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Gleason and Richard Should Name Battle Ground at Once
Present Dilatory Tactics Only Serve To
Increase Disgust of Fans
NOW thar Nelson and Wolgast have settled their long standing dispute and
Moran and Murphy have had their little argument, the fans arc naturally
turning their attention to Jeffries and Johnson again. It's too bad for
iheir sake, for the sake of the promoters and for the sake of the fighters;
ihaj Messrs. Rickard and Gleason can not come to some definite under
sranding and name a battle ground for this, the greatest of all. fights. The
ihing has been hanging for the last three months, and. apparently, the pro-
Jiiotrrs stand just abnur where they started when the bids were opened. :
Of course, everybody will admit that it's a grigantic undertaking and one
i]iat requires plenty of thought and consideration. It's a big $101,000 deal to
bozin with and probably several more thousands of additional dollars to finish
with. Still, they have had three months in which to thresh the details out aud
came the battle ground. Rut It is still unnamed.
It is a bard matter to place the blame for this uncalled for 'delay, but
ei-orybody must admit that somebody is to blame. If the tardiness of the men
behind the great attraction has not injured the card thus far, it is only a
manor of -a short time when it will have its effect. Therefore, it behooves
iM^asou and Rickard to lose no time in reaching an understanding. The
sporting world wants to know and wants to know quickly.
If GJeason and Rkkard care to stage this mill in San Francisco the way
is. paved for them. Supervisor John L. Hergert. the power behind the local
snorting throne, has lifted th*» barrier which stood in the way of Rickard.
All is in readiness so far as the law is concerned. The city ordinance will be
p mended so that the fight may be a 45 round affair. There will be no inter
ferenoe from the municipal officials. Rickard has been told that, and
apparently he is satisfied that the official promise will be kept.
The permit for pulling off the great contest can also be easily transferred.
Nobody is standing in thp way of the promoters there. Jim Griffin, the man
lio has the good fortune to claim the July permit, has gladly consented to
fitep aside durinp; that particular month so that Gleason and Rickard may
Mage their attraction. Of course. Griffin will demand his compensation, but
th<-re should b<> no objection on that score, for the reason that this privilege
it w*»n worth several thousand dollars.
What inducements the outside towns, such as Richmond, have , offered
remain to be shown later. Richmond is flushed with success after the Nelson
Wolgast affair. It got wide world advertising and it showed the world that it
could make good, even on short notice and confronted with unfavorable
weather conditions. It wants a chance to become even greater, and it will
make a flattering proposition to Gleason and Rickard.
There must be a "something" behind it all and this "something" probably
will not come to the surface till some sort of a quarrel starts. Every time
that there is a difference between the men connected with an aifair of the
magnitude of this one. scandal generally follows. For the good of the game
and the protection of the fighters and the promoters, it is to be hoped that no
Ecandal will make its appearance, at least till after such time as the fighters
have settled their differences once and for all.
The strange part of it all is that the fighters are the least concerned of
pny of them. Jeffries has said that he prefers California as the scene of the
conflict, but in the next breath, he says that he has nothing whatever to do
in this matter and that whatever Gleason and Rickard say must go with both
him and Johnson. The latter is still reaping a golden harvest behind the
footlights, and so long as the money keeps flowing in the burly champion is
not likely to bother his head about what is happening. ' •
The promoters have said that, they will agree upon the scene of -battle
tomorrow. Let everybody pull for them. If they pass tomorrow without
giving out something definite the chances are that a wail of disgust , will be
raised all along the line from Maine to California. Just at present the
ca&tcrn critics are doing quite a lot of hot toasting, with Gleason and Rickard
a? their subjects. This is a good warning to beware.
It will be disappointing news to the majority of the fans to learn' that
Tattling Nelson has decided to say farewell to the Thompson match and lay
for Wolgast instead. All San Francisco was looking forward to this with great
interest. Though he has lost his championship crown the Dane still cuts a
wide swath in the world of pugilism, and no matter who he may fight the
next time the battle is bound to produce world wide interest. The Dane can
bold the light fans as no other man in years has held them. i .
Nelson probably has realized that the best thing for him to do is to enjoy
that long promised long rest and then go right after Wolgast and take a final
chance of redeeming the championship which he fought so long to gain. :
He need never hope to win it back so long as he keeps riding around the
country in Pullman cars and playing one night stands with burlesque shows.
No man in the world ever trained in this way and made a success of his ring
a ffai rs. Nelson thought he could, but he was mistaken, and none of them knows
it any better right now than the same Durable Dane.
Now it's a question as to whether Wolgast will give Nelson that return
match. The new champion has never picked up any of the theatrical gold,: but
hes going in for a long whirl at it. He will stay, in that glass cage for many
a month yet if Manager Tom Jones has the least word to say about it, and
thus far Jones has very successfully directed the little fellow's affairs.
The lightweight brigade is fast developing and spreading out A few
months ago, it looked as thought Nelson would have to retire : for ' want < of -an
opponent unless he managed to force Welsh into a match. But in the mean
time a new one sprung up in the person of Wolgast, who very. daftly managed
to work a complete shift in the order of things. Now the woods are full of
near lightweight champions, all howling and eager to get a crack at; the: man
who has proved himself to be one of the ring's most sensational performers.
We never looked upon Owen Moran as a lightweight before, but now we
*re compelled to reckon with him in this class. We scarcely ever heard of
Harlem Tommy Murphy, but after the whirlwind finish' he made with: Moran
we are forced to admit that his picture must also have its place in th« gallery
of lightweight celebrities. As' for Thompson, he always has been "quite a
factor, but he's even more of a factor right now,, because/ he is on the 'ground
and hot on the trail of any and all of them." . v " .
Then there are Lew Powell and little Tommy McCarthy., Neither has. been
decisively beaten yet and till one of them is crushed he will Have a license
:<» jump right into the parade and march along with the rest of them:
McCarthy has shown himself to be a wonder, and he will be* even -more of (a
wonder the next time he starts. If he gets by Moran next month /look -out' for
him. He has the fighting material in his makeup and he is improving all the
It is still a question as to whether Sam. Langford, and" Jim -Barry will:^try
conclusions in this city this month. . Promoter ' Louis Blot, who; holds i the
key to the situation, is not altogether satisfied with his match. He, is taking
several chances, and in the event. that he can get a safer card, the chances are
that he will pass the big fellows up. ' ' i \u25a0'
\u25a0.Langford has a date to waltz 45 rounds with tearing: Jiui-Flj'nn- in Los
Angeles on the afternoon of March 17. Sam figures to win this fight, but he
also figured to beat Fly'nn in 10 rounds a few weeks ago and fell down. Then
there is a chance that the black demon may injure himself, and in this event
the engagementwith Barry, mnr.t be canceled.
Barry, in the meantime has:signed up to go 10 rounds with Gunboat Smith
before the. Oakland wheelmen next Wednesday evening. Like -Laugford. Barry
should win handily enough, but upsets in the 24 foot ring are frequent and-you
never can tell when one is about to show itself. Barry has bad hands,- and if
the>vgo:Back on him^Wednesday night there will Tic no chance of his, being
able to respond to the bell for Langford.
-^Blot-has a fine chance to get-away to a good start. The game is better in
San* Francisco right now "than it. has been at any time since the fire. All
the fanswant is an attractive card and they will willingly "contribute their
one, two and five dollar notes." Now it's up to the promoters to give them
what they are clamoring for.
Fairmont Beats Pacific Heights
and Roosevelt Overwhelms
John Swett,Five
The Public Schools athletic league
basket ball tournament has now nar
rowed down to the finals, which will
probably be run off on next Friday
night at the Auditorium.
Thf» two games of the 125 pound-class
for The 'Call' trophy were played yes
terday morning at the Pastime athletic
club. In ' the. ..contest between Fair
mount and Pacific Heights the former
was returned a winner by the score of
IS to 12J
The second game between Roosevelt
and John, Swett> was easy for the for
mer, which overwhelmed the McAllister
street boys, 40 to >0.
In the 95 pound class games Everett
defeated Horace Mann, 12 to 10, while
•Hancock smothered John Swett, !4 to 9.
.•\u25a0• - - •
The annual meeting of the Sunday
Schools athletic league of this city will
be held on next Thursday evening at
the United Presbyterian church, Golden
Gate avenue and Steiner street.
JKFFKIES— Subscriber.- Pctaluraa. . Who rsto
Jeffries tbe hardest battle; of -his career?
Tom Sharkey, on two occasions.. In San Fran
cisco. Maj-^e. -JBJU, \u25a0> 20 round?, and in <"ouer
island. Xorember 3, ISO 9, 23 rounds.' Jeffrie's
won. both decisions. " "
• ' ' • • • '.
- AiVas- Jobn ; 1... SulHran- ever champion of the
world ? If so. , how .did ; he acquire the cham
. Yes. He won it under Lopdon prize r ins rnlen
by knocking out Paddy Kyan nt Mississippi. City,
Mlss.. ; rebruary. 7, ISS2, iu)nlne rounds. ..-- \u25a0
'\u25a0•'•\u25a0-•\u25a0- • \u25a0'\u25a0-".* • ,•
'Presidio. What was. the measurement .and
weljrht of Wolgasf and Nelson when they went
in the ring Febrnar.v 22. 1910?
See sports page. The Call, February 21, . 1910.
• . - * - - • *
J. H. Grimley, Linden," C&l. Wag Jimmy Britt
eTer the 133 pound champion?* If so, whom did
he win the title from ? V \u25a0 :
Jimmy. Britt :neTer was the IJ!S pound cham
pion. He. adrertised' himself -~a«. ''white', light
weight champion" for a 'lons, time; hut- he eTen
lost - this . when Nelson- knocked- him out at
Coltna, September !), , 1903. '.".•"\u25a0.-, • ".:\u25a0.. "\u25a0-\u25a0.\u25a0"--'*-.t. v
•- \u2666 •
J. T. X., City. How lone-, did- Jeffries hold
the heavy weijrht championship? .- .-,\u25a0.' ;C .
From June 0, ,1809, , when he knocked out. Bob
Fitzsimmflns In New .York, s till -the spring -of
1905, when' he- retired .without meeting; with
defeat. : . ' ' > - ~~- . - : ~ .-'. -
R. J. Heaton. - Coal in jfa, Cal. Please c furnish
me • with; the : fights, that, Jack, Johnson, present
heavy weight clicmjilou, has bad, and their re
sults. • \u25a0 --;\u25a0 .;- \u25a0 .;\u25a0\u25a0;. \u25a0 ,:,...-. \u25a0;:. .•-\u25a0* ;', • - -'
. Lack ot space forbids. . You can get Johnson's
record in -Police Gazette or Andrews'; record book,
for sale at 'stationery stores rail over the state.. -
W. T. A., City. -When did Corbett- and Jack
son ; meet, ; how, many rounds : did . they fight, and
what' was -the result?, ;,.'•: '\u25a0.\u25a0-.-.- \u25a0 '.
; Corbett: and Jackson met 'at- the old California
club In this \u25a0 city .o n May ; 21 , : ISOI: 1 . ; The ; fight"
lasted 61 rounds and': it; was declared no contest.
\u25a0 \u25a0; \u25a0\u25a0..-..\u25a0. '\u25a0-*.* -\u25a0 • . **,- ..\u25a0 '.* :\u25a0 -- . .'•\u25a0"'\u25a0'
• .Walter Miller,' the far famed -American' jockey,
sails for Europe • today. > to -ride for,. Baron
HensebaH'-on the' German 'and French* tracks.'
Miller^ was . the . bljj . sensation at * Emeryville two
years;ago- ' ; -. "\u25a0 >-" *\u25a0'.'-', ' \ ' \u25a0, • -i \u25a0':"\u25a0',•
. .' Bob " Fitzsimmons ; says I that s Bill, ling . w ill : be
the: next heavy- weipht v champion 'of -the 'world.
Probably.;. Bob is^retting; childish . in hfs old ; age
and i forgets (that .Tommy =Bnrns : had r alrcady put
therollcrs under ; toe •Australian. ..\u25a0 \u25a0
~ \u25a0\u25a0-.\u25a0'**..' .'**.'\u25a0*'.:'• * : - ' -- - '".• '
' i- Harlem l Tommy ', Murphy ' stopped over,- inT !\u25a0*«
Anjreles -lons enoncb ; Friday, night:- to - announce
that hex .willing; to 'bet fs.o<X>'he'can.beat s Wol-'
gast.- Maybe r - he \u25a0 ran. t- but -be 4 had ; better -Iteat
•Moran firyt. , The -Britisher,* is a mumbling block.'
\u0084-.'.;- \u25a0- ----- . *\u25a0..,« •_\u25a0- * .;.'-,;---.. : ::.--'.'
---I JimTcoffroth ' brought* back ' the greatest'collec
tion « of ; hats ; of * any. ' San l; Franciscan 5 who • ever
made-f the i pllfrrlmaKe^t»>^Europe.ji.;Since,:'bl>i
\u25a0 return Coffroth \u25a0 ha« sprung a ; new }bat • every^ day/
and", be modestly .announces -that he is- not
Take 10 Out of 15 Matches in
Half of Home and Home
The. first half of the home and home
contest between the Claremont country
"club and the San Francisco -golf and
country club waa won by the latter on
their horiie course, at Ingleside yester
day. The local polfeiss. took 10 out
of the 15 matches and will -go; into the
second of the . contest next Saturday
with a lead of 5 up.
was expected to prove the fea
ture of the day's play— the match be
tween F. Newton and C. D. "Whyte, the
number one players — resulted in an
easy victory for the latter.
This is "Whyte's socond- successive
win over the former champion and the
local man's comparatively easy victory
yesterday establishes him more firmly
than over in the number one position
in this part of the state, at least.
The closest match of the day was that
in which Ooodall of Claremont beat
Oyster -of San Francisco.- .1 tip -for. 19
holes. The point winners ou th« San
Francisco team were Whyte, j Lawson,
Maud, Whitney, Clark,' Cuthbertson.
Scrutton. Reaver, Golcher, and.Adamson.
The winners, on the Clammont .team
were Fredericks. Sherwood. Johnston,
Lindsay and;Goodall. The matches ro
suited as follows:
Wliytc (S. X.) b^at Newton (C).
<C> t*at Grant (S. X.), T.awKon (S. F.) heat
Neville (O. Miiud (S. F-> beat Kales (C).
Abbott (S. F.> beat Folper (C.t, Whltnej- (S. F.)
beat -Shorwoofl (C.). Clark (S.F.) beßt Fitzsrer
ald (C), .Tolinston (0.) beat J. -\; Folgnr <.S. V.),
Llndsar (C.) l>eat bellnff (S. F.>. Cuthbertson
(S. F.) beat-Heush.iw (C.X (inrnlaUvJC.) beat
Oyster (S: I.), Sorutlon (S. F.) beat I»e Grote
(C). iGolchcr >(S. F.) beat Hnbhard -.". (C).
Beaver F.> beat Knowles- (C), Adamson
(S. F.);beat Garby.(C)., "
Three matches ;wer« played In. the
Council r cup tournament on : the links
of the San Francisco golf and ; country
cliib. B." D. Adamson beat JohnlAW
soii: 1 :iip:- C- D.iWhyte b«Ht* Vincent
Whitney 4 : up and 3 to; play; ' Douglas
Grant beat G.^ W." Kelham 7 : iip and fi
to play.- . The three winners /and 11. . C.
Golcher,. who had previously qualified,
will /meet. In ' the semifinals. Golcher
oppose Adamson, while Why te will
meet Grant. '\u25a0 . \u25a0 \u25a0-. \u25a0':-. '- . ' ;•
Marmon Gar Wins Free
for All Race
LOS ANGELES, March s.— Ray Har
roiin, -driving a Marmon,' won? the five
mile free for all automobile race at
Ascot- park today. His' time was 5 min
utes 8 1-5 seconds. ;A1 Livingstone, in
a Corbin- • was i second. T Harroiin : also
won \u25a0 the i : mile i race.*-; '; His ') time J was
10:26-1-5} The; Pennsylvania^ Cole and
Sterling finishedinthe-order. named. •'
A*, five'imile handicap- was •> won %, by
Livingstone,'^ with ; a" 15 "-. seconds* ;. handi -'
cap." Harroun", . at I ; scratch, i was second.'
V'ln i the -25: mile race -Livingstone; won
in 25:56 »3-5.V Harroun s wass second and
another Marmon,\driven; by. Joe Matson,
third. ;": The; meeting .will 'continue to
morrow! .'\u25a0 ; .-.. -.\u25a0\u25a0' ,;
The sooond; St.- Mary : si collogec base
bafl.team'trimmed'the, 5 Cityi Engineers
of //Oakland :>: > ycsterVlay ; by, ay "score 4'6t
6 to 5. .and- the • varsity basket : ball
team ,• won from the crack Livermoro
quintet, IS to 15. . \u25a0'•\u25a0'^^SS^^ *-\u25a0
defeats; p.u.o;\\lto
[Special Dispatch Jo jThcjCall]y ,l, l
/SANTA^CIiARA^ March ;5;--The^scc^
ondjtearnt of SSantaXClara> college;! won
easily.? this < afternoon,; -from : the* Palo
Alto (high - school -.' nine, - score - 9 tor 0. . .
Big Fellows Are Working Out
for Their Fight in Oakland
Wednesday Night
Jim Barry, the Chicago heavyweight,
will make his local Vlebut next Wednes
day night when he faces "Gunboat"
Smith, the hard hitting sailor, in a 10
round bout, which will come as the
windup to the Oakland Wheelmen's
boxing show- of. five events. Barry has
.fought some of the most prominent
men in the game.'and when all of the
big fellows were sidestepping Sam
Langford the Chicago swatter always
showed a willingness to meet him.
He has faced the dusky Weymouth
fighter seven times in" the Tast • five
years and has held his own In a major
ity of the goes.
Barry is hard 'at \u25a0, work at the Seal
Rook house and~is rapidly getting into
shape. Tho husky Illinois lad shows
lots of .class in his sparring bouts, and
although he figures to take the meas
ure of the sailor, the latter has put
up several good battles here, and both
Luke Marisch, his manager, and the
fighter himself are willing to risk coin
on. the outcome.
The- bluejacket fighter is stationed
at Joe Millett's training camp at Colma
and is in condition. \u25a0 ' -
This is the nrtJst pretentious bout yet
staged by the Oakland Wheelmen. The
seating arrangements at Piedmont pa
vilion have been altered so as to give
every spectator a better view of the
ring and also to accommodate a much
larger gatcrlng than heretofore/ i
Bresnahan Worth $60,
000 to' Cardinals
[Special Dispatch lo The Call]
_ST. I.OUIS, March 5. — President Stan
ley Robinson of the St. I^ouis Cardinals
hns taken, out a ?50,000 insurance'pol-
Icy on the life of Roger Breßnahan,
the Cardinal managerr, and^a $10,000
policy, against : an accident to Bresna
han other than those which may occur
on the baseball field. -Bresnahan is un
der contract for three years with the
Cardinals and Robinson took o\it the
policies to protect his club against loss
inc ase of death or injury, to -Bresna
han. ; ' '\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0•
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
The -Quadrangle club has decided to
perpetuate the, custom begun last, year
of holding an annual Marathon St. Pat
rick's day.' \u0084T he plans laid for ' the
event" this year are much - more elabo
ratf," than that attempted last year,. but
instead of , holding the race on the day
of St. Patrick the club's members have
decided. on. the^ day. following,' March 18,
as the junlorclass wished to-have the
race, on junior :day. T . "
\ «w Are the best evidence of my success. Weak ami ailing:
l^t S *^tt men have learned ' to* consult me in perfect confidence for
reMßk jbWI an y long standing or obscure case that has puzzled the
HiMiiiNMi \u25a0\u25a0in",, skiii of..- other doctors. They know that^l am a . strictly
reliable; professional main; wHbse * education, skill and scientific experience
' represent -the highest type of specialism. ; Those who consult me are sure
of , the' 1 strictest-, privacy. -Their confidence and secrets will never be be-
trayed. .They.' are' also* assured of my mostLcareful "personal attention to
: every detail and^ < symptom, '-as I am not a •"museum," "company" or
tute" doctor vworkingr for a salary. My advice is freelyand cheerfully
* given.*- My life Is devoted to assisting men to regain their, health and hap-
piness. I am proud of my-work and men-have faith In me.
;fC |V vou ; are'< worried about a CHROXIC DISCHARGE, STRICTI'RE, VARI-
' any - ORGANIC .WEAKNESS, j or; other MALE DISEASE do not delay. It
'makes no difference how'complicatedand, difficult your,case may be or how.
many doctors have failed,ri L will ferret out; the; cause and by my carefully
• directed -.treatment \will • remoye-: the same and a cure will surely result.
"-It* doesn't' take! money j to ; begin my treatment. My patients may pay
"mo 'after. 1 they, are^entirely.well and satisfied: their, trouble will never return/
v No; specialist', can J make" such v sweeping 'statements -as; this unless he has
labsoluterfalthMnShlmself landfisjsurc'of Uhe results., \u0084
' , Many - men" willibe- unable* to c call. .To > such, 'who 'desire my advice.- I
send niy-free symptom blank;:;i,do;not, offer "cheap.-.tr eatment or "reduced
'fees " ; or-useother.>'bargaintcountor"' methods. ;l Rive my services to men
iwho riced.my, help -regardless ,6r.the ; fee -'they: are able' to pay. ' Dontt h«»si-
tatp ; one day- longer. You have,' the now^to set well «t your own
terms.- \u25a0 ;'' "" '•"•"; — ; — : '\u25a0"". . BfflH^B
IDR. MOREL, 51 Third Street
,/,- ' ' And AModatw,*-.--': SeaT^MaTket, San. Francisco, \CaJ. .„
Showing of Comparatively Sew
San Francisco Team Fur*
nishes Surprise of .Meet
The final shoot in the United .States
revolver indoor association, for the
championship of the United State?, was
hold Thursday evening on th? various
ranges throughout the country. San
Francisco made a score of 1.092 against
tho Philadelphia team, while Lk>s An
geles made her record total of l.Outf
against the Manhattan, New York,
The Golden Gate: team, which rep
resents San Francisco, has been shoot
ing in phenomenal forni throughout
the season, and, considering the fact
that this is the lirst season in which
the marksmen have shot indoors, their
record is a remarkable one. x -
James K. Gorman, a member of the
San Francisco team, rolled up a world's
record in the competition, and the other
members of the team have done phe
nomenal work. The regular, shooters
of the San Francisco t<»am are: James
E. Gorman. G. Armstrong. C. W. len
der, A. J. Brannagan and R. Prentys.
Against the Philadelphia team Thurs
day evening the San Franciscans made
tho following scores: A. J. Brannagan.
217; R.Prentys, 222; George Armstrong.
.225; J. E. Gorman, 21S; C. "WV -Under,
210; total. 1.032.
- In the indoor match against the Spo
kane team the Shell Mound club rolled
up the following scores: J. E. Gorman.
132; H. A. Harris. 179; George Arm
strong, 17S; Captain George Larson.
ItJS; A. M. Paulsen, 15S; Dr. R. A. Sum
mers. 156; H. "Windmuller, 15.".; Ed Poul
ter, 155; Carl Doell, 152; W. Guild, 142;
totaJ, 1,625.
' The Spokane team made only a score
of 1.075. but the northern* shooters beat
the locals in the rifle match last Sun
day. The Shell Mound club is 30 points
in the,, hole at. present, but the local
boys expect to pull out in the final
competition with the .rifle, which takes
place Sunday.
The following clubs will take part
In the festivities at Shell Mound park
today: Shell Mound pistol and rifle club.
Dcutscher • kreiger veroin, Oakland
turner schcutzen. Independent rifles.
Handball Players to
Clash Today
\ The regular weekly handball tourna
ment at "Mcllugh's court. Bryant am}
Twe'nty-nfth streets, will . bring tc
gether'som*' of the best players In the
city this afternoon. The matches are
as follows: \u25a0%: *.
W. O'Connor and J. Sweeney vs. J.
Raymond and A. Oehlman; E. Anton
and R. McHugh vs. B. Clemmens and
W." Hnghes; 1 J. Jenkins and M. Moran
vs. S. Litchemstein and E. Emmons.-
A. Oehlman; vs. J. Sweeney; J. Ray
mond vs. H. Harvey.
Once Great Sailor Pug Wilt
Head Big Delegation of
A/ew Yorkers
Tom Sharke-y i.«s romlng all the \\-;»y
from New York" to s*>e Jeffries aiu!
Johnson mix it. The former grent
sailor heavy weight believes that the
big scrap will takt- place here arid yes
terday he Wired George A. E>ix"n. as
sistant manager of the Argonaut hotel.
to reserve rooms for himself and 7-»
prominent Xew York sporting men. who
will make the trip here in special cars.
The .old tirn*- tight fans will remem
ber Sli.irkey very distinctly, though it
ha* ' * been more . than l*> years
since lie was last in* this city. He left
shortly after that memorable SO rouri<l
fight with Jeffries at Mechanic*' pa
vilion in the summer of ISI'S. This wa.-f
one of the hardest scraps that two
heavy weights ever Indulged in antl
Jeff was awarded the decision.
Sharkey got hi.s start in the ring at
Vallejo when he was a raw marine
This was in 1595. A year later ru
sprang into instant fame by going <=i\
sensational rounds with Jim Corbett In
old Mechanics* pavilion.
Sharkey in one of the few fightfj-s
who h<ts saved his mon^y. Tie o\vns
one of the largest saloons in New York
and is worth several hu'ndretl thousand
Don't Wear
I A Truss
After Thirty Years* Experience I Hutp
Produced An Appliance for .Men.
or Children That
Cures Eupture
I Send It On Trial.
If yon have tried most eTerythinsr els*. ootni> t.>
\u25a0 me. Wh*re others fall \s where I hare my sreat-
«-st snetess. Send attacb<»<t coupon today anil I
will send jon free my Illustrated liook on Eut>-
ture and Its i-ore. shovrinc my Appllaact* ami si»-
I insr you prices and names of ai.iny p»oplf» who
have tried it and were, fured. It is instant; re-
llof TThen-all others fail, l^metnber I u&« no
salvet". no harness, no lies.
I send on trial to proie what I *ay t» trn».
Yoni are the jndz". and mi* h*»inj: »een my Il-
lustrated book and read It ywi will be as enthus-
iastic as nay hundreds ot patients wb«e« letters
yon can also read. Fill mit fre«» coupon below
and mall today. It's well worth your time
whether yon try my Appliance' or imt. .
Z. E. Brooks, 2020 Brooks Bid.. Marshall.Mii-h.
Please send me by mail la plain wrapper
. yonr illustrated book and fall Information
alxmt your Appliance for the cure or rupturt.
j. ame [ _
Address '. ........—
City...... State '.....
Cured or No Pay l§t W
I accomplish my • V^"^ j^
cure^of these ail- ,^C%L jf^^
ments without pain. (f^BV^iWK,
operation, loss of v-wrr»T7'''<^* l
time and secretly.
Most Cases Cured in a few Days
Avoid stronsr injections and drug
store remedies. For a cure of dis-
charge, itching, burning pain, swell-
ing-, come to the old established, re-
liable specialists. Dr. Field & Co.. for
a quick, sure, lasting cure. Don't
wait and allow the discharge to be-
come chronic. Call today. Con-
sultation. Examination Free. Daily
; hours. 9 to S; Sundays, Id to t. Med-
icines. %1 to $6.50 per course. ,
9*64 Market, Street,

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