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Merchants and Supervisors for a Tunnel Under Hill
Merchants Suggest Regrade of
Blocks and Tunnel From
Bush to California
T!>e most interesting: single feature
relating: to th* tffyelopnient of real
estate values ia San Francisco, as a
long time proposition and relating: to
jrssy n'isrhborhoods. probably is found
in the discussion relating to the tun
rielinit: of i:i;is in order to reduce grades
«Lisd' provide easy routes from various
dJ»tr>cts to the retail business centers
of the city.
Naturally the Merchants' association
is interested in ail that •will upbuild
the business of S&u Francisco, as its
membership embraces hundreds of
iirms. retail end wholesale, who in
the development of trade and com
merce one of the prime and permanent
'actor* of solid local growth.
A detailed statement is made by the
association of the plan that it favors
crsd in a petition filed with the super
visors in which a changre of grade on
Stockton street is sought.
The petition calls for the following
1. That the grrade in Stockton street
between Sutler and Sacramento be
changed and established at the inter
sect-on of Bush, Pine, California and
Sacramento streets at such points as
nay be recommended by the city en
gineer so that there shall be a uniform
gradient between Sutler and Sacra
mento streets of approximately 3.7
per cent.
2. That Stockton street from the
northerly line of Sutter to the south
erly line of Bush a^jd from the north
erly line of California street to the
southerly line of Sacramento be graded
to the above proposed new official
grade by means of open cuts, as sug
gested on blue print map.
S. That Stockton street from the
southerly line of Bush to the northerly
.line cf California be graded to the new
cfSeisl grade by tunneling through the
iniervening hiJL said tunnel to be full
width of the street and of a suitable
height, as suggested on the map.
4. That said portion of Stockton
street from gutter to Sacramento upon
which the grade wilj be changed be im
proved by paving the roadway with a
suitable pavement and constructing
sidewalks thereon and stairways there
from to Bush street and California
street at Its intersections with said
streets, and such other improvements
as the city engineer may recommend.
5. That the name of Stockton street
for that portion of said street on the
present grade between the southerly
line of Bush street and the northerly
line of California street be abolished
ar.d that these t«-o blocks be thereafter
designated as Stockton heights.
€. That the official grade of said
Stockton heights* between Bush street
?n<s California street be fixed and es
tablished at the present .grade of the
pavement thereon.
T. That the money to defray the cost
of changing and establishing said
grades, improving said Btreets and the
payment <*t «ny damages caused by 1
said change* of grades be raised in
tuch manner as may be permitted by
law and as in the opinion of your
honorable board may be deemed best,
The current number of the Mer
chants* Association Review discusses
th«» Ttire proposition and officially
*»ts forth the attitude of the associa
tion. That the matter may be clearly
ur.dfitiood by ail persons who are in
terested, much of the arguments are
republished. as follows:
"Recognizing that the next great de
velopment of San Francisco will have
to come through the .construction of
tunnels under the hills that now di
vlje the city into comparatively small
«n<J detached areas, the Merchants' as
sociation has given an impetus to the ;
movement by Cling a petition for a !
r henge of grade In Stockton street
between the southerly line of Bush I
street and the northerly line of Call-;
forn'a, to be effected by tunneling '\u25a0
through the intervening jiill.
"Other changes of grade to conform
to this one are aIEO recommended. ;
forming a complete scheme of street
Improvement to connect the Xorth
b^ach section \u25a0with the business center
of the city by a new thoroughfare \u25a0with •
practical grades and ample accommo
dations for all ports of traffic
"The association Jid not take up the
Stockton street project sooner because
IX was believej that this tunnel would
be constructed by a street railway com
pany that applied several months ago
for a franchise, but since that plan has
b«en abandoned the directors feel that
some other should take its place.- It j
ban therefore been decided to make a
beginni-ng witli Stockton street, be- >
cause It is one of the most important
of all the tunnel proposals, and Is ;
alto one of the shortest and least .
expensive. Several of the owners of
property in the vicinity of the im
provement have signified to the asso
ciation a willingness to. forego dam
age* and some even to bear part of
the expanse.
"Owners of property in Stockton
street from Sutter to Bush and from ;
California to Sacramento, where open
cuts are suggested, are almost unani
mously In favor of the project, fnas
much a* the change of grade will put
their holdings on a comparatively level
street with possibilities of business de
velopment, which it lacks in its present
state; and that In the one or two cases
where expensive improvements already
exist there has been evinced a willing
ness to come to acceptable terms about
damages and to build substructures
under the buildings that will bring
them down to grad* after the method
adopted in Seattle by owners ot prop
erty similarly affected by such Im
Incidentally the official publication
of the Merchants" association quoted
E>r. Hartland Law. who advocates tun
nels as a means of access to thousands i
of acres within the city limits and to
provide for a population that will
grow rapidly.
Law's views are given in part as {
"Tunnels would bring Into close j
touch with" the rest of the city at
least 2^oo acres of the populous North
beach section, where probably 40,000
people now live and where many more
would live if they had quick communi
cation with the center of the town.
"A tunnel, under _ Mount Olympus
from Danvers street* northwesterly to
Clayton would Join the Mission with
the* park and with, the Richmond^dis-j
trict- Tunnels under. Fillmore from
Haigtot to Grove and under Pierce
from California to Green would con
nect the northwest portion of the city
with passable approaches to ". Market
street. ' In addition we need a way Into
Visiiacioa valley by .Potrero avenue,
STRUCTION. \u25a0* \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0" \u25a0.:-\u25a0 -\u25a0 - \u25a0 ' -•\u25a0.\u25a0-\u25a0:.<,\u25a0•:\u25a0'\u25a0•:;\u25a0\u25a0 •;\u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0•:'\u25a0;-. ' \u25a0\u25a0- -.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0: \u25a0-\u25a0" \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.:-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
Army street and Railroad avenue,
which may necessitate a short tunnel
down near the county line from Teddy
avenue to San Bruno."
Law argues as follows. "All these
projects are necessary to the contin
ued growth and prosperity of the city.
They must be put through some, day
and why- not now, when we actually
need the advantages they would bring?
At present we are divided Into little
separated sections. By bringing these
together with communicating thor
oughfare we help build them up and
make them more valuable and by link-
Ing them with business centers of the
city we make the whole commercially
stronger and also more attractive to
President Casey of the board of pub
lic works takes the view that the work
of tunneling should be performed un
der the district assessment plan. "We
must, of. course, first find the district
that will be beneSted and the probable
cost," he says. The Merchants" Associa
tion Review quotes Casey as follows:
-In addition to lhis treatment ot
Stockton street, there ought to be sev
eral other streets Improved in the
same manner, where they run over
steep grades and divide the city. There
should be a tunnel under Broadway, be
tween Powell and Larkin. so that the
northwest part of the city may have
good communication with the rest of
"There should be another out in the
Glen park neighborhood, and some bet
ter facilities should be provided for the
people in the Mission to reach the park
and the beach, which is as great an at
traction. Last, but probably most Im
portant, there ought to be a tunnel un
der Twin peaks, for it would immedi
ately bring Into close communication
with the city and make available for
home sites some of the finest land in
the state for that purpose. * .
"From O street, in the Sunset district,
sloping south to the lands of the
Spring Valley company, and west to
the ocean beach, is a beautiful terri
tory that has never been settled as it
should be because it lacks transporta
tion and probably will until the Twin
peaks tunnel is built.
"Until it has transportation, people
that might %o there are going to build
across i the bay on land that is not
nearly' #o desirable. I regard tunnel
ing these heights as the next big devel
opment for the city to enter upon, and
probably the most important of them is
the Twin peaks project. Needless to
say, the tunnels, when built, should be
street wide and on grades to accommo
date all sorts of traffic."
The general subject is now before the
supervisors and the people for consid
rep6rt active demand- .
for good properties
Kane & Co. Put Through Many
Kane & Co. report a very active de
mand for good property at fair prices.
They report the following sales:
Tfcree Cats and lot 25i1f0 i**t, north line ct
Fell *trs*"t, can of Cole, for $14,000, account A.
Hjttis. anfl A. IVtry, to Matilda Flood.
Two mission fiats and lot 20x100 f»«t in the
e««t line of L»a Ten worth street, north of Clay,
from Mra. Wolfe to Mary Daly- for. $12,500.
For B. D. Crampon and wife . to Annie S.
Campbell.* tn» ncrtnVest corner of AFhburr jiti<l
Waller street*, - 23x100 feet, tod six fiats, for
fcocth line ct Borti street, from Mrs. C. >L.
WebMer to the Hind estate company, for Jir,,
000: lot 40x137:6 f«*t.
For Tanl Bancroft. 25x110 feet in the weft
line of Tenth street. 212 feet north of Harrison,
to a clieai of the firm, for $3,250. \u25a0 \u25a0 ...
For John Fbeeban of New York to J. v Power,
two fine flats and lot 22:6x70 feet, in the east
l!ne of First street, sooth of FoUom. for $S..VM>.
Two flat* in Henry street near Noe. for Mrs.
William* to B. O'Connor, .for $4,000.
Lot 23x121:10H feet in the. east line of Raker
street north of McAllister, from W. Williams
to P. Peywr. for $3,750.'. The pnrefcaser intends
to erect three handsome flats.
A residence of" 10 rooms in the ea*t line of
Sleiner rtreet. opposite Alamo square, for $7,500,
from. Doctor Platt to Mrs. U., Daly. -
Lot 27:6x100 feet. \u25a0 east Itn» of L'ramis street,
sonth of Serenteenth. for f1.000./trom Leon
Pre»cott to Henry Stoeckle. Stoeckle Intends to
erect a handsome bungalow on the lot.
For the estate of Mary Brady, deceased, • the
lot of land 56x100 feet at the northwest corner
of Folsoin «ad Raw* streets, for $15,000. Big
rlas has plans oct for a three Ftory warehouse.
For Mary Hanbold et si., a lot of land 25x100
feet in the east line of Alabama street, north'
of Twenty-fourth, *ad two little flata, for
For *M. Daly to • cllaet of W. B. McGreery",
22x112 feet, southeast , corner cf Washington
and Learenworth streets, for $7.500..- - .-- -
Kor Mis* Helen I>emlnji: to Dennis . Brosnam.
"7-6xS5 feet in the north line of Harrison street,
east of Sixth, for $4,000. -, - 1 " -
For the Graff estate to G. (i. Glllespie.' 2Tix
112 feet,' south west corner of Washington street
a«d Be*d place, for $5,000. * \u25a0 " > "
For Miss Helen - Gray to G. Bnsh. 42x137:6,
south line of Bnsh street between Learenwwth
and Hyde., for $15,000. Bn«h proposes to erect
an op to date apartment troildinp. - .
Lot 22x112:6. - for . the : Graff - estate \u25a0 to "\u25a0 Mrs.
Dalley; nootheast corner \«f Washington and
Lea ren worth streets, \u25a0 for S7;O00. ,_
Kane &- C0. ,- also , report . that ; ; tncy
have ; under way. sales - to* the extent? of
150,000. subject; loathe! approval* of „\u25a0 the
probate court. ; .' Thjpy ; have ' also; made. a
number of leases on* improved ( property.
High Class Structures Planned
by Owners of Property in
Central Locations
The erection of high class structures
continues in central locations.- Lower
rates of interest for money are'^en
couraging property owners to improve
and the Increasing population is rmak
ing a better demand for accommoda
tions in business buildings. . .
A. Satter has contracted for a seven
story and basement class A building In
the north side of Sutter street; 107 feet
east of Grant avenue, to cover a lot
60x30 feet. This will- cost, more than
?50,000 on the basis of the contracts
already placed. -
One of the largest contracts placed
recently is that of the •William Morris
company western for the theater build-.
ing to be erected In the north line of
Ellis street, 137:6 feet west of Stockton,
to cover a lot 90x137 feet. The esti
mated cost is considerably more than
J200.000. Contracts have just been put
on record amounting to $210,000.
The Fitel Phillips company, which
bought property in the south line of
Ellis street; 62:6 feet w^st of. Mason,
some months ago, has awarded con
tracts for a three story and mezzanine
floor and basement building, to cost
a-bout $50,000. The lot is 52:6x55 feet.
A 160.000 building will' be erected
by Stull Sonnikson, to be six ftories
high with basement and mezzanine
floor, of reinforced concrete. In the
southeast line of Market street, 100
feet northeast of Second. This structure
will be on plans by'Macdonald & Apple
garth, architects. It will cover a lot
having a frontage of 40 feet and a
depth of 100. .
The Southern- Pacific company" 'has
placed a contract for. the addition, of a
final wing to the company's hospital
structure on the block bounded by
Hayes, Fell, Baker .and Lyon street?.
The' contract calls , for an immediate
expenditure of 1130.000-
Moses Ellis has contracted for the
construction of a four story class C
building at .the . southwesf.corner, of
Post and Mason streets, to cost $»5,000.
This. will contain rooms and stores. It
will entirely cover a lot £7:6x87:6 feet.
In addition to these, buildings, good
frames will be erected at once in'vari
out parts of the city.
M. Fisher has taken out a permit
to build a two story frame building,
to cost $9,500, on lot number 19 in the
Presidio terrace^--
C. H. Robinson will erect a three
story frame. dwelling in the northeast
line of Tenth street, 175 feet north
west of Folsom. to cost 115,000. .
A wooden structure, to cost $24,500
will be built by M. A^ Levy on plans by
C. A.. Meussdorffer. architect, 'In the
south line of Jackson street, 137:6
feet east of Laurel.
Solomon Dannenbaum, has contracted
for a two story frame building, to con
tain four flats, at the southeast corner
of Washington street and First avenue,
to cost about $15,000. . - l
A frame lodging structure -to cost
$7,500 will -be built for N. Ferroggarid.
at the northeast corner of Barman place
and Green street. , . \u25a0 —
/The Diamond .estate company has
taken out a permit for. the erection of
a six story brick hotel building in the
west line of ; Fourth street,9 2 feet north"
of Howard. 1 to cost- $40,000/ 7" _ ' /
At a. cost of $29,000 M.! Clark & Sons
will construct' a~ three story brick loft
building In the north; line of Natoma
street, 100 feet west of ' Second.
J. W. . Wright & Coi report satisfac
tory results^ at? their/ auction- saleHhis
week, . comprising-* the \u25a0\u25a0; following I im
proved property: ;, ;^ \u25a0-\u25a0- '\u25a0"-.;>''
*I/>t, 30x112:2.? southeast corner, of Broadway
andLajrana street, $8.500.. . s
— Residence and lot. 355 : Fell ' street between
Gnujrh and" OctaTla.?f 6.soo. •\u25a0 \u25a0 . ; . v; i -.-..
ImproTed : property,, 1(32-34 ; Post ,btreet west
of iLapraa. $9,700. .^'^ -\u25a0 - ; - . J : -.--, : -.
ImproTed property. 2140-<4,Satter street oppo
site Golden Gate Commandery hall. SS,OOO. >;.\u25a0-- *
- He»ld«>iice,- 1813 I^pnnji street. $5.»00.- - -\u25a0 '
Two flats, : 11*2-44 Treajt arenoe, •• $4,550. : ':
'\u25a0: . The $ members : of - the v firm ; : express
themselves as % well ; satis fied Jwl th \th c
sale. <; The prices; were? somewhatf mod
erate/-; buttindicat is- that|ther(e)are';, buy-
Vrs; in" the.'; markets if \u25a0> they^ 'findS that
they'f can * purchase * the f prop ertyjrtghtfa
Wallace McWalte and wife to Jacob Heymau
company, lot 215. Herman tract; $10.
Richard Flaherty and \u25a0 wife to . Eobert 'R.
Moody, lot at S corner of ii street and Third
avenue. SK 100 by S\V 20«; flO.
C. W\ Haufe and wife to Peter Smith, lot in
W line of Learenwortu street, 137:6 X of Busli;
X 27:0 by W 102; $10. . : . . • \u25a0.
Margaret P. Gahen to Laura C. Karsfnll, lots
34 and 30. block C 4. Ueis tract; $10.
Walter J. Ensrle and wife to West Shore land
company, lot 13, block ISI. . O'Xcil &. Haley
tract; $10. • ' . ' .. :
Marie A. Koemer to Jeremiah J. Hejran, lot
In SVT line of Gerrold avenue, SE ?<Q by S\V
100: $10. r -
Evelyn A. Weymouth to Danlfl J. O'Leary,
lot in N line of.Orore street. 100:3 C of Clay
ton. E2O by X 1.17:0; SlO- .
August C. Eand to W. C. Shonten &. Co., lot
In S line of H street. 07:6 E of Eleventh avenue,
E 25 by S 100; $10.
Herman ilerkl to Vlirtor ByqoU.£. lot in W
line of Kansas street, 172 S of Xlneteenth, S 20
by W 100; $10. - i
Eupenia Laforcade to Ernest Laforcade. lot in
S line of California street, 160:6 E of Larkln,
E 27 :« by S 137:0; $10. '
Bothin real estate company to Carlo Fornl.
lot In S line of Francisco street, 137:6 W of
Octavia. W 20 by S 137 :«; $10.
4 Etta F. LoveUnd to Herman T. Payne and
wife, lot at SE corner of Nineteenth and San
chez streets. E 52:6 by S 57; $10.
Georpe A. Martin to J. W. Wright & Sons In
vestment company, lot. in • E line of Tbirty
elchth avenue, 100 X of A street. -X 20 by E
120: $10.
Iteal Estate and Pcvelopment company to Lena
Patrick, lot In X line of Xlneteenth strept. 70
W of Rhode Island. W 20 by X 100; srrant.
William Witte to Alice E. Creba. lot in W
line of Ashbnry street, S2 X of Seventeenth, X
20 by W 90: $10. —
William Witts and wife to Alice E. Creba.
lot in X line of Cortland avenue. 23:4 W of
Prospect. W 23:4 by X 70; 110. .
William Witts to same, lot 31, sift map 1;
$10. \u25a0 i •\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0• ' - .\u25a0 \ " \u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0.- " -
Same to cam*.-' lot 25. pift map 1: $10.
Johanna Hart to W. A. Halsted. lot in X line
of Sutter street, 91:S W of Larkin, .W 40:10 by
X 120; $10.
Katherine A: Rlvrrs to Thnmas W. Itlvern
et al.. lot 10, block 3, subdivision 1. Castro
street addition": $10..
Illanclie S. Morton to Frank K. Orannls, lot
in X line of Sutter Mreet. 137:6 E of Taylor, X
337:6 W 50.- 55 3:10. W 0:7*;. S to a point
65:7- X to Sutler street and 88:8 3» IE of Taylor.
S to a point 41:1 X of Sutter street and 56:45
E of Taylor, S to Sutter street at a point SG:OVi
E of Taylor. E 01:05«; $10.
-Frank B. Grannis to Blanche S. Morlrn.. lot
in E line of Vnn Xess avenue. 74-.BU-S of
Washinjrton street. S 40 and E 120; $10.
\u25a0 Elizabeth I C. " Pearl to SylTp«trr and Lauren
Pearl, lot at XW corner of Haight and Pierce
streets, W SO and X «7:6; grift, \u25a0\u25a0 -
Same to Sylvester Pearl, lot in W line of
Pierce «treet,*lt>o XTof.Page, X 25 by XV 106:3;
?lf>. ... \u25a0'- \u25a0-.•'•\u25a0 • '.\u25a0\u25a0-•\u25a0.. \u25a0-\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 -•- \u25a0' ;
Sol Getx & 'Sons to Anna. A. Martens. . lot in
E line of Forty-third avenue, 175 X of J,.X 25
<*v E 120; $10. \u25a0 ; .
\u25a0\u25a0- Charles -L. Firenaugb rt al. to Joseph F.
Poheim lot ln-W line of Valencia street, 195 S
of Eishteenth. S 75 &HV100: *10. , ' ,
\u25a0 Marparrt Xolan to Bendix O. Schwarz.llot in
We take pleasure in announcing that
Chas. H^lZendrlck Company
Oliver C. Stine
American Real Estate Company^
Are Now Associated Under the firm Name of
Stine^ JCg^^^^'
Where Clients of : ' Both^ Firrhs n \\ : ilHße*Benefiteci;bv
. : •' Greatly; Increased^ Facilities
N line of Day street, 205 W of Xoe. VT 25 by X
114; flO. - - \u25a0 - . - -
G. H. I'mbM-ii & Oj. to Americ«n land and
trn«t company, lot at 'XW eoro«»r of ThlrtT
thinl avenne and Q" street. X COO bj ,W 240: $HX
-' Anna -Joost et al. to Henry C and Bertha
Kasten. lot In block 3, subdivision 1/ Mountain
Spring property; f 10.
Emma .\. Blalsdell to Nathaniel BlaisdeU.
lot in X line of Vallejo. 37:6 W Buchanan. W
30 bj- X i:J7:«S and. one other piece: $10.
• California title and insurance and trust com
pany to John F. Fi^hec One-tenth of lot at XE
corner of Stanyan and Grore streets, X 50 by
E 10C:3; ?10.
L»miß E. Wood and wife to Joseph Cham
pion and wife. Jot in SW line of Fourth street,
SO SE of Howard. !<E 25 by SW 75: $lf».
Tiiomas E. Haven to J. Jli and Antone L<»ttich. }
lot at SW corner of M street and Thirteenth j'
arenae. Wf6S by .S - 100: SlO. " '\u25a0'•",
Hannah McDonald to George A. Rigs and wife,
lot in S line of Xinetep»th street. 330 W San
chez. W 2". by S 114; $10.
W.. B. Stepbeni to Isaac and Samuel Fried
man, lot in E line or Valencia street, 143 X c;
Sixteenth. X 50 by E lOU $10.
OioTannt B. CaraeKtia et al. to Aneeeto B.
Bresa ct al.. lot in S line nf Union street. 51:6
W of Mason. W 25 by S 00; $10.
Bay District land company to Alfred Arriola.
lot in E line of Third arcane, 250 X of B street.
X"25 by E 120; $10. -
W._W. Shannon to Annip I* . Shannon, lot la-
X "line of Waller street, 62:6 W of Buchanan,
W 25 by X 120; $1.
BiilidinK Contract*
! H. F. Snhr with H. T.Grieb — Alterations and
•dtlitions to • undertaking • parlor* is tmildin? in
X Une <.f Mission street. C 3 S of Twenty-fiftli,
E 115 by S 40: $6,440.
En?enle Ronstan* with Gnstav Sandbere — All
work picept nhinJ.inc an«l jras fitting for a two
story frame rmildlntr in S Hue of H- stret, 32:6
E of Fifth avenue, E 20 by S 83; $0,100.
Alfred Monotti and E.F. Larimer with Van
Emon elevator company — One frefght elevator
for iMiilJinr at SW corner of Merchant and Bat
tery streets. S 53:.*! by W 137:6: $2,050.
John R. and Mabel H. Box with Carl Schmltt
—To erect a three story frame baildinir (flafk
in X line of Oak street. 25 E of Fillmore, E 20
by X 57:6: $7,060.
\u25a0 G. Orsi with Xew San Francisco concrete com
pany—Brick work. . foundation, p-auin?. wreck
injr. etc., for a three story and basement brick
,-hnildin?: In X lin" of- Washington street. 205:3
X of Kearny, X 100, E 25. X «7:10. S 61:10 H.
1 W 14. S 112. thence 52:10S: $4.550.
j.. ;A. J. Michel and Paulin Para with E. Qua
; uelll — To erect a- three story and basement frame
building at \u25a0XW • corner of Powell and John
streets: X 40 hr W «0: '99,P(<0. • • ' '-\u25a0
.Matt Schlinker with Adam Kath — AU wßrk ex
cept plumbing for four room and basement cot
iage in S line of Bernal avenne, 4SI Berr.al ave
nue; $1,000." ."•,
Southern , Pacific company with \u25a0W. Hcidt and
J., P.- Fraser— Painting, polishinjr, glass, slazing:
and sheet metal work for "Southern Pacific hos
pital. In Work bounded by Hayes, FelL Baker
and Lyon streets; $2,352. '
Solomon Dannenbaum with William S. Snook
4- son — Plumbing- for frame <flat) building at SE
corner pf Washington street and First avenue, E
100. 5 '104:4;;. -W 105:5S: $1,670. . .
Numerous Important Transac
tions Shown by the Deeds
Recorded During Week
The last few days have been marked
by the transfer of properties in the
central retail district-^Grant avenue.
Mason.* Post and .'other ' streets — and
also: some in the wholesale district.
Alphonze -and Emilie Grostois have
deeded to Mary A. Cornwall the north
east corner of Grant avenue and Hinck
ley street.
C. H. and Annette Wilson have con
veyed to' Sanford Sachs the northeast
corner of Mason and Post streets.
The Occidental real estate company
has deeded to Lillie P.Dana 50 by 109
feet in the east line of Van Ness ave
nue, 50 feet south of Turk street.
William W. Rednall has deeded to
Laura Marshutz 27:6 by 110 feet in the
north line of Green street, SI feet east
of Broderick.
Alfred Voyce Jr. has sold to Abra
ham Gutman 25 by 87 feet in the west
line of Spruce street, 25 feet north of
California. w
The" San Francisco- Scottish thistle
club has bought from George W. and
Sarah P. Miller and others the north'
east corner of Thirty-sixth avenue and
M street, the dimensions being 107 by
250 feet-
| Andrew TV. Imrie has sold 25 by 120
feet in the east line of Tenth avenue.
150 feet north of Geary- street, to Pat
rick McLaughlin.
The Boston investment" company has
bought from Thomas and Catherine
Ellen- Lundy 240 by 600 feet .at the
north corner of I street and Forty-sec
ond avenut.
Emfli~Gelter has deeded to John Mc-
Gaw 43 by 58 feet in the east line of
Jones street; 45 feet south of Vallejo.
Hugo D. Newhouse and the Interur
ban real estate company ha\ - e deeded
to Edward >I. Jones the property 155
feet rrest of Fourth street, in the
northwest line of Welch. 20 by 75 feet.
George L. Russell has bought the
northwest corner of Thirty-second ave
nue and California street, in the Lyon
& *Hoag subdivision of the Bakers
Beach land company, from Frank and
Emma^E. WorrelL
C A. and Annie M. Buckley have
deeded to John E. Fitzpatrick the
northeast corner of Post and 3aker
streets. .. . -..'', .
Only people of wealth can afford
to pay rent
To tie average business or professional man enjoying a mod*rrate in-
come the .forty or fifty dollars which he must pay monthly for a
flat or apartment at all in keeping *with his requirments, rcpreseat
a net "waste.
"One must live**. Yes, that is true: but one must not necessarily
live in a high-rent flat. *Wty not take that rent and apply it on a
an attractive suburb, quick of access to'your business; twenty-four
minutes from San Francisco; where a large number of people in your
own class Lave already built; where streets, sidewalks, trees, sewers,
lights and telephones are finished uni- installed, — not promised.
Why not buy and build in EASTON. See EASTON for
yourself. There are so many suburbs and all of them, nave been
painted in such vivid colors, that you have probable grown, skeptical
at so much goodness. Take the 11:49 a. m. or 2:05 p. m. trains or
San Mateo electric cars; our agent: will snow you EASTON.
You are under no obligation to buy . for we do not even offer to
return your fare. Remember, easy monthly payments make you a
property owner here.
F. J. RODGERS, General Agent, Mills Building, San Francisco
When you buy your lot in the Schwerin Addition at Bay Shore,
you invest where values are rapidly rising. The S. P. shops arc being:
built there. The California Electric Company's works are tHere and
"other big industries; and enterprises are planned. There will be 6.000
to 40,000 men \u25a0employed there in industrial and manutac'turing pursuits.
Follow the Crowd for Success
All modern improvements. Postoffice and schoolhonse, churches,
store arid air social advantages.
F|nc Situation and Healthful Climate
Present Prices Will Make Tou, Money
Lots 25xl0a=r-ssob and Up
Take the Mission street, Cemetery and San , Mateo cars, transfer
at Geneva avenue to Visitacion Valley. line, which runs in front of the
property.; -Branch office on v the tract open. all week, or apply at main
office. !Ǥ3883888
785 Market, St. San Francisco
The Knights of Columbus have re-
cently purchased a fine lot, S3:T by
137:6 feet, in the north side of Golden
Gate avenue between Jones and Leav-
enworth streets. They have decided to
erect an imposing class A building'on
It -costing at least $150,000. and have
selected Smith O'Brien as the architect
to prepare the plans and specifications.
The building will have a magnificent
auditorium on the first floor and a ban--
quet hall in the basement, -which may
be used in connection with the audito-
rium or with the lodgerooms oa the
upper floors.
The upper floors will contain a large
lodcreroom for the order and in addition
other lodgerooms for rental purposes.
Clubrooms will aJso be provided for th«
/nembers of the order. The exterior
will be finished in rtone. pressed brick
and terra cotta and \u25a0will be of an im-
posing character, five stories in height.
The building when finished will be taa
finest of Its kind in the city.
Something Entirely New
Let me show you something ab-
solutely and entirely new in fine,
moderate-priced homes. My houses
possess comforts, conveniences and
refinements found in no* others.
Seven rooms and den, billiard
room, servants" room, laundry, fur-
nace, etc. Monthly terms if de-
sired. Two houses ready. Three
4th aye. bet. I and J, near two car
Owner on premises daily.
No Money Required
If yon own a lot 1 will Dclld yuu a home oa
««y terms. Expert estimates farcished on •Itera-
tions, showing bow to increase income.
FELIX MABCI'SE. 153 Sntter nt.

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