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Rnance Committee* of'Seventy
five iNames Executive Coun
cil to Direc&Work
Indorsements of San^ Francisco
for 1915 WoriaVFair z -
Pour: In \ >•>
At the first xtieeting: of (Hie finance
committee of 7"T .appointed* by the
directing committee 1 of the Panama -
Pacilic international" exposition, held
yesterday afternoon in the committee
rooms of the chamber of commerce,
an executive council, consisting of nine
members of that committee, was ap
pointed to handle the preliminary
work for the securing of the $5,000,000
fund, which it is desired to raise be
fore going before -.congress with the
request for federal appropriation.
The yersonnel of the executive coun
cil is:
\V. B. IVnirii !U«on Sloss
fipnry T. S<-ott I It. R. H»I«*
IV. F. Herriu IT. B. Di-rrjr
C. C. Moore Andrew Carrig«n
Will H. Crc-kor \l
Among the, many communications.,
received yesterday at Uhe headquarters
of the directing committee was a letter
offering, free of charge, Tanforan as
a site for tlie exposition; a telegram
advising the committee that the asso
ciated bill posters of the United States
and Canada, with a membership of
4MO. had decided to hold their annual
1915 convention in San Francisco dur
ing the exposition: a letter from Eu
reka Indorsing San Franclsoo f#r the
worlds fair, and two letters from or
ganizations which have recently adopt
ed resolutions pledging support to the
Panama-Pacific international exposi
tion. One. was from district grand
lodge No. 41. Independent Order B'nai
B'rith. and the other from the Verein
The communications read:
South San Francisco,
March 11. 1910.
Mr. A. Christeson. General Man
ager Wells Fargo & Co., San Fran
cisco — Dear Sir: As you are a
member of the Panama-Pacific in
ternational exposition committee X
Jer-ire to call your attention to the
Tanforan site^ which we have to
offer. This site, consisting of more
than 1,500 acres of level land situ
ated between South San Francisco
and San Bruno, is offered free
with the best transportation facili
ties, water, steam and electric
roads. Trusting yon will thor
oughly investigate our sKe before
«icciding definitely, I remain. Yours
truly. C. L. KAUFFJIAKX.
Agent Wells. Fargo & Co.
The following telegram was received
Trom the associated bill posters of
tlie Unf!.«?d States and Canada:
Philadelphia. March 16. 1910.
Manager and Secretary Panama-
Pacific International Exposition,
San 1 Francisco: At the request of
J. Charles Green of your city I beg
to inform you that the national
board of the associated bill post
ers of the United States and Can
ada, representing a membership of
about 4,000, recommended at their
meeting today that their national
association hold their convention
in San Francisco doxl n_g. the. expo -\u25a0
sition in 1915. ** = -\u25a0.-.
Humboldt chamber of commerce "in
dorses San Francisco for the 1915 ex
position in the following letter: >
Eureka, March 14. 1910.
Panama-Pacific Exposition, Mer
chants' Exchange, San Francisco—.
Gentlemen: Yesterday we received
h wire from the Santa Barbara
chamber of commerce reading as
"It appears that present contro
versy between, San Francisco and
San Diego probably will result in
Panama exposition to New Orleans.
With a view to harmony and a
united congressional delegation
Santa Barbara chamber of com
merce, which is neutral on this
«ju*»stion, invites all California civic
bodies to meet in conference at
Santa Barbara March. 22 to discuss . .
question and secure harmony and
united action from entire state.
letter follows."
" The letter has not yet come to
hand, but we are today replying
to the above telegram to the fol
lowing effect:
"Time too short to Fend delegates
to conference. We are unalterably
in favor of San Francisco as proper
pla'-e for Panama-Pacific exposi
tion, she being first in the field,
th? greatest city on the Pacific
coast and entitled to have her won
derful courage in rebuilding fit
tingly recognized by a world's ex
position commemorating opening
of canal. San Francisco will hold ex
position, and we will do our utmost
to aid in making it successful.
Press dispatches say San Diego re
fuses to join in conference." •
We trust the above will be in
telligible and that our expression
\u25a0will be satisfactory to you. Yours
Secretary, i
The following letter was received
from the district grand lodge, B'nai
B'rith. No. II:
San Francisco, March 16, 1910.
To the* Board of Directors of the
Panama Canal Exposition — Gentle
men: 1 take great pleasure in for
warding you a copy of a resolution
unanimously adopted by district
grand loJge No. 41, Independent
Order of B nal B'rith, at its recent
annual convention held in this city:
"Resolved, that district grand
lodge No. 41, Independent Order of
B'nai B'rith, in annual convention
assembled, gives its hearty indorse
ment to the proposition that a
world's fair be held In the city of
San Francisco In the year 1915 to
commemorate the opening to the
world's commerce of the Panama
canal; and be it further
•"Resolved, that the members of
the Independent Order of B'nai
B'rith of this jurisdiction give
* their encouragement and support "
to this enterprise, and that these
resolutions be spread In full upon
the minutes of this convention.
Yours respectfully,
L J. ASCHHEIM, Grand Secretarjv-*-
Verein Eintracht in the following
letter indorses San Francisco for the
Icrorld's fair:
San Francisco, March 16, 1910. f
To the Honorable Committee of
the Panama-Pacific World's- Expo
sition, 1915 — Gentlemen: At a reg
ular meeting of the Verein Ein
tracht March 12. 1910. the follow
ing resolution was adopted:
"Resolved, that the Verein Eip
tracht indorses the holding of, -a
world's fair in the year 1915, select
ing the city of San Francisco
the most suitable site for the un
dertaking/* R
Assuring your honorable body of
our earnest support in, assisting
you in. making it a great success,
we remain, respectfully,
LOUIS SCHMIDT. President. .
E. J. SCHMEIDER, Secretary.
San Francisco Indorsed
BAKERSFIELD, March 17.— At a
meeting of the Kern county board of
trade last night, H. A. Blodget was ap
pointed delegate to the Santa Barbara
conference to decide the! Panama ex
position dispute between San Francisco
and San Diego, with instructions to
vote in favor of San Francisco,.- even
though a third city be suggested.
Delegate Is* Instructed
[Special Dhpctch to The Call}
MARYSVILLE, March 17.— J. R. Fos
ter, president of the chamber v of com
merce* was elected last night ; delegate
from ihe local body 'to the conference
to be held'-ln Santa- Barbara regarding:
the proper place ' to ; hold the : Panama
In the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys
Hibernians Lead Sacramento's
Tribute to Beloved Irish Saint
Some of those who took part in St. Patrick's' day. celel)ratio"n*at Sacramento yesterday.
canal exposition in. 1915. Poster was
instructed to vote for San Francisco.
Delegates Are Selected
SANTA CRUZ. March 17. — Samuel
Leask, Colin H.'Mdsaac and Frederick
R.- Howe were chosen by the chamber
of commerce this afternoon as dele
gates to the convention soon to be held
at Santa Barbara to discuss and settle
the controversy between San Diego and
San Francisco as to which one of these
two cities belongs the right to hold the
exposition in celebration of the open
ing of the Panama canal. *
SACRAMENTO. March 17. — Governor
Gillett has granted a requisition upon
the governor of" Colorado asking the
return to this state of J. M. Alexander,
alias JB. M. Johnson, who; is wanted in
Fresno on a charge of forgery. \u0084It is
alleged that Alexander Indorsed; a
check made out to him with the ficti
tious name of M. D. Biedsoe. The
check was for 144.75. \u25a0 • ,'
Youth to Be Given -Home by
Man Whose House He
,!'; Robbed
Special Dispatch , to The Call
STOCKTON. March 17. — Joseph Brei
denbach appeared before Judge W. B.
Nutter today, and -pleaded for one of
the young men who recently entered
his home at 1243 East Oak street. His
effort was, successful, and as a result
Wesley Frazer has: avoided a term In
the state prison and has found a good
home. -
The case will go down in the annals
of local court history as one of th«
most unusual on record. Not only did
Brcidenbach' plead ' with the court tp
give -.the young man another chance,
but. as evidence of his faith in him
agreed, to take the prisoner to his
home and treat him as one, of his own.
. The court ' was so favorably im
pressed with the plea that he with
held the passing of sentence and placed
the youthful burglar under the charge
•"of the probation officer, who turned
him over to ! the man' he had : robbed. \u25a0-'
.. The court sentenced Freeman to
serve . .one and a . hall years i in San
Quentin and. was about to pass judg
ment .. upon', the , other;. prisoner when
Breidenbach addressed the Judge, jj He
told. the court he believed the. prisoner
had told him the truth and that it
was merely a case of falling into bad
company.' : \ '-."> -. .
Officials of Fresno Traction
Co. Visit Adjacent Towns
FRESNO. March 17.-^-Several officials
of the local traction company today
made a tour of inspection of, several
towns suround f lng Fresno.- :
These towns aYe all included in the
route proposed for suburban railroad
lines .the construction of which - have
been under , consideration for some
time. \u25a0\u25a0•>'\u25a0/.'".\u25a0: \u25a0.:: . \u25a0 . -!*!<;\u25a0' ; :.': .. '
It is expected that a' definite ' an
nouncement will .be made, in the - near
future as to the beginning of construc
tion work. • ' \u25a0
Receipts From Deposits- forjlthe
Year May Total $100,000
[Special Dispatch to \u25a0 The Call] '; V . •
; S ACRAJ.I ENTO," March ; 17.—In•Febni
ary the state received $9.034. 51^f0r in-^
terest ,on deposits 'on .state mowyjag-;
.gregatingsmore^ttian. gregating s more^ttian $ 5,000,000 \ loaned
to • banks.' Should _\u25a0 the ; - amounts 1 / con
tinue as , large 'as^those jnamed - ; .f or.'the
next! three; months interest fon, the y*ar
on; deposits .will -, reach"; more '.than
JIOO,OOO.'< ; .^' -:. >.y_«w \u25a0:. \u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0- ./-•:.;
.. .\u25a0 — ; \u25a0 . \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0> ,'.-..".;.. .-.
Spend „• the \u25a0. week ; end ' at " Hotel Del
Monte : and .see , the -"manbirds.*-;; Frank
Johnson llic.« in a Curtiss biplane. Sat
urday \to .l' Monday, railroad rates, |4
round crip. \u0084,:\u25a0;,- v i »^.
Corporation Manager Offers to
.Compromise ,With Electrical :
Workers ? Union
f Special • Dispatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTO, March 17.— Electrical
workers' union No.-36, composed of the
linemen who work for the -Sacramento
electric, gas and railway company,- has
made a demand for an increase in
The men are now paid' $4a-day for
eight hours. They demand:s4.sO;a day
of eight hours and double time for all.
overtime.. \u25a0 . *
I The demand has been -submitted to
John 1 A. -Britton, general manager of :
the Pacific gas and electric -corpora; i
tipn, and he has replied with a j com- !
promise. He offers to ., give the men
$4.25 a day for eight hours and double
time for all overtime. ..
NvilHng: to Pay Half Million
v Uown to Close Big Deal "
[Special Dispatch* to The, Call}.
SACRAMENTO.* March 17.—Informa
tion; was -.received in Sacramento todajr,
to the- effect that a partj>-. of ' Minneap
olis ' capitalists ; haye;,lef t '. there for . this
city prepared to 'pay; $500,000": down to
close the; deal .for.t the purchase of the
Haggin- grant, once /used by^ J. B. Hag
gin as ?a farm'forn raising .blooded
horses."? The purchase " price • for the
44,000 acres iff said to be $2,000,000. "*
Little Girl Strikes Light Near
Tank of Gasoline
[Special * Dispatch to \ The Call]
ANDERSON,*> March 17.— Striking a
match vwhich she 'found! -while playing,'
the-'4 year old • : daughter.: of ~ George
Brand .was fatally, burned-today.bythe
explosion .of ? a tank- of .gasoline. Mrs.
Brand was : slightly * burned - in: attemptr
Ing to saveHhe life of her, child and the
Interior of the; \u25a0' house"-" was; badly dam-;
aged;by flre.V.-/;>' : " : "•'\u25a0'. : ;.;V ;^
Will; Get Water for 4,000 Acres
Near Woodland \u25a0 ;
[Special Dispatch to The-CaW] U " "\
y WOODLAND, March 17.—^The SchooK
house;' ditch^company^has incor^
porated.toy^ 33 1 farmers of 'a^district^two
and. a" half: miles "northwestlofi this ;"city.
It',is; proposed s, to i£ irrigate - 4,ooo?; acres
.with f aj mainl; ditch ;j and i: .• laterals, ith.e
.water.- ; to ;;,be^. supplied :by^they?.Yold
consolidated ; water company. "; -"
He. who 4 has good health has; youth—
."Shasta for. Health l^; is a truth, , - \* "^ '
Lieut. Commander Stickney to
Advance Grade ; 700 Men fo
Be Added at Mare Island
VALLE JO, March 17. — Lieutenant
Commandeer Herman . O. Stickney, ex
ecutive officer of the cruiser South Da
kota, is under examination before the
naval board at Mare island for promo
tion-to the rank of commander. Cap
tain" E. B. Underwood is president of
the examining board. <
Rear Admiral A. G. • Berry, senior
member of v the Pacific coast board of
surveys, is here today' surveying the
protected cruiser Denver, which will be
placed out of commission for repairs
this week. The full nature of the work
on the .Denver can: not be ascertained
until it is docked April 1, but it is esti
mated that the repairs. will cost at least
$250,000. - .
Orders'; received; at Mare island today
call for repairs on the West Virginia,
Maryland ' and California, which will' be
required to remain at the navy yard>
until June 15. It is estimated' that; the
Mare island force will be Increased by
700 men ; to Handle the authorized re
pairs. yy 1 -}^ -*?\¥'?'''Ti
Torpedo^ Practice Ends
SAN DIEGO, March 17.— PreliminaEy
torpedo practice off San Pedro has been
completed by the destroyers Perry, Pre
ble, Stewart, Lawrence, Whipple, Hull,
Hopkins and. Truxton, and . the annual
trials for; records are ; being finished,
the midget 'fleet is due in x San | Diego
hdrbor March 25," a' week.from;tomor
row, for coal and ; supplies and to allow
the' men shore leave. Eight ''torpedoes
are^ to be- fired ",by each boat, at : a net
target; •" ;. ; '»*-- • ..- \u25a0. <\u25a0
Believed to : Have Wandered
While Temporarily Insane
f Special ; Dispatch Uo The tall]
SACRAMENTO, March 17.— Edward
.Walker, a well- known ,farmer;.who has
made his home near, this city for many
years; "has mysteriously disappeared. He
'is thought to ihave;. wandered away
'while temporarily Re
cent . financial reverses 'turned his mind.
His; wife and.* children 7 have .been" unable
to get any trace of him, '; ; : \ '
Passengers Have r Narrow Es
: capes From Bullets
[Special Dispaich\to<TheCal[] ) ;^ '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-.:
AUBURN,- March 'il7^-r-Marshai Lee
Coan and ; Night .Watchman' fallen Have
been ; : asked * to> look • out forj two 'boys
who are f believed .tot have -.fired on the
Colfax- Jocal 'passenger! trairif as j it 7 - was
passing, through ; town.Wednesday hlght
The . bullets^ broke several .windows and
narrowly missed several* passengers. '=
, VALLE JO, March 17.-*-: Within a short
distance 'of; thel spot -where the fell ; into
thesbay|on^ the: nightJo£*Mar'<jh iߣthe
\u25a0 bodyjofj.T.^H.iLawrence, fireman, of "the
, first 4 class;, torpedo"' boat 'destroyer; Far,
ragiiV^was'Tecbvered^thiaK afternoon."
JVf Hample f 'i:wh64was
with' Lawrence at the : time and,- who lwas
elßo'drowned,;has ; nqt'beeh.founa§ljaw£
rence'a bodyVwlU : Jje'shlpped to his home
ifi^the;east'f6ibb*urial."i :' ' --"W^ : '-' ' ,^ ; i
Fervent Love for Erin Given Ex-
pression in Song^ Dance,
S/jjv Music and Oratory 7
[Special; Dispatch to -The Cell] ~; %\u25a0 ;," ; . ./
:. SACRAMENTO, March 'it.—'tk^Jlovti
foriold Ireland was reafßrmedJn 4 music
and song tonight'atthe\Clunie"tth?eater,
an \u25a0 elaborate
by ;-.; the; ; ; Ancient/ Order^of -Hfbernians
which consisted of Irish'; 'son^s,; Irish
dances, Irish music 'and Irish '^stories. I -
v,Th«! orator of the- occasion \u25a0>was.- Jo
sephiScott-of LoaAngelei^whb spoke
of . St. : Patrick and his' influence . cm Ire
land" throughout," the -centuries;;.. An
other; feature ,was the GatfujH dancene
from .San Francisco, who "appeared^ in
full Gaelic costume. \ . V;'?^
\ The services. for the day commenced
at, | the cathedral at 9 ; . o'clock /this
morning, when high mass wa3 r"cele
brafaed.; Special music was provided
and the sermon _ was on; St. Patrick.
The celebration proper, did not take
place until tjpis [ evening, when an ex
tensive program was given. \u0084 :'\u25a0 . r\»
Young women, members of the Young
Ladies' institute councils, of Sacra
mento, took part in the program and
assisted the 4 Hibernians in -arranging
the celebration.
Celebration at Stockton -
' STOCKTON*, Majch 17A-Several, hun
dred people assembled in Masonic music
hall tonight to pay^ tribute to the birth
day of Ireland's'patron sainC The ad
dress "of the evening was delivered by
Hon. Neal Power, who gave a review
of the life of St. Patrick. The program
was as follows: . . , : >
Violin solo. Miss Blanche Morrill: Oag drill. 'lff
little .boys; •The U. : S. -- nnd the Shaoirook."
school choir; songs. "The Gossips," "TTie Knock
ers," the Ten club: .ladles' trio. "Kathleen Ma
rourneen," Mrs. Preston Morris. Miss Daisy
O'Brien and Mrs. John Raffgio; bitry tone 'solo.
"If I Had the World to GiveVto You." George
I<amb; contralto solo, "The Shfiogy Shoo." Mrs.
John . Raggio; tenor solo. "The Irish Grass."
Horace Vincent; "The I»w Backed Chair." Junior
rocal -class of St. Agnes, academy; "Oft. In the
Stilly Night," senior vocal class of St. Agnes
academy, j; . / ' • . • "
Dennis Moore, Life Termer, Is
'\u25a0'P'.K-' \u25a0 ; . Free
'SACRAMENTO, March 17. — Dennis
Moore, sentenced to San Quentim prison
for. life f or committed '-in : San
Francisco, was pardoned by Governor
Gillett today. Moore was sent to prison
in October, 1894, and,'" because of his
good conduct, was allowed "his freedom
on parole October 9, 1907. ; Haying for
two years "made go^d,"" according to
the policy of Governor, Gillett, Moore is
entitled'to a pardon. : '
Harry Melville, ':'.. sentenced to San
Quentin from 'Stockton in 1906; for a
term of six years on a forgery; charge,
was , pardoned today by 1 Governor
Gillett. \u25a0: >; ...'•. ; . \u25a0 \u0084)\ \u25a0; " ..\u25a0 \u25a0; \u25a0-
Melville- has been on parole '-since
early > last 8 year and his | prison '.'term
will explrejMay 99 r i 1910,'; before the-two
year .parole is: finished.'?'Hence;'Gover
nor has decided! to grant: Me
lville a full pardon,'' since his conduct' up
to the present time has Indicated tliat
he would finish his parolej term ac
cording to conditions.; \u25a0;\u25a0,!".
• Should the governor wait juntll after
Melville's term expires her could . not
restore him to citizenship through the
pardon method.
[Special Dispatch to 'The Call]
QUINCY, March 17.— William H. Dunn
died at Johnsville today as a result of
the explosion of dynamit* he was thaw
ing at the Eureka Mohawk mine. Diinn
had taken the dynamite into his black
smith : shop; \u25a0 The injured man was
brought here in a buggy in a cold night
wind. iHls mother^ and two sisters are
in San Francisco.
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
PETALUMA,, March 17.— The conven
tion : of Woodmen of the World will be
held in this city In May. Delegates
and visitors from all over the state
will' be present. Committees from the
local camp are at work_^ preparing to
entertain .the visitors. 5 *
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