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Dick Ferris Will Give Up $15Q,000 to
Bring Jeff and Jack South
IS Los Angeles going .to carry off'- the great Jeffries-Johnson battle, in
spite of the turndown which TomMcCarcy experienced in New. York?
This is the question that they arc all asking now, and it's not an
idle one, either, for ' Dick Ferris, tliir man who so successfully proipoted
* . the great aviation meet in the south a few weeks ago, is hot after the
championship match, i He will giye Glea»on ..and Rickard the. cool sum of
$150,000 for the privilege of pulling it off, arid the promoters believe, that"
he means business when he makes /this proposition. He sent the following
wire yesterday:.. :\ : \'-/\ ;."; '\u25a0;\u25a0 .\u25a0•'.- . \ ! r,,:"' '\-:-<
"•\u25a0'•\u25a0 Will you : consider legitimate proposition to bring the Jeffries-Johnson
iight to Los Angeles if guaranteed $150,000? Answer.
. " " v ••' "DICK FERRIS."
, Gleason and Rickard :liad a conference at the St. Francis last night and
discussed this offer, as' well as the Salt Lake proposition, which James Nelson
made. Nelson was nsot; to be caught napping, either, for he" reported right
on the job. He was fearful that. Something might crop up to spoil his own
plans, and-he' appeared ready and willing to go even further than he has gone.
After a long di«cus>ipn. Rickard and Gleason decided to let things rest
as they i have been resting for l'qurVor five days more at least. They, wired
Ferris that his proposition was under consideration and asked him to write
a letter giving full details. If Ferris is on the level with this offer, the
chances arc that he will hurry to this city immediately. *.
>. \u25a0\u25a0•'lf this offer is a legitimate one. and I have every reason in the world
10 believe it is, then we must consider it very seriously and thoroughly,"
said -! Gleason last night. "I know. Ferris, and I know, that he is a live
prpmoter, with plenty of money of his own and plenty of backing as well.
He. made a great success out of that aviation meet.and he thinks now that
he can make just as great a success out of the big fight. • . •
• r^;;.*'l feel certain that the prominent businessmen and boosters of Los
Angeles are behind Ferris in this deal. They want that fight at any cost,
and they, are going to keep Rickard and myself hustling and thinking very..
faVorabfy of their proposition. But we will be ready for them.*'
";V Rickard doe< not like the idea of anybody taking the match .off: his
hands; .Tex is a gambler, and a game one at that." He went into. the race
Jn.vNc.w York an outsider, yet he made the whole world sit up and take
.notice when he Vlipped in his bid. Xow that. he has gone so far, Rickard
ifclsJike. going the whole route, and San Francisco or vicinity looks good ]
ib'^im:"-,;;: ;.-'. : - , : 'jr '^ ;\u25a0 ~^\ 'v* : %\u25a0''. '^- '\u25a0'\u25a0. : : \u25a0 •
; v; ••.Certainly. A\e will think it over."' said Tex last night; "but I dor'not
Jikc the idea of giving up now. and myself have agreed to handle.:
tTiis ;hiatch:. \u25a0 We have started, and I. believe that we should go '• through \witrV
iui At{air.:events. it will be several days yet before we make. up our' minds
<>ivc; way -or the other. You must remember that Salt Lake is still to be
icorifidered."; '.\':'J • ' ' ' : -:: :^';--:^ ' '
\u25a0;V-- '-'I It is a: question whether Jeffries will fight in Los. Angeles. Some time.
ago thjc' big fellow made a statement that he would not fight in his home
to\vh :under any circumstances. Persona|lj% the big fellow is strong for San
Francisco or vicinity. He has fought most of his vjreat battles right here,
and he believes that this i« the place for a go with Johnson.
\u25a0\u25a0/. .LOS ANGELES. March 1. — Replying to a telegram from Promoters
Gleason and Rickard. asking for more definite detail? of his proposition to
liold the Jeffries-Johnson fight in Los Angeles than were contained in a
brief dispatch sent last night, Dick Ferris tq/iight mailed a letter to the
promoters in San Francisco in which he offers to assume the entire financial
arrangements of the big fight and purchase their contracts outright,
-r Ferris' offer is to pay Gleason and Rickard $150,000 for the contracts with
Jeffries and Johnson, which involve theni in the sum of $101,000, and also to
assume all additional indebtedness incident to the holding of the fight, in
Los Angeles. With the transfer of the contracts with Jeffries and Johnson,
Ferris also 'asks for the one-third interest in the moving, pictures held by
Gleason and Rickard.
The fight would, under the terms of the agreement offered by' Ferris, be
held under the management of Ferris and his associates here. Ferris agrees
to post at once a sufficient sum to guarantee the fulfillment of the agreement
he offers to make. • \u25a0
:« V The fight, if held in Los Angeles, would be staged at a point just outside
of the city limits, where contests for any number of rounds are permitted.
[Special D'updch to The Call]
SANTA CRUZ, March 1. — Sam Berger, Jeffries' manager, together with
JohriT. Clarke, San Francisco stake holder, visited this city today to look
into- the, matter of training quarters for the big fighter, and were given a
royal welcome b>* the local committee. They seemed well pleased with the
local situation, but gave no definite answer at this time, as thej* are to visit
Monterey tomorrow. and then go to Los' Angeles to consult with Jeffries.
;. With, plenty of mountain roads and good water Santa Cruz showsup
strong. At the beach a handball court will be provided, together with a, large
rink to be equipped as a gymnasium. A fine cottage and bathing equipments
are also offered. The visitors were taken in an automobile over all the
nearby roads, being met at the Big Trees, where luncheon was served at
noon, and escorted over the scenic mountain road down to the long, winding
cliff drive' from Swanton park to Capitola. , : ' .
: The visitors were guests tonight at a banquet at the St. James hotel.
. r The local committee which is^endeavoring to locate the training camp!
here consists of Fred Swanton, Henry Willey, George x Wilkes, Councilman
Anderson, F. R. Walti, E. V. Moody, John Walsh and C. J. Klein. I
Women Golfers Issue
, \u25a0\u25a0 Handiap List
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 NEW YORK, March 1. — The first of
ficial handicap list' ever compiled by
the Woman's Metropolitan golf asso
ciation has "made its appearance. It
contains the names of more than 100
players with ratings ranging all the
way from plus 1. to 25. .^i^l
Mrs. C. T. Stout- of the Richmond
country club and former national and
Metropolitan title holder is at plus 1,
while Miss Julia R. Mix of Englewood,
present champion of the association,
and Miss Georglana M. Bishop of
Brooklyn are at scratch.
The increasing tendency on the part
of the association to conduct one day
tournaments has made a handicap list
imperative and there is little doubt
that it will be of much benefit.
New Pitching Gun To
Train Batsmen
ANNAPOLIS. March I.—Baseball"can
didates .at the naval academy this
season will try out a new pitching gun
which is expected to give them all the
preliminary training needed to face any
rival pitcher. •
o» The gun in throwing a ball from the
pitcher's box over the ' plate may be
made 1 to give a curve as wide as eight
feet in any direction by a simple regu
lation in the breech.
The machine Is the invention of one
of the naval academy officers. It is
operated with compressed air. Only
.15 pounds* pressure will be. used,- as
this- will give a speed equal to that of
the fastest pitcher. S
Billiardists to Meet For
"Chick's" Title, .
— — \u25a0 ; •
XEW YORK. March 1. -"-Officials to
day chose April 4' as the "date upon
[which play for* the 18.2 Ualkline ama
teur, billiard championship will be
started. The play Jb. to .be held at the
Hamilton club in Brooklyn. .Harry
<"Chlck") Wrij?ht,.,now of San Fran
cJsco, was- the last • man to hold ;th«
title, but ;,he became a professional • and
surrendered . the trophy. \u25a0
Long and Burris Head
Oakland Card
The West Oakland club has arranged
an attractive card for its boxing show
Friday evening in .the West Oakland
club rooms. Frankie Burns, the clever
lightweight, will clash with T^oule Long
in the 10 round main event. Burns' clean
cut. victdry over Johnny Corbett at
Coalinga was a big boost for him.
.Indian JOe Gregg and Rufe Turner
will meet in tlie .semifinals. Gregg is
a tough scrapper who \u25a0 has faced, all of
the; prominent boxers in- the east and
is taking ;dnj the' Stockton, lad to show
the? local spor.ts what:lje can do in tfie
ring.-- ; . !.: A : -.'' > ' ,
\u25a0;Johnny,:McCarthy and 3immy Fitteri
are. well matched ahd : should provide a
rattlingi fast- go in : one of the* prelim
inaries. Ilay Baughman; ;the Petaluma
slugger." is .. another youngster who
grace* the card, which promises. to at
tract many San .; Francisco sports' to
the- ringside.' - j: ' -.. • ..
California Varsity Beats
;; ; Berkeley High
[Special Dispatch jo The Call] '\u25a0.
BERKELE Y, March - I.— ln a speedy
exhibition of the national game ;this
afternoon, the varsity ran
up a 9-2 score -against the Berkeley
high school twirlers... At no^time'^iid
the , preps 'have a .chance against "the
collegians, failing completely to • find
Oakes, the new pitcher, for" the .campus
players.. The scholastics could not find
a single hit, as against" 12 hits the col
legians gleaped from Bromley's but-
The : teams lined up as follows.'
California. '?\u25a0'\u25a0> Position.^ " Berkeley Hicb. : \u25a0
Oake*.'. . .. :.".. Pitcher \u25a0•.... . . :.. . .'. .Bromley
M0u1 t0n ;....•..«..-.< 'atcher . . ;-."." . . .*;.'; .'....•. Host
Greenlaw.. •. '. ;•. . T .* .".First base . . : ". .• .'..', .*.". .-; l^alrd
Gay. O'Kelly .;..": .'Second ba*e. . .V. . : ! . i.Stnlth.
Allen '.Third base. . ; . . .T. .'. Redmond
Ijewin . i . . ,'» -..5h0rt5t0p ". . . . . . ; . . v. . Reubke
Sallsbary .\u25a0.\u25a0.•....... Rlcht '1ie1d. . . . ; .V . . . .StCTenn
Bsrleiiu. . . . . . . .'. . ."Center field. ,'..". . .'.Bertollacl
C0»ne.. . .......;.. I^eft .field. . :. . .v. . ; .v: . ..Dent
XKW ; ,yORK, Ma rch 1.- — Oxford and
Cambridge j -have ~^at last vbeenfl heard
from In • regard to.Uhe' annual ; chess
match- --with*- the. American .colleges.
They 'announce^ that ;an ; official
lenge Avlll' be forthcomins shortly.'
Speedy Sal MieunvWon
Race That Was Never Run
Many Representatives Attracted
to Iriterscholastic A ffair
: ~ at Stanford
\u25a0 -\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0'
: If. the 'plans of' the iriterscholastic
board of governors work out the larg
est'number of high school athletes ever
gathered; \u25a0•'\u25a0.; on ' the coast will be
seen in competition at the annual
interscholastic meet here this year.: in
addition to l the 192 schools in Califor
nia notices have been sent to Portland,
Tacoma, ; Seattle, Reno, | Tucnon and
Phoenix high schools and ,to the Port
land military academy and the Hill
military academy, also. of Portland.
Applications have also been received
from five schools , which' up to this
time have refused to' enter, the asso
During the weekone singles and one
doubles tennis match will/ be played,
.the- winners being rewarded with gold
medals," while the runners up will re
celve recognition in the shape of silver
•-• » ,
The Lagunita boat club is incensed
at the discovery made yesterday of the
fact that some one had been using the
four oared shell, which has been lodged
In the boathouse at Redwood City, as
a target for a, 22 caliber rifle! The shell
was purchased .by the student body
from Cornell "university _at the begin
ning of last. year.
The varsity is to try conclusions with
St. Ignatius college nine tomorrow
afternoon on the local diamond. The
varsity/ lineup will be unchanged with
the exception that Jones will again be
in the box and Cochran behind the bat.
Western Club Holds
Boxing Show
" The Western :. club, whfch_ has been
organized' recently, gave its first ama
teur boxing exhibition »at the well
equipped; gymnasium of the club Mon
day night and a big crowd witnessed
some interesting contests.
. Manager, W.J. Kennedy saw to the
comfort # of the spectators arid the even
ing's entertainment' was a big suc
cess.^ There were", six events on the
card "and the 'boys a number
of interesting contests., George Green,
popular welter weight, acted as referee.
The Judges were Phil "Wand and !C.
Clough of the Olympic club and Dr. G,
R. Harris was time keeper. \u25a0 ! ' ' . f
The bouts v resulted as follows:' J.
ITess defeated. 11., : . in .three
rounds, -P. McGulre defeated, Al Breker
in ;three .rounds, .'D.'Gilmore; defeated
William Van,ce in four, rounds, .I.' Stan-'
t«n defeated the Italian Wonder, in a
round. Ray Moore defeated F. Berry
essa in two rounds, and J. Scott de
feated J. Miller in three rounds.
Ahtonines Take First
{Special Dispatch to , The, Calt] : .
OAKLAND, March I.— St. ; Anthony's
parish team defeated St. Peter's parish
players at basket ball this.' evening at
St. Mary's college gymnasium, by 'the
score of 23 to 10. This ; was«Uhe t first
g-arnein 1 the championship series of the
Catholic Schoolß'athletic league. :"\u25a0\u25a0;'
. ATLANTA, Ga.,' March I.— Thomas W.
Taylor, once V: gr»at ball player, in I the
National -league, was » yesterday called
into> the office » off the C warden< at -the
federal "prison.-.where he ; has been "serv
iri£*,"a~;]ife] sentence' for.' the;murder,-"of
Ms wife ; In Washington^-and' told that
he '. had' been granted; a «pardon by; ; the
president/.^ : " \u25a0 ' ; \u25a0' : : , - : ". ' v . <;,:\u25a0 '\u25a0""*\u25a0 I*.' ;'\u25a0"=\u25a0' !f i ! 't" : s>:
.....;.. \u25a0 — . . . •\u25a0..--\u25a0 ;.;-rfs.'-*#3;'
[Special; Correspondence of Thc-Call] : . .
'HONOLULU, rFeb.t;22j~Thefgrando^i
pageant .] in; the history 'of *Il6n6lulu'Vas
presen ted 'yesterday 'in the', floral; parade
and \u25a0.•'\u25a0, Elks' carnival;! It\ was ;a -great
artistic'euccesSf and *<one ; whirh'-drew
from; tourists - the most flattering com
ments. vThe „ flnancial *side r of < the Elks*
part \u25a0. of > the; Fhow^Vasiall aoiithe^good. 1
The I ; mask? ball ;2 added ; s :$li000. to .the
treasur y :% of i the, club -arid' r thp;gate £ .re
ceipts^ on^ the i Elks'.; trail . .were, ; $ 1,3 00
more./: Resident his^ there; were r receipts
f rom ;' saleS of >articlrs;aVd* admission; to
the 'dozen 1 " booth's J' \u25a0 ' r ; >
' ; \u25a0 ' f-' : - ; ."\u25a0\u25a0,'\u25a0 T-' --'''\u25a0 \u25a0 ; " \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0' •-\u25a0\u25a0/\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ::: .-2"i
Trainer Walter Heath Calls
Rival's Turn; Then Refuses
to Accept Wager
- : ' • v '~~~ '•; .' '\u25a0'\u25a0 ; \u25a0 \u25a0
. SaiAtticum, a three year old by Sal
vation out of. Wilma. and belonging to
Charley Clark, the clubman-millionaire
of /Burlingame, has won- two -races and
upon ' his,, victories his owner- has won
wagers bigger than any lost or won
this year . at, .Emeryville. .
. After Sal Atticum won his. maiden
race, which fattened the~ Clark coffers
by , the way, Trainer '."Walter Heath
waited, a while and then entered the
colt in . better cbrnpany. rj
When the number drawftig was called,
as It is every morning at Emery
ville, the/owner of Eel, a' fast sort,
twigged Heath on 'the colt's chances.
Heath retorted In the only language
that talks across ;the bay. - / '
"Bet you a' hundred you haven't^any
thlng-that can- beat him."-" •'\u25a0 •
The owner df Eel responded: \u25a0„ --I '?.;\u25a0;
"You're on/Sand the money was duly
deposited* with 'a stake holder with the
understanding], that: Eel and Sal Atti
cum should' settle the wager 00 ah
early- morning.
In the meantime \u25a0 Sal Atticum .came
out and won his next race, hanging up
the sensational time of 1:00 3-s'oyer a
slow'track, leaving such good ones be
hind him as Lewiston and Lady Eliza
The owner of Eel crabbed. Heath
had fun with him for a day or' two and
then called the $100 bet off. ;
Hogan and Craig Are
Hard at Work
One Round Jack Hogan and Cyclone
Craig.^'k-ho meet in Dreamland Friday
night before tlie. Centennial club, are
hard kt work at their training quar
ters.- Hogan and Craig have been of
fered a 10 round fight^ before Louis
Blot's' club this month and the winner
will be- signed immediately after ihe
next mill. | > ; s
Johnny Roche-Jimmy Melville
fight ; for the feather weight '\u2666• title •\u25a0. of
the-; coast is arousing great interest,
as-*" is ;also"; also" the third meeting between
George-Andres , and Johnny Ryan>for
the 'welter weight title. , The , big fel
lows, Kreiger and Kenny, should sup-,
ply their share of excitement. .
- Eddie Meehan ; and Efldie Tait. "the
bantams, head the list of preliminaries,
which will also bring Kid 'Andre-ws'and
Peter Root. Roy Moor and Soldier
Smith together. » , .' .. .. .'.\u25a0 ;•'
Important RulingSAby
Baseball Powers
CINCINNATI, March I.— Only players,
and teams contesting in .the worlJ's
championship series will hereafter be
awarded! pennants and; emblems by
national /baseball: commission, -accord
ing to ah announcement made by that
body late today.'". ;.
,The, division of receipts ; from; post
season, series hereafter: is to be; made
upon the same-. basis as ..the world's'
series,. instead of allowing the contest
ing, clubs ; to diyidc- the money as : they
see " fit-*;;.' '\u25a0:\u25a0':<\u25a0 -• . . ;. ; " \u25a0"\u25a0",\u25a0-;;•
A change, was' made ;in , the drafting
rules by^which minor/league clubs'are.
given.';flve:'days!-in' which to' accept or.
reject offers of the return - of ! a^ drafted
player when the. ; player is about 'to •be
dispensed of.to artiinor league of the
same ;dass. r '\u25a0'. \u25a0 - \u25a0. ."'.,."'
:;; NEW. YORK. March I.— Thor Jbhan
sen.'the , Swedish .'professional virunnef,'
established .a;; new: "indoor -rharathon
record'in -the •-,' Sixty-ninth . Ueginrerit
armory "tonight ;of : 2 hoursi36 minutes
5 5 ; 111 1 -5 ;, seconds. ; \u25a0 Dorando's J best V time
made -at Madison Square" Garden. --' was
2:44:55:1-5., - ' : . {-*
vtKANSAS^CIT^;-, March; I.— Willie
Hopp.<? : and. Qra- Morn jngstar broke, even
in i> two jcxli ibi 1 1 on* 1 S : 2 bi 11 in rVI : . \ grariies
played -here ; toilay- and -. tonight. '-jHopipc
took -tlie^aftern'oon i game/ ,400; to ZA \u2666;
aiofningstar^woTi the night -game, 300
to;l26.v. \u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0}\u25a0'/<:\u25a0 :~: ~ : "-:'-\ ;"•-:. ;- '\u0084 :'.'.-. '"\u25a0'\u25a0 '_ .
]':, DETROIT. March "J.^O.-new leader in
the "individuals ;|a"ndj ho ,-clian se-; inf. the
holders; of >first .place in the*. two(man
and? flveV man-: events,'^we'fe- results'of
the -fourth '-"day , of -i the " tenth V annual
tournament of the American' > bowling
coagre_ss.r-./..; ;.:.••\u25a0. .<\ -;, \u25a0--..,
Stellar Jockey to *Quit Emery*
vHle at Once and Hie Him*
self to New York
:- - -
: . 'Another ( week at Emeryville. 'will
probably. see the end. of Jockey Carroll
Shilling's riding on the coast. Accord
ing to the present program, the" best
jockey in America plans an immediate
departure for New York. He will go
by the : way of Paris, Tex., ; and stop
over, there to discuss the disposition of
his contract with -his parents. . Since
his. quarrel 1 with E. R. Thomas, which
ended in a stabbing affray, Shilling has
held his own -.contract. For • family
purposes he • gave his j first' call, to .hts
brother, Jfm- Shilling,: after- haying for>
an .agreement. to Sam Hildreth
in j New' York. . Hildreth failed to" re"
spond • and - Shilling sold • his . saddle
abUities to] 11.. G. Bedwell, .with, -a
second call', going to '" the Napa : stock
farm to ride the good , 2 ; year olds : that
Berry had iii his barn. : ; .
Both Bedwell l and Berry will suffer
by departure.' .Bedwell can
ride Taplin and a, few of the ' good, ap
prentices, but ;as"-far as- contracts' go
he' has no call -on any jockey Worthy of
his, big:, string of winners. The Nap^i
farm.will ; have^ to;' fall back upon. Gross,
who seems to be a slow boy. at the post.
, 'The California maresv seem to be late
this year in reporting their foals. The
last baby of, prominence 'to arrive is '.a
bay colt by. Afaxnic out of Humidity,
the / dam of Humo.\ The youngster first
saw the light of day on the .Burns &
Waterhouse ranch. ' .
\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 •; \u25a0 * . * \u25a0 \u25a0 - '
The winning owners at the end of
last week- at Emeryville ,were: .
11. G. Bod well $«.sgi
J. '51. Crane...... .\..: 3,320
C. R. Jonos. . -. ;. i . . . ;3,3u
D. .S. F0untain. '. .....,.:.»...... i .......:,. .3.21>«;
.T. .MucMaiius. ........'. "...:. . . .". 3 175
.1. O. &.: G. . H. K*-pne. :...... L 2.536
Stockton ranch stable.-.. .'J.S32
itolcra &^ Jospph. .'.\u25a0... .-2,72r»
Oakwoofl stoi'k j ranch :"..:..• -. . . ; . ; . . \u00842.">58
F.. "If. 1 Hopper.':-. ..•..-..; ' .-. . . . .2.14";
Trarirr & ," Farrl«. ... i ... : -......'...\u25a0... .".2. HX>
J. Schreibor; ..-.., .....-.' ;.;.2.OSH
Oaklanfl stable . :•. .'•. ; . .\u25a0...'. , „. .-.•.....".. ,2 OUO
B. L.. Marks & Co. . '...,......: '.. ......^1 .nnri
R. J.'MaokenaJe >....-......"... .',.,...... '.. ; . .)£>"'*
B. S<-hrell>cr. .:i1 . . . . „ I.7ST,
W. Cahlll .v. -. -^ \u0084" .;. . .T.TT3
.T. S."- Har1an ..................."..,. ,'. : : .;.. 1,770
.1. W. Paulson .\u25a0..:.\u25a0...\u25a0...•.. ;. '.. ;...:.. I.TfU
W. T. ~ Andersoti ....'... .v. . '...:. .. . 1 .KT-'i
C. A. Baldwin.-. ; i . . ; j.TKtfi
"Tro: M. Cafne ...-: .'.... -....-.;i,r.D.V.
H. ' StoTer . • '..../...;.."... \u25a0/..". \u25a0;':, .1 .w,hh
Northwest stable .*;...'; '..:: ;".'*L{4&s.
<*!.' M.-. J0hn50n. ...'.-... V. ;. ."•....' -.';...: im .l;4!>0
11. X- Rowpll- ;-;^.., -.'.•:..;;:\.\..,."....1,45i>
\j. \u25a0 \\. 0T>arr. .:........,. ..... ;;;„; ... ... .-.1.474
"V. rV ; Xf illard. .-.::..•.... .-. ; ; . . .•;, ..-. , . .... ...I.4ft".
El • Palonmr- 5tab1e, .;...; ......",.. .!..'.. . . . 1.1.-lOl.";
S. • li. "ir<v>r<«. .<...:. ' i.-. ...-.;,;... -i,-Ssp'
A:. J. Jackson. ..:.;. .'-....-\u25a0. i ,•'.'.\u25a0.\u25a0: .;.-.; ..'...1.32() r
M. lieis. 1 .. . . . . . ; .-.:.:... ;--. . ... . . :i.3t.">
Hani bur? s table. \:\ . ..'..."....\u25a0.:. .:/'... ,'.-; ;-. .1.2f>2
X; G. Soule \u0084...:, .'..:; . ..•..".-\u25a0. . ivlW
Uose." Mpad'stable.;-. .\u25a0....-.\u25a0.'.•.; 1-i V.i;«i,l.l2<>
J. J.. Fergupon ...".-.,.... 1.».'-1 .».'-. .-'. ..... ....... : i.T.0<V
Xapa stock : farm ...:.-. ;.;., -\u0084'..'. 1.1 00 '\u25a0
C. Sanf ord & Co. .*. . . .-. . . . . .v.'.' < : .'.1.100:
W. '> E. Cotton :....!. . V»". ..:.;'.... .-.1.059
O. Tnrek ........ ..... ..... ,;.. . . :. . . :.". i:;aM">-
F. MerckPl A C 0 ....- . .; .>;....... in ..:...1.(M4
Maine stable. .....'.'. ..;....*.:.. .;'..:.-.-;.. 13, UJ7.
A. G. 81ake1y. . . .". . . .1 . . ; . ; ':.'.;; .'......, , .^iiOia.
LEXINGTON, K>'., March l.^-Geofge
Gano, 2:03 %. the; trottfer. was:sald to
day •by \u25a0 C, D. Tirisman, Barton Pardee
agd, S. VT. Gleason of Pennsylvania to
M. '"'• Vf.- Savage "'of --Minneapolis '\u25a0\u25a0 for
$30,000. : \u25a0 '•;" -. : - . \u25a0\u25a0•' - - '\u25a0-• ; : : : •\u25a0
I Jacksonville Results {
\u2666 \u25a0 '— — ; \u25a0 ' — =:—: — :—.: — . ..-, . ..\u2666
JACKSONV'iiLE, Fla... March ,I.^-Tbe racing
at Moncreif park today was marred by a tnuddy
track. The \u25a0 opeulng dasb all but produced " "•«
panic, as Starter Brown sent the field 'away be
fore Abe Attell had reached" the- barrier. -..After
the running of . the j eTeiit a crowd . surrounded
the judges' stands. .All bets on the race were
declared off. Summary: V. \u25a0 • - • ••. \u25a0 • •;.'
First race.' three.- furlongs, selling — Decency, t
to 5, won; Mudhen, 1.1 to-.1, second; New' Star,-
Bto l; ttiird. Time;. : 37 3-5. \u25a0.-. ' , \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 -. \u25a0
• Second race, &tg t urlongs — Rosseau. 6 to 5,
won; John Reardon, 13, t0. 5. second; Queen's
Soug. 23 to 1, third. Time, 'l:o4 2-5. ,
Third race, fire and a half furlongs. seltlng'-T-
Catroke, ? to T>. won; Lort Creed.- 5 -to " 1, second;
Gerando, 7 to 1, third. Time, 1:12 4-5. *\u25a0'
Fourth - race. : six furlongs, handi'cap^Spelli
hound. 13 to 10. won:' Pocomoke. 5' to - l. seeoad';
Dr. Berkley. T to I. third. Time. 1:17 1-5: •
Fifth race, six furlonjrs. •selling — .Vnderson.' 15
to l; won; Hatre; 10 to 1, sooml;. Dander, lo'to
I.' (bird. Time. 1:1?.- .' . •' " --'-'\u25a0 :": :
Sixth race.: mile and a sixteenth. «-elJing —
Quaggß. 4 to 5. won; Great Jubilee. 7 to-j: sec
ond; Warfield. 8 to 1, third.' Time, 1:54 4-5. ••..-\u25a0
\u25a0":»\u25a0-' SILVER GRAIN— ARTHUR HYMAN-^-LILLIUM : ':'/\u25a0
• FIRST KACE— Six furlopgs; 3. year, ol^s arid upward: iseirinc:" .• •:" -:.*,;..-
Imln " Horsp \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 • >." »Wt \u25a0 .:\u25a0 Remarks- T" '.• . '
'«•'!>.•>- SILVER' GKAIN .'......''..". '.i".\lOU Latar'acc stio-vptl rekdjV '" . • ' -.
«21)3 ARTHUR HTMAN ................ ..lia P.iiuairiß fate" £esf now.
, ill !iT LILLIUM .-...,. :•-.«.'. • ' Weljrht slt^s PhaneKK^^^^^ |
<! - J7i Mauri MeG . : • ;..'... 11l \u25a0 \u25a0In .trouble lstelj:.:.-.; . \u25a0 • - •*MHfs
IJ2WS Balnade .\u25a0.....-....'..:.;.'.....'...».. 113 :. Could" win ou e.arly 'form.- • •
((202 Kaispilioff • .....*.......-..:ilP. .. Sotjietlnips- girrprises. •
6131- Golvnni<» .. ... ..:..<..; ..:... '1 13 \u25a0 Waiting fox -hi? day. v. " =
* B2TO ' •Titus II .....' .#.'*.. ......'.. ...1 ...10S ' The butr dffes rtr*t=helD hitn. : .
6123 Mnttle Mack -...:. -11l \u25a0-. «>ld "orni is .ipUslnjr.
r fi2o2 ? Mosntiaok ..:\u25a0..,...:.....\u25a0...:.. .....:tV.i " Probably \u25a0wants, a- route, .- : ; . :
kormakV-milt : jqkES. .
SECOND RACE— Three and a halt furlonjrs; *• year olds; -pursY: ;\u25a0.-. . \u25a0 \u25a0 - • _•
IndPX '•,: Hnn>c , . '• •\u25a0 \u25a0'- .•. • Wt \u25a0:. . . Itcmarts; ' V •
(tilS«> **RINDA . ..:......:.............. .10» \u25a0\u25a0 First "trial, pnwd her a racer.. :
(t}OOO).**KORMAK .....-..'...- • .11? ."Bo>t, races were; splendid.
(ti2H9> MILT JONES ».: 109- < N'eTft oiit 6t ;the money.
ir,or>4) l'eccaTl ........ ••% ............. ...10!* Won' her first start. , " : :
< «i,VJ •\u25a0' Robert Hurst '.. .»...-..'.. 1W -. 'IJuouru speed, but flighty. : '\u25a0 :
MU!24 Aeademlst .\u25a0.'."...'...'....':>. .........101 \u25a0 Has shown s^nje forni. . .
o^4 U^& :;./:. ~..--:-~. \u25a0•-•'.\u25a0•:••\u25a0• $J . ?r ce < i sr*etes.y- .). :._ . Bs
.'\u25a0 THIRD RAdE— Sii furlongs; 3 -year oldsa'nd upward; sPllins:' ;..• \u25a0 ' >
Index •-> ' Horse < v . " v Wt. "•.-. Remarks- -.
(«271) ARGONAUT ...:....:.... "...'... .....112 Seems. to be on c.dcc." : \u25a0 • .
62J>.-. BEN 5T0NE........'.- ....r. ...... li:i much fetter/ " ; '
ftsos DENEEN-... 11.1 -.CA bear. at the finish.' . \ • . "
' CiT!OS \u25a0 St. . Avon '.... '......"...\u25a0 -..,..116 .«i<H>(l. race -' a.hout due. " •
(«23 Roberta \u25a0:..:......- :..... -9.V \u25a0 Alffjht .wlu at- weij-ht." ",-'. • '
»«23 Burnlnji Bush . . • •.••• •' 1W •" and outer; can win. •
62.15 '-f *Sainest \u25a0 :.'.....'.. ....:....W2- \u25a0 Karly. speed: - a: quitter.
(6208) Hannibal Bey .... ;........ 113 Hard to.fruess<::mfEht,do It.
HCJ-ioi Beda '."... ...;'...". .'."\u25a0...:....;.....':.. P"« '. • • Showwl • her. ftiot In one race. ;\u25a0
UJ2701 Bucolip ." .'.\u25a0. . . .Vi i'i'. .r??rrr. C ::.113 •*- Gettins b«ck-' to real form. • .
1 r(°flr> Ml Uerooho .*.:rr^.*r?:"rr:^. ...1.1. :112' \" Will, cash* when 'not. looked "f or. : •
G327 • Silver Line ..;-..... .111 Best oTer a routei . ;
. FOURTH 1 RACE— Futurity coarse; S, year olds and upward: -se.HlDs: : ' •
Index* '*•' Horse -:• ; - Wt . Remarkg •• *
fe'»72i SEWELL -.'..'. :."....:. ..':..;./.». "...112 Seems to be- himself again.
itV?O7) MYLES O'CONNELL .:..::.:... ...1(M :\u25a0 : Itetter than • he^fisnres*. •\u25a0 •
fi > '84»- HAMPER ,\u25a0....:................... ..104 Able to win If off well. BaH
(."iO77) ; W*rT ' r OTerton * ...:......V. ...;... .IW' -May ne^duhe race. pREUK
02(12 ,»Lady .'Elizabetb^V.V.V..*.:-. :::.Wi '^WaitlDj; for dry track. . -
«047-lTremarj:o;.v. ..'. 1.V.V:. :...:. Y. .<.'.:.. 95 Good horse In • Canada. - *
«lf>t *J -F. Crowley \u25a0..::.':..".'.'..''. .'.'..:. r.- 99. V Ouce>a. good. »printer.r
KIFTHvRACE— One mile; 3 year old« and upward- selling:
Index" \u25a0 -'Horse - ' •- W.t • Remarks - . ..
«-'.">7"RADAT10N '..'...\u25a0.."... ..'.....,.. M».- \u25a0 Must repeat t recent races. '\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0-: • -y,
(B237)' MR. "BISHOP :....... ........ ..lV ;. Two so.xl races to his credit.
- «2»7- COLONEL JACK-, . :.;............. .II" Misht win properly -ridden.
«2f).-i: Clenuadeane ..»...•-.....:......... *~~ iriillln weights.* • :'~- *- •
J «2fi7« WUketv.r.r.'.-.vrir.-:".'.:.:"::..'...:.. Sf» - Fiies-with lisbt; welsht. \u25a0
; (1289 ~. Catallno : ::.....:\u25a0!.....::....... '\u25a0 ... 110 > - Recent efforts are jrood. "
'»i2!'S * Steel-..'. ......".'. '..'.' ?. .77... ...102 ; . ;Fisures close, on oe»t races.: .' '
/ffid-'i \j Special, DellTfr.r *..:...: ..ll<t. ( ' OtUcr*. nvt- out. : of it. \u25a0 , , >•
Fnturltjr course: 3,.Tear olds;' srllln?:' • .;'
;lndexf-'--"iHnrse >;.j v .'X ,'ij.. :'!\Vt\-- • -- Remarks*'"
.H272 * : LADY-.PANCH1TA'..:.".'..\.. '.'... ;..!<»* • Should make'them so to catrh her.
t-:;r_'K ?DR: DOUGHERTY, .::.:.•;..'."..:•. \u0084.HV. Rn-ent^^rares- show -him : jror>d. '
t«2fifI)'MINNEDOCIA '..•..".:.'..:."..;... 100 •If "off .iii'front.misht win. •
ria i.T.I , /.Inlcand -'.'..:...'....:...'. :.:.; .\u25a0..'... «-\u25a0» . , Watch the play' today.: -^ \u25a0
-ft2S-"»'i Eleanor :R"bson .V.'. 1 ..'.:... V* v«ltbers Ip«s <:hancc •
Robert McGabe, In : - .
Charge of the Jesuit
College Track Men
Sparta^ Basket Ball
";.; /Teams Winy
{Special Dispatch to The Call}
OAKL.VND,- March I.— Two interest
ing'basket bait games were played at
the. Spartan gymnasium last night. : In
the first the .125 pound Spartan team
defeated the 135. pounders 'of the ninth
grade of. the .Washington school of
Berkeley.' Roy Brown,, the Spartan
center, \u25a0 was. the star: of the evening,
while : 3ean Witter and Roy:Hilbourn at
forward both made a number of points.
Roy Nedderman suffered a painful ac
cident sopn aft^r the. gam© started and
was forced ;to withdraw. The final
scorp was SO to 17 in favor of the Spar
tans. • ' •-' ' • '.. . ! " " ;
\u25a0 -The .110. pound t?am played the crack
•WJiittier : school.\i'eanx froni Berkeley,
anil despite the.-.fact that they were out
weighed more." th>n 2» pounds to the
man managed to win oiit by a score of
32 to<SQ.. v \u25a0;' : -\v - "\u25a0>\u25a0*"'•..;:\u25a0 -'
. .Tlf§, Whittier. line-upvwas strengthen
ed by -the presence of : Ftichards of the
Berkeley- high .school, team. Cutting
an.d Widdel played star.: games for the
victors.:^ .- : . ".',!\u25a0'.."•:\u25a0'.• ..' -*tV '/.•-.\u25a0;
vusTß.viiiA.v r.oi;i-Kns comi.\«
\u25a0\BW.: YORK.-; March 1. — A. golf team
Xron> . Australia... will; probably, tour the
United States 'nVxty^ar. : :Th'S: prospect
of -.lnterriatfohai i^pott Vis isuTprlsing. jis
Vt \u25a0Gomes 1 froni a; ;^eTp.qu;airt«»r. Secre
tary* Watson/pf. the "United States golf
association received n«;-w:S of- the propo
sition-. this; week : trpni'/Ss^ney. The
intention, is io rhrjh'g. : 6ver-,sV*c. amateur
golf and iftvur.lawn.tenflls. players, the
latter, inctudinff.lhfe; Davis c&p winners.
\u25a0/•The team W!ili start jtis tour in.south
ierrf'Caiiforniia. in the spring.
KANSAS CITY.; MftTety I^— '•Fighting
pick" Hylandi.and 'Matty.; Balwdin were
matched tonight, to .'ftgii-t .I** rounds be
fore the . Grande Ay^njie : 'athletic club
h^re March ;14;. Theyi will : weigh in at
.i33-.poutid3.at 3- o'clock.- :
'"'• '.."'\u25a0 "\u25a0'•"' *••;•\u25a0',-• \u25a0; — r^ *\u25a0\u2666
Tampa Results
" TAMPA.'. FJa.. March \u25a0 I.— Four rewrites won
here today. ' Ttie .victory of .R. : F. Canaan's old
•horse Water bury *r-«s a feature." He came under
\u25a0the wire in ""\u25a0'wait-, s&owinft- • remarkable re
vfrsal of forxii after his last Start- At a meet-
Ing of-'the stewards" today' lt.- was. decided to ex
tend the meetlnz until March- 26. Summary:,
First racK -three \u25a0fuflongs^Ortego. 10 to 1,
won:. Lord Wells..,*? to .1, second; Orella, eren,
third. • Time.":3S 1H». ". '• "•\u25a0 \u25a0 ' ' .
Second race, flre fuflo.ng!>^seUln«— Waterbtiry.
I'to 3. wont Neeha.-5 t6 1. .second; Gllllford, 3
to 1. tWrd:. Time, 1:05.1-3;.
\u25a0 Third' race. fire. atid. a- half furlongs, selling —
Fleming;- 4 to 5.' won: Baleshed. Sto 1, second;
Eminola. 3 to U third. .-. Tim*. 1:114-5.
i Fourth «<race. ".; six ' furlongs. . stelling — BUHe
Hibbs. 4 to 3. wrH»:Aiitumn Girl. .1 to 1, second,
Urall. 10 to 1,- third. Time. 1:17 3-5.
'-'Fifth .'race. seVen farlonjr*. spllinc: — Pirate
Diana. 8 to ">. won; ; Merry Gift. 4 to 1. second;
\u25a0Tamer. 7' to 5, third; /Time. IS3I 2-5. .
• Slxttj' !«••*<••\u25a0 ini'p *nd tCfcyards, scllin~ — Elira
bothan.-eTeil,' won; Grace- Klmball. 6 to 3. «ec
ond.;l>unTegan.i'..l.o to 4. third. Time. 1:50 S-5.
Valley Collegians Are Going ia
Strong for This Form of
Sport This eSason
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SANTA CLARA. March 1. — The Santa
Clara track squad t'hls season looks to
be a very formidable collection of ath
letes in this branch of sport and Man
ager Robert McCabe look 3 for his men
to make good. There Is plenty oC
young material which gives much
promise' and he predicts that several
star trackmen will be developed during
the season. ;. ;
The new cinder path which is belns
constructed on the inner campus Is rap
idly nearlng completion and the track
men will be, busy soon getting into
shape for the coming meets. ' • ,y
There are several athletes wm> art*
showing up well. Kennedy is aV^W'.
jumper and can be counted on to a^ir
nex first place in the meets with the
various institutions. Zorb is a fast.
100, as are also Reams and Morgan.;
Following are some of the trackmen
and the events they are scheduled for:
Reams (captain). 100 and 220 yards, hlxa hnr- |
dies and broad jump: Kearney, hteh. Jump: Bron
»on. 440 yards: Castrncdo. mile: li. Barcjr. shot'
put: Morgan, 100 yards, pole Taiut. low hurdleV
broad jump; Kramtitoln. two miles: • Dooliny.
hammer throw; AlUgaert, hammer throw* nnd.
shotput: Zoeb, 100 and 220 yards; Hall, mile;
Barbour. 100 and 220 yards; McGnJTey. :.twn .
miles; Yoell. two miles: Porterfleld. 100 and 220. ;
yartlt; I. Barnard, mile; N. Barnard, nifle;
i>chelier. 410 and BSO yards; Host. 44*> yards;,
Gallacher. 440 yards; Leakr. 440 y«rds: llok.au.
shotput and hammer throw: Brown, shotpui;.-:
O'Shaujrhnessy. Bh»tput; Jarrett. shotput: For-. .
sythe. i(»> and 220 yarcts; McCormick, two niilc?.;.--
slt-Cabe. 440 anil Jji>*o yards. . . ' .".-
Cominff meets will be held with St.-..
Mary's college. St. Ignatius collesre.
Santa Clara higrh and San Jose hlffti
and possibly the Stanford freshmen. ."
'. . ii
Ora Mnrninsrstar. the srroat bllli»rdl.sf, •le^tarc^ -
that Willie Hoppe is tb* sreitest cue artlsf <-f" \u25a0
them all. Morninßstar H eon*iii<-e«t tl'nt H<>)i|>e
is his master, as he ua* been l>faten bj ll"t>i>t|. "•
nearly CTery time they hare played.
• !• : • -.. ."
Willie Keeler. the sreat little diamond »rti-N
says he \u25a0 likes to see yonm-Mer* break Into the .-'
biK loauue. He says that tbe«# yMinysterH" •!•»
not know where to play for the old batsuiru,
and for this reason it helps hartins. . •
* • \u25a0 ' \u25a0•-;• •
Ae<"r>rdin£ to a ilispatrb. fr«tn New Ynrk Boh \u25a0
I Fltxsimmou.* h»j sent word from Australia that . \u25a0
he thinks Bill Lnnse ba* the makines of >»
champion. Fltr say* \u25a0 that h<» ban otimge.
strenictb. and quickness and he will eertaluly
be«^>iue clerer. ' :
\u25a0• ;•:\u25a0::.•
O.irke Griffith d<*»« tw>t like the *-orlnff rules.
Griff .N>li»Te» that a; batter should be siren a
sacrifice wbenerer a runner Is advanced.
• \u25a0 *- : * . \u25a0 - .'
• Krerybody who saw last Monday nlacht's flzbt
will agree that Eddi«* Smith's decision was not
as bad as the one he gate when h* declared that
Johnny Murphy had won : from Maurice ijajers.
Smith seems to N» strong for the Mttrpayj.
• •\u25a0 *
Protnot»r Cpffroth's ipaster hand was \u25a0jalcYti.
eTid>»nre Monday night by tlie manner ia w V tfV
be bandied th<» bljr crowd at Dreamland. . itf-VRf
the hisjpst srHtb'rinc thaf has attended a fisbt
at Dreamland, and everybodj who had a scat
coupon found their chair.
• \u25a0 . • .'•
Huzh Duffy, who wilt manage th» Whit* Sox
this season, declares he has the p«nnant wlnn-rs
of 1910. ; : :
\u25a0 • • •
The National leas:ue>; club* will pitch camp at '
the following places (of sprint; training: Chicusrv :
»t !*ew Orlean-". Plttsburg at Hot Springs. »-<r
York at .Marlins Springs. Tex.: Cincinnati «t
Hot Springs. Brooklyn, «t Ilot Springs. Philadel
phia at Southern Pines. X. C: St. Louis at Lit
tle Rock. Ark.< and Boston at Augusta, Ga.
» •.\u25a0•*•
• The Cobs start off on their spring tralninc sea
soo with 14 twlrlers. The Sox are right behind
them with 12 mound men. Both teams hare fl»e
cttchers. \u25a0 • : . - . . .
'•.-.•\u25a0 •
The White Sot ar»» to play 7t> Rimes oa th»ir
tour of the west. The schedule Is made up for
this number of exhibitions. ' \u25a0 :
.-.;\u25a0;• ,•::>;\u25a0 -:;»\u25a0 : '
"With an eren break In lark th* Cubs thontrt
win the National league championship during
the eomfng season. " said President Charles W.
Murphy in a recent interrlew.
• \u25a0\u25a0•', > •
- Mysterious Billy Smith has come to life again.
Tie's training in Portland for a go. with At
Nelll. What a sensational battl* th««* two pa
triarch!! of th<» ring will make if they eT«r
clash. More work for the undertaker.:
Maurice Sayers I» Tery anxious to ,«n)f not
to the coast again. At present fte 'Is flshtlng
around Philadelphia and meeting with (v«i >uc
cess. He's willing to. take on anybody the pro
moters dig up for him out this way. layers is
one of the cleverest Hs:otwelghts who .erer drew
.on a n>e ounce glore, \u25a0 but he conld not knock
anybody's ] hat off, much less score a knockout.
• . \u25a0"» : « •
Dispatches from Los Angeles say that Joanny
i Frayn«. the loi-al ligUtwefght. Is slowly pinln.it
away. Frayne wan In delicate health when rtc>
; left here last October after being beatea by
P»w»U. / . : •
• \u25a0-\u25a0*- • - »\u25a0
Jim Barry. . th* \u25a0 Chicaro hraTy weight, . «ays»
that he will clean Gunboat Smith up - within
6t« j rounds when they clash over in Oakland
a week from this -evening. Barry had oetfr*:
look out, for that- Gunboat can kick a bit him
»elf.: . • \u25a0 \u25a0• I
> • '" :•\u25a0 ; '. •
A Sabßcrlber — City: Jfoe Guns -was th« • light
weight champion whenhe met Nel»n> to Go*<ti
fleld. Nelson won' thf. title from Gans on Ju'lt
4. 1009. and held it till Wolgasf beat him at
Rlchmund on February 22.0f the present year.
Billy .Roche has quit. the. flskttay srame for the
show business. Just now he Is, n*?att.itlnr to,
bring .a sreat bis caroiral. altraotfou to tbVi
city next- months Ki>che; says h« "Is tbrouStd
with lighters and .• referees. ;,
• • . '. •
J. W. L., City. How many times did Sbarke.t
and Jeffries fight and what was the re.-tult of
their contests? -: Tffli ClUJi jJli'LLfl l
•They fousht twice, tho, first thne In tMs eft?
on May 8.-1«9». 2") rounds, and the sernml tim««
in Coney island. XoTemtiec JJ, ISO 9, 23 rounds '
Jeffries woo both decisions. <--..,•
'*• ' %
Spider Baum. the forrper Sn^ramento.pltrhpr.
is putting In bi* time eoachlac the - hA9fh.li! x
squad of Sacred Hea?t mUege. Bauiu <U<*% n»t
know yet. what dNponltion the national commis- •
slon will ' make of him. IlW"Jffigr(DMß*Klr"jM
• •-• •• "" " -
George Oaker of Madison. Wis.,.- nl>.l Infn -
first. place in the singles with 842. Oakey'l* * *
- member of the colonial five that holds -first place. \u25a0•
A'- \u25a0 ~ «C«eATBHI THAN CVCRt ' j 1
!•• .^^N W««fci»^» «»7 ~mtr*cx»i Ham—
B VfSo poiWvcly cured by Urn oid«a
J «tx>ri»K«> m Urn CmjL CtUbtwiMrf
ki^dtt \ Co"*"! I *^"- f«. ana tfrtctly priv.t*.
'T*>^ST ® *'—**>"* P~**u&r •» hy fattar., A
m , -ttlmt\ \u25a0 P°*lu v C Cure ia avary ca*« ur- '
I MPy darukaa. -\u25a0 \u25a0-
.f^^MßUnun.ljMß «a>]al Vy BracvUUt
"f^^C. B. *.JF « not I, ,i»i a wt^bb,,
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