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In the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys
Officials Declare Orientals Are
Responsible for Attempts
to Derail Trains
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
VALLEJO. July 12. — Sheriff .T. J-
McDonajd and the Southern Pacific de
tectives, who have been working for
the last few days in an endeavor to
ascertain wht made the several at
tempts to wreck trains in the vicinty
pf Suisun last week, have come to the
conclusion that the crimes were com
mitted by Hindus formerly in the em
ploy of the company, but who were
discharged a few days before the first
effort was made to derail a train.
One Hindu is in jail, and although
hr denies any knowledge of the crime
the officers are confident that they
have the right man.
A search is being made for three
other Hindus who vrere with him on
the days that the rails and ties were
fastened across the tracks.
Ralph Hunneweil and Walter
Cooper in Accident
[Special Dispatch to The Cell]
VAL.LEJO, July 12.— Ralph Hunne
well the Fairneld attorney who is seek
ing the republican nomination for su
perior judge of Solano county, and
Vv'alter Cooper of Bulsun had a thrill
ing- escape frojn serious injury or death
Sunday evening while returning home
from a trip to this city.
When two mile? this side of Corde
3fa the automobile belonging to and
driven t<y Hunnewell tipped over a
high embankment, throwing both men
on top of a barbed wire fence.
AFifie from some minor scratches
\u25a0which Hunnewell received on hi? left
v.-ript neither man was injured. The
machine was quite badly damaged.
Milurday Mxrhi — l.smt Time
\u25a0: Tonight. Tbarsday ami Friday Nights sind Satur-
In the K-Mmsleal "AJTTI-MATRIMONY"
Beat Sale Opens Thursday. \ ,
Spe-eisl l"iiesEem*-nt — l>ireci from New York.
Priie band of America. The feature band of
the Pt. Ix»uiß W.-vrld"f> F*lr. Winner of ?1,000
prize »t Elks' reunion at Baltimore.
Including exc»-rpts from the operas of the day
an'! the big s«.rsg hit- r»f the hour.
in a srjfrtinn of son?*, accompan'oil by the band.
Firet performance. •Tau^t." Opera tickets at
Sherman. Clay i: Cn.'e. Onkland, and at Idora
Park. I<ir.ra Pnrk. Telegr«ph at s<3th. Oaklaad.
Fr'-m San Frnncii.ro tJ>ke Key Rout".
P«fe»t and Mn»t Magnificent Theater Jn America.
Mat. Todty and ETery Day. Every Ever at 8:15.
Marion Murray & Co. in their screaming farce,
"Tbe Films D.-mna'* BoocTBaooo": Jolly Fanny
Rir* Ju "Tbe Miniature Mimic Stage": Prlnple
& 'VThitinir. pres^entlnjc '•Breakintf into Vande-
Til'.e": Signor Travato. ""The Eccentric Violln-
ift"; la*t week Will M. t'ref*y and Blanche
I>a.rß«. presenting for the first time here Mr.
Cr*rf-r'f- latest i=ket"b. "One Night Only"; Cap-
Tain Masircilian Grtiber & Miss Adellna > Eques-
trian Review: New Orpheom Motion Pictures;
]«*t week Ix>!e Fuller's "Ballet of Light" and
Lily t>>na. the dainty English linger of dainty
*tcry «ongs.
Eroning prir*s: I<V. 25c. o(>c. Tsc. Box neatg 51.
Mstlnee prices (except Sundays and Holiday* i,
lOc. 2-V. T.r<r. Phone I>onglas 70; Home CISTO.
A ! CA7 A D - utter and Stcincr
niAjftLftH ssggsSjjgg
\u25a0 BEI^.SCO & MAYER. Owners and Managers. -
Jas. K. Hackett
In His Recent New York Success,
A Draca .of Modern Life by Hecri Bernstein.
Author of "The Thief."
f rRICEP— Night. 25" to $1: Mat. 25c to 50c.
Seats for Sale at Box Office and- Emporium.
Liberty- Equality- Fraternity
' Celebration of the 121et Anniversary
of tUe
l^.der the Auspices of (he French-American
Bf»cietle(> snd Cltlten* of San Francisco.
The 1 1 on. Henri Merotj. Consul • General of
Fran<v». H"n«Tary President of the Day.
• t the
Literary Exercise* and Cont?ert at 8 O'clock.
General Adniisition. 50c. Children Under 12. Free.
nrsn axd larkix streets
ISvrlmming and Tab Baths
Salt water direct from the ocean.- Open
erery day and ereniog. Including
and holidays, from 6 a. m. to 10 p. m. Spec-
tators' gallery free.
Natatorium reserred Tuesday and Friday
morclssc from 8 o'clock to noon for women
Ocean. Water Plunge"
Comfortably 'heated. POKCELAIK' TTTBS,
trtth hot. cold, salt and fresh . water. Each
room fitted tvitb hot and cold salt and fresh
Branch Tub Baths, 2151 Geary Et. Dear
D»*leadero. -' -^ .... . • \u25a0- ' .- .
Contractors Advertise for More
Workers to Go to Fresno
*Fruit Fields '<
FRESXO, July 12. — With the advance
of the fruit harvesting season local
Japanese contractors for field help have
discovered that men available at pres
ent are so scarce that they will be
unable to supply the demand.
Accordingly a call will be sent
throughout the state for Japanese to
come to Fresno to work. This call Is
to be in the nature of advertisements
to be inserted in. all the leading Jap
anese papers in California.
The contractors have informed the
leading growers that when the time
arrives for picking fruit there* will be
sufficient laborers on hand.
Will Ask Bids on Flushers and
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
STOCKTOX, July 12. — The city coun
cil purchased two street sweepers last
night at a cost of $450 each. The
clerk was instructed to advertise for
bids for street fiushers and sprayers,
it having been decided to displace the
sweeping brigade with machinery.
The council appropriated $339 to
provide for weekly band concerts on
the public bandstand in Hunter street
The report of City Health Officer Dr.
S. W. R. Langdon for the month, of
June shows that there was not a case
of contagious disease, which Is con
sidered remarkable for a city of this
size and especially during the «rarin
There were eight births and 16
Central Committee Issues Call
for August 27
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
VALLEJO, July 12. — At a meeting of
the democratic county central commit
tee held at Fairfleld yesterday, it was
decided to hold a county convention at
Fairfield August 27 for the purpose of
electing delegates to the state conven
tion, adopting a platform and selecting
a new county central committee.
The convention will be composed of
40 members, of whom 13 will be from
this city.
The republican county central com
mittee will met in this city tomorrow
to arrange for its county convention.
Damages Claimed for Resuming
Business After Selling
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
REDDING, July 12. — Louis Moore, a
local furniture dealer, brought suit to
day in the superior court against Cor
oner Thomas J. Houston for $10,000
damages because Houston engaged in
the furniture business after selling his
interest \n the joint business to Moore.
Moore, alleges that Houston sold with
the understanding that he would not
again engage In the business. Moore
brought a %imilar suit eight months
ago, but dismissed it because of a tech
nicality. The new suit guards against
Residents Battle Heroically
With Spreading Flames
[Special Dispatch to The Call] —
. NEVADA CITY. July 12.— Only by
the heroic efforts on the part of citi
zens of Montezuma Hill and vicinity
was that town saved yesterday from
destruction by a fire which swept down
on the town fr©m the grass fields. The
fire was set on the Kteffer and Treanor
tract, and is believed to be the work
of firebugs. The long drought has
made the country as dry as tinder and
the flames spread rapidly.
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
VALLEJO. July 12. — Local fraternal
organizations have installed officers as
Valtejo council No. 13. Younsr Ladles* Insti
tute — P«st president. Mamie Ray; chaplain.
Father Clyne; president, Nellie de Celle; first
rice president. Kate Callen: second vice presi
dent. Kate Leary; rwordlnß secretary," Dora
Grayson; financial secretary. Anna Briody: treas
urer. Mary McGuire; inarßhal. Mary Kelly: in
side sentinel. Rose l>uarte: outside sentinel. Kate
Stotter; trustees — Kate Briody, Marjfaret Mc-
Macus. Lizzie I-pe. NVllle Bowman, Minnie-Dun
phr: organist. Monica H^ffprnan. - '\u25a0 '\u25a0• -
Flor'de I'alm& council No. 73, V. P. E. C—
Prepldpnt, M. C. Borges; -vice president, -J...J.
AzaTeda; spcretary, A. A. Lpwis; treasurer, J.
Lopez; conductor. John Mattos; marshal,' M.
Souza: inride guard. Jrw^Boaren; outside" guard,
John A. Borges; trustees — Frank Brosnaban, John
Oettencourt, A. B. Sllra; physician, Dr. B. J.
Klou. .*
Sanao#et tribe No. 22, Improved Order of Red
Men— Prophet, Walter S. Pierce: sachem, Jchn
Donald; senior sagamore. William -Colvin; Junior 1
wtpamorp. Robert Walker; chief of, records,
Jamrs H. Smith; keeper of wampum. James O.
Smith; collector of wampum, T. M. Maloney: first
sannap. 11. Howe;- second nannap, A. Martinez^
(rnard of wigwam, L. Ko»6; guard of forest, C.
SACRAMENTO. July 12.— A William
Kent club will be. organized Thursday
in Sacramento for the purpospoT boost
ing Kent for the republican nomination
as congressman from the second dis
trict. Petitions \\vere circulated about
the city today and secured '• a large
list of signatures.
\u25ba- ; ; — \u2666
| Solaiio County Brevities |.
12. — Incorporated less' thtm two weeks, \u25a0 the
South A'allejo social and improvement society
\u25a0 now boasts a membership of 154. Among them
are a number of -. prominent ; women. The so
ciety ban established a clubroom and the dues
hare been fixed at the nominal sum. of ' 10
cents a month. The proceeds will be devoted
'to the repair of the streets of the 'southern
part of the city. - ' -, \u25a0 \u25a0. .• ..
»on and assignee of Dr. L. K. Cross, the owner
\u25a0of Island No. '2 "in the river north of. town/
has" rued In the superior court to recover from
Frank 1Z; Knight, who has .been in charge of
" ; the Mr reclaimed island ranch, .for ; $3,361- on
n a prosiifHory note made in 1005.--
. rlor court, at Fahfield yesterday Sheriff J. J.
McDKnald. G. A.' Bergwall and John 0. Hans-"
com, appraisers of \u25a0\u25a0 the. » estate of - Martin ; R."
. Adeti. «lecea*e»l,'' filed their inrentory.; showing
the' property. to be; worth" about $65,000. •:.>'-
Document Written in Block Let
ters With Pencil Produced^
in Contest by Widow
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTQ, July ., 12.— That the
will purporting to have Keen written
by Granville J. Furnish. and to leave
his $25,000 estate to his wife . was a'
forgery was the statement made by
the writing expert, Carl Eisenschim
mel, today at the trial, of the contest
of .the estate; in which the widow, Ade
laide Furnish," is pitted against two
cousins and an aunt, who are benefici
aries under a former will.
"Granville J. Furnish never wrote
this will; in fact, no one wrote it," was
Elsenschinimel's declaration on the
stand. "It is a drawing, a crude fab
rication, built, up piece by piece.''
The will, it is said, was found by
Mrs. Furnish in a bbok in her hus
band's library after jthe first will had
been presented for pFobate. , -It-is, writ
ten In bTock letters with a pencil with
the exception of the signature, which
is in script.
Considers Proposal to Publish
Educational Magazine
STOCKTON. July 12. — The directors
of the chamber of commerce were ad
dressed last evening by J. F. Sell g, rep
resenting the Pacific league of Califor
nia municipalities, concerning the pub
lication of a special magazine dealing
with charters and their provisions. He
asked for financial aid from the cham
ber, stating that one issue of the mag
azine Is to contain 44 pages dealing
exclusively with Stockton's charter. It
is believed that in this planner an edu
cational campaign' can be carried on
throughout the state.
Mayor R. R. Reibenstein was present
and advocated the general plan. .The
board took the matter under advise
ment.. ' ' . '•'
E. D. Quintln. who is building " a
grlass factory on Weber point, explained
that he had expended such money as he
had on hand in the construction of the
plant and asked that he be given finan
cial assistance, arguing that his in
dustry would prove a benefit to the
city. The chamber will take the mat
ter up in executive, session.
Prisoners Are Thought . to Be
Members of Gang
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTO, July 12.— Fred Miller,
19 years old, and Charles Cottan have
been arrested by Sheriff Reese as al
leged members of a gang of horse
thieves who . have been operating
around Placer Meadows,- Placer county.
The two were' captured at Emigrant
Gap shortly after selling a horse and
rig belonging to T. H-. O'Connell of
this city. - According, to young Miller,
they were hired to take the horse from
Sacramento to deliver to -some one In
Truckee. -
MM^— •- '" " \u25a0'" " " \u25a0 ; '^^_ k "'' ' OWB MM MM ' .^Mk' m^^m m^ i _^ ' .^M^.
\u25a0 One hundred patterns !. A ; hundred, - mind you ; all new- and bright and perfect^—
'direct fforh : the mills. . v; L **' - - ; '•
Be as particular as .you- will, there is no chance for aya v disappointment. Every pat-
; tern will bear .the closest inspection. 'There is not a flaw ora misweave in the ; entire lot.
. . You can buy them on the easiest terms in San Francisco. : v
Free delivery ; ici7ft. o«r. otcn ; wagons : in Oakland,*- Berkeley and Alameda. - Carpets laid,' stoves \u25a0 set
up «nd credit given— -no extra charges. , ; - ' ". - "- . : :
\u25a0.\u25a0'.\u25a0 v.;'- \u25a0"\u25a0 \u25a0:\u25a0 \u25a0 .-. \u25a0 ;\u25a0-'; .\u25a0.-\u25a0\u25a0-;\u25a0 ;1 \u25a0 wrosiTre .. A4c. : a LUSTER ) ; , : :::-.-'- - : ; :\u25a0 \u25a0• :r: r \u25a0 ..
Vacancies on Bourbon Ticket
in San Joaquin Cofinty
Are Filled
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
STOCKTON, July .12.— Tfie democrats.
have .secured candidates > to fill the '•\u25a0
•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•».\u25a0 •
vacancies on. the bounty ticket. . To T
morrow night a meeting or the demo
cratic, club will be held, when a draft!
of the call for the county convention!
will , be passed 'upon. \u25a0 . ' \u25a0.--.*-.• i
The following are the, latest candi
dates, on the democratic ticket:
District Attorney — A. R." Bogue.
Assessor — Harry T.Fee.
. Superintendent of schools — D. W. Bradlock.
County Surveyor— Harry B. Budd.
Assemblyman, twenty- third district — Ben
Berry. \u25a0* ; ' \u25a0
Council Undecided About Pri-
Mary Law Provision
: STOCKTON, July 12.— City Attorney
de Witt Clary has submitted a report
on* the" procedure necessary- for a- new
charter; The report was submitted
last night, the citizens' petition for 'an
election on 15 amendments to the char
"ter having been in circulation the last
week. .'
- Councilmen Gall, Inglish* and Arm-;
strong were in favor of having the city
attorney immediately proceed with the
call for the election, but Councilmen
Brisco, O'Keefe, Eshbach, Dewey and
Heimann overruled their motion, and
the opinion was referred 'to the com
mittee of the whole.
Clary holds that; the primary law af
fects the procedure and that an elec
tion must be called under the primary
election law for the purpose of making
nomination for candidates for a board
of 15 freeholders. These freeholders
must prepare a draft of the charter
within 90days after their election, and
after the same has been published in
two daily newspapers 20 days the elec
tion to ratify the charter must be held.
I Stockton Brevities j
12. — The will of Kobert I. lope, the late dep
uty county recorder, has been admitted to
probate, Jacob Simon beinp appointed admin
istrator. The estate, which Is valued at $11.
000, was left entirely to the widow. Mrs. Elsie
. Pope, who waived her rijjht to administer, ask
. ing that her father be appointed.
formerly of , this city, but now a resident of
San Francisco, "has bpen visiting his uncle,
\u25a0 Chief Engineer MeCann of the local fire'de
partment. He 1r a son of the late John Mc-
Cann, and while here announced to his friends
, that he Intended, to enter'college to prepare
lilmself for the priesthood. . r
- of the chamber of commerce, have appointed a
committee on mineral exchange, consisting of
F. E. Kills, <;. McM. Ross, Amos Jones. v Alf red
Miisto and S. V. Rylnnd. A plnn has been
on. foot for some time. for. securing a mineral
exhibit from the surrounding mining communl
\u25a0 ties for the chamber of commerce rooms.
tlon of officers of 'Rainbow and Lebanon' R*
. bekah lodges was held In the 'l. O. O. F. hall
last night. The work was "done by Deputy
DJstricf President- May. Sawyer, Deputy Grand
Marshal EraraaiJroTes,, Deputy Grand Warden
-, Minnie Loveland. Deputy. Cirand, Treasurer
' Hose Arnold, Deputy - Grand Inside- Guardian
Rose Swithenbank und Deputy Grand Chap
lain Mr*.' Mattle Sawyer. :
..*\u25a0.• .='\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0• \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0.-.\u25a0:>*
In Brief Document T. J. Goff
Leaves $6,000 in Property
to His Sister
\ Special Dispatch lo The Call]
STOCKTON, \"> July .12.— Perhaps, the
most unique will ever filed for probate
in San Joaquin v county was that of
Thomas J. Goff,. field today. Goff died
several months ago, but it was not
until this morning that it was known
that he had left a will. The document
was written on a scrap of paper, folded
in t an envelope marked "important,"
and inserted in a sample grain bag
which was secreted beneath the carpet
in one corner of Goff's room.. It was
found there this morning by a family
named Williams, now occupying the
The will follows:;
"Stockton, Dec. 10, 1907^
• "I hereby will to my sister all of
my property, Mrs. E. N. Nieley. From
her brother, . T. J. GOFP.
"1527 S. San Joaquin . street."
The property is valued at about
$6,000. ; !•;- ' ; I
Judge J. A. Plummer Grants
Three Divorces in Stockton
{Special Dispatch to Ue Call]
STOCKTON, July 12.— Judge J. A.
Plummer has granted three interlocu
tory decrees of divorce. Esther Sanchez
informed the court that John H. San
chez went with other women. Sanchez
let the 'case: go-by default.
Habitual intemperance was the ground
urged by Kathryn Pfaun in her suit
against Henry Pfaun. She was granted,
in addition to the decree, the custody
of her four minor children and $50 a
month alimony.
Neglect and failure to provide were
the. charges in Mattie. J. Finley's com
plaint against her husband, James H.
FJnley. .y . . ; ..
Stockton. Council Receives Mes
sage Suggesting Change
[Special . Dispatch to The Call]
STOCkTON. . July 12.— Mayor R. R.
Reibensteln submitted to the city coun
cil last night a communication asking
that action be taken toward regulating
moTing picture shows in this city. He
said that complaints had been made to
the effect that some \u0084of the pictures
had. a. tendency .to corrupt the young.
The'- committee of the whole will dis
cuss the matter and it is likely that
an ordinance coverhing the shows, will
be prepared by City. Attorney de*Witt
..\u25a0 John I. Nolan' has been selected to
represent the Iron trades council on
the. proposed arbitration committee of
the Commonwealth club. At the meet
ing of the council Monday night Vice
President Hannon of the machinists
spoke of conditions in the northwest.
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTO, July 12.— The euca
lyptus tree, believed up to this time to
be immune from the ravages of ordi
nary pests, '.has an Vnemy \n a beellke
creature which the state insectary of
ficers are trying to Identify. As the
eucalyptus tree contains a certain
amount of .poison it never before has
been attacked by any sort of Insect.
The beellke creature was 'found by for
mer Deputy States Forester Sellers
among:. a erove of ornamental eucalyp
tus trees and was submitted to the in
Crossed Plains in 1853 in Wagon
Pulled, by Oxen
[Special Dispatch to "The Call] i
*.SAN JOSE. July 12.— Mrs! Marie J. V.
Morse, widow of C. C. Morse, who made
a fortune in the seed industry in this
county, died- today, at her residence in
Santa Clara. She was a native of.
Washington county, lowa, and came
here in 1853 with her father. Pleasant
S. Langford. crossing: the plains in a
wagon pulled by oxen.
' \u25a0 '*- *\u25a0--..- . - - -\u25a0\u25a0 - — _ . ... _^__
I Marriage Licenses |
+-^ I__ jI -—U- — . »-
The following marriage licenses were issued
in San Francisco Tuesday. July 12. 1010: ' |
BERXHARPT— DUFFAUD— PauI Bernhardt. 35.
and Josephine Duffaud, 34. both of 3605
Twentieth streets.
BULLIER— HAYES— WiIIiam A. Bnlller. 2«,
788 Hnlsht street, add Romena V. Hayes. 21.
CRAFTS— THOMAS— Tevis M. Crafts. 21. Ala-
meda. and Mac Thomas, 24, Oakland.
HOI.AX— KXATVOLD— OHn HoUrf. ,28. Ala-
meda; and Grunhlld KnatTold, 27, 324.1 Wash-
ington street.- .• - \u25a0' \u25a0. \u25a0
RUSSF.LL— BAXTER— SamneI G. Russell. 34,
454 Elizabeth street, and' Mary A. Baxter. 29,
121S Sixteenth street. •
SCHMITT— MAILHE— CharIes Schmltt. SI, 1000
Jackson street, and Louise Mallhe,^22. 1313
Mason street. - .' . f '
SWARTZ— XAVY— OrmaI R. Swarti. 22. and
Matilda M. Nary, 2l>, both of 3427 Beach
street. '-:\u25a0•?' -..".••
son. 24.- 541 Douglass street, and Helen M. U.
Scotland, IS. San Francisco. , . .
Birth, marriage and death notices sent by mail
will not be Inserted. They, must'be handed In at
either of the publication offices and.be indorsed
with the name and residence of persons author-
ized to have the same published. Notices re-
stricted simply to the announcement of the eTent
are published once In this' column free of chars*.
MARIXG— In this City, July 12. 1910. to the
wife .of "Charles G. Maring (formerly Ullle
Nathan), a daughter. \u25a0 . . ° \u25a0
EXSMIXGER— MACDOXALD— In this city. July
2. 1910, by Rev.. William Rader. Donald R.
Ensminger of Berkeley and Anna Rae Mac-
Donald of Oakland.
EVANS— FRITCH— In this city. Jnly 8. 1010. by
ReT. William Rader. Chester Wlllard Evans
of Belvedere. Cal., .and' Sadie Marguerite
Frltch of this city.
GOULD— BOEHME— In this city. July C. 1910.
by Rev. William ' Rader. Albert E. Gould and
Emma C. Boehme. both of Kennett. Cal.
HEAD— ALLAX— In this city, July 10. 1010. by
Rev. William Rader, Floyd Xewton Heml of
Berkeley, Cal.. and; Mildred Irene Allan of
Burllngame. Cal.
MOSHER— DOYLE— In Ihls city.- July 2.^1910,
by Bey. William Rader, John H. Mother and
Ray Doyle, both of .this city.
NIDEVER— HAMMERL.Y— In this city. July 12,
1010, by Rev. A. C. Bane. Chester Arthur Xl-
dever and Theresa ' Hammerly. both .of this
RICE— APrERLEY— In this city, July 10. 1010.
by Rev. William Rader. Thomas A. Rice and
Ethel Bell Apperley. both of this city.
Abrook. John ...... 55 Kafka. Rena 77
Babb. George A.... 40 Lacey. Edith... —
Badgley, Iris E 6 Lanlgan. Edward... 5S
Barren, Caroline.... -76 McSweeney. Julia... 73
Bennie, Robert 70 McWilliams, Hugh... 65
Black, Alfred...... 23 Megln. Sarah —
Calvert, Leslie A.. 11 Mero. Martha 67
Classen, Henry Jr.. 49 Xorton, John E 41
Geary. William H.. 1 Trent. Mary A. 87
Glennon, Capt. Wm. 57 Seholl. Helene E... 8
Grant, Vincent P.. 12 Waschle. Gottfried.. 58
Hencken, Henry. .... 35 Whltehead, Louis .... 27
ABROOK— In this city. July 10. 1010. John
Abrook, brother of Mrs. Margaret Blackburn.
Mrs. ' Rachel - Colby. Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson
and Mrs. Teresa Chamberlain, a native of Eng-
land, aged 55 years. . .
s. Friends are respectfully invited to attend
the funeral services today (Wednesday), at
1:30 o'clock p- m.. at the new fnneral chapel
of Charles H. J.- Truman. 1919 Mission street
between Fifteenth and Sixteenth. Interment
\u25a0 Cypress Lawn' cemetery, by carriage.
BABB— In Oakland. Cat. Sunday, July 10. 1910.
George A., beloved husband of Edna C Babb.
father of. George A. • Babb Jr., and dearly be-
loved ' son •of " Esther \u25a0 A. Babb. a native of
' California, ..aged. 40 - years . 4 months and 25
days. v "\u25a0 f • \u25a0
Friends are respectfully Invited to attend
the funeral services today (Wednesday), July
13, 1910. at 10:30 a. m.. at the residence
of. his uncle. N. L. Babb. In Irvlngton, Cal.
Remains will be at his late residence, 507
Thirtieth street, Oakland, until 1 o'clock to-
day (Tuesday). Interment I. O. O. F. ceme-
tery, \u25a0 Irving ton. Cal.
BABGLEY— In' this city. July 11. 1910. Iris C
beloved -daughter of Ira W. and Dora B.
Badgley, a native" of Anacortes, Wash., aged
6, years 2 months and 25 days. \u25a0_* •*
BARREN— In this city.* July 11. 1910. Caroline
\u25a0 Barren; widow of . the late Kauman Barren,
and lovtng mother of -Mrs. W. Wolff.- Mrs. I.
Fox, Mrs. R. Rosenberg and Joseph,- Saul.
Abe, Ben, Emanuel and Harry Barren, a) na-
tive of Germany, aged "ft years. A member
of Eva lodge and the Ladles' Endeavor society
of Congregation Beth Israel. . (Xew York and
Seattle papers please- copy.)
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
, invited to; attend the funeral today I Wednes-
day), July 13. at 10:30 a. m., from her late
residence. | 532 I Grove •\u25a0 street between Octavla
and \u25a0 Laguna. \u25a0\u25a0 Interment Salem cemetery, by
electric funeral car from Twenty-eighth and
1 Valencia streets. ;<-..-*
BENNIE— In 'this city. July. 12,- 1910. Robert
Bennie.: a native of Scotland, aged 70 years.
\u25a0"'• Remains at the mortuary chapel of' the
Golden | Gate undertaking " company, 2475 Mis-
sion street near Twenty-first.
BLACK— In this city. July 11. 1910.- Alfred.
beloved son of Simeon and Leah Black, • and
: brother of David, Morris, . Ben, Julius * and
Isidore Black and* Mrs. Alexander Jacobs. . a
native of South Africa. , aged 23 years and 3
• months.- \ \u25a0 '. -\u25a0 • . .. -
Friends and acquaintances are Respectfully
Invited to attend ;the fnneral , today (Wednes-
day), at 10 o'clock • a.> m., froaj the par-
- K>rs» of - Halsted & - Co. . 024 Fillmore street.
' Interment Salem cemetery by 11:30 train from
Third and' Townsend streets..'..
CALVEET— In : this city, July 10." 1910. Leslie
: Arnold, dearly beloved and only son of James
and Amelia CalTert, brother , of Lillian, Violet
. and Louise; Calvert, .and grandson of Mr. and
Mrs. E. Slncock and Mr. and Mrs. John Cat-
vert, a native of California, aged 11 years 4
months- and 4 days. ' "^Tfffrtfgriitlf VftyiftftrX
Friends and acquaintances are : respectfully
invited to attend the funeral' today (Wednes-
day) . July 13. 1910. from . the residence of
his parents. 477 Tenth •avenue, at 10:30 a.m.
i : - Interment-. (private) -Mount Olivet cemetery.*- •.
CLASSEN— In i Red Bluff,' Cal./* July 10*" 1910,
Henry Classen. Jr., son of the late Henry and
Susan Classen, : and brother of Mrs. William
/ Hendry and May; and. Charles B.- Classen and
the late John M. Classen, a native of Calif or-
i nU.^aged -19 years ' 7 months and 3. days. - .
: Friends are. respectfully Invited to attend
5 the "s funeral -: services . today * ( Wednesday ) . at
V 1' p.. m.l at the parlors of the United Under-
takers. . 260« Howard street - near ; Twenty-sec-
ond. Interment Mount Olivet cemetery." by elec-
V trie ;. funeral car . from Twenty-eighth - and Va-
I'lencia; streets. ..-./\u25a0 * , "
OEAB.Y— In '- this ; city. July , 12; 1910. . William
~ H:s Geary, dearly -beloved son of .William F.
.' \u25a0\u25a0, and - Cella" Geary .fa -native, of : San Francisco.
'.;: t'al..^aKed-l^ye«r ;", months and 2 days. \u25a0. ,
GLENNON— In • San :Ma'tec Cal.'. ' July : 11. 1910.
- Captain = William. \u25a0 dearly ~ beloved husband of
>, Annie. Glennon," and. loving father of Mrs. A. C.
; Boldermann and Mrs. Carl . Bach, a native of
; Boston," 'Mass.V aged: s7. years and s 'months. 1 :.
The -funeral . wills take place from "the resl-
* dence of j Mrs. - Uoldermann.*94 -Poplar avenue,
/West ' Sah -Mateo,*: Cal.,*: today;?; (Wednesday);
:at V 9:30 -o'clock: a. .m..' thence J to 1 ; St.", Mat-
' thews' *. church, .where ". a Isolemn "requiem • high
mass * will "b« ' wlebra ted for ' tne ' repose ' of ' hi*
The congregation of . St. Francis
church at a meeting held last evening
decided -~ to give a picnic Saturday.
August 6. at Shell Mound park. The pic
nic given last year was a great success,
and it Is hoped that this orfte will ex
ceed even the last event.
After their outing the men and women
of the parish believe they will be filled
with greater strenth and vim to carry
on the campaign of building the church.
St. Francis church was destroyed in
1906. but a very good ruin still remains.
In the near future it is hoped to re
store the old church, supporting it with
a perfect steel frame. The success of
this picnic will be an encouragement
to those interested in the rebuilding
of the church. '
lor. special agent of the Immigration depart
ment. arrWed here yesterday from El Paw.
Tex. Special Agent Taylor Is niakinc a com
plete t«nr of the territory under his control
and will be In San Francisco several day*.
When seen yesterday he said that he would
investigate Chinese immigration while hem
and probably board a number of incoming
steamers from the orient to ascertain if anr
attempts are being made to unlawfully laud
teamster of Eurefca. Humboldt county.. fllt?d a
petition In bankruptcy yesterday In the United
' State 9 district court. His liabilities are sched
uled at ?.'JSO. with no assets.
souL Interment St. John' 3 cemetery, San,
GHANT— In Berkeley. July It. 19U>. Vincent
r. Grant, beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. W. I.
Grant, and loving brother of Margaret, t'olln.
Marie. Catherine. Wallace. Hugh and Alic«
Grant, a native of California, aged 12 yean.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
inTlted to attend the funeral today I Wednes-
day). July 13. i9io, at 8:45 o'clock a. m..
from hfs parents' resilience. 1733 Addison
street, thence to St. Joseph's chnrrli. where a
requiem high maw will t*» celebrated fc>r the-
repose of his soul, commencing at f» o'clock
a. m. Interment St. Mary's cemetery.
HEJXCKEN— In Pioneer. Nev.. July !>. 1910.
Henry, beloved sod of Henry and the late
(•retchen Hencken. and brothvr of Charles.
Herman and Magretta Hencken, a native ot
Germany, aged 33 years.
XA _ FK A— In this city. July H. 1910. Ren*
Uafka. widow of the late Joseph Kafka. lovln*
mother of Mrs. J. Weisbert. Mrs. 1. Botw'in.
Mrs. Laura Smith. Mrs. Kay Merrill of Sant*
Cruz. Cal.. and Simon. Samuel. Isaac ami
uenjamln Kafka, a native «f Posen. Germany.
\u25a0Red 77 years. A member of the LadleV En-
deavor society of Congregation Beth Israel an!
of Deborah lodge. %
- Friends and acquaintances am respectfully
invited to attend the funeral today (Wednes-
day). Jnly 13, at 10 o'clock, from the par-
lors of Theodor Dierks & Co.. W»> Devtsa-
dero street cornt-r McAllister. Interment Sa-
lem cemetery by 11:30 a. m. train from Third
anil [ Townsend Btreets. Please omit flower*.
LACEY— In Oakland. July 12, 1910, Edith, dear-
ly beloved wife of Joseph C. Lacey. and be-
loved mother of Joseph, L. C. and Edith, B.
Lacey. a native of Salinas
The fuw-ral services will be held tomorrow
(Thursday). July 11, at 2:3<> o'clock p. m..
from her late residence. 240 Mather street.
Oakland. Cremation, Oakland crematory.
LANIGAK— In this city. July 9, 1010. Edward
Lanitran, beloved son of the late William and
Mary C. LunisraD. beloved husband of Bertha
Lanlgan. brother of Ellen J. Callahan and th»
late. Jobn F.. Jamtti H. and William G. I.anl-
gan. and brother in law of Mrs. Franca A.
Clodl. Mr 3. Alphonse Hlrsch Sr.. Mrs. William
J. Mxon. Julia Kind and the late Mrs. Mtnnlo
Rossi and Harry Kind, a native of Cbarles-
tuwn. Mass.. aged 58 ;nn.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral today (Wednes-
day).: July 13, 1810. at 8:30 o'clock a. m..
from his late residence, S7OH tacramemo
street, thence to Holy Cross church, where a
requiem nigh, mass will be celebrated for th«
repose of his soul, commencing at 9 o'clock.
Interment : Holy Cross cemetery, by electric
funeral car from Thirteenth and Mission,
McSWEZHZY— In Sooth San Francisco. Saa
Mateo county. Cat. Jnly 11. 1910, Julia Mc-
Sweeney, beloved wife of the lat* Daniel Mr-
Sweeney, and loving mother of Mary I*. Ed-
ward B.; Daniel. Ambrose and th« late it. and
Eugene McSweeney, Sister Patricia and Sister
Aloyslns and Mrs. C. Wlnslow. \u25a0 a native of
County Roecommon. Ireland, aged 75' years.
•j Friends are invited to attend th« funeral to-
day (Wednesday). July 13. 1910. at 9 o'clock
a. m.. from her late residence In South
San Francisco, thence to St. Ann's church.
Colma. where a requiem high mass will be
celebrated for the repose of her soul, com-
mencing at 9:30 a. m. Interment Holy Croaa
cemetery. Please omit flowers.
MoWIXLIAMS— In this city. July 10. 1910. Hugh
McWUllams, a native of Ireland, aged 65
The funeral will take place tomorrow (Thurs-
day), at 10:30 o'clock a. in., from th» parlor*
of J. C. O'Connor & Co.. 770 Turk street near
Franklin. Interment Cypress Lawn cemetery.
MEOIN— In this city, July 10. 1910, Sarah,
dearly beloved wife of John Megln. loving
mother of James Delamore and the lata Ger-
trude Megin. and loving sister of William.
John. James and the late Thomas Byrne. Mr».
S. W. Gibson. Mrs. R. A. Gibson and Mrs. C.
W. Kaplan, a native of St. Jobn, New Bruns-
Friends and acquaintances are - respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral today (Wednes-
day), at 8:30 a. m., from the parlors of
J. J. Crowly & Co., 602 Valencia afreet be-
tween Seventeenth and Eighteenth, thence to
St. Charles Borromeo church, where a requiem
- high -mass will be celebrated for the repose
of her soul, commencintr at 9a. m. Inter-
ment Holy Cross cemetery.
ME20 — In Fruitvale. Cal.. July 11. 1910. Martha
Mero. beloved wife of John F. Mero. mother
of C. A. Mero and Sarah Mero.* grandmother
of C. F-. E. M. and Asa Mero. and mother in
b law of Alice Mero. a native of Scotland, aged
67 years 7 months and 14 days.
'. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral services toilay
(Wednesday). July 13, 1910. at 2 o'clock p. m..
at the funeral parlors of Julius 3. Godeau.
. 1305 Franklin street. Oakland. Interment
Mountain View cemetery.
NORTON— In this city. July 11. 1910. Joha
Edward: dearly beloved husband of the lata
Catherine Norton, son in law of Mrs. Alice.
McXallr. and brother in law of Jame* and
John Revoy, -Mrs. M. Lone, Mrs. C. Parsons
and Mrs. C. Body, a native of England, azed
41 years 1 month and 20 days. (Eureka. Cat.
papers please copy.)
Friends \ and acquaintances are respectfully
\u25a0 Invited to attend the funeral today iWednes-
day). at 8:15 o'clock a. m., from the new
funeral chapel of Monahan & Co., -330 and
2341 Mission street near Nineteenth, thence to
St.- Mary's cathedral, where -a requiem high
mass will be celebrated for the repose of hi*
soul, commencing at 9a. m. Interment Holy
j Cross cemetery.
TRENT— In East Oakland, July 11, 1910. Mrs.
Mary A. Trent, sister of the late Mrs. W. W.
Childs. a native of Maryland, aged S7 y«ars.
I SCHOLL— In Oakland. CaLl July 10. 1910.
Helene E., dearly beloved and youngest daugh-
ter of Charles and Theresa Scholl. and slfttes
Of Bernice Scholl. a native of Oakland, Cal.,
aged ' 8 years 6 months and 13 days.
Friends, and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to' attend the funeral today (Wednen-
day). Jnly 13. at 2 p. m.. from the residence
. of the parents. .436 Thlrty-elzhth street near
Telegraph avenue. Oakland (Telegraph avenue
and. Fortieth str««t Key Route station). In-
terment Mountain View cemetery. Oakland.
WASCHLE— In this city. July 11,. 1910, Gott-
** fried Wascble, beloved hnsband of the lat*
Elsie Waschle. a native of Wurttember*. Ger-
many, aged 58 years. A member of Presidio
lodge No. 334. I. O. O. F.: Oriental encamp-
ment NO. 87. I. O. O. F-. and Court Presidio
No. 40. Foresters of America.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral today (Wednes-
day), at 1:30 o'clock p. ro.". from the 'funersl
parlors of the H. F. Maas* company. 1335
Golden Gate avenue near Flllmore- street. In-
terment Mount Olivet cemetery.
WHITEHEAD— In this ctty. July 12. 1910. Lonls
Whltehead. beloved brother of Abe, Samuel.
- Daniel/ Lottie and Helen Whltehead. a native
of San Francisco. Cal., aged 27 years 10 months
and 22 dajs.
Friends are respectfully Invited to attend
"the funeral today (Wednesday*, at 2 p. m..
from the chapel of N. Gray A Co.. 219« Geary
street corner «f Devlsadero. Interment Salem
cemetery, by automobile. .
FOR- —
Seventy-Five Dollars
Moved to main offlce. 41-51 -Van Ncsa ar. TeL
Market 711. connecting. a 11 departments..
\u25a0 Branches— 3ft» Montgomery ay. Oakland, 1305
Franklin at. :^tel.; Oakland 4<M5» I.os Angeles,
1 837 South' Flsrneroa st.
,'- 'Auto Ambolanca and Carriages (or Htr*

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