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In the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys
Miss Frances (VConnell and
Silva Alexander Rossi Mar»
ried in Stockton Church .
[Special Dispatch to The Cell]
STOCKTON. April 21.— Silva Alexan
der Rossi and Miss Frances O'Connell
of Stockton were married this morning
by Rev. Father Sorasio at St. Mary's
The bridegrom was attended by Bert
McDowell of Sacramento, while Miss
Jennie O'Connell, sister of the bride,
\u25a0was brjdesmaid.
The bridegroom is one of the city's
leading businessmen. lie is prominent
in fraternal circles, belonging to Stock
ton lodge Xo. 21S. B. P. O. E-. and is
ravt president of Stockton parlor of
Native Sons. :*^V"
TJic bride is recognized as one of
the. city's most beautiful daughters.
She is accomplished and a favorite in
local social circles.
Mr. and Mrs. Rossi avoided their
friends who were waiting outside the
church by jumping into a taxicab and
hurrying to Lathrop, 10 miles south,
Tvhero they boarded a train for Pan
Francisco. After a short visit in that
city they, will spend a month in Santa
Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego.
On their return they will live in the
new hotel until their bungalow is com
pleted. ",S- \u25a0 *;"
Tlit best man prizes a beautiful dia
mond stickpin Snd the bridesmaid a
diamond brooch presented them by
the bridegroom. Rossi gave his bride
a diamond and pearl brooch.
Route With Few Exceptions Is
Same as Original
{Special Dhpatch to The Call]
STOCKTON. April 21.— The Stockton
Eastern and Terminal railroad company
through its president, M. J. Gardner,
last night applied for a new franchise
tisrough this city.
The route with one or two exceptions
U the same as before. The road enters
the city at East and Roosevelt streets
and extends west on the latter thor
oughfare to Union, thence south on
Union to Fremont, west along Miner
channel to American, south on Ameri
can to Miner avenue and west to Mc
1-^od's lake. It will cross the lake on a
trestle to Cross street and will have its
terminal at the water front. The tracks
on Union street will extend to Weber
s venue to make connections with the
Western Pacific and Southern Pacific
May 9 was set as the time for hear
ing protests against granting the ap
Hundreds Attend Funeral of Mrs.
Sarah M. Langford
[Spccra! Dispatch to The Call]
SAN JOSE, April 21.— Mrs. -€arah M.
I-angford. mother of the late Sheriff
Robert A. Langford and grSnJmother
of the present sheriff. Arthur B. Lang
ford. who died Tuesday at tlie family
horn; in Santa Clara, was buried today
in the Santa. Clara cemetery in the
presence of hundreds of friends. Rev.
Father Ireland of Santa Clara and Rev.
L. A. Pier of Los Gatos officiated. Six
srandsons. L. L. Morse, George E. Ham
ilton, F. A. Birg<>, A. L. Hart, A. B.
Langford and George Langford, acted
as pallbearers. The deceased came to
San Jose in 1652.
Admit Complicity in $85,000 Post
office Robbery
RICHMOND. Va., April 21. — "Guilty."
snnouru-ed Fred Cunningham, alias
Eddie Fay. and Frank Chester, alias
"'Littlo Diok" Harris, charged \\ith
complicity in the robbery of the Rich
mond postofßce on the night of March
\u25a0JT, wiiPn $85,000 in stamps was taken
from the safe, when they appeared to
day for trial in federal court. Each
man at once was sentenced to 10 years
in the f*>df-ral prison at Atlanta and
lined $6,000.
Royalty Steals March, Surpris
ing Financial Circles
BERLIN, April 21.— The so called
"princes* trust," In which capital is
pooled for investment of Prince Egen
yon Fuerstenberg and Prince Hohen-
Johe-Oehringen, surprised financial cir-
H«-s today by taking over control of
the Berlin omnibus company at the an
nual meeting of stock holders. The
princes had quietly bought up the con
trolling interest. *-'"
[Special D'upalch to The Call]
STOCKTON, April 21.— W. D. Garden,
who was recently appointed horticul
tural commissioner by the board of
supervisors has announced his ap
pointees as follows: J. F. "Costello,
northern district; E. E/ Welt!, southern
district; Harry H. Ladd, city fruit in
spector. The appointments were made
according to an agreement of the four
to stand by one another in case any one
of them was chosen commissioner.
[Sneeud Dispatch to The Cell]
STOCKTON', April 21.— The street
sweepers and wardmenof the city have
petitioned the city council to increase
their wages from $2.50 to ?3. The city
employes urge that the increase, be
xr.ade because of the high cost of living.
The matter has been taken under ad
OAKLAHOMA-CITY. Okla., April 21.
A torchlight pageant of floats depicting
t historical eras from the time Columbus
appeared before Queen Isabella to the
present day was the spectacular feature
« qf the first daj- of the. fiesta commemo
* m rating the opening of Oklahoma to
white settlement. Seventy-five thou
— stud people witnessed the spectacle.
-^ People spend, thousands in foreign
,1/ countries seeing scenery' not to be
compared with th« highly interesting
(Bjirhts along the Ocean Shore Railway.
S-iuß the trip. . •
Social Favorite in Stockton
Becomes Merchant's Bride
| Mr. and Mrs. Silva Alexander Rossi, who Was Miss Frances 0?Conncll. j
12 Men considering Pittsburg
Councilman's Case Unable
to Reach Agreement
PITTSBURG, April 21.— After delib
erating over the case of Councilman A.
V. Simon for 24 hours the jury failed
to reach a verdict when court ad
journed for the day and was locked up.
Simon is the second of the indicted
councilmen to be put on trial for brib
Early in the day the jury sent a note
to Judges Fraser and Cohen. The note
asked for dismissal, as the jury was
unable to agree. The request was de
The errand jury made its tinal report,
saying it had nothing further to report
in connection with the councilmanic
graft, although it believes corruption
still exists. This ,will be left to the
grand jury which convenes next Mon
A new turn was given tlie case of
Max G. Leslie today when his counsel
caused the district attorney's office to
be served with notice of a prayer filed
with the supreme court asking for a
change of venue from Allegheny county
and charging the prosecution with'se
lecting juries by dishonest methods.
[Special Dispatch lo The Call]
PALO ALTO, April 21. — Tlie county
convention of the Woman's Christian
temperance union is being held in Palo
Alto, with 60 delegates from Santa
Clara and San Mateo. counties present.
A business session was held yester
day afternoon. \u25a0* Mrs. Sara J. Dorr, state
president, addressed, the convention on
"The Call to Service" in the evening.
The second address was given by Dr.
David Starr Jordan, his subject being
"The Movement Against tlie Saloon."
The equal suffrage movement was
taken up tonight, when addresses were
made by Mrs. A. K. Gurney, Mrs. Eliza
beth Lowe Watson, Mrs. Sophie Durst
and Thomas Hayden, former president
of the San Francisco board of .educa
tion. . *
NEW , YORK. April 21.— From Its
pjace in the ancient church of St. John
the Divine at Epliesus in Asia Minor,"
where the body of St. John is sup
posed to be buried, a section of tiling
has-been brought to New York to form
a part of the great Episcopal cathedral
on Morningside heights, which takes
its name from the apostle. The tiling
•dates back to the year 540 A. D. It
will be set in the floor of the chancel.
CHICAGO, April 21. — A woman has
for the first time been elected to mem
bership in the Chicago association of
commerce. The constitution and by
laws do not exactly provide; foe. mem
bers from the fair sex, but- the ways
and means committee ignored such
trifles at its luncheon yesterday and
unanimously chose Miss Jane Addams
of Hull house an honorary member,
after she had delivered an- address on
the subject of social -tenters in schools.
OF $500,000 IN JEWELS
MOSCOW, April 21.— Last night a
diamond ornament was stolen from the
great image of the virgin in the '.Us
penski cathedral in the Kremlin and
many precious stones were cut out* of
the frames of the pictures of the* saints.'
The : total value of the loot is esti
mated at $500,000. -\ '
$125,000 BOND
City Trustees Will Take Initial
Steps to Raise Sum for
Civic Improvement
[Special Dispatch lo ThS Call]
VALL.EJO, April 21.— At a special
meeting of the board of city trustees
to be held next Wednesday evening
the initial steps will be taken for the
calling of a special election to vote
upon the Issuance of • bonds to the
amount of $125,000 for civic improve
It was announced at Mare island
this afternoon th«t the new Schofleld
drydock at that station will be given
its official government pumping, test
tomorrow afternoon and if it proves a
success will be formally accepted by
the, navy department. Civil Engineer
Frank T. Chambers, U. S. N., engineer
officer at Mare island, will have charge
of the test. - v /
The test requires that the structure
be emptied in 10.0 minutes. V
Handsomest Baths
In the World . . .
Bush and Larkin streets,
in f the heart of the city,
cost over half a million
dollars. Ocean salt
water, filtered in sani-
, tary filtration plant, in \u25a0
tub baths and swimming
pools." .
Visitors Welcome
Police Chief Demands That
Liquor License Be Taken
From Macey & Spencer
[Special Dispatch to The Cail] .
STOCKTON, April 21.— Macy & Spen
cer, proprietors of the Sherman House
saloon, must show cause before the city
council why their license should not be
revoked. • / . \u25a0
Chief of Police Frank B. Briarc last
night filed with" the council charges
against the saloonmen upon which he
based his plea that the license be de
nied. ; . .'
The first instance of alleged unlaw
fulness on the.part of tho saloon keep
ers is said to have occurred on or
about "July 5. 1909. vltv lt was upon that
occasion that Policeman John Gayou
had an encounter with two burglars
who attempted to break Into Fritz
Wille's saloon, corner Grant and Main
streets. The officer wounded one of
the men, but both escaped. The trail
of blood was followed for half a mile.
Upon investigation the chief, so he
avers, 1 earn e"d the wounded . man had
: taken refuge at the Sherman house,
had been sheltered by Macy & Spencer,
and that the police were not informed
until they had made their escape/ vi
It is also charged that December 30,
1909. J. C. McPhail and James Martin
got into a fight in Macy & Spencer's
saloon and that Martin stabbed McPhail
five times. According to the evidence
obtained by the chief the saloonmen
kept' the affair quiet.
The charges fieclare that January 10
a man named Paden*. who had stolen
$1,500 worth of ostrich plumes from
Sacramento, called at the, Sherman
house and asked Spencer for permission
to place the' trunks containing the
stolen plumes in another guest's room, 1
to which- Spencer consented. \u25a0
The chief lastly charges that Feb
ruary l'the saloon keepers shielded one
Fred Peters, alias Zent, alias M. Moran,
wanted in Springfield, 111., on a felony
charge. Moran was later caught down
the valley by Detective Donahue. ;-
The council set May 4 at 8 o'clock as
the time for trying the case against the
saloonmen, and instructed City Clerk
Kuhn to serve copies of the charges on
Macy & Spencer.
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
STOCKTON, April 21.— The three
lodges of Odd Fellows and their branch
organizations are preparing to cele
brate the ninety-first anniversary of
the establishment of Odd Fellowship in
The anniversary occurs Tuesday and
the committee on arrangements has
planned a reception to be held in the
parlors of the Central Methodist Epis
copal church from 7:30 to 8:30 -p., m.
From 8:30 to 10 o'clock the Odd Fellows
will congregate in the main auditorium,
where a literary and musical program
will be rendered. \. . >
The principal speaker will be
liam H. Barnes pf San Francisco, who
is considered one of the best orators
among California/ Odd Fellows, ij' ;
The local lodges are: Stockton No. 11,
Charity No. 6, Truth No. 55, Lebanon
Rebekah No. 41, Rainbow Rebekah No.
97, Parker encampment No. 3 and Can
ton Itidgeley No. 15.
Suggestion Made That Boggs
Tract Be Bought, Not Rented *
[Special DUpaich lo The Call]
| STOCKTON, April 21.— The bond Is
sue proposition for municipal improve
ments and the purchase of the Boggs
tract, the land now rented by the city
to divert the waters from Mormon chan
nel to the river, thereby preventing the
filling of Stockton channel with sand
bars, has been revived.
The option on the Boggs tract expires
July 1. The rental for the three years
has been $32,000.
Other matters that will come under
a bond issue are additional fire depart
ment apparatus, including automobile
equipment, hose and new hydrants, and
a cutoff sewer system in Lafayette
i street from El Dorado to the pumping
station. \u25a0 " : >&Mv;
Let others buy the cheap pianos. For your instru-
ment, choose one which will give you years of service
after the inferior ones have outlived the little usefulness
they ever may have had. ,
Of course, you will- have to pay more for a good
-^jU '• / piano— but is it not economy to do so and assure
yourself of permanent satisfaction?
#T[ Beware the lure of unreasonably low price. Rest
your decision on the value offered, and remember
that the very cheap piano means cheap construction,
inferior tone and only temporary usefulness.
JT[T Do not permit yourself to 'indulge in the extrava-
gance "bf "saving" a few dollars now to take the
chance of dissatisfaction ßafter you have spent your
money. -
JTFT You can get an idea .of what piano value means by
inspecting our collection. You can buy an instru-
,- ment here at a price as low as a good one can be sold for.
.. Furthermore, you will find that we have graded our prices"'
consistently with the relative worth of our pianos. There-
fore, you can make your selection to the very best advan-
tage, whatever sum of money you may ', wish to invest.
Easy payments., , .
135-153 KEARNY^I7-225^Tn'ER ST.
Other ntorriv— Los Aagelcn, Sacrnmento, San Jo»e, San Diego, Stockton;
Phoenix, Ariz.; Reno, Ncv.; Portland, : Ore. " '
\u0084 v-: r >,>. '\u25a0\u25a0/_\u25a0.\u25a0:-\u25a0-.-\u25a0:... -\u25a0:-./- -\u25a0..\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0•\u25a0'•\u25a0; ':\u25a0\u25a0 ...*-:-.-"• , • - . . • \u25a0 I
Chinese Admits Killing Country =
men Through Jealousy Over
White Woman
[Special Dispatch Ist. The Call]
STOCKTON, April 21.— Ah Suey, the
Chinese charged with having murdered
Sam Kee at Lodi on February 2, thie
morning entered a plea of guilty and
was' sentenced by Superior Judge W. B.
"Nutter to life imprisonment at San
Frankie Adams and Alice _ Barton,
white girls", detained as witnesses and
over whom the.murder resulted, were
discharged from custody.
Suey shot his victim through the
head with a revolver and then hacked
his face with a hatchet. Jealousy over
Frankie "Adams was the motive for the
crime, he- said.
Frankie Adams is an attractive girl
30 years of age. Kee was going to
elope with th*e woman, said Suey, and
left at night in search of a horse and
buggy. While on that mission Suey
shot him down. -^
The body of the murdered Chinese
was found in an outhouse in VllHnger's
grove, Lodi, the next day, and a few
hours later tho two girls were located
hiding in a garret.. Suey's arrest fol
lowed. The chain of evidence -was
made so complete that Suey. who was
represented by Lin Church of Oak
land, H. R. McNoblc and A. \u25a0 V. Scanlan
of Stockton and Avery T. Searle of
Lodi, decided to plead guilty.
The big Chinese companies sat upon
the case and came to the conclusion
that Suey was guilty. ~ They therefore
offered District Attorney George F. Mc-
Noble any possible assistance in prose
cutingthe accused. *'">
Regulars Pass Many Busy Hours
Dealing Election Cards
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SAN MATEO, April 21.— Are the reg
ulars of Hillsboro imbued with the ap
prehensive idea that Walter Hobart
and other insurgents are coming out in
open opposition at the election of the
officials of the fairy city next Monday?
In spite of the fact that the program
mers of the millionaire's town scoff at
the inert thought of an opposing party,
they give ample ground for suspicion
by ordering countless election cards
and distributing them freely through
out the manors and estates of their
hoped for constituents.
And not satisfied with a generous
circulation of printed matter, they
have proclaimed the name of their
slated party as "The property owners'
ticket." -. ••">\u25a0
Meantime the ominojus shuffle of
election cards is disturbing the ever
lasting peace and quiet which will rule
after Monday is over.
Leave Wake of Ruin in Mad
Dash Through Town
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SAN JOSE. April 21.— Armed with
an automobile load of stones and brick
bats, a party of six young vandals
passed through this city shortly after 3
o'clock this morning, leaving a wake
of broken windows. Everybody but
the chaffeur appeared to be intoxicated.
The machine was driven through town
so fast that the police were unable
either to stop it or to obtain its num
ber. Several plate glass windows were
broken. i'fi'X*
[Special Dispatch lo The Call]
SAN JOSE, April 21.— Rev. J. Wilmer
Gresham, dean of Grace cathedral, San
Francisco, until recently rector of
Trinity Episcopal church in this city
and for the last seven years chaplain
of San Jose lodge No. 255, B. P. O. E..
was presented with a life membership
card by the local lodge of. Elks at an
informal reception held in his honor
last evening. . A program was followed
by refreshments.
$5,000 A MONTH
[Special DisDalch to The Call]
SANTA BARBARA, April 21.— That
it costs $5,000 a month to maintain
Riven Rock in Montecito as the prl
.vate sanatorium of Stanley ilc-
Cormick. the incompetent, son of the
late: Cyrus "McCormiek of reaper fame
is revealed in the first annual report
of his guardians to the superior court.
When these guardians, Katherine
Dexter McCorAiick, his wife, now of
Boston, and Henry B. Favill and Cyrus
Bentley of Chicago 'were appointed
last April they were allowed $3,000 a
month, but they find this sum insuffi
cient. . x'-V-J"
They ask the court to increase the
allowance to $5,000 a month.
J., April 21. — Bishop Wesley J. Galas, a negro
of Atlanta, <;a.. who Is presiding over the
annual New Jersey conference of the African
Methodist Kpiscopal church in this city, was
arrested today on a charge of embezzlement.
I Marriage Licenses , |
* . : , .£.
The following marriage licenses were Issued
In San Francisco Thursday. April 21, 1910;
FAHKy—McßniPE— Patrick Fahey. 28. \~A\
Howard street, and Margaret Mcßride. 27. lOt-'O
Clay street.
JAUME— PERKZ— Rafael Jaume. SO. 445 Green
street, and Ilotiario Peres, 20, 11 Kohler place.
KOCII— STUICKKR— Joseph Koch. HO. 1300 Har-
rison street, and Elizabeth Stricter, SO, "-*ti^S
Post street.
Madrid street, and Anna Klebsling. 27, IK)
Twenty-ninth street.
LIMA' — QUIXN— Eugene Br"LIUy, 21, 33 Part-
side aTemiP, and Mary G. Quinn, IS, 1210 De-
vlsadero street.
TJTTLER— MORDRET— Roy W. Uttler. 22. Chi-
caeo. and Yulamle Mordret, 24, 62S Second
MOLONEY— HA XSEX— Thomas S. Moloney. 22.
and Bertha llansen, 22, both of Sacramento.
MIiLLIX— NORIEGA— Thomas J. Mnllin, 31, 843
Ashbury street, and Lena Noriega, 2S, 4U
Twenty-serenth street.
SILVERMAN— KAPLAN— Nathan Silyerman. 21,
and Ida Kaplan, IS, both of 1127 Silver avenue.
TUERUBE — RUDOLPH— Ernest H. Therube, 20,
1742 Steiner street, and Alma Rudolph, 2"J,
1332 Ninth avenue.
TROTT— TAYLOK— Henry Trott. 21, and Geue-
vleve C. Taylor, 18, both of Tuolumne.
YA'RNELL— GREEN— Walter J. Yarnell, 27,
151." Scott street, and Kate L. Green, 20.
117 A Duboee avenue.
Birth, marriage and death notice's sent by mall
will not be inserted. They must be handed in at
either of the publication oftices and be Indorsed
with the name and residence of persons author-
ized to have the same published. Notices re-
stricted simply to tbe announcement of the event
are published once in this column fret; of charge.
BARNES— In Berkeley. April 12. 1910, to the
wife of Dr. I/. B. Barnes, a daughter.
FRERKSON— In this city, April 20, 1910, to the
wife of B. C. Frerk«<on, a daughter.
HOPPSES— In this city. April 17, 1910. to the
wife of Janus f.. Hoppses, a daughter.
READ— In this city. April 17, 1910. to the wife
of John William Read tn»e Greenberg), a son.
BEETZ— AXTHES— In this city, April 20. 1910,
by Rev. Herman Uehrcke, Carl Beetz and
Kmmle Anthes, both of San Francisco.
JOHNSTON— TAYLOR— In this city, April 16,
1910. by Rev. U. A. Bernthal, Albert v. John-
ston of San Francisco and Lila L. Taylor of
Fruitvale,- Gal.
XAROT— ATZEROTH— In this city, April 20.
I<JIO, by Rev. G. A. Bernthal. George L.
T.irot and Elite Atzerotb, \u25a0 both of San Fran-
Barhytc. Frank P.. 61 1 Lavery. Leland J...-2
Doettger, Henry st*i Linton, Theodore J. 60
Dngan, Michael .... S«i Marks, Mary J —
Egan, Michael U"| M.-lntosb. Lilian L. 6
Klchholz, Marie 74 Moore, Elizabeth Z. S3
Fenton, John tX>LMurphy. Johnnie... 21
Flnigau, Marta OOrNolan, Thomas H...55
FU-issner, George W M Klley, Catherine L. . —
Frank, Fanny M. . . 70, Stapleton, Mary 32
Galvani, Giovanni B. 03 Stibbens, Thomas E. —
Gregorinsen, Caro- Sullivan (Mass)
line- 43 Thalern, William... —
Holtter, Bertha... . 70 Trosper. Eliiabeth.. 7U
Jacobson, Charles. . t>ft Weckertshehner, Fred- -
Johnston, 11. Adellia 44 crick 75
Keuerleber, Resine. Sj
BARHYTE— In Oakland, April 20, 1910. Frank
P.. beloved father of Louis D. Barbyte of
San Francisco, and loving brother of Mrs.
Darid I. Brown of Napa. Cal.. a native of
Now York, aged 01 years 10 months and a
FTiends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral services this
U-'rlday) evening, April 22. 1910, at 7:30
o'clock, at the funeral rhapel of E. James
Finney, 528 Eighteenth street between Tele-
graph and San Pablo avenues. Interment' at
Napa, Cal.
' DOETTGER— In this city, April 19, 1910. at. the
city and county hospital. Henry Doettger, a
native of Germany, aged 58 years.
DUGAN— In Stockton. April IS. 1910, Michael
Dugan, beloved busbknd of tlie late Margaret
Dugan, and loving father of Thomas and Mary
Dugan. and the. late Willie Dugan. a native
of County Galway. Ireland, aged 3»S years. A
member of carpenters* union No. 22.
Friends and acquaintance's arc respectfully
iuvitt'd to atti'-nd the • funeral tomorrow
(Saturday), April 2H, 1910, at 8:30 o'clock
a. vi., from the funeral parlors of Green,
Ryan & Donohoe. northeast corner of Sixteenth
and Guerrero streets, thence to St. Teresa's
church, where a requiem mass wilt b« cele-
brated for the repose of his *nui, commencing
at » a. m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
EGAN— In this city. April 20, 1910, Michael,
beloved brother of William Egau, a native
of Philadelphia, aged .Co years.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
, invited to attend tho funerat today tFrt-
day). at S:"<> o'clock a. ni., from the parlors
of J. J. Crowly & Co.. tß>2 Valencia street
between Seventeenth and ' Eighteenth, -thence
to Mission l>ok>rea. church, where a requiem
high mass will be celebrated for the repose
of his soul, commencing at 9 a. m. Interment
Holy Cross cemetery, by funeral car from
Valencia and Twenty-eighth "streets.
EICKHOLZ — In this city, April 21, 1910. Marie,
beloved wife of Otto Eiehbt.li. and loving
mother of Mrs. Fred Langenberger, Mrs. J.
Gallop of Eureka tnd Frod H. Garnie. a na-
tive of Hanover. Germany, aged 74 years 3
months and 22 days.
FENTON— In this city. April 21. 1910. «t the
city and county hospital. John Fenton, V na-
tive of Colorado, aged 60 years.
FINIGAN— In this city. April 20. 1910. Maria,
widow of the late Dr. Lawrence Finigan of
San Jose, and mother of Frank Binney, Mrs.
Charles Schwarz, Mrs. Ed Brelning and Law-
rence Flnigan, a native of Louisville, Ky..
aged 56 years.
FLEISSNER — In this city, April 21. 1910,
George Wolfgang Fleissner, father of Otto,
Hugo and Gus Fleissner and Mrt. W. C.
I^ewls Mrs. Robert Cowan and Mrs. J. W.
Winks, a native of Germany,' a»ed 84 years 10
months and . 1(5 days. (Cincinnati papers pleas«
\u25a0 Funeral tomorrow (Saturday). Interment
. private.
FRANK— In Oakland, April 21, 1910, at Fablola
hospital. Mrs. Fanny M. Frank, a native of
Wisconsin, aged.,,7o years.
• \u25a0 Friends ami acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend tbe funeral services today
(Friday). April 22. 1910. at 3 o'clock p. m..
at the First Congregational church, corner of
Twelfth and Clay streets. Interment private.
. Remains at the funeral chapel of E. James
: Finney, 52i> Eighteenth street between Tele-
• graph and San Pablo avenues.
GALVANI— In Oakland. April 21, 1910, Giovanni
B. 'Galvani, a native of Italy, aged 63 years.
GREGORINSEN— In this city, April 20, 1010.
Caroline, dearly beloved wife of George Greg-
orinsen. devoted mother of Harry Johndarn.
and loving sister of Captain Peier Johnson,
- Mrs. P. ,'lnrner.- and James. Johnsoo, a native
• of Norway, aged 45* year» a months and 14
days. A member of Bald Eagle council No.
77. D. of P., Imp.O. R. M. .
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral Sunday, at 2
: p. m., from her late residence. 1125 Thirty-
. fifth avenue near Railroad avenoe (South).
Interment Mount Olivet ecmetery, by car-
riage. '
HOLTZER— In this city. April 20. 1910, Bertha
. Holtzer, dearly beloved mother of Mrs. Bertha
David, and grandmother of Mrs. E. R. Pat-
terson and Henry . David, a native of ' Ger-
many, aged 70 years. . r \u25a0 •
Friends and actraalntancea are r*«pectfully
"- Invited - to attend the fnn»ral services to-
day (Friday), April 22. at 1:40 o'clock p. m
at . the chapel of U. P. Petersen, . 1312 D«-
: visadero street between O'Farrell and Ellis.
-Cremation Odd Fellows', cemetery.
JACOBSON— In -this city. April 20. 1910. Charles
_ Jncobs'jn, beloved husband of Johanna Jarob-
\u25a0 son. and father of Carl F. . Jacobson. a native
'of Sweden, aced 69 years. : A m»mb»r of C«s- I
mr>P"Htsn lodgf N«. IJ)4. I. O. 0.. F.
Friends are respectfully invited to attend 1
SEATTLE, April 21. — Herschel Park
er's Mount McKinley expedition will
sail from Seattle May 5. A gasoline
boat will convey the party up tho
Susitna river In the approach to- the
mountain. The expedition will pay
special attention to verification or
disproof of Dr. Frederick A. Cooks
story of ascent . of the mountain, a
matter which was only incidentally
looked into by the Fairbanks expedi
tion that made the ascent April 3.
WASHINGTON, April 21.— United
States Minister Fox has telegraphed
to the state department from Quito.
Ecuador, that great uneasiness is felt
throughout that country on account t>f
the growing danger of a war with
pnfit - . " -
the fntrcral servU-es tomorrow (Saturday*.
April 2;:. at i oVlork p. n... at tbe nV>v
funeral chapel of Charles 11. J. Truman. I'M'.*
Mission street between sttftrtntl) ami Six-
teenth. Cremation, odd Fellows' cenicteiV
Kindly omit flowers.
JOHNSTON— In this eitT. April 21 IDIO if.
Adellia Johnstou. il early belo^M xvitf \u0084(
Frank J. Johnston, loving mother of Kdiili
P. McCunly of Sacramento, grnmlniothrr «if
Artellla Mi-<:ur«ly, an.l aunt of J«h& Edward.
Andrew. Frank an«l F.illian Wilsou, Mrs. Kii:v
Teraploman and frank O'.Neil of Sarrsmrata,
•a native uf Nevada, ase<l 41 years U tutintlis '
an.l n days.
Remains will be shipped to Sacrameuto for
KEXTEBLEBZR— At rrsr. April 20T I3lu. R—
sine Keuerlebor. below mother of .Mrs. Min-
nie Uwlapp. Fred, ibris and Ausnst K«t>er
leber, Mrs. Kosine Summer, Mrs. Patila Sp«>tt
and Annie Keuerk-foer, a native of Germany,
»B**d .W years.
Friends ami acquaintances arc respectfully
Invited to attend the. funeral x-rvices tomor-
row (Saturday*. April 2Z. t!>tn, a t l\:M>
\u25a0 »>'cl«>rk a. m., at the funeral parlors of Jamr*
McGinn. 532 Fulton street between Webster
and Flllmore. Cremation, I. O. V. F. ceuie-
L&VERT— In this city. April 21. 1010. Leland
Joseph, beloved eon of John I\ and I-aur«-tU
C. Livery, devoted brother t«f Viola l.avry. *
and loving grandson of Mr. and Mrs. JTmepb
Kaupert. a native of San Francisco, aged -
years 11 months and 4 days.
LINTON — In this city. April 21. into, at the
city and county hospital. Theodore J. Llnton,
a native of Colorado, ased «o year*.
MASKS — In this city, April 20. 1910, Mary
Josephine Marks, daughter of Edmund and
Kebec«a Bock Marks, a native of Ban Fran-
Friends are respectfully invite! to attend
the funeral tomorrow tSaturdar>. April 23,
1910." at 9:30 o'clock a. vi.. from her late
residence. 91G I>evisadero street, tbence to
Holy Cross chureb, where a rripiiem hipli
nia«3 will be celebrated for the repose of lit-r
soul, commencing at 10 oYlo<-k. Interment
Holy Cross cemetery, by electric funeral car
from Mission and ThirteentU streets.
McINTOSH — In this tlty, April 21. l!>10. Lilian
U, dearly beloved daughter of Walter J. and
Louise Mclntosh. ami lovtug sister of Walter
Jr. and William A. Mclntosh, a uatlve of
\u2666Jlendcra, Cal.. aged 6 years 0 months «nd 4
MOOBE— In Oakland. April 21. UMO. Elizabeth
Zcssln Moore, beloved wife of Charles T.
Moore, lovinj: mother of Clifford, «'. P. and
Herman S. Moore, and sister »f Mrs. B. >le.
Wall of Hunters Tolnt. San Krancisco. and
nerman Zessin of Burlingatne. Sau Mateo
county, a native of Germany, aged US years
9 mouths and 16 days.
MURPHY— In Silver City, N. M., April 14, 1910.
Johnnie, dearly beloved son of the late David
and Ajrne.s Murphy, loving brother of the late
Margaret Murphy, beloved grandson of Mrs.
Annie Taylor, and beloved nephew of Mary
and Thomas Green. Mrs. J. Mclntyre and tlie
late Margaret Green, a native of San t'rau-
cisco. aged 21 years and 11 days.
Friends and acquaintances ar« respectfully-
Invited to attend the funerat tomorrow (Sat-
nrday), at !<:oO a. m., from the resiilenre »(
his grandmother. SMS Fotrero avenue, ttenefl
to St. Peter's church, where a reiiutem hi^ii
mass will be celebrated for tbe repose of Uis
t)oul, commencing at 'J a. m. Interment Holy^
Cross cemetery. '
NOLAN— In this city. April" 20. 1010. Thomas
H.. beloved husband of Katberine Nolan, lov-
ln? father of Mrs. G. H. Gill'^lry. MlWon
ami Edna Nolan, and devoted brother of Joint
and Anna N«lan. a native of New lork. ajfii
55 years ami 13 days.
Frlend3 arc respectfully Invited to attend
the funeral tomorrow (Saturday;, at ."<:\u25a0\u25a0'.<•
a. m., from his late residence, llu lion-
street, thence to St. Joseph's eburcli, Howard
and Tenth street", where a requieti* iii^U mms
will be celebrated for the repose of bis soul,
commencing at » o'clock a. m. Interment
Holy Cross cemetery, by carriage.
RILEY— In this city, April 20. 1010, Catherine
L.. dearly beloved wife of James A. Uil'-v.
loving mother of John Layton Kiiey, idolized
niece of John Layton, and beloved sister <;f
Martin F. Gallagher, William J. Laytcn. Mrs.
J. J. McCarthy and Mrs. John N. Hurley, a
native of San Francisco.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral tomorrow tS;«t-
urday). April 23, at U:l0 a. m.. from tier
late, residence, 2i'.2t Bryant street uewr
Twenty-fourth, thence to St. Peter's cluin-li.
where a requiem high mass will be celebrated
for the repose of her soul, commenciug at
9:4"> a. m. Interment Holy Crass cemetery.
members of Caruiel Institute No. 2: You ire
requested to attend the funeral of our late
sister. Mrs. Catherine L. Riley. tomorrow
(Saturday*. April 2:>, at 9:lj a. m.. from ln-r
late residence. 2i>2l Bryant street near Twen-
HANNAH \u25a0WALSH. President.
STAPLETON— In this elty. April 21. I'JIO.
Mary, beloved wife of John Stapleton. mother
of.Gracie C. Mary A., Leo J. and Joseph C.
Staplcton, sister of Mrs. W. Ahem and Katie
O'Connor, and niece of Mrs. W. O'Connor and
Mrs. P. J. Sheehy. a native of Castle Island.
County Kerry. Ireland, aged 32 years.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral tomorrow <Sat-
nrday), at 10 o'clock a. m.. from her late resi-
dence. 1160 York street, thence In St. Peters
ehnrch. where a requiem high mass will be
celebrated for the repose of her s«>ul. com-
mencing at 10:30 o'clock a. m. Interment
Holy Cross cemetery.
STIBBENS — In Roosevelt hospital. Thnma* K.
Stibbens. beloved husband of Sarah Stlbben*.
beloved father of Cnarfe» R.. Harry E. and
Dr. L. 11. Stibbens. and grandfather of Ku-
jeene and Marjorie Stibbena. a native of Ohio.
A member of Appomattox post No. 50. c A.
H.: Order of Foresters. K. O. T. M., and
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral services tonv>r-
| row (Saturday). April 23. at 3 p. m-. at I.in-
&eoln hall. Thirteenth street between Broad -
*way and Franklin, thence to Southern Pacinc
Sixteenth street depot, where the remains will
be shipped to. Riverside. Funeral services un-
der the auspices of G. A. R.
BTTLLTVAN— An anniversary high mass of re-
quiem will be celebrated for the repose of the
son! of the late chief of the. San Franei.«-i>
tire department. Dennis T. Sullivan, at Sr.
Mary's church <Pauli»t>. California and Dn-
pont streets, today. (Friday), April 22. 191".
commencing at 10 o'clock a. m. Friends and
acquaintances are respectfully Invited to. at-
THALEKN— Ia this city, April 19. 1910, Wil-
. Ham Tbalern. a native of Germany.
Friends and acquaintances are respectful!*
Invited to attend the funeral today (Fri-
day), at 2 o'clock p. m., from King Solo-
mon's hall, Flllmore street near Sntter, un-
der tbe auspices of Presidio lodge No. 354.
F. & A. M. Interment Eternal Home ceme-
TROSPEK— In Caaadero. Cal., AprO 2*>. lt>tr>.
% Mrs. Elizabetn Trosper. wife of the late
Thomas Trosper, and mother of A. L. Trouper.
F. I>- Trosper and E. E. Trosper. a native
of Missouri, aged 73 years 6 months and 15'
•WTCKESTSHZIMZII— In this city, April 20.
1910, Frederick Weckertshelmer, a native of
Lahr. Baden. Germany, aged 73 years S
months and 5 days. A member- of Golden City
_ lodge No. 63. KnUhts of Pythias.
of funeral hereafter. Remains at th»
new funeral chapel of Charles H. J. Truman.
1919 Mission street between Fifteenth tad
Seventy-Five Dollars
Main nfne«j»— 2l23 Bn*h St.. West 2T09. and
130.1 KranUln" st. near 17th, Oakland, phone Oak-
land J>H.-..
Branches*— £o.l Montsmnwy «».. Ph. -Temp. 3283,
• and 82T South Fisueroa St.. Los Angles.
Auto Ambulance uul Carria^ca foe Illra.

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