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Slaps on the face of a patient who died soon after they Were administered were held by United
States Commissioner Hcacocf? on Tuesday to have been proper medical treatment.
Talent Fares Well When Five Favorites
Romp Home in Front
. Horses ran well to form at Emery
vine yesterday, five favorites reward
ing thfir backers
Interest centered principally in the
fourth event over the futurity course,
Cor which a Held of six went to the
;>ost. Jim Gaffney, Binocular and Kid
N'wrth made most of the early running.
When the three furlong pole was
reached Jim Gaffney was In front and
afser that was never headed, winning
by \u25a0 sieck from Faneuil Hall, an out
sider. Kid North v.a.s third. Faneuil
IlaU was slow to get going, but moved
up in clever style. Away better, he
would likely have won.
W. V. Brumby graduated from the
maiden ranks in one of the closest fin
ishes of the season. The son of Sain
Wiis a mild favorite for the opening
vav-e and closing with a rush on the
inside just got up in time to win by a
nbse from Dfrectello^ which beat the
barrier. Cantem was third.
Liord of the Forest is earning a rep
utation for bfing consistent, as he
gained his third straight victory when
The Call's Form Chart of Races at Emeryville
<trdcr in which hr,r*»« figure in The Call Handicap is indicated la black face type.
«>AKOx*K \\><lnfs'lav. April CO. 1«1O. — One hundred and tenth day. Weather clear.
' "''t Iz*t. E. C. Hopper, presiding Judgp. J. J. Holtuian. starter.
\u25a0: CC/ C 1 IK*T UACi: — Five and a balf forlougg; purse; maiden 3 year olds; -ralue to first
~ /'"*''*\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 " Hory and owner. iWtjSt. Xj *~ °i Str. Fin. I Jockey. | Op. Cl.
r..",1f. W. B. Knimtiy tB. .Schrcibcrt . ,112j 4 ... * 1%8 2%* 4 Ins |A. Williams. 3 8
tj'2« i(C)DIRECTELLO iOakwrm<lt...ilHi| 1 ... 1 l^fel % 1 J ,i 2 n |Moleswortn . 3 5
«;..:« U)CANTEM ij. Lnheri llil 3 ... 2% 2 2J£2 2U:t 6 jA. Thomas.. 3 7-2
i-*,x, Onnoroe Oinnicgiiam <H<wk*.. 112. S ... «i 4 3 4 2^4 8 Kent 10 10
0:,2<1 <I)V£SPAfcIA2J (N. JTortaU)..lll5 6 ... S 2^7 245 I^s 14 Bord 4 4
C*S5 S-iiiv UttatUMßUk ftabVt 113 5 ... 5 1 5% 6 2 ! /i« n IL, A. Jaeksn 30 SO
[PoycreM (Sscraniento Val.i. .'llOll .. . I<> 140 Vi 8* 2 7 2^iOallauan .... SO 100
f.t>ir< TuTina Ul. J. Hav»^. illO|l2 ... 11 %1O 210 2 S2 IMcßrlde .... 10 10
•CC3 Kti^oi ifsllayonii stable 1 :112 ; 7 ... in SI 7 n » l'i'Mentry 7 30
«2B Bffly <Kaisin City»..|n2i « ... 9111211 210 S {Hinrich 3<> 60
<-.'<J Ktli-! \lr-X «M«-Kenzle» illO 2 ... 3«; « 1 flnll 'JivVnn Du«en.. SO SO
.-.su; M.mrnit MVtalnma tlaMe) !112 10 . . .12 12 12 12 J. King 30 »0
T:ta« — :24 1-S. sb. 13084-5. At jwwt 1 minute, off at 1:4«. S-5 place, 4-n show;
T>ir«-<"t<>ll<i. 1» 5 p' B *^. 4-5 Btimv; Canfm. 7-10 show. Winner bit. g. by Kaln-ReToke.
Trained by C. J. i.'ase.r. Start go"d. Won driving. Swond same. Third easily. High
j,;-j,.i. — Brumby 4. Cantf-m 5. Vi-sj>asian Z>. W. V. Brumby closed with a preat burst of
v;«-*-d. luckily thrwipli oO feet from the wire and junt landed. Dirertello had the foot
i.ud. \tt<\ Uolestratta laid in dOM to the r.iil. would have woo. Cantcin looked, a winner
n fcixtfi-nth nut. but liur.z in final h() yards. Others ran to their form. DowereM not
rpmlr; jn likely to improve.
CC'ilO" SKi'ON'D^RACk — Six and a balf furlnn k«; wllln?; 5 year olds and upward; value to
\u25a0 004 D tir»t M.y. :
_ !*'*>\u25a0* «n<l Owner. WtiSt. \i »* % Str. Kin. I Jockey. | Op. Cl.
.«,:.•», (DLOKD of FOEEST, a <(;i>rl>ill2j H 2 H 1 l>il IVil 2Vil 2^;Kederi« I 7-5 fiTs
R32» (Atn, •<Oulnlan _ P.) 110 .'. 4 3 21 2 lH! 3 2 3 (Borel 4 8-2
c,"-'t Men SK>ne. 5 ill. U. Rossi. ..Jll2i 4 54 53 «V43n 3.'{ (Selden 12 20
SSZ3 Surarinewa. fi <F. Casserly t . . . 'll2| 2 fl 2Vj« 1 ~> n 4% 4 h Mcßrlde .... SO 100
• v.v; (BjADENA, 5 (W. -Durkert. -jllO| 8 8 7 I^7 I%G n 5 4 Mentry \u25a0 5 11-2
6530 (S)AMPEDO, <• iWayland Co.)jll3i 1 3 !i 3>* 4 IHS HjC n A. Williams. 4 6
6T.U3 H'inni- Ur?. a Ul'xljre) 112! 3 In 42 :th 72 7 % A. Thomaa.. 20 50
BKn Denecn. 5 (W. E. Cott'Hit 112! 7 7 » a 8 8 8 jCotton 15 20
Time— :23 4-6. :4H 2-5. 1:13 3-5. 1 :20 2-."». At p*t U minute, off at 2:10^. Forest, 11-20
I'laro, out ?Uon-; Airs, :',-2 plac, 3-5 show; Stone, 3 show. Winner b. c. by Octasron
\jt&j Violet. Trained by R. B. Allen. St srt pood for all»but Adena. Won easily. Next
m,i unif. Uiffh prii>e— Lord of the Forest 3-2. I»rd of the Forest breezed to his field.
uinniiiK a* h<- iil^ased. Airs ran 1»< r race. Ben Stone made a trood phowing. So did Sar
;ir)iM-w». A<lena wheeled as barrier went up and was practically left. She ran a smart
race and off well would have #iv»-n the win nf r an argument. Ampedo and Bonnie Keff
\u25ba.-.f.wc.l t.ome early ttrieed. bot couM not carry it far.
gcTj THIRD RACE — One taile; wiling; 3 year olds and upward; value to first $200. ~
Hnr»e and Qwper. IWtJSt. X *i .Str. Fin. I Jookey. | Op. Cl.
i C-, 1 :« 1 . ( 1 ) OCEAiTBHOKE, 6 <Elliott>;lo7| 4 I J^l IVal "ill 1 % A. Williams. 0-2 7-2
1 8507 Man 4 (Bard _ V.) 106| 3 2 »i 2 »5 2 h 2 1 2 n Taylor 3 5-2
' <4Ti h3;FO_LIE _, 5 (AUea & H.HIOS 1 .1 lWi 3 3 4 3 3 3 h A. Thomas.. 7-2 fl
6470 lOrlleße a (Comerford) ]10Sj 2 42 4 1 4 2U4 2^4 2% Callahan .... 6 8
6337 (2)RtJB_IC, a S.). 113 8 S 5 lUS 2»i5 3 5 3 Molosxrorth . 4 3
47fi4 'Marticnjae. a 1 Harris & W.). .107 5 7n 7h Cn 75 0 3 Mcßride 15 40
"' CT>3.-» 'Roberta. 3 (11. A. Mercer)..! 91 6 5«4 <i 2'i" 4 «H 7 5 C. Williams. 10 10
: m: k; I.tvlus, 0 tWalhanser & C0.»..i110| 7 6% 8 8 8 8 Mentry . 15 50
1 j.ji#— -2.' :49 4-r.. 1:15, 1:40 4-5. At r*mt 3>» minutes. Off at 2:37%. i?hor«i. 6-5 place,
3 5 show; Man. 1 place. 2 5 *!if>w; Follle. 0-5 show. Winner b. jr. by Klcraet-Helen G.
Trained by W. Hawke. Scratched— 6sl7 Aftermath, 6529 KddJe Granny. Start pood. Won
ridden *>ot. Next two driving. Hiph price — Beau Man 4. Follie 7, Orllene 10, Rubric 9-2.
Roberta 12. Ocean Shore took the le«d at once and always held hi' field safe. He is round
ing to hit form of last season. Beau Man ran a (rood race under weak bandiiDg. Follle
L, was nmn'.nc «rr>ny at the end. Rnbrlc broke poorly. Martinmas may do with a race
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0r two. He ran a fair sort of race. -
CCZAO FfrCaTHßACE^Futurity course; eellior; 3 year oldg and upward; value to first |200.
luarx 1 aD<l O wner - IWtjSt. Vt %. Str. Fin. I Jockey. | Op, cTT
! \il-A2, (1)J1M OAFFSXT, 5 <Harlan)!lloi 4 ... 2 S 1 1%1 >i 1 n ICoburn 7-5 8-5
.f.T.yi.'raneuil Hall. 4 «Sheridan) 1102 6 ... 4*;2 H2 3 2 IV4 Callahan .... 15 15
1 .cr,42»'2)Kll> KOHTH, 3 (Marshall) 91 2 ... 3 2 3 2 3 n 32H Seiden 5-2 3
«>VW> 'Dr IV»u?hertv, 3 <Harrlngton) 85 5 ... 5 IHS 5 510 4 4 Kederls 12 12
1 <or.l2ii<3)Bl»OCrrJl,Aa, 3 (Jackson). 9« 3 ... In 4% 4 I 510 A. Thomas.. 5-2 11-5
*U'G Johnny Lyons. 6 (Hayeat . . .. ,. . 1041 1 ... 6 6 q 6 Mcßrlde 40 100
Time—:2.J 3-5. :4X. 1:00, 1:10. At post U minute. Off at 3:00%. Gaffney. 3-5 place, V 3
show; Hall. 5 place, 7 5 show; North, 2 5 show. Winner b. h. by Golden Garter-Miss
Maxim. Trained by W. Covtnjrton. Start Rood. Won drirtnf. S«Wid cleverly". Third
easily. High price— Fanenll Hall 20, Dr. Dougherty 15. Jim Gaffney ran a Rood, game
ra<-<\ and when it came to a drive outlasted Faneuil Hall. The latter broke poorly,
w»s <Hi«run early, bt:t wade up a lot of pround, saving; considerable at the last turn, by
•-"mine in oa the rail. He *t<>od a long drive, but faltered a trifle at the end. Off tm
even term* with the winner, be would have won. He ran a remarkably clever race a«
it wa«. Kid North evid.»ntly felt effects of race the «lay previou*. as be faltered In the
flnrl furloup. Binocular stopped to a walk at half a mile.
CKAQ FIFTH RACE — One mile; soiling; 3 year olds and upward; value to first $200. '
i..!.\," Hotm> and Owner. iWt)3t. »4 >* «j Str, Fin. | Jockey. | Op. Cl
W>34 |Delma«. 3 (Fraxier) M 4 4?i4 U3 2 3 2HI 2 |A. Thomas.. 5-2 18-5
BSIU ! Plckirway, a (A. J. Jackson).. 107 1 1 2^l lVil I^l 1 2 I*6 Seiden 5 s
«w27 Special Delivery 5 (Goulart). 107 8 7fa « b 5 2^6 2^3 2% A. Williams. 10 15
i res2s !l>r. Downi*. 4 «DenTex utable). HIS 3 2J i 2 2 2% 2 4 h K. Smith 4 7-2
I C r;,:ii (DKATTIE MACK. 6 (Jones). 105 2 3 iy a s «424 H5 8 J. King.... 5 7
i .651% Camera. 3 (J- T. Moore) BOSfl 7«Tii72 6« Callahan .... 6 6
L~4>519 (B)TIFLIS, 4 (Orecnlere) 104 5 5% 5 1i46 %6 % 7 t\b Mcßrlde 10 12
tUOZ Captain Burnett, a (Cotton) .. 107 CB«i§ 9 818 4 MoWworth .8 10
XT.37 KZiCOKTRA COSTA, 3 (Hopr) 03 7 6h..Sn-g2 98 Parker j Q 9
. , Tiui«— :25 1-5. :•><>. 1:16 1-5, 1:42 1-5. At post 2 minutes. Off at 3:26.' Delmas, 11-10 ' place
1-2 Phow: rickaway. 4 placo. 2 show; Delivery, 3 show. Winner en. K. by Luke Ward
in i\ colita Trained by R. J. Farris. Start pood. Won easily. Second cleverly. Third easily
f\h H!cli price — Doctor Downie 5, Captain Burnett 12. Winner bid op from $400 to $500 by
\u25a0 «ivy Gray and sold. Delmas trailed Piekaway to the stretch, where he made bis run. and
woti catily at the cad. Piekaway ran ble race. Special Delivery ran a fair race, closing
well. Doctor Downie stopped to a walk at sevea furlongs. So did Mattie Mack. Others
no chance. ; -
eccn SIXTH RACE — Six furlongs; selling; 3 year old* aad upward; value to firgt $150.
in^ex.l Horse a.nd Owner. |Wt|St. % U % Str. Fin. 1 Jock»y. 1 pp. q.
(r,r,04) (I)LE»A LECH, 4 (Sonic)... 110 1 ... 1 2%1 2%1 3 17 . )M*ntry f 8-5 7-5
CIS Kmni O, 5 (J. Schreiber) 10U 7 8 6 7 5 « 1 2 ns W. Gsriran. . fl - 6
(6537)rFrench &f**. * (Engrtrom).. 113 2 ... 3h 3 IH2h J h A. Willlami. 5 8-2
r504 («)BEHVIC_NCE, 4 (Trarers) US 4 ... 4 3.4 1V.4a.4a Cotton 4 12
<«T,14) <«)ILEX. 3 (C. Horning) 102 3 ... 2n 2h 3 1%5 1 A. Thomas.. 5 »-2
O'is Father Stafford, 4 <Ross) 110 6 ... 515n5h 6 2 Kederia 0 g
8531 Arthur Hyman. 5 (Reno) 113 C ... 6h 6 1 7 6 7 1.0 Seiden ...... 15 25
• ;.Vlo 'Paul Clifford, a (T. Kirkt 113 fl ... 3 is 4 8 5 810 Borel 30 (JO
; -pftr.2l 'Ketfhel. 3 (Stockton R. 5.).. 102 8 <% a » 0 IBoiton 20 40
t'liiae—^J4 1-5. :4S 3-5, 1:14. At rxjst U mlnnte. Off at 3:55%. Lena. 3-5 nlace, 1-3 show
Emma .'.-2 place. «-5 Rhow; Cook. 4-5 show. Winner cii. m. by Gold Heels-Early IjOtc
Trained by W. Cahlll. Scratched — 0527 Cor>l. C 538 Lord Clinton. 0534 Burning Bush." Start
eood Won In a gallop. Second and third driving. High price — Lena Leek 2, Emma . G
- •- 7 Hex «. Father Stafford 10. Winner bid «!i from $300 to $405 by It. B. Allen: retained.
L*na I^ech flmply galloped to her field, winning off by herself. Emma O* /tosed . rery stoutly.
*'i I French Cook ran his race. Serriccnee want* softer toing. Ilex tired chasing Lena Lech
-'"'-• ana .topped t«t badly. Others no chance at aIL ,
... > . '\u25a0\u25a0•.
he led the field home in the second.
Airs beat Ben Stone for second place.
The well supported Adena wheeled
when the barrier went up and was
practically left. She closed up much
ground and would doubtless have been
a contender.
Ocean Shore, which is also proving
to be a consistent performer, led all
the way In the mile race. Williams
took no chances and rode him out to
beat Beau Man, on which Taylor was
not of much assistance. Follle L took
third money.
The fifth proved easy for the flghtly
weighted Delmas. When Thomas cut
him loose he ran over the leaders, win
ning from Piekaway and Special De
livery. Guy Gray bid up Delmas from
$400 to $500 and secured him.
Lena Lech galloped away from the
field in the last. Emma G closed with
a rush next the rail and beat French
Cook a short nose for second place. R.
B. Allen bid the winner up from $300
to $405, but she was retained by E. G.
Fastest Sprinters on Coast Have
Been Entered for Big En
campment Event
One of the best fields of the season
will face Starter Holtman today for
the O. A. R. Encampment handicap at
five and a half furlongs. Some of the
fastest sprinters on the coast are en-,
tered and the event presents a very
open appearance. With the track In
such fine shape it is likely that fast
time will be hung up. Galvesca, Cloud
light, Fern L, Rey Hindoo. Enfield,
Likely Dieudonne, Chester Krum and
Spohn are among those named.
Joe Blume received word yesterday
that Frank Mooney, who was associ
ated with him for the last eight years
as docker on the eastern and western
tracks, died last week in a sanatorium
in Ottawa, 111. He had been ailing for
a year and left here two months ago
for Ottawa In the hope of benefiting
his health. Mooney was known
throughout the country and formerly
raced a stabl% of horses. He was well
liked and left many friends, especially
In Brooklyn, his home.
Felix Robert, one of the owners of a
stable -which arrived two weeks ago
from Juarez, was at Emeryville yes
terday. Before leaving Mexico he
learned that Manager Matt Winn an
nounces plans for a five months' racing
season at Juarez this year, commencing
in November.
The Oakwood stock farm will soon
offer all Its 2 year olds? at auction. The
date has not been decided upon.
H. G. Bedwell has won $11,757 In
purses since the opening of the season.
J. M. Crane and Molera & Josephs are
running close for second honors.
TOLEDO, 0., April 20. — To guaffl
against the loss of a player through
accident while on the road, President
William R. Armour of the Toledo
American association baseball team
took out insurance today covering
every member of the team.
i\a^#B Eiß BREMEN 10 A. M.
lEinrws Sailings ,
Kronprinz Wilhelm May 3 1
Kaieer Willielni II Mar 10 I
Kaiser Wilhelm <1. Kroiw.Ma.v 17 I
Kronprlnzessln Cecilia May 24 I
«»s#i.llllflii Bremen 10 A. M.
If Twin-Screw Sailings 1
George Washington (ncn').MaJ- "> I
Bremen .May 12 1
Orrmscr Kurfuerst May 18 B
Prinz Frledrich Wilhelm. .May 26 |
L lo VII SSba bbb p r l& tah saturdays
\u25a0\u25a0Wyi« GENOA 11 A. M.
Frlfdricu dcr Grossc April .*>o
Keckar May 7
Koenlg Albej-t.. May 14
Prinzess Irene May 21
Wireless and Submarine Signals.
Independent Round the World Toars.
Travelers' Checks, eood all over
the World.
OELRICHS & CO., Gcn.Agts.
S Broadway, New York
Uobert Capell<». O. A\ V. C, 25<i Powell »t.,
opposite .St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco.
Telephone Kearny 4764.
Plymouth— -Cherbourg— Southampton
Phllndelplila — Unrenjtown — Liverpool
\"ew York— liCinflon Direct -
New York — Rotterdam, via Boulogne
New York— lJovcr — Antwerp , ~
N.Y.»Q.«ie«-n«<«»*»«»-H©lylitfnd - Liverpool
G. K. KOEPPEL, Passenger Agent Pacific Coast,
819 Geary Street, opposite St. Francis
Hotel, Ban Francisco.
'.; \u25a0 ... .«-...
Canadian Pacific
Less Than Foar Days at Sea
" Weekly natlinie between Montreal,
Quebec and Liverpool
Two days on the beautiful St. Law-
rence River and the shortest ocean
route to Europe.
Nothing better on the Atlantic than
our Empresses. Wireless on all steam-
ers. ... .\u25a0 \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0- . \u25a0 . ...- . \u0084-.\u25a0.. 1
First «laia £90, \u25a0econd 951.25, one
class - cabin $4T-SO.
Ask afljr ticket agent, of write for
sailing**, rates and booklet. (10)
E. E. PEQNA', O. A., Palace Hotel, San
Corapagnie Generate Transatlantique
Sailings every Thursday, instead of - Saturday,
at 10 a. ni., from pier 42, North riycr, , foot of
Morton street. ,t;\ - , . .-
Firxt claw to yarre. $77.50 and npward; sec-
ond c-lnss to Havre. $Trft an<l upward.'- -GENERAL
10 Statft Btrest, XeW Yorß. ._ FIJOAZI BROTH-
ERS, Managers Pacific Coast. 630 Mdntgomfery
street," San Francisco, crickets sold by all rail-
road ticket agents. •
Boiler Maker Follows Instruc
tions of Berger and Puts
Steam Behind Punches
c BEN LOMOND, April 20.— Three
rounds of boxing with Bob Armstrong,
the big negro pugilist, was the most
.interesting feature of Jim Jeffries' va
rious. training stunts today.
Jeffries had been instructed by Ber
ger to put some steam behind his
punches. He obeyed so well that Arm
strong was more, than willing to quit
at the end of three rounds. Jeffries'
old left punch landed several times
with telling effect on the negro. At
the end of the match Jeffries was will
ing to go another round or two, but
Armstrong refused.
Jeffries reversed the regular order
of things at the camp. He crowded a
full day's labor into the morning ses
sion, as though anxious to make up
for his layoff yesterday.
Besides the boxing, Jeffries went
through his regular indoor work, the
handball court alone escaping his no
tice. There was a red tinge to his fac«
and he went at his task with the vim
of perfect health.
Despite his long, hard morning, Jef
fries could not be content to Idle away
the afternoon. ' He went out where tho
laborers were digging a dam to make
a swimming hole for him In the San
Lorenzo river and toiled away with
pick and shovel most of the afternoon,
greatly aiding the progress of the
work. Billy Papke worked by his side.
J. Cal Ewing, former baseball mag
nate, was a visitor at the camp during
the day. He has been on Intimate
terms with Jeffries since Jeffries start
ed his ring career, and declared him
self greatly pleased with the fighter's
Manager Berger is expected to re
turn to camp tomorrow with Joe
Choynslti, whom he went £0 San Fran
cisco to get.
X*K. Steamers leave from Broad-
><\Jis^VQ^ way TVbarves (Piers 9
» / v^S^i Vl ratl ' s> infl'i'UfK berth
vA. Spec'al Round Trip Rates.
President or Governor.AltPrnnte Mondays, 4 p. m.
•Santa Rosa \u0084 «... Every Thursday, 11a.m.
•Only steamer calling at Santa Barbara.
Connecting at Seattle for Southeastern Alaska,
Skasway, Dawson, Kairbanlts.
President or Governor.Alternate Saturdays, 2 p.m.
Queen or City of Pnebla
....* Alternate Tuesdays, 2 p. m.
Topeka.Apr. 22, 27; May 2. 7, 12. 17, 22, 10 am.
Xonie, St.* nicTiaol Umntllln, June 2
Nome, St. Mlichaet. .... .Senator, June 5
Spokane. June 14, 28; July 12, 26: Aug. 9,* 10 p.m.
Queen ....... , July 12, 26, S p.m.
Uight reserved to change this schedule.
TICKET OFFICKS^(PaIace Hotel) 653 Market
St., 3 Market st. and Broadway Wharf.
' Telephone Kearny 492.
OAKLAND— II2O Broadway. Tel. Oakland 5680.
C. I)J. DUNANN, General Passenger Agent.
Teh uantepec Route
sailing from New York every six days,
making direct connection with Pacific
steamers sailing from Sa linn. Cruz, Me*.,
every six days for San Francisco. •.
YORK. Also to Mexican and all prin-
cipal European- ports under through
rate and through bilU of lading. Sail-
ings from SanFrancisca every 12 days.
. For" fatSS And fUfthSf particulars ap- I
ply ta DEARBORN & LAPIIAM. General
Agents, S-. Bridge street, N6*. York;
WILLIAMS, DIMOND j & CO., Gdnefftl
Agents, Pacific Coast.
:, v 810 Sansome st.; 9an Francisco
8. g. "Chlyo Maru" :;..... Tuesday, '.lttj 8, 1910
8. 8. "Tenyo Maxn".: : .. .Tueaday, Hay 31, 1910
S. 8. "Nippon Marti" . . . . Tuesday, June 21, 1910
7 Steamers sail Irom .company* piers,- Ntw. 4J.
44, near foot of Second st., at 1 p.- m., for Toko^
hama and Hongkong, calling at Honcrtnlu, Kobe
(Hlogn) *nd Nagasaki and Shanghai tnd con-
Dectlnc at Hongkong, with steamers for? Manila,
India, etf. No e«rgp received on board s>a day
of Milfng. Round trip i tickets. at reduced rate*.
Cor freight and passage apply at office, 210
James Flood building." . ;W. H. AVERY, v
•-' Assistant Oeneral Manager.
:. , ,- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0..\u25a0\u25a0 •.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0 -.:.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \ '«» V.. . ;. ._. '' '.
if A II h 111 111 S-S. Sierra sails at~ll a. m.
H IlllU LIJLU Mi f !• 3Olrt - Special round
IIUII *"* ul ", M tHp, |110 first claw. "
Marlposa.salls llia.^fli- May 21. Special
rmmd trip,. Tahiti. #123 first class. >"-"'
OCEAXU; S. S. CO.. 073 Mkt.;.T. Kroy. 1231
FRESNO, April 19.— -Dr. C. H. Bland, the resident physician at the Fresno county hospital^
admitted that he had struck two patients, although he pleaded extenuating circumstances.
Prizefighting Barred on
Transport. Sheridan
Colonel Alfred C. Sharpe of the
Twenty-third Infantry does not believe
in prizefighting and disapproves strong
ly of gambling, and by his orders there
were no., ring contests on the Sheridan
during the homeward voyage and
games of chance were conspicuous by
their absence.
The colonel said yesterday that on
one trip he made across the Pacific a
soldier principal In one of the prize
fights that are standing forms of re
creation on army steamers was knocked
out and badly injured. He made up his
mind then that if ever he were in com
mand of the troops on a transport,
prizefighting would be barred. He had
his way on the Sheridan.
He also said that he had known of
many cases of soldiers gambling away
on tire homeward trip all they had
saved during their two years In the
Philippines. It Was to save his men
from this sort of thing that made him
forbid gambling, and yesterday the men
were willing to admit that "the old
man" had been a good friend."
fefflSl'Bft Trains Leave
San Francisco
Wmk J Market Street
Ferry Ilepot
Leave For— |A.M.| P.M.
Bakersfield 7:15 8:00-10:00
Chicago 7:15 8:00-10:00
Fresno 7:15 4:00- 8:00-10:00
Grand Canyon... 7:158:10-10:00
Hanford ....:... 7:15 . ...-10:00
Kansas City 7:15 8:00-10:00
Merced 7:15 4:00- 8:00-10:00
\u2666Stockton 7:15 4:00- 8:00-10:00
Stockton, Oak-
dale and Sierra
Railway points. 9:45
Tulare 7:15 8:00-10:00
Visalia 7:15 8:00-10:00
Yosemite Valley^. 7:15 -10:00
•Stockton Local leaves 1:25 p. m.
California Limited through to Chicago leaves
at 10:00 p. ra. Offlces-^073 Market street and
Market street Ferry Depot, S*d Francisco; 1112
Broadway, Oakland.
/^jSlk Schedule Effective
u2cß November 15 » 1909
Sira Franclaco
7:40 a Petaluma. Santa Kos*. Healdß-
burc Cloverdale, Uklah, Wllllts,
Sherwood, S*>bastopol, *Guerne-
ville, *Mt: Rid, 'Dnncan Mills.. 6:17p
8:20 a *Pt. R^yes. *Mt. Rio. »Caraa>ro tG:5"p
8 :20 a ••Sonoma. **Glen Ellen ...t5:37p
J9:ooa Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Cloverdale. t":3Ja
11:00 a Petaluma, Santa Rosa 4:17p
3:00p I'etaluma'. Santii Rosa, Healdslmrir.
Cloverdale, Uklah, Onernevllle,
Mt. Rio, Duncan Mills, Seba»-
topol t .-i 10:37 a
T4:oop Pt. Reyes, Occidental
4 :40p Sonoma. Qlen . Blien 9:17 a
5:20p Petaluma, Santa Rosa 8:3. a
Sausalito, Mill Valley, San R*fa«l— Daily
every 40 minutes from 7:00 a. in. until 9:00
a. m.\ then hourly untU 4:00 p. m\: then every
40 minutes until 6:40 p. m. ; then 8:00 and 10:00
p. m. and 12:01 a. ni. ,
Fairfax— Leave San FratlcWco f7:00. 7:40, 8:20,
9:00, 10:00, 11:00 a. m.. tl2:00 noon, $1:00,
2:00, 4:00, 4:40, 5:20 and' 6:00 p. m.
San Quentin via Ban Rafael — Leaves 9:00 a. m.
and 2:00 p. ro. -.-... \u25a0 -
Tlburon and Belvedere— J7:oo, |7:40, 10:15,
a,' ra. (112:00 noon, except Saturday).. 112:*>,
§4:00, |5:20, 7:15 p. m> Sundajs. J7:00, |7:40,
10:15 «. m., 12:30. |4:00, 85:20. 7:15 p. m..
112:01 a. m. , '
•Sunday arrive 7:37 p. m. # *Snnday arrive
6:57 p. m.. -.f Except Snnday. tSunday only.
"[Saturdays only. |Via Sausalito. .
Pacific "Transfer Company's agents are author-
ized to check baggage direct from residence.
I\u25a0. ' . \u25a0 AND . -
' ITsm rnicgw U. Ktir Wwte It. Timlpils
Weekday Sunday Weekday SiaJay Weekday Sonday
"10:00 a 9:00 a t7:35a 12:03p 7:35 a 110:48*
2:00p 10:00 a I:slh> 2:00p ] :35pij:52»: 35pij:52»
:;:::; \X& ;::::: -™» :::::: S8?
•Sat. only. jMon. only. eTunalpalß only. JBMujonU
Ticket Offices— Sausalita Firry and 874 Market
- General 0&»— Mill Valley. California, '
an always eptn for suwu
F. 8. Stratton, Receiver.
"Lr. -S. F. dally— *8:00 a, J9:3Oa, •*10:30«,
\u26663:00p, *5:40 p. Ar. S. F. d^ily— •"^Sa* *8:40 a,
•2:00p, t5:25p. ••6:10 p. - : '
•Arleta. JTunltas trlen; stage for San Gre-
gortcr and Pweadero. ••Snnday, only Arleta.
Val le jo* Napa, ' St. Helena
Monttcello S. S. Co. and Xapa Valley Electric
R;, R.' Co. ' Close connections.'' \u0084
Boats leare" San Francisco 7:00, *9:45 4. tn.,
12:30 noon, 3:15, 6:00, *8. 30 p. m.
San Francisco landing and oifle*,- Clay. street
\fharfr north end, ferry bulldlflg. ; Market- street
ferry. Meals a -la- carte.- fnonf* Kearoy 408 or
C 4708. . . .-- \u25a0\u25a0.-\u25a0\u25a0 -• \u25a0\u25a0 ~,.ry-:-x\^-;-- s -
.- y 'Lands navy yard direct.
Jack Johnson Jr* Rail
roaded From Marysville
MARYSVILLE. April 20.— Jack John-
Jr., a negro pugilist, wag mobbed by sl
crowd of men who attended the Kane-
Grupp fight here last night. Johnson
was one of Grupp's seconds, and during
the progress of the bout made a num
ber ot abusive remarks to Kane. At
the conclusion of the contest he In
curred the> disfavor of several fans
near the ring, and a free for all fight
started with the negro as the- center of
J. H. Wiggins '10 and C. W. Waugh *11.
after numerous delays, have succeeded
In defeating their opponents in the
final of the handball tournament,
thereby winning the championship of
the university in the doubles. J. J.
Craig '12 and A. Johnston "10 were
their opponents in the finals and were
defeated by a score of 21—13, 21 — 14.
l&tfcl Ill^y nl wM X V Prat -~M « IPI £1 B*l H feC
Lwtb ' "\u25a0\u25a0 (Fuot of Market StrwO Arrrre L»tb (Third and Tognarod Strerta) j Arrhw
2.15 a Niles, iivermore, Tracy. Lathrop, t5.25» Loop— 23d Strr<?t, Visitacion. South ~~
Stockton, Lodi, Sacramento 10.38f San Frandaeo, Valencia Street. ..:.. T&3sa
6.40 a HaTward. Nilei, San Jose. 7.C84 1 5.33* Loop — Valencia Str»et. Ocean View,
7.00 a Richmoad, Port Costa, Benicia, Suisua, Cemeteries, South Saa Francisco.
Diioo, Sacramento. Rosrville. Mary*- 23d Street. 3rd and Towasead t*-*5«
rule. Redding, Dun saiuir 7.28 a 6.20 a South San Francisco, San Jose, G ilroy,
7.00 a Elinira, Vacavifle. Rumsey. 7.28p (Hoßistff), Sargent. Pajaro, Wataoa-
7.00« Davis. Woodlaad (JUrysvflle. Oro- rille, Santa Cma. 7.50»
ville), William*. Maxwell. WOlowa, 7.00 a South San Francisco^ Palo Alto. Saa
Hamilton. Corning Red Bluff 7.28p Joje. Way Station* 7.35 a
J7.00a Newark, San Joso, Los Gatoa, Wright. 5.48? 7.00 a Mayfirid. he* Alto*. Les Gates t?-20p
7.00 a Fetton (Boulder Creek), Santa Crui... 9.58 i 8:00 a Shore Line Limited— Psso Rrfcles
7.40* Vflllejo, Napa, Calistoga, Santa Rosa, Hot Sprinja, Santa Barbara, Le»
Martinez, San Ramon 6.08p Angeles 9.30p
7.40 a Naes, Pleasanton, Lrrennore, Alta- 8.05 a The Coaster— Saa Jose. Paiaro (\Vat-
mont, Lathrop, Stockton 7.28t wnrflle, Santa Crm), t'astroville,
7.40* Tracy, Lm Banos, Kermaa, Fresno, • (Del Monte. Monterey. PaeiSc Grove),
Hanford, Vfealia. 4.28p fc.lir.aj, Soledad. Paso Robiea Uot
8.20 a Tort Costa, Martinea, Byron, Tracy, Fprinjp. Stin Law Obifpo, Surf.
Stockton, Merced, Fresno, Goshea (Loapoc\ Santa Barbara, Ventura,
Junction (Hsnford, Armona), Vkili*, . Oxnard, Los Angeles 1 1.43?
Portervule. BakeraSeld 4AZn 8-20* Mivfidd, Lo» Al w«, Les Gatos. Wright.
8.20 a Yosnnite Valley via Merred. \u25a0 7ABp Glenwood( Boulder Creek). Santa Crui,
9.00 a K^es. Lrrermore, Stockton (•\iaton), WataonTttle, Castrov2le, Del Monte,
Valley Spring, lone, Sacramento..... 4.28p Monterer, Pacific Gtotc 9LCOy
9.00* Sonora, Taolutnne and Angels AJ2Zf 9.00 a San Jose, Gilroy. Salinas, Pa<o Robles
9.00* Atlantic Express — Sacramento, True- Hot Sprms!t, Luis Obisp*— Tres
kce, Ogden. Salt Lake City, DenTer, Pinos— Walsonrille. Santa Cruj, DA
Kansas City, Oraaha. Chicago 8.28? Moat?, Monrwey, Pacific Grove 4XO»
9.40 a Richmond, Port Costa, Martinet. 10.40 a South San Francisco. Burlintame. Saa
- BayPomt 6.48p Mateo, Palo Alto, Saa Jow. 8.30»
10.20 a Vallejo M.ire Wand, Napa 1128* .«.„, T -. . tfeM «„»#. vr^. t— <?•\u2666». I 18.40 a
10.20 a Los Angeles Panenger'-Port Co«ta, IOAOx 1m Altos - Moata ruta « -\ M 0»
Martine*. B\Ton, Tracy. Stoektoa, 1 1.30 a Valencia Street. Oceaa Mew. Coba,
Merced. Fresno, (Hanford, Coalings, Cemeteries, Baden. Son Bruno 1.35»
VfeaßsJ 'fakcrsficM. Los An«elcs 7.43p 1 1.40 a South San Francisco, Saa Jos* 1&20*
10.20* Jlojivc, Olancha, Lone Pine, Mt. 2.00? Del Monte Express— Son Jose, Girroy.
Whitney 7.48? ftirgent (WataonTHle. Santo Crui),
10.40 a. San FraneiMO Overland Limited — IM Monte. Monterey, Pacific Grore.
Denver, Kansu City, St. Louis, (fSalinaa) 12.32 a
Oauha, Chieajo 7^Bp 2.05» Fonth San Francisco, Pata Alto. Saa
1 1.20 a Shasta Limited— Portland, Taeoma. Joae 8.40 a
Seattle 9.18p t2-08j Los Altos. Monta Vuta. Lo» Gatoa. .. f3-20»
12.00n Goldfield Pass.— Port Costa, Benicia, 1 3.00? South Saa Francisco, Saa Ms tea, Sa
Sacramento, TrucKee. Haxen, Mica, Jose, Gilroy, Tres Pino*. Salinat 10.10 a
Tooopah, Gol4S«ld. laws. Kcelcr.... 7.48 a 3.COp Watsonville, Santa Crui, CaatrovuW.
12-OOn M.irysrHle, Chico, Red 81uff.... 4.28p DH Moate. Monterey. Pacific Grove. IO.WU
1.20p Niics, Irvinijton, Pan Jose 2.48p 3.40p Santa Clara, Saa Jons, Los Gato*,
1.40? San Leandro, Niles, Center ville, ( 9 CS* • Wright (Boulder Creek). Santa Crua. IOAOa
Nevark, Saa Jose., , » 7.28? 4.00p Sunset Exprfus — Tncjon, Pesninj.
l.40» Newark. San Jone, Los Gatos. Wriaht, FJ Psso. Hfrartcm. New Ortcnns,
Felton (Boulder Creek), Santa Cnu.. 9.58 i P-tm Robles Hot Sprinci. Eaa Luis
2.40? Sun Leandrp. Niles. Saa Jose. 9.28 a Obupo. Santa Barbara snd Los Angeles I t.4Ca
3.00p Benicia, Winters. Sacramerrto — Wood- 4.00? Kansas City. St. Louis. Cnlcajo 11.4Ca
bnd, MarysviUe, Orovill*— Yolo, 4.20p South Saa Francisco, San Jose t9 oOa
Arbuckle, Williams, Willows .... 10.48 a f5.00? Btidinnmf, j^in Usteo. Palo Alto.
3.00? Via SausiliU), West Napa, St. Helena. SA Jo<* and Way Stations SL4Ca
Cilistoga :...... 10.37* f5.05p L00p— 23.1 Street. Viaacion, South
3.20? Port Costa (Stockton), Martinez,/ !2.08p San Francisco, Valencia Street t8.15#
Byron, Modesto, Merced, Fresno. . \ 10.38p f5.20p Reu*ood, Palo Alto. Saa Jose. 1. 10?
4.00? V&IIejo, Nsp.i, Calistoca, Santa Ron. . t5.200 Los Altos. Mania Vista. Los Gates... +3.2 C?
Martinet, Saa Ramon, Dougherty, f5.23p Burtingame, Son Mateo, Saa J05e..... |3-2Cp
Livermore 9 2Sa t5.30? Loop^ — Vakads Street, Ocean View,
4.00p Xilt-s (Centerville), Tracy. Stocktoa/ 10.23 a Cemeteries. South San Francisco.
Lodi \ 10J389 23d Street. Sd *vi To^nsend t8.40?
4.40? San Leandro, Hayward, Nile*. Pleas- ; 5.40? Saa Bruco, San Mateo. Redwood, Pilo
an ton, Livermore, Tracy, Newman, Alto, Santa Ctara, San Jose 7.4Ca
Kerman, Fresfto &28a tS.4O? Los Altos, Monta Vista. Los Gates... i&4Ca
&00? Richmond, Pinole. Vallejo, Port tB.OOo Miltbne, San Mateo, Palo Alto. ILiy
Costa, Benida, Suisun, Sacramento field. Los Alter Los Gate* tBCC«
— RosevSle, Marysviile. Orovile 1128 a t&05? 23.1 Street, Vinimeien, South Sim
S. 00? RusselL San Joae. Los Gatos 928 a. Franeiwo, Valencia Street f7.15f
820? San Leandro, Nile*, San Jose. 7.48 a 1 6.25? Loop— Valencia Street, Ocean View.
6.00? o<ct Limited— Los Angeles B.oBa Cemeteries, South Saa Francisco,
6.40? Eastern Eipress^-Ogden. PaeHo. Den- 23d Street, 3d and Tcwasend 17^43?
ver, Kansas City. St. Louis, Chicago. . . , 6.30? South San Francisco. San Jow 5.40?
...- .Port Costa. Benida, Sacramento. 8.G0? Los An?r)es Passenger— Gilroy. Salia*
Keno, Sparks 8.28? Paso Robles Hot Springs. Saa Loia
8.40? Hayward, Nilei And San Jos* 6.48? Obispo. Santa Barbara and Los An«eiea &30*
J7-00p VaUejo, Port Cwfa, Jlirfioes, Bay 11.45? South Saa Francisco, Palo Alto./ 7.2 C?
Pofntand Way Stations JII.IBp S*aJo«e. f 7^430
740? Richmond. Port Costt, Byroa, Tracy,
Lathrop, Stockton 12.45p
\u25a0^I^E^nffc^urafci LOaL FERRY TW.MS-VUO.UandPW.
Ashland, Portlin-l, Taeoma. Seattle. To Ca&Und. Berktlay. Barryman. Eati Oakland and
_ M Jfpok" 18 -.--,- w-iii-x;- 928 * Frutvals— DaUt— From 6100 »jn.. and ewrj twenty
MO? China and Japan Faat Maa— Ogden, miautes until 7.00 p.ra. inclusive; then 7 40. 8.20,
- Cheyenne. Denver, Kaom* Qty. 9.00, 9.« l IaSO. ILCO. IL4O pja. 1120 and
Omaha, Chicago.., .- 2.48? L2oaja.
lI.WP iowmjt^a^ey Sleeper rfa Merced kdusi^ thea 7.4). B^o. 9XO. 9.0. 1020, UA
ll.OO?Nite«,Plea»ntonVLiv«rn»mL*lhroiC and 11.40 pja.
" Modesto, Merced. ' Fresno 1038s To Stoiwharit— D»av Except ?rmday— 4oo, 7.00. B.O<V
11.00? Fresno. Selma, Gdshen June, Hanford. • 900 »jn.. 3.20. 3.00. LDO. 400. a 4O p.n>. Sunday
\u25a0 Armona. Lemoore, Coalfcga 8.28 a ocly9.CO 10.00 .aja, LCO pja- 2£o. 3.00. IXO. £0&
1 1.40? Portland Erore»^-Sacraniento.Slarys- . 5.40 pjn.
yflle. Red Bluff, Weed. Ashiand, Rose- Ta Oakltnd First St, Fruttvah. Alamada. via Kcnetha*
... . burs, Portland. Tacoma. Seattle. ....- >228p — Dafly— From ti.(& fta> us. and every txestv
„,.,,„, \u0084,..„ _„..__ _ _ ._ \u25a0_\u25a0-\u25a0 \u0084 rainotes nnta 8.20 *jn. indusive; then 9.00, a2O,
HETHERLAND'S ROUTE— rron Padfle StrsstWharf- 1000 1020 ILOO, 11.20 a.n.. i'^a.. 12.20 J.QD.I.iO.
CoU»gviUe ? anmaton, Ri> Virta, Uetea. Ryde; Wai- 2.00. *i2O. 3*. CO. 3^o. J3.40 pjn. and every towtr
nut Grove, Vordea, Courtland. Clarksburg. Sacramento. miautes uatil 7 pja. mriudve; 7.40. a2O, 9.0 Q. Ma
Leave §.00 a.m. Tue^ Thurs., Bat_ Steamer Navajo: W.2a 11.00 and 11.40 pjxx. 1120 and L2I.JUB.
arrive §5.00 p. m. Additional tnia to Oatiud First St. 2. 15 ajs.
\u25a0Learn 1.00 p.m. DaSy, except Boaday, St«aw Hcdoc To Wwt 9*Utot—V»ily Er.cept Saaday—JVctn 8100
.crApaehe; arrive 11.30 p.m. a.ra. aad every twenty minutea unt3Si.3ox.-tt.ißeia»
' rive: then 9JX) ajs. and trmr kov sntil ICO p.ra.
OAKLAMD HARBOR FERRY— fnm San Frandtco ""^JS, then f>ja ' f?i 757 twra 7o? i ?23?
. Harkrt SW^Wharl-Week Daj-s-Hourfy teT^i .«g /nVl^^Sm^J^sfe 1^ "*
a.m. to 9.00 p.m. Sundays— fl.4s, &15 94iH \x "-^ la2ol lLW * ILJO l>Ja - aad IZ2O * JB -
a.m, 1145. 2.15, 3.45, 5.15, 8.45. 8.15 and 9.45 aau To w «* B»k»lajr— Smfop »nry— Prom 8.00 «ja_
» — \u25a0 \u25a0 — _^_ tiwa 7JOO, BJOO, OiX> aja. menuive; then 9.20 ajn. aad
LOCAL FERRY TRAINS—VIa Alimeda Wer VZ? Uenty , Bjiautes rata aw *\u25a0**•
T« Oakland and Alameda— l6 10 tfi.43 Trn *Zi »v^. *-°° P-™- Eod tT * r T tw wtv mmntes until 7.00 am. in-
.lo and 45 minutes past the hour until 7.43 pjn • thin daaTe J thea 7-^P^ 1 - "* SU! * *** USXL
8.30. 9.15. 10.00. 1(145, 11.80 p.m. aad 12.15 am. "-*> «>•«- »nd,12.20 a.m.
To AJamtda and Frurtv*l« via Horwhoe tamt as tiovt To CorSln— Daily Except Sunday— From 8.00 ».a. aad
- '--\u25a0 \u25a0--\u25a0-• \u25a0 - "•\u25a0-- • •- - \u25a0 * " every 20 minutes until &20 a,m., then 9.C0. 10.00
\u25a0 \u0084 „.„-.- > An . .__ . «Jo~ 1100 m.. 1.00,2.0 a 100, 4.00. 4J». 110. &flo.
a for Mornink p for Anernoon. . t Sonday ertepted. 5.20, 5.40 and 6.00 pjn.
-\u25a0* - .\u2666.aaa^y.ogly. .- jAmrt Moil. Wed, FrL . . To Cortin— Sundays ob^p— Prom 6.00 aja. then 7JDO*
1 . .. „ , "1 . - A -\u25a0 — Z — J'. ...... ' 8.00, 9.C0 ajn. indusrve: .then SL2O aja. and tmey
•\u25a0 Union Transfer Co. authorised to dieck Baggage 'twenty minutes until a*) pjn. mdusive; then 4XO
from residence. \u25a0 - - . -• .- . pjn. and every twenty minqtca until ftXX) p.m. -j.
Peccavi Wins the Rose
Stake at Price of 8 tol
AQUEDUCT. N. V., April 20.— The
track at Aqueduct today dried out eon~
siderably and fairly good time was
made. Peccavi, owned by the Cana
dian turfman, Mackenzie, easily won
the Rose stake of four furlons». Pec
cavi was quoted at 8 to 1.
First rac*. four and a half furlon?s — Golden.
15 to 1. won; Ladazette. 11 to 10. second-
Cherish. 13 to 1. \hirti. Time. :50.
Second race, live furlongs — Beu Loral. S to
5. won; Dull Care, x to 1. second; Pajaroita
17 to 10, third. Time. l:*a
Thinl race, seven furlongs — Kf*;> Moving-,
even, won: Koyal Onyx. even, aecond; bredkiu
20 ta 1. thfrd. Time. 1 :.'.<> 3-5.
; Foarth race, four furlcnjjn — P*ceavl. 8 to 1
iwon: Ilortion, 9 to 5. second; Maid. V> to 1
; third. Time. :30 3-3.
i Fifth race, six furlongs— Falcarta. 7 to 10.
won; Oeorsre Fi?l<l. 1O to 1. *,-.-.in,l; Baujab
3 to 1. .third. Time. t:M
Sixth race-, six furlnntc* — Galley Slave, ft to
10. won: I'etrouiu*. •; to .".. .set-mut- Brush
Broom. 15 to l. tturd. Time. 1:17 3-.%.

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