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How to Make Animal Kites
llcnd of Manual Training Department
Last v Saturday, accompanied by Mr.
Dalley, Mr. Dowling and Mr. Mark of
the San Francisco school department,
I attended the Oakland public schools'
kite Hying exhibition. The affair was
a great success; the number and va
riety of kites were fairly bewildering,
ranging from the common hexagonal to
the 20 foot dragon.
Some were remarkable for their
beauty, while others were wonderfully
ugly. The most unique kite was flown
by a small Chinese boy. , It was a pair
of overall* 'made 'of blue tissue paper.
He was assisted in handling It by his
elder sister, his mother and his grand
mother. A very startling kite was a
large black cat. Two eagle kites soared
gracefully, decorated with numerous
American flags. ._
A strange old woman and her pe
culiar-looking sons did a few .high air
feats. The most beautiful kites were
the butterfly and star kites; the wind
being quite strong, the former, unfor
tunately, had to : be furnished with
rather more tall than was necessary
for good looks.
The star kites seemed to be, on the
whole, the best , and steadiest fliers,
while the dragon and centipede kites
were the hardest to get started.
At times, an emergency kite hos
pital was greatly needed; patches and
paste should bo in every kite flyer's
supply kit— his pocket.
The Japanese boys were very suc
cessful In making many beautifully
shaped kites, using split bamboo for
the frames.
I have been asked how to go about
designing animal kites, and suggest a
Draw on a sheet of paper the out
line of the animal as you' want It to be,
and of the proper size. The next thing
is to design the framework.
There must be one or more principal
sticks and these should be as noar the
middle as possible, both up and down
and across. If they are not In the mid
dle the weight will not be. evenly dis
The principal sticks may be arranged
In pairs, in which case they should bo
placed at equal distances from the
middle, either across or up and down.
With the principal sticks in place,
other sticks or ribs must extend to the
various parts of the figure or around
its edge. Split bamboo and reed are
very good for making curves, etc.
Figures having what your drawing
teacher calls "bllaterul symmetry" are
very ea»y to frame up, such as butter
flies, beetles, bats, eagles with wings
extended, etc.
A boy at the Horace Mann school and
one at the Crocker are going to enter
"wireless" kites. That is, they are go
ing to use the kite for the "aerial," and
are anxious to have Rome wireless sta
tion about the bay send them a tries
sage on "Kite day."
Some of the girlß of the Fremont
school have arranged with Mr. Felton
of the Crocker manual training labora
tory to give them a lesson some day
this week after school on kite mak
ing. They seem to. favor star kltea, so
The San Francisco Call Junior Section
Mr. Felton is studying up on star kites
that ho may be ready for them.
A number of the schools have select
ed a kite manager, who will distribute
entry card 3 and perform such dutiea
Kite day as may be required.
We have selected Saturday, May 5,~
for Kite day, and have yet under con
sideration the place for holding tho
On Tuesday, April 6, the aggregation
from the Hamilton school met the 95
pound quintet from the Adams school
at the lattor's court and were defeated
by 30 to 18. The Hamilton boys out
weighed the Adams very much, but in
spite of this handicap they overcame
the boys from Geary street by a large
score. The game was both interesting
and exciting. Kach school had their
rooters to help them out.
Two weeks before this game the
Hamilton boys defeated Adams school
by the score of 27 to 18.
The ' outlook for the track team is
exceedingly bright. Aokl, a late ar
rival of Hamilton, strengthens the
team very much. Wund, a fast runner,
recently at Spring Valley, now attends
the Adama school. The team Is es
pecially strong in the 80 to 95 pound
Baseball is also taking the attention
of the boys. We have many good
Hwimmera and will be prepared for the.
tournament. I
Each School Appoint a Reporter
On paiaro 3 of Tho Junior this weok
you will see the signed statement of
the boy mayor, Benjamin Katz, as to
what he and his cabinet havo tried to
do during their week or ofllce. Beyond
their efforts to make the weok a finan
cial success and to got a new club
house for, the Columbia Parks Boys'
club, all their efforts have been turned
to getting larger and better accommo
dations for athletic contests and for
organized play. Whether or not they
have succeeded remains to be seen,
but they. have done their best, and it
is up to every boy and girl to' help.
-The. mayor and the commissioners
were not chosen by outsiders, but by
yourselves. They" represent tho boys
you. considered best ablo to represent
you and look out for your interests.
You wanted them and you had them. '
• They' have dono thoir part. Every
commissioner in the cabinet did his
best to prove that he was Just tho
person for ; : the place. -Whether tho
things they tried to get for you are
ever yours rests partly with your
selves. If you didn't want the : re
forms the commissioners have been'
working so hard to obtain you. are not
the kind 1 of girls and boys the people
of San Francisco thought you were.'
Hut — it, is rather a waste of time to
talk about It, because you ' ARE tho
kind.' - '
• Tho Junior is your paper and Tho
Junior is willing to help. This Is the
way it is going to do it.
There In nothing like publicity. You
want to know what others are doing
and they want to know what you are
doing. That's what a. newspaper is
for. On Saturday morning you want
to bo able to read in your own paper.
Tho Junior, what the girls and boys of
this city have been doing during tho
week, what they Intend to do, what
they are getting ready to do. For the
last few weeks Mr. Barthell, head of the
manual training department of the
public schools, has been' telling you
about the big kite contest that Is
coming soon. Professor Hidalgo, onft
of the directors of tho Pacific Aero
club, explained the Importance of aero
nautics and announced the prize of tho
Hidalgo cup, which Is to be given for
the best aeroplane model.
Now these things are rather new, but
there is one field in which the children
of San Fraclsco have been Interested
for almost two years — that is in ath
letics. It has taken a great part In
school life, and yet there i 3 no place
where you can all learn what is being
done. Unless you have a big meet you
don't get Into the regular papers. But
—you have a paper of your own. and
from now on it will be your own faults
if you do not take advantfige of what
it is willing to do for you. Some of the
schools have already seized the oppor
tunity. The Junior so far has printed
athletic reports from the Hearst,
Spring Valley, Pacific heights, Hamil
ton, Franklin and St. Peter's parochial
schools. You can'all^be represented if
you want to.
Here Is the plan: If you want the.
news of your school : where every ono
can see it elect a reporter, who will.be
responsible for getting into the office
of The ' Junior, by Wednesday noon of;
each week, a short account of the week's'
events. Kvery week will not have some
big meet, but there are often intcr
class contests and practices for coming
events, which will be of Interest to
schools outside your own.
This Is not something for boys only,
but Includes the girls as well.
There is only one condition — the ac
counts MUST be in by' WEDNESDAY
NOON, or they will have to be held till
the following waek.
If the plan strikes you as a good one
;get to work, appoint your reporter and
see that he gets his account In.
Last Saturday morning tryouts were
held for running at the park stadium.
All of the little champions were anx
iously trying out for their classes.
These enthusiasts are trying hard to
win some medals and trophies. Most of
our crack team boys have graduated.
But we have one still, a 95 pound broad
Jumper, Elmer Kerhline. If we are de
feated in our field sports we are not
discouraged — we take defeat as we do
Monday we hold tryouts for the base
ball team and have a lot of pretty,
good players.
Other Athletic Reports on Pace G

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