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Children Between 5 and 17
Years of Age* Number 3,776
and 1,468 Under 5
City Has 2,521 Families With
Offspring and 177- Houses
Without Tenants
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
STOCKTON", Juno L— The Stockton
school census reports completed this
morning show the total number of cen
sus children between 5 and 17 years of
age to be 3.776, as compared with 3,680
last year — a gain of 96.
Unusual care has been used this
year in taking the school census. After
the marshals made their returns all the
names were checked over from the reg
ister. To do this took three weeks, and
it is believed that the census figures
are as nearly correct as possible.
The white census children In th© va
rious sections of the city are:
Boy*. Girls. Total.
Pint rrzrt 470 485 955
Second wxrd*... .......... SOS 359 787
Tbird trard 411 432 843
Fcur;h trard 422 SS4 $06
Annexed di5trict.... ...... ISI ISS 286
Tot«J 1.552 1.835 3.657
Of the colored census children there
are 8 boys in tbe first ward and 9 girls,
and 1 boy and 1 girl in the third ward,
making a total of 9 boys and 10 girls
in the schools, or half as many as
last year.
There ere 47 Mongolian boys in the.
first ward and 19 girls; 2 boys and 1
girl in the third ward, and 1 girl in the
annexed district, making a total of 49
boys and 21 girls. This shows an In
crease of 7 Mongolian children over
last year, indicating an increase in the
Mongolian population of 12 per cent.
Following is the table for the total
census children:
First Trard -....-...;... 1,038
Second Trsril. •... 797
Third ward \u0084 , 648
Fourth ward.....*. SO6
Annexed district... 257
Total .„ 3,778
"White children under E:
F}rst Trard......., M -, , 363
Seocad Tv^rd.. 270
Third tr&rd....^.^,..... 405
Fourth ward. ..,..*»» 310
Annexed cistrict..— .» 128
Total. 1,46 i
In the public schools there are 2,696
children, in private schools, 379; attend
ing no school, 701; natlve/born children,
C.173; foreign born children, 71. The to
tal umber of children under 17 years is
F. 244. As compared with 4,975 last year
this shows an increase of 269. .
There axe five children under 17 years
who are deaf.
Until tnis.year the nnvaccinated chil
dren were listed between the ages of 6
end 17. This year they were listed from
the day of their birth. The report shows
.that of 5,244 children under 17. 2,928
have not been vaccinated.
As a check on the census marshals
the school offlclals required every va
cant dwelling in the city to be given,
with its exact location. The number
pf vacant houses has been slowly in
creasing during the last five years, due,
no doubt, to the great increase in -the
erection of new homes. There are 177
vacant houses, 156 being classed as in
good condition.
There are" S5 children under 17 j r ears
of age who are gainfully employed.
As children of the ages of 5 and 6
are not permitted tp enter school, and
there are 290 of those ages, there are
only 411 between 6 and 17 who are not
in school.
Last year,- with fewer children In the
city, there were 463 between 6 and 17
not in school.
There are 2,521 families with chil
dren, distributed as follows:
First ward — 601 white families, 17
colored, 14 Chinese, 28 Japanese; total,
Second ward — 555 white, 2 Chinese, 2
Japanese; total, 589.
Third ward — 593 white.
Annexed district — IS9 white, 6 Chi
nese; total, 190. ;
Proposal Carried Four - Years
Ago, but Since Rejected
{Special Dispatch to The Call]
VALLEJO. June I.— For the fifth time
within four years the voter* of Vallejo
trill be called upon tomorrow to decide
the municipality shall be
bonded for the sum of $60,000 for the
erection of a high school building..
Although Vallejo has boasted of a
high school for more than 40 years,. the
Institution never has..had a home of its
own, end at the present time the ISS
siudents'are huddled in. cramped quar
ters in the Lincoln grammar school.
Four years ago a bond issue carried,
but fell through, as the bonds could
not be sold on account of a mistake
made in the Urn* of opening and clos
ing the polls. Three times within the
last two yeare the proposition has been
submitted to the electors, and each
time voted down by majorities ranging
from 2 to 20.'
Members of Hiawatha Council
Conduct Ceremonies
[Special DUpatch to The Calt]
6TOCKTON. June l.—Officers and
members of Hiawatha council No. "21,
Degree of Pocahontas, of this city last
night journeyed to Lk>dl, where they
instituted Lodl council No. 119.
Those participating in the degree
and floor work, were: .
Poesbcntas. Miss Edith Bocac;l; Winonah,
Miw Emily Ilea; propbetcss, Mrs. Myrtle Dough
erty; Powliatan, Dr. William Caldwull; warriors,
William Weber, John l"nU». William Leinoa, Ar
thur J'.-.lzlt; t-coats, Miss Ancie Mocaeci and
Mrs. Stella Patxer; nxrners, Mrs. Nellie Rabb
and Mrs. -Minute H artier; councilors. Miss Nora.
Devln end Mrs. Wegscheider; Inside jnurd, Mrs.
Sarah Jory; outside «entii>el. Mr». Kcllle\Wash
burn; pianist, Mrs. Mabel Woods.
Thirteenth Member of Class
Removed by Reaper
[Special DUpOtOh to The Call]
SUSANVILLE. June J.— Twelve stu
dents were graduated from the Susan
ville high school last evening, but the
ceremonies.. planned for . the. occasion
were cut- down because of the death of
the - thirteenth member of the graduat
ing cls.es a week ago.
The dead member was Clarence E;
Boggs. He died after an illness of two
Those who are superstitious believe
the death resulted because o£ the nnm
her in the classt
In the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys
Old Ditch in Sacramento Valley
to Be Enlarged and Extended
[Special Dispatch io The Call]
"WILLOWS, June 1. — The largest
contract for the removal of, dirt in the
northern part of. the state was let to
day by the Sacramento Valley irriga
tion company. The contract was so
large that five contractors subdivided
the work, which wilUextend from the
northern line of Glenn county to the
middle of Colusa county, a distance of
SO miles.
The contract calls for the removal -of
more than 1,500,000 yards of dirt and
for the construction of laterals and a
drainage system.
• The old ditch of the Central canal
company is to be enlarged to carry
twice as much water for the new com
pany as was first intended. The canal
will pass the towns of Willows, Nor
man and Delevan, but the main work
will b<» from Willows,' and it is to be
completed fox water to be used next
spring.* s
Work will be carried on all summer.
For winter work another contract will
be let by the same company for the re
moval of more than 1,500,000 yards of
dirt and for the- completion of all lat
eral canals.
The Sacramento Valley irrigation
company's canal work will cost more
than $2,000,000. The first part of the
canal Is nearly complete and 'water is
being used from it. When completed
the canal will extend a distance of 60
miles, from north of Hamilton to west
of the town of Williams, and will cover
10 miles east and west.
Stockton Educator Forced to
Decline Proffered Honor
[Special Dispatch io The Call]
STOCKTON, June 1. — I* E. Arm
strong, secretary of the California
council of education, and Kirk Harris,
president of -the San Francisco com
mercial league, were in this city yes
terday to see City Superintendent, of
{schools James' A. Barr. S
They came as representatives of the
schools and commercial organizations
of San Francisco to urge Superintend
ent Barr to go to Boston in July and
head the California delegation In his
campaign to capture the national edu
cational convention for San Francisco
in 19,11.
Barr, on account of ill health, refused
to go. Having just recovered from a
severe attack of pneumonia, he is not
strong enough to make the trip. The
visitors were permitted to talk with
him but 15 or 20 minutes.
City Clerk Says Corporation
Has Ignored Requests
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
STOCKTON, June 1. — Action has been
taken by the city council, jipon motion
of Councilman Robert Inglis, to the
effect that City Clerk Kuhn notify the
American River electric company that
2 per cent of its gross income, which
has never been paid the city, is due.
While looking over some old records
Councilman Inglis .learned that the
franchise given the company In 1903
specifies that after five years the cor
poration must pay to the city 2 per
cent of Its gross income.
The city clerk said he had notified
the company several times, but had re
ceived no answer.
Stockton Students to Be Given
Course in Agriculture
[Special Dispatch to The' Call]
STOCKTON, June 1.- — The action of
the board of education in deciding to
Include a course in agriculture in the
high school has attracted general at
tention throughout the country. The
plan will go into effect next fall, and it
Is believed it will be the means of ac
complishing valuable results. The stu
dents will work in conjunction with
Ban Joaquin, farmers, which will af
ford the students practical experience.
Yuba River Settling Basin Not
•Liked by. Government
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
MARYSVILLE, June I.— The Yuba
river settling basin near Hamilton,
which* the government purchased sev
eral years ago, will be sold, the gov
ernment having abandoned the project,
according to telegraphic information
from Washington. S The money derived
from the sale of this land will be used
for other river work. .
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
STOCKTON, June 1. — Marriage licenses
were granted today as. follows: -;-v;
George Augustus' Parker, 59, and Adeline Wil
son. 38, both of Tracy. \u25a0-. ,"\u25a0 .y~ J. >
John William Quessenl>erry, 2G, and Carrie
Alice Ousterbout, 19, both of Lodl.
I Benjamin Franklin : Belt, 31, and Elizabeth
Lawler, 30, both of Oakland. • .
John Qulnn Richaras. 23, and Bsrtha Samuels,
23, both of San Francisco. " ' . .
Clarence A. Waite. • 26, Seattle, awl Florence
Lester Pease, 20, Stockton. -
June 1. — Arthur Wilson *of .Vallejo, who \u25a0 at
- tacked a bor at Wbeatland, was sentenced to
five rears in San Quentin todaj. He said
be lived at Vallejo, - but It is not " beUeved
that he pave hie right name.
Your Liver
is Clogged up
That's Wty ; Your* Tir«d— Out of
SorU— Hat« No Appetite. ><?^^^.
will put you right j&gi§j£Mf'* rwcrte
in a few dtr fc .jSst-Wi *-ART™
WBjnejt, Icdigt»tioa, tad Sick Headache.
GENUINE must bear" signature:
Confessions Wrung From Crim
inals by Torture Not Good
in Last Hearing
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTO. June 1. — Th« appel
late court today, in denying- a new
trial to Agostino Borellol who con
fessed to firing the famous Summit
house near Martells' station ; and the
Hetty Green mine, took occasion to ex
press itself opposed -to 'the "third vde
gree" practice of officers in wringing
a confession from persons accused- of
crime. * " - - • .
The ground of appeal, was that a
confession had been wrung Bo
rello by the threats of the officers, but
Justice Hart, who wrote the opinion,
says the evidence does not substantiate
this ground. • > : . .
Justice Hart makes merit ion of the
loophole which was open for anew
trial arid says such should be avoided
by the courts.
Break in Big Pipe Discovered
at Opportune Time
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
VAL.LEJO. June I.— The city of .Val
lejo, the possessor of one of the finest
municipally owned and operated water
systems in the United States, had.n. nar
row escape yesterday, from being face
to face with a water famine.
At an early hour in the morning a
"section of the 14 I^ch main running
from the diverting dam at Lake Frey in
Green valley to the storage reservoir at
Fleming hill, near town,; blew out. \u0084 ,~
The break, which was about two- feet
in length, was promptly discovered and
as soon as the news could be telephoned
to this city Superintendent of "Water
George H. Savage took a gang of work
men to the scene to repair the damage.
After laboring all day and ; part of the
night the broken main was. replaced by
a new section, and although the water
was turned off for two hours the people
of this city did nqt'learn of the accident
until the damage had been repaired..'
Had the burst pipe not been discov
ered at such an opportune time it might
have taken- several days to .repair the
break, and at this time of the year the
Fleming hill reservoir would probably
be exhausted in that time.
To guard against Just such situations
as that which 1 almost .confronted the
city yesterday it is now the intention of
the city authorities to call a bond elec
tion in' the, near future ? for: the purpose
of securing funds for the construction
of an auxiliary reservoir at Fleming
hill to hold 12,000,000 gallons.
Exclusive Reception and Dance
Will Be Given Saturday
[Special Dispatch. to The Call]
VAL.LEJO, June I.— One of the most
brilliant lodge events held here recently
was' the installation of : the newly
elected officers of Naval commandery
No. 1», Knights Templar, held at-Ma
sonic hall last night. --\u0084
Retiring Eminent Commander . Du
four was the officiating, officer, and was
assisted by Past Eminent Commander
Alrich Hammer, acting as marshal.
The officers; installed were:
L. C. H. Knars here, eminent commander; 'Wil
liam Gee, generalissimo; Walter S. Pierce, ' cap
tain general; G. Grant IlalUday, senior warden;
Thomas B. Dick, Junior warden; James C. Ford,
treasurer; Fred H. Heegler, recorder; George
Rounds, prelate: William O. Anderson, stantlard
bearer; Alf O. Spencer, s\cord bearer; Arthur F:
Hanson, warder ; Z. A. Jamison, sentinel ; Robert
G.. Lockwood, first yuard; "William Frank Ward,
second guard; Frank M. Drapptfii; third guard.
The jiewly installed \ officers * will be
the guests at an reception
and dance Saturday evening, to which
none but Masons will be invited. -
The ladles of^the Eastern Star .will
serve the banquets and it is being
planned to -make the function/one of the
most notable In* the annals of the com
mandery. J . : ; \u25a0[,\u25a0", . , \
i-^ace v^uruiiiiS .
a. Lots: of single; pairs— -several hundred two pair lots— others of three and
four- pairs ?of*a. kind— and a few patterns of which there are six to eighteen
yf OIUiGS $«f«^v lO w%J«wV WM
/Any of them would- be good .value at regular prices, 1 but as this was aspe-
cial factory purchase; (we have ''\u25a0 'decided to: use them for : advertising pur- •
-eposes and. take your good will».f or (our profit. ; .• "J
\u25a0'•\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0' There are fine;:cable.'- i netsiamong-Unem^^.worth'"at^least : .'five"''d9llars':-a"
• *J _ pair. ; Many of them are twelve, point "weaves. /,-«*\u25a0
Arabian, Ecru, Ivdry, White
j : r The i narrowest are 45 -inches -(wde. Many ; of them: are 60 inches wide.
The 1 lengths vary from *2>£'.yar'ds to 3}4 yards. - f * r . " "' "•'
The sale Tvill lost till Saturday: night at \0; o'clock if the. supply lasts that long; ' \u25a0 "\u25a0-
'_ No mail or telephone orders filled.- -' . "
kio^& Market street \
Western Meat' Company Scores
Point in Fight Against Pros
ecution as a Trust
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTO/ June I.— The Wftst
ern nieat :. company* today wdn Its fight
against prosecutioh-as a trust when the
appellate'court handed down a dlcision
holding"- that the corporation had not
been properly snbpenaed by the people,
ho summons having been served on the
offlcers-of, the'corporatlon..; : 7 •
-.The' 1 prosecution" contended in Its ap
peal that "Attorney Hatfield had stated
that : the company was charged with re
stricting the sale/, of meat : In Sacra
"mento.V \u25a0"•'-\u25a0 ? \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0v.^'.''-" 1 - ;'-"; '-" '" .'\u25a0•-\u25a0 "• '. .. " :"\u25a0 \u25a0
; Manager. O'Keefe of the company was
convicted on 'a/similar charge and fined
$500. --^ .;\u25a0 •-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0.> \u25a0\u25a0'.•'\u25a0\u25a0 " • ;\u25a0-\u25a0' '\u25a0\u25a0; \u25a0
Underwriters', y Representatives
Appear Before Council ,
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
STOCKTON, June J.— The city coun
cil is;considerlng a recommendation for
a "sane ? fourth." .; At last night's meet-"
ing W. S: dv Val, secretary of; the Pa
cific coast board of ; and
E. J. \u25a0 Tormey, also of 'that organiza
tion, addressed' the r councilmen r and
placed before them: for consideration
an 'ordinance - prohibiting the- use of
fireworks 'in fourth .of July celebra
tlons. •\u25a0-'.\u25a0".'-; -;' : : -'- ':-:-:, -'J. ':\u25a0'.. -'_ \u25a0/.-.';--.
l^ Dv Val said many cities have adopted
similar ordinances. V , '\u25a0'\u25a0'
."During the last six years," he said,
"I, 3l6 v. persons l;ave been killed, 27,
980 wounded and 776 developed tetanus,
all due to explosives used on the fourth
of July.; In 1909 215 boys and" girls
were killed and between 5,000 and 6,000
Injured, 41, lost legs,' arms or hands, 36
lost'one eye and 16 both eyes." ; . . ; ;
\u25a0 '-'-The "council has" taken the matter
under advisement until the meeting to
be held June;B.
Man Who Ran Amuck Tells
Why He; Did So
FRESNO, June .I.— "W. E. Hawthorne,
the teamster who ran amuck at -Ca
ruthers last eve'ning'and wounded Mrs.
D. E. Lawton, the proprietress of- a
hotel,' while shooting up the town with
a shotgun, wasxtaken before District
Attorney Church today, before whom
he made admissions that his anger over
the fact' that, he had been^ struck: by
another teamster . named . B.onnajnan'
caused him to lose control of himself
and to d«sire to; kill. tbe' man who; had
hit him. - .V-" \u25a0 - "\u25a0'\u25a0 * \u25a0'• \u25a0" -"\u25a0•- '--\u25a0
"I was simply mad, that's all," Haw
thorne is alleged to have, said to the
district attorney. JI ,wanted to' kill
Bonnaman." ..
- - Hawthorne, -however, stated that the
shooting of Mrs. Lawtoii was ac<Jidental
and he expressed Borrow, at thethought
that she had been. injured. Th« physi
cians say that there; is an excellent
chance for 'the woman's recovery. '"<"
Oakland Restaurant Man; Fails
to Make Charges Good
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
v AUBURN, June 1.-i-H. S. Thomas, the
Oakland restaurant .man, who -came
here recently an<j*sought;the arrest of,
Frank Reddlngton.Va Roseville barber,
who was a guest at a boarding house
kept f by Mrs. Thomas, failed today, to
.secure i possessl6n of his children"; who
have,bein living, with Mrs. Thomas
here.' ;7 -- . ;'V ." ; ;. ; -' ;" v - :
; The charge against Reddingto'n was
dismissed 'several days ago. • . -
>;- Mrs. Thomas has filed suit for' divorce
and Thomas has asked that the case" be
'transferred to Alameda',- county.. This
will be argued June 11.
Suisun Attorney Accused of
Firing Point) Blank Into
Crowd on Sidewalk
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
i VALLEJO, June ; I^-Rlchard C. Haile,
a^young; attorney and'one "-of the prinV
clpal property -, owners in ; Suisun, . ia
out' ou $250: :.ba11, 'pending a prelim
iriary ; examination Friday, next " before
Justice Reeves'* on a charge of as
sault with .a deadly : .weapon with
intent to.commit «murderT: . . :
- Halle is the "owner of "a building -in
Suisun." which for some time has s been
occupied ;, by the big' store \u25a0 operated \u25a0by
Town Trustee C. B: Mayfleld. --. Some
misunderstanding between landlord^and
tenant led to. Haile refusing to renew
Mayfleld'a 1 lease, with ;• the resultf that
being unable to v find : . another suitable
location- he was .practically; forced' but
of business. " .\u25a0-. '\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'.','\u25a0 -. -.-.'.
, .-.A .few evenings ago ah expensive
plate .glass window which Mayfleld'ihad
installed -in- the store "was .replaced by
an ; inferior; llghCof. glass, the substitu
tion causing" much- talk and speculation
ln'Suisun:V; \ •; ; /
.\u25a0Sunday.njght.while a number of.peo
ple: were 'Joking with ; Hailed about -the
removal ,6f ihe , glass lie iis .said .to have
suddenly "drew:- ia.% revolver-' and-; fired
point ; blank iotorthe crowd," the \ bullet
narrowlyjnisslng a young bootblack. :
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTO, June I.— For the first
time In many years by ithe' first of June
the v snow." has . disappeared • from ' the
ground' at- Summit on* the* Sierra. Ne
vada! mountains.. The local.weather*bu
•refu reported today that the blanket of
snow, which always ;remains from. 15, t0
30 days longer, has disappeared and all
that Temalns of the "beautiful" is a few
isolated patches in the gullies, on* the
north side of the peaks or on sheltered
spots/ But snow, the snow that can be
measured, has melted and run off as
water in the great rivers of the valley.
Notable Deaths
\u2666-_ __ ;; — _^____ ; ; +.
\u25a0vraxiAM p. BQtria£, orvn, war. veteran.
San Jos«, June 1. — William P. Squire, former
'\u25a0\u25a0. member of the state legislatures of Nebraska
\ and \u25a0 Illinois and ~at one time prominent In
'local political circles, died last night. Squire
•trved with ~ an Illinois regiment in tbe civil
•war, being wounded three times and losing a
leu In the Atlanta campaign." > ,
TATIVE— Deadwood. IS. D., June 1. — Former
Congressman Freeman Knowles died here to-
daj-. aged 64 years. For 20 7 years he had
edited newspapers here. He was widely known
as a socialist. . ; / . - .:\u25a0"..-. J. .. , -
Tork,, Jntfe 1. — S. F. Sutherland, for. many
years a well known San Francisco newspaper-
man, is dead at hla home here. He had been
In HI health ever since the death of William
M. Lallan, publlsheß of the New York Sun,
\u25a0', whose close friend he was.
T. X i MORAN OF VAl.LEJo— Vallejo,' June I.— .
\u25a0 T. J. ' Moran, city plumbing inspector and a
well t known- resident, died . today. \u25a0 He Is - sur-
vived by a Jwidow and 'a. large family. <
A Sad Mistake
—Is the idea that pure Havana
cigars must be heavy and strong.
,The finest Havana tobacco is ex-
qofcsitely miW and sweet— lirsn-
friooabr emtiatjios. Nor is this to be
found always In the Imported cigar.
But— at half the "importedV price
—because we save ctgar-doty—
you get none bat the finest In
"Quality^ Gigars
M. *\u25a0 OSOBt & CXX— "TW Hodm of Bt»*fc»-
I Marriage Licenses' I
\u2666~ : - \u25a0' ' "-' '- • \u25a0'\u25a0 "- - . --\u2666;
•';TJh»',followlajf marria its licenses were Issued
la Francisco Wednesday, June 1, 1010:
\u25a0 ATKINSOX—ORAUPrEt— George L. Atkinson.
v 23,.1548 O'Farrell street, and Jessie Grauffel,
; 20. 319;Joost »Teanc\ •
BAILO— AVIO— PssquaJe Ballo/ 22, and Federlc*
.; Atlo. Si, „ both of Eedwood City. '
BECIX— LONG— Erlck ; G- -' E. Belln, 24. Black
'. i Point.", and Una hong. 27, ; 3413 Clay street.
BELL— WEATHERILL-^Frederlck H. BelU 23.
.? 1264 .Golden Gate avenue, and E«a SI. Weath-
.erni.:2l. 1731 Hares street. OfSSJBgBHi
BRUNSOX— WEAIJICK— James C. Branson; St>.
and Elizabeth Weadlck. 30. both of Kocklln.,.
CASSIDY— REILLT— Philip J. Cassldy, 24, 3016
TTs-entr-flf th street, and Loretta A. Rellly, 21,
:\u25a0 2327 Twenty-third. street. ' . , .
COXXELLi-LUTZ--GeorKe A. Connell." 31. Seat-
j.,; tie, , and Anna K.~ Luta, 2S, 140S Golden Gat«
:;>Tenne.; .- ; .
COXROY—DEADT— Thomas B. Conroy. 28. Ellis
street, rand Monica XL. Deady, 22, 1016 Elll3
-: street.-. •. ;. --\u0084 ;v-- -- -. \u25a0>\u25a0\u25a0_.
DEASY— CAROSIO-Bernard J. Deasy, 23. 15S1
Greenwich street,'- and Amelia M. . Ctroslo, 20.
'; 1337 Montgomery avenue. -
DE LUCCHI— GARDELLA— An^reIo d# Lucchl,
.26. 1027 Lake street, and Dora GardeUa, 20,
. , 11H Masonic avenue. •
DEVIXE— LAXE-r-WHHsim F. Devine. 20, Rich-
mond, and laa n. Lane, . 2«, Berkeley.
DBAGO—GHIOTTI— Amandeo Drago. 21. 20
• -Theresa street, - and Emilia Ghtottt, 21. 11l
\u25a0 ' Lisbon street. .
FISCIIER— SlMMEN— Andrew ~M. Fischer. 29.
and Kat her me Simmen, 22, both of 1047 Slx-
.Ateenth avenue.:" \u25a0 »• .
GRAY— BREDHOFF— Arthur Van B. Gray, 24.
" Burllngame. and Helene B. Bredhoff,* 22. 71S
";Ashbury street.- -v . ,-.- :;'\u25a0•--. " \u0084
GILMARTIX— ERZIXGETf— John Gllmartin, 33.
233 Scott street, and Say de Erzingen. 28, 6SI
-Halght street. ** I "- V
GOTTSCHALK— SCHULTZ— August Gottschalk,
42, 1500 Broadway, and Anna Schulta, 38. 10
,Bonltft. street.
HAISTMAX—COHX— Edwin P. Hartmaa, 81.
Oakland, and. MUHe Cohn, 22. 322 Hill street.
HAZEL— HIGUERA-^Arthur H. Haiel. 31, Van-
\u25a0 couver. and Julia Hlsnicra. 31. Concord. .:
HIXKLE— MEYER— Carson' W.Hlnkle. 35, 74
Sixth street, and Dora E. Meyer, 18, 044 Fill-
more street.
LE BOY— GIUBBIXI— Anthony P/ Le Roy, 23,
anfl . Hester M. ; Ulubbini, ' 19, both of Bsntcta.
LUCY— SHERRY— Victor G. Lucy, 21. 2700 Bu-
chanan i street, ' and May E. Sherry, - 18, 3335
• Clay street.
McCURDY— MARTIX— Elliott S. McCurdy, 2S.
Amador. and Emllle G. Martin, ,20, Angels
• Camp.': ; -\u25a0 . \u25a0
Oakland, and Helen Klelnmann, 21, 2715
street. -
PEZZOLO— DAMOXTE— SiIvio Peaoltf. 28, S7S
'Chestnut street, and Clara Damonte, 17, 2328
vTaylor street. " - - .
SCHWEIX— FEISTER— Louis Schweia, 44, tnd
--Belle Felster. 40, both, of Chlco.
BKELLY— VIXCEXT-rJames D. Skelly. 83,' 113
Stelner street, and Frances R. Vincent, 28.
1963 Webster street. • - . .
naaier, 22, 1499 Xlnth arenue. and Clart L.
. Schroeder.-20, 743 Clayton street.
WEBEtt— GALLOWAY-rJohn Weber. ."26. 116
West avenue, | aad . Mildred I. Galloway, IS,
145 San Jose avenue.
. Birth, marriage and death notices sent by mail
will not be iuseited. They must be handed In at
"either of the publication offices and be Indorsed
with tbe name and residence of persons author-
ized .to have the same published. Notices re-
stricted simply to tbe announcement of the event
are. published once In this column free of charge.
KAUER— In this city. May 25. 1910, to th« wife
of Rudolph Kauer, <a son.
Atkinson, Edwin V. 52 Hunt, William —
Baker, Lucy C. . . . . . 3S Jensen, Capt. Jacob. 72
Karr. Stewart A. . : 52 Lutich. Anna 1
Burke, Sister Vln- McCurry, Sarah J... —
* centla... — MeGlnnls. Lawrence. 4
Chris tensen, Chris .. 42 Pope. John G 45
Clark,', Erasmu^ J.. 'Ojßlordan. Madeline F. —
Coleman, Maria.... . — Timmermann. Henry. 57
Crouch,' Thomas F.. 60 Welchhart, John C 7tf
Dargin, Michael 64 Wempe. Marie C —
Dougherty, Edward. — Whaien, Sarah SO
Duffy, Margaret....— Wickman. J: Fred...—
Faulkner, James .. 77 Wieland, Christ 43
Goodfrlend, Ignatz..— — — .
Gore, Margaret ... 35 Andersoa ..• (Card)
Hayes, Mary E...:74
ATKINSON— In this city. May 31, 1910. Edwin
V. Atkinson, beloved husband of Mathilde At-
kinson, and father of Mrs. H. H. Grove, a
I native of Illinois, aged 52 years 3 months and
17 (lays. _
Friends are respectfully invited to attend
the funeral services tomorrow (Friday), June
3. at 10 a. m., at the chapel of X. Gray & Co.,
2196 Geary street. Interment private..
BAKER-^-In this city, May 31, 1010, Lucy C.
Baker, dearly beloved mother of Slrlck tn«i Al-
fred Malonc, and beloved sister of Charles E.
\u25a0 Kelly, Mrs. L. Kercheval and Mr*. J. Fergu-
son, a native of Halfmoon Bay, CaL. aged 33
years. (San Jose papers please copy.) .
- Friends and acquaintances are \u25a0 respectfully
invited to attend the funeral today (Thurs-
day), June 2. 1010, at 0:15 a." m., from the
parlors of Valente, Marini. Marais & Co., 648
Green street. . Interment Mount Olivet ceme-
;.. tery.
- .The officers and members are requested to at-
tend the funeral of our late sister, Mrs. L. C.
Baker, today (Thursday). June 2. at 9 o'clock
a. m.. from- the parlors of Valente. Ma-
rlnl. Marais & Co.. «49 Green street. By or-
der of .
Attest: MRS. IDA TOGGART. Rec. Sec.
BABR— In^thif city. May 31, 1910. at his late
residence. 3114 Washington street. Stewart A..
husband of Margaret Carson Barr. father of
Bernlce A. Barr. and son of the. late John I).
. and Frances Barr, a native of Xew York, aeed
.. 52 years. \u25a0 . , ; ~: .f
. Funeral \u25a0\u25a0services- will be held this day
. (Thursday). June 2.-1910. at 2:SO o'clock
p.. m.,. af King Solomon Masonic temple. Fill-
more street near SuttPr. where services will be
held' under the auspices of Pacific lodge Xo.
136, F. & A. M. Interment private.
BURKE— In this city. May 31, 1910, at the Ro-
iman Catholic orphan asylum. Sister Vlncentia
\u25a0; Burke, t . .
A requiem high mass will be celebrated for
the repose of her soul at the chapel of the
asylum today " (Thursday), commencing 'at 9
o'clock a. m. , Interment Holy Cross ceme-
t ery, by electric car leaving Twenty -eighth
7 and Valencia streets at 10:30 a. m. . ,^*
CHRISTENSEN— In" Alaraerta, May 30, 1310,
Chris CUri.-ti'n.xcu. beloved brother of Xels A.
\u25a0 and Johannes Christensen and- Mrs. Jobanne
. A. . Sblmtn. a native \u25a0nf Denmark, aged 42
"v years 3 months and 2 days. *\u25a0'-:'-.
\u25a0 Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
-invited to attend the funeral services Satur-
day. June 4. mio. at 2 o'clock p. m., lit the
> r residence of his sister, Mrs. Lorenzo Shiman.
j.'^. Interment San Lorenzo cemetery. •
CLARK— In, this city. Jnne 1. 1910, Erasmus
". James Clark, uusbasd of the late Laura C.
Clark, and beloved * father of . .George •\u25a0 L..
Charles H., Dillard 8. and Hazel L. Clark,
; •\u25a0? Mrs. J. C. Ward,'; Mrs. L. T. .Webber and
? Mrs. -A. \u25a0B. Collins,' a native of Xew Jersey,
r .aged ,70. years. and 14 days. - .
COLEMAN— In .this "clty, : May 30. 1910, Maria,
i? dearly j beloved \u25a0 wife of- Patrick J. Coleman,
2j devoted : mother : of Matthew P. tnd Anna M.
Coleman tnd \u25a0 Mrs. Agoes Qulnn of Salt Lake
. ' City, and loving sister of. Mrs. Jullt Dreyer
j and Rose and Jennie Hernan.of Xew York city,
t* native --of Lonthv County Loath, Ireland.
' (Xew York papers please copy.) ;..-.\u25a0: : .-
\u25a0- - Friends and - acquaintances are respectfully
v! Invited to attend - the funeral today (Thnrs-
I*" day), June 2. 1010, at 9:30 o'clock a. . m..
"; from ; her • late residence,' 2548 • Twenty -eighth
'-* avenue. I'arkside. thence to St. Ana's church,
" where a requiem high mass will be celebrated
f for the repose of her soul, commenclnjr at 10
C- o'clock's." m.. Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
CSOUCH— Suddenly, in Valont, * Contra Costa
\u25a0'county." Cal., June 1. 1910, Thomas J>\ Crouch,
% beloved. husband of the late Annie Crouch; and
r father; of Alfred^ Walter, Percy and Thonwu
r;; Crouch, of, San Francisco.^ Mrs. Annie Schner
Amy Tucker of San" Franctsco and Mrs.
• Maumee Sullivaa of \u25a0 Valona. a native of Enr-
V land, ased GO years. '<. A member of 'Court -An-
rora.Xo. ; 2 of San Franelsco. (Kansas papers
pl»ase copy.) ~-?£^;*Z33jj&sg£vapJtgi
The funeral; will take place Saturday, Jnne
." 4,": 1910. \u25a0-. at <= 10 -a. ~ m., . from • his family resl-
S dence, 301 Miguel street," San Francisco. - Re-
.. mains will: be taken >to the -\u25a0 family residence
In "San Francisco, today (Thursday). June 2
: . leaving , Crockett on the 10:40 a. -m : train
'* Interment Cypress Lawn cemetery, San Fran-
DARGIN— In this city.'. May 31, ' 1910. { Michael
- Dargln,r a\u25a0' native ' of Galeot, lIL, tjed 64
'-years. . ,/--\u25a0 \u25a0 . .•' ; . .. • \u25a0- : : •\u0084 < ;
\u25a0 Friends : 'are respectfallT v lnvited-.to»attend
\u25a0^ the • funeral today ; (Thursday ), June 2. x at* 10
V a. m., from -the chapel of X. Gray & C0i."2198
v-rv -r Geary street.-; corner , of Devistdero. . Interment
:<% Cypress Lawn cemetery, by automobile.
DOTJGHEBTY— In this" city. May 31. • J9loi Ed-
\u25a0 '•\u25a0 ward :, C.7 i beloved i husband of \u25a0 Marie Louise
Dougherty, and beloved brother of Dennis and
if ' John Dougherty, Mrs.: Mary Goggin and Daniel
>.?©ougherty.T ••\u25a0 ;.. f.-.T-. \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0-. --.\u25a0\u25a0:: '\u25a0 • " v .
i>"^-. Friends wand -acquaintances are respectfully
i.- invited to ". attend . the " funeral today - (Thnrs-,
f i day ),-*" June . 2, ; at ; S- a." ax:r - from the White
undertaking -^1214 ' Eddy street.- thence
1 Ay Non-Sectarian 9
\u25a0 CE.M ET E:RY |
I \u25a0 Arrangements can be • made In • city of flee. Eg
\u25a0- " , - • ADDISOX -BEAD ; BLDG-, ' W
' fost » Street j and ; Gran tr A venue. \u25a0 B
will be celebrated for tbu repose of his soul.
commencing at 9 a. m.
DUrrx— Id" this city. May 31, 1340. MarsareU
beloved v. wife .of AlexanVler DuSy; • lorlng
mothek of John J. Duffy and the la to Margaret
and Mary J. 'Duffy, and grandmother of Esther
L.- Duffy, a native of County Galway, . Ireland.
Friends and acquaintances are • respectfully
invited to attend the funeral today (Thurs-
day); Juna 2. 1910. -at Ji: 13 o'clock a. m..
' from her late ; residence. 25K» Twenty -third
street, thence to St. Peter's church, where *
requiem high mass will be celebrated for th*
repose of her soul, commencins at !) a. m.
"Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
FATTLKNES— In thb city. May 31. 1910. James,
dearly beefed husband of the late. Elizabeth
' Faulkner. Waving father of XV. B. Faulkner of
Stockton. Cal.. James E. Faulkner of Bethany,
- Saa Joaquin county-. CaL, and Mrs. Joseph P.
Maloney of San Francisco, a native of Count/
Donegal. Ireland, aged 77 years.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow
(Friday). June 3. from St. Michael's ehureb.
Livermore. where a requiem idsh mass will
be celebrated for the repose of Uls sioul, com-
\u25a0 Eitneinjc at 10 a. m. on arrival of the 7:40
a. m. train from San Francisco. Interment
Catholic cemetery. Livermore. Kematns at
the residence' of - hla daughter, 33W Tweaty-
first- street.. San Frtaclsco.
GOODFBIEND— In this citj. May 31. 1910. I*-
nata Goodfrlend/ beloved father of Lotiia. Ist-
dor. Arnold and William Goodfrlend. a native
of Bohemia. (Stockton. Los Angeles and Vir-
ginia City, Xev.. papers please copr->\~
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral "services today
(Thursday), at 10 o'clock a. m.. at the par-
lors of Uaisted & Cd.. 924 Flllmore strwt.
. Interment private. Please omit flowers.
Officers' and members, please attend tbe fu-
neral of «ur late brother. I. Goodfriead. from
the parlors of HaUted & Co.. 924 Filiuore
street, today (Thursday), at 10 a. in. By
> order J. J. MILSXER. President.
' E. PIXTO, Secretary.
GORE— In San Mateo. CaL. MaySl. 1910. Mar-
garet, dearly beloved wife of William J. Gore,
loving daughter of Margaret Bultnan. and sin-
ter of Thomas. Mary and Ellen Batman, a na-
tive of Wisconsin, aged 23 years 11 months and
10 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend \the funeral today . (Ihur*-
day>. at 2 o'clock p. m.. from her late resi-
. dence, 96 Farragut avenue, off Mission street
near county line. \ Interment Cypress Una
cemetery. ¥
HAYES— Ia this city. May 31. 1910. Mary 8..
relict of the late Jtmea Hayes tnd davoted
mother of Mrs. C. F. Phemester tnd Jexemia!^?
Hayes, a native of St. John. X. B.;-a*td 74 C
Friends tnd acquaintance* tre respectfully
invited to attend the funeral today (Thurs-
day) at 8:15 o'clock a. m., from tie parlors
of Mcßrearty & McCormick. 915 Valencia
street near Twentieth, thence to St. Tsrest's
church, where t requiem mtu will be cele-
brated for the repoae of her soul, commencing
at 9 o'clock t. m. Interment HOI 7 Cross ceme-
tery. -
HUNT— In this city. May 31. 1910, William,
beloved husband of Susie Hunt, a native of
Friends and ; acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral today (Thurs-
day), June 2. 1910. at 9 o'clock a. m., from
his late residence, 709 Asabury . street, thence
to St. Agnes church, where a requiem max*
will be celebrated for tha repose of hla soul,
commencing at 9:30 o'clock. Interment Holy
Cross cemetery, by electric funeral car from
/Thirteenth' and Mission streets. Kindly- omit
' flowers,
JENSEN— In Byron Springs. CaL. May 31. 1310,
Captain Jacob Jensen, husband of Emma Bra-
dlxsen Jensen, and father of George C. Jenaen,
a native of Denmark, aged 72 years tnd lo
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Fri-
day), June 3. at 10 o'clock a. m.. from hi*
late residence, 2255 Pacific avenue, Alameda.
Interment Mountain View cemetery.
LUTICH— In Watson-rille, Cal.. May 31. 1910.
Anna, dearly beloved daughter of Loreaz and
Xlke Lutich. t "native of San Francisco, CaL.
- aged 1 year 10 months and 27 ' days.
Friends tnd acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral today (Thurs-
day), Juna 2, 1910, at 1 o'clock p. m.. from
the residence of her uncle, SO Cumberland
place off Valencia street, between Xlneteenth
and Twentieth. Interment Holy Cross ceme-
McCTJBEY— In this city.. May 31, 1910, Sarah J..
relict of the late James McCurry, and dearty
beloved mother of Margaret and Kathryn Mc-
Curry. a native of Boston. Mass.
Tbe funeral will take place tomorrow (Fri-
day), at S:3O a. m:, from her late residence,
3412 Twenty-fourth street near Valencia.
; thence to St. James church, where a requiem
high mass will be celebrated for tia .repose
1 of her soul, commencing at 9 a. m. Inter-
ment Holy Cross cemetery.
i McGINNIS— In this city. May 31. 1910. Law-
rence, beloved son of Lawrence and Lurtuda
McGlnnis. a native of Oakland, aged 4 years
5 months 17 days.
POFE-^ln Alameda, May 30. 1910. John G.
Pope of. OakUnd. beloved hnsband of Mrs. W.
. B. X. Pope, and father of Girdwood. -Margaret.
John and Eliot Pope, a native of Xew Bedford.
. Msmi.. aged 45 years S months and '-> days.
Friends and acquaintances are respect tally
Invited to attend the funeral today (Thurs-
day), June 2. at 2 o'clock p. m., from the
Masonic temple. Oakland, under the auspices
of Oakland lodge Xo. US. F. & A. M. In-
cineration, Oakland crematory.
EIOHDAN— In this city. June 1. 1910. Madeline
F., darling infant daughter of Robert E. and
Jennie F. E. Uiordan. sister of Mary (1. Bior-
daii. and granddaughter of the : late James
and Jane Campbell and Hannah and the late
Michael L. Uiordan, a native of San Fran-
cUeo, aged 3 months and 26 days. '
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend . the funeral, tomorrow
(Friday), June 3. 1910. at 10 o'clock -a. m..
from the residence of her parents, 90C Thir-
ty-third avenue* South. Interment Holy Cross
cemetery, by carriage.
TTMMERM ANN— At rest, la this city. May 31.
I'JIO. Henry Timmermann, beloved brother of
Mrs. George TieUemaau of Jersey City, X. J.;
Reinhold Timmermann cf Bgooklya.' X. V.. afctl
uncle of -William Pitschner of San Francisco.
Cal.. and Mrs. Zwlngenberger \u25a0 of Seattle.
Wash, a native of MeMorf. Holsteln, Ger-
many, aged 57 years. A member of the Bar-
bers' Protective Union. (Jersey City, X. J..
Brooklyn, X. V.. and Seattle. Wash., papers
please copy.)
, V" > Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
' invited to attend the funeral today (Thurs-
day), at 2 p. in., from the parlors of Suhr
k Wleboldt, 1383 Valencia street nearJTwenty-
flftnv. Incineration. Odd Fellows' crematory.
WEICHHABT— In this city. May 31. 1910. Jona
C, beloved hustotnd cf the late- Anna Welch-
hart, and . beloved father of Mrs. George 11.
Mejertlerk*. Henry A.. William E. tnd Anna
C. Welchhart. a aative of Germany, aged 78
years. A member of Germania iodgs Xo. 116,
I.O. O. F.. and of Gesellschaft Teutonia.
Friesda and acquaintances are "respectfully
- invited to attend the funeral today (Thurs-
day). June 2. at-2 o'clock, from hla late resi-
dence, 574 Seventh avenue between A aad B
streets. Incineration, I. o. O. F. crematory?
WE3IPE— in this city. June 1, 1910, Marie
•Carolina, dearly beloved wife of William,
Wempe.- mother of Marie and Catharine
'. Wempe. daughter of Mrs. Catherine and th«
late Dr. R. Urednll. and sister of August B.
Bredull, - 1 native of Ulckensport* Ohio.
The funeral will take place Saturday.
\u25a0. June 4. 1910, at ' 8:80 o'clock a. m.. from
her late residence. 419 Oak street, thenc*.to>j
|8t Boniface - church, where a solemn requiem \
'high mass will be celebrated for the repose ,
of her soul, commencing at » o'clock. Inter- ,
meat Holy Cross cemetery by electric funeral
car front' Thirteenth - and West Miasloa
WHALEN— In this city.' May 31. 1910. Sarah
Whaien. widow of John Whaleo. sister of Mrs.
E. O'Brien, and aunt of Letitla Wilson, t na-
tive of Michigan, aged SO years.'
-' Friends and acquaintances tre respectfully
. invited to attend the funeral Saturday. June
4. 1910, tt 10 a. si., from tbe mortuary chapel
of the Golden Gate \u25a0 undertaking; company.
. 2473 Mission street netr-Twcnty-drst. Inter-
ment Mount Olivet cemetery, by carriage.
WICKMAN— In' this city. June 1, 1910. J. Fred,
beloved brother .of Mrs. Georglna O»X»U,
Emily A. and Dr. W. J. Wickman of Saa lU-
fart, a -native of San Franc Uco. VanHgii
Friends and . acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend tbe funeral tomorrow (Fri-
day). June 3, at 9:30 o'clock a. in., from his
late residence. 753 Oak street, thence to Sa-
cred Heart 'church, where a reqnleui maws will
be celebrated for the repose of his sonl. eom~
tneaelas at 10 o'clock a. m. -Interment Holy
Cross cemetery, by electric funeral car from
Mission and Thirteenth streets.
"WIEZAND—In this city. May 30. 1910. Christ
' Wieland. beloved brother of Mrs. - Banz, . Mrs.
X Beyer and the late Mr*. JL-«Roljrer aad
George Wieland, a native of Germany, aged
4S years 3 month* and 19 <Uya.^ -
The funeral will take place today (Thurs-
day) at l0:3O,». m... from the parlors of Suhr
ft Wleboldt. 1355 Valencia street near Twenty-
fifth Interment Monnt Olivet cemetery, by
11:30 t. m. train from TwentytfOfth and V*. '
lencia streets. _ \u25a0' .'
"AXDERSOX — r desire to herewith, extend my
heartfelt thanks to th».many friends and ae-
oualntances- for the kindness, sympathy and
: *s&uSpr 'jo^H^E^p-Ea^r:
jhßepehdent of the trust
Seventy-Five Dollars
I Mala ofttces- : -2123 Bush "it.; West" 2899. and
1 1305 Franklin st. near. 17th. Oakland, pbon« O*a-
I land 4045. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0".-\u25a0' /.. \u25a0-\u0084 . .- - \u0084. ......
I Branehe»-^-303 Montgomery ay., Ph,'Ten«>. 3283k"
r> and 827 South rigueroasU Los Aa2»lt«T
Auto Ambulance and Carrlasea fox Hiia.

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