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The San Francisco Sunday CaU
"T~\ EGULAR and systematic exercise
/-' \-S cannot be instituted too early
\ lv in the training of little-chil
dren, -and the results will be
doubly beneficial if the enjoyment of
Pay can be associated with the daily
drill. There will never be any diffi
culty I n securing the child's en-,
thusiastic co-operation, for It Is
natural for the little one to be active.
a|-.d when mother join* in the gym
nastics the result is foreseen.
I advise these light gymnastics, or
calisthenics, to be taken In- the early
morning hours for about ten minutes
each day. The clothing should be
comfortably loose and there should be
paid strict attention to the order and
work. Do not allow any foolishness,
to er.ter into the exercise, and insist
upor. a concentration of the -mind,
which is always beneficial in this kind
of action.
The first exercise should be taken.
after the command of "Forward,
bend"' is given. Over the strong arm.
of the mother the little child should;
bend until the hands touch the floor.
This is r.ot difficult for the soft, flex
ible bones of a little one. Have this
movement repeated f*ur or live times.
The balancing movement should
then be taken. "With hands on" hips, a
\u25a0 '/e-4*t*jp/enne** /her *s&eca//
S 4f
AX IN'TRODUCTIOX is a formal
presentation of on© person to
another in a courteous man
ner. It is not a collection of
\u25a0words that must be hurled at two
mortals without a regard for the
place of meeting. It is about the
time for introductions that I wish to
tpeak today. "»
"Introductions need not be made in
public unless there is a decided re
straint. Then the two strangers
should be briefly introduced, merely
as a matter of convenience. If ..a
momentary halt be mad?- on the
street, the third friend need not be
presented; but if there promise to be
lengthy conversation, it would be
much better to make a formal pres
entation. At clubs, where a' : group
of people wil^ be thrown together for
a littie time, it is expedient that the
ncrr.e of each on? De mentioned to
the others by the person of most
The pleasure of small affairs is
greatly enhanced by general intro
ductions. A hostess should caH'\to
her aid one or two friends who w-ill
assist her In presenting guests to
•each other.-_ . i ' '
At a formal dinner the hostess need
cot introduce every one. but miist'be
cure to present the guests 'who are to J
gro* in together to dinner. f Subse-'
<juent introductions can be made in
the drawing room. - Thciguest of
honor should be introduced- to every'
other some lime in the course of the
evening. . 'ITinii^iMßEttllilLlHiWiyj.. .'
Never Interrupt- = a ." conversation :to .
make an Introduction. When I ' a*,* guest '
backward movement should be taken.
Be sure to support the body at the
\u25a0waist line, as this will prevent any
straining of the muscles of. the child,
and wjllalso give the little gymnast
a feeling of security.
A leg movement is the next In -order.
With the knee straight, it must be rais3d
at right angles ' with .the body, then
slowly lowered. This should be' repeated
slowly end carefully, and the other limb
given its due exercise in the same way.
The next exercise is especially de
lightful to a little child. Upon mother's
horizontal "bar the girl or. boy can take
a firm grip and be lifted from the
ground; the h£ad must be kept well
raised, and there must, never be any
overtaxing of the arm muscles.
Last, and very important, is the exer
cise to encourage - deep breathing. The
arms should be straightened out in front
of the body and slowly moved "to the
sides. As this^is done, the baby must
take a deep breath. The exhalation
'naturally follows when the arms are
brought together again. It is quite easy
to inculcate a habit of deep breathing
one that Is sadly neglected by the aver
age woman— and I advise you to em
phasize this step in the dally drill.
\u25a0When the wisdom of mother is added
to the earnest .work of the child, the
In departing. It is unnecessary to intro
duce him. to others. ." ' . ,
"At a private dance the guests are
introduced by a hostess to the daughter
or friend who is, helping her to receive,
and, as the opportunities occur? as many
introductions . should be made as pos
sible. At large, balls it is proper to se
cure the permission. of the woman be
fore a man' is presented.
On a day at' home the guests who are
near at hand are introduced by the one
who receives, but at a . large reception
the hostess must not leave her place -to
mske ' Introductions. She presents a
newly arrived guest to the one beside
her.- r - : -Z - -. \u25a0;- \u25a0 .-\u25a0_*•; •;-.; ; \u25a0;
Keep in mind \the comfort .of your
friends. '.-The.best guide is the consider
ation of other people's feelings:.. ThU,
added to a clear idea of the customs iof
well-bred people, j will . always solve * the
difflculties yiat may present 'themselves.
Solutions to Social
: Problems -;*
Letters' of Consolation
DEARMrt. ACams.- '" ' :
• a Are ) letters » of consolation, j received
after a death in the ;. family, to \u25a0be
answered, aad if so. how . lone .a time
KjeuJd eUbse before dolnjc to? 'Is it:nec
essary to use. mouzxtng paper? ~ \u25a0 •\u25a0*-•-«- -
Letters ,of V condolence. v should- be
answered; but the ; recipisnt o? such,
notes is privileged, however, to ".wait
until she has enough self-control to
reply to - them. .1 f you , ar c living up tt*
the ruleai fof * conventionality regarding
mourning, mourning stationery \u25a0 <=hould'
he used. . ' . r .-.-'
The 'Better Way
' Dear.. Mr».v Adams." - : :- . ' - i* -"--
Suppose: a, yourjc; man asks me to dance,
: and I refuse; because I do not care to dance
with hint; oa account of ths way he swings
me when dancinp. would lt.be all ri*ht for
; me * ts> - rtanc* that'- particular - number r trith '
another •. voune man ?, - . \u25a0 • JE7WEL.S. .
'•'..' You f couJd :. not "with' courtesy, refuse
one man;- a", dance -and it hen dance" that
same -number another. ** The
terplan would; be: to accept. and:then, w
while dancing/vtell;: hlnvuthats if ,- he
doesn't ; act i properly,; you I will : haye 1 to
calisthenics will give .what usually re
sults from well-directed efforts, a quick
and beneficial result. -Your little girl
or boy js not too young' for the "daily
drill, and' ten ," minutes ; each day I can
certainly be spared to give the little one
a systematic training. \u25a0:• ' :
stop. It may be that he does not realize
how rudely he is conducting himself,
and, your lUttle hint may, prove . helpful
Of course, if he will not . reform • his
£ ays and you refuse to dance; with him,
it. will be necessary for, you to deny
yourself that dance.* This- is "politeness
m»e your hostess, who . is supposed to
have asked acceptable persons to tha
To Forger Him
Dear Mrs. rAda'ms.; v :: , ; - .
.i feelf eel ouIt « desDondent and ho>s' you ' can
advise me., i - worked in the same depirt
rnent with a young man who showed every
indication of caring for me, but as; l, have
a very- unfortunate, characteristic of being
rude to those for, whom ? I care most.l of
fended, him several times. He has been
transferred to another . office. - and . I .have
been told ihe r has j also . transferred his at
tentions. 3,-i we ; now, meet but very « seldom
and then he bar?ly, notices me. i know it
Is> my. fault., which makes it-airthe harder
to bear. - I* am very* sensitive. . and worry
gets sit' Into a ' terriMe.l physical i condirioa.
AV'ca't you .ie',l* in»-.how,. to lorge: him?- I
am ß enz3e^d to be -marrlpj.' \u25a0 but ; -I^really
cannot endure the idea? of = marrying him.
My clrl friend pays I; mereJv^care for' the
other because he'- 1* bei'ond • my; reach. Do
you think this is so?
Th? . only. ' way you can _f ofget - the
young : man "is to; \u25a0 keep, your -mind toe- ,
copied- with i your.- v.-ork'.. You! are,, quite
unfairi'itoK'-your"-i fiance ";if =you are.-
cherishing.thoughts of another, man and",
are allow ing ;, him s to -. believe ;• you \u25a0\u0084 we ,
sincere. > -What .your * girl "; : friend I says |is
pretty true. If the young man were at
tentive;: to you."; perhaps "you - would 'not -
cajo.for him sa much. ; : ; . - - .•'
: r N ever Met ;Him
Deir Mrs} Adams. .' v - -:, . \u25a0'.. ; \u25a0-' -. .
1. I reoelvedja- postal ; requeatirc ' -me 'to
write,f: from ' a ;; young . man v whom «;It have , *
never ' seen ', nor a met.*. <In -' some " manner '-. he ' \u25a0
got - my> name : and" address/.:! Shall? I-; wrlti ? -i*
.Z. If ,avvounK;man';calls" ; on?me regularly •
and . I ' >m- not / engaged* to "hlmVr ls it • wrong »
to encourage -other -, younp J men ?>. -* v s ;\u25a0--.\u25a0 v -
fN| S: , ls : it , wron« ;\u25a0 to ; joliy?, voung ; rnen. ; : rnak-V
insr them -believe you are inilove^wfth them 5-',5 -',
when tyoxJ are '.not ?,.,.; ; *.^;i ,--.;;* JIABEL.* ,
'I.'mKo. 1 -. YouTd* r.otiknow.xw hat -risks-;
you would bcitaliing if you : reply 5 to- his •£
postal card.;j>.;.;; •-„ j -i:i..-:-;..; r ' v *« >. .: • - > ;iV;.; ? \u25a0'"
..,2.^ UptHVyouKare.Tengaged ,tb" a; man'
you are j at ; liberty j to;accept' ; the" atten-'"
tions of- other, young men. 1 vt--: - \u25a0v.-.;t-.:^
."\u25a0; Z:~r, Itw* is Ilwrortg a because -lit"" is t'dolng^
yourself X and % the -;.. men ;J an \u25a0? j Injustice."',
Have j you i ever i thpughu what : a*, reputa- .
tiona young girl would "Win by such' ad-;*
fions?. ',"\u25a0_:\u25a0 : : --" '- ~"'K<y\-"'- -";\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•: '" r?5 J .-.s-y;t
Paying Carfare
-Dear: Mrs. -/ Adam* " '' k
;•; r : V ' la iit * croper for• a ? boy t to ' ; pay *a • elrt'B '
"/ carfare if «he £ Is '.: standing %on 5. the back
• platform ; when j the ; girl r enters * the/ car; and Xl
I speaks ;to : hlm?.T-Botli vb well- acquainted. -
- 2. islt ofoperto call girls ui> on the tele-
phone and- talk-to them If .we are not
acquainted with: tho.'eirts? -, *;
3. I -went with a ! Kirl last summer and
I allowed her to, wear my ring. I ha.ye
asked . her for it eeveral times and «he has
: rr r <£™ it « t£ H me : yet : \u25a0 torot* i&Ys. d °- :
' i; It is not ; necessary, and neither isit
courteous, for a, boy to pay a girl's.car
fare, unless he is her escort, v ;-.;.:•
'I. N0! ... It -would be placing the girls in
embarrassing positions. - :. . ;-. -. -j
- 3. -*,Why noUwrite the girl a letter re
questing «er -to return -your; ring?
sejf-respect- should;; prompt: her to ; re
turn Ut- immediately. »• ' - - -•\u25a0_-
': Dear Mrs. " Adams.: \u25a0-". ' \ '•' . i 3:i 3 : f -..' \u25a0 <r : ',, - ; \u25a0
\u25a0Will • you kindlyi tell " me a ; way -to - win
back the love of my wife ?\u25a0, : J.; E.* T." *
:\u25a0"-..* iret., cf i all,,; find : out, wxi at 4 you { have
done - to-, lose ? her j love,'* and a then -try- to
atone I for i your ' misconduct. t> She = surely,
has r some I reasons g f orj; ceasing | to ' : love
you ;\ and H Jthinki a ; heart- to T heart % ta!k
and»the_tumingrover of a new* leaf may
restore peace 'and happiness, y -
: A* Jealous {Girl
~: Dear.- Mrsi? Adams.";*, \u25a0-'\u25a0\u25a0 * ''/ '\u25a0 ' "\u25a0 ' \u25a0 ';\u25a0 ''" ' '-\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0%> \u25a0> '- \u25a0-•
- Would you i kindly ; advise » me , what ;to : do \u25a0
. if : a Klrl is ? Jealous of \u25bame for ; keepl n« » com- s
pany with -a * >-ounjr ? gentleman ?.v She likes
* him- and' t* always say.ns: things, about'him
-Do not lose your.dignity.;by;doing;any
* thing - to -a*.; sfirl y.who -ils -^unf ortu»ate
enough -to » own \u25a0* ay jealous :i disposition."
Persistent J: kindness •' on v yourv part ? may,
cause" her g and g prevent « her.
from heralding 1 false reports., --
• • if^'amilS'yearsold'andtthe older of • two;'
ulsters < (is ; <^der , or? elder. : correct?). ; v: About :-:
•^Vearr»Ro-f*hadicard9*sriven-fto<rrne»and :
: have used them freauently.untira fewfdays I
ago,-^ when 'I - was ; toid I they ; were v incorrect. ; ,'
'They 7, are "printed ", with i tny! full s name sand g
fare stwo one-half i inches i. by,: one iandV
one-half .; inches. 7; I am . of; m;eerate ; clrcum- f
' atances.t and .my i sister.* and {mother ttttfnk/ It '
; would tb*s too i formal ,*and i entirely -i out - of f,
' place t for t me ; to | have I them | en«:rav<^d with I
only my last name aßdDreflX: t 'Miss." il Wh«tV
do ' you think ? X When *I : call on (tirls • who
'have no servants, should my card be handed:
to the Kirls or left unnoticed when I enter?.-!.
2. What s type- Jo . you -. prefer • for^ name •\u25a0
cards?.; ;-\u25a0;; - ,-\u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0 --.' -' >, *.•\u25a0\u25a0*.'..;-»-»\u25a0. :\u25a0 -.•;'';
V 3.- Does lavender-colored stationery signify -
-anything? - I heard it meant xVlove.'*. -. \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0
-4. Whatis the meaning of a stamp turned
upside down in the upper -rlKht-hand cor- \u25a0
STDo I -write what \rould; be considered ;
a coo<J' letter? I am very nnsfous to l^ara
and become int-llisent. --"ITHK BP.OXX.V -
I. '\u25a0\u25a0 Either, older' or' elder ; may- ve \u25a0< used. ;
It us quite proper, to .use.? either the full
name orj the surname, iwlth^ths 'prefix
Miss, lon s your r cards.. Never --hand .a ;
visiting s card to "the - hostess. If there
is ' no -servant; in » -leave i.your^.
card j inconspicuously : on the 'tray * either
r when entering. or leaving. ;: _
< 2.x English script sandTb'.ock letters are
the '= best, styles, of i lettering.-. I . '.\u25a0•."\u25a0• , ,
»?..- The .color of one's stationer>- has no
significance. % It is always in better taste,
however, to 'use white: orfcream: . ' / - -- .
-V 4. -Carelessness- on V. the "part of : the-,
sender. ••-\u25a0:• :"< - j :> , .- :: -: -' \u25a0\u0084.;.--; -;.
~ 5.- -Your is - straightforward,
which 7is i one of .: the \u25a0 first . requisites - for
good, letter-writing. VT -'•
yl BddiCombiiiatiori
.iDear^Mrs^Adams. ----- . -
X ; Is; it -proper 'to i wear alightfblue even
->Jnjf «oat^with.a dark brown afternoon -dresi ; .
tMn^'the '. afternoon ?*.:.;\u25a0\u25a0 If 'dressed • 1 Ike - this, ~
I should i a hat Jbe;. worn? .'\u25a0; »-\u25a0 - "-;'-> -
'." 2. W'hat-musf.onejsay if one Is asked to
-.i danc* and Jurlshes to ' accept ? :\u25a0• - ' . . ' .
:\u25a0, -3. Telt:me how'to exrress myselfia thank-- \u25a0
•' iiwr a man who \ takes me \u25a0 heme f Pin an en- '-.- ":
ytertainment?A,,- . ;;-:..-. -';-Ajr?- Z.;8..' .'. \u25a0
;-;•• 1." Suchiav combination "is ;ia -bad "taste ;
Jandl would- make-" the : . wearer; quite con- B
i! svicudus.'i'A^long.'darklcoat % worn iwith :,
'; the.' dark 1 brown': dress ; and' an ; afternoon.
! i hat \u25a0 would . be : much* : better. -.-, Last ,' sum- -
'i merS the '- evening ~£ cloak a worn f over
i lingerie =' dress j was ' quite ' permissible '; at j£
* the 'seashore f : and, 7 other, summer, resorts.'-;,
s but fc to radopt^ this jstyle.'inithe- winter,;,
* wearing -the flight evening/cloak-over»a':
\u25a0 darksdress,twould=be : qulte^ridiculous. v •'\u25a0
T-T- 2.^r '"I <& shall -be 1 glad ;- to.V Jor u"Yes,V if;
*the t da nce.^you^ iies!re> is Jjnot; already,-)
;iclaimed."iarefsuitable."answers.- ... ;---V \u25a0
•ifH 3. i-You .- mays shoWi.youra appreciation V
: evenlng,ibut^do;notUhanklhim,las heis."
f. privileged of j your, company.
OWING to the great amount of mall
received and the limited space
given 7 this department, it is abso
lutely ; impossible to answer letters in
the Sunday issue following their receipt.
The letters" must be"answered«in turn,
and this ofttimes requires three or four
weeks. "" -\ - ;
All correspondents who desire an im
mediate answer must inclose a self
addressed stamped envelope for a reply.
This rule'must also be complied with In
regard to personal letters.
Dandruff '.and' Thin Hair
Dear Mrs. 'Symes. - -
My hair i» full of dandruff, which bother?
me much, and It Is very thin and lire
less. Is there anything that will cure this?
Is there anything that will make the hair
soft and wavy? BLUNDY--
The following recip«-is a sure cure for
dandruff: To a quart: of boiled water
add one ounce of sulphur; allow the
mixture to stand for severaldays. stlr
"rlng it occasionally.- After the sulphur^
has settled to the bottom of the vessel,
pour off theclear liquid and then apply
it to the scalp"every morning. In a few
weeks the dandruff will • have disap
peared. After ' this treatment (which
\u25a0vrtll darken the hair somewhat) you
jßhoulcl apply a hair tonic. to. increase the
growth of your hair and to give it new
life. ; Here is the recipe for a splendid
-Hair Tonic -
Resordn 3*dram3
Tincture cantharides.... 1 ounce
Oilrecini 4 drams
OB T05emary.. ..'..'...:.\u25a0;...» .10 drops
Bay rum. add sufficient to .make.. S ounces
if the hair is naturally coarse, nothing
can be done to make it. soft. To give
your hair a; pretty , wave use the .fluid
for which lam giving the recipe:
: Curling Fluid for the Hair .
Is made of a . tablespoonful of bruised
qi/inceseed to a pint of hot water. The wa
ter is poured over the seeds and the whole,
allowed to i stand "for- several hours. The
resultant mucilage may then be thinned
with a few drops of essence of violet. The
hair -is moistened with the fluid before
curling. - ".' .
Will Not Produce Hair
\ Dear Mrs. Symes. •
1. Will you kindly j te.l me if cocoa but
- ter. when : applied ' for. : fattening. will
" cause ; hair >to -grow? ".- \u0084
. * 2. Does olive:: oil or -vaseline make the
- \u25a0 eyelashes - crow faster? 1 1 1 have uaed olive
oil for some -months and- it-has certainly
made them grow, but not. very fast.
3. Will ;- ycu tell - me - \ti the lotion | yoa
' recommend ' for : enlarged - pores, boric acid
- • and distilled- witch ** hazel. • .. permanently
•closes the t>orea or will it have, to be used
all the time?--.; \u25a0-\u25a0
-' 4. Will celandine -leaves remove • the hair
. permanently?^ • - • ~- v R. T. O. I*.
\u25a0" 1. No. . -.;"• % •"".::.;: :.. \u25a0 -' • \u25a0
2. The, one la as good as the other. If
you are not -pleased with the results of
-the olive oil,' why don't' you try the
vaseline? \u25a0 After the test -you can then
decide ~ which has the better effect on
-- you.'v-'^*- -\u25a0\u25a0--- . . - - • . .
3.', Once the pores are reduced, the ef- '
4 feet is permanent. - .
J 4/ No.' The electric" needle Is the only
thing •which |
Pujfiness and Freckles
" Dear Mrs.' S.vmes.- '-~^-"r \u25a0 : '
• \u25a0 I . am ;- troubled -with "" pufflness tfader my
eyes a ere at deal.- and it makes, me look
older ,tßaa: my. age.' which Is IS. • I am tak
: lcfr a tonic and "am in eova aealth. I jjet
\u25a0a -moderate amount of sleep and walk a"
:" great deal "in- the, open air. so I don't know
\u25a0•whati'thc! cause can be. Can' you suggest
-a' harmless remedy? . . .
?..;Tour riormu'a . lor enlarged pores has
\u25a0r proved very ; baneficial. • '
\u25a0\Vill lemon * JUice cure an'obstlnate raw
,of freckles? ; ; -J- \u25a0" - ; JUUETTE.
Use externally the remedy. I am giv
ing' you;-and ask.'a'* physician the di
rect cause:;"- *\u25a0 r . \ _ ~"^ \u0084
Tannlc , acid ...:.*.... :..'..-.. ..'..* 24 grains
"Glycerine .....:..........;.'........... 1 ounce
\u25a0;\u25a0". Apply : br mean 3* of or. a bit- jf
.: cotton; to the baggy skin night and mnrn
. ing. -. -.—.,->\u25a0/,--, ?J '. ;:,\u25a0*-
I am; glad the lotion for enlarged pores
.helped", you. .-<":".*\u25a0"" /-. 'y'. .
, -The-' 'constant .use : of^ lemon juice
should 1 , remove the* freckles. If it has
no effect > in' your case. -you 'might - try a
lotlqn'Mnade..: of f half - water .' and ~ half
peroxide \u25a0 > ,-""*\u25a0 T '--\u25a0 '
*; No Recipe
; D«ar Mrs. Sjmes. - ' "'--..' ,•-\u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0
. 1. Is .there any thins -that -wili> make tie
hair - curly \u25a0 without : (ioinr " it up \u25a0> at ' nljtht
•in kid curlers or ra*»t./.-. -<%-__- —r*.
tll.one wears tanss. will the Jjalr rraw
down »: on ' the ' forehead ?.i : - UNSIGNED. .
1 1. iI J know -of • nothing , which' will • curl
the - hair • besides «the curlers'or irons.
i-No. :\u25a0-..-.; /',"-, \u25a0-- \u25a0 '-\u25a0\u25a0': V
Superfluous *\u25a0' Hair.
Dear Mrs.'iSyrhes.*.--' * -*.~. \u25a0 „ ;
v-.i I .am < greatly i worried, as ;I . am only , IS
years old 'and have axrowth of superfluous
hair on myifacc.v.WlU celandine leaves re
move vit >: permanently ? \u25a0 ; Please i give ;. me a
cream * for; freckles v and r.wrtnkle3 that-will
not-- help sto rroduce superfluous k hair. - \u25a0
:---:.,»\u25a0- : - - V ; - •--. - - .WOimiED."
- • The i celandine ! leaves. > I-am f sorry \u25a0to
.say.^will "not ''remove I the : hair ' perma
nently;;^. Why ,« not " have * them - removed
with ; the electric \u25a0. needle." I . being sure ' that
only an experienced and reliable person
performs the operation?
I - would not advise you to use any
kind of cream on your face, but to
remove the freckles use a lotion made of
half water and half peroxide. To get
rid of the wrinkles you must not worry
and should get plenty of sleep. You
may use the following recipe:
SJilk of White Koses.
(A cur a for wrinkles. \u25a0> >
Rosewater pia!
Simple tincture of benzoin Vi ounce
Attar cf roses 3 drop*
Put the rose-nratej in a basin. AdJ the
tincture of benzoin a drop at a time. Add
attar of, roses, aad bottle. Apply with coi
\u25a0 ton at mjht.
Superfluous Flesh
Dear Mrs. Svmes.
1. Will you kiad> teil m* how to rednea
my face? It is getting fatter «v<»ry day.
2. 'What can I co to reduce mv bust?
3. 1 . What do you advise me to Jo to make
my hands soft, white an.l narrow?
4. What do you think is the best thins to
use to curl the hair?
5. What can I do to lighten the color of
nsy hair? AN OPTIMIST.
1. Do not try to get rid of the flesh
on your face, for if you do the skin will
sag and wrinkles will appear.
2. I strongly disapprove of any medi
cine for this purpose. Diet and exercise
are the only safe methods to employ.
Eat less of fat-forming- foods and do
not drink a great quantity of water
nor milk.
2. To soften and whiten your hand 3
use the lotion made by the following
recipe: . - v
Put Into a bottle two ounces of siycerine.
two ounces of water, four tablespoenfula
of lemon juice and a few drops of carbolic
acid. Shake well. After washing and dry-
Ing the hands, rub a little of this mixture
into them.
Nothing can be done to narrow your
hands if they are naturally broad.
4. I do not advocate the constant use
of hot curlirfg irons, for they rob the
hair of It 3 natural oil. The hair curl
ers, whether of, kid, -rags or papers, are.
after all. the best. It will be well for
you to use the hair curling lotion recipe
which often appears in these columns.
The lotion will keep the hair in curl
longe.r and thus obviate the necessity
for putting it up every night.
5- A bleach is the" only thing you can
use to make your hair light, but this
I Co not like ta advise, for once you
start to use it, you must continue to do
so indefinitely, and the constant use of
any bleach is sure to ruin the- hair in
Using the Complexion Brush
Dear Mrs. Symes.
When using the complexion brush, should
one use warns or coid water, and shou.d
one use it every nteht? '
What is a remedy for enlarged pores ?
I have : used witch hazel and boric acid.
;but to no avail. ' \u25a0 A. S. B.
Either warm or cold water may b«
used. , Do not use the brush every night.
for it might prove irritating to the skin.
Every other night is often enough.
Probably \ the- lotion for which I am
giving the recipe will remedy the larga
r \u0084*; .Astringent lotion.
* Alum _..... TO gralss
Almond milk (thick).. «i ounces
Rosewater .... S ounces
-Dissolve the alma In the rosewater, then
pour gently rato the almond milk, with
constant saltation. Apply with, a soft Uses
cloth every night before retlrln*.
Moles on the Face
Dear Mrs. Symes.
Is there anythlaff that win. take mo!e»
from the face without using the electric
- neadle? r
What should a girl 16 years. 5 feet 3
Inches tall, measure at the waist and bust,
and what should her weight be? .
Is there anything that will rednw th»
fcust? NETA. .
Yes; but'do not use anything without
consulting the advice of a reliable phy
Girls "mature so unevenly that there
Is no standard for them to reach.
Diet. is the only safe means to use to
reduce the bust. , . »
Cold or Lukewarm Baths? \u25a0
Dear Mrs. Svmes/."
. Will cold or lukewarm baths taken dally
. reduc«.the fiesS?
: , From mv shoulder, to my elbow it Is
" rather fleshy, and from cay elbow to my
\ wrist It to, rather slender. It looks out of
croportion. - What can I do to reduce th«
•upper Dart o! my ana? X. T. 3L
: Hot baths will reduce the flesh, but
they, are very weakening and cannot b«
advised for every one. - Exercise and ab
stinence from ' liquids will greatly re
duce the flesh. : \u0084, '
The tapering arm Is a mark of beauty
and J do not advfee you to reduce your
upper arm. for by doing>so you would
make it flabby. . It would be; better. If
you insist . upon changing its proportion,
to develop the lower arm by massaging
.with 'cocoa butter.
Vaseline on Hair
D»«r Mrs. Symss. ; . - .
Will rubbing the scalo with vaseline tak*
the *url out? I -have curly hair, but It 1»
thin- and short. \u25a0 Will you tell ma ton*
wav to wear !:? NANXIE.
If 3 you "do * not ;use • too much of the
vaseline sa tbat the hair i is \u25a0; made real
greasy: it < will not take the curl out* of
it. I cannot advise a way of arrangiß*
thecalr without a description. .-

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