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The Call's Page of Sports
Rickard Is Satisfied and the Official
Announcement Is Expected- Today
Jockey Club President Will Decide Today
AT A o'clock tomorrow afternoon I Tvill decide. Mt. Rickard has
\u25a0Tl been to see me. I have not talked yet to the mayor of Emeryville.
Of course, I knot) that the infield of the track might be the scene of the
great fight. / will decide for my part tomorrow afternoon.
Mayor Christie Pledges Hearty Support to Protect
THE proposition has come to me unofficially.Of course, it tt-i// have to
•* go to the Emeryville council to be decided. lam in favor of it myself.
It might not be much for Emeryville to bring this fight off here, but it
certainly nould be an accommodation to San Francisco, rvhich not only
wants the big fight, but has got to have it. "v.T-;
Nevada Promoter in Favor of Race Track Site
/THIXK Emcnvillf is close enough to San Francisco so nobody can
have any hick. They can climb into the boats by thousands and gel
over there in a half hour. They could never go to Colma in that big a
/mrrv. We have not settled it vet, but /' am in favor of Emeryville^
AT 4 o'clock this afternoon Tom William?, the big chief of the New ;
California jockey club, will in all probability decide that the Jeffries- j
Johnson battle for the world's heavy weight championship shall be
fought where they have been racing the ponies. The last answer is
to come from Williams. W. H. Christie, the mayor of Emeryville, is ;
already prepared with hi? answer, and it is all in favor of the fight being \u25a0
pulled oif across the bay. Tex Rickard, who has seesawed long in the !
matter of the location of the l>ig battle, agrees that Emeryville is ideal. ;
Tex say- , "':",'\u25a0•, !
"If it i> not in San P'rancisco. it is as close as San 1-rancisco can get. '
Tex is probably rigrht. They can trip across the bay in .boatloads where
they could not go to Colnia by the car.? ; a
Everybody, seems to be willing that the fight' should go to Emeryville.:
While the matter has not been brought to the attention of the Emeryville
city council, it is known that the officials of. the town arc in line, and the
mayor and the council j-.re not likely to have any friction over the matter.
While Williams says that he is to see the mayor this afternoon and
zUo Rickard, it is generally understood that the matter has been discussed
and that it has been found agreeable to all parties that the big fight should
go to the tran sbay town. There only remains an official announcement.
Outside of San Francisco proper there is no better location conceivable
than Emeryville. The location would v not be a drawback to the fight in
any way. The place is easy of access from San Francisco and from all*
other points.
That the Southern Pacific railroad can handle the crowds has been
proved time and time again when 10,000. and 12,000 persons have attended
jome of the big races at -the Emeryville course.
The inclosure of the track would prove spacious enough to .hold the
immense throng which will undoubtedly be on hand to witness the heavy
weight gladiators battle for the greatest honor in the prize ring. The ring
could be pitched in the green infield and bleachers and scats could be built
around to scat any sized crowd which might be on hand. The immense
grandstand could al=o be utilized. \
Rickard and Gleason, the promoters, have been casting around for
suitable locations from many days. The local field has been thoroughly
looked over, and offers from outside sources have been considered. /The
promoters have been slow in making an announcement until \u25a0 the matter
of selecting a location had been wearing on the nerves of the sporting
public. .-'?.;'-: r ;'-;\u25a0." '&.
The talk of the different places which were to get the fight had the
fans up in the air and guessing where they were "at." The promoters
realized that something must be done soon, or else the delay in naming the
battleground would likely have a derogatory effect on the fight.
Rickard and Gleason have been working on the, Emeryville project
for several d*ays. and they have virtually concluded that it is the most' likely
spot.; They said Sunday that a definite announcement would be made
Tuesday or Wednesday, and 'as Emeryville is the only place they have been
considering for the last two days, Emeryville looks to be the choice to
land the battle when the promoters make their declaration.
As far a^ President Williams is concerned, he is known as favoring
all legitimate sports. It will be remembered' that he was instrumental in
having Inglcsidc coursing park reopened some years ago, after it had been
closed up as a result of legislation which was directed against the racetrack
instead of coursing.
Emeryville is an incorporated town which has practically sprung from
the opening of the racetrack there some years ago. A great many of the
citizens of the town arc connected with horse racing in some capacity
There is hardly any chance of any opposition being directed against the
battle being held there by the citizens of the town. .
-Heretofore there have been no professional fights held in Emeryville.
The. big fight going there will undoubtedly help to liven the place up a bit.
The meeting this afternoon will tell the talc. V • : ' ,_ ,
John C. Coburn, a member of the Emeryville council, said:
"There has been talk about the holding of the.dight^at. Emeryville.
Personally I like the boxing game, and"" I sec no reason why it should not
be held here. Others on the board are inclined to that view. I am sure
that if it were put to a vote of the the proportion -in favor would
be 99 to 1. The board has sole jurisdiction over the question of granting
Catholic League Ball
Tourney Opens
\u25a0 ' \u25a0 \u25a0-"—""" ' -. ;'
The baseball tournament of the Cath
olic Schools Athletic league will open
this afternoon at the Ocean Shore
grounds. The contending teams are
from St. Peter's ' school and St. Pat
rick's school.
The championship basket ball tus
sle between St. Anthony's school . of
Oakland and St.. Peter's -school of ; San
Francisco hai been postponed until to
morrow evening. ! The game will be
played in Siaplamat Indian gymnasium,"
Twenty- fourth and Folsom streets.*. .
The boys of- St.:' Joseph's academy.
Peralta park, grave. the youths from-St.
Peter's 'school an. awful :walloping Sun- ?
day on the . home grounds by ; piling ?up
I S ' runs to. the. latter' fi lonely 2 tallies.
Th*> frame was a practice bout in'prepa
ration for the" openings of : the. official
s*ries In the Catholic Schools Athletic
league. - " \u25a0
The Health you have : you \u25a0'may.'joßC^J-^'
•'Shasta' for Health," you should choose*
Stagg Evolves a Safer
Football Game
\u0084 CHICAGO, March . 7. — Coach A.^ A.
Stagg of the University of Chicago has'
returned } from : his • four " days \u25a0of /."lab
oratory", experiments. with ; the Univer-'
sity. of .Arkansas football team.; - That
a "simple, safe, < interesting and virile"
new game .will be revolved- for next
year was .the coach's summary 'of his
unique >test;\- ; -j \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 . :^V
The most, definite • and 4 striking /of
Stagg's conclusions gained in Arkansas
strengthened his \ belief,- he says, .that
pushing;andpu!ling;can be-doneaway
with, diving tackles eliminated and the
forward pass \u25a0", reconstrucledron i .faster
and simpler lines without detrimentUo
.. t-ht -he rgame.*^ggß|^sr game.*^ggß|^s \u0084;..'. '
t-He;wiir.have.a long; iist of 'first hand
opinionsto present, to the!national cfoot
ball \u25a0 rules !; committee >Vhen -?it * meets
March • 25 .in New York. - to* pass "on" the
1910 rules. * . *
"Many perfect defenses are spoiled by
hurried action.".; ."'Truth' never catohes
up * with v a ": lie." /'There t are -tv/o -sides
ty T every; story." ; :->.> <\u25a0 . , \u25a0 / -.:. .:- •
Barryand and Gunboatin
Fine Shape for Bout
Two heavy weights who will dash before the Oakland wheelmen's club
tomorrow night.' s \ V
Harry Payne Whitney Will
Cross Continent to See Jef
fries*Johnson Battle
Among the; spectators who will wit
ness the big battle on July 4 will be
Harry Payne. Whitney, the New York
Whitney is one of the leading-turf
men of the country and is an- ardent
admirer _ of ; the thoroughbred. Ho will
race a stable of horses on the New York
tracks; during, the coming season, and
he, will, also have .the largest American
stable racing in England ' during the
coming summer. ! A :
. Whitney has announced that he will
make the trip to ' California for the di
rect purpose* of seeing Jeffries and
Johnson battle for the ; heavy weight
honors.'. '.'\u25a0 ' .-..\u25a0:> .-. '\u25a0 :..•'%•'\u25a0••-•''. -~7 \u25a0' .
-The New-York millionaire will come
here in a special train with a party of
friends.' . -. ' i /; .
Already special parties -are' being
made up from' New. York and other big
cities of. the east to travel across the
continent to-witness the big battle.
A party of 20, the guests of a leading
New York., banker, ;.will' come out- in a
special train. .'An order, for 20 ' of the
best seats has been forwarded to the
Getting Busy
Independents will, have a
new -lineup, commencing " tomorrw, as
follows: , ." \u25a0\u0084 -'...' .'.\u25a0\u25a0' . .;
Goslinsky and - Moskiraan.' pitchers; -.Jimmy
Byrnes, catcher: I -on Kennedy, first. base;; O'Con
nor, third base; .Terry McKune, . shortstop; I Mo«
klnian. Ifft fipld:. Swaynp, center field; Ireland,
right ftcld; Stultz.i second, base.
The .candidates '.' f or ' San ' Anselmb's
baseball', team^assembled at. the ball
park.' Sunday for »* preliminary practice
under the direction of Coach Parke Wil
son." 'After -anf hour's .hard practlve the
Regulars^and -Yanriigans lined'up.ithe
game jbelng- won by. the former by, an 8
to 6 score. Manager Hartman announced
that: he has 'come 7 to terms with.Hollis
and Benham, ::both; s^ellarj slabVartists.
Next Sunday. San * Anselmo | meets: Lark
spur man exhibition game.
' The Sequoia' baseball team journayed
to Vallejo Sunday, and took the -Vallejo
Juniors into camp by a\2 to 0 score. .' All
1 5-1 6 j yea r city or country teams - wish-
Ihg'.-V games . '.? sfiould.V address Walter
Strycker, -^3273*' Sacramento .street, San
Francisco.^'. -. - - -
... f All the"; evidence ; i n , ; the trial of
Gong, V accused ' ; bf,i;the :, murder. -'of 5 Yeo
Tiit; Wo, Novembers. 14,' 1909, '/has 'now
been .^submitted itofithe, jury, and: the
case/will bearguedltoday. r '. f. ' J: >
\u25a0i -The chief witness ; yesterday. r iv-as Gee
Gong ? Himself , J who,*;' in fdramati c .' st> - le,
described -the: shooting, i: " : ' : .
| -VI -/got : ; scared/'v said*; th e : witness
through "k an* interpreter. \u0084."1 '. gotVtieap
mad and I flred one shot, and then three
or: four others. "I- did riot" know} what
I "was ,". doing.' ;l ? thought > Tee v s Yut ~Wo
would"" pull > his :« revolver ' ' and ; kill ~ me.'
That' was ',why ; l. 'shot; him." ; '•. '..\!- VY'.V"" - '
Andrew: Carlson, 5 1631 Florida'; street,
andiWilliam;BnglislC 516 Central ave
nue.^bpth'claimVa'.setter, named V;Spot"
and v to Itestj the r question / Police /Judge
Shortairj yesterday^ placed : ~ Carlson sat
onelside lof the; courtroom andSEngllsh
at"; the^othen income cherts'. Jay,';j shout
edEnglisln>but^theVdog' did not. move.
"Comej here, « Spo t," "shouted .Carlson," and
thejdog i ran Uo; him:slTheTcase;was ; con
tihued;till".toSay;sb'thatfeach' side could
produce .;morei.testimony, " ; "
Fink \i and*ißitarGoii
zales?? *;Police^ Judge fiShortali
yesterday. :- ,'.'l dori'tjsec iany^women; in"
c6urt."^\:SarasFlnk;:hadSbeeri:S charged
,wi th on^coniplaint'iOfjßita'Goh-'
zal cc". '.; : , A Cshort,** stoutt built"! man I stood
up '•imthetdqckjkndl announced ithatjhe
•wasLSarafFinkfand; a|tall jmanFsteppcd
forward £ andViexplained ».f that "..he .;\u25a0 was
Rita'rGonzales. „ \u25a0 / - '
t was! sent 'to ': jail' t ori lo : days. \u25a0 ; '
White Sox and Senators to Play
-^First Game on New Dia°
rnond at Capital
The White Sox will be in Sacra
mento today 'to play the opening* game
\u25a0with- Sacramento in the.'new : ball park,
which willVbe opened for the first time.
The neiv pa'k- is saiJ to.'bfi one -of th*
finest in 'the* -state. Charles Comiskey,
leader; of the WliitcSox, will do, the
honors at the opening.
The Sox will play two games at Sac
ramento. After; the gamo , Wednesday
with the senators they will, come back
h ere.' an d^ play Thursday at Freeman's
park, ' Oakland,* with '^the Commuters.
Friday, Saturday*and Sunday afternoon
games will be -played at Recreation
park with the Seal?, while there will
be a game Sunday morning at ''Oakland
with Walters' team. :'.^'-- • \u25a0 ";\u25a0 -
The opening of -the Sacramento ball
park today hvill be held under . most
auspicious circumstances.. President
Ban. Johnsdn of the American league,
President Taylor ofthe Boston Ameri
can -league club. J. Cal Ewing of the
Pacific Coast league and President Her-<
man of the State league will be in at
tendance. • . • / ; - . ;\u25a0 , , , _ -,
The Seals will, play . another- game
with the Phoenix team; of St. Mary's
college Thursday at Recrea
tion' park. The collegians . have- a 'par
ticularly strong lineup and another in
teresting game should result. vWilccix,
the Phoenix, pitcher,- "has been: suffering
with aya v sore arm, but it is getting in
shape and he expects to be able to -hold
the Seals down. , r
;Rollle Zelder, one of the most:popu
lar players : that ever donned : a . local
uniform, .whio la now .with the t White
Sox, Is Ukley to^ be out practicing-to
day. -The | clever little inflelder v was
taken 111; at Oakland Sunday.' morning
and was unable to play, in the after
noon game on this side of the .bay.
He has recuperated and says he will be
in the -" games during , the 'end .of the
week; ';.- :;/\u25a0 ' \u25a0 \u25a0.•'- "'\u25a0. ' "- - " \u25a0 :., .
r Dick / Egan, the ; local lad .who made
such (al hit ;'at second base,for::Cincin
nati .last season, left yesterday for
Hot. Springs, to join the Reds" in their
spring practice.
Reciprocal Agreement Wit^the
Stone Company Upheld \u25a0
. '^The { existing reciprocal \ be
tween the Ocean Shore railway and the
E. : B.- & .; 'A--. 1,. Stone \ rock" com
pany was reaffirmed yesterday by Judge
Van Fleet on \ the ground | that the ; con-*
tract was of . ad van tage ; to ; all . creditors.
Walter, Kaufman, attorney for, Receiver
Stratton; said' the company Intends' to
enlarge Its old and,establißh-new. plants
along the line. \u25a0" - :•
~\ The "supreme court -sus
tained "the -decision 1 !: of. the\lower< courts
in Jthe 'case of George | W. ; Stout; iex
ecutor ;- for ; the .. estate of -A/ ;P.\ Rede
meyer; -against?' John.; A.- Redemeyer,
a' son 'w of . the dead :: nian. \ a .The - lower
courtslV found ;inV favor, "of .Stout?- in
the i matter,- "of an^lnsurance '\u25a0 policy, for
$10,000/ which -thej dead ; nian: presented
to'; his; son, but later " recalled. John
Uedenieyer ;' refused !• to f "surrender, the
policy," jwliich he ;held,\resultingUn?the
suit;, the : decision jof : which '• turns >' the
policy r> over to' the^ '..estate. \u25a0.;-:'\u25a0\u25a0? ; ; : :
The .-rumor 'that the department of
commerce t and > labor, intends ? :toi change
the Chinese rTdetention;.: quarters'.* from
the jriew^Angel j island jstatioh Jback Uo
the :/old. location, at > the \u25a0 Pacific?; Mail
Wharf :; was' rshown: baseless j yesterday;
wheri ? lmmigration?CommissiorierfHart
North i ! announced i> that v.'the\^ steamer
Monticello, formerlyon^the Mare Island
run.'jhad 1 : been" secured 3 for "the; better
accommodation^ of -witnesses. "\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0">'\u25a0 \u25a0-".'\u25a0 "
\u25a0 ; , Former," Chief , 'of • Police"" Jesse B.fCook
reported .tc^Uni ted ~ States -.Marshal i El -
liottfcyesteraayato bassist IDeputyJPaul
'Arnerich|injreniovlngfJamesf Donnelly;
derlngj, the. 'lndian;' Chickasa\v.:?tb"fthe
federal & prison '->• a t-":> Jjeaveh worth^iKan.t
where "the 'prisoner? is" t^scrve^av life
'term." : ;\u25a0>\u25a0'\u25a0;••\u25a0.;> "'\u25a0' "*' ! :^ :^" 7 'K^\u25a0'.\u25a0~' : ' \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 •\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0"\u25a0 <\u25a0
Chicgoan Seeks to Break Into
Game Here, by Putting Away
Lang ford's Challenger
Jim -Barry and "Gunboat" Smith are
Jn.fine shape for their 10 round bout
before" theiOakland Vwheelmen tomor
row ; night. men have trained
faithfully for the^'encotinter and will
enter the ; ring. ripht on edge.' \u25a0
Betting isquitc' brisk at even money,
although Commissioner Tom Corbejt
says that he expects Barry to b*: r a
lukewarm*- favorite at odds .of about
9, to' 10; at | the ringside. Quite a lot
ofrmoney has been wagered by local
admirers of the bluejacket, who look
for him to reach the Chicago heavy
weight's jaw with' one "of his sleep
producing wallops. -:.,'-
Inasmuch as; this, is Barry's initial
appearance here.anJ in view of the
fact that he has been promised a match
with his old ;, rival from Weymouth in
case h« defeats.v Smith, he can be de
pended upon ; to T wade right into- the
gunner from theltap of the gong.
v The gunboat 'slugger.: realizes that. he
has . : th'e'r opportunity of his life to jump
into prominence tomorrow night and
as he; wants to get . the^riiatch with
Sam' Langford he. has informed Luke
Marisch and all of • his admirers to; get
a" bet down ion ..him^ Marisch states
that he; has (already wagered ?500 that
Smith will be returned the victor, and
if the odds are tempting he. expects to
get down, another chunk on. the. sailor.
The preliminary contests look good.
"Kid" George , and: " Luple Carranza
should make : things whirl in their six
round bout; while Joe Leahy and Frank
Harris also appear to be-well matched.
"Chuck" -Larsen. and ; Frank -Murphy
hook up in the other six round go,
while a four round curtain, raiser will
open the hostilities. V. --
Association to Classify
Power Boats
The new officers of the American
power boat association have under
taken the important work of classify
ing raceboats. The most represent
ative naval architects of the Unite* 1 .
States have been called upon to'for
mulate new rules, and -• classes bas?d
upon the. recommendations made by
the new president of the association,
ll. 'T.Koerner of Buffalo. >.". Y. \u25a0 ~ '
The evils ' that*. have' so long pre
vailed and which have been a decided
factor in preventing the. natural and
healthy growth of th§ sport will be
treated in a scientific manner by the
commission of experts, who will take
up thf work involved immediately.
• At 'the meeting of .the American
power boat .association.' held .at the
Waldorf-Astoria. February 24, - the fol
lowing officers were elected: [ Presi
dent, H.T. Koerner: secretary. N. M*
Whitaker; . treasurer, J. M. Olipharit;
measurer, 11. J. Gielow.
Handless Billiardist a
Wonderful Performer
George Sutton, a billiardist without
hands or wrists, astonished local
liard enthusiasts with an exhibition
of his: skill in the Graney room last
night. The freak cue wielder. easily
defeated George Helniche in a 200 point
balk line game, scoring 200 to his oppo
nent's 115.
: Sutton's best . run -was a cluster of
73. which included about as many hard
shots as. any^billiardist ever executed.
Me averaged better 'than 'l4 for, the
200 points. , " *V: :
•Sutton uses; a. bridge for T most of his
shots,.. holding implement on his
knee. while he works in the' main on
one leg.-' -His masse J efforts were as
tounding \u25a0'• to those who watched 'his
performance. ,,.', Charlie" Comiskey, owner
of the White .Sox, and Ban ; Johnson,
president" of j the American league, were
among 1 the spectators.' . ' . ,
• .Joe i Carney won the first ;lap of the
100 to 85 three cushion match between
himself and ..Champion dc v Oro .»: at
Wright's \u25a0billiard hall last night. The
score was 43- to 49." * Carney was play
ing 43 ;t0. De \u25a0 Oro's 80. I
Dare ; McHanry bas - come : to - Emery-Ill* with
hi* \u25a0 rood string, - including .'Ana McG«e, $iscus
and Ban Ann. -. v - "..
. . \u25a0 .• . ' * . • ', . . ..
Osaudene, anice sort of KQj'tmfmx ittt'i
year. olds, has .been: told to E.Eaufmann.. She
has been running green, but will .do better
later. . .« \u25a0 -, ;\u25a0 . .-\u25a0,-, \u25a0 :.'\u25a0
\u25a0•\u25a0•.' '•"-'., • '\u25a0\u25a0 • Z '- '\u25a0\u25a0'• ' \u25a0
i iu '\u25a0'\u25a0- Williams '\u25a0' ha« ; arrived at *\u25a0; the track Vlth
Taylor, Belle. Brady and Cardinal Sartor
v. ;.;.•,\u25a0?>•• ', .'\u25a0\u25a0--\u25a0 .•'. > . -. *\u25a0>\u25a0':-\u25a0• \u25a0• \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0.--"\u25a0
V O. A. Marshall -has bought Kid North.' - Thl»
J« I Barney Scnrelber's 1 black ; hoodoo, bonght • the
other- day .by. Bos*. ,wh© inTested ln'Pbll sroar.
from the same barn. Kid North Ik good enough
to,wln any race; In America. - . -
"::\u25a0 Ad Wolga«t has reached Chicago on \u25a0 Ms . way
to his home In Cadillac. Mich. He praises Nel
son for the latter's gameness. . • \u25a0\u25a0 : / -"
»' \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0•.•\u25a0•.:\u25a0- •--?--.^; .-•--",\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0• , x •;\u25a0'•.'\u25a0\u25a0 ;v.-j a _'Vv
' The St.: l«uis'. Nationals hare gone >to Little
Rock for training. .";,\u25a0%-•• \u25a0•"; • \u25a0...'.• . •; . '_\u25a0 \u25a0; .:\u25a0-.\u25a0:\u25a0_ \u25a0\u25a0..'-*.'.'/
thjreatens to shoot
:; two young women
') : . \u25a0.:;•,'\u25a0"\u25a0;\u25a0 ,;"'\u25a0• \u25a0.-'•.; ''.'\u25a0--...., ..\u25a0 - : \ -''-\u25a0:\u25a0.' .. .;^/-y,"
\u25a0'\u25a0 % Reinliold ;Albrecht,l4; Albrecht,l4 4 .' Lapidge ; street,
charged > with .'-'assault, with a deadly
,weapon : ior threatening to shoot Julian
and ? Pearl LWelgel,: sisters^ late Satur
day: nlght^because .they: would * not tell
him where' h is .wife j had " gone,' appeared
in^Police^Judge Snortall's court yester
day. S \u25a0 "Albrecht J acted j so ' strangely,"' in
court ithatl; the\ease^.was 'continued 'till
Saturday and the judge -ordered him
held ytorf. examination^-beforeNthe '. in
sanity A commissioners.' "\u25a0 • • - - ;
; ST. {JOSEPH, 'Mo^ March-, 7^— Frank
Gotch • nipped'«the'wrestllng-champlon
shipfaspirations i of> Doctor^ Becker here
tonight;'* when ; he } downed } him " in" two
straighMfaUs.fthe first.Jn"l2:os -and' the
secbnd?ihjß:sl^v^: ; ; ; - •" <<
XEW. ORLEANS,^ March •:".— -Johnny
Coulon, -bantam .weight l champion;- who
won jhis;|s<K:6nd'~flght*,with jJemiKen
"drick> here!' yesterday,^. expects /to fight
Fra'nkle-Cohley as soori:as r a match can
be arranged:"* ' Zli 1 */\u25a0\u25a0"?\u25a0 '„;'\u25a0: \u25a0 N "'
X PITTSBURGH •\u25a0: Pa.v --March £ ; 7.— The
grarae^betwefn.; Pi tt^burp;.: and; Chicago
scheduled 5 for^May^a? has Cbeen^moved
forward ; to 4 May>2,?that >. President ;Xaf t
may.ifiee/.hisj brother's' team \ clash? with
the i Pirates t on ; Forte s'; field. :;t l~l ~ •- ;-h
Mobley Pitches pood Game for
Valley Team, but Travelers
Score on Errors
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
MODESTO, March 7. — The White Sox
team* 1 defeated the Modesto R«»ds here
today by a score of i to 0. The Sox
scored in the. second inning, but were
unable to cross the plate again until
the ninth, when they scored three runs
op errors. :
Mobley pitched a remarkable srame
for the Reds, striking- out four men and
walking but one. Smith and Lange
twirled for Chicago. Smith struck out
two and walked one. Lange struck out
one. Blackburn, on short for the Sox,
showed up well. The lineup:
Sos— Messenger, left field: Waite, center field:
Beall. first base: Gandil, third base: Collins, sec
ond base: Clactburn. shortstop: Owen». right
field: McMurray, catcher; Smith and Lange.
*rodesto— Osborn. third base: McCarthy, second
r.ase; Mosklman. first ba^e: Palm, catcher: Camp
bell, center field: sperry. left field: Oucoty, right
field: Noack. shortstop. Mobley. pitcher.
Umpire — Ru«sell. Attendance, 1,200.' Sum
mary: R. 11. E.
Sox 4 a •»
ReUs \u0084» 3 4
Lynch Signs Releases
And Contracts
NEW YORK. March 7.— President
Lynch of the National league an
nounced the ' following contracts and
With Hoston— Krwl' Lake.
With Brooklyn— William B»rsen. William A.
F.urch.Jr.. .Take I.ttiitwrt. A. C. Pownpy, S. S.
FlPti-bor. Jobn E. Hummel. T. J. Jordan. Elmer
R., Knetxer. H. C. I.nmlpj-. Thonias MrMlllan.
Otto .Miller. <;. x. Rnck»r. W. I». ' Scanlon.
Gcorei> W. Schirm'amUFreil TV. l.'lricb.
With Chicago — Jatnes P. Archer. Mord*»<v»t
P.ron-n (1910-1»11). Civile «;eist. Floyd Kroh.
Fre<l Lmlprus. R. C. Scbwenck. Tony Smith, C.
F. TVparpr and C. F. Willis.
With Cincinnati— Fred I- Be<?b». Koy Ca.«tleton.
Arthur Fromroc. Ftant Roth and R. F. Panxti?.
With Nptt York— W. S. Collinx. .T. J. Murray.
A. L. Raymond. J. R. Spymour, W. T. Temple.
.Taku Weimar and Kd William?.
With Philadelphia— 1.. H. Horen, Louis Schaub
Jr. and T. Frank Sj»arks.
With Pltt.«biirs— E. J- Ab'jatirchio. Charles B.
Adams. Chester Brandon. Kdnard Bridccs.
Hohert Byrnf. Harry B. Camn!tz. A. Vlnr«»nt
Campbell, Italph Cuttinc. John A. Flrnn. Haw
J. Hyatt. Mic-hapl L. Simon. Will=^ Humphrej-s.
Thomas W. Leach. Nicholas Maddox. John B.
Miller. Kuspuc Moore. William B. McKechnie.
Pat F. O'Connor. Chariot Phlllippe. William I».
Pow«n. Bayard 11. Sharpo. tioor^^ Gibrtou U9tO
1011). C. L. Webb «nd .1. Owp n Wilson.
By Cincinnati to New Vorfc. National league —
William A. Torrey.
By Pittsburg to St. Louis. National league— V.
G. Willis. i
Tennis Tryouts Down To
Third Round
\u25a0- .1, \u0084 ,
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
BERKELEY, March 7. — With the con
clusion of the tennis sets between H. A.
Savage and P. L. Radir on the California
courts-the third round of the series now
being- held to determine the men who
will meet Stanford next month will
have been completed. The Savage-
Radir sets were to have been played
this afternoon, but had to be postponed
owing to Savage's sprained ankle, which
will prevent his playing till next week.
The winners thus far who will enter
the semifinals are Rogers. Berry, Elkus,
Beckett, Powell. Mills and Frees.
In the semifinals the winner of the
Savage-Radir. set will be matched
against Rogers; Berry and Elku3 will
play; Beckett and Frees are paired, and
Powell and Mills are scheduled to clash.
.The players are t already holding
matches every day and the California
representatives will be chosen within
the next two weeks. \u25a0
CINCINNATI. March 7.— There will be
a new racing secretary in charge of th*
Latonia spring. meeting as the result of
the annual election of officers for the
track y in Covington, Ky., today. John
Mag-inn, formerly secretary of the
Cella-Adler-Tllles tracks in St. Louis,
waschosen for the position, succeeding
John Dillon, who was made vice presi
dent;'.- • : : - : .cv>->;
In a disease so painful as Rheumatism, medicines containing opiates
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Rheumatism is a disease of tho blood, and its cure depends entirely upon a
thorough 'purification of the circulation. As long as the blood remains
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Big Fellow and Manager Sant,
Berger Reach Decision at
Conference in South
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
LOS ANGELES. March 7. — Jim Jeff
ries' training vamp will be in the Santa
Cruz mountains, and he will begin hard
work there April 1. This was the de
cision announced tonight after Jeffries
and Sam Berger of San Francisco bad
held a lons conference.
Jeffries will go to *Bakersfleld next
Wednesday on a hunting trip. In tha
meantime and after his return he will
work out daily with Bob Armstrong.
Farmer Burns will report at the Santa
Cruz camp April 1. while Jim Corbett
and Frank Gotch will not show trr>
until about the middle of May. Roge*
Cornell of San Francisco will be tho
chief masseur of the camp.
Berger. as well aa Jeffries* otlsePV
friend 3 and adviser!", is delighted at '
the bij: fellow's appearance- today. He
looks better than ever. He did eight v
mijes on the road, three miles of th«"
distance on a run, and after a rub down
looked fit for a championship battle.
Bob Armstrong, who began work -with.
Jeffries today, says Johnson will not
have a look in if Jeffries improves as
fast as he has in the last few weeks.
Jeffries and Berser agree that a
week or teu days hunting In the moun
tains near Bakersfield will be the fin
est kind of preliminary to the hard
training that is to begin April 1. Jeff
says there is nothing like coaching it
in the open to pret a man into condition
and he means to make the most of his
trip. He will be. accompanied by E. TA*.
Hopperstead. a close friend, and a com
panion on many of Jeff's hunting ex
If Johnson's consent can be obtained
Charley Eyton may be chosen as refe
ree of the big fight. Jeff thinks well
of Eyton and Berber expressed a will
ingness to bare Mm as the third man
•in the rins: provided Johnson docs not
Berber says he thinks the fisht will
be held in San Francis>-o. He does not
attach much importance to tii* bids of
either Los Angeles or Salt l»ak* City.
Bercrer will have another lone talk
with Jeffries tomorrow an«l \\\V. watch
him work out. He expects to lease
for San Francisco in the evening.
Lawyers Say Client Is Insane
From Love Affair
Thomas Elliott Saunders. who was
convicted of getting fire to St. Luke's
Jiospital, was sentenced to 20 years'
imprisonment in San Quentin by Juds«
Cabaniss yesterday. lie practically art
milted his guilt before the penalty had
been imposed,.
"This was a dastardly crime, coolly
and wickedly planned, and coolly and
wickedly carried out." said Judge Ca-.
Daiiiss in imposing sentence. 'Tho >,
awful crime of jeopardizing the livs ,
of 200 odd people at an early hour in
the morning when' they are sleeping
calls for the most severe punishment.'"
Saunders* lawyers, Charles Strong
ami Clarence Atwood, state that they
have discovered evidence of the defend
ant's insanity as the result of a love
affair. They moved for a new trial on
this ground, but Judge Cabanias said
that during the trial he had seen no
evidence of unsoundnesa of mind.
The following were the prize win
ners at the skat tournament held Sun
day under the auspices of the Oakland
skatverein at 411 Twelfth street. Oak
land: First prize. August Phrol; second
prize, J. Strotkamp; third prize. Doctor
Klonk; fourth prize. M. Wlessner; fifth
prize, T. Levinson: sixth prize. B.
Katscher; seventh prize, O. Koerbel.
TOLEDO. 0.. March 7. — Newell Banks
of Pittsburg defeated Hugh Henderson
of Pittaburg here today for the checker
championship of America. Banks won
four. Henderson three, with 43 games
drawn. The match was for the cham
pionship of America and a side bet of
1 1,000. \ 'v ;-:.",'
NELSON— J. J.. O;*klnnd. Cal. Whp n »n<t
where wa<» Battling Nelson, tho pucilist. bocaJ
Born Jun<» 5. Iv?". Cortenhas^n. l>?nni»rk.
vwrr DR. JORDAN'S ««=**
§W«*JtiMm w any c©ntr»ct«d £Ut*»m
positively cured by the oUaat
•petialUt an Ik* Coast. v F-»tiMiih»JF -»tiMiih»J f
fifty /•*«.
ComulUtMß free ana tenet!, private.; ,
> Trwunrat p«noaaDy «v by letter. A
positive cure ia rrery oh u-v
dfrtitkffflu \u25a0 - \u25a0 ' \u25a0
Writ* far bosk. PMILOSOPM V
Blt;jflßpj, a oj2^S.r, t CAL|
C » Bl.t O for nn^.rartl
"jarai ei»ci»!UTi,a.|s| m s*m ky dumlih.- *

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