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Soldier Dies on Army Transport
During Voyage Home and
Boy Is Born
Troopship Will Be Laid Up for
Some Time While Under
going Repairs
was one death dur
ing the voyage
home of the army
transport Thomas,
which arrived yes
terday from Ma
nila, the troopship
entered the Golden'
gate with the same
number of passen
gers as were on
board when the
ship left the Phil
Private Dennis A.
Sullivan of the Sec
ond battalion of
engineers died •on
March 5, and five
days later a baby
]9£x M 3 born to the wife of Quarter
fcna'st'i" Sergeant Joshua Coogan of the
J'ourfenth cavalry. The baby was
«l»rlstened Thomas L,ynam Coogan and
starts life with a purse filled with sold,
which was subscribed by the folks the
hjibv found aboard the ship when he
T. L.. Coopan is a very tiny chap. He
weighed only five pounds when he made
bin debut, but the transport surgeon
dpi la ref him t<» b*» as healthy as any
r<»r»kv that ever entered the army.
, The Thomas, foul of bottom and in
need of repair*, was further delayed
Vy strong headwinds and arrived here a
iday late. This is the last voyage the
troopship will make for some time.
After discharging its freight and stores
the Thomas will go out of commission
and be laid up for a $300,000 overhaul-
Ing. Captain 1/ynam was offered coni
mand of the Sherman during the time
the Thomas is idle, but as he pre
ferred to remain at home for a spell.
lie will be kept here to look out for the
•Thomas and supervise the repairs.
The Thomas brought 1,296 passen
gers. Among them were T53 enlisted
Tnen of the Fourteenth infantry. 14S
rasuals. l«j sick. 1" prisoners. 12 dis
charged soldiers. 27 enlisted men of the
United States marine corps and 28 blue
jackets. . There were 110 cabin passen
gers from Manila. 10 from Nagasaki
arid IS from Honolulu.
: Captain I>- VV. Arnold, who has been
V'epot quartermaster at Nagasaki for
five years, returned on the Thomas.
Among the passengers from Honolulu
was Lieutenant Colonel F. yon Schra
de'r. who has been on a tour of inspec
tion of the island posts.
'. Tlio Fourteenth infantry. which re
4»O « nltf ornia St. T<-I. I »o,icln» 2487
St. I'rattrla Ilntrl Tr>l. Houslsk 3952
Members of New York Stock Exchange
rionrer lloune
Private Wire to Cblcaso and
»w York
n. K. MII.CAHEV, .Manager
Main Office Branch Offices
Correspoiidenti (Main Corridor t
25 Pico Ft.. Vpvt York. I>o» Ancel* 4 *.
;; Rookery. tJii^afo HOTEL DEL CORO-
1711 Stout street, . XADO.
Denver. Colo. Coronado Beach
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Street .and N0......
\u25a0* - -
turned on the Thomas, will ffo.from
here to army posts in Montana and
Pull* Four Horsen Into Bay
Crowley launch No. 4 pulled four
horses Into the bay yesterday from the
bulkhead at Vallejo street The horses
were hitched to a heavy piece of ma
chinery, which had been'brought to the
wharf for transportation to Point Rich
mond. When, he found the horses un
able to start the heavy weight toward
the derrick, the teamster suggested
that one of the launches help. A line
was passed from launch No. 4 and made
fast to the line on which the horses
were pulling. The launch started and
never stopped until horses and machin
ery were in the bay. The horses were,
saved, none the worse for their bath,
and the machinery recovered unharmed.
.Not n Slusrle Kick Registered
It Is not only warriors who enjoy the
distinction of being mentioned in offi
cial dispatches to the war department.
Chief Steward F. Peterson of the
transport Thomas, which arrived yes
terday from- Manila; performed the
feat of giving more than 1,000 men
three square meals a day for a month
without there being a single complaint
from one of the boarders. Lieutenant
Oscar Westover, me^s officer of the
1-ourteenth infantry, said yesterday
that Peterson's arrangements for feed
ing the troops were the best he had
ever seen and that he had Riven Peter
son full credit in his report to Wash
ington. Westover said that there had
not been a single complaint.
Mum Have Quarantine Certificate
Dr. F. K. Trotter, chief quarantine
officer at this port, has issued the fol
lowing notice:
"You are informed that I am- in re
ceipt of advice from the surgeon gen
eral, public health and marine hospital
service, stating that on account of
plague at Hilo, territory of Hawaii,
outgoing quarantine measures will be
enforced at that port.
"It will be necessary for all vessels
arriving from Hilo at San Francisco to
observe all of the customary quaran
tine precautions and to bring a cer
tificate from the quarantine officer at
Hilo as documentary evidence that
precautions, have been observed."
Sierra Will Soon lie in Commln'sion
The Oceanic steamship company's
liner Sierra, which is to be placed on j
the Honolulu run, will soon be ready i
to go into commission. The Sierra will!
eail from here for Honolulu March 26
and a large number of passengers have
been booked.
The Sierra will give an express pas- i
senger service between here and the
island port. It will be the fastest ship
on the run and the passenger accom
modations are equaled only on the
Sierra's twin sisters, Sonoma and Ven
tura, which are still out of commission.
Captain H. C. tHoudlette has been ap
pointed commander of the liner and
will tiave with him J. H. Trask as chief
officer, Samuel Church as chief en
gineer and Joseph Carleton as chief
Water Front .\oten
Receipts of lumber yesterday by sea
amounted to 2,090,000 feet.
Frank Randall,, master of the army
transport Warren, was at Manila when
the Thomas sailed for the purpose of
having an operation performed on his
throat. The Warren is at Shanghai
undergoing a general overhauling.
J. J. Coughan, who was chief officer
of the liner Sierra, has resigned from
the service of the Oceanic steamship
C. J. Holland has been appointed
master of the Pacific Mail liner Penn
sylvania in place of Captain Saunders,
who takes the Korea.
Captain Frank Hall has been ap
pointed master of the army transport
Sherman, which will sail April . 5 for
The liner Siberia sailed yesterday
from Yokohama for this port via Hono
•The army transport Sheridan sailed
March 15 from Manila for this port.
The Montlcello steamship company's
new steamer. Xapa Valley, is almost
ready for service. The engines have
been installed and were turned over
for the first time at the Union iron
works the other day.
The harbor commissioners will hold
their regular weekly meeting this
morning in the ferry depot.
Br lulled WlrHrwn
W r ednesdaj-, March 16.
STEAMEH WATSON— Hence March 15 for Seat
tle: March 15, midnight, off Point Arena; light
southeast breeze.; smooth sea; overcast. •
Francisco; Alarch 15, S p. m.. 333 miles ont;
.barometer 29.90; temperature 66; gentle brecae;
(\u25a0mall sea; long westerly swell.
STEAMER HYADES— From Tacoraa for Hono
lulu; March 15, 9 p. in., 525 miles west of
Cap* Blanco; clear; heavy westerly swells and
moderate westerly wind; barometer C 0.60; tem
perature. 52; all. well.
SIEAMER WILHELMINA— Hence March 12 for
Honolulu and Hilo; March 15, ft p. ni., 1,006
tnilcH out; fresh gales from the southwest
with heavy eea : all well.
STEAMER TENYO MAKTj— Hence March 15 for
Honolulu, Yokohama and HongkoDg; March 15,
8 p. m.. 80 miles off San Francisco.
STEAMER MAVERICK— From Seattle for San
Franci«co; March 15, 5:30 p. m.. 9 miles north
of Table bluff; south southwest wind: over.
ca*t: moderate sea; lonj southeast swell; bar
ometer 29.94; temperature 50.
Items of Interest to Mariners
of the Pacific
[SpccioJ Dispatch to Tht Call]
EUREKA. March 16.— North Pacific steanfer
Santa Clara departed for San Francisco at 2
p. ni. today, cart-ring mail, passengers and c
large cargo of freight.
Steamer Katharine sailed for Ran Francisco
tbi* afternoon pith lumber loaded at Holmes
mill wharf. *
Pacific lumber company's steamer Temple E.
Dorr departed from Fields Landing with lumber
for San Francisco late this afternoon.
Steamer Prentiss arrived from San Francisco
nt noon today and i« loading for return at Fields
Landing. { .
Steam schooners J. J. Logsie and North Fork
are due tomorrow from Sau Francisco. The
North Fork will load at Arcata and the LogKie
at tin* Occidental mill, both taking lumber for
San Francisco.
Steamers laqua and Aberdeen will sail tomor
row for San Francisco with lumber.
Steamer Kilburn • Is' due from San Francisco
tomorrow with freight, mail and passengers.
LOS ANGELES, March 16. — Arrived— Stoamer
Bandon, from Coos bay: steamer Francis 11.
Lepgctt, from Eureka; steamer Delhi, from Puget
Sailed — British ftesmer Mftncuota, for Tacoma;
steamer Santa Barbara, for Grays Harbor;
steamer Vanjfuard, for Eureka; steamer Rainier,
for I*uget sound: steamer Vueen. for San Diego;
steamer San Gabriel, for Umpqua river.
PORTLAND, March 16.— 0f th«? several mil
ing vessels here in the harbor to load lumber
tiie French bark^ Crillon will begin taking on
cargo tomorrow, and another, the British ship
Manx Kinjf.lwill be ready to takt on lumber
next week. . .
Another wind jammer, the British ship Pol
t«lloch.> Captain Armstrong, is now loading at
the North Pacific lumber company's mills and
should be finished soon. It will take lumber to
Sydney for 3. J. Moore 4; Co.
WJth 1.1M4.443 feet of lumber, valued at
$21,008. the Norwegian steamer Kir. Captain
Marrussen. left down for the sea thjg morning.
It i» inking out its -cargo to Hankow ami is
being dispatched by the China Importing and ex
purting r-ompany.
Major J. F. McTnd«M*'of the corps of enjrrDeer*,
I*. 8. A.. Is exptKited back from Washington
either Sunday or Monday.
Commander J. M. Ellicott, lightbousi; In
spector for the thirteenth district, returned last
uljrht' from Grays Harbor, whore Uc made an
ißM>cction of the aid* to navigation, j -
The oil tank i-teamcr Argyll, Captain Dick
son, entered at the custom bourn? from San
Francisco this morning and cleared again for
tbfc same port. '
After discharging general <-argo from San
Francisco at Columbia dor« No. 1 the -steamer
Harold- Dollar, Captain Hogan. Uas gone -to
Linnton to load lumber for San Francisco. .-
With cargo of general merchandise thp pas
schooner Delia. Captain Tabell. will sail for
Ne*toeea : tonight. . • . \u25a0, .
While • going down "the river shortly after . 7
o'clock this morning ; the steamer , Bailey Gat
tert ran Into the steel bridge because of . the
thick fog which obscured the river. Tna steamer
was running so slowly. : however, ' that/ no dam
age was done, either to. bridge or boat. \u25a0 r
Carrying a . full cargo of 200 tons of hay the
steam -schooner . Yellowstone, Captain ' I.udlow.
arrlvedat Columbia \u25a0 dock No. 1« last night. • It
will load lumber at Prescott, St. Helms and
Oak Point for San Francisco.
E. Bur* Jan Thompson, assistant engineer
the corps -of . engineers, U. S. A., arrived in
Portland ' from Washington yesterday afternoon
to assume his duties as one of the assistants
to the engineer, in charge here.
Captain Parsons of ..the steamer ' Golden Gate
makes . report . that \vn March ,13, 1910 at 4
p. m., between Tillamook rock and Cape Falcon,
be passed a large quantity of driftwood.
ASTORIA, March 16.— The British ship Arctic
Stream arrived Tuesday afternoon, 157 days
from Newcastle, on Tyne. with a general cargo
consigned to Meyer, . Wilson & * Co.- Captain
Dlxon, master of the craft, reports encountering
exceptionally heavy gales in the English channel
immediately after leaving ; port, and that ; the
veascl was compelled to turn back, being dclaved
16 days. While aloft setting sails two members
of Uie crew fell and were fto severely injured
that they were landed at DeaL - ,
There was good weather on the trip across the
Atlantic until Christmas day, when the ship was
close, to' Cape . Hornr- It \u25a0 was struck by, a \u25a0 terrific
gale. The vessel , escaped ' without \u25a0 Injury, - but
John Clark, one of the sailors,' was knocked down
and thrown arrows the deck by a huge. sea which
boardml the chip, and his right ankle was crushed
in ft terrible manner. Bjj^gsgtqgjgja&ji^tfy*-
Captain Dixon' ; was unable to give the' Injury
the proper snrgical attention, but by the eserelse
of extreme care he was able to keep mortifica
tion from setting in, and upon arrival here Clark
was takoii to the hospital.
Pleasant weather, with fairly favorable winds,
prevailed off the Horn and along the west coast,
until a month «iro. when within about a week's
sail from the mouth of the Columbia the Arctic
Stream ran into a continued calm, and since that
time it has been beating about trying to make
headway until it arrived .off the heads Tuesday
morning. " « — ', ' '
About two weeks ago the ship ran snort or
fresh water, but a home made condenser was
rigged up. and. although the task was a slow
and tedious one. sufacient water w»b condensed
to prevent suffering among those on board. -
Oil tankers Rosecrans. with barge Monterey in
tow, and Argyll sailed today in ballast for han
Franel«eo. * ' '\u25a0 '' „\u25a0
Schooner Mabel Galf arrived today from ban
Francisco in ballast to load lumber. - \u25a0 '
Revenue cutter Manning left up the river tnis
morning to receive repairs and alterations - that
have recently been ordered. .
Steam schooner Jim Butler arrived this morn
ing from San Francisco to load lumber for re-
Steamer Alliance arrived this morning froom
Coos bsy with freight and passengers. __
. Steam schooner Hoqulam sailed for Grays Har
bor today to I»ad lumber for San Francisco.
Steam schooner Thomas L. Wand, after having
discharged its cargo from San Francisco up the
river, sailed this morning for. Grays Harbor to
load lumber for the bay city. .
Steam schooner F. 55. Loop, with a cargo or
lumber for San Francisco, went to sea this
Steamer Stanley Dollar cleared at the custom
house today for San Pedro with a cargo of
1.250,000 feet of lumber loaded at tho Hammond
lumber company's mill. • .. . _ „ *
Steamer Coaster cleared today for San
cisco. It carries a cargo of 630.000 feet of lum
ber loaded at the Hammond lumber, company s
SEATTLE. March 16.— Arrived: Steamer Ber
tha, from Valdez; steamer OJmntHla. from sound
ports; ship Vega. Slilp Harold Blekura. from Port
Madison: Meamer Klamath, from Tacoma; steam
er Santa Maria, from SBn Francisco. , -.
Departed: Steamer Timpleo, for Tacoma,
steamer Jefferson, for Skagway; steamer Nmtli
western, for Cordova: ship St. Paul, for Cook
inlet; steamer Klamath, steamer Lmatilla, for
San Francisco.
From I Steamer I Date
Portland & Way Ports Santa Clara.... M«. 17
San Pedro..... Roanoke ....... Mkr. 17
Hilo : Enterprise •••••""• li
Point Arena * Albion. P«mo M»r. it
San Pedro Westerner. *}"• J|
New York via Ancon.. Acapulco * J, is
Humboldt F. A. Kilburn . Mar. 18
San Pedro Santa Barbara.. Mar. 18
San Dlejio&Way Ports Queen Mar. is
Pngrt Sound Ports..... Umatilla M". 18
Grays Harbor Norwood Mar. 18
Coos Bay M. F. Plant . . . Mar. 18
Grays Harbor Carlo? .. -• JJ ar - "'
San Pedro Vanguard ..... Mar. l.>
San Pedro Nome City ...Mar. 19
Pan Pedro Rainier ¥."• l? n
Seattle & Tacoma klamath Mar. -0
Humboldt J. J. I/JRgiP... M»r- £>
San Pedro -. J. «• Stetson.. Mar. 20
Pupet Sound Ports Governor Mar. 20
Seattle & Tacoma Ad. Sampson... Mar. 20
Grays Harbor Santa Monica.. (Mar. 20
Humboldt I City of Topeka. Mar. 21
San Pedro iHanalel .. Mar. 21
Sal. Crux via S. Dlejro. Isthmian Mar. 21
Portland & Astoria.... Kansas City .. Mar. 21
Honolulu Alameda Mar. 22
Portland & Astoria Northland 1 Mar. 22
Grays Harbor Claremont Mar. 22
San Diego & Way Ports Santa Rosa . . . Mar. 22
Honolulu |Lurllno Mar. 23
TO SAIL ' \u25a0 .
Destination I Steamer | Sails |Pier
March 17— I
Los Angeles Ports J. Hlgffins.. 10 am 4
Coquille River Fifield ..... 5 pm 27
Coquille River ElUabeth ... 5 pm ....
Humboldt 1Uva111 ..... 10 am 27
Astoria & Portland Itoaooke ... 1 pm IS
Grays-Harbor iG. Llndauer. 3 pm ....
March IS*- j I
Astoria &. Portland.... iGrays Harbr| 5 pm ....
Astoria & Portland. .. .|How«loln ....| spm 1!1
Grays Harbor Westerner . . [12 .m 27
Humboldt City Topeka 10 am 11
Grays Harbor S. Barbara.. 4 pm ....
Honolulu rta P. Sotmd. HUonlan ... 12 m 39
Liverpool & Way Ports A. Exelmans 12 m 19
Ban Pedro & Way Ports Coos Bay... 4 pm 11
Los Angeles Ports Norwood ... 2 pm ....
Bad Diego &. Way Ports Santa - Kosa.. 11 am 9
March 1&—
Los Angeles Ports Carlos
AKtoria &. Portland Nome City.. 5 pm 10
Humboldt Van'ftuard .. 1 pm 19
Point Arena & Albion. . l Porno 6pm 4
Honolulu via P. Sound. Missourian \u25a0 . 10 am 23
New York via Ancon.. i'eons'vanla 12 m 40
Puget Sound Ports President .. 2pm 9
Astoria & Portland Ucse City.. 11 am 40
Portland & Way Ports. Santa Clara. 1 pm 13
March 2O—
Seattle & Tacoma..... Riverside • 38
Los Angeles Ports.:... Klamath ... 11 am 27
Astoria &. Portland J. B. Stetson
Coos Bay M. F. Plant 3pm 8
Seattle & Tacoma...... Buckman ... 1 pm 10
March 21—
Humboldt F. Kilburn.. 10 am 13
Los Angeles Ports Ad. Sampson 10 am 10
San Diego & Way Ports Governor ... 2pm 9
March 22—
Los Angeles Ports Hanalei .... 3 pm 10
Puget Sound Ports.. ...|L'matilla ... 11 am 9
Astoria &. Portland (St. Helens
Japan & China ..IKorea 1 pm 42
March 23 — I . ,
Grays Harbor ........ [\u25a0H. Monica... 3 pm 21
Mpndoeino &. Pt. ArenalSea Foam... 4pm 4
Destination | Steamer I Date
Southwestern Alaska . . . Bertha ........ Mar. 20
Skajrway & Way Ports. Cottage City .. Mar. 22
Valdez & Seward Olympia; Mar. 24
fjouthwostoru Alaska.. . Jeaaie ........ Mar. 23
Time Ball
United States branch hyilrographic office, Mer
chants' Exchange, - San Francisco, March
16, 1910. •
The time ball on the' roof of | the Fairmont
hotel tvae dropped today exactly at noon. Pa
cific standard time (120 th meridian), or at Sh.
00m. (KM. Greenwich mean time.
\u25a0 . J. C. BURNETT,
Lieutenant, U. S. N., lv charge.
Sun, Moon and Tide
United States coast -and geodetic snrvey — Time
and heights of tides at Fort Point. For city
front (Mission street wharf)- add 25 minutes.
Sun rises C:18
Sun sets ;....:.".........." 6:ia
Moon acts • .12:43 a.m.
First • quarter moon. .. .. . ilnrcb 17, at 7:28 p.m.
i-nll m00n...*. .March 25, at 12:12 a. m.
| Tim* iTlme; iTimel ' |Tlme|
Mari Ft i 1 Ft t 1 Ft I i Ft
|H W IL W| |H W[ ]L W
17.. 3:20 5.4 10:41 0.2 6:21 4.0 10:29 3.2
18.. 4:29 5.3 11:54 0.1 7:40 4.2 11:47 3.3
187. 5:38 0.2 1:02—0.1 S:4l 4.8
20.. 1:07 3.5 0:50 ,5.2 2:02 — 0.2 9:29 4.6
21.. 2:18 3.4 7:58 P. 3 2:54—0.110:08 4.8
52.. 3:12 2.» 8:38 .V 3 3:38 0.0110:42 5.0
23.. 3:5S 2.6 C:SO 5.3 4:17 . 0.2|ll:10 .5.2
U. S. Brattch Hydroeraphlc Office
A branch of the Uulted States hydrographlc
office, located •in the Merchant*' .: Exchange, is
maintained in San Francisco for \ the benefit of
mariners, without regard to nationality and free
•f expense. ' Navigators . are cordially Invited to
visit the office, where complete » sets of charts
and sailing directions of tiie world ar« kept at
hand for comparison - and \u25a0 reference, - and -, the
latest information . can always be obtained re
garding lights, dangers to 'navigation, and .mat
ters of interest to ocean commerce. s*'5 *' '••
Lieutenant, U. S. ; N., ; in charge.' "
\u25a0 f Depth at mean low water, . entrance . to harbor.
W PLACE -'\u25a0 I Ft. | Date | Remarks V .
Grays Har 18 • I Jjui. lsllnuer bar buoy sub
k...-- '.'\u25a0<\u25a0:-- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 - I y I ? merged. ;:- \u25a0\u25a0;„-- -. ,
Willapa B 27 ; Feb. 81 Whistling \u25a0 buoy . 1 mile
. I - - J - north of bar. ~_:
Colum. B. 24 I Nov. 8 Whistling \u25a0\u25a0. buoy 1 mile
. \u25a0/ --\u25a0•\u25a0' 1 - \u25a0-'' |^ buoy' No. 2. :k .
Nehalm B 8 IFcb. 2|Bar buoy : 200 : yards N.
| - \u25a0\u25a0••\u25a0\u25a0 I of channel. -*. \u25a0\u25a0"•\u25a0.
rillmk B. tt IDec. 47ICuannel shifted 1 ' mile
I :\u25a0 I south In gale Nov. 28.
-.- ;-•-.-.• \u25a0 . ' . Nun \u25a0\u25a0» buoy ,.. No. > 0 • and
Yaqulna B 14 Feb. 12 can buoy No. 3 gone
\u25a0 -\u25a0\u25a0>\u0084 - - .\u25a0-\u25a0 -\u25a0\u25a0•-'. i•: -;\u25a0-: adrift . •
Sinslaw R| s%|Feb. BlChannel going north. -
Dmpqua Rl 13y a |Feb. 4jChaunel in ; good..condl
.-,.>. | I >i tlon. \u25a0 v^ r \u25a0\u25a0-....
~~- ~~ ~~T. "\u25a0\u25a0•. '12 : feet- at : Tow : tide tto
Coos Bay. "18 Feb. •17 -North Beod; >12 feet
V ' . at low. tide to Marsh
,:'- -'.•.•--. . - ..\u25a0\u25a0:.;. \u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0 \u25a0 I' field. -A---'-:..- _ \u25a0 j
Coquille Rl ' 9 I Jan. : 7lCh«nucl -; straight; good
----,- - : -yC [:.\u25a0<- \u25a0 I \u25a0' * - I condition. Vo^ \u25a0-=
Bogus Blvt j. ..... ..1. .... :;.-.-; ;. .... ,t: . ... "
Klamth .Bj .7 (Jan. \u25a0 \u25a0 7jChannel . straight east
..\u25a0\u25a0--y-^ '. I \u25a0 I \u25a0 ' I ' and-west. \u25a0\u25a0- ..-\u25a0\u25a0. \u0084. \u25a0--.\u25a0
Hmbldt BJ 19 Mar. II North channel unsafe
-'\u25a0''\u25a0' \u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0' : '| " : ' ; -" • "X: to -navigation. -^ y;"^ .
8 Pedro Bl 20 - Feb. 28 1 No change in channel.
S Diego 8|.25--|Dec. -fllNo change in channel. «
H Pablo Bl 24 I Dec. llDepth In dredged chan
|-;--:l \u25a0; -\u25a0--\u25a0-. I \u25a0'-.-•:-->\u25a0\u25a0:-\u25a0\u25a0-- > I -inel. .•\u25a0.-\u25a0;• -\u25a0\u25a0-r.y.-.. -/^^^;
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Weather Report
*Unltrd States department of. agriculture—
Weather bureau— San FrancUeo. March 16.
\u25a0 Last Seasonal \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0
Stations — : 24 Hours to Date Normal
Eureka O.'M , M. 67 -\u25a0 * 35.35
Red Bluff, Tr. 13.27 19.64
Sacramento . - * Tr. S.ftfl 15.5!)
Mount T«m«lpaiß, ... 0.0.V 22.2t! 15. 46
Han Francisco .. 0.0-' 16. <W .18.23
San Jose ..:... 0.01 11.71 " l«.«0
Kresno .............. 0.00, 9.65 7.42
Independent . 0.00 4.75 '7.24
San Luis Obfepo . 0.5« \u25a0 35.2S J . 1K. 09
Lo« Angeles .. 0.00 . 10.71 12.70
San Diego 0.00 8.36 8.13
Coant record for 12 hours, ending; 5 p. m.
- s ? \u25a0?.*:. i * "gl
stations ••§ § £ • "^: ' \u25a0\u25a0?' |T
\u25a0>\u25a0 ' 9 .f.J ;\u25a0; T ;
Boise 80.04 70 42 SW Cloudy .00
Eureka 30.08 60 iSO N Cloudy .10
Flagstaff 30.02 62 24 E Clear .00
Fresno.. 29.08 74 .4S SB Cloudy .00
Helena 30.04 64 .34 W Clear .00
Independence.. ;29. 98 60 30 W Cloudy .00
Kallspell .....30.04 60 32 S Clear .00
Loa Angeles ..80.06 72 50 SW Clear •\u25a0.IK)
Modena . .30.02 C 4 23 W Pt.Cldy .00
Mt. Tamalpals.3o.oo 53 -40 , SW Foggy .00
North Head. ..30.00 56 48 S Clear .00
Phoenix 29.00 82 50 .W Clear .00
Pocatcllo .....30.08 r.4 28 W Oear .00
Pt. Reyes Lt..30.00 50 50 > S Cloudy .00
Portland . .80.02.70 52 SW Cloudy . T.
Red Bluff ....30.02 68 48 W Cloudy T.
Rono 29.96 .04 v33.S Cloudy .00
Roseburg .....30.0ft «4 4« X Rain .01
Sacramento ...30.02 KG 54 NW Cloudy T.
Salt Lake 30.04 64 : 42 NW Clear * .00
San Pi»>go :tO.oa 72 40 XW Pt.Cldy .00
San Francisco. 3o. o4 04 sti AY Cloudy .01
San Jose 30.02 70 52 NW Cloudy T.
S: L. Obispo. .30.08 68 50 SE Cloudy .00
SK. Farallon.. 30.02 5« 52 S Cloudy .00
Spokane < .30.00 08 44 NB Cloudy .00
•Summit- . .... 51 40 S Cloudy ...
Tacoma 30.00 6S 48 SW Cloudy .00
Tatoosh 30.02 5»5 42 S Cloudy .00
Tonopsh ..29.8S 60 42 SE .Pt.Cldy .00
Walla 30.00 70 50 W- Pt.Cldy .00
Wltttiemucca ..30.00 f>B 40 E- Cloudy .00
Yuraa 20.90 90 48 W Clear. \u008400
•Snotr on ground "7 inches.
Th(» following maximum and minimum tem
peratures are reported from stations for the
proviouß day:
Chicago, i 46-38; >'ew York, 38-28; Omaha,
Showery weather prevails over northern Cali
fornia anil Oregon. There is no well marked dis
turbance in sight and the pressure distribution
is favorable for periods of fair weather during
the day. ... •
Tho temperature continues moderately - hijh
in the great, valley and in Nevada. It is cooler
along the coast.
The relative humidity at Red Bluff' was 64
per cent and at Fresno 62 per cent.
Forecast made at Ssn- Francisco for the 30
hours ending at midnight, March 17:
San Francisco and vicinity— Showers Thurs
day, breaking away during the day; light south
wind, changing to moderate west.
Northern s California— Cloudy Thursday, " with
occasional showors; cooler: light north winds.
Southern Cslifornta — Cloudy Thursday; light
north wind, chancing to south.
A. G. McADIB, v District Forecaster.
* l^esday. March 15.
Stmr Samoa. Madsen, H6 hours from San Pc
dro; ballast to Caspar lumber company.
Stmr St. Helens. Jamieson. 58 hours from Co
lumbia river* 1,450,000 feet lumber to order.
, - Wednesday, March 16.
U. S. Btmr Thomas. Lymann. 20 days labour]
30 minutes from Manila, via Nagasaki 14 days 3 i
hours 3S minutes, via Honolulu 7 days 12 hours !
23 minutes; passengers to United States govern- !
Stmr Capistrano, Kliwe, 30 hours from Gat- ;
iota; 175 drums distillate, 23 drums gasoline to
Associated oil compahy. j
Stmr Coos Bay, Bowen. 6R hours from San
Pedro and way ports ; " : merchandise :to Pacific
Coast steamship company.
Slmr Mnvertck. McKellar Jr. 3 days from
Seattle; ballast-to Standard oil company; up river
Sfmr City of Topeka. Gielow. 20 hours from
Eureka; passengers and merchandise to Pacific
Coast steamship company. -
Stmr Carmel. Hardwick, 72 hours from Grays
Harbor; 700.000 feet lumber to J.. Homer Frlteh.
Slmr Flßeld. Jensen, 45 hours from Bandon;
370,000 feet lumber to A. F. Estabrook.
Stmr Del Norte. Sanfortl. 39 hours from Cres
cent Oitr; 290, (K0 feet lumber, 4 tons merchan
dise to Hobbs. Wall &. Co. _
Stror Bowdoin. Tibbltts. S4 bnurs from Afttorls.;
730.000 feet lumber. to E. K. Wood lumber com
pany. \u25a0 : \u25a0\u25a0' - "\u25a0 \u25a0 * ' • "
Stmr Raymond, Knudsen, 86 hours from San
Pedro: ballast to Sudden & Christrcson.
Stmr Doris, Oltetf, 37 hours from San Pedro;
ballast to B. T. Kru«e.
Wednesday, March 16.
Wlrele«» and Bubm-rlnu Kicnnl*. -
- f To London. Paris,
|^ T - mm - Drem*B,
\u25a0ml X UIL.U 1L. Expreift Sailing*,
Y\ Af^T li TattAnn, 10 A. M.
li 111 I 11 K. Wilh'm 11... Apl. 5
i. 1 Vy*-. ****\u25a0 K. Win. rl. Or*. Apl. 19
\u25a0^"^\u25a0^^^^^^^ Kronp. Cecllie.. Apl. 28
Plymouth Kronp. Wa May 3
Char^urr .
Bremen _f^ f \u25a0«•--•
G.Washlng'n, Vl<*. 31|^, FF t r ; Wm ' • " A A p 'j72j'
•Khein Apr. 141»Zleten Apl. 28
• Bremen direct.- ' -< . :
ToGllir_it«r.Aiffiers,-v . \ . '
.\nplea nnUiirnoa. \u25a0 . — ; «.
Sallinss Sat'dvn li A.M. \u25a0 ' \ r\-mj (\ .'
K. Albert..... Mch. 26 1 ll\\] 1 |
tXeckar........Apl. 2 1 .111 W |l
P. Irene Apl. 9 -L-fAV-T
Barbarosst....Apl. 18 " . \u25a0>
tOmlts Algiers and Gefloa. .
rßa«nrn«»At Aroaiid.tlie-Worid Touri.
Traveler* check* f»od nil over ,
th« world.
OEXRICHS & CO- General Agents.
6 Broadway, New York
Robert Capelle. GAA.'P." C 250 Powell it
. opp. St.',: Francis 'Hotel, San Francisco."
Telephone Kearny 4794. - -. •
' Plymouth — Chrrbonric — Southampton -
Phllndelphla— ftuetnstowa — Liverpool |
York— London Direct '
New York—Rotterdam, via Boulogne
>*ctt York— Dover— Antwerp ,
I X. Y.^QneenntOTTn-Holyhend-LlTerpool
Via Azores, Madeira,' Algiers, Gibraltar
Romanic .."".;. T.April 2 Oanopic ..'.: 'V'.'. May}j 4
Cretlc ....;.... April 16 Bomanic :.......May 14
G. K. KOIPPEL, Passenger Agent Pacific Coast.
819 Geary Street, opposite St. . Francis
! ... ;'\u25a0*; \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0-, .Hotel. \u25a0• Ban \u25a0« Franclsc6. ..' - \u25a0'.-\u25a0•:
Canadian Pacific
Less , Than Fow Days at r Sea .
"Weekly aallluc betW«*_ ; Montreal,
Quebec and Liverpool .v
U: Tiro days on ? tfie beautiful SL Law-
rence : : River < and ; the "shortest ocean
route- to, Europe .- : ... - '
Nothing better on the Atlantic than
our Empresses. Wireless on all steam-
ers.';- -'-•\u25a0_";.-''>; -; ' '--'• '.'''. .;; :
' Vint ; clasa «90, second $BLSS. one
class cabin $47.80. -/\u25a0\u25a0- ..
. - A«k s any > ticket agent, or write for
sailings, rates and booklet. ..\u25a0 . ; (10) .'
E. E. FBNK, C A« Palace Hotel. San
\u25a0 -•\u25a0-; -\u0084, \u25a0,\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0•\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0 .r^VFraneia-co \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0'. '-- : \u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0 •\u0084-:>_ x*;y
Compagnie Generate Transatlantiqe
i •--: Sailings 'everyii Thursday." instead of •:( Satur-
day, *at -10 a.-hm.",-rfromi pier 42.-: North- rlter,
foof;ot.-Morton-sBtreet.' . .'•* _- " ' ' v .'\u25a0 .: : .;
1 '•* First ! . class *to \u25a0 Havre." $ < 7.50 and : upward; ' etc-
ond clans to Hav-»^s3o aoa'npw«rt..O»NEßAL
1J» * St«t« * »treet.T-. New York, -jz i, p. s PUGAZI.-
Manater, Pacific « Coast, i 630 ' MOnteomery ' street,
San Francisco. : Tickets sold by all railroad tick-
.ct; agents.. > - ' , - - •_. •' : \u25a0:_.__
Stmr Hanalei." Hannah, San Pedro; Independent*
steamship company. \u25a0 \u25a0 •*- -' •
» ~ Wednesday.^March 18.
T7. \u25a0S. stmr \u25a0 New Orlean s. Welles. •
Stmr Casco, ' Abiln. Astoria and Portland.- : .
f Stmr Brunswick.' Hammer, Fort Bra£g
' Stmr; Acme, ' Olsen, Eureka/- ; \u25a0•:\u25a0-.
\u25a0\ Stmr Dai*y Freeman, Johnson, GrsysTHarbor.
- Stmr Samoa. Marinon. Caspar.- - -
. Stmr San Pedro. Bendltkon/ Eureka. . \u25a0
\u25a0 Stmr Olson & Mahony, Payne, Seattle 1 - and ; Ta-,
coma. . - -j \u25a0 : \u25a0\u25a0' \u25a0.-•• '\u25a0*:;\u25a0-\u25a0', ''\u25a0'. •'• \u25a0 ..'.\u25a0'\u25a0
Stmr Hanalei, Hannah, San Pedro. -•
. Stmr I^akme, Malmgren, Euwka. ' ,-.'
Stmr Doris, Olsen, Willapa harbor. ' -4" \u25a0
"'- Stmr Raymond, Knudsen. Grays Harbor. _.£> \u25a0 \u25a0
\u25a0 Stmr Whlttler,' Seaman, Port San Luis. >?
Stmr Asuncion, Bridgett. Portland. :"; *• ..
Stmr Atlas,- Badger, Seattle. • i* 1
Stmr T. A. Kiibnrn, MeLellaE." Eureka. J
Stmr Tamolpais. Anderson. I'ortUnd. ;\u25a0 '.-\u25a0\u25a0. ;
Sclir : Premier, Frye. - lilalnc.
TATOOSH. Mnrch 10. 6p. m.— Cloudy; wind
S; velocity 20 miles an hour. .
POINT, REYES. March , 16, 12 m.— CToudy ;
wind S: velocity 12 miles an hour. . \u25a0- \u25a0
POINT LOBOS, March 10, 9 a. m. — ToggT, and
calm; -bar rough. ... ' \u25a0 -. - •
POINT HEI'ES. March 10, 9 a. m.— Cloudy;
wind SB;' velocity 18 miles an hour.
' FARAL.LOXES, March 10. 9 a. . m. — Cloudy;
wind SE; velocity 14 miles an hour. - » .
-TATOOSH, Macch 16, 9 a., m.— Cloudy; wind
NE; velocity 20 miles art hour.
POINT ' LOBOS, March 10, S p. m.— ClouOy ;
wind S; Telocity S miles an hour. - •
-POINT LOBOS, Manh 10, 12 m.— Fcggyand
calm. - - '.\u25a0\u25a0-•: -\u25a0. -\u25a0
POINT IiOBOS. March 16. 10 p. m.— Weather
cloudy;, wind S: velocity 0 miles an hour.
\u25a0~ TACOMA— Sailed March 18— Stmr Klamath,
stmr Admiral Sampson, for Seattle. March 15, 9
a. in. — Stmr Mexican, for Honolulu. ' » . .
Arrived March 10 — Stmr Charles Nelson, 'hence
March 11. ;. t ;.x
Sailed March 16 — Stmr Governor, for Seattle;
stmr Charleft Nelson. - for Mukilteo.
SAN PEDRO— Arrived March 16-^Stmr Queen,
hence March 14: stmr Franks > 11.. Leggctt, from
Eureka; stmr Delhi, from' Tacoma; stnirßandon,
hence March 13. -' • . \u25a0
Sailed March 16— Stmr Queen, for San Diego;
stmr Santa- Barbara, for San Francisco.
Sailed March IG — Sttnrs Vanguard and Rainier,
for San Francisco; stmr fan Gabriel, for Ump
qua: Br stmr Mancunia. for San Francisco.
BAKDOX— Arrived March Hi — Schr Ruby, from
San "Pedro. \u25a0 <
PORT SAX LUlS— Arrived March IG, 11:30 a.
m. — Br stmr Oberon, hence March 15. ,
CRESCENT CITY— Off port March 16— Slmr
Mandalay, stmr Xavarro, for San Francisco.
POINT REYES— Passed south March 16, 12 m.
Stmr San Jacinto, from Grays Harbor for San
Pedro; 10 a. m.. Ktinr Melville Dollar, from
Grays Harbor for San Pedro.
Passed March 10, 4:30 p. ro.— Stmr Helene,
from Grays Harbor for San Pedro.
POIXT LOBOS I—Passed1 — Passed south March 10. 2:20
p. ro. — Stmr Me.lvllle Dollar, stmr San Jacinto,
from Grays Harbor for San Pedro; stmr Helene,
from Grays Harbor for San Pedro.
WESTPORT— Arrived - March lfi, 1 p. m.—
Stmr Thomas 1.. Wand, from Astoria.
\u25a0 Sailed March IG, 5:30 p. in. — Stmr Santa Mon
ica, for. San Francisco. \u0084
Barbouhd March 16. 6 p. m.— Stmr Norwood.
SEATTLE— ArrIted Mnrch 10. 10 n. m.— Stmr
Bertha, from Seward; 8 a. m., stmr Santa Maria.
from Port San I,uis. March 15, 8 p. m.— Stmr
Tarapico, hence March 10. • t .
Ai-rlved March 10, 1:30 p. m. — Sehrs Vega and
Harold Blekum, from Port Madison.
Sailed March 16— Stmr Umatllla. for San Fran
cisco; stmr Northwestern, for Alaska: stmr Jef
ferson, for Skagway: ship St. Paul, for KenaL' |
SEWARD— Arrived March 16, 3 a. m.— Stmr
Portland, from Valdez.
SKAGWAY— Arrived March 13, 6 p. m.— Stmr
Cottage City, from Seattle. .
Sailed March 1«, 2:20 a. ra. — Stmr Cottage
City, for Seattle. ~- i .
VALDEZ— Arrived March 14. 5 p. tn.— Stmr
Portland, from Seattle. March 13, 3p. m. — Stmr
Victoria, from Seattle.
Sailed March 15. 3 a. m. — Stmr Portland, for
Seward. March 18, 3 a. m.— Stmr Victoria, for
Cordova. \u25a0\u25a0 - • ,
ASTORlA— Arrived March 16, noon— Sttnr Al
liance, from Coos bay; 10 a. m., stmr Jim Butler,
hence March 13.
Sailed March 16. 6 a. m.— Stmr Hoquiam. for
San Francisco; 7 a. m., stmr Thomas X Wand,
for Grays Harbor. •
To sail March 16, 4 p. m.— Stmr Stanley Dol
lar, for San Pedro. • .
Arrived March, 16, 3 p. m. — !?chr Mabel Gale,
hence Feb 26. " :
Sftileil March 16, 5 p. m.— Nor stmr Birr for
Hankow. \u25a0
TATOOSH— Passed out March 16. J»:30 a. m.—
Stmr Mexican, from Seattle for Honolulu; 5:30 a.
m.. Nor stmr Thor. from Nanalmo for San Fran
cisco: bktn. =•.
Passed in March 16.^4:20 p. m.— Sehr Rosa
mond, from San Pedro for Taroma; schr R. W.
Bartlett. hence Feb' 2o for Townsend.
Passed out March 16, 12:20 p. m.— Bktn Ama
ranth, from Everett for Pearl harbor.
MILLSIDE — Sailed March 16— Br stmr Strath
blane. for Cnemalnus. March 15 — Nor stmr Al
den. for Comox. " \u25a0 . - - \u25a0
Arrived March 16-^Br itmr Roman, from vic
EUREKA— Arrived March 16— Stmr Prentiss.
hence March 15. , „. • . „\u25a0 .».
' Sailed March 16— Stmr Santa Clara, atmr Kath
erlne. for San Francisco; «tmr Temple E. Dorr,
for San Pedro. : • '•\u25a0\u25a0' \u25a0_
EAST SAN PEDRO— Arrived March 16. B a. m.
Stmr Francis H. L*»ceett. from Eureka;-9:30 a.
m., stmr Delhi, from Tacoma.
_^«-a*. lwve from firoad-
- AwSsJt&±^\\' .- way Wharves (Piers 9
j^YBßgß_^yj\ f - ow rates, including berth
I \ AySjjjLlji Special Hound Trip Rates.
President Alternate Mondays, 4 p. m.
Governor...... Alternate Mondays, 4 p. m.
•Santa Rosa, March 18; every Thursday there-
after. 11 a.'-m.- ... .
•Only steamer calling at Santa Barbara.
Seattle' (direct), towssexd
tacoma, victoria, vancouver
Connecting at Seattle for . Southeastern Alaska,
Skagway, Dawßon, Fairbanks. «
President... .Alternate Saturdays, 2 p. m.
Governor.. ....Alternato Saturdays. 2 p. m.
City of Puebla,. Umatllla or Queen, Alternate
Tuesdays, 2 p. m.
Topeka— Mar. IS, 23. 28; April* 2, 7, 12, 17, 22,
-27,- 10 a. m.. Every Fifth iJay Thereafter.
ALASKA CRUISES, 1010— I.rave Seattle
SpokaneT. June 14, 2*. ; July 12, 28; Aug." 9. 10 pm.
Queen. . . '. .... . . . . '. :.... . .... .July 12, 28,' 8 pml
~ Hlfrht reserved tft ehnuge this schedule..'
TICKET OFFICES— (PaIace Hotel) 653 Market
\u25a0St., 3 Market st. and Broadway, Wharf.
;.• Telephone Kearny 492. .
OAKLAND^-1120, Broadway. Tel. Oakland SCSO.
C. D. DUKANN. Oeneral Passcnt er. Agent, i
\u25a0-?™^- TeKauntcpec Route
AND- HAWAIIAN ISLANDS, sailing from New
York \u25a0 every ;B\xi day*. \u25a0\u25a0> making direct connection
with Pacific steamers sailings from Salina Cms,
Mexico,: every, nix days for San Francisco.
Also- to Mexican and all principal European ports
under; through rate * and through bills of I lading.
Sailings from San Francisco every 12 days. -• \u25a0
28 days, and vla'Pnget sound every 12 days.-.; \u25a0*
* For a rates \u25a0 and . further •\u25a0> particulars ; apply ;to
DEARBORN - & LAPHAM. General Agenta, . S
Bridge st. r New York ; WILLIAMS. • DIMOND S»
C 0.,, General rAgents,- Pacific Coair.'^ : c^ . •
-'. \u0084- \u25a0 ;310,Sanst)me st., San Francisco. ..
S. S. "Nippon Kara" . . . ..Tuesday, Apr. 5," 1910
S,;s.*"Chiyo Maxtt".:v:-..Tnetda.y,'May 3. 1910
8.8. VTenyo Maru" ;.:.". .Xu«ad*y, Kay 31, 1910
a i Steamers i sail ' from company '« ? piers, - Nos. 42,
44, near foot of. Second st.. at 1 p. m. ,;for, Yoko-
hama -and .Hongkong, calling at Honolulu. N Kobe
(Hiogo),* and ' Nagasaki and -Shanghai, and, con-
necting at Hongkong . with steamers for Manila,
India, etc. 'No cargo received ion 'board on day
of sailing. \u25a0\u25a0 Round trip ; tickets at reduced rates.
I For freight ) and .passage . apply 'at- office," 240
James Flood building. -- J• \u25a0 W. . H.T AVERY,^ \u25a0 :
;, • -;-r --•-,-:; ,-j-;.*;- Assistant General Manager. :
UAVAI 111 II S.S. Sierra Fails at 11 a.ttr.
nilillll 111 II March 20, 1310. Special
'ILv "- " "'"round trip. ; f 110 : flr*t \u25a0 cUss.'
I Marlposa * tails • 11 X a.* m.. % ? Apr. * 16.~^ Special
j round trip.. Tahiti,' $125. first dtst.^ ;, : . >. : : •
i OCEANIC, S.'. 8? CO." 673 Mkt. ; ; T. Kmy j 1231
• NEAH — Anchored March 10— Schr Lucy, from
Townsend for tttnpqua." =\u25a0*••- -
,' NEW YORK— Arrived March 16— Stmr J. „
Luckenbach, ppnee Jan A.
BOSTON — Arrived, March 13 — Br stmr Georje
Fleming, from Caleta Buena.
\u25a0MANILA — Sailed March lo — U. S. stmr Sherii
dan, for San Francisco. -'
PUERTO MEXlCO— .Sailed March 16. 6 a. m.—
Stmr 'Massachusetts, for Philadelphia. -:
VICTORIA — Hailed 'March' 16 — Nor stmr Thor,
for San Francisco.
SAUNA CRUZ— Atrlved March 13— Stmr Alas
kan, from. Hilo; 3 p. m.. Ger stmr Amasls, from
Hambnre for San Francisco. . "
YOKOHAMA— SaiIed March 16— Stmr Siberia.
for San Francisco via nonoluln. - \u25a0 * -
Arrived prior March IG — Ger stmr Venona. from
>'ew York.
NEWCASTLE. N. S.'W.— ln port Feb 14 — Schr
Annie E. Small*. Br bark British Yoeman. Br
stmr Century. Br ship Dartfcrd. Kr bktn Helgs.
Br stmr Ilyndford. Br stmr Inverfclp. bkta Jonn
Palmer, for . San Francisco: Br stmr Vennechar,
for west coast Sooth America ;< bktn* Koko Head.
Hawaii and lahalna. fox Honolulu; Beig bark
TAvenir, for Honolulu.
To sail March 21— Br stmr Inrerkip, for Saa
Francisco, \u25a0'• ;.; : \u25a0
NANAlllo— Sailed March 15— Nor stmr Thor.
for San Francisco.
PAGO PAGOr-Salled Feb B— Bktn S. N. Castle,
for San Francisco.
. LIVERPOOL— Arrived March 13-rßr ship TVls
combe Park, hence Oct 15. * ••".
SHIELDS-^ln port Feb 26— Br ship Claverdoo.
for Oregon. March 3 — Ger ship Omega, for San
HAMBURG— SaiIed Feb 25— Ger stmr As*uan.
for Saa Francisco and passed Dungeness March 2.
LAS. PALMAR— Passed Keb lo — Nor stmr
Henn, from Antwerp for Saa Francisco.
Le*T» * (Foot of Market StreeO Arrive
2.15* Niles, Livermore, Tracy, Lathrop,
Stockton, Lodi, S*er»n;ento 10.38p
6.40 m Hayward. Niles. San Jose. -- 7.08«
7.00 a Richmond. Port Costa. Benicia, Suisua,
Dixon, Sacramento. RosevQle, Marys-
Tilie, Reddine. Dunsmuir 7.23p
• 7.00* FJmira. VacavJle, Ruasey.. 7.28 a
7.00* Davis. Woodland (Maryrrille. Oro-
'.-:•. ville), WiHiam*, Maxwell, iV3lows,
r - C- s " Hamilton. Corning, Red BluS 7.28p
*.00* Newark, San Jose. Lo« Gatos, Wright. 0.48y
- 7 -00 a Felton (Boulder Creek), Santa Cruz. . . 9.58p
7.40* Vallejo, N»pa. Calistoi*, Santa Rosa.
Martinet, San Ramon. . 6.08p
7.40» Niles. . Pleisanton. Livermore, .*Jta-
mont, Lathrop, Stockton 7.28p
7.40 a Tracy, Lo« Banos. Kerman, Fresao,
Hanford, Visalia 428p
8.20 a Port Costa; Martinet Byroo. Tr.wy,
Stockton, Mfrcfd, Freroo, Owb—i . .
. Junction (Hanford. Armona), Visalis,
Portervae, Bakn«fi eld 4.48p
8.20 a Yosemitß Valley via Merced. 7.4«»
B.ooa Nile?, Livermore. Stockton ('Miitoa), -
Valley Spring, lone, Sacramento.. . . . 4.28p
9.00* Sonora, Tuolamne and Angrfs 4.28 i
9.00* Atlantic Express— Sacratcento, True-
-.: . kee, Ojden, Polt Lake City. Denver,
. Kansas City, Omaha. Chicago 8.28?
9.40 a Richmond, Port Costa. Martian,
Bay Point .' ' B-48»
1 0.20* VtUe jo Mare Island. Napa 1 1 .28*
10.20* Loi Angeles Passengrr— Port Costa,'
Martinez, Byron, Tracy. Stockton.
Merced. Fresno, Hanford, Visalia,
Bakersfield, Los Angele* Y.4Bp
1040* San FrancUeo Overland limited;—
Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis,
Omaha, Chicago 7.28p
I IJMa ShasU Limited— Portland, Tawma.
Seattle....;:. .:... 9lBp
12.00n GoldfieJd Paw.— Port Costa. Benici«.
Sacramento. Trucked, HaaeTi. Mir.a,
Tonopab, GoldSdd. U*s. K*d»r.... 7.48*
1 2.00n Marj n-aie, Chico, Red 81uff ......... 4.28p
l^0» Nile*, Irvington, San Joee 2.48p
1 .40* San Leandro, Niles, Ceatervaie,f B.oBa
Newark, Saa J05e...... \ 7^Bp
1.40p Newark, Sin Jose. 1a« Galo«. Wrisht.
Feltoa (Boulder Cieek), Santa Crus. . 9.58p
2.40f San Leandra, Niles, San Jow. 9.23*
3.00p Btnicia. Winter.". Saenmfnto — Wood-
had, MarvsvUle. : Orovule— Yoto.
Arbuckle. Williams, Willows 10.48 a
3.00» Via Sausalito, West Nipa, St. Helena.
Calistoea.... 10.37 a
3_»» Port Costa (Stockton), Martinei,/ 12.08p
Byron. Medesto, Merred, Fresno. . \ 10.38p
4.00p Vallejo, Nipa, Calistoga, Santa Ro«a.
Martinet, San Ramon, Dougherty.
Lrrermore. 9.28 a
4.00p NawCCesterrille), Tracy. Stockton ( 10.28 a
Lodf -I IO^8»
4.40f San Leandro, Hayward, NSes, Plet»-
anton, Livermore, Tracy, Newman.
Kerman. Fresno 8.28*
B. 00» Richmond. Pinole. - Vsllfjo, Port
Costa, Beaicia, Suizua, Sacrameato
—Rosevflle. Marysville. Orovlfle 1 1.28*
B.ooa Ruf«?-H. Stn Jow, Los Qatos 9 23a
6.20s Ban Leandro. Niles, San Jose, 7.43 a
B.oop Owl Limited— Los Augde* B.oB*
8.40» Eastrrn Exprexs— Osden, PueUo, Den-
ver, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicsto. .
Port Costa, Beaida, Sacramento,
- -Reao.Bpurks 8.28>
9.408 Hay w i r J. NNic?l c? aad Sati Jore 6.48 p
$7.00p Vallejo, Port Costa, Martinei, Bay
Point and Way Stations $II.I 8»
5 7.40p Richmond. Port Costa. Byron, Tracy.
Lathrop. Stockton..... 12.48p
- 8.20b Oregon Express^ — Davis, (Sacram»mto), -
. Willows, Redding (Klamath Falls),
Ashland. Portland. Tacoma, Seattle,
Spokane 9.28 a
9.00b China and Japan Fatt Mail — Ogden,
Cheyenfle. Denver, Kiam City,
Omaha. Chicago... 2-<Bp
9.00p Port Costa, Btnim, Ftcramento, Coi-
fax, Trockee. Reno. Sparks 1 0.08 a
1 1.00? N'il-s, Pleasnntoa, Livensdre, Lathrop,
Modesto. Mercd, Fresno IOJSBp
I I.OOp Fresno. Selma, Goahea Jnnc, Hanford,
Arr.oni. Leaoor?. Coalinga ' 8.28 a
I 1.40p Portland Express — Sacramento, Marys-
ville. Red Bluff. Weed. Ashland, Rose-
burg. Portland. Tueoma, S«>«tlp, .... >2^Sa
NETHCRLAND'S ROUTE— From ?icine Strttt Wharf-
Coliinsville, Emmaton. Rk) ViVa. Weton. P.yde. Wal-
nut Grove, Vordea, Courtland, Clarksburg, Sacrameato.
• Leave 8.00 a.m. Tue., Than., Sat., Steamer Navajo;
arrive % 5.00 p. m.
Leave 1.00 p.m. Daily, except Eoaday, Steamer Modoo
or Apache; arrive 11.30 p.m.
OAKLAND rIARBOR FERRY— From San Francisco.
Mir kit StTMt Wharl-i-Week Days— Hourly from B.CO
a.m. to 9.00 p.m. Sundays— &4S, 8.15, 9.43, 11.13
ajn., 12.45. 2.15. 3.43. &15, 145, 8.15 and 9.45 pjn.
T* Oakland an« Altmeda— f 6. lo, |8.4 i ajn., and then
10 ted 45 minutes part the hour until 7.45 p.m.; then
B.JO. 9.15, 10.00, 10.43, 11.10 p.m. aad 12.15 a.m.
Te Alamida and Frultvats via Hsrmhot tarn« as asov*.
a for Mornuc. "for Afterc'oon. t Sunday exceptfd.
% Sunday only. } Arrite Moo, Wei, Fri.
Unlsn Transfer Co. authoriied to check Baggage
. direct f t am Tf sidence.
/jJWIijA Trains Leave
KS-flßßjEp San Francisco
;^^L' -KB : 'ix r'-'r '-' Marfcet Street
Ferry Depot
Leave For— |A.M.| P.M.
Bakcrsficld ...... 7:15'8:00-10:0O
Chicago ......... 7:15B:00-10:00
Fresno ..". . ... . : . 7:15 4:00- 8:00-10:00
Grand Canyon.. . 7:15 8:10-10:00
Hanford ....... r. 7:15 ....-10:00
Kansas City...... 7:15 8:00-10:00
Merced i :. ... ..... 7:15 4iOO- 8:00-10:00
•Stockton ..1... 7:15 4:00- 8:00-10:00
Stockton, Oakdale
and Sierra Rail- .
way points. . . ; . 9:45 : — --?-
Tulare . ....:..: 7:15 8:00-10:00
Visalia .1........ 7:15 8:00-10:00
Ydsemite ........ 7:15 .. .:...^.; ' \u25a0>'\u25a0 >\u25a0-•
•Stockton Local leaven 1:25 p. m.
California Limited through to Chicago leaves
at 10:00 p. : m. Offlcea — C 73 Market «tre«t and
Market itreet Ferry Depot, San Francisco; 1112
Broadway, Oakland. : •-- ' '
'r. S. - Stratten. Receiver. ;
' Lr. S. •F. < dally— 9:ooa. MrSOp. ' Ar. S. T.
d»lly— t3:lsp. •B:2Z*r " -' . "
'Arleta. tTnnltaa Glefl; «tare for San Gre-
CQrio : and Pescadero.
; /yille jo, Helena
S. 8. Co: and Napa" Valley Electric
R. . R. Co. . Cloae \u25a0 connectlona. ''SwSQßSßM&S
'Boats leave San 'Francisco ,7:00. i *9:45 a. m.,
12:30 noon, : 3:15, 6:00. »8:30 p. m. v-
• San ' Franciaco landing and \u25a0 office,' Clay street
wharf, north'end ferry building. "Market street
ferry. >' Meals ala carte. Phones Kearny 404 or
C 4705. :; \u25a0 r .-. -.;\u25a0 .\u25a0. \u25a0 - \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0• \u25a0 - - .
- .\u25a0•Lands -navy j yard direct. . . ...
MoJl— Sailed Feb 25— Br stmr St. Patrick, tor
New Yort. .\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'.- - . .
VALPARAISO— SaiIed Feb 23— Br atmr Co*-
Ilnga. for New Yort.
AUCKLAND— Arrived prior Match 16— Tt barfc
Jacques, from New York.
CHERBOURG— Arrived March 10— Fr bark
Mesry. from Snnd»rtan4 \u25a0 for Saa Frandsco.
CALICO — Sailed Feb 2S— Fr stmr Amiral Olry.
for Antwerp. \
NEW YOKK— Arrived March lf»— Stmr Oce
anic, from Southampton: stmr Frtetlrich «t'r
Orosse. from Bremen; stair Sicilian rrlaw. from
Sailed Jlarch 1C — Stmr Campania, for Liver
PUXTA ARENAS— SaiIed March 12— Stmr Cet
rlana. from Granzcmonth for Vancouver.
RIVER PLATA— Sailed March 13— Stmr H. C.
Henry, from Mlddlesboroush for Seattle.
YOKOHAMA— Arrived prior March IS— Stmr
As!a. fnnn Sin FrancUco via Honolulu. •
BREMEN — .Vrrived lUn-Ti . 1« — Stmr KaUer
Wllbelni der Grosse. from Netr York. •
ST. JOHN. N. B.— Sailed March 16— Stmr
Montreal, for London.
NAPLES — Arrived Mirch tg— Stmr Due*
d'Ao«ta, from New York.
Dr. F. E. Trotter, passed assistant surgeon ia
charge of the United States Quarantine service at
San Kranctxeo. has issowl the followlnjp.: Yew
are informed that I am in receipt of advice? from
the snrseon general, public health and marine
hospital serrtce. statin? that on account of
plague at II!!*. T. 11.. outsptn ; quarantine meas
ures will be enforced at that port. It will b*
necessary for all vessels arriving from HiU» at
San Francisco to Observe all of the customary
quarantine precautions and to brlns a eertiacrtfe
from tb«> quarantine offl?er »t ililo as iliwumen
tarv evidence that the same has been observed.
I^«v» (Third and Towawnd StrwU) Arrive
t5.25a Loop— 23d Bt»et, Visitation, South
Saa Francisco. Valeccia Street tf1.33«
t5.35a Loop— Valencia Street. Ckfaa Vie-.
CemrterJrt, Sosrth Ssa Fraaciww.
20.1 Stre-t. 3rd and Totbw ad 16.45*.
6.20 a South e»a t rancisro, San »o». G3ror,
<HoUistfr). Sarernt. Pajaro, Wataon-
vill?, Santa Crai. 7^of
7.00 a South San Fraackco, Pslo Alto. San
Jose, Wav Etati-as. 7.35 a
7.00* Msyfidd. Loa Alte«. Los Gztos 17.20^
8:00* Shore Lice Limited— Paso Robirs
HotSprios*, Santa Barbara. Los
Angrfts 9.30t
8.05* Tie Coirter— Saa Jose. Paiaro (Wat-
sonviap, Ssnta Cnz). CnstrovilK
(Del Moste, JloatKfy, Pacific Crovf).
Salinas, so!"iaJ. Paso Robles Kot
Fprinp, San Lcm Ofcijpp, E'irf.
(Lonjpoc\ i?snt-» Barbara. Ventura.
Oxnard, Los Anjeff s 1 1-*3>
8.20 a Jlnynfl !, Los Altos, LosCator. Wright.
Clem»ood< Boulder Of t k). Santi Crji.
TTatsonvSte, Castr3Til!p. Eel Monte.
Montwey, Pscins Crave. S.COf
9.Q Ga &n Jo». Gilror, Salir.a?, Paw EoH?s -
Hot Spriogj.'San Luis Obifpo — Trf»
Pinog— Watsonvill'. Sjinta Crur, Cd
\u25a0 — Monte, Monterey, PariSe Grove 4.00t
10.40 a Sonth San Francisco. li:rljr;ia:e, Saa
. Mateo, Palo Alto, Saa Jose 6.3Ca
1 0.40* Los Altos, Monta Vista. Los Gate. . {
1 1.30* V»l«da Street. Ocrin Tit*, Cclma,
Cemeterie?. Badm. Ssn P-ir.o 1 .33»
1 1 .40 a South San Franeiaco, Saa Joe* f 8.2t-»
2-OOp Del Monte Express— !*aa Jos-. Gilro-.
Ssrsmt (Watson-rille. f^rt* Cmi).
Ed Monlr. Monlcrey, Fat-ifie Urore.
(t&licaj) : . .'. 12.3 C?
2.05b South £an Francbro, Palo AttOj Saa
Jose 8.40*
+2.03p Loa .Mtoa. MonU VLrta. Lou Gaton. . . t3.2Cp
3.00? South i^an Francirco. Ssn M.-.tro, tan
•low. Garov.TrM l > ino^ Sslirar . .. IO.ICa
3.00b Watjonvil!*, Santa Cms. (astrOTil!.-.
DH Monte. Monterer. PaciCo Cr«ve. lO.CS*
3.40 a Santa Ckra. Saa Sote. I.o« G.itox,
Wriglit <Bodd« Crrek). Santa Crtt. lO.CC*
4.00 a Siinwt Eipr»s» — Tv» xra. r^mina,
D P»so. Hcsston. Nt*Ot!i»s«,
P»so RoNm Hot SpHrgs. ?an Li:is
Obispo, Santa Barbara and Los Aagdw 11.4 C*
4.00p Kansas City. BL Louis. Chicago I I.4C*
4^o» South San Francisco. Sa» Jew T9oo*
t5.00p BurUßgiaae. tan Ma»r^. Palo Alto,
San Jo« and V. T ay Slatlcst 940*
|5.05 l Lon?— 23d Visitarfon, South
San Fran«!co, Vslenrn Street 16-Is*
t5.20p Redwood. Put* ABc, San Jow. I.IOb
t5.20p Los AltO». Monta Vijts. Log Gato». . . t3.20»
f3.25p Borlinswnf, Sen .4aS»o. fi*n Jose t3.20»
\53Qp Loop— Valencia Strrst. Ocran Vie-.
Ceraet fries. Scoth San Fraaeisco. \u25a0
23.1 Strset. 3d and Townsend t64oi
3.40» Saa Bruao. San Mateo. Redwood, Palo
Alto. Santa Clara. San Jose 7.40*
,*1.40 a Lo» Altor. Morta Vista. Les Gato*. . . J9.40* .
,JJ»» limbne. S*n Mateo. Pab Alto. May-
Seld, Los Alto*. Los Gatos f8 00*
t6.C5? 23-1 Street. Vidtaeion. &ath Saa
Franeijeo. Valenen Stre»t t7. 15p
f 6.25> Loop — Valencia Street, Ocran Vje»r.
Omrtfries, Smith San Ffanefcco,
23d Street, 3d and Town-nd t7.40»
6.30t South San Fraacix-o. Sun Jose 5.*0»
S.OOp LosAmHwPa«.«ejtn— Giiroy.Salimy.
Pa« 3 Robtes Hot . = pr'nj«. San Luis
Obispa_?aata Barbara and Loi A n;rrlf i 8.30 a
11.45 i South San Francinco, P»!o Alto.f 7.2C>
San Joy. I 7<sp
To Oakland. B«rk*l(y. Btrryman. Eatt Oakland »nd
Fruitval* — DaQjr — From 6.00 a^.. and every twenty
minutes natil 7.00 p.m. inclusive; then 7.40. 5.20.
9.00. 9.40, 10.20, ILOO. JL.4O p.m.. Ll2O lad
1.20 a.a. •
T« Sathw tnd Miltom via Sr/ertlh St— Daily— From
6.C0 a.mv. nnd «v»rv twenty minut»« nntil 100 p.m.
inclusive, then 7.40, S.tO, 9.00, 9.10. 10.2 a ROO
and 11.40 p.m.
Ts 3tan»hurtt— Oaily Exr»pt Sunday— fl.oo. 7.00. S.CO.
9.0Q sjn.. ?.20. 3.C0, 4tO. 500. ».4O p.m. Pundav
oaly 9.C0 10.00 [xja.. LCO pjn. ZOO. COO. 4.C0, 5.C0
5.40 p.m.
Ts Oakland Frit St., Fraitva!*, A!tm«da, via Hsrieths*
— Daily — Fran 18.00, 6.20 a.m. and titty twentr
minutes until 8.20 a.tn. indunvt; then 9.C0, t.20.
10.00. 10.20. 11.C0. 11.20 ink, 12».. 1120. 1.00. L2O.
2.C0. 2.20. 3.00, 3.20. t3.40 p.m. aad every twrotv
miaatesantil 7pjn. inrfusive; 7.40. 8.20. 9.00. 9.46.
10.20. 11.C0 and 11.40 p..T!.. 12. C0 and LOT a.m.
Additional train to Oakiand First St.. 2.15 a.m.
T» Wtrt Btrktlty— Daily Except S-jiday— Fron «.C0
a.m. aad every twenty minutes i:nnl 5.20 xm. iacli:-
i>ive; then 9.00 a.m. and every hour until 4.COp.a>.
indusive: then 4.20 p.m. and every twenty miruff* .
until 7.00 pja. hielttsive: thea 7.40 pja.. 5.20. 9.00.
9.40. 10.20, 1L00. 11.40 p.a». and 12.20 a.m.
T» Wwt Btrk»l«y— Sunday i «rry— From 6JX).aja..
than 7.00. S.CO. 9.00 a.m. mdii»ive; then 9.20 a.m. tmi
every twenty minutes until 8.40 pjn. inelunve; tin »
4.00 pjn. aad errry twrttv mantes untJ! 7.00 p.a». in-
duave: tira 7.40-p.a., 5.20. 9.00. 9.40, 10.20. .11 0 d
11.40 p.m. and 12.20 a.m.
To Coriin— Daily Except Sunday— Fran 6.00 a.m. nai \u25a0
every 20 synutrt until ?.20 a.m.. th«n 9.00. 10 00
a.ra.. 12.00 m.. LCO, 2.00. 3. WJ, 4.00. 120. 110. i.OO.
Ts Corbln — -Sundays only — From 8.00 ajiu then 7.00. '
8.00. 9.C0 ajn. lndpnve: then 9.20 a.p. and ever:-
twenty minutes until 3.40 pjn. indasive; then 4.C0
p.m. and every twenty mif.cte» until 8.00 p.m.
/0B&\. Schedule Effective
&|gg) November 15, 1909
Nggify i:\io.V FERRY DEPOT
".'\u25a0»\u25a0\u25a0 >>.ib Fraadtcv
7:40 a Fetaluma. . Santa Rosa. HeaUt*-
fcnrs. Cl(*v«rdale. L'ktab. Willis. '
Sherwood, gobattopol. «ftu*rne-
ville. »Mt. Rio. 'Duncan Mills.. «:!"{»
S:2Oa *Pt. R*ye». *Mt. Rio. *Caaad*ro t«:s7j>
8:20 a ••Sonoma, »*Glen \u25a0 Ellen. ->5:37t»
}9:0Oa Petalnma, Santa Rosa, Cloverdab. t'.Z't
ll:ni» Pctslnma. Santa Rosa 4:179
3:00p Petaloma, Santa Rosa, Healdsbnr;,
Cloverdale, Uklah, Gneroevtllc.
Mt. Rio. Duncan Mills, Seba*-
tonot- 10:37 a
t4:oOp Pt- Ueve*. Occidental
4 :40p Sonoma, Glen Ellen 9:17 a
3:20p I'etaluMa. Santa Rosa 3:37*
SantaJito, Kill Valley. Saa Rafael— Dally
every 40 minutes from 7:00 a. m. nntll D:(»>
a. n>. ; then hourly until 4:00 p. m. ; then every 4 •
minutes until 8:40 p. m.; then 8:00 and i0:0u
p. ni. and 12:01 a. m. „. .
Fairfax — Leave San Francisco t7:00. 7:40, 8:20.
9:H>, 10:00, 11 :CO a. in.. |12:0O noun. 11:01.
2-«H), 4:00. 4:40. 650 and 8:00 p. m.
Saa Quentin via Baa Hafiei— Leara 9:00 a. m.
and 2:00 p. m.
Tiburon and Bel?«d*re— |7:CO. 17:40. 10:13
*: m. < 112:00 noon, except Saturday). 112:*>.
14:00, 13:20, 7:13 p. m. Sondaya. |7:0 O. |7:40.
10:15 a. m.. .12:30, §4:00. 13:2 V, 7:13 p. m.,
|12:01 a. m.
•Sunday arrive 7:57 p. m. ••Sunday . arrlv»
6:5? p. m. tExcept Ssnday. tSundaj only.
Saturdays only. I Via Saasallto.
Pacific Tranafer Corcpaa?** agents *n' *nthot-
lied to checlc baggage direct from regldrnce.
, foot or wiaKiT man
'it.Safrttta ti.mr»rt» UTaMlgto
Weefcjay S-Way fgity} SmJar WtduUyl San*«»
*; \u25a0' tefm-a- 'mm
•Sat. only. tSIoa. only. ®T_malpaia ooj(t. • IMair od»
m Tickrt Offiew-Saosalito Ferry aad S?4 Mart*
Ceßersl OfSce— MSI Villey. Cillforau
art ahmi tern hr iumu

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