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gn "What Being 'The Paris of
America 1 Really Means.'? Read
the story of the night life in
The Sunday Call tomorrow.
Criminal Schemes for Boosting
of Vegetable Prices Are
Completely Revealed
Documents Form Sufficient
Technical Proof to Convict
Dealers' Combine
Members Fined or Expelled for
Selling' Under Prices Fixed
* | * H E books of the vegetable trust.
I showing a complete and detailed
conspiracy to force prices up, arc
in the district attorney's office for tlve
U«c of the grand jury. They disclose
the plan of control, list of members,
rates of fines for underselling, trials of
members for this offense and the pen
alties imposed. Within the meaning
of the Cartwright anti-trust law these
books outline a- technically perfect
case of criminal collusion.
Owned by 85 Men
The truck gardens supplying San
Francisco lie in the peninsula across
San Francisco and San Mateo coun
ties. They arc owned by 85 men, who
form an incorporated association for
the marketing of their products in the
big Colombo market, situated between
Jackson and Pacific streets and ex
tending from Davis to Front. To this
market the truck wagons roll in
during: the nijiht. By noon the retail
ers are supplied and Uie gates are
The^e gardens supply all of the city's
perisha.ble vegetable:?, such as lettuce
and the like. • Commissiorvmen Import
potatoes, onions, aspargus, artichokes
and such products as stand hard trav
eling, and also such as may be out of
season here. But the merchants are
also heavy buyers from the marketmen,
for AXameda and Marin oounties look
mainly to San Francisco for their sup
The vegetable trust is a double or
ganization, not only fixing the prices
!= to be charged by the members, but act
ing as their landlord.
Called Protective Society
In its incorporated form the trust is
known as The protective society of the
gardeners and ranchers of the coun
ties of San Francisco and San Mateo.
Through this prices are set, taxes lev
ied and. tineas imposed.
For convenience the gardeners have
an inner "union," through which they
operate the market, paying rent for
stall*, the hauling away of refuse and
Although the two organizations are
l.ut two phases of one. it is the pro
tective society that District Attorney
Ffckert! his assistant. James F. Bren
nan, and Foreman Isaac Goldman of
the grand jury are investigating. Its
books were produced by Secretary G.
Scalmaninl. under subpena.
This society has a constitution and
bylaws, written In Italian. It has no
slock, so is not strictly a commercial
company. But no company could im
pose more severe conditions on em
ployes than the society does on its
members. ; .
Fines Are Levied
After stating that all vegetables pro-\
*lu<:ed by the association shall be Fold
.or. Exposed for sale in the Colombo
rnarkft. the constitution proceeds to
outline the rights and privileges of each
.-tall holder and to lay down a system!
of fines to prevent the blockading of
passageway*, the intrusion of the rent
er on his neighbor and other matters
\u25a0 -
such as any regular market would
regulate. But these are only details.
The conspiracy to restrict trade im
mediately becomes evident in the terms
of membership.
To become a member of this uncapi-
P tallzed society, the rancher must de
posit $000 with its treasurer, if he is
a newcomer in the business, or $250
if a truck gardener prior to the form
ing of the society, which came into
existence shortly after the fire.
This sum is not considered an initia
tion fee. but a bond. It guarantees the
payment of- dues and fines. The re
mainder may be turned over to any
member who withdraws in good stand-
Even to ask for membership the
applicant must deposit $100 as a guar
antee of good faith, to be returned in
case of rejection.
Directors Fix Prices
Every Saturday night the board of
directors meets as a committee for the
fixing of prices. The schedule fixed
must be adhered to by members during
the . week affected, under penalty of
• fines. It is printed in tl*s 'form of a
circular with the names of the veg
etables running in a column and ithe
. prices opposite. All matter sent out
k by the society is printed and .carries
Vsuch warnings in Italian as:
"Confidential and private.' *
"Pay attention to regulations if you
do not want to pay a fine." • x
"All members are commanded to be
present.** .
The directorate, which fires prices
Contlnoed on Pncc 2, Colomn Z.
The San Francisco Call.
Independents Will
Give Their Unsold
Fish to Charity
When the new Portola fishing
company begins competition with
the trust, it will offer its unsold
catch free to the charitable insti
tutions of San Francisco.
Joseph Catania, manager of
the new company and head of
Catania Brothers, the only inde
pendent wholesale fish firm in the
city, said yesterday that instead
of sending his excess catch to the
glue works, he will offer it to the
poor for the asking.
The Portola company will
operate a set of trawling tugs
within a few weeks, entering into
direct competition with those of
the Western and Paladini com
panies, the heads of the fish trust.
Paladini and the Western have
sent as much as 1 2 tons of fresh
fish to the glue works in one day,
but never a pound to' the asylums
or hospitals.
McCarthy Pained
By Change of Cast
[Special Dispatch io The Call]
tor "Wagner changed the plaster
cast on Mayor P. 11. McCarthy's
broken ankle today, ai:d the op
eration was so. painful that the,.
X ray examination which it had
been expected to make was post
poned. The new cast was made
for the purpose of holding; one
of the fragments of the broken
bone more lirmly in place. It is
believed by the doctors that lie
will improve rapidly now" and
that the injury will soon' ccass,
to be so painful. However the "
X ray examination will be made
in order to make sure that the '
bones are in-., their proper posi
The weather, which has been
unusually cold for this .time of
the year, lias in a measure kept
McCarthy back and caused a gen
eral depression of feeling.
The mayor has made no definite
plans on account of-the uncer
tainty as to the time when he
will be able io leave the hospital.
He says lie will follow the advice
of his physicians, and they dp
not promise, that he will be able
to be out very soon-
The battle with the railroads. . Page 4
Vegetable trust under ecru tiny. Page 4
Sham fight orer postal savings banks. Page 4
Charles F. Curr7, after tour of north, declares
situation Is excellent. . Page S
City's gateway should be beautified and made
to solve traffic problem. Page io
Since the fire $180,000,000 has been expended
In reconstructing the city. , Page 11
Dumbarton bridpe, already completed, will be
Eiig-urate new era for San Francisco.. Page 0
Admission day floral desigu at Golden Gate
park is pleasiuz. I'age 18
Two more Native Sons are candidates for office
of t'lanJ marshal. Page 2
Turkish "prince," said to be impostor, , may
have won Mme. Buck. . Page 1
Spreckols hHrs haTe no evidence that gifts
were "advancements." Paj*;e ig
Celebration of golden jubilee of St. Boniface's
parish to begin tomorrow. Page S
Leader of . cxclusionists charges state report
was compiled by Japanese interests. Page 2
Supervisors* " committee refuses to eliminate
cheap phone service from ordinance. Page 18
Divorce scandal results in dropping of A. N.
Sbeldon from faculty. Page Q>
$19,000 lost in grand opera at Princess theater,
according to witness. ' Page 3
Chinese shot by fellow employe after quarrel
over cooking berries at hotel. Page 6
Oakland grammar schools close with gradu
ation of more than 607 students. Page 6
Carpenter shoots at wife and constable, then
kills himself. , YV ' .Page 5
Nevada supreme court upholds constitutionality
of the direct primary law. Pace 2
Harold Hall, amateur aviator, makes short
flights in a Greene biplane. Pajje 5
Witness accuses tbe late n. O. Havemeyer of
all bUme for frauds. Page 5
Jack Johnson falls to get reception that was
accorded to Jeffries. . Pace 12
Southerners lose to Oakland >in vpite'Of * good
M-orV of little Kline. Page 13
Merced \u25a0 takes over Oakland franchise In \u25a0 the
6Ute league from Moreing. \ Pace 12
San Jose Staters beat Fresno, 6 to 2, in "game
played at -the 'Raisin City. Pace 13
Tip passed^ on .first appearance' of son .. of
Planudes proves disastrous. V /• ; Pace 12
A t Corbett;« suggestion Jeffries merely takes
run on the roed during day. ; Pace 13
Stanford boy. wins beat ia quarter^ mile at
conference meet preliminary. , ,%\ Pace 12
With score . tied In ninth. Ol«en steals, and
bring? in; Beavers* winning run. Pace 13
EaMern, tennis stars refu?^ to enter] competi
tion for Paris international cup., :.'\u25a0 Pace 1 12
. Beal!" Wright : beats Britisbem and - wing "\u25a0 the
European tennis champion9hip"cup. Pace 13
Fear of comet's" tail keeps Central '^America;
i irid» ftwaie, \u25a0} — — - — : — -T".-^* P*B* 17-'
Immigration Service at This
Port Is Attacked in Petition
Sent to Washington
Editor Takes Message Based on
Oriental Threat to Boycott
American Products
Complaining of what the Chinese
League of Justice of America declares
to be intolerable conditions at the
Angel island Immigration station the
Chinese of San Francisco
have forwarded to the authorities ; at
Washington a voluminous arraignment
of the administration of that station.
They have delegated Ng Pong Chii,
editor of the Chung Sal Vat 80,, the
Chinese daily paper, to carry the mes
sage. ,v vt;^€-:"iv t ;^€-:"i
This action is due to an urgent ap
peal from China to the local Chinese
to boycott American manufactures and
products untir relief is accorded.
The movement has been inspired by
the hundreds of deported Chinese stu
dents who have been seeking admis
sion to the United States for the pur
pose of entering the American univer
sities and colleges., They charge that
not only have they-been deported with
out cause but 'that they have" been
subjected to indignities by the immi
gration officials and their- women in
Especial complaint Is made against
the system of investigation now In
vogue at the immigration station/ The
Chinese declare that, they are com
pelled to combat a presumption that
they are undesirable and ' that- the • in
spectors are high » handed' and insult
ing when examining .the effects and
persons of the Chinese women of rep
utable families and merchants. They
also allege that the majority . of . de
portations . have been made recently
merely for effect, without legal cause.
They ask. that, the- immigration station
at Angel island be moved to this city
because much timeis consumed in. tak
ing witnesses to 'and froni the station:
and this places a heavy burden on the-
Chinese , immigrant. .. " ;" v< !: :
' The threat of boycott "is not made
by the Chinese League of Justice,' but
comes ',frojn,",niexchants, in-China whose
sons and relatives; have been "deported \u25a0
after, passing the . rigid 'examinations i
at- the American \u25a0 consulate!., -.tUV -•\u25a0: •
- The i petition "to". Washington,- which,
is: signed by, Wong: Wing Tuk, presi-;
dent, and Fong .Sing, secretary, of the;
Chinese- League of .\u25a0 Justice,' does not (
mention a boycott, but takes the; form
of-a prayer for relief 'from !the present
system and' the practice of retaining
proofs of character, which the : mer
chants are forced to 'give to the immi
gration authorities - whenever they
make a business trip- to China.
Traveling in California, Woman
Is Sued for Divorce
[Special Dispatch to . The Call)
PITTSBURG, Pa., June, 3.— Declaring
that his rich wife has more interest in
her. brother than her own husband, Ru
dolph H. . Jantzen, hiad of a large
engraving firm, today entered suit for
divorce against his wife, Florence-Ade
laide Grey Jantzen, alleging desertion.
It is set forth by the husband that
his wife is now in some* part of Cali
fornia traveling with her; brother, who
is ill, and that his attorneys have not
been able to find her to serve papers on
Th<J fortune of Mrs. Jantzen is esti
mated at about ?250,000. . The husband
sets forth that ever since they, were
married, 10 years since, his wife has
paid more attention to other members
of her own family than to him. Jantzen
asserts that his men have spent much
time and money following his wife and
her brother ov^r California to
serve papers on her. I s -
Measure Deprives Finland Diet
of Some Power
ST. PETERSBURG, June 3.— The , de
bate on the government's' Russo-Fin
nish bill was begun in-the duma today.
The galleries were crowded.as interest
in the legislation is.intense.
In effect, the measure, whiclv is. de
scribed as defining the legislative^di
vision between the duma: and; the Fin-,
nish - : diet, extends ;• the / authority >"of
the former body over the .duchy. ' All
laws of Imperial importance , are -made
applicable ,ito Finland without the con
sent of the diet.
. Its : ultimate passage - was - forecasted
in the first test f vote =, today." The;pro
vision giving} therßusslan- parliament
supervision: of Finnish j educational* af
fairs will, -it is expected, : develop; some
opposition •• upon »*. the part j of , .October
ists, ,who favor the measure as a 'whole. 1
$30,000,000 Railroad Loan Is
C Contingent on I Success f ; :
.NEW -YORK.' May? S.-^The" placing of
a - Chinese lloan' for "railroad
building* by and;) European
bankers s is: contingent , on' the \u25a0 ability Jbf
the ' Chinese .government*: to "raised the
money,jat?hbme. r f 'j.\ ; : Vl'? ; v'-»^ \u25a0'\u25a0- : '^'rV;T-"
;,, This" new; phase 4 of tthe * Chinese /loan
negotiatinos\wasimadesknbwn;by 4 H.tP."
Dayisbn;f member"?of Hhe ifirmiotf J.*^ P.
Morgan' &\u25a0 Co., who "; was •*a;paßßentrerjdii
the^LusitanlajfromjEurbpe^today." ' V
; -The>ChJneßJeTffo'vernment^bu!reßeiv«d
toUt"self;th*o;rlght^of irefusingitojaccept
this -loan if it can' r»Ue sufficient funds
at"- Jiftrne, ' '. \u25a0'..:,".";•.\u25a0 •" C.'.';:C — - ~-
Parading, as Bey, Patriot, \Var»
rior, He Successfully Wooes
Dress Maker v
Pretty Eyes and a Way With
Women, bu t He Is Branded
As Impostor
Coming to San Francisco. to: rest from
the arduous duties "of - fighting Turks
on his native heath of Albania, his
royal highness, Prince Sheban Bey
Gotcha, self -proclaimed patriot, soldier
and liberator has devoted his spare time
to the wooing of Mme. M. »Bucl£. the
city's' most fashionable dress , maker,
and though the latter makes' a half
hearted denial, the common . under
standing is that the two are to marry,
in New York in July. The prince left
San Francisco two .weeks ago after, a
year's stay here. He sails for Europe
in July and so does, Mme. Buck.
Princeling Repudiated
\But while romance does, encompass
them round and about a jarring, note
Madame Bucfy t fashionable dress mailer, and*'' Prince" Sheban Gotcha, "who
V is said io have won' herj heart.* '\
enters their, love, song. in the shape of
an* emphatic, denial of the claims of
the ; alleged Albanian ';. princelet from
the Turkish -consul, George Hall, who
declared yesterday, that in his (Hall's)
opinion his : royal highness was a most
royal impostor and that several com
plaints about him. and his peculiar
attitude toward- women had been re
ceived.- Mme. Buck maintains that his
royal highness is: all that he claims
to be and very much; more. The Turk
ish consulate emphatically holds out
that.he is a royal humbug, is no more
a prince than he is a"bey" and that
he is Vno more a -r bey than- he is, a
mountain; torrent;; .While the story
rages H. R. H. Gotchais in New York
awaiting the -coming of Mme. Buck.
As the' case* stands now it is a tOßsup
"whether the) fashionable mantua maker
is Boonl to beta "princess or be fooled.^;
Has Power Over Women
Surrounding the personality of the
prince are strange and unique tales of
his oriental powers over women.' Openly
heVofttimes- declared .that ha. possessed
cigarettes of a certain brand, which, , if
WmoWediby a woniani 1 caused her to "pine
for him .immediately. One whiff from
the faithful coffin nail and the feminine
smoker curled up;; and • hurled herself
upon the decorated .breast, of the poten
tate. • • Then; .theVe , .were - love potions,
"charms, 1 magic f words,'' occult thin gama
jig's and '\u25a0'. sentimentaK do-funnyj^all
known by him": andjall directed to; the
same purpose of .subjugation bf-womah:
kind:' 'Also." he' hadsuch beautiful eyes.
'•' The prince ; came ;to - San ; Franciscb^a
year, ago fr?m ; .a;brief stay in ;Los: An- 1
geies, accompanied by - his , decorations,"
Turkish fez, 'A-ibariian^ uniform -; and a
fellow countryman. 1 The latter was re
garded by some as a, valet, by others as
'an"equerr'y': : in" : Valtinff''and/;by;the;Turk-;
ish consulate as^ an (accomplice.-." It ; all
depended upon- the V viewpoint. . Times'
Fi gh t In g .Turks ' for I the fre e dom fo fAI -
bahia;. while a' hi ghlyjhonorable occupa.-
tioni \u25a0 did '' not: seemt to\&e\'a'.lucrati ye on e
and P^r?orcV,*;foriwant-;of ;a better pal
'^' f^^^^^k^^lh^i^'i 'i^i
Turk Wins Mme. Buck
Is He Prince or Fraud?
Teni Day i Extension Asked for
by Captaih:Baldwiri Granted
- i'at
\ In' response^tCK another., request from
Captain."' George ,B.> Baldwin, : , census
enuinerator.'foVHhJSi'distrlct, the.Washi
ngton authorities wired him yesterday
a 10 extension*" of in /.which
to ferret .out r,and.' : count- anyj belated
citizens: who have;. notCyet;. been 'in-,
eluded 'in- the-.' official enumeration"* 1 of
the city. - "His latest; instructions 'will
permit him to" count'hoses in' San' Fra'h
cisco :untilf. June%lo. .' However, he i will
make no 'further recapitulation- oftthe
a'ddi tloiia 1 . cou n t,\ b ut' ? will ' forward each
return ) direct,, to \ the ; census - bureau -at
Washington, ; where ; it' wlllT.be added to
his'orlginal : ; returns. - .*. ,
The total figure, for the' city has been
determined by the local; office',") but under
a $2,000 -penalty': can' not' be released -by
any; other: author! ty." than -the ! head of
the^ census "bureau, C.' Dana DurandJ'
This-willvnot'berdone 'iin'tiKthe 5 count
forjthe: nationals if" completed;; and* it: is
expected vvhis -.announcement * l will »-\u25a0 De
made i about 'the", 'middle); of -' August.*
Hpwever,^? Captain *;: Baldwin
that' the; figure :is- highly 'satisfactory
himiandiwiHibeltoiany^person.who has
followed £thel history,?- and "of
the;"city.' ( since the -flre>;>;*, \u25a0".
; I Statistics, at' hand demonstrate that" in
San r Francisco jthe^ltalians have solved
the *;;raceTsuicide| problem* with, results
;that;outstrlp'the,*hativesjlo!tb^l.; that;outstrlp'the,*hativesjlo!tb^l.' Closely
followirig'-thern'are^the .Germans sand
next cornel the /Irish.-, :, in Ufie .matter* of
early "'matrimony, ,' the;; Germans': take,
nrst«;place : against ' thelnatlves lot sunny,
iltalia f^Teutonic|affeptibnTexpr e sslngilt^
'self,; in; matrimony Jas'a'irule/at^the age*
of 20 years.': ~' r -^\u25a0'•;; ' .^J;^S7 '\u25a0•} "^ :." ;.'
£• was « held i for ' trial £ by? Police - Judse ' Short *U
'4 yesterday/ on s aScharjte r6r 6f f- ci and ? larceny.-* Sb«
\ V Uoork 's of ia \u25a0 gold ?. watch. \u25a0 * chnin « and » loclsct.i dl«
i5rrtond I fitickpinX andt |17 '• at 5-Tbird^ atrMt
(£7*7 - - \u25a0 =^
\tcmperature % 56 p minimum, AS. "If/
; //ie morning; somtbihat banner r*/Jg/ii waffr ,
wind, changing tonjod^atcwest. .• "
- \u25a0\u25a0"'\u25a0' •-'-•• '- - - ~ v *'* \u25a0 ' '_~_ -""^ ' A
Judge Lennon Refuses to \ Re
ceive Report 6n Larceny
Charge After Acquittal
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SAN RAFAEL, June 3.— Although
former Police Commissioner Harry P.
Flannery was acquitted of the charge
of grand larceny in connection with the
fake, poolroom at Sausalito, members
,of'the*Marln county grand jury are not
satisfied with hi 3. "vindication." In a
section' of ..their report handed to Su
perior' Judge Lennon today they justi
fied their; own action in bringing -the
indictment, and" declared 'in substance
that, ; on the evidence, they had consid
ered no other course was; open to them.
\u25a0 Judge Lennon advised" the jurors that
it was not within their province to
comment on the right and wrong of the
indictment and directed them_ to retire
and .correct "the report. After a brief
deliberation the jurors 'returned with
the amended report and -were dis
. .The grand jury met at 10:30 o'clock
this 4mornlngs4 mornlngs Reports of 'committees
and the consideration of .routine busi
ness occupied its attention. : The inves
tigation into the, alleged jury tampering
infthe Flannery .trial and the. protec
tion,said to.have-been offeredthe pool
room men ; at. Sausallto,- which began
during the '.Flanriery trial, was. not.re
sumed. The : next grand jury will in
vestigate ; those. matters. ..' \u0084 . .
. , According- to .the report, the county
made ; money as, a result of the raid of
.th'ei'falcejppolrobinvby Sheriff -Taylor. .
Ss ; "The «.prosecu tion," the report said,
"did not cost the county over $2,000.
The\bail moneys forfeited by- Frank A.
Hazel -amounts '.to $4,500, which means
that :> the ccounty has .actually gained
|2.500.c.This is^in. reply to, the critics
who^haye. complained" that the fake
poolfbomYcases Icpst'.the county ' money.
/ ,"But ; aside" f rom the financial gain.
there Is an immense moral gain to the
cbunty.r We,'have, given '- a warning to
the criminal .class; that operations such
as the bunko game at Sausalito can not
g0 ... on\ ih-4Marin« . county . without the
principals; being punished."
: Weapon -in - Her Pres
» ; erice \u25a0 Afterward Charged
; SEATTL.E,: "June .3. — Annie Benson,
aged 18 * years,> landlady of a ' lodging
house' in . Pike , street, early, this morn
ing' shotV and killed i ßobert Wilson,"- 'a
sailor who* was , discharged • from; the
United States cruiser Pennsylvanlatwo
weeks ago. \u25a0 \u25a0
* j- The/woman ' told. the police. that Wil
son (came I to. the house last night with
a-: friend, . Charles Magnuson. Wilson
had '-'a;; pistol, and: Miss ? Benson : asked
himito , unload it,"which i he ; did.
,i On* going; into room "again; she
;fpund -Wilson : lying' on; a couch, and.
seeing, the- pistol on : the table,' play
;fully..pointed It at Wilson. To hezvnor
•ror." a*- bullet crashed- through ;the sail
or's head. JHfl9f3£iS&ii££
Motoring rNoblemen Encounter
/ Severe7Sh'owerlbf Stones
; I DETMOLD, ; Lippe, June 3.— Prince
?Leopold;i.lV,;.th«? Leopold ;i.lV,;.th« : reigning prince v of
Llppe, v and ; his "» brother, 1 - Prince -Julius,
iwerelstoned-byia gang of Itallan",labor
'ef si while.ynotoring < today. \u25a0; Prince Ju
lius '^received ' a "wound ron .the i head.
Later f. several * of " the* assailants * : were
Administration's Railroad Meas
ure, After Amendment, Ap
proved by Senators
Vote Might Have Been Unani
mous but for Court of
Commerce Clause
Status of Railroad Bill
As Passed by Senate
The senate today passed ih&
administration railroad bill by a
vote of 50 fo 12. The negative
votes ii> ere by democrats.
Briefly, the bill, which now
goes bac^ to the house, provides
for a court of commerce consist
ing of five judges.
Gives interstate commerce com-
mission full power to regulate
long and short haul rates for pro
tection of water competition.
Permits shippers to designate
Places telegraph and telephone
companies under jurisdiction of
interstate commerce commission.
Regulates issuance of -federal
injunctions that might suspend
state laws.
Gives interstate commerce com
mission more power in the deter
mination of reasonableness of
WASHINGTON, June 3.— The sen
ate passed the administration
railroad v bill at 9:55 o'clock
tonight It had been under consid
eration for more than 12 weeks and
practically no other business except
appropriation bills was considered in
that long period. Only 12 votes, all
by democrats, were recorded against
the bill.
The practical unanimity with which
the measure was passed was due to
radical changes made in the measure
from the form in which It was drafted
by Attorney General Wickersham fol
lowing numerous conferences at the
White House on the subject of amend
ing interstate commerce law 3. All
the "insurgents," who opposed many
features of the original bill, voted for
it tonight.
Elimination of Sections
Through the elimination of pooling
and merger sections and by reason of
the adoption of many amendments in
the Interest of shippers, the progres
sive republicans claim a signal vic
tory and most of the democrats ex
pressed themselves as favorable to the
large portion of the measure.
Had it not been for the retention of
the sections to create a court of com
merce, it Is likely that the vote for the
bill would have been unanimous.
Fifty For and Twelve Against
'Debate ceased at 9:50 o'clock, when
Senator Elkins, chairman of the inter
state commerce committee, moved to
take up the bill 'which was passed by
the : house, and alter striking' out the
body of that measure to substitute the
matter agreed upon by the senate. In
that form the bill -was voted upon,
with the -result that it was passed by
a vote of 50 to 12.
/ No republican voted against the bill
and six democrats voted for it. They
were Chamberlain, Clay, Gore, Paynter,
Simmons and Stone. The democrats re
corded against it were Bacon, Fletcher,
Fraxler, Hughes, Money, Newlands.
Percy, Purcell, Raymer, Shlvely, Smith
,of Maryland and Smith of South Caro
| Una. v
La Follette Gives Warning
Just before the voting began. Sen
ator La Follette, one of the "insur
gent" republican leaders, served notice
upon the senate that unless the senate
conferees made a determined fight for
retention of amendments procured by.
progressive and democrats, it could
not hope to have the conference report
\u25a0 'Speeches in explanation of their votes
were. made by Senators Bacon, La Fol
lette. Dolliver, Paynter, Clay. Simmons
and Gore. -
The hew law will take effect 60 days
after it i 3 approved by the president.
;Thfr »foigh ago to", ia the railroad MU '
-I \ ' ' - T '

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