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Two Thugs Enter Dr. Gleason's
Home and Subdue Inmates
With Pistols
Piucky Girl Threatens Bandits
If They Dare to Harm
Her Pet Dog
rope th<Vy took from their pockets.
jpfel|.TV3r. calling, 4 Oh, what will I do;
trhat wil! I do.' but the man did not
seem to ,nin.l this. He kept his re
volver p<.inte<l at me, and the second
man. one with black hair, started up
stairs The robber keeping; me quiet
with hSs pistol had fair hair.
"My brother was attracted \u25a0 in ' the
room upstairs by my words, and he
<-ame out to investigate. He was just
in time to meet the leveled revolver of
the dark Jnan as he gained the top
With a word of threat and command
the second robber forced Doctor Glea
j»or>* into tho bedroom and made Mrs.
Gl<»ason stand up against the wall be
side her husband. He shouteJ down
stairs and his accomplice ordered Mips
Gleason upstairs also. The three were
sraihered in the room and the blonde
bandit- set guard over them.
Robbers Demand Money
"We want money and we need~ it
bad." one of the fellows said. "Xow,
« .jCJ . i«* 'I \u25a0 -.-.\u25a0-*> .
Mis* Anita Gl^ason is the house
keeper of the household.
"You are welcome to all the money
we have," she said. "It is in an alli
yator bag anJ therrf is about $75
"Where's the bag?" the dark robber
"I. think it's in the front room, but
I have bren paying some bJUs today
and now I'm so confused I don't know
where it is," Miss Gleason answered.
The robber went Into the front room
and came back with the news that the
bas: was not there.
"I'll fret it for you if you'll let me
liunt for it," said Miss Gleason.
"Come on," the thug said, and the
bag: wns found in Miss Gleason's bed
room, «nd the contents, except 25 cents,
Then the thief returned and rum
ma ped Doctor Gleason's pockets, get
tins; in the neighborhood of $23.
lie •went out of the room and was
some 20 minutes and soon he re
turned with the j?rip he had brought
with him loaded with silver ware and
otfcer articles of value. H<* put the
grip down and started to take a ring
from Mrs. Gleason's finger.
"That ring is only an amethyst,"
Mrs. Gleason said, "and it's not worth
anything to you."
Argues With Thugs
The fellow nodded and turned his
attention to Doctor Gleason.
"I've just been married," the doctor
said, "and T need all my valuables.
NV»w if you take these you will be
traced and caught because the police,
will get the thingrs wherever you cell
them. It's the •same with the silver
ware. There are Initials on It and we
\u25a0ran describe accurately all our effects.
The coin can never be traced, and as
you cot quite a piece you ought to be
- After this bit of advice the robbers
withdrew to the doorway, th« blonde
gruard still keeping his victims cov
ered, however, and there held a whis
pered consultation. Then "they re- j
turned, forced the three to lie on the
bed. face downward, tied tfieir hands
behind them and tied their feet to- :
pether. Then, with a word of warn- I
ing, they left, after emptying alj the;
silverware from their grip upon the"
ha.ll floor.
As they were going: down the inner
stairway the blonde, who had been
talking with the three, and who
c"emed much the more tender hearted
of the pair, threw back upstairs a
watrh, the only thing save money that
they were carrying away.
"You people have been pretty de
rent," he culled upstairs. "Here." I am
leaving you this watch.'i
The door slammed and the people on
the bed began struggling to free them
Sister Gnaws* Cord
Miss Gleason managed to slide her
bands over to brer sister in law, and
the latter gnawed at the cord binding
tlmn until the knots became untied.
T!>*n Miss Gl>»ason freed the other two,
and the police were notified over the
ptfbn* of the robbery. In all the event
lasted some 30 . minutes. •
Detectives Bert Wren and Thomas
Daly of the central station, with Burke
and Richards of the Mission, were de
tailed on the case, and when they first
heard of it they believed it en April
fool joke. .
Investigation convinced them, how
ever, that there was no Jok« attached
to the matter.
A bull pup belonging to Miss Anita,
and the pride of her heart, figured
largely, and completely to his discredit,
i;i the affair. He bounded to the door
with Us mistress In answer to the rob
»>ts ring, and, far from taking offense
to th*> manner and the nature of their
entry, fawned on them with joy and
wagged his tail in an abandon of
friendliness. He attached himself to
the darker of the two men. the one
who rifled the house while his fellow
stood guarl. and so lavished his af
\u25a0fection on the harassed robber that
the latter dragged him upstairs and,
despite his yelps. STiut him in a bed
room next to that occupied'by the pris
At the canine's heartrending cries
M!fs Anita lost the fear that had pos
sessed her and delivered an ultimatum
to thp astounded thier
"Don't you dare hurt that dog'" she
cried, "or I'll fix you some way."
"1 ain'f going to hurt the fool pup"
the robber defended himself.
Doctor Asks for Car Fare
"Say," Doctor Gleason said when the
robber 'returned to his fellow, his work
of looting ended, Tve got to leave for
Stockton tomorrow, and I would like
the fare to briny my, wife back, too
Why not leave me $5?"
The blonde robber, he of the tender
heart, reached for his' pocket, as though
to grant the desire, but the dark fel
low, who throughout the half hour was
1 Only One "Bromo Quinine**.
That is Laxative Bromo Quinine. Look
for signature of E.W.Grove. Used world
over to Care a Cold in One Day. 25c. '\u25a0..\u25a0 •
DTBD -, "' '
BOTNTON— In this >Jty. April \u25a01. 1910/ K«th-
<-rlno. rtfsrly lx>lnr«*l wif*> nfthrlaf* Charles
F..*pnvnt«B. ud- mother of Waltw V.. Charlf*
11.. ;f»r. <>f.irffe \u25a0D. juml Fk»r«*nce E. Boynton
*m] Mrs. Charles U. Thompson, >* satire of
licUud. Il§»iillil3llli§|i * ' —
much the more violent of the two,
shook his head. >
"You can Jborrow the money," he said;
"we can't."
When the two turned, and started
down the stairs Miss Gleason suddenly
thought of a prized possession the rob
bers might have taken. .
"Did you take my gold bracelet?" she
called to them. "Oh, robbers, stop!
Did you take my gold bracelet?"
"No, we left it for you," the blonde
robber called back, c^r- 9
"Thanks'" responded Miss Anita.
"That belonged ''to my mother."
"You're a good guy." the blonde rob
ber said to Doctor Gleason as they were
preparing to leave. "Where do you
live, and what is your name?"
Gleason supplied his#cognomen and
his Stockton address, and the fellow
put them down in a notebook.
"I'd like to meet you when. I'm right,"
he said.
"Sure, come around and see me,"
Gleason answered, though not, perhaps,
with any great amount of enthusiasm.
The "blonde robber." as his victims
call him. seemed, indeed, to desire to
relieve the three of their fears and pain
as well as their money. When they
threw themselves face downward, on
the bed, in obedience to the command,
the "blonde robber" asked all if they
were comfortable/
"Here," he said to Doctor Gleason,
whose legs were dangling over the bed
at an uncomfortable angle, "be com
fortable." And he hitched the doctor
into a more graceful position. Then
the work of tying hands and feet began.
Victims Tied Up
Suspenders torn from trousers all
over the house, curtain chains, which
are used in place of cords in the Glea
son home; kimonos, nightgowns, stock
ings, fur boas and other things were
used to tie the three victims.
One of the curtain chains was us<*d
to tie Mrs. Gleason's hands, and she
struggled and moaned as' the "brunette
robber," he of thei mean disposition,
tightened it sharply around her slender
"Too tight, is it?" asked the gallant
blonde robber. ,
"Yes, it cuts Into the flesh," Mrs.
Gleason answered, as well as she could
with her face buried in the bedclothes.
"Here, don't loosen that too much;
you'll have them getting away," the
brunette burglar cautioned savagely.
As the robbers wore handkerchiefs
over the lower part of their, faces and
one of them* had. on blue goggles it
was difficult for their victims to de
scribe them in detail with great ac
curacy. The descriptions are given,
however, |as follows:
The brunette — Five feet six inches
tall, black hair an.l eyebrows, slender,
pointed face,, weight 130 pounds, neat
dark sack suit, dark p»ft hat, deep
gruff voice and deep set eyes. Age
about 25 years. Wore dark blue 'polka
dot handkerchief for mask.
The blonde — Five feet 7% inches tall,
weight 140 pounds, full face, light
golden hair, age 28 years, neat brown
sack suit, black derby hat. Wore cream"
colored silk handkerchief over face and
eyea were concealed by blue goggles. '-...
"I told. the detectives not to. arrest
the nice blonde "burglar if they' found
him," MiBS Anita Gleason said, "but to
be sure and put the mean brunette one
into, prison." : :i v 4
Farce Produced for Benefit of
; Library Fund
[Special Ditpalch to The Call]
RED.WOOD CITY, April I.— The sen
ior class of tlie Sequoia union high
school presented "The Private Secre-.'
tary," a three act farce, at the Alham-'
bra theater, tonight. \u25a0;.'.: It was for the
beneflt~of the -high school, library. ;. A
neat sum was realized. ..
.Prof. O. M. Carrlngton. arranged an
attractive musical program. The cast
in the play was as follows:
Mr. Marsland ...........:.. Arthur Kirkpatrick
Harry Marsland,' his nephew ...... '.Lisle Winter
Mr. Cattf rmole. -i . . - .'". Robert Fox
Mrs. Catterraole.'. .. Jlardele Robinson
Dooglas Cattcrmole, tbelr nephew....;......; .
•\u25a0 '.. . . . ....... . ... . . *. .'.v:V.. . .Clifton Woodhams
Robert SpaWlnjr, the private secretary...;.;. :\u25a0:.
...v.... ..........:........ Frank Grlffla
Mr. Sydney Gibson, tailor of Bond street..*. .-.
. - ..•:.... ..Dudley. Pitcher
Mary . ... . .'• ••• • • ....... ... .Jennie B6tto
Kuox, a writ. nerrer ............; -IJoyd Thrush
Edith Marsland ...Edna Christcnsen
Mrs. StPed, Douglas' landlady... ...Vera Gerwln
Era Webster ....-."....:.....•-.-•.*. Sophie Kobs
Margaret Marsland ......:.... .Margaret Winter
Miss Aebford .....:.... ..': /.V.'.i Louise Pitcher
Jane .................;.:.-.... .Anna\Kronqu^t
MUSIC ', •', ~, '
Piano duet.... ...:.....~. ;...." -...;.*• »'"..... i
: Jessie Smith and Carolyn, DosKee.^
Violin solo, "Ttie Son of the 1 Puszta". . . .'T.Bela
«\u25a0\u25a0<;. Uichard Darldaon, - -\u0084
Vocal -solo — '- •. - <:\u25a0'\u25a0>';""\u25a0\u25a0 .
-, (a):'* The Summer Web*' ? -V. .* .C.-.'.Carrinston 1
; . Cb), "With Moonlight 8eaming.;:........ .
'-.;\u25a0; " /o.r.M. ; Xarrinßton. \u25a0'>--
t :;April I.— 4«niM : F.\ Moran." •n-bo" : . tw-ip*A \u25a0 from
the «*h«in;:anjt <Vtob*rJVnras recaptured tod.ir
V h r. KfMH-lal Policeman . Erickjon *t Eighth and
Attorney Brandeis Rebukes Senator Nelson in
the Ballinger Hearing
Glavis letter which he said had come
from the files of the forestrj' service.
"But that letter was never sent,"
commented Todd.
"How do you know that?" demanded
"Glavis so testified before this com
Chairman Nelson here asked Bran
dels if there was anything to show;
that the letter had been sent. ./
"There is no direct evidence," replied
.the attorney. .
"But it is . the^ letter Glavis .testified
he never sent," persisted the chairman.
"It is the letter which this witness
says Glavis testified . he did not ' se"rid,"
retorted Brandeis. " :;
Attorney Vertress" read the Glavis
testimony, in which Glavis said he did
not send the letter because he heard
Commissioner Bennett of the land of
fice' was coming: to Seattle, and he
could talk it over with him. As Ver
trees concluded. Chairman Nelson
turned to Brandeis and said:
'.'You knew that; why did you con
ceal the fact?. Why didn't you^tell the
committee?" « \u25a0. ~'- v--.\u25a0v --.\u25a0 \u25a0
Brandeis Rebukes Nelson
"Air. Chairman," shouted the attor
ney in ' a voice which could be heard
far down the corridors, "I object stren
uously to the statement that I have
attempted to conceal anything. My
course has been such before the com
mittee that such a statement is abso
lutely Improper and ought to be with
drawn." • ..•': I
Representative Graham" (democrat) —
I must move that the chairman be di
rected to withdraw : that . remark; /- .
. Representative James-r-I second the
motion. . ' < - .
Chairman Nelson-^I won't with
draw it. . : \u25a0 '
Representative Graham — - I ' insist
that my motion be put.
Representative McCall said he didn't
think it necessary, as he "did not think
Brandeis had attempted to conceal any
thing .or to deceive the "committee.",'. '
James said.it was rec
ognized that an attorney should have
the widest j latitude - In . cross examina
tion and that Brandeis "ought not to be
Jerked up.", /
-Representative Graham— This is not
the first, time the chairman has by in
ference reflected upon Brandeis. I>'ln
sist that my motion 'be put/
Representative Madisoa_ acted as the
peace maker, with- some success. He
said h^thought the ', chairman's remark
was , made hastily and he did not sym
pathize with it. At the same time, he
continued, it must be understood I that
the chairman; spoke as an individual
and did not, represent the opinion of
the committee. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
Watched by Country
"We are standing before the country,
in this, inquiry,"; continued Madison,
"and"; if anybody \u25a0. is • biased ; it \ii\ being'
written by the newspapermen. Every,
member's of the;, committee must stand
upon; his .record. ;; What the chairman
says is bis personal .view, except; when
he makes an announcement as the re
sult of a vote."
Hrandeis. said that. in view^of ,Madi
icnor-Dllc ioi \u25a0 ioi Sl|cz3bg
i=»=i.i^=b CHOCOLATE
The Finest Eating (^
U |iHn^S& A delightful combination of the highest
ij*b3m7£^. grade cocoa, pure sugar and vanilla
m \u25a0-'\u25a0• nflTO •;:you' do hot find; it at your grbcer'si^ve -will send a
r*jH iA At f|| vi 11k package by rriaili prepaid, on receipt of 1 0 cents
HI '(4 W stairi P s or^ money. -
111 /ll WALTER BAKER & CO. LTD. -
E.tabK.hed 1780 DORCHESTER, MASS.
Continued From Page n v
son's statement he was willing to al
low the record to stand.
1 Senator Fletcher moved that Gra
ham's motion be amended to read that
the chairman's remark did not reflect
the view of the committee.
Representative Olmsted moved that
the whole matter be laid on the table.
'A rollcall was demanded on this.mo
tion, and the motion was adopted by a
vote of 6 to 3. • ,
The ayes were Senators Sutherland
and Purcell and Representatives Mc-
Call, ' Olmsted. Denby and' •Madison.
The noes were - Senator Fletcher and
Representatives James and Graham.
Boom Pinchot for President (
DENVER, April i:—Copiesof a letter
signed by J. J. Tobias, chancellor. of
the Chicago law> school, and advocating
Gifford Pinchot as a candidate for pres
ident of the United States were re
ceived in Denver • today. 'The lifter*
says in part: "
"Do you believe Gifford-* Pinchot
would be a good candidate for the
presidency in 1912? Will you organize
a 'Watch Pinchot Grow' club? If so,
send your address." ' \
Soldiers* Home Matron Accused
, V . by Employe
SAWTELL.E, April l.— Kirs. Lettie
Warner, matron of the dining, hall at
the soldier's home; was up for trial to
day on a charge that she had misap
propriated ai 10 cent s bottle of ; candy.
It was charged inthe complaint that
John W. Adams intrusted to Mrs. /War
ner, as bailee, a number of bottles of
candy that were to . have -been distrib
uted among the feminine employes at
the home Jast Christmas.. In the final
distribution . that intended for -Miss
Hartley ; was; found to be missing. v «
\u25a0.After grieving, over her loss for some
time Miss Hartley caused:Mrs..War
ner's arrest.' •
The case is being bitterly: fought,
with a. large number of witnesses for
either side.
Makes Trial Trip Before Start
ling for Brazil '
'; NORFOLK, Va.,; April 1.-l The ar
mored cruiser Montana, having com
pleted extensive repairs at the Norfolk
navy. yard, put to sea. today for a short
cruise s to ; test her -'engines' before pro
ceeding, to Braxilian waters to join
the . cruiser: .North i Carolina. || From
Brazil it -is- expected' the -two vessels
will proceed to the Pacific coast The
Montana will beratsea until late to
morrow. . ;\J •"
April I—ln1 — In a' duel In-the ftroet* here earl y
, today Special Policeman Robert nilton was
killed by Otis Kearney, who died later.
.Kearney and a -friend had been arrested, and
. the friend resisted.- .' - * .\ - - <
Plans Are -Completed for Elaborate Charity
Fete— Souvenir Programs to Be Sold
The stage fixings for the tableaux
vivants of the nights of. April 5 and 6
were put" in place yesterday morning at
the St. Francis and from an early hour
until nearly 8 o'clock last night the
rehearsals for the different dances went
on there in costume. Not the least
charming of -these is that of the little
pages and still smaller court maids
who will hail the arrival of Mrs. ftenry
,-T. Scott as Queen Marie Antoinette,
: wlth their delightful flower gavotte, in
the; combination opening picture of
"la Fete > Galante" and "La Fete
"d'Amour." ~ \u25a0 - '.. \u25a0
.* Following' them eight of. the living
pictures; will be seen ' in succession.
Then the curtain will again v rlse on the
court scene, with the queen seated on
her throne, before whom six Watteau
shepherdesses will dance a stately
Passengers From Orient Forced
to Pay Tariff on Curiosand
Odds and Ends
More duty than usual .was collected
yesterday from the', passengers from
the orient who landed from the steamer
Siberia, and most of the money was
paid under protest. The reason for
the increased collection was- a new rul-'
ing of the* treasury department limiting
the $100 exemption on dutiable articles
purchased abroad to articles bought for
the actual personal use of the traveler.
In the past the $100 exemption dias
been extended to all articles within
that amount. Souvenirs of far. lands,
presents 'for friends', bric-a-brac and
other odds aiul "ends have been admit
ted free to the extent of ) $100 oh the
traveler's declaration that he had not
bought them for purposes of trade.' -A'
few days ago' Collector Stratton . re
ceived from the ! treasury, department a
new,: construction . limiting the exemp
tion '-, to articles for actual personal use. :
;\u25a0\u25a0 About" a- dozen ;of the Siberia's pas-
sen j^ers will take ' the matter up with
POLICE TO STATE NEED^-Oakland, April I.—
•A committee of scten has been appointed from
-\u25a0' .the police department to consult with the board
of free holders that may, be elected to frame
a i new charter for . Oakland, \u25a0 relatiTe to ; the
. needs *of the. police -departments .They are:
Oaptaln of Detecttres Petersen, Captain J. F.
Lynch. Sergeant William McClond and Patrol
men John' Fahy.' John Sherry, William Brackctt
and Thomas Gallagher. . •. \u25a0
pa vane, the, dance of the peacocks, to
the music of Reh's "Royal Gavotte."
This beautiful dance of Italian origin
came into France with the revival of
learning and was one of the favorite
modes of recreation in the luxurious
French court." Soft and Indolent, quick
and spritely, with French vivacity and
Italian languor combined, no prettier
dance than the pavane could be chosen
to open the festival, and to please the
popular demand it will be given both
nights. ;4; 4 "•;:;.-
The Watteau shepherdesses of French
.night ' Will become the Gainsborough
girls of English night, and. with huge
picture hats and Appropriate costumes
will- pose in "The Mall" for the open
ing scene. Those who will take these
roles are Mrs. Russell Bogue.. Miss
Claire Nichols, Miss Agnes Tillmann,
Miss Natalie Hunt. Miss Marian Zeile
and Miss Bessie Ashton.
The handsome souvenir L programs,
which will have copies not only^ of
the original pictures, but of the open
ing scenes of' both nights and the
groups of pretty dancers are being
made by Vaughan & Keith and . are
nearly completed. They will be sold
by a bevy of debutantes In fancy cos
tumes the nights of the long talked of
tableaux. ' .'\u25a0 ,
ISAIAS W. HELI.MAX- ...... President
I. W*. HELLMAN JR.. .. .Vice President
••*• I«. I< I 1'MA.V. ........ .Viec President
FRANK B. KING.... ..*. .Casnier
. GEORGE GRANT. .. .AuUtant Cashier
W. 3IcGAVIX. . . 4nslstant Caahler
H. L. JACOBS. ....... Assistant Cashier
At Close of Business, March 29, 1910.
Loans and Discounts.. .$18,861,653.46
United States Bonds 6,594,086.15
Qther Bonds ...'..... 3,324,740.79
Customers' Liability on Letters of Credit. ..... 1,560,024.22
Bank Premises, Furniture and Fixtures. ...... 2,074,123.79
Money on Hand..... ...$3,776,151.61 :* *
Due From Banks. \u25a0; 6,208,450.10 9,9^4,601.71
Redemption Fund With the U. S. Treasurer 300,000.00
Capital v_ ; 6 000,000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits- . . . ; ;*. YA *. . 4*999*664*56
Sterling Credits, etc:. . ... ..... .;. .... * r ** * , 6144^1*32
National Bknk Notes . . ..... . . .... ~* ."**.* Mi * ] 5*954*,995.00
Reserved for Taxes . :.......... ### * 18*282.17
Deposits .. . . . . . . . . . . ...... . ** * ">*X /***]]* 24,111*867*07
rCityiand County, of San Francisco-— SS
sweiTSfth^ 1 "! Of * the above named Bank, do solamaly
belief is true to. the best of my knowledge and
V "_ SubWcdbed and B worn to before ,n^^i?t' JS'^f ri«o.r i«0.
CoriS^ltS^ IC:in a " d for the City anrtXounty ot ian^fS'co.
Customers of This Are Offered Every FacHity
Consistent With Priident Banking. New
-Accounts Invited.
Fresno Committee Decides to
Offer Cups in Several Cities
on- the Coast
[Special Dispatch to The Cell]
FRESNO, April I.— With a larje fore©
of employes, the raisin day committee
will open headquarters in the Fresno
national bank building in this city
Monday morning. .^'« *- L/
At the suggestion of James Hors
burgh Jr. the committee decided today
to expend J 4.000 in advertising raisin
day in Philadelphia alone. In addition
to this sum. 18,000 will be expended
in the campaign throughout the coon-
There will be contests in various
cities on the coast for bakers. Cups
will bo awarded to those who make the
best raisin bread, and alt exhibits must
be in by April 30. The contest for
bakers north of the Tehaehapi in Cali
fornia will be carried on in San Fran
cisco, while the contest for southern
California will be carried on from L.ox -
Angeles. A contest will also be held
for the bakers in Oregon, "Washington
and British Columbia, but headquarters i
for this district have not yet been
The raisin day committee will also
hold a postal card day in Fresno, and
every Fresnan will be a^ked. to send
postcards to all parts of the country to
aid the raisin day campaign. This will
be done some time before Aprif 30.
Fifteen thousands raisin day posters,
500,000 stickers bearing the slogan
"eat. raisin bread" and special sta
tionery have been ordered, so that with \u25a0
the beginning of the week work maybe
started in earnest.
Chief of Pojlce Martin yesterday re
ceived a letter from A. E. Brooks, a
funeral director of Visalia, requesting:
information concerning relatives of
Charles Caghill. deceased, who are sup
posed to be living in San Francisco. De
tective R. A. Curtin was assigned to the
case. All efforts to locate a mother or
sister of the same name were without
results. Caghill was supposed to ifeve
been for a time connected in some ca
pacity with the theatrical business in,
this city.
'Salt Water \
At IDC '
.the ocean water is filtered
before it flows into the tub
baths and swimming: pool.
Bush and Larkin Sts.

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