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Chain of Characters for Fourth of July Reno Dramals Complete
African Marvel, Merely Does Road
To Keep Himself in Trim
RENO, New, July 1. — With bul two days more before the great battle
the Wave of excitement that swept into Reno with the arrival of the
champions has necessarily attained its height. The tension that has
been growing steadily was fully realized for the first time yesterday when
word c^me from both training camps that work was at an end. Today the
town ii alive with, celebrities of the sporting realm and with the arrival of
every train the crowd before the fight headquarters at the GoWen hotel is
-; At the Johnson camp a number of people lingered all day,' although there
was no exhibition. The champion spent the best part of the morning on
the front \u25a0 porch with a number of« ; ~ ; -\u2666\u25a0
friends. Doc Furey started the .big
talking machine, and while the strains
of grand opera were listened to, fight
ers and sporting men from the four]
corners of the earth came whirling up i
every now and then in machines. John- j
ason's trusty right was kept busy with'j
the hearty welcoming.
The. champion remained with his!
friends and trainers until noon, when !
he retired to, his room for the usual
People continued to arrive at the
c^mp and remained" just for the Batis- \
faction of seeing the big smoke when:
lie fetarted his roadwork.
Every "now and then one of the na
* tlves of Nevada would ask in an anx
ious whisper". "Is that Bat Nelson?"
'Which one is Tim Sullivan?" "Don't
tell me that's Peter Jackson."
When Peter Jackson put in an ap
pearance there was quite an ovation,
and for an hour or more the genial
negro was the center of a pressing |
Interested crowd. -
When young Peter began, talking
about the big battle there was a' hush
and every one strained to catch his
words of wisdom. The revered pugilist
kept the talk general at first, but
finally -when aFked to give his opinion
definitely he said:
"I believe that Jack Johnson is .the
cleverest 'fighter that ever donned the
gloves. I fully expect to see him. beat
. T «?ffries and make a good job of it.
jj v k- is . a remarkable boxer. I have
* see the man that can compare
v'.lth him in that line. Jeff Is going to
have a hard time hitting Jack, and it's
sa.fe to say that Jack Is going to cut
him up some. . -. _ ' ,
"The scrap. is going to be a. long one.
15 or 30 rounds, I should say, and; you
can take it from me that it's going to
be the best of them ail."
The wise negro discussed the differ
ent stages, of the two. fighters" -history
a.nd told a great many amusing- anec
dotes of the s ones that are and of the
ones that liax-e been in the land of
padded gloves. He then J spoke at
length of the probable tactics that will
be.used on the fourth.. .He'said:.' j
"I think It.ls highly possible that
the CglTt will not be aggressive on
either side. It's a cinch, that- Johnson
\u25a0will make his end of It defensive.".
Shortly after 3 o'clock the champion
came down stairs and started with his
trainers for the road. He was gone
for so long /a time that the anxiously
waiting crowd thought there had been
* some accident. A' cloud of dust on the
•• Law'ton : Springs road, however, put'
every one at' ease, and in a: few sec
' 'ends the training-; squad .came . Injp
] view. Over the last SOO yards -or so
th* champion made a sprint.. When. he
drew up at the inn he hastily, rinsed
his mouth ¥ with a glass of' iee -water
and went up for his rub.- The'eurious
were satisfied, and amid much chug
jring and much dust the roadhouse.was
(toon left. ln quiet. . - .' / ._• . ;
\u25a0\Vhrle the champ was on the, road
considerabie excitement was caused
by" the appearance of a man from
Heno with a new and wonderful game.'
It was- a game of dice, and the ex
change of ;. money seemed to satisfy
- the dealer. There were one. or two
tenderfeet • that'fcll- for "the simple'
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
Figures Show Jack
Johnsons Great Form
REXO, July 1. — The champion
ivas meaxured today by Tom ,
risnasan, bis manaicer. Tbe'fol
liiwinK figures Khovr the nir.v of
the black Riant:
Height, <f feet Inch.
Keck, 17 Vi inches.
Chest, normal, 3714 inches.
finest, expanded, 42%' Inches, .i
.Biceps, 1U inches. .
Forearm, 14% IncJtCH.
Wrist, lOVi Inches.
\\ Hist, 30 inches.
Thigrb, S3 Inches.
Calf, 15 inches.
Ankle, 9%' inches.
Reach, 72 Inches.
Weight, 20» pounds;.
A B e, 32. " ' -%/:&
little amusement, but as for. the.regu
lars of the camp there was nothing,
doing at all. . In fact, the faro banks
and roulette wheels have held but
slight charm for any of the Johnson
party.; • • - '
During the early "morning thetrain
'ers spent considerable time- in banter-
Ing one another and when, the" champ
put In an. appearance he added- to the
levity. For the .first \u25a0\u25a0 time • since the.
party's arrival at the . resort there was
a general discussion of the Jeffries
faction, but It was mostly in fun. Cot-5
tontold of his in under, tbe
instructions of Joe Choynskl and from
that '" the* Jeffries -camp .-"was carefully
gone over. , "Amid rauch laughter It was
decided that the Johnson aggregation
was far superior and-'it^waß suggested
that a visit; be paid to Moana for: the.
purpose of the whole bunch"
from Jeffries down. . It. was. ; decided
\u25a0who -was to take • whom'aud .when \it
came Johnny : L#oftus", turn to choose he
made a/comical grimace and'saidi^'Aw,
gjve me Jeff ; wTiat's .the use: bothering
Johnson with him?" . Loftus next- to
Kid Cotton Is .'the- comedian -of the
camp, and is continually .putting) over,
remarks of that m ature.' \u0084..--.'; i .
". The usual ' good : spirits' of/ thief big
champion's "camp have^ changed not' a
whit.- There is the same good^ feeling
on", the part of the'big fellow aridUiere
is':as usual: all feorts 1 of amusement.
The only .difference noted. Is- the ifact
that the, smoke is keeplng'more closoly
to f his room tand; is "not . mixlng.it' so
rouglily in .the horseplay,, of the. "camp.
''.He" Is. ever, in thebest of hum'o.r.' He
is " surrounded by admirers /practically
every moment, 1 and will becdurin'g, the
remaining^hours 'before he. enters 'the
ring.. 'Not- by the slightest, sign has
he indicated. the least, nervousness, and
as : far : as - the Tnembers \of \ the \u25a0ca mpj are
concerned there -Is - not-, a*- sign i'at.
an xiety. 'ri^^gßggKggßg^ggggSm
RKNO/Nev.;-July;i.— The; stage set
ting is now 'complete. Every character
in the cast of the"-. Jeffries-Johnson 'ex
travaganza-, is; In- his \ dressing, room
awaiting _his cue frorm trie /.'call- boy.
The'stage: electrician, has "his hand; on
tlie. button ready,; to -raise -the .curtain
over; the ,greatest i ,pugilistic I :,show\;that^
has; ever ; be'en produced. V?The 'preliml-:
nary > rehearsals £'glye £ proriiise \ that Wit
will ;b> a/ most \u25a0successful production.'!;
'\u25a0 i : Celebrities, trqm;alirpart's;pf^the ".world,
swooped'down- upon '^RenoHoday; in 'such
rapid succession* that «the.« natives were
.thrownlfrom .pne'cspasm'Ofjjoy Intbjan^'
other."-. '-.Great^meni flocked -^dbjwrn 7. ttie,
main- strV^t. in : such 'large .that
their, collective ' brilliajic.v ;; turned ;;.the
'tojyn"i'inWa;'mihi^u^^ f uror^bweaJlß !
Greatness; is 'being "j showered;- "ilpSri^ this
little '-i'dfisertV town^in-vsuchlirextrava-.
gant abundance -that; it^is "bound^ternpo
rariljv-toV outshine . phosphorescehtvold
Broadway.* '~i%< ,. .". \.:.V-'t.,;.v ' ... . \ L; <i .'._ :,7 j_K;
Just* pkture^suolu- an y aggregation^ as
JotinV L. Suinvari.^Tommyi Burns, v^rank
Gotch.°yamJLang'fprd; : ;JacktGleasonrTex
Rickara,.'JakefKilrain, ? JimiCdffroth,'big'
TJm'i Sullivan,-^: Hugh vi Mclntbsh.'i* Jack
Eohdbn,' J Jim^Cdrbett' *Rex"Keachr > t'*Joe
\u25a0,:v -\u25a0->\u25a0 *.., \u25a0;; = ; > , : "-\u25a0;---, ,-;->-a;
[Special Dispatch lo' The Call]
Choynskl, \u25a0 Stanley; ;'Ketchel, ..! Battling
Nelson, Ad -Wplgast.- William Muldoon,
Joe"Peoppi 'and' several,- • hundred i'qtlier,
sliihing ";_ light is.* all ;' bunched", in*f rorit -_of
; a" smallt own "hotel 'at' the same 'time.
| The! sight>is l ,enough;t6. send' any;; sane
man into' a delirium v of ?: superb s , bliss.
.The -railroad V depot , r l6oks ; like^a~*nre
;'works'*;factory.'\u25a0'.'-'lt:" keeps *sht>oting;out
stars by', the; carload.^ There: wtll^. prob- :
Jably rneveni-bef another; 'even't; -that i will*
[bring, together 'so ;many; famous", menrof
j all.vprofessiolis 'as this • Jeffries-'John
i son, battle.".' \u25a0 * '\u25a0"::\u25a0.;;\u25a0'.' F \u25a0 \u25a0 ? ./.-VuV-'
- ; Tbis-mortiing ,i the -moving. ; picture'
mem -.Vive re \u25a0' in '.evidence * "again,.";, and
\u25a0bunched ; as \u25a0manyv.of '.the important (peo-^( peo-^
ple^as'.they -could^intO" the", films >• that
;:';'• Samf. \u25a0tangfprd.^lwlioseV-dislike^for
Johnson -has^assumed- alarming '.propor^
;tlqns;i'.sho"ok 'i hands," with* Jeff £and*ex^
pressed 'big'
; bear!*:frbm7*thVrsouthexnJpart ; rof VCali
\u25a0 th e f m iddln \u25a0\u25a0 of \u0084\u25a0; next s.week: • :-When*;Sam
caught;.; a' iglinipse of 'Jeff's enormous
Jiulk'Jie exclaimed: :.'!. ; ': : . ~ - v ' .-;
gems^froSi v i;an(;f6rdV> ,
\u25a0 "Goodness * liordy ! f Ah,"- n ever.'; believed
fdalc'ariy.'J'mahiicourd^look; so*l powerful:
upide -whole ;black^race.V>Ah'llS fight
Johnson lany.-morning" before breakfast,
,but Ah'd^rather step in f de 'lee trie chair
than';stand\up before ,dis" terrible" being.
'All^Ahfcan .sayjs dat Johnson' had s bet'-|
;ter*" look' ; very, •: caref ullyVover A his in
|Burancespolicy;. befo' ; he. ; gets. Into" f dc
ring>n;Blonday. afternoon." >'\u25a0.'- ]2".\
.-".;' Hugh KMclritosh. and-; Tommy r.Burns
iwere.alsolyisitors'atjthe >Teffries;d6mJ
cile}thisvniorning.;y .' ; \; •J^';C£--:'- ; y ''. .' ". •
.V.*Although''Mclnt6sh.- n wVs ; surprised * to
see r the "big . bear "in". suchV wonderful
: shape,7 he; ; still; maintains ; ; that ' Johnson
is* the] better,/ mail of : the ;two. ; ",-lleisald:
V vi liave: had :'a?.6etter. opportunity Jof
EeeingrJohhsonllwork' than? Jeff. ;_ :This
'may.; hiave'rinfiueiice'd • mjr; opinion.*^ But'
at i the» sajne ;time ; l/can j not 'see SiWhere]
' Jeff i cant copo : with: »J.hej youth) and , cle\--!
ernessfef Athe)black^nian: '•{ I«,am putting
'my VriioneyßinVtHe* dark ;c6lumn:''. '\u25a0'. . ':* '
\ •\u25a0* B urris, \u25a0;, ,'a It hough; \a % c los V ;' person at
f f lehd*of sMclntosji,v does lriot ; share - the
lvie\yS t Sof ?th*e';'Au*straliavVvomp'terV,i2"l.i
:kndw ! Jo-hnSon's ' limit," 'Burns Uola some j
|frieruls].this c morning. '.'"He* is ; certainly j
\u25a0a^clever^ fighter; Jbu t'^l^'dpn't* think 4he~
h"as;'tfie ' 3 - lieart '?^^ t'o..'_wlthstand^the-f<tre,-;
'inendous ?.'f drceVV of y Jeff's blows.-. j v Jeff
,was"ja '^revelation* to > me
could-jjbeat; Johnson,** but '.never; realized
\u2666Continued; on \u25a0' Faee'.lZ,'- Column 4
Says the Retired Ghampion's Mental
I Attitude Big "Factor in Outcome
Sportinc Editor New. York .World
[Special Dispatch to The Call] *
RENO, July l.^r pick James. J. Jeffries to win the bi^ fight. Here it is
in black" and white," without fear, favor or prejudice: I pidk Jeffriea
because,, after 'watching the caveman's work for a solid month, I can
not'picture in- my'mrnd that huge bulk lying on the floor of. the ring, and
Johnson walking triumphantly away. I \u25a0 can, not picture Jeffries, s-wift and
terrible, filled with* the grim courage that will make him fight like a" cornered
cavebear, being slowly;beaten down. He' never has been beaten down, even
to his knees, and Jeffries 'today looks just as good to me as he did before in
any of his heroic; battles in the ring.;;- v- --...
: . On, the other .hand, I can picture Johnson, dazed and bewildered, by
Jeffries'-furious-attack^ with his ribs driven in, losing his perfect guard and
going dowa heavily for'the. long count.
It: seems to me a possible conclusion to
the, fight, and a conclusion that is like r
ly to comewithinl2 rounds.' It may be
a long -fight, or a short fight, but if it
is long I believe that- it will 'be long
because once in the "ring Jeffries* an
cient caution wiir overcome his, present
intention to make . quick work' of "the
negro, j It may: be short,- for one blow,
if if is hard enough, .will - decide"; any
fight with : fists, for weapons.
\u25a0After watch the two men for more
than a month the thing .that .-stands
out. most clearly iru my. mind is the
mental .attitude r of the two . men— the
way they regard the work that lies
before them. : I have noted "it\day by
day, .and 'have watched .keenly for
changes. There have been no changes.
... No -two ; more ', dissimilar : men ever
stepped into aring. ;: Jeffries and John-
Bon-have nothing at all in common ex
cept- the i ability to fight. ' . '
- Take Jeffries first.'-. Here is " one man
in- a million.^ a giant, whose strength
hasralwaysr.been out of air proportion
to his-size and "weight, which is gpod
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enough in itself. Jeffries, for all 'his
grim expression, which changes no
more than the expression of a sphinx
graven In granite, is a man' of nerves.
He is a tremendously nervous man,
yet one who holds his nerves under
absolute control. His nerve ' energy
shows' in the great swiftness of his
movements. ' \u25a0
Jeffries might be worrying ' himself
sick 'over this fight and- few" but his
most intimate friends would ever sus
pect it. . He doesn't like cowards and
he doesn't talk about himself. I like
Jeffries* silence. It isn't the silence
of a man who has nothing to say, but
of a man who lets others talk,' sifts out
the foolishness from the wisdom and
keeps his own counsel.
I stood beside" Jeffries yesterday
while several well meaning. Idiots came
up to him and told him just how he
ought .to fight .to. whip Johnson. Not
one of^these* fools had e,ver. donned a
boxing, glove or gone through sLh hour's
training. But they knew it all, and
Continued , on " Pase !'-\u2666 Colnmn 5

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