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Daughters of Early Californians
Gather at Historical Tree
in the Park
Collection of Valuable Records
Placed on Exhibition in
the Museum
The ?ixi!i anniversary of the plant
ing of tbr historical tree by the Dawgli- J
ters of California Pioneers;, which took!
place yestejrday, was marked by throw- J
ing open to the public the Jacob Lcesc
collection of records of early California
and an open air luncheon by the tree
on t!ic file of the old "43 camp In Gold
en Oate park by the members of the
Tlio oollectlon. one of the most val- I
uable of its kind, has been gathered by)
the members of the organization and
henceforth will be on exhibition in the
park museum. In it are old letters,
maps showing: the original Santa Fe
waeon trail, army documents relating
to the bear flag affair and original con
tracts for the first Cmnese labor to be
brought to California. No cxremony
attended the affair.
The collection has bc^n laid out by
Curator George Barron and aftrr it \u25a0
liad been examined by the members of
t!i«* society lunch' was served.
The historical tree of the society was
decorated with American Jlag? and the
t;ih)^p banked with flowers. I^ikc the
preceding affair the lunch was informal •
i:i the extreme. At its conclusion brief
remarks were made by Mrs. Emma T.
• MacGregor. the president: Mrs=. James
J. Donnelly, George Harron, Miss Lucie
Adams and Mis? Ila Biven. Mrs. Mac-
Gregor reviewed the early pioneer '
days and told of the fortitude and
bravery of the pioneer women and the
part they played in the upbuliding of
the state.
"Th* vaiur of these anniversaries," j
sho said, "lies not alone in the pleasure |
we have in meeting one another, but!
alto in perpetuating the memory of
our brav<» mothers and keeping fr«»sh j
In* the minds of the succeeding gener- i
at ions the high ideals which were
Mrs. .lam^s J. Donnelly 7 , on* 5 of the t
leading members of In* historical com
mittee of thp organization, dwelt on 5
the value of the collection which had'
previously been loaned to the public I
•I find," she said, "that there is a !
deep interest amnng the public gener
ally in regard to the early days of
California and the reason necessarily!
lies in the romantic settings which'
marked them. For this reason I be- j
lif-ve the pioneer daughters of Califor-*!
nia have acted wisely in throwing open i
its valuable collection to the public. I
and I am confident that it will be. apl j
predated/* j.
The luncheon was attended hy about \u25a0
50 members of the organization and
several children.
— \u25a0 •— — -
WOODCRAFT WHIST- Re-lirooi c i rr ip Xo -,
of tlip ffwn of Wood(-r«ft will h»vo a whist
partr id it* hall in rhmvb Ktr(^t npar Market
'iSS^' Bight< witi three prizes for tlie *** \
——————— — .
POLICE EAID POOLEOOM-A pnr.lror,!,, at 7 -s I
>...mpr.niorj- w»s rauW restrnby tttn- !
n.^n by [VdiCmcß Orr. H R j-,i rn , n^ Silrr r. i
rhr- kwgn, Frank J. Loniban. and 15to visitor*
«*"!\u25a0«» an-PMod. j
778 Market — 710 Market — Post and Grant — 16th and Mission—^943 Kearny, San Francisco
13th and Broadway — 10th and Washington — 16th and San Pablo, Oakland .
____^^M\ ftfc^?> AUTOMOBILES
-^ 10TH *VaSHI>'GTOS, Oakland ;
Sole Agents for ** iiiiwiwwiii i\u25a0! mill m\ miwiirmmßaMßnM^. Agents for TIZ,
the celebrated M^yf^^ CtfiarSaic M° fl %» Tuesday, Wednesday A "for tender feet."
Kcxall Kemedics. EAlla J|/CWldis SAN FRANCISCO— OAKLAND Swissco, hair
N"bt cure-alls. j \u25a0 • — : — ~- remedy. Cooper's
A separate rem- Espej's Cream 3Tnrray & Lanman's Flor- - 5c Station- * ]Yew DiscorerT,
i -'13c Wm-M tto-**^
arate ailment. „„.._ U"""" «'»'«, fully guaran- Pel)( . coTooth ; s Po»lam. the sklh;
B°i8 ° id °- the — . soap. . 7c S at r r Epecial 17c a '™ ei >: \u25a0"»>'*
money-back plan. V m,,,,.,, ......... IV -Hair Health..
llB^ lll *^^ Our reconstructed Liquor De-
Suit Cases )£?\u25a0£? ' o ofn f mo'sfcS^f Poison Oak Remedy
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Way. flatting cases at $1.98, I SDecia! for thi«? sale- I countr y- Attords instant, relict.
worth twice our price; 24 inches I Hunter Rfc \viNou ; S 1 ° r po^ onin S. also effective in,
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ciai price....... \: Amateur I Rubberset Tooth Brushes
imported Soap Phot OOT^nhif r New supply just received, enough
« 7TT Z uuiu^iapilV/ to meet, all demands. : /I r;
Post and Grant Store Contest ° WL pr^ e :^- : .y '•••••••'• Lvti
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adapted for the most delicate PHELAX BLDG. STORE KUPPCr UOOQS
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Candies mSi£? 3>5U tllVCfl AWfly ance « insuring absolute satisfac-
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HARRY W. Overman
Who Will Stage
Show For Eagles
BUMMAGE SALE -The Ladictf Aid so->ip»y of
Moniwial Prosliytcrian <-bur< % h will «]>*>n a nim
mser sale at .'Jl^i Twr-nty-fourlb stroot. Turs
•laj-. May 10. t'ontribijtions niay hf s^nt direct
to the Btoee or the c<iuiioittcc- will call. . .
lins H^Vod tbe; p;irk omuiissionnrs to tsVco un
• l>>r their i-bars»- the statuf of lilvrrty that vvas
rre.>t*>d ip 1577 Ji.v A.lol|>h Sutro. The stahir
i-^ on a piece of (rrt«in<) K»0 feet sqtmr«\ and it
is i!pg|rf<l that tlio ppaoo should be planted and
kppt in ord^r.
A Remarkable Cure
_t5-ii'fji l !SJift*-i_' ' "Mayerle's* German Eye-
i =jJ»Jfce?i3*?T(Qt> > , water ?2tp me inslaut rr-
I £SmFsZ i &*&i**T& Ue' a nt * effected a core In
\u25a0 J&'-jCf^X&i*. two days." MISS BONI-
' W'-'iZtSglnW* I'ACIA YON ECHT. St. Jo-
! W'J^S^^^^? t-rpb'b Hospital. San Iran
At drusgl*ttf*. SOc. or sen<l 63c to George
Ma.verle. Gradmte German Expert Optician, 060
> Market street, San Francisco.
THE^ "SAN FH^yOISCO " G^li;-v^MN3M^ I\LA V" 8, 1 91 b:
Local Aeries Plan for Amateur
Entertainment at Valencia
' While .the "Chanticleer" is arousing
Paris with its dramatic ability, the
13agjes of San Francisco are preparing
for something quite as uproarious, if
not more so. Aerie No. 61" is planning
to give an amateur show at the Va
lencia theater early in June, under the
direction' of Harry \V. Overman of Chi
cago, who recently, presented ait TSagies
show in (pakland. ; fV; -v v : •. .
There : ;are riiorc.than SiOOO. Eagles ;in
the San Fra.hcisco "aenVs Xo. !5 ~a'nd' : ;.'J?o.'
61. ajid 'they' are alf lininj; up -behind
the big showy. -This will be -the- Urst,
• performance, ever given "by No. 61, ajid'
the' members' of "the^ aerie are : positive
that ; it Avill \be the- best amateur n.uow
ever 'given. i.The talent./ eommfttee, 'of
which Cjiarles K. A. Creighton is chair
man, is now selecting the men who will
take-' part in; the show. The first; re
hearsal is-called for tomorrow night at
the. Eagles hall in Market street. • ..
The two. lodges of Eagles in San
Francisco contain some of- -the best
known men in the city. Nearlyiall of
the county officials arc members of one
or the other aerie. '. * , . .
SPOKAXP:, May 7.— -Forest fires rat
Salnio, B. C, about 150 miles norlh of
Spokane, have done heavy damage, btit
are now under control. Special dis
patches received this afternoon from'
Nelson report that no. further danger.
is anticipated unless the wind changes.
Advices from \u25a0 Trail. B. C. state that
the tire at Murphys creek also in un
der control.
A brush fire broke, out last night at
Pass creek, near Castlegar. but was
put under control today :by a ctew of
workmen of the, Canadian Pacific.
- */*^^**V L»*le»t A»k your Drneetst for /j\
%j <( Q^U Chl-che»-ter'ol>iamondßrm«d//\\-
tUIIaJTSiSCTv Tills in Ked ani Gold ne'.allicV^^r
C^^lolfeig box«. sealed wfth h'.ue K:tbe2. \/
•fW Ssi TpWJ Take no other, liny »froar v ,
I L. W UL&MOM> I!UAM» IMI.LS, for «5
. V<6* O yeitskni-jwn at BeA, Safest. Always tleilabla
J Deposition Taken by Defense
Without Proper Notice to
State Prosecutor
KANSAS CITY, May" 7.— Wrangling
over a' deposition that involved one
question so retarded the < progress of
the Hyde trial today that the defense
failed to close* its case, as it had
planned to do^ . .
.The deposition : was that of Mrs. John
M. Clears. - She ;was ill and her tcsti-
v mbriy "was . taken 'at' her , home this
;mqrhing %i > ; {?ho -. ".tfistiticd Vthat Doctor
Hyde -alidV.hla' wife itook dinner at 'her
Miousq , November \2l". •\u25a0' Th^o ' state'J in
sists that'the couple were'at the Swopc
: home: that dayr" .:'..,'
\u25a0 ProsefiUtor'-.Cpnkiing "asserted when
court convened ;this -afternoon Ithat he
had not been givervproper notice of the
intention to take- the • deposition, and
; he, whs -sustained .by .the .court.
"By the time, this '/\u25a0matter* was settled
it. was late-in the (lay. . > : ;
-Dr. . J. W. Perkins wasr then called
and. questioned briefly, after which
court adjourned until, Monday.
NATIONAL LEGION .BALLi-Oatland. May. 7.—
Tiip , -National-^ prntPctiTo-: -logions. Klmhurst,
.2L!0; Mflroso,". 21.5);, Oakland.^ I!>O.V garo a
joint annual ball Wednesday evening at-Maple
41ii11.-. . './.. \u25a0.: --\u0084.;\u25a0 .... •I' \u25a0. : :-m • , ": f - ,
Every Tailored Suit
in the House
Formerly Marked %^k %L
to Sell Up to $95 mt *J?
| is no other store in San Francisco that could truthfully make this offer at this
;JT time, thesteady selling during the;past few months our stocks are in a po-
\-c : sition^foi>just such a clearance as we intend to-giyc them at this time. If you are look-
ing ;for^something sensational,^ something almost incredible, here it is — a real, bona fide July
g^§fS|^§i^^rly.vMayr^.the;very ; heart of the season, not the tail end.
Shop Early-^We Expect the Greatest Rush in; Our History
NOT until you see these suits in our windows will you realize the tremendous values
involved in this offer. Every right style for Spring and Summer—the favored models
.in plain and fancy tailored effects— all popular Spring and Summer weaves in every
fashionable color. Wrriong them imported three piece novelty suits that sell in other stores
at $50, $75, $100 and even up to $125. These are bold statements, but you can verify them by
an inspection of ourwindows. See the merchandise — you'll buy if you are eager for a bargain.
|HSS$29LZ5|ff t^jffiw*** WLOR \$ 22 ' 50 and "P
WL JB »4y II fi^S H&n^S
- •• • -- \u25a0\u25a0• . \u25a0 ..•.•\u25a0••-••\u25a0\u25a0•
to our new building at
Post and Stockton Sts.
! ; "• Watch for opening announcement
Re moval Sale Red uction s
.-'\u25a0> in all departments still •;
prevail at Ellis St. store
zzl :s:

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