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Graduates May Pursue Higher
Courses by Aid of Prizes Of
fered by University
BERKELEY. March 7. — A long list of
fellowships and 6cholarships, tempting
to students who intend to pursue
rourees in advanced work leading to a
• >gree of doctor of philosophy, was an
r.ouneed today by Recorder James Sut
ton. He will receive applications from
students for the honors up to March SO.
The Bonnheim research fellowship,
the Whiting fellowship and the Le
Conte memorial fellowships are open
io graduates for study at the university
or elsewhere.
The other fellowships, generally re
stricted to students who have completed
«t lf>aj«t a year's graduate work, are
Fiven for study here. Candidacy for
scholarships ie open to students who
liave received their bachelor's degree
or who *xprot to receive it at the close
cf the semester. The complete list of
l>r<Hi follows:
.M?'} - -<*»p*>n to Rradu«te* *lthw ot tbe rnlwsitj
« if i aliforni* i<r of <ither oolles^s t>r \in\T*rtlt\*x:
* Ten uii!r»-rsity fellowship*. j-J^iains J4OO *ach.
1 and «T«JUble io any of the colleges of letters,
•eiencec «nd cnsrlneerlng.
T^vo riood fellowsblps In rleldlng
9*oo *sfh.
Two John W. Mfirka.r Jr. fellowships in olec
sricsl ensrinf-erlne. yielding $W«t e»oh.
One or nxirp L!cW cbtwrvatorj fell(rtr»hips in
asiroDomr. yiflflliig $600 r«ch.
Oae or two fellowship* in physio* under Whlt
injt fund, yielding $600 e»ch. i Applications for
me?* fellowships •wiil not be receiTeU until 1911,
for the xt-Ht ]f»ll-I2i.
Ooe Jampi: M. «;.i#wej- scboUrsbip in uatursl
»rien<-e. yielding $2.Vi.
One Fr«uV M. Tixley scholarship in law, yield
ing $2tjO.
One Prof. F. V. Papet scbolarthip In French,
ri'Wr.tc $150.
2 — Open jo graduate* of the University of Cali
One or more I.c Conte memorial fellowships,
j '>l<l!ng $Si.io each, and arallablc in any Jepart
laeuL. ;-<•»
Prisoner Found to Have Crim
inal Career |.
C. P. Tevis, held at Modesto in con
nection with the blowing of the safe
of Gray Brothers, Oakdale, has been
identified by Frank H. de Pue, finger
print expert, as one of four men who
blew the safe of the Continental oil
company, at Denver, January S, 1902.
Tevis and his accomplices, Harry Wil
son, George W. Tevls and John Har
rlngton, served a sentence in Canon
City f<->r this crime. They came to
California after their release.
It is the opinion of the authorities
that U-.e capture of Tevis and the two
otsier men, who are now In jail in
Stockton, will clear up many of the
robberies throughout the state during
the last two years.
The safe of Gray Brothers has been
burglarized three times within the last
three years. The second time it was
Mown the town marshal was crippled
for life by one of the thugs, and he
has partially identified .Te\"is as the
jnan who did the job.
Visible to Planet Earth Only
With Powerful Telescopes
CINCINNATI 0., March 7.— The civil
war mark of $10.20 for live hoge was
surpassed here today, when best lots
sold for $10.25.
New Chicago Record
CHICAGO, March 7. — Live hog prices
advanced today at the stock yards,
several carloads selling at $10.20 per
100 pounds, a new top price record
since the civil war.
Lambs Join Porkers
ST. LOUIS. March 7. — Colorado lambs
and hogs from Illinois made record
prices at the stock yards here today.
The lambs were sold for $9.35, and
the hogs for $10.17% per 100 pounds.
$10 at Kansas City
KANSAS CITY. March 7. — On the
local market today four carloads of
hogs from Norton county, Kan., sold at
$10 per 100 pounds.
Reported to Hajve Settled All
Their Differences
PITTSBURG, Pa.. March 7. — Augus
tus Hartje. the millionaire paper man
ufacturer, and his wife, Mary Scott
Hartje, are reported to have settled
the'.r marital differences, ending today
a case that has occupied the attention
of the courts of Pennsylvania for more
than five years.
Attorneys appeared in common pleas
court this morning, aeking for a with
drawal of Hartje's plea to be heard
by a jury and also requesting a post
ponement of the case until April 11.
From an authoritative source it was
reported that the Hartjes had reached
a compromise agreement and that their
affairs would no longer be paraded
before the public
Suburban Brevities
7. — r>r. Robert Hector has been appointed as
<-ity health officer of Albany, north of here.
BTJSHCESBMAJT DIES — Oakland. March 7.— P010,
mon Porniin. a retired buFlnetßman. died thU
> morning suddenly at hie home, 1058 Second
avonu*. at the ape of 76 yean.
7.— Ten Ctinese were arrested In Alvarado last
iiJpht ('•n charge* of . pamhlkic The arr««ts
were the result of en investigation by Sheriff
BABY EATS MATCHES— Alameda. March 7.—
Hohrrt Frier, the infant con of Mr. and Mrs.
Uobm L. Frier ef 1520 Schiller street, is ill
nt the family residence as the result of eating
inatchr* yesterday.
7. — B<fnrc the infn's club of the Unitarian
' ••hnrel) nt this city next Thursday nljrbt Mayor
Uererlr L. Hodphead will tell how sticceMfully
-.ii:e new Berkeley charter bas answered tbe
. \u25a0t? oeeds of the city. .
I*AW CLASS COKVENTIOK — Oakland, March 7.
f- >Tbe annual political convention «f the parlia-
4 -!ment«ry law clacs of the Tolytechnlc business
'college will be held Friday afternoon in tbe
(auditorium of th« college at Twelfth and Har
",ri(»on streets.
CHUECH IS BVZD— Oakland. March 7.— Suit
t was brouirbt today against the First Methodist
"3 Episcopal chnrch of AlamwJa by the Western
materials company for $2,930.36, alleged to be
dne for brick furnished for tbe «rection of tbe
new church building at Central avenue and
O»k street. . ..- - - -
©TLAYED MAIL 6 ARRlVE— Oakland March 7.
Four of to* belated trains from the east ar
rived at Oakland mole la»t night' and the
clerks of tbe city poetofnee bay« been buty
all <Uy dlttrlbntlne mail which was long over
due. Tbe Cr*t train, which arrived last night,
" was due here March 1.
- TALL PROVES FATAL— Alameda. March 7.—
John H. Manuel, who was employed «s • a
wstchtnan at the plant of the Pacific : Coast
borax works at tbe west end, died in a local
W' m hospital Saturday night a* the result of.inju
\f rfe* he eustaiced by falling down an elevator
KUaft «t the plant lart week.
MAKES BOJTD PAYMEUT— Oakland. March 7.—
City Treasurer Meese paid oat today *1.fi60 as
the firpt f*mlannual payment for redemption' of
the 1897 bond l»«me for school Improvements.
Tfc* jesoe was of a total of (140.000, /payable
ty the city in 40 annual Installments of |3,000
cash. Tbere renjaiw unpaid $88,000. '\u25a0; \u25a0\u25a0'. \~- .
Allows Former Auditor Pierces
Deputies to Hold Their Po=
sitions Temporarily
OAKLAND, March 7.— Conrad J.
Lutgen of Berkeley was appointed
county auditor today to succeed George
Bs. Pierce, whose resignation was re
ceived by the board of supervisors this
morning. Lutgen, whose appointment
by the supervisors was unanimous, filed
a bond and qualified for offlce immedi
ately. , •
The new auditor is 41 years of age
and a native of California. He is the
son of Charles F. Lutgen, an expert
accountant. During the last 17 years
he has lived in Berkeley. . He has held
responsible positions with San Fran
cisco mercantile houses, but has never
figured prominently in politics. He was
once a champion amateur wrestler of
the Pacific coast.
Lutgen's appointment was not de
cided upon until yesterday afternoon.
The ruling faction of the board of su
pervisors was agreed that Pierces
place should go to a Berkeley man for
political reasons, but they were' equally
agreed that the appointee should not
be a political friend of Supervisor F«ss
of Berkeley. Supervisor Kelly nomi
nated Lutgeir this morning. Something
of a sensation was caused when Foss
seconded him. The Berkeley supervi
sor said that it had been announced
that he was not a friend to Lutgen, but
that such was not the case.
Two other petitions for the place
were submitted to the supervisors. One
was from F. R. Porter. The other was
from W. T. Macßride, an accountant.
Lutgen announced that he would
make no immediate changes among the
deputies of his # ofllce. It is under
stood, however, that radical changes in
the personnel will be made later. The
grand jury Is investigating the offlce
of the county auditor, on the score of
incompetency. . Lutgen*s first act of of
fice was to reappolnt Harry J. Rogers
liis chief deputy and most of the other
deputies were immediately reappointed.
Auditor Pierce, whose place the
Berkeley man took, will devote himself
to the conduct of his grocery business
in East Oakland. •»
Will Take Affirmative on Ques
tion of Votes for Women
[Special D'upatch to The Call)
The Stanford trio in the annual inter
collegiate debate will uphold women's
suffrage, according to the decision made
by the intersociety Uebating league
thi6 afternoon.
Dr. J. A. Sherer, president of Throop
polytechnic institute of Pasadena and
well known platform orator in the
etate Is to address the assembly which
is to be held here Wednesday in com
memoration of founders' day on the
topic of "The New Politics."
Tickets for the annual junior prom
are to go on sale either Wednesday
or Thursday of this week.
Assistant Registrar J. E. McDowell
has announced the fact that tomorrow
or Wednesday those stuJents who have
been devoting an insufficient portion ot
their time to the pursuit of knowledge
will receive official notification of their
delinquency from the faculty committee
on delinquent scholarship In the form
of the blue cards called warnings or
"smokeups." . "\; / •.-...
Have Been Merged With the
Associated Corporation
In pursuance of the acquirement by
the Associated oil company of three
corporations subsidiary to the Southern
Pacific railroad, already announced, a
petition was filed in the superior court
yesterday to dissolve the Pacific oil and
transportation company, the ' National
oil and transportation company and the
Coalinga oil and transportation com :
pany. These are the three concerns
that have been taken over by the •As
The directors of the Pacific and Na
tional companies are J. A. Chanslor, F.
•H. Buck, O. Scribner, W. S. Porter and
W. F. Herrln. The assets of the Pa
cific company are stated to consist of
$100,144, In cash, while the National
company owns $838,905 in cash and
11,000 shares of the par value of jl
The directors of the third corpora
tion, the Coalinga oil and transporta
tion company, are J. A. Chanslor, F. H.
Bush, O. Scribner, W. S. Porter, Burton
E. Green, W. F. Herrin and W. A. Sloan.
Its assets comprise $382,461 In cash and
Instant Relief, Permanent Care— Trial
Packaee Mailed Free to All In :
Plain Wrapper
- \u25a0 \u25a0• \u25a0 ' ; - •- A - r i ---\u25a0*\u25a0\u25a0;
W© want every man and woman Buf-
fering 1 from the excruciating' torture of
piles to just send their name and ad-
dress to us and get by return mall a
free trial package of the most effective
and positive cure.ever known for this
disease. Pyramid Pile Cure.
The way to prove what this great
remedy will do in you own case, is to
Just fill out free coupon and send 'to us
and you will get by return mall a free
sample of Pyramid Pile Cure. - -
Then after 'you' have* proven to.your-
self what it can do, j'ou will go to the
druggist and get a 50 cent'box.
Don't undergo •an operation. . Opera-
tions are rarely a? success and often
lead to terrible consequences.. 'Pyramid
Pile Cure reduces all -inflammation,
makes congestion,, irritation, itching,
sores and ulcers disappear — end "the
piles simply quit. . :. •
For sale at all drug stores at -50
cents a box. ...
Free 5 Package Coupon '
Fill out ,the blank line* bolow with your |
name • and address, cut out coupon and mail '
to the; PYRAMID DRUG i* COMPANY, r- 134^
.Pyramid Bids:.,, Marshall, Micb.^TA? sample;
of the great Pyramid Pile Cure. will then b«\
sent you *at once by . mall, FREE,"' in - plain \
' City and 5tate,.. ................. . . . . .
: ,» " • \u25a0--. . - . . \u0084 . ' \u25a0-..' \u25a0 \u25a0 • . - •\u25a0\u25a0-:'. : \u25a0 \u25a0 : : \u25a0 ; -. . : '.;...;.'
.Conrad J. : Mgen,
Pierces Successor
As; ; County^ Auditor
Missile Crashes Through Win
dow, Narrowly Missing
Miss Mary Berringer
BERKELEY, March. 7.— A 22 caliber
bullet crashing through' the window of
the parlor whizzed passed the head of
Miss Mary Berringer, daughter of L.
R. Berringer of 850 Grayson street, last
night, and deeply Imbedded Itself- In
the wall of the room. :\u25a0•."/;.
The young woman was slightly in
jured by cuts about the face and head,
inflicted by the splinters of glass, car
ried into the room by the bullet, but
was otherwise uninjured except by the
nervous shock. - , / \
Upon hearing the noise of the shat
tered glass her father rushed into the
street to discover the perpetrators of
i.the rash deed, buf was unable to find a
tfrace of them. He at once reported the
case to the police, who investigated
without results.
It is believed that small boys are re
sponsible for the shot .fired at : Miss
Berringer, but the fact that the/bul
let seemed to have been . directed, at
her head, has lent an air. of mystery
to the shooting. The family, disclaims
all knowledge of enemies' who would
commit such a murderous assault.
- \u25a0 '.. — *'.".,' •'•*'; • \u25a0
Marcb 7. — A new camp of United Spanish
War Veteran*, which will be the -fourth in
Alameda county, is to be formed here, - the
\u25a0membership to consist entirely, of colored ex
poldlers. The camp will be named in honor of
General Guy V. Henry. Final arrangements
for tbe organization will be completed tomor
row evening 'in the offices of Dr.- Purnell,'
1063 Broadway. : " : ;
» — : \u25a0 — \u25a0 -r— — ' ;—«; — «-
I Marriage Licenses |
The following marriage licenses were Issued in
San Francisco Monday, March '7, 1910: .
BACO— LYNCH— Andrew F. r Baco, 27, Plea«-
anton, and, Nellie E.' Lynch, 18, Oakland. .
CARO— BADT— Abraham AY. Caro. 21, 122
First aye., and. Selma Badts IS, 303S Jackson
street. ' t: .
CONTI— FIRENZI— Francesco Contl, 33, -and
.Luigia Flrenzl, 20, both of, 531 Vallejo et. \u25a0 r
CUNY— OSTLUND— George Cuny, 21, San Fran-
cisco, and Lillian Ostlund, 20, SO Sanchez st.
FLORES— ADRAGNA— Giuseppe Flores, 24, J>o2
Filbert st.. and Glusoppina Adragna, 20, 1066
Filbert at. . -.".... > .- :\. . .;\u25a0'
GORIN— HORSTMAN— Thomas H. Gorln,*' 3s.
.173 Shotwell et., and Meta M. Horstmaa, 32,
Petaluma. • -, : . ,- t
LEVINt-CASEBEER— WiIIiam Levin, 37,. Pre-
sidio, and slary D. Casebeer, 31, 231-t, Lom-
bard st. .•. • - '\u25a0*\u25a0' ' ...
MARTY— CERVIERES — Gaston Marty, > 23, 1310
Powell :»t., and . Phlloroene Cervieres, 21, ,402
Broadway, •'-; , .. s
MEADE— TROUT— John F. Meade, 22, 10 Whit-
ney St., and Margaret. E.' Trout, 18, 1603 How-
'\u25a0 ard'et. ...\u25a0•; ; ; -: "• '. - ; '"" \u25a0\u25a0 -"\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0 .\u25a0'•'•...\u25a0.
SHIMIZU— IRlE— Hldasaburo Shlmizu,' 46, andr
: Snge . Irie, 26,1 both of Stockton. = > >
SHIMIZU-^KOCHlYAMA—Kamesaburo - Sbimizu,
36, and Hisa < Kocbiytma, 21,. both of Stock-
ton.' ',; . \u25a0.'\u25a0'" \u25a0 - ' ' , \u25a0
SPOONER— MILLER— David \u25a0 Kpooner, ' 43,; and
. Ann* Miller, 43, , b0th; 0f City. ,. (
STEELE— OSBORNE— Edmund "-.'., R." Steele. '34,
Port Jones, and Norma E. Osborne. 22, WilUts.
YEGUCni— HONDA— IIIdeoV Yegucbl, 31, and
'Shigeno; Honda,. 21, r bothof 137 Jackson, st.
YOSHIDA— NIGO— TomokichI Yoshida. -\u25a0 29, and
Omaki . Nigo, ' 18, ; both : of .< Los Angeles. \u25a0 -- ;
• .. Birth, marriage , and death notices sent' by mall
Will not be inserted.'. They. must be banded In' at-
either of • the ' publication offices and" be . indorsed
with ' the . name and residence of persons author;
Ized '\u25a0' to have \u25a0 the ' same • published.': '. Notices . re-
stricted simply to ; the announcement of the event
are published once in this; columu' free .of, charge.
GROVE— In tbi» city, " March V"4;' 1910,"' to . the
wife of H. H. Grove: (formerly A'eataAtkln-
; '-6on);. a -daughter. : ,' -\u25a0 • \u25a0 '
KNIPPENBERG— In i this ' city,' to . the wife ', of
George ;E.; E.- Knlppenberp, 'a 'son. .;";,, --'\u25a0 -:\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0„\u25a0
SIIEAN— In • this city.^ February 15, 1910,' to the
.\u25a0 wlfeof ; Frank .W. • Sbean, *a i son. --, * O= -.?.i; i
O'NEILLS-MONTAGU— In 'tblii'city, March -3,
\u25a0-.••' 1910, * by tbe ' Rev.'i C.rA.*. Ramm. i D:: D., ; Ar-
thurA- O'Neill ;tnd BtelU L.'s Montagu." - \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
a;;;.,;-::: \u25a0 \u25a0
ALTMAKN— In. this, city : ,\ Marcb 6," 1010. Marie;' |
beloved' wife of -Aar<Ju Altraann,. loving mother i
of Bertha Altmann, beloved daughter, of. Meyer
-."\u25a0 and Adel r-Ruef; ' lorlnir \u25a0*clster *, ot "Abraham
-" Ruef,;; Henrietta « Sttteuffld and*; Louise-; Her-
' iosbl. and loving auut of Pauline Slttc-nfeld, |
a natire of 'San^FYanclseo.'.Cal; _.y> \u25a0' -v;:^
.'.\u25a0-' Friends ! and '-acquaintances V are- respectfully '\u25a0
- . invited fto * attend . \u25a0 the 'funeral Ttoday • (Tues-
\u25a0 day),"?; MareU ? B,'? 1010, "i: at '\u25a0 212 1 o'clock *p.v m.;'
\ from ber,£ late \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 residence,^- 1016^Vallejo street
•• : near; Octavla. 'Interment \ Eternal ? Home' ceme-
' ; tery, by t oloctrici funeral '• car ' from s Thirteenth
;.• and s Mission 'streets i at- 3 \\ p.'/ m.'f J- .; :. \u25a0
BAKEK— In I' Oakland ,'VrCa.VUi March* 7. > 1010,
:'Rlt*u,M., b*loved i husband of {Dale;- Hartley
Baker, : lorlDg : father; of ; Su e, and Dale Baker,
Inner Plate of Man's Skull More
Badly Broken Than the
Exterior Layer
OAKLAND, March 7.-7 A case of frac
tured, skull that presented conditions
remarkably unusual from a .medical
standpoint ' Is that of rJoseph I Sweeney,
an Alameda lineman, who_is now at the
receiving hospital, .'.recuperating from
an operation that was performed on
him today. ; > .
'The. outer part of Sweeney's skull
exhibited; only, a slight crack when he
Was brought to the hospital- last night
after having landed on a brick pile in
Melfose... •\u25a0 The" inner 'plate of bone was
very badly shattered, a, piece an- inch
in diameter having; to be removed.
That the- inner layer, of bone should
have been --' so' badly; fractured,, while
the; outer;_layer, which was subjected
to . the shock ; when ' Sweeney.' sustained
his injury, was hardly cracked, is con
sidered remarkable.; , .--;/\u25a0
Sweeney,.": was hurt , : about 9 o'clock
last night, 5 when "he- was : thrown from
lila motorcycle. ~ . Ho was ;ridlng at a
high 'rate of speed along. East Four
teenth street when- he : struck a pile
of bricks at XJese avenue. ". He landed
on his head and was knocked uncon
scious. ; 'The : police ambulance took
him to the hospital. ,
The operation on Sweeney was per
formed: by Doctors Hamlln, Irwin. and
\u25a0Devlne.' V A piece ot bone as lar"ge as
a dollar was removed from the inner
plate, and to get at it .a iarger?piece
was taken away, from the outer layer.
The ; doctors say_ there is every chance
for Sweeney's entire recovery from the
effects of, his accident.';
Pursuit of Murderers Ends in
Capture and Killing
TAMPA, Fla., March" 7.— After a pur
suit, in which two white members of
the posse were seriously wounded, John
Ellis/: a negro, was captured and shot
to pieces at 'willow \u25a0'•"Bridge'. today,
charged with murdering S. Stribblingr
and Deputy Sheriff Matthews yesterday.
The other negro Avanted for the killing
escaped. One of the wounded members
of the posse, J. B.i Morgan, will prpb
ably die and Max Burnett is. in a se
rious condition. -
State Supreme Court Upholds
Verdict of Guilty:
PHILADELPHIA. March 7.— The con
viction of "William P. Snyder and James
M. Schumaker, charged with conspiracy
to defraud the state in connection with
the furnishing of the state capitol, was
affirmed by the state, supreme court
here today. Snyder was a former state
treasurer and Schumaker a former^su
perlntendent of public" buildings and
grounds. ~
George B/Sommers, ThomaS'E. Hunt
ington, Arthur H. Barendt and Joseph
E.-' Cutten;* the members of the Taylor
board of .health; who. were'ousted from
offlce tby Mayor 'McCarthy, are prose
cuting their appeal from the decision
of Judge Sturtevant confirming the new
board in offlce. Their^bill of exceptions
to the\ court's; ruling* was 'filed yester
day with the" county clerk.
: - Special In furniture . this, week. H.
Schellhaas, corner Eleventh and Frank
lin streets.- ; :.> N - ; "\u25a0>'.\u25a0- • -.• \u25a0",
son = of ' the late George W. and: Mary Agnes
Baker, \u25a0 and brother of . Harry X.; Raymond
T., Cleveland H., George W. Baiter Jr. and
'Mrs.. Dr. J. D. Grisslm. , a native of Xe-
\u25a0- vada, : aged : 23 v years 8 months and- 9. days.
BOUttGIN— In Oakland. '' Cal., March 6. IDIO,
Bourgin =•- (formerly. Rose Baissant). be-
loved wife <t of Peter Bourgin. and sister, of
Louise Godon and family, a native of Switzer-
land, aged 54 years 'i' months and 13 days.
BOWMAN— In Oakland. Cal.. March '7, 1010.
I Solomon, beloved husband of KlUabetb Bow-
S ' man, ; aud loving father of Samuel and Harry
\u25a0\u25a0 Bowman, Mrs.' Fanny : Hall and Mrs. Mable
./Blrnbaum, a", native of Russia, aged 76 years.
BRANNAN— In Eacramento, Cal.' March C, 1910,
\ William, beloved htisband of the late • Anna
Brannan,. father' of William Jr. \u25a0 and James P.
• Brannan -\u25a0 of this : city," Mrs. W. F. Lybarger
Sof .Wllkinburg. Pa.; < Mrs. J. A." Negrich of
v Sacramento, : and the late .'Ambrose Brannan;
and brother, of Mrs.- Thomas Rudech of Sac-
ramento, a. : native of Ireland, aged 79 years.-
\u25a0-\u25a0• I -The' funeral - will take place 'this" -(Tues-
dayj morning, by electric funeral car from
. the ferry upon arrival of . the Sacramento
-train due at 11:28 a.: m. ; lnterment Holy Cross
. ' cemetery. -" - '\u25a0\u25a0...'\u25a0\u25a0.-
CABHAL— In the city and county hoopltal.
March Q. XOlO, , Rose. Cabral,- a native; of
v Spain, aged .37 years. ,
CARROLL— In tho city and. county hospital,
March 6. 1010, John Carroll, a native of New
...;York, aged 45iyears. - \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0_ '
COEONEL-^-In this city. . March 7, 1910. Har-
.;\u25a0 vey.r dearly^ beloved ' son of . Manuel- and Mary
Coronel, beloved brother of Margaret and Al-
bert Coronel, and grandchild of Mrs. J.-- Dick-
inson and -Mrs. S. Coronel. a- native >\u25a0 of i San
fraucleco. &gc<X 2 years 2 months and 5 days.
DE ! MAKTINE— In -this city, j March 5. 1910,
Elizabeth de Martine.' loving wife of \ Paul de
1 Martine, loving > daughter ; of Mrs. -Annie l Wil-
I son and the late George WiUon. and loving
Bister of Mrs.7 Claude Bregard and Bessie -Wil-
B eon, , a native : of \u25a0 Pierce City, Mo., \u25a0.\u25a0 aged :26
years 'B months and 24 days.
•;•.-. Friends ' and • acquaintances are respectfully
; invited to > attend . the ; funeral • r today (Tues-
day), March 8, -?* 1910," at 9 a. ra., -j: from ' the
.-. mortuary ! chapel \u25a0 of- the \u25a0 Golden ,- Gate, ; under-
taking', company, j 2475 v Mission street "near
: ' Twenty-first, ; thence " to St." Anthony's, church,
. \ corner,: of ' ,Twenty-slxth y and > 'Army,.' streets,
\u25a0 • where \u25a0 a : mass . will -be - celebrated [ for \u25a0. the Ire.-
. pose of . her . soul," at jlO a. v m. . Interment . Holy
. Cross • cemetery," 1 by carriage. . ; >; - - - \u0084 - \ \
DIERBRAX7ER— In Alameda. ;'\u25a0."; Cal., t March 17,
:l!tl0.> Carl -Frederick Dlerbrauer, beloved hns-
.*-\u25a0 baud : of j Annie -'E. •Dlerbrauer,; and loving
:-\u25a0 brother of -\u25a0 John - Dlerbrauer : of . Vallejo, ia ; na-
tive of : Germany,", aged 72 years and 28 j days,!
DILLON— In 'i this : V city. " March 7, '_ 1910,|: Knima
=\ M. , r: dearly $ beloved . wife of James - E. .' DlUonr
-'' and I' loving i mother \u25a0 of ; . Idalla,- Catherine < and
•; James ; 8. . Dillon t Jr., ' a \u25a0 native ; of \u25a0 Callforniar
.-^ aged f 37-: years.?; : \u25a0::':'- ,^*."*'.'/ '". ~t. \u25a0'-.. ~~t:-'~':-%i
FOLEY^-In t this 's el ty, - March ": 7, 1 1010, Vat V tbeT
*. parwits' v residence, \u25a0 351 Waller", street,- ; Mar-
- \u25a0\u25a0' paret ;\u25a0 Mary, v infant ;" daughter of c John ':, and
\u25a0 • Catherine * Foley (nee Fltzpatrick) , i sister ,i of
John ' Jr.,' and Jdolired , grandchild of • Mrs.' . M.
, • Fitipatrlck.'i a .native of ; San ' Francisco, •-• Cal.,
;";Bged»ll;njontbs?and;9d«ys.' %•;,.:•: ;:^^
OBTJNOWBKI— In ; tbe> city land f county; hospital," 1
; March ; 4, ' 1010. > Frederick ; Grunowski, , a. • notire
i^of ;Germany,-.aged v7s:years.> , -ye?--; y - ;-.-.; ;
HAG AN— a "" month's \u25a0' mind % mass will tbe •' ceie-
u brated at Mission Dolores • church today (Tues-
B day) r Marcb ; B, » at 9 o'clock;- for *the repose of
g tbe t soul j of 5 Michael ? Hagan. •: Friends ' are i in-
"•vlted.:. .v" l ; :.;'->, Y-;S.^:'--.- : v >., -. :-"-•;--'- :
IRVING-^ln this ; city. March 6. 1010. at N her
-v late residence." 58 Landers street between ' Four-
'. teentb s and Fifteenth,:; Dolores ;»« and v Cburch,'
H Marlon S.? Irving, - beloved I wife jof -James f Irv-
y '- Ing.i and t mother of .« Mrs- O.r H. ? Knell/. James
.* S. i Irving. ' Mrs. 1 f W. i S . Morse,-; Mrs.'- E. : J.VAIH-'
',t son : and .George : H. {and ; Ruby ?V? V. > Irving, : a ; n»- L
:. . tlve r of , Edinburgh, \u25a0 Scotland,' •] aged ; 72 1 years
-? 9 i months land; 26 .days.'.- .r^. '.:.;%-\u25a0.-,. s
V' \u25a0 Friends /are,g respectfully,,; Invited :to fattend
the \ funeral iaervlces * today h (Tuesday),; 1 March
4*B,o*lolo.** at « 2..; o'clock p. m., at Wesley
Methodist ~ Kpiscopal f cburcb, i corner .of \u25a0 Hayes
: S-i"A* - '''S'i\'^'-Tr >*\u25a0' *'\u25a0\u25a0":'"''.> .'"£ •'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0/_ - : "::<' '.<', v \u25a0"<'•'
OAKLAND, March 7.— lnjuries .that
proved ' fatal' were ; sustained this after
noon: by An tone Lacher, an employe of
the .Central Oakland flight and power
company,' when" he' fell 32; feet to the
ground from the plant the company is
erecting at First and ' Alice streets. He
died at 6:10 p. m.
As no one saw the accldent4n which
he ,_\u25a0 sustained his injuries, it ,Is not
known how he came to fall. - His fellow
workmen heard a rplank falland. on
looking. ..found Lacher'3 unconscious
body. 1 , . .
. Lacher.\was unmarried and lived in
San Francisco. --"7" ,
7. — Albert Cooper ..-. and I.eplle . Myrrs. two
Kchoolboj-H. who are promoting tbe Hay ward
afrial navigation . company, have found that
;, ? tlie frame work of the aeroplane which they
\u25a0 constructed is too lleht for actual exmri
.... mental -work in. aviation and have commenced
A -work' on a new and stronger glider.'
TAKES AClD— Hans. Halveison of 1513 Fifteenth
•j aveniw South: took' carbolic add yesterday after
onarrellng with his wife and was treated at
the. rotrero. hospital.'', lie, will recover. - \u25a0
Southern Pacific (Ogden Route)
lemuorary Service Until Further
f Notice Account Washouts
Train No. 4, leaving San Francisco at 9:00 a. m/ordi-
liarily, will be consolidated with Train No. 2 (San Fran- .
Cisco Overland Limited), leaving here at. 10:40 a. m., and
running to Ogden via Portland, handling through passen-
gers for Eastern, points.
Train No. 24 (Tonopah and Goldfield Passenger) will
be run as usual; taking care of local traffic between San
Train No. 6, leaving San Francisco at 6:40 p. m., will
run as far as Beowawe, Nevada, handling sleeper to Reno.
' Train No. 10, leaving San Francisco at 9 :00 p. m., will
. carry y No. 6's and 10 Js through passengers, and will be
routed to Ogden through Portland.
Passengers taking evening train for points between
Sacramento and Reno must use No. 6, as there will be no
connection with Train No. 10.
Sunset Route has regular service, Sunset Express
» leaving Third and Townsend streets at 4:00 p. m. for El
Paso, New, Orleans and all points East.
Southern Pacific-Rock Island Route— Two fast daily
trains Los Angeles to Kansas City, Chicago/ St. Louis and
all jDoints East, connecting with " Owl and Sunset
Flood Building ' Market St. Ferry Depot
Broadway and Thirteenth St., Oakland.
and Buchanan streets. Cremation Odd Fellows*
"cemetery; - \u25a0 :. -
KANE— In this city. ; Slarch 7.A 1910. Martin,
\u25a0-:. dearly beloved husband of Bridget Kane.lov-
\u25a0\u25a0 ing < father of . Mrs.- Thomas . Price, and brother
.of -Mrs., M.'Fltzpa trick and Mrs. D.: Dray and
V the- lat« Mrs. T. Quirk, a native of County
.;Galway, = Ireland. Member of ; .G. A. R., ' -•;\u25a0 \u25a0
-i Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
J invited,- -to • attend > the funeral - tomorrow
\u25a0 (Wednesday) morning, at 8:30 o'clock, - from
his late residence, 1408 Alabama street, near
Twentj-sixth, thence to St. Peter's \u25a0 church,
- where a requiem high mass will be celebrated
, . for tbe repose \u25a0of bis soul, commencing ,at ; 0
.a. m... Interment .National cemetery. Presidio.
KAY— March .7, - 1910, | Christiana Kay. beloved
.-daughter of Jeanette and David S. Kay, a na-
t ive of San - Francisco, aged 3 months.
KLOTZ— In this city, j March :7, 1910. J. jj Ru-
I % dolpb : Klotz,' belove* son of Mrs. | Ada Benntck
'. awl the late Johu-.Y. • Klotz. and loving
- ; brother ofFVank R. :and Gladys Klutz. : aqd
stepson of J. ; W. Bennick, a native of | Sacra-
. mento,' Cal.,' aged 20 years 1 month - and 21
.\u25a0\u25a0days. ;. -\u25a0-'\u25a0• -\u25a0 : \u25a0:. -. - v .:•\u25a0.-.-
KOBICKE— In this city. March 5, 1010, at ills
•' late v residence, ' 370 Guerrero street between
> : Fifteenth and \u25a0-- Sixteenth, - Christian Kobicke,
\u0084. beloved . husband : of the late Sophie -: G. Ko-
: ' bicke, \u25a0 and \u25a0 father of Mrs. iL.\u25a0 de Veuve, Mrs.
M.tukrafka,; Dr. Sophie B. v Kobicke-Hew-
itt, C. H. - Kobicke and the late Robert C.
;'; ' Kobicke . and Otto . Kobicke, - a native of Ger-
-many, aged 84 years 11 months and 21 days.
• A member of -Harmony; lodge. No. 13, I. O.
yO. .F.^;'.v ":\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0, /.-.-.r'r..' ; '\u25a0: '.\u25a0'.:.
Friends are \u25a0' respectfully . invited to attend
r the funeral services '\u25a0 today (Tuesday) , March
\u25a0 8, ; at -\u25a0 2 ' o'clock at St. Paul's German
y : Methodist Episcopal churcb,' Page street he-
's* tween- Octavla :\u25a0 and Laguna.' Interment .Cy-
press I Lawn 5 cemetery," by electric funeral car
from Thirteenth and West Mission - streets. ;\u25a0:
LACOMBE^-In » Oakland," Cal.;> March 7, 1010,
. = Marie ,\u25a0< Lacombe,'. , beloved \u25a0 wife ' ; of . Jnles La-
.combe, sand. mother; of. Arthur=H., Theodore G.
• and Henrlette V. ' Lacombe, a native of France,
• aged:, 29 , years.' -/ ; ..'.': :\u25a0/\u25a0..'..-\u25a0
MAYENBAUM— In yi Oakland/ ; Cal, March 7."
:-f 1910, 1 ; : Judge ;;.' Henry - f . Mayenbaum," ' beloved
-i father of \u25a0 Maud «Mayenbaum,- and stepfather
a of -. Mrs. -Alice and Adelbert Mclntyre,
anative of Germany ;' aged SO years. A mem-
ber of r Lander < lodge \u25a0; No. 8. F. , & A. :\u25a0 M.. of
; r>' Austin; ,- Xev.r \u25a0 and El ,- Dorado \u25a0 commandery,
.'\u25a0Knlghts'.Templar, of . Placervllle, Cal. \u25a0"\u25a0;
;. ,: Friends .'and: acquaintances' are- respectfully
.: .-'t in vited \u25a0 to ' attend % the funeral services • tomor-
- row '(Wednesday)," March 9.1910; at 2 o'clock
' p., in..: at; the Golden Gate M." E. church. Fifty-
V'; eighth * and i Park . streets, .- Oakland.; Interment
'. Mountain ; View, cemetery.- -
>fcBRIDE— In r Santa Clara^ - Cal.*, .March 0,
:; r 1910.V Margaret Mcßrlde,." sister of i- the late
i acnative of Scotland,
, t 'aged;',73;-;years.'.';; \u25a0_\u25a0\u0084.\u25a0• . : ; \u25a0 ' .
McCAETHY-— ln !this "city, : March 7, 1910. John
. \u25a0 jr, • beloved i husband , of t the : late \u25a0 Bridget , Mc-
/: Carthy ,*» and ; father- of James " J.,"' John H. and
'- ; Thomas * K.'r McCarthy * and ; Mrs. 'K. \ Davis, a
' native of Irelaudr aged 60 years. . -
v Remains "at .his Uate : residence. l" 1231 Pierce
.street.:.. .Notice. of^f unertl.; hereafter. >\u25a0 •' -. ;\u25a0',- .-.
McGirnN~ln' this city," March 6. 1910, Joseph
A.7. dearly ; beloved i husband , of • Kate" McGlf fin,
111 1 - and loving father of . May , and McGif fln,
a native of San \u25a0 Francisco, Car.; • aged 42 years
i »;* and v 10 • days. A" member -; of ; Guadalupe parlor
;No. -231."f N:'-;S:i: G.. W.; Golden^Gate. aerie
''No.*6l;' FrO.'E.*,'; and Golden Gate camp No. :
? frt.iW^O.- W. ,\u25a0-:.' \u25a0? Cf y~. : -r :„-\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 '-••\u25a0 ..\u25a0\u25a0-'
• :\u25a0 Friends; and; acquaintances ; are respectfully
! \u25a0»'' invited '/. to .at tend ,-. the \ funeral / today -' (Tues-
*\u25a0\u25a0-" day) , : at ' 8:15 •an m.." from l the . parlors "of , Me-
-'•Brearty & McCormick,: 9l3 .Valencia' street near.
v Twentieth.' thence ; to ; St.^ Paul's ; church,", where
s '. a requiem high mass will' be celebrated for tbe
\u25a0^ repose %of .bis; soul, 'commencing nt 9 ;a/ : mil
1-V Interment ' Holy;. Cross : cemetery, 1 by- electric!
iH 5 funeral \ car ; from ; Twenty-eighth ; and ; . Valencia'
\u25a0'"^streets; ";!:'\u25a0-;>;.-/\u25a0 . ' -'."'\ :\u25a0'\u25a0.':'\u25a0.' "~ ;'' ' \u25a0.. - ! . :.:-' : - •'-;''-
MOODY— In i- 4 East >.\u25a0Oa kland. Cal., March i 5,-.">:
.">: l«10,"\WilIIara : C. : 51 00dy.% beloved r son •of - Mrs.
'* Henry; Hubbard and thu late ;,Volney;D.*; ,VoIney;D.*- Moody,
and' brother of ' Mrs. William -F, Blood and
— .\u25a0. • •. \u25a0
OAKLAND, March 7. — Justice of the
Peace 'William R. Geary has announced
that he will be a candidate for the re
publican nomination at the August
primaries for justice of the peace of
Brooklyn township to succeed himself.
This move follows a decision by Judge
Geary not to be a candidate for dis
trict attorney- against the Incumbent,
William H. Donahue.
Fires Bullet Into Breast, but
May Recover, -
. I£>S ANGELES, March 7. — Mrs. Phil
llpa Cradlepaugh, a bride 21 years old,
was. taken to the receiving hospital to
da>\ with a bullet wound In her right
breast. She told the physicians that
she had attempted to end her life be
cause of a quarrel with her husband.
The physicians hope to 'save her.. ;* -.\
Mrs. Wellington Appleton, a native of Cali-
fornia, aged 50 years.
Friends > and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral services tomor-
row . (Wednesday) afternoon. Marcb 9, 1910.
at 2 o'clock, at the parlors of the Albert
Brown company, 572 Thirteenth street, Oak-
land. Interment private.
MOYLE— In Oakland, Cal.. March 7. 1910, Wil-
liam Francis Moyle, losing son of Mrs. M. J.
\u25a0 Williams.; beloved husband of Xellie Moyle,
•father of Miss -Irene Hughes, and brother of
Henry Moyle, Mrs. Essie Watkins and Mrs.
Annie McXestn, a native of Illinois, aged 47
years 6 months and 7 days.
MULVIHILL— In this city. March 7. 1910. James
; Mulvlhlll, nephew of James and William
Sheehy, a native of Glyn, County Limerick, Ire-
. land, aged 34 years. A member of the Rig-
gers' and Stevedores* Union Local No.. 222.
Remain* at the parlors of J. C. O'Connor &.
Co.; 770 Turk street near Franklin. Notice
of funeral hereafter.
NICELY— In Oakland, Cal., March 6. 1910,
George Fredrick Nicely, dearly beloved hus-
band of Dolly May Nicely, i father of Zelda
. .May Nicely, and brother of A.' S.. Bessie and
Josephine Nicely and Mrs. J. Wolf, a native
of Pennsylvania, aged ,47 years 2 months and
.;, 27 days. ;
O'BRIEN— In this city, March 6, 1910. Mar-
garet, beloved wife of James 11. O'Brien, and
mother : of Mrs. H. F. Peart and Kathryn.
Genevleve, James H. Jr. and Garret W.
Friends and. acquaintances are respectfully-
invited to attend the funeral today (Tues-
day),. March 8, 1910. at 8:30 o'clock *a. ,n>.,
from . her - late • residence, 73S Hayes street.
\u25a0-', thence \u25a0> to Sacred \u25a0 Heart \u25a0 church, where a re-
' - qulem : high mass will be - celebrated " for tbe
repose of her soul, commencing at 0 o'clock.
Interment Holy Cross cemetery, by electric
fnneral car .from - Thirteenth and Mission
... streets. ,
OLIVEKA— In San Leandro, Cal., March 5.
, 1910,* Tony . Marchall, dearly, beloved son of
v Manuel *M. and Chaeza 'Olivera. a native of
.California, aged 4 : years and 29 days.
OLMO— In this city. March 6. 1910. Hemo. dearly
- * beloved son of Giuseppe and Maria Olmo. and
loving brother of Oriole. Frederick, Thomas,
Edward, William,- Romo. Louisa. Stella, Irene
and Laura* Olmo. a . native :of San Francisco,
; aged . 1 year 7 , months ; and 24 days.
Friends \u25a0• and acquaintances are respectfully
fnvited to ; attend tbe funeral ( services today
-'",. (Tuesday),. March 8. 1910. at;l:3O o'clock, at
; - the •' residence of ' his - parents, 2821 Twenty-
Bt'th street near Hampshire. Interment Italian
cemetery.. _ ;s .--- .'
O'NEIL— In this - city, March 5. 1910. John
;O'Nell, a native of -Boston. Mas?., azed 53
•• years. - A member ; of Painters' union No. 19.
\u25a0 - Friends : and acqualntancea are respectfully
- invited jto • attend the funeral today , (Tues-
.' day), -• March : 8. 1010. at 9:30 o'clock .a. m..
; , from : the fnneral parlors of Green, ; Ryan . &
' Donohoe/f northeast - corner of Sixteenth and
• Guerrero streets, ; thence to Mission Dolores
.-."church, '.where a-,reqnlem .high --mass . will -be
' celebrated . for '; the repose .of his soul, com-
" • mencing at : 10 o'clock.' Interoieui "«oly Cross
cemetery.." ; '.
RElTER— ln 'Oakland, Cal.. .March 7, 1010. at
-the .King's Daughters' Rome," Mrs. Jane Bel-
•* ter, •a : native \u25a0of New • York, aged 7D years 1
? month and "days. \- ' •. - -.
EODEN— In this* city. March , 6. 1910, fat her
, late residence, - 2154 Green street, , Sue, widow
: of i the , late. \u25a0 Adplph G. Roden. « and beloved
- mother of Lillian. Emily ;,V.. Jennie A.,. Jessie
A Non-Sectarian
Arrangements can be made la city offlce.
} -- ' . Post . Street > and Grant Avenne.'..
OAKLAND, March 7. — The opening
of bids for the steel to be used in the
construction of the Bankers' hotel,
which was to have occurred today, has
been delayed on account of the fact
that the mall from all eastern points
has been delayed recently by the ava
lanches, landslides and floods which
have .tied up transcontinental traffic.
Contractor Percy J. Walker expects a
number of bids from eastern steel man
ufacturers and, although some of them
have already arrived, he advised the
directors of the hotel company to post
pone the award until all of the others
reach here.
March 7. — Doctor Doyen, the French scientist,
anil Otptaln Vm Laii3enil<m?tc of the ivl.ri.in
army fought a duel at tbe Hippodrome Bt »ooi>
today. At the second a track Doctor Di»jet»
pinked tbe captain's right forearm, \u25a0wherenpou
the seconds stopped tbe romh.it. The duelt!.4tsi
were reconciled. The aSatr followe«l a scene
in the Casino yesterday, when tae scientist ac
cused, the captain uf having insulted Mine.
Doyenl . .
Woodmanse? and Laurie Jocelya O. Boden. a
native of yew Torfe.
Fnneral wrvices will be held tomorrow
(Wednesday) aud will be strictly private.
ROYCE— At Black Diamond. Contra ' Costa
county, Cal., Marcb 7. 1910, Patrick Royce
dearly beloved husband of the late Mary
Royce. and lovlns father of John. Marsare't
• .and Mamie Royee. a native cf County Wes-
ford. Ireland, aged S4 years.
Friends and , acquaintances ' are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral service*, which
will take place from bis late residence at
Black Diamond tomorrow (Wednesday), at
9:30 a. m.. thence to St. Catherine* church.
Antloch, where a requiem high maas will be
celebrated for the repose of his soul.
RTJSSI— In this city. Rosa, beloved wife «>f Wll-
j Dam Rtissl. and mother of Josephine Rnssi ami
Edward, Fred and Joe Wettateln. a native ot
Waasen. aged 20 years.
SCHULTZ— In this <-ity. March 7. 1910. Felix
SchulU. a native of Germany. ae«l 74 yean.
Remains at th«- funeral parlors of J. C,
O'Connor & Co., 770 Turk street near Frank-
lin. Notice of funeral hereafter.
STA3TWOOI>— In this city. March 7. 1310, Ed-
ward Borell. beloved husband of Rebecca Stan-
wood, father of Mrs. Raymond Smith, and
brother of Mrs.' Edith Sbeppard. a native of
Skowbesan, Me., aged 43 years 6 months and
11 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfnlly
invited to attend tae funeral services tomor-
row (Wednesday). March !>. at 10 o'clock
a. ra., at the parlors of A. W. Martin A Co..
1563 Geary street. Interment Cypress Lawn
WARD— In this city. Marcb 6, 1910, John
George Ward, beloved son of the late Anthony l
and Bridget Ward of Gllroy. Cal.. and be-
loved brother of Anthony 8., Alphcnso aad
Douglas Ward. Mrs. William R«zan. Mrs.
Thomas Griffiths. Mrs. Frank La Torres »nd
the late- Luke V. Ward, a native of Gllroy.
Cal., aped S3 year* 3 months and 22 days.
A member of Court Morgan Hill, Independ-
\u25a0 ent Order of Foresters.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfullr
Invited to attend th* fnneral tomorrow
(Wednesday), at 9 o'clock a. m.. from the-
residence of his sister. Mrs. Thomas Griffith*.
131 Erie street, between Mission and How-
ard. Thirteenth and Fourteenth, thence to St.
, Charles Borromeo church, corner of Eight-
eenth and Shotwetl streets, wber* a requiem
hl~!i mass will be celebrated for the rttmc
: of his soul, commencing at 9:30 o'clock a. ni.
Interment floly Cross cemetery, by earrlase.
WEEKS— In this city. March 7. 1910. Annie F.
' Weeks, a native of Xew York, aged C 5 years.
WHITAKER— In Alaraed* county. Cal.. March
7. 1010. Harry T. Whitaker. husband of Ma-
<fcel Whitaker. lovinjr father of Georsre. Irene »
ami Ralph Whitaker. son of the late (I. 11.
Whitaker, and brother of G. E. Whitaker of
' Oakland, W. J. Whitaker of Altamont. Cal..
and Mrs. Levina Smethorst of Victoria. B. C.
a native of Oxford. N. J., aged 34 years -
. -months and 14 days.
Seventy-Five Dollars
Mala offices— 2l23 Bush st.. West 2899, and
1305 Kranilia st. nr. 17ta. Oakland, pbona Oak-
land 4043.
Branch**— sos Moatsomery «v.. Ph. Temp. 3288;
\u25a0: and . 827 \u25a0 South Figueroa it-," Los Anjslej. .
Auto Aabolaaca aaU Carriages for illx*. \

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