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Angels, Villagers and BEavers Are Victors in Day's Games on Coast League Circuit
Oaks' Horrible Playing Hands Easy
Victory to Los Angeles Outfit
There was many a fan at the ball game yesterday afternoon who will
not go again while that Oakland outfit is in action around here. The
exhibition of bone headed work .and general stupidity which those Com
muters handed out under the guise of baseball jesterday was a knock and
a crusher to the game, and it won't do the Seals any good when they
return, cither.
It is seldom that a bail game is without some redeeming feature, but
there was nothing to recommend yesterday's awful exhibition. It was slow
and long winded, lifeless and listless. The Angels sealed the game up
before it was hah" over. They did not have to extend themselves at that,
for the blundering tactics of their opponents handed victory to them.
The first thing which Manager Wolverton ought to do is put Catcher
Mitze on the vacation list for a while. The exhibition which he gave behind
the bat was one of the coarsest and clumsiest that this league has ever
seen. It might go in a class Q organization, but when it comes to doing
stunts like that in a class A league somebody should file a protest.
Though the work of the Angels was not brilliant, it sparkled alongside
that of the opposing outfit. Pitcher Thorsen. who started off in the box;
was slow, wild and ineffective, but Manager Dillon corrected the error by
removing- Thorsen before it was too i •• \u25a0 ; \u2666-
late. Nagle, who finished the game,
pot away with some nice work and,
incidentally, showed the Commuters up.
Howard started the Angels on their
way In the second round by placing a
tbree cushloncr Into left. He came
home on Deirnar' long fly to right field.
The next inning brought two for Los
Anpeles. After Thorsen had singled
Daley laid down a bunt an<l Christian
tossed It away at second, leaving both
men safe. Bernard clouted a liner
through second and Thorsen arrived.
Then the Oaks began to throw the
ball all over the lot. Finally it came
in to Mitze. who made his first grand
boot. This gave Dale>* a chance to
nr.eak around to third, and Bernard to
find the second sack. A moment later
Mitze started in to do another oriental
jupelinp stunt and the two Angels,
" . - . r»r in their sleeves, pulied off a
do'jb'<» stoal on him.
Oakland's only real flash of speed
•was shown -In its -half of the same
'.nning. but it was too short lived to
e'.^n tie the score.
But it remained for the fifth to fur
nish the bone headed work and cause
tr.fr far.s to groan. In this agonizing
tfAFjn every one of the Oaks seenved to
be seeking rofuge in the clouds. ' The
ball was booted all over the field, \u25a0while
the Oaks stood star grazing and ad
rr.iririg each other.
Tkors^n did not seem to have much
save lack of control, and after Oakland
had put two men on the sacks in the
ffth Dillon quickly gave his husky
young slahst^-r the rush and brought
to the rescue. Napl* at once
looked the field over smi took the
numbers of the Oaks. He had them all
<Tj ".-i? staff from tr.rn till the finish.
T::e score:
AB. U. BH. PO. A: E.
Dale?. <\ f 5 0 1 0 0 0
TVrnar-1. r. f 4 12 2 1 0|
Murphy. L f :\ 1 <• 1 0 O
Vi'.lon. lb 3 1 0.10 2 0
llmtd. 2b... 2 2 15 5 1
HnXh. 3t> 4 '> :: 2 2 0
IWnia«. «is . — 2 <^ M 1 2 2
OrcaOorC. c :t 0 '< 4 :i 0
Tiiorsfn. p ..2 1 1 0 2 1
Ncgle. p 2 0 1 1 2 0
Total 30 0 $ *26 19 4
AB. U. BH. PO. A. E.
V."« res. s* 2 0 0 1 4 0
r. f. 4 1 1 2,0 0
Majryart. L f 4 <"» o 1 "O O
Wolvmon. 3b 2 O O 0 3 O
f arroll. c. f 4 " 1 4 n l
«'jt*bawv 2b 4 « S 4 6 0
r«ai<»ron. lb 4 1 1 11 1 <>
Mit**. f 4 <• 1 4 2 2
Oirlstiau. p .2 1 •' <> «' 1
T<»t«l :*n 3 7 2T 1« 4
•Sr.an^er orst for stopping our of box.
L« Awto 0 1 2 O 3 O o- 0 ft— 6
Babbits 1 1 2 O 2 1 0 1 O— <*
Oakland 0 0 2 1 o ft n 0 A— 3
Basalts ° ° 2 1 2 0 1 0 I—T1 — T
Sacrifice fiif-R — P?'n;ss 2. Thrpt» l-asp hit —
Howard. Two base bit — S«sn;ler. Sacrifice
hit*— Bernard. < msbaw. Warps 2. Sifl^n
|, a s*s — B*rnfcr<!. liillon. Howard, Uoth. Mag
pi: t. Kirst b«"> on raH>d lialls — Off TJiorsen 7. .
off Na?!<* 1. off Christian 3. Struck out— By
Tiiorsfn 3. br NapJe 1. l>y Christian 1. Hit t>y
Sacred Heart Trims
Lick Team
The ladF from Sacred Heart college
defeated the Lick school in a well
riayed game of baseball yesterday aft
ernoon at the Ocean Shore grounds
before a good sized crowd of students
from each* institution, winning the
championship of the San Francisco
fubleague of the Academic athletic
league and earning right to com
pete in the semifinals for the league
championship. The score:
18. E. BH. PO. A. E.
Been. »s 2 «# O 8 1 0
rren<-h. r. f 2 1 0 1 1 0
Riordso. c 2 114 3 0
Goldman. 3b 3 112 3 0
OHair. <-. t 2 O O 0 1 0
OonhgtrtJ. 1. f 2 0 1 0 1 O
Benntson. lb 4 1 0 1 9 0
Brrn*. 2b. 4 12 2 4 1
Gaffner. p 3 1 2 4 1 O
Total -.24 6 7 17 24 ~I
AB. R. BH. PO. A. E.
B«rki«. lb- 4 0 116 0
Winter. 2b. 3 0 0 14 1
Wfcetaore. c. t 2 0 1 O O Oj
Black, c f ..-2 O l 1 l \\
Thornton. 1. f 3 O 1 O 2 O j
Wynne, Sh «\u25a0 3 1 2 1 2 1 j
Cnrmtc, 2b 2 0 10, 4 1
Karht. ss 2 0 0 2 3 1
Ttr^rt; r. f 4 1 2 2 17... 1
NasS, p 2 1 1 O 1 O
Total :- . - * 27 3 10 8 24 6
Sarred B«*rt" 1 32«OOOOx— 6
Be«bit» 0 2 2 1 1 1 0 0 x— 7
ri<-k .r o © ** o i 0 l 1 oo — 3
Ba*ehlta 2 0 0 2 2 0 2 2i o— lo
Umpire — Joe Nealon. ¥
Students Petition for
New Track'
BERKEL.ET. April 13. — The need of
California for a new' track, emphasized.
In a forcible manner by the aquatic
freshmen meet of three weeks ago,
has 'been brought to the notice of
President Wheeler by a committee of
•the seniors, who presented the univer
sity executive with a petition yester
day. President .Wheeler has consented
to brlngr UP both the senior students*
petition and the. specifications of the
- old committee of buildings and grounds
at the next meeting of the regents.
The" Oak« aad the Angel* trill plar oa tbe-
Oakland diamond this at t*rnooir ia order \u25a0 that
tbe male leayuer* tnay bay* their Inning at
I>crMitlon part. . Tbe local game between San
Francisco and Sacramento la scheduled for 3
•"flock. .
(Coaat League) '
Club— \V. 1.. Pet.
Vernon ....'' 10 4 .714
L.OK Ansrelea 8 C . .." I
San Franciaco 7 6 .."..'IS
Portland 7 6 .53S
Sacramento 4 !» .30S
Oakland 4 0 .:»in
1,111 Angeles, 0; Oakland, 3.
Vernon, 6; San Francisco, 1.
Tort land, 3; Micramrnto. 1.
Loa AngreleM at Oakland.
*»aii Frandsco-Vfrnon at !.«>* Aner
Portland at Sacramento.
pit>her — Dillon. Doable play — Miue to Cut
shaw. Three rocs. 5 hits off Thorsen in 4 1-"
innings. Cr«lit virt<*-y to Thorsen. Time ol
gaxr — 2 hours. Umpires — MeUrevvy and Hil
Ducks Right in Swim — 3 to 1
: SACRAMENTO. April 13.— Krapp, who
j pitched for Portland this afternoon,
j scored his fourth straight win, when
| the Ducks defeated the Senators l*y a
\ score of 3 to 1. Hunt pitched a mas
terly game and would have won but for
I the bone headed base running of his
\ team mates and some loafing on long
driven by the senatorial outfield. "After
getting one in the sixth through Olsen's
error. Briggrs was caught by Rapp at
first base through the time worn "hid
den ball" trick. The Senators had the
, bags filled twice, but could not get the
necessary hit. Score:
AB. R. BH. PO. A. E. '
NoJzpl. r.b 4 0 2 3 0 1
Ol*««:i. «-s 4 O 0 i S 1
Rapps. lb 4 0 0 1.1 ft O
MeCredlo. r. f 3 0- 0 1 0 0
Spi*as. 1. f 4 1 1 3 0 0
Rran. c > t 3 1 0 1 0 O '
Ort. 2b 4 13 0 4 2
Fisher, c 4 0 0 1 1 O
Krapp. p 3 0 116 0
Total 33 3 7 27 16 4
AB. R. BH. PO. A. E.
! Shinn. is 2 0 0 2 4 0
: Pf arson, c. f 3 0 0 1 0 0
Perry. 1. f ,T o 1 2 O 0
Brigps. r. f 4 0 O O 0 0
Van P.tiren.' lb 3 0 O l."> 1 o
; Raymer. 2b 4 0 0 13 0
Parrtnger. Sb 3 o 1 0 1 0
Foamier, c 3 1 1 fi 3 0'
Ilant. p ; 4 0 0 0 3 0,
Total 23 1 3 27 15 0
PortUn.l 0 0 0 0 O 2 O 0 I—."? ' :
I Basi'liits .O, 1 v 0 2 2 1 O 1 7
SiTimento O O 0 O 1 0 0 0 O—lO — 1
Basehits 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 o—30 — 3
Thrr-e baso lilt — Spea*. > Two J)a«p hits — Ort 2.
Konrnler. Stolen basf-s — NfTZ"?!. Uyan. Ort 2.
Krapp, Fonrnirr. First base on orrors — Soora
meiit" 3. First bast on called balls— OS Krapp
.">. off Hunt 3. Left ou I'asps — Portland 0,
Sacramento 8. Struck out — By Hunt 5. br
Krapp 1. Hit by pit«h< i d ball — Fouruicr. Shlxiti.
NVuel. Po<itile p'.ayg — Krapp to OUen to Rapps
2. Time of came — 1 hour and 55 minutes.
Umpire — Van Haltren.
State Play
Here Today*
The state league finished the first
week of the season with the former
outlaw organization going- along swim
mingly. Good crowds witnessed the
games at San Francisco. Oakland,
Fresno and at Stockton. The San Jose
team got off to a good s.jart, annexing
the series from Fresno without losing
a game. The other teams in the race
are well bunched.
The local state leaguers will enter
tain Sacramento on the field at Rec
reation . park this • afternoon. .. The
Sacramento aggregation have shown
a lot of speed as they beat the Sena
tors 10 out of 14 during the practice
Down at San Jose the Millers will
clash with the Garden City team. Oak
land goes to Fresno to play the Raisin
Growers. .
President Browne Willis of the San
Jose baseball association announced
today that following the close of the
state .league season and the cham
pionship series he expects to play as
winner of the state league pennant
with the coast league _winner, he will
take the San Jose state leaguers to
Mexico. Central America v and -Cuba to
show the natives there what a first
class^ball team really is,
Challenge for Yacht Gup
Is Accepted
The directors of the Corinthian yacht
club have officially accepted the Aeo
lian yacht club's challenge for the San
Francisco perpetual challenge cup,
which has been held and defended suc
cessfully by the former organization
for years.
V -_ •
Now that Crocs has b*en exonerated he will
\u25a0tart for New Tort to ride for Gaorge Berry
The rldlcir or SeMen wan a feature of the
sport yesterday. He landed three winners, being
oa Salnest. Hloocular and Ilex. -.
t M. Ward has sold Bellflowcr and | Booker T
to J. !«. Brown. • - ' . - ,-,
It develops that Lena C«»ch was played heav
ily tn local nod oat of town poolrooms Tuesday.
Canlll A Mason won two parses. Arponsut and
Ilex, whlrh are to be offered at auction Saturday
in crder to close oat .the partnership, carried
their colors to victory. ', \u25a0 \u25a0
Xlolcsworth rode hln first winner herewheir
he piloted " Ocean fc'liore W * victory. :'\u25a0 . . '.' : -:«
• - \u25a0 : \u25a0\u25a0-..
Australian Heavy Weight^M ay
Be Brought Over to Meet
Lang ford in September
There will be no fight between Tom
my Burns and Sam Langford "in Rich;
mond next September. This was defi
nitely-settled last night by Tom O'Day,
owner of the Mission club, and the man
who was engineering the match." After
a careful study of the situation O'Day
came to the conclusion -that Burns is
not worth a cash guarantee of $25,000.
As the former heavy Weight champion
will not consent to come to this coun
try to meet L,angford for anything less,
O'Day has called negotiations off and
in the meantime he and his associate,
Sid Hester, will cast about for another
match for their Labor day date. ;
If things break right in the mean
time Bill Lang, the Australian heavy
weight, will be substituted for Burns.
Lang is. the man who fought Tommy off
his feet for 20 rounds in Sydney the
other day. Although he broke his hand
in the ninth round, Lang stayed right
with the job and really had the better
of the milling at the finish, if the dis
patches from the ringside can be relied
upon. Evidently Lang must be some
The Australian heavy has placed his
affairs in the hands of Sam Fitzpatrick,
the veteran manager and the. man who
made Jack Johnson the champion of the
world. Fitzpatrick had a talk with
Hester and O'Day yesterday with re
gard to a battle with Langford and
terms were agreed upon very quickly.
Now if Langford consents to meet the
Australian upon reasonable financial
terms this match will be made without
further ceremony. . : *
Betting Commissioner Toni Corbett
has started tha paris mutuels on the
Jeffries-Johnson battle. This will come
as good news to the fans who like this
old time form of betting, which, if con
ducted on the square, is good for the
game from the standpoint of the com
missioner and the man who makes the
bets. . It used to be good here till they
killed it off with that O'Brien-Young
Peter Jackson framerup some 10 years
The betting on the outcome of the
great battle has now settled down to
10 to 6, with Jeffries the favorite. The
Jeffries money Is coming in about five
times as fast, as the Johnson coin, and
the chances are that it will drop down
to 2to 1 before many- days roll by. "*
Practically all the big bettors want
the Jeffries end of it, and this in a
measure explains why the big fellow is
such a hot favorite. The pikers are
Avilling to take a chance at Johnson
on the short end. and the bets that
are coming in there are the smaller
ones, ranging from $5 up.
Tommy McCarthy, the fighting brick
layer, /who is billed to go 20 rounds
with Owen Moran before Jim Griffin's
club on the night of April 23, has start
ed his training at the Seal RockJiouse.
Tommy's camp will be run by the vet
eran second. Spider Kelly» and the little
fighter will do his boxing with his
brother Johnny, who is some bruiser
Santa Clara Baseball
Stars Banqueted
[Special Dispatch lo The Call]
SAXTA CLARA. April 13. — Baseball
artists of the 1910 Santa Clara varsity
team banqueted and made merry to
night at the annual spread given by
the faculty.
ilraiSsiia haris iutauriii
; y\a^gM St Bfl BREMEN 10 A. M.
lEipress !»alllajrs .
Kronprinzessin C^ille. ...April 2fi I
Kronprinz Wi1he1m. ..... ..May 3 1
Kaiser Wilhelm II May- 10 I
, Kiiispr Wllhplm d. Grosse.May 17 I
S2flP BK^^8 K^^P l & pl>rnonUl THIIR^nAY<J
E3 HIH I iiß^ Si Chertoaro * " U **3»'^ » 3
W»t#l MlHiagß Bremen 10 A. M.
ITwin-Screw Sailings 1
I'rlnz Friedrich WUhelm.Aprll 21 I
•Zietrn April SS I
fjporpe Washington (new) May .5 I
Bremen May 12 H
n n *Brpm«>n direct. \u25a0
I fa ' W y W GENOA 11 A. M.
Berlin (n«-w> April 2.1
I • Frfpdrlcli der Gross* April 30
NiH-kar ? May 7 \u25a0
Koeniß Albert May 14 j
Wireless and Submarine Signals.
P Independent Round the M'orld Tours.
Travelers' Checks, cood all over
the World.
OEXRICHS & CO, Gen. Agls.
S Broadway, New York
Robert Capelle. G. A. P. C. 250 Powell «t.,
opposite St. Francis Hotel. San Francisco.
Telephone Kearny 47W.
Plymouth — Clirrbourcr— Snutbampton
Pbiladelpbla—QaeenatoTTn— Liverpool
New York— London Direct
New York — Rotterdam, via Boulogne
New York— Dover— Antwerp
N.Y.-QneenJitoTTn-Holyhead - Liverpool'
G. N. KOEPPEL. Passenger Agent Pacific Coast.
319. Geary Street, opposite St. Francis
Hotel, Saa Francisco.
Canadian Pacific
Less Than Four Days at Sea
"Weekly sailing; between Montreal,
Quebec and Liverpool . >
Two days on the beautiful St. -Law-
rence River and the shortest- ocean
route to Europe.
Nothing: better on the Atlantic than
our Empresses. Wireless on all steam-
ers. -\
First class ZOO, second $51.25, one
clam* cabin • $47.50. . > , — "'
Ask any ticket agent, or write for
sailings, rates and booklet. (10)
E. E.PENN, G. A., Palace Hotel, Saa
' Franclßco.
. -- * i \u25a0\u25a0..'-\u25a0 ~~~~~ ' — . .
Q)nipagnii Generale Transatiantiqne
j Sailings every Thurs Jay. Instead of- Saturday?
at'lo:«.-m.. from pier 42,;Nortu rlTer, foot of
Morton otreet. . \u25a0 - . .:, '-••• '
First class to Havre. $77.50 and upward: sec-
ond class to Havre. $50 and upward. OENER4L
l'J State street.. New: York. FTGAZI: BROTH-
ERS. Manapers; Pacific Coast,; KJO Montcoinerr
ftreet. San Francisco. Tlcirts \u25a0 sold . by all rail-
toad ticket agents. , •
Barney Old field Smashes Rec
ords for the Half Mile
and Kilometer-
PLATA DEL REV. April 13.— Five
new American speedway records were
established r on- the motordrome this
afternoon, the most noteworthy . being
the half, mile driven ; by Barney Old
field in the Benz, during which-his ma
chine reache"S : a speed In excess of < 100
miles an hour. \u25a0 ;The time; was; 17.91
seconds. vQldfield 'also drove the Benz
,a kilometer In 22.88 seconds, lowering
his mark; made at Indianapolis' by 1.4
! seconds.'. *. \u25a0 .
The 50 mile free for all proved the
most exciting race of the day. Ralph
de Palma, r b.>\ driving, his Fiat Cyclone
the entire 50 circuits without a stop
won in :37:55.53.' This Is a new record.
The first heat of the 10 mile free for
all was won by Ben Kerscher in a Bar
racq, with De'Palm?s'in the Fiat, sec
ond. George 1 Robertson was too ill to
drive his ' Simplex in . this race* today,
but Is expected out for the second heat
tomorrow. . "~-\ ...
The five mile free for all handicap
proved the ability of A. L. McMurtry
as a handicapper. "There were.s even
starters and all finished close together.
The Stoddard-Dayton,-"* well driven by
Al Livingston, won. - This car had a
handicap of 12 seconds. The- Marmon
was second and the Isetta third/
In the time trials Bragg drove a
Fiat two miles in 1:15.96, a new ama
teur record, and Xikrent sent . the
Buick Forty 10 miles in 7:35.87 for a
new class record. Kerscher drove the
Dari^icq three miles in 1:57. 71.~
Oldfleld has refused a challenge to
race his 200 horsepower Benz against
Relph.de Palma's 90 horsepower Fiat
on the ground that there .would be no
honor In victory.' The breaking of a
piston on the 200 horsepower Flat has
resulted in calling off the match
which, was looked forward to as the
great event of the meet at the motor
drome. Summary:
Time, trials— Half mile. Benz (Oldfleld),
:17.91: one mile. Fiat (De Palma). :37.C7; two
milfs, Fiat (Bragg). 1:15.06; tlirec miles, Dar
rae<i (Kerscher). 1:57.71: ten miles, Buick
(Nikrent), 7:35.87; kilometer, Benz (Oldfleld),
'First boat, 10 miles, free for all — Darrarq
(Kerschert. first; Fiat (De Palma), second.
Time. 7:01.
Five miles, free for all, handicap — Stoddard-
Dayton (Livingston). 12 seconds, won; Marraon
(Harroun). 10 seconds, second: Isetta (Mar
<juisl. 11 seconds, third. Time, 3:30.55.
Fifty lulles. free for all — Flat Cyclone fD»
Palma. won: Stoildard-Dayton (Livingston), sec
ond: Marmon (Harronn). third. Time by 10
miles: 7:1*. 05; 14:44.54; 22:42.95; 30:28.18;
Seventeen Horses Sent
To Stokes Farm
SAXTA ROSA, April 13. — Seventeen
fine horses left this city over the
Southern Pacific yesterday, consigned
to the Patchen Wilkes stock farm of
W. E. D. Stokes, in Kentucky. They
represented the purchases by Frank J.
Kilpatrick of San Francisco, the mil
lionaire horseman, of blooded stock In
this city for Stokes.
Maud Fowler, dam of . the. great So
noma Girl, 2:05 i;, was the best known
mare in the consignment, and with her
went others of her progeny. Among
these was a recent foal, by Lynwood
W. Others were Guycara, Russy Rus
sell, Hattie Fowler, Nushbrill and
These animals were secured here
from the breeding farm of Sampson B.
Wright for about $12,000.
Lonlsvllle 6. Columbus 0.
KannH* City 10. Minneapolis 3.
Indianapolis 0. Toledo S.
Milwaukee 2. St. Paul 1.
.>CT?~2*^. Steamer* leave from Broad-
ygP*-<Qk way Wbartes (Pien 9
/WVBEf*to^Pa Low rates. Inclndlag berth
I 1 \ \wSAj I Special Round Trip Rates.
President or Governor.. Alternate Monda ys. 4 pm. !
I *Santa Bosa Every Thnnday, 11 am.
\u25a0 I "Only steamer calling at Santa Barbara.
Connecting at Seattle for Southeastern Alaska.
Skagtvay, Dawson, Fairbanks.
President or Governor.. Alternate Saturdays, 2 pm.
City of Paebla. Umatllla or Queen.. !..'-..
1 - Alternate- Tuesdays. 2 pm.
City of Topeka.. April 17, 22, 27, May 2, 10 am.
Senator. April 20, $13, Inc. berth and meals.
Nome, St. Michael..... Umatllla. June 2
Nome, St. SHchael. . . ;. :Senator, June 5
Spokane. .June 14, 28; July 12. 26; Ace B. 10 pm.
1 Qu»en.. ........July 12, 26, 8 pm.
Right reserved to chance this schedule.
\u25a0 TICKET OFFICES— (PaIace Hotel) 653 Market
* St., 8 Market st. and Broadway Wharf.
• Telephone Kearny 49X
OAKLAND— II2O Broadway. Tel. Oakland 568 a
CD. DUNANN, General Passenger Ajent.
. Tehuantepec Route
sailing; from New York every six days,'
making direct connection -with Pacific
steamers sailing from Salina Cruz, Hex.,
every six days for San Francisco.
YORK. Also to Mexican and all prin-
cipal European ports under .through
: rate and through bills of lading. Sail-
ings from San Francisco every 12' days.
For rates and JTurther < particulars
apply to : DEARBORN & LAPHAM,
General Agents. 8 Bridge sL, New
General Agents.. Pacific Coast.
310 Sansome St., San Francisco
E. 8. "Cairo Maxu"...'. .. Tuesday, May 3, 1910
8. S. "Tenyo Maru"..... -Tuesday, May 81, 1910
' 8/ 8. "Nippon M*ru''... .Tuesday, Juna 21, 1910
Steamers gall from company's piers, 'Nos. 42,
, 44, near foot of SecoDd St., at 1 p. m., for Yoko-'
hama and Hongkong, calling at Honolulu. Kobe
(Hlogo) and/ Nagasaki . and Shanghai, and con-
. nectlng at Hongkong with steamers for Manila
India, etc. No cargo received on : board on day
: of eaillne. Hound trip tickets at reduced rates.'
' For ; freight and passage .\u25a0 apply . at . office 240
; James Flood building.' W. H. AVERY
'\u25a0 >-"'\u25a0'' ' \u25a0 Assistant General Manager.
*Marlposa • sails \u25a0\u25a0 11 a. m.. April 13. Special
ronnd" trip. Tahiti, $125 first class.- - . - -
linil A! 1 11 1 1 s - s - Sierr * B *'i« «t 11 a. "m; *
nI.M) l!U April 16 > 1910. Special
iOCEAXic S S. CO.. 673 Mkt.: T. Krny.;l23l'
Big Fighter Does Road Work in
the Morning and Then
Goes Fishing
BEX LOMOXD. April 13.— With the
exception of a, long drill over the
muddy roads .In the morning Jeffries"
took -a vacation today.
A crowd', of Santa Cruz admirers of
the big -figliter spent part of the morn
injg craning their necks in trying to get
a glimpse ;;of. the former champion
through'the- dusty windows of the gym
nasium and vrerd repaid for their ef
forts only, by a "brief glimpse as.Jef
,friesr camein'from his road work and
entered his quarters. • . .
Carpenters were at work on the gym
nasium all afternoon tearing a hole in
the roof to allow light and. air. to enter.
New mats, medicine balls.and other ap
paratus will be installed in a few days.
On account of the changes being made
Jeffries, finding it impossible to work
in the gymnasium, took his rod and
reel and tramped up the stream in
search of trout. . / -
" \u25a0 "It's a mistake to think that training,
consists only in these "•workhorse
stunts," he said to. a. visitor. ;' "I get
lots of good out of these fishing trips
and the sport of it keeps me from get
ting, stale." •"_--\u25a0'
Jeffries passed up the boxing today
on advice of his trainers and attend
ants, who feared that he. was setting a
bit too fast a pace in the -whirlwind
stunts of the last few days. OM asso
ciates ofMeffries who have studied the
fighter closely say that the psycho
logical element figures in his develop
ment more than that of any other pu
gilist; and that he requires a certain
amount of sport and diversion in his
training or he goes stale. —' . . !
Mrs. Jeffries, whose illness proved
more serious than was at first supposed,
will leave the camp for Oakland to
morrow night. It will be necessary for
her to undergo an operation in the
Merritt" hospital. Dick Adams. Jef
fries' very close friend, will accompany
her to Oakland. *
Among the visitors at the camp to
day was Eddie Smith, the well known
Johnson Acquitted
CHICAGO. April 13.— A jury today
acquitted Jack Johnson, the pugilist, of
a charge of exceeding the speed limit.
The policeman who made the arrest a
fortnight ago alleged the colored
champion was motoring at the rate of
22 miles an' hour. The defendant de
clared he was going only half that
speed. The jury was out a few min
NEWMARKET, Eng.. April 13.— The
three year old selling plate of 200 sov
ereigns, distance six furlongs, was run
here -today and won by H. P. Whitney's
Pequot. Magneto was second and Sun
bath third. Thirteen horses. started.
fayi^fayA .Trains Leave
vTfil/ San Francisco
X. Btt S Mnrkft Street
Ferry Depot
Leave For— IA.M.| P.M.
Bakersfield . . . : . [7:1518:00-10:00 "
Chicago ......... 7:1518:00-10:00
Fresno 7:15!4:00- 8:00-10:00
Grand Canyon. . .!7:15(8:1O-1O:OO
Hanford \u0084 7:15| -10:00
Kansas City 7:15!8:OO-1O:OO
Mercetl 7:1514:00- 8:00-10:00
\u2666Stockton ;, 7:15 4:00- 8:00-10:00
Stockton, Oak- »
dale* and Sierra
Railway points. 9:45
Tulare .7:15 8:00-10:00
Visalia !7:15|8:OO-1O:OO
Yosemite . . . .... ]7:ls';
'Stockton I.ooal leaves 1:25 p. m.
California Limited throtjch to Chicago leaves
it 10:00 p. m. Offices— 673 Market street snd
Market street Ferry Depot, San Francisco; 1112
Broadway, Oakland.
/@S& Schedule Effective
F|||s November 15, 1909
Hm» ,FT«nc_lac»
Leave ' VIA SAUSALIfO * ' Arrive
T:4oa I'etalums. Santa Rosa. Heitlds-
burg. Cloverdale, Uktah, Willits.
Sherwood. S^bastopol. "Gnerne- *
ville. »Mt. Bio, 'Duncan Mills.. *:lTp
S:2oa *rt. Eeyes. *Mt. Rio. »Casadero tfi:s7p
8:20 a ••Sonoma. ••Glen Ellen. t.V37p
jn:ooa'Petaluma, Santa Rosa. Clorerdale. J7:3Ta
11:00 a Tetaltima. Santa Rosa 4:17p
3:00p Petaluma, Santa Ro«s, Healdshnrj;.
Cloverdnle, UkJih. Gnerneville. >
! Mt. Rio, Puncan Mills, Sebas-
; topol 10:37 a
t4:oop Pt. Rpye*. Occidental....
4:40p Sonoma, Gl«>n Ellen 8:17 a
5 :20p Petalcma. Santa Rosa »:37»
Stuxalito. Kill Valley. Saa &aXa«l— Dally
erery 40 minutes from 7:00 a. m. until 9:00
a. m.; then hourly until 4:00 p. m.: then every
40 minutes until «:40 p. in.: then ?;00 and 10:00
p. ra. and 12:01 a. m.
Fairfax— L«ave San FraßclJC* t7:00. 7:40, S:2O.
9;00, 10:00, 11:00 a. m.. tl2:00 noon, J1:00,
2:00. 4:00. 4:40. 5:20 and 6:00 p. ra.
San Qnentin via San Rafa»l — Leaves 9:00 a.m.
and 2:00 p. in.
Tiburon *ad" B«lT«d«r»— |7:0 O. |7:40. 10:15.
a. m. iJ12:00 noon, except Satarday). 312:30,
|4:00, 15:20, 7:13 p. m. Sundays. 17:00, |7:40,
10:15 a. m.. 12:30, |4:00, |5:20, ..15 p. m.,
|12:01 a. m. ;
•Sunday arrive 7:37 t».. m. ••Sunday arriva
fi:s7 p. •m. tExcept Snndav. tSnnday only.
TSatordays only, fvia Sausallto.
s Paelflo Transfer Company"* agents are author-
ized to check baejrase direct from residence.
* IT:n fmttat ti.Wrtirtt UTaaititb
W-kJUyF S^^»T VwMayj Swmi*r W-faby SiUay
10:00 a 9:00* t7:3sa| 12:03p 7:36»lJJ:4|a
2:00* 10:00t 1:5«P g:00r \:iU 1j:52«
\u26664:«p 11:00* e2:65i J:o3t 4:25p I:4Sp
.....: 1.88» 4:3Qp 4:2Sp -"WSf. 2:52>
...:.. .2:O5» ...... 5:10 p...... J-Up
...... -I:OQp ... .-.-.' [.••••• 6:33>
•Sat. only. jMaa. only. ©Tunulpsij only, lafnirody
Ticket Offices— fiwsalito Ferry and 874 Marfa*
General Offiet— Mill Valliy. CaDfarnia
af aiwtyt «H« hf pw«t» : - T
. ' • F. S. Stratton, Receiver. .
Lv. S. F. , dally— 8:00a, \u25a0 "4:30 p. Ar. S. F.
daily— t3:lBp.- «8 :25 a. ' .
•Arleta. tTnnttaa Glen : sta je for San , Gre-
gorlo and Pescadero. *. r " ;\u25a0 , ' . ; .: ; .
. Vallejo,: Napa,:;St.v Helena
S. " B.* Co. and Xapa .Valley jCleetrlc
R.R..C0. ; Close connections.' - ; - -,"Xvj ,'v
ft—ROl'XD TRIPS DA IL V—«Y — « -
-.: Boats; leave -San; Francisco .7:00, :*B:4sa.- m..
12:30 noon, 3:15, 6:00, # 8:3O p.' ni.-."..>'i ; -.
*- San -Francisco landing) and office. > Clay : street
wharf,"- north • emd f enr .• ouild ing. •- Market \u25a0 street
ferry. ; Mpalu a la carte. \u25a0 Phonw Kearny 406 or
C47(iS. ';..\u25a0-.-: \u25a0,/\u25a0-\u25a0.- -\u25a0";\u25a0 ,-\u25a0-..-.
•gS.fLands nary, yard direct. ',\u25a0\u25a0.-,,':-\u25a0\u25a0 . •
Seals Bite the Southern Dust
Again Before Hogan's Re
juvenated Bunch
LOS ANGELES. April * 13.— Vernon
.again trounced San Francisco today.
The score was 6 to 1. The villagers
hammered Henley for 13 hits, while
Brackenridge allowed the Seals only
five. Vernon played .an. errorless game.
' - AB. R. BH. PO. A..T.
Carlisle, c. f 4 1 2 \u2666> •> 0
X. Bra^hear. 3b 3 o a 0 2 0
Martinke. 1. f 4 2 2 1" t>
It. Brashear, 2b .4 «» 1 5 5' 0
Co.r. r. f. 4 12 4- O'O'
Lindsay, ss "4 a 1 11 0
Fisher, lb -» 1 2 9 •' *>
; Brown. »• 4 1 1 4 3 0
Brackenridge, p 4 y o U 2 «
Total ./: nH ~e ia 24 13 0
AB. K. BH. PO. A. E.
Shaw, ss 3 0 1 2 2 1
Mnndorff, -3b. 3 0 o 3 1 1
Melchlor. r. f. ; 4 O O (• 1 0
Tennant. lh. '. 4 0 1 ."> 1 0 ;
Vltt. 2b. 4 120 2-^0
Bortle. i. -f 2 O. 1-3 «> 0
Williams, c. 2 «> <» !* 2 1
Griffin, c. f 2 0 O 2 1 «•
Henley; p. ..3 1) 0 0 4 0
Total /»..... 27 1 5 24 14 -.3
Vernon 0 0 1 3 1 o 1 0 x — 6
Bauehlts 0 0 1 4 2 3 2 1 x— l 3
San Francteco ....O 1 O 0 0 0 O 0 0 — 1
Basehlts O 11 1-1. 0 O « .1— 5
Three base bit — Martinke.. Two base hits—
Vitt. , Flslier. Tennant. Sacrifice bits->-Bodie.
Williams. Stolen bases — Carlisle, N. Brashear.
Mundorff, Griffin. First basp on called balLa —
Off Henlry, 2; off Bmckenrtrfjre. 3. Struck
<ftit — By Henley. 5; by Brackenridse. 2. Dunbl*
play — N. Brashear to R. Brashear to Fisher. .
\u25a0 Wild pltcn — Henley.' Time, l:Co. Umpire — ,
Finney. - . .
Revised Football Given
Trial at Yale
"NEW. HAVEX, Conn.. April 13.—Re
vised football was given its first tryout
at Yale- yesterday, when the squad was
put through the initial scrimmage. The
workout was clumsy and the players
showed palpable ignorance of the new
rules. Their worst; fault was failure
to limit the use of their arms in inter
ference. Quarterback dashes into, cen
ter were tried frequently and seemed to
take the enemy by surprise as a novelty
unknown to footfall.
Lf*T» (Foot of Market Street) Arrive
2.15* Nile*. Liffrssore. Tracy, Lathrop,
Stockton. Lodi, Sacnmesto tO.3Ss
6.40« Hayward. NHw, San Jose. 7.08*
7.00* Richmocd. Port Costa. Benich. Suisun,
Dison. Sacramento, Roaerillc Marjs-
rjle. Redding. Dinsmair.. 7.28 a
7.00 i Hssira, VgcartUe. Ramsey. 7.28p
*7.0 C» DaTis, Woodland (MarysTae. Oro-
) T2le). Wilianis, Maxwell, WSbws,
Hamilton. Corakg. Red BluJ i 7.£Sa
[700* Newark. San Jose. Los Gato?. V. "right. s.<Bp
7.00* Fdtoa (Boulder Creek), Santa Crai. . . . 9.5£p
7.40* VaUejo, Napa, Cslismsj, sacU Eosa,
. ) Mirtir.ei. Ma Ramon 6.C03
' 7.40* Xilfs. Fleaxmton, lirennore, AIU-
) moat, Lathrop, Stockton 7.-3?
7.40* Tracy, Los Banos. Kerman, Fresao,
Hanford. Visalia. 4.28?
8.20* Port Cocta, JUrtines. B.iron, Tnry,
StocVton, Merred, Fre?no. Goshea
Junction (Hanford. Annoca), Visilift,
Porterraie. Bakersfield 4.48p
8.20* Yosemite Valley ria Merced. 7.48p
9.00* Mles^ LiTermore, Stockton (*Mil:on),
Vaßey Spring, lone, Sacramento. .... 4.28p
9.00* Socora, Tuolumne and Angels 4.25?
9.00* Atlantic Express — Saeraaento. Trae-
kee, Ojden, Salt Lake City, DenTer,
, - K»nsas City. Omaha. Chicago 8-23?
9.40* Richmond, . Port Costa, Mi.-tir.fr,
Bay Poht 6.48?
10.20* Vallejo Mare Island. Napa 1 1.28 a
1 0.20 1 Los Angeles Paatngv— Port Costa,
Martinet. Byron. Tracy. Stockton,
Merced. Fresno, (Hanford. Coalings,
VisaliaJ HakersSdd, Los Angeiea 7.48p
10.20* Mojave, Olanena, Lone Pine. Mt.
W Mtnej- 7.43p
10.40* San Francisco Overland Limited —
Denver, Kan sis City, St. Louis,
Omaha, Chicago 7.28?
1 1^0* Shasta Limited— Portland. Tacona,
Seattle .v. 9.18?
12-OOn Goldfidd Pase.— Port Costa, Benicia,
Saerameato. Truckee, Haien, Mica,
Tonopah, GoldSeld. I&*\ Keeler... . 7.48*
12.00n Marvsville. Chico. Red Bhi3 4.28p
liOp Nile», Irvington. Snn Jose 2.43p
- 1.40p San Lean.lro, Nfles, CeowrriUe,/ 9-CSa
Newark, San Jose. 1 7.28?
1.40f Newark, San Jose. Lo* Gacos. Wright,
Fdton (Boulder Creek). SanU Crna.^ 9.52p
2.40p San Leandro, Niles. San Jose. 9 2S»
3.00p Henic», Winters, Sacramento — Wood-
land, MarrsriUf. Oroville— Yolo,
AAnekfe, Wflliams. WB^ws 10.43*
3.00p Via Saasalito, West Xapa, St. Helena,
Calistoos 10.37»
ZJZOp Port Costa (Stockton). Martinej./ 12.02?
B\nn, Modesto, Meired, Fresno. . \ 10.38?
4.OCp Vallfjo, Napa, Calistoea, Saata Ross.
Sarthet, Sen Ramon. Dougherty,
Ureriaore. 9.25 a
4.00p Naes (CwterriUe), Tracy, Stockton f 10^8*
Lodi .....\ 10.32?
4.40f San Leandro, Hayward, Niles, Pleas-
\u25a0 anton, LiTermore. Traey, Newman,
Kerman, Fresno 828*
BJJOp Rfchmood. Pinole. Vallejo, Port
'Cost*, Beniria, Soisnn, Sacramento
— Roarrnle, Marysville. Orovitle. . . . . 1 1 .25 a
oJX)p Rassell. Saa Jose, Los Catos 9.28 a
8.20p San Leandro, Nfles, San J05e.. . . . 7.48 a
6.00p Chd Limited— Lo» Angeles aCS*
6.40p Eastern Express — Ozden. Pneblo. Den- '
rer. Kansas City. St. Louis, Cbicam. .
Port Costa, Benicia, Sacramento,
Reno. Sparks B.2Sp
6.40p Ilayward. Nies and San Jose 6-4Ep
J7.00p Vallejo, Port Corta. Martines, Bay
3 Point and Way Stations Jll.13?
7.40J Richmond. Port Costa, Byron. Tracy.
. Uthrop. Stockton....: l£4Bp
ft2oy Oregon Exprcfis — Da vi*. (Sacramento),
Waiowv Reddins fKlamath Falls), *
\u25a0 . Ashland. Portland, Tacoma. Seattle.
Spokane 9 28a
•iWp China and Japan Fast Map.— Og^en.
\ Cheyenne. DenTer, Kansas (s:y.
Omaha, Chicago. '. .... 2.42?
9.00p Port Costa, Benicia. Sacramento. Cd-
fax.Truckee, Reno. Spitrks. Oiiden.. 2.43p
lI.Wp Yosemito Valley Sleeper t» Merced
T toH Portal : . 8.28*
< 1 1 .00? NQes. Pln»»ntoa. LiTenaore. Latlwjp,
Modesto, MercH. Fresno 10.33p
- 1 1 .00p Fresco. Selma. Goshea Jane. Hinford.
Armona. Lemoore. Coalisga ; 8.23*
-.. 1 1.40* Portkad Bxpre»— P«CTamento, Marys- • -
Tflle. Rtd Bluff. Weed. Ashbarf, Rose*
borg. Portland. Tsroma. Seattle J2.28p
KCTHERLAMO'S ROUTE— rrom P*dfl« Strert WJarf
P Cothasvillr. Emmaton. Rio Vijta. We ton. Rvde. Wal-
nut Grove, Vordea. Counlaad. Chrksbur;. Sacramento.
Leave 8.00 a.m. Tnc Tiunt. SaC Steamer Xavaio-
*rmre 5 5.00 p. m. \u25a0 . r ,
L«ve 1.00 p.m. Daily, except Sna Jay, Steacer Modoc
er Apache: arrive 11.30 p.m.
- MarkttStrert Wharf^Week Days-Houriy from.6O»
*ja.'to 9.00 p.n. Sundays-«. 40. 8.15. 9.*.5, 11.15
*jb^ 12.45. 2L15. 3.45. 5.15. &«, 8.15 and 9.45 pjn.
. T» p*kUM and Al*m«l*— faia t6.45 aja, and ft-a
10 and 45 minutes past the hoar until 7 45 n*n- thi*
BJO. 9.15. 10.00. 1445. 11J0 pja, and l liU^ra
i Ta Akntd* »na FruitvaJs vU Horseiho* si mi *t *tev«l
i» for UorninV P for Afiernocn. f Sosday exrepted.
. t Sunday only;- t Arrive Moa, Wed, FrL
Trtntfir C«. : tatioriwi ta check Bagaace
from rendence. ;j - , .:
First of Anti-Oral Book Making
Bills Passes the A'ew York
ALBANY. N. V.. April IS.— The, first
of the three Asrnew-Parkin3 bills de
sisted to prevent oral book maklr.sc
passed the assembly today. 9S to 31.
The bill makes the present provisions
relative to keeping; betting and gaming
establishments more stringent by ap
plying the law to an inclosure or place
and making corporations and individ
uals liable for violations of the law.
The committee will make an effort
to amend the bill tomorrow so as t«
restrict the professional book maker
while protecting the rights of those
who wish to make a friendly bet.
The three bills, if passed, may kill
Xerv York racing.
define it. There is no
blend of tobacco so im-
perial in quality, so distin-
guished from all others. It
challenges imitation.
10 for 10 cents
LeaTß (Third and Townaer.d Street?) Arrire
T5.25a Loop— 23d itrset, \isiiacicn. iouth
San Fraccisco, Valeacia Strest t(x2sa,
f 5.35a* Loop — Valencia 3rr»et, Ocean View,
Cemeteries, South San Francisco,
23d street. 3rd asd Tovns.-md tS.43a
6.20 a South San Fnccisco, San Jose, r.ilrov.
(Holiister). Sargcat, Pajaro, Wa^ca-
Tille, Santa Cros. 7.50?
7JOC* Soi:t!» San Fraarisro, Palo .%lto, Saa
Jos^. Way Stations 7.25 a
7.00 a M.itQc!d. Lcs AIto». lot Gates t7-£Cp
S:CCi >"here li-.e li-rited— Psso R'-blps
Hot. Springs. Santa Barbara. LO3
Anseles 9.33>
BJffia The Coa.ster— San Jore. Pajjiro (Wat-
sonTille. Smta CtKt}, t'a.-troviE?,
(Del Monte. Ucmterry, P3ri£<- Grorr).
Salinas. Soledad. Paso Rob'ies V.nt
Spring. San Lna Cbfep>. Snrf.
(I-onspocX S-anta Barbara, Vectura,
Omani, Los AngpJra I l^Cc?
a2oa Ma\-sdd, Los Altos. LosG.itc«. Uri ? ht.
. JilenwocJCßcyldcr Crc^k). S:ir.tr l'n:z,
Wi«tscnvi!le. Ciftroviile. Del llonte,
HontereT. Pacilic 0.-ove 9.CO>
9.COt San Joae. GQroy. Salir-a?. Psso Rcbies
Hot Springs. San Luis Obl?po— Ties
Pinos— TVatsccrille. Santa Crus, Del
JL r-.:». Monterey. PariSe Grove 4XD>
10.40 a South San Francisco. Burliirgame, Saa
ILiteo, Pala Ato, Cfan Jo;e 6.30 a
10.40* Los Altos, Jloata Vista, Lcs Gatoa. . {
I l.3Ca Vstenm ?tre»t. Ocean View, Cofcaa.
Cemeteries, Baden. San Bruno l-35u
1 1.40 a S>uth San Frj.ncisco. San Jo«e +B.2Sa
ZSICp lH^Jlonte Exrre»— San Jofe, GL'ror, -
Mrgtit (WatscnviUo, Sarta Crtz). «
IVt Monte, ilofitcrev; Facias Gtoto.
(tSalinas)... I2^SC?
2.C5? South San Francisco, Palo Alto, San
Jose &«»
f2.05p Los Altos, Monta Vista. Lo« Gatos. . . t!2C?
3.003 South San Fnccisco. San Ultra, Saa
Jose. Gilror, Tres Pinoa, Sulirs? 10. 101
3.00? TVatsonTiile, Sar.ta Crus. Castrova)^.
Del Monte, Monterr--. Pacific Gr»T*. 10.00 a
3.40? Santa Clara. San Jos*. Los Gates.
Wright (Boulder Creek). Saata Crai 1000 a
4.00? Sunset Eipms — Tur^n. Periling.
Fl Paw. Honstori. New Orlran".
Paso KobFes Hot Sprirj?. San Luis
Obi?po, Santa Barbara and Los Angries 1 1 .4Ca
4.00p Kansn.t City. St. Loui?. Chirajo M.4C*
4^T)? Socta San Frjn«risro. San Jose' T9 oOi
t5.00? Biiriin^me. »fi al.iteo. Palo> Alto.
San Jose cs.l Way Stations 9.4C3
t3.05> Loop— 23d Street. Vbitacicn. South
Saa Frani-isco, Valcnrn Su^et tS.ISa
+5.20p T?Hwoo<J. Pnb Alto. San Jo* '. J.IC?
+5.20p Loa Altos, Monta Vista, Lcs Gates. .. +3.20*
t5.259 Buriinspme. San JLteo. Sad Jose. |X22p
+5.30? Locp— Valencia Street, Oceaa View,
Cemeteries', South Saa Francisco,
23d Street. 3d and Toinssend t8.40p
5.40? Saa Bruno, San Matco, Redwood, Palo
Alto. Saato Clara. San Jose 7.4Ca
:5.40» Lcs Alto*. Mon*» Vista. Los Gates... J9.4C*
16.00? MOlbrae, Saa Mateo, Palo Alto. 3L»y-
field, Los Alto?, Los Gates ; tB.COa
tS.OS? 23.1 Street. Visitacion. South Saa
Franeixeo. Valecria. jitrert t7.13a
ti2s? Loop— Valencia. Street. Ocesn View. ' .
Cemeteries. South Saa Fraacisco,
23.1 Street. 3d and Town.«end f7.403
6.30s South San Frxncisfw. San Jose. \u25a0. 5.4 C«
aCO: Los Anneles Pa«srngrr— Gilroy. Salinas.
Paso Eobles Hot Sprinss. Son Luia
Obispo, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles 3.CO*
1 1.45? South San Francisco.* Palo Alto.} 7.2 C»
Saa Jooe.. .-....-.....„ \ 7.45?
Ta OaUand. Bcrkelty. Btrryman. Eatf Oaklanl and
Fra'tval* — Dnjly — From 6.00 xn»™ aad erery twenty
minutes until 7.00 p.n. inclusive: thea 7.40. B.CO,
9.00, 9.4 a 10.20. ILCa ,1L« pja. 12J» aad
To S«th«r and Melrcw via Seventh St— D»3r— Froa
6.00 ajrj.. and every twenty minutes nctil "CO p^i.
iadoiTe. then 7.4 a BJa 9.C(X «.4a 102 a ILIX
asd 11.40 pja.
To Stoashurrt— Da3T Ess-pt ?und37— 6.00. 700. 800.
9.00 aja.. 2SJ>. 3.00. 4Xa 5.00. a.40 pjn. Sunday
only 9.00 10X0 3-su LCO pja» 2.00. aoe.loo.2LOa
5.40 pja.
Ta Oakland Tttt SL. Fral^i!-. AU.r.sia. via Heri«he»
— Da2y^ — Froza "tS-00, 6.20 a.m. and every tsent;
minates until - 5.20 mja. inclusive; then 9.C0. 9 CO.
10.00, 10.20. ILCa IL2O aaa.. 12a.. 1Z204.0Q. IJO.
2.00. 120, 3.0 Q. 3.2). J3JO pjn. and erery twenty
nmresuntil 7 p.m. inHusiTe; 7.40. 8.20. 9.C0. 9.40.
ia2o. ll.Oa and 11.40 p.m.. 12.20 and L2O aja.
Aiiiuorul train ta Oakland First St. 2.15 «™»,
Ta Wett B«rksley— Da2y Errept Sraday— Frcia 100
a.m. and every twenty minute* until \ "20 a.m. inri-j-
jive; then 9XO aja. and rrery hour until 4JIO p.n. |
isdusiTc: thea 4J28 p.ia. and erenr twenty minutes
unta 7.00 pjn. inclusive: then 7.40 pjn.. 8.20. 9.00»
9.10. 1020. ILOQ. 11.40 pjai and liCOxir.
Ta'Wstt B«rktiey— Strndars enly — From 400 «,tp.,
thea 7JDO, S.OO. 9.C0 ajn. inclusive; then 9.20 aja. aad
every twenty minutes uatil 3.40 p.m. bidunTe; thea -
4.00 pja. and every twenty msnta until 7 00 pjn. in- •
desire; thea 7. Upj.--. 8120, 9.C0, 9.10. 203 X ILCQ.
11.40 pja. and 12.20 sja.
To C«6in— Daily IJucpt Sunday— Frcra 6.00 aja. aad
rrery 20 miaotes nnt3 8.3) a.m.. then 9LOO. WLOO
».ra.. 12.00 a.. LOO. 2.00. XOO. kCO, 420. iiO, iCO,
5.20. 5.40 aad aCOp-ri.
Ta Cflrtin — Sundays only — Fretn 6.C0 sja» v G*n 7.00,
8.00. 9.C0 ajn. indesre: then 9J3> aja. snd rrery
' twenty minutes until 3.40- pjn. iadtnive; ttea 4.C4
p.ia. and every twenty minutes until 6.00 pja.

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