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"Farming Pearls as One Might
Farm Potatoes."
Learn How to Raise
Your Own Cems.
The Sunday Call
Jeffries and Johnson Probably
Will Meet in This City
July 4
Attitude of Oakland Authorities
Makes Emeryville's Chances
One in a Hundred
Rickard and Gleason Practically
Have Completed Plans to
Stage Battle Here
EMERYVILLE is dinging to the
pugilistic map by the most deli
cate thread, but the chances are
100 to 1 against the Jeffries-Johnson
fight being staged there. The pro
meters find the transbay ground so
shaky under their feet that the}' prac
tically have completed their plans to
come back tv »San Francisco. .The
attitude of District Attorney Donahue
and Sheriff Barnet of Alamcda county
has not changed within the last 24
hours. If anything, the threatening
clouds have grown blacker and more
Rickard and Gleason. the promoters,
arc striving desperately to settle upon
a battle ground without further delay.
That they made good use of the last
24 hours is attested by the fact that
they have already laid their plans for
another invasion of San Francisco.
They have been assured that the big
Jiattle ran \>e staged here without offl
. t-;al interference and they also have
been promised that the necessary per
mit will be granted by the police com
mittee of the supervisors next Monday
Will Transfer Permit
This permit is to be issued to the
Broadway club, of whfch James J. Grif
- fin is the manager. The promoters
talked business with Griffin last night
and the night before. He practically
''has accepted their terms, and if noth-
I :r.g jroes wrong in the meantime he
v formally Trill turn, over his permit to
<;iea*on and Rickard just as soon as it
Is grants! by the supervisors.
John [*' Herget, chairman, of the
police committee of the supervisor*.
• Trill not oppose tlie transfer of the per
mit. On the contrary, he will en
courage it. Ilerge.t is an old time
fighter, referee and promoter himself.
Although he and Rickard had a tilt
several months ago, Herget seems very
•willing- to let bygones be bygones.
With this end in view, he will do all in
his power to aid the promoters.
"Rickard and Gleason did not treat
me right some months ago when they
promised to stage* the battle in San
Francisco," said Herget yesterday. "I
will admit that I was ruffled at the
time and the sporting public at large
sided with me. However, it is all over
. now and I hold no ill feeling toward
either of the promoters.
Will Help City
!**l " believe that the people of San
Francisco want to see this great bat
tle decided here. It will help the town
to a. marked degree. It will bring a
lot of people and a lot of money here.
As long as San Francisco tolerates
prizefights, there is no reason in the
world why this, the nght of all fights.
should not be decided here. If the
promoters keep within the law. I will
not oppose them. In fact, I- will do
'f *rhat I can to help them.
"There is nothing in the city ordi
nance to prevent a 45 round contest.
The ordinance Bays that these bouts
must be limited, but no limit is named.
It hae been a time honored custom for
the supervisors to place the limit at
.20 rounds. However, as long as Jef
rles and Johnson have signed for a 45
round contest. I believe that the arti
cles should be lived up to, and I be
lieve that none of the city officials will
, have any objections to offer."
Rickard and Gleason even have gone
co far as to cast about for a suitable
location for their arena. They have
two sites In view — the old Central
park property at Eighth and Market
streets and the Ocean Shore terminal
grounds at Twelfth and Mission streets.
Either would suit the purpose of the
promoters, and it is only a matter of
'\u25a0losing with the owners. It is under
stood that negotiations will be opened
immedlatelj', or at least after the per
mit for the bout , has been officially
• tamped.
Williams Makes Statement '
Thomas H. Williams," president of the
New California jockey club. and. the
man from whom the promoters . have
leased the Emeryville arena, denies that
hr has broken faith with Rickard or
that he hap failed to live up to his
promise. Williams admits, however,
that he informed Rickard pome days
ago that he would prefer that" the fight
take place elsewhere, but he adds that
O" assured Rickard that he would live
'vp to every letter of his contract- in the
svMit that another battle ground could
not be found.
"Whether or not the combat will be
h«ld across the bay Is entirely in; the.
Continued on Page 12, Colnmna 5 and 6
The San Francisco Call
Future >of republican part y.^_ Page 6
Lojic t>t Mandpalters* position. Page*J
Encourage trsd? tvith Thilipplnes. Page 6
Simula plan for fixing freight rate?. Page 6
California repudiates Chicago adjectifc. Paare 9
New g:u»hpr brought in at.Maricopa burls oil
far above derrick. Page 11
Lakei-tew pigher continues to pour forth 40,000
barrels of oil daily. * Page 11
.Salinas gas and electric company sues Asso
ciated oil company. Pagre 11
Members of . San Francisco stock exchange to
make tour of oilfields. Page 11
Negotiations are opened for purchase 'of- the
Peerless oil company. Page 11
OH strike near Casmalla presages the .cxten-.
sion of Lomp'oe- fields. • Page 11
BakersfleM oil brokers defer formation of ex
change until early falL Page 11
Development work in Sunset and Midway fields
prosecuted with vigor. Page 11
Indications are' that compromise will be reached
in pending ofl legislation. ' * Page 11
Operatives in Santa. Clara oilfields succeed in
keeping water from wells, f/v". Page 11
West oil company's Cat Canyon well promises
to soon produce large flow. Page 10
Independent and Coalinga oil agencies will con
solidate In Bakersfield today. . page 11
Development work in North Midway continues
despite threat .of Tickett bill. Page 11
Prosecution finishes an<l Flannery's defense Is
begun in "prrttertlou'' trial. . \u25a0 Page 1
Members of California club listen to annual
reports at meeting.* '•iy Page IS
Twelve inch guns at Fort Baker smash target
at pea in good style. Paged
Branch offices for registration, to be opened
next iv "nth. Page *
Santa Clara and St. Ignatius colleges to" hold
debate tonight. v Page IS
Ilarriman's Pelican lodge to be country club
for millionaires. *;*-'*\u25a0 .• ; Page IS
Big championship fight probably will be held
in San Francisco. Page 1
State statistician plans to register all babies
born In California. ' • \u0084 Page IS
Pupils of Commercial high school become
teachers for a day. Page 10
Maud Allan's volunteer charity benefit, nets
three thousand dollars. Page 10
Curator Bsrron of park mujeum sets aside
exhibit' room for children. Page IS
Hartb vrili,pans through tail of Halley's comet
today. Iteglnnlng about noon. Paije 3
Nurse . and . doctor attend wedding of ,\u25a0 army
officer and pretty patient. Pnge IS
TV. R. Hearst sues The Call for $100,00 dam
ages for publishing Gaynor speech. Page 1
Two girls . of_ graduating class plan extended
visits beyond Bockirs. ' .'Pajje 9
'."Diversity students leave for the cast on
concert tour. • \u25a0 \u25a0 - - . Page i»
Wife in divorce suit says husband objected
to haviDg tome. • \ •'\u25a0' '' l'age 8.
Flenry FchuleT testifies that he saw brother!
sober but twice. • . . P/age 0
Breezy bageball ' sketch Is big hit at the
Oakland Orpbeutn: Page 8
Youth F»»!itrnco<l to four years in prison for
swindling attorney. - - Page h
Miss Vena Tomlio, student dancer, to be bride
of II. \u25a0 W. Edwards. Page 11
Singers . rehearse drama of criciflxlon for fes
tival of Bach music. . Page 8
President Hadley delivers golden jubilee ad-.
dress at state university. '\u25a0 Page ."
MarrJssre «if Mltis Klorcnrc Plummer and Joseph
Mcllroy at Ban Francisco. Page 8
Slsyrr of Elmhurst youth voluntarily surren
ders and pleeds self defense. Page 8
L*wler passes lie direct in Ballingcr case and
Kerby contradicts secretary. Page 3
King Edward's body lies in state In West
minster hall. Page 1
Senators with patched up team defeat Seals
by the srore of 4 to -. Page 13
Vernoa Villagers drub Angels .In opener of
series by scor<> of 3 to 1. \u25a0 Page 13
Battling Nelson defends boxing matches before
congressional committee. 'Page 12
Bearers lose trst , game of series to Oakland
through Roman's fine work. Page 13
Chester Krum in handicap and Ronamo all
that saved day for talent. Page 12
Conley sn/1 - Moran reach a compromise agree
ment and Cfflit Is on again. Page 12
Tex Hickard Issues manifesto that he will ref
eree the big fight himself. Page 12
Oakland grammar schools hold great field day
won by Lockwood' athletes. Page 13
Stanley Ketehel knocks out Porky Flynn In
the third round at Boston. Page 12
Epidemic of Influenza nt Shccpsheari bay
threatens famous racehorses. Page 13
Caveman Sam Langford severely punishes Al
Kuditik and referee stops bout. . Page 12
All America Rugby team leaves Oakland , mole
for Australia on Invitation tour. ; Page 12
Barney i Rchreiber and associates campaigning
to restore horse racing in Missouri. Page 13
Mongolia will' carry 2,000,000 rounds of am
munition to Manila. Page*l7
Emblem Marking Foray of Men
of Fremont Felled
[Special Diipalch io T.he Call]
SONOMA, May 17.— The historic
Bear flagpole, which has stood in the
plaza here since June 14, 1846,. when
Captain. Ezekiel Merritt led a party of
11 men from Fremont's camp. 120 miles
distant, to Sonoma, and captured Lieu
tenant Arcl, has fallen as a 'result" of
the^tormenting.- given It by the high
wind Sunday night. The citizens here
were so accustomed to seeing the pole
withstand the elements year after year
that no precautions were taken' to pro
tect it. ' -\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 . . \u25a0
Delegates ,toj Be Taken. to >Many
Chinese Cities l
OAKIxAND. May. 17.— The Oakland
chamber ' of commerce has received an
invitation to «end delegates to the
Shanghai Chinese chamber of
merce [ v next autumn.' Arrangements
have been made' r for the. delegates to
visit Shanghai, Hankow, Tientsin, Foo
chovr^Amoy and'Cantonv
SA* : >FRAiTO^^
Sues Proprietor' of The Call for
$100,000 for Publishing"
Sensational Speech >
This Newspapers t. Refusal to
Render Apology Results in
Demand for Damages
John D. Spreckels as. the. proprietor
of The Call is. accused of libel." The ac
cusation is brought by .W*. "k. - Hearst,
some time of California^ all' the time
an \u25a0 unsuccessful;' candidate \u25a0'\u25a0if jor? public
office and in his incorporated^ capacity,
owner' or^ director-; of 'r-'nuinerousjnews
papers..- \u25a0•\u25a0..- -.' !•. .'. :'- '.'..':\u25a0;.\u25a0 .\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-'-
Hearst brings^.his accusation in - the
form of a suit .for damages s \vhich jhe
estimates in\ the' sum off jlbo,6oO.\VThe
suit is based- upon The-' Call's .publica
tion \u25a0 of ' a'spee'ch , .del i vered '' by May or
Gaynor\ of . New'(Y6rk^at\rthe; bahquet
given to tha members of -Yh'e; Associated
Press and 1 the American publishers' as
sociation, 't ; j . \u25a0' '-\u25a0;\u25a0. f -
Apology Squares ; "Generar' ]
T,he suit against The^Call; and i ts^pro^
prietor. was filed ..in the*"superior court*
in San \u25a0< Francisco yesterday." Similar
suits V were', filed. againsUß.' A. Crothers
as ! proprietor of , the.' Bulletin,' and the
Evening Post publishing, company,*' pub'--;
Usher : of the Post-Globe. I '\u25a0'•' M.' II; de
Young, v viho in his incorporated"capac
ity owns. the. Chronicle, escaped thr-, dis
tinctiori. of- a like: suit, presumably' be
cause he apologized .'for publishing? the
speech jvvhich Hearst declares, has dam
aged him.* Garret ; W. McEnerney is the
attorney « irii'charge'of Hearst's local
campaign for salve. '^
The. suit brought-againsLvTlie Call is
identical •\u25a0with Uhose brought-: against"
the Associated "Press' and a score or
more of newsjfapers and their editors
throughout the country.' The -'only- ap
parent difference; lies, in .the -amount of
damages. .Hearst .claim's : h-e" has suf
fered in the different localities.'
Waives Personal -Balm
With a sense of 'the. verities^of which
he had not been -suspected;'; Hcarsti tloej;
not base' his Jde'mand^ifbr^'iclV.mVgest'on
the assumption that his ; reputation has
suffered. H is _. 'claim' - : is tprTA^tuft^^jniir
)agefi,':;'presumably^to*: ; .'his^Vnevr^paper
"';.' "--' ''\u25a0• ~ y '\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 ': V' \u25a0\u25a0: ] ' : ';;;; V, Photo^by Paul-lTbomeon, . N."^- Y. ";:\u25a0 - ; - .\u25a0 - ; - ; - *.-"•\u25a0•-"••\u25a0•\u2666..?•'!, -- r .x
The crowd : at the entrance to Buckingham palace" when iit Was announced. tha^lKingiEdwardyirwasidead:.
The photograph shows the royial standard \u25a0 at h^jnast^fofa
which the, ktp&vb°dy. was removed^y^ /fte;/uncra/fon^Fn^ai;.;T/i«e'arc
the first photographs '.. to 'arrive from £ng/<^Jsince?/ftc^^/ng's-(feaift.- ; .- f ;U, ; ' ;^^^"^ -,:i -w \u25a0 i /;> % ;.' -I
properties *in ' San\ Francisco and -.Los
Angeles. He makes, no' claim.? for. ex
emplary damage's," '.and, \in fact, ex-;
pressly waives, them.. _• . ' . :
.The ;.' publication-., of -.\u25a0 which , Hearst
complains, was- the;' report' of ra > speech
delivered by Mayor -Gay nor, 'of New
York at the Waldorf- Astorias on April
28. In : that speech ; Mayor *; Gayn'or
flayed Ilearpt ; as -a\: journalist;;without
sense of truth (or,: justice^ ;»He. declared
that' in order to > injure ; him and; his!ad
ministration '-Hearst had, printed a re
production of a. Ne w/Tork city f warrant
foV $45,000, ; from_; : which:; the. 'date .line,
had.been- eliminated. --"'Gaynor declared
that the warrant had been drawn. under^
the administration of Mayor •; McCiellan
arid that the date was' deliberateiy.'sup
pressed . to i make i it ' appear. < that ; itVwas'
a ',: Gaynor administration -charge : on; the'
treasury *at "the very inception : 'of]Gay-; V
nor's incumbency. '- \u25a0 ; '"\u25a0'*•"\u25a0';
Speech Created .Sensation; *(
1 1 * wa s y on e nof the . most ;, sensational
speeches .evMer.dellyered; at ja-- banquet
board. ; a' verbatimVeport;of : tlie 'speech'
wasvsentiout' by-th"e 'Associated'jpfess?
A^majority of .tjiV^Asspcrated/PrVssfpa*
persnof the country': printed ilVv'inc!fuH '
Simple Ceremonies and Public
Sorrow Mark Removal of
Fifty Thousand Subjects Wait
v for Chance to Vievv Face
of Dead Monarch l
. LONDON/ May 1 7.— Simple ceremonies
marked the, removal today s of the* bod^"
of. Edward V II •J'frora - Buckingham 5
palace to Westminster .hall, ibut^more
impressive ? than t, the; presence oftkings
and- tlie gorgeous uniforms of. "state Of
ficials of jthe army land, navy- was
silent- grief displayed' by .tlVe^Brltlsh
, people, i Massed beh ind ' double: Hnef Tof
soldiers; they watched, ;,witlv- strained
eyes and bowed heads ;' -thei passing^of
the -gun -carriage that bore vth^Tcoffln
of the monarch. " - ; \u25a0 \u25a0 i"-^*
The queen mother, f Alexandra^ who
\u25a0rode.in the/first 'state carriage; suffered"
with' queenly dignity, and King^Gfrorgy,
walking, behind tlie >\u25a0 coffin V/wfth^liis
two sons," the duke' of * Cornwall?*and
tprjnce' Albert, \ showed' no, signVof^the"
burdens of sorrow ;\u25a0 and : 'stale' T^'thaV
'rested on his shoulders.l ] :~." jrs>£: % \u25a0 '.;; : .
'Body Lies' in State /', "\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0• : o\y *\u25a0.'"•
y\ln Westminster -hall, where; theJEng
ljslij ihonarchs down to George/IV/gaVe
,thoir , coronation festivals," J '^wliere
.Charles 1 was <:ondfn\neU-?jsto'*^:dea.Xh,
where Cromwel 1 was ' *sa 1 ut efiiiord|p < ro-.
toctor, arid where , George ; > Jt iVfuwas
crowned, the body of EdwardiV'lll?<vill
liein state until Friday. ;.^TtTen?Ttswni :
boltaken to Windsor castleiithcrelfoffie*
placed temporaf-ily in th>^«."uit>ben'eatli
the'; floor of. St. George's^chapel^'and
later-^in the tomb tJjat?»>viilv be **pre- f '
pare«l '\u25a0 in !'Albert Memorial',* chapeL<V^tr?
.\u25a0l Brief : .'attended^ohlyjjbyi tli4
members "of the royal >faniily,?w'ere?'con
ducted-; at Buckingham^ palace ;firi- the
morning by the bis!ipp'?of riipndoh. : /.-The"
archbishop of Canterbury received thn
body-at>\Vestminster,*hall,^yhere:it: 'was
borne : on tho^ shoulders of soldiers ""and;
placed" upon ' the : p'irple/catafalqueXc A"
white -and gold em^rojdercii ipaii,-, with
the 'royal ensign,, >^is the/cbfnh.Canfl,
above 'all are".' the jorb,, .crowh'an'd
scepter. /, . ,; ' -. .. \u25a0 , , v , ( :\u25a0' ' :'. ;\u25a0 • ; , .'* \
. At 4 o'clock iiv" tfieVaf terhoonfitho
doors in; the hall < were -thrown \u25a0[ open 'to'
the public*-:",/ Already 150,000 people "were
in ; line,. waiting -for 'admission. • j They
;were • composed of 'the middle
and working men,- women '-'and
[ children..: A. steady stream began'pass
.ir?g^ through ; the; hall , at *, the ; rate foC
6,000 an hour,* and at' 10. o'clock tonight,"
when the hall ; was, closed, {there was -a
line jcxten'dingi'through^ the \u25a0\u25a0 streets" -for
nearly 'two Imiles.^v yi^ -r .j- : y j«:'\ 5
\u25a0-} King; Alfonso -of \u25a0 Spain ' and
Geor'ge ! oi 'Greece ; arrived in London»to'
,nigl)t.V.. Both > were ; met {at /the station
by King! George,*; the 'duke! of.* Cornwall,*
thefdukeof Connaiight^and pother-royal
personages.; .; Prince :" Henry .of % Prussia
also: reached; here 'tonight-, to:. represent
the? German' navy \ at'; the 'funeral.-"^ He
,was . met \u25a0\u25a0 b'y-jl tbejduke : of rcorinaught .'on
;beliaif:ofithetking.'' ;•;\u25a0\u25a0 '..-\u25a0-,' \u25a0\u25a0'':",]*'\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 • :
- > The C : procession vlf rbm ; ; i Buckingham
palace'? to "hall \?p"aVsed
through i;doubled 'f lines K of i • redcoated
soldiers f flanked 1 with •". rows * of f police
men and' a mass rof silentrbiack t: garbed
-humanity; '\u25a0'\u25a0 .'.;,;\u25a0 .<-\u25a0 ,;".:'\u25a0:'• .\u25a0'\u25a0 i.'-h^V- /: / \u25a0';"•?'
.- ? ; ,Thei buildings^ along'ithe \ route I were
heavilyr draped 'withfYmoufhlng.^"' The
.first -jlntimatlon^ that fthje'lcrow'd^which'
*Y £ Continued ; on] Page • > 7/Kctolumn<5 """* "
Royal Remains Moved
London Bows in Grief
photo'graph iofi the ~laic?King Edward VII. It was taken as he was
:^ „ ? 'returning to London- from {Biarritz riot long before his death.
- \V :\u25a0 , . ; ; (Photo fb^-t^aul' Thompson," New' YorSj.) ". ' '
.NEW YORK/ : May yiJ.-^-James fbesh
ler,and*Elisha*S.:William's were -elected
direbtbrs.-'of .the -.United ; States; rubber!
company '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 at -the i stock holders'*, meet
ing?-in •New'?Brunswick,'"N.iJ.",v today*
Following"; the * election, of ; the'direcidrs)
,ai protest , was i lodged six';. stock
•holders against the 'acceptance of; Presi-'
dent "'Colt's *> report fas "regards^ the- action
of *the syndicate' in'purchaslng the stock
of/the^Revere Tubb*er 7 company. t < :% ' i ' •*-'":]
r lof '• ,-Arrhy, .Engineer
;\u25a0;>::'.?, ? Causes : the 1 Delay i;^-; •;'/\u25a0 \u25a0
, He'tcJi'.,
Hetchy •» hearing : by,!-" the> lnterlort.de-]
'partmen\,T whictilwas \u25a0 r »che(iuled < /forito'- l |
raorrowjjhasi been 1 postponed .until \May<j
! army h orn \ lt^Was^ d csi r ed • to'
Have^. present ;could' ; hotl attend
YESTERDA Y^i&;&£pmd:'ma^mam
; FORECAST- fQR TODAY— Fairy fjr in
\u25a0 the morning ;: K Hg^7MHh'mn'^^hanßtng' 'to
"Simply," Says Author, "As Any
That Died in His Service,
He Died For Us"
tSpecial Cable to The Call] ; '
LONDON, "Wednesday, May ; IS.—Rud
yard 'Kipling has in - this ; morning's
Standard a' poem entitled ; "The -Dead
King:," . the -arg-ument of which •is
summed. up;in the line, "Our king asks
nothing of any . man more than our
king himself has done."
t , The concluding stanza is as follows:
We accepted his toil as our riirlit. -
JVone 4 «parcd, none excused him. -\u25a0\u0084 '
When" ue^ wait boned by his burden. his
\u0084"; ', ' rest was refused him.
AYe troubled .his . age, with our wcak
.+ • -.ness, \. , .. ' . r . ; ";v- : \u25a0
The blacker -our shame. - t
When .he heard that his people had
\u0084» j - need of- him.
Stralgrhtwny he' came to us.
As /received, .' so he cave, nothinsr
\u25a0*A-i.iVL^Krudßed, naucht .denyint?, .-
Xote'cutht. last irasp of his, breath
/V jVwhen^he strove for us,
! , Dying", for, our Makes question,
| >.-.-, he -put ; from - him all that he
I-i \u25a0:\u25a0'\u25a0 cherished.
Simply -as ; any that served, him. he
i.. ;^ \u25a0./served, and -he* perished. - .\u25a0 .
.All* that kings covet was 'his,' and 1 he
"^ Xf ( >Itungr It -aside "for us. j
Stinnlj- jis flnv that died: iv his service
',p^^ he -died 'for u*.Y *~ ':/
I '•' '.The ,poet 'in l'envol bids "U'ho in the
jrealm today'has choice of the easy road
; or ithe .hard to' tread," and "would sell
\u25a0hiS'Vsoul to remain in the. suri>y- "to 1
depart » nor ; ioqk ;, at , our., dead."
Special 'Officer^ Shoots Assailant
,\u25a0 \\ at San Bernardino
•''SAN -BERNARDINO,- May : 17. Bert
Mac, "a Sarita^Fe r special: officer, an j
David Allison ' fought out "ah S>\d '- feud
tonight in' the; midst of the centennial
throng. : "yV; '. ~_i^- \u25a0 J ;f.![~'. - - • \u25a0 ',
\u25a0' t -Bullets flew among. the crowd and'Al
lison^feirdead with four bullets through
i-Jth'et body.' -No 'one "else • was \u25a0 hurt, al
j .though ;the| shooting:;' caused 'a- panic
i among "hundreds *of ' men' and' women
sightseers. . \u0084 - \u0084
>" The; feud \between\the two men ,was
of ; two, years I ,; standing, dating from the
time.- t'h'at'Mae^ ?then a .city .policeman,
served^ a {^warrant on , Allison. ' The lat
.terjs'said .to have declared his inten
tion;ofj killing^ Mae, --burth'e two never
tonight.- "Mac surrendered (to
the) sheriff. .
Convict Mac Sherry Berates For
mer Bunko Partner, Ab*
. bott, for Giving State's
Chief of Police Martin Says
Commissioner Did Not Put
Farrell on the Bunko
Developments Yesterday !
In the Flannery Trial
District Attorney Boyd closes the
prosecution's case after calling
several witnesses to corrobo-
rate the testimony of Joseph
Testimony la given by Thief of
Police Martin and Attorney
Albert Wheelan bearing out
portions of the proaecutlon*s
The defence openu* ita case and
exploit* it theory that Flannery
in the victim of a conspiracy of
\u25a0 which >he riff Tayior and Ab-
hott are parties.
William MaeSherry. called a» a
ivltne«fl \u25a0 by the defense. nay»
he \xn* urged by .Sberfff Taylor
<«> -perjure* himself by teatlfj
inff asafnat Plauurry.
MaeSherry pots hi mnelf In ron
tempt of eonrt hy defying both
Judge Lennon and District At
torney Boyd and U threatened
with panlshment by the former.
It is announced that Harry p.
Flannery, the defendant. Trill
take the vtltnc** ntand thin
morning to testify In hl» onn
P. BOYD of Marin county de~
clared the case of the j>eo
ple against Harry P. Flannery.
charged with grand larceny.' com
pleted shortly after the convening of.
Judge Lennon's . court in San Rafael
yesterday afternoon. During ihe morn
ing hours the testimony of several
important witnesses was taken to cor
roborate the case based on the decla
rations of Joseph Abbott, the confessed
poolroom operator, and at 2:30 o'clock
Boyd announced that the prosecution
was ready to rest, save for testimony
that will be taken in rebuttal.
Flannery Will Testify
William Mac Sherry; the member of
the bunko gang who is now in San
Qtfentin penitentiary serving sentence
of one year on his own plea of guilt
on a grand larceny charge connected
with hia part in the Sausalito fako
poolroom operations, was the princi
pal witness produced by the defense
yesterday, but it was announced at tho
close of the afternoon session of court
that the defendant, Flannery, would
take the witness stand in his own
behalf this morning.
Mac Sherry's testimony was, "for tha
most part, directly/ contradictory ot
that given by Abbott regarding Flan
nery's alleged connections with the
Sausalito fake poolroom gang.- but tho
witness was so. open in his display
of animus toward -the prosecution and
so bitter in his attitude toward Dis
trict Attorney Boyd and Judge Lennon
that the latter threatened him with x
punishment for contempt. Mac Sherry
went to the extent of charging Sheriff
W. P. Taylor of Marin county with
complicity. in a plot to "railroad" Flan
nery. to the penitentiary, and declared
that Taylor had attempted to induce
him to give perjured testimony against
Chief Martin a Witness
The prosecution materially strength
ened ita, case by the testimony secured
from Chief of Police Martin and Cap
tain ;bf- Detectives "Wall of the local
police department and from s Attorney
Albert Wheelan and other witnesses
examined yesterday .morning 1 , although
many r of the witnesses called were
openly adverse to the prosecution. Al
though It was' shown that Flannery
had taken an interest in securing the
appointment of Policeman John A.
Farrell. to the detective force in- San
Francisco, Farrell himself positively
denied Abbott's statement regarding
an; arrangement with him for police
protection for tlia • bunkomen by de-

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