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""'>' *t*oria t ion quotes 1910 pack as follows:
t V.I 2 2 2
VABIETV S6BS 68 ""ij §£
c «d> *!S ai
\u25a0 • m *
: ; j& |p.
APTto !2.00ji.60!1.40:i.25
Apnror? |2.25! l .60.1 .40 1.10
£***<» i2.T5J1.HJ1.50i.23
SJiCfKI |2.T5 1.53 1.50....
2*!*rkterries : ; . . . . ;1 .tk«i 1 .40J . . . .
<"herrie*— I I |
Hoyal Ann J2.00'1. 60)1.35
TVhite 2.001.601.35
Crapes 2.00|1. 40 1.101. 00
I**cta« — j I I j
Yellow free ]2.50j1.60 1.3011.20
Xjemon din* j2.30.1.60,1.30'1.20
l*n>on cling sliced i2.SOJI.tJOIi.3O 1.20
Wblt« Ilt-ssh J2.50j1.60 1.30 1.20
White Heath sliced 2.30!1.tK»|1.30 1.20
rear*. Bartlm \u0084 2.50 1.55'1. T0 1.45
ttiapberries ..2.402.15 1.90
Srea wherries j.... 2.20i2.30|2.00
Canned Asparagus— The California packers' •.§-
quotes prices for the 1910 pack as fol
low*: Green, peeled. No. 2H-, $3; green, No.
2^. $2.-'5: large white, peeled, No. 24. 53.10;
T^een, peeled. No. 2^. |2.78; green. No. 2%,
••: $2.13; oediuni white. No. 2Vi. $2.35; preen. No.
Zf£. 52.U".: small white. No. 2^, $2.25; yreen.
- No. ZU; $2; white tips, medium. No. 1. $2.45;
small. No. 1. $2.30: green tipß, medium. No. 1.
52: small. No. 1. $1.55; soup tip«, round can,
\u25a0• No- 3, $1.40; coup tips, round can, No. 8.
Canned Peas— The California packers* associa
tion Quotes tUe following prices for canned peas,
I«;ck of 191O: petit pots. $1.60: extra fine
fUied, 11-25; extra eifted, $1.10; sifted. SI;
*«ndard. tAc; gallon, sifted. $4.50; gallon stand
ard. J-i.
Canned Tomatoes. 1910 pack— Standard, No.
~^. T.V; No. 3. |1; No. 8. $2.50.
•.Cordage — Maulla. So; sisal. 7Uc; sisal bale
•\u25a0^pc, fc^QSi-sc per lb; Manila bale rope, Sc per
11*. net cash, no discount.
Stit— Biles. < .«r.,..;i. $1.50; granulated. $2;
• Uiry. common. $10.50 for sC>s and $13.50 for
: jTnuulatcd; iinlf ground, per ton, $T.so<§B for
\u25a0 LOQc; rock f«H, $7<ij 7.1-0; imitation Liverpool,
Ii.PO per ton.
Coffee—Cofta Rica. 7»*@l4e; Salvador. 70
\u25a0 !»»c; Nicaragua. Guatemala -Mexican.
. \u25a0\u25a0.QiZc; Hawaiian. »s<gl44c; Ecuador. 9c.
Quicksilver— «[email protected] per Cask for export and
>*Cg47.50 for local u6e.
I'aclSc Codfish— The Union fish company quotes
:i* follows: Bundles, small, whole, 50 Ib bale*,
\u25a0•Sjc; caws, regular, large, whole. 100 1b boxes,
. JVSO: cases, extra. 100 lb boxes, $6; cases, east
\u25a0 <-ru style. ?S.7V. Anchor brand. Tc :• narrow
jraure. f%c; Silver Kin?, Sc; Golden State. TUc;
White Seal, middle*. lOfilO&c; Seabright blocks.
7*; c; oriental blocks. I^c; Crown brand, tab
lets. S^c; Pearl tablets. 814 c: 5 lb boxes fancy
Ixneless. K<c: 2 lb boxes fancy boneless, lie;
ball bbls pirkled cod. $5.50 each.
Th* Alaska codfish company quotes as follows:
Buccles. small whole, 4\c; cases, regular, larjre,
«bole, CVic; cases, extra. 0?»c; cases, eastern
"trie. 7c; frigate. 7U C ; narrow Paragon. Sc;
Monarch. S* 4 c; Western Pride. 8c; Imperial. 11
Ocean Wave. h' 2 c: Siberia, 8c; Star.
2 lb ttblets. S%Ci Pacific Belle. 1 lb tablets,
Oe; Choice Bit?, crates. 12 5 lb boxes. lOe; do
30 2 lb boxes, lie; pickled cod. half bbls, $5.50
The Western togax rpflninc company quotes as
f'liiorrs. tfruis net eattii: Stununru 'tine pranu
l-TTed. 5.65 c; siandard oo«r>-e pratitilated. 5.C5c;
triilt cranulafd. r>.«sr: cat loaf. In barrels only,
.7JV>c; H. & E. crystal doaiinr's. o !J> cartons "in
< asee. 8.t5.V; <j«. in 2 l*> cartoiis in case<=. 9.15 c;
tnonarch liar, tic: tablets, la half barrel*. »5.1. r >c;
do in iK'ies. 6.40 c: cub»*s aud A crushed. 5.90 c;
monarch powdered. 5. T.V; X"XXX.' powdpred.
5.75 c; enfljr pranulsted. 5.T.V; cw.feotioaers' A.
; •5.f5r; i-onfectioners" cJTStaU, 5.T5c: extra fine
\u25a0 greirjlaied. 5.45 c: iiigpuo'.ia A, 5.25 c; extra C.
• «.1>: golden C. 5.05e; D. 4. 95 c. Barrels end 50
.Ibbags I<k\ h£lf harreli- 2.V. bi.xes i»(V more
l.^r 100 lbs than for baps of 100 Ib* net. Bar
•in G5 scd 40 lb t!ug $l.T<i mor<\ in 8 and 10 lb
":.:n«. $2.f^. cioro ;.»>r 100 lbs than price for this
grade in 100 lb hup*.
. The California snd Hawaii sugar refinins com
" U>»"y <juote6 as fqilow^: Granul«tpri liasis. 5.05 c;
\u25a0\u25a0.H:prade" bar. fie; powdered. r>.7r>e: A crushed.
P.rfV; herry. .-,.<;.•>: c. ft H. estm fine dry srranu
lat«d. ."..«.>; roars? dry cranulsted. 5. 60 c; con
\u25a0 fef-tionfrt;' A. 5.65 c: ooufect loners" crystal. s.Toe;. Toe;
. cubf*, r..nOc; brick*. 3.9<V; extra fine dry pranu
' listed OmO !b bats only*. 5.45 c: excelsior A,
.S,l^>: extra C. 5.1.V; poldrn C, 5.0 V; yellow I».
.. 4.V5.-; r,;t Jonf. i n barrels only. 7.65c;. H. &K.
,'CRtip] rtominos. .". lb tartons in esses. 5.65 c; do
• 2 lb ctrions in case*. \u25a0.15c. • Additional per K»0
lbs: In barrel und 50 lb bags. |Oe.OKX»; balf
barrels. 25c mere; hoxes. ,">oc more f<>r all grade*.
. Bar In "5 and <0 lb tins. $1.7« i more; in 10 U>
" -.tiu*. $2.35 jnore. Minimum order, carload
; «TeJglH.
»*v York Produce -
NEW Y<iRK. July 12.— Hops— I»u!l.
. Hi,'.**— Easy.
: P' trolpum— Steady.
\u25a0Wool — Quiet.
• >!!«rHr — Raw. quiet: Muscor«<ln. J.f» test,
X fcr>r \u25a0; .-fntrifursl. 06 test. 4.:»>. Molasses
nirar. PJ» test. S.SftC. Efflned sugar, steady.
«"«fre*» — Closed 2^Ki points lowpr. Sales were
reported of 22.CXX) baps. Closing bj(s» follow:
July, «;.7.*>c: August. CSOe; SeptPinber, October
end Novembrr. 0.90 c; I>eceraber. «.»sc: January,
0.0%-: February. fi.99c; Marrh. 7.01 c; Aprils
7.0.1 c; May. C.Ooc; June. 7.06 c. Spot, steady:
Itio No. 7. t.»;c: S«nt.« No. 4. yi 2 c; mild
<Itiiet: CordcvD. lO6ii2'i<\
Butter, traer; crcaniery special?, 23 s «<f?3oc;
\u0084r\tra<. '2^%<'alS*c.
Cheese— Firm; un^han^ed.
. Eggs— Firm: t-tate of Pennsylvania and n?ar
by h*-nnpry whitp, 27W25c; do gathered white.
l)U!r:l» FRI.ITS
HTaporatrd A;->;>lps — Stfady: spot fancy. 10%
••SUl't": choice. h»iis;;»c; prime. 7(5.7Uc: com
\u25a0.felon to fair. «'.f<)^c.
, -Prnnois — Stcail.r; c'alifomias up to GO-40s.
"Sft'^: Ore ? r.D!«. 4>i«fi9Vic.
. . Apr-cots— Firm; choice. 9%@loKt; extras,
\u25a0. 10'ic ,-il; fancy, lo^^a 12'^c.
:=: = Pea'hps— lhjll; choice. 6H®««4c; extra choice,
?€L7i£e; fancy. Tii^T'ic.
~.'J£ Rsislns — InacT-ve. ; steady: lo<*e Moscateut,
\u25a0 3Ti'^s\: choice to fancy seeded 4 !i 4 fi7o? 4 c'
twdlehs, Z'uf%i\-.<-, London layers. [email protected]
Chfoasro Dairy Produrp Markrt
\u25a0 CHICAGO. Inly 12.-— Batter, firm: creampries.
\u25a024ft2$c; ']airi^=. 2.'<<&2<V-. Hgjrs. steadr at
"•mark. css»> included. l<»Cql4c: firsts. I.V: prime
£r»;tg. ITc: receijtts. 1*..'*15 cases. Cheese
fteady; <] F .\f]rf. lS*i4f.l33i«; twin?. l."ralsUc-
Voun? Americas, IJ^ilOe; lonpliorns' i'sxi
.<il6o. ' 1
L.o« Antrim Produce Market
" [Special Dispatch to The Call]
LOS ANGELES. July 12. —Eggs advanced la
pri'-e on the produce exchange today, tbe host
trade now twirp qootMl nt :«c a dozen. Uulter
receipts were orer (SO.OOO pounds, but the pri«T
remaine-i firm.
.\u25a0 .Rt-ceipfs of prqdiKc were: Ept's. IR-"> cases;
• butter. S2.n,"V> p/iniids; cfceosp. 3(Ki ixiunds* Diita
'tee*, IM nscks.
c.^rso <per lb^— Northern fresh. 17c: eastern
twins, :'.»c: rhf-ddars. I'dc: lonyhorn. 2<V-; eastern
daisy. 1'Oe; .vniss. domestic. 2.'[email protected]«V.
Butter (per lht — Creamery, extra. Zl^' 2 <" first
yOc; l«d!e butter. 2»;U;<-: ffKikiuE butter. 20Hc
t;if r «ioz( — IxK-al ranch, candled firsts.
\u25a0''<"\u25a0 case count, 2Sc; ewstorn fresh. 2Sc; storapi?
evrrsii. S'?' 1 .
Ber.ns «iw»r ctli— No. 1 pink. ?7..">: No. 1
.!:.Tiss. $4.7.1: T.*dy Washington." $4.7-"»: small
,« bit's. $5; blarkeyeic. ¥<i : <;arvsnzas, $4.50; len
tii*. $7. \u25a0
• Porat.rfs— ldaho. $1.25 per ell: new potatoes,
\u25a0"SJ.ir.ffii.2:. per c-J end 40^SOc |*r luj; box.
Knstern UveKtork Market
;• CHICAGO. July 12.— Cattle— Receipts, estl
c.»T<"l at 8.000 head; market steady. Beeves.
'\u25a0$5JSfth.4H; Texas stef-rF. $4.!s<<i«.r/»: western
itVers. $~>.i017: st"'kers and feeders. $3.W<ti
6. 70: COWI rsid heifers. $2.756? r>.N5; calres, $6.50
• H>«rs— R».pjpts. estimated at 11.000 head:
tnarkc-t f>tf- a <ly. Ught. $5.00«i9.ir.: mixed. $8.60
<S^; heary. $S.2of<> R.KC; rough. fS.iOQ 8.40; good
to 'choice heavy. Pi.4o<&BJBo; pigs,
'<t*&\ of sales. ([email protected]&80.
' Sheep— Receipts. eMlraated at 20.000 head;
market 10* lower. Natire. $2.fi5fg4.40: wectern,
iF2..50ft4.:«: y<-arllngs. $4.4005.25; lambs, na
tive ft.50Q7.23j western $4. >Wq 7. 15.
. KANSAS riTV.- July 12.— Cattle— Receipts.
\u25a0$.Qf)i> besd: mar'.-<'t steady. Natl»e steers. $4.75
<h y 4 con s Hud iieifers. X'Z.Mfd?: st«cker<« and
f!s<acrs. 93:2512X40; bulls, fa2S€l4JfiS; «alTe«,
$4slfi.hO: wertern steers, $4.50«&7.50; westPrn
cowg, $3rfz5.25. »
' Hogs— ltcc<-ipts. 15.f»ftrt head: market steady to
Be lower. Eulk of sales. $8.45(1 5.75; heavy.
\u25a0SS.iSQ&SO: packerg and butchers. JS.SOr'i
light. $K.7.* »\u25a0<:>.!•.": i>!gs. $K.. r K»fi7 8.55.
.; Sfaecp — Bec«-iptK. 7.000 head; market steady.
\u25a0Mutior.s. $3.7.'.W4.50; lambs, $<5.50<a.7.50; fed
•<«• -iv ;\u25a0•\u25a0 and yearlings, $4Q5; fed western ewes,
$ 3..V)(5 4.2.%.
SOITH OMAHA. July J2.— <'aUle — Receipt*.
3.ltK> heart: market active to strong and 10c hlgh
->?r. Native steer*. $4.7.'»r<? 7.50; row* *nd heifers.
$;{.2T.(ijfi: mvMVCta steers. $.X.7."'ii»{.sS; range cows
•and heif.-rs. $2.7r.ci4.7.'i: canners. S2..'i(iisS.7."i:
*.t.*'kFrs «nd fc«Mi»»rs. $3.2."".6j5.7.*.; calres, $4(5 7;
Mill*. Ptßffß. rtc, $3^5.25.
Jl'.gs-Ri^plptf:. ij.loo head: market r>«SKtc
iowfr! H<avy. $S.lo<iis.Ss; mixed. $5.25»ii8.35;
light. $>.40«i>>.7.«; I'ics, $T. 50(^8; i^ulk of sales,
Kljeep—Eecfipts. U.'OOO head: market steady.
V**rli«gH, .$4.4(><!i5.25; wefhrrs. $:{.50<v|4.25;
e»r«f, $3.25^4; lamljs, $G.50(g7.50. i
Cotton Market
NEW YORK. July 12. — Hutton** wire save:
•VToflay's n-.ark"t was dull «n<l featureless, with
BO decidM te&deacy either way. The weekly
\u25a0"\u25a0"eatber report w»s rather better than expectd
and causr.fl * little locul selling. I»ctailMi
weather repcirt for today showed scattered *>-how-
jn the southeast * and moderately heavr
r;;'.ns 1n northwest Texas. A dispatch fr«n) the
.I»«ll«« Sara s«id Ik-.TI weevils have app<»ared in
Marshall and Taylor coitaties, and also stated
thaf .rwrnt Fliow*-n? were inKnfficient and that
•\u25a0Texas and Oklahoma need general soaking rain.
.Ppot \u25a0 m<- n vitb.Vew England connect toua re
ported a Irf-tter Inquiry, and there ' was also
•"•nfie improvement noted in southern Kj»ot oen
.t»rs.' Tlie sto«-k njnrket was again under pres
sure today, bii.i jf the securities market con
tines much It.-nger in it» present unsettled con
dition, it will not be without its influence on
"Cotton Ik arriving here for delivery «n July
contract* in small volume, and It Is estimated
that shout 30,000 bides more will find the way
here by the end \u0084f the month. Large area*
in Texa» are still nuffering for moisture and ih*
sitiipji-.il in the Atlautic states has. not grectlj ,
\u25a0 - \u25a0 *• '• •'• \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0•\u25a0
chanced, but the .weather will have small In
fluence on .prices so . long as the 'leadliiß longs
w> fit to liquidate holdings of July around
15.50 c and August around 14.00 c. So far. .-about
14.000 bales are said to be . engaged i toe ship
ment for . Liverpool and several •. thousands r are
coining from the couth. "• Local spot men »ay cot
ton if being: offered and sold'out of the. local
stock for mill consumption at 00 points under
July." - •- - \u25a0- ,
Spot do*cd quiet. Middling 'uplands. 15.45 c;
middling gulf, 15.70 c. Sales, 2.200 bates.
Option — . Open High Low. Close
July 15.44 c 15.49 c 15.40 c '15. 43 c
August 14.74 c 14.74 c 14.02 c .14.0ic
September 13.3 Dc 15. 36 c 13.30 c 13.30 c
October 75c 12.70 c 12.«5e 12.fi5e
November ..... ..'. : 12.51 c
Decenilter 12.5!>c. 12.59 c 12.4f*« " 12.48 c
January 12. Me 12.56 c 12.44 c 12.44 c
February . .- . ...... 12.44 c
March 12.56 c 12.60 c 12.40 c 12.4%
May 12.50 c
Boston ' Wool Market
BOSTON. July 12.— Manufacturers are enow-
Ing no Interest either In new wool* or unsold
old fleeces, and priws are only nominally steady.
Prices of western wools range as follows:
ivrritory wool — £v*ew clip. Alison*, one sal«
of 5.000 poun'l« in the original bags at [email protected],
clean tifi^is.
Oregon wools — Nominal price.
Texas wool — Twelve mouths' wool, nominal at
3S<?J6Oc. and eight months' stock at [email protected]
• California wool — Prices nominal, with iwrth
ern quoted at [email protected] and southern at 4.">Gi47r.
Pulled wool — A supers, nominal, at about [email protected]
f>7c: B supers. 47<g49c; fine combing. 53<gJ»5e:
medium combing. 4£@3Oc: coarse'eombing, [email protected]
42c; California finest, [email protected]
St. Louis Wool Market
ST." LOUIS, July 12.— W00l unchanged. Me- '\u25a0
flium grades combing and clothing.- [email protected];
light fine. KfttlSc: heavy fine. [email protected]; tub
washed, 25^<g32Hc
London Wool Side*
LONDON. July 12.— A large number of* buy
ers attended the opening of the fourth eerie*
of wool suction sale* today. There was a strong
demand for the 9.C02 bales offered. Merinos and
fine crossbreds wore unchanged and Cape of
Good Hope and Natal and coarse crossbreds
ranged from unchanged to 5 per cent lower.
Americans so!d 500 bales bought earlier in the
Dirertorn Take Action
LIVEHPOOL. July 12.— The directors of the
cotton exchange have decided to support finan
cially any legal proceeding taken by members
arisinc from the losses suffered by. dealings with '
i the Alabama firm of Knlpht, Yancey & Co. A
large number of Liverpool cotton firms suffered
heavy losses in May through having mndi> pay
ments on alleged false bills of lading received
in America. The firm of Knight, Yancey & Co..
j which went into bankruptcy, was charged with
j l)Bving drawn drafts on Liverpool and other
foreign firms to the amount of several hundred
thousand dollars against bills of lading repre
senting cfHtou that had never been shipped.
.\evr York Metal Market
NEW YORK. July 12.— The market £«r stand
ard copper was week, with spot. July. August,
September and October closing at ILMfi. 11.90 c.
London was weak, with spot quoted at £."»2 10s
3d and futures at £53 13s J)d. Arrivals reported
i at New York were 2,220 tons. Custom house re- I
I turns showed exports ©r 2.105 tons, making 8.287 I
s<> far this month. Ix»cal dealers report no j
change in the market for spot copper, quoting
lake at 12.624<?i12.5"y 3 e: electrolytic. 12.25®
12..VW-; casting. [email protected] 12.25 c
Tin was dull, with spot quoted at 32.25fg
32.50 c: July. 32.20(fi32..%0c: August and Septem
ber. [email protected]: October, [email protected] The
London market was easy, with spot quoted -at
£147 15s and futures at £140.
\u25a0 Lead was steady Ht [email protected] New York and
I at 4.20*1 4.27 Vic Ka«t ft. laoaift. \u25a0 Iv Ixtndon spot
was otiotcd at £12 I]k3<l.
; Spelt el- was dull at 5.".0<i?5.«0c New York and
j at 4.n.">(&5< 1 East St. Loiiis. In London spot was
j quoted at £22 7s (5.1.
i Iron was quoted at 4S* lO'-jd for" Cleveland
warrants in London. Ixfcally iron was quiet. No.
1 foundry northern. $lG.soift 16.75: No. 2, [email protected]
1rt.2.".; No. l smithc-rn. [email protected]; No. 1.,
foundry southern s-oft. ?16(§;i6.25.
\nvnl Sl«iro»— Tiirpeiitlnc antl Itonin
SAVANNAH. July 12. — Turpentine, firm at
2 c. Sa!»*. r>44; receipts, 803; shipments,
323: stock. 7.054.
Rosin, firm. Sales. 644: receipts. 3.392;
shipments. 1.723: stock. .V 5.431. Quotations:
B. $5.2r>: n. $3.35; E. [email protected]; V. $5.r.2Vi;
«;. $.'5.50r«15.55: H. 15.f12H«5.H0: I. $r,.62ii; X,
| $:..«.%; M. $5.70; N. $-..75fa5.50; WG, J5.SO®
. fG.25; WW, ?5.50©56.45.
: From | Steamer | Date
New York via Ancon.. Sl'eiinsylTania . ..jjuly 13
'» San Pedro {Vanguard July 13
r San Pedro J. S. Hiirjrlns.. .jJuly U
' Portland & Astoria... .[Nome City .... IJuly 14
' San Pedro ICarlos |July 14
, ilumboldt State of Cal... [July 14
' <an Pedro Fianalei 'July 14
Portland 4: Astoria Rose Cit.r July 14
s»n Pedro Bear July 14
saa Pedro O. W. Elder... July 14
Point Arena & Alb'on. Porao ....July 14
Jumboldt F. A. Kllburu.. July 15
Ban Periro Corouado July 13
rjrays Harbor CUehalls July 15
Puget Sound Ports City of Puebla. July 15
Saa Diego & Way Ports Oov.prnor July 15
H»a Scow via San Pedro. Hazel Dollar ..'July 16
Portland & Astoria Ytfemite jJuly 1«
loop Bay M. F. Plant July 16
China & Japan Asia July .16
Seattle & Taeoma Buckman July 16
Portland & Astoria.... Roanoke July 16
San Pedro Watwon July 16
I'-iz^t Sound Port.* president 'July 17
Ueodoclno & I*t. Arena Sea Foam ijuly 17
San Pedro ISanta Barbara..! July 18
:; an Diego & Way Port**! Santa Rosa JJuly IS
Sal. Cruz via S. Dlepo.lNchraskan 'J'i'y IS
San P<-<lro & Way Ports] t<>os Pay i.Tulv 18
Poitlsn.l & Astiiria ißeavor |July 19
\u25a0 gas P'Vlro |R(-s«- City Muly 19
Destination | Steamer | Sails |Pler
July 13— j ~H {
Humboldt iVaußtiard 77] 1 pm 19
Hnmboklt [Ravallt 4 pm 27
Humboldt Nortli Fork.. 5 pm 3S
Hawaiian Ports Nevadan ... 12 tv 38
Mendocino & Pt. Arena Sea Foam.. 4pm 4
July 14—
I»s Anpeles Ports Nome City.. 2 pm 27
Astoria & Portland J. B. Stetson in am ltt
Astoria & Portland Rainier 3 pm 21
Willapa Harbor Carlos 4 pm
Willapa Harbor Daisy ....
San Diepo & Way Ports Santa Kosa. 11 am 9
July 15—
Aetorla & Portland F. S. I/xtp. ."> pm
Astoria * Portland Sura-Yak; .. ."> pm 27
Astoria & Portland Quinault ... 5 pm 19
Grays Harbor Coronado ... 3 pm 21
Los Angeles. Ports Cu<?halis 2 pm '....
Grays Harbor Newburg ./. 3 pm 21
Los Angeles Port»- Haualei 3 pm 10
Aetoria & Portland Bear 112 va 40
Portland & Way Ports. G. W. Elder 10 am 13 v
July 16—"
I/w? Anjteles Ports Yosemite ... 2 pm 27
Humboldt F. Kilburn.. 10 am 13
Humboldt State of Cal 3 pm 11
New York tU Ancon.. Snn Jose.... 12 m 40
Pujret Sound Ports Governor ... 2pm 9
Seattle & Taeoma riias. Nelson s pm SS
Los Angeles Ports Roauoke ... T> pm I-T
Ijos Anpeles Ports none City... 9 am 40
July 17— J I
Point Arena & Albion. Poino \u25a06 pm 4
July IS— 1 I
<;rays Harbor \S. Barbara.-| .1 pm 51
Coos Bay |M. F. Plant 3 pm 36
Seattle &. Taeoma Watson 1 pm 10
San Dlrpo & Way Port* President .. 4pm 9
Lop Angeles Ports Buckman ... 10 am 10
July 19—
Japan & China -Chiyo Maru. 1 pm 42
Puctt Sound Port* ICily Puobla.i 2pm 9
Liverpool & Way Ports.|Am. Duperre]l2 m 19
Drstlnatton ['- Steamer | Date
Skajrw ay & Way Ports. |City of Seattle. July 14
Nr.nif & St. Micbael...<Edith July 15
Skcßway & Way ports.'Quer-n JulY 17
Seldovi* & Way Ports.'Bertba ";....... .July 20
Nome A: St. Michael... Mackinaw Juir 20
Nome & St. Michael... Senator July 22
Nome & St. Michael... Victoria July 24
Skafnray fc Way Ports. Spokane .Inly 2(J
Sun, Moon and Tide
United States coast and pecxletlc surrey—Time"
and height* of tide* at Fort Point. For <-ity
front (Mission street wharf) add 25 minutes.
\u25a0Sun ' rJses -4:07
Sun hrtti ...".\u25a0.;.\u25a0.\u25a0..........,....."..;." 7:34
Mcon sets 11:39 p. m.
First quarter moon July 14, at 12:15 a. m.
Full moon July 22, at !2:2S a. m.
jTime| |Time| |Tiine| ITlmel
Julyi {Ft i IFt I IFt I -1 Ff
(H W| |L wr |H W| |L Wl .- '
Ui.. 4-.ZH a.« 10:15 1.3 5:25 6.2 11:49 -2.4
14.. 5:44 3.0 11:00 1.9 6:00 ' 0.2
15.. 0:40 1.9 7:03 3.S 11:43 2.4 6:35-5.2
16.. 1:30 1.4 8:20 3.5 12:28 2.X 7:07 5.3
17.. 2:14 O.f 0:22 3.7 1:21 3.1 7:40 5.4
18.. 2:54 0.3 10:18 3.S 2:12 3.2 R:l5 ».«
!».. 3:34—0.111:07 4.0 3:00 3.3 8:57 5.7
Time. Ball
United States branch hydroprapbie office. Mer
chant*' Exchange, San Francleco, July
12. lfllO. l
, Tbe time hall on the roof of the Fairmont
hotel was dropped today exactly nt noon; Ph
ciSc standard time (120 th meridian), or at. Sb.
00m. 008. Greenwich mean time. -•>.•.•.'.
Meutenant, V. 6. X., In charge.
IT. S. Branch Hydrogcraphlc. Office
A branch of "the United States hjdrosraphic
office, located in the Merchants' Exchange, ir>
maintained in San Francisco for, the benefit of
mariner*, without rejrarrt to nationality and free
of expense." XaTljrators. are" cordially .inTited: to
Tjslt the office, where complete *et« of charts
and sailing directions of ' the ; world are kept \u25a0at
band f'»r compatisoa and reference, ana. the
latest Information can . always l>e obtained ; re-
lichts. dansen* to narration and mat
ters 01 intert'gt to ocean commerce. - :' \u25a0 ,
Lieutenant, U.". S. . "N./- in
Twelve Trespassers Who Hid
A board Sheridan at Honolu lu *
Sent Back on Sherman
LTHOIJGH; \u25a0; the
stream of passenger
travel' between Ho
nolulu and this port
is sometimes ; light
the " demand s for
transportation" - ; ; by
stowaways \u25a0-\u25a0; contin
ues firm at all sea
sons of . the year."
These trespassers
on floating property
and purloiners..;of
ocean traVisporta
tion are a.source of
trouble and expense
to the steamship
companies, who are
given no protection
by the law against
these undesirable.
and nonpaying patrons. It has hap
penejl more than once that the presence
of a stowaway on board has made it
necessary to' quarantine the ship on
which he traveled and all on board.
When the army transport "Sheridan,
which arrived yesterday from Manila,
left Honolulu, Captain Healey discov
ered that two Russians and 11 p;ilipinos
had stowed away at the island port in
the expectation of getting a free ride
to San Francisco. Apart from the fact
that 13 is an- unlucky number the dis
covery displeased the skipper, who had
been congratulating himself -half, way
across the Pacific on the absence of
stowaways from Manila and Nagasaki.
When the Sherman, outward bound,
said "howdy" by wireless Captain Hea
ley replied that he was very well, but
would feel better if the Sherman- would
adjust its course so that the ships
would meet. They met and 12 of the
stowaways were chased into a boat,
which was lowered and rowed over to
the outward bound trooper. .The Sher
man landed them at Honolulu yester
day.. The thirteenth stowaway, a Fili
pino, got wind of .the skipper's" inten
tion, hid himself and could not be
found until, the Sherman had resumed
its way. He will be taken back to Ho
nolulu on the Sheridan.
The Sheridan, which brought about
700 passengers altogether, carried no
regular organization and its arrival, did
not make much work at the transport
wharf for any but the customs inspec
tors, who were through with the last
passengrer by 5 o'clock. /" _-
The ranking officer on board was Ma
jor Samuel W. Dunning of the Twen
tieth infantry, who is now. stationed at
Honolulu, where he is in command of
Fort Shafter. The major has been or
dered here for temporary duty in con
nection with the fall maneuvers at
Atascadero. He brought Mrs. Dunning
with him and was busy all morning re
newing old acquaintances.
Among the passengers . from; Manila
was Major J. F. Quinn of the Phllip
]9taie \u25a0 constabulary and Commander
Jones, United States navy, who has been
in command of the Cavite navy yard.
Speaking of the sinking of the dry
dock Dewey. Commander Jones said
that the investigation had not been
finished when he left, but that it had
been demonstrated beyond any doubt
that r.o outsider had anything to do
with the sinking. /
Mnnoiturla Sail* for Far Enxt?
The Pacific Mail liner Manchuria,
Captain J. W. Saunders,- sailed yester
day for the far east with about 200
passengers and a large cargo. Cap
tain Dixon, the Manchuria's regular
master, remained at home this time
for a two months' vacation. The liner 1
sailed promptly on time. To make sure
of a punctual departure the first class
gangway was hauled in at 10 minutes
to 1. The ship was lying at the ends
of piers 42 and 44. The other gangway
was at the end of pier 44. and the re
sult of this forehandedness was that
half a dozen passengers who nut in an
appearance at the end of pier 42 at
eight minutes before the advertised
hour of departure had to sprint about
a quarter 'Of a mile in order to climb
aboard the Asiatic plank on the end
of pier 44. As the operation of un
shipping a gangway does not take
more than about 30 seconds tne belated
passengers, particularly one elderly
and rather, stout woman, showed an
utter Jack of appreciation of Mr.
Schwerin's type of punctuality. ,•\u25a0. \u25a0
R. P. Schwerin. vice president and
general, manager" of the company, was
a passenger .on the liner,, and from the
Manchuria's lofty bridge gazed down
with a grim smile on the relieved faces
of those company officials who had at
tended him to the wharf and who lin-^"
gered at the end of the pier either as
a guard of honor'or to make sure that
he really went away.
Among the passengers on the liner
was Governor W. F. Frear of Hawaii,
who is going back to his island terri
tory after a visit to the east, where
he attended the reunion of his Yale
class. •
The Manchuria's- passengers , in
cluded: . • I- ; \u0084
Mrs. M. Berger B. H. MeXutt
A. Brun - C. M. Madison
Henry A. P. Carter Mrs. C. M. Madison
F. U. Condoffer Miss A. MahikoA
Mrs. F. (.'. Ondoffer H. O. Marsh v
Col. Charles B. Paris Miss Warren Mills
Charlf-s E. Davis Jr. A. K. (twwa
J. J. Dowllng Colonel Sam Parker
Dr. F. P. Fatrchild .Tamos K. Parker
Mrs. F. P. Fairehild ' Dr. L. L. Patterson
Governor W. F. Frear E. W. Quinn
Mrs. TV. F. Frear Miss Atlin lllrli
Miss Virginia Frear Miss Hazel Rich
L/ S. Gerrish ' J.-B.sßltcliejr*^
Mis* Edna Goodwin Mrs. .1. R. Ritchey
George W; Hawklni „ Miss Vida Ross
»irs. C.co. W. Hawkins Miss B: febeffler
Mr«. h. Havselden L. W. Smith
Donald Hayselden , Roy F. Smith
Mrs. 11. D. Hazard Mr*. Roy F. .Smith '
H. I>. HPwsrtn Mrs. n. C. P. Smith
A. J. HUb°rt P. F. Sppftlel
Jcssp Howard M. It. StrPoter
Jesse Howard Jr. Mrs. C. X. Thaypr > .
Miss Nicea Howard , Mm. J. .Wnlerhouse
Mies Vern Howard Miss Pattie Waterhoucs
Miss Anna Hnber Miss Elizabeth Water.-
Master Kalnkua house .
Eddy Levy Miss Laura E. White •
Alfred C. Lewerenz Miss Katharine Whiting
Mrs. Alfred C. Lewerenz S. Wile a
J. McJ>onnld W.G.Will
Miss Grace- MacMillan 11. LA Ware
J. B. Beall ' F. S. Minott ' ' I
Mrs. J. B. B^all Mrs. F.S. Minott
Miss F. Beall M. Pray
Miss M. 1... Bpsll • Mrs. M. Pray
Miss S. Harland Harry A. Beed :
Miss Grace A. .Hughes Mrs. Harry A. Reed '
and servant \ Mrs. Sydney Smith
V\*..P. Kent A.' l. Sire,
Mrs. . W\. -P. Kent and Mrs. A; I.' Sire and
nurse. | maid
Miss Anne Kent
". B. lucersoll I Mrs. F. B. Incrersoll ;
Dr. I). L. Anderson | H. M. MacCracken
Urs. P. I*. Anderson | Mrs. 11. M. MaoCracken
Dr. Frances F. Cattelt
Dr. " George B.' AnclP' Mlmk Gprtrude Ma«far-'
Miss (Jrace P. Arm- lan»
strong ' - Dana Q.-McCpmb +„ ' \u25a0\u0084
Miss Jane w. Benedict Mrs. Dana Q." McCotnb
Miss F. K. lieslcy Dr. E. B. McDanlel .
Law Brooks Mrs. E. B. MoPaniel
Shan . ' . anil infant
Mrs. Chi Shan and in- Fred McDaniel
fant ' ..' Miss Helen McPaniel
it: T. Clpgg Mrs.' McMillan
Mrs. M. S. Daniels Mrs.' Lee D.^Mariel ' *
Miss Mary P. Daniels I-ouls E.M arie >
Tohn K. Danbenspeck v . H. Nltz -~ •:.'.: ?** : :
Harold F. Dennisron ; Mrs.W. O. North
Daniel Dpnnfstonr Ross North •<\u25a0 '
ilrs. P. I)pnniston: : :\u25a0 Miss Julia r North • .'•\u25a0
Mrs. Pnpree- • - - Dr. Willy. Osrermeyer >:
Frank Edwards " E. C. Roberts:
ilrs.Mahala A.' French. Rpv. C. E. Rath '
Urs. Gatlin v R. P. Schwerin and
Frederick G. Gessner yalet .
ressy, B. Gessner - Ralph D. Smith
3. T. Grimes , Miss Catherine Verdery
rpw Fong Tow. R.'* A:- Walker, V .
Miss Ruth Klnerim \u25a0 Mrs. R; A: Walker ' '\u25a0
'. U: King. . ' Miss Elixabeth kWIIHs /f
iVHHnni K. Lingo ' Andrew, G.Yanker *' •
3arid W. Luras v \u25a0\u25a0;--\u25a0 ; ; . *>r':
\, . : - : JOIN AT HONOLULU! •. : : ' ;r; r ;
M. Reichnsann I Mrs.C.'A.'Rlckman
r. Rickman,: .--\u25a0. I . ; -
Dnnuisre Conflnril to One Hold .'.- '•: •
The> officers whose heroic efforts
aved^'the steamer • St. .Nicholas from
estruction .by ; fire^ felt_ rewarded . for
heirstoil;: yesterday' wheVi* a J survey-'of
he cargo, showed .that ; the. damage tito
reight by - fire '\u25a0 and -water vhadHbeen
onflned4argely : ,to N<>. ,2:hold "andithat
he : dam.?.e«o -\u25a0 to . < th<* ' ?h?n C-/ 1 t«»«»if - f - was
merely nominal. «In --the hold where
the fire; w?a the cargo consisted 'of
steer beams, rags and liquors, g From
the rags and liquors the ; salvage will
be infinitesimal. The damage to the'
ship will be repaired before the steam- !
er leaves thes China basin wharf; ;
Chunk of Schooner ...Float*' Away
. Anj\doubt as to. whether the schoon-.
er Annie E. Smale will be a total loss
.was settled yesterday - when the '. after !
ena of the schooner broke off and went
floating awqy. On the " : severed- chunk
there is one mast standing.. Three
masts rand the. greater -part of :the
schooner's, hull- are still on the rocks ;
under Point Reyes, where the schooner
came to afull stop early last Saturday
mornfhg. Wireless notices of the
breaking away of : part of the -vessel
have been sent broadcast by the hydro
graphic office, as the derelict is. con
sidered a grave danger to navigation.
Water Front IVotea
- The Pacific C&ast steamship com-!
pany's Umatilla, which sailed yester
day for Seattle, carried about 200 pas
sengers. "»
Receipts of lumber yesterday by sea
amounted to 1.710,000 feet.
' The Norwegian steamer Rygja. Cap
tain Svendaen, arrived yesterday with
freight from China and Japan for the
Pacific Mail, company.' Before going to
pier 42 the Rygja was taken over to
the quarantine station, where- its after
storeroom was fumigated for me pur
pose of killing any rats that might
have taken" up their quarters there.
The Kosmos liner fe'etos left Bremen
Jul" 9 for this port...
!'.. ' Colller'n Departure Delayed
HONOLULU, July* 12.— The departure
of the collier Prometheus, which came
here from Mare Island navy yard to
tow the cruiser Chattanooga to San
Francisco, will be delayed for about
two weeks on. account of -trouble with
its engines which developed on the
way to Honolulu. The, Chattanooga lost
its propeller and will be towed to Mare
island for repairs. • . . -
By' United Wlrelcno
. Tuesday, July 12.
STEAMER GOVERNOR — From San Francisco
July .11* for San Diego; July 11,9 p. in. ,27
miles south- of Pigeon ; . point. Misty .aud
northwest wind. \u25a0-"• \u25a0„'\u25a0\u25a0'
July 0, for HIlo; July; 11, 8 p. in.. 500 miles
\u25a0 off San Franciwo. Clmidy; nortflwest wind
" end swell."- . : '•\u25a0\u25a0 '
BRITISH STEAMER ASIA— From Honolulu; for
• San Francisco; July 11, S p. ,m., 1,400 miles
off San J Francisco. All well.
STEAMER SIERRA— From San Francisco July
!>. for Honolulu: July 11. Bjp. in.. 847 miles
off San Frnncisco lightship. Fresh northeast
wind; smooth;, overcast sky; dark, gloomy
..weather; barometer. 30:32; temperature, GO.
tie, for San Francisco; July 11,-8 p. m.. off
• Cape Arago. Cloudy; light . northwest wind.
and smooth; barometer, 30.00; temperature, 08.
STEAMER HYADES— From San Francleco July
•](),. for Seattle and Tacoma; July 11, 8 p. m..
. 10 miles off Cape Blanco. .Light northwest
wind: rough liead sea; barometer, 30.00; tein
•".. peratnro *>4.
STEAMER FALCON— From San Francisco July
9."^for Astoria: July .11. 8 -p. m.. off Hecate
heads. Northwest wind and foggy.
STEAMER KLAMATH— From Astoria, for San
Pedro; July 11. S:."» p. m.. 30 miles north
west of St. (Gorges reef. Strong northwest
- wind; cloudy and smooth.
TOW — From San Francisco July 10. for Sont
tltsJuly 11. 0 p. mi 21 miles! north of Mendo
clfio. Cloudy; light i northwest wind and
swell; barometer, 2!t. 81; tetnperature, 57.
Items of Interest to Mariners
of- the Pacific
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
EUREKA, Jnly 12.— Pacific Coast steamship
company's liner State of California arrived from
San Francisco at 2:2.V p. irt." today after being
delayed outside the bar several hours on account
of low wa"ter. — \u25a0 - . -.'\u25a0-:- - \ \u25a0 -
Power schooner Katata arrived from the Requa
eaunery on thp Klamatli .river early this after
noon with, canned salmon and- dairy produce. \u25a0
Steam schooner Katherine departed for San
Francisco at :i:4O o'clock this afternoon with
mail and a cjtko of rodwood lumber loaded at
the Bayside mill. . \u0084 —
.Steam -schoone r Kulton. carrying' lumber from
Samoa, crossed out for Monterey.
Steam schooner J. J. Ix'jrgle is due from Ran
Francisco late » this oveniii-r or early .tomorrow
morning with mail.' It will load redwood lum
ber for the return . trip.
American schooner S..T. Alexander, which sr
rived about a week ago from British Columbia,
is at the Buhnc wharf r discharging its cargo
of coal. It will go to one of the bay mills
to load a cargo of railroad ties for Salinu Cruz,
Steamer G. C I.indauer, Captain A. Andresen,
is to load redwood lumber at the Occidental mill
of; McKa.r ""A:Y Co.\ and leave Monday. The Lln
daucr i* owned and operated -by Wilson Broth
era of San Francisco, who also own and operate
the steamer "Ncwburg. which . recently . took a
crrsro of lumber at the Occidental mill. • -
McKay & Co. have chartered a ship from Wil
son Brrithers to take-shipments of lumber from
tiif» Eureka mill this summer. It is not known
which of th<* two ships, the Newburg or ;the
.I.lndaucr, will make \u25a0\u25a0 ipgular trips: here or
whether both vessels will call from time •to
\u25a0time. . \u25a0 •
\u25a0--St*» am schooner J. J. Logrgie, which formerly
operated for the McKay company, which -was
heavily Interested In it, is now carrying lumber'
from this port to -San Francisco under charter
to other lumber companies.
PORTLAND. July 12.— With its deckload-of
asphalt barrels piled high up like haystacks and
the combers washing her from \u25a0.stem. to stern,
the steam schooner Claremont plowed through a
fierce northwest gale for three. days on Its way
from San Francisco to. this port, arriving this
morning. Captain- Christiansen says that he has
never seen a fiercer gale, on this coast at this
time of year. . . ."-.
The China import and export lumber 'company
has opened offices' in the Lumber Exchange
building, having closed, its offices in Tncoma,
and has announced that tli<» 'British tramp
steamer Kivcnlale will. 'sail from Seattle tonight
for this, port to load lumber.
Major Jay J. Morrow,". -corps of engineers," :
.Knifed States army, 'sailed this morning .from ;
Seat'tle'on the tender Columbine for southeastern
Ala«kn and ias far west as .Prince William
sound. He will be gone about a month and will
inspect . lighthouse " construction work there ,and
look over sites for acetyien* 1 beacons. ' "V
; With a full cargo of general freight and four
Columbia river fishing boats which it will take in
tow at "Astoria, the i steamer Golden (Jafe. Cap
tain Schneider, sailed tonißht for Tillamook. . .
Laden with general,, cargo, the gas schooner
Wllhelmina... Captain. Tyler, sailed '.tonight for
the Sluslftw, nwl :.Y*quina bay. Freight offer
ings were so ' heavy this week for • those " places
that the craft will not, be able to take all that
is on the; dock for it.' - ' V
I Carrying. a large; list of ' passengers and. a full
cargo of, freight, 'the 'Rose City sailed
this morning on its first trip to San Pedro. - It
passed the steamer Beaver on its way up _ the
river . from , San Pedro. • •
ABERDEEN, July. 12.— Steamer M. S. Dollar
arrived today -from""" San Francisco and will-load
1,81)0.000 1 feet of lumber here and at Hoquiani
for China. -The remainder will be loaded on. the
sound. "'-\u25a0': '-/-.' .'--"-\u25a0-\u25a0 .' ' -^ \u25a0•\u25a0
Schooner Sequoia reached here today from the
Hawaiian Islands. \u25a0 ' ;-\, \u25a0 ' . '- ".'
Schooner Borealis. which has been lying In the
stream ; for several days,. has-been taken to load
for the- Hawaiian islands. ' . ' • • '
. Schooner \u25a0 Sehome,. at San Pedro, has been
chartered for lumber- from Grays. Harbor for,
Santa Rosalia by Compagnin dn Boleo. - .
Steamers "Tamalpals and'Helene and schooner
Wa wona made ' port Sunday. ." all " pro<^eeding ito
various harbor \u25a0 mills to load.- The Tamalpais, ;
which; comes . to Aberdeen I from San Francisco, ' Is'
loading for: this ftort nt.tlie E.. K. Wood mill.
Itwilt take a capacity cargo. .;.
: Steamer .Ilelehe.iis also from Pnn \u25a0 Francisco
and docked; at, the Hoqulam lumber a^d shingle
company for San Francisco. - -,
" Schooner -Wa wona, which made port after 1 - a
run of 24 days from San Diego., is loading with
the Aberdi*n* lumber and shingle CTmpany for.
San Diego. , :\u25a0 . ;\u25a0:-;.'- - ; . ': \u25a0
\u25a0 LOS "ANGELES,- ! July 12.— "Arrived— Steamers
Beat, from Portland; Governor, f rom Puget
sound ; William -* H.i * Murpl'y.' from Eureka ;
Phoenix, from Albion. '-\u25a0 \u25a0"-\u25a0>\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 ; \u25a0•-.;- . „
. Sailpd-^-Steamers George \\ .- Klder. for Port
land-; Carlos, if or. Grays Harbor; Arctic, for San
frnnclpro-.r Whittier. , for, 'Ventura: " James vS. f
Higgins.:for ' Fort } Brags: Dollar, for
fledond^ beach; Grsce Dollar, for Redondo beach;
Hanalel. for -San -Francisco. , •
' "SEATTLE,; July i 12.— Arrived— Steamer - Ber
tha Valdex;;: steamer Tiverton,, San Francisco;'
seamer • Tallac. : San Francisco." i '•: '\u25a0'• •'.
( ; Sailed— United y- States ' steamship ; Columbia.
Alaska: J steamer City,'' of.- Pnebla^San* Francisco;
steamer. Spokane^Skagway;'^::.; \u25a0 ;
TACOMA, 'Jnly "12.— Arrived-I-Jap"anese steam-"
cr < Taeoma ; Marn. .Yokohama^- . -'.%. .;" ' -\u0084v.,v
i Departed— Steamer; \u25a0 City 'of t Puebla, . sound
ports: ;\u25a0 steamer ..-Dirigo. Seattle.- ' .. ..
' \u25a0•'; PORTLAND, \u25a0.'iJnIyI^ 12.— Arri ved— Steamer Bea-'
rer.j Sans Pedro, and. San -Francisco; 1 Bteatner.:Ep
rekai - Eureka ; f steamer <*W. l S. 1 " Porter. San Fran- 5
lcsco;\ steamer 1 Falcon.* Sau Francisco. ,
~i :Sailed-^S'teamer^ißof«e ' City. V.San Franciscn;
steamer? Golden ~* Gate/:; Tillamook ; •\u25a0\u25a0 steamer • Sue
H.^Klmoro.^'.Tillamook ;,'-! steamer, 1 ,;
Sluslaw ; '" " steamer ' \u25a0' ClaremoiTt, v Grays :*;• llnrbor ;
steamer • Saginaw. . Willapa harbor Nome
City. San Francisco. -' .? : ...\u25a0 , : \u25a0-'...\u25a0:*.'-
Q ASTORIA, Jnly 12«— Steamer Fal«m arrived
this morning from . San •; Francisco with freight
from the east that came over. the Mexican .line.
Steam schooners - Northland and i Rainier : are
due this i evening from • San :•" Francisoc : to load
lumber.'-' • *.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 •\u25a0'; ; \u25a0 „- • "\u25a0\u25a0 -\u25a0 " •> \u25a0 ' .-\u25a0
Steamer -Beaver arrived this morning from
San : Francisco ..with \u25a0 freight \u25a0'\u25a0 and passengers. f
Eureka arrived this morning; from
Eureka and Coos bay wifl» freight and passen
gers.V. -^ .:\u25a0'\u25a0-;\u25a0.;\u25a0,'\u25a0- '. "-",.'...'\u25a0 •-'' ", \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0
• Steamer ' George ! XT." Fenwiek . cleared at the
custom honw» today, with, a cargo of 2.000.000 feet
of | lumber I loaded at : the Hammond • lumber, com
pany's "mill for San Pedro, ..and with a raft in
tow having ..7,OW,<K>O fe«t of piling for San
Francisco. \u25a0\u25a0. • , \u25a0- - : "•. \u25a0'- .. - \u25a0 . , \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•' \u25a0..- -
' The Meslcjin flag floated in the Columbia river
for the ; first .time . this \u25a0 morning In the ' history
of the port, so far. as -the oldest citizen*, can re
member. ' ' It ' was i on'; the tug Coll ma.* bound for
Seattle/ stopping \u25a0- In to secure some ;. fuel ' coal,
which \u25a0 expects to leave this evening. .
The fate •of the schoouer David Evans, that
was reported in. distress off • the mouth of the
Columbia river- Monday afternoon, short oj pro
visions and wanting a' tug, is not known. The
bar ,tug,Oneonta- hastened to give assistance and
stayed, out' -all 'night in search, but without
elghtlug.it. \u25a0 The. night was rlear^and the .tug
ran. well off shore and l>aek again several tinres.
It'seems improbable that it should have been in
dlstressfor provisfons when two steam schooners
and, two oil tank steamer* spoke it and received
nothing from . them. It Is more than possible
that it lost .its bearings and mistook: the en
trance for. that of Grays Harbor, and that the
master , stood . off shore to get a slant for the
proper entrance' when be learned where he was.
. . .Army Transports
The Buford left Seattle June 20 for Alaska.
The Crook is at Manila. ,
•' The Disc is on Puget sound. .
The L«gan is. at Manila.
The Sheridan is in port. "-. v
-' The Sherman sailed July .5 for Manila and^ar
rived July 12 at Honolulu. .
The Thomas .is 'In* port. --"' '\u25a0-.'• - \u25a0 »'
* ' : The. Warren 'is "*at Manila.
Chnrißf of Master*
, ,-Stmr Daisy— Old master, E. G. Ahhtrom; new
master, U. B. Smith. . .
Stmr National City— Old master, A. D. Hlg
gins; new, master.' H. Mlchelsen.
, Schooner . Kuby— Old master, C. Calhoun: new
master. 11. C. Guth.
Schooner Spokane — Old master, R. Dick; new
mn«ter. C.'.S. I/em*en. \u25a0 ' . : •
'\u25a0 ' Enrollment— Steamer Melrose; master,"* N.
Murchlsou.' \u0084 -o .-\u25a0-.• ; .'
j Depth "at mean low water, entrance to harbor.
; rLACK | Ft. I Date | Remarks '
• — . 1" ,18 feet '. at mean low
Grays liar .17 June 10 water In channel to
. • . . . \u25a0•;'•[. ' Aberdeen. - .
Wlllapn B[ 27 |May 301- ......................
Colum. R~. ["24 |May~2l| .'.
Nehalin- HI S iFeb. 2|Bar buoy 200 yards N.
-\u25a0-\u25a0:'\u25a0. I • I I channel. '
Tillmk 8.l 0 Dec. 17 Channel shifted 1 mile
\u25a0 [I south in gale Nov. 28.
• Nun buoy No. 0 and
Vaqulna B 12 ' Apr. 19 buoy. No. 3 gone
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 adrift. .
Sluslaw R| 4'^lJune *3[Channel going north.
Umpqua Rj 0 jMay 31|Whlstin(? bnoy "not
(I working well.
12 feet at low tide to
Coos Bay. 18 June -3 North Bend: 12 feet
• ' • at low tide to Marsh
:" \u25a0-. field.
Cofpillle-R| - S .[June llphaunel straight. ~
Rogue K.J 3 |Apr. 27|Channer uhlfting north.
Klamth Rl ClMay 15|Channel shifting to
••\u25a0'•'-( I - I southward. -
Hnibldt Bj~l7~jJune 2!Sboal 300~~ft>et ,< WNW.
. ; ( . ( | black; gpar buoy.
S Pedro B | 20 [May 31|Xo change In channel.^
S Dlepo B| 2S',j|Apr. l|Xo change in channel."
S I'ablo Bl 24 IDec. llDepth in dredged chan
:r-\ I I nel.
: : ' Tuesday. July 12. .
• Stmr J. B. Stetson, Sears. 39 fcours from San
Pedro"; ballast to H.*J. Knowles.
"Nor stmr • Rygja: Svendsen, from Hongkong,'
via Yokohama IS days; merchandise to Portland
aud Asiatic steamship company.
Stmr Lucy "Sett. KHtgaard, PS hours from
Everett; bound south." put in for fuel.
Stinr Virginian. Greene. O'j days from ftalina
Cruz, via s>an Dlezo r?6 h»urs; merchandise to
Williams. Dlmon-1 & Co,
Scur- Monterey. Kelly, . 14 hotlM from Monte
rey; lit. ooo barrels oil to Associated, transporta
tion company, in ton- of tug Navigator.- •
- 0 S stmr Sheridan. Healy, U7 days S hours
4<5 minutes from Manila: via Nagasaki 21 days
Hi honrs 27 minutes, via Honolulu 7 days ft
honrs :tl minutes;- passengers; to . United States
government. *• . -
Stmr Santa Monica. Olsen. 3* hours from Re
dondo bench: ballast to .1. R. Haaify. "
Stmr Ceutralla, 'Erickson. 64 hours from Grays
harbor: bound south, put in for fuel and pas
sengers. •„' \u25a0\u25a0 , • . -\u25a0 \u25a0 .
"Stmr Newburgr. Xorberg. 54 hours from Grays
Harbor: 4(5">, 000 feet lumber to S. E. Slade. lum
ber company. j " .
Sohr Advent. Olsen. 4ij days from Coos bay;
570.000 feet lumber to Simpson lumber company.
\u25a0 Stmr Shoshdne. Asplund, 04 hours from Asto
ria: r>73, 000 feet lumber to Charles R. McCor
mick. - \u25a0 • " -
Stmr South Coast. Olsen. IB hours from Cas
par: lumber to Caspar lumber comp^uy, up rirer
direct. ••; -'*• ' . . • ' - .
. • • Tucsdav. July 12. i
Stmr Umatilla. Rpilly. Victoria, etc.; Taciflc
Coast steamship company. ...-\u25a0'-• : i
Stmr Watson. Grifßth. ,Sau \u25a0 Pedro; Alaska-
Pacific, ste^nship company.
Stmr. ' Admiral .Sampson, Bartlett, Seattle;
Alaska-Pacific steamship company.
Tuesday. July 12.
Stmr Admiral Sampson. Bartlett, Seattle and
Taroma. ;'\u25a0' ''\u25a0;_\u25a0
Rtmr Santa Monica, Olsen.' Grays. Harbor. -'• .
Stmr N'ationa.lfCity.-Michelsen. Fort Bragg.
J.^Stmr Prentiss.. Ivprnon. Eureka. .
.Stmr Xorvrnod. Martin. <!rays Harbor. .
Stmr Cascom.- Ahlln. Astoria. ' . .
Stmr Centralla. Krickson. San Pedro. . '
Stmr Umatilla. Reilly. Victoria, etc.
Stmr .Manchuria. Saunders, Honolulu, Yoko
hama and Hongkong.
y ; Stmr Watson. Griffith? San Pedro.
June 20, in. la t 407 X. long 27 45 W. Fr bark
Xord.' from'lqulfiu?. sfor DoTer. '
- POINT LOBOS. Jnlr. 12. 0 a., in. — Weather
thick:" wind southwest, . velocity 12 . miles per
POIXT, LOBOS. .Tilly 12. 12* m.— Weather
fojrpy ;.' wind southwest.-- velocity 12 miles per
POINT, LOBOS. July 12, 3 p. m.— Weather
fojrsy; wind southwest, velocity 13 miles per
hour. •-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0• - ' y \u25a0 ,;\u25a0 -' ' :- \u25a0.-.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0- • ' : "
•POIXT^REYKS;. JuIy, I2. 9 a. m.— Weather
Stock of .'
Bunker Hill and Sullivan
Mining and: Concentrating Co.
-* Communicate with .
. ; Members of N«w York Stock Exchange,
\u25a0 WESTERN UNION; CODE.- '- y
j.e. WilSon
\u25a0 .... '\u25a0' MEMBER :.. . : . : .
f'\u25a0 '\u25a0,\u25a0\u25a0 Main Office, ; . 'Branch Offices, '..' ",
' \u25a0 CorrespoTKlents t " B fMaln Corridor)^
HARRIS, WINTHROP f San Francisco.
\u25a07~^ : & co.; .-,.-.• \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0':\u25a0\u25a0 - " "\.
New York. Chicago, HOTEL ALEXANDRA.
; London and Paris. ,<v Los Angelee,' Ctl.-i
,490 Calif drnia St. Tel. Douglas 2487
St. Francis ' Hotel. Tel. Oonxlaa 3882
Members of New York Stock Exchange '
; Pioneer; House;; .. . :;
Private Wire to Chicago and
::./\u25a0. [ York . -.'"v.-;'
R. E. MULCAH V, Manager :
foggy; wind northwest, Telocity six miles per
hour. .-:-•". .;• •.. * • ;
\u25a0: FARALLOXES 1 , July 12, 9 a. m. — Weather
cloudy; wind north west, Telocity 20 miles per
hour. ;
TATOOSH, July 12. 0 a. m.— Weather partly
cloudy; wind south, \u25a0 Telocity 14 miles per honr.
POINT REYES. July 12. 5 ,p. m.— Weather
foggy; wind north west, Telocity 10 miles per
hour. -•* . "v \u25a0 ' - • ;•-.'
. FABALLOXES. July 12, 5 p.' m.— Weather
cloudy; wind northwest," velocity f oar miles per
hour. v.- j
POIXT LOBOS, July 12/ 5 p.' m.— Weather
fogsry ; wind southwest, Telocity 12 miles p*r
hour.- - \u0084. \u25a0 •. .-. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ..-\u25a0•..\u25a0\u25a0, - .
i TATOOSH, July 12, 6 p. m.— Weather ckmdy;
wind southwest, velocity 12 miles per hour.
POIXT LOBOS. July 12, 10 p. ro.— Weather
**>g?y; wind southwest, Telocity 12 miles per
hour. ' .- '•. " . , \u25a0 \u25a0
TACOMA— Arrived July 12— Stmr Tacom\
Mara, from Yokohama.
; SEATTLE— Arrived July 11— Stmr Dirigo. from
Tacoma. July 12— Stmr Bertha, from Ketchl
kan. \u25a0 ,-,-..
Sailed July 11 — Stmr Dolphin, for Skagway.
July 12— Br stmr Riverside, for -.
Sailed July 12— U S stinr Columbine, for
WESTPORT— Arrived July 12— Br stmr 31. S.
Dollar, bence July 6.
Barbound July 12— Bktn Jane L. Stanford.
Passed out July 12— Stmr Thomas L. Wand,
for San Pedro; bktn Jaue L. Stanford, for Re
dondo beachv \u25a0
Passed . inward July 11 — Schr Sequoia, from
Ililo. \u25a0 \u25a0 . - . .
, BAXDOX— ArrITed July 12— Stmr Bandon,
hence July 9.
Sailed July 12— Stmr Elisabeth, for San Fran
ASTORIA— Arrived July 12— Stmr Eureka,
from Eureka; Hex tug CoUnia, from Manzarilllo.
via San Pedro, for Seattle for fael; stmr Falcon,
hence July 9: stmr Beaver, hence July 10.
Sailed July 12 — Stmr Rose City, for San Fran
cisco; stmr .Mian Poulsen. for San Francisco.
WILMIXGTOX— ArriTed July 12— Stmr Olson
& Mahony. from San Pedro. •\u25a0"*.
- CLALLAM— In July 12— Stmr Titerton, hence
July 8 tor Ludlow.
ABERDEEX— Arrived July 12— Er stmr SI. S.
Dollar, hence July 6.
\u25a0\u25a0' WTtAXOELL— Arrived July 11— Stmr City of
Seattle, from Skagway. for ' Seattle.
Arrived July 12— Stmr Queen, from Skapway.
SAX DlEGO— Sailed July 12 — Stmr Marshlleld,
for Enscnatln. . »-».,
TATOOSH— Passed In July 12— Stmr Xorth
western, from Valdez. for Seattle; Br stmr
Prince George, hence July 9 for Victoria.
EUREKA— SaiIed July 12— Stmr Fulton, for
Santa Cruz; stmr Katherine. for San Francisco.
Arrlvld Jnly 12— Stmr State of California,
hence July 11. ,
KETCHIKAX— Arrived Ji4y 11— Stmr City of
Seattle, from Skagway. for Seattle; stmr Cot
tage City, from Seattle, for Skagway; stinr
Xorthland. from Seattle.
FORT BRAGG— Arrived July 12— Stmr Xoyo.
hence July 11.
CRESCEXT— Passed In July 12— Jap stmr Ta
coma Maru, from Yokohama, for Seattle.
In July 12 — Stmr Carmel, hence July 8 for
Ludlow. -
PORT SAX LUlS— Arrived July 12— Stmr
Wellesley. from San Pedro.
Sailed July 12 — Stmr Santa Maria, for San
Francisco. - , - •'
SAN PEDRO— Arrived July 11— Stmr Helen P.
Drew, from Eureka; stmr Hanalei, hence July
$>; stmr Mandalay, hence July 9; stmr Grace
Dollar, from Albion; strar Arctic, hence July 9.
. T.» sail July 12— Stmr Grace Dollar, for Re
dondo beach.
Arrived July 12— Stmr Bear; stmr Governor,
hem-? July 11; stmr Phoenix, from Westport.
Sailed July 12 — Stmrs Helen P. Drew and Arc
tic, for Redondo beach; stmrs Hanalei and
James S.- Hlfrjrins. for San Francisco; stmr G. W.
Elder, for San'-Franci«co. .
TACOMA— Sailed July 11— Stmr Maverick, for
San FrancUon; stiur IHrigo, for Seattle.
Arrived July 12 — Schr Ottillle Fjord, from
Sailed July 12— Stmr City of Puebla. for San
Francisco, via Seattle.
TOWXSEND— Passed inward July 12— Jap
stmr Taeoma Maru. from China and Japan, for
Seattle; stmr Carmel. hence JnTy S for Hadlock.
lIILO — Sailed July 11 — Stmr Columbian, for
Salina Crna.- \u25a0 \u25a0 • . -
HONOLULU— Arrived July 12— Stmr Wllhel
mtna. hence July G: stmr China, hence Jnly «:
US stmr Sherman, henoe July .".
HONOlAiLi:— Sailed Jnly 12— Stmr China, for
Having sold over $5,000,000 of the following de-
scribed bonds, we offer, the unsold portion, subject to sale
and advance in price, at 93^4 and accrued interest:
First Mortgage Five Per Cent Gold Bonds
Dated August 1, 1909. Due August 1, 1949. Optional on any interest
payment date at 110 and interest. Interest payable February 1 and
August 1 in New York. Denomination $1,000. Coupon bonds
with' privilege of registration of principal or fully reg- -
istered bonds, interchangeable. Pending the
issuance of permanent bonds, temporary
certificates will be delivered. United
States. Mortgage and Trusts-
Company, Trustee.
For complete information regarding* these bonds attention' is
called to the letter of Mr. George W. Bacon, President of the Com-
pany, copies of which will be furnished on request, and from which
we summarize as follows : * : -.#":\u25a0
• The Sierra & San Francisco Power Company owns and operates
important electric water power properties near San Francisco, and a
supplementary steam station in that city, which will have a combined *
capacity,. as i completed during the present year, of 68,500 horsepower.
ThisV'with a small amount of power leased and additional steam
equipment to be installed next year, will bring the total capacity up
to 78,000 horsepower. .
The above bonds are secured by a first mortgage lien on the
entire property of the Company, which represents a cash investment
or more than $10,000,000, increased by $1,000,000, which will be - \u25a0
expended toward additional distributing and generating facilities. -
Against this total cost of over $11,000,000 only $6,500,000 First Mort-
gage Bonds can be issued, and the conservative provisions of the
Trust Deed insure the preservation of this equity.
1 The Company has made a contract extending until 1953 with the
United Railroads, which does over 90 per cent of the entire street i
railway business of San Francisco, *to supply the latter with all the
power necessary for the operation of its system. This contract is
.deposited under the mortgage securing these bonds, and without ;\u25a0'.
taking into consideration the present earnings or income to be derived r
from the sale of current for general purposes throughout the territory
served, the net income Jrom this contract alone will more than pro-
vide for the interest on the First Mortgage Bonds.
v San ' Francisco, principal, market for the Company's power,
has a population of over 400,000, is the metropolis of the Pacific Coast \u25a0'\u25a0
and is rapidly growing in importance and population.
Price V&lz and Interest
Special Descriptive Circular . on Request j
Harris Trust and Savings Bank
ORGANIZED AS N. W. HARRIS & CO., 1882. Incorporated 190?- £
N. W.HARRIS &C 6 .; N.W. HARRIS & CO. ; :
• 'New York Boston:
too bead Horseshw Bar Brand Mares, welsrht
from 1.100 Jto 1.400 poondo.. The b«mt bone<t
and best bred stork on the coast. Al>w> 34 t>ea<l
; of 2. S ami 4 year old Mules, from 050 to 1.20 ft ,
j punnds- ' ' \u25a0'• " • "• "
Sijle will \u25a0 take place at Hornn'a Sale Yard, '
10th ami Bryant sts.. at 11 a. m.. WEDNESDAY.
E. STEWART &. CO.. Auctioneer*.
1 \
s& i& j^
5S head of all purpose horse* and mares. *
head mules, 5 beat! of poa!e». 'J3 wagons. 5
bns?ies. 6 carts; all must b« sold WEDNESDAY.
July 13. 11 a. m. 357 4th gt.. Oakland.
Yokohama and Hongkong.
.ArrWed July 12—.Stmr Lurline. benve June 2?».
NEW YORK— ArrlTed July 11—Stmr Panama,
from Colou.
\u25a0 COMOX—ArrITPd July 12—Br stmr ITince
"tipert. from Prince Rupert, for Vaia-ooTtr.
TALTAL—Arrived Julj 11—Br stmr Trtn
culo. from Tooopilla.
CALLAO—Sailed July 12—G>r stmr Radames.
for San Francisco.
VICTORIA—ArriTed July 12—Br stmr Princ»
Oeorye. hence July 0; Br stnrr Oceano, ftonj
Saltel July 12—Br bark BankSeld. for Lyttle.
tou. Australia. ;.- \u25a0 ...-*- '
SYDNEY—Arrived prior to July 12—Br stmr
Century, hence Jnne 1. ria Auckland: Br stme
Manuka, from Vancouver, via Honolulu.
PORT NATAL —Arrived prior «» Jnly 12—Be
«tmr Maylands, from New York, etc.. for Ma
ILOlLO—Sailed July &— Br stmr Inwclyde,
for New Xptk.
COLOMBO —ArriTed prior to July 11—Fr stmr
Aimral Uamelin. from Antwerp, for Saa Fran
i cisoo. via China and Japan.
Sailed July B—Br8 —Br stmr St. Georse. fe>r Hioso.
BREMEN—SaiIed July o—Ger0 —Ger stmr Seto«, for
San Francisoo.
Cl'XHAVEN—Sailed June 23—Fr bark Da»ut
d'Anpera. f«r San Diego and Portland.
HAMBURG—SaiIed June 25— Br ship Brrtls«h
Isles, for Santa It<>«alia.
UAZAXLA9I —In port July 7—Br stmr River
Forth, from Baltimore: expects to sail July 18
for Noyo. Cal.
GUAYMAS —Arrived Jone 20 —Nor stmr Tran
sit, from Salina Crua.
NEW YORK —Arrived July 12—Stmr Bremen,
from Bremen: stmr Oscar 11, from Copenhagen;
stair Ancona, from Genoa; stmr Minneapolis,
from London.
Sailed July 12 —Stmr Kaiser' Wllbelm drr
Grouse, for Bremen: stmr Potsdam, for Rotter
MARSEILLES—Arrived July 12—Stmr Titbit,
from Tacoma and Seattle, for Liverpool.
Sailed July o—Stmr0 —Stmr Roma, for New York.
LIVERPOOL—SaiIed July 12—Stmr Carmanla.
for New Yorfc.
GIBRALTAR*— Arrived Jnly 12—Stmr Crrtic.
from New York, for Naples and Genoa.
BREMEN—Arrived July 12—Stmr Kaiser Wil
helm 11. from New York.
BOSTON—Sailed July 12—Stmr Cymric, tot
LiTer P° o!-
POINT REYES. July 12— Schr Annie E. Sm»>.
preTlously reported ashore and wrecked here. I*
parti} breaking: cp. Half of stern and one ma»t
: have drifted away, which I* dangerous to narl
1 cation.
i VICTORIA, July 12.— 8r stmr Prtnce Rupert
ptt into Comox this mornins with machinery dis- .
ASTORIA. Jnly 12— Mex tv? Collma. from
Manzanillo. Ti.i San Pedro, for Seattle, put l:i
here at 0 this morning for fuel.
MONTEVIDEO. July 12.— Fr bark Bayard.
from Brest, for Orezon. was spoken in Tat 34 55.
Ion? o'2 \V. in distress. Tng sent from here tr»
Its assistance.
\u25a0William Walker claimed Montgomery oat r>f
a rare at Empire City for $1,270. bat the «o«
of Pespara did not remafn in hi* stable lonp.
as S«m nildreta bought bint back at an ad-
Taace. Walker d<v» not play favorites when it
comes to adrtinsr tohts «trln?-
Rocky O'Brien, the *tar of the "Plunser"
McManiis stable la«t season, has b<*cn soraeTrhat
of a disappointment thl* year. The ptUer d.^y
at Yonier* he «rted badly at tlw <<tarr t:nl
would not run kindly, the boy finally polling
him up.
SEBGEA2TT DIES— San Diego. July 12.— Fir»t
Sorceant Ja- A. Peokham. One Hundred and
Fifteenth -company, coast artillery. U. S. .%..
on duty at Fort Rojecran*. died suddenly thti
morning of bronchial trouble. He enlisted at
I l>etrolt. Mich.

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