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Beckemeyer Will Repeat His
Testimony Before Sangamon
County Grand Jury
Lie Direct Passes Between the
State's Attorney and Furni
ture Dealer of Springfield
SPRIKGFItLiD, June 1. — Represen- '
tatlve H. J. Beckemeyer, hitherto a
\u25a0witness before the Cook county grand ;
i'ary exclusively, will be in the capital
tomorro-w to te!l Tiis story to the San
igamon county investigators, it was an
nounced by State's Attorney Burke to-
Beckcftieyer. co far as known, has
corroborated the confession of Repre
sentative C A- White.
Delving deeper into the "jackpot"
scandal was predicted with the news
of the coming of Representative
• \u25a0 --. \u25a0 -\u25a0
Beckemeyer, .who will be questioned
ty Attorney Burke, it is thought, be
fore hf (s taken before the jury.
Burke, in a conversation by tele
phone .xvith State's Attorney Wayman
of Cook count;*, 'was apprised of the
romfr.ff of Beckemeyer, and plans for
\u25a0tridenins- the scope of the inquiry were
The only .witness to appear before
the jurors today was A. B. Johnston of
the Jo'mston & Hatcher company, the
?prin?ficid furniture concern that ob
taiii<=43 the/ contract; for supplying new
•ipsks and chairs for the state house.
.I<7?inf=ton. who has repeatedly de
nietj culpability in the furniture con
tract, although accused by Senator
Holstlaw. emphatically repeated his
«Ipnff»l in the jury room and denounced
Holstlnw as §uilty of falsehood.
He usf»j r the xx'ord *"liar* freely and
«.fter drclarins: that Attorney Burke
had had repeated conferences with one
of bis j< Johnston's) business c-ompcti
torp was ordered out of the jury room
by the state's attorney, who angrily
retorted. "If you say that, you are
lylnsr. too." : :-.:-
Investigation of legislative doings in
v^onnpetion with the "bill regulating fish-
Insr vras scheduled for tomorrow. Rep
resentative A. M. Foster of Rushville.
<:hairman of the fish and game coramit
t*r, Is subpenaed to appear before the
grand jury, as is Nat Cohe,n, state fish
commissioner. Representative Becke
meyer was a member of the fish and
goe committee and is also expected to
be questioned regarding the fish bill,
which died in the committee.
r>* hope of DissExsrox
During the day Representative H. D.
McCollum, democrat, declared he told
the grand jury that he voted for Lori
mer after consulting: his people at home
sifi also because he believed Lorimer's
election would bring dissension and di
vision among the republicans, and not
because of political obligations to Becke
meyer or anybody else.
Representative B. F. Staymates, in a
talk with the state attorney, denied he
had been offered or had received any
thing for a vote for L,orlmer and denied
any knowledge of a "jackpot."
The plan of the prosecution extends
farther than the inquiry into the Lori
nier vote, and Is designed to uncover de
tails which may have a bearing on the
"jackpot.*' Senator, Holstlaw*s testi
mony, coupled with that which Burke
hopes to get from Beckemeyer. will be
used as the basis of operations in the
questions which will be asked McMackin
and McCoilum. -
Deneen has declared that he would be
willing to go before either the Cook or
Sangamon county grand j ry if de
sired and tell what he knows of the
occurrence in the last regular legis
lative session.
Tn appearing before a grand jury, the
governor would waive the privilege of
3iis office, which exempts »him from a
During the day counsel for State Sen
ator Broderick repeatedly denied rumors
£ha± the senator was contemplating a
visit to State Attorney Burke to con-
Must Stand Trial
.CHICAGO, June 1.4-Lee O'Neil
Browne, leader of the democratic mi
nority in the lower house at Spring
field, must stand trial on the charge
of bribing State Representative C A.
White to %'ote^for William Lorimer for
United States senator. This much was
assured today, when Judge. McSurely
overruled the motion of the defense
to quash the indictment against
W. S. Forrest of counsel, for the de
fendant, catered en exception to the
ruling. He also sought a postponement •
of two weeks in placing, Browne on \
trial, but was again overruled, the i
court petting Jane 6 as the date for
beginning the trial. \
While this argument was on. State j
Attorney Wayman demanded that
Browne be arraigned at once. Forrest
interposed charply:
"Mr. Browne pleads not guilty."
Senate Awaits Charges
WASHINGTON. 'June I.— The. senate
will not enter hastily on an official in
vestigation' of the bribery chargea
against Senator Lorimer. - %
The committee on privileges and
elections, which will decide- whether
there shall be an investigation at: all,
has .no formal charges ; before 'It at
this time, and the members are In
clined to wait until something definite
is filed in Washington.
Senator Lorimer's . resolution pre
sented by him in the senate last Sat
urday, was today reported ' favorably
from the coir.mlttee_on contingent ex
penses. The resolution then was re
ferred to the privileges and election
committee, of which Senator ' Burrows
Is chairman. This, constitutes all the
committee has before it, as the ac
cused senator haa asked only for an in
vestigation.into the newspaper charges.
It is said that if any of' the grand
jury records in the cases .of the mem
bers of the Illinois 'legislature were
filed with the senate - and referred /to
Senator Burrows' -committee, .;• .they
would be regarded as sufficient to com
pel action immediately. The committee
would be disposed, to act, it is: said,
even on the filing of the charges made
by the Chicago Tribune. What the
'committee would prefer to do would be
t to wait until one of the cases* in the
?VClinolß court against members^ of the
legislature had been concluded.^- '^
Jon« I*— At the* on* hundred an 4 fifty -sixth
«nno*l conJm«>crniPßt «xercls^« of OolnmbU
OTlrtKitT today honorary decrees '- were . con
ferred on TTllliem . AUen \u25a0 Whit* ' of •: Emporla.
Kan-; Iff- WUllmn; Jam** Mayo of'Eochester,
Minn.; Sir William \u25a0 Henry Whitn. formerly di.
rector of ccmstrnction of tie British nary," and
etitrs. . •.. • - --'^"r^.v— - L - ;
Pretty Ceremony
at Home of Bride
Miss Marie Churchill, who will become Mrs. Haenke 1 today.
Haenke-Churchill Nuptials Will Be Celebrated
in San Mateo at Noon \
Miss Marie Churchill will become the
bride of J. Martyn Haenke at a pretty
ceremony to be performed at noon to
day at the home of the bride's parents,
Mr.' and Mrs. S. J. Churchill, in San
Mateo. The decorations will be en
tirely in pink and the gowns to be
worn by the girls in the bridal party
are creations of pink and white.
The bride will wear a grown of white
satin with an overdress of embroidered
chiffon and will wear the conventional
veil and wreath of orange .blossoms.
Document Covering 25 Years
Tells of Woman's Attempts
to Kill Husband I
[Special Dhpalch to The Call]
REXO, * June 1. — Extracts • from the
diary of his 25 years of .; married life
secured a divorce for "William C. Mor
gan from Kate R. Morgan, who is in
Pittsburgh Pa.
. Morgan* told how his wife had tried to
shoot him and his mother and how he
took a loaded revolver from her on one
occasion. , Another . time he caught, a
lighted lamp she hurled at him.
Mrs. Morgan always referred to her
husband' and his relatives, . he said. : In
vile. Indecent terms. She often came
home at early morning hours consid
erably under the influence of liquor, tes
tified he. She generally. left her escort
in the hall, he added. When he com
plained he declared she told him she
married him for his money. \u25a0
Morgan was purchasing agent for a
Pittsburg steel ..; concern while^in \u25a0 the
smoky city, but since his residence in
Nevada x ho has purchased a . ranch ;at
Sparks, whe/e he is runing a "modej
Exposition . Booster Will Take
Rest at Country Resort
Charles :C. Moore, , chairman ._\u25a0 of v the ;
finance ' committee of the "; Panama -Pa"-'
' cific exposition company, who- has : been
one. of the most -active workers In the
movement to bring- .the V exposition" in
celebration of the ; opening of the Pan
ama' canal to ;San . Francisco.; has, Tun-'
fortunately, been confined to his bed'
for the! last three weeks "and has ; been
unable to attendto anyof his personal
business or that" of "the exposition com
pany. -."- . . .•\u25a0 -./: ; ' . ]r$
For' a' number : of^ Cays ; it : was '\u25a0 ctfn-}
sidered more than .* likely Hhatv Moore'
was suffering -*r from " appendicitis 'and;
that an. operation ,was imminent; "> how- ;
ever, the * phyeicians " ; have -"discovered,
that this dlagronsis; was and
predict that the patlent.willibe ihjshapej
to attend to business within the: next',
month." ;^?^f^i : I j \u0084
". Moor© A left" San ~ Francisco yesterday,
for * a three"' v weeks' n i recuperative ffsor!
journ- in the'country,'and'it'ls:(expected
th'a t.upoltijhfs'j return ttoj San I.FrariclactT
he will, be, in. a- position toirecnine I ? his
position at-tlie helm of the flnanJkil end
o£ s the.* exposition ;companjV
THE SAN:-;gl*AyCiS^
1 , . •
The maid of honor; Miss Angela- Coylc,
will wear a dress of white tulle em
broidered over satin and the two brides
maids, Miss Neva Salisbury ' and Miss
Grace Bromfleld, will be gowned in pink
marquisette. Billy Gring will act as
best man. ,-i . , . ,' .; . - • ., :'..
There will be an informal reception
after- the ceremony and less than 100
guests have been bidden to the-wed
ding. The couple. are. going. away, for'
an extended honeymoon trip , and it is
probable that they s will pass the sum
mer traveling. in Europe.
Liquors May Be Used m Homes
and S^ldWith^Meals in
; LOS GATOS, June 1.-^-N'o sooner had
R.JP-^poolan.^recently of San Francisco*
where he has large property interests,
taken his seat, on the /board of ' to\vn
trustees" last evening, thereby : swinging
'the majority to "wetv ; than he inVro
'duced an" ordinance which will repeal
the^recent "blue law" and remove,- just
a bit, the lid fro mthc town. ' ;
The knowledge', that such' •'action
Would be taken brought out an immense
attendance of supporters of the "wets,"
or/as-they oall, themselves; the "liber
als.': - ! -; ; \u25a0 '- \ ' - / - ,, \u25a0 \u25a0 . \u25a0';":; ; \u25a0\u25a0 ..;.'.
? The queation had been made the issue
of the campaign; Doolan. promising' an
era of ."temperance": in place: of ,the
•prohibition. which^the town' has had for
six years. .' At the town .election, of
April -11, with one ."wet? and one v'dry"
trustee held, over, another ''wet'"' and
another ';dry" were elected to the aboard
and Doolan^CSvet") and F.-aL"*Derrick
sonj ("dry") tied : for^thoilfth seat. ; - '
I r A. contest was .decided in favorof
Doolan and, he tookihis;seatUast<even
ing. VThe new brdinahce,rwhichr.will+be
passed and will go into effect next, Mon-i
daj'.~ evening,- will/ allow "liquors "-.to* be
shipped into town.; consumed?m 'private
households,. served wlth'ibonVfldeimeals
at ; hotels and restaurants : ; and sold \by
wholesalers ; ln original ; packages.^ The
ordinance will regulate strictly the sale
of /: liquors and*. no saloons will \ be i.li-"
censed. llhiftflllWlii't^JjyrflU * 7 - '.'V
Best Alethodof Attracting ; Pop
jJlation;;Discussejd: :>..''
The beat? rhethod' t of ; attracting more
population . to San ;, Francisco was the
chief; topic>bf Idiscussion, at -'\l&\ weekly
meeting of }. the" "Downtown association
yesterday - at^thef Palace:-; Walter 5 Mac
arthur ;was h the"-, principal^speaker.-! He
said t that y the^ellmlnatlonyof *'rnlsun
derstandlnf?':.bfitweenV'emblqyer "''arid
employe Kwas j.tlie Jaurest'^ way "' to > pros
parity v 7v 7 and •'ipcreased^populatjonVjVtHe
said : ; thatlco-operationtj 'waal'iheceasarv
and: that if either jsidejgavetinfalllttle
the, desired; harmony. Vwouldi'prevail.V'-
SPURIOUS CHECK-rerLG.'* Bell, %tovA whom, an
** aneuccegsf ul oaarch I was , made ! on i the y at i?a mpr
I; Mongolia * at i Honolulu! by/, the* sheriff itheiv.'iJs
y.\ ihrM thn),_noHc«» !• for! passing^ aSflctlUou*
; v rhoek .'for $284.47, on Thoma* j Cook ! & : Son,") toiir
r istlasents."
..;•\u25a0.\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 . •-."\u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 1.. . -
Another Slide Fills Canal- With
Vi Mild and Rocks, Taking
Four Days to Move
Causes Much Apprehension on
Part of the Constructing
; WASHINGTON, June fl.-^The ; •:Cule
bra*Slide," the cause of much apprehen
sion on the part of constructing,en
gineers in Panama,, has become more
serious than was- at' first feared? : , Oh
the morning of April /IS,\ 12 steam
shovels were" .unable, to presume ."work
because of the movements^of the; slides
in l the Culebra":and' ; Cucaracha cuts. I
During the nightof rthe;.l7th':a mass
of stone and mud £ estimated at 600,000
cubic yards-broke away from the main
mass of ..;\u25a0' the .', . Cucaracha '-.; slide" ;' and
dropped rapidly ; ; info ?, the '-'\u25a0 bed : of ' the
canal,- filling*; the .pioneer: cut; for 900
feet and .stopping? only^at the .toe of
the ! west? bank. 1 , Many^of the* tracks
were covered \u25a0oritprn:; away, delaying
the work of removing the debris, which
required /four days.* y V.; -; : ;. .
:V At Culebrathe damage was compara
tively small. : -
'A masked movement* of the. Culebra
slide causedv. the removal 'of ; convicts
from the' stockade v at: Goldhill to \u25a0 the
penitentiary at Culeb'raT. There -seems
to ! be no immediate danger;of a col
lapse" of the 'buildings, but, the police
deem the removal- necessary to prevent
a stampede in case jof a" sudden move
ment.".' '. -\u25a0 . .r -;• ."- '." - : '- ; ' k --. \u25a0\u25a0'' \u25a0'
The ' to^.al amount of excavation >in
the Panama canal during ;the month of
April was 2,601i347 cubic - yards. .The
heavy,* rains during -the; month: retarded
the work, but no serious delay resulted.
.:\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 Nearly one-eighth of the .total con
crete' to be laid' in the" locks had, been
placed on May 21. , At the Ga.tun lock
trie' work' was progressing, rapidly, at
the end of the month. the daily. average
pf concrete laid being 3,000 cubic yards.
Work on" the : other loqks is maintaining
nearly the same average, -the: total
amount laid being 531,607 cubic yards.
Supervisors Ask Health Board
to Restore Lepers' Doctor,
"They say * this man, my \ husband, is
insane; that it is dangerous to have
him' at large," said; the wife of Doctor
Atclierly- to' the hospital, and;.health
committee; of the -board: of i supervisors
yesterday, making a plea that her hus
band be allowed to continue his treat
ment of the lepers at the isolation hos
pital. v ' '
t'ljjave. lived with him for 19 years,"
she added, "and have had five children.
I ought to know if^ he- is ' insane.; He
has never harmed ;or | threatened any
of us, and has never been dangerous to
me or them." V? ;
\u25a0 By her plucky. fight for her husband
Mrs. Atcherb' won: over. Supervisors
Ilealy, Walsh and Nelson! They adopt
ed a-resolution asking the health board
to give Doctor Atcherlyiaiformal. hear
ing at which they could jbe present. and
coupled : withM this v a • request" that',-the
commission ' shauld^ find i some -way to.
restore" Doctor; Atcherly" : to_ the ) lepers;
"' Mrs. Atcherly described Jiow her hus
band | l!ad been' l>arassed\and j finally \ in"
carcerutcd- as a lunatics in the' islands
and -charged that' of the | ssoo,ooo; ap
propriated 'every" two years in Hawaii
for the colony; at 'Molokai . not : more
than an eighth part ever reached the
lepers or ministered to their heeds.
As to' her ' husband's 1 wrongs ;Mrs.
Atcherly said that Governor Freer re
leased him from .prison within two
days : after taking office arid forced
every "^official ' instrumental in ; "rail
roading" the doctor, to jail to resign
his^post. .•\u25a0'".' r \u25a0
t .
San Francisco 'Music Dealers
Reorganize; as $250,000 Firm
An incorporation of their business
info, a ?250.000 concern has been an
nounced by; the^ firm \u25a0 of , Clark Wise J&.
Coi, dealers in' musical instruments^and
pianos. The. business, of the: firm "has
been ; expanding and it has been; found
necessary "to increase the - capital f of
the^ firm ?. to • the i extent specified. ,; . ' 1 C<
\u25a0 \u25a0 jClark and Robert A. Wise have been
ihithe : ; mußlc,;businessiin San Francisco
and 'vicinity for. about 25 years and
during "that -period have established
their '-business nn^ the community on a
firm ; basis . arid have V made a success : of
their .work. Carrying ; niusical instrur,
ments of ; all- kinds," talking rriachlnea
and niusic.Hhe firm has proved popular
with' the"? people, and the v proprietors
have gained 'the- confidence and; regard
of the* public and: the trade. :" ; \,:' -"
During; the ; trying "commercial f per
iods-of the past. the firm has;success
fullyX carried on its -business, ; readily!
meeting; all i its \ responsibilities. Since
it- has; become, :; known that , the- : flrm
Intended;to incorporate, friends and ac£
qualntances ; have sought'stock in 1 the
corporation and the comraon stock was
practically. \u25a0 subscribed before the re
organization. . -•. .;*."., ' : " • '
NEW .- COLLEGER PEESIDENT— Baltimore. • June
* l. — Rev.' Dr. .H. Frank 5 - Rail, pastor of f the
First" Methodist • ' Episcopal church," has ; ac
•- cepted ; a\u25a0\u25a0 call • to ; the \u25a0- IHfl 4 school of t theology of
- >\u25a0 P^nTer," Colo.V and, will leave. this city to take
;Ms new position as president of the college in
' ,' September. Doctor Kail cama here from . Now
: Haven, \u25a0 Conn. \ : - . M
>*\Y.,"June; 1.-^-Another unknown, . a man-ap-
V, parently \u25a0 about .45 years' of * age,". plmißpd to
. ' death \ fjom , Prospect point ' early, today. . ' - , -: \u25a0\u25a0
* Are You Dieting |
And thereby hoping to
cure yourself of that an--
noying, stomach .distress ?
If { soj; : we vwant you; to try
a^etterlpi^—iakißi 1 ! Hos^
tetter /s Stomach Bitters.
It;-tones)the; entire diges-
tive system and : prevents
any ;: after-eating distress^
such!® Gras^oh Stbinachi
Sour Risings, , BelchinS
Indigestion, . Heartburn,
Costi veness^Biliousness &
Malaria; Always askj; for
'c E i. E « BATE O -« ,^k. • '. .
\u25a0\u25a0 ' v
Southern Pacific and -\u25a0 Santas Fe
Battlingvto Maintain the
the $2isoXharge
Suits Filed in Kansas to" Enjoin
/ : the^ Interstate Commerce
Commission- \u25a0
t y TOPEKAJ Kan., June I.— Suits to en|
join the. interstate commerce commia
siori from ..enforcing its order 'directing
three -transcontinental railroads enter-"
ingj Sah Francisco V and Los ' Angeles to
cease collecting charges of $2.50 per car
for switching freight' cars to sidetracks
arid spurs for^ manufacturing and Job
bingfirms were ' filed here ! today in the
United* States : circuit - court. ' "'." ' . * " " .'^
The -.three . roads; are the Atchison,
Topeka arid ; Santa Fe.'the Southern Pa
ciflc'/and. 1 the \u25a0 San Pedro, Los Angreles
and : Salt s Lake. , All '/ three l roads \u25a0 are
'complainants < In \u25a0;': the , Los /Angeles suit.
The" Santa' Fe arid Southern; Pacific are
coriiplalnarits in the San; Francisco: suit.'
Both temporary ' and perriianent";injunc
tions are ; sought." , ;- " '
The outcome of :thesuits is of inter
est, all over .the- country," as the right
of a ; railroad^ \u25a0 <to , collect, switching
charges -on -oars routed., over,. its own
HnesVand -delivered .to consignees at
terminal points , hinges on the ultimate
decision..- :-:'',--', .'*-.; 5 ... _
: The disputed order, of the ' interstate
commerce ' commission \ ( . was ••\u25a0'\u25a0entered
April 10, following., a hearing that
lasted nearly ; two Tyaars.: The case was
brought before the commission by the
Pacific jobbers', and' manufacturers* as
sociation. 'The' original complaint' was
filed 1 ; August ' 27, 1908. ; ; - ; s v> ; .
The railroad companies contend that
the order, of the commission is unjust.
The suits here wlll'be at an
early^ date, -not yet definitely set.
Trial of Suit to Regain Berke-
ley Property
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
:SAN RAFAEL, June I.— Mrs. Geor
giana Baronidis," the Berkeley -widow,
who. is Buiri'gP.'L': E: del Fungo Giera
and others to recover. property, alleged
to have been obtained frorp her through
a conspiracy, w.as a^witness in- heriown
behalf during the r trial before Superior
Judge Lennon today.
During cross examination by Attor
ney E.v K.,':Smlth.^a defendant in the
case, she accused Smith of inducing her
to trade her Berkeley property to Giera
for bonds,, a mortgage and a ranch, the
valuas of which '-were all ' greatly ,. mis
represented, 'she "said. She also testi
fied that Judge Waste of Oakland was
indebted to her and that' Smit- under
took to "collect"! from the judge on the
strength; of Masonic relations. "It was
lafter you failed to get the money," said
Mrs. --• Baronidis *to ; Smith, "that ( I first
became suspicious of you^ You were
always leading up to this deal' with Del
Fungo Giera.", \u25a0 ; . • .- :..
:* The widow, said that .In. one instance
the attorney's wife .accused .her of us
ing morphine and sp.id that she and her
husband prayed for her. \u25a0" Mrs." Baronidis
denledthatshe used. the drug.* . \u25a0 :
. Chicago. June 1. — William -NorrlP. the actor
'?. was married here today to his leadinsr woman
- Mabel Mordaunt. . • > , :
•less.ftf. ' §S<i jki^j! •:,.:; • \u25a0> slices at one time.
Seasonable Housewares
.., At "Emporium Prices'*
Saye2s%on J/Vfti/e^ - I l\
Grin dley's fine English Semi Porcelain," Duchess shape, ' I I !
. ; to be closed out at orie-qiiarter less than regular prices. - fj,;i'|ji, & _ EW Jt /^"^Nl
Special Dinner Set Values <^^^S^3 f^S^f
& '^^^^r^S^'^Sv 50 pieces decorated ware,, $4.95 1\ ,3 "^^\u25a0^ =^~^^^^^
v <^v^St^fffr^ *H*ii 50 pieces decorated ware, 6.75 fe^^^^^^jv^^^, -^M
V^TO^s*^L •^\v^j/. • 100 pieces decorated ware, 9.95 P^^^^^^^^^^,
e*&L ?^*L-25&,>fecz==* ii 100 pieces decorated ware, 12.50 Vs?g^s^!~Ws?^7''\ W&
100 pieces German china, 15.00
100 pieces French china 19.75 !v '
windows, 25c, 35c, 45c I^^^Hllt^^wV?^ Bakoroast Fireless Cooker
0,, • - , v v^^liifla^B^^J^ : W& It cooks, bakes, stews or roasts
: Rubber Qarden hOSe 5^ without fire. Food cooked in the
: .Emporium quality, per foot' Bc, 10c, "*^^WHIHB^ T °Z*l «>o«- wholesome,
v . H J * — '^•\u25a0^^^^^^^m^ tastes better, digests better and is
1254c,15c. \u0084 (/ . - Di ci A«f > ' better- in every way. Let us show
! U*;.^. --J CJa^. D^;»*i Blue Flame Oil SfOVeS ' you .why it is the best cooker oh
« hOUSe and FlOOr FaWtS - Bumkeri)Sftae ; 01l . wlthoat the market. Priced at
;by The Emporium., ,a.wick. is safe and reliable. . ci jcq CJQ $22 50
\u25a0'?X'--- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0-.- '-\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0„ '"•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 i' „* -'-\u25a0\u25a0' a +*~* Rives intense heat. CC /)/) . -. \u25a0•r* \u25a0• Jv f <P*u*-P££» Jv
Quarts 40c ; X A - gal.; ; 75c ; gal., ; $1.35. . ; Two-burner sise J«f •y V '
\u25a0 r \u25a0\u25a0' \u25a0•• \u25a0\u25a0 '\u25a0' "i \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 ' \u25a0 ; \u25a0 ' ' ' >• ' \u25a0'' : \u25a0" ' \u25a0 -\u25a0\u25a0 • \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0" \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 " ] \u25a0\u25a0 ' igwgf * \u25a0 \u25a0 ji'Pvv'fc*'''"^ m "
WSale Of 'MßSOM^^yij^^^SK Refrigerators Jmim
\u25a0;_' . , ... , . .- , j j \u25a0< lit \ Hava a per- , " ~AJ
Equipped with porcelain lined caps and good rub- /•/ feet system of
bers. Pints, 59c dozen; quarts, 69c dozen. • circulation, in- ffgllslSS^SfSSr '
... • . , ' /ii AC AVI suringr low 4Sr=^£r^TrTii j i
:.;,-. . Jelly Tumblers MASUN ture - '^Hy
with tin cover. Two sizes-f3oc dozen, 35c dozen. !' CQ C-frt <17 i ~_J f -_L*!itiM4l
; '/.I Also Economy , and^. Atlas frmt jars, tin cans - and vL $15 - it r^nf
. ; !V every {necessity? f6r|properly! ; canm\ng' fruits, etc: *xurs«ry F^^^M
\ !\u25a0\u25a0''\u25a0' " < . " ' " ,-'•'.-' . Refrigerator* iL^-^ — "~~* \u25a0• '
WMB m - Wfj'te Ehamelware
W^Mfcss^^^^ sanitary. Xcte the generous savings in each instance:
; W'^r- '\u25a0'-\u25a0\u25a0 ;; "jSft^— '\u25a0'\u25a0*\u25a0 : lzk^i- ::^^'vM I iT%ni>t\ 'Qati^^ Pane
1 1 l ip J^, ftj fli/j.qf. I9c, : 2:gf- 25c, 2^5 q/. 29c, 3 qt. 35c, 4 qt. 45c
<m(r<i^^^m Deep Mixing Bowls, in three Chambers, medium size.
: - size's. Ghoice, each, 25c. Choice, each for 29c N
i W- \u25a0• -^^/W^SP^^^iN^ Oblong Vegetable Dishes, four Ml * lk P^ns, 4 sizes. 25c, 29c,
zh ; '^ ; M : ' : Ff'' T - I( VW "sizes. Each; 15c and-25c. •3 f 3 9c - jSSKPHVWfI
W^^M^sS^—^-^JM Cu P s nd Mu S5S 5 (handled)v 4 sizes - I5 °' 19c '
siz^, each only 10c. .p£ 59c; 4_4 _
Ti i Z^^^^^^^^^^ Dinner Plates, also soup qua rt size, each, 69c.
W^fem;, ;„ ;,; .l^^r^^Tf^^^^^^P plates. Your choice, only Pot Covers, several size 3 in 2
vfc^*^ b^^^^^^^^^ mmm^^ amS^^' S6aj> :^Dishes.\; two kinds, with Salt Boxes, with hinged wood
\u25a0 > drainer. Each only 15c cover, each 25c
•\u25a0'.\u25a0\u25a0/—;' . •": \u25a0 .: . \u25a0 -I -' ; \u25a0
-;-;:;-: . ' - - i i - • .- \u25a0 . . : -'\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 . :
Thousands of Men and Women Have Kidney
Trouble and Never Suspect It
Nature warns you when the track of
health is not clear. Kidney and bladder SJt&K^S^p
trouble compel you to pass water often gliiiiiF
;through th'c^day and g^ct up many times M^fMM
Unhealthy kidneys cause lumbago, rheuma- fcfc^^^M
tlsm, catarrh of the bladder, pain or dull ach« *%lPN!f^i
in the back, joints or muscles, at times havo Eillialiiil
headache or indigestion, as time passes you XrKs% : g!fegjSv
may have a sallow complexion, puffy or dark
circles under the eyes, sometimes feel as though ' JJU->ia^!z uJJllllL.
you had heart trouble, may have plenty of am- . ; 3'?-"^T>P'S3&2^Bftl
bition, but no strength, get weak and loss fflsSHft. '\u25a0.>*\u25a0' '-'. '^"- vi : :f^£s-j
flesh. t.:':-; ;*>?£, v ;" ." - \u25a0.•'.'\u25a0*'\u25a0"•'; -^^ggTOSl^ir^l
If such conditions are permitted to continua. r^T^*"™ Bfi^"^^™" ll ""'*'TO
serious results are sure to follow; Brtght's dls- j^lTO dr KILMER'S |f' ; <*!
ease, the very worat form of kidney trouble, K^Bj „ ... \u25a0»« r> nAA . I
may steal upon you. H| SWflfflP-ROOT I >J
Prcvalency of Kidney Disease Klil j^EDYf lar li^j
Most people do not realize the- alarming In- W&'S] "-... KMCXimrs. fr' ]
crease and remarkable prevalency of lcidnsy dls- It; "J , """£," W^JTwE 1 "'-I
ease. While kidney disorders are the most com- §§191 Sf^l
mon diseases that prevail, they are almost tha chiuwauwiecoid!»stei«» K=?|
last recognized by patient and physicians, who JMSJ dSMiSSSSl toSil*i tl'* f i!
usually content themselves, irlth . doctoring the I 3or oBor *> *• ti# **** Wflml * B
effects, while the original disease constantly W(? : -M < * >awr * tate< * MitA
undermines the system. pi.':/i Tto|r«ti«iorfTtewe«o». BvM
A Trial Will Convince Any One' Mm %LZ&?&ti2%££, km
T . - :: * \u25a0 ' \u25a0*•\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 . . \u25a0\u25a0 -\u25a0\u25a0 -\u25a0\u25a0•"\u25a0 \u25a0 fc."-* >^H «aeii«emUrrh«f U»N»*ir, \u25a0f* r-"'lr -"'l
.it you feel that your kidneys are the cause of 0 a :-» T «'. rh«ui»ti*n, baib«r> g
your sickness or rundown condition, begin tak- |ffl| " dßrf * lll .' lDl *?^;; Wc^. M
ng Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great kidney. K>VfH '±JV'l'^nt^^. iii ; '<
liver and bladder remedy, because as soon as mm J'.jln^« mm
your kidneys begin to get better they will help W$M Z^HZI Vl n Wm
the other organs to health. In taking Swamp-" H^H DR. KELMIR k CO., |3V*s
Koot, you afford natural help to Nature, for H!£g| bdjghamtox, n. X fiyfrjl
Swamp-Root is a grentle, healing:, vegetable Ihh a«Mv_.iiTir,,~^.>. fil%''l
compound— a physician's prescription for a spo- ;>old byallD.us^<t3. ||^|
cific disease. . ralgg^^^ fflS
You can not get rid of your aches and palna If ll^Sl^a^i^S.?^' Svkt ill
your kidneys are out of order. You can not feel g? L ,-MMgBMaBgBBWBBjW^: '1
.right. when your kidneys. are wrong. . S^^^^"^^r?^?-*^t^-^?'i|l
Swamp-Root Is Pleasant to Take ,
_ ir you are already convinced that Swamp-
£KiaV": 5^c a e t nt yO a U nd ne oeSe-do?lo e Se-do?la CC r an sIz PP e Ur bbob C ooo h tt a t!e e3e 3 *H **f°>-*°« ? ?**\? 9
all drug stores. Don't make any mistake, but to its high standard of purl-
remember the name. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root. ty and excellence. A sworn
and , i he address. \u25a0 Blnghamton, N. V.. -which you certificate of purity
will find on every bottle. , with every bottle.
SAMPLE BOTTLE FREE — To prove the wonderful merits of Swamp-Root you
may hav,e a sample bottle and a book of valuable Information, both sent abso-
lutely free by mail. The book contains many of the thousands of letters re-
ceived from men and women who found Swamp-Root to be Just the remedy they
needed. The value and success of Swamp- Root Is so well known that our read-
ers are advised to send for a sample bottle. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co.. Blng-
hamton. N. Y. Be sure to say you read this generous offer in The San Francisco
Dally Call. The genuineness of this offer Is guaranteed.
D AT r O
During the Summer Months, with
"Stop-over privileges
Six Hundred Miles of Unsurpassed Scenery
; through the Canadian Rocky MoantainsJ
Call or write for Rates and Information
E. } E.fPENN
General Agent, Passenger Department
645 Marktt Strait (Palact Hotel Building)
East ov6[^^j^ unta i ns
Oriental Limited
C3S MARKET ST. ( Palace Hotel)
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