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Improvement Clubs of Annexed
District Propose Paving of
the Main Highway
OAKLAND. March IS,— The asphalt
ing: of East Fourteenth street, the cen
tral business thoroughfare of the an
nexed district, corresponding to Broad
way,- from Twenty-third avenue to
Seminary avenue, Melrose, a distance
of nearly three* miles, is the most im
portant question considered this week
»>>• the improvement clubs of the terri
tory. The Frultvale board of trade,
the Fruitvale central Improvement club,
the Civic League of Greater Oakland
and the Mflrose dtixens* club. four
progressive organizations of the dis
trict, are all working for the paving of
the street.
City Engineer Fred C Turner ad
dressed a meeting of the property own
ers of the district held tonight in the
Masonic temple, Fruitvale, under , the
auspices of the civic league, on the
merit* of the different kinds of paving.
He strongly advocated the asphalt
paving: as being the most durable,
though he also declared that macadam,
jf laid properly, would withstand well
heavy teaming. Councilman R. C.
Vote, who started the movement for.
the paving of the street, urged every
property holder present to asphalt the
highway, declaring that the extra orl
jc'tial cost would be more than saved in
the few repairs required.
The members of the Fruitvale board
Of trade at a meeting held last night
expressed themselves almost unani
mously in favor of asphalting East
Fourteenth street as soon as possible.
The experiences of the last few win
ters, when business along the thor
oughfare has been practically sus
pended for days at a time owing to the
vast accumulation of mud after a
fiorra, has taught the merchants of the
section that the street must be paved
to promote good trade. It was stated
at the meeting last night that many of
the property owners had already signed
private contract? for the paving of the
street. A. Lorsbach, H. Barkmeyer, C.
K. Lee. J. L. Bold and W. Smith spoke
«n paving the street.
The establishment of a freight sta
tion at Fruitvale avenue was also dis
cussed at last night's meeting of the
Fruitvale businessmen. It was agreed
that every possible effort should be
used to induce both the Southern Pa
cific and Western Pacific railroads to
erect freight depots for Fruitvale.
The Melrose citizens' club at its
meeting Tuesday night urged the ne
cessity of paving East Fourteenth
street this summer. Through the ef
forts of this organization the property
owners along East Fourteenth r street
from Fruitvale avenue to Fifty-third
avenue have agreed to lay cement side
In order that they might be per
fectly satisfied as to the nonexplosive
qualities of the products to be made
at the Melrose plant of the Pacific
s-Te^lite powder company the members
of the club will attend a public test at
the new factory. Bay and Clarke aye
. jes. Sunday morning.
George Jannsen, W. M. Farmer,
Harry King, Fred Bamman and J. j
Daram have been appointed as the ,
.committee in charge of the entertain- !
iiient to be given by the club March 30. !
The meeting of the Central improve- !
inent club of Kast Fruitvale in Allen
dale hall Tuesday night was devoted to
the presentation of a musical and lit
erary program, followed by a dance.
The nfifair was in charge of a commit
tee composed of F. Heinz, C. G. Dow ( d
and John Dietzmann. Next Tuesday
night the club will take up the subject
bt providing, sanitary conveniences for
the Allendale district.
T. C. Tillman, J. O. Clark and J. H.
Hoss were appointed by the Klmhurst
board of trade at its meeting Monday
evening as a committee of three to
hold a conference with the Oakland
library trustees in reparJ to estab
lishing a branch library in Elmhurst.
The ' onmmunity now has a population
••f more than 0,000. and has no reading
room facilities. "The board also recom
jn^nded that a communication be sent
to Andrew Carnegie asking for a do
natiou for a building.
Owing, to the alleged failure of the
gas companies to keep their promises
mad" to the organization some time
ago to reduce rates in Elmhurst to a
basis with Oakland rates, J. H* Ross,
H. G. Clayton and W. B. Malick were
named as a committee to investigate
the situation. Secretary J. E. Hood was
instructed to ' communicate with the
Western Pacific railroad company in
r«*gavd to the establishment of a sta
tion and freight depot for Elmhurst.
A communication will also be sent
to ihe Oakland traction company ask
ing that the name "Elmhurst" be placed
on all cars running to or through
the community. . It was suggested that
the main line cars should have a pla
card giving the list of the communities
through which they pass, as follows:
East Oakland, Fruitvale, Allendale,
Melrose, Fitchburg, Highland. Elm
hurst, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Ash
land and Hayward. W. Lewis, H. G.
Clayton, J. E. Hood, E. G. Lapham and
Ben Wilson were appointed as dele
gates to attend the charter meetings.
In celebration of the installation of
arc lights In Yoakum. Orchard' and
Grand, avenues the members of the
Toakum Avenue improvement club
held a Jollification meeting Wednesday
evening and later : enjoyed a banquet
served by the Lockwood mothers' club.
Addresses were maJe by Councilman
K. C. Vose, President It. M. Ramsey.
Secretary K. Steffens. Dr.'.S. Bonesaeel.
W. R. Tappan arid President F. M.
Smith of the Twenty-third Avenue Im
provement club. ' The members ;of - the
club have subscribed money to pay for
the new arc lights .until July 1, as Oak
land has no funds for lights In 'the
annexed district. The organization has
also paid for the laying of more than
4.000 'feet of gravel sidewalks through
out its district during, the \u25a0 last six
ALAMEDA, March* 18. —^The Southern
Pacific company. i». engaging In "the
landlord business here. In the construc
tion of its electric system it 'has found
it necessary .to buy land for rights of
way on which to locate curves and 'on
which to connect Its lines, at the east
md. On some of' the purchased realty
houses were located. - Sites have been
purchased elsewhere for "these; houses
and the dwellings moved thereon. .The
houses have been Improved; and 'are
now rerued by the railroad corporation,
to private parties.
LOKG MIESIKG FATHEB— B«»rk«>ler. March IS.
Id on fSr>n to locate hln father, who trtt home
mor»- th«n Sf» .T^urs «tro and has not been heard
«f. t-ivrr that time, T rjonry; Brady -of/I/tsrAn-,
ppJw- list. a<Idr«^«!«l,« letter.. to'tlM* |K»lii-p ask
mr that hi* lather be found if' powiWe.' •
Oeorge Starr Explains Relations
With Chinese and Will Face
Formal Charges
OAKLAND, March IS. — Investigation
was made today by Judge Brown into
the charges? that George Starr, a deputy
constable, had concocted charges of
robbery against three Chinese, Leung:
Bow, lx>w Yen and Louie Toon, had
given perjured testimony against them
and had then offered to square the
charges against them for $250 each.
Before the investigation had proceeded
far Judge Brown directed Deputy Dis
trict Attorney Smith to reduce his
charges to writing and to open up the
case again next Tuesday. |
The chareres against Starr were made
by Smith and Attorney Clarence Reed,
who represented th-e Chinese. Reed de
clared in co-urt last Tuesday that Starr
had offered for ?750 to fix the testi
mony against the Chinese so that they
could not be convicted. Starr was in
the employ of the Yce family. Reed
declared, and had fabricated the
charges against the^hinese at the in
stance of his employers, who wanted
the defendants out of the way because
they were members of the On Yick
tong, with which the Yee family was at
war a few months ago. : * V
While on the witness, stand this
morning Starr admitted that he had
been in the employ of the Yee fam
ily, drawing $10 a day as a bodyguard,
but he denied that he had ever agreed
to prepare cases for them against their
enemies. He said that he was no lonpr
er active as a deputy constable, being
engaged in the Joan and collection busi
ness, though he held appointments as
deputy from Constable Hempstead of
Oakland township, and from Constable
Allen of Brooklyn township. Starr's
appointment as deputy constable was
revoked in October, 190 S. by Constable
Lane because of alleged irregular ac
tivities in conducting a loan and col
lection business.
Concerning the charge that he had i
offered to sell out his clients, Starr
declared today that lie was joking when
he made that remark to Reed. He
caused laughter in the courtroom by
saying that he had intended to explain \
to : Reed that the way. the Chinese*,
could benefit by the $750 was in hiring
a good lawyer. j
Reed will takp the stand next Tues- \
day. His testimony as to what Starr)
said to Mm will be corroborated by At- 1
torney Bingaman, -who was with him
at the time. !
The investigation Into Starr's ac
tivities w,ns the result of Deputy Dis
trict Attorney Smith's motion to dis
miss the cases against the Chinese.
He said that the testimony against
them was a mass of perjury. Smith j
made the same motion at the prelimi- i
nary examination of the accused men, !
but it was denied. 'V .
Yee Ming, the complaining witness,
blandly contradicted himself on the
witness stand and declared without h
blush that he had never, spoken to
Smith in the latter's office, whereas the
latter had jgone over his evidence with
the Chinese in detail a few. days before.
Yee, who was present today, was
ordered to be in court Tuesday. In the
meantime Judge Brown continued the
cases of the^three Chinese.
Gifted Author Explains Why
Social Calls Are Denied
OAKLAND. March 18.— Flutter of the
stork's wings is heard at the country
home of Jack London, the author, at
Glen Ellen.
Expectant of the bird's arrival, Lon
don and his wife, who was Miss Char
mion Kittredge. are declining social en
London was invited, to address the
Alameda county press club April 4.
His reply disclosed the interesting
situation in. the London home.-as-he
discreetly hinted that his attendance
Would depend upon affairs .domestic'
The Londons will repair shortly to
Forger Is Placed on Probation
After Pleading Guilty
OAKLAND, March 18. — Mrs. Laura
Koster, who was placed on probation
a year ago, after pleading guilty to a
charge of forgery, was again placed on
probation today by Judge Brown on a
similar charge. Probation Officer Ruess
recommended that mercy be j shown to
the woman a second time. Judge
Brown scored her severely last Tues
day for violating probation and com
mitting crime again after she had been
forgiven.' !
Failure to Comply With Law
Will Mean Exclusion
ALAMEDA, March 18.— Notices are
being: sent out by the .board of educa
tion to parents and guardians of
pupils attending • the public schools
that all children who April 4 are found
not to be vaccinated will be excluded
from the educational .institutions until
they comply with the law.
BERKELEY, March 18. — The city
council named the playground commis
sion of this city at a special meeting
in' the city hall this morning. The play
ground ordinance has already been
drawn up and passed, and gives to the
municipal, body the power of control
ling playgrounds and the handling of
funds in connection with them. On the
commission are: A; G. Freeman, James
T. Preston,': Mrs. William. ,H. Marston;
F. W. Wallace' and C. A.Westenberg.
. BERKELEY, March , 1 8.— In \ response*
to ran Invitation of \u25a0 Principal : Brink of
the* high school more": than 200: parents
of. the children enrolled- in , the school
visited the \u25a0 building ' today.' "They"' in
spected the;- various departments, * and
met: the: members of .'tlie ; \u25a0•' faculty, *and'
a£ter/the- visit: declared that they: had
enjoyed it. •
WILL FlLED— Oakland,' 'March IS.— Petition f.»r
-probate of thewillof: the lute J. W. Dunninjr
' wn% made today : by^ hi n brother." W. ;B. Dun
nine. Four, brother*.' a nlet-c anU t«o nephews
«JII . get . the property. * v. . .-
BURGLAR SENTENCED— OakIand,' March I<».—
' E*l»ard- Martinez.":- who ipleailcrl .- Ruilty i .to:'a
: * ctittTfrt of. burßlmT.V was \u25a0 \u25a0a ; sentence, of
two ypar« -. in San ' <jnentin ' to<l» r ' t»y * Judge
." •• Brwu."; • Ue'atlmltted.^lcaliag; t0015.. ; r»»,v •
OAKLAXD. March IS.— The romance
of Mrs. Fanriiic L.. Moore, a ' grand
mother of r>o. who left a husband, five
children and three grandchildren in
Adairville. \u25a0 Ky., to elope with Fred^W.
Walker, aged 2S. married and : the
father of two children, and who was in
turn deserted by. her consort after their
arrival In this city for a younger and
more woman, took : a new
turn today.
Chief nf Police Benson of Adairville
arrived, here with warrants eiiargringr
Walk'-r with : arson, and a state wide
search is to be made for the- .missing
man. lie is accused of burning two
barns in Adairville before the. elope
ment. . -
Chief BoTison al«c. says tlint Mrs.
.Moore.* husband missed JSOO immedi
ately after his wife disappeared, . and
that he suspects her and her erstwhile
affinity of having 1 made away with- the
money. When Walkei; deserted , Mrs.
Moore here Sunday last she accused
him of taking $1,700 of her money with
him. • \u25a0' '
TO LEASE QUARTERS-^OnkliitHl. Mar.h IS.—
The AliiuiiHla" county Press cltib ha« arranped
to least' quarters In I'.vtliiau rastle.
I Judged by Surrounding i
I Property A. XShyde^s Piedmont- J
j Terrace Lake btands Alone
I As a Speculative Opportunity
I That values iv A J Suvder's Piedmont- I <• \u00841 /• I \\' i v v +i a lars \u25a0 per foot in A. . J. Snvder's Piedmont- :
1 m -;v^? " , *\§ • >-f£?s£z£z& tnct.that is developed and improved m the Tw^ w +v.a T \u00841-n
B T('iTace-})v-the-Lako nro coiner to double •,'.\u25a0,'••;-.• 11 leriace-D\-tne--Lake.
m * \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-.- •\u25a0\u25a0-..- ° ° .... iiiLTiiehiL possioie mauiiei. ; ...
\u25a0 aud triple iv value is proven by the charac- . Oncoming Piedmont is to the north; and
1 ter and price of property contiguous; Better Just southwest of the property and ex- various private park tracts on the east aref
I thanallof the land arbuiicl^andpriced^lower tending up into, the center of the western pricedfrom twenty to thirty per cent higher
iltSl^^iiis^^rll^ttgiri^SHS boundary is Adams Point, worth from lifty \u25a0- than Piedmont Terrace. ;
1 price in advanceof anything "adjacent: to One Hundred aild Fifty VoMavs a. foot: A# j. Snvder's Piedmont-Terraee-by-thc-
1 a t Q™;^'e ™^™w v TnvroAn Wvl+ho Properfv, in Linda Vista Terrace on the Lake— right in the heart of the established
I A.J.SnydersPicdmont-Terrace-by-thc- _ .- 1 ; . qtonp^ t i; mw . 1W . 1V *v -" \u25a0' district- with established prices— is abso-
I Lake is the last of the private parks tracts avui> v i a . lutelv the most desirable j^ce for a pemia-
I contiguous to Lake Merritt: It is right in worth from iifty, to One Hunared _ Dollars .. nent * home or a profitable iSvestment in the
I the center of a fashionable residential dis- per foot, as^against Thirty-two to Fifty Dol- . sta te of California. j
I This Is a Strong Statement but Stake
I Our Business Repiitation for Integrity
I arid Square Oealihg on the Truth of It
1 AYe planned the streets m tliis tract so Grand Avenue s vboulevardfllO feet wide^ duce the immediate erection of high class
1 that the slopingsides of these grand old hills ' wliich bounds the property^ on the east. houses we are going to make an interesting
I would best accommodate the> homes to be ; : We"drew up rigid building. restrictions V o%r to those who wish to build at once. ,
I built thereof without requiring the unneces- for your protection against the erection of As is na t U ral with a tract like A- J. Sny-T
1 sary and expensive foundations and retain- inferior dwellings. ; We .specihed;tliat-:.;npt der > s pi e dmont-Terrace-by-the-Lake ? the
linff walls : . that are needed on land of nwre than, one house be budtiipon choicest lots go first, and for this reason we'
1 stepper cliaracter. W^t^^^^^^^^^^^^. to make it a point to go out to-
i Wn i-iiri hut "Urm> -lots forty Iw one him- ±r01 H J he *^ 0 ?; -P^K?™^1 , '\,, i* day or tomorrow and go over the tract with
a >\^e laid out laigc lots-^itvby mie nun We placed a price on this property that or without one of our^alesmen "* \u25a0 : '- T " :
i-dred to one hundred and .fifty^sp, that you , isfrom irty ; to^ himdrecl^ er eentlower: 01 "^? , salesmen.
\u25a0 might have a large lawn and .shade: trees, than : anytHing m the immediate lake (jrand avenue cars to boulerard,
I and enjoy, unbroken by your: neighbor's iii^pncthaf will inpnTi^ lot of profit to pnrlv and ; walk two blocks north; or take Oakland
I walls, the bracing air or thehills. ; buy er s, who"wili ; resell at^ the market value avenue cars to banta tiara avenue and walk
I We laid ' east three, blocks.
I walks, bytwideparkways^ so that - take up but - Our Broadway office is not open Sunday,
|: looking"; up ; through itract the - a partof^thetobligations at one/ time we but phone calls on week days will placed
i would; not be cramped by comparison with ,- ha ve^^arranged very easy^ termo, and "to^ in- | motor car atyour disposal.
WIRD DEUTSCH GE- '/ Blankets! Comforters MEAT TRUSTS FuU r ° l \' M v< "'
SPROCHENUNDrBILLIG;.^ , , Au ffO>at ; ~ K» n^KhS^S^ - $5.00 \u25a0
VERKAUFT" '" '' -~ y \u25a0 -H:v SCHELLHA.Ab^ initials stand to . s \,v :,.,^ ..;...-- \u0084 ,„,! prices." :..•"• ' ']-, :^-~l
V \u25a0 EJX T XX V:" i : ** C bring you patronize him at the j H; SCHELLHAAS- Vr QPTTTiT T TIA AG - TT A AS*
CST furniture sale.;, .. -. ' . VMrriviTim^ <?xt k Xl v OLrUJlilllj±iAAs °" -P^. 1 *.* 1 !/ 11 " A A9
WO:HjJLi£i YJiaXI IJI j &1; ' v cOKXKR STORE ? ; :\u25a0 , ; oWklnnrf^JFuVmtore Dealer. - * Fnr«Hure Sale. Illh St. at FraitiLlln.
At Franklin, Oakland'; . I lllhSt.'^ut Franklin, Oakland. ;> J llth'St, st'FraukUn, Oakland. -OaklandU
, OAKLAND, March IS.— Jacob Leib
brandt virtually branded This son'"as a
forger in the police court this morn
ing when he denied- on .the 'witness
stand, that his signature on a check fo«
$60' which the younger Leibbrandt had
negotiated was genuine.
Lelbbrandt" Sr. is a wealthy ... mining
man of Santa Cruz, while his son Clar
ence, aged -S, was formerly.'; in the
employ of the De JLancey Espejo shoe
company. lie persuaded- his employers
to rash ;t check supposedly signed by
his father for ?60.. . V • '£
The check was repudiated by his
father, and upon -its return he was
placed under arrest, the detectives find
ing him in his home. Thirty-ninth
street and Telegraph avenue, where he
lived with his wife and child. The case
was continued. . . . ., : .
Jlaroh 18.— According 'to Keooivpr .Tames. I*.
Edoff of tbc- defunct California bauk, it will
be nearly another year before the 'Institution's
affairs, are finally wonnrl up. The depositors
will receive between 75 and SO • per cent of
a their deposits. -, . '
OAKLAXD. 'March IS."-^-The affinity'
existing:. between John M. Ward of Oak
land and Mrs.' Florence Reynolds broke
up "two happy homes, according, to Mrs.
Clara M.\WarU, .who secured a final de
cree'of divorce today. \u25a0 .
siie testified that her -husband nog
lected \u25a0 her -for, Mrs: Reynolds, wliom he
took to the -theater^ and to the Pied
month baths.
When she remonstrated with him she
was told .fry- him that he did "not care j
whether she liked his conduit or not.'
Because of his wife's fondness for Ward,
Reynolds was granted a divurce.
Pearl A. Pedlar begransuit for divorce'
today against Choster.C. Pedlar 1 on the'
ground of cruelty.
; ; The following final decrees of divorce
were granted j; today: Caroline Braden
aprainst Harry Braden. desertion; Carrie
Jl..lamleon againtt William J. Jamison,
habitual intemperance and -cruelty.
MADE SPECIAL POLICE — Berkeley. .March IS.
J. 1 <i. I'atterson was appointed a special police
man by the city council thl« niorninir to patrol
the beat held. by K. A. Wright.- who resigned.
BERKELEY, March IS. — A gala event
depicting the thirteenth and fiffeenth
centuries will be presented in the Hill
side club house by the members of the
organization April 1. Gothic costumes
will': be -used and all the decorations
will carry out 'the middle age events
which will'- be "staged.
, Quaint music of the time will be a
feature of .the evening:.' •'• Plans 'for the
\u25a0meeting will be "discussed next Monday
night, when a recture v will be heard
from Prof. Gustave Faucheaux of the
French 1 department of the university,
who will speak "on "Social Problems of
the Middle Ages."
Medieval music will be Interpreted by-
Mrs. Ethel Hunt Stafford, vocalist:
Miss Claire Ferrin. violinist, and Mrs.
Thomas C. McCleave. accompanist.
Marriage License
OAKIaAXD. : March IS. — The follnwlnp mar-
riage license was issued tmlay: Bertram X. Bul-
lerdieck. 34. and Nellie. E. Welch, 'H, both of
San Francisco.
\u25a0 Nearly r>lW» TOters were ; resistered ttj deputy
county olrrks at the west end. last night.
OAKLAXD. March IV— Only after a
struggle and after many car windows
had been broken was J. X^ Quintara
taken to the receiving: hospital from
the .Livermore sanatorium today by
Warden Charles Emlay. Quintara will
be examined as to. his sanity. He made
three attempts to set fire to the hos
pital buildings at Livermore and once
tried to shoot himself in the chest.
Quintara is a member of a wealthy !san
Luis Obispo county family.
[Sunday Services in Churches
! -y of Alameda
.U.A.MEDA. .Marrh I>.— First Baptist rhurrh.
Santa Can »T»-nu» near Benton Ker. !».
I*. liu-wll. minister:
11 oV»nrk — Mofnin? wur^hip ami •ermon. Sab
ject. "I'hrUt »ml th* Christian."
T;3O oYIock — Bveninsr *ons »ntl prats*, with
sermon: *nnjt"ct. '"Pilate, .the Shifty Man."
K:3n o'clock — E-venins quiet hour. e«nf!ucti*«t by
the Yoaiis; People** Baptist union: suhieor.
"Money, a Curse or a Blessing" '; leader. Kloyil
Christian. • ,
Bible schon! — 0:45 o'clock. mr>mlnc; H. F.
Carvin. superintendent.
There will be a special week of prayer and
worship the coming week with sermon at 1:43
oVlock each eTenlnc.

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