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District Inspectors Assigned and
Returns Credited According
to Place of Abode
OAKLAND. April 13— The work of
taking the federal census will begin
Friday morning. James M. Burke, su
pervisor of the third congressional dis
trict, is holding daily classes for the
'nstruction of the enumerators.
The public school census is to he
taken here at the same time as the
federal enumeration, and to avoid con
fusion Supervisor Burke has tagged
his deputies with distinctive badges.
There will be S2 national census
takers in Oakland, SO in Berkeley and
15 in Alameda, the rest of the list
being distributed among the outlying
On account of thousands boing em
ployed in San Francisco, while resi
dents of the east bay cities, it was
feared that their names might be
credited to San Francisco, but under
the law a person doing business in
San Francisco but living in Oakland
*ill be numbered with the population
of tliis< <ity.
Th<« census takers are authorized to
ask all questions essential to the rec
ord and any deputy disclosing a com
munication received in the perform
•n^e of his duty i* liable to a severe
penalty. A refusal to impart the in
formation asked for is a misdemeanor
punishable with a $100 fine.
In order to facilitate the enumera
tion, this city ha s been divided into
five sections. The section east of Lake
Men-in is under J. A. Bronnan, in
spector, 1201 Twenty-third avenue. The
district west of Lake Merritt and south
of Twelfth street is in charge of E. W.
Barnhart. TrPbune building. The sec
tion between Twelfth and Twenty-sec
ond streets west of Broadway, and be
t Teen Broadway and Lake Merritt
north of Twelfth street is in charge
of William Osburn, 127 San Pablo ave
nue. All west of Broadway, north of
Twenty-second street, is under the di
rection of M. E. Harrison, 4920 Tele
graph avenue. The water front and
harbor is in charge of M. F. Galvin.
Clarence W. Peck is inspector for
Berkeley at 2145 Center street, and
Alameda comes under S. Bruce VTright
at 14K» Oak street.
Complaints or inquiries regarding the
census should be made to the inspector
of the district.
Springtime Fete Will Be Held
April 30
OAKLAND. April 13.— The mothers'
ciub of the Durant school will give a
May day festival Saturday, April 30.
Over 250 children will take part in the
Thej-e wj'.l b<? the usual May pole
dance, fol'.ou-ed by a flower drill, in
which the tots of the lower grades are
to he. costumed as roses. Miss Elsie
- Hornier has been selected as May queen.
She will be attended by HannahKlugel
hof«T, Ethel McArthur, Dorothy Van
Jlaltren. Mary Shaley. Helen MaVivick,
Mary Brady and Hazel Nottinger as
queen's maids.
A feature of the affair will be a baby
show, the most beautiful youngster to
be awarded a loving cup presented by
the mothers' club. The committee of
< I'aperones includes the following:
Mrs. It. W. r:rsr (Mrs. W. C. Howe
Mr«. M. E. Tylpr (Mrs. \V. <\ Homer
Mrt-. O. M. Karwpll Mrs. F. Mil«>s
Mrs. F. II Simpson ;Mr«. H. J II Maru
Mrs w. F. Es.-;jJ.jiober JMiss R v Harrincton
Mr* «;. \V. Rprker i.Miss L. Doodv
Mr*. A. Zaph '
Order of Hermann's Sons to
Hold Annual Meeting
OAKLAND, April 13.— The Alameda
county lodges of the Order of Her
mann's Sons will hold a meeting next
Sunday evening in Germania hall for
the purpose of installing: officers for
th» ensuinj? term. Th«> installation
will be made by John Brondel, grand
president of tlie order in California.
The Order of Hermann's Sons was
first organized in Germany. At pres
ent there are 775 lodges in the United
£ta!<--!=. There are 38 lodges in Cali
fornia, six of which are In Alameda
county, the membership in the latter
numbering more than 700.
Lodges that are to have officers in
stalled are:
California lody N<>. 2. En»»inal lodge So :«
EoelTrrjuv lodge No. 2. West Berkeley lodge No"
21. Hayward lodge No. 14 and Victor!*" lodge
Tfce national meeting of tbe ordes will take
|ilar* in San Francisco In 1913.
Plans for Alameda Federal
Building Being Prepared
ALAMEDA, April 13. — According to
Charles S. Neal, who sold to the federal
government the northwest corner of
Central and Park avenues as a site for
a new postofflce building, the structure
will be completed by the end of next
year. It Is understood that plans for
the building are being prepared. Con
gxeps appropriated $120,000 for the
postofflce Eite and- structure. The loca
tion coxt 514,000. leaving $111,000 for
the building.
Try This for a Severe
Take a pint of granulated
Sug^ar, 'add *& pint of warm
water and stir about 2 minutes.
Put 2*J4 028. of Pinex in a pint
bottle and fill up with thi Gran-
ulateJ Sugar Syrup. Take a tea-
spoonful every one. two. or three
hours. The taste is pleasant.
The prompt results from this
simple .home made article will
surprise you. It usually conquers
a deep seated cough in 24 hours,
and Is a. splendid household rem-
edy for hoarseness, whooping
cough, colds, chest pains, bron-
chitis, etc.
The recipe above given makes
a full pint — enough t,o last a
family a long time — and costs
only 54 cents. It keeps perfectly
and is easily prepared in five
minutes- Children take it will-
ingly. . , \u25a0;.-.-
Pinex is the most valuable con-
centrated compound of Norway
"White Pin* Extract. It is rich in
all the well known pine elements
which are so healing to mem-
None of the weaker pine prep-
arations can compare with the
r<?al Pinex itself. All druggists
have it or will get it for you If
Strained honey can be used in-
stead of the syrup, and makes a
very fine honey and pine tar
cough syrup.
"Stars" Appearing
In a Successful
Vaudeville Act
Pantomime Portrays in Re=
markable Fashion Life in
Parisian Underworld
OAKLAND, April 13.— "La Petite
Gosse," with Mile. Corio in the Apache
dance.* has caught the patrons of , the
Orpheum as an unusunl production.
Interesting as a picture of the under
world of Paris it compels more than
ordinary attention as an Illustration
of pantomime art never before seen
to such advantage on the American
As a foil to the pretty French actress
who holds the leading woman's role, is
Bartoletti, equally strong In the man's
Nonette. the pretty gipsy violinist,
has again captured a premier place
on the Orpheum program. Her viva
cious and magnetic personality is no
small part of her acceptable musical
Stelling and Revel, English acro
batic comedians, are cleverly funny.
Witt's girls from Melody lane sing
well and supply a dainty act.
Kr&nzman. Taylor and White are
about as lively a trio of musical come
dians as ever graced the Orpheum
Madame Morichini's operatic selec
tions are most acceptable.
A very and Har^a blackface comedy
and the dancing and songs of Berg's
six merry girls complete an excellent
Commencing Monday night the Or
pliMim will present motion pictures of
former President Roosevelt's experi
ences in Africa.
Bargain day all week at 11. Schell
liaas' furniture sale. Kleventli street,
Oakland. •
Health and Beauty Secrets
"Annie L.auric": Last week I referred
to the new fashions of dressing the
hair, anJ told an anxious inquirer what
tp do when she put away her puffs,
rata and false braids. As all the women
are now interested in/ this very live
topic I will repeat the recipe for mak-
ing quinine hair tonic that I gave.
Git from your druggist one ounce of
quinzoin, dissolve it in % pint of al-
cohol and add pint of cold water.
If you will gently rub this quinzoin
tdmc in the scaip and roots of the hair
one or twice a week, you will find the
treatment not only refreshing, but in-
vigorating and nourishing. It restores
the hair and scalp to a healthy con-
dition and kaeps.it healthy. Quinzoin
is Just splenvlid for preventing dandruff
and Irritation of the 1 scalp and its reg-
ular use will keep your hair from com-
ing out. It puts life Into the hair and
heightens its natural color, although
it will not change it. It keeps the hair
fine and glossy.
J. M. S.: You say you are unable to
find a face powder that will protect
your complexion from the wind. You
can make an inexpensive complexion
wash at home that is far superior to
any powder, for it will not rub off,
streak or clog the pores of the skin.
Gat from your druggist 4 ounces of
spurmax and dissolve It in. % pint of
hot water, adding 2 teaspoonfuls of
glycerine. This lotion will make your
sallow and oily skin look fresh and
youthful. It is splendid also for pim-
ples, tan, freckles and cold sores, for
it keeps the complexion soft, smooth
and velvety. :- " -v-r
Mrs. A. V.: You are not alone in your
misery. Spring always finds thousands
of women who are troubled with super-
fluous fleßh gained during the inactive
life of winter. Here is a simple and
harmless remedy that will not only stop
the accumulation of fl^sh. but will re-
duce your- weight if you are t<so fat.
Just get from your druggist 4 ounces
of parnotls, dissolve in a pint of hot
water and take a tablespoonful before
each meal. I have a friend who "takes
off" about ten pounJs in a f-^w weeks
every spring with parnotis — and she
says she feels better for doing it.
Ella "W,: The large pores and black-
heads that cause you so much embar-
rassment are probably caused by thd
use of face powder. Almozoin cream
Jelly lo the best remedy I know for
clearing the skin of blackheads, large
pores and those 1 ! skin pimples that
are "so annoying. You can mike it
yourself. Get from your druggist one
ounce of almozoin,- mix It with 2 tea-
epoonfuls of glycerine aud add % pint
of water. Stir briskly. for a few min-
utes and let -stand over--riig;ht: -'•'-, Yoa-
Pan use this safety \jither as a massage
Husband Who Tried Suicide
Now Asks Court's Aid in
Securing Freedom
OAKLAND, April 13.— Albert Olivia,
who attempted to' commit suicide April
3, today filed suit for divorce against
his wife, M"ary. The couple' were
married March 30, a few days 'before
Oliv'a sought to end his life. ' *.
"Frank," whose last name is un
known to Olivia, is the cause of all
the trouble, according to the complaint.
Mrs. Olivia told her husband the day
after they were married, he says, that
she loved "Frank" better than himself.
Furthermore, Olivia declares, she
showed her preference for "Frank" by
going out with him. •
Driven desperate, Olivia .tried to
make away with himself.
•Olivia says that he has begged his
wife to forget her lover. Her father
has done the same, he says, but she
would listen to neither of them.' On
April 9 and again on April 10 she
stayed away from home to bo with
"Frank," according to the husband.
The following new suits for divorce
were begun today: James P. Harris
against Charlotte G. Harris, desertion;
Maud E. Wilson against Herbert R.
Wilson, failure to provide; William M.
Patterson against Beulah M. Patterson,
The following were granted decr-ees
of divorce: Lillian M. Leonhart against
Otto B. Leonhart, final, desertion; Mabel
\V. Thompson against Charles E.
Thompson, interlocutory, failure to pro
vide; Nellie Werly against John H.
AVerly, final, failui*e to provide and
desertion; Margaret Marshall against
John H. Marshall, final, desertion.
Works Board Receives*. Bids for.
Miles of Cable
OAKLAND, April 13.— The board of
public works 'received bids this morn
ing 1 for 14 mile:* of cable of assorted
si2s.es, to be used in putting: the lines
of the fire alarm and police telegraph
system underground when the «jiew
building provided for in the recent
bond issue is completed.
While the work of preparing con
duits and of placing cables may start
within a month, the successful bidder
will have ISO days in which *to make
deliveries. - . \u25a0 \u25a0 - v
The.lowest i>id was. submitted by the
Waterbury company, ah eastern con
cern, their price being ' $13,415.10.
Other bidders were the Standard un
derground cable company, /Western
electrical company and A. Rittigstein
& Sons.
Judge Brown Prescribes Method
of Repaying Money
OAKLAND, April -,13.-* Mercy injthe
shape of 10 years' prolmtipn* was ex
tended today by Judge Brown to J. E.
Neal, former cashier of the Sunset
Jumber company, who embezzled $4,300
from his employers, but the condition
was imposed by the court that Neal
should pay back the money he had
Furthermore', the way in which he
should pay it was prescribed.
Judge Brown decreed that he should
pay $30 a month for the first two years,
$35 a month for the next seven years
and the balance in the last year.
Moses Norton Dies in Alameda
at Age of 82
ALAMEDA, April 13. — Moses Norton,
who came to California in 1549, died
last night at 2123 Lincoln avenue. He
was a native of Warsaw, Poland, and
was 82 years of age. He was the hus
band of Deborah Norton and father of
Mrs. Fanny Mtendelsoru Julius and
Simon Norton.
13.— Mrs. Orrin Kip McMurray, wife of Pro
fossor McMnrray of the university, has ac
cepted the position of soprano soloist of the St.
John's Presbyterian church of this city.
or cod cream, as it contains no fats
nor oils that will cause hair to grow
For massaging, apply wjth the fingers
an.l let remain for a minute or two
and then rub gently with the fingers!
It will roll the dirt and grime out of
trie skin and thoroughly cleanse th-s
pores. In cases of tan, freckles, chap-
ped face, etc., apply and let remain for
a few hours.
P- J» T.: You must not expect too
much from the kardene tonic I gay"
&°iLi- rl°iper l° ipe f . Or a ye . ar a^°- You say
LV^ P *? d >' ou , last spring, but that you
are suffering from the same "tired out."
languid feeling now and that your
complexion is saljow and spotted with
pimples. You ar d probably one of the
millions of people who need a tonic
rM r tiL Sp J rn^ ** Purity' the system and
rid the blood of impurities accumulated
during the winter, when people live in-
doors and <?at too much meat and too
few vegetables. Get from your drug-
gist one ounce of kardene, mix it with
itn CU .^i > Bu Kar and pint of alcohol,
and add enough- water to make, a full
quart. Take one tablespoonful five
»Mri n e £ ra « each meal and before
retiring. This inexpensive tonic will
do again what it did for you last year.
It purifies the blood anJ your pimples
and ugly blotches will soon disappear
It also act^berreficially upon the stom-
ach and liver and strengthens
builds up thi entire system?
_L. S.: If you think eye glasses de-
tract from your appearance, why don't
you try to do without them? You can
make an eye tonic that will strengthen
your eyes, and 'help them if they are
dull and listless, tire easily and are
inclined to become inflamed. Just «ret
from your Vlrugrgist an ounce of crystos
and dissolve it in a pint of water. This
eye tonic will not smart or burn It is
used by, many society women and ac-
tresses whose eyesight is . perfect, but
who wish to make their eyes" bright
and sparkling. . : s
"Vanity Fair": Don't do it again
That is the- trouble with most soaps
and ready-prepared- shampoos and you
can. blame the light , streaks in your
\!fiLi O Z? ur m J st ** e - ' «/ >'Pu want to
restore life and color to your dry dull
and brittle hair, shampoo with canthrox
and use quinzoin hair t tonic. * When
ready, for your shampoo, Just -dissolve
a teaspoonful of canthrox in a. cup of
hot water and < proceed as you would
with any .other -sMampoo. It lathers
freely, cleans the hair and scalp thor-
oughly and reHeves . itching head.. It
dries, quickly and: leaves;, the hair
bright, soft; and fluffy.- You can get 'a
canthrox shampoo at almost : any hair-
dresser s, .but the cost is only a trifle
when: taken at, home.;- For making
quinzoin hair' tonic-see answer to "An-
nie Laurie."- : v - •
City Council Asks Federal Gov*
eminent to Grant Key
Route's Request
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
OAKLAND, April 13.— The city coun
cil adopted a resolution tonight re
questing the war department of the
federal government to give permission
to the- San" Francisco. Oakland and San
Jose railway to fill in the Key Route
The city engineer favors the mak
ing of such a fill to provide a pro
tection for the "Key Route l^bin" on
the western water front against sjioal
tng by silt from the Sacramento river.
The council also »re<:ommended-by
resolution that a $500,000 item go into
the coming proposed bond issue, to be
used for building- a municipal audi
torium. _ •.
FUNERAL OF ENGINEER- Borkeloy April 13
Chester Koliert ltutts. a youug prai'hmte of the
niiiTPi-sity .Hii"l h civil enpiueer in tlie employ
of the Southern I'nciflc i-omivmy, died a"t
. Snsaavllle last Sunday arid will be X'liried
tomorrow uiornlhir. Hntts was 24 years of
nsf mid tin' sou of William •L. Butts. \u25a0
The Greatest Silk Sale of the Season
Silks Up; to $1.25 Silks Up to $1.25
2*4- (fiJZfr ' \u25a0 ... An Opportunity z*4- /\^%r
€XL .\u25a0UtJW \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 for Keen Buyers *"\u25a0> UiJW
the Yard the Yard
TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY PIECES of fresh, lustrous silks, all the new weaves and colorings, including: the
stylish changeables,' former values up to $125 the yard, are offered at 8:30 o'clock Thursday morning at a PRICE OF SIXTY-
»\u25a0 \u25a0 Following is a partial list of the values offered:
25 Pieces FOULARD, .standard makes, 24 inches, wide, •fine Messaline in Glace tones; Orchid. Lichen, Azure and Flag Blue,
color assortment, stripes, figures, etc. . crossbarred with Black and White; exceptionally desirable.
10 Pieces Soie Paillette in Black ; a rich, 'soft Satin.
35 Pieces Louisine, rich, soft finish Silk; splendid assortment Peau de Cy£» e - narrow combination stripes of Rose and White.
of colors for street or evening wear. Delft and White, Primrose and White and Ciel and White.
50 Pieces Swiss Messaline; 25 of . the most beautiful colorings Novelty Silks in Pekin Stripes. Hairline Stripes. Jacquard Fig-
for street or evening Avear. ufes; Surah and Taffeta Checks, Broken Plaids in light.
Imperial Taffeta, the durable kind ; broken Checks, Plaids and medium and dark colors; all very desirable.
bright colors for Waists, etc. , _. r> . _„ A n , . . . . , , ' . ,
Louisine in Black and White Checks; all -size checks. 2o Piec P l^ ffe r ta Plaids in 1 nc1 ?-. dark colors ' stron ? and V er >'
Taffeta Checks:. changeable effects.in Old Blue and Bronze, Per- serviceable for tancy underskirts.
\. sian Blue,; Roman Gold, Bois de Rose, etc. Messalines and Louisines in Black, White and Ivory.
The Greatest Silk Sale We Have Ever Announced
$1.25 Silks At 65 Cents the Yard '
On Sale Thursday Morning: On Sale Thursday Morning
|* Marriage. Licenses ]
. The following marriage licenses were issued In
San Franelsoc Wednesday,. Apcil 13, 1010: |
ABCHAUEK— Prince Carol Anna zu Masdorf
• I.tppe-lllestcrfeld. '21. Rhlneland. (Jermuny,
and Amanda Aschauer, 22, Bergzabern I'falz,
Germany. \u25a0
IJOOTZIX— FL'KS— Max Bootzln, 2?,. 7.vh Golden
Gate aye.. and Mina Fuks, 18, San Francisco.
BHKH.ME— SIIKA— KarI F. Brohtne, 27. and Mac
K. SheH. 24, both of I'asadena. '
DALY— SHERMAN— Thomas M. Daly. 42, and j
Margaret A. Sherman, 42, both of 52 Eleventh
; street.
J,IEPSIC— MOSES— .ToRoph Licpsic. 21. 1453 j
O'Farrell St., and Henriette Moses, IS, 1j24 I
Dolores st.
Mc-GUFFIE— FARRELL— James McGiiffie, SS.
and Florence C. Farrcll, 2S, both of 07 Boyil
PKRRANDO— BULLA— MnrIo l'errando, 2.1, ir.3o
Nineteenth aye., and Alfreda Bulla. 21, 152G
Nineteenth are.
PLACE— BAROU—Louii? I'laeo. 27. 412 Church
pt., and Catherine Baron, 25, 407 Duboce aye.
WARD— WHITNEY— CIiarIe Ward. '21, 101!»
"\u25a0Florida St., and Helen Whitney, 18, 12!) li Trent
WIECK— HOFFLMAYR— Henry Wleck. 30, and
Martha Hofflmityr, 31, both of 452 Natoma st.
Birth, marriage and death notices sent by. mail
will not be inserted. They must be handed in at
either of the publication offices and be Indorsed
with the name and residence of persons author-
ized to have the same published. Notices re-
stricted simply to the announcement of the event
are published once in this column free of charge.
O'CONNOR— In this city. .April 12, 1910. to" the
wife of Eugene T. O'Connor, a daughter.
FENVN- BORGWARDT— In this city, April 12, j
1010. by Frank Stuart Ford, pastor First,
Christian church. Harry John Fenyn and Mm-/
nle Borgwardt, both, of 5 San .Francisco. . :
Asmusson. Mathius 40 'Mortensen, Niels C. . "49
Black, Marj ...... 78 | Munster, Carolina... 49
Collins, Eliza 'T.... 82 Norton,' Moses ..... 82
Dieckinann, John : . C 8 Nugent, P. W. .....47
'Farmer, Thomas P. 63 Parker, * Clark L.... —
Graaff, Eva B.", Ramke, Mrs. Max.. 68
Grant, Mary ..... SO Regan, Annie M.r; 62
Gregor Esther D.. 79 Schutt, /Peter .....74
Haight. Edgar G.. 41 Tacchino, Teresa: .. —
Haller, Margaret... 70 Terry, Edna ....... iO
Hochheimer, Hannah S9 Thomson. Mary A :. . 50
Howitt. Alice I). '— Van Tassell. . Cath-
Jones, Richard W.. 72 erine Laura .::.'. 28
Llddle, Thomas J.. 63 Wolfe, Albert L. . . .. 44
Longa, 'Juliana ..-*!» - . .
Moore, Charles A . 31 McElroy ....... (Card) •
.; \u25a0\u25a0- VfM '"" *\u25a0 \u25a0•. . \u25a0 \u25a0
ASMUSSEN— In the" city and county hospital.
.AprIL 13, 1010. Mathius Asmussen, a native
of Germany, aged 46 years. :
BLACK— At Our Lady's Home, Frultvale Cal.,
. April 11, 1910, Mary Black, a -native of ; St.
-' John, N., B-, aged 78 years. -- • ... .., .
COLLINS— In San Jose, Cal., April 13. 1010,
• Eliza T. Collins, beloved mother of J. B. and
• Hugh ; Collins, a native of cPennsyUania. r aged
82 years 9, months, and 6, days.
' ' v' Friends ; and : acquaintances are ; respectfully
\u25a0 invited : to « attend ; the funeral . ; tomorrow '. (Fri-
day), April 15,' 1910, . from her late,' resi-
,dence, 61 \u25a0 >'orth Ninth street,. San Jose, Cal.
' Oak" HUK.eeinetery. L . ":. '\u25a0/ '; -. ,
DIECKMANN— At rest, in this city, April' 12,
Make New Provision for the
Handling of Funds of the
Four Classes
[Special Dispatch lo The Call]
BERKELEY, April 13.— The associ
ated students of the University of Cal :
ifornia at thefr election today chose
the following officers for the ensuing
term: President, George A. " Haines;
vice ' president, "Gus Olson: secretary,
R. L. Miller; graduate manager, Milton
P. Farmer.
A new provision has been made by
the, student body giving the handling
of. the funds of the four classes into
the hands of the graduate manager.
Farmer will also have direct charge of
The women's department of the stu
dent body elected officers as follows:
President, Miss Rose Gardner; first
vice president, Mlss^ L«igh Spafford;
second vice presldent # Miss Elda Eg
gert; secretary, Miss Emilie Harrold;
treasurer. Miss Dorothy F,isln There
was no opposition to the president and
first vice president.
l!H0. John, dearly boloved husband of th.c
late Christine M. l>leckmann. and devoted
father of Frederick. Car; and Dorothy Dleck-
mnnn nnd -Mrs. A. Merkh. a native of Hanover,
Germany, aged GS years 10 months and 0 days, j
Friends: and acquaintances are respectfully i
invited to - attend * the. funeral today (Thurs-
day). April 14' at 1:30 p. m., from the par-
lors of Monalmn & Co., 2;t39 Mission street
between Niueteenth and Twentieth. Interment
Mount Olivet cemotery,.by carriage.
FARMER— In this city. April 11. 1910, Thom.ts
P.; dearly beloved, brother of Charles Mid I
.Mary Fnriner of Maiden. Mass., a native of j
Boston, Mass., aged 63 years. Past business |
agent and member of Millmen's union No. 420.
Friends ami acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral today (Thurs-
day), April 14. 1910, at 1:30 O'clock p. m.,
- from the funeral parlors of O'.Sbaugbnessy, i
Lasswell fc Co.. ATi 1-535 Valencia street,
thence to Mission Dolores church for services. L
commencing at ~ o'clock/" Interment Holy j
Cross cemetery. *. !
ORAATF— In thU city. April 12. 1910. Eva
(Jraaflf. belove<l mother of Julius S.. Jacob S.
and Melville S. Oraaff. a native of Germany,
aged N! years 0 months and 15 days. . ,
Remains at the new 'funeral chapel of
Chnrles 11. J. Truman,- 1919 Mission street be-
tween Fifteenth au<l" Sixteenth.
Funeral notice hereafter.
GRANT— In this «ity. April 12. 1910. at her
late residence, ISIS Turk street, Mary, lcarly
beloved wife of the late Patrick Grant. *«.id
loving mothet •of Rose Grant. Mrs. John
Noonan of Sacramento, Sister Columns of the
Holy Family, and the late Peter Grant.' a na-
tive of County Down, Ireland, in her eightieth'
year. \u25a0 «
Friends and lucquaintances are respectfu!ly
, invited to attend the funeral today (Thurs-
day); April 14. 1910, at Holy Cross ehur.-li.
Eddy street near Devisadero. where a requi'.ni
high mass will be said for the repose of her
soul, commencing at 9:30 o'clock a. m. inter-
ment private. Please omit flowers.
GREGOR— In this city, April 12. 1910, Esther
.D. Gregor, . beloved - motner of Mrs. Anna
Kountz. Mrs. Olive Tolford,' Amos D.- Morrlll,
Mrs. Maud Hamilton, the late Melvin E.
\u25a0 Morrell. and Mrs. Josephine Jenkins, a native
of New York, aged 79 years 5 months and 27
* days. /'--..*
Friends are respectfully invited to .itN>nd
.the funeral services today (Thursday). April
14, 1910, at 1:30' o'clock p. m., at the
new funeral chapel of Charles 11. J. Truman.
.' 1919 Mission street between. Fifteenth and
. Sixteenth. Interment Mount -.Olivet : cemet?r7.
HAIGHT— In this city. April 12. " 1910. Edgar
G. Halght, son of Hannah Halght. a native
of San Francisco, Cal., aged 41 years 6 months
.'and '2o days. " .
friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Ited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Fri-
• day), at 10 o'clock a. m., from ' the parlors
of Halsteil & Co., 924 Flllmcre street. Inter-
ment Mount Olivet ; cemetery, by 11:30 train
from -Third aud Townsend streets. • •
HALLER— In this* city, 'April 11. 1910, slar-
garet Haller, . beloved wife of the late \u25a0 Lncas
, Hall*, .and loving mother oP Emlle 1,., LonUe
: . and Mamie Haller.' Mrs.-i 0.T.-Grandel, Mrs.
F.-W.- Wolters and the/late Mrs. John Crift
of Lompoc. Cal., a native of Germany, ag^d
.; 70 years.;.- \u25a0'\u25a0.".\u25a0"' -\u25a0\u25a0 ..'-•'.'
. Friends : and Y acquaintances : are . respectfully
- invited- to attend the funeral. 7 today (Thurs-
\u25a0 day), at 8:30 : o'clock Va. . m., from her ->late.
residence," " 137 Central . avenue, near Haight
street, thence to St. Agnes church, where a re-
\ qulem- high : mass will be . celebrated .for '\u25a0 tbe
'. repose of -her . soul, commencing | at 9 o'clock
. a. v nrf Interemnt H01y,." Cross.; cemetery, v .-. ; \u25a0
HOCHHEIMER— In thlsl' city," April 13. 1910.
Hannah Hochheimer .• - mother 'of Amlel v and
Moses Hochhelmer.f-Mrs.'J. Brock. Mrs.'-. 8.
. Markewiti, Mrs. L.' Blnm and Julia Hocb-
1 heimer. and sister of Sol ' Wangenheim. \u25a0%\ na-
, tlve of Germany, aged S9 years and 6 months. 7
'. Notice of funeral hereafter. Please omit
... flowers. /\u25a0..;\u25a0, if .-\u25a0'.;,\u25a0., -^-.*:'',-~.:- -\u25a0'.-. - ..: :^. .-
HOWITT— In Sad ' Raiael^Call.-April - 12/ ;i9lO.
. Alice Dudley Chase, beloved wife of Dr.
Child Welfare League Plans Ex
tensive Crusade Against
t Penny Arcades
~ —. -j. — .- - -
OAKLAND. April 13.— The childs
welfare league of the Oakland club has
invited more than 400 women's civic,
fraternal; and church aid organizations
to join with it In a fight against mov
ing picture shows, penny arcades, and
other specimens of amusement, which,
it is claimed, enhance the number., of
juvenile temptations?, and increase the
occurrence of juvenile court trials.
, A plea will be made to the city coun
cil urging the passing of an ordinance
enforcing a wise curfew law. and com
pulsory school attendance.
All societies that take up the fight
will be organized as the child's wel
fare league of Alameda county. The
committee in charge follows: Miss
Bessie J. Wood, chairman: Miss Theresa
Russau, Mrs. Leon M. Hall. Mrs. Cora
K. Jones, Mrs. G. W. Bunnell. Mrs. Nel
lie Nelson and Mrs. B. Sturtevant Peet.
13. — Rev. Brennan. who h»s been asso
ciated with the clerjty of St. Joseph's church
of tills city, left yesterday, for a six months"
visit to his old home in Ireland and points of
*lnternst In Europe.
11. O. Howitt. mother of Beatrice and Dud-
ley Howitt. daushter of tbe late Key. Imdley
Chase. l\ S. A., and Sarah Griffith Wen*.
. and beloved sister of Mrs. G. 11. Kelloe?.
Mrs. William I- Oge and Miss Enieline Cbase.
l-'iineral services at St. Paul's church, San
Rafael. April 14. 1910. at 11:30 a. m.
JONES— In this city. April 12. 1010, at the
Belief Home for Aged and Infirm. Klehard
W. Jones, a native of New York, aged 7-
LIDDLE— In the city and county hospital, April
13. -1910. Thomas J. I.i.Mle. a native of Mary-
land, aged «3 years.
LONOA— In thl» city. April 13, 1910. at her
late residence, 1609 Seventh avenue South.
Juliana' Longa. dearly beloved wife of Pcdru
I.onga, and loving mother of Amparo and
Pedro Lonira Jr.. a native of Spain, aged
49 years 1 month and 7 days.
MOORE— In this city. April 1.1. 1910, Charles
A. .Moore, dearly beloved son of Mr. and Mrs.
Jerome Moore of Chlco. Cal.. and brother of
I^roy aud Ktirnham Moore. Mrs. Mattie
Couturier jof Stockton and Klletta V. Rita
of Sacramento, a native of Chico, Cah. aged
31 years 7 months and SO days.
MORTENSEN— In this «ity. April 13. 1910. Niels
Christian, dearly beloved husband of Karew
Morteiisen. aud devoted father of Mrs. S.
Nielsin. a native' of I>enmsrk. aged 49 years
1: month and 28 days. . ; :
MXTNSTER— In Xl Pa«>. Tex.. April 12. 1910.
Carolina, dearly beloved wife of John H.
Munster. and devoted mother of Mr*. F.
' Slevers and Elsa Munstrr. a native of Baum-
stedt. Germany. a;ed 49 years.
Notice of funerul hereafter- .. /' ' ;
NORTON— In ' Alameda. Cal.. April 13. 1910.
Moses Norton.' beloved husband of Deborah
Norton.. and loving father of Fanny Mendelson
of Yokohama. Japan, and Julius and Sivnun
Norton, and the late Abraham and Im«c Nor-
ton, a native of Warsaw, Poland, aged 82
years 2 months and 3 dayn.
NT/GENT— In this city. April 13. 1910. Patrick
William Nugent, brloved brother of Richard.
Elizabeth. Anna and Margaret Nugent and
Mrs. Mary Hoyden, a native- of Ireland, aged
47 years and 2 months.
Notice of funeral hereafter. - Remains at the
parlors of J. S.Godean. 2123 Bush street.be-
t ween FHlmore apd Webster. ', • .
TABKER— In this city,. April 13. 1910. Clark
I* Parker, beloved husband of tbe late Ora
May Parker, and. father of Edgar F., Charles
J. and Lawrence Parker, a native of New
York. . .... - . • . \u25a0\u25a0-
•Notice of funeral tereafter. Remains at
the mortuary chapel . of the . Golden un-
dertaking company, 2475 Mission, street near
Twenty-flwt. - . '
EAMKE—In Llvermore. v.bl. : , April \u25a012." i& 19.
Mrs. Max Ramke. beloved wife of Max Raiabe.
and mother of Herman Ruter ami Max, . Ar-
thur and Lena Ramke. a native of Germany,
aged 68 years 6 months and 25 days: " ,v*t;
Friends and r. acquaintances are . respectfully
Invited to attend the: funeral fterriees to-
day (Thursday), April 14, at 2 p. m., at the
family residence. Interment Masonic cemetery.
REGAN— In this city. April 13, 1910, Annie
. Maria Regan, beloved wife of the late Thomas
J. Regan, mother of Alfred Thomas. Edgar
Joseph and: Paul Juli.tn Regan. 'and sister of
Mm. Charles Sweeney -of New York and Jere-
- mlah : O'Neil of Oakland, a native of New
York,, aged 62 years 6 months and 3 days.
Friends are respectfully invited to attend
the ' funeral tomorrow (Friday). April . 15,
at. 9:30 a. ra., at Holy Cross church, Eddy
: street between Scott - and j Devisadero, where
- a requiem high mass will be celebrated for the
repose of. her soul. , Interment private.
BCHTJTT— In this city.- April 12. 1910. .Pater
Schntt. brother "' of 'John Schntt, Mrs.- R
Stoeven. Mrs. H. Maskow, and the late
Mrs.. M. tHoyer. Mrs. A. Beho and CUtis
i Schntt. ,« native of Germany, aged 74 »e«rs
8 _ months and 12 days.
Friends and acquaintances are- respectfully
Invited, to ; attend the funeral serriees to-
day, (Thursday), April 14. 1910. at- 2 'o'clock
p. m., at the parlors . or the California Un-
Board of Education Grants Holi
day for Children to At
tend Parade
*•— \u25a0 .
OAKLAND, April 13.— The board of
education has granted the schools of
this city a holiday, Friday. April J?. In
order that the pupils may take part in
the big Grand Army parade. The chil
dren will be lined up on either side
of the line of march and strew flowers
in the path o? the old soldiers. .
The veterans have been asked by
Rev. Charles H. Brown to attend th<*
services of the First Congregational
church of Oakland Sunday evenine.
April 23. A special section 'will be re
served, and the old fighters will ' be
received by the young members of the
cadet corps' of the church.
General X. P, Chipman. who was
judge ad\*ocate at the trial of Major
Wlrz, confederate commandant of the
AndersonviUe prison, will be the prin
cipal speaker at 'the campflre meeting
In the auditorium of Rice institute
Tuesday night. He will take a3 his
theme, "Was Wirz a Martyr?"
! rtertaklnsr Company. 2210 Stelnec street be-
tween Clay and Sacramento. Interment Cypress f
Lawn cemetery, by electric funeral car.
TACCHINO— In this city. April 12. 1010, Te-
resa, dearly beloved mother of Mrs. A. Va-
nelti. Mrs. M. Qulllci. Mrs. G. Pardtni am.'
Angeio. Lillian. August and Victor Suanna-
vlno, a native of Italy.
Friends ami acquaintances are respect fn'lj
invited to attend the funeral today tThur*-
•lay i, April H. 1910. at »:'M o'clock «, m..
from the parlors of Valente. Marin). Msrais \u25a0%
Co.. 649 Green street. lotensent Italian
i cemetery. \
TEBBY— In tnl* city. April 12, 1910. Etlna,
dearly beloved daughter of Frank and Kit-
Terry, sister of F"rank E., EdUy M~ Albert
W. and Walter G. Terry, .and granddaughter
of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Terry. Mathew and the
late Mary Muleahey. a native of California.*
. aged 10 years :i qpnoths and- 12 ila.v*. :
Friends and acquaintances an* respectfnll.v
. . invited to attend the .funeral tomorrow < Fri-
day*. April l.i. 1010. at IT o'clock p. m.. from
the residence of her parents. 21» Arlington
; , avenue. Interment Cypress Lawn cemetery," by
carriage. •
THOMSON— In this city. April 13. 1010. Marj
A. Thomson, beloved wife of the late Tuoui' •
Thomson, beloved aUtrr of Mrs. E. Lan« an.;
aunt of Raymond 11. and the late Oliver Mr
' Keown. a native of Bloosiington. 111., aged 5£
; . years 7 months and 2t» doy«>»-
\u25a0 Notice of fnn*ral heryjftcr.
VAS TASSEIX— In this city. April 12. 1010
Catherine Laura Vau Tassell. beloved wife of
Theodore S. Van Tassell, loving daushter of
James and Ellen O'Connor, and sTst»r tit
.^Thoma* F. O'Connor and Mrs; Frederick
Herscburen. a native of San Francisco. Ca»..
aged 2S years S months ana 27 days.
Friends and acquaintances are r^spectfallv
Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Fri-
day). April 15. at !>:3O o'cloot a. m.. from
the parlors of the Western Addition Funeral
Director*. 1724 I>evisaden> street between Snt- "»
ter and Bush, tbent-e to St. Dominic's church,
where a requiem high mass will be celebrated
for th». repose of her soul, commencing at 1C
. o'riork a. m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery,
by . carriage. .
WOLIj:— In, Oitklam). Cal.. April 13. mitt Al-*
; bert Leonard Wolfe, dearly beloved husband
: of Annie S-: Wolfe.- a naMve of California.
«ged 44 years 9 months and 23 days.
J . Friends ar^ . respectfully Invited to* attend
I .=. the fnneral service* tomorrow (Friday). April.
.15. 1810. at 2^H) o'clock p. m., at bis late
home," 3^4 Thirty- fourth street. Oakland. In-
terment private. \u25a0 * -
MeELROY — We desire herewith to sincerely
thank -oar many relatives and friends for tbe
. sympathy' and kindness and the many ili.ru 1
offerings extended in our recent bereavement —
the loss of oar loving I mother, Catherine - Mi- -
i Elroy. JOHN J. McELROT.
George s. Mcelroy.
Seventy-Five Dollars
1 WlliX. Fim.VISH
Mala offlces— 2323 BasH at.. Wwt 2399." ,31, 31
1305 Franklla tt. nr. 17th. OaUaad. phoo* O«i-
Und 4043.
Branches— 3os Montgomery «v.. Ph. TemjK 320 L
\u25a0tad -827 3outb Flfaeroa «t-. Los Anj»l«*
Ast* A»bnlinf» tad CirrJa; -• fat Bi<%

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