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Prosperity Marks the Progress and Growth of Fair Berkeley
Manifold Advantages Possessed
by Berkeley for Business and
Residence Purposes
Wafer Front Offers Exceptional
Opportunities for Establish-
r ment of Industrial Plants
The. continued and rapid growth of
Berkeley is to be expected, simply be-,
\u25a0cause that community, in all natural
and acquired advantages, stands in the
front rank of California cities. Within
\u25a0 fpw years its present corporate boun
daries will surely contain 100.000 popu
lation. Its water front will hum with
the sound of large industries. Its great
university will annually become greater
and more effective,, with widening scope
and increasing facilities and funds. Its
residential aroas, which arc now the
admiration of all tourists and of the
people vf Berkeley, will be even more
handsomely improved; and from one
end of Berkeley to the other and across
its extreme width, values will increase
with the demand for land for all sorts
<«f profitable and agreeable uses.
The census that is in progress will
probably show that Berkeley has not
far from 41.000 population. This is
*uch an increase that within itself is
< ontair.ed the promise of splendid fu
ture. Few places on the Pacific coast
have been advertised sensationally as
tittle as Berkeley. What advance has
bec-n made, and the increase has been
i<niarkab!e. fcas been brought about
mainly by the merits of the proposition.
Jt has remained only for those who in
terest it is to make the merits of the
city known, to bring its progress to its
present high plane.
The first early factor in the upbuild- j
ing of Berkeley was the location of the i
university. That brought m a desir- j
able sort of population and the im- i
jjicss of college life has had an effect
!i determining the characteristics down
- ;<• the present time. But since the first j
, 'Undations of the university were laid, j
vjiher factors have co-operated to makr j
Berkeley prosperous and handsome. Im- j
proved transportation facilities have i
rigjred greatly. Climate has been a!
powerful lure. Splendid views that j
thousands of acres of elevated lands!
\u25a0supply liave induced the well to do to j
seek Berkeley homos for themselves
•and their families. The growth of the
and the stronghold that the de- j
"sire for education" for young men arid
young women lias upon the people of
the state, coupled with private gifts of i
large *ize, have brought into existence [
inorc adequate college buildings and!
'nave caused the state legislature to ]
.s«iko appropriations for. tlje extension
of the work and its maintenance.
T!ie advantage of nearness to San
\u25a0 rr.-m cisco and Hie frequent ferry serv
tee have attracted many thousands of
people from all parts of Cajifornia be
cause of the home life of Berkeley that
Is possible to those who transact busi- 1
ncfca in Jian Francisco. •
T'.ic water front of Berkeley has at- !
traded manufacturing establishments,!
and other plants of an industrial sort ;
Jtave located in LJerkcley because it is
< ontral to a Jarjje population on the
• ast shore of the bay for many, lines
•and in daily contact with the financial
md industrial life of San Francisco.
Whatever advantages Berkeley pos
•; v-jhjrs will prove to be an ever contin
uing inducement to make that city
more sought for. The university is the
' center of much that is attractive and
profitable apart from its purely educa
tional character. In the approaching
be rn :itt? from the Panama canal, Berk
eley will be a* large sharer. All that
promotes the growth of J?an Francisco
also aids Berkeley.
In one short article it is difficult to
lirni space to enumerate the Jeading
cfaaracterfsUcfl and charms of Berkeley.
The shore line along the western part
of the city, on the bay of San Francisco,
is four mil^s long. Berkeley is oppo
site San Francisco on the east shore of
lin bay. It has an ideal ilimale. It is
jt city of beautiful homes that are sur
rounded by well kept grounds. As an
educational center ii is conspicuous. In
a.d4,ition to the University of California
it contains seventeen primary and
" grammar schools and also well known 1
private institutions of learninsr. The <
-Hsscssed valuation of Berkeley is more
than $33,000,000. , '
' In Berkeley thr.re are 30 churches '
• representing various denominations, and
\u25a0'ttleo four theological seminaries. There
\u25a0is a 20 minute service of two lines
betvreca Berkeley and Han Francisco,
furnished both by the Southern Pacific
company and the Key Route cars and
boats. By electric cars there is contin
f jial. communication between Berkeley
and Oakland and other communities on
the cast shore of the bay of San Fran
cisco. The trafns of two transconti
nental railways run through Berkeley.
The city has In its limits between
8» and TO manufacturing plants with
more in prospect. Owing to the favor
sble slope of the land toward the bay
liie drainage of Berkeley is perfect.
The wife founders of Berkeley made
provision for large building lots which
• iave been an element in the beautifi
caiion of the city.
Thousands of homes, situated on the
sightly grades, have a full jview of
'the Golden gate and' the harbor,, of
Han Francisco, together with the pic
. turesque Tamalapis range of \u25a0 moun
tains and glimpses, .of half a ' dozen
counties that border on tide water. .
J" The citizenship of Berkeley is dis-
J s ' ; 'ictly of a high class and this element
'\u25a0• *s generally recognized as one that
makes for municipal prosperity, as Hit
insures pleasing neighbors and co
operation In civic matters, with much
of social enjoyment. Berkeley .- 1s a
city in which originate many Intereyt
inc events. Chief among these is. the
series of «>nt«=rtainnicnts that take place
sit the Greek theater which is situated
in the hills above thn university
sxounds proper. TLis is the scene of
I < • , '\u25a0' SETTING ;\u25a0\u25a0. -s , .--'".."' .^ __./•—".' -\, V -'"
great musical festivals, of open air
dramatic performances In' which lead
ing artists appear, of weekly musical
entertainments that take place Sunday
afternoons, and of functions of various
The athletic events that result from
the rivalry of two universities — the
Uniycrslty of California and the Stan
ford university — the football, baseball
and field day contests are attractions
that draw thousands frequently to
Berkeley and furnish'the population of
tlie city with enjoyment. In this some
what cursory view of Berkeley, lead
ing features only are outlined. Beauti
ful Berkeley is a title to. which the city
on the east shore of the bay lays claim.
No one who ' is acquainted , with the
facts will deny - the validity of that
Choice Property to, Be Offered
at Auction
L.yon & Hoag will 'hold an auction of
real estate Tuesday, May 10, ut noon
in the store at 40 ; Post street near
Montgomery. The sale is by authority
of Frank A. Dwyer, court referee. ' .'.
The titles of propertied have -been
searched and the bidders will know in
advance that' clear, titles^ are offered.
Among the properties to be sold' are
2326 ;and 2328 Folsom street between
Nineteenth "and Twentieth, a two story
residence renting for $45 a month on a
lot 60x122:6 feet; lot. running from
Twenty-flrsi to Twenty-second avenue
between California and Clement streets,
In the Richmond district, capable of be
ing: divided into eight lots, each 25x120
feet; -lot ,45x66 feet -in Howard street
near Fourth; lot 60x80* feet In Howard
street near Sixth; 661 and 663 Shotwell
street 'near Twenty-first,'; a" two >story
house renting/ for 1 . |50, and lot 36x122:6
feet; Oakland; business corner "opposite
Point station ,at. Seventh and Pine
streets, 105x201 feet." with.building;con
taining four >toires and. lodging house
that rent for |96:a > ( month;-.Oakland''loi
In Thirtieth street; near MJnion, ;25x100
feet. . - These •' properties - a recall off ered
at referee sale arid the sale vwill ' be 'ab
solute," subject ; to the confirmation of
the referee.-. \u25a0 "..- ; «*' -•' ./, v t '\u25a0\-~.-~- :.''*-\u25a0
In 'addition ; to. the properties^ offered
at referee ,\sale,", the" following?;.' wilK.be*
auctioned: Two 1 lots on Guerrero, street
near ElghteentlCeach. 26x100 feet; 425
Fifth' avenuo between Point Lobos and
A strert.\ 2sxl2o,; .with two story h/imje
of six rooms; -cornerlof McAllister and
/Wlllard . streets, ,25x35ffept, with three
story- building; •» containing- six ; flats
which. rent f.or- 594 a 'montli.
..:\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0>.-.\u25a0.
Party of San Franciscans to
Take Part in Formal Cre=
aiion of Village
Taft, the new- Kern county townsite
in the Midway oil section, will be form
ally opened tomorrow by ." a large
party of investyrs who will leave; the
ferry at;\S:2o o'clock tonight, going
BOiith- froiTl Oakland to; Tracy. Fresno
and Bakersficjd. The party will "ar
rive .at Ta ft •at 11 10:301 0:30 o'clock. Sunda y
morning and make its return from
there at 6:30 o'clock in the evening of
the same day, reaching Ran Francisco
at !) oVlock Monday morning. '-.-.• j
The "new town is located on V the I
Sunset.lino of . the Southern. Pacific and
Santa Fe' railway companies.: The" maps
of the new: community ha ve/be.en" ac"-7
cepted^by the -county supervisors and
already . streets, have iri. *_ It
adjoins the, town ,of Moron, /which has
a population 0f. 2.500. Title in the new
towir will^be. given , to investors di
rectly from the .United States;govern
ment.; through ; the Philippine oil ; and
gas company, the to'wrislte, promoters.
Water /pipes have 'been laid/ \u25a0 the
streets will; be oiled and rolled, .con
crete curbing !put In and sewer, ; gas,"
electricity and,- tGleplione r . service .pre
pared^ for.. building;:restric
tions call' for brick,, stone; or concrete,
no,. wooden or 'galvanized: iron ;.struc :
tures "being > permitted \u25a0 within certain
lines, ' - :'•- .':'•_\u25a0 "' : \u25a0 '
ADDS 13,000 ACRES* . V
A. large, deal, has 'been* closed, by i the
"country/; department v ;'of^« Baldwin' ' &
HotveU.: involving: 13,000": acres in/ Sari
Luis ri Obispo«_county,' 'ahout i 15 --miles
\u25a0east . of ; Paso'-Robles. 1 ; .The c purchaser
0f.. -Uie- property,\ss ;th_e^C.. I 'W.i; Clarke
company. The*-; purchaser "owns /-about
35.000 acres 'adjacent UoltliislpropeVty.'
"'This is the second; transaction iinj. San
lAiis 'QbisiMV; county .^land^ .?,whlchl»has'
taken- place 3v\ithiiS; : the/-lalpt;month'^the
\u25a0 Yon v " .Schroder), ranch;" 1 consisting, of, about'
30.00.0 :• 'ore's, '\u25a0. liavi ng . been ; sold ; by; baron
voniJcbjroUcr/to ;!.", W/'liellhiaii,
Picnic Grounds and Poppy Fields
Become Favored Spots for
: The present situation" in the Fair
mount Park, Thousand Oaks, and Re
gents Park sections of North Berkeley
isunique. It has been: regarded up to
the present as a rather ', inaccessible
though beautiful country, suitable for
Sunday picnics, the thousands of hol
iday makers giving mute but eloquent
tribute to the beauty of 'Thousand
Oaks by; niaking it the destination of
their Sunday rambles. But all'this is
changed with |he. rapidity pf magic.
Where golden poppies and modest vio
lets bloomed for the special delectation
of the nature /lover,' wide gleaming
streets wind- invitingly over the hills."
The clank of 'the steam-shovel and, the
rattle' of the air; hammer along 'the
railroad lines . are at. once . heralds of
new life.
Tho ofncials of "the; Southern Pacific
have looked over this district, . noted
the fact that it lay directly in the path
silong which.; Berkeley is compelled to
grow; saw the: inspiring view, the
neighboring University of California
one and a- half miles away, and said;
"Here is the place where the growth
of Berkeley must logically go."
This was three years ago and since
that time $3,000,000 has been appro
priated for this" work. . Station sites
have been bought," franchises secured,
plans are complete and the lines of
track almost laid for a suburban sys
tem the liko. of which, can not be found
on \u25a0 tho coast.- Three lines, parallel,
until they , reach , Solano 'avenue* or
Ninth street between Fairniount Park
and Thousand Oaks, between Regents
Park. Nos. 4, \u25a0 6 arid :S, through Sunset
Terrace,' form ' two >\u25a0 complete double
track loops, on each -• of which electric
trains ..will maintain a 20 minuto
schedule. This . means a train • every
five or six !miniites, ! which Is far su
perior to the service* enjoyed by the
business centers of Berkeley, Oakland
or Alameda. ". . ./"".. ' '4 . \u25a0
It also means' a new business center
in Albany >n - Main street from .the
main , Une .of tracks of .tlie, Southern
Pacific through, Sunset Terrace to the
rlght-of way. of- the 'Key; Route, 1500
feet east- of San Pablo avenue, . ami
possibly farther. . f •
,>Thc greatlncrease in ; values enjoyed
by in vtstora in : Claremont was. caused
by the extension 1 of the' Key Route.to
the Claremont -hotel. - "Only .'one' ferry
line. is. responsible.: for: the -.phenomenal
rise from' s4o>per"fbot- in 1906j,t0 $100
per.-fb'ot in ; 1910. %--=./; ." ,
.-Fairniount 7 park and -Thousand Oaks
have.three Southern, Pacific lines, v/hich
wilK be running: within. six months,. arid.
i,there r is,a Key Route iline /: beside*;, that,
must r bc' runningvinslde of two years,
according to'the terms of, its' franchise^
• ; The j rise v ,in , val ue at Piedmont from
l!) 06 to 1910,. "while iri^inany' cases 100
per cent, startirig:at.'s3s. per,:foot, falls
short .of the rtremendouß Increase of
'Claremont: by j just i the Idifference" of a
ferry train service. Route
We ; have * located v many ;i people.' on ;
:subdiyislonis : of (Contra -Costa County
jrancbesi '< and l;have > now.-sonic" .ve'ryc
Icholce.property.'f In, lots': ffqm^3itb"4o;
"acres,; at' ; much 'belowHlie^prevalling'
' "market- price/;' Fi ne 1 s'ahdyJloam,' su it-*'-
'; for .. almonds.^t grapes. : : .,: apples,':
-p« a r s, x?y c ge tabl es, j "^ wal n v ts ) • '« and^
chickensr Nearj railroad ,'andi market. i
i,v; { 2I!»4, Center I street;- Berkeley^. - -\u25a0 ',
line is planned -through Piedmont, it
lias never been started, and it is safe
to say that when it does run Piedmont
values will jump another 100 per -cent
almost in a night. ' '
Ferry service from San Francisco to
a suburban property increases its buy
ing public by. the . population of. San
Francisco. The greater the buying
public the higher the price will . go.
The highest values are; at ,the : center
of population; the nearer suburban
properties are brought .to that' center
by transportation the higher, the j values
Will rise.": • - ' * • '->'-;\u25a0- -\u25a0.->*:.• . , : - : . • '. ;; .
: The' object , of this .article .is to point
out -the promise of the Thousand Oaks
and*- Falrmourit park section of North
Berkeley. '• It has. the same class of
street work that has made Adams point.
Piedmont and Claremont famous. .It
is exactly the same distance from- the
state university- as 'Claremont,- and 'its
farthest lots are not more -than- three
blocks from the finest, electric suburban
lines in California." ->"- • -. - '',
. All of the known .causes of- suburban
values are ; here 1 united— view,- edu
cational advantages, . transportation,
building restrictions,' street work and
natural-beauty— and- the result-can only
be "a tremendous growth In an incred
ibly short 'time. • ' * \u25a0. " rr-f
Richmond, and Sunset Figure in
Week's Transactions. ' -. \u0084
• Sol Getz & Sons,; lnc., report the fol
lowing sales:
.Lot ITOxIOO. at the southwest corner of. Judah
IJ) street hij-I Thirty-fifth avenue. Sunset dis
tritt, to Thomas F. and Charles A;Mahpf
; Lot 60x100. In the north line of Ania (A)"
Htrwt, CO feet west of Thirty-third aTenue, Rich
mond district, to John \u25a0 L. Hughes. '
I>ot_oox7S. in the oust line of Forty-ninth ave
nue .tOeean- boulevard), 137:6 feet south of
Qnlntara (Q) Btreet,oceansldc district, to Ben
jamin A. Curtail. • - , \u25a0
Lot 2T>xICK), In the northTrest - line of Madrid
street, 1 1.1 ' feet northeast of BrazU avenue. Ex
celsior homestead association, to Margaret Kelly.
Lot 25x12u. in the east line of Forty-eighth
avenue. lo.:6 feet south of Law ton (L) street,
Oceanside district, to Arthur E. Nathanson.
rx>t = 20x120. In the oast linn of Forty-fourth
avenue. 100 feet south of . Judah (J) street,
Oceanside district, to K. M. Borman. \u25a0
Lot 25x120, In the west line of Twenty-third
avenue., 125 feet south of Irvine (I) street, Sun
set district. : to Frederick M." Hlller. \ \u25a0.'
Lot 2.1x100,; in the north -line -of 'Yerba (X)
street. 107:6 teet west of Thirty-ninth avenue,
rarksid* district; to Ell Webb. 4
Ix>t 23x120. in the' west line of Thirty-third
avenue. • ;S."O feet south' of Geary street (Point
Lobos avenue), Richmond district, to Kathryn H.
Spalding*. \u25a0\u25a0:: .' .
-\u25a0: Lot\ftOxl2.":ll. in the north' line of Sloat
boulevard -(Market street). 200 feet west of
Thirty-ninth avenue, to Kristlna BJorman.
\u0084 L0t . 50x1 20. sln tbe west . line of Forty-seventh
aventie.-100 fpetsoutb of Judah (J) street, Sun
set district: to Edward Stocklln. . ,
"Lot 32:6x100,. at. the southeast corner of Irvlnjt
( I > street; and < Twenty-fifth avenue. Sunset dls
trfrt. to Kriotlna Bjorman. , • l . - - -
\u25a0-, Lot '23.80x120. in the west line- of Kin tli ave
nue. S-"5:6' Teet ?outU .of Motaga (M) . street. Sun-
Bet district, to Dennis M.= Coghlan. \u25a0•: - — s
\u25a0: Sol Getz"&. Sons have opened another
branch "office -"at Lincornway (H- street)
and .. Twentyf fourth 'avenue.Jn "tfie Sun
set;district; to, accommodate Ti-ould be
purchasers .of .lots in their Sunset tract.
Elmwood Court !
\u25a0 ' ' r ' r ' "-"' "' '"-^" " ::: " \u25a0"\u25a0"""" -•'\u25a0>' \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0.-\u25a0\u25a0. : \u25a0'-\u25a0-- :,\u25a0::•.\u25a0, :-."\u25a0:: \u25a0
' MM —
', / _ ;- t ,-\u25a0-_-_- .\u25a0-.,.' 1" \u25a0\u25a0'•iv.T: r ..-- . .-,': ..:,;,, .. : , . .-.. \u0084. .\u25a0., - -. TTr^^ /
.f - i For a home or investment- the few. remaining lots in this .!; ]
, !;•\u25a0"\u25a0 tract offer "exceptional^ opportunity:- $833}<j puts you in '
I,|; r possession of.oneof these beautiful lots. The balance 'can ;
; ; - r i. ;be "paid' im equal HnstaUments in one :and two years, with |§!
, ' \u25a0 interest on deferred payments at 6% net. -\u25a0-- . ! '
; , ; }.v \\ ..^Situate ,-one :blpck' : frora\tHe\CJaremont^Kcy 'Route -.'and • ' !
'.' , I \u25a0:;\u25a0*•,^-ithc::Russell 'Street ".car- line,f,affordtng^tiiirivale<l - <;
: , >', .: "'\v'ork;and^sidewall:s*completc.-'' , ;..^; ..^ \u25a0..\u25a0'. ;
j ; iill^i&^NTC^'St^-:.; ,\u25a0• :;i .\u25a0; : , ;, : vBERkELEy".;i; ;
Beautiful Residence Site in
Berkeley Is Rapidly Being
y Builf Up
BERKELEY, May 6.— To the activity
of the railroad companies no less than
to the beauty of this new residence
district. is due the boom which is now
on in Northbrae. Although the greater
number :of those who have already
bought are first -of all seeking out
Northbrae -as a -site • for their own
homes, many of -those .who first pur
chased'a lot :on which to build have
chosen others as an investment.
" The Northbrae boom is beneficial to
the city in' general, for among the hun
dreds; of people who have been at
tracted to. these properties many have
Bought, in other sections and the real
estate" situation is more gratifying now
than -it -has ever been. -Perhaps the
most remarkable feature. of the Xorh
brae activity.is that a large number of
the lots sold in that section have been
purchased by Berkeley "residents.
; Perry T. Tompkins, general manager
of^thc Mason-MacDufße company, re-
ports' that more than a dozen houses
are either being planned or under con
struction in. Berkeley heights and that
for several days past from six to eight
lots a day have been sold.
"Although this last month has been
perhaps the most lively In the history
of Berkeley real estate* it is just the
beginning of what Is now taking the
shape of a regular boom," said Tompkins,
"and this summer promises most ex
traordinary business In Berkeley resi
dence property. There can be no doubt
in the mind of any one who spends a
few hours in Berkeley, that It Is the
coming residence city of. the Pacific
\u25a0 "Many people who have come out to
Berkeley from Oakland and from San
Francisco after an absence of a year
or so have expressed their astonish
ment at the transformation of the
northern part of the city."; Beautiful
houses: have sprung up, and gardens
with millions of roses are in bloom
where what seems but a few months
ago wore, cow pastures.
"During the last few weeks we have
sold- two houses in • Claremont and 11
lots fn Claremont and Claremont "court.
These : were very and brought
big prices, but I predict that any of
the lots in ,the " Northbrae properties
will be worth: so per.'cent 'more than
any of these In one year-_from today." \u25a0'.
PAGES 11 TO 22
Oakland Shows Larger Increase*
Than Other Coast Cities
and Realty Sells Well
There is no better Indication of tho
prosperity of a community than its*
bank clearings, and Oakland durinje.
the last three months has increased
her bank clearings over those of last
year by a greater percentage than any
other city on the Pacific coast. During
January. February and March. Oak
land's average of increase was more
than 70 per cent — for the month of
March alone It was more than 81 per
The increase in San Francisco, Los
Angeles and Seattle averaged from 22
to 25 per cent, and none of these cities
even approached the ! record made by
Another indication of business con
ditions is the activity of the" realty
market, which during the last 60 day*
has eclipsed all previous records, la
speaking of the matter. E. B. Bull,
manager of the Frank K. Mott com
pany, said that February. Starch and
April had been by far the biggest
months in their history.
"The sales that we made in Grand
avenue heights in February and
March and those that we made in East
lawn in April brat all the records of
our office," said Bull. "Last Sunday at
the opening of our Eastlawn properties
we entertained one of the biggest
crowds that ever assembled at a tract
opening in Oakland, and our sales
went well over the $100,000 mark. We
find that Oakland properties are not
only beinsr purchased by local people,
but that hundreds of outsiders ar« tak
ing advantage of conditions and secur
ing all the property in Oakland 'that
they can afford to boy. There is no
question that this city has a wonderful
future, and this fact Is beginning to
be appreciated not only throughout
California but throughout the eattro
"Our chamber of commerce Is re
ceiving hundreds of letters from all
over the United States inquiring about
Oakland properties, and scores of these
people who have visited Oakland have
either made purchases in local realty
or have left with the intention of do
ing so in the very near- future.
"Never in" my experience have 1 seen
such a demand from outside sources
for Oakland properties. This demand
is not confined to business real estate,
but is extending throughout the
suburban districts into the various
residential tracts that are now being
placed upon the market. The shrewd
est investors are putting their money
into these outside districts., and It
seems to be the consensus of opinion
that Oakland's greatest development in
the next 10 years will be in tho In
crease in value In residential holdings.
Blocks are now being sold not only by
ourselves but by a number of other
real estate concerns in Oakland that
ought to double In prices within the
next few years.
"The development of the canal, the
world's fair and the general upbuilding:
of the Pacific coast will have a ten
dency to increase the population of
Oakland very materially, and this will
create a demand for outside residential
properties, and the value of the choicest
properties will- unquestionably bo
greatly enhanced." . «' .
Juster & Balrd of Berkeley report
that business is picking up. and that
the prospects in Elmwood Court are
particularly encouraging:. Nowhere In
the city are the transportation facili
ties more convenient. A comparison of
prices on this property with that of
other land in the vicinity shows that
a nice profit can be made by simply
buylng one of these lots on the in
stallment plan and then selling at the
prevailing rate in the neighborhood.
Balrd said that considering the style
and class of homes being built in Hlm
wood Court, and the great future of
Berkeley, it was not improbable that
within four or five years the property
would be worth at least $75 to $100
a front foot.
Any one who takes the trouble tc
go on the ground and see the match
less view of £an Francisco bay and
the Golden gate on one hand and the
beautiful Berkeley hills on the other
can not fall to realize the future pos
sibilities of the property.
"Why not buy a lot in this' tract
for your future home? .
. Last of the Hillside property in
Houses and Lots All . Over Town
; If you arc thinking of coming to
Berkeley, see
:*•-;'. Phone Berkeley 331 /

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