south
erly wind and sea: raining and overcast; ba
rometer. 2*.».5*2; temperature, : 50.
STEAMER ASUNCION, from San Frauclsro Feb
20 for Taeoroa— Feb 22, 10 p: m., off Colum
bia river lightship; frexh southeast wind and
overcast; light rain at times; moderate south
erly sea; barometer, 20.R4; temperature, 50.
STEAMER MAVERICK, from Seattle for San
Francisco— Feb 22. 5:80 j>. m.. 120 miles north
of Columbia river lightship; east-southeast
wind; rain; smooth, sea; . barometer, J9.«.5;
temperature, 30.
STEAMER FALCON, from San Francisco Feb 21
for Astoria — Feb 22. 7:30 p. m.. passed (.ape
Blanco; fresh southerly wind and rain; ex
pect to arrive at Astoria Feb 23, a. m.
STEAMER NA<NN SMITH, from Coos bay for
San Francisco— Feb 22. S p. m., <> miles north
of Point Arena: light, fog; gentle southerly
breere; moderate s-uuthwest swell; barometer,
30.10. . •
STEAMER W. S. PORTER, from Astoria for
Monterey— Feb 22. 8 p. m.. 205 miles -from.
Monterey: southeast wind; moderate south
west swell.
STEAMER G. W. ELDER, from Los Angeles—
Passed Point Sur. 4::Wp. m. ; weatbf-r, clear;
sea smootli; will arrive early Thursday, a. in.
fiARGE 91, in tow tug Hercules, from Port San
Luis— Passed Piedras Klancas at 3:30 p. m.;
foggy; light northwest wind.
From | Steamer 1 Pate
I'ortland fc Astoria IKlamath Feb. 24
Humboldt IClty of Topcka. Veb. 24
San Dieso & Way I'orts (iorernor Feb. 24
San Fedro Ad. Sampson.. . Feb. l\
San Pedro O. W. Elder. . . Feb. 24
l'oint Arena & Albion. Porno leb. 24
Cblua & Japan Monßolia Feb. 24
Sal. Cruz via S. Diego. .Vebraskan ..... Feb. 24
Seattle via Xauslmo. . Ilermoathls Feb. 24
Soatrl« Tallac \u0084 Feb. 25
Scattlo Kwreka reb. -5
Humboldt F. A. Kilburn.. Feb. 23
Grays Harbor Norwood : teb.
San" Pedro Nome City Feb. 25 !
Seattle & Tacoma Watson Feb. 23
Portland & Astoria Itoanoke Feb. _.»
Pan Pedro & Way I'ortsjCoos Bay Feb. 25
San I'edro | Yosemite | Feb. 26
San Pedro j Vanguard I Feb. 29
.Sau l'edro :...|Hanalci j Feb. 28
PtiEet Sound Ports iQuefn Feb. »B
Grays Harbor jNewbure . . . . - .{Feb. 1~
Grays Harbor '.:. C. Lindauer.iFeb. 'it
Hamburg & Way Ports, ltaurl I Feb. 27
Victoria Klla Feb. 2i
Mendoclno &. Pt. Areua Sea Foam |Feb. 2<
Portland & Astoria Kose City .... Fob. 28
.San Diero & Way I'ortsfSnnta Rosa ....iFeb. 28
roos Bay... |M. V. Plant.. .(Mart 1
Hiaiolulu lAlHtmnla IMar. I
Honolulu Nevadwn .. Mar. 1
Tallin IMarlposa i-Mar. 2
S.-i). Cruz via. S. Diego ; Mexican 'Mar. 2
Seattle & Tacoma JBucknian |Mar. . 2
Honolulu jWtlhelmtna ...|Mar. 2
Destination 1 Steamer | Sails | Pier
February 24 — I I
Coos Bay -. |M. F. Plant 3pm 8
Los Angeles Ports Klamath ... 2pm....
I'ortland &. Way Ports[O. W. Elder 1 pm 13
San Diego & Way Ports Santa Kosa.. 11 am 20
Uumboldt North Fork.. 1 pm 3$
February 23 — "*C I *
Grays Harbor |Wcstcrn»r . 4pm|....
Astoria & Portland |Wel!osler .. 5 pm 27
Los Angeles P«irts J. S. HigSlm-jlO am 4
,Cc«iUllle. River ..... Elizabeth ...[l2 m 10
Seattle & Tacoma Governor ... 4 pm 11
Seattle & Tacocaa Ad. Sampson 1 pm 10
Los Angeles Ports Norwood ... 2 pm ....
» February 20 — j ' . I
Attorla & Portland jYosemlte .. 2pm....
Humboldt 1 Vanguard . 1 pm in
Humboldt City Topeka. 10 am 11
New York via Ancon.. Newport 12 m 40
Astoria & Portland Kansas City. 11 am 40
Hamburg &. Way Ports Hermontbls .12 m 10
Astoria & Portland.... Nome City.. 5 pm 10
Astoria & Portland Caaco .*.... .'
Grays Harbor S. Monica
Point Areua & Albion.. Porno 6pm 4
Los Augeles Ports Koanoke ... 1 pm 13
February 27 —
Los Angeles Ports.. Hanalei . 3 pm 10
San Diego & Way Ports Quecu 2 pm 20
February 2S — \u25a0
Humboldt F. Kilburn". . 10 am 13
Mauzanlllo direct Ella ....
Puget Sound Ports City I'uebla. 11 am 11
San Pedro & Way Ports Coos Bay .. 2 pm 11
March 1—
N. Ytrk via Sal. CrM.i.Vcbraskan . 10 am 27
Seattle A; Tacotna .Watsou 1 pm 10
March 2— I -
Honolulu &. Kahului.. Lurline, .... 12. m 28
Grays Harbor NVwburj; ... 3 pm 21
Mendocino & Pt. Arena|Sea Foam... 4pm 4
Destination | Sjeamer | Date
Skaeway & Way Ports. Cottaee City... Feb. 26
Valdez & Seward Olympla Mar.'. 1
Skagway &. Way Ports Humboldt ..... Mar. \u25a0 2
Southwestern Alagka. . . I'ortland Mar. ; 5
Valdez & Seward Victoria ....... Mar. S
Time Hall
United States branch bydrographlc office. Mer
fhants' Exchaugc, San Francisco, February
23, 1910.
The time ball on the roof of. the -Fairmont
hotel was dropped today exactly at noon, I'a
cilic standard -time (120 th meridian), or at Bh.
00m. 00s. Greenwich mean tlme. r \u25a0
Lieutenant, U. S. N., In charge.
Sun. .Moon and Tide
UnltfMl States coast and geodetic,! Surrey— Time
nnd heights of tfdes at Fort Point. For city
front (Mission strc-t nliarf) add 25 minutes.
Sun rl^cs *. ...... l!: 40
Sun set< o-.ri'j
Moon risen .t!:32 p. m.
Ijist quarter moou Match '\u25a0', nt 11:43 p. in.
New moon ......... ...March 11. at .4:03 a. m*
|Tim- Time Timel - Time! V
Fcb| , Ft Ft )ft "r, jFt
1H W LW -- HW| jl/wf'
24.. 0:33 4.» 5:34 2.6 11:30 5.5 6:01 0.0
25.. 1:00 5.1 6:18 2.3 12:16 8.1 6:36 0.5
20.. 1:27 5.1 «:sl> 2.1 1:01 .4.8 7:15 1.0
27. .1 1:53 6.1 7:41 2.0 1:46 .4.4 7:48 1.5
23.. 2:16 4.0 8:29 • 1.0 2:31 '4.0 8:18 2.0
U. S. - Branch Hyilroßraphic Ofßcc
, A branch of the United I States hj-drneraphic
office, located In the Merchants' Exchange, 1»
maintained in San Francisco : for the beneßt of
mariners, without regard to nationality and free
of expense. Navigators are cordially invited ..to
visit the office, where complete sets of 'charts
and sailing directions of the world arc kept et
nand for comparison and ; reference, and the
latest information can always be - obtained - 10
gardlng lights, dangers to navigation and : tiaf
ters of interest to ocean commerce.
. Lieutenant, . U. S. N.. in charge.'
Depth at mean low water, entrance to harbor.
PLACE .1 Ft. | Date | .Remarks , ~"
Grays Har| 18 IJan. 13IInner. bar -bu o y sub-
I I \u25a0 ' I \u25a0 merged. • " : :
Wlllapa Bl 27 IJan. 6] Whistling buoy 1 mtle
I \| I north of bar. -. \u0084 ,
Colum. R.j 24 JXov. SlShoallne outside, nu n
\u25a0 ( [ ' I • onoy. yo. 2. •\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
Nehalm X] 7 INov. Olßar buoy : 2oo yards N.
• I " I '"I \u25a0- of channel.:- • •.
nilmk 8.l 9 IDec. l'lChannel shifted llmlle
-;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0..-'\u25a0} I I wuth In gale Nov. 28.
" - • . \u25a0 ' Nun buoy. No. 0< : and
Vaquina B 10H Dec. 17 ,- can buoy.Xo. 3 gone
- \u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0:\u25a0-...\u25a0- adrift.' -\u25a0"---- ,
Sloslaw-Rl g jjaiy 6|.
Umpqua Rj 12 IDec. 6jChannel well, north of
. ' - I "Ml range.- \u25a0'.-;'- • -, ;
. 12 feet at, low tide to
Coos Bay. 18 Jan. 4 : North * Bend: Vi feet
at low tide to Marsb
.-'• I | :\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0•-field..'-.;---. "»-•\u25a0;\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0-.--\u25a0\u25a0
Coqullle : R] 9 . IJan. 7 (Channel straight; -\u25a0 good
. (. : ( I . comiltlon. - .\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0-'\u25a0'\u25a0
Rogue Rlvj | |. \u25a0 . . .-. ........ .....
Klamtb Rj .7 IJan. ~ 7 Channel straight east
/ \u25a0 :-[\u25a0 - I ' \u25a0*-- \u25a0• ' . : and west. \u25a0 >-^
\u25a1 mbldt Bl 20 'Jan. 15 North, channel unsafe
.\u25a0, •"-. | .\u25a0•\u25a0'. { -..--/ -. ; -to navUratlon. V • -
S I'edro B| 20 |Jan. *~ 5 No change -In channel. '
S Diejto B| 25 |Dec. • 9 |No change ln"^cha'nnel.~
8 Pablo Bl 24 jDec. >-\u25a0 1 Depth In . dredged chan
,j..--.--.^-| r;\ -\u25a0\u25a0•v>/;),>nri. •\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0-"- :-.'.'--v-:, :
LOS ' ANGELES, ; Feb. ; 2.l.— Arrived— Steamers
| Governor,^- San i l>iepo; . ': Santa >, Barbara ,-:' Orays
'Harbor; \u25a0-'-' Bowdolnr Columbia \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 river; ;»'« Lnkme,
Eureka ; f Vanßtfard," Eureka ; i' Grays ' Harbor from
Grays Harbor: Tamalnals. iGrays | Harbor.'-'* Called
' — Steamers.- Admlral.--S*nipsiH).L"Scßttle: -.Waslitc
1 caw, Oleura: Governor. Seattle, ;-.- \u25a0 ' (
Weather Report
a ._ ' ; ;; — — :—;: — ; , »j.
United States . Department, of ' Agriculture—
. Weather ' Bureau. Ssu Francisco. • Feb. .- 23, : 11)10.
Last Seasonal Normal
Stations — 24 lunirs. to date. to date.
Eureka ...: .'0.04 . .33.23. :50.U2
Red Bluff 0.10 12.SU , l«.Stt
Sacramento ».«»U K.BS ! ': 13. .".2
Mount Tamalpals 0.24 V 21.11 15.91.
San Franeisct 0.01 15.07 . . 1.">.79
San Joso O.W • 11.05 9.78
Fresno 0.00 > 0.42 . 0.25
Independence 0.0(1 4.<i7 6.14
Sau Luis Obispo 0.03 1(1.79 W.Srt
Loa Angeles 0,00 14. 4H 10.54
San Diego 0.00 S.S.i ; ti.SU
Coast record for J2 a hours, rndins 5 p. m.~
• N .. 1 5F- f 'g '. g|
stations . % ; ' !? ' \u25a0 : | |r
\u25a0 - , -S .b s . • ? :
Blalue 29.82 2s-,.. NB V Rain ....38 !
Boise .30.24 42 24 E Rain .14 j
I Eureka 30. 0S 60 . 10 SK Clondy .04:
Flagstaff 30.12 54 26 W Pt.Cldy .W ;
Fresno 30.24 OS 42 W .". Cloudy .00.
Helena 30.14 18— 14 NW Olear Tr.
Independence ..30.10 GO 30 SE Clear .Ort
Kallspell .30.22 S « .XW Snow .32
Los Augeles 80;18 '«'. 44 SW Pt.l'ldy .00
Modena 80>2<J 50 22 W Clondy .00
Mt. Tamalpats.r.O.2rs +~ 44 SW Rain .1-"
North Head... .2i».54 4fl 34 SE Rain .28
Phoenix ... 30.10 74 24 NW Clear .00
Pocatello ..30.24 40 28 SE Snow .01
Pt. Reyes Lt..:tO. IS 52 :48: 48 S . Foggy .'«
Portland ..29.94 .V» 2»i \u25a0 S ' " Balu .12
Red 81uff,. '....30. 1S 54 42 SE Ruin ' . .0'!
Reno.... 30. Hi 52 34 S Pt.Cldy .<«)
Rosehurg ......30.02 M! US. SE Rain •- .OS
Sacramento ...30.22 60 40 SE Pt.Cldy Tr.
Salt Lake 30.28 44 30 N Cloudy .00
San Diego .10.10. tX) 44 NW Clear .00
San Francisco.. 3o.22 00 no" SW Cloudy .01
San Jose. 30.22- fiS 4S SW Clondy .W»
San L. 01i!5p0.30.2U fil .rio. r io W Pt.Cldy .00
SE. Fara110n...30.2fl 50 r.2 - S Foggy .02
Spokane fSO.lrt IS 10 NE Cloudy - .14
Summit 34 25 S Snow'g*...
Tacoma 2!>.8« 4U 2<{ SW Snow .42
Taroosb ...... .2ft. 70 44 30 •SE Rain .4']
Tonopah SO. OS 4H GO SE Pt.Cldy .00
Walia Wa11a... 30. 14 22 14 SW Cloudy .02
Wlnnemuecii ..30.24 40 32 W Cloudy Tr.
Yuma 30.12 SO 42 W Clear .00
•Snow on -ground, 7$ Inches.
The following maximum and minimum temper
atures nre reported from eastern stations for the.
previous day: Chicago. 30 — •»; New York, 42-^2;
Omaha, Hi — S.
> A disturbance of moderate Intensity has ap
peared on the northern coast nnd has caused
rain, with southerly winds, throughout. Washing
ton. Oregon and the northern counties of Cali
fornia. The rain area will probably extend
slowly (southward. High southerly wind* may be
expected offshore. - .
The temperiiture is rising over the entire coun
try west of the Rocky mountains. Afternoon
temperatures in the great valley of California
range from .18 to OS decrees. It Is much warmer
In Nevada and In the mountains.
The relative humility at lied Bluff was 04 and
at Fresno GJ» per c^nt. '
Following Js the forecast : for thp W hours end
in? at raidnisht Thursday, February 24. 1H10:
San Francisco and vicinity— Cloudy Thursday,
with rain: bri^k south winds. .
Northern California— Rain Thursday: brisk
south winds.
Southern California— Fair Thursday. Incoming
cloudy at night; light north wind, changing to
south. ~A. G. McADIE. District Forecaster.
• . *
Wednesday. February 2.1.-
Stmr Helen P. Drew. Facerstrom. 18 hours
from Greenwood; lumber to L. E. White lum
ber company. * •
Stmr Elizabeth, Olspn. r>.". hours fromßandon;
pansengrrs and merchandise to T. E. Kruse.
Stmr City of Puebla, Zeh, 53 hours from Vic
toria: passrnpers aud merchandise to Pacific
Coast Rteamshlp company.
Stmr laqun. Self. 2r> hours from Eureka: 520
M ft Ihmbcr to Eastern redwood lumber com
pany. - *
Ptmr Santa Monica. Olson. 7fl hours from
Grays Harbor; .WJ.M ft lumber to J. It. Hanlfy
& Co. -
Stmr Krancfe'H. Legcett. Warner. 3.T hours
from Redondo boach ; ballant to Hammond lum
ber company. •. • '\u25a0
Stmr Johan Poulson. Lancaster. 6S hours from
Astoria; 650 M ft lumber to Loop lumber conl
"simr M. F. Plftnt. Rurtis. 42; hour i from Coos
bay: passenKers and infichflndlce. to Oregon coal
and navigation company.
Stmr Mandalay. I/)fstrom. 41 hours from
Cresront City, bound south; put in for fnel.
Stmr CTiehHlis. Klttlfson. 60 ... lipnrs from
Grays Harbor, bound south; put in to land pas
Stmr F«lr Oaks. .Tohnson. .TO hours from San
Pedro: ballast to Pollard' steamship company.
Stmr Nann Smith, Olspn. 42 hours from Coos
bay- lunihor to C. A. Smith lumber company.
Stmr ninlstrnno. Klose. 40 hours from Kc
doudo beach; ballast to J. Homer Frltch.
Wednesday, February 23.
Stmr Virginian. Colcord. Honolulu, via Seat
tle and Tacmna; Williams. Diraond & Co.
. Wmlnesday. February 23/
Stmr Capistrano. Klnse. Grays Hnrbor.
\u25a0 Plymouth— Cherbourjr— -Southampton
Philadelphia— Queenatorrn — Liverpool
Xevr York— London Direct
Ticvr York— Rotterdam, via Boulograe
A'evr York— Antwerp— Paris \u25a0 ' .
Xevr York— Q,ueen«itovvn — Liverpool
BOSTON TO THE ' T *t.UII LKK/illLfll^l
Vli'i (Aasorew. Madeira. Algiers, Gibraltar
Flrnt Winter SalHusr to Alexandria
Romanic :' ...Feb. 23. April 2
Cretic...' ..............". ..Mar. 12, April 16
CELTIC (20,904 tons) ..Mar. 18
CANOPIC Mar. 24. May 4
G. N. KOEPPEL. Pasnenßer Agent Pacific Coast,
•319 Geary Street, opposite St. Francis
- . . Hotel. San Francisco. -\
IVorth fierman gloyd
Large, Fast and Luxurious Twin-Screw
Express and Passenger. Steamships.
Equipped With Wireless and Submarine Signals.
.- Expresn Sailings Tuesdays at 10 a. 1 m. .
Kai»cr Wm.d.Ur..Mar. SlKaiser Wm. ll.'. .Apr.- 3
Cecilie Mar. 22|Kalser TVm.d.Gr..Apr. 10
Twin-Screw Sailings Thursdays at 10 a. m.
Rhc1n............Mar. 3|*P. Frledh. Wm...Mar.' 17
Z1etrn. ... ..... .Mar. 10.*G.Washinpton. .Mar. 31
•Calls at Plymouth and Cherbourg.
> Gibraltar— .Vnplea — Genoa— Alßiers
• Mediterranean Salllnps SatiirdayH at 11 a. m.
Barbarossa.. ....Feb. 28j*Bprllu (new)... Mar. 12
P. 1rene...... ...Mar.' O;Frledrlch d. Gr...Mar.-19
\u25a0 •Omits Algiers. , , » -.:
Independent Aronnil the 'World Tonris
."Travelers Checks Good All Over the World
Apply OKI.RICHS* CO.. Gen'l Amenta
' - 5 Broadway. New York, or '
Robert Capelle. G.A. P. G.;' 2.10. Powell Street
-opposite St.Francls Hotel. San Francisco.
Telephone^Kearny 4794. :
Canadian Pacific
Less Than Four Days at Sea
Weekly »iilllnsr" between; Montreal,
\-\ .(/.'>, Quebec and Liverpool
• Two days! on the -beautiful st Law-
rence River,- and the? shortest ocean
route to Europe. ? . -.
Nothing better : on ", th* Atlantic than
our Empresses. -Wireless on all steam-
ers.'-. ' --:.; \u25a0- . - "\u25a0.-\u25a0''\u25a0" -': -
First \u25a0: 'class -f9O, Recond $51.25, one
cla«» cabin »47.50. ;
" Aek \ any > ticket agent, or write for
sailings, rates and'booklet. , . (10) ,-
E. >E. - PEXX, G. V A.,' Palace Hotel, San
--.-\u25a0-V •:' :' ;'\u25a0'/' Francisco : : *'. ;: - i-z-'' M
Compaghie Gencralc ? Transatlantiqae
; \u25a0\u25a0'-...• DIRECT LINE, TO lIAVUE-PAniS/
'\u25a0 Sailings *' every ' Thursday. * Instead 'of* Saturday.*
at ; 10 a. » m..' from : pier , 42,v North : river, foot of
Morton ; street. „ - -. "
\u25a0 Flret \u25a0 class \u25a0\u25a0 to : Havre. \u25a0 ?i i.oO nnd \u25a0\u25a0 upward ; ' sec-
ond claw to Havre.-. $50 and upward. -:f?EXERAL
90 1 State * street,? New .York." >J. f. F.%, FL'GAZI,'
Manager -: Pacific * Const/; 630 ? Montmoniery.* streetr
San Francisco. s-.TlckeU.'Bold\b7 all railroad
«cket;«ents. /\u25a0'.',';. : ' ' ;.:\u25a0 ,' \u25a0"*-,•; J
i\ '• ' ' ' ' ,\u25a0'\u25a0•\u25a0'\u25a0-. ' \u25a0\u25a0',:\u25a0 \u25a0 ' < : <^®'®*l'
Stmr Brunswick.: Hammar. Fort Bragg.
Stmr^Acme.: Olsen. Eureka.' \u25a0 J v -.
Stnir: Sea: Foam, dlenricUson. Point Arena.
- S*tmr ->!anion.*Madsen. Caspar. .
Stmr Brooklyn. Matsen. . Eureka. • .
Stmr Francis II.: : Leggett. Warner. - Astoria.'
Stmr Virginian, Colcord, Honolulu, -via Seat
tle and. Tacoma.'. /. • " :., \u25a0-. ; '
Stmr Alcatraz. 7 Wlnkel. Mendoclno.
Stmr V. A. Kilburn. McLellan, Eureka.
Stmr Maudalay, Lofstrom, San Pedro.
Stmr .Whittier, Seaman, Port San Luis.
'Ur stmr Asia. ' Gaukroger, Honolulu, i.oko
bama and Hongkong. '
Stmr Doris, Olsen. Grays Harbor;
. Stmr Chchalls, Klttlesou, • San Pedro.
, \u25a0 Uktn Kclio. Palmgrcn, Coos. hay.
POINT LOBOS. F«-l» 23. ,l> a. m.— Weather,
thick; calm. 12 in.— Weather, thick; calm.
Sip; m.— Weather, cloudy; wind, soutn; Telocity,
11 miles per hour. " •
POINT .- REYES. Feb 23, 9 a. m. — Dense fog:
raining; wind, south; velocity, 22 miles per
hour. • \u25a0 v
TATOOSH, Feb 23. 0" a. m.— Light snow;
wind, east; velocity. ?.S miles per hour. . \u25a0,
POINT LOBOS. Feb 23. -10 p. m.— Weather,
tblck; wind, southwest; v^loi'lty. 12 miles per
hour. ' _ ' - \u25a0 • . '\u25a0•- ~ -
WILMINGTON— Arrived Feb 23— Stmr Lakme.
from San Pedro.' 1 . .
ASTOUI A— Arrived Feb 23— Stmr Catania,
hence Feb 20: stmr Santa Clara, hence Feb 19,
via Eureka: utmr \u25a0. Tahop, hence Feb 20; stmr
Alliance. ' from Coos bay; stinr Sua«ta, bence
Feb 20. .. . - * '..
Sailed Feb 2.*J — Stmr- Itosecrans. for San Fran
cisco; stiur Klamath. for San Pedro; »tmr Sagl
nnw, for Wlllapa; stmr-Roanoke. for^San Fran-
Cisco. - :
Arrived Feb 23— Stmr Riverside, hence Feb 20.
CRESCENT CITY— Off Feb 22— Stmr Del
Norte. hence Feb 17.
WESTPOKT (Wash.)— Arrived Feb 23— Schr
W. J. Patterso'j, from San Pedro.
Barbound Feb 23— Schr Golden Shore.
TACOMA— Arrived Feb 23— Sebr Columbia,
from Seattle; Fr bark General de Sonls, from
Seattle. j> "
Sailed Feb 23 — Br stmr Antilochus, for Yoko
hama: wtmr Bertha, for -Seattle.'--'
TATOOSH— Passed out Feb 22— Stmr Watson,
from Tacoma, for San Francisco.
Passed in Feb 22 — Stmr Buckman. hence Feb
20. for Tn com a. Feb 23 — Stmr Asuncion, hence
Feb -20, for Tacoma.
Passed in Feb 23 — Stmr Umatllla. hence Feb
21. for Seattle. -, . . -
POftTIJV ND— Arrived Feb 23— Stmr K. S.
liAop.' Htmr' Northland, «tmr Santa Clara, stmr
Shnsta. stmr Catania., stmr Riverside, from San
Francisco; stair Alliance, from Coos bay.. .
Sailed Feb 23— Stmr Ramon a. for Coos bay;
stmr Golden Gate, for Tillamook.
EUREKA— Arrived Feb 23— Bktn Aurora, from
Guaymag; Br »hlp Hougomont, In tow tug
Defiance, hence Feb 21... \u25a0 -
i Sailed Feb 23 — L* S a stmr Sequoia, for' San
Francisco: tug Defiance, for San Francisco; stmr
City of Topeka. for San Francisco.
SANTA MONlCA— Arrived Feb 22— Stmr Bow
doin. from Astoria.
Sailed Feb 22— Stmr Bowdoln, for San Pedro.
SAN DlEGO— Arrived feb 22 — Stmr Governor,
hence r>h 20.
Snlled Feb 22— Stmr Nebraskan. for San Fran
cisco. Feb 23 — Stmr Governor, for San Fran
SOUTH BEND— Arrived Feb 23— Rtmr May
fair, heuce Feb 20; stmr Jim Butler, hence
GREENWOOD— Arrived Feb 23— Stmr Whltes
boro. heuce Feh 22.
FORT BRAGG— Arrived Feb 23 — Stmr James
S. Hlgglns, oencc Feb 22.
Sailed Feb 23— Stmr National City, for San
Francisco. •
SEATTLE— Arrived Feb 23-iStmr Buckman,
honop Feb 20.
Sailed Fob IT, — Stmr Queen, for San Fran
cisco. [
SANTA BAP.BARA— SaiIed Feb 23— Stmr Cocs
Bay. for San Francisco.
SKAGWAY — Arrived Feb 22— Stmr. Humboldt,
from Seattle.
Sailed Feb 22— Stmr Humboldt. for Seattle.
CORDOVA— Arrived Feb 21— Stmr Portland,
from Valdez.
Arrived Feb 23 — Stmr Victoria, from Seattle.
KETCIIIKAX— Arrived Feb 23 — Stmr Jeffer
son, from Seattle.
KETCIIIKAX— Arrived Feb 21— Stmr Cottage
City, from Skagway. ' ' .
SAN PEDRO— Arrived Feb 22— Stmr Temple
E. Dorr, from Eureka : stmr L«cy Neff, hence
Feb 20. Feb 23 — Stmr - Bowdoln, from Astoria;
stmr Grays Harbor, from Grays Harbor; bktn
Beniela. from Rellingham; stmr Governor, from
San Diego: stmr Lakme,' from Eureka. \u25a0 . :
Sailed Feb 22— Stmr G. .W. Elder, for San
Francisco. Feb 23— -Stmr Governor, for San
Fraacisco; stmr Washtenaw, for San Francisco.
Arrived Feb 23 — Stmr Aurelia. from Eureka;
stmr Admiral Sampson, hence Feb 21; Btmr Tarn
alpals. from Grays Harbor; stmr Vanguard,
from Eureka. '
Sailed Fob 23 — Stmr Admiral Sampson, for
Sau Francisco; stmr Nome City, for Astoria;
stmr Aurelia, for Redondo beach.
UEDONDO BEACH— Sailed Feb 23— Stmr
George I/oomls. for San Francisco.
SANTA BARBARA— SaiIed Feb 23— Stmr Cooa
Bay. for San Francisco. . *
ST. • HELENS— SaiIed Feb 22— Stmr Klamath,
for San l'edro.
NEW . YORK— Arrived Feb 20— Stmr Ha
waiian, from Philadelphia.
#i^v Steamers leave from
>^^Ji £ -^Q^k Rroadway Wharves (Piers
yMp/r^^N&A- 9 and 11). Low rates, mi-
i / \i^ffsl'il eluding l>*-rtU anil ineal^.
Governor .....Jlur. 7, 22, 2 p. m.
Pre5ident........... ...Mar. 29, 2 p. m.
Queen .Feb. 27, Mar. " 14, 2 p. m.
•Santa Hosa..fFcb. 24, Mar. 3, 11, 18, 26," 11 a. m.
fLeave Stcuart Street Wharf. H
•Only steamer calling at Santa Barbara.
Connecting at Seattle for ; Southeastern Alaska,
Stagway, Dawson, Fairbanks.
Governor.. ..Feb. 23. Mar. -12, 27, 4 p.m.
President .....*. .Mar. 19, 4 p. m.
Queen.. Mar. 4, 4 p. m.
City of "Puebla. '.Feb. 2S. Mar. 15, SO, 11 a. m.
Umatllla.... •\u25a0 .Mar. 8, 23, 11 a. in.
Topcka. Feb. "JO; Mar. ", S, 13. IS, 23, 2S. 10 a. m.
Senator, Mar. 7, nocn. liound' trip excursion,
21:<1hj-s, lnctudinjt Berth and Meals, $75.
ALASKA. CRUISES, 1910-7-Leave Seattle
Spokane.June 14, 28; July 12 ( 20; Aue. 9. 10 p. m.
Queen. '.'?.. ....'.'. ..'... ...\July 12, 26, 8 p. m.
Right reserved to change this schedule.
TICKET OFFICES— (PaIace .Hotel) j 653 Market
: st.; 3 Market st. and Broadway wharf. ,
Telephone Kearny 492. "
OAKLAND— II2O Broadway. Tel. Oakland 5650.
C. D. "DUNANN, General Passenger Agent. jj|
Tehuantepec Route
AND HAWAIIAN ISLANDS, sailings from New
York, every ;sjx days, : making direct connection
with- Pacific steamers sailing from .Salina Cruz,
Mexfco. every fix days for San. Francisco. -
Also to Mexican and all principal European ports
under through rate - and through b»ls of lading.
Sailings from San Francisco every 12 days.
28 days, and rla Puftet Sound every 12 days.
'.'--\u25a0. For rates and . further particulars 'apply tt»
DEARBORN & LAPHAM, General Agent*. - 8
Bridge st..' .New.; York: WILLIAMS, DIMOND &\u25a0
CO.;-General Agents, -Pacific Coast.- C
• 310 Sansome st.; San Francisco. '
s S : Tenyo • Maru . ... . .Tuesday, ; March ' 15, 1910
S*'S ' Nippon ; Mara.. ".;.*. Tuesday, April 5,*19i0
s" : S. Cblyo Maru... ......Tuesday. May 5. 1910
- ' steamer* * sail from company's plera. Nog. 42,
44 near foot >of Second > st., at 1 p. m., for
Yokohama and : Hongkong, calling -at Honolulu,
Kobe (Hlogo), and. Nagasaki and Shanghai, and
connecting at Hongkong -with steamers for Ma-
nila \u25a0 India," etc: No ; cargo received s on ' board on
day : of . sailing. Round k trip • tickets at reduced
' For , freight and passage apply 'at of flee. 240
James Flood • building. -~- \u25a0..: W. H. AVERT,
\u25a0 • .- \u25a0 v ... Assistant General ; Manager.
UAiIAI ll] II S. S. Alameda sails at 11 a.
nilftlll ULU "»., March 5. 1910. Special
I "."'1" TT u L V rouudvtrip, ' $110 0 1st , class.
Marlposa ; sails •11 -\u25a0 a. \u25a0; n»:. - Mar; 10. i; Special <
i round trlp, r Tahiti.* $125 >flr8t class.- '
OCEANIC S. ; S.*; CO., 673 Mk t. ? , T. Kmy 1231 -
HON'OUTLU— Arrived Feb 23— Stmr Hilonlao.
from Seattle. \u25a0 .
Sailed Feb 25— Strar Alatneda, for San Fran
cisco.' - • \u25a0
I'assed ' Ke b 23— Br stmr -Hazel Dollar, from
Mororan. f«c San Francisco: all well.
YOKOHAMA— Arrived prior Feb 22— Jap stmr
Taroma Mara, from Seattle.
VICTORIA— SaiIed Feb 23— Br stmr Antilo
chus.-for Yokohama; Nor itmr Tbor, for San
FrancUco. .
KOBE — Arrived Feb 22— Br stmr King Chow.
from \u25a0 Yokohama. - " \u0084 :
-'MONTEVIDEO— baiIed Feb 20— Ger stmr
Ramses; for Hamburg.
SANTA -ROSALIA— SaiIed Jan 21*— Br bark
Clan, flraham. for Newcastle. Australia.
MARSEILLES— SaiIed Feh I— Nor stmr Sark.
for Norfolk and " San Francisco.
SAUNA CHlTZ— Arrived Jan 25— Nor stnar
Transit, from Champerico.
. HULL— Sailed Jan s— Br stmr lU-maa. for
Vancouver, ;B.' C.
ST. JOHN— Arrived Feb 23 — Stmr Montcalm.
from Bristol.
SOUTHAMPTON— SaiIed Feb 23— Stmr Adri
atic, for New York: stmr; Kaiser Wtlbelm der
Grosse.for New York.
MONTEVIDEO— SaiIed - Feb 20— Stmr Barne
ses, from San Francisco, for Hamburg.
LI VEBPOOL— Arrived Feb 23 — Stmr Campa
nia, from New York.
KOBE— Arrived Feb \u25a0 23— Stmr Nlnjt Chow,
from Tacoma. via Yokohamat for Liverpool.
YOKOHAMA— Arrived previous Feb 22— Stmr
China, from San Francisco, via Honolulu, for
Hongkong: stmr Taconaa -Mara, from Tacoma.
NEW YOBK— Sailed Feb 23— Stmr Vmbria,
for Liverpool.
CHERBOURO— SaiIed Feh 23 — Stmr Kaiser
WUhelm der Grosse. for Ne-w York.
LONDON. Feb 20 — Ger ship Freida. which
arrived at Ipswlrh on Feb 1 from Oregon, had
heavy weather on voyage: lost boats, skids, top
gallant sail, and received other damage about
deck. .
LONDON. Feb 23— rBr stmr Cyclops, previously
reported ashore near Jiddah. has been floated.
Additional Shipping XeTM on Page 0
Leave- ~ (Foot of Market Street) Arrive
2.15 a, Niles. Livennore, Tracy. Lathrop.
Stockton, Lodi, Sacramento 10.38?
6.40 a Hayward. Niles fan Jo«e 7XBa
7.00* Richmond, Port Costa, Benicia, Suisun,
Dixon, Sacramento, Roseville, Marys-
ville, Redding. Dunianutr 7.23?
7.00t Hmira, Vieavilie, Hum6ey. 7^B»
7 Ma. Davis, Woodland (Marycvflle. Oro-
viUe), WiUhaii. JlaxweU. WiUots.
Hamflton, Coraiajt. Red Bluff 7.23p
7.00 a Newark, San Joee, Log Gstos, Wright,
Fdton (Boulder Creek). Santa Cms.. 9.58»
7.40 a Valiejo, Napa, Calutoga, Eanta Rosa,
Martinei. San Racson .' 6.OCp
7.40 a Niles, Pleaanton, Lhrmnore, Alta-
mont, Lathrop, Stoekwn 7.28»
7.40 a Traej'. Los Banns. Kerman. Fresno.
H*nford. Visalia i... 4.28p
8.20 a Fort Costs, Martinet, Byron. Tr»T. j
Stockton, Merced. Fresno, Goshca
Junction (Hanford, Armoca), Visalia,
' Porterville, Bakersnrfd *.48s
8.205. Yosemite Valley via Merced 7.48p
9.00* Niles, Livennore, Stockton (*M3ton),
Valley Spring, lone, Sacramento. 4.28?
9.00t Soaora. Tuolumne and Angds 4.28b
9.00 a Atlantic Express— Sacramento. Truc-
kee. Ogden. Salt Lake City. Denver,
Kansas City, Omaha. Chicago 8.28 a
9.40 a Richmond. Port Costa, Martinei,
Bay Point 8.48»
10.20 a Vailejo Mare Island. Napa 1 1 .28 a
10.20 a Los Angeles Passenger— Port Costa,
Martinex. Byron, Tracy, Stockton.
Merced, Fresno, Hanford, Visalia,
Bakersfield, Los Angdes 7.48p
10.40 a San Francisco Overland Limited-
Denver. Kansas City, St. Loui?,
Omaha, Chicago 7.28p
1 1 .20 a Shasta Limited— Portland. Ticoai,
Seattle 9.18p
12.00n Goldfidd Pass.— Port Costa. Benicia.
Sacramento, Truckte, Hasen, Misa.
Tonopah, Goldseld. Laws. Keder 7.43 a
1 2.00n Marj-svUle. Chico, Red BluU 4.28 a
1 .20? Niles, Irvington, San Jose 2.48?
1 . 40 p San Leandro. Niles. Centervflle. f 9.08 a
Newark, San Jose \ 7.28t
1.40p Newark, San Jose. Los Gates, Wright,
Fdton (Boulder Creek), Santa Crui. . 9.58p
2.40p San Leandro, Niles. San Jose 9.28 a
3.00p Benicia, Winters, Sacramento — Wood-
land, Jlarvrville, Oroville — Yolo,
Arbuckle, Williams. Willows . . : 1 0.48 a
3.00? Via Sausalito, West Napa, St. Hdess.
Calistoga : 1 0.37 a
3.20? Port Costs (Stockton), Martinex,/ 12.08?
' Byron, Modesto. Merced. Fresno. . \ 10.33?
4.00b Valiejo, Naps, Calistoga. Santa. Rosa,
Martinez. San Ramon, Dougherty,
Livennore 9.28 a
4.00p NQes (Centexville), Tracy, Stockton/ 10.28 a
Lodi I 10.38p
4.40p Ban Leandro, Hayward, Niles, Pleas-
snton, Ljvermorr, Tracy, Newman,
Kerman, Fresno 8.28 a
B.OOp Richmond, Pinole. Vailejo, Port
Costa, Beoiria, Suisun, Sacramento
— Roseville, Maryrville, Oroviile II .28a
5XOp Russell. San Jose, Los Gatos | j-||*
8.20p San Leandro, Niles, San Jose. 7.43 a
6.00? Owl Limited— Los Angrle? BCBa
6.40p Eastern Express— Ogden. Pueblo, Den-
ver, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chieazo. .
Port Costa, Benicia, Sacramento,
Reno, Sparks '.*... 8.28?
6.40p Haywsrd. Niles and San Jose 6.48p
J7.00p Valiejo, Port Costa. Martinex, Bay
Point and Way Stations JII.IBp
7.40p Richmond. Port Costa, Byron, Tracy,
Lathrop, Stockton 12.43p
8.20? Qreipn Express^ — Davis, (Sacramento), !
Willows, Redding (Klamath Falls),
Ashland, Portland. Tacoma, Seattle,
. Spokane . 9.28 a
B.oop China and Japan Fast Mail— Ogden,
Cheyenne. Denver, Kansas City,
Omaha, Chicago 2.48p
9.00? Port Costa, Benicia, Sacramento, Col-
fax. Truckee, Reno. Sparks 1 0.08*
I I.OOp Niles, Plcaunton, Livermorc. Lathrop, i
Modesto, Merced, Fresno 1 0.38p
I I.OOp Fresno. Selma, Goshen June, Hjcfori,
Armona. Lemoore, Coalings 8.28 a
11.40p Portland Esprers— Facramento, Marjs-
ville. Red Bluff, Weed, Ashland. Rose-
bnrg, Portland. Taroma. Seattle 12.28?
NETHERLANDS ROUTE— From Pacific Stmt Wharf.
r f I.OOp Sacramento River Steamers. 1 1 1 -30 p
iStmr. Apache, Mon., Wed., Fri.
Stmr. Navajo. Tnes.. Thnrs.. Sat. •
Market Street Wharf— Week Days— Hourly from 6.C0
a.m. to 9.00 p.m. Sundays— 6.4s, 8.15, 9.45. 11.15
s.m., 12.43, 2.13. 3.45. .115. f1.45. 8.15 and 9.45 p.m.
To Oakland and Alameda— l6. 1 .0, t5.45 a.m., and tVn
10 and 45 minutes past the hour until 7.45 pjn.; thrn
8.30, 9.15. 10.0 a 10.45. 11.30 p.m. and 1115 a.m.
To Alamtja and Frultvale via Hormhog mm as above.
a for Morning. p for Afternoon. |
. ' t Sunday excepted. * Sunday only. ; |
I STBg\ A. T. & S. F. Ry.
/jJraL A Trains Leave
gH^Pm San Francisco
WIM ~J aiarket Street
Kerry Uepot
l*as* For— 1A.M.1 P.M.
FrcsnS i ..... 7=15 4:00- 8:00-10.-00
Grand Canyon.. 7:15 8:10-10.00
Hanford .... 7:15 .. ..-10:00
Kansas CiVy 7:15 8:00-10:00
M«ccd :....-. 7:15 4:00- 8:00-10-00
•Stockton' 7:15 4:00- 8:00-10:00
Stockton, OakdaleJ
& Sierra Rail-
way Points.. .. 9:43 ;.. :
Tulare ......... 7:15 8:00-10:00
Visalia .: 7:15 8:00-10:00
Yosemite . ..|7:15
•Stoctton Local leaves 1:25 p. m. ' . ;
California Limited through to Chicago leave*
at 10:(XT p. m. Offices— «JT3 Market street aad
Market street Ferry Depot.. Saa Francisco; 1112
Broadway. Oakland. . • :
. F. S. Stratton. ; Receiver.
Lv. S.F. dally— t6:ooa. M:Mp. "Ar. S. F.
dally-it3:lsp. -'SrSSa. •
: *Arleta. tTnnltas Glen; stage for fcao Gre-
irorla and Pescadero.
\u25a0Valiejo, Napa, St. Helena
" Modticello'S."S.~Co.' I ' and Napa. Valley ' Electric
B. ; B. Co. . Close , connections. - - .
, : Boats ''\u25a0 leave Kan Francisco 7:00,'. *9:43 a. m.,
12:30 noon, 3:15/ 6:00, *S:3O p* m. ' • -
• : San Francisco \u25a0 landing - and • office. Clay . street
wharf,' north^end ferry. bnlWingr. '; Market street
ferry.^Meals'a'la.carte. Phones Kearny 4w> or
•Lands nary , yard . direct. PSSSI
t i v iFRED B. CHASE S CO."S
A Third Annual Sale
"The Greatest Collection Ever Offersd" will
take place at
THURSDAY. .MARCH 3. 1910, Commenc-
' las; at 0:43 a. m. Sharp.
Second day FRIDAY. MARCH 4. 1310. at 12
m.. 100 head draft, express and business horses.
Send for catalogue. \u25a0
478 Valencia St.. San Francisco.
to? Jfe - Jfe!
THCBSDAT. Feb. 24. at 205-209 Valencia »t-.
11 a. m., I will §ell ar auction 50 head of heavy
work and driving horses. A large consignment oC
wagons, bnggiea and names*. Also chain har-
ness. Outside stock sold on com. Park 2T23.
WM. CLOCGH. Auctioneer.
SATURDAY, February 26. 11 a. ra.. S3 bead
of horses, mares and males; a!« wagons, buc-
gies and harnews. No reserve, .".us 4tlt »t.. Oak-
land. ' J. W. MEDEIROS. Anctloneer.
I/cave (Third and Towi*end Streetj) Arrive
|5.25 a Locp — 23d street, Vbitacioo, South
Saa Francisco, Valencia Street t«-35«
15.35* Loop^ — Valencia Street, Ocean View.
\u25a0• Cemeteries, South San Francisco.
23d Stre«, 3rd and Townsend t*-*3«
6.20 a South San Francisco. San Jose. Guroy.
(Hofliiter). Sargent, Pajaro, Wataon-
viHe, Santa Crux 7JO>
7.00 a South San Francisco, Palo Alto, Sss \u25a0
Jose. Way Stations 7.35 i
7.00 a Mayfidd. Lo» Alto^ Los Gatos t7-20p
B.ooa Ehore Line Limited— Paso Robles Hot
Springs, Santa Barbara, Les Angles. &30p
8.05 a Tbe Coaster— San Jose. Paiaro (Wat-
aonville, Santa Crui). Castrov3l?.
(Dei Monte. Monterey. Pacific Grove).
Siilbas, Soledad, Paso Robles Hot
Springs. San " Luis Oblrpo, Surf,
(Lompoe\ Santa Barbara, Veatcrs.
Oxnard, Los Angeles 11.43p
8.231 Msyfidd. Los Altos. Les Gates. Wright.
.- t Glenwood( Boulder Creek), Santa Cms.
\u25a0Watsonvilla, Castroville, DeJ Moate,
• Monterev, Pacific Grove 9.C0?
9DOa San Jose. Gilroy, Salinas, Paso Robles
Hot Springs, Iran Lnis Obifpo — Tres
risos — Wataonville. Santa Crui. Del
Monte. Monterev. PaeiSc Grove 4.00»
10.40 a South San Francisco, BuHingacsf. «m
Mateo, Palo Alto, San' Jose 6.30*
1 0.40 a Los Altos. Monta Vuta. Los Gatos. . { J
11.30 a Valrads Street. Ocesa View. Cobia.
Cemeteries. Baden. Saa Brnno l^3>
1 1 .40 a Sooth San Francisco, Saa Jos* t8.20a
. 2.00? 'Del Monte Express— Saa Jose, Gilroy.
Pargent (Watsonvflle, Santa Crui),
Del Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grove. 1230?
2.05s South Saa Fraacisco, Palo Alto, Saa
Jose 8.40.
+2 05? Los Altos. Monta Vista, Los Gatos. . . 13.20b
3.00? South Saa Francisco. Saa Mateo, Saa
Jose. Gilroy. Tres Pinos. Salinas 10.10 a
3.00? Watsonvflle. Santa Cms,. Castroville.
Del Monte, Monterey. Pacific Grove. lOXSa
3.40? Santa dan, San Jose. Los Gatos.
Wr;;ht (Boulder Creek). Santa Crua,
Watsoaville. Pajaro 10.03 a
4.00p Smset Express — Tucson. Demisg.
•FJ Paso. Houston. New Orleans,
Paso Robles Eot Springs. Saa Luis
Obispo. Saata Barbara, Los Angdei. 11.40t
4.00p Kansas Oty, St Louis, Chicago 1 1.40 m
4.20p SowhSaa Fran cisco, Saa Jot* t9CO«
t5.00» Boriingame, San Mateo. Palo Alto.
Saa Jon and Way Stations 9.40»
f5.05p Loop— 23d Street. Visitation. Bouth
San Francisco. Valencia Street 16. 13?
fs^op Redwood. Palo Alto. Saa Joae. 1-10?
|5.20« Los Altos. Monta Vista. Los Gatos. . . t3.20»
13.25? Burlismne. Saa Mateo. Saa Jose, }3J20»
13.30? Loop— Valencia Streetj Oceaa View,
Cemeteries, South Saa Francisco,
23d Street, M and Townsend tB-*O"
5.40? San Bruno, Saa Mateo, Redwood, Palo
Alto. Santa Clan. Saa Jom 7.40 a
15.40p Los Altos, Monta Vista. Los Gatos. . . ?9.4Ca
te.OOp Millbrif. Saa Mateo. Palo Alto. May-
field. Los Altos. Los Gatos tB.COa
t6.05? 23d Street. Visiucion. South Saa
Francisco. Valencia Street t7. 15p
16.25? Loop — Valencia Street, Ocean Vi»w,
Cemeteries, South San Fnaedseo.
23d Street. 3d and Townsend t7.<09
8.30? South San Francisco, San Jo«e 5.40? • *
8.00 » Loa Anjcriea Passenger \u25a0 GJroyAlinay.
Paso Robles Hot SprinirvSan Luis
Obispo, Pixmo, Santa Barbara, Los
Ac itlt $ 8.30 a
ll.4spSouth Saa Francisco. Palo Alto./ 7JZQP
SaaJose. \ 7.30>
To Oakland. Bwkslty. Bcrnrman. East Oakland and
Frultval* — Dafl.v — From 6.00 xm.. and every twenty
-minutes until 7.00 p.a. ineiusive: thea 7.40. 5.C0,
9.00, 9.40. 10.20. 11.00 aad 11.40 pja.. 12.20 and
L2O aja. .
To Sather and Mtlrots vfa Savsnth St— Dafly— From
6.00 a.n., and every twenty minates until 7.00 pan.
inclusive, then 11.40 pjn. .
To Stonshurst— Daily— 6.oo, 7.00, 8.00. 9.00 aja., 2.20.
3.00, 4.00, 5.00. 5.40 p.m.
Ts Oakland Firtt St.. Frultvals. Alamsda. via Hartstho*
—Daily— From- T&00. 6.20 ajn. aad every twenty
minutes until 8.20 ajn. inclusive; then 9.00. 9.50.
10.00. 10.20. 11.00, 11.20 aja.. 12 m.. 1Z20.1.00, 1.20.
2.00. 2.20. 3.00, 3.20, J3.40 pjn. and every twenty
minutes untiL7 p.m. ineiusive; 7.40. 8.30. 9.00. 9.40.
10.20. lLOO^and 11.40 p.m.. IZ2O and L2O aja.
Additional train to Oakland First et. 2.15 aja.
To West Berkeley — Ds2y — From 6.00 ajn. aad eTery
twenty minutes until 8.20 a.m. iadusive; then 9.00 a.m.
. and every hour until 4.00 p.m. iadusive; then 4.20 p.m.
and every twenty inmates until 7.00 p.m. indusive:
then 7.40. 5.20, 9.00, 9.40. 10.20. 11.00. 1L40 pjn. aad
12.20 a.m.
To Corbln— Da3y— From 6.00 a.o. aad every 20 minutes •
until 8.20 a.m., then 9.00. 10.00 a.m.. 12.00 m.. 1.00.
2.00. 3.00. 4.00. 4.20. 4. H). 5.00. 5.20. 5.40 and H.OO p.m.
Union Transfer Co. authorized to check Baggage*
direct from resideace.
$3l&j t . Schedule Effective
rSfcO November 15, 1909
Saa FrancHco
7:40 a Petaluma. Santa Eosa. HeaKU-
burs. Clovertiale. Uiiah. WlUlts.
Sherwood. SeDastopol. •Gnerne-
Tllle. 'Mt. Rio. »Donean Mills.. «:17p>
8:20 a «Pt. Reye». *Mt. Bio, *Cazadero.. t«:37p
8:20 a ••Sonoma, ••Glen EUea ts:37p>
J»:OOa Petaluma. Santa Rosa, Clorerdale t":37a
ll:ooa;Petalman. Santa Roea 4:17p
3:00p Petaluma. Santa Rosa. Healdstarz,
J Cloverdale, Ukiab, 'GnerneTiUe.
I Mt. Bio. Duncan Mills, Sebas*
topol 10:37*.
;4:oop;Pt. Reyes. Occidental .
4:4flp'Sonoma. Glen Ellen 9:lTa
s:liop|Pet»lnma. Santa Rosa 8:37 a
. Sausalito, Mill Valley. Saa Kafae.l— Daily
•very 40 minntes from 7:0O a. m. until 9:00 a.
m. : then hourly until 4:0O p. m.; then every 4<f
minates until 6:40 p.m.; then 8:00 and 10:00
p. m. and 12:01 a. m.
Fairfax — Leave San-Ftanclsco tT:OQ. 7:40. 8:20.
9:0 O. 10:00. ll:0O a. m.. tl2:00 noon. $1:00.
2:t*>. 4:00. 4:40. 5:20 and 8:00 p. ra.
Saa Quentin via Saa Rafael — Leave 0:00 a, m.
and 2:00 p. tn.^s^g^ggmmtSm%
Tiburon and Belvedar*— |7:O"t, |?:40. 10:1.1
a. m. (|12:0O noon, except Saturday*.
|4:00, |5:20. 7:15 p. m. Sundays, §7:00, |7:4<>,
10:15 a. ra., 12:30, 14:80. 1,5:20, 7:13 p. ra..
112:01 a. m.
•Sunday arrive 7:37 p. m. ••Sunday arrive
8:57 p. ra. tE.xc-pc Sunday. iSonday only.
.'Saturday only. |Vla Sausallto.
Pacific Traasfer Company's asents are author-
Ized to check baggage direct from realdence..
foot or makkit (tuit . .
* ii.\m fracba UIMr Wirti 1 t»- TawJatta - '
We«kd*r Su»J«f W«kd«y JaaJ»r_ WeduUy Uoixr
~TolOoi~sloOl t7:35a 12:03» W|*^l2 : <|*
2:00» 10:00 a l:50» £00» j:45» tj:s|a
•4 :4Qp 11:00 a 02:S5p 3:03? 4:25> t:4sa
.•..?.: 1:00P -4:30. J:2S? •S'.IS. 2:52»
:::::-: 2:00. ...... 5:i«» ...... \\\*
\u25a0 .:... 3:00* .....\u25a0' ...;.. .'..:.. S:33>
•Sat. only, iilon. only. eTamalpaia only. ; IJimr oafcr
Ticket Offices— Sansalito Ferry and »• 4 Xarket
- - G«nenl Office— Mill Vafley. CallforaU _
art aiwut uta (ar iu«tt>

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