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Owners Show Faith in Values by Leasing City Property
Improvement in Recent Months
Indicates Better Record
Than That of 1909
The sales of realty are making large
totals and bid fair to give the first
half of 1910 a great improvement in its
showing over the aggregate for the
first six months of 190». While the
number of large sales that go on rec
ord immediately after being consum
mated is quite small, they have a way
of appearing legitimately at an oppor
tune time when a record is needed for
a quarter or half year, and the total is
made to shine.
For the time leases are more in evi
dence than sales, and tXis phenomenon
is not only interesting in itself but it
indicates confidence as strong as gran
ite on the part of holders of certain
classes' of properties that they have a
good thing upon which they do not
easily loose their grip.
There is no reason to hold back the
publication of leases. They are gen
erally preliminary to the erection of
good buildings in the immediate future,
an.1 they indicate only what the lessee
and the lessor believe the earning ca
pacity of the ground &pd specified im
provements to be- for a term of years,
starting at a comparatively small fig
ure and progressing periodically, so
that the average is made respectable
while the total rental runs up into
six or seven figures.
A lease for a business property in
either the wholesale or the retail sec
tion that aggregates $1,000,000 or more
Is not eor.siiered uncommon. It leaves
the property at the end of the time lim
it in the hands of the original owners
or of their heirs and the leases often
pay a grogs sum that would be con
sidered a large price for the land and
improvements at the present time.
There are certain parts of San Fran
cisco in which the sales that have taken
place in the last few years are rela
tively small. The explanation given for
this by astute realty brokers is that the
persons who had the land before the
fire never lost the idea that it would
He much more valuable, and they seem
to be adhering to this idea.
Probably there is no part of San
Francisco that has seen more hard
work ou the part of realty brokers in
the last . two years than the district
hounded by East, Second, the south line
of Market street and the territory
reaching southward over to the
wharves and docks and the southern
line of the state's belt railway. For
rrany months after the fire this great
and valuable section of San Francisco
v.as built up with less speed than the
retail parts of the city. It did not
even keep pace with the wholesale
and retail area beginning with the cen
tra! line of Market street and extending
over toward North beach, and from
Montgomery street toward the eastern
water front of the city. Recent build
ing moves seem to indicate a general
desire to improve with good class
structures all the lower section of Mar
ket street and the streets abutting
thereon. Market street below Second
will ha\> a very different and much im
proved appearance before the falL
All through what are known techni
cally as the outside lands, which in
clude Richmond and Sunset districts,
the stir on the part of buyers and sell
ers continues. The number of active
real estate men on the ground and
the magnitude of improvements in
progress on both sides of Golden Gate
park tend to stimulate interest and
to show ti# good things for sale.
Along Clement street, in the Rich
mond district, there is activity in store
building. Three or four important
corners inside of Twelfth avenue are
the sites of new store construction.
The beginning by the German savings
hank of the banking structure. that it
will erect on the southwest corner of
Seventh avenu* and Clement street,
and the possible erection of a new the
ater at the northwest corner of Cle
ment street and Fifth avenue are sub
jects that Interest the Richmond dis
trict people.
Since 1506 the real estate sales of
San Francisco have averaged more
than $32,000,000 a year, and have made
up a total of $130,000,000 in- round
figure*. This is a good enough show
ing to warrant optimism in San Fran
cisco regarding the future advance in
prices of all sorts of realty.
While the city has been the scene,
in four years, of realty sales aggre
gating the large amount mentioned, the
building operations in the same four
years have represented the great outlay
of $173,000,000 in round figures.
FSan Francisco has practically built
as many structures in the four years
succeeding the great fire as were
burned in April, 1906. The buildings
in the burned area are worth more than
those that stood formerly within the
same boundaries. When the entire dis
trict has been rebuilt with the newer
class structures, the values invested
will represent many millions more than
the properties that were destroyed.
An attentive reader of the real es
tate news will eee that the cost of ;
construction presented In contracts
awarded and in permits for building
issued by the board of works is suf
ficient to insure a high average.
, To what extent the permission given
by the supervisors for temporary
structures to remain another year will
retard the Improvement of neighbor
hoods where they are found in num
bers is purely problematical. The
order to demolish them that was
issued by the previous board of su
pervisors led to a period of activity In
construction In certain quarters.
Poss-ibly the entire city has such
a strong forward Impulse that many
property owners will see the advan
tage of putting up improvements that
will draw a better income, and will not
wait for the end of the year to begin
to demolish and remove.
The week closes, with property own
ers confident and brokers in knowledge
of facts of importance that may result
in some marked developments before
the first half of th« year 1910 has been
The opening of the new home site
tract to be known as Corona heights
is announced by Chandler & Bourn,
real ettate brokers, 235 Montgomery
street, who are offering the property.
Corona heights tract Is situated within
two blocks of the Masonic avenue cars
and one block from the Ashbury car
line. It is on the southerly slope over-
Ik looking Golden Gate park. Both Buena
Vista park and Golden*- Gate -park are
' in easy walking distance, from Corona
heights. The land. adjoins the Pope &
Talbot tract and It is an Ideal location
for homes. Chandler & Bourn say that
. they expect the heights soon to be
built up entirely: with- artUtlc.bunga-
TO COST $1,000,000
Structure Will Be Largest Pri*
vate Institution of Kind
West of Chicago
Representing an investment of ap
proximately $1,000,000 and occupying
the block bounded by Hay«»s, Grove,
Shrader and Stanyan street, the new
St. Mary's hospital will be a striking
landmark in the neighborhood of
Golden Gate park. The institution
when completed will be the largest of
the privately owned hospitals west of
The cast wing and the central por
tion of the hospital are In course of
construction and it is ; expected that
work thereon will be completed during
the present year, probably before
Christmas. The st<el has been placed
for the main portion of the hospital,
which will -have a steel frame, con
crete curtain walls, with stucco, terra
cotta and stone trimmings. , j".
The hospital, generally speaking,
will b<& in the* mission style of archi
tecture. The roof will be covered with
red mission tiles. In all regards the
structure will be modern. I^ter three
additional wings and an administra
tion building will be erected.
The land on which the hospital will
stand cost $125,000. The frontages in
Hayes and In Grove streets are 412 %
feet each. The frontages in Shrader
and Stanyan streets are uniform, 275
feet each. X>. 11. Burnham & Co. are
the architects. The smaller picture in
the cut gives an idea of the structure
as completed.
The First Baptist church is erecting
a handsome church edifice at the junc
tion of Waller and Octavia streets, close
to Market street. "When completed it
will cost practically $70,000. The dome
rises 90 feet above the sidewalk. The
exterior has been nearly finished. The
auditorium will seat about 1,200. Rapid
progress in construction is being made.
The store and loft building for St.
Patrick's parish now in course of con
struction on the south side of Mission
street between Third and New Mont
gomery is to be five stories in height
instead of four stories as originally |
planned. The property has been leased
to the Rucker-Fuller desk company for
10 years. The exterior is being finished
in Bedford stone and white glazed terra
cotta and Is very simple and attractive.
A complete sprinkler .system is being
Installed. The basement, first floor
and mezzanine floor will be fitted up
as * attractive showrooms. It Is ex
pected that the building: will be com
pleted by the middle of May. Smith
O'Brien is the architect.
The Masonic temple at Palo Alto is
the finest building. In the college town.
It is built of reinforced concrete and
contains three stores and a basement,
with two lodge halls, a spacious ban
quet room with necessary kitchens,
anterooms; ' parlors, clubroom, etc., on
the upper floor. A; modern system of
heating and ventilation is used. The
lighting fixtures, plumbing and fur
niture are In . keeping with a building
of this class. The cost was $40,000.
W. H. Weeks was the architect
J. TV. Wright & Co. report good re
sults at their auction sales during the
week. The bidding was l good on many
of. the properties offered. Among the
important parcels bid upon were- the
following: .
Southeast corner Commercial and Montgomery
street*. 29:8x60 feet; 139,000.
Residence ' at: ir>36 Webster' street- between
Geary and Post: $s,ooo. v^a^JßS^SSfißßS^fefJ!
01$ Fourth avenue near B street, modern resi
dence; $7,800. • .
•- Duncan street near Valencia, 27x00 feet, \u25a0with
improTements; $C,150, " ' ...
/ Nineteenth utreet near i Colllngwood, , two fiats
and lot, 27x75 xeet; ; $3,250. - / *-
" The '.- firm •' announces s. that:". its next
public -offering -will .take** place Tues-'
day, : April. 1 2, ~ -. '
Baldwin & Howell Report Many
Large Deals in Various Sec
. tions 0! San Francisco v
Baldwin & Howell report the follow
ing sales:
Residence at the_ southeast corner, of j Locust
and Jackson streets, lot 37:6x102:8%, two story
and basement frame bnildlng of nine rooms and
bath. One marine view, sold to a client on pri
vate terms.
Lot at the Eontheast corner of Broadway and
Baker streets, 50x137:6, sold for William Ede
company to Dr. A. It. Fritschl. for $20,000.
Lot and improvements In the west line of
Leavenworth street, 137:6.feet north of Bush,
27:6x102, for C. W. Haufe to Peter A. Smith,
improvements consisting of a three story bnlia
ing of three fiats renting for $180 per month,
for $16,500.
Lot and Improvements in the nfest Una of
Lyon street, 50 feet south nf Washington, &x
157:6, improvements consisting of a two story
frame residence, sold for John T. Sullivan to S.
Canterbury, for $12,500.
Lot and Improvements In the north line of
Lombard street, 106 feet east of Broderick,'«ox
137:6, Improvements consisting of a frame build
ing of eight flats renting ror $185 per month,
sold for E. Loebner to Claranc« It. Davis, for
Lot and Improvements in the south line of Cle
ment street, 107:6 east of Fifth avenue. 25x100,
Improvements consisting of a three story.frame
building of three flats renting for $82.50 per
month, sold for B. F. Wigglnton to Ida M. Ker
wan. for $8,500.
Lot 21. Presidio terrace, sold to Harry Maun
drell, who Is about to commence the construc
tion of a handsome residence, for $7,250.
Lot in the east line of Leavenworth street,
87:6 north of California. 25x110, for P. A. Smith
to D. A. Ostram, for $6,600.
Lot in the north line of Clay street. 215 east
of Taylor, 28x137:6, sold to Joseph Sockolov, for
$5,700. ,
Lot in the north line of Clay street, 100 feet
east of Taylor, 31x137:6; sold to Patrick Noble,
for $3,650. \u25a0 x
Lot in the north line of Clay street, 185 feet
least of Taylor, 23x137:6, sold to a client of
Solomon & Estes. for $5,300.
Lot and improvements in the east line of
Buchanan street, 72 feet north of Hayes, 24x
81:3, improvements consisting of a two story
frame building of two flats of six and seven
rooms and bath, sold for. Jeanette Duff to George
\\. Springer, for $4,750. ,
Lot In the east line of Hyde street, 37:6 feet
north of Pine, 25x62:6, sold for Oscar H. Fergu
son to John Jausand, on private terms.
Lot in the east line of Florence street,; 07:6
north of Broadway, 40x60; sold for Catherine M.
Atkinson to Elizabeth Cerberdlng, for $4,000.
Lot In the west line of Fifth avenue, 25 feet
north of B street, 25x95, sold for Carl F. Ernst
to a client, for $2,050.
Lot In the southwest line of Fifth avenue
South. 200 feet northwest of Q street South. 25x
100, sold for M. C. Hogan to Matthias Matson.
for $1,400.
Lot in the west line of Twenty-ninth avenue,
25 feet south of L street, 00x120. and lot In the
east line of Thirtieth avenne, 150 south of L
street, 50x120. sold for L. H. Peterson to.Charles
Packard, for $1,250. 1 i\ \u25a0 \u25a0 : f
Lot In the south line of Point Lobos avenue,
84 feet west of Nineteenth, 26x100, - sold for
Mary M. Finncgan to Robert C." Smith,"'on' pri
vate terms. \u25a0 \u25a0 . \u25a0
Lot In the south lln« of M street, 00 feet east
of Forty-eighth avenue, 25x100, sold for Tyler
investment company to Stephen Mcrlnlan. - for
$550. . - - -, ..-. ;.,-\u25a0 -. - .- ' . ,
. Block bounded by Mayflower, Peralta, Powhat
tan and Bradford streets,* gift map 3,1 sold for
J. J. McDade et aL to a client." on private terms.
7 Lot in the southeast line of Clary street, 179
feet southwest of Fifth, 25x80/and an adjoining
lot of the same size, sold for separate owners to
A. W. Perry, on private terms, vj- • -.
I Building; Contracts
- Hugo Muller.automobUe company with Mess-
Nicholson company—To erect a one story loft
building in S line of Ash avenue, SO E of Van
Ness. 29x90: $3,400. - ":•\u25a0; -
Jacob F.'Delnlnger. with the Turner company —
Plumbing, gas \u25a0\u25a0 fitting,'- sewer work,' steam \u25a0 heat-
Ing radiators, hot water system, boilers and fix
turps for a three story and'basement apartment
building in N line of Pine street, 87:6 E of
Hyde, E 50 by N 137:6; $5,288. "
r The Roman Catholic. archbishop of San Fran
cisco with American • marble. and mosaic : com
pany—Brick, carpenter, :>. marble - and Iron \u25a0 work
and sheathing inside of tabernacle with wood for
two marble side altars in connection with a brick
church in J* line of 1 California street, * 137:6 \u25a0 E
of Dupont, N 187:6,.. W. 137:6, S 137:6, Eto be
glnnlg; $1,100.- .-. \u25a0•\u25a0 .-. . ;-'-.-. .'i^v
Sewall Dolliver with William Plant, D. Camp
bell* and Dani#l Foley—To erect a' three story
and basement frame residence in S line of Wash
ington street, 62:6 E Of Spruce, S 100 by E 50;
$14,765/ \u25a0; \u25a0; '.:.;.;-.; \u25a0 " . \u0084.;\u25a0../ .;,;_.; < ;
A lease has-been, recorded; -In which
the' Grand Central J investment^- com
pany r rents a"* corner >, of %\u25a0 Market; "a Fell
and : Polk streets \u25a0\u25a0 toj Mac I Delia*. Sweeney
, f or ilO \u25a0\u25a0 years ; at^ an "\ aggregate^ rental of
$90,000. '. , \u25a0\u25a0.. ; •• - ;
Plans Made and Contracts Let
for New Structures on
Downtown Sites
A six story and basement building,
for which the plans - were completed
some time ago, will be erected- for the
William Ede company in the southeast
line of Market street, 300^ feet i north
east of Seventh street. "This will cover
a ground space of 50x165 feet, fronting
50 feet In Market street and extending
through to Stevenson street. William
Knowles Is the architect. Some of the
contracts for construction have been
placed. The building will be equipped
with electric , passenger and freight
James D. Phelan will erect a one
story brick structure, to contain stores,
in Market street, east of Taylor. The
cost will be about $33,000.
The estimated cost of the three story
brick, structure to be erected for the
Fraternal Order of Eagles in the south
line of Golden Gate avenue, as stated
In a building permit, is $100,000. The
building will stand in the south line of
Golden Gate avenue, 68 feet east of
Hyde street. \u25a0-\u25a0 \u25a0
The hotel to be Greeted for. l. Strase
burger At the southeast corner of Eddy
and Taylor streets will be of brick and
two' stories" high. The cost, as esti
mated. Will be $43,500.
A handsome residence will be, con
structed in the Presidio wall vicinity to
stand in the west line of Twenty-sec
ond avenue, 130 feet north of Lake
street, .for Mary I* Born. The cost will
be about $7,500.
At the southeast corner of Cole and
Parnassus streets a three story frame
stores and flats building will be con
structed by Herman Wellnitz. The es
timated ooat is $12,000.
Contracts have been awarded in part
for a four story and basement brick
building to be, constructed for I. I*
Borden "at ' the southeast corner of
Front and Clay streets. This will cover
a lot nearly square, the dimensions of
which are 60x64:6 feet.
A two story and basement brick and
frame building will be erected'ln . the
north line of Bush street, 160:5 feet east
of Larkln, to cost about $8,000.
T. P. Devlin will build a two story
frame dwelling in the south line of
Union street, 137 feet west of Scott,
to cost $9,500. :^ V , -5
Thomas Shields will build .a three
story brick shop in the south line of
Mission street, 200 feet east of Second,
to cost $12,000. ; .;
At the southwest corner of Fourth
and TehamaV streets F. 7 Campe will
build a three \u25a0 story frame I rooming
house at a cost of about $11,000.1.-* v
v Contracts have been let amounting to
$68,000 forithe construction of a six
story and basement -building r for ; Jud
son I* Stull and Louis Sonnikson at the
southeast corner of Market v street, 100
feet northeast from Second. ,'
. Adolph /Meyer will erect a sii story
and -basement brick -building: in the
west' line \ of Leavenworth street, 67:6
feet south of Eddy. The cOst will be
about $60,000.' : v'iC: :?.; ' 1 ;
Banks Lend Large Sums on
:x: x Downtown Realty !
-The Central"- trust. ; company has
loaned *s4o,ooo,to .Ethel -Wilson ; on the
property ' in ; , the \u25a0.\u25a0. \u25a0" south line : , of 3 Bush
street, ;? 137 :6 jf eet west of Taylor/, for
building purposes. :;.:^ v
: The Security eavings bank has loaned
$67,000 U t0 > Edwin ;T. VOsborn:< on. the
southeast;comer of , Geary and : Leaven
worth^streets. y V , " ':.':•; ,"/-\u25a0 ".\u25a0:.; \u25a0
The -Humboldt ; savings bank has
loaned v $22,500 vvtoatne; Missions ;turn
vereln f on' the Z property > at : the T south^
west corner of Ei ghteenth ana : Lap id ge
'stfeetß.v,l;'-'..V r ;/: 1^ :f £-.' \u25a0 \i-';. r - :.XM,.-^i\'~ :^ ',
\u25a0-'. The i. French-American : bank \u25a0 of - sav
ings'; has .loaned to ? Emma> Chismore
Engelcke" ss3,ooo on lthi| sputheastlcorf
ner. of Bush and "Jones streets 'and other
properties."' : ' 'i--.- ..\u25a0.'\u25a0\u25a0'.-...;.;•.•• V .-.';'.'V \u25a0. -XH.
Sr.The Hibernla bank: has loaned' s2o,ooo
to f Janet. C.'iHaight:oniproperty.iinithe
southilirie, of; Ellis, street, l37:lo?feet
east r of .;/ , •.. \u25a0 \u25a0•'; -:'- :v?; <??
Report for the Month of March
t Shows Transfers Greatest
in Two Years
Thomas Magee & Sons, in their real
estate circular report, that during the
month: of March 783 sales of real estate
in San Francisco were recorded for a
total .Of J3.349.884. This is an Increase
of $226,087 over the figures for the
month of February, . when the total
sales recorded amounted to $3,123,797,
an increase of- $787,178 over the fig
ures of sales recorded during the month
of January, when tha total sales were
$2,562,706. The tdtals for the month of
March are the highest for any month
since April, 1908, with the exception
of last December, when the total sales
recorded, amounted to $6,170,745,. in
which total were included many sales
which had been pending for a long time
and which were consummated prior to
the close of the year. It is also worthy
of comment that the number of sales
recorded during March — '783 — is the
highest number in any one month since
April, '1907, and i» an indication that
investors in real estate are ; becoming
more plentiful. The activity was gen
erally divided among the different sec
tions of the city, and consisted mostly
of small-rales, the largest sale for the
month involving only an Investment of
less than $175,000. The 50 vara section
led with total sales of $970,110, with
the Western addition second with total
sales of $876,550. The greatest activity
in number of sales was in the outside
lands and homesteads, in which 291
deeds were recorded during the month,
and in the Mission, with 179 transac
Among the principal sales recorded
were the following: In the 50 vara
section — The south side of California
street, 84 feet east of Battery, 80 feet
front by irregular depth- of 137^4 feet,
for $120,000; the northwest corner of
Pacific and Davis streets, 183^ by
137J4, sold to Swift & Co. for $100,000;
the south side of Ellis street, adjoining
the Flood building, 25 feet front by ir
regular depth, with a two story con
crete: building^ sold for $95,000; the
south side of Turk street, 137 V£ feet
east of Leavenworth, 92x137 m, was re
ported sold, for $70,000; the west, side
of Jones street, 68 % north'of Post, 83%
by 137%, with "L," In rear, sold for
$50,000; southwest corner of Battery
and Merchant streets, 65»4 by 187%,
sold for $50,000; east side of Davis
street. 45:10 north of Clay, 45:10
front by 137% ." feet deep, sold
f or ' $42,500, ana the east side of Grant
avenue, 77% feet south of Pacific, 20
by 55, ' improved, reported sold for
$35,000. • ' "
In ; the 100 vara district, the south
east-side, of -Market street, 91 2-2 "feet
northeast of Fremont, 91 2-8 by 137%;
the southwest corner of Sixth and Stev
enson J streets, . 75 by 120, sold for . $70,
000; .the northwest -side of Bluxome
street,' 125 feet southwest of Fourth,
75 by 120, improved with : a four story
brick building, -sold- for $53,500; the
southeast side of Berry j street, 396 2-3
feet< northeast of Sixth street, sold to
the Southern Pacific company for $40,
000..v ..-\u25a0 '\u25a0:'-•\u25a0: :". \u25a0- -;;-. -,' . . : ; - = -
v In. the addition, the north
west corner .of - Larkln and McAllister^
streets,: north 120 by 137%, was :sold
by ' commissioner : for ' $100,000; the
northwest . corner, of ;Posti- and; Scott
streets,' 137%, feet in Post: street 'by
137% in Scott, with extra' lot 27% by 55
adjoining in) rear.l was sold to the ; Zion
hospital ?- for? $70,000;; the^' east 'side < of
Van -Ness avenue, 74 2-3; feet south of
Washingion ; street, : 4o. by 1120, improved
with an. apartment house building, sold
In ! trade . for property ; In \ Sutter street
on^ a* basis %of I $70,000 . :
In* the Mission, thej northwestxomer
of Folsom, and '.Twenty-fifth^ streets,
by 5120,: with * extra ;'; lot "? adjoining.: sold
for Z sl7,soo," and the '-. southeast .; corner
of .Twenty-fourth and Harrison' streets,
50 !byilo4;>sold; for; $14,300.
Building 'contract* were : entered into
during . the "month "of March"; for] a total
of $2,381. 909.. divided; as :'
, Brick.; sl.4B4,B7s;^ frame, $822, 069; al
terations, >$74,965.'v.:T0ta1,'i $2,881,909.' \~.
'-'- \u25a0". The » total i.building (contracts \u25a0 entered
into \u25a0 ! slncelthe;flre : amount: t0;5156,837,
965. JVAs 5 nearly * all ..buildings
cost more >: than t- 10 ; per \cent , above Uhe
original .contract price,- it lis estimated
thatitheUotal value of buildings erects
ed 5 since :; the-; flrei s amountXto ? i.n6tiless
than!sl72,soo,ooo.'^There havetbeeni26,^
045'- building;; permits $ issued 'since the
fire \u25a0\u25a0 for- a '[ total of ' $154,790,559. : . ;
Unique Association Is Formed
to Fight Increased Cost
of Living
A number of local grocers have
bonded together under the name of the
"Keen Cut Grocers" to protect them
selves and their customers against the
great increase lnsthe cost of food. The
association Is unique amrfng business
organizations. There is not another of
the kind in the United States. While
the various food trusts have united to
increase prices, grocers of San Fran
cisco have Joined to reduce prices to a
fair level. *
The stores included in the organiza
tion are not new establishments, but
were chosen because of their high
standing and their geographical loca
tion in the city, each store, being: in
the center of a district
The stores will not lose their in
dh'iduality through their "connection
with the association, but will enjoy
the many benefits that it offers. The
chief advantage will come from co
operative purchasing. By buying to
gether, the grocers will command -the
lowest prices, and this advantage will
be shared by their customers.
It Is the aim of the Keen Cut Grocers
through their organized strength to
bring about gradually a general lower
ing of prices. The plans 6f the or
ganization have been carefully made
and every detail looking to the suc
cess of the movement has been com
George Conant announces that he Is
now connected with Shainwald, Buck
bee & Co., 27 Montgomery street, where
the Interests of his clients will be at
tended to. ,
Who Enjoy the Choicest Products of v SSs££*Sn
' the World's Commerce. <^
Knowledge of What is Best More Important / /^^Pm^^^c
Than Wealth Without It. V^
It must be apparent to every one ihat ivSrwliiH
qualities of the highest order are necessary f^k
to enable the best of the products of modern
commerce to attain to universal acceptance. <$% >i^j^^^wf
However loudly heralded, they may not *ls^ $'' % 'j^drs\
hope for world-wide pre-eminence unles3 yj . ?•• \.-/jo!!§z£m
they meet with the general approval, not of M -'s''' '*'wr~Mzl%
individuals only, but of the many who have 'M*&l/^**Ǥl^iEfa
the happy faculty of selecting and enjoying Aw? 1 ?
the choicest products. Their commenda- k^i#' .^IfiHSS
tion, consequently, becomes important to j%SL. *' '^^S^^c^a
others, since to meet the requirements of \^%^ *
the well informed of all countries the method r £f^^>..#-~.v.. *|g§y/
of manufacture must be of the most perfect '^••^SS'S^^MW
order and the combination the most excel- N|^3'^^^^^l
lent of its kind. After thirty years of gen- '^vtfiil§l
eral usage, Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna is every- . §o^'-
where accepted as the best of family laxatives. Its ijll\ (mwi
quality is due *not only to the I excellence of the \u25a0 |j % > | V%^pMsf
laxative, and "carminative principles of plants s f\> x N^ 3 jJ\
known to act most beneficially on the system, \^s^^^mf7i
but also to the method of "manufacture of the \ V^V^'" nS
California Fig Syrup Co., which ensures that uniform- \\% (fir^sst
ity and purity essential in a remedy intended for \\S
family use. It cleanses and sweetens the system Vjk
effectually, when a laxative is needed, without any ?l%v-r'"Jv* !^J^
unpleasant 'after '< effects." To get the beneficial -^/'
effects : of i Syrup of Figs , and Elixir of 'Senna, buy wi\£<y' /|I
6hly;^the full /name^f; the Company— ..|\3§C' J^§
.California Fig Syrup G0.7-is printed on the front of | \{ // (So\
every 'package.. Price, 50 cents per, bottle. : fe\*\L^^ll
Shainwald, Buckbee & Co. Re>
port Transfers of Property
in Various Districts
Shainwald, Buckbee & Co. report a
number of Interesting 'sales, as fol
For F. K. Houston to. George H. Dannemarfc,
southwest corner of Hyde and Pacific streets.
7jxU7:6 feet. The pric« It private.
For Edwin T. Osbora to J. F. IMninser. lot
in the north line of Pine street. >T:tJ feet east
of Hyde, 50x157:« feet, for $13,000.
For S. Goldsmith to S. A. Jorxemten and wife,
lot and improvements, conxistiaz of three flats.
Id the curt Hue of Hyde street. 112:8 feet south
of Broadway.
Fer s. Goldmnitb to Dora Gluyas. lot and Im
provements, coostntin* of three Bats, in the east
line of Hyde street. 87:rt feet south of Broadway.
23x112:6 feet, for $12.00t>.
For J. W. LtlienthaK northwest corner of
Jackson and Cherry streets. 29:0x100 feet, sold
to O. Tobriner. for $7,500.
For Mary Gilroy to Dr. Adelaide Brown, north
west corner of Sixteenth avenue and Lake street.
57:6x100 feet, for $4,500.
For James J. Hayes and wife.' lot at the south
east corner of Ninth avenue and N street. o7;tU
100 ftet. terms private.
For Dr. Winslow Anderson, lot In the sontfi
line of Lake street. 37:tt feet went of Twenty
third avenne. 23x100 feet, for $2,000.
Fof the dame, lot in roath Une of Lake street.
82:6 feet west of Twenty-third avenue, to A.
Ca*»idy. for Ji'.CCo. \u2666
For Kitty Tylvr. lot at the northwest comer
of Seventeenth avenue and A street. 27:6x100
feet, terms private. .-»
For Paulina Vogl to C. J. Carroll. lot In the
north line of Carmel street. 0»i feet west of
Belvedere. 25x114, feet, for $1,650.
For William U. Saylor. lot in the west Une of
Twenty-first avenue. 75 feet south of Lake
street. 25x12) feet, for $1,525.
For William H. Saylor. lot in the west line
of Twenty-first avenue. 130 feet south of Lake
street. 25x100 feet, to Ira M. Wheeler, for
For same, lot In the west line of Twenty-first
avenue, 123 feet south of Lake street. 25x100
feet, for $1,523.
Fof Mrs. A. Sf. Sylvester, lot In the west Une
of- Twenty-eighth avenue, 125 feet south of O
street, thence south 30 feet by 120. for $1,030.
Warren Johnson Dari* an* wife to Gertrude
DaTis. lot In E line ef TwentyseTenth aTenne.
125 N of X street. X 23 by E 120: $1.
Hooker estate company to Htnd rompany. lot
In S line of Bash *treet. lf>l:li>' 3 W ot Taylor,
W 10O:Hj by sJ 137:6; $10.
Mary M. Ftanigan to R. C. Smitb. lot In S
line of Geary utieet, 04 W of Nineteenth ave
nue. TV 28 by S 100; $10.
AiiPlia Crals to Josepb T. and Julia A. Rob
erts, lot* 1 to 7, block 3U. Sunnyvale homestead
association: $10.
liOnlsa Bnrhrnan to Julia Borneman. lot la
S line of Farallones street. 140 E of Orizaba.
E 50 by 8 125; $10.
Mary F. Folry (by executrix) to Emilia E.
Dexter, lot In SB Une of Perry street. 373 SW
of Third. 5W 25 by SE 80; $4,200.
Bally realty company to John Eeplmn. lot
in N line of Marshall street, 200 E of Congdon.
B 25 by N 110; $10.
Joseph T. Roberts and wife to James C. Bar.
burn (trustee), lot at SW enrner of Sunnyvale
and San Bruno avenues. S 104:4 by W 211:4;
Leonard E. Clawson to Edward Stone and wife.
lot in E Une of Moultrle street. 125 N of Old
Hickory, X 23 by E 70; $10.
Real Estate and Development company to>
Nicholas EadOTich. lot at NW corner of Eisht
eenth ami Vermont N 23 by W 100;
Catherine Clements to Charles S. Clements, lot
in SE line of Natoma street. 199:7 W of Sev
enth. SW 23:3 by SE 73: $10.
James Bnrke to Albert H. Aadlifred. lot In
W line of Stone street. 80 S of Jackson, S 20
by W «0: $10.
Da rid Mosea tr> the Emanuel Law Is Infest
ment compaay. lot la SW line of Persia arenno.
50 SW of Lisbon »tre«t. KW 25 By SW 100; $10.
Irma I>. Isbam to Catherine F. Hill, lot In
W line of Le Boy place. 116:6 S of Sacramento
street. S 21 by W SS:9; $10.
Ernest B. Lllientbal and wife «t al. to the
' Jacob Heyxnsa company, lot at SW corner of
' Twenty-second aTenne and IT street, W 210 by
S 800. and one other piece; $10.
F. E. Beck (assignee of Easton. Eldrtdse &
Co.) to Henry O. Meyer, same: $1,000.
George Ueaselton and wife to Henry 6. Meyer,
lot in W line of Fourteenth avenue. 3W:T N nf
L street. >' 147. W 90. S 146:10^. KB 83:7; $10.
Mabry McMahan and wif» to Bertha J.
Koehncke. lot in W line of Twenty -second ave
nue. 25D X of 0 street. N W by W 120: $10.
O. H. Ferguson to Jean Gaussard. lot In X
Une of Hyde street, 37:8 S of Pine. S 23 by E
62:6; $10.
William J. Cereghtno to N. T. Glacomtnl. lot
Ha N line cf Twenty eighth street. 203:8 C of
Hoffman avenne. E 30:11 by X 114; $10.
Bobert J. Henry and wife to Biohard Dwver.
lot In W line of Fourth avenue. 100:9% N of
Parnassus. N 25 By W 120: $L
Jacob Hayman company to CVLSori M. Blabon.
lot 29. block 3, Fair's su&drvtslon of Holly park;
Julia Beck to Elizabeth Beck, lot fn W'lln* of
Treat avenne. 70 S of Treaty-fourth street. S
23 by W 112:<J; gift.
Winiam Foley to Michael and M.iry Stephens.
lot In N line of Army street, 110 W of SaacSez,
W SO by Jl 114; $10.
Potrero realty company to Annie Edwards, lot
in W line of be Haro' street. 41:8 S of Twen
tieth. 8 50 by W 100: grant.
Sol Getx & Son* to Ralph W. Harris and wifp.
lot in E line of Forty-sixth avenue. ICO N of I
street. Jf 25 by E 120: $10.
Maclay company to A. L. Dowler realty com
pany, lota 8 to 13. block 4. Flint homestead, and
four other piece*: $10.
Nicholas C. Brown and wife to Mathtas
Schmidt and wife, lot la N line of Twenty-flfth
street. 100 IS of Vlcksburg. E 23 by N 114: $10.
Orvllle D. Baldwin and wife tr> William «F.
Wilson, lot at NB corner of Ma«on and Elwoort
\u25a0 tr«rti. N 32:3. E 137:8. S tUtHi W *>:O^. S
13:4 U. W 77:8: $10.
Flora W. Andres to James A. Andre*. lot la B
line of. Forty-second avenue. 225 8 of S street.
S 2-"> by E 120: gift.
Charles F. Mugrid?* and wife to George M.
Shlller, lot in E line of Fortj-second avenue, 223
S of 3 street. S 25 by E 120: $10.
Bridget Keogh to Mary Keogb. lot In SW line
of Somerset street, 173 SE of Felton. SE 23 by
SW 120: gift.

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