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TJiree Women Visit Site of Camp
; Where They Left Dying
\u25a0 . Friends 63 Years Ago
Cornerstone of Great Monument
<; to Sufferers Laid Near
' Scene of Tragedy
.-\u25a0 \u25a0.jS/Brcic/ Dispatch to The Call]
\u25a0= , ":.TTIUCKEE, June 10. — Three women
;•; stood today at the place from which,
r^inore than €3 years ago they as chil
! ;dren, had trudged away, ill, emaciated,
- : 'f3raished, leaving behind them dying
r'.kJn and the dead bodies of their
The three women were Mrs.
;;\u25a0 Francis EL Wilder, born Donner,- of
'-•\u25a0 gyron; Mrs. Martha Lewis, who was
\u25a0.r*;Pjatty" \u25a0 Ilced of Capitola, and Mrs.
.; Virginia Reed Murphy of Marysville,
.'her sister.
/ : The 'women were survivors of the
::. Dormer party, whose tragic fate in the
\ [High Sierra in the winter of 1846 and
• : .1547 was the most terrible experience
'".{Suffered by California pioneers. Out of
v Siin the party. 36 perished near the
;-.:site c* the monument. No more af
\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0fGctlng scene will ever be saen by a
VFr-nd parlor of the Native Sons of the
-jGolden West.
; . The session, which was held at Lake
'Tahoe, 15 railes away, adjourned
Thursday, and members and grand of
ficers came to Truckee and Dormer lake
today to lay the cornerstone of the
great monument on the site of one of
the camps of the l>onner party to per
petuate the heroism and martyrdom of
the California pioneers.
;:• With the spontaneous eloquence of
. General McGlashan to stir the Native
. Sons to a realization of the perils and
..sufferings of the pioneers, and particu
. 2arly the Dormer family, the members
;. of the order were ispressed as they
never had been before with glory of
.the paths of their fathers.
.•••The exercises at the base of the
monument were conducted under the
auspices of Denner parlor of Truckee.
A barbecue was served under the tama
. lacks within sight of the place where
the Murphy cabin of the Dormer camp
vcas located.
V :At the conclusion of the enormous
\u25a0•tcoodland meal. Dr. W. C. Chapman,
chair/nan of the Dormer monument
'committee of the Native Sons, auc
.tfoned off relics of the Murphy cabin.
• Which were sealed in small bottles
•€und authenticated by the signatures
of the surviving members of the party
present. J. Emmett Hayden of San
3 r rancisco t-ecured the first relic sold
for $30. Congressman Joseph R. Know
land secured the second for $25, and
,H- C. Pasquale the third for 520. Other
pieces were sold for $1 each, and about
$200 was netted for the monument
.-fund. The fund is now nearly $3,500.
' .The cornerstone which was laid to
\iay was inscribed thus: "This stone
.xriarks the site of the Dormer party
•.cabins, where a monument will be
'•;\u25a0 erected under the auspices of the X. S.
"Gr. W. to the pioneers who crossed the
Vplains." it is on the site of the Breen
'/\u25a0\u25a0 \; Frank M. Rutherford, president of
".<he'X>onner parlor, presided and intro
•;d«ced Congressman Knowland, past
'; gran dpresident of the Native Sons,
tvjbb delivered the principal address.
•. :ln part Knowland said:
\u25a0J : We meet today upon historic
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0..ground, and the event that brings
.. 'us here is one of more than or
viinary significance. The occasion
• . itself and the grandeur of the sur
rounding scenery should furnish
• ample inspiration. Before us are .
"..: the world famed Sierra Nevada
mountains clothed in the beautiful
. .garb of early summer, although
streaked with patches of white,
- \u25a0• the cast off habiliments of winer.
' These patches of snow are remind
' eYs of - that season of the year
• ' when this locality was the scene of
a heart rending tragedy which the
\u25a0 history of the Dormer party un-
PN'o Californian can read the
story of that famous emigrant
party without experiencing a feel
ing of resentment that this great
. state has failed up to the present
•.•time to erect some suitable monu
•• rr.er.t in memory of these brace
. " .-men, women and children, whose
- acts of heroic sacrifice illuminate
.. the pages of this commonwealth's
After the lapse of 04 years the
. Native Sons of California gather
•.• upon this ocasion to atone for the
"• past neglet of their state by laying
'. the cornerstone for such monu
'.-;• : . . Our action today is the first step
••'..• toward the fulfillment to an obli-
: \u25a0'.= Ration we took upon ourselves a
:; '\u25a0\u25a0number of years ago, when we be
.!'.gan the collection of funds for the
\u25a0; .erection here of a suitable monu
• V-ment. In carrying out one of the
••\u25a0••chief purposes of our fraternity —
::- that of perpetuating in the minds
••.of all native Californians the mem
:--ories of the days of '49 — we have
•. •".in the past expended large sums of
: • lrioney and devoted much time and
; -energy, but our achievements have \u25a0
.; 'more than repaid our efforts and
: won for the order the praise of the
."; people of California.
••'» • John W. Marshall had not picked
. - up at Sutter's mill the few particles
•\u25a0 ..of yellow metal that later turned
•- the steps of thousands westward
. It was, therefore, not the lure of
' . gold that attracted the members of i
. this party and caused them to haz
. -ard- their lives on such a perilous
; -journey.
• What were the motives that im
pelled these 90 men, -women and
children to undertake such- pil
grimage? It was that irresistible
• call of the west, that spirit of ad
' venture, that desire to seek for
tunes in new lands that has pos-'
. sessed the peoples of the whole
world for generations and resulted
' "in the building up of empires.
. When this party set out -Cali
fornia was a Mexican possession,
•-for Sloat had not yet raised • the
American flag at , Monterey, but
these people unquestionably read
." tne signs of the times and felt con
fident that with the westward
\u25a0 " -march -of civilization and progress
..• it would be only a question of time
when the protesting folds of old v
. .glory would wave pver California.
' and this .confidence spurred them
- " on " ' HBH9BMpBRSIS3W
There were many heroes among
• .those men. - women and children,
. and some of them we are fortunate
. -in having with us tqday. Let the
. "monument here to be - erected as •"
• California's tribute to- their sacred
.jnemories. May it likewise stand
. -as a- fitting enduring, monu
•, meat .to all those sainted pioneer
"mothers and fathers of this com
• ."mon wealth, who built far better
.; than they knew .upon these Pacific :
shores, making 'possible the Cali-
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fcr Los Gatos, remember, the most
beautiful excursion trip you -can take
in California Is the Peninsular, Railway
Blossom Trip. , Fifty railes of orchards,
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valley views ; all , for one dollar.' Tick-
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No Calif ornlan can read the story of that famous (Dormer) emigrant party <without\ experiencing a feeling -of \u25a0
resentment .that this great state has failed up to the present i time to erect some suitable monument in memory) of.
those brave men, women and children, whose acts of heroic sacrifice V illuminate the pages of this commonwealth's
history. After the lapse of 64 years the native sonshfiCaUfornia gather uf Jlh'ts r atone]fof : the[pdst regueel
of their stale by laying the cornerstone f or such a '• monument.-— From speech^ of^^Congressman -Joseph R; Knowland
at Truckee. / • *, - ; - i
. fornla of today, renowned througrh- ,
out the world and with future pos
sibilities difficult to even contem
plate. All honor to their memories.
May we prove worthy to call our
selves their descendants. *.
General C. F. McGlasnan. wtio wrote
the history of the Dormer party, which,
the Native Sons are now to republish
and sell for the benefit of the monu
ment fund, made the* most interesting
speech of the day, showing dramati
cally the feeling* of the Dormer party.
The most thrilling incident was when
McGlashan turned to the children gath
ered about the platform and asked:
-If you were; a little girl like 'Patty'
Reed when the rescue party came to
take you away what would you hide in
her dress; would it be a doll like this?"
And he held up so that all could see
a tiny, old fashioned doll, which the
gray haired woman on the platform
carried as her comfort and solace in
those cold and hungry days 63 years
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before .at the 'very., spot a where today
the sun shone worm if fitfully. and the
aroma of a bountiful barbecue .was in
the : air. McGlashan also * exhibited : a
small book which the carried and
a lock of her grandmother's lhair.
McGlashan said -that there was no
doubt that the ; monument was* to be
erected on", the spot; of i some of 'the
Dormer cabins and exhibited a 'piece
of whetstone with the initials "J. F.
R.," which had belonged to. J. F. Reed
and was found nearby. He f said £ that
an acre of land where the Breen\ cabin
stood had been deeded to him by' James
Morrison, and he in turn, was to deed
it , 'to whoever would erect a Dormer
monument. : '
"I am' now going to deed it to the
grand'parlor. Native Sons of the Golden
West," said the speaker.,
Lewis F. Byingtqn, a past' grand pres
ident of the Native .Sons, 'epoke elo
quently on the pioneers and declared
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that all' the pioneer; trails should be
marked with monuments; . He praised
the Native Daughters ./. of the Golden
"West for their impulse to erect a monu
ment to the pioneer ! mothers.' •'- '--y ;-.t<
"< Dr. *C. ¥..:Chapman;> chairman of
the ,Donriermonument:committee, ex
plained the status "T of -: the monument
work and read "many letters showing
the wide interest^taken in : the move
ment. vWhen' the i corners tone was laid
there was deposited -under It earth
from :the graves^ of :> James* Frazier
Reed and Mary Dormer and'other relics
of the Dormer; party. -
"The Truckee Native Sons entertained
the visiting delegates; with: a ball to
night. The San .Francisco and bay
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cessively, held in the west. -
' The delegation will leave for. Boston
on June 26.V It -will .take". 5, l ooo^ velvet
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