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Will iail for Santa Barbara To«
mtrrow to Hold Big Gun
Target Practice
Stqrnv Weather Keeps Visitors
Fron Vessels in Man o'War
HE Pacific "fleet will
•ail for Santa Bar
bara .tomorrow
tn'o'r n in %... at 10
j'clock • for .target
practice. The Mary
land and th* West
Virginia, about
winch there has
been so much talk
3i6 to their unfltness
for sea duty, will
proceed with the
others. The West
Virginia came down
from Mare island
late yesterJay aft
ernoon, where it ha?
been since Thurs
day taking on coal.
There were few
Visitors: on the ships yesterday owing
B« the inclemency of the weather. A
,4i«cty drizzle huns over the bay all
"th#;inc>ruine. Very few of the officers
on Loard their respective, ves
•els. the, majority T«eins- ashore to say
;farewe!! to their friend*. > ;- >
i. Admiral Hwrber.. spe;it the day at
the Fairmont, -where .with :W< wife he
received a large number of callers,
Th* target prf>ciU-< .ax Santa Barbara
will h» in two ways a novelty for the
Pacific f>et. it will be the first time
that uiiy tarpet practice has taken
*Ma<"e In tlmse water?. &M the previous
Sraetices having taken place at Magr
ftulTia bay. It will also be the first
tirr.r- for this fleet to havp. practice in
foiling- -\vstters. . A; : Mardalena bay,
«"'ifre ;t-*> previous, evolutions: have
tsken place, the water has bf en as
Hill as :\ tnilipond. The fleet will re
turn to tills fort March 27. .; ;.
rails Into nsy
." Duncan. Harris, a seaman on the
•.ruiser <'-aliforn:a, went up town Satur»
'.ay nig::t wit'i $30 in his pocketP. He
had .«ucji a jrO'id time that when he pot
sack to Mission street wharf and called
for a launch to Hake ; him out to the
-essel h« shoutecj so 'lustily that he lost
"Us ba'.artce 3:;fl ftlJ Into the bay. -He
was r.fi.-i out by Captain Jack Wright,
one at Henry Peterson's boatmen, and
hauled up to : ' th«* \u25a0 harbor emergency
hospital. The.PB."-lje- v%'as pumped out
*«d early ypsttrjOAy mottling lie was
able to h(.«i i his ship. During: his
*v»>nlng on t:« Barbary coa.«t his $30
dwinfiled to "0 tents..: \u25a0\u25a0:. . . ..vv-. -j J .
ll*altb n.iard Vl»lt> Ilo«pttaln
Dr. E. S. Howard, chief of. the emerg
ency service, ;•. icompanied by the board
of health. \]>isi-d all the hospitals in
: ijg department yesterday. vHe spent
«everal hour? <in the water front look
ing for ,i site for the harbor emerg
ency hnF'jitai, as a new home for this
section riust be had by May 1. as on
that dat? the. state board of harbor
commiu: »ners propose to have the
present hafplt.*' removed from the state
property. Dootbr Howard did. net : se
• lect»- *H<« but took several under con-
Gale Illnnw at \\>*tport .
A furlmia gft'e is ap«fn blowing- at
l\>stport. iiccoidinsr to advices received
it the UcfcbStttC exchange last night,
the wind bAVfM reached the velocity of
60 mile* an hcur. The bar Is rough.
Th<» following: ;essels which are ready
for sea <!o nrt dare to venture out.
Th*y «H«>. «- fiLTTAr .Hn<jui«m. hnitnii
to 1-an francisco, and the steamers
Clarem^r*.. Lad low and Golden Shore,
bound tcr San Pedrc.
\\'a*hlnirton Due Tomorrow
The cruiser Washington sailed from
Port Tot-nseml yesterday and is due
to arrive at this port "tomorrow morn
ing:. It <"i!l go at once to* quarantine
station, v here it willjand all the small
pox pafi^its it hH? on board. The rea
son for r* coming to this port is that
th»- strUken pallors from \u25a0 the vessel
have nii i up all the hospital room at
Por* Tct-nsend, and this was the most
availabif ?ort. . ' ; -;.' -
Lumlicr ArH»'«I«
LumNr arrivals by sea. yesterday
from V. r- north coast amounted to
l£i6,Q(*' feet. • . •- •- '\u25a0.\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
Hj- I nited W 'lrelemi -•.-.•. •; \u25a0.-.\u25a0., ••;•-'.
S tnitf, February". 27. 1910.
ETEAMIE STATXBICK, from. San Francisco
Feb. ;• i l Seattle — Feb. £6. fjjS^p.. m., off
r>o\t»i' .<\u25a0 rw*f: frevh uoctl>we»t '-wl: .1 and is*a;
«-le»r: lur.-roetpr 50.31; temr#r;ature. : 51;'; \u25a0• : "••'
ETEAHEH KA2TN EKITH. frois San FTancl«<o
FeK Z-'k t-T O»» fc«y— F.^. C«i 3 p; m.,
liar^d Cajx; iletidociao; light southeast
t>r*+w. moderate • westerly ifweJL' \u25a0\u25a0'._' \u25a0 ' • "\u25a0'•\u25a0'
BTEAJtEE -ft'ILHELJCNA, from ijonolaln for
6aa FTtndace — Feb. *J«. *> r-. ra.. 1.240 mile?
from S>n Kranciw>?; moderate easterly breexe:
*e« mo->r»tr ; weather tsn«.
ETEAMES ALAKE3A, fron Honolulo for San
Franclf-o — Feb. C 5. S p. tn.. iilO miles from
San Fthuclsoo; ispht e«*t northeast wind;
•mooth »*a: barotreter. 30.*2; remperatore 61.
E7EAKEB ArxißAl. SAMPSC", from San
5 rranci^eo Feb. S5 for Seattle— Feb. 26, 7:30
' p. m.. pssoed Tape Blanco; stronjc southerly
rale ; roujb »-es.
ETZAMER ASXTKCIOST. from T«--.ma for San
Franrlt-co — Feb. 26. * n. m.. 3vJ mile* north of
Cola ml la rir*>r lisrbtfn'i; btrofueter, 29.98:
tetnperatore. flry SI: wet JO; Ktronjf westerly
wtod; overran light r-In: heavy . westerly
GOVXESOB, from Saa Francisco
» for Seattle -Feh. 2«. )S n. m. off
Ilerta U**<\f; frefh K>a:aweKt wiad; cboppr
•*«. Hag westerly rwell; thick raist and rain";
b«r<»tnf ter. 30.14: temperature. «m.
STEAKFE BOA2TOKE. from S.-a Francisco Feb.
28 for San Ptdm — l>b. 2R, 8:30 p. *m.. fire
mile* m<rtl> of Point Sur; modfrxte northwest
Tttnd »t"l pea; dear; will arrive »t San Pedro
ebmit •'•:*) n. m.. Feb. 2T.
STEA2CER KARIPOSA. from Tahiti for San
Francisco— Feb. 2«, p. m.. i.HS miles oot;
fresh northeiirt wind: ro-arh Fe»; barometer.
5J0.20: »<mr>«r»tnre. 6T.; «U we!l.
ETEAXER HAjrAIXI— W:43 a. m. Feb. 27—
Pas»»<i pigeon point.
6TEAKZK GEOHGE W. ELDER— irt a. a., Feb.
26 — Pa<-i«f(i Cascade tead.
Items of Interest to Mariners
of the Pacific
{Special Dispatch io The Call]
POBTI.AKP, Feb. 27.— Zajories sustained by
the steamer Genrsre W. Elder, whirl, tr a « r «tnm«i
a trefk a^o tomorrow in fcaa P«Hlro harbor by
tii* fteamcr Uoaier. prored not to i-e serious
trtjen the vessel was pla<-*<i In ' tli<>. Oregon drr
dorfc tbi" afternoon. Tbree nt its pUtes are
fooad to be ttprv op and *ome frames beat, bnt It
ie foejiered it will be ready Jo ret-ume its run
within thr^e d»j*.
With the hull and machinery orfrhaoled. tbe
rit-er tf-emrr Lorllnp of. the Vancouver trans
j-ort«tl<m •itmpaiiy. •'ill leaTe the w»rg of tbe
I'ortlawl ship tmiMinj company, tbe litter part
• t (be j»-««-k and is expected later in the month
so rewicie it* nrn betwe«« this city ami Astoria.
Ilij* water in t»i* L«>wl* ri»er permitted tbe
*te«n»er Masrot of the. L*wis rt»er transportation \u25a0
<*osßpanj- to resume nerTlee to La Outer Satur
day. Oti the first trip it was b»>aTily loaded with
w. «. Mfllor. inspector of th<> twelfth lighthouse
district. ha« i»Koed netiew to mariner* coaccrnlns
tbe X«»f)ilay wk <rhi«tltts buoy, which was re
ported adrift February 21. about SO miles south
hy west of the Pijreoa .point light station. Cell
f.utila. The baoy will be replaced, it is stated,
at »\u25a0 - 'ii a* practicable. .
B*T*lrs to tbe «teame/ Daniel Kern, which
w** ntnmHl by tbe stcan»er Georje w. Elder
riarmi- tiif early fall «od -wink in 60 feet of water
in Urn» Columbia rlTer, wiil be completed within
another week, when' the Tesgej wi:i resume
ofw-mtions towing rock barse*.. <
iTepurat'iry to »al!!c? for !»ndon direct the
British ship Keiburn was towed' from Inman-
I'vulaeo'c this morning to the lower harbor. -It
will be detained until Wednesday brrgun*- short
M crew. It U loaded with 2.^30,000 fe<t of lnm
1 1 IX* AKGELES. Feb. 2T.— Arrived: Steamers
Santa lt'«»a. from San Diego; Jaroe* S. Hispinti
from Fort Rrcjrg: Rosnoke, frcm Portland. •--..
S«il«H;: Steamers Fulton. for.San Diego; Santa
Rtmm. fnr San Francisco; J. B. Stetson, for Port
l«od: Despatch, for Enreka. \u25a0 I
SEATTLE, Feb. 27.— Arr!re<': • Steamer Gor
rriKa-. from San Franci»co; «t?amer Homboldt,
frnnj Kkapway. \u25a0(
.Salted: Steamer Barkmati, f<|- San FranrUco.
TACOKA, Wa*h., Feb. •-•7.— lrrired— Stenmer
Olympla. Als^M. - *; A \u25a0'.-\u25a0' - t
I)eparted — Steamer Bee, Bonn<j ports; schooner
Win* Jo w,. San Pedro. \u25a0/
- :: Ui- ' \
From . . I .: steamer ; 1 "ate ;
Grays Harb0r. ...,....; Newburs :.....]Feb. 2S
Urays Harb0r. :.;...... O. C- Lindauer. Feb .2s
HHaiburj: & Way Ports: Itauri ......... Feb. 2S
Saa Pedr0............. Tamalpais ;..... Feb. 2H
iirajs Harb0r......;... Carlo*. ......... J,'"-:-"
Portland i Artoria..., Ros« City .... Feb. 2H
San Dler»& Way Ports santa Rosa .... *eb. 2B
Humboldt Nortn Fork . . . . Mar. 1
Victoria . ...... ....... Ella ... ... • \u25a0-\u25a0 - >{«r. 1
Portlaud & Astoria.... Northland ..... Mar. 1
Humnoldt .;...';; ..;-.'...;. City of Topeka. Mar. 1
! Honolulu ....... ...... AUmeda ...... M*r. 1
j Honolulu ............. Nevadan .. Mar. 1
Coqullle River. .... Elizabeth ...... M»r. 2
San Pedr0............. Chehalls Mar. 2
fl«*B Pedr0...:...;..... J. B. Stetson. .. Mar. 2
New York via Ancon. San J05e........ Mar. 2
'ialiiti Marlposa ....... Mar. 2
Sal. Cm* : via S. Diego Mexican ....... Mar. -
Seattle & Tacoma..... Buekman .: Mar. -
Houolulu Wllhelmina ...Mar. 2
(Virlnto via Sal. Crua. . . Krna ...... Mar. 3
Coos B«y ............ M. F; Plant.... jMar. S
Uuinboldt ........ «•'. A. Kilburn.. Mar. 3
Point Arena & Albion. Porno Mar. 3
China &. Japan.. ..... Tenyo Maru ... Mar. S
Pn^et Sound Ports..... L'matHla ....... Mar. 3
Portland & Way Ports. Sauta Clara Mar. 3
I San I»lejro*Way Ports Queco Mar. A
|S»n PKlro Roanoke Mar. 3
«;raVB Harb0r.......... CentralU ...... M«r. jJ
Grayt- Harbor. Coronado Mar. a
San PeCr0.... ......... Hanalei jMar. 4
HonekoßT & Mororsn.. Hatel Dollar ..j Mar. 4
Seattle & Taoora*..... Ad. SaiapKoa ..(Mar. 5
Portland & Waj Port*. G. W. Elder. . .(Mar. 5
Destination I Steamer | Sails jPt,er
Ket.ruary 2S— - I ' \' f '
L"n Augeles Ports..... Hanalei ....I o pm 10
Grays Harb0r. ......... S. Barbara..] 4 pm ....
Grays Harb0r........;. Tamalpais ..) 2 pm 2,
Lo«' Anirele» Port*..;.. Carlos . .... 1 pm,....
Hnmboldt ............ F. Kilburn.. lo amj 13
Puitet Sound Ports..... iClty Puebla. 11 am »
San Pedro & Way Ports Cxx* Bay... 4 pm 11
\u25a0 March 1— • : \u25a0' \u25a0 ' : \u25a0 -"\u25a0 ' :
Aftoria & Portland.... Bovrdoln ... 3 pm
Maniaoillo direct .. Ella ."•;. ••;•
Coquille Kiver... ...... Flfield •-•\u25a0•!,-» P ra %'.
N. York via Sal. Cru*. Nebrftskan ..]lO am 2i
Seattle Si Tacoma . Watson .... 1 pmi 10
March 2— - '\u25a0\u25a0 t \u25a0\u25a0 -
Gray* Harb0r.. ........ Chehall* .... 2 pm ....
Astoria L Portland.. ".". i. B. Stetson 2pm 4
Honolulu & Katulul.. Ixiriln* il> m 3S
Otay* Harbor Nowburg . . . j-3 pm _l
Mendocino & ft. Arena Sp» Foata. .. j.4 pm 4
Humboldt ............ Hty Topeka. 10 urn 11
San Pedr0. :..... ...... |Coronado ... ........
San P0dr0...i....-...H>ntralia ... - -•
San Dlfgni-Way PorU Santa Rosa.. 11 am »
\storia & Portland I Ruanoke \u25a0; . . . 1 put 13
ilrars H5rb0r. .... .....|G. Undsuer.J 3 pm 21
Afttnrla ti Portland..... iTallac ..•••! • ••••
March 4— I, ft
Pu^et Souud Port*..... Queen ..... 11 am 8
Vancouver direct. ...... Enia .......'.... ....
Honolulu .. ...... Alameda ...ill smj 21
Point Arena & Albion, \u0084I'omo ...... 9 pnij 4
N«w York via Ancon.. Peru --••••• 1- m \ \u25a0*'!
AMoria & Portland.... Ro*e City... 11 am 40
Portland & Way Ports Mantft Clara. 1 pm 13
Spsttle & Tacoma..... Buckrosn ... lpm 10
\Btorta & Portland.... Northland .. 2 pm 1»
U» Anirelea Ports..... O. W. Elder, s pm! 13
tv.os Bny M. F. Plant! 3 pmi S
Pestinatioa 1 Steamer I Date
Valde* & Seward..... ..lOlympia ...... JMar. 1
Skagwuy & Way Ports, Hutnboldt JMar. Z
Southwestern Alaska. ..lPortbind ..Mar. 5
Valdpi A Seward ..|Victoria |Mar. b
'lime Ball
United States branrti hrdrographic office. Mer
chants' Exchange, San Francisco, lebruary
The time ball on thp roof of the Fairmont
h«t»l was dropped today exactly at noon. Pa
cific atandard time (12i>th meridian*, or at tsn.
30m." 00s Greenwich mean time. _
Lieutpnant. U. S." N.. In charge.
*>wn. Moon and Tide
UnitPd States coast and geodetic survey— Time
and heights nf tid«>s at Fort Point. For city
front (Mission street wharf) add 2T> minutes.
Sua ri»e« • «\u2666*
Puu «et* -..'.- ••«•-
Moon rlM* \u25a0•• *'\u25a0-' P- m -
Ijtst ouarter moon March 3. at 11:43 p. ra.
iy^: moon . . :. •• \u25a0 March 1U at 4:03 \u25a0\u25a0 m.
[: ; ITimeJ iTiniel Time! _ Time! .
25.. 1 2:181 4.6) 8:291 .1.8 2:31 4.0J 8:181 2.0
M l* r i 2:33 ,^ 4.©| 9:06! 1.6 3:31 3.7 8:51 2.4
2,, 8:01 « 11:51 1.4 4.56 5.5 9:34 2.8
3.. 3..16 4.8 10:&4 1.1 8:42 8.5 10:22 3.1
4 421 4.8 11..V5 O.S 8:00 5.6 11:23 3.3
5.'.' 5:22 4.0 12:53 0.5 8:55 3.9 1 :
•vtDTT 1H W [V Wf II \V|
«.;i; 0:38 3.418:50 5.1! 1:5& 0.1 ft:S3 4.2;
7 1-45 3.4 1 7 :3R 5.3 2:40 —0.2 10:0* 4.5 !
8.! 2:44 3.1 B:3*> 5.« 3:26 —0.4 10:30 4.7:
P.. 3:54 2.8 9:31 5.7 4:11 —0.4 ll:0K 5.0,
10.. 4:2:$ 2.2110:23 5.8 4:55 —0.3 ll:3» 5.4
H.; 8:101 1.7jll:15 5.S{ 3:35 0.0 A
I*. Si Branch Hydrocraphlc Offlc*
A branch of th# United States hydrocraphie
office, locatwl :ln the Merchants' Exchange, is
maintained In San Francisco for the benefit of
mariner*, wlthont resard to nationality and free
of expense. : Xatlgators are «*ordlally invited to
viflt the office, where Complete fets of charts
and sailing directions of the world are kept at
hand for comparison and reference, and the
latest Information can always be obtained re
gardinc llfhts. danpnrn to navipation and mat
ters of Interest to ocean commerce.
Lieutenant. U. S. N.'. In charge.
Dppth at mean low water, entrance tr> harbor.
PLACE I Ft. \ Date 1 Remark*
Grays Harl 18 Uan. I3!lnner bar buoy sub-
f j - j merged.
WUlap* B| 27 JJan. 6!\Vblßtilng buoy 1 mile
[ ( | north of bar.
Colura. R.l 24 INor. B!Shoallnfr ontside nun
I I 1 buoy Xo. 2.
Nehalm It] 7 !Xot. buoy.2oo yards N.
| \u25a0 | I of cnaanfl.
Tillmk 8.1 9 IDec. 17jChannpl *blft<"l 1 mil*
| | | youth In galc_XoT. 2S.
j Snn bnoy Xo. 0 and
Yaaulna B 10»4 Dec. 17 can buoy Xo. 3 Rone
j adrift. '
Sluslaw Rj 5 lJan. 6!
L'mpqua Bl 12 IDfc. p 6j Channel wrtl nortb of
I 1 I - range.
12 feet at low tide to
Coos Bay. ilB Jan. 4 Xorth Bend: 12 feet
1 - at low tide to Marsh-
{ field.
Coqullle R! 8 JJan. 7jChannel straight; good
j I I condition. .
Ro— c R1t1.....|. . .. ;i . . l_. jj^li v.' \u25a0• \u25a0
Kfamth Rl 7~lJ*n. "[ChannH straight eaut
I I . | and west. . .
Hmbldt Bj 20 JJan. 15 Xorth channel unsafe
• j [ j to navigation. ..• : .
S Pedro B!^0 |Jan. S(Xo chtngc In th»nnti~.
S*Dley<»~B]"2s~l Dec. 9lXo change in chanßei^
S Pablo B| 24 Dec llDepth in dredged cfean-;
: 111 °«i- :-. ' \u25a0
Armr Transport* . - ; ..,;.;
Tbe Crook tailed February 19 for Manila; ' ,
The Warren i« at Manila. '-,",', ;".'•
Tbe J-csan Is in port. . .'\u25a0'.\u25a0\u25a0:;\u25a0
Tbe Buford Is in port.
The Sheridan sailed February' 14 from Hono
loin for Manila.
Tbe Sherman is in port.
The Thomas sailed February 22 from Nagasaki
for this port. .
Was First Used by the Dutch
in 1690
In some countries i adulteration has
grown to dangerous proportion's, and
the second International congress for
the repression of adulteration in food
and drugs, held In Paris, has beerf'an
event of considerable interest, says the
London Globe. . :
At the recent meeting at Lille of the
French Association .of Science, M.vDor
veau traced the history of what Is per
haps the oldest known adulteration of
food — the adulteration of coffee with
The' name of theigifted inventor ;of
this mixture is unknown,: but, after a
long • discussion" the ( date'? of the : inven-'
tlon • has .been* fixed , at 1690— when the
Dutch practiced it. If does not -seem
likely that' William: 111 brought vlt>, to
England; but.' Prussia*, adopted -chicory
In 1763, : and , the - French, ., who V did . not
use it till "1771,; have (since l then%been
more . active than any other ;'people 'in"
spreading the adulteration..
: :. . ; \u25a0 arrived
'\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 • .' ' Sunday, February 27.
• Stmr. Acme, OUen, 2t» hour* ' from Enreka;
450.000 feet lumber to the Charles Nelson com
pany. : \u25a0\u25a0 :" .. \u25a0 \u25a0•\u25a0 ;- ' . -.- .-
Stmr Eureka, O'Brien. 142 Hours from Seattle;
2,300 ton* f-oal, tioo.ooo feet lumber and 37 piles,
to Pacific Coa^t company. ':-.\u25a0
Stmr Bundon. John«on, 54 hours from Coos
bay; 400,000 feet lumber to the Charles Nelson
company. . . ; • \u25a0 . - ...
Nor stmr Thor. Egenes, 4^ day* from Xa
nnimo, 8.C.; 7,145 tons, coal to Western fuel
company. .\u25a0 . \u25a0 • .
Stmr Qoinault. Kotfeld, 73 hours" from Wlllapn
harbor: «25,000 feet lumber to Hart-Wood lun>l,*sr
company. . . - - : .
Stmr Hanalei, McKarland, 53 hours from San
Pedro; paKgenfrers ami . uiercbandisevto .Independ
ent steamship company; \u25a0 \u25a0 ' -
fc'tmr Sea Foam, Henrlcksen, 12^5 hours from
Mendocino. vi* Point Arena 10 hours; passengers
and merchandise to H. Tcmpleman.
.Stmr Brnnswirk, Hammar, -l3Vi hocrs from
FOrt Brapp; 446,000 feet lumber to Union lum
ber company.
Stmr Samoa. Madsen. to hours from Caspar;
bound \u25a0south, put in to land passenger*.
Strar Pel Norte,' Hall, 31 hours from Cre«eent
City; passengers and mtrchandlee to Hoblie, -Wall
& Co. " \u25a0 . ,\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-. ;; \u25a0 • -. '
Schr Monterev, Kelly. — hours from Mon
terfy; lU.OOO barrel* oil to Associated oil com
pany. In tow tug Defiance. .
Stmr Newburp. Norberg, 7f» honrs fr<Mn Grays
Harbor; 450,000 feet lumber to S. E. Slade lum
ber company. -
' • : .'.\u25a0..:; :: Saturday, February M.
Stmr Vanpuard, Odlnnd. Eurekft. -
• • . • :- Sunday, February 27.
Stmr Cas<o, Ahlln. Astoria and l'ortland.
Stmr Samov Madsm. San Pedro. :;
Ktmr Whltticr, Seaman. Ventura.- . ."-\u25a0'-''\u25a0
Sehr CommertM*. Zputhcn. Astoria. •\u25a0 ' \u25a0-\u25a0/\u25a0
Ger stmr Herraonthi!«,Blelenberg, Hamburg
and way ports. \u25a0 .
Br stmr Ashtabula. Harding. Karatsu/ : \u25a0 \u25a0
Stmr Queen. Cmis!n«. San Diego. '\u25a0; -\u25a0: \u25a0\u25a0'. : :
Stmr Cascade. I'uediiiD. Honolulu. \u25a0
Stmr Nome City. Hansen, Astoria. . \u25a0
Stm'f laqtta, Sels, Eureka. :
» Schr Ma»>»l Oale. Mattson. Portland.
Schr Santiago, McDonald, Monterey, In tow
tug Navisator. ~r. !;.
Barge 91, Monroe. Port San Knis, in tow tug
Hercules. ~
PORT SAN MJIS— Arrived F*b 27. 3 p. m.— »
Stmr Melville Dotlnr, from San Pedro.
WESTPORT— Barbotmd Feb 27. 3 p. m.— Stmr
HoquUm. for Srn Francisco: stmr Clafemont, for
S«n Pedro; schr Ludlow. for Satt Pedro; schr
Golden Shore, for San Pedro; southwest wind,
about fiO miles an hour; fog and heavy rain:
unable to see any distance: bar rousn. \u25a0
TATOOSH— Passed out Feb 2«, 7 p. m.— Br
stmr Makura. from Vancouver for Sydney, N. S.
XV.. via Honolulu and Brisbane. '" :
Passed in Fcb 27. 7 s. m. — A schooner.
CLAI.UXM BAY— Anchored Fcb 27— Schr Gam
ble, from Port Gamble for Ssn Francisco.
CRESCENT— Passed \u25a0 In" feb 27. R «. m.— A
loaded two ma«tcd stenm sohr: »:40 «. in., a
loaded ship; t<v» thick to ascertain mium.
PORT TOWNSEND— Arrived Feb 27— Schr
Americans, from Kallns. Cruz; schr Wm. Bow
den, from San Pedro. ::- :--~: --~-
Pass»-d lv Feb -7— Stmr St. Helens, from As
tirrls; stmr RivcrsiOe, from Astori*. :
iSOUTH BEND— Sailed Feb 27— Stmrs Saginaw
and Mayfatr, 12 noon, for San Francisco; stmr
Jim Bu'tlor. I p. m.. for San Pedro.
Arrived Fob 27, 9 a. m.— Stmr Tahoe, from
Astoria. : . •.•-.'\u25a0 \u25a0 -'. \u25a0 \u25a0 ' ; \u25a0>, "\u25a0•
EURKKA— Arrived Feb 2T— U. S. stmr .Se
quoia, from a cruise. '-:\u25a0
Sailed l>b 27— Nor stmr Tordenskjold. for Pu
gpt sound; stmr Brooklyn, for San Francisco.
Arrived Feb 27— Stmr City of Topeka. hence
Feb 26. \u25a0':'\u25a0 \u25a0 : -." \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0• " '\u25a0 \u25a0 : ' :'\u25a0 \u25a0 : -
ASTORlA— Arrived Feb 27— Stmr Ramona.
from Coos bay. ; : : .
SAN DlEGO— Arrived Feb 27— Ptmr Mexican,
from Salin* Omt. :
SEATTl.E— Arrived Feb 27. 11 a. m.—Stmr
Olympic, from Cordova: 1:30 p. m., stmr Hum
boldt. from hTkagway. :: ; : *L,";-' : ".
Palled Feb 26. 9 p. m.— Stmr .Cottage Uty, for
Skapway. Feb 27. 1 p. m.—Stmr Buekraan. for
San Francisco. -W ''
Arrived Feb 27, R p. m. — Stmr Governor, hence
POINT LOBOS— Passed smitb Feb 27. 8 a. ni. —
Stmr Harold Dollar, Trom Everett for Ssn Pedro.
HONOLULU— Arrived F»b 27— Schr W. H.
Marstnn, hence Feb 4; stmr ArlJionan, from Ta
°° Arrived Feb 27— U.S. stmr Crook, hence Feb
19. \u25a0 ' '\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 ''-^V.&'Z;
- : FOREIGN PORTS :|: | :
VICTORIA— SaiIed Fci» 27— Aust Stmc Her
mine, for Gnayraas; Ger stmr Ella, for San
Francisco. _. : . .
\u25a0V.r- OCEAN STEAMERS i \u0084
SOUTHAMPTON— Arrived Fel> 27^Stmr St.
\u25a0-''sauVd Fch27— Stmr" Prin* . Friedrlch Wilhelm, \
for N>w York. '•\u25a0 \u25a0'•''\u25a0\u25a0. i;! : " '•''".
QUEENSTOWN— SaiIed Feb 27-vSttnr I.usl
tania. for New York. - '. .
NEW YORK— Arrived Feb 27— Stmr La Savoie,
from Havre-. <
Miss Artemisia of Greece Is
Sought in Gotham
Anybody who has 4een-tlie_ h*»ad of a
Greek maiden resting In a taxloab -will
please put it on his shoulder and carry
it to Caesar. That will be the oldest
head— not to be unpallant — that has
been on a young shoulder this many a
day, for those lovely features were
shaped three centuries before the
Christian ftra, or about 2,200 years ago,
says the New York Herald.
Artemisia, or whatever her name
was, had never before in all her life
ridden in a. taxicab. Once she might
have seen a chariot going so fast that
its' axles blazed all the way to the Pan
theon, but that was before sparking 1
devices were Invented. It seems that
\u25a0 a certain weather man fell in love with
her the other day and Insisted on tak
ing her to her home. She was wrapped
tip comfortably, for her. cheeks were
quite cold, and placed* alongside her
master, and away they went up Fifth
avenue as fast as young Phoebus could
have sped with the. dawn.
Once she peeped out of the window
and inquired, "Tell me, O man, if yon
fair fane be the temple of Minerva?"
at the sametlme making an inclina
tion toward the public library. .How
long she rode none may. know, but now
she is all lost. Once they may have
stopped before the cookshop of the
Helvetian Delmonicus, or. T»s;it in the
atrium of Shcrripides theytarried? At
least the oblivion of the metropolis de
scended on Artemisia,. and probably; she
'.is languishing in unappreciated* soji
tude. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0/.\u25a0_\u25a0 "\u25a0'• ';: :••';•:" : .'.-,-:- :•
\u25a0•She should be ; easy: to identify if yet
within the !sight;of-.men. ' Her.,fa : ce; :.is
classic and >jier nx>jse. .is. straight.-. .Her
hair she wearsV;ii> a psyche 'knotr:anj3
around hietr rieck. iV : something -of ah
ancient | pepluhi -and a- boa of. red mar :
Ijle. Her;- head .seems' to" b© of ..Parian
marble, unlike, that- of - the ". chauffeur,
which is said to be of. the finest ivory.
Wherefore, stranger,'' .lf thou behold
the lost Artemisia, take her up ten
derly and carry her to '\u25a0; the shopiof j
Caesar Canassea. the Roman; who: sells
ancient wares in the 479 th housed of the
Fifth avenue in ;this our" Athens, - and
he will give tliee' a reward, r. ..
Demand in England' brains \u25a0 por
ests of Norway and Sweden
' There was a time when ; the needs^of
the British postoflflce ' Inv the- way Tof
poles ;to support, the 1 overhead.'f.tele
graphs- of 'the United i Kingdom were
met ! solely .:'• from . Norway,- says;- the
Westminster Gazette. .-But jj today,
Martin's » le Grand/ tells V us, % Norway's
tallest pines are V not /forthcoming^ In
sufficient numbers .to 'meet .the demands
of ; - the ; ; eu)andihg ?i servlce-^demands
averaging 50,000 • poles^per r ahhurh: Swe
den fwas, duly 'laid t under, contribution
and^now Russia - ; has ibecomeia', valuable
source ; of ;'supply.vj" It \was \ln ;1905 >X that,
this I sourcelwasf opened | by,? the] present
controller^ of ;"stores.Xwho
for-' r the * purpose/f.TheiPqleS.><omeinot
only from, the: forests, that feed jthelßal^
tic portsTybuti fromTthose, in » the \u25a0; White
sea hinterland.i^pi^^^SHßSfflSSßßi
Weather Report
United States department of sericulture —
' Weather bureau — San Francisco. - February . 27. . '
' ' - Last 1 Seasonal Normal'
Stations-.- 24 hours, to date, to date.
Eureka " 0.24 35.25 31.31
Red Bluff ... ...Trace 13.12 17.51
Sacramento ...:.. ..Trace 8. 9S 13.80
Mount Tamalpais ...Trace .21.96 1t1.39
San Francisco ....... 0.01 15.35 16.21
San Jose ...........Trace ~ 11.17 10.10
Fresno .............. O. CO - 0.44 0.43
Independence ......... O.« 0 4.07 6. 50
San Luis 0b15p0...... O.W 10.79 13.03
Los Anseles ........ 0.00 14.4(5 , 10.80
San Dl»go .........;. p.OQ 5.33 .7.00
Conwt record for 12 hour*, ending 5 p. m.
>•: •.-\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 g s-.a- *\u25a0. ;sj 3
. \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0•, , • .73 "'P ? \u25a0 =•\u25a0\u25a0 5 • I?.
STATIONS: I : $['$ : '? If
\u25a0 \u25a0'•.'\u25a0 \u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0 -?\u25a0*'\u25a0 f f : r T\u25a0"
Boise ..,..^.. .2ft.7« IB 31 RE Cloudy T.
Eureka ...J.. 30. 02 52 48 SE Uain .24
Flajrstatf ....2t».S* GO art SW Pr.Cldy .00
Fresno .......30.08.6ft 42 NW Cloudy .<>O
Independence ..20.88 as S2 S Cloudy .00
Kalispel ..20.34 42 80 SE Cloudy .00
I.os Ahgeles .. .23.91* 76 T. 2 • X\V Cloudy 100
Modena 2O.ftS 52 .. W I't.Cldy .00
Mt. Tfimalpals ;M>.lS SO 41 W Cloudy T.
North Head ..20.42 4<r 48 SW Cloudy : .:«4
Phoenix .....2fi.Bp Tti 44 W Pt.Cidy .00
Pocatello ; ...:.-.2».fS(J. 44 2* SE Sn.iW T.
Pt. Reyes L't.30.10 r.l 47 SW Fojruy .I'M)
Portland .....2!>.4S 4s 4« SW Uain .42
Red Bluff .....lO.tV; 54 44 SE Rain :T.
Reno .-.2!».!>« r.O ISO W Cloudy ;(«!
Roseburg . 29. 50 7»2->' 4<f S Rjiin .09
Sacraraento ...30. 0S «0 44 S Cloudy T.
Salt Lake ....20.00 4H \u0084 S Clourtv .00
Pan Dieso a).!i4 «(i fto NW Cloudy .«>«
San Fr«neisco.3<).l4 .".» 48 SW Cloudy .01
San-sJose .....30.14 (10 .38' >W Cloudy T.
San L. 0b15p0..30.10 70 .50 NW Pt.Cidy -.O<J
SE. Fara110n..30.14 Zi 50 W Cloudy .O<)
•Summit So 2S S Snow" T.
Tacoma 2t).:t2 44 42 SW Rain .Ut
Tonopah . ; ....... 2ft.w \u25a046 34 NW Cloudy .00
Walla ...20.4S ,V> 44 S Cloudy T.
Wlnnemucca ..20.5)0 4S 32 SW Cloudy : T.
Yuma ... .....2i».54 82 4H W Clear .00
•Snow on ground, S4 inches.
SYNOPn»S t, r .-^ -
A depression of treat depth overlies British
Columbia. Washington Rnd northern Idaho. It
appears .to be inovlns eastward through the
northern states, but i» accompanied .by a rain
area covering- tbi* entire northwpfttcl-n portion
of the country. Heavy rain has falen in north
ern Washington. !
The tetnpprature has rifon 12 dpgreos at
Los Angeles and fallen 10 degrees at San Di
ego and at San I.vi« Oblspo.
I Tlie relative nutnldlfy at Red-Blnff was SS desc.
1 and at Fresno 60 dcir.
I .Forecast for :jo hours endinff at mlilnlght
February 2ft: :
S«n KraiK'fsco and vicinity— Showers Monrtsy;
brisk *outh«vp*t windH. :
Northern California— Showers Monday; mod
erate south wind. . ... .\u25a0 . : : ' :; . \u25a0
Southern California — Cloudy.: unsettled
weather Monday: hri*k north wind.
A. G. McAniE, District Forecaster.
Dally niver Bulletin :
SACRAMENTO, Feb. 27.— Observations taken
St : 7«. m.: \u25a0:;\u25a0;. . j. ; ; . ..;\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0; . -\u25a0 -\u25a0.:\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 ;-.- ..: ;
. STATIONS ' :m: m 55 "%;
'':'\u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0;\u25a0,;\u25a0:\u25a0 : ; : - : ' . : . :.- *m \u25a0'^o \u25a0• 3i
.; ;\u25a0; • ,\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 . \u25a0 -\u25a0..-\u25a0 : : \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0.\u25a0:\u25a0• :..; : - \u25a0:. :, : w 7 \u25a0' 2 =
Sacramento watershed — :
Kennett.Sncramentft rlvfr;. 25.0 7. R —2.2
Red Bluff. Sacramento river 23.0 12.0— - \u25a0— 4^o
Slonroeville. Sacramento r, 22. 0 9.7 —3.9
Colu««. Sacramfnto riter... 20.0 23.2 0.4
Knlgbts Landing, Sac. river 18.0 14.44- 4-0 4
Orovl lie. Feather river 25.0 0.7— —0 7
Maryivllle, Yuba river 30.0 10.4— —0.5
Folsom, American river ... .... U.»— 0 6
S-acr*m«nto. Sacramento riv 29.0 1«. 54- 4-0.4
Rio Vist*. Sacramento river 13.0 5.74- 4-0.1
San Joaquin watershed— :
Pallasky. San Joaquln river .... 0.5— —0.0
Firebaugb. San Joaouln rlv. J2.0 ..... ....'.
Sferced Falls. Merced river. .... O.S 0.0
Jacksonville. Tuolumce river 20.0 3.4— 4-1.0
Molnnes, Stanislaus river.. 2.6 — -0 2
Jenny Mnd. C«laveras river 10.0 0.6— — O.li
Electra, Mokelumhe river.. 12.0 1.4^ _f» 1
Lathrop. San Joaquln river. \u25a0 13.6 ..... \V...
-f Indicates a rhlne river. —Indicates n /alt
ing river., ,-; \u25a0' \u25a0:' '\u25a0: \u25a0\u25a0-.: ;•\u25a0 .=\u25a0' : '.-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.•\u25a0\u25a0•.\u25a0 •:. \u25a0
:-:'\u25a0 ; RIVER FORECAST ' '" :•\u25a0\u25a0 '\u25a0'--.
Thp SacMmento river will continue rit=inir -be
low Knlghtß l««ndlnfr clurln? the next 24 honrs;
the upper S»eram<*nto will fall. Ther* will be
little chanjreln the rivers of tne San Juanuln
valley. J \. n. TAYLOR.
• .•;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.: : : :. \u25a0\u25a0••\u25a0" j,- Local Forecaster. '.'\u25a0'
Moral Drawn From Training
Battleship Crews ; 5
i Rear. Admiral; Schroeder, While train
ing the men on the fleet down in Guan
tanamobay, has discovered that some
2,500 of them don't know how to swim,
and h« reports; to . Washington that
he has taken measures to remedy this
defect in their nautical education, says
the New York Times.
It seems rather remarkable that sail
ors, with large amounts of water al
ways conveniently near, .should lack
an art which so many landmen pos
sess, especially as it is an art the pos
session of which a sailor is. at any mo
ment likely- -to be in more or less des
perate need. It is a fact, however, that
seamen a.* a class swim badly or not at
all, and the reason is not far to seek,
for when on© comes to ihing about it,
a^ship in motion is* about the worst
thing in the world from\ which to go
swimming, and the sailor's opportu
nities for taking to the water, except
by an accident, which with good rea
son he avoids as long as he can, are
much less numerous than- those of the
man ashore. Out atisea there is. none
at -all, and while i in port the sailor
is otherwise occupied— chiefly in
spending hard' earned money.
Moreover, old ' sailors have been
known to .'argue .that-, since for them
falling overboard usually means death,
whether they can swim " or not, it is
better, to lack acknowledge that only
serves to prolong ;a^ hopeless struggle
with the merciless waves. 'That, of
course, is bad logic 'and unsound doc
trine. but- ; it has just enough of truth
in it to. create something of plausi
bility to the claim. ' Admiral Schroe
der does well to, ignore '.that sort:;- of
argument and to insist that his; men
learn to swim, jjnow ;that he has! them
in water where. swimming is a delight.
One Thousand
Invested in PREMIER stock NOW should
*v : .'i earn " you one ;. thousand 1 dollnrsV EACTI '
: ' YEAR when the property is fully . derel-
'." oped, and' this • will be within 'tbree years*
•" time. What 5 - will,- the- stock -b«;. worth'
THEN? And with higher prices for oil
the earnings will be still GREATER. rAsk
:. . .f. the I men who . haTe f personally ' examined ;
' the -Premier '.property -what they SAW
•-. ' there and what THEY" think of /Premier."
. You 'will '". flnd •' that i they " haTe '\u25a0 rx»rr>i»e
' owneri. . in \u25a0• this , WEALTH , PRODUCER. •;
;. And so would yon. if. YOU were to. see-it. ;,
Lincoln Mortgage and Loan Company
'' 1 /)• l4th \u25a0 Floor," 160 ' Geary. Street ; -j "',
--/\u25a0\u25a0"\-" ''San Francisco >/• .'\u25a0\u25a0":'';. 1
New - York . ' ; Seattle ;. " Los ; AriKel es '\u25a0
'\u25a0" MEMBER
\u0084 ,- \u0084-.-\u25a0;.. •_\u25a0-, \u25a0-\u0084- - \u25a0\u25a0 ;-:.. ,-
Main Offtca ' ' Branch Offlees -^«
; MILLS BLDO.T 8. '• '•-."" PALACE '- HOTHL t
V -f: Correspondents ~ ' - 1 -;. (Main \u25a0* Corridor) r -
HARRIS. WINTHROP ''\u25a0 S&n - Francisco. *',- r.. \u25a0:.
~£~££> A CO.. f •\u25a0--, --W HOTEL ALEXANDRIA
23 Pine Bt.V- New \u25a0 York -ir^-Ixw Angeles i>- -
8 Rookery, Chicago 5 HOTEL -i DEL s CORO-
mUSteut Street.," -V. NADo, £S'=r^::
; . 1 ;" . Denver.'j Cola y^ ' ' . .',' Coronado \u25a0 Beach.
\u25a0 1 Third Anmial Sale
"The Greatest Collection Exer Offered" wUI
take 'place at .'>*!(H»SHe*taßß«BW
j THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 1910. Commenc-
ing, At !H4."> ». m. Sharp. .
Second day . FRIDAY, MARCH 4. 1910, at 12
ra.. 100 head draft. 'express and business horses.
Send for catalogue. \u25a0
\u25a0'.-.'; 478 Valencia st.V San Francisco. .\u25a0 \u25a0 .
/TS.—^ AUCTION" SALE of 65 bead of horses
Sf£Z \u25a0 and mares,: suitable for city and ranch
work; lOu sets of single: and double harness.
All : kinds Of wagon*., buggies and surreys.
Evervthinjr as represented or money refunded.
Outside stocU sold on commission. Sale take*
plare MONDAY," Feb. 26. at 11 a. m., 205-200
Valencia street; pnoni» Park 2723.
Instead: of being the somewhat chilly
joy it is up here in the north, i
Everywhere the ability to swim is
a cheap form of life insurance, and
nobody Should fail to "carry" it. A
skillful teacher can give the art to
anybody in a few hours, and it .is one
of the man^, superiorities of women
that they can learn It more quickly
than men and practice it more easily.
For. the reason, see the first text book
on anatomy.
yjji^. i ' Steamers leave from
yfvTjsu^^^ ;.: Broadway Wharves (Piers
f££_^_'' \u25a0 o*«^ V 9 anrt 11).' Lo^v rates, inc.
/ft/tfflP^^ft V^V t|(>i'th^ «nd mnsls.
I 1 YKPOk II r6u&d tri P ra[o!!-
**tkk*?®y SA?f Diego
\u25a0 ; »SA>*TA BARBARA
Governor ..Mar. 7, 22, 2 p. m.
Pre5ident............ .Mar. 29, 2 p. m.
Queen .....feh. 27, Mar. 14, 2 p. m.
•Santa Rosa..., ...Mar. 3, 11, 18, 26, 11 a. m.
•Only steamer /calling 1 at: Santa Barbara.
Connecting at Seattle for Southeastern - Alaska,
SStagway, Dawson.' Fairbanks. .
G0vern0r........'..'..\.....Mar.. 12, 27, 4 p. io.
Pre5ident......................Mar. 19, 4 p.m.
Queen .....Mar. 4. 4 p.m.
City of Puebla..Feb. 29. Maj;. 15, 30, 11 a.m.
Umati11a.........;... .Mar. 8. 23, 11 a. m.
Topeka........Mar. 3, 8, 13, 18. 23, 29. 10 a. m.
Senator, Mar. 7,/ noon. Bound trip excursion,
21 days. \ lncludlne Bertn ana Meals, $73. ;.
ALASKA CRUISES, 1010—Leave Seattle
Spokane.'June 14. 28; July 12, 26; Au(f. 0, 10 p. ni.
Queen....................Ju1y 12,. 26. 8 p. m.'
\u25a0 Bight reserved to change this schedule. ".'
TICKET OFFICES—(PaIace Hotel) 653 Market
' 6t., 3 Market st. and Broadway wharf. ;• \u25a0
X ; Telephone Kearny 432.
OAKLAND—II2O Broadway. Tel. Oakland 5650.
0. D. DL'NANN'. Qeaeral Passenger Agent.<
Tehuantepec Route
AND HAWAIIAN ISLANDS, sailings from New
York e»er» six . days.; making direct connection
with Pacific steamers: sailing from Sallna Crux,
Mexico, every six days for San Francisco.
Also to Mexican and all principal European ports
under through rate and through bills of lading.
Sailings from San Francisco eTery 12 days.
28 days,'and Tla Puget Sound erery 12 days.
:;For rates and -further particulars apply to
DF.ARBORN &: LAPHAM. General Agents, 8
Bridge St.. New: York: WILLIAMS. DIMOND &
CO., Oeneral Agents, Pacific Coast.
.>;;.•;- .; 310 Sansome st., Saa Francisco.
Bellinsham. Anacortes. Everett. Port Town-
send. Victoria, Vnncourcr and all Alaska
S. S. WATSON .March 1
S. S. BUCKMAN ....;.. March 5
.8. S. ADMIRAL SAMPSON .March 10
Los Angeles Direct
* : TWIN SCREW •. :
Sailings from Howard Street Wharf No. 3.
Alaska Pacific Steamship Xo.
Sailings from Howard Street Wharf No. S.
S; S. Tenyo Maru Tuesday. March 15, 1910
S. S. Nippon Mara......Tuesday, April 5, iqxo
S. S. Chiyo Maru '..Tuesday, ilay 5. 1810
Steamers sail from company's piers, Nos. 42
44 near foot of Second St., at 1 p. m., for
Yo'kouama and Hongkong, calling at Honolulu
Kobe (Hiogo).vand Nagasaki and Shanghai, and
connecting at Hongkong with steamers for Ma-
nila, India, etc. No cargo received on board on
day of sailing. Round trip tickets at reduced
For freight and passage apply at offlce, 240
James Flood bulldlftj. W. H. AVERY.,
Assistant General Manager.
HilUAi 111 II S- S- Alameda sails at 11 ft.
IIUiiULULU m M«rch 5, 1910. Special
11V' 1 VLV U" rouud 1 trip. $110 Ist clas*.
Mariposa sails .11 a. m.. Mar. 10. Special
round, trip; Tahiti. $125 flrst class.
OCEANIC S. 5..C0., 673 Mkt.vT.Krny 1231
All -Jlodern Safety De>'vice*( U*lrele.<»»^£c)
•Pres. Lincoln..Mch. 12J5G. Waldersee. April 9
•Ires. t;r«ut:.Meh. 10UKals'nAug Vie.April 16
tAmerlka ;.... .Mch. 20UBluecher o. ....April 21
IPretorin ..;.-... April 2|Pres. Lincoln...'April 23
' Jltlti-Carltoii a la Carte Restaurant.
{llatnburg direct. *omlts- Plymouth. ?\u25a0; .'
\u25a0rp A f X.T' VIA GIBRALTAR
1 I \u25a0r'/jL: I \u25a0 T NAPLES and
*;'*i-r^*—•**;\u25a0'".•• _ GENOA "r \u25a0 :
S. S. HATAVIACVnpIrsj Only) Mar.=s,lpm
S. S. HAMBURG . ... ......... .March 2»
S. S. MOLTKE ............... .".April 1U
Tourist L>ept. for Trips -.ETerywhere.
100. PoTrell.. St.'*;/-' -'. Phone Kearny 2940
JExperienced Travellers
,• acknowledge the :
. excellence of the .
:HamjWr^Vmerican Li ne
. Plymontli;. .Chfrl<ourg . and -1 Hambnrg.
,*S. S. Pws.' Lincoln. .V..r..March 12, 10 a. m.'
•S.S. Pres. "Grant........ March 19,2 p. in. '
\u25a0-.' *Omit 9;. Plyniouth.' - / -
>' For Obcraiihmergan Pnniiion Play —
Berlin, Exhibition l9lot BrussieUi Ex-
hibition j 1010,';ana:all other in terewt-
liig European events," Inquire of \u25a0 our
.Tourl*t;Department.""o \u25a0 ; \"
il6o;PowelliSt.rvjPhone Kearny 2046
""". •-\u25a0\u25a0-- ;." \u25a0'\u25a0 . \u25a0.»:.'. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0_/''\u25a0 \u25a0 t*-«--," .\u25a0•:-" : \u25a0•,'."
Compagnie Generale Transatlantiqne
-: Sailingsievery iThursday^ instead; of! Saturday,
at 10, a. m.V' from pier ; 42, j Nortb rirer, 7 foot; of
Morton'street. \u0084'•:."' ,' . -
i- First * class; to! Harrc, ? $77.50. and upward;' sec-
ond class to Harro." $50 an«l upward, v. GENERAL
10 i State- street.'s New % York.' sr J.-j IV,: FUGAZI.
Manager' Pnclfic <\u25a0 Coasts 630; Montgomery > street,
San , Francisco."-; " Tickets sold ;by * ail - railroad
ticket agents. \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 •: .
Salesroom 1140 McA Ulster st. Phone Park SCO. 1
Special Auction Sale
Slightly Damaged by Smoke an* Water. -
All kinds', of- Furniture and 1,000 yards of
Carpet.-', etc. »|S| "
TOMORROW \u25a0\u25a0- MONDAY
... = :AT: AT 11 O'CLOCK A. M. .
N>V. Cor. Sutter and Van Ness
(Old Store Newman' & LerlJion:)
MARK J. LKVTr Auctioneer.
\u25a0 ; Evorrthln" in place most be- sold. Big bar
ffsln «l«y. \u25a0•\u25a0:•. ;\u25a0 • . \u25a0 \u25a0
I will sell 5S head of horses, mares and mules,
also wagons, buggies and harness. .WEDNES-
DAY, MARCH 2. 11 a. m. C 65 4th st.. Oak-
Und.~ . J. VT. MEDEIROS. Auctioneer.
• RAILWAY TRAVEL ....1....r
Leave '. (Foot of Matket Street) * Arrivtt Inn (Thifd \tA To*n»ftd 3owti> Arriv*
2.15 a Xfles, larenaore. Tracy, Lathrop, t5.25a Loop— 23d Street. VirlUtion. ?^ta
Stockton, Lodi. Sacramento 10.38 a San Fraacteo, ValenrU Street t*3s*
6.40» HnvTrard. Nues, San Jo«e. 7.08 a t!L35a Loop— Ytleacia Street. Oreaa Vi»w.
7.OCt Ricainond. Port Costa. Beaieia. Suimn. •. -. Cemeterif*. South 6aa Fraaciico,
. Dixon, Sacrameato. Rosevflle. Marys- 23d Street^ 3rd aad Towntead. . .... t«.«sa
\u25a0 rilie. Redding Dunanuir 7.28» 620 a South tan Francisco. Saa Jose, Gilrer,
7.00 a Dsiira. VacaviUe. Rtmssy. 7.28p (HoUL'ter). Sargent. Pajaro. Wataoa-
7.00a Davis, Woodland (MarysrilK Oro- »21e, Snu Crui. 7.SOt
*aie), Waiiams. Marrell. VTiilows, 7.00 a Sonth S«a Franci«». Pilo Alto. Saa
Hamilton. Corning. Red Bluff " 7.28» Jose. War Stations JHir
7.00 a Newark, S«n Jose. Us Gatos, Wrijht. 7.00 a MaySeld. Los Altos. Loa Gat 05 ....... XlSOf
Felton (Boulder Creek). Santa Crui.. 9.58» 8.05 a The Csaster— San Jose, Paiaro (WsV
740 a Vallejo, Napa. Calistoga, Saata R<}«a, sonTille, S»ata Cnu). Omttoraie.
\u25a0 Martinet, San Ramon 6.0£? (Del Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grort).
7.40 a Isles, Pleassnton, Lrrinnore, Alta- \u25a0 Silina3, Soledad. Pa» Roble* Hot
: mont, Lathrop, Stockton 7.23» Pprinjp. S«n Luis Obispo, Surf.
: 740 a Tracy, Los Baoos. Herman, Fresno, (Lompoc\ Santa Barbara. Ventura,
Hanford. Vi«lb. 4.28s OxraH. Los \ng»l-s ll^B#
' B^oa Port Costa, Martinez. Brron. Trary; 8.20* MsySeld, Los Altos. Los Gatos, Wrigjrt.
\u25a0 . . Stockton, Mereei. Fresno, Goshea /-'• GlentKy>.i<Bouldrr Creek). s?»ata Crua,
'' Junction (ll*nford. Anaona), Visalia, . WataonTille. CaitroTille. Dd Monte.
: ; : PorterTilie, Baksrsfield 4.48? Mocterev. Paeiae Grove 9DOf
8.20t Yosemite Valliy m Merced. ::. 7.48 a fI.COI San Jose. Gilroy, Sa!lna.». P»s> EoNo N
9.00 i \ii»*. Lirtrmore,: Stockton (*Miiton), . Hot Spring*. San Lois Obispo— Trea
Valley ?prinß. lone, Sacrameftto 4^28? Pinos— WiUonTile. Santa Cmi, Del
: : 9.00 a Sonora, Tuolumne and Angsto 4^Ba Monte. Monterey. Pacise Grort 4iXJ>
i • 9.00 a Atlantis Express — .^aeramento. Tnus- \u25a0 10.40 a South San Franebco. BuHi«r»me, Saa
:<. : ".' kee, Otdea. Salt lake City. Denrer, Mateo. Palo Alto, Saa Jose BJCa
' Kansas City, Omaha, Chicago 8.23? i« j«, i« iit^ ir^». Vb*. i**r.**rM 1 T8.40a
9.40» Richaond. Pert Costa. MartiM* 1040 a Loa. Utos. MoaU \«ta. LesGato».. , |Op
' Bay Point 6.48t 1 1.30 a Valearia Street. Owii Mew, Cdasa,
: 10.20 a \allejo Mare Island, Xapa...., 1 1.28 a I Cenettrirs. B»den, ftia ßruao i.35«
10.20 a Lo« Angeles Passenrer— Port -Costa, 1 1.40 a South Saa Francisco. Saa Jo» t3£o»
:.:; MartJaex, Bj-ron, Tracy, Stockton, • 2.00 a Del Moate Fjpress— ?aa Joee, Gamy,
. h Merced, Fresno. Uanford, Visalia, Sarsrnt (Wstsonvule. Santa Crux).
: Bakcrrfield, Los Angeles : 7.48 a Del Monte, Monterey. PaciSs GrOTe. IZ3C»
10.40 a &M Francisco Overland Limited — [ 2.05 a South Saa Francisco. Palo Alto, Saa
": DeaTer. • Kansas Citj% St. Louis, Jose «40a
; Omaha, Cnlcaeo 7^Bp t2.G5p Los Altos, Moata Meta, Los Gatca... t3.2C»
1 1.20 a Shasta Limited— Portland, Ta«na», 3.000 South San Francisco. Saa Mateo, S«n
i . 5eatt1e.;....:.....: 9.16p Jose. Gilroy. Tre» Piaos, Salinas 10.10 a
12.00n Goldfield Pas?.— Port Costa, Benioia, 3.QOp TVatsscTule. Santa Crna, Cagtrorill?.
. Sscramento, Trcekee, Haren. Mina, -Del Monte. Monterer, Patific Grove. 10.05 a
; TonOpnh.'GoldSHd. La'srj.Kcsler.... 7.48 a 3.40p Santa Clara, Saa Jo«e, Los Gates,
12.0Cn UarysvQle. Chico, Red Bluff 4.28? Wright (Boulder Creek). Santa Cnu.
1.20p Xae^ Irvinetoa, San Jow 2.48? Watsoaville, Pajaro 10.05 a
. 1.40p San LfanJro, Xiles, Centerville, ( 9.08 a 4JX)i Euaset Exprew — Tuwon. Detains.
I Newark. San Jos? '. I 7.28p D Piso. Hoaston. Nnr Orleaas,
; 1.40p Newark, S»n Jose. Los Gato». 'Wrisßt, Saa Jose. Nile*. Fresno. Bakenfistd
Feitoa (Boulder Creek). Saata Cru.. 9.53p aad Los Anfelea 11.40 a
240p San Leindro. N2es. Saa Jose.... v ... 8.23 a 4.CC» Kansas Citr. St Louis, Chicago ll.40»
3.00p BerdcU, Winters, Sacramento —^ood- \u25a0 . a.2op South San Fnacisco, £.'j» Jo*» t9-CQ>
.: land. JlanTviDe, OroviUe— Yolo, t5.00p Burlin?atne. San Mateo, Pab Alto,
Arbnikle, Willianis, WBbws !0.48a S»a Jo« aad Way Statiasi 940 a
3.00p Via Sausalito, West Nipa, St. Hdeas, fS.OSp Loop— 23d Street, Visitacioj:. South
Calistoga. '....^ 10.37 a Saa Franrijco. Valmria Strtet f6.13»
3.20? Port Costa (Stockton). MartiaeaJ 12.08p t5.20p Redwood. Palo Alw. Saa Jose. I.IOf
. Byron. Modesto. Mereed. Fresno. . \ ia3Bp t5.20p Los Altos. MonU Vista, Los Gatos... +3.20*
4.00? Vallejo. Ntps, Caliitoga. Santa Rosa. . t 5 - 25^ Burlingaase. Saa Mateo. Saa Jo«e. t3.20t
. - . Martintj, taa Ramon, Doughvty, T5.30p Loop— Valencia Street. Ocean Virx,
;.:_( Ltvermore .. 9.28 a Cemeteries, South Saa Fraaciaco,
4.00p NHes (CenterviUe). Tracy. Stockton f 10.23 a 23d Street, 3d snd Townsend 18L40»
L0di..../.. \ 10.38p 8.40p Eaa Brano. Saa Mate». Redwood, P»to
4.40p San Leandro. Haj-ward, Nucs. Pless- Alto, Santi CUra. 6ia Jose 7.40 a
inton, Lrvermore, Tracy, Newman, Js4op Los Altos. Mocta Vista. Lot Gate* .. J9.40*
Kerman, Frejr.o 838 a fB-OOp MEbrae. San Mateo, Palo Alto, May-
6.00a Richmond, Pinole. Aalle??. Port \ field. Los .Uto^ Los Gato? |BJOa
. .. Costa, Beaicia. Suisua, Sacramento f8.05p 234 Street, Vfcritaeien, Soata Eaa
\u25a0"\u25a0: — Ro«Taie,Mar>-svJl!e.Orovale..... 1158 a Fraaeiw. Valencia Street t7.!5p
6i»p RusseU, fiaa Jose, Los Gatos { !?|? t8.23p Loop-Valeacia Street Oc«a View. :y: y : -
"... I 2"7*»* Cemeteries, South San Fraaciaeo,
5.20» Ssn Leandro, NBes, San Jose. 7.48 a 23d Street. Jd tad Tomssenrf 17.40p
B.OOp Owl Limited— Los Angelf s. aOBa 6^o> South Saa Franeiico. San Jf s^ 5.40p
6.40p Eastern Express— Osrfen. Puebto. Dea- 8.00? Los Anerie* Pissenjer— Saa Jew.
;;: vw. Kansas City. St. Louis. Chkajo.. Njjei, Fresao. Bakersfifld and
. . Port Costa. Benicia, Sacramento, \u25a0 \u25a0 ' Lo, \njelea 8.30 a
«j n It to ' lS fvi'--;v-r s^f' 11.43? South Saa Fraacweo. P»la Alto.f 7iO»
8.40p Hayward, Niles and San Jow 6.48? c an i-,— 1 7 ao»
J7.00p Vallejo, Port Costa. Martinez. Bay \u25a0 I IJOt
Point and Way Stations }II.I 8? "" ~~ "~~~ "~" ~~"~~~~ ~ "~ ~~~~~~ — ~~~ ~*
7.40p Richmond. Port Costa. Byron, Tracy, LCCAL FEJ , HY TRAIMS— Via Oakland Phr.
. Lathrop. Stockton 12.43?
8.20? Oregon Express— Davis. (Sacramento). To Oakland. Bwkelty, Berryman. East Oakland and
V' i ' \u25a0 . Willows, Redding (Klamath Falls), Fruitval* — Daily — From fl.oo ajr»., aad erery ttrentr
Achlandi Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, • minutes until 7.C0 pjn. inclusive: then 7.40. 8.20,
Spokane 028 a 9.00. 9.40, 1020. ILOO »nd 11.40 pun, 12J» and
9DOp Chioa and Japan Fast Mail— Ogdea, • . 1.20 son.
: - - ChejTnne. Deimr. Kansai Oty, To Safiw and M«lro»s vi* Seventh St— Daily— From
Omaha, Chicajo *. . . . .....; 2.48 a 6.00 aja^ aad every twenty laicutes until 7.00 pja.
; 9.OQp Port Coita, Beniria, Sacramento, Col- , inclusive, then 11.40 p.m.
: fax. Truckes. Reno, Sparks 10.05* To Stsnehurtt— Daily— «100. 7.00, SXO, 9.00 a m, ZSD,
I l.oop Nile?, Plcanntoa. livennore, Lathrop, 3.00. 4/0, 5.00. a.40 p.m.
Modesto, Merced. Fresao 10.38? To Oakland Flrtt St. FruitvaU, Alameda. via Hortetho*
I I.OOp Fresno. Sdraa, Goahrn Juac.Hajfcrd, — Daily — Front tS.CO, &30 aja. aad rrery twenty
Armona. Lemoore. Coaliaga B.2Si minutes until 8.20 a.m. indu«i-n»; then 9.00. 9 20,
I 1.40p Portland Express— Sacraasento, Marys- 10.00. 10.30. ll.Ca IL2« ajn.. 12m.. 1120 ,L00. L».
ville. Red Bluff. Weed. Aehland. Ro*«- 2.00. 2.20. 3.00. 3.20. t3.40 p.jn. aad every twwstT
burg. Portland. Ttpoma. Seattle 12.28p minutesuntil 7 pjn. hcrostre; 7.40. 8.20. 9.C0. 9.40\
NETHERLANDS ROUTE— From Paettie Street Wharf. 11-00 and 11.40 p.m.. 1130 and L3> ajn.
tl.OOp Sacrameato Rlyw Steamer*. tll-30? T Additional traia to Oakland First St. 2,15 sju.
Sunr. Apache, Mon., Wed.. Fri. To Welt Ber«el«y— rtiHy— From 6.C0 ajn. and enry
Star Xavajo Tues. Thurs. Sat twenty mioates until g.20 a.m. induMve: then 9.00 a jb.
OAKLAND HARBCR FERRY-Fron' San Franciuo. ' S TO^w^t^rt^JSTtadteSS:
Market Street Wh.rf-Week Day»-Houriv from 6.C0 ff t D f, '?%?*%^MO^9 Mll na ?L4fI?SSSS
a.m. to 9.00 pjn. Sunriays-6.45. 8.15. 9.4.5. 11.15 $n£Z ' ' "• °™' US3Ot U<o ***\u25a0 * ad
ajL. 12.45. 2.15. 3.43. .U5. &40. 8.13 and 9.45 pja. To Cartls-baily-Froni 6ICO ».m. end everr 20 mktrte,
LOCAL FERRY TRAIHS-VU Alamrta Pier. unta 120 a.nu then 9.00. 10.00 xm.. IiCO m . 1 00.
To Oakland and Alamwta— tOLlO, t6.45 a.m, and thea 2.00, 3.00, 100, i 20 ,140 ,5.00 ,5-0 ,5.40 aad 8.00 pjc.
10 and 45 minutes past the hour unit 7.45 pjn.; then
8.30. 9.15. 10.00. 10.45. 11.30 p.m. and 1115 a.m.
To Alamidt and Fniitvile vli Honethoe utn« at above.
a for Momiag. p for Afternoon. I Union Transfer Co. authorutd to check Ba(g*g*
t Sunday excepted. J Sunday ody. [ direct item reaideaee. \u25a0\u25a0<-- • >,
I Trains Leave
I rMB^HS San Francisco
Market Street
Kerry Depot
• Leave For— lA-M-1 ~P.M.
Bakersfidd ...... 7:15 8^0-10:00
Chicazo .......7:15 8:00-10:00
Frc5rir..:....... 7:154:00- 8:00-10^0
Grand Canyon... 7:15 8:10-10:00
Hanford ..-.. 7:151 -10:00
Kansas dty ..... 7:1 5 8:00-10:00
' Merced' ..... 7:15 4:00- 8:00-l(MX)
! Stockton 7:15 4:00- 8.-00-10:00
: Stockton, Oakdale
& Sierra Rail- ~'_
way Points. . . . 9:45 . . . ... ...»
Tulare V. . . ... . . .7:15 8KXV10KX)
Yosemite ....... (7:15 ..\u25a0>
'Stockton Local leavea 1:25 p. m.
- California Limited . through to Chicago leavea
at 10:00 p. m. Offices — 073 Market street and
Market street- Terry Depot. Saa Francisco; 1112
Broadway. Oakland. —
F.-S. Stratton. Kecelyer.
Lt.' S. F. dally— t»:ooa.' »4:30 p. Ar. S. F.
daily— t3:lsp. •8:25 a.
-•Arleta. "itTnnitas Glen; «taje for Sao Gxe-
gorla 'and Tescadero. .
Vallejo, Napa, St. Helena
Monticello S. . S. . Co.' and Napa Valley Electric
B. B» "Co. J Close connections.
Boats leare San Francisco 7:0O, »9:45 a. m..
12:30 n00n.;3:15," 6:00. 'S-JO p.m. ' .
- ; San ; Francisco landing : and office. Clay , street
wharf, north; end 'ferry building. .Market street
ferry. Meals ala carte. Pnones Kearny 406 or
C47OS. ,
•Lands, naTy yard direct. -
*:\u25a0"". ,." '[ '"-."".'..' — - *
—OF —
- On account of bavins sold his stock farnA »«
are ordered by Jofcn Mackey to sell his er&tre
lot of borses. con«istlns of 63 bead of t|3---
oc^hbred mare* la foal. y»»rlln«s and 2 year
olds; also trotting- and draft bred colts, aad 19
fce.iil of choice 3 year old moles.
Sale takes place Tuesday. March 1. at 1 p. an.,
at Grtgf4l>7'g stock YardJ. Woodland. CaL
Send for catalogue.
BORD A LAWSON. Auctioneer*.
704 Market it.. S. F.. or Woodland. CaL
- THURSDAY. March 3. at 11 a. m., 203-200
Valencia street. "5 all purpose horses. 9 mare*.
21 set* ot chain harness, buggy aad wagon har-
ness snd vehicles of all kinds. A chance to buy
at your onn price. Outside stock Mid on com-
mUs'on. I'hone Park 2723.
$£^ Schedule Effective
n#|7 November 15, 1909
San Franetaeo
Leare TIA SAC3ALITO Arei '"t" t
7:40 a Petaluma. Santii Boss. . HeaiS>-{ '
burg, aorerdale. Uil*S, Wlllits.
Sbenrood, Sebastapol. »Gaerne-
Tllle. «Mt. Bio. «Oiiaeaa MlUs. . SaTp
B^oa 'Pt. Reyes. *Mt. Bio, •Caaadero.. t«:s7p
8:20j ••Sonoma. ••Glen EQea f5:37t»
t»:00a Petalnma, Saata Rosa, Clorerdale ;T:3Ti
11:00 a Petaluma. Santa Roca ." 4:17?
2:00p Petaluma, Saata Rosa, rtealdshnrc.
CkiTerdale, Cktih, tSaerae-rUle. \u25a0
Mt. Rio, Duacaa Mills, Sebas-
topol 10:37 a
t4:oop Pt Rej«. Occidental
4:40p Sonoma. Glen Ellen 9:17 a
&:20p|Petaloma. Santa Row j %-jn»
Sansalito. Mill Valley. San Rafaal— D»il7
eTery 40 minutes from 7:00 a. m. uatll 9:00 a.
m.; then hourly until 4:00 p. m.: then every -trt
minutes nntll 6:40 p.m.; then 8:0O aad 10:00
p. m. and 12:01 a. m.
Fairfax— Leare Saa i^anclsco t7:00. 7:40. 8:20,
9:00, 10:00. 11:00 a. m.. 112:00 noon. tl;00.
2:00. 4:00. 4:40. 5:20 and 6:00 p. m.
Baa Qaentin via San Rafael — Leav* 9:00 a. m.
and 2:00 p.- n». J - -
Tlbuxoa aad B«lr«d«r»— 17:00. 17.-40. 10:15
a. m. (|12:00 noon, except Saturday). 112:30.
|4: ;00. 15:20. 7:15 p. m. Sundays, |7:0 O. |7:40.
10:15 a. m.. 12^0. §4:00, 15:20, 7:15 p. m^
|12:O1 a. m.
•Sonday arriTe .7:37 p. in. ••Sunday arrtw
6:57 p. m. - tExcept Sanday. * (Sunday only.
enly. |Vta Sansalito.
*. Pacific Transfer Company's »g*nt9 are sntSor-
)zed to check baggage direct from residence.
foot or maiwit rrnirr • -
' U.SnFrMeto li.n^tVwtt. U Imaluti '
WeAiay! Saaiay Wwkaari Saaiay Waebfay} Swjg •
10:00«! 9:00» t7:3s*i 12:03» W§*rt!Hl*
2:03p 10:00 a t:SOpj 2:08p I:<§*t 11 :«2« .
*4:4QP 11:00t 02:55?! 3:83p 4^§P; t:«U
...... 1:00p 4:3Q»j 4:2|P ?3:15p ilb
...... 2:00 a ...... 5:!0« ...... ; his»^
...... ~3:OQP ......' ..'..:>\u25a0 S:39»<
•Sat. only. tMoa. only. @Tamaipaia oahr. \3lmt adv
Ticket O&ccs— Sius^ito Ferry and 874 Market
General Office— MD! Valler, CaliforaU
' : ; an tlways «s«o far juttia .

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