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Eve of Battle Is Spent in Boisterous
Amusement With Associates
REXO, July 2. — Champion Jack Johnson covered over eight miles on the
I-2\vton Spring's road today after a morning spent- in revelry and rest.
In order to bring himself to the finest point of condition before enter
ing the ring, he will probably continue the limbering up 'process until* the
last minute, doing slight road work tomorrow afternoon with his trainers.
*. * As was the case yesterday, a great number of well known pugs and men
prominent in the sporting realm kept the roadhouse lively today. The
champion arose shortly after 7 o'clock, and when breakfast was*over he left
the resort for Reno, accompanied by a number of his trainers and intimate
friends. He visited the arena and spent a short while in riding through the
town before returning:. Contrary to
his program of the last two days, he
remained downstairs and mixed In the
sports of his crew, shooting an excit
ing game of craps on the porch and
presiding as judge at a mock trial for
the benefit of the moving picture men.
Judge Johnson opened the trial orig
inally for the purpose of punishing two
friends visiting the camp and one of
•his trainers, Walter Monahan, who
cba,nced to spend the night intown. A
number of the camp members have been
laying off every now a.nd then. Dave
Mills created the first sensation by
leaving Riek'a early one afternoon and
remaining in Reno until late the fol
lowing day. In a spirit of fun the big
smoke took him to task, but as yet
the "fleet footed sparring: partner has
been able to avoid punishment.
Judge Johnson has passed sentence
on nearly every one in camp and takes
it into his own hands to-mete out the
punishment, -which has consisted of a
sound spanking with a broad shillelah.
Today he could find no excuse for ex
ercising: his strength .on the trainers,
who have already received . more than
their due, so he picked upon Monahan
and two friendly and ' unsuspecting
newspapermen. Doc Furey and' Johnny
Loftus, scarcely waiting to hear the
sentence, procured a rope and securely
bound the victim. Th« moving: picture
men stepped In and the scene of the
process was shifted to the sunny side
of th« inn. There was a lively tussle
and In a few seconds one of the prison
ers was laid struggling and helpless
across a high stool brought from one
«f the gambling tables.
Judge Johnson, with a great show of
gle«, grasped his trusty pine stick in
both hands, and, amid shouts of
laughter, proceeded to soundly chastise
his victim. The bfg champion was
none too sparing with his blows and
the force behind them, and it didn't
take very much to make the writhing,
unfortunate scribe howl with a long to
be remembered pain. The second pris
oner was seized without any trial and
the goodly slat was laid on him with
eveh more success. Monahan , then
came before the judge ajnd the rest of
the amusing rough and tumble was de
voted to ridiculing him and Jack Geyer.
The moving picture men were over
joyed at the excellent exhibition and
kept their cameras buzzing busily all
the while. Finally.' after his thirst for
amusement was appeased, the cham
pion adjourned the court and sat in his
big chair while the photographers
made many snaps. He then retired to
his- room, where he remained until
alter 2 o'clock. By the time the smoke
came downstairs attired for the road
work quite a number of people had
gathered and before starting he spent
a few moments in greeting acquaint
ances. 'He was full of the usual good
humor and amused every, one, with his
clever banter.
While the champion was putting in
his time on the road a machine
whirled past him ; and in the cloud of
dust that was raised he failed to recog
nize its occupant, his less ambitious
rival, James J. Jeffries, who was off
for a fishing tour. The champion was
also passed by. Sam - Langford, who
shouted a few words calculated by! their
tone to arouse anger, but the' smoke
paid absolutely no attention and, con
tinued his work without a trace of vex
ation. All the' way out toward Law
ton Springs the champion was followed
by automobile parties, and when'he
•appeared over the crest* of a hill near
Rick's on the return trip there was- a
large crowd to meet him. . As usual
t*>rs-' was the scattering of aroa-
[ Special Dispatch to The Call]
Ring Enlarged at
Johnsons Request
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
REN'tV July 2. — With Dick
Shevlin, millionaire crnduato of
Yale, champion Jack Johnson left
hla training quartersj at Rick's
resort thlm morning and made a
• visit to the sreat arena.
After a thorough Inspection, the
champion objected to the size of
the platform, Mhlch, according to
, hi* idea, did not extend far
euoueb bevnnd the ropes. He
KuffccKtfd that one or tyro feet
be added all around and. talked'
over the matter with Tex Kick-,
ard, .ivho immediately made ar
rangements for the addition.
Johnson said that the change.
would be made for safety's sake
alone, and pointed out the danjjer
In' the event of rushing; against .'
the ropes. He expressed his
satisfaction with the arena out
side of this correction.
Work oa the platform was be
srun at once and by nightfall the '
addition , of two feet outside of
the ropes \ras completed.
teur photographers,; who- snapped the.
champion as fast as they could before
he disappeared into the .guarded re
gions above for his rub \ down.'
The champion never, showed to better
advantage than today." He , was all
smiles and Nfun every moment, and
seemed not the least-bit affected^ by
the thought that the supreme \u2666struggle
of his life was only a few hours away:
He has, as he stated in his interview,
an absolute confidence that knows no
fear, and as. far as appearances go there
is not*, doubt Jn the world but that he
will step" into the ring Monday, after
noon in the same spirit. '
It is the opinion of the majority of
the fighters who have inspected the
champion closely that his condition
\u25a0 could not- be improved upon, and that
if. ever there was, a man abletolick
the great undefeated idol -of; the -prize
ring hp Is, the;- one. . The - members of
Johnson's .training, squad have little to
say and that little is merely the cor
roboratlon of ' \u0084 the * champion's t state
ments concerning. himself. Every man
has done his. best to put -the 'champion
at the top once, and for all and there is
over the whole camp an air of calmness
and confidence that the. months of Out
most effort will bring the desired re
sult. "From the champion down "the
sentiment is the same, "I -have done my
To those who; have watched and
worked beside the big smoke with crit
ical \u0084eyes during.: all iof his workouts
th«r»,are a number- of questions upon
which the outcome depends, v and these
quefetions', despite' the most expert opin
ions, remain unanswered ' and r.will re
main bo; until they/ are ; decided by the
actual contest. ; As; for, Johnson*: the
problem sifts'down to'this: Ishe.pos
sessed of a; strength,ia s hitting? power,
equal; to that :of ;• his "rival? To what
'disadvantage lsj his ; lack' of ;j footwork?
'ontlnoed on Page 50, Culamnn 1 aud 2
J . / *- [Special Dispatch to The Call] v J .
* jr""** £AfO, July 2.— Jeff and his parly will leave camp at.Moana springs on ihe day of the. fight about \]
t i^\ o'clock* so they can reach the arena just before the time to start the fight Jeffries': auto, which tumbled
t into an irrigating ditch a few days ago, has been repaired, and the big fellow has decided to ride to
$ the arena in his own machine^ Jeff will don his fighting togs at his cottage before he leaves for the arena, and
X will berubbtd and put in shape by his handlers.,,: His hands, will be bandaged and he will be ready to step into
t the ring as soon as he leaves his automobile. His trainers will accompany him to the ringside.- Mrs. Jeff will
4 accompany him into town. She will remain at ihe Gazette, a Reno newspaper office, where a special wire has
.\u2666 been^installed .for her benefit, and she will hear tjie returns of , the battle as it is in progress;
Despite the Crowds and M uch
Drinking Police Keep Situ
ation Welt in Hand
RENOf July 2.— -Though hampered by
a lack of experienced detectives famil
iar with -the faces and operating meth
ods of the crooks and criminals always
drawn to the scene of a- bigr fight, the
officials In charge of the policing of
Reno said tonight ;they. have. the situa
tion well in hand. y • \u25a0 w'; = '
The normal strength of the local
force is only 15, but 25 specially de
tailed men will have been added 'by'; to
morrow ..night,- and these, in addition
to 10 members of the'state police, who
are ,here. under, the command of Cap
tain Cox, are expected to furnish ample
protection to residents and visitors un
til the fight is over.
...In. discussing • the. situation, tonight
Captain Cox expressed regret^that. de
tectives: had' not been sent; here -from
SarirJ Francisco, other coast 'cities and
from Chicago. . „". :, '\u25a0\u25a0,'\u25a0'. ',\u25a0•. \u0084.
"We know,'' he said,' "the class of
crooks who operate exclusively In this \
territory, and we can keep them ; under j
strict surveillance. But It is the pick- i
pockets, stickup ~ men, etc., from :,the |
ci ties \u25a0 that we are especially concerned |
about_ and we; would be'in a much. bet- j
ter position to cope: with; their activi
ties Jf detectives from ChicagdrvSan I
Francisco, Portland and other Jarge j
places were here to co-operate with <]
us.V- '" \u25a0 "\u25a0 '"\u25a0 '\u25a0 ' , ... " . ::-\u25a0 •
"However, we : are; : doing very -well
and despite the \u25a0\u25a0 nature of the crowds
and - large ;' amount -of -drinking •'. there
has been, surprisingly little; trouble and
very few arrests. \u25a0; In five nights not
one case o£ burglary has . been re
ported." • • "\u25a0/
The .10 rrien^ here with Captain: Cox
are squad leaders who have - been called
in Jfrom all -parts of the >\u25a0 stated : It ; is
said of the ' Nevada - state '- police, - as ; of
the celebrated- Arizona/. rangers, = that
every member is equal to ilO ordinary,
officers of the ; law, and" bo,;though'llm
itecL in- numbers, Reno .authorities
are -fully, confident that" the/ state's
guardsmen will be able ,to , cope:' with
anyemergehcy: that may arire..
_:To; guard *the "Pullman "sleeping-cars
parked in/the railroad' yards; hero \u25a0; arid
in'whlch'a> large number: of fight-fans
and tourists," who.failedto; find saccom
modations in the city," are (sleeping,; the
'Southern'; Pacific railway* has -brought* a
large force of special men. -Each strain
entering' the ; city. j either ;\u25a0 from east \u25a0; or
west carries one or "more railroad de
tectives.. •'\u25a0:'\u25a0.•' ". "-. : -. \u25a0'<-•. • .\u25a0\u25a0. iv # ' '"-""' V--.- ' ::.:.'-\u25a0 :.
Bacon Shatters? Quarter
Mile ' Hurdle Race
""NEW .YORK, . July 2.^ChariesJ Bacon
of, the New York athletic club; clipped
,9- 4^5 seconds \u25a0 from the amateur quarter!
mile ;low hurdle record™ today. In the
games -of; the ; Brooklyn;; letter-carriers'
association'at.Ulmer.park he!went bver
20J obstacles "in r one \u25a0 minute"; flat.^tiThe
best; previous ".time, 1 ; Is;I s ; minute 9 T4 -5 /gee-"
onds, - was made •by All Copeland 'here in
1S88.; : ; .;V; ,:.. -\u25a0 :..^:: ; ."::-
Proposes Similar System for
Fighters to Insure Public of
Moneys Worth
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man makes people bet their money so
.recklessly. ;
The Jeffries- Johnson fight will sound
the death , knell of boxing in this coun
try If through any mishap or for any
other reason It should be a bloomer;
Everybody in Reno is hoping and pray
ing that the light itself will prove to be
as big a thing' as the press is making
it. I for one hope there will, be no
room for arguments, as^ I think the
public of ; the United States approves of
clean, manly, up | and up fighting be
tween; two well trained athletes such
asJeff and Johnson. * \u0084
.The best- way Ito estimate the gate
receipts is to look- into the fights : of the
past and see what. they- drew, in: at the
ticket office. Of course , I 'mean bouts
between men of reputation,; as they are
the only ones that appeal to the public.
.The principal features of this contest
are::-";' : . :•>,** -• •"*\u25a0 - - \u25a0"..'•: ; '- : -'. : .... \u25a0•-' r-
FJrst— Purse of $101,000 guaranteed.
Second— Fight to be 45 rounds or less.
Third- 1 - Tex Rickard .to referee' with
Charley; White* of New York aa assist
ant in case Tex is disabled ' during the
fight. ' -,: . -v. '.-:.: . \u25a0--: ;; - : ' • .
'.. Fourth— Senator ; Tim Sullivan of New
Tork to be official stake holder. , '. :-.
Fifth— Fight tto start;;at;l:3o o'clck,
and to j be' fought ihlan : open' air." arena.
'(<. Sixth-^-Prices of -admission to range
from $10 to $50 per eeat.^: . '
Seventh-7-Money: to be v cut 75 per. cent
tOiWinnerandi2s : per cent to' loser/ ;:
Elghth-^-Four -sets of moving pictures
to. be takenjof the battle, a new record;
. .Ninth— -George Harting.- of -San : Fran
ciscoA who . has i officiated . as ' time -keeper
in.over. over a. thousand- battles, to act in ; the
same 'capacity ' with the Jeffries-John
son battle." : v . . '
' v Tenth~-;The;' famous 'old " announcer,
Billy "Jordan;: "The Let f Er Go'^kld, to
haye f the last'say' before the 'men come
together in :;• what : . promises^ to 'bet set
down *in < fistic annals as th'ermost' fa
mous day 7 we have ever had pugilis-'
tically. • , {''"'"- '' '
Experts Mystified ;£]r
y Lack "of JHoney
NEW YORK,- July 2;-^.Fre<JJ.Brook£s^
.who^has; placed /'thousands of , dollars
on ,, previous championship I fights ':'.-. and
handles ; the bulk of Wall street wagers
on* elections and fistic events, \u25a0 says' he ; is
at sea .'over the betting, situation of 'the
Jeffries-Johnson • contest. * . : . ":* \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-' \u25a0\u25a0. - :. .
• - -"Thefe'sl/slmply ": no \u25a0\u25a0:- betting,'/.; said
Brooks stoday;s today; "Where Uhere were 1 for
nierly 5 thousands ' put ' up, fthere Sis' only
small >, stuff; jwageredt on v this" flghti 'I
never sawj bo" little ibettlnV." \u25a0.' ,
-v The %blggrest; wager f made:, so'; far ; Is
one iof J $2,500 Ltq;si;4o0 1 ont Jeff ries?kOne
rnanlhas*|B,ooo ; :to ; bet?on"Jeffrle3|atilo
to 4! In; blocks of ihot'lle'ss r than^ f500.'
One curb^broker; bet^ssoo even Uhat
Johnson would i not -last^lo frbUJQds,
Cornell Declares Big Fellow's
Muscles Have Been Made •
Soft and Flexible
Trainer • in Chief :of Jeffries' Camp
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
RENO, Nev., July 2.— The question
has often been asked me why .1 think
that Jeff is faster than ever, for if
you say he Is, you must give some good
reasons to convince your hearers. Now,
it is true that Jeff, has been out of the
game- for a half dozen years,
and this period of "idleness figures to
have, some 111 effects. However, I
maintain .that Jeff Is an exception for
these .reasons : First, he never reached
the *; height of his career when he re
tired;' and Becond, he was never trained
in* his career aS ;he~has been' for this
fight. - :.• .-;• '•.-.'•; ;. \u25a0.\u25a0„ \u25a0 . -
.You take his training., for instance.'
It has been done on scientific prin
ciples. •:.•; No fighter •\u25a0 ever received the
massaging and -rubbing which Jeff has
undergone.; It has been : different from
the * treatment ; most '\u25a0 fighters* receive.
The usual custom employed byrubbers
when; they are handling a fighter* is
to "work' f or 'the piirpbse of hardening
his ; muscles. Frequently a .fighter be
comes \ hide bound ; from rubbin g. • Al
cohol .and arnica .are used under; this
system; .\u25a0„). l VhaveL employed f a different
method in massaging 11 ' Jeff. I •-. *have
worked to make his muscles soft and
flexible. I r have? aroused those tissues
\u25a0which have;, been -dormant- for .years.
They are "soft Jand ready 'for I action.
Oil has; been .used _ throughout, -and
this: has had a tendency [to soften his
muscles, arid' makelhim free arid limber.
,I;' : am'; not: saying; that ; • Jeff ;.- will be
soft. j^'OnPthe : contrary,' his 1 ; flesh: and
skin" will be- tough; ;\u25a0 Jeff's muscles have
beenlloqsened: up: in ! "a* manner which
willy; give I him^ more 'I freedom "\u25a0 than "\u25a0 he
ever 'before. - -He : will -be
[flexible* iand will prove' that* he is faster
than .'ever; : •";" ' :- '\u25a0\u25a0;''•'' ;' p - ; '' '" :\u25a0. : v
Temples o£ tGliance in
Every Half Block
-RENO, July 2.'— High's noon and .four
deep : ; around the roulette and faro
tables^-rthat ' is the situation in; Reno
today. \u25a0•.~lt-Is--" Impossible for the visitor
from' reform ridden "? cities ;' where
bling is "kept;, under' a discreet iCover to
..venture ;•, half .'.'a:- block ,' from his;- room
without jstiimbling, across a' green table
and ;- aVi pretty board ; and a
gentleman in \u25a0 shir t^sleeves raking, in all
the ' money, iri^ the crowd.' .
£? Drifting' inland -out'V of the .temples
of - chance - there \ are quietly;; ; dressed
sporting -men,"- businessmen on
tion", '\u25a0•\u25a0 paleT rat \u25a0£ faced \u25a0 . men Z from , the
under;".world {and I 'the * men ; that ? belong
to the^hllls 'andlthe desert— quiet land
keen; something^ of; the;mystery. N bf ;the
sagebrush 'distances in ; their *"eyes,' skin
of ; and "broad : hats\ covered 'with
whiteYdust.. ;":, '\u25a0\u25a0', : ;'. .../.".' '.'/-." :':V.. - -u?y\"£
j J.These i are f, th e ; contrasts .: of . . the : new
mpcrbpolis,"*. the ; mecca"< of ; and
.the;" place; -=of V s "play/ Interest",; e io '') the
averages man "in every' towhtf rora coast
to /coastl today. V ; ' •-
Throb of Life in Reno Streets' Marked
Contrast to Quietude at Camps
RENO, New, July 2.— Reno is Just
waiting now. Tomorrow and Mon
day morning, and then the moment
when Announcer Billy Jordan will
climb out of the~ ring . with all the
speed that his fat legs can carry him.
crying, "Let ,'er go." Another languid
sunset in these brown hills and the
great Jeffries- Johnson battle will be
In the meantime the desert city rap
idly is taking oft the appearance of a
national convention. The delegate
from the world's sporting centers are
arriving, on every train. The streets
and hotels are filled with a shifting
mob of gentlemen, thieves, gamblers
and pugilists. The hum of conversa
tion on the street; is punctuated with
the click of the roulette wheels and
the cries of the souvenir hawkers. And
all are. waiting for the event which
nothing but earthquake or fire or
death can now prevent.
The camps of the fighters are quiet,
with the peace of suspense. The arena
is waiting out In the white dust, an
ugly skeleton that in a few hours will
be palpitating with life. and the thrills
that the . red gods send down men's
spines ;in moments; of physical strife.
Probably not another stick will have
to be touched. .'-.-- •'•-.'
.The pifrse money is up— all of it—
the sum of $101,000, which the fight
lovers will pay Jim Jeffries and Jack
Johnson to measure their sinews," their
brains and their fighting hearts.
The only movement from the rival
camps today was in the way of pleas
ure and thought killing. Both Jeffries
and. Johnson made automobile trips into
town— Johnson just for the fun and to
have the crowd stare at him, and Jef
fries because he had to in order to get
to the fishing. grounds that he decided
to visit-late in the afternoon.
This critical time of,_waiting is be
ing watched closely by fight experts.
Jeffries-has surprised them all by his
apparent unconcern on the eve of the
greatest moment in his life. Nothing
: else was expected from the black mai
\u25a0 : ' : ; " dSJyf- A HAI*K
\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0^jb3f '\u25a0\u25a0 WHOLE :or - . -A ; .
«?M MAN -'.i \u25a0'\u25a0 MAN
xV«SO^»^l|caao)pSa A POMPIFTF MAN Ar« yon the m*n jod OUGHT
- 25 YB»rPExT.B-ienc«Y B »rPExT.8-ienc« TO BE. or h'«T* >oo some l£>t,S. PKAIS. VARICOCELE. PREiIA-
80 ;x '^ r * p . • txperieiic " TURITY or other organic d*r«nseaienf» - IF SO, «re yoa ««»r»
that this constant drain will relentlessly sap your Tltatlty aad deplete yon? nerTS force? »y.
.: listening to the fal»e and Impossible atafments of companies, museums and doctors of doubt-
ful abliltr who style themselves "leading" specialists yon may PASS THAT PERIOD
where return to normal rigor !s possible. I ttjU sladly si»e you mr ~ private 'kotlc* .
and assistance and restore yoa to that BOUNDING and RE3POXSIVS VIRILITY: that nmks
the PEEFECT m«n. Yo« "miffht a«s well be a COMPLETE MAN «* HALF a MAN. N«rr«
deadening or (itiraulatloxdrnjrs will neter care you. They make yon worse. I hare mors .:
CURES to mr credit than snv six other doctors combined. Under my— are yoa are »uro of
recelTins;the \u25a0RIGHT, THEATJiENT. .
A I INnFRiNf^'DIS'^H ARfJF From an nncarki d!sea!«e tuny mean a
\u25a0uli^V3ClVliyv» J-»lO^rX^\l\VSE* STRICTTRB or same chronic Inflammation
or ulceratlon ofthe prostate or other urinary orjan*. If yoa neglect yourself yoa will soon, be a
broken down man. Ask any doctor If this is net correct.- Seek a enre before It Is TOO LATE. By
\u25a0my [ easy, : painless, heallcs , remedies I cure these aliments ,forever. No relapses occur.
'\7 A RlfOfFl F" R«pl<llr produces orjratlc waste.- If you come to me I will cure
v . •"• I>*1 >* v 'VV I -** - ! 1-'1 -'- this disease wlthoot pain.. Yon need not pay me one cent nntU
you are sure; that you are perfect and y oar trouble will ncTer return.
RI TPTI JiRF 'Means « rent In the 'abdominal wall. I* you would like to throw your
"**"^* '*, v^*\' s r", ;tru»». away foreTer" and hare the rent sealed, up without pain, come to;
-nie.'? You may. pay my fee after yon are sure yc«r; trouble will never return. These are
PLAIN statements, but just as THUE aa they are plain.
-andcombat every phnse of It by a suitable remedy. ;instea<l of \flllinsf the " system with
DANGEROUS; and' POISONOUS jirn£S my remedies are pleasant. They circntate la the blood
•and reach every cell aud fiber, destroying the {Terms, drlvinc out erery atom of poison for-
Every; SOßE. ULCE.^" and DISFIGURING SYMPTOM uisappears promptly nerw to re-
turn. Doctors themselres are greatly Impressed by the hannlessaess of my remedies and their
; sclcnUflc : accnracy^gg^^^^MJßiim|g :,. ...
"NOTF i^->'Myj»ncc«M and popularity rwult from my honesty, great «kUI and experlenee
t !V'.*r - ,* ; "and personal attention to every patirnt.,- Please nnderstanH that Ido not con,
duct : a quackish company .'or .'lnntituticn and also that JUNK arc the : ONLY advertised OF-
FICES;In:San Fraaelnco where pa£lento are not treated by HIRED DOCTOIIS. *
>,> Many men trill be nnabls to call. - To etrch,;. tv'oo ? desire my a«tvtce. I semi mj free
- symptom, blank. 1 do not offer •'cheap" treatment or '"reduced fees" or use osier "barssin
? counter','_ methods.; I ?ive my. service to m»n who netfl ;;m.r \u25a0 help.: recardless of the fee *
they are able to pay. * Don't hesitats one day longer. You have tue chance bow 10 '»t>«Vn
at -your own terms. : - . - ... , fccl> weu
DR; MOREL, 5 1 1 bird Street,
and Associates NcorMarket^ San Frandsco. Cal.
To the sporting men who made the
trip to Moana Springs in the early
afternoon a restful scene was pre
sented. On the lawn at th© side of
his white cottage sat Jeffries and his
cronies around a small table. -The
fighter-had on a soft shirt and a soft
cap rested: carelessly on the back of
his head. He was leaning over a hand
of cards, figuring how to win a few
cents from his opponents. When he
succeeded he was happy, and his laugh
rang out so that the crowds hanging
over the fence marked "private* smiled
in sympathy.
Over the group a great willow tree
spread its restful branches. From a
branch h tins a cage with two pigeons.
On the green lawn a tiny white (Jog*
played, running occasionally- to lick
Jeffries' hand. Around all swung tho
great bare hills and the green mead
Of the thoughts that passed through
Jeffries' mmd — between hands — as he
glanced past the group out into ths
brilliant sunshine and the blue sky, no
one of his intimates pretended to say.
Sometimes his eyes would take on a
deep somber look and he would scowU
Again' his eyes would- flash in fun, a
dimple would show and all would b*
as merry as a wedding morn.
To those who braved the sunshiny
and the dust and the bumps In the roaa
and made their way to Rick's roadhouso
on 'the other side of town, another
scene of rest was shown, but it /was
rest of . a different kind. Thaxe was
much hilarity and loud merriment her*
and the sound of singing and instru
mental music breaking out at odd time*
proved that the blaclt champion and hla
crew were amusing themselve3 as
though the fight was a year off and
they were away down south in Dtxls,
CHICAGO.. July 2. — Fight nawi,
round -by round, will be telegraphed
into the county jail here on Monday.
A telegraph operator, who i 3 a pris
oner, will be at the receiving .end off
\u0084 the wire.

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