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Fire Underwriters May Voluntarily Reduce Their Rates
Property Owners Learn From
Reliable Sources That Pre=
miums Will Be Lowered
Ther* would seem to be an excel
lent chance that fire Insurance com
panies included in the Pacific board of
fire underwriters will voluntarily re
duce insurance rates in the next few
months in the residential portions of
the city. Such a move is under dis
cusfion. The matter has been talked^
nver and on excellent authority it is
paid there is a peneral consensus of
opinion among the underwriters that i
the rates in the Richmond district espe- !
dally and in some other parts of the
city are too high under the present
Owners of properties upon which the
risks run o-jt early this year have
been advised in some instances by those
who know what is going on that the
rates probably will be reduced.
The extent of the probable reduction
is not made public. The purpose of the
board companies may be to prevent the
transfer of risks to nonboard com- i
panics. Thousands of property owners j
are interested in this information.
Rents have fallen, but insurance keeps
up, and this is a material considera
tion when buildinp is suegested a nd the
net profits are figrureJ out before a
decision to build can be reached.
Business houses in the district west
nf Van Ness avenue are alsa greatly
interested in common with the business
houses in the downtown districts. Cer
tain businessman have combined to
take up the insurance mattf-r with the
underwriters. An oldtime business
house in Fillmore street is about to
retire from business because the in
surance runs up to several hundreds of
•JoUarfi a month and the field of trade
has been curtailed by the houses doing
* similar business in the newer parts of
riHmore street south of Sutter. The
owners of property that has been rent
ed for store use, in view of quite a
latgre number of vacant stores from
which tenants have moved out, are
vitally con<<>ined in the fire insurance
rates. Several organizations of fire in
tursne ra^e payers have formed com
mittees to J take the matter up. They
may act in unity later.
The city is continually strengthening
its line of defence against fire and the
< ictrrns, the Twin peaks and other res
ervoirs for distribution of water, the
new tireboats and the arrangements
that have been made for pumping sta
tions constitute provisions that have a
decided bearing on actual risks from
f Additional fire alarm boxes are be
ing installed. I'eqm-sts have been maJe
for boxes at Cortland avenue and Mis
rion street; at Cortland avenue and
MouHrie street: a.t Mission and Norton
Mrefts. and at Persia avenue and Ath
ens street. Th«- Jire commissioners
have iisked the board of public works
:r. pave the center of Devisadero street
between Waller and Lloyd and Broder
ick street between Sacramento and
Y:*asliSngton with basalt blocks to en
::b]e the tire department horses to
travel up the grades.
The progress of the buildings con
nected TtriUuAhe fire department is con
stant. The corporation yard at lrran
ri*co and Stockton streets is practically
linished. *\ contract will' be awarded
soon for the corporation yards stables.
The new" engine house, No. 41, at Leav
f-nwortli and Clay streets has been
completed and was occupied early this
month. Excavating has been completed
for the new fire truck house ' in Dan
can street near Church. The founda
tion and retaining wails have been
completed and the brickwork is also
finished and repairs to the old build
ing have been . practically completed.!
Kattery station at Seventeenth street.
No. 4, Us ready to use. Chemical engine,
house No. i'l. at Forty-fifth avenue and
] street is partly constructed. The ex
cavation has been completed and the
material has been hauled to the site.
\u2666 'ontracts have been completed for
t!i«? construction of fire' cisterns
xt Battery and Bush, at Mission and
Mission, in Market street oppo
site Van Ness avenue, at Twentieth j
and Connecticut. Townsend and Kijrhth, I
Fifteenth and Kansas, Pre.cita avenue
and Alabama. W-ebster 'and Vallejo.
I^aguna, and Fulton, Buchanan and
California. Greenwich and Webster.
Scott and BroaJway, Mariposa and Mis- j
souri, Twenty-second and York.
Twenty-third and Kansas, Twenty-fifth
a'ld San Bruno avenue. Twenty-sixth
and Bryant, Army and Holladay"ave
i:ue, Twentjvsecond and Pennsylvania
& venue. V'
Contracts are in preparation for the
construction of a flreboat station for
the delivery of 20.000 feet <*£ hose,
for a pumping station at the foot of
Van Ness avenue, for the construction!
of the Ashbury street distributing- res
ervoir nnd also the distributing reser
voir in Clay street, for the construction
of fresh water pumping station, for
telephone,' auxiliary fire alarm and po
lice systems, for hauling pipe and spe
cials, and setting valves and hydrants,
in the distributing system, etc. .
Contracts have been awarded . for |
great quantities of pipe, valves and I
cast steel specials, for the construction j
of a pumping station at Second atirt j
Townsend streets, for the construction j
of the great reservoir on Twin peaks j
and for many other accessories. The |
entire array of new protections that j
the. city 'plans to afford is formidable. j
Railroad Extension Brings 1 Fac
tories and New Homes
Many things are happening to sub
stantiate the rumors of the improve
ments in and around Redwood City.
These ar«* In the line of electric rail
ways, spur tracks of the Southe'rh Pa
cific, manufacturers locating in the
town and many homes now being
planned and contracts let for" building
u*s -«oon as the weather permits, also
miany municipal improvements.
There are a number of influential
manufacturers locating, at Redwood
who are awaiting: Che building of \u25a0 a
epur track from the junction of the
main line of the Southern Pacific, and
the Dumbarton cutoff v to ~ the. factory
sites on the bay side of tbe town. The
peninsula electric line will also be
built Foon..
v'R'W. Magruder, 2332 Mission street.
•who deals exclusively in Redwood City
real estate. Is of the opinion that the
coming summer will . see the. advance
of Redwood real estate, values' and re
ports.that business has already shown
a marked* improvement, as the firm has
sold • a'- number - of, both" Improved and
unimproved properties during the
r.ion Hi «f February. .
TO COST $45,000
Plans Made for Erection of Big
Structure at Fourth and
Howard Streets
A six story and basement brick hotel
building will be erected in the west
line of Fourth street. 92 feet north -of
Howard. This will contain 90 rooms,
with all modern improvements and con
veniences. The first floor will contain
three stores. The. ground space of 45x
85 feet will be entirely occupied. The
exterior of the hotel will be a cream
colored pressed brick with v^-hite trim
mings. The architect is N. W. Sexton.
The cost is approximately $45,000.
Thomas Magee & Sons have leased the
property for the Dimond estate com
pany for a term of years for a gross
rental of $54,000.
Two buildings, on plans by Herman
Barth, architect, will be constructed at
the northwest corner of Hyde and Clay
streets. Each will contain six fiats of
four rooms each. The cost of the two
will be about $35,000. The plans are so
arranged that every room will get the
sunshine from the south practically all
day long. The interior finish will be
elegant. Hardwoods will be extensively
employed. The exterior will be in the
mission style, with a base of red pressed
brick." The remainder of the exterior
will be of cement plaster. The roof will
be thatched with mission tiles. The
owner is the "Herman investment com
pany. The lot to be covered has 34:4 1 / £ x
137:6 feet. A covered entrance and mar
ble vestibule are included in the con
A three story and basement building,
to contain live flats and a store, will be
erected at the southwest corner of Cali
fornia and L.eavenworth streets. The
plans, by Charles M. and Arthur Rous
seau, providefor covering- a lot 40x57:6
feet in size. The lot belongs to Arthur
F. Rousseau. The flats will be handU
some. All the living rooms will be pan
eled and tapestried. Each bedroom will
have an open fireplace.
Sol Getz & Sons Prepare for
Brisk Business
Anticipating a brisk trade in homes
near Golden Gate* park this spring So!
Getz &. Sons, in addition to grading
their blocks in the Sunset ; and Ocean
side district, have let the contracts to
sewer, grade and bituminize several
streets surrounding their properties,
thereby relieving purchasers of lots
from the difficulties attending such
matters in new districts and saving
them time and money.
The linn reports the following sales:
I»t in oast Hue «f Ninth avenue. 102 fret
south of M street, 2." x 120. Sunset district, to
Robert A. • PrtUwrty.
Lot 25x1 <K», iv vvext HriC of Ninth avfiiue, ~<o
fp«»t uortli of J street,' .Suusrt district, ;to
Moris AM.
ijot 2."»x12."i. in t-r>nUi liii«> of LoboK strwt, 273
foft oust <«f Capitol Hvpiiiic. hi Carl I*, nnd
J. C.: Mciipi-s. Oreau View district.
I,ot 100xl2u. in wi-st line of Twent.r-w>eoinl
«v<-nur. ISO feet north of X ptreft. Sunset •dis
trict. t« BlanrJiard, Brown & <'<>. •
•Lot 50x120. in weft lim- of Tiilrty-fct-Tenth
aveuijp. '.',T,if fvrt north of Fulton" street, Klch
mond hrijrlits. to John F. Barrett. !
I»t S2:«il00. at northeaFt comer of Twenty
thlnl arenne »u«l X street. Suuset district, to
Benjamin A. Ourtaz.
I»t 25x120. in west " line of T>-f-ntj--FWond
arenu<>. 2."0 feet, s-mttli of J street, Sunset dis
trict, to .fjimes J. McOrory.
f.of .V»xT2ft, in east llai> of Korty-nlntli avenue
liiphway*. S7:<! fret south of 1. ctreet.
«i<-rMnr«ide district, to Ernjamlii A. and Alice May
Lot 2">xl00. in north lin<» <if j street. .12:« fret
ea*t "f Twelfth avenue, with Improvements. Siin
sot diMrlot. to A. A. and t\ F. Herrwliaft. •\u25a0\u25a0;.\u25a0
l^ot 25x120. in wp*t Hto of Forty-fourth avo-"
ntie. 22r> feet north of I street. Ocancide dis
trict, to Ernest K. Worm*>ll. .-
Ijot £ixl<Kt. in southeast line of Athens street.
2i)o feet nurtbeaft of China avenue, with Im
provements, l'xeelslor homestead, to Louis Kuhl
lii ami. ; \u25a0
lx>t 75x120, Jn west line of Twenty-wcftnd ave
nue.. 250 feet north of X street, Saust't district,
to C. D: Urucker. «' \u25a0
Lot 25x120. In west line of Forty-sixth ave
nue. 225 feet north of L *tre»'t, with linprove
uients, «>eennside district, to J. S. llelt.\gfß*SS
Lot .VixltXi. In Koutli line of II street.^£2:o
feet ea«t of F<jrty-Beventh avenue, Oceanslde dls
trirt. t« It. 11. Moore.'
Lot 30xUK».~ln west line of Erlcht street. 213
feet miuili < f <;.-irii*-H, City Land aßsoclatiou, to
George Tlilstleton. - \u25a0/, . \u25a0 . ; . \u25a0;
The Urban realty company, of; which
Joseph A. 'Leonard is, manager, : has se
cured an; option from Thomas ;H. Wil
lianiß for $400,000 on. the Ingleside race
track,, which embraces f 148 acres. .
The lots will have ; frontages varj-ing
from ;3s;to" 100 feet.^gi^pj
Announcement is made that if is the
purpose of this company "to ' make \u25a0 an
vp ;to date" suburban home ' park; of ; the
tract.- It.will be: laid: out- In. large lots,
streets':bitumenized;and .water, sewer,
gas; and "electric -lights throughout J , the
«'ntire property. No '\u25a0' expense s will jbe
spared 1 in .imprpvirig ? and 'building" up
the- tract .with - suburban /honu-s so \u25a0as
to make it. anV ldeal: residence' park. :s: s
Create Good Basis for Values
and Prove Great Stimulant
to the Market
During the last year developments
in the real estate market have led me
to think that the time was ripe to take
up the old time auction . sales which
were such an important factor in realty,
circles for many years.
Since our changed conditions, which
arose in 1906, values have been chaotic
and with the radical changes in busi
ness centers to temporary locations
and then the return to down town as
the one important center and chang
ing other central points also, no .fair
estimates of values could be placed on
property, the consequences being that
owners and those who were particu
larly desirous of sale, inllated their
values, or at least asked all the traffic
would bear, and intending ; purchasers
were inclined to_ discount the future
and. in many cases; disposed to make
such low estimates of values that it
has not been easy to bring about
transactions. ' -"..'.
Until the last year.it was not wise
to take up the auction sales with any
expectations of success and only after
the most careful consideration and
viewing the business from all its
standpoints did 1 decide that the best
success could be had in making these
sales in connection ' with a leading
liouse in the real estate business and
one that was entirely, abreast of the
times. The firm of I. 'W.* Wright & Co';
had already grasped ideas of this same
nature,, influenced by. tho judgment and
long experience of; Edward b\- Hooper,
theaiianager of the real estate depart
ment. Hooper having been associated
with me a number of years ago was
familiar with the plan .of conducting
these 6ales, and asa -result of our con
ferences we inaugurated a' series, of
sales this last fall which have resulted
very satisfactorily. - - ,
We have found that wllile we have
fonducted: these sales somewhat on ; the
old'tiirie lines, we must .modify them
to 'meet -the present conditions,' as. we
find the people! generally, both; sellers
and purchasers,' are as' wise as we eire,
and we can! only'-marke -a success^'of
this business by realizing that, we
must use logical arguments^with own
ers,- educating Uliem" to 'proper values
of. their properties and" the same logical
reasoning Iwe /are to 7 use
with intending -purchasers to -educate
them to the proper value ;of "our, offer
ings. -' .'. ; \u25a0\u25a0' \u25a0:' •""'-. '. •\u25a0.:. -" . \u25a0 ... \u25a0
"We have been \u25a0, using the greatest
care in selecting^the property- we' have
been. offering. First, that it shall, be
in the localities which aj-f> being sought
for;- second/ that the owners:are"acting
in good faith and, are -desirous, of 'sell r
ing their- property. This means";using
care in; working; out theseVcatalogues
properly, and '• as . a .result* 1 we 'haye '- been
getting the best, of . satisfaction for. our
work. We haverattraetedji-the; atten
tion" of -purchasers 'and- have., worked
out a great many sales and the result
today.r, is.; thatHthe'se sales :are an ' im-,
portant; factor inj the real estate mar
ket-—a bene.fltUo' purchasers; and espe
cially^ a benefit to every firm' in the
real; estate*' business.. ;.' :^'-./-.r. .-'•'\u25a0• ' •*\u25a0. \u25a0:,..': '.
Iti has been" suggested 'that, possibly
a. central; exchange; might Jbe» organized
for Uhe. holding/ of -; these", auction ''sales;
or again ".that-'one :flrm;or,*one v organi-'
zat ion .handle Jail/; the i auction". sales: ":< l
am;' not^so- sure ?thatVeither J of :-. these
plans "wouldj.be as -beneficial- as:- the
present '.system sof in '/con
junction^ with: a leading;lious"ei.that': has
i ts A business .organized >in* departments,*
with an "auction,; department;: as: part
and ": parcel;' of ' the f wholer- 1 The"': tirm - of.
J. W. ';.Wr{ght\- &>CoiV;to r my vmihd;? isTa
typica 1 ; ho use" for •, the i full? development
of this idea,, as the firm is broad and
liberal in its ideas, its policy being to
associate with itself the very best peo
ple that can be found, giving, them a
liberal layout and also full power in
their departments, subject only to
counsel and advice from the head of
the firm. . *
•There is no doubt that the auction
department from now on in the real es
tate 'business has come to stay , and
will result in. many transactions which
would not otherwise.be made a,nd in;
directly will ; the -educator
whereby real estate ; agents- will bring
sellers | a t nd purchasers- together.
Without a doubt it is: goings to be
good judgment to exercise, the greatest
care in pre'parisis these catalogues and
offering only property, which has some
special inducements as to the charac'-'
ter/ and price, and also, not to crowd
too many sales on the, market, which
would result In forcing prices too
strongly, and^ in every .way' seek 'to
make every- individual sale a success.
AYe have in mind in .tlie early future
#ie offering of some' downtown- prop
erties, but I have been advising that
we delay that until a little bit later
in the season and when this element
of the business has been v tried out we
will be able to compare the- true
strength and values to the amount of
buisiness to help us to regulate the
; It has also, been suggested that- we
could offer out-of L town property at our.
sales to good advantage, but I do. not be
lieve the time? is quite ripe to experir
ment with that class of work.. Cer
tainly important properties in Oakland
and Alameda can be offered to
advantage, both | residence property and
business property, but to offer" amis-
cellaneous : catalogue, of property, out-,
side the city I am not sure i,wouldbe;a
success. I : believe that*we should use
the greatest care and keep pretty close
to' the lines • which \ye have adopted
for. the present, -and 1 gradually I believe
the auction .offerings will be looked
upon with great respect and will-bring
large results.
Many of the important large prop
erties in the western "addition were
sold years ago under. the. auction flag
and history will repeat itself, and be
fore long ,we will be offering full- blocks
and' selling them in' subdivisions as of
yore. ! f. ".'...->/ '" - -. ; . \u25a0 ' /?
I am especially interested in this: at
/j<\W/lr^S> i^>-^% \u25a0-i^Winrcomevnaturally^if^Syrup;
;ofjFigsfand-Elixir;of\Senna is
- %S?Y rv ' 6&b used, when : a \ pleasant laxative .
'^^\u25a0\-^2^^' i '-''^f.^ remedy ris'needed, to cleanse the;
•/^ I W^tis : ~^m^ system gently yet effectually and
Mh} ''\u25a0 Wb^X to; dispel ,, colds and headaches
\u25a0 :^y f^f^N^^ \u25a0\u25a0 c * ue \u25a0* >0 •' co P s .tipation.'.
v • lw\ '" '- w °rtd-wide acceptance as
''^^ lln its ; -' \u25a0^^^t ' *ke best of family laxatives, for
I V '/ 1 mili^j v V^il men » wom en and children and its
I \ i\l 1 i\\f A^A by .the most eminent
fh i/J \ Im^l Physicians, because its compo-
!i\ O~ Iff 'Iv^^lv ' \%.u\ nent . P.arts are -known to. them
'\\ %j?|l} /film vil \u25a0 r'raVt;-ahd r kriown'.tb"be".wholesdme and
J>^t^(l» 'I VIST ll hlw I^ '^ ru^ NbeneficialXafe the best
f^^i'^wi '!' /i It" mi\ll» e uaran^ees of the excellence bf :
: ! : Wi Vvilfii H s yr^-^"Sffi: and. 'Elixir of:
l : ilM/i'f : /' ' Mli^nlfffl get^ ts beneficial effects;:
\u25a0-V f|n«',...-; nlj y (I ;\h |I|| \>m "Always buy, the 'genuine,
Buy.a bottle today ; to have in the house, when needed.'? ' * /£^z\!o}
the moment, and I am frank to say I
am giving it close . consideration and
watching results on the general mar
ket, which I am sure>can not help but
be beneficial to every firm in the. real
estate business, as we are developing
the : proper basis of values of property
which will aid us in bringing about
transactions. "
Behlow & Lucas- Reports Vari
ous Transactions
Behlow & Lucas announce that
Thomas Shields is about to erect a
two story and mezzanine and base
ment building on his lot in the south
east line of Mission street. 200 feet
northeast of Second," 2> by 160. They
have;already leased all of the building
with' the excoptionof the.basem.ent and
a small store in Minna street. The
John Douglas company will occupy the
ground Moor and mezzanine and the
Bingley photo engraving company will
occupy -the top floor.
' The same firm has also leased for
Mortimer Flelshhacker to "W. M. Wil
lett, manufacturer of Camelline, the
fifth; floor at 122 First street; for Hugo
Abrahamson to. Dan Foster the store
and .mezzanine in -the* Abrahamson
building, in -the west line \u25a0of . Grant
avenue, 40 feet north of Sutter street;
for Conrad Kissling to August Krome,
two stores in the building on. the so.uth
east. corner of Pine and Hyde streets;
for. the same owner to Joseph -Gutradt
company, half of the building at 57
Federal street. .They have also leased
the Davls.residence in ElCerrito, San
Mateo, to a client of the firm.'
They, also- report the sale of the lot
in the north line of Jackson street. 40
feet west of Baker street, to . I. G. Sut
ton for the account of Mrs. W. P. Ful
ler; the property at El Cerrito, about
four and a half acres, to Mrsi F. C.
O'Connor; for the Behlow estate com:
pany to J. J. Burns, the lot 25 by 120,
in the east line of Twenty-third ave
nue, 200 feet south of Point Lobos; for
the Behlow estate company to Felix
McHugh, 'four, lots in the easterly line
of. Twenty-fourth avenue, 150 feet
north of Point Lbbos. '
Hayward Park May Also Be
Absorbed if the Present
Plans Prevail
-. •.... \u25a0• ; -rr- '- 1 ' \u25a0
. A plan is on foot at San Mateo to an
nex Burllngame and Haywood -\u25a0 Park,
arrangements having already —been
made to circulate petitions relative .to"
the annexation, i This idea. If carried
out. will not only add materially to the
population. of San Mateo, but will im
mediately .increase values in the prop
erty annexed.
. "Conferences are being held daily be
tween representative property * owners
of the 'proposed annexed districts and
of San Matea," said Frank S. Grummon
of Baldwin & Howell, "and we are ex
pecting decisive action almost any time.
Of course, when plans are consum
mated ' values will increase in both
Hayward Park and Burlingame, but
whether we will raise prices before or
after, the election is a matter we have
not decided upon. With the; added ad
vantage,"of municipal government, Hay
ward Park will be as near to an ideal
suburban home tract as coukl be
imagined. Its streets, under city gov
ernment, would be watered, and kept in
repair, It would have the advantages of
fire and police protection, the benefit of
schools and libraries, without obliga
tion, and a dozen or more other fea
tures that would naturally and very*
materially add to^ its value.
"Under the circumstances we will be
Justified in asking more for the prop
erty, and will do so. Therefore, now is
a mighty good time to. buy. In fact,
we had about made up our minds that
the property was selling at too low a
figure anyway, and would have an
nounced an advance even if this an
nexation proposition had not come
"Of course it will be of considerable
advantage to San Mateo to be able to
annex this property, for it will Increase
her population several thousand and
enlarge, materially, her total assessed
valuation. The census is about to be
taken, and if anything is done it should
be done now in order to get official rec
ognition of as big a population as pos
sible, which always helps, particularly
when any governmental aid is asked.
The census is only taken every 10
years, and it will be hard to correct if
we don't get everybody in at the right
Grummon stated that he was receiv
ing many inquiries regarding Baldwin
& Howell's San Mateo properties, par
ticularly-Hayward Park, which, on ac
count of its easy accessibility to San
Francisco, fs rapidly being sold off. This
is one of the prettiest tracts upon the
peninsul^. and. as it has been upon the
market for some time, it is well built
up, leaving nothing for. the purchaser
to guess at as far as environment,
street work and the general character
of the improvements are concerned.
Contracts Are Let for Lathing
and Plastering
The First Baptisk^church at the
northwest corner of Octavia and Wal
ler-streets is approaching completion.
Contracts have been let for lathing and
plastering. The lot occupied by the
church isa full 50 vara situated in
one of the most. desirable parts of San
Contracts have been awarded for the
wainscoting, partitions and parquetry
floor, iron stairway with Italian marble
treads, tiled" walls, private elevator,
pneumatic tube service and metal fin
ish for the old Union Trust Company
building at the northeast corner of
Market, Montgomery and Post Streets.
Belle Plummer has announced a plan
to erect a two story -frame structure
to contain stores and apartments in the
south line o( Market street, 105 feet
west of Noe, at an estimated cost of
$23,900. -
The Crocker, hotel company has taken
out a permit to erect a four story brick
hotel building in the .north line of
Geary street, 165 feet west of Powell.
The estimated cost is $100,000.
A contract has been let by the ilac
donough, estate company for the con
crete work for a five story reinforced
concrete building in Market street.
The work of excavation is nearly com
On a Lot 33-4 x 120
You can have a nice house with plenty of sunshine, a lawn,
a nice garden, room for a garage/ fine boulevards and streets.
Moderate building restrictions that assure good surround-
on the ho interest, no taxes contract.
Only 108 buyers could secure' one of these lots and over
This property cannot be equaled in San Francisco at any
price. . %
New Schedule Car Service
MARCH Ist. Good as any part of the city.
See the property at once and you will be convinced.
s^ San Francisco Grows— Parkside Improves
\ Call at 4he. office at once for maps and prices, or mail
\. r> «s the r attached c0up0n.,,.,.
rTNA . D °n't let anything prevent your going to Parkside
>''•;\u25a0£ "^ySf<J- Saturday and- Sunday. ~
V*% ttF\v> Take Ocean Car on Ellis and OTarrell line.
, \u25a0 *VV*!s«vV , or Ingleside cars and transfer to Parkside
ii^Kli&iiil Co:
::S n\ 408 Crocker Bldg.
Real Estate Board Arranges for
, All Agents to Receive
- Contributions
Progress is being made, so It is re
ported by. the San Francisco Peal es
tate board, in the collection of $20,000
that must be raised before next Mon
day night, to have the coast artillery
armory constructed in this city at Van
Ness avenue and Bay street. Some con
tributions have been made in the last
two days. The real estate board is
working hard to collect the remainder.
To make it easy for tile property own
ers to contribute, an arrangement has
been made whereby every real estar*
agent in San Francisco Is authorized to
take subscriptions and to send them to
the real estate board.
"There is no property owner In San
Francisco." said a leading member of
the San Francisco real estate board
yesterday, "who can say that he has no
opportunity to contribute toward th«;
fund that will prevent the loss of the
coast artillery armory at Van Ness ave
nue and Bay street to San Francisco.
Any real estate agent in the city will
accept money for the armory site fund
and promptly forward It to the real es
tate board. This makes It so to
do the proper thing that no one can
hereafter excuse himself if he takes
no part in this emergency when the
lack of $20,000, to be raised before the
night of February 2S, means a heavy
loss not only to S^m Francisco, but also
to the state.
""An appropriation of $420,000 has
been made by the state for *the con
struction of the armory. Governor
Glllett has approved of a site which
is near Fort Mason. For the purchase
of the -site $30,000 has been raised and
$20,000 Is now imperatively needed by
the close of February 28 or the entire
proposition will fail. The coast artil
lery organization, as demonstrated by
a parade during the last week in Van
Ness avenue, has- 600 members and ap
plications for membership have been
received from a large number of addi
tional would be recruits.
"The site at Van Ness avenue and
Bay. street is the only one fit for coast
artillery. -San Francisco is entitled to
three armory sites. If the present
movement falls the future is imper
iled. The real estate board is the body
to take up this matter, for it is in
touch with all owners of realty. There
is .no other body to assume the re
sponsibility. This is the time to act.
It Is now or never. Do the people de
sire to have a force of m«n trained
who* form an auxiliary defense for this
port? There can be no such force
without proper accommodations. After
the coast artillery armory site is se
cured another may be selected in the
Mission district."
J. W. Wright & Co. Disposes of
Valuable Holdings
J. "W. Wright & Co. auctioned real
estate Wednesday, February 23, at
their salesroom, 125-127 Sutter street.
The results of the sale as reported by
the brokers are as follows:
The northeast » corner of California
and Webater streets. 52:3x82:7^ feet,
with nine flats, producing a monthly
rental of $185. brought *16.40*>.
A' residence of eight rooms and bath
at 2310 Clay street, with 10t. 25x127 :5J/i,
was sold for $7,500. This lot is near the
corner of Clay and Scott, being 115 feet
west of Scott.
A : large lot in the west side of Ninth
street. 206:3 feet south of Mission and
running through to Washington ave
nue, 34:4%x113:4 feet, was sold for
$10,250. subject to confirmation.
Three flats, Nos. 1966-1988-1370 Eush
street. 110 feet easterly of Buchanan
street, with lot 27:8x137:6 feet, was sold
for $6,900. ' Several properties on the
list were passed.
J. A. Donohoe and others have con
tracted for a one story building at the
southwest corner of ' Minna and Fifth
streets to contain a cold storage plant
and offices. This will be a brick build
ing, to cost $33,000.

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