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VOLUME CVin.— NO. 36.
The Call's Page of Sports
Reno Looks Like One Large
"'/ Funeral Procession Day
V After the Fight
Defeat Causes Big Fighter to Sit
''\u25a0\u25a0 Around and Pout Like
y chad
i:[Special Dispatch io The Call]
\r IT} EXO. July 3.—And this is the day
\u25a0%i'/-|\ after. With the pugilistic climax
.C~* of yesterday, a day of regret and
.; remorse, for the most part, follows.
3iie victory of the negro over the
;; iyliite man was so convincing, so abso
f.: Jutely conclusive that the majority of
,v Jeffries' admirers can not realize that
•iUiey banked their hopes upon such a.
and shattered hulk. They
:Vrcailze now that while Jeff was out
wardly as great a warrior as heaver
was, inwardly the ravages of dissipa
tion had done their work beyond re
, pair. They know that that wonderful
'.heart of a few j'cars back was broken
• early in that fifteenth round struggle;
,:that when the battle started that mam
• ;mplh like constitution over which the
:; .'world had marveled was shattered be
:Vond repair.
'-••But disappointed as it was at the
.'result of the battle the greatest crowd
:."that ever gathered to see a prize fight
.; started in immediatel}' to try and for
\u25a0£ct the tragedy. This was evidenced
. .in .the gambling houses and sporting
'' resorts.' High revelry ruled through
out the night following the battle, as
. the majority of the visit(>rs walked
''the streets, for ?leep was an impo^i
•. hil-ity, tlicre not being accommodations
•.•in the entire city for a tenth of the,
.'\u25a0 '{^ailiered thousands.
I \u0084.Almost. Almost every ono at the ringside was!
:•'disappointed in Jeffries, lie never at
:?" A-n-y time showed himssif to be the'
'. : fighter who brousrht .himself so prom
;"-*nently before tie public eye several
' .> fears ago.
There jirere a great many v.-ho
Mouldnt deliberately accuse him of
jquiUfngr. but on the contrary there is
* hft one who will *>ver attempt to call
•"..him esnie effr witnessing 1 h'm tlown
-..fail to .Inck Johnvm.
. Jr(T. «'hen li* 1 was carr'oi tohi? oor
. \u25a0ri'fr. was ;i pitiful object to look at.
<>n<» funny thing happen?d which
Will call to mind that therp are still a
f«w. Rood thinss about Jack Johnson s>
mskeup. Defeat was unknown to Jefl
in the pa*t., and while Delaney wa*
with hlin be had a faculty for Hcconi
modatiaic a few friends and curiosity
f=rPkf>rs by g;ivir.er them the gloves with
•which he had knocked out his oppo
K<3dl«» Smith of Oakland is very clo«=e
t<-- Delanry and at the time the latter
\u25a0was handling .Te.rr I>elaney referred
!">rne of the foolish mall to Smith for
an opinion. They came across several
Jettere asking for the gloves.
jy.&l* Smith fhid: "Delaney, rye got
niv-Vat ftunt. We'll go to the Olym
pic <~lub sind get all the old gloves used
. in the amateur tournaments and smear
\u25a0 a little Mood on them and write j*
" '.short 'bull* letter, telling them that
\u25a0as we have fo many friends and ouri
,'oslty seekers -we <rant send them a
pair of jploves, but, we will ?end them
•tljis one' —the one that knocked out
so and so."
After Jeff was carried to his corner
' the same thing came to his mind. He
turned around to Jim Corbett and
"Jim. you know T always used to
five the* gloves away that I knocked
my opponent out withl Now I haven't
tot a single one left. , I wonder if I
oan get the ones that Johnson beat me
• Vfith."
Corbett said to Cornell:
"Tou go and ccc Jack and ask him
for them."
Cornell hurried over to. Johnson's
"corner and said: '\u25a0
'\u25a0' "JtcSt, Jim ha.s given away all the
jrloves that he has knocked out other
' fighters with and he wants to know if
you will give him the ones you beat
. him with."
Johnson said:
"Sure, I will be glad to give them to
him for a souvenir."
Jack Johnson left last night for New
York, where, on Monday, he will open
a week's. engagement at Hanimer
jstein's roof garden for a flat salary of
52.000. . : • .
Jeff and his party left- tonight for
*— ' San Francisco in a special car attached
to No. 23, leaving Reno at 7:45.
H. H. Frazee, Lou Housman--, and
others were very much disappointed in
the showing Jeff made and of course
the much talked of world's tour.with
Continued on rose 10, Column .S; ;
Despite Many Specials No Acci
dent Occurs Going to* or
Coming From Reno , -
"I can point with considerable pride
to the excelldnt handling of.the-prlze
fight- crowd to Reno by the Southern
Pacific," said E. Calvin, vice presi
dent and general manager 'of '-' y the
Southern Pacific, in speaking yesterday
of the train service .to Reno. . Calvin
returned from a trip to^the .north yes
terday morning and he/expressed'him
self as very .much . pleased^, with' the
service of the railroad company.
. Nearly every San Francisco fight fan
who journeyed to Reno Friday, Satur
day and . Sunday i returned yesterday:
Special and regular trains' with - fight
enthusiasts' were arriving, at the ; Oak
land pier all through the day, the first
special ' arriving at 4 o'clock. .in- the
morning. .. From that/hour . until. lat«
in the" evening the . returning fans
crowded the 'ferry boats. . There was
practically. .no delay,, in..coming. across
the mountains. As Boon_as one train
reached a certain distance from Reno
another was dispatched westward.'/,;
The fans were all tired. Some be
cause they were not fortunate enough
to secure: berths and others because' of
the h^at in the Sacramento valley.
The world's championship contest was
fought over and over many times on
the trip, from Reno to San Francisco,
and that discussion helped to kill time;
There was not one accident either on
the way to Reno or upon the return,
and every -.official of the railroad com
pany felt as proud of- the service •as
did the vice president and general man«
Johnson Knew Result
Early in Fight
OGDEN, Utah, July. s.— ln speaking
of the .fight Johnson , said : that in the
first few rounds -when he pushed. Jef
fries back several times he felt that he
was the master of.-the situation. .", The
crisis of the. fight was reached Lin -the
seventh | round, said the champion// In
this round he landed; an effective
stomach punch., followed 'by a> blow to
the jaw. He said :that he knew then
that Jeffries was at his' mercy. - •
George Cotton- of Johnson's training;
staff said: . ; , :
"VvTien Jeffries and Johnson clinched
in the eighth round, Jack: said to Jef-;
fries: 'I've got -your measure, Mistah
Jeffries, and I am going to put you out
any time I want "to." ".. .'
As a. result of the experience here at
the" Union- depot ; the railroad oJncials
placed two detectives , on* the; train to
accompany the"; champion^ as" far as
Omaha; " , '\u25a0' ' i .\u25a0
Johnson intends going- direct-to New
York, where; he : opens; his Uheatcr, en
gag«?ment - Monday' evening. "-In - the
party- with Johnson* were'; Tom -Flana
gan, his manager, George^ Cotton,^ Sis
Hart, -Walter; llonahan and Professor-
Burns,' his trainers. '\u0084 • \u25a0 ' ' '•'
In ClilcagoJohnson-wiirspenda few
hours withhls mother. j
PRO.VO.:Utah, Jub', 5.— -Young^Erlen^
born of Denver was; knocked-, out ;by ;
"Peanuts" ; st! t, Clalr,:of .'SaltV Lake; in
the ; seventeenth 'round -this; afternoon."
The men arc feather weights.' -• \ . 'i } '
[Special Dispatch to x The, Call] - \u25a0.' • '."":.'
SACRAMENTO, J"ly s— With', the Jeffne^-JohnsGn fight 6yer r Govcnior-G^
mar explanation forchasingiit out of California— his'duty:to.thc>pcoplc;to secJtliatUheistate'lawsrarc-
•;.>' '\u25a0 •' .' - .'\u25a0 v .' .; . .. ; \u25a0 ';/ ;\u25a0\u25a0 *; • .v ' '. \u25a0.\u25a0..»\u25a0/':. \u25a0 .-" .'\u25a0'.*' '" -""\u25a0","• - : ' '. ' -'I ,1 .'.."'.'.'•'.' '..'",'".
At the same time the governor says that ordinary \u25a0 judgincnttcxcrciscd ;,by: the; fight promotcr.s would ; have |
averted aU' the controversy, as they.should.haveVknbw^^
Tprombters to be-denicd Alamcda countyas' asitc for thejbattle. , \u25a0\u0084 ': > T ./ \u0084 • ,;t v .
'."\u25a0' Thc~g6vernor 'today-, said: ••' .\ '. ' ' : ' ; 1 ' / . :. , >. . ; ; ; .
-j ' My reason for preventing that fight vran because I>v«« confident tbat*lielaw^^Ta»<o: be violated.
: <he promoter* kncNv <liey intended to violated hie law. They /were told »o by Attorney; Donahue
.^!^^ .\u25a0 : • "
. ;-'-. " ' They whoiild. have known then that thclr/flsht > Wa«.not,.'wantc^ ;
the cant ' anil I had taken it up uith Donahue; JDurlus - *»>"... »l»»««»c«_. 'rtlj^wrt|?^l«d^li^»awM^Mi]^^«ae^^*fc«*jil
preparations to lioldiheflsbtiu SaiiWancisco/ and " tnc
! "'• \u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 prl/.e flßlit of .the' ccntiiry,*' and nota wparrinjf exhibition. ;C' - ['.- v . •• ' . • -. . ;.\u25a0 \u25a0_
I learned o£;thU when I re^rncdhomenn '
that a prize fight was; to b^^
:• V Thiwls the mnlu reason why I Htopped the,; fight.- There^ are several- others, but I ; wouid not.care to-
Ktatc'thrin. _ -. ';''', \u25a0- \u25a0\u25a0' ' '.'\u25a0;,' ' : ' '' • " "•\u25a0 '.-; j .'\u25a0\u25a0-.'{. .,.-.;'' \----. \u0084''.\u25a0:.: r '." -'• . " ,. .„'; .; '
Negroes Celebrate in
Johnson's Town
CHICAGO, July s.— Although ' >Ch}-.
cagro is; the home of Jack Johnson; and
most -of its colored- population
of some acquaintance : with" him, the
celebration: of ' his 'did not re
sult' in overburdening municipal courts
loday. Thirty-six men . were arraigned.
The police *force : in' the "black belt"
was doubied last night,, but the bhie-^
coats were disposed . to . let; the ; negroes
"have their fling." and made no ar
rests.' except when, no; othercourse was
possible. \u0084; : :i '
The judßes. too. were lenient today
and let the, offenders; oft! Ughtly.
'Owing -to .absolute- lßc.k; of evidence
the.sult for $200 .'brought; by S.. Igall
against. J.; Nelson -.Watt, '<a land i.agent
with offices rinHhe; Mills (building, lbe
cause of alleged ;misstatements regard-;
ing ithe .location '» .'of .government- lands.',
was dismissed 'yesterday by 'Justice of
the -Peace, , W:fH.( Smith 'i Jr.: , r ; '
- A number of home seekers '\u25a0-, who had
been- located .on government \,quarter
section's by -Watt; at ;the time-, lgali's
trouble/ was -alleged r to \ have '.occurred
testified -to :.the" regular . methods \u0084era., .era
. ployed by . Wa tt. ; - 11 1 > developed i that 'k a*
meeting of -< t he i members '} of 1 the/ par ty,
was 1 called.' In , the .Merchants'^ exchange
bullding^-priorX tofthe,- trip - to : the land.'
andp that..th~e -, situation then Ywas i ex-}
plained '.to; Watt.\ v :Y; "> /, ;
; Z'~ -The "adv : ertisement .which : Iga 1 1 s i n-*
troduced' as (evidence, which, a beau- r
t!ful'valley,;,w"as7shbwn,', applied -an
other, tract : opened £at '-.the ..same"- time. 4 .
Igali got Into the.'. wrong'party.';Before
leaving.^ the]: city. ;Watt £ told -? the ' men
that owing j to" : : the .: number 7of 5 appli-"
cants he-: had Xdecided'^to ; settle;, Fish 1
Lake valley ; in * Nevada/% "\ Helthen : asked :
the settlers ; to ; choose' ".between i, : tlie
tracts.' -It' was ; sliown * that £otherijset-.
tiers in ,Fish Lake ivallcy • werQ^saUs-
Many Are Present at
Trotting Meet
,' STOCKTON, July; s.— The. Sani/Jok
ffluin". ;driving:,club"s, matinee yesterday
[Inf Agricultural park'-drewfaf large
i,crowd 'Of; enthusiastic horseman. - The
'•results follow: "/ ' '
j.-' rrHST^HACE—Specisl cxhihltion. mile (with
runn&r)— MrAdrian, b. s., trotter (C.T.^Bunch).
.\u25a0Titne,-2:l9Mt- - ' ' \u25a0 ' - :• ' • ' \u25a0'\u25a0
I SECOND EACE^Free for.; «U pace: '/ ,r.=
.T D ; W, bS«.I (Ernp«t Kemp) -". . - •". . . ••2'\u25a0 1. 1
Gny Vernon, b. s.UW.'H.': Tarker)/. . . .;; 1 , 2 j 2
Noble, b. g. (Charles Helm>. .......... S 3,3
I - ; :;,-..v--;-V: Time— 2:l3%.' 2:11, 2:16. :• :
. THTED B.AoE— Free for all trot: ;i . _
Bert KeU.T;:b.»«r. (O.F.: Bunch) .Jl . t
Little Bunch, b. m. (P. J. Chalmers) ....r 2^ 2
: f r. Time— 2:l7K'.T 2:lß.- -. j, ;
» FOURTH RACE— 2:IS dais pace: / -\u25a0
Jim Corbett, b. g. (Pan Ll*glnger )....': 3 ilil-
Hlcncbe A," b.-m.,(Jerr7'A»)£er).'... .- 1 i 2 , 8
New Port, ro.: g, (Dan Morris) - . V : ..?..; 2 ,' 3 v 2
i. .^• t .-Tltnp--2:17i4.' 2:18, 2:24. ;••• '.
'•- FIFTH BACE-*-2:20 class;^ trot: ' ?
•McDougal, b. %.: (Grigsby Estatp)iv 1,1
Auget Baron; .blk. g.^(P. J. Chalmers) .:'... r 2 * 2
•Allen Pollock," b.~ it. -^Charles- Nance) '.... ' S >3
. , > Tinip— 2:19, 1 2:21. \u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0 v \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0':: : V j
Honolulu; Sheriff*!Demandsv^Dc
% V tentioh Vof Jail'Breaker^ v \
; Thomas'- BlJa,/ a * Kanaka.^, "who Vis
a "steerage paßsenger;on thesteanVshlp
Sierra > f rom ; Honolulu, was' arrested
yesterday "by Detectives? Maloney7'arid
Tfacey .on ; arrival J of v the°.ve'ssel. J
The'; arrest I was? made Jon* a'^cablegram
from? : Willlam. Henry, Thightsherlff.'j; to
the 'effect J that* Sin - Soon, « an "i escaped
prisoner/: was "on the ;veasel; : ,:- Elda said
that -afteriS the ?ship^left sj a:
wireless y. messagre^J was v received ! that
Sin Soori.^'a^ Chinese, t,was ; aVstowaway. 4
The fbbat ; was? searched,*^buti;nof stow-*
awayv "wash found. KlElda^was^ singled
out,' h« declared,* from' among; th«;steerr
age i passengers J as itjies' one;, answering;
nearest to Sin Soon's description: ' i '-; \
! U Ore.*" July I C— The | business i 4lstrict.t of ) Lou*
: i1 Cre*>k. r < Grant fconnty, J.was *wiped ;; oatuby {fire.
k{ Sunday \u25a0 night. 1 The * tmoun t ' of \u25a0 the ! loss '- Is \u25a0 not
restated. * \u25a0-• ' """ " '
\u25a0»"-"\u25a0 '\u25a0>\u25a0' \u25a0 "' •'- V-v
Dingee Parks Win Series
From San Mateo
L;; REDWOOD CITY, Juiy s.— before the
Llargest; crowd that .ever witnessed. a
• ball* .'"game C in ]\u25a0 San^Mateo .county, ,th©
Dingee iPark. team ;of ' Redwood ;, City
.took the third, of a series '-of five games
from San Mateo. on, ;ths; local diamond
yesterday .afternoon; by 3a . score of . 6 .to
2. The features "of .the; game were the
'pitching 'of .i Fox for the Jocals rand the
sticking of Rapp for the" visitors.
'' Score: '• \u25a0:
v., .;;,-; ; ' .\u25a0:\u25a0-- >v: );, \- \u25a0 • :-.-.; n. H. .E.
Dingee*»Paxk. .............. ...5 » 3
5au'Mat«0;..'..;. .."...:...-..*..'..:.. 2 • 6 3
1 Latteries— Fox' an3» Allain ; Glrot and Reardon.
\-.< • , -•\u25a0\u25a0 -.-, -':, ..- \u0084"-, \u25a0 • --•;\u25a0\u25a0- .
' -GLENWOOp; SPRINGS, Colo., July* 5.
Durinir ; a practice" "polo ; game; thi s
afternoon F. : 11. A. Lyle was ; struck by
a ; broken mallet .head- which destroyed
the "."slghtVof - his-left eye. * jLyle- is -one
'of f the " leading polo"- players'". of 'the
country. .. : \,'-.. ,; '\u25a0\u25a0'.-,'-' '..:\u25a0. "\u25a0\u25a0 -.;*
KILLED, BY FALL— San Jose,; July o.— Oierannt
*' :Pa»qnale.'«aa.asp<ligardeDrr;- dt*»<i at the' resl
" dence^of Louis. rCancilla;- 665- North "Whitney
; " street "'-'this.. mornlnjt.Tas the v result of a- fall
Jvftom'.a,. barn .lott-at'thc-CancilU. Uoaie yes-^
;v> terdayi af ternooiCL» i: \u25a0.:v c ,".,-« ;:* \u25a0-. -s \u25a0\u25a0-'.-'•' :•;".: -1:-;'_":' '
;,;->.; ,;->. erett.: Waeh.";^ July-. s.— The Great -Northern
\u25a0 a ticket ' office co the \ water ; front ! was ; looted lof
m 12.537, tb0ut; 11 ' o'clock last nightly a bandit.
\u25a0*' who | knocked i down : the ;\u25a0; agent \u25a0 wit h a \ hea^y
;•> clnb f and i carried \u25a0 off ; three sacks/ of * gold ' and'
faallTiersCoinß;^^ , ... ;-. -\,,-,. '•'- -, '':\u25a0''
DKOWITB* IK; STOF— Geaxhart. jOre..; July, o.—
'. In* the (turf 'in of jGearhart yesterday in
fiE the J presence ''of ? more r than ? half a': hundred
4 Elmer i Meier " of^.VancouTer,' Wash.,
S wav drowned. M He ; was ; exhausted iln at tempt
ing; to \u25a0 raactr shore" after too far out
•^in:thft,*surf.'^X'-w,£,k-i}:i V.:" .^'i.~; :.._'-'.-' ~. V;-'a-:*
MEXICAN IS! KILLED— Los"" 'Angeles," July ' 0.~
'.-•'An tuDfcnow* I Mexican .I? while \ resisting ', arrest,"
'\u25a0''\u25a0: was -shot raod^ killed iin >S"noratown . yesterday.*
V.The ! dead^ man. 1 * who ; had \ been J ordered ; to , sur
:: i tectlTe sTala ma n tes, '» who * shot *. the ' Mexican
,**; through: the heart/: \u25a0 ..\u25a0:•;'•'\u25a0* -\u25a0\u25a0-;••-;>•\u25a0;\u25a0 - : ;-\> •;-;
Matchmaker Cleaver Fixes Up
. '.Lively Bill for Dreamland
- -Friday Night
: 'Now. that the "fight of the century"
is over, it -will fair to the lot of the
.four "round .mill men , to. furnish .local
pugilistic history. . As a head liner to
the first of- 1 the boxing exhibitions to
follow the -Reno muss, One Round Ho
sran, the sensational short bout - scrap
per,- will mVet«"Red" Cornett in Dream
land' next' Friday night before the New
Southside; athletic club, of which
Charlie Cleaver is, the match maker.
.''Match' Maker~ Cleaver has not ;only
arranged to send. together these. two
.best local lightweights, but : he • will
also ••: stage i a night of boxing' which
should furnish of "amusement
for*. the -most xabid fans. Jeff Perry
will ; meet * again his. old rival. Nick
.Hardy." These two boys recently fur
.ntshed a: rattling tro in Oakland and a
repetition 'of. the former contest is ex
pected.;, ; ,\u25a0 ; \u25a0 . -
,: Among the other fights to be staged
will be Tommy McFarland versus Sol
dier Dye; ' Tony. Silvo versus Puggy
Cove; "Willie Meehan versus Kid Ros
coni; Sailor -Hansen. versus. Johnny
Ryan.' As preliminaries to . the main
event -Johnny ( Roche will face Tommy
.Corbett and Frankie Burke .will take
on ; ; Eddle Lynch.
Blacks in Fever After
Praying for Victory
. IIUTCHIXSON. Kan., July s.—Prob
ably no more exciting scene
could 'have been found anywhere' in
the^country'as the news; of Johnson's
victory- came- over-the wires -than at
the ; holiness camp -meeting tent here,
where more than I,ooo' negroes had
gathered to^ pray- for the black man's
victory. ; The. tent was .packed to its
capacity Jlong before the time bulletins
from*' the; ringside - could be- expected
and .-fervid individual and congrega
tional r nraying and singing was ' in
dulgedlwi.' \u25a0"\u25a0'. , . .
;T 'As^the': reports began to. come and it
could be seen .that Johnson had the
bestfof "the argument.thejexcitement of
the; congregation* grew , and when the
hewsfof the victory came pandenonium
broke loose., . : . ! \u25a0' '
; ,\ Negroes';; had :~ showed - little ,".inclina
tion,"to,{riot or. disorderly demonstra
tions.Mast' /night, but" practically, .all
6f,'them;are;in a religious fervor!and a
great-revival;. meeting is predicted."
Blaclc Threatens Bride, With
;Knife,; butyls Disarmed
\ ( HOUSTON, \u25a0' Tex., July 5.— -At Ttodinl.
neariCorsicana,"' yesterday, . a • negro en
tered* theihome; of ! Hub; Bailey, a mer
chant";- and brandishlng'a knife * threat
ened".! Mrs.,: Bailey, ; a -brWe.'of ,. three
months," ' v] who .:> grappled -.-.with him.
wrested 5, the '{weapon /from him \u25a0•-;. and
\u25a0 forced" the' ne.gro ito'.take'; flight. • Posses
caujrlit+the fnejjro .today/dn Kichland
creek " bottom- an J . he " was^tia'nged. _
One Time Mammoth of Prize
Ring Speeding Toward His
A Haifa and* Peace f \u25a0:['--.
Pall of Depression Is Spread
Over Reno After Pathetic *
Ending of Contest
[Special Diipalch lo The Call]
RENO, July s.— Reno today looks
more like a funeral procession
than anything I can name. Yes
terday it reminded one of Broadway,
New York city, on an election day.
Last night after the fight it was on©
jam of humanity at the depots trying
to get on the trains and get out of
town. All night long the lobbies of
the hotels and the trucks at the depots
were loaded with sleeping humanity,
who had checked out of the hotel ex
pecting to get on an eastbound train.
The efforts the white man made
against the big black were pitiful, to
say the least, and a more disappointed
crowd at a ringside I never saw. Even
though Jack Johnson showed such
supremacy over Jeff there were very
few Nevadans who felt sorry for the
big boiler maker and they all left the
rlns with remarks that were anything
but complimentary to Jeff.
Around the gambling resorts it wa3
common talk that 'any man who would;
welch on a $3,000 gambling debt liko
Jeff is accused of doing was treated to
the right dose of medicine when tho
bis black defeated "him so decidedly.
The big hotels were the center of
animated groups, while a maelstrom
of people besieged the depot in an
endeavor to get away from the scene
of action. Train after train pulled out
east and west and north and south,
loaded to the guardrails. Never in the
history of the Southern Pacific system
was it called upon to move so many,
people within a given time.
All last night, all today, mammoth
engines snorted and tugged, each train
breaking away with its limit aboard,
and .there .still remain several thou
sand outsiders yet to start upon their
homeward ways. And over them all,
with a few possible exceptions, hangs
a pall of depression, for what they
came to see did not come up to their
fond expectations.
Jack Johnson, the champion heavy
weight of the world, who traced hl3
ancestry back to slavery days, is speed
ing eastward to Chicago in a special
car surrounded by a bunch of admiring
handlers. When the conqueror oC
! James J. Jeffries and Tommy Burns
and all that line of heavies came out
of that battle yesterday flushed with
victory, for the first time in his life ho
attempted to avoid the plaudits of the>
populace. He sought his car by a
roundabout route and -closed himselC
up in his stateroom away from th«
curious gaze of the multitude. Here
tofore he has always sought admiration
and icourted publicity. But once after
that hour of triumph he sought seclu
sion and thrust aside that proffered,
admiration he always craved.
\u25a0'James J. Jeffries, battle scarred and
heart broken, passed a miserable night
and a weary day at his training quar
ters at Jioana. springs.' He retired there
immediately after the contest, whera
a weeping, wife welcomed a fallen! idol.
The: meeting was pathetic in the ex
"Foor oltl Jim." sobbed Mrs. Jeffries
as she clung about tho neck of tha
bruised battler. "Are you hurt, babe,
are you .hurt?"
"Never mind, sweetheart, never mind.
I did the best I" could, "but it was not
in me. I could not come back."
. And then the little woman led ttio
battered hulk into a sitting room and.
placed him ln-*an easy chair. .Doctors
worked over him. admiring friends
called. on him. only to be turned away,
for thft one time mammoth of the prlza
ring.- the greatest battler of his day
wanted to be alone with his sorrow and
his wife. They left ;him.
Today a special car was arranged for
and at 7:30 o'clock the Jeffries outfit
broke camp^ and departed for Oakland.
Jeff will remain some few days in Oak
land and then it will be a case of back
to the alfalfa farm for all time.
' No. there will bQ no. world's tour for
the bear, man. He seeks the old farm
and is very sorry he came out of re
It will take the ratlroad3 out of th!»
city at least three, days more to dispose
of the crowds. And then Reno can'so
on the even tenor, of its v way. It la
doubtful whether another big battle
will ever b<^ held in this state, for ad
verse legislation •is even, now; beina:
pressed, and it looks as if the end has
The end of the pugilistic game la this
country is apparently in sight.

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