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"In a Dutch Cheese Market."
Will Appear in The Sunday Call
Practically Every Road From
Atlantic to Pacific Proposes
to Increase Rates
New Tariff Filed to Be Effective
Before Administration Bill
Becomes Law
Charges for Freight Between
Coasts Are Raised From
3 to 31 PerCent
WW7 ASHIXGTON> June 2 — Un *
\A/ daunted by the government's
\u25a0 • proceedings under the Sherman
antl -trust act, by which a part of the
proposed increase of freight rates in
the territory west of the Mississippi
river was suspended by injunction,
railroads in the east and middle west
today filed with the interstate com
xaerc« commission tariffs of increased
rates. • - •
Attorney G-eneral Wickersham de
clined to indicate what course he would
pursue in behalf of the government and
the senate, just on th<J verge today of
passing the administration rate bill,
hesitated and finally postponed action
until tomorrow. • .
Action by Northern Roads
Practically every railroad ssstem in
the north from the Atlantic to the Pa
cific tonight has filed with the inter
state commerce commission the legal
notification of proposed Increases in
commodity rates."
The <lay started with the "filing of
schedules of increases by the New
York Central, the West Shore and the
Delaware, Uckawanna and Western.
Then the ©m>Lal proposal from the
roads trax-ers'r.g , the territory, from
Chicago and Milwaukee to Indianapolis
and Ohio river points — 23 in all — was
brought in. During the afternoon in
creased tariffs from the Atlantic sea
board to Chicago, St. Paul and inter
mediate points were filed.
LJke the revlEo'd schedules filed by
the roads w^st of the Mississippi, the
increased tariffe from the_Central
l^rcipht association territory were Hied
in concert. On the other h*nd, the
eastern roads file 4 their revised tariffs
individually.?"" t^Vj
Variations in Increase
The increases proposed by the roads
in the middle we^t range from 6 to 31
per c*Ttt. Those from the seaboard to
the 'west vary froni 3 to 20 p.?r cent.
The Baltimore and; Ohio' 6 Increase on
rates from Chicago to the seaboard
average about 3 0 per cent.
The time set for the Increases to g-o
into effect on the eastern roads was
generally July 5. On the roads in the
middle west July 1 was th<t date fixed.
Before the revised tariffe began to
pour into the offices of the commission
Attorney deneral Wickerfham was re
ceiving telegrams from western ship
pers, asking him to take actfon to have
th*> injunction issued by the federal
court Ja Missouri i extended to other
commodities, especially woo!.
Shippers Lose Opportunity
Reply was made that it now was too
fate. It was explained that the gov
ernment included in the bill such rates
as had been called to its attention and
that the failure of other rates to be
included raust be laid at the door of
the shippers. . .
Ai to the course of the government
in regard to .the Vailroads in the east
and middle west, the attorney general
was not ready to' talk. Immediate ac-
lion Is not necessary, inasmuch as the
.rates are not to go into effect for a
Wlckersham gaid that no, complaints
had as yet been received by him from
shippers in the east or middle west.
Furthermore, he pointed out that con
ditions under which the roads in the
east and middle west had- filed their
cases might be entirely different from
those governing the action of the "West
ern traffic association.
Plan to Avoid New Law
There was a feeling among members
of the commission that more tariffs
will be filed within the next few days,
making the increase general through
out the country on shipments both
probable early passage of the admin
istration railroad bill, the roads will
lose no time In filing' otb«r advanced
The bill in its p"»«ent form 'gives the
interstate commercV^comniission the
power to investigate the - reasonable
ness of proposed increases In rates and
to suspend them as long as 10 months.
Unless the railroads had pu"t their new
rates Into operation by the time the
bill becomes a law the interstate com
merce commission might Euspend"their
Roads to Appeal to Taft
CHICAGO, June 2.— Presidents," traf
fic managers and lawyers representing
«!ght big railroad systems centering in
Chicago found themselves considerably
~ %g see as to the real politico-rate :sit-
OBtlon when they met today In the of
fice of President Ripley of the SantaFe.
So little of a definite nature was
known as to what specified* rates had
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The San Francisco Call.
Porter Objects To
Publicity When He
Pardons Prisoners
[Special DUpatck to The. Call]
SACRAMENTO. June 2.— The
publicity given to pardons
to prisoners in the * state
penitentiaries by acting Governor
"Warren Porter has greatly dis
pleased the latter, and he has
given out the order in the gov
ernor's office that, in the future
pardons are to be granted on the
quiet and kept from the news
Porter has been quite liberal
in handing out pardons and com
mutations of sentences since he
has been acting a* executive in
the absence of Governor Gillett,
and he has expressed a dislike
to seeing felons made notorious
through the press when <they
start out from prison again.
Porter's only reason for this,
he has said. Is that it does not
give pardoned felons a fair
chance. He holds that there is
always a just cause in each case,
but that this cause is never pub
This is the second order for
silence which has gone out from
the governor's office. The first
was issued by Governor Gillett,
but wa* soon broken.
FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 1110
Technical bars to legal justice. . Page 6
San Francisco has finest hotels. • Page 0
Promise of big crops for state. Page 6
Bnllding s railroad bill for people. Page 6
Nit KH*ry starts on auto campaign, but Miss :
Gillett stars at home. Page 1 :
Attorneys for tbe late E. J. Le Breton to ask
for fee of $20,000. Page 1«
narbor Commissioner DennißOn inTited to Join
band of anarchists. Page 7
Dance and entertainment tonight for "forgot
ten part of Ireland." Paire 10
IjandMibere on craiser Marblehead now find It
Inccajrenitnt to take cruise. . Pnse 7
Stockton street tunne! project -reeomnended by
snperrlFors" street committee. : Page 10
Hnsband sued for dlTorce for crneltj- during
drunkenness. : ,''-^: Page 9
Miss Max- Shatter entertained at bouse party
by b*r slstrr. Page S
Insanity suspect arrested has bank book show
ing big account. Page 9
Harvey Maxwell Kennedy dies of heart failure
in Berkeley borne. Page 8
British societies will hold services in Oakland
for late King Edward^ Page 8
Class of 120 students to receive diplomas at
Berkeley high tonight. Page 0
Edward C. Baker, university graduate, ap
pointed consul at Chentung. PageS
Class of 67 graduated with honors from Oak
land high school at exercises.. Page il
Widow tells Oakland court H. E. Wolcott
swindled her "out of property. Page S
New dub is formed to aid Berkeley public
schools" playground movement. Page 8
sisters start to Switzerland with inten
tion of climbing high peaks in Alps. Page 0
Children's t^ars save their dog, which had
bitten policeman, from being killed. PageS
Loren Coburn says relatives would railroad
him to asylum. Page 0
Convict at San Quentin confesses murder In
boxcar near Spokane. Page 0
Western meat compuny may b«- dissolved for
breach of antitrust law. . . Page 4
James Watson, Lincoln's eccortand old
Native Son, dies at Monterey. . PageS
Alfred Lewi*, indicted in Sausalito fake pool
troom case, dismissed by. court. 'Page 9
Acting Governor Warren Porter objects to
publicity when be gnnts pardons. Page 1
Mrs. Baronidi6 given $10,000 judgment against
Attorney Smith and Del Fungo Giera. Page 0
President Taft delivers address to graduates
at Bryn -Mawr college. Page 3
August Relraont thrown by polo pony and said
to be seriously injured. , Page 1
Joseph TV. Folk' outlines platform on which he
wants presidential nomination. Page 3
.Actor Scott's manager offers Curtis* $18,000
for Atlantic City-Cbicago flight. • page 3
More damaging evidence Is unearthed in Il
linois legislative bribery scandal. Page 3
Railroads try to. balk president's proposed
legislation by, raising freight rates. Page 1
Captain C. B. Rolls makes round trip across
British channel in airship. Page 1
Sam L&ngfcrd and Abe Attell come to fill their
fighting engagements'. Page 10
Several members of coast teams at Champaign
ill as result of cold. ' Page 10
_ Commuters' stellar flinger .makes Berry's men
look like a lot of bnshers. \u25a0 Page 11
Jeff offers purse to charity to prove square
ness of his coming battle. Page 10
Big. ffllow works in broiling sun and geU
up beautiful perspiration/ Page 10
Seals win game with Vernon through eleventh
Inning batting rally in south. : Page 11
Jockey. Fred Lanza n instantly killed by fall
during race at Gravesend park. - Page 11
Stockton Millers solve Bloomfleld's delivery
and beat tbe Oaks 11 to 3. Page 11
Governor Gillett at Chicago brands interview
denouncing big fight a falsehood. ' Page 10
Pride of Lismore. an outsider -In '. betting,
romps home, ln 'Modesto handicap. ' \u25a0 Page 10
' Fjankle Sullivan and Fteddle Couture are re
matched by Oakland Railroad club.. Page 10
Jack Johnson Js scheduled to "give a- boxing
exhibition a* Dreamland rink tonight. Page 10
• \ Umaiilla tails for Nome with Wx ;of
gol4 v . banters. - 'Page 15 1
ik>dety'K song, writer is composing a ballad
for tne Paaama- Pacific ' exporttlon. Page 6
LABOR^jMWB ' ;\u25a0\u25a0'
Building , trade* cooncil . send* W. H." '\u25a0> Bemis
east to accompany mayor home. Page 27,
Candidate Chug=Chugs Away
While Governor's Daughter \u25a0
Stays at Home
.\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 * '-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.-• \~ -
Hiram Johnson, After San Fran
cisco Meeting, to Tour
Alameda County •
Nat Ellery, candidate for, the repub
lican: nomination for governor, left San
Francisco , yesterday afternoon for his
automobile tour of the northern part
of the state. Before- leaving.
admitted the absolute lack of "founda
tion for an interesting little campaign
story which emanated Wednesday from
his local headquarters. > The story re
ferred to was that Governor Gillett's
daughter, Miss Ethel, was to accom
pany the Ellery party on the campaign
trip. ' -
Miss Gillett was not in the big tour
ing car when it bowled out for the
north yesterday afternoon, nor! had she
any intention of going. Ellery. himself
admitted- that. the statement that^ she
was to be a member, of his party was
groundless, but he failed to explain
satisfactorily just how it happened that
such an announcement was formally
given out » from his headquarters, on
Wednesday under the scrutiny and sanc
tion of his local managers. He merely
said that" the announcement /had been
made without his personal "knowledge
or authority," but threw no "further
light upon its origin. J. J. McCarthy,
manager of the Ellery campaign, was
more reticent in' regard tOy the matter
than his chief; referring- all inquiries
to Ellery himself. . ,- •
The publication of Miss Gillett's name
In. a manner to suggest the possibility
of new complications in -the guberna
torial situation aroused some of Gov
ernor Gillett's close personal friends in
this city to activity early yesterday. A
long. distance telephone call to the gov
ernor's home in Sacramento .was an
swered by Miss Ethel Gillett herself.
She promptly branded' the story as ab
"Why. I have no idea of taking, such
a trip," asserted Miss Gillett over the
telephone. ""I have not thought of ac
companying Mr. Ellery and. his party
on a campaign tour." They asked me
some time ago if I would join them on
a camping trip, but I was forced to; de
cline. My father is still Inthe east, and
I wouldn't think of takinga trip'qf any
kind without waiting for : liis; return
and securing his cpns^ejit^'^; ,
. The foundatibirforalje^pub'licatioiiTof
Miss Gillett's name. in conectioni with
the Ellery. tour was contained \u25a0I n a'Tjud
get'of political news Items, signed by
W. H. Fraser, secretary of -the" office
force at the Ellery headquarters, and
given out Wednesday afternoon Yes
terday / afternoon another ' signed ; state
ment was on hand at headquarters and
this lone read:
"The published report that Miss
Ethel Gillett is to accompany my
party is without foundation and
has been used without my knowl
edge or authority. .
- In a subsequent statement, Ellery
added that he had .taken precautions to
prevent any recurrence of such a "slip,"
and, declared that; he. .would hereafter
give his personal . supervision to *his
news bureau. \_
The only direct result of this inci
dent, beyond the comment itoccasioned,
was a rumor which became prevalent
yesterday in political circles to the ef
fect that Alden Anderson was preparing
to withdraw from .the gubernatorial
race In the Interest of EHery. The
rumor was the direct outgrowth of the
story, howeyerj and had Ino more \u25a0 f dun -
dation in* fact than did the story itself.
It flashed into being and died again be
fore'the day was over.
.Regardless of whatever intent
prompted the announcement -ot the
"fake" concerning .Miss Gillett the sug-,
gestlon' which it- occasioned' that Gov
ernor Gillett was willing to^allowJ itUo
appear that he had withdrawn his per
sonal sanction from Anderson in favor
of Ellery did not > take root. •
The members of the party'whicli.left
yesterday afternoon for the northern
automobile tour were: Ellery; ,H,?S.
Morrow, candidate for .secretary ,^oC
state; Harry S. 'Speas, special, corre
spondent, and Di J. Ilanrahan.^who will
fill the job of advance man. : Mrs., El
lery will accompany the; candidates to
Eureka, from which point 'the real
start of the campaigning will. begin. ,
Ellery is going to:,do- all 'the speech
making on the northern trip/ Morrow,
Instead ofVtelling, what he; will: do in
the event of his' election .is secretary
of state, will enliven ; the -tour , r with
stories, readings'.aind" monologues: 'He
has had extensive experience" as a pub
lic entertainer, and ¥ \will rely upon the
methods which gained him :pbpularity
as an, artist of Ihe Lyceum circuit
rather,, than iupon' the : ;voicing -of, dry
political platitudes. He takes; a cheer
ful view.; of , prospects,' stating, that he
expects 1 to win the nomination for sec
retary of state : by, a big- majority, but
that, win or lose,, he is confident' that
the automobile trip will be fine for his
health. ,' ' ":- ;
. The Ellery party JwilJ go \u25a0 from Eureka
to Crescent. City and through: Del. Nbrte
county, i^tunilng|frOUth"Etbrouglit Men
docino, Sonoma and Marih. countieeV
with, stops at Willits. Ukiali, S Fort
Bragg," Mendocirio City, Gi-eeriwqod, Clo
verdale. Point .Arena.- Healdsbufg- and
Santa Rosa. . After, a" swing "up the Sac
ramento valley . the southern tour will
begin. a^^3ffi|||ffil(B|fflg
. Following" his me-eting ; -.at Dreamland
rinkinext Tuesday; evening, which .will
signal 1 the opening; of \ his . active cam
paign "'.; in \u25a0*\u25a0\u25a0 San •"Francisco.^f Hiram " W."
Johpson "will give'severaFdays"t6 meeti
ngs • in ; Alameda 5 county.] ,- K Ari % itinerary
has jbeeni arranged "which , will 'include
Livermore -f arid T PleasantOn ; on /June -' 8 ;
Alvarado.v Decoto; 1 NJles; ilrvingtbri and
Ceriter.ville June 9,-f Kewark-'and Hay
ward Jun e 1 0, a nd - Sari v. Leandrb :.;- and
Melfose/June Al. 7: He-iwillvbe ;accohi-*; accohi-*
panted by. Mayor Frank K.*Mott of Oak
landTand: SenatorrJoHh ..W.^Stetßoh/ahd
arrangemeritßj "are 7 made">for i a
central, Oakland ,' mass '"f" f meeting' {for a
laterdate'v ;.-.\u25a0:
; ; AmeeUnß:- of the. campaign commit
tee ;of ; . } the lindeperident.ifepublican
clubs has been: called" for,.{ss o'clock "tfiis
afternoon v'at' the ; headquarters Tbf ~f the
Llncolh-Roqseyelt .;league,-.iri 'tlfe 4 Me-
Continued on \ Pago 2,' Column" 6 ~*~
September.l 1, 1908, Orville Wright made/two flights at Fort
Myer, Virginia, one lasting 1 hour 1 0 minutes 26 seconds; surpassing
all previous records for, time in.the air and speed— 39;ss miles per hour.
v July 25/ 1909, Bleriot in monoplane crossed English channel in 23
minutes— -^distance, 2 l miles. * '*-' ' v f' 2 vVj
April 28; 1910, Paulhan wins $50,000 Lord Northcliffe prize by
flight from London to Manchester— \B6 miles.- . .
May,^2l , 1 9 1 0, • Count de Lesseps crosses English channel in 50
v horsepower "Scarabee;" making flight in heavy fog.
May 28, 1 19 1 0, Roger Sommer, : a .boy birdman, covers 94 miles at
less than mile a minute rate.
•w-\ \a ?o loin ->i r r .• l 1 n u« • j . fi
.' May. z9, IV IU, ulenrt C. Curtiss breaks all world s records by t
flight from Albany to New' York —-137 miles in 2 hours 32 minutes. : |
June 2, 19 10, Captain C. S. Rolls : crosses English channel and
: back without alighting in Wright biplane^ ' i~
AVoman Denies; Murder and
Says Troubles Are Due to .
Her Slavery to Drug
ST. LOUIS, June 2.— Evidenceiiti. the
case of Mrs. Dora , E. Doxcy,
with the murder, of William 'J.-Erder,
was completed this afternoon. >£'
Both ;\u25a0 sides rested shortly after " t
o'clock. V \u25a0 '\u25a0•\u25a0>\u25a0' '['/\u25a0' '
Judge Grimm's charge and the -pleas
of counsel ; will be , delivered tomorrow.
It \u25a0> is expected the case will beVln v : the
hands of tho : jury ; before t tomorrow
night..-;;', \u25a0/ - ; .:,\u25a0:-:. 'J:.i.:.':/\ ,:,.'\u25a0}.- *'\u25a0 ??*&\
,* ' Mrs. %Doxey.- told | t'><lay .the, «;. or>.- pt
her tragic acquainfa'iiice with Ertler.-
She "denied- that shr. andsKrder were
married, but said they; agreed "to pre
tehd\ they were *\u25a0; in order, that ,; they:
might": live openly 'together. ; That 1 was
after Doctor Doxey had cast her off,
she said.. ' "> -V W \u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0-';'
g She threw . all the blame" for her, sla
very to morphlnel" on Dr. TS. : B. Doxey;
jointly indicted -.with her for Erder's
death. She;denied~that she had ad
ministered any arsenic to Erdor.
"Mrs. Doxey said she continued ' to
correspond with Erder after Her mar
riage to Doxey.- She became acquaint
ed, with Erder on : ,a' visit here. ','\u25a0' ,
. "Mr. . Erder knew of my suffering
and of my life with Doctor Doxey,"
she testified. ."He wrote for mo to :
come here: and 'he* would take care of
mo. • I was thinking" of a final separar
ti on ff t ram •\u25a0;' th e docto r. and wh en Mr.'
Erder, kept urging me I finally con- 1
sented. ./'2 ." . \ '
"I canidf here in: April, 1909.. Erder/
met me tit, the station and took me. to
his home, where'vß remained almost ' aj
week, when I returned, to; Dcs Moines.
Doctor Doxey ; had .gone to Columbus,
Neb., and I followed' him."
.; Mrs. J Doxey related' how Doxey/ in
his flight from creditors, informed her
she must take care 'of/lierself and ex
pect no assistance;. from him, arftj how
she, in", desperation^ consented to' ac
cept Erder's proposal to live with him
as his wife. . ; A - j
Mrs/ Doxey told of her marriage to
Doctor Doxey 'on, Augusf29, 1906. She
became! addicted to morphine in March.
1907, when Doctor Doxey supplied it to
her. "Sometimes; I would take 15 or
16 grains' in : a, single day," she testi
fied. "I never took less than half a
grain at a ' time." '? I tried to break j the
habit; but hejwouldn't let me." :
Torrid Campaign at San Jose
High School Almost Leads
to Fist Fight
[Special Dispatch to Jhe\ Call]
SAN. JOSE,' June,: 2.— -A hot political
campaign is now- being waged in. the
San Jose high school. \ It Is ..the •most
torrid battle since the days that George
Kerr, now clerk : of the ; police court,
introduced machine politics into the
institution and elected Edward Cunha,
now a practicing attorney of San Fran
cisco;*'.' president; of the student body,
defeating '\u25a0. Jeff Malloy.^now assistant
city* attorney San Jose. Political
\u25a0headquarters. have been established by
friends ; : to . further ; '; the interests v
SGwell. Brown,. candidate: for president,
and' also : by;the friends of -Stafford,^ his
opponent '.'.J- Both sides at meetings to
day "took steps ' : to -get _out ,' posters , and
regulation 'cards. \u25a0 •' . : .
VV v-Thev -The. freshmen hold the, balance of
power and* each.'camp Ms bending "its
energies to line-up 'their .votes'.". . ,
A -fight narrowly; was averted today
when" some of Brown's followers pulled
badges from rthejcbat,- lapels of polit
ical ; opponents. .'V Students s who i profess
to have inside* information fsay that all
ofi th'eHricksVof politicians are
\u25a0\u25a0*- , \u25a0: \u25a0 . • ;;*.\u25a0**\u25a0>.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0\u25a0..•—>!.«::\u25a0"-; \u25a0'\u25a0"!..-. .., \u25a0 .-.,\u25a0.•\u25a0 \u0084..
beingiworked, candidatesjhave been put
[qprfoyj sacrifice fandlmajiy^ promises of
appointive £ offices!!"; have ; ; been^made 'in
Tetu'raTforJtheTsuppo'rtrorrcertein' school
organizations/ \u25a0- «>•, --'*'"\u25a0 ' ' '-
Surgeon v Wants v to Find if
Broken Bones Have Remained
in Proper Position
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., June 2.— An X
ray examination is to be made of
Mayor. P. H. McCarthy's broken ankle,
probably tomorrow. ; . This was decided
on today . by Dr. Herbert Wagner, who
is , in char « e . of the case. -He explains
that in the case of. a fracture' such as
McCarthy's :it is {sometimes uncertain
when the \u25a0bones' have remained "in
proper position, after being set, and it
•is to determine the "exact condition of
tiie aiikle that the X ray examiriation
is to be r made. . ';
In- case, the .bones have slipped from
their proper places the . displacement
would have to be remedied, at once, or
it could never be done. The result
would-be a deformity ,'or- a crippled
condition for life. - Though this chance
is "' remote. Doctor Wagner thinks, he
wishes to be absolutely sure of pulling
McCarthy /through all: right, and his
plan meets the approvai "of ' his ; patient.
Mayor McCarthy is, much, interested
in his physician and regards- it -as a
strange coincidence that' he should
have employed a. surgeon, who was
some years- a student at' Leland Stan
ford university. : When.Doctor Wagner
received, the call he. responded, as to
any "other case, but was much surprised
that his patient was <_ the mayor of. San
Francisco. The 1 two found the/situa
tion: mutual ly .- agrees ble, and the mayor
feels [more ; at home. \u25a0He said he could
be reconciled to his fate and remain
here content as long as necessary were
it not for the fact that' his family
.physician will worry about him. . Many
flowers have been sent, to the hospital
by his friends and acquaintances. '
Government Order Protecting
; Farms 'i Shuts Down Plant :
.REDDING, June 2.— Following the
order of the government that a smoke
consuming device must be erected and
maintained at the Delamar smelter of
the Bully" Hill mining company, it is
probable that the smelter- will close
the ' first of the month and that; the"
ore* will be. sent to the smelters at
Coram and Kennett. At each of -the"
latter, places : bag f houses for the con
sumption; of the fumes; are ibein built
under! an agreements recently /entered
into^between- the "..company; and, the
Shasta' county. 4 farmers' protective :as
sociation. ' - :,: ,* J! 2&jK«piPaßftiaißatM^l
Anonymous Letter Predicts At
tack on Manchu Dynasty
; ;! PEKING.' 'June; 2.— There was a stir- :
in 3 the ? diplomatic 'quarter J f todays upon
the ; receipt'at {each , of the • foreign lega
tions of \u25a0-; an . anonymous \ circular better
in} which ;the},writer; declared; that> an
antlHlynastlcV revolution 'was about to
occur; and ' tb«r diplomats not to
take^sidesiwith,the;Manchus. ; * ;
/ The? communication ;was7 prepared"; in
excellent^ literary^ style' and abounded
in 7classic(quotations. :-- r; ; ~.^Ty r
: 3N62alarm' was - felt -at the American
embassy,? and ,W. J. Calhoun, .'American
minister »to, China, .did not appear dls
turbedf:^?^:;':. ; -: , :'. ; •""":, •\u25a0..-'\u25a0J ;; ; ' " •-. \u25a0_ y
• Grower ,Puts-i Damage
\u25a0 Higher imSbme^Se^oris^
'_'-\u25a0' FRESNO, ; June : 2.'-~Afte r ; a canvass . of
the^ralßlhVdlstrlcts»' J ' i John > P.> Clark, ; 3 a
prominent j| grower, 1 * announced Z tonight
that!ithe£rec6rdf\breaklng>hotf spell . of
the flast J of ] May/ Has f caused ' a" loss ' of jat
leastllo|pVrJcerit]Of jthe T crop. "-iriisome
districts Hhe'f damage) ia\ put % ajs\ hi gb |as
25lperJce"nt;^tPeaches and;aprlcots;have
also £ suffered,-*; ithe '••young^frult'dxjins
and fdroppin'g-f rom the' trees. < y -
f~ - - .
Clear; vest vind; maximum
f.nmperature. 58 : .minimum, 50.
-^FORECAST FOR TODAY— Fair; light '
\^ north vrinds* changing to fresh vtesL
Horse Trips on Polo Field, Turas
Somersault and Rider Is
Seriously Hurt
NEW YORK, June 2. — August Bel
mont was thrown from bis horse this
afternoon while playing polo at the
Meadow^rook , hunt club. There were
rumors that he had been seriously In
jured, but at his house it was said to
night'that he had only been severely
shaken up and would be about as usual
In a. day or . »o. \u25a0
At the Meadowbrook club it was said
that ho had broken a.wrist^_. ; ._.,.
• "While Belmont was ' follawinsr the
ball- he made a forward stroke with bla
mallet, which. entangled itself with his
horse's fore feet. - The^animal was In
full • gallop,: and, in tripping \u25a0 turned a
complete somersault. Fortunately,
Belmont was thrown"clear. The horse
rolled over" several times, but did not
strike Belmont with his feet nor 'roll
on him.
Mrs. Belmont, who was Eleanor Rob
son and is a bride of only . a few
mohths,, was • notified immediately by
telephone and hurried out to the club
in an automobile. She brought her
husband^ back with her to" the town
At , Hempstead, Long island, where
Belmont has his country place, it was
said that: his injuries were more seri
ous . than the family were willing to
admit in New York. The village re
ports were that Belmont suffered a
broken rib, that his scalp was torn and
that his face 1 was bruised and lacer
ated.. Moreover, it was denied that he
was thrown clear from his pony.
-On the contrary, it was said the
pony fell on him so heavily that he lay
breathless ."on the ground and that it
was necessary to resort to artificial res
piration to bring him back to con
sciousness. . ' J .
.As his. automobile traveled through
Hempstead it ran slowly, as if^it were
carrying a man who needed careful
driving. . - ; ;- j
Prof^ A. Platt ; Andrew Assistant
Secretary of Treasury
June 2.— A. Piatt
Andrew of Massachusetts, the .present
director of the ; mint; has" been \u25a0 selected
as assistant secretary of -the trea&ury
to succeed ,D. ; Norton, who has
bee'njmade secretary .to ; . the president.
V'Professor\ Andrew assisted . the \ na
tional.monetary commission in its work
and ;has ibeen. a prominent '.; writer on
financial topics.
;\u25a0:/ Andrew. was appointed director of the
mlnt'last August. "Hens 37 years aid
and a ".'native of I . lndiana!" 'Educated at
Princeton "and Harvard,' he also studied
abroad. . ' ; : ; .^r
?.\ LANCASTER. / June 2. — Neighbors
seeking Leandro -Hernandez, a ..pros
perous rancher \u25a0 who had been /missing
several days, ",,found~"hliri dead today
amid 'the" wreckage of his house, which
had, been /looted .by robbers." There
were? -four, bullet wounds In" the body.
Hernandez,? who. was unmarried, was
known 'to; have ' kept a large sum of
money, in his house. . ;
\u25a0':'\u25a0« No money..' could -be. found by the
searcers today,. and the condition of the
house indicated J , that ',4 the . slayers had
ransacked "it from; roof to' floor.
*>Deputies^from ;th«csherlfTs~ office "in
Los. Angeles, are; here tonight' hunting
clews to .the. murderers.
3 REDDING, June 2.— An automobile In
the i stagey service ; between ,Tv"eaverville
and Redding .was destroyed \by fire near
sWhl6kytown5 Whl6kytown • today.^entallihg, a loss r oi
$4,loo, «'cdvered";by/ insurance.; .While
iWalter^pay^the. chauffeur,'. was repair
ing F: the » machine.*' a> spark i ignited the
Sails to French Coast and Back
Without Alighting in a
Wright Biplane*
Machine Outstrips Three Tor
pedo Boats in Fast Right
Above Water
DOVER, Eng., June 2.— The Hon.
Charles Stewart Rolls, captain
in the London section of the
army motor reserve, driving a Wright
biplane, vindicated the Anglo-Saxon
aeronautics by crossing the English
channel twice this evening without
alighting. He made the round trip
between Dover, and Calais in 90 min
While two Frenchmen, Louis
Bleriot and Count de Les^eps, have
crossed the channel in an aeroplane,
it remained for an Englishman in an
American machine to perform the
double feat. The distance across be
tween the two points is 21 miles* so.
that his overwater flight of 42 miles
without a. t stop establishes a new
Faster Than Boats
Captain Rolls left Dover at 6:30
o'clock. Atmospheric conditions were
excellent. He lost no time in maneu
vers, but after describing a circle
headed toward the coast of France,
In anticipation of the flight, torpedo
boats steamed at full speed across the
"straits, but the pace of the aeroplane
was swifter.
Captain Rolls sent his machine to" a
height of SOO feet, and at that altitude
he skimmed through the air like a
great bird. The motor worked per
fectly. The. crowd that watched the
start confidently awaited the return.
and it was not long before the speck
which those who had telescopes saw
disappear on the French coast reap
peared, growing larger with every
minute. •
When finally the aviator became vis
ible to the- naked eye cheers arose from
the spectators, and as he soared toward
tne landing: place made famous -by
Blerlot he was given a demonstration.
He alighted at 8 o'clock at almost the
same spot as Bleriot, showing little
signs of the strain of his magnificent
Praises His Machine
Captain Rolls said that much of th«
credit was due to the biplane, which
ran perfectly throughout the whole
flight, not missing sparking once.
As he was passing over Sangatte the
aviator dropped a paper tied with tri
color ribbons, containing the following
"Greeting to the Aero club of France,
dropped from . a Wright, aeroplane
crossing from England to France. "Viva
Rolls left Dover at 6:30 o'clock" and
In splendid time reached the French
coast. He circled twice over Sangatte
cliffs, near Calais, and then, without
stopping his engine, turned his aero
plane back to the British shore.
The distance across the channel is
21 miles; so Captain Rolls accomplished
an overwater flight of 42 mites, making
a new record for this particularly dan
gerous course.
Circles Cliffs and Returns
The. weather was perfect. The prog- *
ress of the aviator was , watched with
the aid of glasses until he was within
two miles of the French coast, when
the aeroplane^ vanished from Tiew.
After circling the cliffs - of Sangatte,
Rolls headed straight to sea. and made
the return at a rapid pace.. Three tor
pedo .boats which had been strung
across 'the channel in anticipation of
the flight, started simultaneously with
the birdman when he set out for .
France, " but though the boats were
driven at full speed they were soon .
overhauled and passed by the aviator.
A Famous Balloonist
NEW YORK, June 2 — -Captain Rolls
is' the third aviator to cross the Eng
lish . channel in an aeroplane. .The
first' was Louis Bleriot, 'the second
Count Jacques de Leaseps. Hubert
Latham twice essayed the feat, -but
each' time fell Into the .water.*""
Charles Stuart Rolls is the third son
of ; Lord Langattock, hence h© is an
"Honorable." As a younger son, h»
was intended for the diplomatic service,
but he »hbwed such a strong bent for x <
science and mechanics and io ranch of
an aversion for other ' studies .that his
parentstbecame. convinced that it was
a : choice between a promising inventor
and . a poor, diplomat. They, s ta'eref ore,
decided to let the ;young' man have' his
own way. Ha accordingly went tq

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