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Captain Cousins of (he Presi»
dent Reports Great School of
Sea Tigers at the Cape
-Steamshio Strikes and Kills One
of the Big Fish That was
30 Feet Long
HE steamer Presi
dent, which' came
in from Seattle yes
terday* encountered
while on the run
down the biggest
school of sharks
ever seen by Cap
tain Cousins. Thou
sands of them
showed their dorsal
tins as the ship
passed the lightship
Umatilla off Cape
Flattery. One of
the fish, which the
captain thinks was
at least 20 feet
lons, was struck by
the ship and killed.
They are real man
caters, crordlng to the captain, for
one measuring 36 feet In length and
• '•\u25a0•18 feet around the middle was recently
caught in Neah bay. "Washington, with
'.\u25a0\u25a0k kodak and some human bones in Jts
: .stomach.
/ gesldes the sharks the whales did
. their part to entertain the passengers.
.. giving- spouting exhibitions daily at
\u0084- .close range.
Dancing was enjoyed on the hurrl
•. oa:ie deck nightly, by way of other dl
.: versions. The wind traveled with the
' :.shlp. giving the semblance of a cai
-.- on board and making deck life at
\u25a0 tractive.
•Of the 400 passengers 60 arc going
.; through to the south. Among" those
-bound for San Diego is Morgan Rosy
lnfinager of the Coronado hoter.
The President Fails south from the
Broadway whßrf at 2 o'clock this after
.; noon. It biought 2.400 tons of gen
•. eral freight.
Ariionan Arrive* From South
The American-Hawaiian freighter
i Arizonan, Captain Nichols, arrived from
Salina Cruz yesterday with a cargo of
3.500 ton« of general merchandise. On
the down voyage one of the steamer's
propellers was disabled, but it was re
paired while In dock at the Mexican
. port.
Brine* Copra Prom Tahiti
The brig Geneva, Captain Smith, ar
; rived here yesterday from Papeete with
f cargo of Copra from the Society
. islands after a. passage of 47 days.
The voyagp was without incident, the
\u25a0weather being pleasant and the wind
, light. The 370 tons of cocoa meat on
. fc°ai"d are consigned to A. Jacquemart.
The cargo on the down vovag» was
lumber, taken on at Willapa'harbor.
i : C* WharveM Closed for Fourth V
The offices and wharves of the Ameri
can-Hawaiian. Independent. Kosmos.
Oceanic. Pacific Coast and Pacific Mail
steamship companies will be closed to
morrow, a 6 will be the custom house
and its branches. The Alaska-Pacific
company's office and wharf will remain
°P*n. the San Francisco and Portland
line will keep its wharf open until noon
?. nd the Toyo Kisen Kalsha closes down
::«raty its offices.
Meamers Due From Hawaii
The steamer Sierra of the Oceanic
.: steamship company's line is due here
. tomorrow morning at lft o'clock from
.Honolulu with about 100 passengers
The Matson freighter Hyades also is
"due at the same time from Kahulul.
The Hyades brings sugar and the Sierra
_ : a varied cargo of island products.
Water Front \otr» ,
schooner brought 3,017.000 feet
VAX lumber into port yesterday from
--•northern points.
..--.-.\u25a0The U. S. S. Marblehead weighed
•tnciior at 1:20 o'clock yesterday morn
•ing for the naval militia's "practice
-cruise. The first stop is Eureka, where
. -a. division of the militia will be taken i
aboard. ;
• Tne steamers Admiral Sampson from
.Seattle and Tacoma and Beaver from
•.Portland will arrive here today with
riiii passenger lists.
:=•• The Kilburn came in from Eureka
•.vestorday with SOO tons of freight and
= its cabins full.'
'. " RrittKh Steamer Seminolc Arrive*
•";.• -The British tramp steamer Seminole,
.Captfiin Clarke, arrived in port last
: i.night from Itosaaki, Japan.
By United Wlrele*«
ST--fl.--"-:R GOVFRNOE-Hem-e .7oly 2 for Seat
. tie, 2p. m . ; July 2, 4:40 p. _.. .beam Point
\u25a0 .iy.>; Sy«i p. ln .. 12 miics south of Point
»renji: ivmlTstp ii^ad wind aDd fine and clear
' .barometer 30. 00; t^icpcrature SC.
\u25a0jo uiilr* p-uTh of Shelter core: stron- nortb
- -.n-»>f.t iTeoZP; r«upb bCB.
STEAKER MARIPOSA— Jii!y 2. X p m I 014
rnilfK «.«t: fin- weatlier; n^tb nonheant wind;
narorneter C 0.17: temperature. 6S.
. m!]fs< nortli r.f point Arena: cloudy; ir'resb
'northiv^st rrind: choppy northwest er-i.
ETEAKZ- HYADES— JuIr 2. S p. m.. 3so mil*s
'__: fine frpjither: should nrrire Monrloy fore
.. noon.
STEAMER ATLAS -With harce 3 in tnw; July
•; 2. 8 p. tn., off Eurekn; light northwest'wind
• in-wrtH* tea: t<»roniete r n0.02: tempemture
<:2: will arnr." in Tort Pan I.uls !0 «. in. Mon
"' d§T.
Big Plants Operated in Germany
and Bohemia
TVritiTig from Prague. Consul Joseph
.1. Brittsin nays that a large plant re
cently constructed in Austria for mak
ing potassium cyanide from thick mo-
Ufses, a byproduct from beet sugar
factories, is ntracting attention from
.other <ountr!es where similar manu
facturing establishments are contem
plated- The consul's description of the
\u25a0p^-es* vIJI therefor^ be of value:
\u25a0/ .Th« only factories where potassium
\u25a0cyanide if made from a byproduct of
si"jgar beets are two in Germany and
one at Kolin, 40 miles east of Prague,
Bohemia^. The molasses byproduct i«
*o!d to factories manufacturing alco
hol, which by fermentation and distil
lation produce a first quality 37.7 pPr
cent pure alcohol for medicinal and
chemical purposes, and a second qual
ity-denatured for fuel and light. The
refined wholesales at $12.27 and the de
natured at $9.13 to $9.54 for 26.41 pal
lons. The former pays nn internal
revenue tax 0f. 518.27 per 26.41 grallons.
After making: the alcohol- there , re
mains a still thicker and darker col
ored molasses, resembling pine tar In
appearance. This residue is, sent from
the various alcohol factories in tank
cars and barrels to Kolin, where, after
b^lngT subjected fo steam heat, it flows
into long metal troughs and to retorts,
where it is burned for several hours,
until the gas escapes into pipes. The
material then passes through an ex
tended system of pipes, undergoing va
rious processes until it reaches the
place where it is mixed with lye, when
the pot£3slum cyanide is formed, after
whicn t.'ie moisture is extracted by cen
trifugal force. The powder is then
conveyed to another room, where it is
hyiraulicaiiy pressed into cakes and
packed into boxes for shipment. The
output of the Kolin • factory is about
24*,0 00 pounds a month and Is sold to
*?ol<l and silver mining' companies, in
South Africa.
A f^uery has been addressed toKew
as- to the wood used for mummy-cof
fins in Egypt, which was slated by
the correspondent to be that of : syca
l*r>*- TO 'ARRIVE ''. \u25a0
• From •1 , • Steamer | i Pat« i
Portland & Astoria ...|Xorthland IJuly 4
Grays Harbor |Santa Monica ..July 4
S*a Pedro IChehalls iJuly *
San Pedro I'ojemlte ..July 4
Orays Harbor :... Norwood .". July 4
Hainboldt SUte of Cal July 4
Hoßoliiln tirades ...(July 4
Seattle & Tacoma Ad. Sampsoa .'.fJuly 4
Itoeaki 1 Seminole jJuly 4
Portland & Astoria Beaver I July 4
San Pedro .:....:...:. iDnckman "....". .(July 4
. Ssn. Diego &.Way PortsjSanta Itosa ...-|July 4
Honolulu ..! (sierra ....July 5
Hamburg & Way PortsiNlcaria July 5
Mexican i'orts City of Topeka. Jnly 5
Portland & Astoria Rainier ........ 3u\y 5
Sal. cru* via S. Diego Isthmian ,• Ji".v 8
Antwerp via Japan Am. Duperre ..July 6
Willapn Harbor (Carlos •- - July 6
Hamboldt |F. A. KUburp.. July 7
Honolulu |.\'cvaflan . — — -\u25a0'• July
San Pedro Roanoke July «
New York via Aucon..|San Jose • JulJ'^J
Point Arena & Albioa ..|Pomo July '
China & Japan Chlyo Maru .... July 7
Coos Bay M. F. Plant .... July S
I'aget Sound Ports l r mati'.la ... J«'y 8
fan Dicjo & Way Ports| President July 8
San IVdro & Way Ports; Coos Bay July 8
San Pedro ...Hanalel July 8
Portland & Astoria ....!«. W. Elder .., JvJy 9
Portland & Astoria jUear ..July 9
Wlllapa Harbor jDaley Jo' 7 3
San Pedro ißeavcr Joly 9
Mfndocino A, Pt. Arena)S«n Foam IJuly 10
' Destination J ,' 1 Steamer \u25a0 | Sails IPler
July -4— • - I — — ~ . I
Ix>s Angeles Port* . ...3. Monica... Jlpm o\
AttorU A Portland...; Vosemite ...10 am -7
Los Angeles Ports Norwood ... 2 pm
San Diego & Way PortsiPrestdent ?.. 4 pui 'J
July 5— !
Grays Harbor ..Chehalls ....2 pm
Astoria & Portland Hoqulam ... 5 pm 19
A6torla & Portland Sajinaw ... 5 pm 2«
Humboldt iF. Kilburn ". 10 am 13
Puget Sound Ports. .. .(city Puebla.. 2pm 9
July 6—
Los Angeles Ports. . . . Carlos 1 P" 1
Humboldt State of Cal 3 pm 11
Mendoclno & Pt. Arena Sea Foam..| Ipm 4
Japan t China .... China .1 1 pin 42
Honolulu & Hllo Wllhelmina .112 m 38^
Seattle & Tacoma Buckman ... f 1 pm 10
Astoria & Portland jRu-«? City ..12 m 40
Los Angeles Ports I Ad. Sampson 10 am 10
Lok Anreles Ports I Beaver ..... 9 am 40
July 7— • I
Los Angelen Ports"-. ...J. S. Higglns 10 am 1
Sau Dieco & Way PortsjSanta \Rosa.!ll am 9
July S— .•/ ' - I\u25a0\u25a0 ' : \u25a0-'
Astoria & Portland .... Roanoke — 1 pm 13
Astoria & Portland .... Northland .. 5 pm 19
July 9—
Los Angeles Ports tlanalei ... .|3pm 10
Honolulu Sierra 11l am 21
New York rU Ancon.. Peru 12 m 40
Hawaiian Ports Hyades ..... 12 m 38
Hilo direct Enterprise .. 12 tn ZS
Puget Sound Ports President ...1 2pm 0
Auckland & Sydney.... River Clyde-! 1 pm
Astoria & Portland Rainier I 1 pm 21
Astoria & Pcrtlaud Casco ]
Los Angeles Ports Coronado . . . t1 pm 21
July 10— I J
Point Arena & Albion. Porno | 6 pin| 4
Coo« Bay JM. K. Plant| 3 pm| 3«
Destination | Steamer I Date
Skairway & Way Ports. | Cottage City ... July 8
Valdei & Seward Alameda July . 8
Skagway & Way Port*. Uumboldt July 10
Skaitway & Way Port».|jpoksne July 12
"Drptti at mean low water, entrance to harbor.
PLACE I Ft. I Date | Remarks
I ; 18 feet at mean low
Grays Har 17 June 10 water In channel to
I I - Aberdpen.
WlUapa Bj 27 jMay W\
Colutn." R..1 24 |May_2l[
Nchalm R! S !F<>b. 2|Bar huo.v 200 yards N.
J I I channel.'
rilJink B.i 9 Dec. lTlChanncl shifte<l 1 mile
I • I south in g«lf Nov. 28.
_ j "" !Nun buoy So. 0 Tnd "
Vsouina Bl 12 I Apr. 191 can buoy No. 3 gone
1 I I adrift.
siuclaw R| I*6 {Jane 3iChannel going nortH.
L'mpqua Rl 9 |May 31 TVhlstllnj? buoy not
J j working well.
' ~~| ~|~" 12 t>et~at low title to
Coos Bay. IIS I June 3 North Bend; 12 feet
It «t low tide to Marsh-
I j flcld.
Coqaille Rj 8 |June_ ljChannel straight.
Royue R . \ _3_! A pr_27 jChannel shifting north.
Klamth R|~6~]May~ls iChannel SiTftlng to
; I _r I southward.
Hmbldt Bi 17 IJune 2 Shoal 300 feet WNW.
i 1 Black spar buoy.
S Pedro B| 20 [May 31 1 No change ln channel. | _
S Diego B*| 28 Vs! Apr. 1 |No change ln channel.^
S I'ablo B! 24 IDcc. I! Depth in dredged chan-
I I I: nel.
Time Ball
United States branch li.vdrographie office. Mer
. chants' Exchange, San Francisco, July 4,
Tbe .time ball failed to drop today.
I.ieutenant, V. S. N..in charge.
Sun. Moon and Tide
United States coast and geodetic surrey — Time
and hejphts of tides at Fort Point. For city
front (Mission street wbarf> add -5 minutes.
__________ _^
Snn ri«es .' 4 :J>2
Sun sets »» ..7:37
'Mn»n r!s«s 2:2."i a. m.
New moon July (5. at 1:11 p. in.
First quarter moon* July H. at 12:15 a. m.
iTimej !Time| |Tlme! ITime!
Julyi 1 Ft ( f Ft I f Ft J Ft
iL W| |H W| .(t. \V| |HW[
5.. 4:101—1.2 11:80 4.3 8:441 3.2 9:43 6.5
6.. 5:00—1.5 12:24 4.4 4:Sfi 3.2 10:33 6.5
7.. 5:481—1.5 1:14 4.6 5:321 3.3 11:23 6.2
S.. 6:351—1.3 2:02 4.6 «:27| 3.31
P.. 1 0:14 .'..R! 7:10;— l.o 2:47 4.P 7:2S 3.2
10.. 1 1:07 s.">] R:ai —<;».". 3:28 4.f>! S:2O 3.1
11..J 2:<M 4.0 i 8:4.- 0.1 4:^fl R.I !>:32| 2.S
12.. 1 3:07 4.3| 0:2« 0.7( 4:."55 3.2110:42! .U. 7
13.. | 4:23 3.0 10:15 1.81 5:25 5.2!11:4fl 2.4
14.. 5:44 3.6,11:^01 l.»| 6:00 5.2! .
U. S. Branch Ilytlrntrrniihlc Office
A branch of- the United States hyilropraphic
office, loostefl in the Merchants' Exchangp, is
maititalned in San Franciisco for the beneSt of
mariners, without regard to nationality anrl free
«f cxpen«ie. Navigators are rwdlally invited to
visit the offlre where complete nets of charts
s!i<l Bailing directions of tbe world are kept at
hand tor comparison and reference, and the."
latent information can always be obtained m
garflnc llffhtß. dangers to navigation and mat
ters of interest to ocean commerce. I
Liratenant, U. 8. X.. In charge.
Final Meetings to Be Held on
July 6 and 7
The work of the charter revision con
vention will be brought to a close at
meetings to be held July 6 anrl 7 at
which the final reports will be read by
the revision committee and plans mado
for the forthcoming political cam
paign. convention will , assemble
at 8 p. m. in the courtroom of Judge
Cabanisf, 216 McAllister .street. Apart
from the reports of the committees a
campaign fund will be started to aid
in the promulgation. of those views .and
policies which the convention has in
Will Go Through Fancy Drills
at San Anselmo
One hundred members of the Nation
al;, an independent "military company.
dressed, in their>flaflhy zouave -uniforms
wltrf their band and colors, paraded '
down Market , street [ yesterday .morning
and embarked for San Anselmp,<where
they wiir participate In the parade and
Independence day festivities. They will
be quartered in. a military "camp and
will go through fancy drills for the
citizens of that town, t
Let Me Off at Raltfmore!!
Midway between Larkspur and Corte
Mad era, Marin county — via> Sausallto
ferry. •
Items of I nterest to {Mariners
of the Pacific
[Special -Dispatch to The Call]
EUKEKA, July 3.— Steamer State of Califor
nia departed for Sau Francisco at 10. a- m. with
freight,' mall and passengers. \u25a0 .\u25a0; • \u25a0
Power schooner Katata left for the Klamath
river salmon canneries at 9 o'clock this morning.
Steamer laqua departed for San Francisco, this
morning with a cargo of lumber- from Arcata. |
Steam schooner Aberdeen arrived .from SaM
Frauclsco t-arly this morning and will " load lum
ber at Fields Landing for the return trip. .
ABERDEEN, July 3.— Schooner Borcalls ar-;
rived today from Hllo.- ,;
Steamers Doris and Tahoe sailed.;-;
ASTORIA, July 3.— Steamer; Newport sailed
today with freight and passengers ; for Coqullle
cargo from Portland. . ; - v ,
Tug Hercules left today with a Benson lograft
bound for San Pedro.' \u25a0 »
Steamer Eureka wiled today bound for Eureka
with freight nnd passengers. " '\u0084
Steamer Falcon crossed out this borning bound
for San Francisco with freight : from Portland.
J Steam schooner Ca6ot> -sailed today" with
cargo of lumber for San Francisco.-- -
Steam schooners Coaster and Falr^ Oakes
croßsod out -today lumber laden for San Pedro.
Lumber schooner Amy Turner is ln the har
bor and ' booked to saII- Wednesday for San
Francisco with a cargo, of lumber. '
Schooner Luzon' is here ready to sail, -lumber
laden for Redoudo, taken- on. at Prescott. .'
Steamer Breakwater sailed tbU afternoon with
freight and passengers -for Coos bay. ' •\u25a0"'\u25a0».
Oil tanker J. A. Chanslor crossed out this after
noon for San Francisco.- . . ..":\u25a0- '.j-.*
Lumber schooner Mabel Gale arrived today
from San Pedro, coming for a cargo of lumber
at Prescott. "\u25a0\u25a0.
SEATTLE. July 3.— Arrived— Steamer Fair
Haven, Sau Francisco; British : steamer Prince
Rupert, Portland canal !' steamer Jefferson, Skag
way; steamer Watson. San Francisco. .
Sailed— Steamer City.- of Seattle, Skagway;
steamer Victoria, Nome; steamer Queen, south
eastern Alaska cruise; British steamer, Prince
Rupert, . Portland canal; steamer Fair Haven, Ta
coma. .v-;.
PORTLAND, July 3.— Arrived: Steamers Shna-
Yak- and Yellowstone, from San Francisco?
schooner Mabel Gale from San Pedro.
Sailed: Steamer Breakwater, for Coos bay;
steamer J. H. Chanslor, for San Francisco; tug
Hercules,^ with log raft in tow, for San Fran
Stmr Fulton. M^aloner. 26 hours from Eureka;
350.000 f^et lumber to Eastern aud Western red
wood lumber company.. .
. Sunday. Juiy 3.
Br stmr Seminole, Clarkp. 13 days 20 hours
from Muroran; ballast to Standard oil co.
Setar • fiansalito. Nelson. 4 days from Sluslaw ;
rirer; 330 000 lumber to F. W. Carey.
Stmr Tamalpain, -Ilansen, 57 hours from Grays
Harbor; 570,000 feet lumber to E. K. Wood lum
ber company. - . v
Schr Melrosc, Murchison, 10 days from Ever
ett; 800,000 feet lumber to the Charles Nelson
Stmr ' Sea Foam. Hendrickson, 14 • hours I from
Mendocino. via Point Arena 11 hours; 215,000
feet lumber to 11. Templeman.
Stmr K. A. Kilburn. McLellan, IS hours from
Eureka; passengers and merchandise to C. P.
• Doe & Co.
Stmr Arizona. Nichols. 10 days -from .Sallna
• Crur, via San I>lego 4S hours; merchandise to
Williams, Diniond & Co.
Stmr J. B. Stetson, Sears, 53 hours from Co-
I lumbia river; bound south, put in for fuel and
• passengers.
Stmr Brunswick. Hammar. 14 hours from Fort
Bragg: 452,\>00 feet lumber to Union lumber
com pa fly.
Stmr Centralta, Erlokson. 44 hours, from : San
Pedro; ballast to I'ollard steamship company.
\u25a0 - Stmr Samoa, Mad«en, 14 hours from Caspar;
bound soutli, put in to laud passengers.
Stmr Claromont, Ohristensen, 4S hours from
San Pedro; ballast to Hart- Wood lumber com
Stmr Ttvertrm. Johnson. 79 hours from Port
Luillow; 5.70.000 feet lumber to Pope & Talbot.
Stair Acme. Olsen, 24 hours from Eureka:
410.W0 feet lumber to the Charles ' Nelson com
Stmr President; ' Cousins, 49 hours 45 minutes
from Seattle and Puget sound, ports; passengers
a,Dd merchandise to Pacific Coast steamship com*
pany. \u25a0 \u25a0•-
Scbr S]>okane. Dick, 7 days from Gamble; SOO,
000 feet lumber to Tope & Tallwt.
Brig Genera. Smith. 48 days from Papeete;
370 tons copra to A. Jacquemart. -„
Saturday, July 2.
Stmr Capistrano, Klose, Eureka and Columbia
river. -
Sunday. July 3. .
I". S". stmr Marblehead, Baner, Eureka, Seattle
and Pupet sound ports.
Stmr Jim Butler. Olsen. Puget sound.
Stmr Karulli. Tietjen. Eureka.
Stmr Samoa, Madsen. San Pedro.
Stmr Porno, l.ill.'laiid. Point- Arena and Al
Stmr Mandalay, Lofstrora, Crescent City.
Stmr M. F. Plant. Burtis, Coos bay.
Stmr Centralia, Erickson. Grays Harbor.
Stmr George Loomis, Smith, Redomlo Beach.
Stmr Hfnalei, McFarlaud. San Pedro.
Stmr Bowtloln, Tlbbitts, FJureka.
Stmr*l>-elanaw, Meyers. Ladysmith, B. C.
Stmr Nome City, Hansen, Astoria and Port
Stmr San GabrieJ, Westerdale, Umpqua' river.
Stror J. B. Stetson. Sears, San Pedro.
Sciir Koy Somers. Soiland. Grays Harbor. \
TATOOSH. July 3, 9 a. m.— Misty; wind SW;
velocity 5 miles an liour.
POINT LOBOS, July 3, 0 a.* m.— Foggy; wind
W: velocity 12 rallns an honr.
POINT KEYES, July 3, 0 a. m.— Cloudy; wind
NW; velocity 21 miles hd hour.
KAKALLONES. July 3, :) a. m. — Cloudy; wind
W; velocity S.milos an hocr.
POINT I.OROS, July S. 10 p. m. — Weather
foggy; wind SW; velocity 12 miles an hour
SAN PEDRO— Sailed July 3— Semr Katberin*,
for Santa Barbara. : .
\u25a0-MUKIL.TEO— SaiIcI ' July 1.: 1 p m— Sctarr
Oceania Vance, ff«r San Pedro.
ASTORlA'— Arrived July 2— Stmr Shna Yak,
from Sau Pedro."
Sailed July'-." — Stmr Coaster," stmr Falcon,
stmr -Casco, for San Francisco: • stmr Eureka, for
Eureka; stmr' Newport,' for Coos bay; stmr Fair
Oaks, for San Pedro, v
TA COM A— Arrived July .I— Stmr Victoria, from
Nonio. and sailfd for Seattlr.
POINT REYES— Passe<l July 3— Three mßsted
schooner, south bomul; stmr Dolhi, from San
Pedro for Soistlle; stmr Atlas, with barge 3 in
tow, frour Tacoma'for Port San Luis.
SOUTH BEND— Sailed July 3— Strar Mayfair^
for San Francisco. \ \u25a0
PORT TOW NSEND— Sailed .Tnly 3— Schr Bain
bridfe.; for Society islands. . . :
Arrived July 3— Schr it/ W.* Bartlctt, hence
Junf 10. -
TATDOSH— Passed July 3^-Schr,- Bainbridge.
from Port Townsend for Society islands: Br
-stmr Iran, from Uedondo Bosch for - Victoria;
stmr Harold Dollar, from Bttllingbam for San
Pedro; Br stmr Bessie Dollar, from Bollingham
for China. July 2— Schr K. W. -Bartlett, bencc
June 16 for Townsend. .
Passed out July 3, 5:30 p in — Bark Alta, from
Victoria. B. C, for East London. .
KlJßEKA— Arrived July ' 3— Stmr • Aberdeen,
lience July 1; stmr Prentiss, hence July 1.
Sailed July 3 — Stmr laqua. stmr State of Cal! :
fornla, for San Francisco. .
SAN DlEGO— Arrived July 3— >Stmr Isthmian,
from Salina Cruz. . \u25a0 . •
BANDON— Sailed July; 3— Slmr Elizaboth, for
San Francisco. '
Arrived July 3 — Stmr Fifleld. henc.Juno 30.
PORT SAN LUlS— Arrived July 3— Stmr Whit
tier, bonce July 2;: stmr." Coos Bay. hpnee July J;
stmr Melville Dollar, from Wilmington. . :
Sailed July 3 — Stmr Alcatraz, stmr 'Asuncion,
stmr Wa^htennw. for San Frauclsco; ntnir Coos
Bay. for San P*dro. •-.
SEATTLE— Arrived July 3— Simr Watson,
lionce June 3«>: stmr Jefferson, froni : Ketchlkan;
Br.'stmr Prince Kupert, r from Prince Rupert.
July 2— Stmr Fairhavcn, hence Juno. 2B. v -
REDONDO BEACH— ArrivM - July 2-^Strar
Carni»»l, from Sau Pedro; stmr Pajadfna.' stmr
Arctic, from San Pedro. . ..
SsIIpJ July 2 — Stmr Carmel. sdnr J. J. Lojrglc,
stmr Pasadena." stmr Arctic, for San Francisco;
sclip 'Azalra, for Enroka. \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0>. • : \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0-•
HONOLULU— SaiIed July 2— Stmr Santa Maria.
for Port San Luis; Nor stmr Torsdal. ; for — .
Arrived July 3— U S stmr Sheridan, from Ma
nila, for San ; Francisco. ... \u25a0' -
VICTORIA— SaiIed July 3— Nor. stmr .Tetbou.
for San Francisco; Chil bark Alta, for EasfLon
don. ' . \u25a0-. < N\u25a0' \u25a0 '.:'\u25a0:•\u25a0' -.- .. . ; \u0084
Arrived July 3— Br stmr Irnn. from Rcdondo
Beach. ' - - - •> -v
-\u25a0..-. •::\u25a0\u25a0: -'OCEAN* STEAMERS:
NEW YORK— Arrived July. 2— Stmr St. Louis,
WESTERN t*Nloir. CODE. .'
MEMBER'. \u25a0 "•\u25a0 '.\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0:.. ?.-/-- :>\u25a0:
• ! -.;.,- i -"-.- "FRANCISCO. ;• -- . . C •;
- ','\u25a0:\u25a0 Main Offlce, -V ; - ; Brand Offices.
\u25a0\u25a0 Correspondents ' .(.Main -."corridor)^.
HARRIS, WINTHROP San Francisco.- -
'. .. & CO.," >:. •'•->•; '\u25a0 ' \-~.-.~r, : :*- -.-..-,:. ..=.;..-
\u25a0* New .York.. Chicago. > HOTEL" ALEXANDRA
. ,'• London ; »nd , Par!*.".- .'-, " Loa > Angeles. Cal.".;- "\u25a0'
from Southampton and. Cherbourg.",. July 3^-Stmr
George Washington. s from Bremen.; Southampton,
and 1 Cherbourg; stuir California,' from Glasgow
amr MoTille. \u25a0-. : -• . ,'
r Arrired July 3— Stmr Baltic, .from .Liverpool
\u25a0anil Qneenstown; Btmr United States; from Co
penhagen. " - **• \u25a0'\u25a0 -~i \u25a0 . ' .
i SOUTHAMPTON— ArriTMj'JuIy. : 3— Stmr St.
Paul. \u25a0 via Plymouth and Cherbourg.
' BOSTON— Arrived July 3— Stmr 'Parisian, from
Gla-gow; . . \u25a0 . -
MONTREAL—ArrIred July 3— Strar Virginian,
from Liverpool; strar Laurentlc-.:from Liverpool.
Schr Hugh Hogan. lying up, the channel at oil
street,- vras damaged by 'fire; ' estimated loss
about $6,000; July 2, 7 -p.' m. \u25a0 • -\u25a0 . y
Weather Report
United .' States; Department ' of Agriculture—
WeatUer Bureau,' Sari Francisco. July 3. 1910. ' '..
Coast record for 12 hours, ending 5 p. m.
'\u25a0::-, \u25a0 ;.-.; 3 ' '«. '? .. I ' 2- Vpl
STATIONS "| HHi : f 0%
. : ... . \u25a0 ' 3 i .s. s "'• ( r..\"! '
Boise ..20.68 82 M XW Pt.CldT .00
Eureka . . . 30. 10 58 52 Sff Clear .00
jFlagstaff ...... .29. SO 70 48 SW Clear .00
Fresno .........20.94 78 54 W Clear .00
Helena ........29.56 S8 52 W Clear- .00
Independence ..29.68 S6 01' NW Clear ' .00
Kallspell ..20.66 78 50 ~N Cloudy .00
Los Ange1e5.... 20. 94 T2 58 \u2666SW Clear v .00
Marshfleld .....30.00 04 . — NW Clondy .00
Mt. Tamalpals.3o.o4 48 44 NWV F6«rgj- .00
North Head..:.30.06 s r.6 52 NW Cloudy .00
Phoenix ;...:. .29. 08^104 7fl W - Clear i-.00-
Pocatello ...-. ...29.62 00 60 SB". Rain T.
Pt. Reyes L,t..29.99. 85 48 :NW Cloudy T.
Portland ......29.04 72' 54 N Clear .00
Red 81uff.:... .29. 94. 76 56 SE Clear .00
Rtaa ..... 29.80 70 B2'W Clear .00
Roseburg ..... .29.H6 74 .50 N Clear .00
Sacramento 29.08 64 52 S Clear .00
San Diego 29.94 60 5« NW Clear .00
San Francisco.. 3o.o2. «6 50 W tCloudy .00
San J05e...... .30. 06 02 48 W " Cloudy .00
S. Luis 0bi5p0.. 30. 02 64 44 W Pt.Cldy .00
S. E. Fara110n..39.06 54 BO> W^ Cloudy .00
Spokane -.'...;, 29. 78 78 ;36 S Cloudr .00
Summit ....... 22;70 65 38 SW PtiCldy .00
Tneorna : 20 . 96 68 52 NW rt.Cldy .00
Tatoosh ..30.06 56 50 SW Cloudy .00
Tonopah . .29.66 74 58 ;K • Pt.Cldy .00
Walla Wa11a... 29. 84. 78 58 -SW PtX'ldy .00
Winnemucca ..29.72 80 50 W Cloudy .00
Yuma ...... ..29. 66 100 74 W r Clear .00
\u25a0A depression overlies the intermountaln and
Rocky mountain rculonp, causing generally cloudy
weather oTer the northern portion of the Pacific
slope and Rocky mountain region and fair-weath
er over the south and Arizona. The temperature
has fallen over the Interior of California and
Nevada from 8 to 10 decrees." The -humidity at
Red Bluff was 44 per cent and at Fresno 42 per
cent. Conditions are favorable ' tor fair ; weather
in California Monday, except cloudy and . foggy
along the coast in the morning. \u25a0
Forecast made at San Francisco for the 30
hours ending at midnight ' July ,4, 1910: ' »
San Francisco and vicinity— Cloudy Monday
mornlDg. clearing during tbe day; moderate west
wind.- \u25a0 \u25a0 • ..,\u25a0* -v \u25a0! - ?':\u25a0 .'\u25a0 : '- ; \. ; \u25a0
Santa Clara valley — FRir-Monday; light north
west wind. , . ;>--. -" •'
Sacramento valley— Fair Monday; light south
wirtd. '-..•
San Joaqufn valley — Fair Monday; -light west
wind. • .
California south -of the Tehiichapi — Fair Jlon
day; light west wind. * G. H. WILIiiON.
. ' LocaL Forecaster.
Officially Inspected and Sealed
Where Grown
. It Is said that the finest quality of
hops produced in Europe are grown ln
Bohemia, viz, Saaz, Auscha. and Dauba,
respectively. In order to protect the
two flrstnamed of th^se from -fraudu
lent lmitations'*,there, is; a special law
which authorizes the .official inspection
nnd sealing of each" package \u25a0of hops
therefrom, the cost^ of ; which Is about
51^ cents per 220 pounds. -In order to
prevent frauds the Bohemian hop ? pro
ducers are endeavoring, to procure the
enactment of an Inspection and sealing
law, which : will apply to all hops pro
duced In Bohemia, as. well as those
from Saaz and 'Auscha. i, ;, .
The exports of Bohemian hops' to. the
United States from Prague in 1908
amounted to ?235,035, and from Carls
bad $257,236, total- $492.271., against
$414,805 from Prague and $272,032 from
Carlsbad, a -total of.. $686,837 in 1909.
While the value was greater, in 1909
the quantity was less than in 1908. .
Owing to the failure of the crop in
1909 the prices were- very high. § Dur
ing the hop season In 1908, September,
i October,, November and December, the
' average price ', was ,$18.07, j $16.25,: $14
and $11.17, respectively, and in 1909
$40.60. $48.72,,550.34 and $48.61 for the
same months. At times choice Saaz
hops sold in 1909 at ; S6O and. even $70
per 100 pounds. , ; . ;
The; following statement shows the
acreage planted and the yield of hops
in"Austria-Hungary :in 1909: \u25a0 . \u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0
Total Yield Total
District—- acreage.; per an-i». - yleW. ;..--.
Pounds. •" Ponnds.
Bohemia ........ SS.OCO 200.9' 11.0rt6.009
All other Austria. 17.W7 424.4 .; , 7.R00.750
Hungary 2.71S , 7^«t.5 1,950,000
Total ......... 68,<W4 352 20,040,780
San Francisco Social Club Also
Gives Excursion
The Rough -Riders of California, the
political club- organized several years
ago, in. all to the number of 400, 'held
a"picnic at : El Campo yesterday.' The
steamer Sehome was /chartered for; the
occasion. An excursion was also taken
on the. bay by the' San Francisco so
cial.club in one of Johnson's launches.
And all the world loves to laugh
with a; laugher.. _ ', T :
All Modern Safety Derlcesl Wlreless,&c)
•Prea.Grant.Julj-13.11am tKals'n Ang. Vlc.Jrty 30
•Cincinnati .... :.Tuly 16 *Pres. Lincoln... Auc-' 10
jrennsylvania ...Inly 20 tAmerika '...:.;. .Auff.lS
•Cleveland . . . . : July 23 *Pres. Grant. .. . .Aug. 17
Uitz-Carlton a -la- Carte Restaurant.
§Hamhurr direct. v*Ni»w.-
IT At^Y " A --- - AR
flk l.:-^P^» \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.'\u25a0\u25a0:. Saxd; genoa>*
S: S. MOI/rKE . . ... - . \u25a0 • July 12, 2 P. M.
S.S. HAMBURG '\u25a0•' ....... .August ft
S. S." MOIiTKB .! . . .•\u25a0• . . • ... : ". AoRURt 30
• Tourist Department for - Trips ; Everywhere.;-,
101 l CRUISES &>:?*.--.„\u25a0.
1011 UnUIUI.V Sonth America
HA MBURG-AMERICAN f- LINES " '"'\u25a0''*'"»
ICO Powell St.; . P . ho J? e i Kearny ; 2o4B
121 2 V. Sailings • every Thursday . and Saturday.
iLa BretaKne.Jnly'H La Tourainei-Aug. «4] ;
La; Lorraine. July 21 La; Bretagne.Aug. llf j
4 La ; Savole :. : July 28 La « Provence. Aug. 28 f |
Extra'saUlnss— Carrylnjr. one class (II) Cabln*-
.,-\u25a0-.;-•-, -v" "\u25a0- ; Passengers." ':;." - -. .;.,-'
Chicago ...... ...:.. .^... .....;.: July 23^
florid© '. . . ._.". . \u25a0. y. -• • ._•;• ; ;. v '• • '\u25a0 : •••• • •• • Jul ""'-. 3 ;
FUGAZI BROTHKRS. :; Pacißc -. Coast 41a n-
'"•\u25a0\u25a0.,.•-\u25a0-' apers. : <>30 Montgomery st.
•Cabin' Office.. 6So' Market, street."
\u25a0 ; 100 YEARS AGO
Discovery Duetto ExperimeritiOf
Young Frenchman^
Civilization could .^tufn" backward, j
like"; time in'rits flig-ht'.'-and contemplate
a hundred \u25a0; years :of gas ! bills Juner 9,"
says'the." Philadelphia North American."
In 179i;.in v France,- was an,enthusias
tic 1 young :', engineer, .'Philippe v Ljebon,
jflllingva hurrible glass \u25a0, vial, with "saw
dust >• at 'his ; father's % home *in - Brachay
and' setting it bverthe' fire. -The smoke
that \u25a0 disengaged ; itself .from' the heat
ing.: sawdust took fire from a* lighted
candle." : He hastened to build; a brick
retort in 'aVpmall furnace'set up in the
parental: back yard and conveyed the
wood gas to a-vatrfllled with .water in
which"another vat; was - inverted,; to
-serve ' as a'J holder of the water puri
fied' gas. He secured an -astonishingly
brilliant light, >nd forthwith, boasted
that he would convey both .heat and
light fr^om, Paris, to Brachay. His
friends made equal haste to swear that
he .had gone mad,. But eight years
afterward found him the holder' of a
patent good for the then long- term-of
15 years and duly registered in: the
patent office* at" Paris. \ - -.. \ : -
Meanwhile : the, exceptional
cal genius of Great" Britain, William
Murdoch,- had been laboring, withu In
defatigable I zeal and g piercing \ acumen
to produce gas. commercially from coal.
The two story attic storehouse still
stands in Redruth where Murdoch :in
1792,, in; the imidst of his labors .with
James Watt on the nascent /steam en
glne.f succeeded in producing the mod
ern illumlnant. / It v/as then to the
children of the' town a place of mystery
arid - enchantment.
From Paris to ; Brunswick, in .Ger
many, ;in 1802 there came
Albert Winsor, -a native of Znaim, in
Moravia, who had followed ,young Le
bori's experiments |up£ to ; the point
where 'the. brilliant Frenchman had
devised what; he called aithermolamp.
j*e succeeded In-awakening some, in
terest among the; nobility -there, but
another *year found him In London
demonstrating '.with coal -where the
French preceptor bad used \u25a0 wood.
The first gas incorporation^/ bill
gained the royal assent June 9, 1310.
1 Two years more and the Chartered gas
company was accorded Its '-\u25a0 incorpora
tion rights.. . . ..
The earliest record of lthe use of g RS
for:illumlnating, purposes ln the United
States was in .1813. On, November .13
o£ that year the Bath house, Newport,
R. 1., was lighted by "hydrogen gas
produced from pit coal," under a pat
ent of an^ improved gas lamp. Issued
by the president of the United, States
to David Melville and Wlnslow: Lewis.
Trade Grows Rapidly and Imi-
tations Are Sold
There was invoiced : to the United
States last year Persian rugs and car
pets to the value of $349,129, from
Smyrna, $3,137,015 from Constantinople
and $143,392 from Bagdad.; This trade
shows considerable growth and Ameri
can buyers travel through Asiatic Tur
key , and Persia personally selecting
many of these floor coverings. -The fol
lowing ; descriptive article, on Persian
rugs by Consubf Frederick Simpich of
Bagdad gives some interesting details:
The shipments from Bagdad, to the
United States were more than for five
years j previous, though the supply of
real antique Persian rugs is diminish
ing fast. About $850,000 worth of rugs
came to Bagdad from Persia in 1909, of
which less than a fourth were old.
r ~SS>>^ Steamers lea»e from Braad-
>^v»jSc_s^3v wa - T Wharres (Pier* 8
Wll^\l vA Low rates. Including berth
I I' X^HHs I I and Di^"!*-
I \ \nNn/ f Special Round Trip Rates.
Vv\ \u25a0"« 1 ' ySj LOS ANGELES
President or Goremor Alternate Mondays. 4 p. m.
•Santa 80ea.:... .....Erery Tharsday, 11 *. m.
•Only steamer calling *t SanU Barbara.
Connecting at Seattle for Southeastern Alaska,
Bkaffway,,DawBon, Fairbanks and all points on
the; Yukon. " \u25a0 v _
President or Gorernor Alternate Saturdays, 2 p. m.
City of Puebla, Utaatllla or Queen. .........
................ .Alternate Tuesdays, 2 p. m.
(37.50 Seattle and return, Inc. berth and meals.
State of Cal... July 6. 11, IC. 21, 26. 31, 3 p. m. !
CUE AC A 0 . ....... . .. 1...... Sun. . Aug. 1, 12 m.
. Spokane.-... '..../.Jniy 12. 26; Aug. 9. 10 p. tn.
Queen. . .................. . . .'.. : .July 17, 8 p. tn.
5enat0r. . . . ........... .''. . . July 22, 10 ; a. m-
Kigbt reserved to change tbla schedule.
TICKET OFFICES— PaIace HoteJ, 653 Market
St., 16 Market Uti and Broadway whkrf.
Telephoiw Kearny 452.
OAKLAND— II2O Broadway. Tel. Oakland 5680.
a| D. DUNANN. j General Passenger Agent.
Tehuantepec Route-
Re»Oil»r Kn»« Freight Service -
sailing: from : New every six days,
making- direct connection with Pacific
steamers sailing; from Salina Cruz,
Mex.; every six'daysfor San Francisco.
YORK. Also ', to Mexican and all prin-.
clpal European ports under through
rate and through bills of. lading. Sail-
ings from; San ; Francisco every;l2 days.
\u25a0• For rates- and further particulars ap-
ply to DEARBORN . & LAPHAM, Gen-
eral Agents, vS ; Bridge street. New-
General^ Agents; Pacific Coast.
• 310 Sansome s St:, . San Francisco
. i>BelHns:hani. Ahacortes. Everett. Port Town-
\u25a0 send,' Victoria, r Vancouver and all Alaska
-ports. ' .-\u25a0 '-'.'\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0: •\u25a0•/..".."' ' -'; . - •."\u25a0-' ,'' \u25a0'-•
S. S. 8UCKMAN ...:..:... . ... . .July 6
S. S.'ADMIIIAL 5AMP50N... ....... July 12
\u25a0S. S.WATSON ;........'.....•;.... '...Ju1y IS
S. 8. ADMIRAL SAMPSON . . . ... . . . : JiUy 6
S. S. WAT50N.;..'........ ...... ....Ju1y 12
S. S. ; 8UCKMAN .... . ... . : . .'. .... ... .July IS
AlasKa Pacific Steamship Co^
General Agent's Office, Howard Street Wharf
l -No; 3. Ticket Office, 648 .'Market street.- ;
Sailings ; from * Howard Street Wharf : No.: 3. :
S, S.' "Chiyo : Maiu'" : (vi» ' Mnni1») . . ; . . ; :. . .
..\u25a0;.:\u25a0.".. i-h'.-V.-.V.T/i : rTueaiUy-,' Jnly 19, ?181Q
S. 8. ••Tenyo Maru". .... .Tuesday. Aug. 16, 1910
S. S. "Nippon Mara" ...... Tueiday, Sept.' 6, 1910
<-r> Steamers . sail * from company's piers, * Nos. - 42.
44, near foot of Second St.. at 1 p. tn.. for Yokiv
ttma a nd . Hongk one. c» 111 ng « t Hodolulu, Kob*
(Uiogo) '4»nd Nagasaki and Shanphal, and con-
necting : at Hongkong iwith r iteamers for Manila.'
India, etc. *"•>' No < cargo recelted on ; board on : day
of sailing. Round trip \u25a0 ticketa ' at reduced : rates.
y v For; freight * and * passage 1 apply at ofac*. 240
James Flood , building. : >'-\W. H. A VERY. ::>,"
%-:\u25a0-\u25a0:'\u25a0'\u25a0!': ;^:.:.-.''-v S.-t Asststant ; General Manager. \u25a0 .
lIHIVni 111 II "S.;S.; Sierra (10,000 tons dIs-
nUIIuLULU ; : placement) ; sails \u25a011 a.- mx July;
\u25a09, ; U9lo. .'^Special ; round* trip" sllo,f first classy.
in.^*Aupu«it,:6. .'•..
;; Special Tahiti round trip $125; nrst class. > r
I OCEANIC LINE.* C"3_ Mrkt.; ' tel/, Kearny ; 1231 <
Nearly all -the ' f?enuir»e antiques, how
ever, go to America. '. Shiraz, Hamadan.
Tabriz. Kermanshar Bokhara, Kulyahl
and Sina are the klndsiof carpets mostly
sent to; the- United States.- The local
prices paid for .such- rugs ;rangre from
J2.60, to $3.70 per, square meter for ordi
nary' quality. $4.40 to' $6 for better
grades.. and. sß. Bo-and upward for extra
fine antiques, all depending on age,
quality and condition:
Cheap rugs,' aniline dyed, in Imitation
of ancient, patterns, are now manufac
tured in:' large, numbers by a foreign
flrm* ; inwSultanabad for exp6rt to Eu
rope. They sell for, much; less than real
Persian j handmade carpets, and- are
readily detected by rubbing with a
moistened cloth, which reveals the ani
line-dyes by leaving abstain on the
cloth. . . . •
Every district* in Persia has its own
style * and '\ design of ' rugs ; yet the mere
name, is; no;: guide ;.to- quaiity. as good
and bad r rugs'are'' turned out in all dis
tricts. ;it is not eas>* ;to < distinguish one
rugy from 'another "by "word description,
but a' feature of . the Shiraz; Koordistan,
Jaff.'; : Kulyahl, \u25a0'.etc. Is. "that .they are
woven wholly. of wool, ; while the Hama
dan, Sina, Sultanabad and Ferahan are
made*- partly, of cotton. The dominant
color, of all Shiraz rugs and carpets Is
red, while the Bijars *are -blue and ma
rine.'-- '1- .'- • -rj- v '\u25a0' \u25a0 ' ' ' •
The choicest rugs are woven in silk
and wool^and ;come_largely from Ker
man," Persia.'; Many .ancient - patterns.
t£ak » - XI B H sftl 6g| mt Ira fitPl & fIH V "ES J9 * w "Kan fca n] H Bn
LftTa (Foot of Mark* t Street) Arriy LetTe (Third and Towngwid Streetg) -Anfo
2.15 a Nilet. Tracy.- Uttrop. Stockton. t*-25« Loo^— 2ll Street. Visitac»B. tfouth *~~"
• . Lodi. Gait. Elk Grove. Sacramento.. 10.33p San Francisco. Valencia Street t&3Sa
6.40 a Harvard. NQes. San Jose.. .\ 7.08 a |5.33» Loop— Valencia SWeet. Ocean View.
7.00 a Richmond. Port CostA. Beaids. Suiwa, Cemeteriea. Sontb Saa Francisco.
Dixon. Sacramento, RoMTille, Marys- 23d Street. 3rd and Townsend fS.*3t
Till^ Beddinf, Dunimutr.. ......... 7^Bp 6.20 a South S«a Francisco, Skn Jose, Gilroy.
7.00t Hmira, Vacarrile, Rumsey... 7^Bp ' (Hojlßter). Sarßtnt, Pijaro, W»tson-
7.00* Daria. Woodl*ad (Maryfraie, Oro- Tille. Santa Cmi , 7.50»
. Tile), Williams, Maxwell, Willows, 700 a Monterey Sunday Ex eurstoa IO.SCp
Hamilton. Cornin z. Red Bluff 7.25« 1 7.00 a South Saw Francisco. Palo Alto, Sao \ t7.20a
7.40* Vallejo, Nam, Cahs toga, Santa Roaa, . Jose. Wa; BUtiona V / 7.30 a
Martines, San Ramon, LiTerman... 6.08 a 7.00 a Hayfieid. Lds Altoi. Los Gatos t7.20i
7.40 a Niles. Plea«snton, LlTermort, Txacy, 8«0a PhorB Lino Limited— Paso "tobies
. Lathron, Stockton.. '.:... ........... 7.28* \u25a0 HotSptnjs. *anta Barbara. Loa
7.40t Traey, Los Banot, Kerman, Fresno, 4.28s Angeles.' ..'. w-Wp
B.oo* Newark. San Joae. Lo« Gatoi. Wright. 8.03« The Coaster— &»3 Jew. Psjaro (Wat-
Felton (Boulder Creek), Santa Chu... 5.48") sonrille. -Santa Cmi). Castrorille.
R2oa Port Costa, Martines, Byron. Traey. i-*c*j (Del Moßt«% Monterey, Paeific Grore). \u25a0
\u25a0 '-' '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 Stockton, Merced, Fresno, Go«hra Salfaias, S>4edad. Paso Robles Hot
E Junction (Hanford. Armona), Visalia. Sprinss. &H Luis Obbpo. Surf.
Portervilh. BnkersSeld 4.48p (Lompoc\ S.\nta Barbara, Ventura.
8.20 a Yosemita Valley rii Mereed. 4.48s * Oznard. Los .^jigeles 11.43 i
9.00 a Niles. LiTermore. Stockton (*Jlflton). «.20a May field, Los ,Utos. Loa Gate*. Wright.
Valley Spring, lone, Sacramento.. ... 4.28p Glenwood(BooLfer Cr«k), Santa Cnn,
o.ooa Sonora, Tuolumne and Angds 4.28» WatsonTille, (XtroTille, Pel Monte,
B.ooa Atlantic Express— Sacramento, True- _ "Monterey, Ptdio Grore 9.15 ft
/'. -iff; kee, Ofden. (Lak» Tahoe), Salt Lake 9.00 a Saa Jose. Gilroy. Salinas. Paw Roblea
City, D«nTer, Kaneaa City. omah3, Hot Springs, San * *ii» Obispo— Trea
Chicago.... 8.28s Pinos— WatsonTille. A'snta Cnu, Del
Q.4oa Richmond, Port Costa, Martinez, Monte, Monterev, P» :jio Gror* 4.C0»
Bay Point.. 6.48 a 1 0.40 a South San Francseo. Balingame. Saa
1 P.20a Vallejo Mare Wand. Napa 11.28 a Mateo, Palo Alto. San J<K*. \u25a0- tB^oa
10.20 a Los Angeles Passenger— Port Costs" in*n. t^. ii««. ir*.». v:^. i~*r.*trm i T8.40*
Martinex. Byron. Tracy. Stockton. lo * 0 * "*•-""««>* Monta \jsta, Lo» Gatos.. UQp
Merced, Fresno, (Hanford, Coallaji, 1 1.30 a Valencia Street, Ocean View* Colsy.
Visxlla.) Dakersfield. Loa Angeles 7.48 i Cemeteries. Baden. San 8run0, ...'.. 1-35?
10,40 a San Francisco Overland Limited— 1 1.40 a South San Francisco, San Jora.., t8.20a
DenTer. Kansas City, St. Louis. 1. 00» Saturday Palo Alto Local •«••••
'" Omaha, Chicago 5.28 a 2.00 a Del Monts Express— San Joee, Gihoy,
UJZOa Shasta . Limited— Portland. Taeoma. Sargent (Wntmn-rille, SanU Cray.
Seattle...... „ 9.18p Del Monte. Monterey. Pacifio Grow.
I ZOOn Goldaeld Pats.— Port Costa, Beaids. (Salinas).. .'. 1 2.30»
Sacramento. Truckse. Hasen. Wa- 2.C5p South Saa Francisco. Palo Alto. Sas
busia (Yerlngtoo, Mason), Mina, • Jose ' 8.40 a
Tonopah, GoldSeld. Laws, Keeler.... 7.48 a t2i»a Los Altos, Monta Vista, Los Gatos. .. j3.20a
12.00n Msr>iTille, Chico. Red Bluff . 4.28p 3.00 a South Fan Francisco, tin Matto, Eaa
1 20p Niles, Irriogton, San Jose :... 2.48s Jose, Gilroy. Tres Pinos, Salinas.... 10.10 a
1.40 a San I^sn.iro. Niles, Centerrille, / 9.08 a 3.00? WatsonTille. Santa Cruz. Cast-ovule.
Newark, San Jos*. I 7JJSa Dd Monte, Monterej'. Pacific GroTe. 10.10 a
1.40 a Newark, San Jose, Lo» Gatos, Wright, 3.15? Mayfidd, Los Altos, Los Gatos. Wright
Felton (Boulder Creek), Santa Cm j. . 9.18 a (Boulder Creek). Santa Cmi 1 1 .05*
- 2.40? San Leaadro, Niles. San Jom 928 a 4.00p Sunset Express — Tncmn. Doming.
3.00» Umicia, Winters. Sacramento— Wood- El Paso. Houston. New Orleans,
.land. MarvsTille, Oroville — Yolo, Paso Robles Hot Sprints. San Luis
Arbuckle, Waiwms. Willows 10.48 a - Obispo, SanU Barbara and Lo« Angeles 10.5' a
3.20 a Port Costa (Stockton), Martir.es, f IZOBa 4.C0? Kansas City. St. Louis, Chicago 10.54*
Byron, Modesto, Mrreed, Fresno. . \ 1 1. 1 8» 4.20 a South San Francisco. San Jose 190£»
3.45b Via Sausalito. West Napa, St. Helena. f4.55a May&eld. Los Altos, Los Gates. Glers
Calistoga 10.35 a wood. Felton (Boulder Creek). SanU
4.00p Vallejo, Napa. Calirtoga, Santa Rosa. Crua tl.l't
Martines. San Ramon. Livermore... 9.28 a |5.00p l>urliis;-amr. San Ilateo, Palo Alto,
4.00p NQe3(Ceatervflle),Lrmmore,Tracy, / 10.28 a - San Jose and Way Station*. ..' - 9.4 fa
Stockton, L0di..:...; .-I 11.18 a iSJDSf Loop— 23d --Street. Visitaeton. South
4. C0? San Leandro. Hayward, NUes. Pleas- San Francisco, Valencia Street 18.1 1%
atitQn, Livermore. Tcacy, Newman, t5-20p Redwood. Palo Alto, San *0«e........ l.l<'?
Kerman, Fresno 1 1 . 1 8» f5.20p Los Altos, Monta Vista, Ia" Gatos. . . +3.20?
5.00 a Vallejo. Port Costa, Benicia, Sacra- t0.23p Burlinearae. San Mateo. Fo.i Jose t3.25»
mentc. Rojjvflle, Marysville. Oroviils 1 1.28 a t5.30p Loop— Valencia Street. Oceas Viev.
' 5.00 a Ru^-wll, San Jose. Los Gatos «... 9.28* Cemeteries. South San Fraacuco.
{5.00 a Wright, Felton. Santa Cms a9.28a 23d Street. Sd and Townsend t&40»
6.20 a SanXeandro. Niles. San Jose/.. 7.48 a 5.40 a San Bruno, San Mateo. Red-wood. Pater
6.00p Owl Limited— Loa Ancele* ; B.oBa Alto. SanU dan, San Jose 7.35 a
6.40p Eastern Express— Ogden, Pueblo, Den- 15.40 a Los Alton. Los Gatos, Santa Crua.... J9.4Ca
ver. Kansas City. St. Louis, Chicaio. . tS.OO? Millbrae. San Mateo. Palo Alto, Hay-
' Port Costa. Benicia, Sacramento, fielJ. Los Altos, Loa Gatoe tS.CCt
Keno, Sparks....' 8.28s 1 8.05 1 23 j Street, Viaitacion. South Saa
6.40p Lake Tahoe Sleeper 7.48 a Francisco, Valencia Strert t7.|sj"
6.40p Hayward, Niles and San Jow 6.48p f6.25p Loop— Valencia Street. Ocean View,
J7JMp Vallejo,. Port Coota. Jlartines. Bay Cemeteries. South San Frsndsw,
Pointand Way Stations.... JII.IBp 23d Street. 3d and Townsend t7.30a
7.40p Richmond. Port Costa. Martines, 6.30p South San Fran cwew^San Jose &40*
Cornwall. Tracy, Lathrop. Stockton. 12.48p B.oo p The Lark— Paso Roblea Hot Springs,
8.20? Oregon Express — Davis, (hacramrato), SanU Barbara, Los Ang?l«a * 9.304
. Willows, Redding (Kin math Falls), 8.03p LosAmieles Pa men ger— Gilroy, Salinas.
Ashland. Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Paso Bobles Hot iprbjy. Saa Lais
5p01uce....... <9.08 a Obispo, SanU Barbara and Lot Angdea 8.30 a
9.03p China and Japan Fast Mail— Ogdea, 1 1 0.00 a San Jose aad Way Stations 7.2Ca
Cheyenne. Penrer. Kansas Gty, 1 1.45 a South Sau Francisco, Palo Alto, Saa
Omaha, Chicago ........ 2.43 a . Jose ;. 7.45»
9.00p Port Costa, Benicia Sacramento. Col- \u0084 . . ,\u25a0._....' -^.' .'. '.J — , .. '
fax,Truckee. Reno, Sparka, Ogden.. 2.48p LOCAL FERRY TRAINS— Via Oakland Pier.
9.40p Yosemite Valley Sleeper via Merced To Oakland. BerksUy. Serrymait. Cast Oakland and
to El P0rta1..... 8.23 a Fruitval* — Daay— From 6.00 ajn^ and erery twenty
9.40? BakersfiddL Me Kit trick. Monarch, minutes until 7XO p.m. inclusive; then 7.40. 8.3).
Moron, FeT10w.............. .... B£Ba 9.00. 9.40. m2O. 11.00. .11.40 p.m^ IZ2O and
9.40p Pachmond. Port Costa, Traey. Mo- 1.20 a.m.
desto, Mereed, Fresno, Hanford, Ta Sather and Ms!rota via Stvcnth St.— Da3v— From
Coalinga, Visalia, Tulare 8.28 a 6.00 ajn., and every t*?ntv roinafrs until 7.C0 pjn.
I I.OOp San Leandro. Niles, San J05e........ 7.08 a inclusive, then 7.40. 8.20." 9.00, 9.4 a 10.20. 11.0.
I 1.40p Portland Express — Sacramento, Mary- and 11.40 pjn.
\u25bcOle. Red Bluff. Weed. Ashland. Race- ' Ta Stsnehur «— Dailv Ezeept Sunday— 6.Co. 7.00. 8.00.
'\u25a0 ' - buig. Portland. Tacoma. Seattle \Z2Zy 9.00 a.m.. 2.20, 3XO, 4.00, 5.00. a.40 pjn. SuncUy
NETHERLANDS ROUTE-Frpm Paeifle Strert Wharf jSpT "^ ""* ** 5 -°°'
Collinsville Emmaton, Rio Virts, Weton. Ryde. Wtl- f, Oakland First St. Frnllvals, AlanwJt, via Hormhot
nutGroTcWdßn. Courtland. Oarksburt, Sacramento. —Daily— From t6.00. O) ajn. and erery twenty
- Stsimsr Navajo. leaves San Francisco &A 0 a. m. dally minntes until 5.20 ajn. indushre; then 9.00. 9.J0. .
except Sunday, stoppmj at pomU shown, arming Sac- iooo ia2o 11 00. 11.20 a^n^ 12 m^ 1^.29 ,100 ttO,
ramento 6:00 p.m. LeaTW Sacramento 9:00 pjn. dally 2.00. Z2a »00. 3.20. J3.40 pjn. ami erery twenty
except Sunday (no stops en route), arrmng San Fran- mmutesuntil 7 pjn. indrawn 7.40. 8.20. HCO. 9.46.
Cisco 5:00 am. ... - _. . ,„ 10.20, 11.00 and IL4O pjn.. 12.20 and 1.20 ajn.
. - Stsamsr Mo<loe or Apachs. leases San Francisco 1.00 Addit»n.-U train to Osklsnd FLit St. 2.15 a.m.
p.m. Daily, except Sunday; arriTe San Francisco 11.30 ta Wttt Bwktlty— Daily . Except Sunday— From 6.C0
P- m - -'\u25a0•"\u25a0- - "\u25a0\u25a0 - a.n. and e^rry twenty minntw nntil s^2o a.m. tndu-
OAKUND HARBOR FERRY-From San Frandjea, sits; then »iid a jd. aad erery tour until 4.00 pj0.
B Market Street Wharf- Week Days-Hourly from 6.00 laflus !. v^ th9a * <2 2 pJD - \ nd ?& r t ' ent i'^ 1 - n n u^ s
a.m. to 9.00 p.m. Sundays-0.45. 8.15, 9.4-1, 11.13 ™& 7 /^i p i m '« m^i a 27 e: thf *T»o.& m " 82 °- 90 °*
a.m.. 12.45. 2.15. 145. 6.15. 6.45. 8.15 and 9.« p.m. .1 9 -*°; 10 -^ " P°- II.«PJn. and 12.20 a.m
..... \u25a0 \u25a0 Te West Barksluy— Sundays only — From 6.00 a.m..
LOCAL FERRY TRAINS— Via AlameOa Pier. then 7.00. 7:40. 8:20. 9.00 a.m. inehuire; then 9.20
To Oakland and Alameda — fS.IO, +6A5 a.m.. and then ».m. and erery twenty minute* 7.C0 pjd. indusiTe:
10 and 45 minutes past. the hour until 7.45 pjn.: then then 7.40* pjn.. 8.20. 9.00. 9.40. 10.20. 11.00. 1140
8.30, 9.15, 10.00. 10.45. 11.80 pjn. and 12.15 ajn. p.m. and 12.20 ajn. .
To Alamsda and Frultvala via Horteshos jams as above . To CorMn — Daily Except Suodav— From O.CO sjq. and
• J Sunday cmly 5 Saturday and Sunday only. 14a &00 s3O &40 and 6CO pjD .
aSunday and Monday only. T . CarWn-Sundays only-From 9JDO ajxu then 9JOO
Union Tramftr Co. authorized to cheek- Bacgaga »,ra., 9.20 ajn. and erery twenty minntes until
direct from residence. ' ' •-- --• \u25a0-, 6.00 pjn. < * . . . \u25a0
,^^s, Schedule Effective
p^ij June 12, 1910
"^C~^Ly / ,-\u25a0 ....\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 . San Francisco
L*ave. . ' Via SAUSAMTO. ' " Afrirp.
Jo:4sa Petaluma. Santa Rosa. •HmMr-
hurjr. *Clovprdol<>. Onernerlllr.
[ Mont« 1110.. Duncan . MIIIk.
- - - Cazaduro '.;... ' Jf>:O."ip
7:15 a Sonoma. Glen" Ellen 6:05p
7:45» Pctalntna, Santa Hosa, ITealds-
: : burg. - \u25a0 Clorerdale. L'klah.
\u25a0\u25a0, -WlHlts. .. Sli^rwoon 7:35p
S:lsa Pt. Reyes,; Camp Meeker. Cara- '
j dero \u25a0•';-. i".i. '.'..'.. i ..yC. * 7:Sst>
S:4sa|Petalnma.' Santa -Rosa,' Uuern^-
Tille. - Monte ;. 'RK .Duneant.
I Mills (lenrn from Ca»a-I
• [" der«U •.'.'.......\u25a0. — .....',.....! 7:05p
Jf) :lsa | Sonoma. .'»;ipn Ellen .."..' . . y JS:3Op
ti*:lsii V*t. .; Kt'j-es. 1 . .C. ......' - .( *i«:»>.">p
10:45 a Petaluma.' Sunta ', Knwi. -. . r. . . . . .t 4:35p
rt., Reyes,. Camp Meeker. Caaa-1 .
, ; i der0. . . ...... :........... . . i«.«ll :03a
3:lop Petalnmar Santa Row. , Hpalds-
bnrff. ClOTerdale,- Ukish. tiuer-
neTill«». . -Monte Rio. Jjuncan
\u25a0''".- Mills,' , Sebusfopcl Ur». C«r.a-
| -• dero" Saturday and -' Sunday).. ll:0*>«
t3:lSp|rt.'r.Heyes.-.....-r.:;.: Js:<»p
\u25a0 4:-»sp]Sonoma.tGJen E11en..... . .. " 9:OS*
5:l"»i> Pet&luma. Santa Ro«» S:3."ii
5:45p Pt. :.', Reyes (leare»". 7:15 ". p. m.
- ; ; 5unday5) . ......... ........ | 8:05 a
-Bausalito. Mill Valley. San . Baiael — Daily
every -30; ni lnn t»«^ from «:45 n. id. nntil:- n:4.*i
a. t m.; 'hourly until: 2:4s p. : m.V:then'3:ls p. tn.
and every no mlnntei* until 7:45 p." m., then I>:CO.
10:35 * p.> m.'- and : 12:01 ' \u25a0."m.. (On Sundays la
addition— liTerjr -:Vt -minutes trom 0:45 a. in. to
S:ir» p." m.,; excepting 2:15 p." m.> "" -
Fairfax— Lp»Test«:4Vv7:ls, 7:45. S:15 f - 8:45.
9:15.- 9:4,v; J10:15:> 10:45. rtU:15. 11:45 a. in.;
J12:1.V. 12:45. tl:15. 1:45.. 2:45. 3:15, 3:4,*, 4:15,
4:4.". r.:15,*,.r.:4T5«:15. C:43. t":15. 7:«. 9:00.
{'10:33 p.-m.;:Jl2:Oi a. m. ' v^C*r*^
8«n Quentin via San Baf&el — 8:45 a. m.. 1:13
p.'-in.' V \u25a0;.x'"'.V".- .-\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0•; •v\u25a0_ ;• \u25a0\u25a0-...-... \u25a0. L.,i.- -. ,:--.'
.-«; Tiburon aad ; Belvedere — We*k days. 7 :SO, 0 :0 O.
.*lo:4r> a. m.(|l2^s-p.rn.. Saturdays only). «:.".i>,"
r>:::o p.- nt. '-KnndayK— 7u"!O."B:OO. -11:00 a. in.:
12.n0, S:3tt. 5:30 p.m.. and 112:01 a. m."
.«*Sundays;'arriire;7:os: p. ;m; "Monday only.
fExt-ept Sunday."- "tSunday only. •Saturday only.
I {Saturday and Snnd»y only.'; I Via Sansallto. \u25a0 ,
--; Pacific '.Tranafer Company* a^ratK are.- author- -
Ized to check baggage direct from residence. :\u25a0."\u25a0 i
3fe BIG AUCTION jfe;
WEDNESDAY; JULI 6. 11 a. m.
4S boari of horses «n<l mares for all purposes:
S." wagons..bossies and harness; taust sell. 55T
•tth St.. Oakland.' -
products of early Mohammedan days, as
well as conventional flower designs, are
seen. The color blending 3. are exquis
ite. 'These silk ruga are usually about
4:*x7\feet. and are measured by the
native "zar." a square measure of 20x40
inches. Sixteen stitches per Inch are
usually woven in the manufacture of
rugs and carpeis for. export, though
Persian rug fanciers in3ist on a fine;
waave. . About 1.000 looms are oper
ated- by-hand 'in Kerman, where the
price for the better quality of carpets
is! nearly J» a "zar." The estimated
annual output of woolen rugs in Ker
man .is $200,000. The silk carpets of
Kerman sell locally for about three
times the price of woolen carpets, and
In Cairo one silk rug from Kerman has
.been known to brins; $500.
- Smallboys, working two or fhree at
a- time under a master weaver, turn out
these valuable rugs. The master read*
the pattern aloud to them, vriich they
recite or repeat after him as they work.
These formula* contain many words)
now obsolete.
' * ' ' foot of harxft rrnEBT
Bound Trip frtn taa Fraactoec, SUB
l-.Sa fnBtte» U. Mar Watte lr. I»i<^ii _
W««kJ«y S«aJ«y We«k<by|J"nwhy Weefc^ay S—^ay/
9:45 a 8:15* t7:2o* 11:00 a 7:20 a 110:10 a
1:45? 9:15* 1:40? 11:45* 1:40p 11:15*
* 4:45P 9:45 a ©2:40p 12:50? 4:14p 12:40p
...... 10:46 a 4:20? 2:40p a 3:53? 2:32?
...... 11:45 a 3:50 p...... 3:45-t
t:45? ...... 5:20p 5:10?
........ 3:45* ...... 6:40 p...... 5MO*
...:.. »4:IS>!QToMt. Tamalp. ais only ......
i "ToMuirSatcnly. f Hon. only. aSst.onh-. •JMuironJy.
Tickrt Offic<rs— Saaralito Ferry and S. t Market *.
General Office— ll2l Valley. Cilifcrnis - ,
"Tmn rt \m3iutx~ at "Mtir tn" m ahnji tm ft pets
\u25a0-: V. S. Stratton. Receiver.
Lv. 12tb & Mission «t*. dallyr-»S:0Oa-. t9:SOa.«
••10:30 a.. »Srf»Op.. »5:40 p. Ar. 9. F. dally—.
•7:25 a.. *8:40 a.. *2:Copv. »:23p.. ••«:«)?.
•Arleta.' tTtinltas «n«nr stasre for Saa Gr»-
gmlo and Peocadcr©.' ••Son»lay only Arleta.
Vallejo, Napa, St.. Helena
Jlontlcello S.'g. Co. ami N'apa Val!«y 'Xlectito
R. R. Co. Close connections.
- Boats leave* San Francisco 7:OiK 9:45 a. m..
12:3O noon. 3:20. R:0«> and H-.SO p. m.
San ' Francisco landing and office. Clay street
wharf, north end forry bnilillnsr. Market *tr«et
ferry. "Meals a la carte. Pnones Kearny 406 «r
* I— Don't Worry; It Doesn't Bay — (

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