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$;0<0.13; alfalfa. $S(£l2; stock hay, *>[email protected] per
Straw — 50Q75C per bale.
Hides, ThUott, Wool and Hops ;
H:dc Quotations show a number of changes.
The circular of tbe £umner tannins company
•The dwline In prices iserms to have been
. hwkfd and hidp? are firmer, but tbe better con
<i;tlons ct the market seem- to be owing to tbe
lusfuoted character of bides rather than any
s-nMty In trade. We do cot look for any ma
t«rlal advance in raluf's, but think we may
expect •» Mea<!y market at fair prices. The
\u25a0.-ineral average of prices Is a trifle higher than
for the previous mouth. There is: no real im
prsvexaant. however, in the hide situation, but
bite* n-'-x am la letter coadltidn. The grubby
beasoa la about o-u-r. and. therefore, hides are
\u25a0 ; ™ rjf-ro desirable thsn the winter hidr*. We
rbtnk tliat prk-cs frill remain as at present,
. • cot look for acy real advance."
[lidea— Colla and fbrands »teH about [email protected]
\u25a0:r,c<-r Qtio'ations. Heavy salted steers. Il«^l2c
li-bt luodium, 10*ic: light. 10c; cowhides, 10c
r«r heavy. 10c for light; stags, $<-; salted kip
-•3c; »altod veal, I'jiic; salted calf. 15Vic; dry
hMec, I^QSQe: dry kip. 10c: dry calf. 23c : dry
<'*I. 2:.c: > i hpcpsiijns..fs3i*?arlln*-s. 20t340c each*
. \u0084rt wool. sCi(uSso; medium. s>scti|,|l; long wool,
s; L-.rr71.T5; lambs. £s&"*ie: horse hides, salt,
:-.:.•.;:• 3 for larK« and 51.50Q2 for - medium
TicGSl for small ard 23fa50c for colt-s; horae
;,..>-. dry. for lar-re and [email protected] for
m^fllam. [email protected]$l for small and : 25(q,"i0c for
• :;s toatsklc*. prime angora, 73c @$1; large
i!r_ scats, 25640 c; raediaai, [email protected]; small.
Ta-10-r— No. 1 rendered, [email protected]»ic; No. 2. 3>-V
Jsc; grfase. ";<vj3c.
Wool— Spring clip— San .Toaquin, year's staple,
ISfilSe: do. S months. [email protected] per Ib.
Hops— <"«lifornia. 16t^23c icr crop of 1900;
riresoaa. 16fe23c pn v, : rro p o f 13 i Ot isgigc;
three years, [email protected] per »•.
Crneral Merrban<U*e
Bs*:*— Grain bats. r^fsJ^c. Jace-July deliv
<r: s *a Vuentin bags. 0»4c; wool bags. 27c for
i.i; Ib and 31c for 4 lb; fleece twine. Sc per Ib.
Coal— Pennsylvania acthrocite egg, $16 per
•on; Wellington. $12; N>w Wellinctcn $12;
Goo* bar; $10; Australian fcous? — Hichnsond, etc.
112; rvia-r. Main, $12; Stanford Richmond. $12;
«'umbvr!and. $15 la bulk and $16*.50 In sack?-
Wclsb anthracite. $15; coke. $10 per ton in bulk
acd $!7 in barks.
oils — Quotations are- for barrels. Linseed,
Me per gallon for boiled and 92c for raw;
>s*ps. 5c more; castor oil In eases. No. 1. 71c;
I'.jiUor's AA, $1.13Q1.15; China nut. cases. 60Q
T<V prr cal.: cocoanut oil. In barrels. 75«g78Vc
f«r XXX. 72*i(57Cc for No. 1 and 70rg73VjC
ftor No. 2, according to quantity: extra bleached
nimer pperrn oil, SOc; natural <vlntcr tsperm oil,
Soc; natural whale oil, 55c: extra winter
trained lard'oll. $1; purp neatsfoot oil, 75c; No.
• ncatsfoot oil. 60<-; bcrrJng oil. 40c; salmon oil,
boiled fish oil. Ssc: iiaint oil. 35c.
Cosi Oil. Gasolir.*. etc. — Water white. Iron
barrels or drums, 10c; 150 deg. oil, iron barrels
or drums, liv.,*"; special do. 12c; pearl "oil. In
<*ses, 17c; astral, 17c; star. 17c; extra star.
i\i*: Elaine, 26*ic: oocene, 20c; red crown and
•aoior j:as.r>iine, in bulk loc, in cases 22c; No. 1
engine dUtillate. In drutns«Bc, cases 7c more;
s ; r>.-. gasoline, in bulk SUe, in cases 37*^c;
•«:nisa makers' aud pointers' naphtha, in bulk
lie. In case* 3S";aC.
Turi>entine — Lower at 62"4 c per gallon in cases
and 75*- 5 e in bulk, drums and Iron barrels.
Kosin (per bbl of 2SO lbs> — E. $7.15; F, $7.20;
<J. $7.30: H. $7.35; I. $7.50: W W. $10.50.
Rpd and White Lead— Red. S'iQOc; white,
per lb. f
Th<? Western eugar refining company quotes as
follows, terms vet cash: *rtandsrd fine granu
lafd. 5.65 c: standard, coarse granulated. 5.65 c;
iruit granulated, 5.60 c; cut loaf, la barrels only,
7.i^ic; H. &. E. crystal dominos, 5 lb cartons in
cases. 5.65e; do 2 Ib cartons In cases, 8.15 c;
monarch bar, 6c; tablets In half barrels, 6.15 c;
<io in boxes, C.4oc; cubes aad A crushed, 5.90 c;
monarch powdered, 5.75 c; XXXX powdered,
5.750; candy granulated. 5.75 c; confectioners' A,
5.C5c: cociectioners' crystals, 5.75 c; extra fine
jrraniilated. 5.45 c; magnolia A. 5.25 c; extra C.
5.15 c; golden C, 5.0.V; D. 4.95 c. Barrels and 60
la bags Ific, half bbls 25c. boxes 50c more per
100 lbs than for bags of 100 lbs net. Bar in 33
n-id 40 lb tin* $1.70 more; in 8 and 10 Ib tins
$-\u25a0.35 more per 100 flbs than price for this grade
:a 100 lb bars. "
The California and Hawaiian sugar refining
<-om|,acy quotes as follows: Granulated basis,
f..«50; •*Hi£rade" bar, 6c; powdert»d, 5.75 c; A
• \u25a0rushed, d.irtjc; berry. 5.65 c; C. & H. extra fine
dry granulated, 5.65 c; coarse dry granulated,
i..tSc; confectioners' A. 5.G5c; confectioners'
•jrvftal. 5.75 c: cubes. 5.90 c: bricks, 6.90 c; extra
fiae dp- -rrauulated {100 lb bags only>, 5.45 c;
eiceltsiur A. 5.25 c: extra C. 5.15 c; golden C,
5.05 c; yellow D, 4.65<-; cut loaf. In bbla only,
\u25a0;.ttse; H. & E. crjbtal dominoe, 5 lb cartons In
•.•ates, B.t>sc; do 2lb cartons in cases, -9.15 c. Ad
ditional per 100 lbs: In barrels and SO lb bags.
10c more; balf bbls, 25c more; boxes, 50c more
for all {-rades. Bar in 35 and 40 lb tins, $1.70
more: in 10 lb tins, $2.35 more. Minimum order,
carload weight.
Xew York Product?
NHW VOKK. April I.— Hops— Dull.
Petroleum — Steady.
Siipar — Estf, steadr: Muscovado. 89 test,
M.*»6c; ceatrSfugal. {Hi test, :j.4tio; molasfes sugar,
83 x*rt. S.<;ic: reCaedaugar, tsteady.
CcSee — Closed dull, n«>t u:icltan*ci>d to 5 points
10-r-er. Sales were only 3.270 bags. ClosiEg
bids: April, C.TOc; May. C.7.V: June. 6.85 c; July,
&A9c; Aufc-uM. S«-ptpmber, October, Noremb<"r and
! 'f-i^mber. 7t; January. 7.07 c: February, 7.OSc;
March. 7. We Spot— -Quiet: Xo. 7 Eio, S*S<<^
>• 11-16o; No. 4 "santos, Mfic; mild CordoTa, 8%
eiSHc •
Butter — Unsettled. . Creamer-- specials, 3Cc;
t«ii»-<rljus. "iic; third to first, **[email protected] \u25a0
<"!if*»e^F!rm, unchanged.
Kzss — Steady, unchanged.
I'vajioratiHj Apples — Nominally unchanged.
Spot, fancy. I0o; capi<*e. fef-jS'se; prime, 6*i(B
ti'ir: common to fair. <J(<i6V4c.
f'runes — Barely steady^ t'alifornia up to 30
40s. 2*,,iß:9i i ,- Ortgocs, T,et9c.
Apricot* — Nominal. Choice. 10-Ji^llc: extra
.-licir«. U'itiilZt:; fancy. J2&1. - Jc.
Viacbrt— Easy. CUolw. « > >i'g6" i -;c; «xtra
i-!ioi<f. 6*r t 'a7";ic; fancy. 7 ! ,[email protected]"iic.
lUit-ins — Unsettlf-d. Loose " muscatel. 3%®
\u25a0">•*«<•: oholw to fancy seeded. sfs6Vc* settles*,
•"; ! a 'a* %n; London layers, [email protected]*L2s.
*'lilca*so Dairy Produce Market
CHICAGO. April I.— Butter, «?t<?ady: creamer
:»i'. 2era::2c: dairits, 22fa2Sc: egsrs. steady; re-
Tipts, 21.tC2 cases; at mark, cases included,
lt»Q£2oe- first-'. 20c: pfime firsts, 21c; cheese,
weak; daisies, nguisc: twins, lZQiS^c;
•iwnff Americas, J4*-i'g.lsc: longhorns, 1414Q
lu'lirn Livextork .ll.irkot
CHICAGO. .April 1. — Cattle — Rweipt?. cstl
n.iifd at 3.000 bead; market steady. Beeves,
5",.-i5t28.00: Texas steers. $5*59.50: western
5-ie«rs. $OtS7: ptookers and feeders, f 3.85(5*5. 75;
f-owß and hfifprs. ? 2. i*0 &7. 20; calres, SS(ii9.2*i.
Hogs— Roceipt*, fstlmated at 8.000 bead; mar-
In .> hirbcr. Ught. f 10.50 Q1 0.82 K'; wised.
JiO.ss!£ 10.90: hPavy. $io.«i()rg 10.35; roueb, |10-00
''?10.7f<; -rood to choice heavy. 1 10. T0 Q10.05 •
•.;jr?, ISO. 7O<@ 10.55; bulk of eales, $10.75-310.85.
Sli«M'p — E»c«|pts. «»siimat«»d at .';.500 head: mar
V'-t weak. Native. ?5.75ig.9.10; "aestern. $i.7~jfii
SU.11); r^srlinj-F. ?s."Sfii.o.4o; lambs, native ?Ste
10.23. westprn *?r>.4Oto 10.35. -
KANSAS CITY, .April I.— Cattle— RocoipU.
l.«K"0 hrad: market steady. Native fteers. $CQ
v.iT.: ftus and h«Mf«>rt«. J?..75ta7: etookors and
fwdr-rs. $4*»en->.6u; l>u!ls. *4ft«.10; calves,
S4.so<S7ft; western steers l . fo.7s'fi,S; westprn cows.
H<iS(«--nfi<-«>ii>ls. G.Of-0 hpad: market 5c higher.
:;iilk r.f BaW. * 10.500 10.75: hoavy. $10.70<??
lOJMOt packers and bntcbern. $10.«5<i|10.So; light,
*io.4o<<jio.7o: p-sn fO-Jjo-gjo.
Sbepp— Receipts. U.OOO bead: raarltet eteadr.
Unttsos, J7&5.50; lambs. $8.75<5.10; fed Trcst
im wryjers ati 3. jrearlinjjf*, S7.2*>'ao.lO; fed
•vpEicrn ewes, $7 /i 8.25.
SOUTH OMAHA. April I.— Cattle— Receipts,
POO bead; market eteadr. Native steers, ?6SB;
cows and nelfera, [email protected]: -restcm steers,
f4'57: cows and heifers. $2.25<g5.55: canners,
f2.i5®5.75: atockera and feeders. J3.75tg6.75;
\u25a0 alv»is, *J4.2535.25; balls, rtejrs, rtc., s:-s.7s'fir6.>
Hoes — Receipts, 4.800 bead; market •?tron;;.
Heavy. [email protected]: mixed, *[email protected];
".ipht. $10.4f»(310.70; pips, $9fglO; balk of sales,
rte<-p — Receipts. 7.100 bead; market steady.
Yearlings. JJsi.no©*). 25; wethers, $7.«5t38.50;
*wes, $7.50® 8.25; latsbF. J9QIO. .
,:..::> ' £ 7 :£*.'.>"
I.«i» Ansrlfa Prod hoc Markrtai
[ Special Dispatch to The Call}
I.OS ANGELKS, April 1. — Receipts of esgs
it ere "ff', today, and. trhiJ<!! tbo price, was not
pilrar.reti. *iese count eggs sold lc abo-re market
<"uer-s<; wan weak and butter was steady.
Receipts of produce were: Ekz*. 527 cases;
boiler. 13.464 iwundb; cheese, l.utiti pounds; po»
!atcx-f>. 1,773 sacks.
Butter (per lb)c— Creamery, extra. 26c; cream
ery, flrbt, "i've; cookinß butter, 22c.
n-rgs 'j>er downi — Extra select, 29c; local
rtascb. candled, firsts, 27c; case count, 25c;
ftorjige parked, extra*. 22<?; tttorage packed, •sec
onds. 20c
Cheese <per Ib> — Northern fresh. 18c; eastern
twins. lS J ,ac; eastern Cheddars, [email protected]; eastexn
locghorn. 20e; eastern daisy, 20c;- Swiss, im
ported iSGc, docieftJc 23&25 c; brick cream, 20c;
limburger, 20&21 c.
Beans (per ctlt — No. 1 pink. $5.75; No. 1
Inn-t, [email protected]: Lady Washington, $4.50;
fmall whites, [email protected]; blaokeyes, $5.23; gar
vanza*. $4.50; lentils. $7.
Potato** (per ctl)— Salinas, $1.<*5«U.75; high
lands, [email protected]: Lompoc, 11.65g1.75: Watson
r!lle. $1.40ai.5C>: yellow sweets, S3.SO; white,
12.5065; red. $2.25Q2.W>: Oregon early rose, $2;
Idaho. $1.05: vrbitd rose, $2.
Cotton Market \u25a0 ... • \u0084
NEW i'ORK. A-prll J. — Hottoa'B wire 6«ys:
"The rn«rkct was lower. An early wire from
Austin. Tes.. 6«.t» ell of central and southwest
T. us was delated with rain last nljrbt and to
day, in come localities tne precipitation amount-
In? u> 8 Inches. BUers are flooded and damage
hr overflows threatened. It l« the heaviest
r« icf all for two rears and break* tie : drought
that was sroivloc serious."
Spot closed quiet, 15 points lower; middling
uplands, ]4.'jsc: do F'jlf, 15.20 c; tales, -400 bales.
cotton rtrnjßES
Option — • Oprn." Hirh. Lott* Close;
May U.fcOe .M.tvV; ' 14.62 c v U.GSe
Julr .. 14-Clr J4.fi*<- 14.49 c J4.53e
August ..H.l&c M.liOe 14.00* 14.00e
September ....... Vi.Z'in 13.32 c , 13.22 c :13.22c
October I2.SSc' J2.06c 12.~Zc, 12,7.1 c
Dcecmtter ....... 12.77 c i 12.81c v 12.67 c 12.65 c
>' \u0084 \u25a0 . - - \u0084 . - — . ... . .._. — .__.-._...; —~
. Boston 'Wool Market
BOSTON, Aprir I.— The Commercial Bulletin
will say tomorrow: '"There is no appreciable Im
provement In actual business, for the woolen
mills are 6 tiH the chief operators. However, a
little. uior« interest is developing in staple Ore
ffon an J Montana wools, which is hoped to be a
forerunner of increased taking by the worsted
mills within^ a short while. All clothing terri
tory wools are meeting with a steady demand,
with fine scoured particularly firm and scarce
at C7c to <5Sc. . " \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0•
Foreign clothing wools are being sampled.
Within two or three weeks it Is expected that
the clothiers will understand the nature of their
duplicate goods requirements and begin to place
reorders -a Ith the mllU*. " •
>'t. I.oiilk Wool Market
ST. LiOCIS, April I.— Market unchanged. Me
dium grades cooiblng-and eiothinjr. [email protected] light
tine. 19026 c: heary- fine, 14<Jili*t:; tub washed,
Xevr York: Metal Market
NEW YORK, April I.— The market for stand
ard copper was dull and unchanged, with spot
and forward deliveries to the end of June closing
at 12.70<§13c. The London market closed steady,
\u25a0with spot quoted at £58 2s 0d and futures at
£59 ss. . Imports of copper for the month ending
March 31 by steamer at Atlantic ports amounted
to 16,92-S tons, including matte and ores. Ex
port* during the same period were 19.541 tons.
Local dealers quote lake copper at 13.25fif13.50e;
electrolytic, [email protected]; casting, [email protected]<>.
Tin was weak, with spot quoted at 33<ri33.40c;
April. 33<?i33.30c: May, 33.25<f 33.30 c: June,
33.25 <g 33.35c. Sales were reported of five tons
for May delivery at 33.25 c. The London market
closed steady at a slight decline, with spot
quoted at £151 17a 6d and futures at £153 17s 6d.
Lead was dull, with spot quoted at 4.42M-®
4.45 c New York and at [email protected] East St.
Louis. The London market was . lower at £12
17s cd. ; \u25a0>.
Spelter— Dell. Spot, 5.55<g5.C5c New York and
sJtS*gs.4sc East St. Louis. ' London was un
changed at £23.
Iron was lower «t 51s 4'4d for Cleveland war
rants In London. Locally Iron was quiet. No. 1
foundry northern, [email protected]; No. 2 do,. No. 1
southern and No. 1 southern soft, $17.75© 15.25.
Xaval Stores — Turpentine and Xlosln
SAVANNAH. April I.— Turpentine firm, OO&c;
*ales. 51; receipts, 203; shipments, 200;. stock,
8,477- *
Rosin — Firm: sales, 102; receipts, 499; ship
ments, 750; stock. 83.980. Quotations: B, $4.30;
D. $4.42%; E, $4.60; F, $4.55; G. 54.55; H,
?4.90; I. $4.95: X, $5.95; M/ $6.55; N, $6.75;
WG, $6.95; WW, $7.05. .
London Hop Market
LIVERPOOL. April I.— Hops In London (Pa
cific coast) dull at £4 15s to £0. \\'<£'*\%
From I • Steamer . - |- Date.
San Pedro J. S. Higglns.. .|Apr. 2
Honolulu Wilhelmina j Apr. 2
Portland & Astoria Nome City ....l Apr. 2
Puget Sound Ports Umatllla *pr. 2
Hamburg & Way Ports Amasls .......Apr. 1 2
Puget Sound Ports Governor ..'.... Apr. ' 3
Coos Bay M. F. Plant... Apr. 3
'Mendotirio & Pt. Arena Sea Foam Apr. 3
Grays Harbor l"* Santa Monica ..Apr. 3
New York Bear Apr. 4
Humboldt F. A. Kilburn.. Apr. 4
San Pedro i Santa Barbara. . Apr. 4
San Pedro Vanguard ......Apr. 4
Portland &. Astoria Kan*a6 City.... Apr. 4
Seattle &. Tacoma Ad. Sampson .. Apr. 4
San Pedro &. Way Ports Coos Bay Apr. | 4
San Diego & Way Ports Santa Rosa Apr. - 4
Hutaboldt • City of Topeka. Apr. 5
San Pedro.. Hanalci Apr. 6
San Pedro Centralia Apr. 6
Grays Harbor Norwood Apr. 6
Tahiti Mariposa Apr. <
San Pedro G. W. Elder... Apr. 7
Point Arena & Albion. Porno Apr. 7
Puget Sound PortuT City of Puebla. Apr. 8
Portland & Astoria Boanoke Apr. 8
San Diego & Way Ports Governor Apr. 8
China & Japan China ...Apr. 9
New York via Ancon.. City of Panama Apr. »
Sal. Cru» via S. Diego. [ Alaskan Apr. 9
Destination I Steamer | Sails I Pier
April 2— \ j I
Seattle direct Lucy Xeff .. 5 pm ....
Los Angeles Porta Samoa 2 pm 27 .
Grays Harbor G. Lindauer. 10 am .
Jlumboldt North Fork. 12 m 38
AnpelCß PorU G. W. Elder 1 pm 13
liumboldt City Topeka 10 am 11
Lob Angeles Ports Uanalel .... 3 pm 10
New York via Ancon.. San Juan... 12 m 40
Pu*~et Sound Ports President .. -pm 0
Astoria it Portland Rose. City... 11 am 40
Portland & Way Ports. Santa Clara. 1 pm 13*
Point Arena & Albion., t'omo, 6pm 4
April 4— '
Astoria £ Portland J. B. Stetson 12 m SI
Grays Harbor 8. Barbara.. 4 pm 51
Humboldt Vanguard .. lpm 19
Honolulu Neradan ...10 am 27-
San Diego & Way Ports GoTernor ... 4pm ft .
April 5—
Los Angeles Ports J. S. Hlggine 10 am 4
Humboldt' F. Kilburn.. 10 am 13
Seattle & Tacoma Olsn &\u25a0 Mhny *• pm 27
Seattle &. Tacoma Bee 5 pm 3S
Grays Harbor 8.. Monica... 4 pm 61
Japan & China........ Nippon Maru 1 pm 42
Puget Sound Ports V mat ilia ... 2pm 9
Coos Bay VI. F. Plant 3 pml 8
April t>— I
Actoria &. Portland.... VTellesley ..5 pm i 27
Los Angeles Ports (Ad. Sampson 10 am 10
San Pedro & Way Ports Coos Bay . . 4pm 11
Los Anpele* Porta Norwood ... 2 pm ....
Grayn Harbor Centrall% ... 3 pm 21
N. Xork Tla Sal. Cruz. Nebraskan . 10 am 27
Kaattle & Tacoma Buckman ... . 1 pm 10
Seattle direct Balnler .... 3 pm 21"
Uendoclno & Pt. Arena .^ea Foam.. 4pm 4
April 7—
rx» Angelea Ports..... Klamatb
Portland &. Way PorU. G. W. Elder 1 pm 13
Auckland & Sydney... Alden l'pm....
San Diego & Way Ports Santa Bosa.. 11 am 9
Astoria & Portland Tahoe 5 pm 27
Astoria & Portland Nome City.. 5 pm 10
Destination I Steamer | Date j
Skagway & Way Porta. I Cottage City... Apr. 2
Skagway & Way Porta. City of Seattle. Apr. S
Kodiak & Way Ports. Portland Apr. 5
Valdez & Seward.... .. Northwestern .. Apr. 8
Time Ball
United States branch bydrographlc of Bee, Mer
chant?' Exchange, San Francisco, April
1. 1910.
The time ball on the roof of the Fairmont
hotel was dropped today exactly at noon. Pa
cific standard time (120 th, meridian), or at fen.
uOm. 00s. Greenwich mean time.
\u25a0 • \u25a0 Lieutenant, U. S. N., in charge.
Sun, Moon and Tide
United States coast and geodetic uurTey — TJme
and heights of tides at Fort Point. For city
front (Mission street wharf) add 25 minutes.
Sun rises 7 5:53
Sun sets H::is
Moon rises ...1:11 a. m.
Last quarter m00n ... . . April 2, at 4 :38 p. m.
New moon. April 9, at 1:16 p. m.
/ ITimel ITlme JTlmej Tlmel
Aprl 1 Ft f Ft ! Ft | 1 Ft
|H W| |L W -1H Wj L W|
2..| 3:08 4.9111:10 0.51 7:29| 4.0|ll:10| 3.5
Lw( |H Wf (L »V " UWi
3.. 4:30 4.9 12:10 " 0.4 8:15 4.4
4.. 0:30 3.5 6:03 4.9 1:08 0.3 8:41 4.6
5.. 1-35 3.2 7:21 5.0 2:01 v 0.2 9:11 4.9
«.. 2:30 2.6 8:25 5.1 2:50 0.2 9:42 5.3
7.. 3:19 l.» 9:22 r,.S 3:39 0.3 10:14 6.5
8.. 4:06 1.3 10:l*i ft* 4:28 0.6 10:46 5.6
•".-. U. S. Branch IlydruKraplilc €>flh-e
A branch of the United States- hydrograpblc
office, located In the Merchants 1 Exchange, Is
maintained In Ban Francisco for the benefit of
mariners, without regard to nationality and free
of expense. Navigators are cordially Invited to
visit the office, where complete sets of charts
and Balling directions of the world are kept at
hand for comparison and reference, and the
latest Information can always be obtained re
garding lights, dangers to navigation, and mat
ters of Interest to ocean commerce. ' .
Lieutenant, U. S. N.. in charge.
Depth at mean low water, entrance to harbor.
PLACE 1 Ft. | Date | Remarks ~~~
Grays Harl IS IJaa. 13 [Inner" par buoy snb-
I - I I merged.
WUUpa Bl 27 IFeb. 8 Whistling buoy 1 mile
- ' - I '• | north of bar.
Colum.- R. 24 JNot. 8 Shoaling outside nun
• I buoy No. 2. .-'.-\u25a0.
Neh/Um R| 8 IFeb. 2 Bar buoy 200 yards . N.
I channel. -- •
numk B.i 9 IDee 17IChanoel shifted 1 mile
. I \ | son th In gale Nov. 28.
I . I Nun '\u25a0 buoy No. O, and
l'aquina B 14 Feb. 12 can buoy No. 0 gone
1 • I adrift.
Slaslaw R| SMilFeb. s] Channel going north.
Umpqua Ul 13"ijFeb. 4 Channel In good condP
v II- I tlon. ' . .-'„.-:. . .' m i
~ '' 12 feet at low. tide to
Coos Bay. 18 Feb. 17 North Bend; 12 fe«t
at low tide to Marsh-
field. ' .
Coquille RJ 0 (Jan. 7 1 Channel straight; good
| - ) I condition. '..-.-
Ropue Rlvj .^.. . . 1 ."7
KUmtn Bl 7 jJan. 7|Channel straight east
I \ j and west.
Hmbldt Bl 19 (Max. I! North channel unsafe
\u25a0 I - I ' ••\u25a0E v to navigation.' -
S Pedro B| 20 IFeb. 26|No change In channel/-
S'Plego B"l"25 IDec. o|No change in channel."*
3 Pablo Bl 24 •IDee llDeptb in dredged chan-
I I t • I nel.
The Harris Trust^ and Savings bank,
204 • Dearborn - street;: Chicago, has '. i»7
sued a booklet entitled "Bonds for Safe
Investment,"^:lntended. for.? the.us£: of
persons .planning to Invest in bonds for
the first time/,: Its aim; Is: to explain-In
simple, terms the purposes" of .various
classes =of -and:;to*lndlcate^the
value of ;bonds;as'safe i investments* fqr
individuals, as welllas . institutions.'
Copies may be had free \u25a0 upon" request.
Leaves Honolulu Behind "Wil
hclmina, but Has Matson
Ship Astern in 3 Hours
HE Pacific \u25a0\u25a0 Mail
liner Siberia.. Cap
tain' Adrian Zeeder,
' arrived early yes
t e-r day . morning
j from the : far | «ast
I with a large num
ber of passengers
and nearly 5,000
! tons of freight."
The cargo included
raw silk worth
more- than $800,000,
and ;3;000,000: Ma
nila cigars. Other
items in the cargo
were 6,364 rolls of
matt ing, 34,576
mats of.- rice and
.4,844 bags of: copra.
About. -70, of the
camn passengers were from the orient.
More than 100 joined the shipat Hono
lulu. •'
The Siberia left Honolulu about half
an hour behind the Matson company's
new steamer Wilhelmina. The Wil
helmlna. It had been said in Honolulu,
was going to be first in San Francisco.
It took the Siberia .three hours to over
haul the Matson ship. Passengers on
both vessels lined the rails and the
liners were running along side by side,
when Captain Zeeder, on the Siberia's
bridge, telephoned a few remarks to
the' engine room. Captain Zeeder de
nied yesterday that his message had
anything to do with the' Wilhelmina,
but he had his fingers crossed and there
may be truth after all in the statement
of a passenger that the Siberia sud
denly changed from a sober 15 knot
gait to what he*; as a mathematician,
would say was a speed of 20 knots an
hour. Whatever the speed, the Siberia
suddenly 1 scooted ahead, leaving- the
Wilhelmina apparently standing still.
With the Matson' ship safely astern, the
Siberia settled down" into its regular
gait, and that night the Wilhelmina
was lost to view. -i ;
The Siberia met the Korea two days
out from Honolulu and placed on board
the outward bound liner a Korean who
had stowed away in the Siberia at Yo
kohama. The ships stopped less than a
quarter of a mile from* each other and
waited while the Siberia's small boat
carried the stowaway to the ship that
would take him back to where he
started from.
On the outward voyage of the Si
beria, Quong Leone, the liner's second
boatswain, was killed. He was operat
ing a winch. He reached out to adjust
the wire cable, having one hand on the
steam throttle. In leaning forward he
threw open the throttle, the winch
started at full speed and the cable
caught him and wound him around the
drum of the winch a couple of times
before it broke. When the wire snapped,
Quong's lifeless body rolled across the
deck. \u25a0 .. .
The Siberia's passengers included:
"Mrs. C. U Hare Mrs. C F. Jackson
Mrs. L. G. I'.lasJcl .Miss P. Lopez
G. D. Blasdel Mrs. M. T. Losslng
Mrs. Ida Bloom K. T. Martin
D. S. Dady Burjor Mrs. W. IS. Musgrave
C. M. Carson W. E. Musgrave -
Mrs. H. Caswell A. R. Newton .
Miss Vera- Caswell Mrs. A. R. Newton
Chan Hook Sam A. J. Pastene
Mrs. P. Cowan Mrs. A. J. Pastene
Miss B. Creek Miss V.C. Poole
Dr. A. W. Duubar A. Rlcafort
Her. R. J. Kancett H. G. Sauten
Mrs. R. J. Faucett S. Sehattsenneider. - .
Miss M. Faucett Miss H. Smith . .;
R. Faueett Mrs. S. Thompson' -
H. R. Hawley . A. J. Welch . •
James H. Hawley Mrs. V. E. Youdxa
N. G. Haynes r * . M. Zeimer
Mr*. C. W. HiUman F. B. Ingersoll - .
C. F. Jackson • \u25a0 < \u25a0 "
, FROM SHANGHAI '\u25a0'\u25a0-,'
B. D. Lucas Rev. J. T. McCutchon
Mrs. B. D. Lucas • and Mrs. J. . T. McCutchon
Infant . and infant
Master B. Lucas Dr. J. Petri
Mrs. A. A. Bennett Dr. S. Madsen •
John Bredell Mrs. S. Madsen
Mrs. J. Bredell • O. J. Major •
T. H. Christlanl Rev. W. C. Mason
Miss E. Co% Mrs. W. C. Mason
Mrs. S. A. Condlct C. J. Matthews
P. K. Condict Mrs. C". J. Matthews
Mrs. A. A. Farshee and E. R. Rhyner
infant Miss C. Robinson
Miss Ruth Farshee Miss;M. Ron Hadela
Ed Friedrichd Mrs. J. Kurlhara
O. Kuramoto .
Mi*s S. Abrams Mrs. F. H. Lane
Miss A. M. Alexander H. D. Lapliam
M. C. Augur F. M. Lewis
G. C. Beck I A. Lane
K. Bon , Mre. J. H. McConnell
C. H.. Bacon . Mrs. Drury Melooe
Mrs. C. 11. Bacon Miss Melone
Miss E. Barnes t George N. McMurray •
A. F. Brock Mrs. O. N. McMurray
W. N- W. Blayney J. A. McGregor
Mrs. W. N. W. Blay- Mrs. J. A. McGregor
ney J. S. McCandless
Miss Helen Blayney C. F. Murray
Miss Dorothy Blayney Miss B. Murray
Miss McDonald E. McCarty •
T. C. Blackwell a. H. F. Meye^
Mrs. T.C. Blackwell J. Moore Jr.
Otto Conrad . Mrs. J. Moore
(i. D. Dearborn L. Pecquen -
Miss A. Duisenberg Mrs. M. Patoa
J. T. Dille Cyrus Pierce
O. Edlhard Mlm H. F. Parmelee
Miss A. Friedlanaer David Rice \u25a0 ,
Mrs. H. A. Friend Mrs. D. Rice •
J. I'lanipran • C. Rayle
W. I>. Howard Mrs. C. Rayle -
Mrs. W. I/. Howard Miss S. G. Shipley
Mrs. li. M. Harvey Dr. G. H. Stover .
G. Hofgaard • Mrs. O. H. Stover
Mrs. G. E. Harvey Miss C, Shore
H. Hickel J. F. Stafford -
O. H. Hlekei Mrs. M. Shipley
Mrs. O. H.- Hickel B. H. Smith
Ret. S. Honda Mrs. B. H. Smith
D. P. R. Isenberg - Miss Dorothy Smith
Mrs. V. \u25a0 'R. Isenberg F. A. Scranton :.-,
and maid Miss C. Stewart
Rudolf Isenberg" \u25a0. J. B. Phelan
Alexander Isenberg Mrs. J. E. Phelan "
A.' tv Jessup- . Miss 0.-Tegijart . .
Miss Ada D. Jcffcrlcs Miss E. C. Wlun
it.t K. Jenkins . ' B. Wiley '
E. O. Knowlcs 11. O. Wilbur
Dr. F. J. Van Kirk Mr«. H. O. Wilbnr
W. D. Klrkpatrick H. H. Williams -
3. J. Klrkpatrict N. B. Young
R. It. Kecnan - . Theo' Wolff
Dr. F. P.. Laoe J. 11. McConnell
Siberia Scarcbcd: at Honolulu "
Collector .of the Port Stackable' of
Honolulu is going- to have his share of
glory in the suppression of the opium
traffic;; if searching ships will gain it
for.him.- *When the Siberia arrived at
the islands port . Stackable announced
that If there was any opium on board
he was going to,find: it. 1 .. ; , ' -• ; ,
-.•\u25a0\u25a0 To help him. in the search-he enlisted
4he services of the crew' of the revenue
cutter McCulloch. Each bluejacket, was
armed wMh a bullseye lantern and sev
erar hours were 'devoted to the hunt.
No, opium.'was' found. :;/The Japanese
liner . Nippon . Mar u was - given ' a timi lar
search'. by '; Stackable and the McCul
loch's crew.'with the' same result.*"-'r f
"It was on the' Siberia, on its, last visit
to this port that. the San Francisco in
spectors found nearly 400 -tins of the
contraband dope.; They found it in the
piano -and in the ship's sirens in the
sand locker arid .mixed up: with" • thj&
cogs. of the steering gear. They-found
It in hollow logs and among the cook-
Ing gear, in .the galley. Even- the din
in"g room " tables yielded \u25a0 a few - dozen
tins. : ;-\u25a0; -v ' ••• \u25a0 "\u25a0: \u25a0.-"* . \u25a0\u25a0 -- '\u25a0 \u25a0, ->' :
The fact that. the;. Honolulu search
was .unproductive". is not acceptedy by
the customs > authorities : here as >\u25a0 evi
dence that" therer'is:.no ; opium '-on -the
liner, i and : the ' Siberia • will abe 'i treated
as a« suspect, and given the third 'de-,
gree: ; /' ;: r "\u25a0. i; '\u25a0
UrlnßM Blr Slilpment of Coffee
;\u25a0 The' Pacific Mail liner Cltyiof Sydney^
Captain ? arrived » yesterday \u25a0 on
schedule^ time •: from r.Panama : and -• way
ports with 23; passenger si and a* cargo
which" ln(#uded- 10.250 bags of -coffee.
The • City of Sydney/ encountered* some
very • heavy, weather yin g the f gulf ji of
Tehuan tepee. \u25a0•\u25a0 , The .<• sea j ran ,t unusually
high,' and tlie" liner*, smokestack* was
incrusted r with salt to the top when^it
docked yesterday,. at pier 42. V, The pas
sengers included: ! ;'•->. ;, • \u0084J ^:"
- Mrs. - Katherine : Borg," 'TV. G. ; McGee,'
Juan * H. , Ramirez. \u25a0?\u25a0 Prescott V Ely^ John
McSorley: and Tr wife, f Charles^ A;\X.ewis;
Umberto liopez.sH.s A.^acondray^and
Thomas \u25a0 E. A^Sorley;;vThere? were ;J3
Chinese In.- the;steerage. ;. ' . : ' v
lla»:.Tv»b v BIb I^ajanchcHfon- Deck .V;
i-,- The .schooner " Henry£ Wilsoh/which
will sail; in^arfew^days* forithefAlagjta
cannerieei,> has- on^ deck* two \ large- gas-"
ollne launches, ;" which' were" built *by'
William Cryer for the: North Alaska
salmon company. The launches 1 are to
be used for towing.v,- Getting them on"
board *the - ship was no small -job," as
each launch-weighs SS.tons. Theywere
placed on board at, Mission Rock and it
took Smith, Rice \u25a0 & Co., the riggers/
two days -to doit.; : : ; ;; \u25a0 '\u25a0':'
: Wilhelmlnß Arrive* "From Honolulu,
The Matson navigation 'company's
steamer Wilhelmina, ." Captain Peter
Johnson, arrived late yesterday .after
noon from Honolulu and- docked about,
6 o'clock. The Wilhelmina brought
112 cabin passengers and a large; cargo.
The freight included" 88,344; .. bags of
sugar and 11,655 cases" of canned pine
apples. ,' \u25a0\u25a0 .:'/ \u25a0•\u25a0• -. ,:- \u25a0, : : \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 :\u25a0" \u25a0'»
Among the passengers on the liner
was Captain William Matson.ipreaident
of the line, who has been spending sev
eral weeks at the island port. Al
though the. Wilhelmina has; made only
two voyages, the- liner; has had three
different surgeons. /The first, .'Doctor,
Schwerln, was let out .because his con
versation bor#d the passengers. Doc
tor Severenson, who -succeeded. Schwer
in, was discharged at Honolulu because
he failed to muster- the passengers for
quarantine Inspection at the island port
according to regulations. , Dr.- Henry
Ross • was . appointed surgeon in V his
place and still had .the Job when* the
Wilhelmina arrived : yesterday. ; The
Wilhelmina' left Honolulu'ahead of the
Siberia, but did not retain the lead
long. Passengers in the Wilhelmina
say that the Pacific Mail liner went :/by
like a shot out of a gun, ; and 'even
Captain' Johnson admits that the -Si
beria gave a very fair, imitation of -a
comet. ' p , ' \u25a0 \u25a0"\u25a0-
, . The Wilhelmina's passengers" \u25a0 in
cluded: - •
Mrs^ H. G. Alexander- A. Morrison ' ' : -
Jose Ambrose , Mrs. ilorrigon S-^SS
W. .8.. Austin .-..". Dr. C. H. Nance
Mrs. Austin- . \u25a0 . Mrs. Nance '
Miss M. Banning Miss Etta O'Brien
James Beane •'•.• . ' N.'Ohlandt ..-
Joel Beane - ' .Mrs. Ohlandt , . •\u25a0
W. 8., Blake Mrs. C. U. I'arls • '
Mrs. A. Blatt - D.C. l'isiey,
\V. A. Bowen "i- -. '. Mrs. Plsley
Mrs. Bowen :• Miss V. Plxley
Mrs: L. O. Brown Dr. W. B. Plantner
Miss Brown Mrs. Plantner , '
W. W. Bruner Rev. C. N. Pond
J. H. Buffum , ; Mrs. Pond
J. F. Carlßton Mrs. T. J. Quinn
Mrs. E. Carra^ - MUs Iluth Quinn
Dr. C. H. Castle Miss Margie Quinn T
J. B. Castle : Misrs Mildred yulnn
J. H. Causey " ' '-\u25a0 "-; W. P. Roth
0. D. Corey . g Georg? C. Boss and two
Mrs. Corey . children : '
Mrs. C. E. Cos B. F. Schoen
Jose Derego Mrs. Scboen , *
Mlsa Margaret Giddings Miss B. Rouse . t»
Mra. A. W. Gilbert Mrs. J. A. Scott
J. B. Harper A. C. Silva
Mrs. Harper . H. St. Goar
J. W. Hayens . H. C.Taft
Miss Jiary A. Jleadden Dr.. F..W.' Taylor
J. H. Joynt -* ' - Sirs. Taylor • '
J. «H. Keefe " ".:\u25a0/.' . Mrs. S. Tolan
Mrs. Keefe : k J. B. Trlpp
Harold Keefe A. : Waldermere ,
-Miss Lula Law \u25a0 Mrs. T^alker - •\u25a0 -"
A. D. Larnarch \ James Wakefleld '.<\u25a0
Mrs. Larnarch ' Mrs. Wakefleld *
Donald Larnarch M. H. Weinberg , \u25a0
G.. F. Lyons W: O. Wctherbee
Mrs. Lyons . Mrs. Wetherbee
• T. E. Martin MI.-?s Louise
Captain William Matson Z..L. White *
Mrs. Matson , Miss White
Miss Lurline Matxon I>. L. Withln/jton »
Mrs. William McCaskell Mrs. Wlthington
Zeno K. Meyers . D. L. Wlthlugton Jr.
Mrs. Meyers \u25a0 Denet Withlngton •-
Miss McMahon ' ' Miss Olsa Youngblott
L. W. Moody Mrs. Zabriskie
John T. Moore Miss V. Zabriskie .\u25a0"
. >W*n(cr Front IVoten .
The Pacific Mail liner San Juan, Cap
tain Frazier, cleared yesterday for
JPanama and way ports. .
Receipts of lumber yesterday by sea
amounted to 1,340,000 feet. .
\u25a0 The American-Hawaiian company's
Nebraskan arrived yesterday from
Salina Cruz via: San :Dlego.*sr>*>:
The steamer Hermosa, which 1 " oper
ates between'San r Pedro and Catalina
island, arrived rhere yesterday to un
dergo a general overhauling. 1 .
The liner. Manchuria left -Yokohama
March 30 for. this port.' :
Sealing; Schooner Crut«he# In 'lce
ST. JOHN, N. F., April I.— The seal
ing steamer Iceland, operating In the
gulf of St. Lawrence, was crushed in
the ice last Wednesday and went to
the bottom. The sealer Florizel, which
arrived here today with news of the
disaster, rescued the menibers of the
crew. i - •
When the Florizel left the sealing
grounds . the steamer. Newfoundland
was ' in a dangerous position, . hard
pressed by the huge ice floes. The
steamer- Eagle was standing by, pre
pared to take off the 200 men aboard If
the- Newfoundland sank.
The Florizel brought the largest
catch of eeal6" ever recorded here, her
fare numbering 49,000 skins, valued at
about $120,000. \u25a0''.'\u25a0
The season has be#n remarkably
prosperous, the catch in sight being
worth $600,000. . *;
Schooner Wrecked in Hawaiian' Islands
HONOLULU, April I.— The schooner
Mathew Turner went ashore oft Ka
hului this afternoon and has been aban
doned by the crew, which was saved.
A high sea is running and. the vessel
probably will be a total loss.
By United Wlrelean
. v. Friday, April 1.
STEAMER "PRE6IDENT-«-Lcf t - Sau Pedro for
San Francisco. March 31, 3 p.' «n.; March 31, 9
mp. m., 27 miles west 'of Redomlo; fresh north
west wind; gmoot^ sea;. barometer 30.10; tem
peratJre tJO; all ' wml. \u25a0- '.' \u25a0'•
STEAMER KOEEA— Hqnce March 22. 1 p. m.,
for the orient; March 31, 8 p.m., latitude 23
42. north, longitude 177 25 ': west, 3,200 miles
out from San Francisco; weather clear; mod
erato east northeast" breeze; -sea and swell."
STEAMER HILONIAN — I^eft Seattle for Hono
lulu March 27, 12 tn.; March 31, 8 p. m..
1.036 miles ''•out from Cape Flattery; calm;
clear ani smooth; \u25a0 barometer*» / 30.50; tempera
ture 55; all well. "
STEAMER ENTERPEISE— Hence March 25, 12
m., for Hllo; March 31, 8 p. m., 482 miles out
•from Hllo and l.fllS miles from San Francisco.
STEAMER , HYADES-^-En ' route from . llawaiinn
lslandM to San Francisco; March 31. 8 i>. m..
310 miles out from Kahulul and 1,790 miles off
San Francisco.' \u25a0 -
STEAMER WILHELMINA— Lef t Honolulu for
San Francisco March 26. 10 a. m.; March 31, 8
p. m., 263 miles out from San Francisco; fresh
v north northwest breeze; sea moderate; weather
'cloudy; due quarantine about 2:30 p. in., April
1; all well. \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 .'i \u25a0
ARRIVED '•''\u25a0:\u25a0.-.\u25a0£\u25a0.; \u25a0
' . . • Friday/ April 1.
Stmr President,. Cousins, 35. hours from'' San
Diego;' passengers and merchandise to 1 Pacific
Coast steamship company. . ', :» F ; :
- Stmr Nome > City,' Hansen, 50 hours . from As
toria* 800.000 feet lumber to Olson & Mabony.*
Stmr MandaUy^l/Of strom, -.46 hours from San
Tedro; ballast . to Hobbs, ; Wall & Co. y-v
Stmr Shasta. Hanson, 42 hours >trom San Pe
dro; ballast to E. X.'-Wood lumber company.
Stmr Wilnelralua, Johnson, .6 days 1 hour; 44
"minutes from Honolulu; passengers and merchan
dise to Matson navigation company. SSMPpaW ;
Stmr Aberdeen. 23 hours from, Eureka;; 423,ooo
feet lumber to Pacific lumber company..- . * >v
'- Stair, Hermoea,; Johnson;- 3« .hours -from San
Pedro- not In for an overhauling and to be dry
docked;-'ballast -"to; Wilmington transportation
Stmr < Lucy' Neff, Klitgaard, 45 hours, from ' San
Pedro" ballast to Tlllamook lumb<T v eqmpany:-* -V
; Stmr Siberia.. Zeedi-r. 26 days. l 7 hours 45 min
utes from ? Hongkong. - via ;> Yokohama- 16 days ( 8
hourg 3 minutes,' and :Houoluln 5 days *17 hours
88 minutes ; passengers : and merchandise ito Pa
cific Mail steamship company. \u25a0 .-• >. \u25a0 \u25a0- . :
\u25a0 Stmr City\of Sydney," Usher, 20 days 11 honrs
9 minutes * from •, Ancon. : via s Mazatlan ; 5 .'days 21
hours 41 minutes; passengers and merchandise to
Pacific Mail steamship^ company.; r; ,\u25a0< \u0084 r j ;-"'<
'\u25a0? Stmr Pasadena. : Mcuovern, \u25a0 10 hours . from Al
bion; 865,000 i feet, lumber •to Albion lumber.com-
Reiner, i 34 hours from, San
Pedro* 40 passengers to Charles K."MeCormick.:,«t
Stmr NebrasVan, Knight. B*4" days from Sallna
Cruz,-- TlasSan.Dleco 3S 1 - hours; merchandise; to
Wmiamfl.^Dimond & Co.l. .>,.,/' \u25a0 - -. " \u25a0:
* Stmr i Hanalel,' , McFariand, -44 \u25a0 hours ' from San
P«dro;' passengers: and merchandise "to Independ
ent steamship company. w a T;^_- _>-..- \u25a0->.-.-.«•;
Stmr *\u25a0 Tlverton, Johnson, ; 83 hours from - Port
Ludlow; 530,000 feet lumber , to Pope & Talbot.l^!
•>Stmr Geo. sW.' Elder," Jessen, 48 hours rrom 'As
toria; \u25a0 passengers -and > merchandise ; to C. j P. . Doe
- Stmr, r. • A..'* kilburn. McLellan, - 20 hours ;f roni
Eureka; passengers and^ merchandise to C.' P. Doe
4- Co *'. : : ;:•'•\u25a0)'\u25a0 c^'eared^ •\u25a0\u25a0' -..:-^;;''^s : •->;
\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0' -.\u25a0"\u25a0 :'--'/ \u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0\i- Friday, April :1.-{.: 1.-{.
' Stmr S"an' Juan, : Frazier, , Ancon, : etc. ; , Pacific
Mail steamship company.~_ - . . , s
i? Stmr City, of tTopeka.: Glelow, Eureka; ; Pacific
Coast steamship. company. ;\u25a0\u25a0> •\u25a0 \u0084, • ,
£ Stmr; Alameda, Kllnger.: Seattle; Alaska steam
«hln company,'-.- ';i '"/-• \. " ' ' '"" - ' * '*\u25a0' \u25a0\u25a0'':\u25a0':: ' : -
* Stmr, Hanalei.'; MeFarland.^San . : Pedro; Inde
pendent . stcamshlp:company^..;^i ;" -^:^'.^
„.- Stmr .Rose 1 Oity.l Masoo. * Portland; j San : Fraa
dscoiand'Portland steamship, company; :'. . > r
"."•Ship.- Star"'' of.-Russla, Larson, Karluk; Alaska"
packers-a ssociation, -v '.'-'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-'-\u25a0 : *'
;Br ship Dunsyre, Smith, Astoria; J. J.- Moore
& Co:- \u25a0-. '\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0 \u0084\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'•\u25a0-. "\u25a0 ..- \u25a0 •• \u25a0 \u25a0.•\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
<Shlp Charles E. Moody.- Larson, Ijidysmith;
Alaska packers', association.- ' , .-' \u25a0"\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0;
r Bark Levl,-G. .Burgess. \u0084W ilson,' Ladyßmlth;
Alaska packers', association., 1 -- \u25a0 i
I- • Bktn Irmgard. I'age, Hllo.and Mahukona;<Mat
\u25a0son-navigation:company.-\u25a0' '•'*,".
Vißri schr'-Bwnlta, Poole,- Manzanillo; C. : Poole
'(master). 1 - r~- ' •..'_• .'_- • ' ' -\u25a0\u25a0 "~ \u25a0'•\u25a0"• ' " •-'
. Scbr Eva, Gnlliksony- Altata; the Charles Nel
son company. \u0084 '\ \u25a0 - , \u25a0..-"'
V'-V*' ; '/ ':\u25a0 'SAILED.:; ;. -. \u25a0\u25a0'.
' .. . Thursday, March 31. .
?Kmr..WatßOn, Grlfath, Seattle.
Sttnr'J.' Marhoffer, ,' Astoria, i -
"... '.-\u25a0\u25a0.:- \u25a0 ' Friday,- ApriKl.
\u25a0: Strar. Katherine, ; .Torgenson, Eureka. •'
-\u25a0 . St*nrvYosemite, Reiner, -- Seattle.
• '\u25a0Stmr Navarro. Hoffman. * Crescent 'City.
9 Stmr F. A. Kilburn, MeLellau, Eureka:
1 Stmr Cassco, Ahlin, Portjand. .
Br stmr, Strathtay," Day.Coraox.; ..- \u25a0".-.\u25a0
> Stmr Temple E. Dorr, Panzer. Eureka, .'
a \u25a0 Sphr;lnca, R,i>niussenr. Taconla.
- Schr Nokomis," Jensen, Puget sound;.
- -\u25a0--\u25a0> I)I.S*ASTKB :
\u25a0 \u25a0; HONOLULU. April 1.-ISchr*M. Turner, bound
frpm nitrate, port, is ashore at Kahulul; anchored
too close' to reef, Ktrnck. before a pilot ' reached
her; weather. bad; tug has gone to its. assistance.
'\u25a0'-"\u25a0\u25a0":.- (~( ~ WEATHER'RBPORTS . *
I TATOOSH, April 1, 5 p. m.— Cloudy; wind W;
velocity ,12 miles an hour. \u25a0 •\u25a0 ". :
'\u25a0}' POINT -LOBOS,' April 1, 9 a. m.-^Hazy; wind
NW: velocity 8 miles an hour. \u25a0:
POINT REYES, April 1. 9 a; m.— Clear;. wind
NW; velocity 34 miles an. hour. \u25a0
FARALLONES. April 1, 0 a. m.— Clear; .wind
N: velocity 18 miles an hour..->- ~• \u25a0 ' ''"
TATOOSH, 'April 1; o,a. ra.— Light rain; .wind
SE; velocity 14 miles an hour: . • .-". \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-.
TATOOSH. April 1, 12- m.— Raining; wind
S SE: velocity 30 miles an hour. ' - -.
POINT IXtBOS, April :l.j l2 m.— Hazy; wind
NW; velocity 16 miles an hour. : \u25a0
POINT LOBOS, April 1, 3 p. m.— Hazy; wind
NW; Telocity" 22 .mjlea an hour.
POINT LOBOS, April 1, 10 p. m:'— Weather
hazy; wind NW; velocity 24 miles an hour.
SAN 'pEDßOr^iled April I— Stmr Jim But
ler, for San Fram*>eo. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0_/\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0
Arrived April I—Stmr1 — Stmr Coos Bay, from Santa
Barbara. * . . .s, '.
CRESCENT. ClTY— Arrived April 1, 12 m.—
Stmr Del Norte, hence March 30. • .
EUREKA—ArriTed April I— Stmr Whittier.
hence March 31. .
Sailed ' April, I—Stmr1 — Stmr Ravalli, stmr Acme, for
San \u25a0 Francisco.' '\u25a0 .- ' . • • \u25a0 •
SOUTH BEND— Railed April I— Schr Cecilia
Sudden,' for San Pedro. \u25a0\u25a0•
WILMINGTON'— SaiIed March 31, 10 a. m.—
StmrXakme. for San Francisco.
POINT REYES— Passed south April 1, 11:45 a.
m. — A steam schooner with white band on' stack,
black cross on band. \u25a0 .
FARALLON^ ISLANDS— Passed south April 1,
12 m.— Steam schooner, lumber laden.
TACOMA— Sailed April I— Stmr Admiral Samp
son, for S"an Francisco via Seattle;:Br stmr Cape
Breton," for Calcutta. ":' '
Arrived ' April I—Stmr1 — Stmr j Cnarles Nelson, from
Seattle. -\u25a0 • - . " ». .
SKAGWAY— SaiIed ' April 1. 3 p. m.— Stmr
Humboldt, for Seattle.
ASTORIA — Arrived April 1, 12 ra. — Stmr Tam
alpais,-hence March 29; 11 a. m., stmr Falcon,
hence March 29; 7 a.m., stmr Northland, hence
March 29. \u25a0 . .... \u0084', :
Sailed April 1, 7 a. m^Stmr" Bowdoin, for San
Pedro; -stuir Despatch, for San Francisco. ' \u25a0
WEST POlNT— Passed April 1, 11 a. m.—
Ship Abner Coburn. in tow tug Hercules, hence
March 26 for Port Blakeley.
' SEATTLE— SaiIed April 1.. 7 a. m.-r-Stmr Col.*
E. L. Drake, for Dupont; ]O a. m., stmr Gover
nor, for San Francisco; 10 a. m., stmr Victoria,
for Valdez. March 31, 11 p. - m. — Stmr Edith,
for Csrdova. \u25a0.-• ~ \u25a0'- - \u25a0 . . - ..••.„,
Arrived Jlarcn 31— Jap star Tamba Mara,
from Yokohama. April 1, 8 a. m. — Stmr Argyll,
hence March, 28; 9 a. m., stmr City of Puebla,
hence March 29; 2 p. m., stmr Charles Nelson,
hence March 27. . \u0084 \u25a0 - - -
WESTPOBT— Passed in April 1. 6:15 a. m.—
Stmr Helene, hence March 28; 7:15 a. m., stmr
Daisy Mitchell, hence. March 28.
Barbound April 1. >12 m. — Sch» Sophie Chrts
tensen. for San Pedro. — , . • « "
Barbound April 1, 6 p. .m.-^-Stmr Carmel, for
San Francisco; schr Sophie Chrlstcnson, for San
Francisco. - "\u25a0 > •\u25a0 - 1 .
COOS BAY— Arrived March 31— Stmr M. F.
Plant, heuc? March 29. April I— Stmr Ramona,
from . Portland. * • ' . •»•- . -: - .
BANDON— Arrived April I— Stmr Fifleld. hence
March 29; stmr Elizabeth," hence March 30. •
SANTA BARBARA— ArrWed April I— Stmr
Santa Roea, hence March 31,. and sailed for San
Diego. -:\u25a0
POINT' LOBOS— Passed north March 31, 4:30
p. m. — Ocr stmr Germanlcus, from Sydney, C.
8.. for Prince Rupert. , •• . \u25a0
Passed April I—Stmr'Helen1 — Stmr 'Helen P. Drew, from
Greenwood for San Diego.
EVERETT— Arrived March 31— Schr Mlndoro,
from Eagle harbor. .-
WRANGELL— Arrived March 31, 7:30 p. m.—
Stmr Jefferson, from Seattle for Skagway.
SANTA MONlCA— Sailed March 31,.4:30 p. m.
Stmr Excelsior, for San francisco. . -\u25a0' ! .-
ABERDEEN — Arrived -April I—Stmr1 — Stmr Helene.
hence March 28. • . . ;
LYNTON— Arrived March 31, 9 a. m.— Stmr
W. S. Porter, hence March 27.
"-'TATOOSH-— Passed out April 1, 8:40 a. .m.—
Three masted bark, towing.
Passed out April 1, 1:40 p. m.— Br stmr Cape
Breton, for Calcutta; ; «' p. . m., stmr Governor,
from Seattle for . San Francisco.-- ; '
NEAH— Anchored April I—Schr1 — Schr Defender, U.
S. stmr Tahoma. . • ,-•
CLALLAM— Passed In April I— U. S. steamer,
probably Bear, from ••..
-. , EASTERN .PORTS ,' \
NEW YORK— Arrived April I— Stmr Aiicoo.
from Colon; stmr Advance, from Colon. March
30— Br stmrlndrani, from Manila. '
Sailed March 31 — Stmr Colon, for Colon.
' Sailed April I— Stmr ' American, for Puerto
Mexico. \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0-' - k ; ' . • > - v -- .
-PHILADELPHIA— Arrived March 31— Stmr' J".
L. Lockenbach, from New York. :
HONOLULU— Arrived April I— Jap stmr Nil
gata Marti, from Japan. .. . . r. , : • \u0084
PUNTA ARENAS— SaiIed March 29— Br stmr
Rosebank; from Newport News. for Honolulu.
'YOKOHAMA— SaiIed March 20 — Br stmr Al
conda, for Vancouver, B. ; C. • March 30— Stmr
Jlanchuria. for San Francisco., t \u25a0\u25a0 •\u25a0 .
" VICTORIA— SaiIed April I— Br bark Adderley;
from Chemalnus for' Adelaide.
SAGNES — I'assed ; March 31— Br stmr Idomen
eus, from Antwerp for Seattle. .
* HAMBURG— Arrived March 30— Ger stmr
Ramses, hence Dec 2 via way ports.
\u25a0: NEWCASTLE,' N. S. W.— Sailed March 31— Br
stmr English Monarch, for San Francisco.
G LASGO W — Sailed March 31 — Br • stmr Ven
tura, for Victoria, B.C. '» '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:'\u25a0- *
VALPARAISO— Arrived prior- March 31— Br
stmr Charlton Hall, from New York. - '
• OCEAN STEAMERS' » - J \u25a0- --
BOSTON — Arrived April I— Stmr lonian, from
Glasgow.:- - -•- \u25a0:. - .. \u25a0»'=•\u25a0•'•' " '* '-'•- * ' '
'..NEW YORK— Arrived April I— Stmr La Lor
raine, from Havre. ' r :
ST. JOHN— Arrived April I— Stmr Empress of
Britain,- stmr, Grampian,* from Ll-jerpool.
HALIFAX— SaiIed-Aprll I— Stmr ; Monteznma,
for London. ."• • ' .-: _ \u25a0
\u25a0 • Arrived .- April \ I— Stmr : Empress of- Britain,
stmr Corslcanr from Liverpool. . \u0084.i
GIBRALTAR— Arrived April I— Stmr SaxonU..
from' New York. • .-. \u25a0• • . , . \u25a0 . -.
GLASGOW— SaiIed March Sl— Stmr Venture,
for Victoria, • B.'< C. ?">.,/.
NAPLES— Arrived April l^Stmt Frledrich dcr
Grosse, .from New York. r" : . ' '. >I -
, Shipments for.the. North • • .:
Tl»». steamer City of Puebla sailed for Victoria
on - Tuesday • with cargo - consigned to Tarious
British-American- cities, valued at $22,612- and
Including: the' following: o: •>,— \u25a0 . « . \u25a0\u0084,
- 4K.875 l|is dried f mlt.'' 16,670" H>s raisins." 1.19
nkgs | fresh fruits,*; 3."15 . pkgs vegetables. - 000 lbs
butter, '-. 11, 575". lbs -beans, 6.000 lbs v chocolate,
1.054 lbs coffee, 10 ca canned goods, 100.000 lbs
oil I cake, j8 cs honey,- 5 . roll* "leather, 1 56 bales
twine, \u25a0- 1 : automobile - and ' 3 ' bxs *. parts."' 46 > colls
rope; ; 25 cs : fuse; 0 pkgs drugs,' 3.300 lbs grease.'
100 -.. tins \u25a0 matches, ' 140 ,cs t and » 75 bblsT: oils," "10
pkgs paints," -.125 bbls asphalt, 115 rolls roofing,
14. pkgs wagon; material." -'/r-'- • •' ' ' • , _- -
CAPITAL, $250,000 SHARES, 250,000 PAR W, $1.00
'.'Property • consists "'of 'eighty ; (80) acres "• In Maricopa * (the greatest oil
producinf-f center in all California);- being the S. %.of S.W. %-ot Section
32rT. i l2'N., R. 523 E..5.8.r8.fM. --i ' - - \u25a0-. '".'-'\u25a0 -\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0':\u25a0<>
,!»\u25a0;, ;i The ; Company ' is ;\u25a0 now ; drilling ; its LWell . No.; 1," which is . two miles S.B.
from'-the* great ! gushers and one ?and ; one-half miles east of
the ; Ethel ' D. sand: Southern gusher. '..: -. » •..
\u25a0• "V The Company; offers* 50,000 "shares of i its stock at fifty cents
per*share.it Twentyithousanddollars of-the proceeds , will be used to pay
the 1 balance, of: the purchase priqe of easterly (40) -acres of .land,
and $5,000 ;willsbe.placed:to Its drilling accountr which iwill ; then -,be ample
to complete- its 'first ".well. -There areino other/obligations." «c v— - .
--v<- : Compare f this stock ; with? othar^ oil stocks^ from the viewpoint -of the
small -authorised ''capitalizations of "^^this. company;^ and the-- location and
acreage ofiits oll'lands.. If you do? this; you iWill; buy.-;.. - -r - .\u25a0--..•*- . -
Subscriptions; close at 12 M. '. Monday,* April- 4.'-; at ;the office of the Com-
pany; 422* Montgomery.' street.' i5an; Francisco,* and must.be accompanied by
check!*- If the, entire iblock:is .not subscribed your^money; will be -returned.
;*- -;>Further.?.particulars'.atsofllce,'*tNo.~; 422 -' Montgomery Street, r~4th ; floor,
,'San\Francisco;i California.^* " \u25a0.-"».\u25a0;;'. >\u0084 ; \u25a0 •\u25a0 ' '."..-\u25a0- v . r . •
W f "jThei dlrectorsl of •,- this Company (fare t-Winfield •S. Davis, "W. : A;, Boole,
IBnr.tfK"iDavis,lHenry|E..Monroe;and'R.vT. ; Harding.S ; " " .- -"- \u25a0\u25a0-;: -\u25a0:.
\u0084.: \u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0 \u25a0-\u25a0:-. -.\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 ..-:,\u25a0:.- \u25a0.:\u25a0\u25a0,. .•' \u25a0\u25a0-.-.-.\u25a0>, ,-\u25a0•:;• »\u25a0'• » "\u25a0"',". '\u25a0' A." \~rf- '\u25a0? ,-iV.ia>.-i".?'-'--.vt-,> .; ,•" -, .;, ... \u25a0\u25a0- .: \u25a0
Weather Report
United -States "department of agriculture—
; Weather bureau-^rSan Francisco April 1.
\ Last ' Seasonal Nor-
Stations — , 24 hours to date mal
Eureica 0.12 3<».4t- 38.70
Red Bluff... 0.00 - 16.45.. 21.49
Sacramento .\u25a0..; 0.00 12.13 17.04
-Mt.; Tamalpals 0.00 25.41,* ; 19.85
San Francisco..^..... 0.00 10. 18 * 19.54
Sari Jose... ;. 0.00 14.10 11.05
Fresno .........;.... 0.00 10.62 5.27
Independence :...... 0.00 4.77* * 8.16
San Lul? 0b1jjp0...... . o.oo' 21.11 15. 12
Los Angeles,..-. 0.00 - - 12.2!» 14.02
San Diego. 0.00 \u0084 9.«3 S.Sto'
Coaat record for 12 hours, endlner 5 p.m.
/stations, I s h -: f £"=.
Blalne ..... 29.72 44 — -SE Cloudy .OS
Boise ..... 29.92 Xi 44 NW Cloody .10
Eureka ... 30.14 54 '4S W Cloudy .12
Flagstaff .....30.00 56 20 S Clear • .00
Fresno .......29.96 SO 62 NW I't.Cldy .00
Helena 29.68 .64 28 SW" Cloudy -Tr.
Independence ..29.84 72 3« NW. Pt.Cldy .00
Kallspell 29.74 ;44 2$ SW Cloudy .04
Los Ange1e5... 20.96 82 M SW Clear .00
Modena 29:90 64 SO 'SW Clear .00
Mt.Tamalpals. 30.04 5S 50 NW Cloudy .00
North Head. . .29.90 4t> 42 W * Cloudy .14
Phoenix ...29.84 SO 50 SE Clear .00
Pocatello .29. 50 62 38 S Pt.Cldy Tr.
Pt. Reyes Lt. .30.03 55 47 NW Cloudy .00
Portland ...x. 29.92 50 42 ' SW Cloudy .04
Red 81uff..;.. 29 .98 72 52 W .Cloudy .00
Reno ......... 29. 9U 64 3B SW Cloudy .00
Roseburg ;..... 30.04 -54, 42 SW Cloudy .01
Sacramento- ...29.90 70 52 S Pt.Cldy .00
Salt Lake.:... 29. 76 6S 42 S Clear .00
San Diego 29.92 76 54 "NW Clear .00
San Francisco. 3o.o6 60 50 W Pt.Cldy .00
San - J0ae. .... .30.0 f t' 70 44 'NW Clear .00
S. L. Obispo. .30.00 78 4rt NW Clear .00
SE. Farallon... lo.oß ">4 SO N Cleitr .00
Spokane . .29.52 4« 34 SW Rain .04
•Summit ......... 42 SO SW Cloudr .00
Tacoma 29. 52 48 42 SW Rain .06
Tatoonh 29.78 44 3S W Ualn .3S
Tonopah ......29.72 62 42 W Pt.Cldy .00
Walla Wa11a .".29.86 52 44 S ' Cloudy Tr.
Wlnnemucca ..29.86 64 3S W Cloudy .00
Yunia .29. §6 90 52 E Clear .00
\u2666Snow on ground C 5 inches.
Thd following maximum and minimum tempera
tures are reported from eastern stations for the
previous day: Chicago, 76-46; Xew York, 78-46;
Omaha, 50-30.
The pressure has fallen rapidly o-/er Washing
ton. Oregon and Idaho, and unsettled weather
is « reported . over all the northwest. Rain, has
fallen on the coast from Eureka northward. A.
thundytTStorm is reported at Boise. High wlnda
are reported at Reno. Modena and North Head.
There has been a fall in temperature of about
10 degrees In all the northern states. Cooler
weather is reported in California.
The relative fiumldity at Red, Bluff was 6S and
at Fresno 56 per cent. \u25a0
Forecast for the 30 hours ending at midnight
Saturday, April 2: . 1 I
\u25a0 For San Francisco and vicinity — Unsettled
weather SatunlnjT with brisk northwest winds.
* For-the Santa Clara valley — Cloudy Saturday;
brisk north winds.
2 For the Sacramento valley — Cloudy Saturday,
with showers in the foothills and mountains;
cooler; moderate south winds.
For the SaniJoaquin valley— Cloudy, cooler Sat
urady, with showers In the mountains; moderate
north winds.
For southern California— Cloudy, cooler Satur
day; light north wind, cbanj-inj? to brisk south.
. A. G. JIcADIB, District Forecaster.
Changes of Masters
Steamer Herald— Old master. Enos Fouratt Jr.;
new master. William A. Elsassen.
Steamer Crowley No. I—Old1 — Old master. John Lat
tlmore: new master, M. A. Armstrong.
Schooner Annie J^— Old master. William Wal
\leck; new master, Robert Swanstean.
Steamer Phoenix — Old master, Martin. Kalnln;
new master, Carl Matson.
\ Enrolled — Ship Slntram, C. Johnson - master.
Barkentlne St. Katherine, P. Laraea master.
Army Transports
The Crook Is at Manila.
The Warren is at Shanghai. ' *~
The Logan sailed March 7 for Mfltla.
" . The Buford Is In port. . -
. The Sheridan sailed March 13 from Manila for
tills port. '
The Sherman is In port.
The Thomas Is In port.
Two Wheat Fixture*
The British ships Arctic Stream and Brabloch.
both at Portland, are engaged, for wheat thence
to Europe at 22s 6d. -\u25a0
Lumber for Mexico
: The schooner Era -was cleared for Altata, Mex.,
yesterday with 288,321 feet o_f lumber.*Talued at
$5,478. ' V.
Additional Shipping on J-age 24
We have two surveyors in the'field
compiling a complete map of the
Midway, North Midway, Buena Viata
Hills/ Maricopa and Sunset oil fields.
This map will cover all and be the
best ever issued of these fields and
brought right up to the minute, j
. Every one Interested in these
fields should have one of these map;-.
LETIN," Issued semi-monthly, tells
the news of the companies operat-
ing in all the oil fields of the State.'
A copy of the Map of Midway and.
for six months will.be mailed to you
FREE if you send; us your name
with this ad now. •
the G. S. Johnson Company
934 Pbelan Bldg., San Francisco, Cal.
E.F. WAYLAND & CB., Brokers
474-476 Monadnock Buildln? .
.' San * Francisco, Cal. . .-
Stocks Offered for Quick Sale
1.000 share* Jewell Oil C0. ........... ("A snap")
1,000 Lady Washington Oil Co (Wanted)
1,000 share* Spring Tire C 0. .. .:......© '.SI
t, OOO shares Coalinga Crude Oil Co.....<ift ;.3O
l.uoO scares Alaska P«yro. & Coal C0..3s , >.".22
1,000 shares" Four Metals (San Jose)...® '-16
l,ooO>shar<»s Section Six Oil Co Wanted
' SOO-sharcs Coalinga "Aladdin Oil C 0...<& .14
,-* 650 Coalinga' National IViroleum (ai \u25a0 .S3
: 600/saarea Templor Ranch Oil C 0.:...© -.24
;- .100 share? Mtn.r Kin? Miri'R & AI. Co.fta * 1.80
\u25a0vIOO sharea Financial-Underwriters...:.® .1.60
"\u25a0-50 shares Mascot Coppr Co. «EJ,\-4.60
:v 15 United Wireless pfd. Urans.) . . . . @ • 20.00
'.10 Chiapas Rubber Plantation Waated
Wednesday, April 6, 1910
By order of J. T.-.Lons.' we will sell tiro boa-;
dred head of broken and unbroken mares anil >
geldings of Norman and Shire stock, from the !
Brockm.tn and Van Loan ranches. Lassen county.
Cal. Th«*y will weigh from 1.200 to I.6u<> ;
pounds, all youns-, heaTy boned blocks. No bet-
ter horses raised on this coaat. Come and see <
Sale tafce« place at 11 a. m. WEDNESDAY...
April 6. IJHO, at J. B. nORAN'S Sales Yard**
corner 10th and Bryant sts.. San Francisco.
W. H. HORD, Auctioneer.
704 .Market St.. San Francisco^ i
Xo ontside horses taken.
Aueri on
On ace«unt of the retiring from business tt '
Mr. T. C. Plank I will «ell the entire content*
sistlng of 35 HEAD OF HORSES, bupgies. w«.
ons. harness, etc. Sale take* place at the STA-
BLE. 66-68 BELCHER ST. (near 14th aad M*r->;
AT 11 A. M. "V
W. HIGGIXBOTTOiT. Auctioneer. '
31, 1910 — Notice: Certain -;oo«l3 remaining ona
-rear In bonded warehouse wlil be sold at -lublio
auction at the Unite*! States Appraiser's Store. '
on the 27th of April. 1910. at 10 o'clock a. tn.
DoscrlptiTe catalogue can be had at the Cnstons-
House on April 20. 1910, or at the time ami pl.ic*
of sale. F. S. STRATTON, Collector.
The Union Oil Company, The
Monte Cristo, The Wcllman, The
Ethel D., The K. T. & O. (South- \u25a0
crn Pacific), and The Lakeview
| Gusher are all famous producers
in the Maricopa oil district, are
: the immediate neighbors of
therefore, in proven territory
and also the owner (absolute)
of its' lands, holding the titles of
The lands of THE M. J.
COMPANY are being sought by
. experienced operators in oil
proven territory and fabulous
prices arc being offered and
I proceed at once with the de-
velopment of its lands imme-
diately adjacent to the now
famous Lakeview Gusher owned
\u25a0by the ' Union Oil Company.
This well has produced for it's
Owners within the past few days
a quarter of a million dollars,
and is still producing for its
owners twenty thousand dollars
per day. The value of the land
with such possibilities can not
be estimated.
Treasury Stock in THE M. J.
COMPANY, for development
; purposes only, is being offered
'to investors, and it is yet time
to secure shares at 75c; the price
advances to $1.00 after April 10.
Further information may be
secured from the authorized
sales agents of The M. J. Com-
pany, the
509-510 Union Savings Bank
Building, Oakland. CaL
The, one time that stock in oil
companies makes its bis .advance in
price Is when the first well Is
brought in. Note the recent cases
of Mohawk, which jumped from 75c
to $3.00; of Silver Tip. from 66c to
$3.50; of California Midway, from
15c to 50c. It Is reasonable and
logical that such big advances
should take place, for while it may
only require from $5,000 to $50,000
to complete an oil weJI, such wells
\u25a0when completed v are worth from
$100,000 to $500,000 and make a
splendid rate of earning" on .such
The Coalinga Crude Oil Company
is just about to finish Us first well.
The stock Is now selMnt? freely on '
the Los Angeles Stock Exchange at
ririces around 35c. "We predict that
the bringing in of their well durins:
the early. part of April will cause a
big jump in this stock, and advise
immediate purchase at any prices
under 50c per share.
The Coalinga Crude Oil Co. owns
an exceedingly choicw- piece of ab-
solutely proven property in the
Coalinga field, has a low capitaliza-
tion; a competent management la
crowding the development work to
the utmost. Maps, photos and full
particulars of this company and its
property will be found in the Illus-
trated oil magazine, '•Securities."
Call at our office for a copy or send
in this coupon and one will be
mailed you. If you want to enjoy )
the profits from the big advance act
at once. •
Pacific States Guaranty & Land Co.. 501
First National Bank BWrj.. San Francisco.
• Gentlemen — Please send me. free of cost.
information , regardta*: . stack referrfft to
aDote. also free copies of oil mazazine
"Securities." for six months — *H tats with-
out any obligation whatever on my part.
Street and Xo ......'......«... '
\u25a0-'. \u25a0'\u25a0•" .
citr -
. - - '-\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 si.F.r— 4-->
ISMJ California St. Tel. Douglas 2457
St. Francis Hotel Tel. Donglai SOSU
Members of New York Stock Exchange
, Pioneer House
PrlTate Wire to Chicago and
, Xew York
,R. E. 3IC"LCAHEy, Manager -
*:-*.i Jtala'Oface -• . Braach Offlc«« .
MIIXS BLDG., S. r. \u25a0 \u2666 PALACE HOTEI.
\u25a0 -,\u25a0>- Oorteaponflenta (Main Corridor)
HABBIS WX2JTHBOP** * Saa Jfranoisco- •
-\u25a0*\u25a0 ti ;**" CO., »-- HOTEL ALJCXANDXIA
23 Pine st., NewYor*. " - Los - Anjrele*.*^-. .
3: Rookery. Chicago. HOTEL DEL COSO-
: 1711 Stout 'street, ' NADO. .
*;« Denver. ' Colo.' \u25a0 : -.* ; - . Coronado CeaaSi. -

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