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Entertainments Are Planned in
Honor of Miss Harriet and
Miss Marion Stone
OAKLAND, May, 4.— Miss Harriet
Stone and Miss Marion Stone will re
turn next week from New York, where
the two popular youns sisters have
been atttndiiij? one of the exclusive
Jinishinß schools. They will be cor
tlially received by the younger set, who j
are already planning a round of social j
gayety by way of welcome to their
As soon as Miss Helen Stone is con
valescent after the. serious operation to :
ivhich s?hc- submitted a week or so ago,
the Stone family will go to their coun
try place, for the summer, expecting to
return early in October.
Next winter they will lease a San
Francisco residence, when the formal :
Introduction of Miss Harriet Stone will
be among the brilliant events of the
tarlier season. Miss Marion Stone will
return to the Atlantic coast for another
year in school, her debut being post
poned until the following winter.
Witt Dougherty was a host over the
week end. entertaining friends at the
country place of the Doughertys in
Pleasanton. Among those from town
who enjoyed the house party were Dr.
and Mrs. Daniel Crosby, Miss Emma I
Grimwood, Miss Elsie Marwedel and I
Mrs. A. L. Snyder will be a hostess of
the week, extending the hospitality of
her Linda Vista home to a number of
yuests Saturday afternoon, bridge and
tea offering the pleasure for the hour.
"'- - •-;\u25a0. •• \u25a0 "• •-. •'
Tomorrow Mrs. August Schilling will
preside at one of the most elaborate
luncheons of* the week, her guests in
cluding a large number of the exclu
sive matrons of the smart set from both
sides of the bay.
This afternoon Miss Helen Dornin
was the Inspiration for a charmingly
arranged affair. Miss Lucy Fennessey
asking .several friends to greet the j
bride elect, whose wedding with Wil
liam S. Childs is announced for the
early fall.
• . \u25a0•'\u25a0 : \u25a0" *l .
After two months spent at Carmel by
the Sea, Mrs. William S. Farley has re
turned to her Clareinont home.
The home of the William Pierce
Johnsons in Monte Vista avenue was
the scene of a unique affair this even
ing, when Miss Josephine Johnson en
tertained at a baby party, the guests
from both sides of the bay appearing in
the garb of infants. A dance and sup
per rounded out the occasion.
\u25a0,• • •
Miss Isabelle Morris, one of the sum
mer's brides elect, is the motif for the
large tea over which Miss Marjorie
Stanton presides this week at her home !
in Berkeley. . i
• , * ',*'\u25a0':'--
I The closing concert of the Eurydice
club this season is announced for the
evening of Wednesday. May IS, in Ma
ple hall. The chorus of 40 women's
voices, under the direction of Mrs.
Grace Davis Northrup, has made a dis
tinct place in the musical circles of the
bay cities and the occasional evenings
of song are reckoned among the not
able events of the . winter. The club
will be assisted in the program for the
May concert by Mrs. Alma Berglund
Winchester, soprano, and Miss Irene
Howland, contralto. One of the inter
esting numbers will be "Sea Faries." by
Mrs. H. H. Beach. Miss Elsie Marwedel.
a gifted Fruitvale girl, is president of
the large musical organization which
has its quarters in Maple hall.
• • • \u25a0 \u25a0< \u25a0
An event of interest to society and
musical circles takes place in the Town
and Gown club house tomorrow even
ing, when Miss Edna Cadwalader gives
a violin recital, assisted by Miss Lena
Frazee, mezzo soprano; Frederick Man
rer Jr., pianist; Thomas .Dobeon, ac
companist. The patronesses for the
important musical event of the week
are: l^>
Mrs. Henry Martinez |Mrs. C. Loxubardi
Mrs. Jessie Wilson Tsy- Mrs. J. M. Pierce
lor (Mrs. Georg-e A. Morris
Mrs. James 1«> Conte Mm. Charles Dutton . ,
Mre- John Galen .How- Mrs. Edward Horton
ard Miss Eleanor Conneil
Mrs. Clark Bornham Mrs. S. C. Self ridge
Mr*. R. Rising * Mm. Charles Hnjrjrins
Mrs. William E. Colby (Mrs. A. S. HallWie
Mrs. Charles Mohrhardt Mrs. L. A. Hodman
Mrs. Elizabeth Wittpr I Mrs. W. H. Dow
Southern Pacific Will Improve
Evening Service
[Special Dispatch lo The Call]
BURLINGAME. May 4.— As a result
of the efforts of the transportation
committee of the Burltngame property
owners* association, representatives of
the various civic bodies of the penin
sula towns, held a meeting 1 with F. .E.
Batturs of the Southern Pacific com
pany in San Francisco this afternoon,
but little was accomplished.
Batturs consented to put on an ad
ditional local train, which will arrive
In San Francisco at 7:35 p.m. He de
clared that the company would not
put on a train leaving San Francisco
at 10 p.m., because the -travel did not
warrant it.
A reduction in rates for peninsula
points is impossible, acording to Bat
turs, who .said that the local rates
were no higher than those across the
bay, anJ that the high cost of main
tenance of the road to San Jose makes
low rates impossible.
Among those who attended the con
ference were F. S. Glunk, and H. H.
Hubber of Burlingame, Captain H. Is*.
Hoyden of San Mateo, J. W. Farns
worth of Redwood City and \V. H
Kelly of Palo Alto.
San Mateo County Formally Ac
cepts Structure
[Special Dupaich lo The Call]
REDWOOD CITY, May 4. — San Mateo
county's new $223,000 courthouse was
formally accepted by the board of su
pervisors in special session this morn
ing, and the H. S. Crocker-company and
W. & J. Sloane were notified that they
maj' begin to install the furnishings.
The total cost of the unfurnisheJ
building was J220.327.26. Glenn Allen,
the architect, was allowed 5 per cent
of this sum, or $11,016.
James N'ealon, secretary of the
O'Brien construction company, • an
nounced at the meeting that his firm
will give, a banquet in honor of the
opening of the edifice.
The supervisors appointed Charles H.
McGlynn and William Kelting of Red
wood City watchmen on : the court
house premises.
Same old etory. but new prices dally
at H. Schellhaas' furniture sale. 11th
st. at Franklin, I. O. O. F. building. •
Show Better Scholarship at
Berkeley High School, but
Attendance Poorer
BERKELEY. May 4.— By figures which
he has compiled since he took charge of
the high school work several months
ago. Principal Gilbert N. Brink shows
that while the girl pupils are less regu
lar in their attendance than the boys
their scholarship is higher. He submit
ted a report of the data he had collected
to the board of education. He reported:
"The striking fact indicated by the
tables is the very direct and immediate
bearing that Irregular attendance has
upon the number of pupils failing.
While the mean number of days' at
tendance per pupil is 86.23, an average
of but 4.77 days' absence per pupil, it
carries with it failures 8 per cent jn
excess of failures among those whose
attendance is perfect.
"With reference to the boys, the
tables show that an absence of only
five days during the term increases the
percentage of failures by 11 per cent;
an absence of 10 days increases them
by 24 per cent; while of the boys who
were absent as much as 15 days during
the term no less than 70 per cent failed
in at least one subject. The data for
the girls gives the same results.
"Another interesting fact brought to
light is that the boys are more regular
in their attendance than the girls, but
that the percentage, of girls securing
satisfactory rating in their subjects Is
greater than for the boys. It appears
from this that the girls are better
scholars than the boys, but less reliable
in the matter of attendance."
Effort to Secure $100,000 Meets
With Encouragement
OAKLAND, May 4. — When the work
ers, in the- 10 day $100,000 King's
Daughters' campaign brought in their
day"s subscriptions this evening it
caused the immense hand on the giant
illuminated clock in City Hall square
to point to the 527,000 mark as a re
sult of the three days' canvass. That
the sum for the new home for incur
ables will be secured is now practi
cally assured.
As the campaign' grows apace the
enthusiasm waxes warmer and the 200
campaign workers, all members of the
organization, are determined that the
amount will be pledged by midnight,
May 12. ,
The results have been highly grati
fying. Thus far only the outlying dis
tricts of Oakland, Alameda and Berke
ley have been canvassed. By tomor
row the workers will be busy in the
business sections, when it is expected
that many of the larger commercial
institutions and individuals of means
will subscribe amounts of generous
In addition to many sums ranging
from $25 and upward secured by the
workers today, H. C. Taft subscribed
$1,000, Sherman, Clay & Co. $500 and
H: C. Capwell company $500.
Director General Noel H. Jacks will
tomorrow address the Rotary club at
its noonday luncheon on the work the
home has accomplished and what its
aims are for the future. It is likely
that it will be the means of swelling
the subscription list considerably.
At a meeting of-the building trades
council last evening Mrs. H. C. Dow,
one of the prominent leaders, secured*
more than- SIOO in small subscriptions
from the members. The friendly ri
valry between the two divisions, one
under Mrs. Matilda Brown, the other
under Mrs. C. C. Clay, grows warmer
as the campaign progresses. .:
May 4. — With floats, fraternal bodies and dec
orated automobiles. Hay ward plans to take a
prominent part in the cherry fcstiral to be
held in San Leandro in June. Senator E. K.
Strobridße. James S. French, Dr. C. Corwin,
,A. W. Beans. Jesse H. Woods and John A.
Park hare been appointed by Mayor . C. W.
Heyer to make arrangements for the display.
C&rpsts &t* Cost*
'A' -. .: •, \u25a0- . : ; . ... "
On Monday morning and for two weeks are offered at actual landed
cost two of the best known makes and qualities of Carpet. A large
assortment of desirable patterns and in quantities to suit.
Axminster Body Brussels
$;\u25a0 1 : O X per Or | *\ c pcr '\u25a0'"
* •~«' yard <P .1 • » JT yard
...; '..' __' Stickley -Bros. \u25a0«*\u25a0«>\u25a0 fßTMtiu! :
: c=^^^^y Arts and Crafts $ I*J I j |p S
HI pv\. . '.. 't l I | Recent; arrivals of raj \u25a0 ;/• fsfli \u0084'
|!!J • v'| I car shipment permit us j |||i^^ f | I
i^g|ls!!ggiii \l Vy\ to show -unusually . -j^^^^^sk^ : ft |
• B*-* 1 " complete line of this '• jEJBfJJJ'' \u25a0 '.'.\u25a0 W-\u25a0
V \u25a0\u25a0-- high grade, low priced \u25a0;.; I i^^^^S'B-V-'
d* | O f\f\ Furniture for all pur- I [ W^\ lL^_ f\_ f,
Something new: Overtufted Bungalow Art Furniture, covering in
Craftsman Cloth— Chairs, Rockers, Settees; well made and inexpensiyeV
See Display in our window. '-$, : WSm \u25a0 " ':'"\u25a0: \u25a0- /. .\ ' \u25a0- \u25a0\u25a0 •v :
;tm,,M^tom_ | 418-424 FOURtEENTHfST, I s'''^'
June Graduates of Berkeley
High to Raise Funds and
Purchase Instrument
BERKELEY. May 4. — The students
of the senior class of the Berkeley high
school will stage the three act comic
opera. "His Excellency the Governor"
at the. school auditorium Friday, night
for the purpose of securing funds with'
which to purchase a grand piano. : The
instrument. will be left with the high
school as the gift of. the class which
will be graduated in June. :
_ Preparations for the opera have been
under way for some time, : and the
entire student body is actively inter
ested. , '
Two rallies will be held in the school
yard Friday, when the student band
and several performers will go through
an Impromptu show, the object of
which will be to attract the attention
of every one to the event of the even
In addition to the comic opera the
management has arranged for two spe
cial acts to be given during the wait
between scenes. During the first inter
mission the Florodora sextet will be
given and during , the second a musical
act, "The Six Matinee Girls,", will' be
produced. , .
The cast of the opera" includes Miss
Rose Barker, Miss Ruby Mays, Ray
Gunn, Roy Hunt and Kurt Steindorff.
Marion Scott, Fannie Thompson,
Paula McGibbon, Winona Moore, Leota
Bare and Lucille Wickson will consti
tute i the. sextet, and the matinee girls
will be Miss Lucy Pray, Miss Anita
Truman, Miss Belle Bowen, -Miss* Mil
dred Clark** Miss Ruth' Bowers and
Miss Paula McGibbon. The orchestra
will be under the direction of Ernest
Lacell, one of the students.
Real Estate Dealer and Capital-
ists Ask for Franchise
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SAN RAFAEL, May 4. — W. L. Court
right, a real estate man, has filed a pe
tition with the town trustees in behalf
of himself and San Francisco capital
ists, asking for a franchise to operate
an electric railway in Fourth street as
far as the town limits toward San
Merchants here have been advocating
a street railway from San Rafael to
Ross valley towns for many months and
Courtright's petition is regarded as the
initial step in that direction.
The board passed the matter up to
City Attorney Joseph Hawkins for his
opinion. i
Frank V. James Dies at His
Home in Alameda
ALAMEDA, May 4.— Frank V. James,
a marine engineer, died this morning
at his home in Park avenue. He was
at one time chief engineer of the trans
port Warren and later chief engineer
of the steamer Frisbie. James was a
native of Sacramento and was 43 years
of age. He is survived by his wife 'and
three children. He was a member of
the Masons, Royal Arcanum and the
marine engineers' association.
Reliance athletic club will hold Its annual
meetiiiß Thursday evening for the' election of
officers and directors. •
roeda, Mdy 4. — Mrs. Kiln M. .McCain, a resi
dent of this city for IS years, died ' today .at
the home of her niece. Miss Clara K. Uc>in
mel. She was the widow of .tunics S. Mc-
Cain and mother of Arthur L. Greene.
May 4. — George Fritz Dlede.l, a pioneer mer
chant of this city, died yesterday at his home,
12fi2 Eichth street, at the -age of r.« years,
and will be buried Friday afternoon at 2
o'clock, the funeral to' be under tue auspices
of the Odd Fellows.
Miss ißuby Mays,
Who Will Appear
In Comic Opera
OAKLAND, May 4.— A faternal pa
rade half a mile long, participated in
by 3,000 members of the Fraternal Or
der of Eagles, 'marching from : Mel
rose to Fruitvale avenue along East
Fourteenth' street, marked the observ
ance this evening. of Eagles' night at
the Fruitvale street fair and carnival.
Every aerie in the bay counties was
represented in the procession, which
was led by acting Captain of Police
E. T. Brown, with a platoon of mounted
men, Supervisor W. B. Bridge, director
general of the festival, and Queen
Ada and her attendants on a handsome
Large delegations and drum corps
represented the following aeries in the
parade: San Francisco Nos. 5 and 61,
Oakland No. 7, Alameda No. 1076, Cali
fornia No. 1432 of Berkeley, Fruitvale
No. 1375, ' San Jose No. S, Eden of Hay
ward, Livermore, Sausalito and San
Mateo. Tomorrow night the delega
tion of 500 Eagles who are to at
tend the grand lodge at Ukiah will
pay an official visit to the carnival.
. This afternoon three exciting races,
participated in by athletes from va
rious schools and colleges on this side
of the bay, were held, handsome cups
being awarded the winners. The re
sult of races was as follows: Five
mile race — Lester Manning (Acme ath
letic club), first; 26 flat; 11. Young (Fre
mont high school), second; C. Walters
(Acme), third. One mile race — C. ,B.
Cole. (Fremont), first; A. , King (St.
Mary's college), second; G. -Martin (un
attached), third.- 440 yard dash —
Thomas R. (Miller (unattached), first;
Ed Martin (St. Mary's),; second; MV:
Whitney (University of California),
The baby show and baby buggy pa
rade, in which the prettiest and rosiest
of Alameda county infants! will partici
pate, will be held tomorrow afternoon.
The ;procession of decorated baby car
riages will pass from the Fruitvale
library to the carnival grounds, where
the judges will, award a score of valu
able prizes. The judges, who were se
lected today, are: Mrs. J. H. Callen,
Mrs. J. C. Holland, Mrs. John Mac-
Donald, C. Leidecker and Supervisor
W. B, Bridge.
The program tomorrow evening will
be in charge, of the various camps of
the, Woodmen of the World in Alameda
Reverse Side Bears Infantile
\ Drawings of Animals by
OAKLAND, May 4.— On a small slip
of paper, covered on the reverse side
with crude drawings his children had
made of , dogs,, cats and pigs, the late,
Captain Bartholomew Koehler made
his will last October. He lost his life
a few weeks ago, when the whaling
vessel which he commanded was
wrecked off the coast of Alaska.
The, will was read today in Judge
Wells' court. It . is singular In its con
tents as well as in its form. Koehler
made It one day while he was watch
ing, his four children at play at his
home. 1107 Tenth avenue. , It reads as
"This is to certify that Mrs. Mary
Walker, is to share. alike with my chil
dren in my estate in < case of my death.
Also to be the guardian of my chil
dren." \-
Mrs. Walker is the children's aunt.
Acting under the . instructions of the
dead .mariner. Judge ' Wells I today ap
pointed her guardian over the four
motherless little children of Koehler.
The estate has a value of about $4,000.
Steps Taken to Compel Com-
pany to Clean Reservoir
BERKELEY, May 4.— The* city board
of health: decided today, to take steps
to force the People's water company to
clean the reservoir in tha northern* part
of the city that the water shall not
have an unpleasant , odor and contain
weeds and other vegetation." A number
of complaints have been made recently
of the water from the North Berkeley
reservoir and, although. the water k has
been analyzed and found to contain
nothing detrimental to health, tha
board of health has nevertheless or
dered the company to clean the reser
voir or. else place a roof over it that
the sun's rays may not strike the
'\u25a0\u25a0-,' \u25a0 . \u25a0 ' " \ *
On February 26th Mr. Pendleton said:
"The people of Oakland may feel as-
sured that into this plan Mr. Tevis can
bring financial backing, experience,
gained through his presidency of other
water companies, and a reputation of
incorruptible character.
V \ Jm - •
The other point I would emphasize,
and that is, Mr. Tevis has the water."
On 1 May 2d Mr. Pendleton said:
"If the Pteople's Water Company breaks
with the city in this proposed compromise I, for
one, see no way in which the city is to be pro-
tected in the event of a water famine, which
may come in any one dry year!"
If Mr. Tevis has the water, the financial
backing, and is coming into Oakland, why raise
this horrid specter in our quiet midst, Mr.
First National Bank Bldg. ' Telephones:
OAKLAND Oakland 1309: A-2795
Mott Adjures Councilmen to
Work for Whole City In
stead of Sections
OAKLAND, May, 4.— Councilmen were
adjured, by Mayor- Frank K. .Mott to
work less for their separate wards and
more for. the city as a whole at a meet
ing, of. the board of public works this
morning. 'Councilman R. C. Vose ap
peared before the board to secure its
sanction for the city council resolution
ordering .^electroliers in Twenty-third
avenue from east Twelfth street to
east Twenty-seventh.
Vose was told that the city lighting
bill for the coming fiscal year would
be so high that the city could ill af
ford-so many electroliers. The mayor
and City Engineer Turner opposed the
placing of many more of the decorative
lights in the streets.
"I- think council action in this mat
ter should be mandatory," contended
Vose. "We eleven men pass a resolu
tion to have It' annulled by you three
in this board. When the board of pub
lic works asks for,' an appropriation It
usually gets It." '
. "You have the wrong, point of view,
Mr. was the mayor's response.
"Councilmen should" work less for the
wards they are elected from and more
for the: city they serve. I am willing
to see electroliers. in the business dis
tricts, but I am. against placing them
In Twenty-third avenue, not in the shop
section, . but up to the foothills. The
city electrician has. informed me that
the municipal street lighting expenses
next year, beginning July 1, will ex
ceed $128,000.- To put all these electro
liers in Twenty-third avenue would
make.an. added expense of $2,500."
After further parley, the board left
the matter in the hands of the mayor,
who will tour the avenue with Vose and
report at the next meeting.
| Marriage Licenses ]
OAKLAND, Slay 4.— The following marriage
licenses were issued today: • .
Vincent Maßglo, 2G. and CamelHe Messina, IS.
both of San Jose.
Hllllard W. Lewis, 21, and Ethel R. Mclntier.
17.- both of Oakland.
OAKLAND. May 4. — County Treasurer
M. J." Kelly's suit against the heirs of
Socrates Huff was compromised today
in court for $600.
Kelly sued to collect inheritance
taxes on property that Huff had transr
f erred to a company before his death.
He gave his children a number of
shares and kept 12,220 of them.
A memorandum directing: the distri
bution of the remaining shares was
found after his death. His heirs re
sisted the payment of inheritance taxes
on the score* that the instrument was
not a will.
Tlie First Ward Improvement dob ha 9 adopted
a resolution supportinff the $3.200.0t>0 pro^wMi
bond issue for school improvements*. It objects
' to any -reduction in the sum named^ . \u25a0 '"' '
vullul llvLutll
A Pleasing Sense of Health and
Strength Renewed and of
Ease and Comfort
follow-3 the use of Syrup of Figs an<l
Elixir of Senna, as it acts gently on
the kidneys, liver and bowels, cleans-
ing the system effectually, when con-
stipated, or bilious, and dispels colds
and headaches.
To get its beneficial effects, always
buy the genuine, manufactured by
the California Fig Syrup Co.

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