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.\u25a0-...•\u25a0.•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 • . ; :*•\u25a0
Waller Macarthur and Secre«
taries of Unions Tell of Con*
tinued « Mistreatment
Patients Turned From Insiitu=
; lion Saved Only by Efforts
of. Fellow Sailors
: l nnflnurrt from Pnjre Odi
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0}'iof an operation by Dr. John Gallway
Z^-yjfel &i(ijfty asked Doctor Gafsaway tc
n'^jkllow Johnson to return to the institu
•:•. tion. He refused, saying nothing coulc
y'/be'Soue. ' v- .'<" - »
;•• ..Sr^iiice undergoing treatment at tht
\u25a0\u25a0;/liands of Doctor' Gallway Johnson has
:;':' recovered the use of his arm. and with
'•\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0•'in ;*' short time we expect to be abl<
'!• ::: :* < ? : ;<l' > fray the expense of ..a similai
'•operation upon Paulson.
. . • vThese tacts show why we went tc
: s-ee Doctor Gassaway an dthat we did
. no« attempt to dictate the conduct ol
; the marine hospital.
Not Charity Institution
;;'• \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0/\u25a0"Doctor Gassa way's reference to. th<
\u0084: maintenance •\u25a0 pf the marine hospital
.^service., as a useless expenditure o!
•:•. money .on . "dirty, disease. ' Infect e<:
.; th-ugs" indicates his attitude towarc
: seafaring men/ He knows well that f
.sraSnan. who becomes sick In the servici
of a vessel is entitled to care arid cur*
> *t.-.the expense of the vessel and th.v
\u25a0^tlie tijarine hospital is maintained no:
: «« amlnstitution of charity but because
.• : Ff>am*'T>: : ture entitled to it. ;\u25a0. ;-' ''
_•'\u25a0; ;'"!. regret that the matter has com*
:io public notice, because the service if
?i-^.*KipO<l : An|ttltutioa for seamen, and most
."._;. fit- the; surgeons attached to it are a:
: efficient' professionally as their col
• If? Riie.s.-In, civil life."
.'-:.Klliso nalso quoted the cases of Kih
Frandson. John Petterson and Johr
\ Kraft., yiseamen, as other instances
V wherein- the marine hospital has beer
:] derelict Inlits duty. "•
.;; Discussing the Brezzinio case yester
day. 11, Huntsman, secretary of the ba>
an<l ... riyte-r; .-steaniboatmen's union,. t<
• AvhU-h the dead man belonged, declared
that therdemahd for an investigatior
\u25a0 :*#iih£ .mort Jtwrough character wouk
l><* pressed.- ' "'\u25a0>
. -\u25a0V- r The: : &wt>rpr statements on which ar
Stvvestigation ;of : the Brezzinio episode
\u25a0.'-. VT-&-& demanded/: said Huntsman, "were
p«t made without a strong-basis in fact
. Tli*'}- were made in the cause of de
ffm\v,:i)umanlty and justice. The Brez
. zinio case is not the only one concernr
zing which we have received complaints,
... and we intend to demand the fullest in
vestigatlon." ; . ; . V -' "-.' • . \u25a0 -
.; : Supporting the statements of Hunts
; man and throwing new light onjth«
;V: fv-ente preceding the death of Brezzinir;
wit-re declarations' made last night by
, Jlarry. C." Deji, the ; jiurse who was in
attendance H* ; lien : Doctor Moore .i*^"ii
lege^.to have assaulted the dyihg^man
it wa* Tepprted yesterday that Dell had
: «ieserted from the! marine hospital serv
irA and. fled frbni '.the city. On the
Kcohtrary > \;Delj;- lea;rriing that Doctor
rGassaway '\ ha<j threatened to dismiss
\u25a0 }fvm. decided to .resign and left th«
Alonday night after writ
ing a note conveying. his intention to
Pharmacist Thomas, who was in cliurge
of the attendants' department. : Dell re
niatried. infthe: city yesterday.at a hotel.
l^aft'night;'he;i'aid: •'"-\u25a0%.'.\u25a0.-. \u25a0; \u25a0•..;:.. *. . -'.
"I. have not the slightest intention
of running- away./: I .intend, to stay in
San Frauripco; and tell what I know of
Ih^ occurrences at the hospital. ;\u25a0; • •
'"It has been asserted .. by : Dri oass
awaythat there no disGolbrations
on thebody of Matep Brezzinio. This
Sf n^'t true. \u25a0 vl helped to^ carry the body
to the dea. l house, and L say possi
tivcly that ihe face was discolored, and
that there": were 'cuts 'a rid gashes on
th* 1 face 'of. -the : dead man;. Xot \u25a0 only
did T see these bruises and injuries, but
other men saw. the same wounds. Fur
thermore. tJiere ( was an. argument at
the inquest held over;. Brezzirjip r s body
as t<» the cause bX^deiatb.T^- •!..'•'. N. .".•'.
IWKSTIGATIO.V Jl'STlFlEn '•"'\u25a0'; ;. ; :
"1 was presen(' : ''and witnessed \u25a0. what
look place priori.io . the .death of Brez
zinio, and patients. In the ward also
what happened:; The affidavit' of
Hoist was true in '•substance and effect,
ami an investigation by the authorities
will vlisclose all. the. facts.. .; - .;;. • . .• -
" Xot only are-'-tjie, demands . for an
Snvestigntion byr'tlie.. friends of seamen
mistreated at the ; .hpspital; jus#fied by
the facts in the Brezzinio case, but also
by the facts connected with the cases
of other patients.srnb: have bednjn the
hoppital. ; : \u25a0;>vv^.r:^. ; -: \u25a0 : ". ' ;\u25a0'"*• • \u25a0
-What I know>if these matters will
be lold in full to t be. proper authorities.
I intend to remain; .in San Francisco
despite Doctor Oaisaiv-ay's assertion
that I deserted. froiiv'the marine,.hospi
tal p<?rvie*> and bis insinuation that I
had run away.", -,;\u25a0•' _-'"\u25a0• : f':.- '.'. \u25a0.\u25a0 \u25a0 : '\u25a0.• ;\u25a0 -. \u25a0 : . .... •
VThile the Brezzinio care, which
hroirght to a climaT^tlie. storm of dis
approval of the administration of the
hospital. ha.«= been;.t!i.e principal subject
of discussion, the general attitude of
Doctor Gassaway and his treatment of
patients will be reljed upon by the sea
men's unions to secure- recognition of
\u25a0their demands for. an • Invpstigatfon.
Discussing the attitude' of the com
manding- officer of the; hospital yester
day, Walter 'Macarthur;. editor of the
Coast Seamen's Journal, to whom Doc
tor Gassa.wa.y referred in slighting
terms, said yesterday: :-. ."_ ..• '
"I do not care to reply to Dr. Gassa
ways offensive statements regarding
Mr. Ellison and myself; -We went out
there not to Investigate but to talk
•with Dr. Gassaway about 'complaints
•which had come to us concerning the
mistreatment of men and see if it were
possible to get an understanding as
to the future proper treatment of pa
tients. :: \u25a0;/,; •...' •"
"After talking over the matter at
considerable length Dr. Gassaway
bluntly told us to carry our complaint
to Washington, and, if that was not
sufficient to 'start \u25a0an agitation.' We
assured the doctor that if we "were com
pelled to do so we would take the mat
ter to his superiors and start "an agi
tation in accordance with our' own
ideas as to the best mode of procedure.
We also told Dr. Gassaway thjAt we
could not assure him that the agita
tion, once started, would cease when
ever he might think it had gone far
enough. We told him that we woujd
continue the agitation , until we ac
complished the object 'with which we
set out.
"I understand that Doctor Gassaway
Jias in effect stated that the only" rea
son why he would not recommend the
abolition of the marine hospital service
was that he was drawing a salary
therefrom and was too old to get into
another *line of business. This state
ment of itself explains the cause of the
i j 1 treatment accorded patients, since it
signifies an absolute lack of those, qual
• itics Uiat are essential to the efficiency
of any official entrusted with the care
of disabled men. • .
: . "During Doctor Gassaway's absence
from his post- and until his return a
"short time ago the officers in charge of
the marine hospital service were ani
mated by a .spirit of sympathy and
helpfulness toward the patients and by
.a desire to do everything possible for
tA felt of advice may not come amiss;.
Drink Shasta: for,. health after, .this.
Christian Workers Will Meet
In San Francisco March 1 7
Executive committee of the laymen's missionary convention. Top row (left to right) : George A.'Mullin,
chairman publicity committee; C. F. Baker, chairman finance committee; J. H.~ McCallum, chairman- halls and
banquet committee; O. L. Burrucker, business secretary. Lower row: George B. McDougall, recording sec
retary; Henry J. McCoy, chairman committee of arrangements; Emory E. Smith, chairman program committee.
their comfort ; and- rare, under a lib
eral construction of "their duties ajfid a
broad comprehension of the purposes
of. the institution. '\u25a0 - "..
.. ''Son long: as the hospital was con
ducted: in .this way' the seamen made no
complaint, but on the contrary endeav
ored by all means within their power
to co-operate:; with the : ' hospital offi
cials and to improve the general char
acter of the service. -As it has been
conducted under : Doctor Gassaway's
reßime the seamen have .^ complained
bitterly 'and . frequently." as they will
doubtless continue to" do- and have- a
right to do. .: The -sailors' ' unions and
other maritime organizations will ren
der every, support to these complain
ants, anil wilt. : not cease *in their ef
forts to fernoye : the cause;. of complaint
until they have exhausted every. means
of appeatinffrto ih*. highest; authorities
and to the. public^ sense of humanity."
\u25a0'-. ;• :• ; ;..-;* i ..'•-.-•'\u25a0" \u25a0/; " • k'*. • — -••• ' .'
Paymaster ;<j.<P.; A utd Ordered
.-." .."\u25a0: ;} to: th£ Pennsylvania \u25a0
{Special IXiptiich^ The Cfittf'^-jl :K '\u25a0
BOSTON".: iiasfi, = Marcll \'>l,— Orders
have been received ttbfn.] Washington
transferring; fpayma>t^r!. r .G. -...P*' Auld,
who flgbr^d; in the , Charleston
yard cpiirt. martial qivei*; a...rQW /at a
dancei to thejPerinsjiyaniii.. : :' .. - . - :: - •
Paymaster Auld 6inie: : -th'e r iny^stißar
tion has. beeri?at : hia:honjfe7in Burling
ton, Vt H - awaiting orders. \u25a0;\u25a0"
This -"• is . ttie : sec«}hd^:. transfer. :at'
Char 1 eston folio win g. ill c. In v esti gation. .
Las week Dp. H. .^arnes vwas remoyed:
from his position; as head; bit.".: the i naval
hospital Sat. Charleston .;and .ordered ' to
return to h:3>hoine : in; Washington and
await further ' .orders.. . Paymasted.
Auld and Passed • Assistant .Surgeon
Anecey H. Robnett- rwere', court .••.tnar
tlaled as a result) of :the;.^jectme'ht;. of
Dr. \u25a0 ; Flancis.' Co"wl.es , frpni • a-.-v.-nJavy
hop held December ;ii.. -Th^: ejettim;eht
of Cowles ' w:as . due.' to thefr in-digna'-:
tlon over, attentions .alleged .to have;
been shown by Gowtes to'.ijlss/Dorothy'
Hesler of Evanstph,' 111,-, Surgeon..Rob
son's fiancee; \u25a0.. ..;••. \u25a0 ;^' ,.'.-\u25a0':".;\u25a0 ''c .'•:
-.rjyf'-yi BE BUILT AT ONCE
: OAKLAND, . March.' •. -'. i.-rEirri.huVs.t,
board of trade will make "a dejriknd; at
the meeting; of the board, of public
works tomorrow, for the ...imnlediate
erection of a fire 'libu'se' in. the' El-.
hurst district/v : JJ E. Hood,': B.; •Wilson;
Philip fteilly, James . R6s& - . and ': \Vy.
Lewis will appear before /th!e board of
public works. ..\u25a0..-. \u25a0•;•\u25a0•; ...• .'\u25a0","-.•
Elmhurst is without .fire, pfptectibn
of any kind, as was shown last.'-Satur
day night, when the resident of; Ejmil
Cereghino was burned 16 the; ground,-
As a consequence, insurance •••rates-are
excessive, bein£ H-10 prr.siop..ln the
business section.- \u25a0•..' ..•.':-'''.-.. •\u25a0..'..\u25a0'
.In regard to the telephone, .matter,"
the board of trade has decided to.ab.an->'
don the attempt to . ;j?et - lower 'rates .in
Elmhurst for the present. \u25a0" ..Yesterday
the new exchange on East .Fourteenth
at Highland 'was connected, thei pre.flx:
adopted being Elmhur*t.;. • •' '•.':. ; .
fc hh Bill I - :Mt "- *I>*Gti / ,r \u25a0 \u25a0 •' : I
SPRINCi SLJI IS \u25a0\u25a0^vM i |[R*ri m I
•Jl - IVUi Vi vjvi* "^. \u25a0 • \\^\||| || , jjl|y I
That Challenge Comparison for V ; " ; : "\u25a0'. ".\u25a0 : •'^WSmßß^mmr . I
In Fact Our Best Argument Is the_ Clothes Themselves. lr .jjiP/ H
The fabrics are Fine Tweeds in a variety of gray stripes, checks * ; " : 9k wWfi^ H I
and mixtures; rich worsteds and velours in blues and; blacks, '' \u25a0''\u25a0|^B^K«PI/^r
\u2666 with hair line stripes ; and an INCOMPARABLE BLUE |vS : ra|l lH'Sß H
the (HI AdOlM mc grw \u25a0
\u25a0"-.\u25a0.';'/•\u25a0 °f < -v.-"O: ; .\ !; -''- : V' ; '. : -• \u25a0 --" - v -'-'-: V;';;. 1 :./; 'rioxsis^AsViJitKii you under' *,\u25a0
867-69 STREET ; OPP V POWELL ' \u25a0%^T2S!Z<%®MS&% I
SOLE AGENTS OF H AWES' $3.00 HATS •\u25a0..-. v • • ? --:^|;||P
THE sMV'JFR^^ 191 fr"
Mission Enthusiasts Contend
That-Open, Country Offers
Field for Aviation
\u25a0 . That an aviation meet and exhibit |
will constitute one of the premier fea
tures at the Panama-Pacific Interna
tional exposition, \u25a0 to-be held in. San
Francisco in 1915, is the contention of
the Mission promotion association, in
its recommendation that Lake Merced
and the Ingleside; district would prove
an ideal site. . . ' - . .
•The, contention of. the association is.
that the- Ingleside - racetrack and- the
immense open country to the south of
Lake Merced would provldeample room
for speed tests, -endurance tests and
al.*ft;for other, aeriel manipulations that
may : develop ..between now and 1915.
! - : A'nother -.pojnt that is .brpuglit - out
.strongly .i-n.th.e^recommendation o.f this;
association' is the fact that since the
.Chicago exposition ; automobiles/ have
come' into, use- i.n : ' such' large numbers
sbnre : . plans, must. "be . arranged ..for
.tli.eir accommpdatipri before .If. is pos
sible to figure .upoji a site.- This loca-
:.tl6n, it- cp'ntends, 'would allowj;fp'r3 a
•la;rg/e\aresi to be set. aside for the sibr
'.irig; of jrtachines.'.and the 'fact that it
'borders, xm the. broad- Sloat "boulevard,
'friorri Ihgleside'- to. "the ocean,- connected
w;ith;. the city, by- the ' Great higrhway,
apd'.lngleside'roaa, ;is- a.dvariced- as f ur- \u25a0'
\u25a0ther Reason tor the • fVhoiCe of the tract.
J -The greatest interest jn the exppsi
.tio'n.isibeing showjj-.t'hroughOut the en
tire civilized worldi inquiries coming in
daiiy,*froriy;e.very portion of the globe,
asking for- inforraaUoriv . ; '\u25a0.; . • • ;
\u25a0 ;. Accbrdiiigr • i.Q j a. letter received -f rom
Rotimaiiial that portion of Kurope rests:
ass.UTed' that, this" exposition* wili'ibe'
•helji in San i FrancisVo,; arid aSks...for
iiiU iriforrnation.-. : When " it ' ls consicl
ete.d that this communication emanates
lirom :; C. Hartman, Bucharest, one of the
leadlhgr busi.rles3men.pf the. Roumanian,
city, Jt will hot bje hard' to realize the
enthilsiasfn: that : the mere suggestion
of an exposition : in : San Francisco has'
met with :in' foreign lands.' The letter
f rb]m .Hartrn'an^ reads : .;:';..; • :'•• •' \u25a0
. . •\u25a0 '.'\u25a0\u25a0'. '•".'\u25a0•\u25a0• ' Bjicharpst, JaD. 3i;-WlO.
' ' ,P.*iiania>- : Paei.fic Kxjfipiltion of >10ir>.' -San I-'ran l
else*, l : .' S.-' A-.— Gontleni*n; .I:.shouid he- very
much . obliged If .'.vou - kiridly .. woulil g\vo me; sonifi
in-f prmjitlon •in regard a to' your ' oihlbltifm. ' CVin
jiid^rHbicy" Interest \u25a0 Is., \u25a0 shown throughout -... this
(•ouolrjr''Jft .tho >nti»rpripf.-,- and' we would appro
cl-Bti* 'full knowlf/ige'.o'f the matter. - , '. \u25a0
I Should . yotr \ ne.<»d -a."a '." repr^sentatiTe ' for ' Tina-,
mania, I 'b*k' to vtter. you' my. pervices:'.: Await
ing; -.your : n'nswpi'," \u25a0 \u25a0 1 • romaln, • doar s Blrs."". yours
fnfthfuUy, ; ;". \u25a0\u25a0;. " ' \u25a0 • •\u25a0 : .c; HARTMAN, '.
! :, A" -niachlne has ".been '..invented: to
• jyr'a'fc. ; wl.th wire -a : telephone;: or j tele
• graph pole ' to save.- rltjg from \ gna^vl n g
\u25a0\u25a0hbrarep.' •\u25a0\u25a0 •'\u25a0.; '•"• ". ' .'\u25a0 \u25a0.•'; •. •'\u25a0 ' : .\u25a0 \u25a0_\u25a0\u25a0".'.'
Suspect in Modesto Jail; Com«
panion Believed Involved in
Mv rder of Policeman I ; v l :i
OAKLAND, March . I.— Charles Tevis,
the alleged .safe cracker under, arrest
at Modesto, may be one of the cracks
men implicated in the attempted blow-,
ing oC the *4.fe in the Southern Pacific
station at 'Alyarado, and, it is suspected
that' oii6>- of his companion's, -who is
also under arrest at Modesto, was In
volved in the murder three years ago
in Oakland of Policeman James Fenton.
, Deputy Sheriff Bert Brown returned
from Modesto thfs afternoon after see.-;
ing the "prisoners^ at Modesto and he
found-reason to suspect that Tevis was
onoof'thc Alyarado yeggmen. \ "\u25a0- !
.Captain of Detectives- Peferseh has
begun -an. investigation- of. the. p'rison
;ers,^b%sfd' on Brown's' report, | in the
<4Teli©f that some clew to the escaped
Jniurderer/of Policeman Fenton may be
found. .One df the. murderers, the one
Who did the aqtualshooting, was F. S.
Boyle, a siiilor, . % whom' Tom Smels.Ya
barber, ."'slew . while ;F.enton lay 'dead.
on the sidewalk at Seventh and Pine"
'where; the shooting took place,
j Fefnton,; -who- was one of . the most
alert-m en in the -local department," ac-J
cbs.ted •twojjn'en Who acted suspioioujsly.'
Oiie- t.riedrto escape and the policeman
seized h.im^ ..That, man was Boyle. : The
other : succeeded ih getting- around the.
corner,' Boyle in. struggling:-with'Fen
ton.. drew- a ; revolver and snot his cap
tor ' in 'the back. "Then' Shiels, .the
barber, rushed, in' and* seized. Boyle's,
pistol, with" which he shot the; fleeing
.murderer. The 'other man ' "escaped.
For -his .bravery- :Shiels was. given- a
purse.- He is novy a special policeman.
Seven ty-fi ye Me m be rs to Attend
""\u25a0\u25a0'. Annual Spread •:
•OAIvLAND. March- I.— To promote a
more' intimate acquaintanceship .among
"lts' ; members, ; chapter, Amer
ican institute of banking;' has arranged
for rt - banquet to be given Saturday
"evening in the Athens hoteL Tt Will
be v an- annual event-, .•'and^>7s; members
have .responded : tb tlie^invitatJQns for
the first «affair. " ' , :Tv'-\ -v"; \u25a0 fi? .;'."
•\u25a0; The. committee in charge -consists of
George .X. . Sleeper, r G..- H. Hall, -P. it.
Scott, J. F. Hassler and 6.-Eiftman. . '
.' The banquet, will.-' :he/> presided over
by » Kenneth .Mill.ican,;and > among those
who will , respond to",; toasts • are '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 F.~ M.
Cer.ini, F. C. Mortimer, "D. >E.V Perkins/
G. Jj. Downing, and .Matthew :Bronner.
Prominent Men of City Have
Affiliated With Mission^
/ ary Movement ,
•-\u25a0'-\u25a0\u25a0• .\u25a0• • \u25a0 : \u25a0 ;\u25a0 .• , .-',.. \u25a0.•\u25a0;,\u25a0-
The laymen's niissionary movement
convention, -which is to!/ open in* this
city March 17 and, continue to March 20
promises •to be one of the most suc
cessful; of "the national/series' which is
being held . in » the 75 '\u25a0' larger cities -oi
the United States. The local commit
tee has been sparing no effort to make
| the convention .'a £ notable one arid one
.which will-give a great impetus "to^ the
movement of spreading vthe doctrine oi
- Christianity into, non-Christian Jands.
.Many prominent ; men of this city
have taken hold . of the movement
Among those most active in the work
: are: 'Henry, J. McCoy, chairman", oi
the | entire committee jof arrangements;
George.; B.' McDougall,. recording Secre
tary -of the executive committee;
Emory.E,; Smith, chairman of the pro
gram : committee; George. A. Mullou.
chairman of .the publicity , committee;
C. P; Baker, chairman of the \u25a0 flnanc*
committee,- J. N. McCallum, chairmar
of the hall and banquet committee
A. L. Burrucher, business secretary
William H. Crocker is treasurer of.tlu
executive committee.* The .vice pres
idents of the convention movement are
Robert Ltollar,. George E, Butler, Judg*
W. H. Waste, C. Z." Merritt, Attornej
A. P. Black, F.-.M. Smith, W. M,.AIeX
ahder.Rolla.V. Watt, A. W.- Foster anc
Emory E. Smith., , : • /. • , .:
\u25a0\u25a0] The banquet will be held at the PaL
ace \hotel on* the opening .night "and i
large attendance is assured. • ;\u25a0".
of Stiisnn has been.. appointed a- bank exam
, inpr l>y Superintendent of Banks Alden Ander-.
.. son. | >\u25a0; .•••:•\u25a0\u25a0 • " \u25a0.. . ,• • :
wyf cents
amm «\u25a0> gfm* '\u25a0\u25a0''\u25a0\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0' 'I \u25a0 \u25a0"\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 '•'.\u25a0•"\u25a0' -'••.\u25a0\u25a0• '^'.v.v.';?:'-'..---' 11 \u25a0!;.• '.vf,: : ''.':'.: ; « 1.".'. : ;'~ .•>';,• /.'\u25a0•!\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 '.' \u25a0':':•. .'•\u25a0•"
\u25a0 Yui \l - y
* Sixty-five cents and no more. They are * j
\u25a0\u25a0 •.>••.•."\u25a0...••:;:•• ,1 .sewed and laid frccv c>f ;: 7-harge and g^otl, lieavy : ; ; : •
linings are included at this special price. \
- ' '•\u25a0:\u25a0":'\u25a0: Sixty-five cents and credit — if yo\i ehoos-e to '
: . pay cash rthe price is sixty-five cents; nothing ..'
; v . .: . . ; ; . deducted. If you prefer to pay part down and
. : ••••;:• . .\u25a0\u25a0';••\u25a0..\u25a0;- ; the in :-eas^ ;":• . • :: \'-.
.'•/..\u25a0\u25a0.:• :'.'•;:..". '.:'. : '\u25a0 -I- amounts,, the^ priced is still ;siki^^^eent§: and-> v .'.\u25a0;. .' %
\u25a0 ; ' ;'. •; . [ : " ;.\u25a0„\u25a0•.-' ,V:= . ;«:Tlie patterns are splendid. There; are t hou-
;. .. \u0084 .•'•.\u25a0; ; . sands arid. tliousancls of yards. '....• . " *\u25a0
- .- 4 | — ; — \u25a0 ;; — — ; — ; ; ;
Aiminster Rugs $O A
nine feet wide/ t^e^ mf\J
\u25a0' . . \u25a0:\u25a0;.'\u25a0 Kb indefinite "rooni size,"; Tbej'-Jare -.nine byrtwelyc^— fHc large size; !
\u0084\ . .; You'll be '".shown i- pattern's and; patterns ;unt.il : you : be^ "us to. : stop- There are patterns
\u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0' . seemingly end./ ..'J. ". ..••.•••_•.'' • --.jX •• \u25a0 '\-', "'•' '••"'?Xv'^'~' - v . ..
'. These'rug? are not^ the regular} t WentyrSeveh-doHar. quaHty that. you. are usually shown.'
\u25a0 They are ."a .thirty-dollar grade-^-thicker, ' hieaVyrer— i&eyera^youh^-ixftire'. wool and wear io the
\u0084--- "\u25a0 .' .Your terms, are.' out" terms.-. .•..-\u25a0.' •\u25a0 ••\u25a0 "••'.:\u25a0•'• ..:,/. •;...';:••. \u25a0
Body Brussels Rugs $O X I
nine feet wide, twelve feet long. .£f *J I
If there ...was oife cliance.on earth of disappointing- you with these rugs, we would not I
. .waste an inch of newspaper space. to. tell, yo^u.about'them.. : " .•'\u25a0\u25a0..\u25a0 : j * ' I
• / There are so many patterns to select . from— such":variety-'of colorings and designs! I
You want;.the best-— but" you .seldom .have an. opportunity, tb.buy the best at less than I
regular price.- .Here is -the.best wearing jug known, at a saving of eight dollars and a half, I
• ; •" * and : ypu can pay for.it at- ypiir.. convenience. ;.. : " ."•\u25a0 " . •..* ;.'. ".r ..•;..' B
Free'dcHvery with our own > wagons in Oakland; Berkeley; Atameda and Fruit.. 1
vale. Carpets laid, stoves set up and credit given— no extra charge. \u0084 ' * \u25a0
. BERLIN, March 1.-— The American ex
position will be', held here in .sh«
coming summer, as : originally "planned
General 'Manager. Willner was author
ized-to cable to. the American com
mittee the decision of the directors anc
in^doing'so to explain that •the rec.eni
statement authorized by; the ministry
of the interior explaining:, the.govern
ment's attitude toward American ex
hibitors, was considered, satisfactory,
and that, in the light .of an the cir
cumstances any obstacle to holding the
.exposition ' as ;. recently, planned hac
been. removed." \u25a0 " • ; . --.',*«
NEW POSTHASTEBS— \u25a0Washington. March 1.
tJalifornla 1 postmasters- hare Iwo appointed si
• follows:, Crtma, San Mateo county. George W
Taylor, tlcp'B: S. Greene, resigned; Mlramar.
San Diego countj*.' William C. Burgess, Tlce B
h. Cllnpan. re^ipued. . " ' . .-. >
Too Much Water on :
: t 1 Hair a Mistake \u2666
+» \u2666»\u2666>\u2666» \u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666»» \u2666\u2666\u2666«»»»»«»«j
\(From : ;ToUe'ttes of .Today, Paris) . •
••«ff .your *halr is becoming dry ;and
brittle, breaking/ off and losing color
follow the lead of > the many who hay«
abandoned * the use .of soap and watei
and- taken up the-new method, of drs
shampoofng.' 1 . said- Claribel Jlontayu«
in her lecture on "Beauty" at the The-
ater. Monet. Thursday. . "It has beer
proven beyond question that toe
frequent wetting and the^ application
of alkaline substances to the hair is a
mistake. •. -. .- . .
• •"Even those .who .formerly were, de-
voted to shampooing with eggs now
use' thero* and orris root, and thej
unhesitatingly declare that this drj
shampoo makes the hair as bright and
fluffy as ever did eggs. \u25a0• . \u25a0 '
"To make the dry shampoo mix foui
• ounces of- powdered orr.i* root with foui
ounces: of therox. \u25a0. Sprinkle a table-
spoonful . of the .mixture .on . the hea<i
and brush it well through the hair
Do. this once .op twice a week if . th«
hair Is thin and scanty, and you wit
soon notice a new growth of hair
Nothing • will ' make the hair »c
beautifully' .fine and lustrous as;thi;
Hrv sh'a.mb.o6.".'lV3XflP'?aßlHM9

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