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City Actively Promoting Its Commercial,
Civic and Educational Interests
Secretary Oakland Chamber of Commerce
• Xature did much for Oakland. It
combines to a remarkable extent those
. conditions which conduce to the crea
• tion of a great city. Its site, fronting
the Golden gate on the continental Fide
of the most magnificent harbor of the
Pacific coast, commands the commerce
of the opulent east,
JVhere land and water carrier come
' tosreiher is the place where great cities
. grow, tfuch a point of contact is to be
. found on the water front of Oakland.
. Combined with this point of transfer
for transcontinental and trans-Pacific
traffic is Oakland's inner harbor, ere- !
"ated through the widening and deepen
ing of the estuary of San Antonio,
\u25a0which affords a waterway into the
T^fftry heart of the city. These two har-
V Mrs give the city of Oakland 27 miles
of water front capable of Indefinite
expansion on which car and ship may
come together.
Along this water front are Ideal lo
cations for great industrial enterprises,
with water carriage and rail carriage
at their very doors. Commerce and In
dustry are requisite in the building of
pre£t cities. Oakland commands both
these essentials and with them com
bines an equable climate tending to the
Jilghest efficiency of labor with those
Foois.:. educational and commercial con
ditions which make life full and in the
MC^CSt degree enjoyable. In other
\u25a0u-ords, Oakland is a good place to live;
It is a good place to do business and to
thrive: it is a good place for the busi-
J'.^ssman, for the wage earner, for the
capitalist, for the captain of industry,
for the person of means who desires to
live in a city which is doing many
things in the line of civic development.
Oakland is at present actively pro
irntir..s its commercial interests, its
civic interests and its educational in
terests, believing that these are things
which are most essential to its evolu
tion, progress and expansion.
This promises to be a year of unex
ampled development in Oakland. Some
of the big: things that, are being done
ar?;-the - work for the creation of a
Sre?ter Oakland. Already Oakland has
annexe.! C!ar*>mont. Diniond. Allendale,
Fruitvale. Melrose. Fitchburg, Hills
Cliegre and Klmhurpt. adding approxi
instely.'oo.ooo to its population, giving
Oakland today.. with an estimate based
i:poii- the latest city directory, a'popu
. laticm of SOO.-OCO.
At the present the matter is under
cmFfdpration of consolidating Oakland.
A!ameda. Berkeley and Emeryville into
' on* municipality. While they are now
.separate poUticaJ subdivisions, they are
one- in community of interest. The In
evitable trend will be toward the crea
\u25a0 lion of one great municipality, embrac
ing a!! the citios of the eastern shore
<"if the bay of San "rancisco. \u25a0
Another hi? thins: that is contribut
i\\~. to make Oakland prosperous note
y : \u25a0will continue to operate to make it {
f . -v in the future > the voting of J
clfc to the. extent of $2, 5^3. 000 for the
Any One Can Write an Ad but Here Is the Absolute
Wickham Havens Incorporated
Value of Oakland suburban residence property Xt^t ' : {\£lfk'
developed and sold by us iJ>O ,O V/V/ f V/UV/
Value of residences erected on this property • . . . .y^Jw. • JfWVV'
Expended by us for street work and improve- tf» /^ AY : fYjf\^\
Streets constructed — '-.' .... .. . . . * 1 11IUO
Sidewalks constructed....... . '., .?4 MIICS
Increase in values in original Piedmont Tracts . -vl } f , 1 i' C'/V-'ift^WlV
reaiizeci or reanzsuie pronts to Duyers ) ...••».. %^?/ j m , *t \u25a0.\u25a0 , '.' ? -
More Than a Million in Profits for Our Customers!
The Opportunities Today Are as Great as Ever !
Why Do You Not Enlist in This Profit-Making
of Our Satisfied Oients ?
WicKnam Havens incorporated
creation of municipal wharves, $1,150,
000 for a new municipal office building.
$80,000 for a new municipal fire and po
lice telegraph building.
Contracts have already been let for
the new Bankers' hotel, which, with its
furnishings, will involve the expendi
ture of $1,500,000.
A bond issue for the new manual
training and commercial high school
and other educational equipment, in
volving an expenditure of $2,800,000, is
now under consideration, together .with
plans for the building of a great mu
nicipal auditorium and convention hall,
to be the most complete of its kind on
the Pacific coast. ;:\u25a0;.;.'\u25a0•'\u25a0:"-•';;
Many private enterprises of an ex
tensive character in the building line
are now. being matured, also plans -for
new industrial plants and the creation
of extensive private docks and ware
houses on Oakland's inner harbor.
New facilities are being provided for
the distribution of power generated in
the water courses of the high Sierra,
so that Oakland \u25a0will be able to com
mand the cheapest energy known in
the encouragement of manufacturing
enterprises. These, as well as many
other factors which it is impossible to
enumerate within a compass of such. an
article as this, are contributing to the
growth and development of Oakland and
will make the present a year of signal
In this work of co-ordinating the
agencies contributing to the creation
of a great city all of Oakland's com
mercial organizations are co-operating,
and its chamber of commerce especially
Is an important factor. In this institu
tion the businessman,, the property
owner, the manufacturer, the profes
sional man, the wage earner and other
elements are enlisted in an endeavor to
advance the interests of the community
and in making Oakland a prosperous
city and one which invites the investor
and the home seeker.
In view of these conditions Oakland
may well be called "The City of Achieve
Real estate conditions on: tlie Bay
Shore have improved greatly with the
renewed activity of the Southern Pa
cific in this section.
Several hundred men are now em
ployed completing work on the round
house and machine.shops, which, when
finished, will give employment to a
large number of skilled mechanics.
Kdward H. Schwerin, president of the
ScUwerin estate realty' company.- re
ports a brisk demand for property in
the Schwerin addition to Bay Shore
and says the plans have been drawn
for a $12,000 apartment house which
will soon bebuilt. >y ,'- i:"*;v"-' ;. ' i
Ground has been broken for the
erection of five residences and-many
more are projected as homes for th«
artisans who will be employed by the
SALES $5,000 ,000
Broker Attributes His Remark
able Success to Advertis
ing in Newspapers
M. T. Minney, president of the
Minney-Morse company, relates an in
teresting bit of real estate history, as
follows: • - \u25a0 - - • ' . .. .
"I started irf the real estate business
in Oakland .four years ago. My previ
ous business experience had been, in
other lines. The real estate situation
here appealed' to me very strongly and
I started in with the idea that Oakland
offered a splendid opportunity for In
vestments and development. ;I thought
from the first that liberal newspaper
advertising would pay, and I believe
that the immense success' which our
firm has made is the best possible
proof, that this view of the situation
was well taken. i/.V"
"The foundation of our business; was
laid. four years ago today, in .a desk
room in Eleventh street. with a capital
of $200 and with my services alone.
Our sales for the last four years have
been more than $5,000,000 and. about
$700,000 for the last 90 days. -Judging
from the present market, ' which " : - is
vastly improved over last year's mar
ket, we believe that'our sales this year
will reach $2,000,000 or more.
. "We believe that our firm is. very
fortunate in having .secured . such a
large amount .of : property in Oakland's
newly annexed territory. .. Among the
properties owned by our company "and
associates in this district ' are'.the;fol
lowing: Melrose heights, I\'ywood,
Broadmoor, Ivy wood extension, High
lands, Steinway terrace, Foothill park.
High Street terrace, Fitchburg addi
tion and Las Palmas,' for' all of which
we are the exclusive selling agents. -
*>The distance from the bay, together
with the proximity of the foothills/
makes the climate much milder .than
in any other residence section about
the bay. The Southern Pacific com
pany is now engaged 'in the construc
tion of a network of suburban . lines,
which will give this new part of Oak
land transportation facilities that will
not be surpassed in any place in the
"One or two years from now, after
these transportation lines .are in oper
ation, real estate buyers who are slow
in making up their minds will wonder
why it was that they did not buy
property in this section.
"Take, for instance, a- corner lot in
Broadmoor, 100x200 feet, which can be
had today for $15 or $20 per foot. It
makes a strong comparison with $50
to $150 per foot that must be paid for
a lot Jn any other of the best residence
sections of Oakland. '.
"It is true that this new portion of
Oakland has been somewhat . handi
capped for lack- of transportation, but
with annexation to Oakland the fare
has been reduced from 15 cents-:to' 5
cents \u25a0to .Broadmoor -and-. Ivy-wood.'
The coming of' the j Southern Pacific
will add everything that is needed in,
the way of transportation in this sec
tion. ' Then the values will jump and
the shrewd buyers who make their
M. T. Minney, WhO
Has Made Success
In Oakland Realty
purchases early will make- an immense
profit . .
"Lots in all of /our tracts are sold on
extremely easy terms.rthe prices rang
ing' from .$l5O upward. In order more
fully to advertise these beautiful sec
tions of Oakland, beginning within the
next few days,. we are planning to run
a. free special observation car. to; our
properties every- day.'.'
Some of Oakland's Finest Build-
ings Dedicated to Worship
There are 102 church, structures in
the. city of Oakland, and these are rep
resentative of IS>. creeds. ?There. are
several other places of worship which
are^ rented.
The denominations which have their
own church buildings in the city are
enumerated as follows: Adventists .- 1,
Baptist 14, Christian 2, Christian Scien
tist 2,-. Congregational 10, Episcopal. 8,
Friends 1, Hebrew 3. Latter-Day Saints
2, Lutheran 8, Methodist. 20,. Presby
terian ii, Roman Catholic 12, Spiritual
ist 2. Unitarian 1, United. Brethren 1,
United Presbyterian 1.
Some of the handsomest- buildings in
Oakland .are church structures. They
are situated In all parts of the city,
\u25a0generally occupying large .and hand
some-grounds and are finely equipped.
Many organizations are allied with the
churches in the performance of ' good
work, including charities,- and the main
tenance of Institutions. Added, to the
churches there are 26 missions, which
are; doing good.
(lISo m \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 - m S -rili
Jf li^ #S^ rf.ai/rstatr investments -o^sls^}}
J — The Real Estate Departmeut o'i — Some of these holdings are V^l^hgjr
fZ The. Realty Syndicate is now located in districts (soon to be \^^2^^
I equipped to do a general real estate reached by car lines) that the people j^S% %
X^^^ J V business in all its branches. . of Oakland have never thoroughly g
\u25a0 — We solicit correspondence and in- * iy'-V's" \u25a0
t^^ quiries relative to Oakland proper- —When the advantages of such %w ** *
;\u25a0\u25a0";\u25a0\u25a0 ties of every description. properties are shown, as we will
: : ; . . show them, there will be new neigh -
—We are the j owners . of some of the finest unde- borhoods to consider, new and improved conditions
yelopecl "residential J lands and liome sites in this to favor the hew localities, and Oakland will grow
.locality, and feel confident that we , ; can ! show some in directions never before thought of by the aver-
. "pieces - that will surprise even .the residents of age realty buyer. ,
: :^Q^ au^- r —We are ready, now, to show such property to>
1 • properties have been accumulating for any one who is in earnest about investing.
\ .years, i ..v V ,': ;,' '" ' . —^ c W^P permit the purchase of such pieces as
. ' •'•'\u0084, r, ':';,'r'--' ' ' they may desire. ' .^." .
V^Aiid, now th^tv we -are ,pl«g|ffiemp^n _^ nd tt j le Rea l Estate, department will explain to-
; #^^Vs^ purchasers their plans for the future.
sites that, are seldom afforded the people of any 2 , m ; . . - r ii:- mv t> <- j- \ r.
" ;::\u25a0\u25a0;, — This is something The Realty syndicate has
. . • . ,: : .:-..: •\u25a0 • / :, .. " never done before/^^:.,.. ....
i -^^c can show ; y^ugoo(iWg^ -^-It is^an opportunity for'those who are looking \
neighborhoods for as low as $20.00 a front foot. for beautiful home sites to get some real bargains.
- -—We can show investors residential acreage from —We will sell any «of these properties on terms.
- $I^ooo to' $10,000 ; an* acre 'that, for natural beauty, ; and if you wish welll erect your house and allow j
can not^ be eclipsed:^anywhere in California. you to pay for it in the same manner. |
; , ::,~~lVe have \ a; fem;chpice lots left in Alton Park, the tract that had such a phenomenal sale at 40th and Broadway «
lastiweek'lf $oh wiR call toda jl
• ;; . . * Aftttlthe sale' there jvere two . Then- there xoere several lots '' p
\u25a0 "i ' lef^ on Broadway. Th^ . " m
Fine Structures With Large Col-
lections of Books Are
Literary tendencies of Oakland- are
manifested very strongly by a number
of important libraries, which are well
housed - and . .which . "are S numerously
patronized. .The Oakland .free library
was founded in 1868 on 'a subscription
basis. .Ten years later it went under
the control of \ the j city and has been
maintained by ,the municipality ever
since, under the' directin of trustees,
who are appointed by the mayor, v The
library force consists of a librarian and
23 others. The free library structure
is a landmark in Oakland.
This is a splendid building at the
corner of Fourteenth and Grove streets.
It boasts of something. like 65,000 vol
umes. Additions are made at the rate
of about' s,ooo volumes a year. Several
branch libraries aro maintained in con
nection with the main free library.
These ! number nine. ' Among the other
libraries in Oakland are Included' the
following:, . . "<:\u25a0 , . \u25a0
Alameda county law library, contain
ing 10,000 volumes. This is supported
by a fee of $1 upon each and ; every
action filed with the county clerk. A
fund of between |4.000 and $5,000. is
annually raised by this method.
By annexation the Fruitvale public
library, came into Oakland. This was
endowed with $25,000 by Andrew Car
negie, and -with a site, by the Derby
estate. It .was founded in 1909 and has
an annual -income of about $10,000, re
ceived from taxation.
The .California college library, which
was established *in 18S7, and which Is
supported , from college funds. \ This
has about 7.000 "volumes. It is situ
ated at Fourteenth avenue, and East
Twenty-eighth street. A public docu
ment room and reading room are main
: The Margaret Carnegie library, es
tablished in ISS4, is situated at Mills
college, which came into Oakland by
annexation. This has an annual in
come of $1,000,: which is received from
an endowment fund. The library build
ing- cost $28,000. The library contains
10,000 volumes. : Only, the library en
dowment, fund is used for the pur
chase of; books.
The College of the Holy Name library
was established in ISS6.' This contains
6,000 volumes. ' ' ' \u25a0 , •
St. . Mary's college « library was es
tablished in. 1868. The income is de
rived from fees of students. This- has
a total number of about 3.000 volumes.
The Oakland library: trustees control
a museum also, which is situated near
Lake Merritt in the Josiah Stanford
home, . This contains colonial and In
dian relics and many objects of in
terest. . .
Oakland spends annually $45,000, as
a municipality, for library purposes,
arid more than 30,000 persons in Oak
land hold library cards and visit the
libraries regularly.
Prominent Dealer Tells of Work Done, in
Extending Residences of Oakland
President Wickham Havens Co.. luc
The work of the modern dealer in
suburban real estate is. essentially cre
ative. He takes a piece of land on the
fringe of the city, plots it out in streets
and lots, builds roads, 'lays sidewalks,
goes through all the tedious labor of
seeing^ that gas and water and tele
phone get to his land, helps the buyers
of lots to get a start in building and
finally has the pleasure of seeing what
was originally a bare piece of hill slope
become an integral and attractive part
of the city.
This has been the work of "Wickham
Havens Incorporated. First we took
Piedmont, -a series of beautiful hill
slopes, but devoid of homes, and by
the expenditure of energy and by dint
,of persistence transformed it into a
compact community of modern homes.
Even to us it seems almost magical
to look at pictures taken. a few years
ago showing great stretches of coun
trified looking hills and then at recent
photographs showing street after
street of modern* houses with their
lawns and gardens.
Such contrasts as these illustrate
the difference between the mere pro
moter and the established developer of
real properties. Oftentimes tracts are
placed on the market, a small propor
tion of the lots sold. by large promises
of future development, the "cream
skimmed off" in this manner, and then
the tract practically abandoned by the
"We have tried to make our policy
as different from this as -possible.
Every tract placed on sale is developed
until it is a completely built up and
an ideal part of the, residence district
of the city.
This is strikingly true of tracts like
Piedmont-by-the-Lake and Fourth Ave
nue terrace. \u25a0 These properties are but
two or three years old, yet so rapidly
has the crowd followed on the heels of
development that already the heights
above Lake.Merritt, where these tracts
are located, are crowned by scores of
Few people realize what great sums
are spent in what is essentially public
service. In building streets, sidewalks,
putting in sewers and water mains,
which are essentially for the benefit of
all, Wickham Havens Incorporated have
spent in excess of $600,000, while the
value of homes actually built on resi
dence parks developed and sold by the
firm amounts to more than $1,675,000.
Such, city. making as this is the re
verse of sporadic and haphazard. We
have tried from the first to follow an
Intelligent plan and to make the whol«
"series of naturally beautiful hill slope*
the finest residence district of the city
of Oakland. The Piedmont tracts wer*
first developed. Then to the south. th«
Crocker tract was set apart as a place
of homes for persons able to build
houses costing from $15,000 to $50,000.
This beautiful district has been so di
vided that each villa owner might sur
round his residence with lawns and
gardens embracing? several acres.
Still farther to the south, close to
Sather park and the lake. East Pied
mont heights. Piedmont knoll and Pied
mont-by-the-La>e were' laid out In a
consistent plan, and to this series of
home places was added Fourth Avenue
terrace, priced for people of moderate
The whole series of tract 3i 3 un
marred by a single unsightly feature.
In accord with a consistent policy,
building restrictions are rigidly en
forced. We take pride in the fact that
in all this sweep of hills and homes
there is not one unsightly dwelling, nor
a business establishment of any kind.
It is clean of anything that might con
taminate or offend. . : '-'- .
Such work as this adds., we. feel, not
only to the beauty but to the wealth of
the city. The development and building
up of each tract adds to its value many
fold. The profits made, by buyers will
aggregate millions of dollars and forms
no small part of the increase in wealth
and prosperity of Oakland as a whole.
There is scarcely any line of business
wnere the results are more tangible
and enduring than in real estate devel
opment. The character of a large part
of a great city may be absolutely fixed
and determined for all time by a' firm
with a consistent policy. It remains
forever a monument to their good faith.
This is no small part of the reward that
comes for the many years of hard and
persistent work necessary to bring it
•TO COST ABOUT $70,000
AJfred Monotti and E. F. Larimer
have contracted for a building on the
southwest corner of Merchant and Bat
tery streets to cover a lot oSxIST: 1 *
feet, which will cost as estimated about
$70,000. \'.: '\u25a0'

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