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Exclusive Clubof Youiiger-Mar- ;
ried Set Plaii forfilafc- ;! <
rate Function \ '\u25a0\u25a0;> ; !/
</••:\u25a0.-\u25a0•\u25a0•-- ':-...:^77:r: -\u25a0/://\u25a0:
OAKLAND, Feb." .^S.^The date, of the
last dance of the Assembli:. that, ex
clusive club, among thej/yburiger-mar
ried set, has/been/cTiange^-.frpni -Slarch
"3 to the evening of? Wjeijnesday; March
SO. . The affair. wiil/.^e. one : of the most
elaborate -"functions 'of : ' .Eajster week.
Ebell club house" rsrill lefcd the. setting,
to the. •bri.lirant-.,baii.:.which= wiLl close
the third season:..--:- -'/'•-..•.' .' ' ;.;".. .. !
The success of .this particularly smart;
Assembly "clQ.b is! due to. Willard Bar-:
tonJr/and.tp the; dozen socially prom
inent .matrons who/as patronesses have
assisted \u25a0: him/ ' Among : the patrpn'jss.es
are;-K:./ : '-'.: "\u25a0\u25a0!\u25a0" '."\u25a0• '\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0'.".': "":'"\u25a0 ;'.".-•
ilr»=: Fr»pk Lampsooj Mrs.- Charles ;Tripler.-'; Tripler.- '
. '.Brow-n . '- '•- -.'• •:" ".J . Hutchinson -' .'.' !.
>lr*.' BPI-na'rd" K«nsom<»lMrs: C. C .Clay ' '
Mrs."Anj:ast:S<-Uinins- -Mr«. ->Villlata Bull prin-. :
JJmi -"Wmium G. Hen- Cle ; -. • '• .
-:- : jBh«"w . -. ';\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 Mm, ..Edson -F. A^ams.
.'Mrgi. George ' C- Green- Mrs. Harry Knowle*
••/.wtfQd'.-- "t "• •-•" ' Mrs. Georpe \u25a0 \V. \u25a0 Mc
'il'r*; =' '.William Thornton N>ar Jr. • ..
\u25a0.. Whit*- \u25a0;. • .Mr*. Oscar \u25a0F; LonK %\u25a0;
iltr. i Frederick •• tnplish Mrs: Philip E.. Bowlen
. Majpe '•"•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;; , Mrs.- Ernest H: Folger
Sire. Harry ..Chlckerlnph \u25a0•.\u25a0/-•\u25a0'.... :\u25a0 {'"; "'\u25a0-.': : .
• \u25a0•' '"-'.'\u25a0':\u25a0*\u25a0'.- '. * :\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 .*''\u25a0'.- \u25a0"- '•'.'\u25a0 ...
/.. The .CountVy club . wasjunusually. gay
Saturday nighti.- the • dinner, and darice
attracjiug a.large-:n«niber of the local:
smart "sec Aii innovation :-l was liitS'-ftiL-
Uuced foiiowins: _'.jh'e-!.;<iiscussfo"nv- -of /the
meriu.by . : the"siiovirtng x>{ \u25a0 so'jn'e-; reniar.lt -' :
ablyVfirie, moving pictures, Th.6- famous,
.go 1 f . ina ten es: aiid $fre ric h-;a ii to , races."- of
the /Jast /\u25a0 sea^s.o'n:;-'<;re.ated : : mu cte- .\u25a0.erithu^
:EiaiSHU-^':^>/ : .-:/^V^ : . ! -'V ; / y-'i- 'tf-'K^'-^-K-v.
\u25a0•': '\u25a0\u25a0'••Sam Beli-. McKee,' iVi-ho .;• w4sVc.h>s",eh....-as
'the 'new - pr-esiaerit:' ; of .\u25a0the." club -^at the
iTW^WLfc^W^eting-; '\u25a0 : ias|tvT-hur^a>:i > ..-/eni,e<. T ',
/beiirig;;?-v ; -""5//:^^.. :^.'^^ l;.-\C-':-/\^- "-':
/Mrr mil Mm.- Freacri'ctl^iiw.firJni.es \u25a0 v. ; - \u25a0'•;\u25a0•:' \u25a0'•
\u25a0'• :Magee>'v" ;-.K-- : -~=.: ! -;-;;.fMfi»iv-l»-r>«!ie> fierce '-=:„
">ir... mo '\u25a0\u25a0: Mrs; • : HerbfTilMrs..:.AViH.iin} : :<J, • penV:
; .'.: : -tan? ; "\u25a0 -.. \u25a0;/:/./.\u25a0> :-'i~ "i ?\-- '\u25a0''\u25a0hajv ;, -.:.-; •.-', //;:v:,v- ,'\u25a0 v
\u25a0 of^Sajn,
vtiscs =aria Mr.!^d ; :j;^Py;m : ;XeYTtle;
- becu pi ££ ; ©n c' 'of rt he. . sm> 1 1 fr.-lt-ajtjl esv : ->lr : .:
pyihs" ;aii.other,v : :, : Jlr;V'. ; a^*;- i;Mrs/,-;liarry
/*yiicke^irifcfMi^/Kl»reDC.^;.Jl-w s '|i^i.^l :^'
?^ii^&'?'vr4itfr r ;'Starr;-^'fiTer'th^ dinner
'.guejsts-oi : Mr-'^nd/irrs, /'Rcgar \u25a0' ChlcTteri;'
•• < :that at
;>fr3SjiJh^/Jolm ; : . Partr i 3%e; /lenJertairied; : na'
number ol out :of . to>vn c-Ai«?sts« •••..•-\u25a0.,-.. T: •>.
• .."Mrs. Wllllioi Hinokl^y Taylor -wlli
crje j.iirfl;.h'omeftph^.oirrow..' a'f if r; a --tour ; oi
ilSxico/in : oQ-inpany: with her/-hsisb?ind's .
&i&te. i^: *s»: B<?h;ed Jet '*ii \u25a0\u25a0'^yiy Yc>irjt;' and.
:hls:;t^'P char^i'ng-;4i:rif hiiers.// T ; h'e party/
\u25a0iniile ;jth c t rip -x» i i hx&fi wf^Hs, 'o r : iiiwre; Jn .
\u25a0^"^rff^ltt:^' •pjJ.yaty:i*.a-^;<s.t'otipln^:-it:.:3:H-;
.MDfHjtSe^*^®- : «!?\u25a0\u25a0' Wt« r?sii"^.-.--: v - :\u25a0 '/S: .'•' ::<: :<
S- *^-.-' ! v*"j-"."'.'. "A.'':'?- :.':••• t.-^:;'* :; . :; -'. .t*^:>-;. t *^:>-; . "\u25a0' \u25a0 : -~. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:'. ;\u25a0-:
- • -irlrf; \u25a0-\u25a0Oforpf- \u25a0b'tp-vp-iisi ..a -npwcomer.-fn
OaßTand who .-{Jj^aOy; has made : an en-t.
. viaWe placo for herself Among the
•iVifiid.is/fo.r /'fcr-i^^tompi-ri^TC"-^^^^"©©^;'
•fjollbwed by .a buff^jL/suippjer/^Mrs^^ Ste-'
'\u25a0:yie'ii%.,:iiak ia tir.a<tiYf the
;i.aJfe'^h6rev/ : ;vfc<>rJfl?ri\-VEhe/'made^.^er^
\u25a0 hpnie. V.-ln/-' Proi^denceViX;. : J;.. "/where s she
,->vas ;.pr<>intii-e'n t. ispci-al.l y» \u25a0 \ : : ' ; '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0: .- V .>\u25a0• .]}. \u25a0
>\u25a0 .Tom orrow: fe'vcKi ng . ilr; . a nd- ilr&l \u25a0 G itr"
ifcert^u^i ; Rs";was:t ; >act end': the hpjrpi tali \y
: x>t \u25a0• -their-.'./ East^•^aklkhd^-;hpn^fe- ;,to - the;
v*co'rt"';:;9fV-ro^-n)b^s";.-wh^" : '^tait.e.= ; up : .."th'!B i
personnel 7^t '-'.oiie \u25a0 6l VV t he- ; =.w. inter's , five
huTidrea : : club>. v.-; 'VjelaborateiyJ . ap
:poi n ted 4i ri-riet ,;wi 1 1.\ be/f^l lowed • by: ; a
Vtession.at- the -card -tables, i •%?.;*:\u25a0 \u25a0 '.';
;y. \u25a0.'?;-'\u25a0/-•••?'••.-•.;\u25a0> •{•f.y.i" *': ; >'*.-•" J.'-. : .K- "\u25a0."".\u25a0;.\u25a0'\u25a0"\u25a0
: : irr^;rind ;^lT"^.jy* r ./Q^ Pigeon are "enter*.
-taining/as/th^ir .^^•use-guefets^tHheit'
.residieiice jit .Arari"ieda Plg*o-'n's
"Miv -arid :"S?.rs. :\\Vß. Pigenrii.whfiarriveil
Saturday. .eyehihig from-ith*' faniU'x home
in Boston. "/Pigepn.-jwh.os^ visit; on- th^
coast .is ihxiHed. tj&ii fortnight. Is presi
dent of 'One. of 'th* -'-Targe,. -east«rn"' banks.;
His- .-Wrife, . a charming ma-tronof; Bos'.'*
ton's" exclusive. R^t;;^vill /reniaiii'lintil;
theearly. summer. . ~- '\u25a0\u25a0-. '\u25a0'.'. T'-'.lf: :
'.'•-".-\u25a0.'- ••- , : '•'. '\u25a0 "'•.-.. '\u25a0-*"••\u25a0"*\u25a0' ,^.*- - ::: " '' ; • .. .
. In honor, of Mrs.' August; Haneburg, [
who will leave shortly on a European
tour, arid Mr?. T» C. Stoctdart. who Its
contemplating an extended sojourn on
the Atlanliccjoast, Mrs. tieon Hall has
cent out card* for one/ .of : the large
affairs of early . '.March,': entertaining,
friends at an evening of cards. '
Suspicion That Death May; Not
Have Been Accidental /
RICHMOND, Feb. 28.^ — An inquest
will be held next Friday by : Coroner
Abbott over the remains of Alonzo De
greira, a Spaniard. 40 years' of age, to
determine whether or not Tony Gon
saleK, a young Portuguese, should be;
tried for shooting him. Gonzales is In
•the county jail, and the sheriff's depu
ties are Investigating.
Degreira was shot last Friday at the
HutchinFon quarries near Bay point.
Gonzales surrendered to Deputy Sheriff
Moitosa, and explained that the -shoot?'
ing was accidental, occurring: duringa
target practice. - /,'\u25a0.' ••
Gonzales was detained becauee he
and. Degreira were said to' have be
longed to a gang which has several;
times been under suspicion because <}f
Bhopting affrays. . . '. ' -"\u25a0
Landlady Finds Man and Drags
. Him Into Hall
OAKLAND, Feb. 2S.^Prevented by.
his landlady from ending his life with'
gas, Joseph Town*, a laborer, fled from
the lodging house at 512 Eighth street
early this morning father than be
questioned or arrested by the police. .
He had" gone to his rooni» plugged
the apertures of: the door and windows
witti paper, and had turned on two gai
jets. . '/ . ' . : - -: ; -..
Mrs. F. "Martin, the, landlady, smelled
gajs in the- halls., and forced open the
door ' to Towne's room. She dragged
the still unconscious man to the hall,
\u25a0and left him tying there while she went
to call Policeman Kohler. When the
policeman -arrived, Towne had disap
peared. • • .
C. V. Hughes Dies After an Ex
, . tended/ Illness i \u25a0'.] -X
ALAMEDA, Feb. SS.-^Constant V.
Hughes; formerly a v t-eal estate broker
here and. the president of the yentllat-
Ingj ehade- company of San Francisco,
died r. ttis morning at" his ' home.; 1529
Mozart street.* He ? had < been, ln failing
health , for . three : - years. "Hughes % was
the husband of ; Helen iL- Hughes, * son
of Mary, '.Hughes and brother c of.; Pau^'
line Hughes. and^ Mrs. OrvllalDaviftiHe
was a -native .- of . California,. ; 46 ' years
of. age;" and wag.a 'member
Buena parlor/ ?Np.*.fve , Sons , of ; the
Golden West, San Francisco." : '* \u25a0 . -
At Oakland. Benefit Show
}-MSts. / M jack"vHerr, well. known former vaudeville star, who will appear
(A-v; V-:;, :-.f v O:: "••- '• ':-at. Oakland Eagles' show.- ' ?-^l//
Skcottish Nightingale" -io Ap=
: pear at Benefit Entertain
ment by Oakland Aerie;
= '. ; OAKLAND, Feb. .' 2S,— Amprig th,e
mJany attractions which Oakland Aerie
Npt; 7. Fraternal Order of Eagles, has
ftjeiuded in Its big charity show which
will be given Wednesday and Tnursday
eyerifn^s at .an "Oakland theater will
•be' the appearance of Mrs. "Jack" Herr.
: \-'As Mabel Howard, "the Scottish night
ingale," Mrs. Herr iwas, among the best
•..known and most popular entertainers
/in vaudeville She has consented to
-.make 'a-reaappearnc.e on thestage for
the b>nefit. of the aerie's, relief fund.
;-. Among [others who will .take,, part in
tb«! : performances .is Miss -Charlotte
Burton, who will play, the'eharacter of
!thfe Jungle" Princess. She '"\u25a0 -will come
from' Santa Barbara,' where her clever
•dafic.irig was a feature of : the: channel
city's. Elks' show la?t month.- ".
' • Miss Etliel' Wilhgpes and; Mrs. Lou
Morrjs. a re/others -who will J>e "heard in
the inusioaJ comedy, "Ladies', ls T ight at
/the ' Cltib.f; w)ilch -\yill be • the initial
number on the program. ; "V«
Merger of the Oakland Bank of
Savings and Bankers' Trust
: • : Company • / ; ;
'\u25a0;': OAKLAND, Feb. \ 25.-= — The •; directors
of the Oakland Bank of. Savings and
the Banker*' trust company held a
joint meeting In the bank^ building this
afternoon and' decided--.to' begin Ifgal
proceedings to merge the two institu
tions. . •. / .-.,.." : .\u25a0:'' .'....
: Under r.thie.- .new. -state banking-" faw
the savings "bank Is. 'enabled- to-, acquire
the holdings of .the trust company arid
carry on ;its business, and this will be
done. '.', ;•/;:/". \u25a0_ ° . , " \u25a0
• 'There wi.iLbe no e'hange in trie boards
of; directors of the two .institutions at
present. ./ W. W. Garthiwaite: is • presi
dent of both institutions and*all : of . the
other directprs are interested Jn; bank
ing in. this city. •• . ':\u25a0': . • ,' r
: The. Bankers' trust. company" was or
ganised if few years ago iwhen the
banking laws did not permit /the in
corporation", of a trust department. in
the Oakland Bank r of /Savings. -.The
two .iTistitutions have always -/p rac.fi -.
cally been one,' as they; occupied- the
same pfflces, and transacted business- on
thesame floor. '-,- . ... •
At. the beginning of: the present year,
the deposits of -the Bankers': "trust Com
pany:: aggregated $304,304.63 .and- those
of the -Oaklan J Bank - of- Savings" were
f1t.456,209.13. .; ' .: "' 5 ' '\u25a0\u25a0 '\ '\u25a0
Death of the Qraridrnother'of
Frederick and Oscar Maurer
. BERKELEY. ; F.»b\. \ 2S;— Mrs./* Anna
Geiesler, . relt \u25a0»."* "of '\u25a0 the' iiate'- Joseph
Geissler. arti&i 'pt San' Francisco;; died
last night at Ane /age : of -S5 -years ..at:
the. home pt * her grandoonr/Frederlck
W.Maurer Jr., 1726 Le» Roy; street." \u25a0
. Mrs. ,'Geisßler, who'-.was a- native; of
Austria : and ' had .lived ' in this \u25a0 city \u25a0 for
the lasUflve years, succumbed ; of : senil-1
lty /after"*', short ; lllness.// \u25a0'-T'-'v '/:/u/ '
- She is survived : by afdaughterr Mrs.
F. C.Maurer/ and two ; grandsons; Oscar
Maurer,/ the well known . artist and
photographer, . arid \u25a0\u25a0 Frederick f-\V;% MauV.
rer; Jr.; musician of this city.": / ; V -'-'..
V^The. funeral \vviH^be/ held
afternoon ;'from- ; Hhei resiJence.^'/Jlnterf
ment'Will' be- in Mountain^ View iceme-'
Taxicab Chauffeur Hurled Out
of Machine, Which Is
. Smashed and Burned
BERKELEY, Feb. 2S.— George Scott,
a chauffeur for the' Oakland taxicab
company, was hurled out of his ma
chine- and rendered unconscious when
his machine was struck by a San Pablo
avenue car at Snyder avenue at an
early hour this morning. Scott was
.bowling along at a lively clip at the
time of the accident, trying to"--*«aeh
the Oakland garage before it was
closed for the night.
He was traveling south on the" car
tracks after . having left his patrons
near - the county line, when the San
Pablo avenue car approached, going
north: Before he could clear the track
the machine and the car collided, the
automobile being badly damaged and
burning to the ground. _-
Scott was not seriously injured. He
was taken to an Oakland hospital for
The machine, which was a Royal
tourist, was insured for $2,500. •
Attempt to Secure Permit Grant
ed Former Promoter That
Was' Revoked
OAKLAND, L Feb. 28. — A new concern,
incorporated .as the Oakdale cemetery
and crematory, . association,' : has . ac
quired the rights to property at Pied
mont and Linda Vista avenues, . held
lately by 'Frank* B. Gibson, . and is pre
paring -to ; erect V a crematory for burn
ing human bodies. / ' 4( v '
/; Gibson attempted ;to do the, same a
few months ago . arid .his permit for the
erection of a building was revoked by
the' board of public works at % the pro
test of neighbors, on :, the /ground*, that
Gibson.had misrepresented his purposes
in-making . his application. /. : .
The Oakdale association : seeks to ; ob
viate.- Gibson's- ; difficulty . by.', ;piaylng
openly. Application; was made at i the
board pf public works ; this"mornlng*f of
a;-pe'rmit to»build/a: crematory, on the
Linda-- anJ-sF!iedmqntV- avenues^| prop
erty.',' "vlnasmuch:;." v lnasmuch : ;. as - the" city /"council
pi'ssed^an- ordinance; shortly after;Gib
so.n's:permit > was /revolted, : restricting
•cr'e.matories l\ to %a"7certain: >block,': t the
application • will- be ' l^eld l up until the
board of ' works' commissioners ' meet. <'-^
/;Residents .of the; district ' announced^
that /they, •will ;\u25a0 renew itheir '.Iflght
agalhst 'the crematory. ?" \u25a0•:./!
AiRSMARTIN'S BrVeF : - '"\u25a0 A
•Wb : man Hopes to Escape Pun-^
: ishrnent for Dynamiting;- '
: ;;OAKLANI3. ; ; F%W / : 25.-4Mrk /\u25a0-Isabella;/ \u25a0- Isabella;
J/Ma:rtlnts; closing. brief ,'mi her "appeal
\u25a0from.the ;sentence of life'lftiprisoriment
imposed? on iherly. b-y i'Judge.V : Wells;. "for
dynamiting;., .was : filed" today, by -her'at
torrieys,VA.;ii.'- i Frick_and iB.rJ.-jWyma.nV
The "is : now 'on .appeal/. Ini the.; ap-*
[pitUa.tp'couri:i y':\ ,',[,.:/_.\u25a0/.^:\:^<' :w/^: ! :
'. >\- The 'k brief .; is , aya v voluminous* one. >":Jt
consists 'of. 87 pages. The opening;brlef
contained ? 76 " : - pages;- and ' the brief • of
the 'prosecution c '2l6 '< pages!: .'--"^ .
V ,-Mrs/ Martin Uwas.ioConvicted" of .at
tempting *to ;talow l up (the- house- of | Su
perior J udge F-. \ B. : Ogden," v iwho ' had
decided fa -case r. against Kherlf,: At $ her,
trial -.".the:^principal 9- testimony;}.- against
hen r was that Jof'''Ba.by"^J6hn'j Martin;'
supposed >to ; be 'her son, ;who|said^ that
he,- had. made;' the'J attempt - : under; the
coercion sof. Mrs. 1 Martin: :He ";wa«J 15
years^of Jageiat Ithe ftime.'C :'?> ' \u25a0 .\u25a0
Physician Says that Many Ju
veniles Suffer From Bad
•- Eyes and Teeth / 1
',':\u25a0 OAKLAND, \ Feb.-' 28.— From ' 10, to "20
per cent of the/school; children of Ala
meda county are afflicted. with /defective
eyes or bad \ teeth,' . according sto Dr. ; ; N.
X.' Foster, former "secretary of the state
board ! of; health, and examining' physi
cian v in"', the /Oakland public schools.
Doctor: Foster 'made this 'statement to
day."at\the" meeting, of the ' board of su
pervisors, - the/purpose of his statement
being, to secure ' assistance in treating
the school^ children ;" of the county.;
- He - outl ined a plan whereby a i free
clinic should be maintained in the i city
of for the, use of all school
children -suffering from poor vision or
badtteeth. -. . :,
He said that he had, already/made
arrangements .with many physicians for
free medical services, many j prominent
medical. men having promised to devote
themselves to.the children at the 'clinic
He asked the supervisors, however,- to
provide the necessary funds for. medi
cine and equipment of the "clinic.
t The j matter . of making 'the necessary
appropriation was; referred by Chair
man Kelley to the finance committee..
Says That He Did Not Stuff
Ballots at Straw Vote -
BERKELEY, Feb. 28. — Ralph Wight,
president of the League of the Repub
lic of the students of the university,
accused W. 11. Ellis of stuffing ballots
in favor of , Charles .M. Belshaw in a
recent straw ballot for governor, em
phatically denied today that he had
anything to do with ballot stuffing.
Wight claims that Ellis wishes to
advertise the Primary, a magazine
printed /.here, and for. that reason cen
tered suspicion- on him.
He_- further declared that - he/was
ready tto make an afßdayit before re
sponsible persons ; 'denying his guilt in
the recent "election." According to
Wight the student's affairs committee
of- the university, refused, to take up
the charges lhat Ellis endeavored to
lay before them.
William Noble Must Pay fine or
Go to Jail
t*;. BERKELEY.- Feb. 2S. — William
Noble, arrested by order of his father
for- stealing chickens during the ab
sepce of his parent in the northern
part of the state, pleaded guilty to
the " charge for which he was- taken
into custody this afternoon.; and" was
fined $50.with the alternative of spend
ing 50 days in the county jail. f Chick
ens have been missing from the Noble
home at 1634 Fairview . street, and
when John Noble / left : yesterday he
reported to the' police' that' there', was
danger; of v his chickens being- stolen.
Policeman Lew caught
Noble Jr. in the act' Of/selling his
father's .chickens this morning and'his
arrest followed.
McCormack-Henderson Co. Is
Plaintiff in Action
OAKLAND, Feb. 2S.— Suit to recover
$1,700 of stock of the Union safe de
posit eompany'of Stockton was begun
today, by /the McCormack-Henderson
company and William F.Herron. The
plaintiffs allege that .the stock was il
legally transferred to ' the bank by
William Henderson, a member of the
firm that "is suing. Henderson is now
dangerously ill at Fabiola hospital. A
short . time ago power 'to take his
deposition at the hospital was /ob
tained from the superior.. court, as it
was' feared .that he^ would die before
the case came to. trial.
Proceeds to Go to Athletic
ALAMEDA, Feb. 28.— The students of
the Alameda high school -will .present
an extravaganza in Adelphian- hall: on
the eveningof ,Marchl2. for the benefit
of the. treasury of the athletic associa
tion. ~'. John \u25a0 Coylo, a graduate of^the
school,/: is coaching the cast. Aniong
those who will appear in program; are
Winnie O'Brien, Ruth: Huff,, Jean^Vaug^
han, fßita Dennison, /Vinnie Robinson,
Edna ßeisman, Lorraine. JorclaniYaljean
Case, Mona RadcUffe and Haslett
Haight. , : ; , .
Relative Qualities' of Champagne
and Beer Cause of Trouble/
OAKLAND, Feb. 28.'— JulesAmidio.-a
laborer,' was : : stabbed ; and /-seriously
wounded late last night Sat Forty-fifth
street. and Telegraph avenue ma quar
rel with Paulo Trichillo of; 163 Second
street. v Amidio is at the receiving hos
pital pending f the /outcome '-J of /? his
wound. ; and "the^ police are"; hunting \u25a0, for
; Trichilio, who~"disappeared • af.ter.v.the
fray. vAmidio lives at 212 Second street.
He., and TrichilioV;,were I/with 1 -several
other ; Italians -when they.^quarreled
over ? the relative qualities? of 'beer] and
champagne, and trie -knifing .resulted.-
Necessary to- Com piite Annexed.
\u25a0.-.,.;\u25a0--_-: District Funds, Jie Says . '.: ;
.OAKLASrpi'Febr 28.-^-A .requestVwas
made of the -board" o.r supervisors today
by Auditor" ; Pierce;" for f additional -in -
formation ' -regaf ding . the \u25a0 re-1
cently^annexed^-'to 1 --- in*/; order
that !r! r he .; might -i comply./ with v the/; fn-; j
structioris '( of ithersupervisorsUo.; show/
how;much.imoney; was *' duet the ; city," of
Oak-land", out • of j the-, county- f unds.TS To-
day. / he '. asked if o : r : '' railroad .'valuations
in the! districts'-concerned: 'iHis* request 1
w ; aa ? referred (.to- : . the rcbuhty? surveyor.
Annual ": .Muster ; and : Inspection:
. •of •Company C Held : '
; • BERKELEY^Feb? J ;2£-^-The annual
muster -and '' drills of- company l C, Fifth
/regiment- of .the * national K'guard,* ; ;vw-as
night/twlthi Colonel kWilheimras|the?in-*
[spectinggofficer^fAy large": number! of
> thelj loca 1 fine rchants]§,wer"e & present s' to '
: watchy Captai n > George JC/; Pape's f, men
° r go 'S through their drill. - - -' •"_'
took and; Mott Uphold Voters^
Depositions Despite Tecli
: nical Drawback
OAKLAND, Feb. 2S.— According to
County .Clerk Cook . and County Ke
corder Mott -the affidavits of voters in
favor of candidates for nomination are
legal in spite of the fact that blank
spaces are left in many cases, where
the/ward and /precinct of the voter Is
intended to be. The point was raised
several days ago that because these
blank spaces had to be filled in after
the voter, had made oath to the truth
of ; the contents, the entire affidavit
,was invalid. District Attorney Dona
hue, while not passing directly on the
point, said then that it was a serious
one. .-.- ! . \u25a0-'\u0084"... '.-;':' "* -/ -- '
Cook explained today that it would
be .a physical impossibility" to put in
the wards and precincts -in most cases
for the reason that incorporated cities
and towns mustt.be redistrlcted this
year according^to/ law.
It often V happened, Cook also said,
that' the voter, did' not know his. ward
and precinct when, he ..signed the affi
davit and could/ not fill out the blank
spaces for that reason.
Under the circutnstances, he declared,
the spirit of the law was being com
plied with -when' voters put ' down on
the affidavits the street and number of
their residences. He said that the law
should be construed liberally so as to
deprive no voter of his rights.* \u25a0
Oppose Steelite Powder Plant's
Plan to Build
OAKLAND^ Feb. 28.— Fearful lest the
steelite powder manufactured by the
Pacific steelite company might explode,
residents of Melrose are circulating a
petition against- allowing the company
to build a. plant in that district. The
company recently purchased four acres
below the Southern Pacific line for the
purpose of building a factory. . . ,-\u25a0
.It is understood that the explosive
is not to be made at the Melrose plant,
merely the necessary products made
from chemicals obtained about the bay
and then shipped to the main plant of
the company in Nevada, where they will
be nitrated and mixed to form a power
ful blastin-g compound. Until these
processes are gone through with the
representatives of the company claim
that there is no danger of an explo
sion.. _'- :/: ; .;\u25a0.//
City Employe Departs .With
Body for Illinois .
OAKLAND, Feb. 28. — The remains of
Arthur J. Bagley, a young theological
student, who died last Friday from ap
pendicitis" at Fabiola hospital, were
started eastward to his | parents' home
s£t Mendota, 111., this morning, In charge
of W. W. Blair, chief deputy superin
tendent of streets. Bagley was 24 years
old. When he fell ill he was preparing
to go east on his way to New York trif
complete his studies. . He left two
sisters in Illinois. .
Officers Are Elected by the JS;ew
O rgan i zati o n . ;/. / ; ;
ALAMEDA.,; Feb. 28^-^Alameda.. grove
No. 209,:-. United' ;\u25a0 Ancient Order -of.
Drui.ds,/' has \u25a0' been.. -'organized .-and the
following-.i officers, -haye.-- been o elected':
Dr. .-" j. A. Riiey,--. past- Junior \u25a0• arch;.
Charles JR.- Gee, noble; arch ; "VVilliam :R.: R.
Nelson, vice arch •;• D. B. HanhahV; con
ductor; "H. H..-I'ngler, recording secre
tary ; . R. i S. Gee, treasurer; H. . E: . Whee^
ler, inside guard; Ji J. Bettertcpu'rt.-.outr
side .'guard... . • •'. • ' . ..:• . -. .' .\u25a0.:'..'
Mrs. Ellen G. Strattbn Passes
'/\u25a0., Away at Home :"-.-; : - ;>
, SAN; LEANDRO. Feb: 28.^rMrs/Elleri
G. \ Stratton,' a resident of San Leandro
since 1860,V'dled Saturday atiher.honie,
215 Davis after a. short :illne«>.
Besides ; her -husband, . she is survived
by x six daughters. -/ Funeral " services
.will be held Tuesday" afternoon " at; the
First-P resbyterian/church. • Interment
will taHe place; in San Lorenzo cemet
ery." '\u25a0-'--•' :.''-'\u25a0- ;."•" . ; - r . \u25a0 .:-"\ v '
; \ -\u25a0';. :VISITINQ LOTTERI ES
Oakland^Poiice'.-^Jiidge ' Imposes
oh li ; Prisoners - :.
OAKLAND, Feb, : ys.-^Ten dollar fines
were imposed ;by Police.; Judge Samuels
today, on 11: white, meri.:who were cap
tured by the-' police: last night in- "a raid
on a . Chinese • ' lottery > joint.; ."• Judge
Smith/. had 7 .declared/from" the /bench
\u25a0several/- weeks .ago/: that /heavy ;penalt.les;pen
alt.les i.woulJ -be a imposedvby the : police
judges, for,: violations". of the : gambling
laws. ,7 •"--- '•;""'. .- ".'-• ' ' ""•"•: \u25a0' .
Marriage Licenses ; |
X> OAKLAND,": Feb. 28.— tbe • folloiFCftg^ marriage
licenses were jssueditoday: :... . • , ,^ \u25a0
•\u25a0.Cporge; A:* Robinson,- 31. Merced, "and. Mary E.
MrClore,'- 25,' Berkeley.' . :•• \u25a0-->" '••/\u25a0
."\u25a0•AgnerF." Hanson. 21.. San Anselmb. and Clara
0.- Baker.' 23. Castle Rook. : \u25a0 •• ••\u25a0
:- Edwin C.- Thornton, ' 40, '- andf . Ella H. Parsons,
3D."-both 'of 'San. Francisco. \u25a0.-\u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0.-\u25a0\u25a0>. -. \u25a0 ' '" \u0084
• Letl W*. Bletben.' 31; "and .Cora" I. Eetherford,
28.': both of • Alameda. ' -'. - : *^r33Kr JSJW^nK^ISH^JKJt
Make fe tiv^r ;
/ Nine times in ten when the liver it right the : '
stomach and bowel* are right. . /- -.
\u25a0\u25a0 gently but Srmly com-^j BBL—. -
pel a lazy liver toM Bf/inTrD^|
doits duty. \u25a0 jßk Hb^ if? s
>Upatioa,^^fl lIVER .
:v.: v . Sick \ '; <^T."/T '. "/ • \u25a0' : j&f^r,. J..J *.
:' Headache, and . Di»tre»» after. Eating.
- Small Pill, Small Dots, Small Price
// r WJi]«Ci»t a»u«t bear'glsnatnr*:^.-;;
A^/Pehisoh; New;/
Secretary Oakland §
Oakland Chamber of Commerce
Elects Prominent Editor to
Take Executive Charge^ :
OAKLAND. Feb. 2S.— The directors of
the chamber of commerce-, this 'after
noon elected Adna A.- De.nison, "editor
of the Oakland . Enquirer, to succeed;
Homer Boushey as .secretary. .of ihe
body. ' Denisoh will . assume'- his new
duties at once. *. -: .-; .':;\u25a0\u25a0':' ."'\u25a0-. . i
The secretary, elect. has. : been a-resiv
dent of Oakland . for 33 years arid'- has
been in close: touch with/the "public
affairs of Oakland and Alariii&da .coyrity
during all of that / tirriei. He is a, news-f
paperman of 2S years' experience^ 24
of which have been spent:/ with -the
Enquirer. "'-': ':'; './\u25a0;•\u25a0••'• -,-.-. '"-;\;
During his newspaper carder- Denispii
has taken a prominent part. in. the .pub
lic life of the city; and." epunty.. .H«>
served on the Oakland fr-ee ..library
board and.was -an active assistant., to"
the women who. secured:"' the. necessary
subscriptions', to \u25a0 purchase ; '.the/site=- of
the pres.ent 'library buildingr. For/sev
eral years 'he ' was: si director;, of *. the
Associated/ Charities, serving \u25a0with A.
J. Ralston. Rev. J". K./SMeLeart;. . James
P. Taylor, M. J.. Keller^ knd.jother prorii
inent^ paklanders. : He ; frequently, lec^
tured at .Stanford university ;.t>n topics
of political ecphoriiy* ...*;/ . , ' ; .- .\u25a0; •\u25a0
Denison" .will ; probably take 'up his
new- work,. tomorrow. He said; this" aX.t
etriopn that. he intended; t« enter, upp^
a' vigorous /campaign- . of 'progress; for
the. Organization and .that. he. believed
the timi? was auspicious for. ; an awak
ening.of. civic enthusiasm throuarhbat
the eiiy.; • ..:. ' /. - . ;"->>V. '\u25a0"• : . : \u25a0 ;'..
' .'*T . believe- that • there- is. a-. big' 'year
ahead • f or;*Oaklarid," hWsiiid and I yam
going to devote' my every", effort to help:
it . a10ng;., .: The, "chartiber of ..c6mmerc.ft
is. in , a flourishirig: cpjiditiori now.'- but
I/hope, to. 'make; -it"ev;pn. stronger' and
.more.- prosperous, before: jihiai" yeafjs- at
an'-end.'V-iv // •\u25a0". ..'",. "\u25a0/. /'.;';• ' '-; , : :/ \u25a0 •;;.-.".•.".; -
Former^L^nd : Owner ; I nsi&ts "on
5 .'OAKLAND.; ,-peb. /t^^ctioh *o;: en-^
join/Minnie F: ./ypbrheies.^irom: erecting
in Hudson str6et.a house/at a costless
thztn- $2,0.0.0/ was." begun today . t>y lCity
E h glneje r . T ii rrjer,. E Iflfe LV. : T urner .V( h ls
wife) .Councilman Hatold/Everhart and
Albert "aicPhee.; The: ;l.ot/ in. /question
was soidtothedefeiidari.t-.by the.Turn
ers with v --an t agreement, p.it is alleged,
:.of;: .of; the-;house:t6 =be, b.iilit 'oh- it..". sMcPh^fr
arid ; Eyerhart .each ' -bo jjghi:..";i6ta/ in the
strlctioris and /'clairn;. that/- their. '-prop>
erty . will be aamagedvif ; a/clieapfir house
is \u25a0"e.rec.ted by /the "deferidHrit. -". ."\u25a0 '• :. ' • ;
Kalin^>---Th€ Always Store— Kahns'
Is-Wpw; Located on the Second
Floor /of Our 13th Street Annex
„ ''. It is the largest; the handsomest, the best lighted and the
" most conveniently arranged millinery salesroom on the coast.
\u0084 Easily ;and quickly reached by a new, modern, comfortable
; elevator, or^ "by our old elevators, as formeriy.
\u25a0.Our. hats are morebea^tiful this season'than ever before—
'But our; prices are the same^low, popular ones for AvhicK KaKn^
hi* \u25a0•'*" i_ r" \u25a0•'\u25a0• •• •" ' • " A^aiins •
as always been famous. \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0'
Berkeley Woman Who Died in
December, 1908, Not Buried
Until Last Week
BERKELEY, Feb. 2S.— The funeral of
Mrs. George HaU, wife of a prominent
contractor of -this city, was not held
until last Thursday, although she died
in her College avenue residence Decem
berS, 190 S. ,
Inability of relatives to come to her
funeral if held Immediately^af ter death
and the fact that the body was to be
placed in a handsome sarcophagus yet
to be built were the reasons for the
deferred funeral.
Rev. George \u25a0 C. Eldredge. pastor or
the St. John's ' Presbyterian church,
preached the sermon and the funeral
was attended by the widower, George
Hall, Mrs. J. T. Hamilton of Plttsburg,
Pa., and by another daughter, Mrs.
JR. A. Marshall of Portland, Ore., as
well as by relatives and friends from
the bay cities. /"
Interment was in Mountain View/in
the family, granite mausoleum wtlch
had been built during the year. >y
Mrs. Hall was related to J. A. Mar
shall,, a well known capitalist of this
Suburban Brevities
U2TITAKLajr . CI.TTB MEETISG— Alameda. Feb.
TS.— Prof. DaTid P. -Barrows of the department
of ednCHtlon of the University of California
nill address' th* L'nltaxUn -club Wedntsday
nizht' on. —The- General Situation ta the Far
East." \u0084 . ' •' . '- -
WILL ADDRESS \u25a0 CLUB— Oakland. Feb. 2S. —
'• Ueorpe Dickie, superintendent of pUysrounds.
will deliver an address tomorrow aftemtion be
fore the mothers' ctnt» of the Lafayette school
. on the work In whk-h he is ensajjed. A mualcai
. . propram will be gWen at the meetlns. .
.". Feb. 2S. — A. A. Montajrne, an attorney oharsed
with, embezzlement by the secretary of Hol
broob. Merrill & Stetson, was arraigned before
. Police Judge Samuels this mornlnjr and his
: preliminary trial wa» set for March 10L
Classes have been lonned at Oermania hall
: under the direction of the German-American
\u25a0 -leajme to Instruct Germans tn naturalization*
J. Tlllman. chairman of the lensues' committee
\u25a0 oh eltlzenship.. has charge. Meetings will be
-\u25a0 'held Monday evenings- \u25a0'.''.
"WOMAN LOSES PURSE— Oakland, Feb.- 2s.—
.Mrs. W. P. Wetmore. Hrlng at 5-'S Twenty
. 'fojirth streetv report i»d to the police this morn
.--. ing that' she \u25a0'\u25a0 lost her . handbag, containing \u25a0* •
I'.-pnrse; and-'?3.' some time last night near her
- --home. '- ... \u25a0_\u25a0' '\ ". •-\u25a0\u25a0. ••. - • : \u25a0' . \u25a0 ';-.' '.'-•.\u25a0
• Ot'tV'rinor. \u25a0 a rlaborer of 172T" Filbert street, waa.
:*\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0 accidentally . strjick' oh, the ' wrist to<lay by a
•\u25a0 : plek.lnthe:hamls of a fellow laborer.- A se-;
'.;. rioiisgash- was, dressed- at the fPcelTing hospital.-
iffenty" ; i
il/UiICIlo iS:^S;.I
I InJßich and Elegant I
Ij Quartered Oak |
|>.. '. There-s^jiothtng handsomer for %
4' rthcfiriteripr finish of your home, <?
|;'apartnj«;iit house or office than £*
beautiful, hardwood panels. By 3>
fgl ovii / ne>y process of built-up
panelihg- the Tare and fancy %
<»»\ .wbpds /that usually cost hun- <•>
;^*:'.xlreds' of. dollars may be pro-
2. 'yided nrtw at a cost cheaper %,
4f/ than /wall paper. <^
4' "•' isfe for the free book show ins $
*£\u25a0\u25a0 '\- fiapdsome interiors.
||i A./HOWARD 8 Co,|
|;. .20 Howard St., San Francisco. %
*S"- ". • °\u25a0" \u25a0 m '-' ' <J>

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