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.'• - '\u25a0 '--* ' ' • '
Twin Vessels, Built for Run Be
tween [Jere and Portland,
Are Both on the Way
IE steamer Beaver.
huilt -.vlth Its twlni
the Bear, at New
port News, for the
Francisco arid
Portland steamship:
company, i sailed
yesterday fro m
New York for this
pore The Beaver
is In . command of
Captain Kldstoh.
The Bear, in com
mand. of ; Captain
Austin, left S*ew
York February 5.
The . . Bear arid
Beaver .were de-;
signed specially for
the freight and
' i „ passenger trade be
'\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0:'--f££ n - h * r * Rnd the Columbia riyer.
, Tne Bear was launched October ">Z
and the Beaver November 27. The
; Beaver, which made 17.6 knots on its
.trial trip, was flve-tenths of a knot
faster than the Bear, but- this differ
ence will not be sufficient to over
come the Bear's start on the voyage
around the Hern.
In the construction of the twin
steamers special attention was given
to the passenger accommodations The
run from Astoria to Portland is the
most interesung stretch of the voyage
\ between here and Portland, and "that
'the passengers may enjoy to th* full
this iHp along the Columbia river, each
steamer is provided with a spacious ob
servation deck. .
All Ship. Will Receive Yiftttor*
This is the last Sunday for some
months that will find the armored
cruisers of the Pacific fleet at anchor
iivman of war row. The six -big waf
f ships will be there today and. all of
them will be open during the after
noon to visitors, who will find launches
to take them off at Mission. Howard
and Folsom street bulkheads. The ships
will leave tomorrow for Santa Barbara
and, after target practice in the Santa
Barbara channel, will be distributed
between the M^re Island and Bremer
ton navy yards for the general over
hauling they all need. .
IVlrelen From Alamrda
The Oceanic steamship company's
liner AJameda, which sailed Wednesday
from Honolulu for this port, is already
Jn wireless communication with the
mainland. A message which left the
steamer at % p . m . Friday night re
ported the liner then 1.260 miles away,
with all On board well. The Alameda,
which is due here Tuesday, has on
board the Columbia park boys.
Four Tankers to Hare Wlreles*
The Union oil company has signed
contracts with the United wireless tel
»fraph company for the equipping of
th« following steamers with wireless-
Lansing. Pectan, Santa Maria and
f-*Bnta Rita.
Th» Lansing is now being equipped
and. the other* will follow as they ar
rive. .:\u25a0-\u25a0.:. -...-. \u25a0 ,
May Be Here Next Thnrtdar
The Japanese turbine liner Tenyo
Maru, Captain Bent, with passengers
and freight from the far east, sailed
at 16 o'clock yesterday morning from
Honolulu and may be here in time to
pass quarantine Thursday afternoon. At
noon Thursday th<=- Tenyo will be out
five days from the 'sian'd port.
;Bf**r M<fiiii<r fur ( Him Ran '
Th> Coquille River transportation
/company will call for bids in a fe\y
days for the construction of a steamer
\u25a0-•\u25a0 t<»r th»- run between Portland and the
r'oquille ri\^r. The plans have been
prepared. The hull of the steamer will
We of steel and 150 feet long. Tfie
cost is $175,000.
'. Tho Stramcni Chartered
-1 Hind, Rolph & Co. have chartered the
A British steamer Waitemata, 3,640 tons
f net register, to load at Glasgow, Liver
! pool, and Antwerp for Vancouver.
After discharging at Vancouver the
Waitemata will come to this port and
load for Suva, Fiji. Balfour, Guthrle
&; Co.. have chartered the British
steamer Inverness, now due here from
Antwerp. with a general cargo, to load
lumber at Portland for Calcutta.
Mnnzanlta to Come Here
The lighthouse tender Manzanita.
which is attached to the thirteenth
. 11glithoiis» \u25a0\u25a0 district, has been ordered
here to relieve the Sequoia, which will
Le laid up for a general overhauling.
Water Front Xotea
\u25a0-The Pacific Mail liner Newport sailed
yesterday for Panama and way ports
with passengers and freight for lower
coast ports and New York.
The Japanese liner Nippon Maru left
Hongkong February 25 for this port.
\u25a0 The liner Korea, homeward bound,
left Yokohama yesterday for this port.
Vneharted Reef In Xorth Paelfle pecan
SEATTLE. Feb.- 2«. — The steamer
Welding Brothers, CaptaLT Andrew
Welding, engaged, in the halibut trade,
returned from a voyage to the banks
off Queen Charlotte island with 165,000
pounds of halibut, and reported the
discovery of an uncharted reef south
of Cape St. James."
The new reef is reported far to the
south of the rocky ledges which are
known to extend out from Cape St.
James, and Captain Welding reports
that they are very dangerous to navi
gation, as the rocks are Well concealed
at high tide, and there is plenty of
deep water between them and the reefs
already noted on the existing charts.
According to his observations, the
newly discovered ledges are four miles
southeast by south of the farthest .out
•reef previously known. ...
By United WfreleM
Saturday, February 26. 1910.
STEAMER GOVTRKOR. from S«n Francisco
Feh. 2S. f»r Seal tie— 3 p. m.. Feb. 20, off
rape Blanco; raining; fre>a southeast breere;
hig pea. • \u25a0 '
ETEAKER ALAMEDA, for San Francisco— R p.
m.. F»"h. I*s. 1.200 miles off San Francisco;
all well.
ETEAJKER W. S. PORTER, from Monterey, for
Pmiglas is!iind-r R P- 01.. Feb; 2-">. SS roile«
north of Mendocino light; northwest winds;
b*a: T «"<>f terlv *well.
STEAMER GOVERNOR, hrnr* Feb. 25. for Se-
B ft|<> —^!t p. m.. K«"b. 25. 30 mil.«« south of
Poiet Ar»na; moderate northwest wind*: clear
w^atber: moderate westerly swell. >mooth
**a: hJ»rom».ter. 30.M.
STEAMER MAJTK SMITH, hence Feb. 2«. for
i;ooe bay — 7:10 p. n>.. Feb. 2K. passed Point
Rpyp«; northwest brecae; jnoderate sea;
weather fine and clear.
ETEAXZ3L HAKAIXI. from San. Pedro, for Sao
FratwJsMi — 6:^o p. m..-Feb. 23, S cnilec soath
nf Ifoeijeme: utronf northwest wlnd«; heavy
b«d sea, moderatlnc; weather oipar.
for Eureka and Cor* bay — 5 p, rr... Feb. 26.
off at. George's r*ef; »«ea smooth; sky clear.
{Special Dupalch to The Calif
PORTXAXX). F«+. 2«.— The towbo«J* Orkl«
n«m* \u25a0«n<J ShaTrr raorrtl thp Brltlrii b«rk Kcl
*' burn,- C«i» fa 'n Milae, from the loman Poulmmi
mllln to the stresm b^low thp brld^-ps this
morniDg. It will, probibhr le«ve. down for the
sfii T\>dne»«la7.
To t*ke on freight for N>b«lPm the uteamer
•Jeorire R. Vaborp. Captain Rorvlk, will come
up t-> C«H*b ftr^et AocV W«lnft«4«jr. It ha*
jo«t brmisht the b«rsi> Nehaletn t© LfDDttra.
wbcr« the l»tt«?r will <U»ch«rpe 330.000 f^et.of
Inmbw. - -
With p««»«!?ers and freight tb« ttnmt-T Su<»
H. Elinor* Captain Sohrader. will Mil Tnwday
night for TJllaaiook. An oil borning furnace
hit b^-n lDßtalliNl on th# •it«am«>r.
Carrylnr »«*SPnjM-« and freight. tb<- «Mm«
AHianr*. Captain Astnip, gaited tonlfht for
At 4 o'clock* thi* afternoon the North Pacific
steamshli» Santa Clara. Captain Noren. sailed
for Eureka and gaa rrancl»co. _-
Stf«ro«Tg Falcon. F. 8. Loop and Thomas L.
Wand all called for San Francisco todar. -
LOS ANGELES. Feb. 26.— ArrlTed: Steamer
Sana V*k, from Tacoma. ' .
palled: Bteamers Itaorl, for San Francisco:
Eanta Rosa, for San" Diego; MeMHe DoUar, for
Port San Xxii*: Bowdoln. for Colombia river;
Mandalay. for Cre*cent City; bark John Smith,
for Oooe bay; «teanjcr Gray* Harbor, for Crays
>^. Harbor.
f TACOMA. Trti. 2«.— Arrlred: . British (tcamcr
' niver Clyde, from Portland; «t«>«ii»*T OUmi &
Maboor.- from S«n Francisco; ' British steamer
Sar^rlc. from .Seattle.
ASTORIA, Feb. 2«. — Oil teuk steamer Oata-'
nla left this afternoon for \u25a0 San Francisco after
hsvins: dlacherired carjro'of crude : olL. •
Fteamer Northland cleared at the custom boose
today I<k SanFranclaco with. a cargo of 500,000
New Pacific Coaster Beaver Sails From New York
feet of lnmber loaded at Portland and 325,000
fe« loaded at Koappton'.
Steamer Rose City sailed for San Francisco
today with frelpbt and passengers.
Steamec Northland, with a partial carjto of
lumber for San Francisco, has arrlred down at
the Knappton mill v. finish. '^BM -'\u25a0
Steamer St. Helens left this mornlnp for Ta
coma with wheat and will load for return. 1,000
tons of coal for Astoria and Portland.-. ;
Steam *ehooner Tahoe. left this morning, for
Wlllaps harbor to load lumber for San. Francisco.
Steamer Birentide. haTlnsr discharged a quan
tity of powder at Martins Muff, left today for
Tacoma with the balance of cargo.
When off Cape Flattery, the schooner DeSence.
bound from San Francisco for Belllnfrham to
l»«d lumber," receired orders the other day to
return' down the coast and plied to Aatorla.
where It will be supplied with a cargo. It la
expected to xeach the river today. It belongs
To- the E. K. Wood lumber company, whose mill
barned at Bellingbam after the cchooner- bad
sailed from California.
SEATTLE, Feb. 26. — ArriTed— Steamer Olsen
& Mahoney, from San Francisco; bark W. B.
Flint, frony San -Francisco^, steamer Argyll, from
San Francisco; steamer Charles Nelson, from San
FracclKco; steamer Virginian, from San Fran
clseo; steamer Olympla. from Valdez: steamer
Buckmao, from sound ports. Sailed — Norwegian
steamer Tricolor, for 'Anacortes: steamer Ol*en
&" Mahoney,. for Tacoma; steamer Cottage City,
f er . Bkajrway. •
VICTORIA, B. C, Feb. 26.— Sailed— British
steamer Makura. for Sydney from VaneouTer.
VANCOUVER. Feb. 26.— Sailed — Oerman
steamer Ella, for San Francisco tU Victoria.
EVERETT, Feb. 2*5.— Arrived— Schooner Si
mar, from San Francisco.
"' . ' TO ARRIVE - ' "
From | Steamer I Date
Nanaimo ". . Thor Feb. 27
Grays Harbor Newbur* Feb. 27
Mendocloo & Pt. Axeca Sea Foam Feb. 27
Grays Harbor G. C. Llndauer. Feb. 28
Hamburg & Way Ports. Kauri Feb. 28
San Pedro ...".. ...Tamalpals Feb. 28
Grays Harbor Carlos Feb. 2S
Portland & A«torla Kose City Feb. 2S
:fru> Dieco tc War Ports! Santa Rosa \u0084 . . Feb. 28
Uutaboldt ............ North Fork .;.. Mar. 1
Victoria Ella fklar. 1
Portland * Astoria (Northland (Max. 1
Humboldt \u0084. | City of Topeka. Mar. 1
Flanolulu Alam»da Mar. I
Honolulu .....:.. Nevadan Mar. 1
CoqulUe River Elizabeth ......|Mar. 2
Ran Pedro Chehalls |Mar. 2
Pan Pedro \u25a0. J. B." Stetson. .. Mar. 2
>>w York vl* Ancon. :j San Jose Mar. 2
Tahiti .......;.: .. Mariposa (Mar. 2
Sal. ;Crui via. S. Di«)to] Mexican .;..... 'Mar. 2
Seattle &, Td<-oma jßuckman {Mar. 2
Honolnla '. .. Wllhelmina ...'.Mi-r. 2
Corlnto via Sal. Cnii..|Erna Mar; 3
Coos -Bar.-—. |M. F. Plant Mar. 3
Humboldt. .• F. A. Kllburn.. Mar. " 3
Point Arena A- A 1 Wen. Por no "..Mar. 8
China A- . Japan Teayo Mam ..Mar. 3
Puget Sound Ports Uciatilla Mar. 3
r«rtland & Way Ports. Santa Clara .. Mar. 3
San Dleco & Way Ports Queen ....Mar. 3
San : Pedro Roanoke : Mar. 3
Grays Harbor .jCentralla Mar. 3
Grays Harbor .jCoronado Mar. 3
Ban Pedro.... ; illanalei Mar. 4
Hongkong & Mororan.. Haze] Dollar .. Mar. 4
Seattle & Tacoma Ad. Sampson ...Mar. 5
Portland & Way Ports. G. W. Elder,. .i-Mar. 5
'\u25a0 . \u25a0 \u25a0 TO SAIL
Destination j Steamer j Sails | Pier
February 27 — I . I' I
Lo« Atsgeles Ports...... (Samoa 10 am) 27
Loe Angeles fort*..... rianalel 3 pml 10
San Diego 4k Way Ports Queen . .... 2 pml 9
February 28— . I
Grays Harbor ........ S. Barbara— 4 pm
Urays Harbor Tamalpals .. 2 pm 27
Los Angelea Ports—.— Carlos 1 pm . ...
Uumooldt F. Kllburn.. 10 am 13
Poget Sound Port» City Puebla. 11 am 9
Ban Pedro tc. Way Ports Coog Bay .-. 4 pa 11
Mtrcb 1 — «.
Astoria Sc. Portland..— Bowdoln ... a pm 27
MansanlUo direct .....IKlla
Coquille. River ... . — .JFlfleld .. — . 5-pm 27
N. York via Sal;* Cruz.j.Nebraskan . 10 am 27
Seattle & Tacoma— — . Watsoa ..... 1 pm 10
March 2—2 — ; ". . •.-.;;-•;
Grays Harltor ........ Chehalls ... 2 pm....
Astoria & Portland-.. J.- B. Stetson 2pm 4
Honolulu A Kahulnl— Inline. ....12 m 3S
Grays Harbor — . — NVwburg ... 3 pm 21
Mendocino Sc Pt. Arena Sea Foam. — j 4pm 4
March 3— .
Humboldt ... — ...—— City Topefca. 10 am 11
Saa Pedro ............ Coronado ...
J^an Pedro ..... " — . Centralla
Ean Diego. & Way Ports Santa Rosa.. 11 am 0
Astoria & Portland {Roanrdce ... 1 pm 13
Grays Harbor ;... G. Llndauer. 3 pm 21
Astoria & Portland. — . Tallac ••
March 4— . - - -
Puget Sound Ports— — . Qneen 11 am 9
Vancouver direct — — Erna ... ..' '.
March 5— ;"*r : j-' : |
Honalula .'.. —. — ...'. — j Alameda ...|ll am 21
Potut Arena & Aloion— i Porno ' . I(> pm 4
New York via Ancon— iPcni — Jl2 m 40
Attoria & Portland jßcst City . . H am 4<»
Portland & Way PortsiSanta Clara. 1 pm 13
Scuttle & Tacoma :.;i.j ßuckman ... 1 pm 10
Astoria & Portland — —Northland .. 2 pm 19
Lob Angel?* Ports... ..|G. W. Elderj 5 pm 13
Coos-Bay — ....... ;....|M. F. Plantj 3pm 6
Destination ' | Steamer | Date
Valdei & Sewart...' — {Olympla .... Mar. 1
Skasrway & Way Ports Humboldt ..... Mar. 2
Southwestern Alaska... Portland Mar; 8
Valdez & Sewanl— .... Victoria —i — ..Mar. 8
Time Ball
United States branch^ hyarojrraphlc" office, Mer
cliants' Exchange, San Francisco, February
2S, 1910. ' .
Tbe. time ball on" the roof of the Fairmont
hotel was dropped today exactly at noon. Pa
cine standard time. (l2oth meridian), or at Sh.
00m. COs. Greenwich mean time. :
Lieutenant, U. S. N., In charge.
Sun, 3loon and Tide
United States coast and geodetic • survey — Time
and heights of tides'" at Fort Point. For city
front (Mission street wharf) add 25 minutes.
Sun rises .....'... ;..' 6:45
Son sets ....;....: " 0:02
Moon rises 0:27 p. ni.
Last quarter "m00n ...'. .March 3, at 11:43 p. in.
New.mopn ...... ..March 11. at f 4:03 a. m.
"." ITlm* Time Time , TUne|
Feb Ft Ft Ft Ft
. 1H TTI LWI |H W .|L Wf
27.. 1:53 6.11 7:41 2.0 1:46 4.4 7:48 1.5
25.. 2:18 4.0] 8:29 1.0 2:31 4.0 8:18 2.0
Mar I
1.. 2:39 4.9| 9:06 1.6 3:31 3.7 8:51 2.4
2.. 3:01 4.8 9:57 1.4 4.6G 3.5 9:34 2.8
3..! 3:3« 4.8 10JW 1.1 6:42 3.5 10:22 3.1
4.. 4:21 4.6 111.561 0.8 8:00 3.6 11:25 3.3
3.. 3:22 4.0|12:35| 0.5 8:55 3.8
U. S. Branch . Hrdrocraphlc Office
A branch of the United States bydrographle
office, located in the Merchants' Exchange, Is
maintained in San Francisco for the benefit of
mariners, without regard to nationality and free
of expense. Navigators are cordially Invited to
visit the office, . where complete sets of chart*
and nailing directions of the world are kept rt
Band for comparison apd reference, and tbe
latest Informal ion can always ;be obtained re
garding lijriit«, dangers to navigation and mat
ters .of Interest to ocean commerce.
Lieutenant, U. S. N.. is charge.
Depth at mean low water, entrance to harbor.
PLACE | Ft. I Date | Remarks
Grays Harj 18 I Jan. 131 Inner bar buoy cob
t I ' I merged. • - — . . *
Wlllapa Bt 27 IJan. dl Whistling buoy 1 mjle
- | I . I north of bar.;
Colum. 8.1 24 (Not. SlShoallng outside nan
( I " I buoy No. 2. -
Nehalm Bl 7 Nov. 6|Bar buoy 200 yards N.
- I I \u25a0 " \u25a0 I of channel. -..-.\u25a0
TUlmk B. 9 Dec. 17 (Channel shifted 1 , mile
\u25a0 I . south In gale Nov. 28.
! ~. Nun - buoy No. 0 and
Vaqalna B 10% Dec. 17 can buoy No. 3 gone
| | - I adrift. . \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 •
Sliwlaw R( 5 |Jan. <|... "..... :...... ........
UopQnt R| 12 JDec. 6 1 Channel well north of
(' ( V (range. :\u25a0:\u25a0.\u25a0+.
\ : \u25a0 12 feet at low tide to
Coot Bar- IS Jan. 4 North Bend; 12 . feet
at low tide to Marsh
- • | field. -\u25a0-".--.
Coqullle Bl 8 Uan. .7 (Channel straight; good
. ( \u25a0.(.-\u25a0'\u25a0>\u25a0 condition. - -'-.. \u25a0
Rogue Bl v 1 1 1 .:.............
Elamtlt >R| 7 (Jan. 7!Chansel - straight east
j \ 1 and we«t. - \u0084 '.
Hmbldt Bl 20 'Jan. 15 j North channel • unsafe
\u25a0 •\u25a0> I f \u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0--\u25a0-- 1" to navigation.. ' :--\u25a0
S Pedro B| 20 IJan. B|No change In-chaanel."
8 Diero B| 28 I Dec. 9|No change. In .channel.
S Pablo Bj 24 I Dec. 1 (Depth in dredged chan-
I I "-\u25a0:' -1. net.
'- Chancre of Maßtera ' '.',. ',
Steamer Grace Dollar— Old master, John Hagen;
new master. Bertlnins" Lee. ' •\u25a0•\u25a0-:; ."••\u25a0'
jStcamer Ilel<ni P.. Drew— Old- master, -.7.- P.
Fajrerstrom ; new. master," Thomas ;• Gnnderson. ;
Steamer Qneen— Old . master, \u25a0H. C. 1 Tboniasf
new roaster, N. E. "Cousins. ;
Shipment of OH '. ,
' Tte British. -tank Kteam«r, .Ashtalmla "waa
cleared , for -" Karatsu • yciiterilajr ' M'lth i.'JOO.OOO
gallons of refined petroleum, • Talucd' at ; ?IO1,4OO."
Weather Report
*--_ __ — _ _ _ 4.
United States Department of Agriculture —
Weather Bureau. San Francisco. Feb. 20, 1910.
» Lant Seasonal' Normal
I Stations — 24hoors. \u25a0to date."" to date.
Eureka T. .15.01 31.07
Red Bluff 0.00 13.12 17.38
Sacramento .t. ..,«..... 0.00 R.BB 13.77
Mt. Tamalpals..*.,. .j 0.00 "21.96 '16.27
San Francisco... ....;. 0.00 15.34 16.10
San Jose 0.00 11.17 10.02
Fresno .. — \u0084...." 0.00 9.44 . 6.3R
Independence ....-0.00 4:67 • 6.2t?
San Lois 0bi5p0....... 0.00 J6.79 13.78
Los Angeles...... 0.00 " 14.46 *10.77
San Diego 0.00 . 8.35 6.9»
Coast record for 12 hoars, ending: 5 p.m.
te •s . \u25a0\u25a0£\u25a0 7~ TT" 77^
- 5 \u25a0 *- ? * ? ~5
i~ *'; • s ' ' s. cl
STATIONS | '§ ' !?\u25a0 i I gr
•;?- - f l i f • i
Blame ........ 29.76 44— -SE Ooudy .20,
Boise 30.22 38 30 KE Snow .20
Eureka .......30.36 CO 38 SW Cloudy T.
Flagstaff ......30.02 .60,28 SK Qoudy ' .00
Fresno ...30.28 64 40 XW Tt.Cldy .00
Helena 29.86 40 22 SW Cloudy .00
Independence ..30.06 64 36 SE Clear .00
Kallspell 20.82 32 20 SK Snow .02
Los Angeles... 3o. OS 70 50 ' SW Clear .00
Marshfleld ....30.20 4S — SW Rain .34
Modena .......SO. IO 4fi 24 -X Clear .00
Mt. Tamalpais. 3o.22 53 39 NW Cloudy .00
North Head 30.00 48 41) SW Cloudy -.52
ThoeiUx 29.96 74 ; 50~5W Pt.Cldy .00
Pocatello .....30.20 36 24 S Cloudy T.
Pt. Reyes Lt..30.25 f>2 45 NW Cloudy .00
Portland — — . .30.08 48 42 S Rain .46
Red 81uff...... 30.2t5 56 40 SE Cloudy .00
Reno V. ... 50. 20 50 20 W (Moudy .00
Roseburjr ... ..30.22 sO— SE Rain .08
Sacramento —.34^26 «2-46 S" Pt.Cldy .00
fUilt Lake 30.18 42 SO SE Cloudy .00
San Diejjo 30.04 «8 -46 NW Clear .00
San Francisco. .30.30 58 46 W Cloudy .00
San Jose .R0. 28 64 36 NW Cloudy .00
9. Luis Obispo. 3o. lß 6S 48 N Clear .00
S. E. Farallon.3o.3o 50 48 NW- l't.Qdy ,00
Spokane ...-.29.86 40 30 SW ; " Cloudy .01
\u2666Summit. 38 20 Calm Pt.Cldy — '
Tacoma .......29.92 48 40 SW Rain .34
Tatoosh".. 29. 7S 46 38 8W Rain .20
Tooopah ..... .30.04 50 .26 NW ' Cloudy .00
Walla Wa11a... 2». 06 50 36. S . Cloudy .28
Winnemucca ..30.2.8 3S 26 SW Rain .04
Yuma - 30.04 7S 56 N Clear .00
•Snow on grmind, 84 Inches. 8
The following maximum and minimum temper
atures are reported from eastern stations for the
previous day: Chicago, 3S-30; New York, 26-22;
Omaha, SB-34. ; , :•• ;
A storm of moderate intensity, overlies Wash
ington-and Oregon, but appears to be moving
east through the northern tier of states. It has
caused rain and brisk southerly winds from the
Oregon line, northward. The following high winds
are reported: Tatoosh. 60 miles, south: North
H«ad, 60 miles, southeast; Spokane, 3G miles,
southwest; Flagstaff, 26 miles, southwest. Warm
weather prevails In California. Afternoon .tem
peratures In the great valley range from BO to
6o degrees. The relative humidity at Red Bluff
was 80 per cent and at Fresno H8 per cent.
Forecast made at San Francisco for the 30
hours ending at midnight February 27. 1910:
San Francisco and vicinity — Cloudy Sunday,
possibly light showers in the morning; light
southwest wind.
Northern California — Cloudy Sunday, with rain
In northern portion: light south wind.
Southern California,— Fair Sunday; light north
east wind, changing to south.
A. G. McADIE, District Forecaster.
Daily Hirer Bulletin
' SACRAMENTO, Feb. 26.— Observations taken
at 7 a. m.
if a| &i
Sacramento watershed — | | . •
Kennett, Sacramento river.. 23.0 (lO.O^I +4.4
| Red Bluff. Sacramento R... 23.0 16.0 — 1 — 7,.T,
! MonroeriUe. Sacramento R. 22.0- 13.0-ft +3.8
Colu«a, Sacramento river... 20.0 22.8+1 +5.f)
Knights Landing, Sacto R.. 18.0 13.8+1 +1.1
Orovllle. Feather river..... 25. 0 7.4— — 0.8
Marysvllle, Yuba river..;.. SO.O 10.0 — 0
Folsotrt, American river. — . .... 7.5— -1-0 3
Sacram-nto, Sacramento R.. 29.0 IS.l+ +t.l
Rio Vista. Sacramento R... 13,0 5.6 — — 0.."J
San Joaiiuiu watershed — .•
Pnllaskr, San Joaquln river .... 0.5— 0
Firebatjgh, San Joaqnin R.. 12.0 ....
j Merced Falls, Merced river O.R 0
i Jacksonville. Tnolumne Jt. . 20.0 2.4 — — (i.4
Melones, Stanislaus river... i .... 2.S+ +0.2
Jenny Llnd, Calaveras rlverf 10.0 0.7 — f 0.2
Eleltra, Mokelumne river... j 12.0 1.5 — 0
; iJtthrop, San Joaquln river.] 13.6 S.2 — | 0
' +Rislng. —Falling. ~" ~\
Snow on ground at Summit at 7 a. m." today,
71 Inches.
The Sacramento will continne to rise generally
during the next two days. Little change la Indi
cated for the rivers of the. San Joaqillh valley
N.R. TAYIX»R, Local Forecaster.
Army Traeafinrt* • J -
Tte Crook sailed Febrnnry 19 for Manila.'- ' f
The Warren is at Manila.
The Ixigan is in port.
The Buford Is in port.
The Sheridan sailed February 14 from Hono
lulu for Manila. - .
The Sherman is In port.
- The Thomas sailed February 22 from Nagasaki
for this port.
Friday, February 23.
Stmr Norwood. Martin, S4 hours from Grays
Harbor; bound south, put In for fuel.
Saturday. February 26.
Stmr Tiverton, JohDxon, l(Ki hours from Tort
Ludlow; 550,000 feet lumber to l»ope & Talbot.
Stmr Nome City, Ilansen, - 45 , hour* from San
PeUro; 57 passengers to Stvaync & Hoyt.
Stmr Vanguard. Odland, 47 hoars from San
Pedro: ballnKt to E. J. Dodge.
Stmr J. : Marhoffer, I'etcrsen. . 10." hours from
Columbia ri^er; 850,000 feet lumber' and 5,400
ties to Beadle Brothers. \u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0,-,-
Stmr Klamatb. Jahnsen, 72 lionrs from As
toria; bound south, put In for fuel and passen-
Stmr -Yoeemite, Reiner, 40 hours from Kan
Pedro; 43 passencers to Charles R. McCormick.
.Stmr Rosecrans, Moore, 2 days from Astoria;
ballast to Associated oil company; up- river" di
rect, i \u25a0 , -
Stmr Queen. Thnma*. <*\u0084"> hours from Seattle
»nd I'usft sound ports; passengers and merchan
dise to Pacific Coast steamship
Schr Santiago. McDonald. 10 hmirs from Mon
terer: 11.000 barrels -oil to, Associated oil corn
puny. In tow tug NaYtgator. ..
\u25a0 Schr A. B. Johnson. Johnson. 7 dayn from
Gra.vs Harbor; <HJi},V>Ji} feet, lumber to Wilson
Brothers. - . :. \u25a0 • • v
CLEARED \u25a0...
Saturday. February 26.
Ktmr Queen. Cousins/ San Diego; Pacific Coast
steamship company. . >
Stmr Cascade, .. Rueddln, . Honolulu;'
navigation company.-.. -. \u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'
j Ger - stmr,- Hermontbls, \u25a0 Bleienberg. > Hamburg
and way ports; Kosmos steamship company.'.
Ktmr City of Puebla, Zeh, Victoria and : Pugct
sound ports;. Pacific Coast steamship company. -
Br stmr Ashtabula, Harding, Karatsu; Stand
ard oil company. • ' • ' \u25a0 . -
- SAILED v -
. ; Friday. February 25. '
Stmr George I^oomis, I . Smith. Redondo Beach.
• ' Saturday. February 26.
Stmr yosemlte, . Reiner, Astoria. -
• Stmr Fair, Oaks.. Johnson, Grays Harbor. .
'.Strar Banta > Monica, Olsen.' Grays'' Harbor
. <Jrace Dollar, -.Lee,; Albion. •\u25a0:\u25a0
. Ktmr, Norwood, Martin.' San Pedro.
; Stmr Newport, , Russell, Ancon : vi« way ports.
Sfrar Klamath. Jabnsen. • San Pedro.*; '•\u25a0
Stmr M.F. Plant.' Burtls,- Coos, bay. \u25a0\u25a0.
;Stmr: W'ellesley,» Londquist. Astoria.- ;...'.' r
. Stmr South Coast. Olsen,* Caspar. . !
. - Stmr Helen* P. Drew, Gnnderson, Greenwood
via I versens ' landing. .- «:. : . \u25a0\u25a0••-.
Stmr Daisy. Mitchell. = Davltt,*- Grays . Harbor. '
\u0084 Stmr ' Westerner, ;Kelly, ; Grays \u25a0 Harbor. .
; JjtmrWashteuaw.'- Graham. "San Pedro. '"
I iStmrFairbaven.iPoulsen.'Pert Ludlow. :
' : • Stmr*, Porno, 1 ' LHleland, ' Point ' Arena and Albion.
Stmr Yellowstone, . I/tidlow, -Astoria.. • '
; Stmr Marerickr McKellarJr.v Seattle.
i Stmr Rosecrans, \u25a0 Moore, /'Portland. :
Stmr National City," Llnder.t Fort Bragg.
;Stmr Roanoke. Dunham,; San 'Pedro. . iJ^^^K
; ..Stmr Kansas City. Nopander/.Astoria and Pert
land.- ... \u25a0\u25a0 -, \u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0.-•• '->\u25a0 -- . •\u25a0 -'--•"—' ..'_\u25a0' \u25a0 \u25a0-
'\u25a0; Stmr City of Topeka,, Gielow. Eureka.
\u25a0-. Ship William * P. . Fry c; • N'lckerson, Kahului. .
." Schr . Baniror, Peteraen. Grays ' Harbor." - \u25a0 -
Schr R.' 1 W. - Bartlett. > Olsen,' Port Townsend. "'.
r WKATHER REPORTS-.- : - --— ,
.. POINT REYES, i Feb 26/ 9 a. ;'. m.^Part cloudy';
wind NW: velocity 35; miles, an 'hour. - \u25a0 -. -
' FARALIX)NES; Feb 26, \ 9 n. ; m.— Cloudy ;, wind
X; > velocity. 20 miles - an \u25a0 hour. Lf^atjSgffl^fef j[||.mjs>i
\u25a0 POINT LOBOS.'Feb 2fi, 0 a.m.— l'«rgy;: W ind
NW ;' velocity «. miles an: hour.'.; •.- ;.-".•
V TATOOSH. Kcb ' 2(5." o fa. m.— Raining ; wind
SW :• velocjry -4fP miles an \u25a0 hour.'
5 PORTLAND. v Feb . 2<>. - 7:1.1 1 a. . m.— Southwest
storm \u25a0 waruincs ' nt-Marshfleld; mouth'! of i Colunj
f>l* ;• river, 'Aberdeen, ; straits of '. Fuca; \u25a0 southeast
balance :nf .district. \ \u25a0",.- \u25a0•~t* »..* ;"r,.i
'-POINT: LOBOX, Feb !20.i12 ?ui.— Hazy; ;wifld
UW;' velocity 6 miles ; an; hour. *- ; - . '"-.>.": \u25a0:
''\u25a0I, "^ "TELEGRAPHIC r - -, - -.'.-. -..-,•'
, ; l'OINT; LOBOS, \u25a0 > Feb:26/jl0: p. m.-^Weathcr
clear; wind NE; velocity 10 miles an hour. '\u25a0
1 EVERETT.— Arrived Feb 26 — Schr Saniar. hence
Feb Is.- --, . \u25a0 \u25a0• •---.-.
PORf GAMBlJ^— Sailed Feb 25^ — Bark Albert,
for. Honolulu. • \u2666" .- . \u25a0\u25a0 -
Sailed Feb 26— Schr Gamble, for San Francisco.
tsEATTLE— Arrived Feb 26, 3 a. m.— Stmr Ol
son & Mahony. 'hence Feb 22; 2 a. m.;" stmr Ar
gyll, heuce Feb 22; bark W. B. Flint, hence Feh
19. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0• •-\u25a0\u25a0:; >.\u25a0-.'] I,- r ..-\u25a0 ;.:• ---\u25a0\u25a0-:\u25a0
Arrived' Feb 26, 3 p. m. — Stmr Virginian,
hence Feb 23; 3 p, m... stmr Charles "Nelson,
from Tacoma. *
Sailed Feb " 26, 1 p. m:^Stmr "Olson & Ma
hony, for Tacoma; stmr Bee, for Tacoraa.
SEWARD— SaiIed Feb 20— Stmr Victoria, : for
Seattle. . . - \
KETCHIKAN— Arrived Feb 26— Stmr Portland,
from Oordova for Seattle. • ; - / \u25a0
SKAGWAY-j-Arrlved Feb 26 — Stmr Jefferson,
from Seattle. . -•• : -" \u25a0 - v . • ,
Sailed Feb 26— Stmr Jefferson, for SeatOel .
Sailed Feb 26 — Br stmr Suverlc, for Tacoma;
Ger stmr Ella, for Vanconver.
SAN . DlEGO— Sailed Feb 26— Schr Wawona,
for Grays Harbor. " ,
GREENWOOD— SaiIed Feb 26 — Stmr Alcatraz,'
for San Pedro. : . . s
BALLARD— SaiIed Feb 26— Nor stmr Tricolor,
for Anacortes.
VENTURA — Arrived Feb 26— Stuir " Lakrae,
from San Pedro; stmr San Jacinto, from Ilue
neme.. - - .
Sailed Feb 26, 4:15 p. m.^tmr Lokme, for
Eureka. "- ' . • \u0084 -,
PONT rX»BOS— Passed Feb 26— Stmr Stanley
Dollar, from Everett for San Pedro. \u25a0 v . •
Passed north Feb 26. 6 p. m.— Stmr Wm. H.
Murphy, from San Pedro for Wlllapa harbor.
\u25a0ASTORIA— SaiIed Feb 23 — Stmr Excelsior, for
Eureka. ~ . v
Sailed Feb 26. 12 noon — Stmr St. Helens, for
Seattle; stmr Riverside, for: Seattle: 12 noon,
stmr Rose City, stmr Catania, for San Francisco;
stmr Ta hoe. for Willapa harbor. \u25a0 .
Arrived Feb 26, 4 p. m.— Stmr Geo. W. Elder,
henoe Feb 24.
TOWNSEND— Arrived Feb 25-^-Schr A*nnle M.
Campbell, from San Pedro; 3chr Win. Bowden,
from San Pedro. .
SAN PEDRO— Arrived Feb 26— Stmr Santa
Rosa, hence Feb 24; stmr Shna Yak, hence Feb
Sailed Feb 2G— vStmr Santa Rosa, for San Di
ego; stmr Tamalpai*. for Wan Francisco.
Sailed Feb 26— Bktn John Smith. • for Port
Townsend; stmr Melville Dollar, stmr Mandalay,
stmr Bowdoln, stmr Grays Harbor, for San
Francisco. ?:: . • . -' ...
POINT REYES— Passed y Feb 20.\9:20 a. m.—
Strar Stanley -Dollar, from Everett for San Pe
dro; 8:20 a." m., stmr Klamatb, from Portland
for San Pedro.
Passed Feb 26. 2 p. m.— Steam schooner', lum
ber laden, with letter O on stack, probably stmr
J. Marhoffer, from Portland 'for San Francisco.
S PORT SAN LUlS— Arrived Feb 26,-7 a. m.—
Stmr Santa Maria, hence Feb 25;
fTo'sail Feb 26, 10 p. m.— Stmr Santa Maria,
for San Francisco. "
CRESCENT ClTY— Sailed Feb 25— Stmr Del
Norte., for San Francisco. To sail Feb 2ti — Stmr
Westport, for San Francisco.
Passed inFeb 26. 7:20 a. m. — Trimp steamer.
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orange stack, black: .top. two white bandtf, .drab
hull.-A - - - _-.-• - \u25a0" .' \u25a0- ' '---
WILMINGTON^-Sailed Feb 2o —S"tmr Lakme,
for Ventura. - r" .; •." \u25a0 "V
MARTINS BLUFF—Sailed Feb -"•. \ P- «n.—
Stmr-Riverside,-for; Seattle.
TACOMA —Sailed Ffb 25. 5 p. m.—Stmr Asun
cion, for San Francisco. -^~V . , " -
. Arrived Feb 26 —Br stmr River Clyde, from
Astoriar stmr Olson & Mahouy,; from Seattle; Br
stmr Suretlc, from Seattle;" bktnChas. F.
Crocker," hence Feb -12. " . \u25a0 -V." ->":»;-.'- ..
"Sailed Feb 2G —Stmr Charles' Nelson, for'Seat
tle:-ntmr Urnatilla,-for Vanconver.
: ArriTed Feb 20—Stmr Charles NeNoa. hence
Feb 21 via * Everett. - \u25a0'
WESTPORT—Bar bound. Feb 26— Stmr Ho
•(tiiam. ifor San Francisco;. stmx. CUremont. schr
Liidlow,. for.San." I'edro; 6-p. m., schr Golden
Shore, for san Pedro. \u25a0 '„ '*\u25a0' . . s.- . .' •
"Arrived" Feb 26.; 8:30 a.' m. —Stmr Cnptetrano.
hence Feb- 23; .U:15: a.- ra.. stmr 'Doris, hence
Feb 23. " '.- .-"\u25a0"\u25a0. ' ' -\u25a0 \ .
ISANDON—SaiIed Feb 2(l— Stmr Fifleld. for
San Francisco. . " • -: - -. \u25a0
SOUTH BEND—Sailed Feb 25—Stmr .Daisy,
for San Francisco.. - " ." .• }\u25a0 •, .
' F/UREKA —Arrived Feb 2o —Ktmr'J. '\u25a0 J."l^rgle.
hence Feb: 24: stmr North. ForK. hence I Feb -24.
\u25a0 SalMvFeb 26 —Stmr Acme, for San Francisco.
'COOS BAY—Arrived Feb 20 —Bktn Echo, hence
Feb 23. " . '
Sailed FeT) 26^Schr - Esther Buhne, for Kan
Pedro;- stmrßamona,"for Astoria and, Portland.
- FORT BRAGG—Sailed .Feb 26—Stmr :Bruns
, wick," for San Francisco. . . '-\u25a0\u25a0-*
\u25a0~ TATOOSH—Passed In-Feb 20. 7:40 a. m.—
Stmr Virginian, hence Feb 23 tor Seattle and
Tacoma. . . '\u25a0
Passed out Feb 20— Stmr Asuncion, from Ta
coma for San Francisco.
- Passed in Feb 28. 11:30 a. m. —Schr Ameri
cana, "from Sallna Cruz for,Townsend. towing;
12:30 p. m.. bktn Archer,. hence Feb 22 for
Roche harbor. '\u25a0 "
NEW YORK-r-Salled Feb 2G. 10 a. m.—Stmr
Beaver." for Portland. Ore., direct. \u25a0 -
Arrived Feb 28 —Stmr San Mateo, from Seattle.
: HONOLULU —Arrived Feb . 2T —Schr _E. K.
WoOil, from Gra.vs " Harbor. -
Sailetl Feb2o, 11 a. m.—Jap stmr Tenyo Maru.
for-San Francisco.^ "-. v :",'\u25a0 \u25a0' '
Arrived Feb 26—Bark S>C. Allen, from Eu
reka.- \u25a0" - " - -\u25a0 -.-.-•
• • • ' \u25a0 • - FOREIGN PORTS.
VICTORIA— Saile<l Feb ,26—Br stmr Makura,
for. Brisbane via- Honolulu.. "
-PORT SAlD—Arrived Keb 2fl —Fr stmr Amiral
Fourlchon. fromi Antwerp. \u25a0 '. \u25a0 \u25a0
FALMOCTH—Arrived Feb 24—Fr bark Hoche.
from Oregon. " \u25a0• '\u25a0--"' .
SYDNEY—Arrived - Feb 25—Bktn Amaion,
from Tacoma.
-WALMER—Arrived Feb 24—Br bark Dolba
dern Castle, from: Rotterdam for San Francisco.
YOKOHAMA—SaiIed, Feb 25—Br utmr Mont
eagle, for Vancouver." Feh 26—Stmr Korea, for
San Francisco'via Honolulu. ~-&&!3pßiQ&3t&
-HONGKONG— Sailed Feb 2o —Jap stmr Nippon
Maru. for-San Francisco. . - \u25a0
MOJI —Sailed Feb 2T —Br stmr Knight of St.
George, for San~Frnhc!v<*..""_--.
ANTWERP—SaiIed Feb 20-^-Stmr Vaderland,
for.New York. \u25a0-. :.•..-'
Arrived Feb 26—Stmr Zeeland, for New York.
FIUME— Arrived Feb 26—Stmr Saxoifla. from
\ UONfiKONG—Arrived prior Feb 2f—Stmr Si
beria, from San Francisco via Honolulu and
Yokohama. - .
GIBRALTAR —Arrived Feb 2** —Stmr Cedrlc,
from iNew York via Madeira for Naples.
HAVRE—Sailed Feb 26—Stmr Lv Lorraine,
for: New York.
SHIMONOSEKI—CaIIed Feb 26—Stmr Knight
of St. George, for San Francisco.
"\u25a0 NEW YORK—Sailed Feb 20 —Stmr Oceanic,
for Southampton: stmr La Brttagne, for' Havre;
stmr:Graf Waldetsee, for Hamburg.
I'onliin l'artpr
Bktn' Archer. Captain Parker, which sailed
from San Francisco Feb. 22 for Roche harbor,
passed in at Tatoosh island Feb 26, 12:30 p. in.,
making run up the Coast in four days; fastest
voyage in some. time.
Lidj Yassu Is Anointed as
/ Successor to Aged
ADIS ABBA, Abyssinia, Feb. 26;—
\u25a0^'•'en Menelik, negus of Abyssinia)
kins of kings, conquering lion of Ju
dah, -is gathered unto "his fathers! he
willbe succeeded orT the throne by hla
young, grandson, iid j -Yassu. ; Menelik
is. 66 years old and has been falUng'Jn
health. He has ruled Abyssinia 21
years, having greatly concentrated his
1 power, and- doubtless he felt'the time
had come to end the uncertainty as
to his successor. So with barbaric cere
monies Lidj Yassu was anointed and
consecrated recently a3 heir to the
turone on whichj tradition has it." sits
the descendant .of the son of Solomon
and the queen of Sheba.
. Lidj Yassu is; the son of, Meneilk's
"younger daughter and is about 14
years old. His father is Ras Mlchal. a
powerful prince and governor 'of three
provinces. Youths mature early in
Abyssinia, and Lidj Yassu has appar
ently shown qualifications to justify
his choice as the future ruler of the
turbulent Abyssinians.
He has been educated by European
tutors and speaka English. French and
German. He married last May Princess
Kossiana, aged 7, granddaughter of
Emperor ; John, Menellk's predecessor,
and niece of Empress Taitou. Tho
marriage was of great importance po
litically, uniting the two dynasties
and the families of powerful chiefs.
| Music in the Park I
The program of music to be given
at Golden Gate park today Is as
follows: •
Anthem, "Star Spangled Banner." ... ' *
March, "Republic" .., — Tbiete
"Flag Forever" —Leila France
"Patrol American" Meacham
Overture. "American Airs" .— — ... — — Tobani
Scenes from "Prince of Pilsen" Lueders
(By request) .
Extra. ' \u25a0-\u25a0i?-"'
Waltz, "Dreams of Childhood" Waldtenfel
"Sours of the Nation" l.amr*"
"A Cavalry Charge" '. LiuMers
(Depicting the charge of a mounted sqnadron)
Gems from "Stephen Foster" .. — — .Tobani
Selection. "Soul Kiss" Stuart
Medley, "American Melodies" Bendix
••America." • -. - -.: :\u25a0 "
Rich Georgia Woman Contests
Will of Enrico Rus poll That j
Made Her a Beggar %
' ROME, Feb. 26.— The recently re- "
ported attack on Donna Eugenia Rus
poli by one N of"her- footmen Is m»«h
discussed here, as it is believed tna.t
it is not unconnected with the various
law suits she is bringing in the Italian
courts against her late husband's wllL
Donna Eugenia Ruspoli was born at
Oakville. Ga.. as Eugenia Enfleld
Berry. At an early age she married
one of America's millionaires, a matt
named Barton, . who,' however, died
shortly afterward and left her all of.
his fortune. •
Later on the rich . and beautiful
widow' played a leading part in New
York and Washington society, and be
fore long fell In love with the handsome
Italian attache. Don Enrico Ruspoli.
who tried to win her as his bride and
dangled before her the additional at
traction that in due course she would
become the duchess of Ruspoli. Soon
after the marriage, however. Don En
rico made no secret of the fact that
his love was for the dot and not for
the fair widow. When . his will .was
read it transpired that he had- disposed
of the whole of his wife's fortune and
left it to his two brothers and his
Donna Eugenia will contest the will,
and. as she ls backed influentially by
her American friends, it i 3 believed
that she* has a fair chance of succeed
ing. \u25a0>;';;; \u25a0 .
Railroad Officials Say .Trains
: Can Not Make Time
" ... . :
MONTREAL, Feb. 26.— According to
statements made today by prominent
railroad officials, the operation at the
so called Lancaster, act of parliament,
regulating the speed at. which trains
shall pass level crossings, which bft
came effective February 1. has com
pletely demoralized traffic. ; ; • -.
It Is stated that no train is able to
make schedule time. \u25a0. -
Eight thousand cxosslngs .on th»
Canadian / Pacific . and 5,000 on the'
Grand Trunk alone are Involved. y.

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